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(Re: Florence):

God is the God of goodness.

Evil comes from Satan.

Blame the hurricane and its destruction on Satan, not God.

Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy.

The author of Chaos and Confusion.

Bible verses about Satan as the Author of Confusion
(From Forerunner Commentary)

Matthew 8:26

As the Son of God and with only the power of His word, Christ speaks, and the wind ceases. After the fierce storm relents, a great calm descends. This miracle over the environment contrasts the disharmony, disorder, and confusion of nature against the power, order, and peace of the Creator (Psalm 89:9).

Christ treats this storm and the sea as if they were antagonistic and rebelling forces under a dominating, unrestrained power, but His word is sufficient to calm them, just as it commands demons to leave those who are possessed. Conflicts and rebellions have their source in Satan, the author of confusion in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Physical evils in nature and among mankind are among Satan's works that Jesus came to overcome and destroy.

When Jesus speaks to calm the storm, Mark indicates that He addresses more than a meteorological force but a being behind it. When He commands the sea, "Peace, be still!" the Greek phrase means "be muzzled or gagged," as though the storm were a maniac that had to be bound and restrained.

The waves of the world still rage against Christ's disciples, yet they will never be overwhelmed because Christ is in them (Psalm 46:1-3; 93:3-4).

Martin G. Collins
The Miracles of Jesus Christ: Stilling a Storm


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(Shar's response to another member's message: "Almost all deaths from abortion are from after the safe period of a few weeks. Anti abortion people against early abortions are koo koo's to put it nicely. Take that to the bank of rationality/good common sense. Abortions done with licensed doctors who only do early ones are very safe for the woman):

Even early abortions are risky. A good number women bleed to death AFTER they leave the clinic so it is reported as bleeding to death rather than root cause of abortion. That abortion pill is horrible. All women bleed excessively after taking it and have severe pain. Doctors (if you can call them that) do not take it seriously. Women are not at abortion clinics long enough to see if there are complications. It is like a factory..in and out. Women should be told of the risks before having abortions and be told of them so they understand. Part of the problem is an abortion doctor is an abortion doctor because he or she isn't good enough to be any other type. It is all about the bottom line...that is why they are rushed out instead of mKing [sic] sure the women are ok. Shar

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(In reply to another member, who said: "Abortions, contrary to the anti abortion people are reaally safe."):

Studies on this are not accurate because women die after they have the abortion and the cause is covered up. Even the death certificate if she had an abortion and died at abortion clinic, it will say...bled to death, instead of abortion.

If she dies of excessive bleeding or hemorrhage get or perforated uterus bleed out or because baby parts were left in her, these are deaths called a different name such as infection. Even an ectopic pregnancy wrongly given day after pill is deadly but not listed as abortion death, but listed as ectopic pregnancy complications. Shar

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Many would disagree with you. The family who could not transport a little girl on a plane because the equipment she needed was denied was flying on trumps private plane. These kinds of stories are never mentioned by Trump. We find out from others. He has, without fanfare, handed over so many checks for needy.

What he is doing for angel parents is incredible.

He lifted rules of engagement in military so they could have better chance of protecting themselves and living. He has made it so soldiers with PTSD or other ailments can get care at regular doctors offices.

He is accused of separating families at border and media lies to say he did this when he is the one that fixed it. It was started with Obama.

There have never been more people employed IN This country than ever in our history, salararies are going up exponentially. People are proud of themselves again, able to participate in more family BBQs and save a little money, more going on vacation, black employment is way up, so is Hispanic and women. So Re those without high school degrees.

Bush apparently wasn't faithful in early marriage. Neither Bush. Clinton never was and still isn't. He raped someone. Is that what you mean by family values?

What trump did he is not proud of and it was a long time ago. He has apparently made amends with his wife and family. He admitted he was a good father, terrible husband but he is trying to make up for it.

Human beings are not perfect, but he is not as bad as some of the others who were revered.

Trump does not take a dime of his paycheck. He also paid for his own campaign. He rarely says "I" in his speeches. It is almost always WE. Unlike Obama. He honors military folks, he honors ordinary working folks, he asks what they need to help them do better.

He is the people's president and we love him for it.

Some don't Like his tweets but the MSM goes with group think such as was written here, false narratives and without his tweets, we would not know the truth. After all, he is tweeting what most of us have been screaming at the tv for at least eight years.

God Bless America. God Bless President Trump. May God watch over him and give him strength.

President Trump has given us HOPE.

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I don't know about everyone else, but I am getting sick of liberals unable to make an honest argument making up untrue claims to put you in a straight jacket. They accuse you of what they are doing. When they can't argue or refute what you are saying, they are INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST and put an untrue label on you to try to get out of answering the discussion honestly...and to try to diminish you so they don't have to back up anything they say. Then they whine if you call them out on it.

