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(Comment on an article posted entitled "Poll: Almost Half Of White Southerners Feel Like They're Under Attack" - https://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2017/11/22/poll-almost-half-of-white-southerners-feel-like-theyre-under-attack-n2406221):

Like it or not, this is why Trump's style of tweeting is so important for us. If we had a president who made nice nice in his tweets and said something like -- it isn't appropriate for a father to think stealing/shoplifting is okay...people would go ho hum. He is getting us back on track by making a big deal of things that we have been hammered for. You can't say certain things to a black person or about them, but Trump doesn't care what color someone is -- if they are wrong, he goes after them. He is an equal opportunity insulter.

It is helping us to get our voices back.

People are not looking into this deeply or how important it is that he tweets as he does.


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(As part of a discussion on the cause of homosexuality, and in response to another member who said, in reply to the posting of an article from a Christian publication which claimed a lesbian had been "cured" of homosexuality: "Christian publicans are first and foremost telling a Christian story. For whatever reason, Christians do not want to believe homosexuals are stuck with being who they are, would rather hold to the idea that they can be 'corrected'. Such a view does not benefit from science, which is secondary to faith for them. This pretty much disqualifies them from the start. I put in the effort only for stuff that at least shoots for objectivity.") (boldface mine)

It's more than absurd and arrogant for you to claim you know more than a former homosexual.

It's a FACT that there are thousands of former homosexuals. It's absurd for anyone to claim they are lying or can understand what they've overcome.

So, you reject the gay gene? What else would cause homosexuality other than environmental causes? Are you claiming homosexuality is hormonal?

If homosexuality was hormonal, it goes to follow there should be a hormonal cure. That's why homosexual activists are so opposed to that theory being the cause of homosexuality.


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All through the Bible, the female is depicted as being the weaker sex, and even proves true today, weak-minded, unable to accept responsibility for their own bodies when it comes to sex, even when it comes to saving the life of another human being. Can't believe you've strayed so far from the Bible that now you even question it.

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(Because there are so many similarities between gay people and bank robbers....)

There are many former homosexuals, just like there are many former alcoholics, former drug addicts, former prostitutes, former adulterers, former bank robbers, former atheists, former thieves, etc...

People can and DO change. They renew their minds and stop caving into sin, anger, hatred, guilt, hostility, addictions, idolatry, adultery, sexual immorality, perversions, etc..

Those who say this can't happen, are easily deceived......just like Adam and Eve were.

A person with unbelief and doubts are easily deceived by Lucifer/Satan/Devil/Evil.


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In response to another group member, who wrote: "I also know some gays who say they were born that way."

I remember many gays on this board that said the same thing.

I always tells them: God wouldn't bore someone to be gay, anymore than he would bore someone to be a murderer, rapist, thief, prostitute, adulterer, idolater, etc...

Too many times people try to blame God for all the bad things going on in this world, but it is mankind that is causing most of problems.

James 1:13-15

Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

John 3:19

And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.

All things that are good are from God.
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" (James 1:17).


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Commenting on an article posted "Muslims DEMAND Locals Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And “DISRESPECTS” Them"

See, they move in and there aren't many of them. They seem just fine and keep to themselves (even if you try to make conversation with them). Then more and more move in.

Next thing you know, at your grandkids' school fair, there is a scuffle because a man was taking a picture of his kids and a moslem got angry and took the man's camera and smashed it on the ground. Why? Because he said his tented wife was in the picture. The man tried to explain he was only trying to take a picture of his kids.

The next week, parents got a mailer from the school telling them that there were to be no more pictures taken at school unless they take their child over to a certain section and no one else was in the picture.

Bingo. moslems won.

So therefore, they felt empowered. Many people walk to school and bring their dogs on the walk when they pick up their kids after school. moslems had a fit. They got together and said they wanted no dogs on school property. Parents argued that they weren't on school property. They were outside of school property. moslems still didn't like it. A fight ensued.

Finally it was decided that since there is a park next door to the school and people are allowed to walk their dogs right there next to the school, that you cannot make people stop walking their dogs.

moslems in that area have not given up. And when they become the majority, they will insist -- no dogs to be walked anywhere near them.

This is in America. This is at the grammar school my grandchildren went to.


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(Quoting from and commenting on an article posted by another member entitled "QAnon Meets The Mainstream At Tampa Trump Rally" http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/qanon-meets-the-mainstream-at-tampa-trump-rally/: "The conspiracy theory—which supposes that President Trump is secretly undoing a global satanic pedophile ring with the help of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and ordering a top-level staffer to share information about the efforts via cryptic posts on the anonymous imageboard 8chan— currently captivates hundreds of thousands of right-wing activists online. Some spend hours per day in chat rooms dedicated to decoding the 'crumbs' (clues) that an anonymous writer using the moniker 'Q' posts online."):

You're retarded, Robert. No mainstream conservative source has discussed,

You're either a liar of nuts to think they would.

