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In response to another group member, who wrote: "I also know some gays who say they were born that way."

I remember many gays on this board that said the same thing.

I always tells them: God wouldn't bore someone to be gay, anymore than he would bore someone to be a murderer, rapist, thief, prostitute, adulterer, idolater, etc...

Too many times people try to blame God for all the bad things going on in this world, but it is mankind that is causing most of problems.

James 1:13-15

Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

John 3:19

And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.

All things that are good are from God.
"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" (James 1:17).


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(Because there are so many similarities between gay people and bank robbers....)

There are many former homosexuals, just like there are many former alcoholics, former drug addicts, former prostitutes, former adulterers, former bank robbers, former atheists, former thieves, etc...

People can and DO change. They renew their minds and stop caving into sin, anger, hatred, guilt, hostility, addictions, idolatry, adultery, sexual immorality, perversions, etc..

Those who say this can't happen, are easily deceived......just like Adam and Eve were.

A person with unbelief and doubts are easily deceived by Lucifer/Satan/Devil/Evil.


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"[T]he problem with women having the right to kill their children is they now start believing they can kill their boyfriends, husbands or hurt anyone else that gets in their way.

Some Women are getting crazier by the day. Have you seen some of the MGTOW YouTube videos. Men are cowering in fear and calling the police due to the way some of these insane women are acting.

When the women hit the man she doesn't think he will hit back, so she keeps abusing the man.

Men are now hitting back and these women are coming unglued over it.

They want equal gender, but when a man hits her back, she gets all up in arms over it.

Young women seem to think they can do whatever they want now. I blame that on abortion and feminist entitlement upbringing.


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well, if you know Bible history, Mary, the mother of Jesus was most likely fourteen when she conceived by the Holy Ghost

the age is not the problem so much as the lack of training for marriage and housekeeping duties is

the feminists want the females to dominate society and NOT be keepers at home

they want them to abort children and rule over men

this is the root that needs to chopped

we need to train our children from an early age to get married (if they wish) and stay that way, with the man as head

until this is taught, we will continue to have abortion, sodomy, murder, and a declining birthrate, not to mention total reliance upon the Beast government

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The problem with the pro-choicer/anti-lifer beliefs...... that the baby is just a bunch of cells is...

The pro-choicers ARE just a bunch of cells too.

Should people be allowed to abort pro-choicers for the same reason?


The "Bleat it to the Heavens" Award

Brought to you by www.familyradio.com, because totally, it's gonna happen this time.

Brother Tony V #fundie groups.yahoo.com

It is totally impossible that Judgment Day will not start on May 21 God has given us so many proofs in the Bible that it HAS to start on that day.

There are so many scriptures pointing to the fact that it HAS to be the Day of Judgment, other wise God is a liar.

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(In reply to another group member who said "Racist, sexist, bigot, Nazi, homophobe....It's all the brain-dead left has to run on" commenting on an article posted entitled "Hillary: GOP Agenda Fanning the Flames of ‘White Supremacy and Misogyny and Homophobia’" http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/12/15/hillary-gop-agenda-fanning-flames-white-supremacy-misogyny-homophobia/):

That is true -- and they use this like a weapon, in order not to talk about how well this country is doing with changes Trump has made.

Blacks' unemployment numbers are at a 17-year low.

More Hispanics are working than ever before. Ever.

They both are getting bigger paychecks.

So the left calls us racist, homophobe, islamaphobe, Aryan, Nazis, white supremacists because their last president was such a dismal failure.

Obama not only appeased our enemies, but he actually helped them. Obama said manufacturing jobs would never come back and had the nerve to tell a guy in his 50s to go into another line of work when he was concerned (btw, the guy was black). I could tell the guy was thinking -- at 50????? You want me to start all over and learn something else? Obama's growth never got to 3. And no one seemed to care. They figured this was the new normal. Nope...it is nearly 4. already under our new President. Food stamp usage is down because people are finding good jobs, many jobs have come back from other countries...not perfect yet, but they are coming back - at least some of them. If he is able to build the wall, it will be incredible for us. If we go with DACA, did you know the projected cost is $2.7 TRILLION in ten years? Trump will probably go with DACA but if he does it without getting the wall, he will lose a lot of people that voted for him to get rid of all these people (bringing housing prices up, destroying roads, accidents, crime, drugs).

