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It’s an election year in America, which means that the political Left is trotting out its favorite fearmongering apparatuses again. For the past few years, politicians and pundits alike have leaned heavily on terms like “far right,” “bigoted,” racist,” “transphobic,” and “extremist”; but topping the list of late has been “Christian nationalist.” But what is a Christian nationalist?
If the defining characteristic of a Christian nationalist were a belief that “our rights as Americans and as all human beings do not come from any earthly authority” but “from God,” then the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution would be tantamount to Christian nationalist manifestos.
While Christianity has suffered a drastic decrease in recent years, a new religion has risen to take its place: Leftism. Yes, Leftism is a religion. Much like Catholicism, it even boasts a clergy, sacraments, and dogmas. Its clergy are elite power brokers: media personalities are its preachers while politicians serve as priests, legislating sacrifice to their gods. Its sacraments are multitudinous: from transgendering children and stocking school libraries with pornographic picture books all the way to its highest (or, rather, lowest) form of unholy prayer, abortion.
Despite all the hyperinflated fearmongering, those derided by the White House and its media mouthpieces as “Christian nationalists” are not trying to force all Americans to attend Mass weekly; we are not endeavoring to install altar rails in the Capitol building; nor are we attempting to replace the Star-Spangled Banner’s stars with rosary beads.
Certainly, we want to legislate Christian morality—to end the slaughter of unborn children, to ban the scourge of pornography, to keep little boys and little girls from having their sex organs hacked off or hacked open. These are measures which the Founding Fathers might have called “the basics” had they ever lived to see the horrors of the modern age.



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