You just made an utter fool of yourself trying to pass this off as mainstream.

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Comment on an article posted entitled "Texas Capital Dumps Columbus Day for ‘Indigenous Peoples Day":

I'm so sick of Columbus being attacked. He was great man, great explorer and someone that only wanted the best for the people of lands he came in contact with.

The left is determined to rewrite history and demonize white people. It's simply sick. And, the left wonders why it keeps getting hammered at the ballot box.


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(Responding to and quoting from an article posted entitled "Linda Sarsour Tells Social Justice Rally Attendees to Be Ready to ‘Put Their Lives on the Line’" http://freebeacon.com/culture/linda-sarsour-social-justice-rally-attendees-ready-put-lives-line/):

"I am willing to die for black people, for indigenous people. I am willing to die for Muslim people, I am willing to die for the most marginalized people in this country. I am not afraid."

Oh. So die already.


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(In reply to another group member who said "Racist, sexist, bigot, Nazi, homophobe....It's all the brain-dead left has to run on" commenting on an article posted entitled "Hillary: GOP Agenda Fanning the Flames of ‘White Supremacy and Misogyny and Homophobia’" http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/12/15/hillary-gop-agenda-fanning-flames-white-supremacy-misogyny-homophobia/):

That is true -- and they use this like a weapon, in order not to talk about how well this country is doing with changes Trump has made.

Blacks' unemployment numbers are at a 17-year low.

More Hispanics are working than ever before. Ever.

They both are getting bigger paychecks.

So the left calls us racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, Aryan, Nazis, white supremacists because their last president was such a dismal failure.

Obama not only appeased our enemies, but he actually helped them. Obama said manufacturing jobs would never come back and had the nerve to tell a guy in his 50s to go into another line of work when he was concerned (btw, the guy was black). I could tell the guy was thinking -- at 50????? You want me to start all over and learn something else? Obama's growth never got to 3. And no one seemed to care. They figured this was the new normal. Nope...it is nearly 4. already under our new President. Food stamp usage is down because people are finding good jobs, many jobs have come back from other countries...not perfect yet, but they are coming back - at least some of them. If he is able to build the wall, it will be incredible for us. If we go with DACA, did you know the projected cost is $2.7 TRILLION in ten years? Trump will probably go with DACA but if he does it without getting the wall, he will lose a lot of people that voted for him to get rid of all these people (bringing housing prices up, destroying roads, accidents, crime, drugs).

That's just a little list...I forgot getting rid of insane and inane regulations.

And he is our social justice warrior with the energy and wherewithal to call out idiotic politically correct nonsense. He takes heat for his tweets, but he is our hero.


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"[T]he problem with women having the right to kill their children is they now start believing they can kill their boyfriends, husbands or hurt anyone else that gets in their way.

Some Women are getting crazier by the day. Have you seen some of the MGTOW YouTube videos. Men are cowering in fear and calling the police due to the way some of these insane women are acting.

When the women hit the man she doesn't think he will hit back, so she keeps abusing the man.

Men are now hitting back and these women are coming unglued over it.

They want equal gender, but when a man hits her back, she gets all up in arms over it.

Young women seem to think they can do whatever they want now. I blame that on abortion and feminist entitlement upbringing.


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(Responding to another member, who wrote in response to an article posted entitled "Leftist Antifa Terrorist Arrested with Bombs with Plans"; "There was NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, in the articles about a motive or linking him with a conspiracy. All there was was Cernovich's editorializing with no relation to the limited info in the article. Again, could be the usual lone wolf. Obviously, you WANT damage and destruction, people hurt, just to further your twisted agenda!") Boldface mine:

He's a member of Antifa, nimrod. Only someone with the IQ of a cup of chocolate pudding can't figure out what motivated him -- far left-wing ideology.

You're are truly a moron.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

It is all around us. I hear the word...'normalizing' a lot now. Things we never would have dreamed okay just five years ago not only are okay, but anyone that says it isn't are demeaned. Such as transsexuals teaching our children at school, dressed like a freak...we are bad if we don't like it. So many more examples. This happened before our eyes, sped up when Obama was president.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(I believe she mistyped "far left progressive alt right sites" and meant "far left progressive alt left sites" as that is more consistent with the rest of the post and her beliefs)

When some people refuse to watch Fox, which, according to a Harvard study was 52% negative and 48% positive about Trump, they are getting fed lies and no facts.

