Sith Religion Award

Let the hate flow through you

Mauricio #racist #psycho

[From "Responding to Jamie"]

You need to transvalue your views on Hate and War

Hate is a source of pure, raw power. The best source of Power

Aryans need to re-learn how to tap into that source and use it effectively to destroy their enemies completely, forever

It should be obvious by now, that in order for Aryans to continue to exist, all other human races have to die

Seven billion humans must be exterminated. There is no other way

And to accomplish that enormous, herculean, multi-generational task, the Aryan Man must adhere to a religion of infinite Hatred

The Aryan Man must become a remorseless, relentless, genocidal mass-murderer of non-Whites and White traitors, or he will cease to exist; or Beautiful Eyes will disappear forever

Therefore he must wage War against Non-whites mercilessly

War is Chaos, and Chaos is Nature’s way of determining who is Strongest

Hatred is Strength, and Strength is Power

To win the War, Aryans must religiously Hate their non-Aryan enemies enough to carry out a Hundred Year Race War of Extermination of 7 Billion. Infinite Hatred

Kill all sub-humans until there is no more dark skin and dark eyes on this Earth

I can’t explain it any simpler than this

Blood Purity will bring the ‘End of Unnecessary Suffering’

Anything else will inevitably lead to the extinction of White Beauty.

Anything else means Whites were not fit to exist



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