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The Bible does not endorse any of those things. Find me the verse where it says, kill all non-believers, own lots of slaves, and on and on. Your perversion of the message of the Bible is a push to get people to fall away from the Bible, it isn't a real account of what the Bible says.

Also, you have proof that there was never a Garden of Eden, world-wide flood, or exodus?

Also, the Bible claims that the world is spherical in nature, not flat. Believers of Christianity in old ages =/= the word of the Bible. They were wrong, in that instance.

How am I basking in ignorance by believing in God? Wouldn't it be ignorant to say that I am absolutely positively wrong beyond a doubt? Maybe I'm not understanding what it means to be ignorant...

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That's not exactly how Noah's Ark happened. It happened like this: The entire world was disobeying God, they were having homosexual relationships, %@*#s, pre-marital sex, all that jazz. Oh, and since when does Religion =/= Logic exactly?

Christianity is actually a very logical religion. Stop looking at it half empty.

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I'd like to make a statement:

You better hope there's a God, whether or not you are an atheist, a deist, whatever, because the imminent COLLAPSE of our economy, merging of nations (New World Order) and Civil War within the United States itself is upon us.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, or you think it's another "conspiracy theory" post, go ahead and google it. There is no joke here.

You ever read about the Great Depression? It's coming, and it's going to be the worst in histroy. And faster than you think. It is estimated by avid and expert investors in the Wall Street Journal that the collpase of the economy should hit the U.S. and the world itself by the middle of 2009 at the VERY LATEST. The state of California goes bankrupt at the end of February. What then?

To address those you think the stimulus plan is going to fix anything, do your research. By design, it will collapse our economy. It's the government's goal. Say hello to the NAU (North American Union) and the new NAU currency, the Amero. Google it.

I would really not expect it, but appreciate it if you did some research before responding to this. Get your facts, because I'm only going to ignore troll posts.

I expect nothing but "lol conspiracy theory" at this, but really I laugh at you. I laugh at everyone who nay says at the imminent death of the United States as all of you and I know it. The dollar is worth less than it has been ever, and it's only getting worse. Our 20 TRILLION dollar debt is climbing by the billions every day, faster than you can imagine. I hope when you're trolling this post you step back for a minute and take a look at your world around you, and take it in, because the United States as you know it is coming to it's end at a ridiculous rate. Everything is in place to do so. All the treaties, everything.

Do your research, respond. I want to hear some educated responses and input.

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How come the planets were always here? God created them. We also don't forget about God because he is living and still does miracles and isn't a civillian centered God. The greeks were the only ones who believed in Zeus and whatnot, but all over the world people believe in God.

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Just a few interesting tidbits I've read on that kind of connect to the control of people and the world government:

- FEMA Camps have been actively guarded by American troops for almost 6 months now. They are actively being refurnished and many companies such as Halleburton (sp?) are spending millions refurbishing many of these camps.

-American troops have been steadily been flowing back into the US from around the world and being actively stationed around the US in large cities, etc. since October of 2008.

-The Amero currency has just gone mainstream. It is the currency that represents the NAU (North American Union), which is defined as the deterioration of borders by the USA, Canada and Mexico. China demanded about 1.2 trillion Amero's a short time ago and threatened that they would call upon the US National Debt if they didn't receive them. Needless to say they got their new currency.
- Sidenote: Is it actively flowing into the economy yet? No. But it is definitely out there now. The inks are already purchased and in place to be printed when it goes National.

-Congress recently held, for only the 6th time in history ever, a secret and completely closed door meeting to discuss in total privacy the Foreign Intelligence Managements Act (FIMA, I believe).

I'll add on more as I read into it. Just so you know, all this is documented information.

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you know who also shouldn't vote? not all atheists but those #**@ing %#@*rags who think they're better than everyone else because they decided to become a rebel in college and consider themselves atheist because they're to #**@ing lazy to go to church and justify the switch by blindly insulting every religion and belief system on the planet

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Obama is the Antichrist

All the signs are there; does anybody else see it?