So if you watch Fox and read fair sites on line, you are okay watching MSNBC or CNN because you can sort it out; but if you only watch the far left progressive alt right sites or listen to them like NPR, you are not going to be able to figure out the truth.

Therefore, unless one is informed, it really isn't a good idea to watch other channels or read alt left sites or listen to them on radio.

When a conservative is found to be wrong, they will apologize at top of your or on page one. Many alt left sites refuse to straighten out their lies.

They are dividing and destroying America.


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(Commenting on an article posted entitled "STUCK ON STUPID: Bernie Sanders Thinks Climate Change Affects Military Readiness" http://americanlookout.com/stuck-on-stupid-bernie-sanders-thinks-climate-change-affects-military-readiness/):

The climate changes. It always has and it always will. Very little is caused by man which is so minute that it is ridiculous to even consider it. Before there was industrialization, the Arctic and Antarctic were rain forests.

I am not against alternative energy...but not against what we have. Solar is not working or efficient yet. Wind farms are a mess and cause noise pollution.

Until there is something viable, then we have to use what we have. With American ingenuity, as long as government is not involved at all, someone will come up with something.

The climate has been cooling for 17 years btw. The ***********scientists********** tried to change the results by taking different models. For example, they measured in deep ocean for numbers and then they were caught then measuring in shallow waters close to the shore (to get the numbers they wanted instead of a clean measurement and analysis.

It is about money. It is not about anything else. If the government can make us at fault for climate changing, then they can take money from us (like California does) to fix it -- when it has been proven man has very little to do with it.


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Today's woman has fought for "total control and responsibility" for her body, so she should be responsible for deciding to spread her legs. If she is not fully prepared for that responsibility, then she should keep them closed until she is. Fact is, less than 5% of all abortions are due to rape and incest together, meaning the other 95% was out of carelessness on the womans part mostly. Again, it is her body, she knows the consequences that not being prepared may bring, just as the rest of us do in any wrongdoing we choose to do, so she should not get a free pass to murder something she herself is primarily responsible for. Having said that, we all make mistakes, many times on the spur of the moment. My problem is with the system making it easier for women not to have to worry about being responsible anymore, they can just get pregnant as many times as they want and kill their babies...especially at the taxpayers expense. That offends me...so where are my rights for being offended by these lowlifes?

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Commenting on the posting of an article entitled "Charade Dishonors Saint Patrick and Parade":

gays are taking over all parades. They love parades because they like to be ridiculously flamboyant and ostentatious. They like acting like and looking like freaks. They want everyone to see and be okay with it. Most people and children laugh when they see them -- and I guess they like to be laughed at. They try to outdo each other with ridiculous costumes...the more disgusting, the better they like it. LOOK AT MEEEE...I AM GAY. Blech.


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well, if you know Bible history, Mary, the mother of Jesus was most likely fourteen when she conceived by the Holy Ghost

the age is not the problem so much as the lack of training for marriage and housekeeping duties is

the feminists want the females to dominate society and NOT be keepers at home

they want them to abort children and rule over men

this is the root that needs to chopped

we need to train our children from an early age to get married (if they wish) and stay that way, with the man as head

until this is taught, we will continue to have abortion, sodomy, murder, and a declining birthrate, not to mention total reliance upon the Beast government

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Isn't it absolutely amazing how angry people get when someone says they want to make America great again.

It says everything.

1. They hate that we believed in a great America.
2. They hate that we want to make it great again with prosperity and safety for all.
3. It angers them because they hate America and can't get all of us to hate America
4. It exposes them in wanting to destroy America.

It sure is a huge trigger word...they go nuts.


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Commenting on an article posted entitled:

"$33K NIH Grant to Encourage Gay Men to Get HPV Vaccine to Prevent Anal Cancer"

I guess they think this medicine will stop the cancer???

What about all the other problems associated with Homosexuals anal sex.... like anal warts, loss of sphinter muscle, tearing of the tissues, etc...

I guess wearing diapers when you are older is becoming the new fad, right?

They have a commercial on TV of a group of people walking the streets with their depend diapers on.


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Virologists understand that random genetic mutations may induce adaptive changes that allow viruses to evade the drugs used against them.

This understanding comes from experience with viruses, simple observation, and a knowledge of genetics. The Darwinian tale of evolution adds nothing to this understanding, and it makes no predictions that virologists can use to head off the threat of a flu pandemic.

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(Commenting on a YouTube video posted entitled "Transgender Activist: Men Should Find Us Attractive - Men Are Bigots? - Tucker Carlson" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNFzrqCnbGM It's hard to know where to start with this post when the ignorance and bigotry run so deep...)