That's just a little list...I forgot getting rid of insane and inane regulations.

And he is our social justice warrior with the energy and wherewithal to call out idiotic politically correct nonsense. He takes heat for his tweets, but he is our hero.


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(Commenting on an article posted entitled "STUCK ON STUPID: Bernie Sanders Thinks Climate Change Affects Military Readiness" http://americanlookout.com/stuck-on-stupid-bernie-sanders-thinks-climate-change-affects-military-readiness/):

The climate changes. It always has and it always will. Very little is caused by man which is so minute that it is ridiculous to even consider it. Before there was industrialization, the Arctic and Antarctic were rain forests.

I am not against alternative energy...but not against what we have. Solar is not working or efficient yet. Wind farms are a mess and cause noise pollution.

Until there is something viable, then we have to use what we have. With American ingenuity, as long as government is not involved at all, someone will come up with something.

The climate has been cooling for 17 years btw. The ***********scientists********** tried to change the results by taking different models. For example, they measured in deep ocean for numbers and then they were caught then measuring in shallow waters close to the shore (to get the numbers they wanted instead of a clean measurement and analysis.

It is about money. It is not about anything else. If the government can make us at fault for climate changing, then they can take money from us (like California does) to fix it -- when it has been proven man has very little to do with it.


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(Comment on an article posted entitled "Monica Crowley on Why The Swamp Hates Donald Trump" - http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/268574/monica-crowley-why-swamp-hates-donald-trump-frontpagemagcom):

She is so intelligent in every way. She gets it that Trump's tweets are needed desperately by all of us. It is the only way we are treading water. His tweets are stopping the nonsense that we have to deal with. He is fighting this culture war for us -- and most people have no idea what his tweets mean.

Even republicans want him to stop. They are not getting that if he didn't tweet as he does, no one would pay attention and the abuse from the left and the right of we people would continue. He has made some headway, little by little.

They are freaking out because of it too. They are trying to double down, but his tweets are so full of common sense and blunt-force truth that many people are figuring it out...people who normally don't pay attention even.

And that is why the dems are constantly all over him about tweets and some republicans.

The problem is that the swamp is so deep we need more than 8 years to clean it up and even then, it may be impossible.

The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas -- they are all the same and they have had years to create this mess.

Sometimes I don't know how Trump gets up in the morning with all sides at him.

And I'm with Monica, I freaking love him.


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(In response to an article posted entitled "The left is losing it -- here's what they plan" http://www.wnd.com/2018/06/the-left-is-losing-it-heres-what-they-plan/)Boldface mine:

It really is like a child's temper tantrum. They ask mum...can I have candy?


I want candy.


I want candy now (said loudly in grocery store)


I want it now, as he kicks and screams at the sky.


Give me candy now or I hate you.


Child gets on floor and screams and shouts, makes a scene and with distorted face becomes distorted and looks up at her...I HATE YOU.

The left is hoping the outlandish actions on their parts with severed head of the President or someone talking about an actor killing a president, etc will get us to give in.

Usually we do..

Trump has given us a voice and strength to be the good parent and say NO.


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Commenting on the posting of an article entitled "Charade Dishonors Saint Patrick and Parade":

gays are taking over all parades. They love parades because they like to be ridiculously flamboyant and ostentatious. They like acting like and looking like freaks. They want everyone to see and be okay with it. Most people and children laugh when they see them -- and I guess they like to be laughed at. They try to outdo each other with ridiculous costumes...the more disgusting, the better they like it. LOOK AT MEEEE...I AM GAY. Blech.


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(Commenting on a YouTube video posted entitled "Transgender Activist: Men Should Find Us Attractive - Men Are Bigots? - Tucker Carlson" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNFzrqCnbGM It's hard to know where to start with this post when the ignorance and bigotry run so deep...)


Are the people getting crazier or WHAT??

Why in the world would these men thing that straight men would want them?

That would make the straight men GAY!!

