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RE: "There's more cock in r/actuallesbians than here" says redditor in r/askgaybros

I literally don't consider gay men allies anymore. there are so few standing up to this cult that they've gone full traitor mode on lesbians. Lesbians, who fucking cared for them when they were dropping like flies of "gay plague".

And this is the pay back we get.

I really think that as we re-group as lesbians, we need to make one thing clear: we may have something in common with gay men, but they are not our allies. They are men. They are misogynist scum and they are traitors. Only a very few of them seem to care about us.

Just like only a very few straight men care about what happens to women.

So there you go, they're just men. And we need to keep that in mind going forward and never waste energy helping them again.

We should also distance ourselves from them politically and socially, if at all possible. Again, because they are males and the sexuality can poison everything and be quite perverted. Remember it was gay men who wanted to let pedophiles in the movement in the 70s, and it was lesbians who held the line and said, "uh, no, child raping is not a legit sexuality". If we weren't there, what would become of their civil rights movement?

I say we leave them to cope for themselves and if they eat themselves over gender cult or pedo bullshit, then it's their own fault. We need to stop wasting time and energy babysitting and advocating for men, because what happens is they reap all the rewards and we lose everything.

Everything. We literally don't have a community anymore. Where were gay men when that was happening? They can piss off as far as I'm concerned. We need to really take the Get The L Out movement seriously. Maybe some people will think that's too extreme or we need gay men or something, but I don't think so. Need them for what? They're men, most of them are worthless when it comes to creating anything positive for women.



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