Are the people getting crazier or WHAT??

Why in the world would these men thing that straight men would want them?

That would make the straight men GAY!!

I would never be part of the deception that they demand of us. Can you imagine me introducing a male friend of mine to a transsexual male and not telling him that this was really a male dressed up as a female.

I would no doubt lose my male friends trust. This male cannot give the other male a baby.

Imagine if I introduce a female friend to a transsexual female and not telling her that this was really a female dressed up as a male.

My friend would be furious with me that I deceived her. After all that female can't give her a baby either.

I refused to be commanded to go along with any of this.

Remember the member you had on the board that go so mad at me because I wouldn't call him a she?

I took a lot of flack for that, but I told this person the very same thing I said above about NOT deceiving my friends.


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(In reply to another member, who said [sarcastically] "Sounds good to me. Let's go back to the original language [of the constitution] where YOU would not to be allowed to vote, or have any personal freedom, really.I miss those American laws where a woman was a man's property. You know, like it is in Muslim countries today. Fine by me. I'm a white male who owns property.( I've clowned around in the past, but this is the truth). One for all and all for ONE!")Boldface mine:

The point I was making jerk, is that judges aren't supposed to be making laws. I guess by your logic Dred Scott should have been upheld.

Roe v Wade is unconstitutional. I'm sick of irresponsible sluts who kill their unwanted babies.

lel817 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Responding to another member, who wrote: "We've gone from separating Indian babies from their parents (and then exterminating them), to stealing babies from their slave parents (and then re-selling them into slavery), to building a country on child labor (working in factories as young as 8-yrs. old, there's photos!), to incarcerating Japanese-American toddlers in internment camps, to allowing priests to sexually abuse children for decades, to forcing buckets of high-fructose corn syrup down kids’ throats until half of them are part of a childhood obesity epidemic, to turning our schools into killing fields because we love our guns more than we love our kids -- who the hell are we kidding?
Stop being shocked and surprised that Trump is kidnapping Hispanic children from their parents as if 'this isn't who we are!' Yes, it is. It has ALWAYS been who we are. Don't say Trump is violating 'our American values.' Abusing children IS an historic American value. Be proud, America -- Trump is us."

You're rant makes no sense. Go fuck yourself, Robert. All you liberals do is bitch about how terrible and evil this country is, with never anything positive to say. I literally NEVER hear a liberal give credit to this country for anything. Then they are surprised when we call them out for their anti-Americanism. Perhaps you can move to one of those third world countries that treat children so well that they are forced to flee. Ironic how liberals on the one hand verbally beat down this country at every turn, while insisting we open our borders and subject foreigners to this oh so racist evil country. If its so terrible why are people clamoring to get in instead of out?

FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Yes, this is what they are doing..making people resentful. While the polls show that most think gay marriage is okay, I am betting a lot of them would not vote for it. We didn't here in liberal California -- TWICE. And judges overruled us. That causes resentment.

They think they won, and they won the battle, but they have not won the war, as resentment in this country will grow. We don't make a fuss like liberals or gays, etc, but we will hopefully get even at the ballot box.

At this point, it isn't even about gay marriage. Two of those supreme court members are gay activists and would not recuse themselves. One of them is probably a dyke. And what about states' rights? Are we going to have to have another Civil War over States' Rights?

Hopefully, a republican will change the courts somehow to correct a problem of this type, where it is not up to the supreme justice as to whether they are recused or not...that there would be certain rules and if they are an activist regarding an upcoming case, they would automatically be kicked to the curb. BTW, if this applies to the conservative justices with something in the future, I also agree they should not be on the court to try cases in which they are activists and should be dismissed.

And hopefully Scalia will live to be 150.

obamacare...well, they won nothing at all on this one either. People are finding out what is in it, they are angry. obama saved face. He won the battle - lost the war because his legacy will show that people really hate obamacare. Remember what Giffen (I think that is his name) said -- that they could put this over on people because they are stupid. THAT should be obama's legacy.

Churches and some Temples will not want to pay for abortions. The Hyde Act provided they would not have to and yet, obamacare which was supposed to remove that part of it (obama promised ha ha ha ha ha)...and they didn't. So there will still be a mess, and I can tell you right now, Catholic churches are not going to pay for abortions. There will be civil disobedience.

And again, the people who like it are the people who get it for free or the rich liberals. The middle class hate it. They are putting off going to doctors because of the huge deductibles. They are angry. Hopefully that will get them to the ballot box again in 2016.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

The theory of evolution doesn't even pass the test as science. Explanations for the missing fossil evidence and for the existence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones aren't testable and, thus, not scientific.

