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At least three arguments support placing the Ten Commandments in every Louisiana (and American) classroom.

The first is that the Ten Commandments are the basis of law and justice throughout Western Christian Culture. Our Lord and His followers in the early Church took them from their original context among the Children of Israel and made them universal (catholic). These are fundamental duties that all people owe to God and their neighbors. These are independent of social standing, political position or wealth. Yes, hierarchies exist and are vital to the proper functioning of society, but certain rules are so crucial that all must obey them.

Despite what some people may argue, every just statute currently on the books relates to one of God’s holy ordinances. Even in the most secular settings, human troubles usually arise from untruth, theft or unfaithfulness—or some combination thereof.
America’s schools, on the other hand, are too often gardens where chaos is the bumper crop. Sometimes, the disarray is deliberate, resulting from malformed educational theories that students learn by sorting through ambiguous ideas and situations. Sometimes, the pandemonium finds its basis in the free-for-all atmosphere that modern ideas of “tolerance” encourage. Of course, too many children carry the residue of disordered homes to school with them.

In such cases, a posted copy of the Ten Commandments is a beacon of order. Every item in a classroom helps teach children what society expects of them.
Such thinking inspires a third reason for displaying the Ten Commandments. Their presence drives the leftists crazy. Such a poster weakens the case for a “value-free” classroom. This element of schoolyard malpractice goes back to the ethos of “do your own thing” and “it is forbidden to forbid.” Too many teachers advocate disobedience to the “dominant culture” with an almost missionary zeal.

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In the eyes of liberals, there is only one thing worse than Christian nationalism. It is white Christian nationalism. The addition of the adjective white supercharges the expression with vitriol and power, turning its followers (especially if they are male) into something everyone should love to hate.
People would think this white Christian nationalism, being such a broad and imminent threat, must have many ways of expressing itself and exerting its enormous influence over the population. It must have an articulate doctrine and a means of diffusing itself into every sector of society. It must have books, publications, think tanks and political organizations building its cause—a power base proportional to this overwhelming influence.

However, no vast network of influence exists. Aside from racist fringe groups with no projection, there is nothing in real America that remotely matches the description or even uses the WCN name. Most people cannot name a white Christian nationalist or say they know one personally. They also cannot recall growing up under this influence or hearing of its existence.

Indeed, to use the language of the liberals waxing hysterical over WCN, this danger is a social construct that exists much more in their superheated imaginations than in the public square. The expression serves to malign anyone who questions the woke agenda or takes their religion seriously. It is not meant to describe reality.
Politically, liberals use WCN as a social construct to help them explain the 2016 victory of Donald Trump and frame the upcoming elections. However, it is really a socialist construct since it creates a class struggle narrative of resentful white oppressors in the face of a class of woke oppressed.

Thus, the WCN moniker must be rejected for what it is: a social (and socialist) construct without foundation in reality that shifts the debate away from the serious existential questions and principles that need to be discussed for the nation’s future.

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Islam is Arabic for “submission.” A Muslim submits to Allah, to his word (Quaran), his law (sharia), to the political authorities that represent him (Khilafat), and to his community (ummah). But one can live in an Islamic society (Dar-al-Islam) without being Muslim, albeit as a second-class citizen (dhimmi).
Islam is advancing rapidly and is now the second-largest religion in Europe, while Christianity is shrinking steadily due to plummeting birth rates and apostasy. Europe’s Muslims live in closed communities, primarily in suburbs, which are de facto, not subject to the law of the land. This is evident in France, where the gendarmerie publishes an annual report on the Zones Urbaines Sensibles, a euphemism indicating areas controlled by Muslims, in which not even the French police can enter.

Step by step, European countries are becoming part of Dar-al-Islam. In Great Britain, for example, sharia law has been acknowledged alongside common law, with the creation of Muslim courts with Islamic judges (qadis). In other words, Great Britain has relinquished its sovereignty, allowing a state within the state to enforce its own laws.

Other countries, as is the case with Italy, are slipping towards dhimmitude, as while not accepting Islam de jure, they are submitting to it de facto,
While Muslims are being warmly welcomed and coddled, Catholics, alas, are being increasingly marginalized. Italian schools are canceling Christmas celebrations so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities. Many schools are forgoing the Easter holidays to accommodate the Muslim calendar. Even though the presence of a crucifix in classrooms is mandatory, many schools are taking them down.
I, sadly, must observe that when it is necessary to enact a federal law to defend a centuries-old religious and cultural tradition, indeed one born in Italy with St. Francis of Assisi, the battle has been lost. De facto, if not de jure, Italy is already a subdued country that must be reconquered.