Kanye West was actually shaking last night on Jimmy Kimmel, knowing he may lose his career and people would try to destroy him for being black while thinking for himself.

The new Martin Luther King Jr is Kanye, who has the courage to tell other blacks that they don't have to all think alike.

Another example of intellectual dishonesty...Kimmel asked Kanye if Trump liked blacks and before he had a chance to reply, Kimmel went to a commercial. Today headlines say Kanye was speechless after black query.

I can't imagine how much guts that took for Kanye.

It is not conservatives who are shutting down free speech on campuses or hurting people...and yet, liberals do not denounce it. Rather than do so, they call you a racist or white nationalist. When it happens that a conservative does something wrong, conservative groups denounce it.



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The FBI said in internal emails that they would stop Trump and if he is elected, they have plans to oust him literally. Their aim was to upend a duly elected American president.

They allowed Hillary's dossier they knew was fake from Russians to spy on her opponent.

Another problem, they withheld information from judges to get FISA warrants which is illegal. And they used a dossier they knew was unverified (illegal) and salacious to use a fake reason to spy on him.

Ironically they used Russian lies And propaganda to do so.

Opposition research is fine...what is not fine is for the FBI to use it to help one candidate over another. Also look into the Ohr's and Fusion GPS.

It is so complicated, hard to address all the corruption in one email.

On top of it all, Rosenstein actually signed at least one of the warrants which makes him a witness and a part of the law breaking...so that is why they are hiding emails and information from us.

Then you have Clapper who actually told the press about this in order to hurt Trump. He set it up for Comey to tell Trump so it was the. Released to the public.

Rosenstein also wrote the letter to fire Comey of which Trump is being accused of interference. So Rosenstein is the acting attorney general while helping Mueller make his case against Trump for what he himself did.

Another problem, they may have started spying long before they are admitting it. Looks like they did. So they may hVe started even before getting warrants.

Also, they should have told the person running for president immediately. When they did tell him, he said get to the bottom of it and get rid of whomever is doing this.

Who was doing it? No one...it was all fabrication on the part of Hillary with Russian fake dossier that Comey admitted was not true, colluding with our own FBI.

It is even worse than this. So much they did.

Did you hear about Feinstein's driver who was also her Ofc manager.

She let him retire with a pension and how he is a huge profile character making Chinese propaganda speeches in SF AND ALL over the world.

He needs to be tried and convicted for treason.

And she knew and swept it under the rug and the FBI went along. She should be tried for aiding and abetting treason...which is treason in itself..

When the Obama IG found out about Clinton's classified info server, Feinstein bullied him and he dropped it. And when it was found out that Brennan was spying on foreign intelligence. Omitted, in which she is chairman, he denied it but was caught so had to admit it to senate Intel. She said oh well...we're not going to prosecute.

The corruption of obama's White House is mind boggling.


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The left does not want peace with fellow Americans. They want to censor us. They want to fundamentally change America, that is destroy our constitutional republic, destroy individual liberty and replace it with socialism, or more likely outright Marxism. There is no compromise between freedom and totalitarianism.

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(Replying to a comment made by another member, who wrote "I sent the story about the Trump rally...You didn't see it?" referring to the article he posted entitled "QAnon Meets The Mainstream At Tampa Trump Rally"):

Give us one example of Fox News doing a story on QAnon or any mainstream conservative source.

You're the one peddling fake news. Mainstream conservatives don't know what the hell QAnon is.

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(Quoting from and commenting on an article posted by another member entitled "QAnon Meets The Mainstream At Tampa Trump Rally" http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/qanon-meets-the-mainstream-at-tampa-trump-rally/: "The conspiracy theory—which supposes that President Trump is secretly undoing a global satanic pedophile ring with the help of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and ordering a top-level staffer to share information about the efforts via cryptic posts on the anonymous imageboard 8chan— currently captivates hundreds of thousands of right-wing activists online. Some spend hours per day in chat rooms dedicated to decoding the 'crumbs' (clues) that an anonymous writer using the moniker 'Q' posts online."):

You're retarded, Robert. No mainstream conservative source has discussed,

You're either a liar of nuts to think they would.

You just made an utter fool of yourself trying to pass this off as mainstream.

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Re: Christian Bakers (Boldface mine):

If you own a business, it is your right to decide. If it is against your religious beliefs and you do not want their money, then it is your decision. The alternative would be for the government to take over your business and dictate what you should do or not do.

Private business is different from government.

And yes, if there is a liberal who wants to not bake a cake for a pro life person, that is their prerogative. Don't sue. Go to one that does. Duh. Conservatives believe in businesses being privately owned and would simply go someplace else rather than wanting the government to make decisions for private businesses. A conservative would not sue and freak out.

If a Muslim doesn't want to make a cake for someone gay, betcha anything the gay person would not make a big deal about it.