I repeat -- there is not ANY evidence (fossil, genetic, observation) that one species can evolve into another.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Responding to the question: "So, if people are not born gay, why would anyone choose so difficult a way to go?")

Why would a pedophile choose to have desires for young children? Are pedophiles born the way they are?

I don 't believe most gays choose to be gay.

That being said, that doesn't mean they were born the way they are or there is a biological reason for their condition.

Homosexuality has been linked to same-sex child abuse and rejection and fear of the opposite sex.

I have testimony of one former lesbian that grew up around abusive men. He began to hate men and develop sexual desires for other women.

The age old debate is nature vs. nurture.

Homosexual activists and leftists have tried to eliminate the debate to promote their political agena.


theradicalson #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Responding to another member, who commented, in part, in a discussion as to whether a woman's clothing contributes to them being victims of rape: "Why aren't men held accountable for their actions? If a man can't control his sexual urges, why, just as in Muslim states, is it always the fault of the women?" Boldface mine:

I can see this issue hits home with you, it does me too, and I totally agree that men should be held accountable for their actions, especially with something like rape, and most are, if caught. I am not in any way excusing a mans actions against a woman, but sexual desire is probably the strongest desire there is in human beings and it can drive many of us, including me at times, to maybe do some kinky things in the bedroom, or on the kitchen table, or under a pine tree at night on the local golf course, or....oops sorry, got carried away with memories, lol. Seriously though, why is playboy and pornography so popular with men and even women? It ain't because those girls or guys are wearing clothes that cover every inch of them. Girls have the FIRST responsibility in PROTECTING themselves and their bodies. Isn't that what they say when it comes to killing their babies? Well then, it would be unfair and hypocritical to see choic e of clothing to protect themselves from luring eyes and potential rapes as well. Women are well aware when their boobs are hanging out and their asscheeks are showing, constantly aware, because that comes with being born a female and growing up in todays Barbydoll culture. Maybe we should be asking the women WHY they like to dress that way. I'm guessing most of them will agree a big part of it is to feel SEXY. Why is it necessary to feel sexy? To turn men on or catch their eye. Why else?

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

They are now saying any extreme weather is sign of global warming. Lol. Never mind there has always been extreme weather and always will be. Now that the polar ice caps have not melted, they refuse to discuss it and get very upset if you remind them. They are anti-science, constantly changing the narrative to blame man...in order that govt can control us more. S

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In response to an article posted entitled "The left is losing it -- here's what they plan" http://www.wnd.com/2018/06/the-left-is-losing-it-heres-what-they-plan/)Boldface mine:

It really is like a child's temper tantrum. They ask mum...can I have candy?


I want candy.


I want candy now (said loudly in grocery store)


I want it now, as he kicks and screams at the sky.


Give me candy now or I hate you.


Child gets on floor and screams and shouts, makes a scene and with distorted face becomes distorted and looks up at her...I HATE YOU.

The left is hoping the outlandish actions on their parts with severed head of the President or someone talking about an actor killing a president, etc will get us to give in.

Usually we do..

Trump has given us a voice and strength to be the good parent and say NO.


dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Commenting on an article posted to the group entitled "I’m tired of suppressing myself to get along with white people":

After reading the article from the young black woman who admitted she just wanted to be with her black community. I thought to myself. Isn't that what the young white woman was doing when she chose NOT to worry about what was going on in Ferguson? How come she can't do that?

Why can't the whites be "intentional ignorant" of the problems in the black community if they want to?

We can't solve the problems within the black community. We didn't create it.

The problems have to be solved by the black community. Starting with the MEN who won't marry the women they knock up and aren't around to help bring up the child in a good environment.

Blaming whitey and being jealous of the white community is not going to solve their problems.

Many times whites don't want to be involved with the black community anymore than blacks want to be involved with the white community.

It does work both ways.

Which just proves that we aren't that different after all, right?

Many times blacks and whites get along just fine and learn to accept the differences and look for the similarities. Like their love for Christ. Once a person starts looking at others through Christ and start following his teaching, they don't see it as a white thing or a black thing.

There is no doubt that there is cultural difference and the whites should not be made to feel BAD about it either. They should not be made to feel bad if they are successful.

Many times the whites also feel tired of trying to please the blacks. It gets so bad now a days that the blacks can get away with things that the whites can't now. Like using the N word. Blacks don't lose their jobs for using that word and can even call whites Crackers..... with no retribution or fear of losing their jobs. This isn't right either, but most whites just over look it because it isn't something for them to get in an uproar over. We have enough of our own problems to worry about such things.