I would never be part of the deception that they demand of us. Can you imagine me introducing a male friend of mine to a transsexual male and not telling him that this was really a male dressed up as a female.

I would no doubt lose my male friends trust. This male cannot give the other male a baby.

Imagine if I introduce a female friend to a transsexual female and not telling her that this was really a female dressed up as a male.

My friend would be furious with me that I deceived her. After all that female can't give her a baby either.

I refused to be commanded to go along with any of this.

Remember the member you had on the board that go so mad at me because I wouldn't call him a she?

I took a lot of flack for that, but I told this person the very same thing I said above about NOT deceiving my friends.


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Comment on an article posted entitled "DHS: Arizona Proves 'Border Walls Work'" (http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2017/08/24/dhs-arizona-proves-border-walls-work/), and in response to another group member who said, in part, "This has nothing to do with Democrats. Trump was pandering to make such a ridiculous promise in the first place, and he's pandering now." Boldface mine:

Was Clinton and many many many other democrats also pandering when they promised us a wall?

He is trying to hire new ICE agents. There are some in training now. He wants 15,000 more. He has only been there a few months. It takes a good bit of training to be an ICE agent. They are trying to fill these jobs as quickly as possible.

Last president didn't even want ICE agents to do what they were trained to do. It is hard to go from how behind we were to now. Also, you have to realize that last president was HOSTILE to ICE agents and destroyed their morale. Not only that, but most people thought Hillary would be just as bad and the next president. Therefore, the usual training and people wanting to go into that field dwindled because of the hostility of the democrats.

The wall will pay for itself. I made a list of all that we are paying for illegals...I didn't include extra police and fire on that long list. In fact, it will more than pay for itself.

Also, here in California, they can't keep up with fixing our freeways and roads because we have illegals now driving. Our insurance rates have shot upward and so have our license tags, etc...there are many personal things happening to us here that is $$$$ because of illegals. Not to mention, they get advantages getting into colleges that our own kids would have to pay full tuition for.

The other day my daughter told me that one of the girls her son went to school with is pregnant. I asked if she had a job and my daughter said well, she did, but she fell at work so now she is getting disability and unemployment. I asked my daughter how she would pay for the hospital and doctors. My daughter said it is all free...taxpayers pay for it. We are not only paying for doctors and hospital but she got free breast pump and diapers and will get free formula for the baby and all kinds of other freebies.

Once again, the wall will more than pay for itself.

As I have said, many articles have been posted here (and I'm sure you can find them on line) that breaks down what we are paying for the many illegals here (they say 11 million or so...but actually we are now learning it is closer to 30 million and maybe more).

The wall will more than pay for itself.

The border is no political game to me and I'm sure it wasn't to President Trump either.

98% of the heroin being brought in is from Mexico. So what were you saying about fear mongering? Isn't it better to be smart and stop this from happening. How much money are liberals going to want us to pay for to get people off these drugs? How much are the hospital bills, etc?

You probably didn't see his speech the other night but he said a wall is not necessary everywhere and we need to be able to see through it. He knows what he is doing because he is #1--a builder and #2--actually talking to the experts unlike the un-American ass president we used to have.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Isn't it absolutely amazing how angry people get when someone says they want to make America great again.

It says everything.

1. They hate that we believed in a great America.
2. They hate that we want to make it great again with prosperity and safety for all.
3. It angers them because they hate America and can't get all of us to hate America
4. It exposes them in wanting to destroy America.

It sure is a huge trigger word...they go nuts.


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The theory of evolution doesn't even pass the test as science. Explanations for the missing fossil evidence and for the existence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones aren't testable and, thus, not scientific.

I repeat -- there is not ANY evidence (fossil, genetic, observation) that one species can evolve into another.


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(Responding to and quoting from an article posted entitled "Linda Sarsour Tells Social Justice Rally Attendees to Be Ready to ‘Put Their Lives on the Line’" http://freebeacon.com/culture/linda-sarsour-social-justice-rally-attendees-ready-put-lives-line/):

"I am willing to die for black people, for indigenous people. I am willing to die for Muslim people, I am willing to die for the most marginalized people in this country. I am not afraid."