- He will be indwelt and empowered by Satan

- He will rise to power over 10 nations [from the old Roman Empire ... Europe?!]

- He will somehow be 'diverse from the rest' so we are not certain he will be European

- He will bring peace, yet conquer through treaties and war

- He will be very, very popular around the world

- He will be a great talker and speech maker

- He will likely be charismatic and physically attractive, like King Saul

- He will receive what appears to be a fatal wound to the head

- He will appear to be resurrected from the dead

- His right eye may be blinded and his arm completely withered

- He will enforce a "peace" plan or resolution [covenant] upon nation Israel

[It doesn’t say he signs this treaty, but he enforces some coming 'peace plan' or resolution]

- He may help to get the new Jewish Temple built in Jerusalem

- He will appear to perform miracles ("lying signs and wonders")

- He will require that everybody on Earth receive a mark or identification on their

forehead or hand and nobody will legally be able to buy or sell without it

- He will stand in a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and declare he is "God"

- Unspeakable terror and war will then engulf Earth for exactly 3½ years (1260 days)

- He will direct the slaughter of millions of Christians and Jews

- He will lead the armies of the world into Israel . . . Armageddon.

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Unfortunately the Antichrist is stronger than we originally perceived. You see, he is a puppet controlled by a group of private bankers who are seeking to take over and enslave the world with their one world order. These bankers have been very successful so far. They have blinded people from the truth through the media and dumbed them down through chemicals in the food and water supply so that they don't even care about the liberties that are being taken from them, as long as their own little world remains undisturbed. Very soon fear generated by this group will have the world on its knees begging for aid. What they will get is massacre.

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So many idiots here with their main stream liberal media straw fed to them while they browse the interwebs.
It's cute, but also insanely pathetic.

Oh! The shroud is 1000 years old!

Oh wait! The fibers tested from it by the ACTUAL scientists who drew the data found them to date back to Biblical times!

Oh wait! The coin prints found on the cloth were coined back in the times of Pontius Pilate!

Oh wait!

You guys don't care to actually get information from the source! Let's get it from someone with an agenda! Brilliant!

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Q u o t e:

Thats kind of a double standard is'nt it? Requiring proof and information (which science has in spades)
while you yourself present none.

There is more evidence of events in the Bible happening than anything in science because science is mostly just observations and theories that we think may be true. Scientific laws are the only things that can be proven, theories are simply there to conjure up an explanation.

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(known mormon fundie)

2,688 days since 9/11 without a major terrorist attack on US soil. Thanks Mr. President.

Everyone else.... the "war is not the answer" crowd is in power now. Keep your head down, your ammo dry and at least three days food and water on hand at all times.

The Obamacaust is coming...

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Q u o t e:
This post is Win.

Personally i call today the "Obama-nation Inauguration" Day.

While watching i was waiting for the bullet.

Me too, I'm sad it never came. I was in school surrounded by black kids rapping about Obama, I am not kidding. It was so fail.

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But the fact that you all can spew some scientific fact on a message board doesn't prove your point.

Science never interested me because all I saw it doing was trying to disprove God, anyways if you want to watch some stuff on creationism since you know everything about evolution check out Dr. Dino AKA Dr. Hovind and he will explain how the Bible proves evolution is a farce.

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All the blacks suddenly quit smoking pot and crack
All the black suddendly decided to get off welfare and get a job
All the blacks decided to go to school for the first time in years
All the blacks learned to speak proper English
All the blacks decided no to riot every time something does not go there way
All the blacks realize O.J. Simpson is really a murderer.....

Yes, this is a great day for change......God you guys are morons. NOTHING will change as blacks will be blacks no matter who is in office

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As a straight man, I can marry a woman of my choice. I cannot, however, marry a man of my choice.

If I were a gay man, I could marry a woman of my choice. I could not, however, marry a man of my choice.