Heterosexuals feel the same way about the homosexual community. Most heterosexuals do not want to be around homosexuals and they don't want them around their children or grandchildren. No parents want their child to be homosexual or to think that this is normal. Yet this infuriates the homosexuals for us to feel this way.

Sometimes people just don't mix well together, due to their culture, their religions, their actions, their behaviors, sins, etc....

Just like non believers and Christians....

Even the Lord says: Therefore, "Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord.

We live in a fallen world, where things are just not the way they are supposed to be, but that doesn't mean that we have to put up with sin, evil, wickedness and trust everyone.

The Lord says to make a righteous judgment...otherwise there will be chaos.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Intelligent design is a reality.

There is greater complexity in life forms than mankind has the intelligence to duplicate and complexity that has only been observed to the result of intelligence.

Even Richard Dawkins concedes the evidence for ID. He tries to pass it off as the work of space aliens.

I predict that is where secularists will go in the future -- the creator of life on the planet is aliens. Anything to deny the possibility of God.


dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

In response to the posting of an article from the Daily Mail entitled "One in eight gay men in London has HIV, official figures show":

Just more proof that things are getting worse because of people approving of this sin.

I read where one man thought gay marriage and approving of homosexuality was a good thing UNTIL his family had to be subjected to their perversion.

HIs children were playing in the hotel swimming pool and a whole group of homosexuals were having a party on the balcony of the hotel. He said they were all sucking on each other....

He has now changed his mind about homosexuality since he was subjected to the truth of what goes on.

He was disgusted.


FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Discussion of an article posted "Washington Post cites bogus 'post abortion syndrome' myth without saying it's been discredited")

It is probably such a hard thing to gage. My friend who had abortions was very depressed. I actually understand where Dan is coming from when he says the depression caused the woman to abort, especially with this friend of mine who kept having abortions rather than being on birth control. She was married btw.

She was not depressed when she had the first abortion but was afterwards. But she never sought treatment. Many women say they know they were depressed but didn't go to a doctor for treatment. So like I say, it is hard to gage. My humble opinion is that people with a conscience might become very depressed about what they had done.

Women who brag about it have probably hardened themselves in order to deal with guilt. When one feels guilty, they often want confirmation that what they did was right for everyone so they can take focus off themselves.

I really don't know why a woman would brag about it but I do know that if someone does something wrong, they like to point out that others did it too in order to make it seem right.

This is probably why pro abortion people lie to women and don't want to tell them the dangers of the procedures or even the dangers of those pills...or any after effects. This is also why they don't even want her to see an ultrasound if she asks to see. They want these women, especially the young ones, to think it is a blob of goo and not to see that it is a baby being formed.


dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Responding to a comment made by another member: "There is a supernatural hatred of both Jews and Christians in the world and country. There is nothing logical about it.

It's amusing to see the left claim it is a right-wing problem given all the antisemitism [sic] on its side from Muslims and blacks like Al Sharpton. The left is vehemently anti-Israel."

Jesus said it would happen.

It is caused by their hatred of God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible.

I will stick with God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible, over the liberals, democrats, leftists, evolutionists,
homosexuals, transgenders, feminists, Antifa's, Black Lives Matter groups, prochoicers, Muslims, KKK, White Supremacy groups, Non Believers, false teachers, blind guides, anti-Semitism groups, Communists, Nazi groups,

These groups have NOTHING to offer, but, sin, looting, rioting, protesting, hatred, anger, bondage and death.


Jonathan Lindvall #fundie groups.yahoo.com

I obviously share your conclusion that young women serving on a jury is
a very vulnerable, potentially damaging experience we should be able to
shield them from. Let me share some thoughts of how we can protect our
daughters from this particular emotional/mental threat.

You noted that "never allowing her to become a registered voter" is
something you have learned the hard way. This is definitely one of the
ways we express our "individuality" in our culture. Early in the
republic's history, only heads of households voted. Sadly, today even in
very conservative households most of us have embraced the philosophic
underpinnings of the women's suffrage movement. Of course women should
vote! Therefore even Christian couples occasionally "split" their vote,
canceling one another's vote.

But since women are allowed to vote in our society, doesn't this mean
Christians must compromise with the cultural mores and have our wives
vote, so we can double our impact? This assumes that God NEEDS our help
in appointing His choice of leaders (Romans 13:1 makes it clear that all
"authorities that exist are appointed by God"). Especially if
registering to vote creates greater vulnerability for our families,
perhaps we should rethink this question.

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

The FBI said in internal emails that they would stop Trump and if he is elected, they have plans to oust him literally. Their aim was to upend a duly elected American president.