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The long battle over procured abortion has been a constant psywar. The media have done their best to create a hostile climate around those defending life while seeking to give the impression that everyone supports abortion.

Pro-lifers have fought back tooth and nail by presenting a vibrant, compassionate movement that contradicts this negative image. As abortion clinics close in record numbers and hundreds of thousands of young people attend pro-life rallies, the lack of universal support for procured abortion becomes evident.

Much of this psywar centers around images, perceptions and moods. Thus, the message about the November election results was that the abortion issue is a liability that conservatives had best abandon if they want to win at voting booths. The pro-abortion lobby is trying to convey an all-is-lost gloom around the issue.
The left has used the Virginia results as proof of the “abortion liability.” Democrats maintained control of the state senate and picked up three seats in the House of Delegates, creating its razor-thin majority there. It was hardly a landslide.
Abortion can sometimes benefit the Democrats in this new era. Pro-lifers must be careful about how they engage in the debate and be prepared to invest funds in their efforts. However, he insists that the anti-abortion cause is a winning issue “if framed with care.”

The important thing is not to give in to the media’s gloom machine that tries to claim all is lost. It is easy to forget that the Dobbs decision threw the pro-abortion movement into the throes of despair. It still has not recovered.

In the psywar over procured abortion, victory comes to those who are grounded in certainties, not dark impressions. In this case, the pro-life movement must do what it has always done: confide in God, who will give certain victory to those who defend His law.

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Each social revolution has manipulated language to blur reality, tailoring it to its particular ideology. Thus, Lenin proposed a “democratic peace” in the inaugural speech of the Third International in 1919. He was clearly not referring to the Christian tranquillitas ordinis, the tranquility of order. He appealed to its exact opposite, the dictatorship of the proletariat.

In the same way, the current cultural revolution (which Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira calls the Fourth Revolution” ) also employs—linguistic manipulation taking it to a paroxysmal frenzy. Contraception is presented as “body control.” The killing of an unborn child becomes “voluntary termination of pregnancy.” Those supporting the killing of the innocent are referred to simply as “pro-choice.” Homosexuals turn into pleasure-seeking “gays.”

This language is far from being morally neutral. Indeed, it encourages sin by presenting it in a favorable light.
This revolutionary process of de-Christianization has obliterated Christian civilization since the end of the Middle Ages. Many use the term egalitarianism, with its necessary corollary, liberalism, to describe it.

Historically, this egalitarian process has passed through many steps. Protestantism sought equality in the religious sphere by denying the authority of the Pope, while more radical sects even denied that of bishops and priests. The French Revolution transposed these egalitarian principles to the political field, denying the authority of the king and the nobility. Communism attacked the last remaining inequality, economic inequality, by abolishing private property.

However, one last hierarchy remained to be destroyed, found in interno hominis (the interior of man).
Partisans of gender theory want to destroy natural law, which is the divine law engraved in nature. They try to subvert the most intimate structures of nature. In their utopia, man begins to behave like God. Their dreams promote a new creation opposed to the divine one.

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America Needs Fatima supporters recently held a rally of reparation and protest in Topeka, Kansas. The target was a strange traveling event called “Paranormal Cirque.” Local news stations favorably covered the July 7-9 event like a normal circus.

The local activists soon discovered there was nothing normal about this “paranormal circus.” The show was R-rated, and no one under 13 would be admitted. Obviously, the performance contained objectionable material, even by today’s standards.

Indeed, the show contains four categories of grave public offenses against God that merited protest.

First of all, this circus is blasphemous. Men are dressed in the religious habits of nuns simulating immoral acts. That is a blasphemy because it insults and attacks the sacred.

Secondly, this circus is full of Satanic influences and imagery. Spectators could see Satanic symbols like the pentagram in prominent display. Some performers wear devil horns.

Thirdly, this circus contains immoral content with scantily-clad women, obscene gestures and language and the simulation of sinful acts.

Finally, this circus is macabre. There are scenes simulating torture and death in the show.
Paranormal Cirque combines blasphemy, public immorality, the culture of death and the public acceptance of Satanism. In our current society, events like the circus mainstream these gravely offensive acts as acceptable in real life and on the public square.
The public reaction was one of the strongest the group had ever seen. Residents expressed themselves with honks, thumbs up, waves and words of thanks. At the same time, never were there more “Hail Satans” and obscene gestures as at this rally.