Oh. So die already.


FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Robert, Have you heard of Taqiyya...and as the Muslim guy tried to explain on Jesse Watters the other night, there are more ways than just violence that muslims in this country are supporting jihad -- with financial support.

Have you been paying attention to how islamic extremism has taken over Europe?

They are fine when there are only a few in a community. But then when they start to be in the majority they start making demands. They want to shut down restaurants that sell liquor, they want to stop people from walking their dogs to pick up their kids at school, they say no pictures because you might get their tented wife in the background (who looks like every other tented wife). They form gangs (which is happening in my daughter's area), they become very hostile. I witnessed one purposely start from down the grocery aisle going very fast to ram his cart into a young pretty girl really hurting her. Store wouldn't do anything even though they looked at the monitors and said -- he is muslim, it would create problems.

They gradually take over. It doesn't happen overnight -- although it is happening pretty fast.

I guess living where you do, you don't worry about it.

BTW, some courts in England do have Sharia law now. Many muslims have tried it here. One judge agreed with one that since his religion said it was okay to rape his wife, then it was okay. It was overturned, but still...

Like I said - have you not been paying attention to Europe, how it gradually or not so gradually overtook their countries?


dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Upon the posting of an article entitled "The Liberal Demonization of Josh Duggar":

Jesus warned us over and over that sexual immorality can ruin a person and even their families. This is proof of that.

Duggar repented and is now forgiven by God and hopefully by those he touched inappropriately will also forgive him for his lack of maturity.

At least he didn't have intercourse with them....but those who DO promote sexual immorality, especially homosexuality will be JUDGE by the Word and the laws of God, for the law is made for non believers who do not listen to God/Jesus. 1Tim 1:8-10

Jesus warned us that he would go after any church that promotes sexual immorality with the sword of his mouth.

Rev 2:14-17 14 Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing SEXUAL IMMORALITY. 15 Likewise you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. 16 Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the SWORD OF MY MOUTH. 17 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

The sword of his mouth is his WORD. With his word he can create or destroy, bless or curse, give life or take life.

Clearly the Lord will not bless sexual immorality, especially homosexuality.

God says homosexuality is a not only a perversion, but that it is also an abomination, detestable, shameful, indecent, depraved, unclean and unnatural.

[Half a page of questionably related bible quotes you can see at the source]


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

It is all around us. I hear the word...'normalizing' a lot now. Things we never would have dreamed okay just five years ago not only are okay, but anyone that says it isn't are demeaned. Such as transsexuals teaching our children at school, dressed like a freak...we are bad if we don't like it. So many more examples. This happened before our eyes, sped up when Obama was president.

doggie47304 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Responding to another member, who wrote in response to an article posted entitled "Leftist Antifa Terrorist Arrested with Bombs with Plans"; "There was NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, in the articles about a motive or linking him with a conspiracy. All there was was Cernovich's editorializing with no relation to the limited info in the article. Again, could be the usual lone wolf. Obviously, you WANT damage and destruction, people hurt, just to further your twisted agenda!") Boldface mine:

He's a member of Antifa, nimrod. Only someone with the IQ of a cup of chocolate pudding can't figure out what motivated him -- far left-wing ideology.

You're are truly a moron.

dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Commenting on an article posted entitled "CA Governor Jerry Brown Tried To Build A Liberal Paradise, But Now Residents Are Awakening To A HARSH Reality" - http://www.dcstatesman.com/ca-governor-jerry-brown-tried-build-liberal-paradise-now-residents-awaking-harsh-reality/)

People are leaving [California] BECAUSE:

Liberals are planning to secede from the USA. NO THANKS. I want to keep my USA citizenship.

Liberals are planning to go with Single Payer Health Plan, which will cost those over 65 double for their federal health through Medicare AND for the Single Payer Health Plan that every person will have to pay in CA. NO THANKS.

Liberals are planning to force Californians to buy solar for every house or business they own. NO THANKS.

Liberals are planning to STEAL your money anyway they can, through higher DMV's tags, taxes, higher gas prices, higher minimum wages which increases the price of burgers, pizza, dinners out, merchandise at the malls and stores.