They allowed Hillary's dossier they knew was fake from Russians to spy on her opponent.

Another problem, they withheld information from judges to get FISA warrants which is illegal. And they used a dossier they knew was unverified (illegal) and salacious to use a fake reason to spy on him.

Ironically they used Russian lies And propaganda to do so.

Opposition research is fine...what is not fine is for the FBI to use it to help one candidate over another. Also look into the Ohr's and Fusion GPS.

It is so complicated, hard to address all the corruption in one email.

On top of it all, Rosenstein actually signed at least one of the warrants which makes him a witness and a part of the law breaking...so that is why they are hiding emails and information from us.

Then you have Clapper who actually told the press about this in order to hurt Trump. He set it up for Comey to tell Trump so it was the. Released to the public.

Rosenstein also wrote the letter to fire Comey of which Trump is being accused of interference. So Rosenstein is the acting attorney general while helping Mueller make his case against Trump for what he himself did.

Another problem, they may have started spying long before they are admitting it. Looks like they did. So they may hVe started even before getting warrants.

Also, they should have told the person running for president immediately. When they did tell him, he said get to the bottom of it and get rid of whomever is doing this.

Who was doing it? No one...it was all fabrication on the part of Hillary with Russian fake dossier that Comey admitted was not true, colluding with our own FBI.

It is even worse than this. So much they did.

Did you hear about Feinstein's driver who was also her Ofc manager.

She let him retire with a pension and how he is a huge profile character making Chinese propaganda speeches in SF AND ALL over the world.

He needs to be tried and convicted for treason.

And she knew and swept it under the rug and the FBI went along. She should be tried for aiding and abetting treason...which is treason in itself..

When the Obama IG found out about Clinton's classified info server, Feinstein bullied him and he dropped it. And when it was found out that Brennan was spying on foreign intelligence. Omitted, in which she is chairman, he denied it but was caught so had to admit it to senate Intel. She said oh well...we're not going to prosecute.

The corruption of obama's White House is mind boggling.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

In response to another member, who wrote: "We are not the only social animals but we are the only ones with religion. The others get along fine."

What in hell are babbling about. Animals, dim wit, rape and kill other animals without conscience. Some species eat their young. The idea other species are better than human beings is one of the dumbest comments I've ever read.

But, humans that reject God and HIS MORALITY are disaster. You're worldview is a disaster that has helped create that disaster,

I'm sick of you reaping the benefits of a nation rooted in Christianity while bashing Christianity. You only have the quality of life you do BECAUSE OF CHRISTIANITY.

Your rights are guaranteed BECAUSE OUR FOUNDERS were Christian and believed those rights were endowed by the Creator. That needs to sink through your thick skull

Quit once again while you're behind. It is what you do best.

Rejecting God retards the mind

dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

[W]e had a transgender on this board years ago and this person insisted we call him a SHE.

I wouldn't do it and I took all kinds of crap and manipulation from the LEFT for still calling him a HE.

I felt it was deceitful to try and to pretend that this board member was a she when in fact he was a he.

Can you imagine in real life falsely telling a good male friend of yours that a certain person was a she, even though you knew he was a male and you knew there might be a chance that he would try to go on a date with the pretend she?

You would probably LOSE your friendship for being deceitful, or worse, get punched in the face for it.

I am with you...do not be manipulated by the PC LEFT.


Steve Hale #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(He's serious, sadly not a Poe!)

Frank, first picture a fist in your ignorant face. Then, give some consideration to the fact that the moon is now a superhardened, vulcanized sphere that exists for the purpose of providing a necessary counterweight for earth evolution. Sun and Moon are the electromagnetic poles for the earth, which lies in the shadow zone; life in the valley of the shadow.

Thus, the moon is effectively sealed off and impenetrable since the mineral kingdom was passed over to the earth during the Lemurian Epoch, about fifty thousand years ago. It was turned into a burnt-out husk when the mineral element was poured over to the earth, and the earth, in turn, passed its fine etheric constitution to the moon. What was to be the original Eden condition of earth evolution now exists on the moon.

Lucifer and Ahriman were instrumental in conducting the passing over of the mineral kingdom to earth, but also wanted to withhold a portion for themselves. When they couldn't put it back on the sphere in which they evolved as Archai spirits of the Old Moon evolution, they stuck it in the moon's etheric body, and created the Eighth Sphere.

But the short of it is that the moon is an impenetrable sphere where the Law of Repulsion resides in support of its effective counterweight for the earth.