The waters were divided. The rally forced every passerby to choose between God or Satan.

Despite the non-stop opposition, rally participants were happy to defend the honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady, the Catholic Church and Christian civilization.

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The LGBTQ library network frames the debate as a child health issue. Its activists claim that the library is often the only safe space where inquiring youth can discover their sexuality. Without these resources, young people can despair, and lives will be lost. Not having these materials, they argue, will create a non-welcoming and hostile environment for the LGBTQ-confused student.

In an Internet age where everything is available online, these claims hold no water. Furthermore, there is no proof that lives will be lost. What is known is that the content of many of these books is so indecent that it cannot be described in polite society.

The effort to turn libraries into promotion centers for these obscene materials is to validate the LGBTQ lifestyle in the minds of youth. The goal is to tear down some of the last barriers of modesty and decency that defend childhood innocence. Under the false banner of health care, children will be exposed to pornographic materials forbidden by law. This is child abuse to the highest degree.

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The feminist narrative of history portrays women’s rights as a recent phenomenon. Feminists believe that pre-modern women were oppressed by men and had few rights. Nowhere were women more miserable than in medieval times when the Church and a patriarchal society reduced them to near slavery.

Feminists contend that since then, the fight for women’s rights has made steady and inevitable progress as history evolves to ever greater freedom. We can’t go back, they cry.

Maybe the feminists need to go back—and at least look at the facts. Recent studies reveal that this historical perspective is false. Medieval times offered unprecedented opportunities for women. The portrayal of oppressed women is more the invention of modern historians, Victorian distortions and Hollywood scripts than medieval chronicles.
The modern idea of history as an inevitable march evolving toward greater freedom is likewise flawed. If anything, the plight of women has worsened since the Middle Ages. Indeed, the Church elevated the role of women in society. Later secular movements often oppressed them. History does not follow fate but depends upon free will. Thus, periods vary according to the circumstances.

The most surprising finding of the two scholars is that the Renaissance “vastly rolled back the rights of women.” The Renaissance was supposedly a “rebirth” of ancient culture and enlightenment. However, its reborn ideas bought back the neo-pagan Roman and Greek cultures where women had no political rights and limited opportunities.
The Church played a major role in recognizing the inherent dignity of men and women and worked toward the salvation of their souls. At the same time, the Church encouraged the improvement of the material conditions of all, opening up new opportunities for progress. Above all, the Church endowed society with supernatural graces so that men and women became capable of things that took them beyond their human nature.

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The left is taking the country to chaos through bizarre misinterpretations of the law. No longer relying upon precedent or even the strict lines of the Constitution, just about anything can be legally justified—abortion, assisted suicide, complete sexual license, new “transgender rights,” pronoun tyranny and other practices. Law is fluid and changeable to whatever suits the person’s passions.

Thus, anyone who affirms that there is a higher unchangeable law can expect opposition. When such a legal theory becomes widespread, it terrifies the left. They fear a law that has solid foundations and definitions.
Natural law is the legal theory upon which the Christian West was founded. It holds that a moral code is written on the hearts of men, valid for all peoples and places, providing a basis for moral certainty guiding human action. This moral law in human nature provides the general guidelines upon which all law is based. The Ten Commandments, for example, are often described as a succinct summary of natural law.

Modern law, however, severed the connection with natural law theory in the nineteenth century with a legal school of law called “legal positivism.” It stripped law of its moral foundations and turned it into a set of human-made rules governing society, representing the sovereign will of the people through representative institutions.
Finally, liberals hate natural law because it opposes the primacy of individualistic pleasure. Liberal hostility toward restraint is especially directed toward sexual passions. According to natural law, the end of the sexual act is primarily procreation. When measures are taken to frustrate this act or destroy the marriage bond that protects it, it is contrary to natural law.
Thus, the open door to depravity and fantasy is a big reason why natural law has so much opposition. It is not the noble desire to further the common good or advance freedom that motivates those who deny natural law.

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People love to attack every type of false elite. Whether it be power, Hollywood, beltway and coastal elites, they all inhabit different swamps and use their influence to gain control. The populists point to these elites as the cause of many problems afflicting the nation. Throw them out! they cry, pitchforks in hand.