The comparison to blacks is not the same. Sharona

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(Boldface mine):

If there is not widespread voter fraud, why won't California and many other states allow their registration rolls to be checked into?

There is a video of people not citizens being forced to register to vote.

I believe it is epidemic, especially when Obama told people they wouldn't get in trouble for voting even if they aren't citizens.

Now they are allowing illegals to vote in some elections...it is a gateway to voting in all elections. We were laughed at when we said that is what democrats want. Why do they want this? Because they are bad for our own citizens and losing votes of actual citizens so they have to import others.

The Trump commission had to quit because getting the voting rolls were insurmountable and would have taken litigating every one of these areas. They finally just gave up.

Either you care about not having interference in elections...or you don't. Sharona

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(Responding to another member, who wrote: "When everything is racist, nothing is racist. And nothing is racist because the leftist obsession with race has nothing to do with black people. This use of racism or white supremacy exploits black people as props, but is actually only a thin pretext for the left to fight the wars that it wants to fight anyway."):

If the left cared about racism. it would condemn all racism, including racism against whites. But, it doesn't.

Racism is just a weapon to advance the left's agenda.

And, when all of the many problems facing blacks are blamed on racism rather than on self-destructive and irresponsible behavior, nothing ever changes.

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Responding to another member, who thought punishing abortionists by beheading them was a "nifty idea"):

None of that is necessary. Young women are realizing how horrible it is...and women who did it before didn't know the facts. They had been told it was a gob of goo, especially in early weeks. Many of those women feel they were lied to and have regrets now. We cannot hold them responsible for what was hidden from them at that time. That is why knowledge and facts are causing a natural evolvement of thought on this. I would bet many women who had abortions years ago had no idea that it looked and was a baby and feel anger for not getting the truth. Shar

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(Responding to another member, who wrote in response to an article posted entitled "Leftist Antifa Terrorist Arrested with Bombs with Plans"; "There was NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, in the articles about a motive or linking him with a conspiracy. All there was was Cernovich's editorializing with no relation to the limited info in the article. Again, could be the usual lone wolf. Obviously, you WANT damage and destruction, people hurt, just to further your twisted agenda!") Boldface mine:

He's a member of Antifa, nimrod. Only someone with the IQ of a cup of chocolate pudding can't figure out what motivated him -- far left-wing ideology.

You're are truly a moron.

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Trump has placed stronger sanctions on Russia than Obama or Bush ever did.

Trump sent tanks to the Ukraine. Obama sent blankets.

Obama was president when Crimea was annexed and did nothing.

Obama looked the other way and chided Trump for thinking our elections could be meddled with.

Obama knew before election Russia was interfering and did not want to do anything. He and Susan Rice told the agencies to stand down.

Russia knows there is a different sheriff in town now. They did all the above because of obama's weakness.

Trump killed 200 Russians in Syria when Russian military was where they shouldn't be and putting our military in danger.

Trump killed the Iran deal which infuriated Russia...Putin loved Obama for that.

Trump just made NATO stronger...which Russia hates.

Trump just made it public that Merkel was buying Russian oil...maybe causing some pressure on her to stop. At least he made it public so we see what she is up to while not paying her fair share to NATO.

I do not trust the FBI or CIA to stop Russian meddling in next election because I think they hate Trump so much they will want it to look like his fault. They hate Trump more than they care about this country. Trump has put them on notice to get the FBI IT on top of it. This is just my suspicion.we will see.

What previous policies did the President denounce?

Were you concerned when Obama told Putin he would have more flexibility after elections...probably to loosen up sanctions?

Or when obama stood with his thumb up his rear as Russia annexed Crimea?


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(Commenting on an article posted entitled "Kavanaugh 2017: Roe Was Part of a Tide of “Freewheeling Judicial Creation Of Unenumerated Rights” https://hotair.com/archives/2018/07/12/kavanaugh-2017-roe-part-tide-freewheeling-judicial-creation-unenumerated-rights-unrooted-american-tradition/);

***** It is all so simple . Men want to make this hard and complicated and confuse these issues. IT's as Simple as this. If the baby is human from its conception then its rights come from God. And Gods doesn't want its life to end. Most of us agree that a baby is human since it can only be conceived by another human with human sperm and egg cells. Those who want to allow abortion twist the words and meanings. However God also created conscience and most women who destroy their babies for whatever reason they deem necessary at the time suffer from conscience of doing so at some time in their life. The obvious evidence should not be ignored and Congress should take up the issue to define it once and for all, but the issue is so confused in society that most men fear. Fear doesn't come from God.

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(Responding to another group member who wrote, in part: "In order to show evolution of man from another species or any type of evolution, you would have to see one species evolve from another. A brand new species does not show evolution or any type of evolvement. You won't find any. If it happened, evolution pushers would be shouting it from the rooftops.") Boldface mine:

Of course, there have to be intermediate species. No evolutionists denies that.

