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On National Socialism

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National Socialism, first and foremost, above all else, is a philosophy.

Not an economic system.

A philosophy predicated on a foundation of Nature: Understanding natural laws and natural order, and applying those laws and order to human society and civilization.

It's a philosophy that recognizes the fundamental and uttermost vital importance of the racial component of the human condition: Seeing race as the very origin of all human culture, and that pure culture can only come from pure race. To mix race is to corrupt pure culture.


The economy was the very last point of concern in the NS philosophy. NS Germany didn't even have a formally defined economic system. They just figured it out as they went along (and it worked miracles, seeing as Germany was pulled out of the catastrophe of the Versailles Treaty, and thrust into first-world superpower within about four years).

The Reichsmark, the German currency, was backed by labor, rather than gold or oil. It was revolutionary in its novelty. After WWI and the Versailles Treaty, Germany was completely bankrupt. Inflation was so bad it literally cost something like 17-trillion dollars just to buy a carton of eggs, a gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread. No exaggeration. So when Hitler took power, he started completely over from scratch, creating an entirely new currency.


Beyond that, their economy was based on agriculture and industry, like most first-world countries. Farms and factories were almost exclusively privately owned, and laws were put in place to ensure that they remained privately owned. As were all small shops, from grocery stores to clothing stores to furniture stores, as well as every type of repair shop of the age.


NS Germany had virtually no welfare system to speak of. Most of the welfare provided to the poor and the disabled was generated through public fundraising events like the Winterhilfswerk (WHW) program. Hitler's most memorable public statement on the subject was "German people, help yourselves!" And it was insanely successful (I even have a bunch of little trinkets from the WHW (pins, buttons, ribbons, keychain booklets, etc.)

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( @KeepNHGranite )
They're not just un-Whitening our nations in the present - they're un-Whitening all of history.

Their vision of the future is one where White people don't exist - and never did.

( @NSAmerica )
@KeepNHGranite this isn't an exaggeration, if they have their way all whites would be bred out in 500 years completely to the point we are a myth of a people that once walked the earth because they'd have rewritten everything, no history or culture of us remembered. Just erased.

( @DorahDaTorah )

( @Witch_Hunter_Siegfried )
@KeepNHGranite Fixed it

( @WoodFren )
@KeepNHGranite These are books that go in the burn pile with the others.

( @Adrianthehistorian )
@KeepNHGranite The Civil Rights Movement was a 5,000 black race riot, 250,000 Fire imposed, Revolution.
This Mass Violence forced America to became a Marxist Nation, as the Government needed Vast New Powers to Protect and Serve the needs of the New Aristocracy, created by the Government.
All those persecuted in the past, (AKA: Victims of Freedom) Blacks, Women, Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, were given special Powers and Special Privileges by the Government to compensate for these 'wrongs'.
This made these groups Aristocracy by Law.
And these special Powers these groups used against their Enemies. Straight, White, Male, Protestants, each and every day.
That this group (White Men) have NO Civil Rights Nor 14th Amendment, ‘'Equal protections of the Laws'', is without question.
Otherwise, Affirmative Action, Diversity, Inclusion, etc. and other Government job re-distribution policies would all be Illegal.
So America became a Marxist Aristocracy to end White Supremacy over America.
And Create Black Supremacy/Black Aristocracy, in its place.

( @Seekeroftruth42 )

The mongrel jews are just like the blacks. They have contributed virtually nothing to the world other than being rapist, murders, pedophiles all the while indiscriminately breeding like cockroaches

( @ToyotaZZchad )
@KeepNHGranite nigger worship by a kike. Same old tale as old as time.

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( @DebNixt )
@ElfReich What are called humans are not all humans. There were beings here before humans. Cain mixed with them because he was already mixed (satan's seed). But now most of us have fornicated and adulturated the humans. That's why our corrupted DNA must be changed. Not by vaccines but by the Spirit Power of the Lord God Almighty.