Of course, many complaints against these false elites are valid. They abuse their positions and power for their own interest. The decline of elites is part of the general decadence that has descended upon all society

However, the real problem is that the radical populists do not stop at false elites. They insist that all elites be swept away, including authentic and legitimate ones, in the name of “the people.” No elites, they pontificate.

Such a position is irrational. No human group—a family, community, church or nation—can function properly and achieve its goals unless a class of people—the leadership—acts with reason, prudence and dedicated self-sacrifice, providing motivation and direction to the whole. A people bereft of legitimate, devoted and trusted leaders is a children’s crusade. It is a delusion doomed for destruction on the hard and jagged rocks of reality.
If America is a major power in the world today, someone is directing the nation. A hidden network of true elites exists at all levels of society that sustains the present system. Call them what you will—leaders, representative characters, mentors, or movers. These true elites get things done and make decisions that prevent disaster.
This mentality prepares the way for leftists, demagogues, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to fill the void—as seen in the current political scene.
It would be refreshing to imagine those who agree to be models and hold themselves up to moral and cultural standards worthy of imitation. Seeing courtesy, honor and civility once more revered in society would be a relief.

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“Parent after parent calls my radio show, often close to tears, sometimes actually sobbing, pouring their heart out to me about being alone on holidays despite having children and grandchildren. In virtually every case, the parent is conservative, and the child is on the left.”

Mr. Prager speculates that there are three reasons for such heartlessness. The first is that committed leftists are unlikely to acknowledge any absolute moral code, such as that imposed by the Fourth Commandment.

The second reason is related to the first. One product of lives dedicated to secular concerns is the lack of conscience. The leftist’s dedication to “social justice” overrides any internal voice warning that keeping children from grandparents is deeply unjust to both.

Finally, Mr. Prager thinks that college has a significant adverse effect on the parent-child relationship. He argues that four years of leftist indoctrination drives a wedge that is difficult, perhaps impossible, for the parent to dislodge.
However, several vitriolic responses appeared on leftist sites, including the two below.

“There is not an ounce of tolerance in conservative circles. Tolerate the intolerance is what you’re asking, and we won’t.”

“Why invite people with dangerous views into your home voluntarily? That’s especially true if you have kids. Parents want to protect their children, and that may mean protecting them from their grandparents’ cuckoo bananas beliefs.”
The relationship between parents and children is—after the relationship with God and amongst spouses—the most basic. As with all relationships in this sinful and decadent world, many parent-child relationships are broken. Sometimes, the fault lies with the parents and other times with the children. Often, these broken relationships manifest themselves in rebellion. The “woke” vocabulary of “repression” and “social justice” are merely new weapons.

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The philosopher George Santayana (1863—1952) once observed that we Americans don’t solve problems; we leave them behind.
Thus, problems that won’t go away are now causing anxiety in countless Americans. We are tired of so many catastrophes that have fallen upon our heads simultaneously—COVID, inflation, crime, civil strife, war, and increasingly angry and strident political divides. Everything seems to be falling apart. We want an easy way out so we can get on with our lives.
The first major change is the scope of our problems that tend to intensify and multiply as time passes.

As society decayed, however, each successive wave of declining morality complicated and amplified the problems. For example, the sexual revolution of the sixties gave rise to the abortion mentality of the seventies and onward. Divorce and contraception soon made broken families the norm for all society. Today’s LGBTQ+ revolution now imposes itself upon all society despite attempts to escape its reach.
The second reason we can no longer flee from our problems is that the social structures that once kept difficulties somewhat under control have broken down. Our everything-goes culture overwhelmed our best line of defense against misfortune.
A third factor enters into the equation that explains our plight. It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of suffering in our lives. We have the erroneous idea that a world without suffering is possible
This walk-away-from-suffering mindset is everywhere. If a marriage does not work out, no-fault divorce makes another possible. If an unborn child cause inconvenience, a chemical or surgical abortion is provided as a solution. When social structures break down, people demand government programs to aid them. In our Facebook world, everyone must at least pretend that they are enjoying life (as if they had walked away), even if they are internally devastated.

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This description of the socialist mentality explains why I hate socialism. I see the effects of this petty mentality everywhere, and it fills me with dread and disgust. I feel suffocated by the lack of a higher purpose. Its materialistic fetters rob the human soul (which socialism denies) of its best and noblest fruits.