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Many would disagree with you. The family who could not transport a little girl on a plane because the equipment she needed was denied was flying on trumps private plane. These kinds of stories are never mentioned by Trump. We find out from others. He has, without fanfare, handed over so many checks for needy.

What he is doing for angel parents is incredible.

He lifted rules of engagement in military so they could have better chance of protecting themselves and living. He has made it so soldiers with PTSD or other ailments can get care at regular doctors offices.

He is accused of separating families at border and media lies to say he did this when he is the one that fixed it. It was started with Obama.

There have never been more people employed IN This country than ever in our history, salararies are going up exponentially. People are proud of themselves again, able to participate in more family BBQs and save a little money, more going on vacation, black employment is way up, so is Hispanic and women. So Re those without high school degrees.

Bush apparently wasn't faithful in early marriage. Neither Bush. Clinton never was and still isn't. He raped someone. Is that what you mean by family values?

What trump did he is not proud of and it was a long time ago. He has apparently made amends with his wife and family. He admitted he was a good father, terrible husband but he is trying to make up for it.

Human beings are not perfect, but he is not as bad as some of the others who were revered.

Trump does not take a dime of his paycheck. He also paid for his own campaign. He rarely says "I" in his speeches. It is almost always WE. Unlike Obama. He honors military folks, he honors ordinary working folks, he asks what they need to help them do better.

He is the people's president and we love him for it.

Some don't Like his tweets but the MSM goes with group think such as was written here, false narratives and without his tweets, we would not know the truth. After all, he is tweeting what most of us have been screaming at the tv for at least eight years.

God Bless America. God Bless President Trump. May God watch over him and give him strength.

President Trump has given us HOPE.

FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

[...]I don't know whether they knew [Obamacare] would implode or not. They aren't even admitting it has now...well some of them are, but many aren't. One thing is certain, they knew that Hillary would finish the job of socialized medicine.

I don't understand how Americans don't look to other countries similar to ours (not small countries, that is entirely different)..and see the long wait times of a year or more. Many die waiting for treatment. Then some are denied treatment.

And once you have socialized medicine, you can't get out of it. That is where we are now. You are right that Obamacare is socialized, but not totally -- just enough so that they were able to get it through.

Yes, if you have private insurance you get to keep your insurance and keep your doctor -- unless your carrier is no longer in your state. And premiums rose in every state I think except one.

The argument of Jimmy Kimmel is ridiculous. If you are homeless and have a baby and the baby needs special care, the hospital takes that baby in and he gets the best care in the world. Kimmel will never address that point.

Also, I don't know about other states but here in California, illegals get pregnant and their doctor and hospital are totally paid for -- care for the baby is free for them -- and they get all types of freebies for the new baby. I talked with a girl about it and I said - how are you paying the hospital bill...it costs so much to have a baby and she told me it was totally free. She didn't believe me that we had to pay and most people have to pay. I think she thought I was making that up.

I remember when we had our babies a while back and you have the hospital day...and that is the day they want you to pay for 1/3 or 1/2 and they pretend it is about taking you on a tour. We couldn't believe how much it was. And people here illegally are getting it totally free. It is just so wrong. I don't remember what insurance we had back then...apparently we had to pay for pregnancy though. Also we had to pay the doctor of course. Since I wasn't going to be having babies all the time, probably we decided not to have pregnancy insurance unless something went wrong.

So Jimmy Kimmel is full of it. He has no idea what he is talking about.

He also won't address how many people are losing their policies. Nor will he address that health care will be rationed.

Yet, many people love and believe him. That's because they want to believe that it is actually free and they get something out of it.


dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Upon the posting of an article entitled "The Liberal Demonization of Josh Duggar":

Jesus warned us over and over that sexual immorality can ruin a person and even their families. This is proof of that.

Duggar repented and is now forgiven by God and hopefully by those he touched inappropriately will also forgive him for his lack of maturity.

At least he didn't have intercourse with them....but those who DO promote sexual immorality, especially homosexuality will be JUDGE by the Word and the laws of God, for the law is made for non believers who do not listen to God/Jesus. 1Tim 1:8-10

Jesus warned us that he would go after any church that promotes sexual immorality with the sword of his mouth.

Rev 2:14-17 14 Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing SEXUAL IMMORALITY. 15 Likewise you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. 16 Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the SWORD OF MY MOUTH. 17 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

The sword of his mouth is his WORD. With his word he can create or destroy, bless or curse, give life or take life.

Clearly the Lord will not bless sexual immorality, especially homosexuality.

God says homosexuality is a not only a perversion, but that it is also an abomination, detestable, shameful, indecent, depraved, unclean and unnatural.

[Half a page of questionably related bible quotes you can see at the source]