( @ElfReich )
@DebNixt There are still a very large portion of unmixed Whites. They are currently trying to fool many through adding a false 1% Sudanese black to their DNA ancestry tests

( @DebNixt )
@ElfReich I didn't know that about the Dna ancestry tests. I've never done mine because I'm not sure what they will do with the results. But I'm white with darker hair and green eyes. I tan easily, so I wonder if my ancestry has been corrupted somehow. I hope not. But Thank the Lord God Almighty for Jesus Christ so that can be purified. That's my only hope.

( @ElfReich )
@DebNixt White people tan ... That is normal. We come in a vast array of hair & eye colors. Don't forget that we branched into tribes so we have variety. I just tell people to keep away from those tests as they are harvesting and selling DNA data and the results they provide cannot be trusted.

( @HorstWessel88 )
@DebNixt @ElfReich Correct, the canaanite Jews are descendants of the serpent seed, that is why they are destroying along with other jews the world

( @goodmorningpatriots )
@ElfReich And if God did not love white people, he would not have made them.

( @ElfReich )
@goodmorningpatriots They are his people of his son, White Adam... He loves them that is for certain.

( @phatbottom6 )
@ElfReich God is a nationalist not a globalist. He'd be horrified to see what is being done in his name today from and organised religion standpoint. We were meant to be friendly with one another and trade. That is what he meant by love one another. He did NOT mean to interbreed and mix and become a bunch of mudbloods.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
The sole reason White Americans don't hunt down the non-whites who rape and murder their children is because we're terrified of our government.

We are seriously all terrified of what our government will do to us if we take matters into our own hands. This is because our government employs literal terrorism to keep us in submission.

It's the same reason the Russian people willingly endured Bolshevism for nearly a hundred years. Government terrorism is incredibly powerful, and it should always be destroyed before it manages to truly takeover.

( @SpatialRecognition )
@Nature_and_Race They also use the media to make you believe that your thinking is not in line with other White people. It’s a losing situation right now.

( @Mariner14 )
@Nature_and_Race this is why there will never be a political solution. We are occupied, our elections are farces, and the majority of the White folk are asleep. To try and solve this solution with mass political appeal is retarded. We are occupied. It's high time we actually did something about it. Every time I suggest this, the "fedposter" claim comes a-knocking. The most successful tactic the jew ever used against us was convincing us that fighting back would never work, and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a fed.

The internet is a great place for us to spread our ideas, shape online discourse, and perhaps wake up some internet normies. Political activism is similar, but instead with IRL interactions. However, neither of these things will get us victory. These are just posturing tactics we are taking before fighting. Anyone who thinks we are going to somehow get through this without a very one-sided race war is a damned idiot. White men need to think practically, and stop being cowards. Not one more generation can go past without this war. It should have happened long before I was born, but damned cowards seemed to have won the ideological debate.

( @Europman )
@Nature_and_Race its why they made lynching a crime

( @compeliminator )
@Nature_and_Race you would think a father who had his kids killed by a nigger wouldn't give a second thought to what would happen to him. You would think he would administer immediate justice

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( @TheRealKanyeWest )

spoiler"You know, the rules
of perception. If
they're Black, then it's
a gang. If they're
Italian, it's a mob. If
they're Jewish, it's a
coincidence and you
should never speak
about it."

( @aionia )
A murder of crows
A pack of wolves
A gang of blacks
A coincidence of jews

( @YiddishGypsies )
@aionia @TheRealKanyeWest

"a coincidence of jews"....

what a tragic comedy.

"jews" are all simply yiddish-gypsies who have CONVERTED to judiasm within the last few centuries, and now these same yiddish-gypsies claim to be transformed into semites from another continent, do we see a lie?!

These yiddish-gypsies have conveniently been deflecting attacks because they have gaslit everyone into falsely believing they are semite-jews, who are not yiddish-gypsies.

Yiddish-gypsies have dirty yiddish-gypsy-laws called mitzvahs, these mitzvah laws REQUIRE all yiddish-gypsy tribal members to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, SWINDLE, BEGUILE, ENSLAVE all other non-tribal members, and for doing so gives them future rewards from heaven.