The fossil record, however, shows the first of every major animal phylum appears in the record fully formed with no evidence they evolved from anything.

The missing links are missing by millions. Evolutionists have lame excuses for all the missing evidence -- species fossilized by their intermediaries didn't or evolution happen in bursts, so fast that it didn't leave a fossil record but so slow that it now can't be observed.

Evolution isn't a valid scientific theory. The Cambrian Explosion and lack of fossil evidence for it proof God create species in their present form.

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

In response to another member, who wrote: "The anti-evolutionists are in power worldwide, and realizing their desire to destroy what little progress human beings have managed to achieve. Long live myths and superstition! Better check yourself for superstition while we're here. I think you are in a fog of mythic lore."):

There is more proof that there is not evolution between species than there is proof there is.

Species evolve within themselves for survival of fittest.

Please show one example of a species that changed to another species, which would prove evolution?

You can't beat people over the head to make them think something of which there is no proof.


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(In reply to another member, who said [sarcastically] "Sounds good to me. Let's go back to the original language [of the constitution] where YOU would not to be allowed to vote, or have any personal freedom, really.I miss those American laws where a woman was a man's property. You know, like it is in Muslim countries today. Fine by me. I'm a white male who owns property.( I've clowned around in the past, but this is the truth). One for all and all for ONE!")Boldface mine:

The point I was making jerk, is that judges aren't supposed to be making laws. I guess by your logic Dred Scott should have been upheld.

Roe v Wade is unconstitutional. I'm sick of irresponsible sluts who kill their unwanted babies.

doggie47304 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Responding to a male group member, who said to a female group member "Let's go back to the original language where YOU would not to be allowed to vote, or have any personal freedom, really.")Boldface mine:

You're completely ignorant of the Constitution, aren't you?

Have you heard of the Bill of Rights? They existed from the time the nation began.

Apparently you don't realize once the constitution is amended, the amendments are part of the Constitution and can't be overturned unless the amendment is repealed by the voters of states and Congress.

This country, ungrateful bastard, has always been the freest and prosperous in the world since its existence.

Compare that tyrannical hellholes your communist paradises have universally been. Every left-wing country is genocidal cesspool.

doggie47304 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In response to another member, who wrote: "We've gone from separating Indian babies from their parents (and then exterminating them)"

Another utter lie by communist pig.

The Indians welcomed the settlers, exchanging the use of the land for goods and weapons that could give them advantages over other tribes they were warring with.

Ever of the massacre at Jamestown where the noble red man slaughtered innocent men, women and children?

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Responding to another member, who wrote: "We've gone from separating Indian babies from their parents (and then exterminating them), to stealing babies from their slave parents (and then re-selling them into slavery), to building a country on child labor (working in factories as young as 8-yrs. old, there's photos!), to incarcerating Japanese-American toddlers in internment camps, to allowing priests to sexually abuse children for decades, to forcing buckets of high-fructose corn syrup down kids’ throats until half of them are part of a childhood obesity epidemic, to turning our schools into killing fields because we love our guns more than we love our kids -- who the hell are we kidding?
Stop being shocked and surprised that Trump is kidnapping Hispanic children from their parents as if 'this isn't who we are!' Yes, it is. It has ALWAYS been who we are. Don't say Trump is violating 'our American values.' Abusing children IS an historic American value. Be proud, America -- Trump is us."

You're rant makes no sense. Go fuck yourself, Robert. All you liberals do is bitch about how terrible and evil this country is, with never anything positive to say. I literally NEVER hear a liberal give credit to this country for anything. Then they are surprised when we call them out for their anti-Americanism. Perhaps you can move to one of those third world countries that treat children so well that they are forced to flee. Ironic how liberals on the one hand verbally beat down this country at every turn, while insisting we open our borders and subject foreigners to this oh so racist evil country. If its so terrible why are people clamoring to get in instead of out?

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In response to an article posted entitled "The left is losing it -- here's what they plan" http://www.wnd.com/2018/06/the-left-is-losing-it-heres-what-they-plan/)Boldface mine:

It really is like a child's temper tantrum. They ask mum...can I have candy?


I want candy.


I want candy now (said loudly in grocery store)


I want it now, as he kicks and screams at the sky.


Give me candy now or I hate you.


Child gets on floor and screams and shouts, makes a scene and with distorted face becomes distorted and looks up at her...I HATE YOU.

The left is hoping the outlandish actions on their parts with severed head of the President or someone talking about an actor killing a president, etc will get us to give in.

Usually we do..

Trump has given us a voice and strength to be the good parent and say NO.