We can't afford to keep giving our money away....so the baby boomers are bailing out.

So are some of the younger parents too. A young couple on YOUTUBE moved to BEND OREGON. They said they didn't want to raise their childreb [sic] in California.



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(In reply to another member, who wrote:

"Without even telling me why, Twitter did this:
Your account [...] is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.
I wasn't even given a notice about any tweet that I had posted.
I definitely believe Twitter has a bias against conservatives.):

***** I knew it would come Kirk. Satan is really angry and using anyone who doesn't know The Lord. Sorry for what happened. God is in control. We need to keep praying for our country.

FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Comment on article posted entitled "This College Professor Is Under Siege for Challenging Transgender Orthodoxy" http://dailysignal.com/2017/10/13/college-professor-siege-challenging-transgender-orthodoxy/ boldface mine):

See how they call transgenderism diversity instead of a mental illness. If you dare say it, you are under siege like this professor. This country has gone nuts. It is becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah. Telling the truth that this is not healthy for society is now considered bigoted. Telling the truth that transgenderism is loaded with problems is attacked. They don't want the truth. It's so disheartening. Telling the truth is now called "hate". I am so sick of this.


dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

In response to the posting of an article from the Daily Mail entitled "One in eight gay men in London has HIV, official figures show":

Just more proof that things are getting worse because of people approving of this sin.

I read where one man thought gay marriage and approving of homosexuality was a good thing UNTIL his family had to be subjected to their perversion.

HIs children were playing in the hotel swimming pool and a whole group of homosexuals were having a party on the balcony of the hotel. He said they were all sucking on each other....

He has now changed his mind about homosexuality since he was subjected to the truth of what goes on.

He was disgusted.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

They are now saying any extreme weather is sign of global warming. Lol. Never mind there has always been extreme weather and always will be. Now that the polar ice caps have not melted, they refuse to discuss it and get very upset if you remind them. They are anti-science, constantly changing the narrative to blame man...in order that govt can control us more. S

dlo_3us2001 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Commenting on an article posted entitled:

"$33K NIH Grant to Encourage Gay Men to Get HPV Vaccine to Prevent Anal Cancer"

I guess they think this medicine will stop the cancer???

What about all the other problems associated with Homosexuals anal sex.... like anal warts, loss of sphinter muscle, tearing of the tissues, etc...

I guess wearing diapers when you are older is becoming the new fad, right?

They have a commercial on TV of a group of people walking the streets with their depend diapers on.


theradicalson #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Today's woman has fought for "total control and responsibility" for her body, so she should be responsible for deciding to spread her legs. If she is not fully prepared for that responsibility, then she should keep them closed until she is. Fact is, less than 5% of all abortions are due to rape and incest together, meaning the other 95% was out of carelessness on the womans part mostly. Again, it is her body, she knows the consequences that not being prepared may bring, just as the rest of us do in any wrongdoing we choose to do, so she should not get a free pass to murder something she herself is primarily responsible for. Having said that, we all make mistakes, many times on the spur of the moment. My problem is with the system making it easier for women not to have to worry about being responsible anymore, they can just get pregnant as many times as they want and kill their babies...especially at the taxpayers expense. That offends me...so where are my rights for being offended by these lowlifes?

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(I believe she mistyped "far left progressive alt right sites" and meant "far left progressive alt left sites" as that is more consistent with the rest of the post and her beliefs)

When some people refuse to watch Fox, which, according to a Harvard study was 52% negative and 48% positive about Trump, they are getting fed lies and no facts.

So if you watch Fox and read fair sites on line, you are okay watching MSNBC or CNN because you can sort it out; but if you only watch the far left progressive alt right sites or listen to them like NPR, you are not going to be able to figure out the truth.

Therefore, unless one is informed, it really isn't a good idea to watch other channels or read alt left sites or listen to them on radio.

When a conservative is found to be wrong, they will apologize at top of your or on page one. Many alt left sites refuse to straighten out their lies.