( @BasedAsianUSA )
@aionia @TheRealKanyeWest

( @DarenFromDelaware )

** if they're White it's "supremacist"

Remember it's Okay to be White!

( @SimonPMcNudd )
@TheRealKanyeWest What do you call a black guy riding a bicycle in Brooklyn? A thief.

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( @Apolitical )
How many Rembrandts, Michelangelos, Beethovens and Mozarts have we missed out on because the jewish elite that control our culture prefer modern art and ghetto rap?

( @HorstWessel88 )
@Apolitical Lot of what the jews have done in history is mocking the goyim I am convinced. The degenerate Modern art, and Negro worship in coon music is examples of this. Sadly we no longer have European or American culture. We have Jewish culture and at the present time the world is unlivable thanks to these hebes....

( @Professional_Noticer )
@HorstWessel88 @Apolitical they made it "livable" by convincing gentiles into material possession worship and greedy lifestyles while pushing them onto digital plantations. Phones, social networking, virtual reality etc etc coupled with shiny things and too much food create great slaves for the Jew World Order.

( @Diversity_is_our_weakness )
Removal of Shakespeare as a requirement from the basic high school curriculums is an obvious blatant example of the erasing of Western and white heritage.

( @ElricTheDemonHunter )

They do not create only swindle and destroy. They revel in the perverted and ugly and use it to destroy other cultures. They are parasites who weaken and always eventually destroy their host if they are not removed.

( @AnotherBryan )
@Apolitical Jews think it's hilarious to trick the masses into accepting the most cringey retarded shit and they use their control over MSM to do it.

( @ThePrimer )
@Apolitical The decline in intelligence began shortly after Beethoven died, which conveniently "cohencides" with the rise of the Rothchild/Jewish takeover of the monetary systems of Europe.

( @Lady_Liberty_2021 )
@Apolitical. That's why we need to turn off the ZOG TV and Music Industry and support classical or traditional music and arts.
Judeo-Bolshevik values are derived from the seven deadly sins - pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth - and that is why it is an ideology incapable of creating beauty in the arts, good health in medicine, safety in society, nurturing in schools, or peace in the world.

Laura Towler & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Laura Towler )
I’ve just seen all the posts on Gab in support of my husband Sam Melia, who was found guilty yesterday in court for “inciting racial hatred” for publishing stickers that bore slogans such as:

-Reject White Guilt
-It’s ok to be White
-We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066
-White Lives Matter
-Stop Anti-White Rape Gangs
-Love Your Nation

I just want to say thank you for all the support. He is not allowed to post about the case or trial until after sentencing on 1st March but I’ve shown him all the messages and he says thank you.

( @USCenturion )
@thisislaurat Pro-Whites need to support other pro-Whites from other countries. All of us are wishing the best outcome for you and your family.

( @Biking4Love )

The people doing it are the people who killed the Messiah. Don't worry, their punishment is going to be far more severe.

( @Incognitio0302 )
@thisislaurat If Americans had the balls we keep saying that we have, your husband would not be in trouble. Free speech has turned out to be a farce in America. I'm sorry he and your family are going through this. We let you down. We've let our children and grandchildren down!!

America has become the land of the slaves and home of the cowards. White Americans care much more about their fantasy football teams than they ever will about their country or their race.

( @me1224 )
@thisislaurat This is what happens in communist countries.

( @Nova64joe )
@thisislaurat This country hates White people now. It’s plain to see that when we see what happens to people like your husband every damn day. Not to mention the genocidal border policy. Stay strong! P.S. I’m in Amerika but we have the same problem being inflicted on us

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
Amy Coney Barrett betraying America today and voting in favor of protecting the invaders pouring into our country is exactly why women should not hold these positions of power.

Barrett voted out of her female empathy and compassion to keep these illegal aliens from physical harm. She did not vote out of the reality that States have a right to defend themselves from these dangerous illegals who murder Americans every single day.