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It is all around us. I hear the word...'normalizing' a lot now. Things we never would have dreamed okay just five years ago not only are okay, but anyone that says it isn't are demeaned. Such as transsexuals teaching our children at school, dressed like a freak...we are bad if we don't like it. So many more examples. This happened before our eyes, sped up when Obama was president.

lel817 #racist groups.yahoo.com

(Comment on an article posted entitled "Primary defeat of fourth-ranking House Democrat a portent of the radical left takeover of the Democratic Party" https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/06/primary_defeat_of_fourthranking_house_democrat_a_portent_of_the_radical_left_takeover_of_the_democratic_party.html[b] Boldface mine):

The Democrats pander to identity politics, now a white man lost to a Hispanic woman. This has been called Archie Bunker's district. The ethnic whites have been replaced by brown people. We have far too many brown people who do not think of themselves as American. And then there's the gangs. I not only oppose illegal immigration, I oppose legal immigration unless we change it back to bringing in white Europeans.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Isn't it absolutely amazing how angry people get when someone says they want to make America great again.

It says everything.

1. They hate that we believed in a great America.
2. They hate that we want to make it great again with prosperity and safety for all.
3. It angers them because they hate America and can't get all of us to hate America
4. It exposes them in wanting to destroy America.

It sure is a huge trigger word...they go nuts.


lel817 #racist groups.yahoo.com

Commenting on an article posted entitled "'Hateful' woman threatened to call police on 8-year-old for selling water, mom says" (https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/news/story/mom-hateful-woman-threatened-call-police-year-selling-56134800). Boldface mine:

This is not worthy of being a national news story. Why is this woman being called hateful? This is only controversial because the girl is black and the media loves stories they can portray as white racism, real or invented. I don't know why the woman responded as she did, but I'm sure it had nothing to do with the girl's race and she doesn't deserve death threats and such. People need to get lives and stop joining in social media mobs with the purpose of shaming people who are perceived to have done or said something politically incorrect. This goes to show there is such a paucity of actual white racism, that this is what the social justice warriors are left with. If there was so much genuine racism, it would easily be exposed and there would be no need to grasp at straws to find it.

doggie47304 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In response to another member, who wrote: "We've gone from separating Indian babies from their parents (and then exterminating them), to stealing babies from their slave parents (and then re-selling them into slavery), to building a country on child labor (working in factories as young as 8-yrs. old, there's photos!), to incarcerating Japanese-American toddlers in internment camps, to allowing priests to sexually abuse children for decades, to forcing buckets of high-fructose corn syrup down kids’ throats until half of them are part of a childhood obesity epidemic, to turning our schools into killing fields because we love our guns more than we love our kids -- who the hell are we kidding?
Stop being shocked and surprised that Trump is kidnapping Hispanic children from their parents as if 'this isn't who we are!' Yes, it is. It has ALWAYS been who we are. Don't say Trump is violating "our American values." Abusing children IS an historic American value. Be proud, America -- Trump is us.")

If you hate the country this much, GET THE HELL OUT OF IT.

This nation, you ungrateful prick, helped save the world Nazism, communism and Islam fascism.

This a reason why, you blithering anti-American swine, that people from around the world have wanted to immigrate here -- because it is the freest, most prosperous place on earth.

You don't deserve to live here, you miserable SOB.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Fact: Obama separated children from their parents. The conditions were horrible and children were thirsty and hungry, and in cages, sleeping on the floor.

Fact: Trump followed the same law as separating children from adults which makes sense when Obama did it as well since some of those adults are not parents but are traffickers and it takes time to sort out. Nevertheless, Trump is the one that didn't like it and signed an executive order to fix it. OBAMA DID NOT.

Fact: conditions under Trump were very different. Kids get good meals, beds, blankets, drinks, education, games, clothes, outings to the zoo, egg.

Fact: it costs money. Democrats refuse to help allocate the funds in Congress...because they like the turmoil because they think if they can blame Trump, like you and Robert are doing, people are more likely not to learn the truth and vote for them.

It is much like the mayor of Puerto Rico who is now being prosecuted for hiding food and water, well...actually throwing away food. Why? So she could tell the people Trump,didn't care about them.

The lies about Trump and the glossing over of past administrations are not going to work with informed people.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(I believe she mistyped "far left progressive alt right sites" and meant "far left progressive alt left sites" as that is more consistent with the rest of the post and her beliefs)

When some people refuse to watch Fox, which, according to a Harvard study was 52% negative and 48% positive about Trump, they are getting fed lies and no facts.

So if you watch Fox and read fair sites on line, you are okay watching MSNBC or CNN because you can sort it out; but if you only watch the far left progressive alt right sites or listen to them like NPR, you are not going to be able to figure out the truth.

Therefore, unless one is informed, it really isn't a good idea to watch other channels or read alt left sites or listen to them on radio.

When a conservative is found to be wrong, they will apologize at top of your or on page one. Many alt left sites refuse to straighten out their lies.

They are dividing and destroying America.


FairSharFairShar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

I feel we have to be very careful about Muslims coming in because unless they are willing to assimilate, there are problems. Unfortunately, the Koran tells them not to assimilate. The ones who are secular do and get along.