They are dividing and destroying America.


lel817 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In reply to another member, who said [sarcastically] "Sounds good to me. Let's go back to the original language [of the constitution] where YOU would not to be allowed to vote, or have any personal freedom, really.I miss those American laws where a woman was a man's property. You know, like it is in Muslim countries today. Fine by me. I'm a white male who owns property.( I've clowned around in the past, but this is the truth). One for all and all for ONE!")Boldface mine:

The point I was making jerk, is that judges aren't supposed to be making laws. I guess by your logic Dred Scott should have been upheld.

Roe v Wade is unconstitutional. I'm sick of irresponsible sluts who kill their unwanted babies.

lel817 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Responding to another member, who wrote: "We've gone from separating Indian babies from their parents (and then exterminating them), to stealing babies from their slave parents (and then re-selling them into slavery), to building a country on child labor (working in factories as young as 8-yrs. old, there's photos!), to incarcerating Japanese-American toddlers in internment camps, to allowing priests to sexually abuse children for decades, to forcing buckets of high-fructose corn syrup down kids’ throats until half of them are part of a childhood obesity epidemic, to turning our schools into killing fields because we love our guns more than we love our kids -- who the hell are we kidding?
Stop being shocked and surprised that Trump is kidnapping Hispanic children from their parents as if 'this isn't who we are!' Yes, it is. It has ALWAYS been who we are. Don't say Trump is violating 'our American values.' Abusing children IS an historic American value. Be proud, America -- Trump is us."

You're rant makes no sense. Go fuck yourself, Robert. All you liberals do is bitch about how terrible and evil this country is, with never anything positive to say. I literally NEVER hear a liberal give credit to this country for anything. Then they are surprised when we call them out for their anti-Americanism. Perhaps you can move to one of those third world countries that treat children so well that they are forced to flee. Ironic how liberals on the one hand verbally beat down this country at every turn, while insisting we open our borders and subject foreigners to this oh so racist evil country. If its so terrible why are people clamoring to get in instead of out?

FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Yes, this is what they are doing..making people resentful. While the polls show that most think gay marriage is okay, I am betting a lot of them would not vote for it. We didn't here in liberal California -- TWICE. And judges overruled us. That causes resentment.

They think they won, and they won the battle, but they have not won the war, as resentment in this country will grow. We don't make a fuss like liberals or gays, etc, but we will hopefully get even at the ballot box.

At this point, it isn't even about gay marriage. Two of those supreme court members are gay activists and would not recuse themselves. One of them is probably a dyke. And what about states' rights? Are we going to have to have another Civil War over States' Rights?

Hopefully, a republican will change the courts somehow to correct a problem of this type, where it is not up to the supreme justice as to whether they are recused or not...that there would be certain rules and if they are an activist regarding an upcoming case, they would automatically be kicked to the curb. BTW, if this applies to the conservative justices with something in the future, I also agree they should not be on the court to try cases in which they are activists and should be dismissed.

And hopefully Scalia will live to be 150.

obamacare...well, they won nothing at all on this one either. People are finding out what is in it, they are angry. obama saved face. He won the battle - lost the war because his legacy will show that people really hate obamacare. Remember what Giffen (I think that is his name) said -- that they could put this over on people because they are stupid. THAT should be obama's legacy.

Churches and some Temples will not want to pay for abortions. The Hyde Act provided they would not have to and yet, obamacare which was supposed to remove that part of it (obama promised ha ha ha ha ha)...and they didn't. So there will still be a mess, and I can tell you right now, Catholic churches are not going to pay for abortions. There will be civil disobedience.

And again, the people who like it are the people who get it for free or the rich liberals. The middle class hate it. They are putting off going to doctors because of the huge deductibles. They are angry. Hopefully that will get them to the ballot box again in 2016.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Responding to the question: "So, if people are not born gay, why would anyone choose so difficult a way to go?")

Why would a pedophile choose to have desires for young children? Are pedophiles born the way they are?

I don 't believe most gays choose to be gay.

That being said, that doesn't mean they were born the way they are or there is a biological reason for their condition.

Homosexuality has been linked to same-sex child abuse and rejection and fear of the opposite sex.

I have testimony of one former lesbian that grew up around abusive men. He began to hate men and develop sexual desires for other women.

The age old debate is nature vs. nurture.

