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[Serious] High school guys should be required to lose their virginity and get laid a lot, and be put in juvie/expelled if they disobey.

Many women won't date a virgin guy, and it's a red flag as you get older past your teen years. As a result, when you get older, losing your virginity becomes extremely hard.

As a result, high school men have no choice but to lose their virginity early and have as much sex as possible in order to have sex when they're older. Faking your experience doesn't help and many hookers charge too much money and might have STDs (condoms don't always work).

It should be required by law for all teenage guys to lose their virginity and have sex regularly, and we need to have surveillance cameras in their bedrooms to make sure they are getting laid regularly. If they struggle to attract any girls at school or anywhere else, then female teachers should be required to take their virginity (if she disobeys, she is fired or imprisoned). We need to require young teachers in their 20s for the job (not old hags). That way these underage guys will still get laid and will be experienced enough so they won't have to get rejected all the time after age 20 for being a virgin (faking your experience can be difficult). At least this won't cost money unlike hookers. If you make it to your mid-late 20s and a virgin, it's super hard to lose your virginity and if you make it to your late 20s, you might end up that way the rest of your life as shown in the thread i linked above.

If a guy graduates high school still a virgin, he has to make up for it before his 20th birthday. If it doesn't work, he has to be euthanized (unless there's someone who will take his virginity). Also, if his parents don't let him date, his parents need to imprisoned for denying their son's freedom to escape inceldom.

I wish I lost my virginity and started dating in high school.



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