Abbott needs to Declare a State of Emergency and put the razors back up

( @KobyLee )
@LaurenWitzkeDE she adopted two black Haitian children who were not citizens, and she is also a Catholic who supports the Catholic Charities who are the NGO's responsible for allowing these illegals to be bussed wherever they want to go. She is a complete fucking failure.

( @Ken_Farmer )
@KobyLee @LaurenWitzkeDE Allowing Catholics and Jews into America was a huge mistake.

( @Eowyn_of_Rohan )
@LaurenWitzkeDE She did not vote according to the US Constitution either. The federal government is supposed to protect our states from invasion.

( @AmericanCaptain )
@LaurenWitzkeDE just look at her, she has liberal hack written All over her. This isn't the first time she has betrayed America, it certainly wont be her last. Kavanough is a traitor also

( @Carbon_Organism )

She actively imports immigrants and adopts them.
She is a part of the problem.

Another good example of Trumps judgement when selecting "great people".

( @johngalt_princeton )
@LaurenWitzkeDE When she answers to God ... and she WILL ... she will see the horror of each and every RAPE that she facilitated by her disastrous vote ... and will be made to EXPERIENCE it in all of its pain and agony! Congratulations communist ... how much did they pay you?

( @JohnGalt22 )

I know she is too ignorant to care about her WHITE race as a whole, but what about the future "physical harm" to her immediate, WHITE family, her children and grandchildren?

She just greatly increased the likelihood that they will be assaulted or killed, by these incoming thieving and violent Shitskins.

@LaurenWitzkeDE Another one of the Trump puppets picks Jews you over

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
I’m a hard NO on the WHO World Pandemic Treaty for Disease X.

And while we are at it, why don’t we tell all these other freaks to stop spraying stuff in our skies, stop messing with our food, and stop creating monster bio weapon viruses that will murder everyone.

( @JimmyJones79 )
@repmtg and who controls the media to make this all possible?

( @Hope_One )
@repmtg As a Congressman, you have power to do something about the spraying, the chemicals, etc. Most of us do not. Have you forgotten why you were elected? It's not just about telling us things we already know. It's about DOING something about it!

( @GraceNell )
What if we shot down a Chem trail planem

( @dsi_news )
The chem trails via weather manipulation are killing us...
The polar vortex(s) are created by HAARP

( @depLORIble )
@repmtg it's not enough to tell them to stop. They must be ordered to stop, with extreme prejudice.

Same with the invading army. THEY MUST BE STOPPED! Motion to vacate the speaker's chair and replace with MAGA! 🇺🇸

( @GigiWeBZ )
@repmtg I’ve been writing my state rep trying to find out who is responsible for the constant spraying of our skies. How do we stop it?!

( @americanpie77777 )

The freaks spraying chemicals in our sky are your fellow politicians and government 🤔
It's been going on since the 80's. They can't stop spraying now because they created holes in the ozone. If they stop spraying the earth would suffer a 10 year long massive heat anomaly that would destroy everything on the surface of the earth. Go talk to your Senate science and energy buddies funding it . Stop playing with things you don't understand science fools.

( @Tlphillips )
@repmtg Our government wants to destroy our nation. Central bankers are evil and it looks like they are in charge. With the invasion army that all of you allowed in it looks like we haven't seen anything yet. You helped in this destruction. Does this make you proud?

( @Celestialpilot )
@repmtg It's called "Crimes against humanity"...NUREMBERG 2.0 NOW!!!!!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
“It’s the Chinese! It’s the Muslims! It’s White liberals!” cries the conservative.

But what about the problems these jews and blacks are causing?

“What are you some kind of racist Nazi antisemite??? You can’t blame groups for the actions of individuals!”