Homosexual activists and leftists have tried to eliminate the debate to promote their political agena.


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Responding to another member, who commented, in part, in a discussion as to whether a woman's clothing contributes to them being victims of rape: "Why aren't men held accountable for their actions? If a man can't control his sexual urges, why, just as in Muslim states, is it always the fault of the women?" Boldface mine:

I can see this issue hits home with you, it does me too, and I totally agree that men should be held accountable for their actions, especially with something like rape, and most are, if caught. I am not in any way excusing a mans actions against a woman, but sexual desire is probably the strongest desire there is in human beings and it can drive many of us, including me at times, to maybe do some kinky things in the bedroom, or on the kitchen table, or under a pine tree at night on the local golf course, or....oops sorry, got carried away with memories, lol. Seriously though, why is playboy and pornography so popular with men and even women? It ain't because those girls or guys are wearing clothes that cover every inch of them. Girls have the FIRST responsibility in PROTECTING themselves and their bodies. Isn't that what they say when it comes to killing their babies? Well then, it would be unfair and hypocritical to see choic e of clothing to protect themselves from luring eyes and potential rapes as well. Women are well aware when their boobs are hanging out and their asscheeks are showing, constantly aware, because that comes with being born a female and growing up in todays Barbydoll culture. Maybe we should be asking the women WHY they like to dress that way. I'm guessing most of them will agree a big part of it is to feel SEXY. Why is it necessary to feel sexy? To turn men on or catch their eye. Why else?

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Having a happy COLUMBUS DAY. If you think you're a descendent of interlopers, then get the fuck out. This was not a nation until Europeans created it. Before then, it was just a land mass.

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Responding to a comment made by another group member: "The most hated people in the country are former homosexuals and black conservatives. Both threaten the left-wing political agenda."

Very true Kirk.

They are very brave people to let it be known they were delivered from their addictions to homosexuality and transgenderism. But they are so thankful to be delivered that they don't care what others think of them now. Praise God.

Those who are getting OUT of the liberal democratic party are also praising God for that.

I was watching a YouTube Video the other day about a young man that had joined the Antifa movement, but the minute they clashed with the Patriots, his OWN group threw him in front of their group and allowed the Patriots to get HIM while they took off running!!

That is when he realized he was fighting on the wrong side and he admits he is NOW a Patriot. He said the Patriots were always taking up for the people on their side and even saving them when an Antifa member had one of the Patriots down on the ground.

He said that didn't happen on the Antifa side.

Also, I was watching a YOUTUBE video where an elderly BLACK man was taking sides against the YOUNG BLACKS and their Black Lives Matter Group, calling them angry and evil. He claims he is through with being an angry black man and now sides with GOOD against EVIL. I will never forget look on the young black faces when they realized he was calling them EVIL.


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(In reply to a comment from another member: "Many of the DACAs were raised in this country from toddler age. They do not speak Spanish. To send them to Mexico would be cruel and unusual punishment, and possibly a death sentence. You are scapegoating."):

I know several and their English is so bad that it is ridiculous. Their parents did not bother making sure they learned English so English was spoken in the home.

It brings everyone down.

One of them is a friend of my granddaughter and she is a good girl -- but she cannot speak English. At first I would cringe and then I started correcting her so that she didn't embarrass herself. She is trying to do better, but when she goes to apply for a job and says something such as *that is mines* instead of *that is mine*, she will be at a disadvantage. Or she says *I seen that* instead of *I have seen that* or *I saw that*. I could go on and on. She was playing cards and she said, *I just drawed that* instead of *I just drew that*. It's like listening to a toddler first learning to speak.

I asked her if teachers didn't correct her English when she wrote it wrong or spoke wrong and she said no, that she never knew it was wrong.

She was one of the top in her class...this is how bad California schools are now. Same as in Maryland. Kids are graduating and not able to pass the tests and not literate.

When someone comes to this country and doesn't learn English, how badly do they want to be here? Her parents have been here over 20 years now and cannot speak a word of English.

That is the measuring stick. Without a common language, you have a divided country. If they can't bother to learn English so their kids speak it at home and give their kids a better chance, then they do not belong here.