We have many problems here where I am...related to Muslim youths in gangs.

The problem is, their religion teaches them to hate us. Unless they are willing to give up their religion, we have a clash of civilizations.

They tell you to your face they want sharia law. Since when do we let people come here who are not willing to assimilate? When did this start?

You would think we would learn as we watch Paris and Scandinavia, Brussels, London, etc. instead they will actually lie to say nah...they do not have no go zones. They have no problems...and liberals say...I am talking to one right now and everything that is said about this isn't true. Yet an American who goes there is given a map at the hotels showing where not to go.

As I said, it is the darnedest thing ice ever seen...where women are raped but won't testify because they don't want to be the fault of a Muslim being deported from their country.

Liberals lie about it because they want them here for division, chaos and votes because Americans are figuring out they run on division and they do better with conservative policies.

Blacks...I have no problems with anyone black. They speak English, they care about their kids and how they do in school, they don't want to be forced to buy electric cars or pay to drive on the freeway and so on. We get each other's Mail when they or we are away and are very pleasant. We share cookies or whatever with each other and stop and chat if we run into each other at the grocery store.

There may be black gangs but not here. There are Muslim and Hispanic gangs here...tattoos all over them.


d_1goodt #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In reply to another member, who wrote:

"Without even telling me why, Twitter did this:
Your account [...] is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.
I wasn't even given a notice about any tweet that I had posted.
I definitely believe Twitter has a bias against conservatives.):

***** I knew it would come Kirk. Satan is really angry and using anyone who doesn't know The Lord. Sorry for what happened. God is in control. We need to keep praying for our country.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In regards to an article posted entitled "The Islamization of Oslo", replying to another member who said, in part, "Many of these stories I have found to be exaggerations. This one repeats itself a lot.")

Wow, anyone who has gone [to Sweden] or reads knows about it and written about it. Sweden is gone and has been for years. Read what Bruce Bauer says about it and this was years ago. All of Europe and Scandinavia has entire pockets taken over by Muslims...where sharia law is now the law and police and fire are endangered going into the area.

My friend and her husband went to France over the summer and were warned not to go to certain areas.

German women say they no longer feel safe...but it has been that way for a long time throughout.

Go look at some of the pictures on line...but I don't know if you will because you refuse to look at some sites so it is no wonder you didn't know about this...because MSM does not want to report this. Why? Because people then wouldn't want Muslims coming here.

Everywhere Muslims are and there are enough, they take over.

This is historical. They have done this since their existence.

If you look at pictures you see cars on fire, etc. they are raising hell and they are taking over more and more areas...multiplying like rabbits.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

There are on line you tubes of professors teaching history, of how the Muslims gather in specific areas ...and are fine, no problems, then they start spreading out, making demands, killing non-Muslims and taking over. That is how they took over the Mediterranean. Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it. Check out Doctor Warner on you tubes for two-part history lesson. S

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Comment on an article posted entitled "Germany Introduces Women’s Pants with Safety Alarms to Thwart Off Migrant Sex Attacks" http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/video-germany-introduces-womens-pants-safety-alarms-thwart-off-migrant-sex-attacks/ Boldface mine):

Whole sections of areas in Europe are totally gone. That's the thing...it is the minority, Until. It. Isn't. Then cars are on fire and police and fire department are in jeopardy trying to enter those areas, they are raping women and little kids. Parts of Paris is gone. Calais -- totally gone...filled with muslim scumbags.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Responding to another member, who wrote, in part: "[...]Can matter create itself? I don't know and neither do you. My understanding of the current, limited knowledge about matter is that beyond the smallest particle is ENERGY, and this energy is not material, maybe more like photons or gravity. No mass, yet it can act upon mass.[...]"):

"Can matter create itself?"

NO! It can't -- according to scientific law. Spontaneous generation has never been observed.

Nor can life come from anything but life, according to the law of biogenesis, which also has no known violation.

Evolutionists don't even have theory as to how life could have come into existence without a creator instigating the process.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(In reply to another member, who wrote: "I do not believe in miracles or the supernatural"):

That is like screaming in a public place, "I'm stupid."

A bacterial flagellum is a motorized system the size of a virus with more power than a NASCAR engine. Mankind couldn't recreate it. A motor has never been observed to be the result of anything but intelligence. But, you want us to believe a bacterial flagellum could be the result of anything but an intelligent being?

The sun is 400 times bigger than the moon. Yet, the same distance to form a perfect solar eclipse as it did last year. You want us to believe that kind of symmetry is result of random chance rather than an intelligent being?

Face it,[...], your belief system is a lie.


kirkz2006@yahoo.com #fundie groups.yahoo.com

lol...There isn't a evolutionists in the history of the group that hasn't quit a debate with me. I have made fool out of everyone of them, including [...].

And, it do it by quoting different factions of evolutionists that rip the other faction's version of evolution to shreds.