The irony is lost on the brain dead conservative

( @fisheroflight )
@Apolitical It’s actually so funny how “conservatives” will support the second amendment because “that’s how the founding fathers intended” but when it comes to the melting pot cesspool of a nation and the anti-white hatred they’re completely silent. The fathers intended a white nation but you’ll never hear the loser influencers or activists say anything like that lol. They cherry pick to push their little bullshit rEpUbLiCaN agenda to satisfy boomers and brainwash young minds, seriously it’s just as retarded as the liberals and their SJW bullshit

( @gingee )
@Apolitical The JEW IS the ENEMY PERIOD. The jew is behind EVERY evil and problem in humanity today, period. If you defend a jew you defend satan himself.

( @EJGeneric )
@Apolitical Maybe we can agree to abolish multiculturalism… no, Jews are not White.

( @Nizenithal )
@Apolitical The truth is its just the JEWS the non white races lack the intellectual capacity to realize they are just tools. Although they still need to go.

( @Nthman )
@Apolitical Everyone paralyzed with fear of being a racist for recognizing reality is a faggot, that forces others to fight their battle.


( @robidieux5 )

There, put that to bed.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #fundie gab.com

( @Trouble_Man )
Jew: “Jesus said do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

Also jew: *kills Christ*


( @LeFrog2300 )

Jews become the most evangelical Christians in America whenever they find a verse they think they can manipulate for their own gain.

( @Plainsight1 )
@Trouble_Man I'm pretty sure when Jesus said to do unto "others" he meant your racial kinsman. That verse is from the gospel and the gospel is only for the racial family of Jesus.

( @Lady_Liberty_2021 )
@Trouble_Man. Gotta love the way Jews invoke the words of God's Only Son they had crucified (while continuing to deny it) in an attempt to support their own self-promoting ideology.

( @white_powerade )
@Trouble_Man Makes one think: have jews been so obnoxious, rotten and meddlesome for the past 2000 years because they really WANT us to kill them? 🤔

( @Sonnesta )
@Trouble_Man Is he a Jew asking how Christians can do anything? LOL... it shows his hypocrisy. He'll cry Jesus wasn't the Messiah, but quote him when he thinks he's got something on anyone. Typical Jewish? Say one thing believe another... LOL. MEATHEAD that's what he is...still

( @Undomesticated )
@Trouble_Man for those without a cloak sell it and buy a sword. Jesus was pro 2a

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( @Nature_and_Race )
The Left is destroying the country, yes. But the Right is letting them do it.

@Nature_and_Race the Left is destroying the nation, the citizens on the Right are not. There is a difference.

( @The_Missus )
@Nature_and_Race Citizens, specifically, on the Right have no representation at this time, or for decades.
But we do exist.

( @Servidominus )
@Nature_and_Race Honestly, I'd even go so far as to say that *some* of the Right (what passes for the Right, at least) is actively complicit in destroying the country, not just idly standing by while it happens.

The number of "conservatives" who are actively and enthusiastically siding with "based" faggots, trannies and non-White immigrants is appalling.

I wouldn't consider those people as part of the Right, but they seem to.

( @WhitePatriot007 )
@Nature_and_Race All I have to say is after Trump stood down the majority to save lefties there had better be executions of traitors if he makes it back into office. Everyone is correct the election in 2024 is going to be a turning point on everything no matter how it goes...

( @Aceratus_ascend )
@Nature_and_Race there is no leftists neither rightists, only cultural Marxism, and how much is applied.

( @NiggerSlayer_1488 )
@Nature_and_Race The jews are preventing the Right from doing anything about it.

( @SparklingBlueWater )
@Nature_and_Race Both sides are controlled by the GL☠️BALISTS.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race Right-wingers are anti-White cowards. They're lukewarm fucks who claim no one should be discriminated against but are too coward to stand for White people.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
I long ago decided that White people should never talk to police in a White-on-black altercation.

"Sorry, officer, I just didn't see anything. Can't help you."

White people need to stop snitching on other White people who may be forced to defend themselves against blacks or other non-whites.

I hope the courts like trying to prosecute justified violence without any witnesses. As the White race, we should all refuse to testify against any White person taking actions to protect their family in a court of law. They can't hold us all in contempt.

( @PrimeSymbol )
@Nature_and_Race This includes putting the cellphone down and STOP FILMING events which may put fellow Whites in prison if the video is posted online.