Wherever this socialist mentality prevails, it stifles human initiative and promotes the vice of sloth, and stokes envy, social disharmony and resentment.
A second error of the socialist mentality is its hatred of risk. It is a logical consequence of the avoidance of suffering.

The socialist mentality is represented by the elimination of all risks. While risk does not necessarily cause pain, it does open the door to the possibility of suffering. Even this remote chance must be eliminated in the socialist world. Likewise, the risk of inequality must be suppressed since those who take risks are rewarded for their efforts.
The final error signals the socialist mentality’s incompatibility with Christianity. It is a self-centered attachment to earthly life. The socialist mentality generates both the heaviness and emptiness of an existence that denies the soul and its sanctification.
I subscribe to another mentality that considers body and soul. I believe in transcendent truths and an objective morality that should orient all aspects of our daily lives. I celebrate Christmas, rejoicing over its sublime and transcendent role in the redemption of humanity. I am willing to endure the pain and suffering that will bring me closer to my sanctification. I believe in the existence of values greater than life itself and for which one should be willing to die. I adore God and wish to serve Him, Who offered His Life for me.

And I hate socialism. There is a fundamental worldview incompatibility between us that cannot be bridged.

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In the name of equality, the exclusively male draft could soon be discarded. Imposing the draft upon all young American women is a logical consequence of a new “woke” armed forces oriented not for war but inclusion and diversity.
Thus, this expansion of the draft has nothing to do with winning on a physical battlefield. This metaphysical conflict is destroying institutions and certainties. For this reason, this fight is much more deadly than that of bullets and bombs. If a nation cannot agree on maintaining its institutions, then things will not function properly. If there is no agreement on certainties, everything explodes and polarizes.
There is one final reason why the left hates the exclusive male draft. It is a lingering affirmation of chivalry. It reminds the world that there once was a time when men freely sacrificed themselves for God, the nation and the defense of all.

Satanic Christ Porn-blasphemy at Walmart — Sign Petition

The left hates how fearless knights selflessly entered battle following a code of chivalry that bound them to protect the Church, the nation, family, the poor, and the weak. The archetypal figure of the medieval knight (and not its Renaissance distortion) was also a gentleman of manners and culture. He was above all a man of Faith, abnegation and religious devotion.

He put the interests of God and others above his own. For this reason, the knight is the stuff of legends that captured the imagination of the West and still endures today. However, even the slightest memory of the knight must be destroyed if a sterile egalitarian society without legends is to be forced upon America. Thus, the male draft cannot be tolerated in a woke and inclusive military that dares affirm anything traditional.

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The new witches are different from the past. The trend involves more than just spells and dark secret rituals. It brings together a macabre brew of sexuality, politics and the occult with never seen before intensity.

Today witches are everywhere. Their posts of spells and hexes populate social media. Books, literature and spell manuals abound. Witches are also visible at Black Lives Matter rallies, protests and other places in the public square.
Now the left is filling the void by going spiritual, but toward darkness. “Woke” witches are appearing online and offline to make common cause with liberal movements. The political left is welcoming the coven into its tent. Marx and magic are coming together, and not even the left’s most secular supporters are complaining.

Marxism thrives upon the idea of class struggle, and the witch easily fits into its false narrative by targeting young women as an oppressed group striving to be heard. Witchcraft infuses energy into the exhausted Marxist dialectic. Its dark fascination allows people to connect with rebel spirits that promise power to the powerless.
Witchcraft, in any form, eventually takes a person to things dark and sinister. Those who dabble in the occult not only play with fire but risk eternal damnation. It will ultimately lead to bonding with the devil and the fires of Hell. The failure to take this threat seriously facilitates the downfall of many, especially young women, who fall for the devil’s lies and false promises.

The best defense against witchcraft is a strong supernatural and sacramental life that fills the postmodern spiritual void with Catholic authenticity.

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This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the breakup of the Soviet Union, the world’s first communist state. In 1991, the Western world was euphoric at the supposed “death” of communism and the end of the Cold War. The suddenness with which both the USSR and the Berlin Wall fell led some observers to believe that liberal democracy had triumphed over totalitarianism once and for all. The world, they thought, was entering a new era of peace and progress.
The vast majority of Catholics shared his optimistic, materialistic conclusions. Communism, the narrative went, was defeated thanks to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. With the great enemy of the Church gone, Catholics could now confidently engage in a perpetual “new evangelization” with a world that was friendly, even respectful to the Church. A Catholic “end of history,” if you will. Never mind that several communist countries such as China, Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam survived and that communist ideas—the “errors of Russia” as Our Lady of Fatima said—continued to spread.