The fossil record matches Creationist model and completely contradicts Darwin.

If you want to debate that point, I'll kick your ass.

It's ridiculous to think the first of all fossilized species appear fully-formed with no history of evolving. It's not possible. Nor is it possible we'd find soft tissue inside dinosaur bones if dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. REAL science on fossilization says that is impossible.

Leftists are deluded and arrogant. That will get you an eternal ticket to hell. So be it.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

The PP abortion **doctors** are often butchers. Right after an abortion, they have to get to the next one $$$$$ so the woman is expected to get right up and leave. They do not have the women back for a check. Sometimes baby body parts are left inside causing infections and even death. Often the uterus is perforated meaning she can never have children when she wants.

And they do not tell her she could get breast cancer according to some doctors who are real.

Hospitals do not want those **doctors** because of the liability.

There are no mammogram machines even though they take in a fortune.

They charge an arm and a leg for a simple infection. They prefer to do $$$$$ abortions instead.

Many of the premises are unclean...filth everywhere, blood on the cots, instruments unclean.

Again -- if you know a woman that needs care, tell her to go to a clinic, not PP. The doctors are real at clinics and they are cheaper. And they do everything PP won't do and then some.

BTW, they call it Planned Parenthood but are hostile toward any woman pregnant that wants to keep her baby and they do not offer pre-natal care.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Commenting on a TV interview with Dr. Bandy X. Lee and an article posted about the book she edited "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President": "Another shrink breaks ethics rules by diagnosing Trump secondhand as insane" http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/01/another_shrink_breaks_ethics_rules_by_diagnosing_trump_as_insane.html#ixzz53QX4aIAJ) Boldface mine:

I am not sure how it works, but I know it is different if a psychiatrist analyzes someone without seeing them than just an ordinary person because they are not supposed to judge without analysis. But I didn't see the entire thing, just a clip. If he said this was just his opinion and not professional, maybe that would be ok. If he is speaking as the station's professional, then maybe it could be a problem. I doubt anything comes of it.

Trump's brain goes so fast that they can't keep up with him. Also they are really afraid now because his poll numbers are going up as people are happy he is keeping promises and economy is doing well. They made a huge mistake not letting some of the democrats in toss up areas vote for tax cuts. Also they made a mistake saying it was Armageddon because 90% of the people will get more money on their paychecks and will see the democrats are big fat liars.

Then the border. They are in a bind because most ppl want at least a partial border where it is conducive and needed. They keep saying most do not want to but that is not true and that is one of the main reasons Trump was elected. Usually it is the republicans that do not message well, but now we are seeing democrats who have boxed themselves in.

One more thing...do these people trashing Trump and his mental ability realize they are also attacking we who voted for him? They are even saying Trump voters are stupid. Way to get votes. Lol


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

(Commenting on an article posted entitled "Trump Might Have Dementia, ADHD or Learning Disabilities, 'Fire and Fury' Author Michael Wolff Says" http://www.newsweek.com/trump-dementia-adhd-learning-disabilities-michael-wolff-773235 )

I haven't seen Trump enter into a fugue like Hillary did....do you have that video of Hillary being asked a question and going a bit nuts on the reporter in an obvious fit of spasms? I also haven't seen Trump faint and loaded into the back of a car like a sack of potatoes. I haven't seen him falling, with brain injury so he can't testify, and have not seen him staring at the ceiling with mouth open like he just entered into another world. I have not seen him wearing a boot. Have not seen him disappearing for days.

I have not seen him destroy 33,000 emails or bleach bit them and then hit them with hammers. I have not seen him lying about how many devices he has.

I have not seen him forget what happened at Benghazi over 31 times or lying to people or either mentally ill to say it was a video. I have never seen him so cold and heartless and maybe a psychopath who told parents of people killed that a movie caused it...when they knew better. Especially Trump would never do this in the United States of America because we don't blame videos or movies or drawings as an excuse for violence.

There were some genuine questions to be asked about Hillarys health, physical and mentally.

I honestly believe she is a sociopath, perhaps psychopath but what do I know. She is without emotion for people and doesn't seem to have the right reactions to things. I don't know what they call it but her actions seem to be based on what she thought she should do or act rather on genuine feelings.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

They are now saying any extreme weather is sign of global warming. Lol. Never mind there has always been extreme weather and always will be. Now that the polar ice caps have not melted, they refuse to discuss it and get very upset if you remind them. They are anti-science, constantly changing the narrative to blame man...in order that govt can control us more. S

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Question...when was Trump racist ever? Or on campaign? They state this constantly and it is so much that I think we need to stop and ask that question every time they bring it up.