( @freivolk )
@Nature_and_Race Jury nullification is a powerful tool. The other races have been using it for decades because despite all their downfalls, they maintain racial unity.

( @BobHolland )
@Nature_and_Race do what the blacks do, feign neutrality then vote on race when they let us in the juries

( @Jmetz11 )
@Nature_and_Race The Aryan reaction as opposed to the nigger reaction of “ I dindu nuffin” is “ I didn’t see anything officer”.

I like it.

( @Rodger_james )
@Nature_and_Race I have been saying here on Gab as long as I have been here that we must refuse to return a guilty verdict against any White person accused of a crime against a black. Blacks do this all the time even when there is clear video evidence that one of their people murdered a White man.

( @PeakHomesteadLLC )
@Nature_and_Race A White-on-black altercation will be self-defense 99% of the time.

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( @KeepNHGranite )
White Privilege™ is when government takes unimaginable sums of money from you, gives it to those they're replacing you with, and blames you for all their problems.

Those in power aren't “managing the budget.”

They're funding the War On White People.

With money they stole from White people.

( @DavidBlaine401 )
@KeepNHGranite Every single person who controls monetary and budgetary systems in the United States is a jew, or some DEI person controlled by a jew. Luckily, White Americans are waking up to this, and it won’t be long before this system upends itself.

( @MemeFarm )
@KeepNHGranite White people are also paying for the schools where they teach White children to hate White people.

( @ChuckMcMakin )
@KeepNHGranite start posting signs, You eliminate white people you eliminate your welfare check.

( @Socio )
@KeepNHGranite And people wonder why the decline in White birth rates, they are too busy working cradle to grave to pay for the parasite class and their exploding birthrates.

One thing is for sure, if we are ever to get this country back on track the Welfare state must end and we must let the chips fall where they may.

You want to end the pigeons crapping all over the park quit feeding the pigeons.

( @Brother_Mike )
By repatriating ALL non-Whites to their historical homelands, we would be in a budget surplus and could repay all of our outstanding debt to the Federal Reserve (not that we should).
We could have universal, government funded healthcare. Our roads would have 50% less traffic. Our schools would have 65% less students. We wouldn't need foreign doctors, because we have enough White ones to take care of White people. We could cut our agricultural production by 75% and stop exporting to 3rd world shitholes. We could reduce defense spending by 50% and still have enough to secure our nation.
What if.

( @Htester1959 )
@KeepNHGranite Once they've replaced us whites who are they gonna rob? Like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Then they'll find out how great diversity is!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @EB_ )
This happened when the country and military were majority White

Imagine a military chock full of hispanics and blacks that has been hopped up on jewish anti White propaganda

( @MeVotingDoesNotMatter )
@EB_ The upside is that a military made up of spicks and niggers has the fighting capacity of a constipated six year old.

( @JohnnyHooker )
@EB_ whites will always be conquered by lesser races because white refuse to organize by race

( @Icecoldking )
@JohnnyHooker @EB_ it's cause non-Whites are literally animals. Most idiots with a canine are pretty much conquered by their canines. If the populace isn't going to conquer their own canines what are they going to do with a bunch of chimps.

( @KingVirzion )
@Icecoldking @JohnnyHooker @EB_ its because non whites are animals that they are winning. Whats good is acting like a human when your enemies want you dead. Maybe we should learn a thing or two from the violent ruthlessness from shitskins but nah white are too cucked trying to be "civil"

( @Forlorn_Hope89 )
@EB_ And Trump at his damned rallies lately mentions "black, hispanic and asian" support, but never Whites. Plus he says he's going to defeat the "communist and 'fascists' " of DC, and remove the "swastikas in DC from the pillars" Whatever that means. The guy is anti-White and is getting White people to support his agenda; voting is a sham now, but the message being supported is what worries me.

I wish White people would wake up, we deserve a future. Screw the traitors.

( @RememberSamDavis )
@EB_ Since the "civil war" the US military has always been the bad guys.