Hmm... seems like equality to me.

Making a specific allowance for gays to marry other men is discrimination against straight men; we are only allowed to marry women, but gays are allowed to marry either.

The fact that I don't want to marry another man, or that a guy man doesn't want to marry a woman, is not the point. Marriage laws are the same if the couple loves each other or if they enter into the contract for material benefit. The government does not recognize 'love', so complaining that straight men can marry the women they love and gay men cannot is moot (or moo).

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The debate shouldn't revolve around needing evidence for God, or for belivers needing to supply evidence for their beliefs. That's why we have faith. If we had evidence, God wouldn't have told us to have faith.

.The debate is really between Scientists and their own experiments trying to create life, write "new" genetic information in cells, and going against the laws of entropy. Simply put: If science has never shown life coming from non-life then science, itself, has undermined evolution.

Until Scientists can prove the foundation of evolution through experiments, they have no business claiming evolution as a "Fact" within the scientific community.

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Almost all Atheists I've seen act with blind hatred towards Christianity. I've never seen one criticize a religion deserving more scorn, like Islam or Bhuddism. Mainstream atheism is less about not believing in a deity, and more about bigotry towards solely Christians.

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We live in Jewmerica now where the holocaust is like religion. Cause basically it's the card that Jewish people play and they can't afford to lose it.

Hence why questioning the holocaust leads to all the anger and hate even if you're just really curious about facts and evidence.

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The whole point of Bhuddism is to eventually do nothing. It is to reach "Nirvana", to "let go" of all things, is it not? So, in other words, you become a useless person, a person who never helps thier fellow man, who does nothing for anyone, even themselves. You stop working, you stop having fun, you stop everything. It is nothing more than a breathing suicide. That people actually follow this insane philosophy from a moronic inbred prince who couldn't even "let go" of his massive gut, that died with nothing but his filthy cloak and a burst stomach is depressing.

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Are idiots trying to say religion is the cause of millions of death again? Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, they all make the crusades like a playground fight.

Don't say "Hitler was a Christian LOL" either. It was all part of the plan to destroy Christianity from the inside out. He just couldn't piss off the Christians before he became powerful.

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What everyone seems to be missing, which I think is due to propaganda, is that gays already have the same rights as straights. They just don't want those rights. No one in the United States can marry "who they want". They can marry someone of the opposite gender. Straights, as well as gays, have just as much right to marry as anyone else. It just has to be with someone of the opposite sex.

So the debate shouldn't be whether they have the same rights or not. Clearly they do. Its whether we, as a society, want people of the same sex to enter into marriage, gay or straight.

To say its an issue of rights is both irresponsible and alarmist, and makes your position factually incorrect.

And no, it isn't "separate but equal". There is no difference at all in how a gay person may exercise the institution of marriage than a straight person. And honestly, that's their issue. It is the exact same as a person who is straight. They want something that is different. They want something tailored made for them.

I'm against it, but I'm not going to lose sleep if it ends up passing. But I will be absolutely furious if the will of the people is thwarted by judicial tyranny under the guise of "rights". One of our biggest problems as a society is that the people are ignored, and men in black robes deciding our future reeks of an Oligarchy.

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Q u o t e:
god didn't give them the strength to get off drugs they did it themselves "god" is a convenient excuse for people who lack the courage to believe that they have the strength to do anything they want... rather than some form of divine power metered out by heavily hypocritical religion

Wrong. Faith in God has been proven to give people temporary superhuman, in some cases, abilities.

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You're not understanding.

Listen to me. An asteroid, one that could have wiped out all the dinosaurs, would have basically destroyed all life on Earth.

All of it. Except for Bacteria that existed deep, deep underground. And chances are, those probably got killed too. Therefore, Earth's fauna would have to have had to "Reset itself" from single-celled organisms that scientists just "Believe" somehow came to be. Spontaneous Generation doesn't work and isn't involved. If this entire Fauna thing reset, then we have from the minute it reset to now to evolve into humans.