By 2021, it could not be clearer that such a dream was naïve, at best. The world is not evolving towards a liberal democratic utopia. There is no broad, peaceful, democratic “consensus.” Instead, the Western world is engaged in a war for the very survival of the Church and Western civilization. Communism, Marxism, and socialism are back with a vengeance and vying to take over America. The outcome of this great battle will decide the fate of the nation and the world for centuries to come. By the grace of God, many Catholics are waking up to the reality of the crisis and taking action.

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In our midst, many traitors pick and choose from amongst our dogmas while actively demoralizing us. The turncoats see surrender as the only option. Others are ready to “throw in the towel” after fighting long but unwisely. A third camp argues that we must retreat into the desert, lick our wounds and wait for better days.
Most Christians accept the “wall of separation” without quibble. That sentiment has led to a wave of self-censorship in which religious people avoid making religious arguments in the public square—or school.

As a result, secular zealots challenged prayer in school, crosses and manger scenes. “The only language now permissible in the public square… is the supposedly neutral language of empiricism, science, and secularity.”

Eliminating symbols was only the beginning. The leftists learned their lessons well. They used a similar process to impose contraception, abortion, and acceptance of sodomy upon American society—all under the banner of freedom and separation.
Any admiration for Christendom must be based on Church teachings about the social order and not on keeping alive royal houses. The TFP’s position harkens back to the unity inherent in the medieval interrelationship of Church and State. This order gave rise to an organic Christian society that allowed society to flourish inside the framework of our fallen nature. This realistic vision of ordering society avoids the soul-deadening nature of socialism and the sterile optimism of secularism. Catholics under siege do not succumb to nostalgia when they hope in the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart foretold to the world at Fatima in 1917.

Return to Order/John Horvat II #fundie #wingnut #dunning-kruger returntoorder.org

In the perspective of the previous texts one sees well where this one can lead. For if, indeed, the individual has no rights, the State’s right over the public health absolutely supersedes any shadow of right the individual may have over his own health. Consequently, this principle could lead forthwith to slavery.

Medieval Paternalism and Progressivist Neo-Slavery

Who holds these opinions so terribly imbued with the spirit of the slave state? Some fanatic adherent of the despotic monarchy that ruled the Orient in the past? Or is it some cruel feudal lord as depicted by some popular history book influenced by fairytale fantasy?

No. They belong to one of those progressivist Catholics who live to malign, by labeling them as tyrannical, the best and most persistent Christian traditions of the Middle Ages.
Thus so many progressivists who decrying what they call medieval paternalism as a system incompatible with human dignity end up carrying their idolatry of the state to the point of advocating the reestablishment of a slavery typical of peoples prior to the time of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
We feel much more at ease in the company of that great pope in his praise of those medieval bodies, which guarantee the rights of both employers and employees, than in the wake of the advocates of contemporary totalitarian slavery.

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Tell Netflix Amazon to Cancel Blasphemous 'Good Omens' Series

Due to an oversight by Return to Order staff, this petition originally listed Netflix as responsible for the offensive series "Good Omens." Amazon Video released the series on May 31. We regret the mistake, and the protests will be delivered to Amazon when the campaign is complete.

The Amazon series "Good Omens," based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, portrays the agents of Good and Evil as fighters in an arbitrary struggle devoid of meaning and truth. This series presents devils and Satanists as normal and even good, where they merely have a different way of being, and mocks God's wisdom in the following ways:

• An angel and demon are good friends, and are meant to be earth's ambassadors for Good and Evil respectively.

• This pair tries to stop the coming of the Antichrist because they are comfortable and like the earth so much.

• God is voiced by a woman.

• The Antichrist, who will oppose the Kingdom of God, is portrayed as a normal kid that has special powers and a mission to destroy the world which he doesn't really want to do.

• There are groups of Satanic "nuns" that are chosen to raise the Antichrist.

• The four riders of the Apocalypse, God's means of punishing sinful earth, are portrayed as a group of bikers.

In the end, this is a denial of Good and Evil: morality and natural law do not exist, just humanitarianism and an ultimately useless creed. This is another step to make Satanism appear normal, light and acceptable. We must show our rejection. Please sign our petition, telling Amazon that we will not stand silent as they destroy the barriers of horror we still have for evil.