"A Penis is a Fucking Weapon" Award

Some classics never really fade away.

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RE: Men use their penises as literal weapons of war, but we should be fine with them in our spaces.

( femlez34 )
100%. TIMs will say, "well we're not 'men' so that doesn't apply to us", but then in the same breath will threaten feminists with rape to try and get them back in line. I don't think they even realize how much they do this, it's so ingrained in their DNA.

( pepperbeth )
We have to start waking up - sexual violence is a huge motivator for many men, maybe "not all men" but huge numbers. Some will say "oh rape is about sex" "oh rape is about power" but let's allow men some intersectional analysis - sexual power is highly arousing to men. Dominating and harming others is arousing to men. They will watch violence in porn, they will enact it in the bedroom, they will buy slave women to harm for their own orgasms, and they will rape women and children, including their own fucking brothers and sisters, and they become especially aroused and predatory when when war grants them opportunity to rape many vulnerable potential victims.

Do women get aroused by the suffering of others? Not even Aileen Wournos can rival the most average of prostitute-murdering men. The penis isn't the scary part, it's the whole goddamn man.

( Fluffy_gender )
Yes, that's why I find it ridiculous when people say "rape/sex abuse is not about sex, it's about power". Well, power is indeed very sexualized for men...

( Pointer )
Men do seem to have "rape software" pre-installed. Makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. They are actually able to maintain an erection and have an orgasm while penetrating someone who is screaming and crying in pain. It's crazy.

( Gladys_Kravitz )
Men are carrying loaded weapons at all times, and we're supposed to trust them completely and give them endless chances. It's fucking insane.

Edit: this is why self defense laws are such bullshit and deliberately harmful to women. We literally cannot act in self defense the way a man can. He can kill us with his bare hands in the heat of the moment, we cannot.

Fuck man, they literally kill us with their penises during violent rapes. There is no possibility of a woman killing a man using only her vulva/vagina, it's not the same act at all.

Trust no male, especially one that REALLY wants to violate your boundaries.



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