Racism got worse under Obama, hatred for cops even though there are just a few bad ones, etc. Obama started out racist...remember first time with the professor? When has Trump ever been a racist. From what I remember he went up against elite in Florida fighting for inclusion of blacks and Jews when some wanted them excluded. He has always been a friend to blacks...ask al Sharpton.


sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Gays I know fight a lot...well most of them, and they are really noisy and dramatic about it. I think part of the problem is jealousy because many have open relationships. Emphasizing not all, but most I know fight like cats and dogs...it is entertaining for sure. S

Shar #fundie groups.yahoo.com

"In News Today"

Did you all hear...liberals are telling us to be very afraid, yet again...because they have now discovered that Farmer's Market is racist...so be very careful. Got it?

Unemployment for backs is down 16.7%. Under bam it never got lower than 7.3%.

For the 71st time since Trump won the presidency, the market went up and broke a record today again. Consumer confidence is at an all time high.

Jackson Lee took the seat from the wrong gal...and then called her a racist. The woman has spent a lifetime working for human rights causes. Oops.

Dishonest Newsweek is getting blowback over the title of an article, blaming Melania for giving permission for a magnolia tree to be cut down. Title didn't bother saying the tree is barely standing up and there is a steel pole literally holding it up. It is where much of the press meets sometimes and tree experts advised it was dangerous. Melania met with several that gave the same opinion. Tree is 200 years old...and I don't know why Libs have a problem taking it down since it was planted by 'racist' Andrew Jackson. Aren't they removing everything about him anyway?

Security is being beefed up at Times Square and all underground parking as well this year, like never before. They are also keeping close watch on all rental trucks, even out of state.

Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper and safer to not let Muslims into our country at all? It is often the second generation that become terrorists.

France is going to expel one out of five Muslims from their country. Can you imagine if Trump decided to do that?

We have been preached to and Trump was eviscerated for saying Mexico is sending some bad hombres. As it turns out, most all crime is committed by illegals...by most, it is overwhelming...up in 90% for some of the crimes. They lead in murder, burglaries, drug selling and possession, drunk driving, etc. so it seems they are not all valedictorians after all.

Ann Coulter said something that I have said often. The older people here illegally are good and appreciative people, who have learned English and have good attitudes. It is the young ones and dreamers and their parents that are demanding, protesting, not learning English, want free college for themselves and special privileges. I say keep the older ones my age, dump any of them out on the street raising hell.

Do the illegal parents of dreamers who brought them here when they had no say have to go back? We are told they, and not their young children who had no choice, were the fault. Btw, these are not the older people mentioned above. The parents of these dreamers have refused to learn English and speak it in the homes, causing their kids to be almost illiterate.

My sister said 85% of her classroom of fourth graders know no English...so they are very behind national standards. She said she is just happy if they can speak any English, let alone proper English. They are unable to learn not to mix verb tense...seems very difficult for them...and as many times as she tries to tell them you do not put two negatives in a sentence, they do it time after time. Such as...he don't go nowhere. Or he don't have none. She corrects them every time and they continue to do it. Something is going very wrong in their heads. They learn what all of us have learned such as present tense, past tense, future tense, etc and they just can't get it straight even if she tells them a hundred times. Such as I seen that...instead of either I have seen that or I saw that. She said if they won't get it now, she doubts much will improve later. It is so bad that here in California, bad English is now being accepted. Not helping is their illegal parents that brought them here do not learn English so these kids go home and speak Spanish. There are high schools all over California that offer FREE Spanish to English classes.

Democrats are realizing it might not be a good idea to push for amnesty...because of midterm elections. We will see...they seem locked in to me. They want those voters.

Chinese are illegally still selling oil to NoKo. We have surveillance of ships exchanging in the high seas. Caught red handed. Very disappointing but China is not our friend..and are apparently two-faced to boot. Trump will approach them about it. Not sure Chinese will ever pull back. They are the ones that caused all this after all..well, and Clinton and Bush to some degree as well.

Seems Russia was working with Hillary and the FBI to disrupt our elections by colluding with them to cause Trump as much trouble as they were causing Hillary. As Putin has said, he doesn't care which party is in. Russia has been trying to interfere with our elections for years. Especially bad was seven years ago and last year and Obama knew and did nothing. He finally put sanctions on them as he was going out the door but never dealt with the main problems.

sharaleigh23 #fundie groups.yahoo.com

Everyone is NOT pro-life. When you abort a baby, you killed it. I know you disagree, but most women (not all) realize that. I've seen women on the day of an abortion. It is really sad...and she is upset.

Unless you are Chelsea Handler or Jane Fonda or Hillary Clinton -- who think abortion is just dandy up until birth of the baby.

Men use it against women. Either they abandon the woman when she is pregnant and vulnerable as if he never knew her, or they pressure them of how their lives would change if they had a baby.

Fathers, uncles, etc use abortion to cover up what they did to young young girls. PP doesn't even ask questions much of the time (which is illegal). I don't think much of a guy who abandons a woman.

It's always the guys who say they stick up for women who would put pressure on a woman.


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