What happens when she gets married and has kids...they will either speak gutter English or Spanish. She mostly speaks Spanish now be cause that is what she is used to.

If she stays here, then I feel her parents should go -- because they haven't bothered connecting with America.


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So, she thinks these people are both dead and alive? Kinda like Schrödinger's cat?

Once people know there is life after death, the answers open.

There have been people who have actually died and came back who tell us about heaven. That's about as far as we know since we aren't dead yet.


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[Species] appear fully-formed with no evidence they evolved, period.

The entire evolutionary history of these species doesn't exist. And, evolutionists have are lame excuses that they can't even agree on why the fossil evidence is missing.

This fatal problem to all but those that want to have blind faith in theory that should have been discarded decades ago:

"The abrupt appearance of higher taxa in the fossil record has been a perennial puzzle. Not only do characteristic and distinctive remains of phyla appear suddenly, without known ancestors, but several classes of a phylum, orders of a class, and so on, commonly appear at approximately the same time, without known intermediates." *James W. Valentine and *Cathryn A. Campbell, "Genetic Regulation and the Fossil Record," in American Scientist Vol. 63, November-December, 1975, p. 673.

The order in which fossils are found in the Cambrian also contradicts the theory of evolution:

"The actual percentage of areas showing this progressive order from the simple to the complex is surprisingly small. Indeed formations with very complex forms of life are often found resting directly on the basic granites. Furthermore, I have in my own files a list of over 500 cases that attest to a reverse order, that is, simple forms of life resting on top of more advanced types." Walter E. Lammert, Growing Doubts: Is Evolutionary Theory Valid? p. 4.

BTW, evolutionists are notorious form naming the same species something different at various stages of history:

"Dr. Eldredge [American Museum of Natural History, New York City] was asked, `Do paleontologists name the same creatures differently when they are found in different geological periods?' He replied that this happens, but they are mistakes. When asked the same question, Dr. Patterson [British Museum, London] replied, `Oh, yes, that's very widely done.' Next he was asked, 'That doesn't seem quite honest. You wouldn't do that, would you?' He said that he hoped he wouldn't . .

Would not this practice make a lot more species? Dr. Raup [Chicago Museum] said it would; perhaps 70 percent of the species described [in the fossil rocks] are later found to be the same as existing species, so 70 percent of the new species named should not have been [given new names but were], either through ignorance or because of the ground rules used by the taxonomists." L.D. Sunderland, Darwin's Enigma (1988), pp. 130-131.

"An assistant of Dr. Eldredge, who was studying trilobite fossils at the American Museum, explained to the author how he made the decision on naming a new species: `I look at a fossil for about two weeks and then if I think it looks different enough, I give it a new name.' So it is simply a matter of judgment with no firm ground rules." Op. cit., p. 131.

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(He's serious, sadly not a Poe!)

Frank, first picture a fist in your ignorant face. Then, give some consideration to the fact that the moon is now a superhardened, vulcanized sphere that exists for the purpose of providing a necessary counterweight for earth evolution. Sun and Moon are the electromagnetic poles for the earth, which lies in the shadow zone; life in the valley of the shadow.

Thus, the moon is effectively sealed off and impenetrable since the mineral kingdom was passed over to the earth during the Lemurian Epoch, about fifty thousand years ago. It was turned into a burnt-out husk when the mineral element was poured over to the earth, and the earth, in turn, passed its fine etheric constitution to the moon. What was to be the original Eden condition of earth evolution now exists on the moon.

Lucifer and Ahriman were instrumental in conducting the passing over of the mineral kingdom to earth, but also wanted to withhold a portion for themselves. When they couldn't put it back on the sphere in which they evolved as Archai spirits of the Old Moon evolution, they stuck it in the moon's etheric body, and created the Eighth Sphere.

But the short of it is that the moon is an impenetrable sphere where the Law of Repulsion resides in support of its effective counterweight for the earth.

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Someday, when I get to Heaven, I will ask God all about how he created such a wonderful universe.

There is NO way that all of this happened by chance.

The probability of all the living things on earth to evolve out of single cell organisms, is mathematically impossible.