That isn't possible. Meaning an Asteroid couldn't have hit Earth.

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Don't even bother, she is in fact trolling or an idiot. Your questions are valid, and something most people would expect (no offense).

Bottom line: At a distance, Evolution looks valid and plausible. When looked into, it has no chance.

So when someone looks deeper, they know they cant answer so all they do is spit out insults.

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how about the fact that barry soetoro or whatever his name really is hasnt produced a valid birth certificate and is delaying the trial till after the election?

i care about that.

its bad enough that there is a small chance we have a nigger for president, but even worse that its gotta be a niggerfaggot with big ears and blue lips that isnt even a citizen.

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Antichrist is a charismatic guy who will seem to have the solution for all the world's problems.
Obama is this.
Antichrist is of Muslim descent.
Omba is this.
Everyone will love the antichrist until he turns evil 31/2 years into his reign
3 1/2 years from now is 2012, the year the Mayans predict to be the apocolypse.
The antichrist will seem to survive a fatal injury:
Obama will be shot or something by some #*# hicks or skinheads, leading to a near fatal injury.

in short, vote mccain

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[On abortion]
Q u o t e:

What about the ones who aren't? And why can't these women take responsbility for their own actions? You're running out of straws here, let's see which one you grasp.

Those women should be shot alongside the doctors.

If you get an abortion out of coldness of your being, you should be shot.
That's rare though, like an abortion to save your life is.
The people who kill doctors aren't terrorists, they're heroes. Like the men who went out and shot klansmen 40 years ago were.

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I'm not advocating creationism or christianity.

I'm asking we teach intelligent design, the fact the we, as creatures on Earth, have been created, designed, and put here on Earth from a higher more powerful being.

Science is very sketchy and many holes exists in terms of theories on how life/universe began.

We were either created/designed or we just showed up.

I don't really see room for thousands of other of possibilities. By designed I am NOT limiting it to design by the Christian God, it could be Him, it could be Vishnu, it could be aliens, it could be an unlimited number of possibilities, but when talking about how life and all matter came about, I don't see many other options other than A) everything came from nothing and evolved into what it is now with no "greater" influence and B) Everything was created/designed/brought into existence by some other being/beings/entitity(s).

Cheesecake #fundie forums.worldofwarcraft.com

Yes, but at what point did plant evolutionary lineages diverge from animal evolutionary lineages? Why do we have two vastly distinct groups, yet multiple sub groups within each?

So why not teach ID in schools? I think it needs to be offered as an OPTION to scientific THEORY's on how life began.

Life either began from nothing, or we are designed. Since there is very weak evidence on how life began, or how the universe formed, intelligent design needs to be implemented into science courses to offer some real alternative to why we may be here.

Cheesecake #fundie forums.worldofwarcraft.com

Intelligent design does not argue against the facts that organisms do evolve.

Proponents of intelligent design are simply saying that the universe and the laws that govern it and act in it (including genetics and evolutionary capability) was intelligently designed by some sort of higher power. It does seem like a "good move" to design a creation that has the ability to adapt to the environment as it changes, does it not?

Also, guys, please give me this empirical data that shows how the "something" that we know as our universe came from nothing. Or please provide the empirical data that shows how life came from lifelessness..

Your data must be 100% backed up by scientific facts and (as the scientific method states) must be demonstratable and able to be repeated over and over again.

Neither of us can prove "empirically" how the universe and life came into existence.

Additionally, a serious question I have always wondering is how did we come to the VAST variety of plants that we see now? Everyone discusses the evolution of the animal side of the picture, but I rarely hear discussion explaning the massive variety of vegetation and where it all came from.

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Q u o t e:
Enjoy. Just keep it private, keep it in the home and the churches. Get it out of my schools, get it out of my government, and get it out of my throat.

Are you aware that it is every true Christians responsibility to spread the word at some point in their walk with Christ?