( @DWC1965 )
@EB_ It’s going to be the spics and a few niggers decked out in the military gear and the White men being gang stomped on the ground while the others are raping his wife.

I don’t care about filtering graphic language in these posts anymore. I hope someone sees it and it does just the thing to motivate them.

( @NPC321 )
@EB_ It isn’t much worse. The dog generation was 100% loyal to White genocide and supported nigger gang rape of European women. Same with today. These people can not come back from this. I think it’s actually preferable to be destroyed by an outsider than your own race.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
What DEI really means

spoilerD : DIVERSITY

( @Samuel_Culper )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Talking about White people. White people are still a 60% majority in America. And White people are still the most heavily armed majority. At some point.

White people must organize and refuse to be bullied, governed and ruled by lawless, morally bankrupt politicians, politicized judges, subversive courts, bureaucrats, special interests, and their hostile anti-American forces.


( @Lies_fall_Truth_wins )
@LaurenWitzkeDE That is a means to an end and the end is the inclusion and worship of Satan throughout the world to the exclusion of Jesus Christ.

( @williamjaeger )
@LaurenWitzkeDE No amount of robbing me will ever make dumb, lazy, unemployed people's areas look like mine.

"Equity" is neither possible nor desirable.

The commies are seeking to destroy civilization and hurt white people. Desperate people are easier to control.

( @alexpulse231 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Exactly! Now name the jew! And quit the GOP!

( @echoes )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Orchestrated by jewish NGO's and the jew media.

( @indyz11 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE My definition: Diversity. I have pistole, rifles and shotguns. Equity. I load them will the best ammo. Inclusion. I bring the ALL to the range for 3-gun competition. Any questions?

( @_LuluB_ )
@LaurenWitzkeDEI Literally, all White men have to do is to leave a little gift in White women to reverse this and by and large, they refuse. They hoard their stash like they can take it with them when they die.

They’re on here complaining about White demographic decimation while they have the only sword they’ll ever need to fight it, right there in their pants. It’s so frustrating.

Make the first move, guys! Or just move, period; GO OUT or if you’re married, stay in. Stay in for the full finish.

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( @JshiestyDeity )

spoilerIts not about
homosexuality or
heterosexuality. Stop
children PERIOD. Let
kids be kids.

( @empresstheodora )
@JshiestyDeity Homosexuality has always been and will always be a sin. Stop promoting evil.

( @Jram )
100% disagree. It’s all about condemning homosexuality. Not only is it a sin & leads to hell for those who reject God’s instruction but medically it’s a life of mental health issues, medical issues, & early death sentence. 35% of homosexuals are addicted. Over 50% abuse drugs. Highest suicide rates. Male homosexual life expectancy <55 years. Hep C, HIV, & lots of other diseases. Domestic violence is rampant. Logically, this is a “lifestyle” no one would want if they were informed. It has nothing to do with being labeled a “homophobe”.

( @r7booster )
A bot-boosted account that is trying to normalize faggot poop sex.

( @Macaroni452 )
@JshiestyDeity ok yeah. But also no. Human beings have a fundamental, God-given design, which includes sexuality to be expressed within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman. So yes, “it’s not about homosexuality or homosexuality” it’s about Holy Sexuality. Society, Academia, Pop-Culture will demonstrate and preach a twisted, perverse view of sexuality - and they will not stop…so a vaccum (“just stop promoting sexuality”) isn’t the answer, but to present truth!

( @Cindysfella )
@JshiestyDeity Well, HOW ELSE do you expect there to be MORE homosexuals?, it's like they can MAKE them, just train them to be that way

( @PureBloodsInheritEarth )
@JshiestyDeity And STOP promoting sick, perverted homosexuality, transsexualism, and the rest of the gender confusion mental illnesses to the masses.

( @Brother_Mike )
Not fully correct.
We will NOT tolerate open homosexuality or any other sexual deviations from monogamous heterosexuality.

( @Bundleofstix )
@JshiestyDeity no it is about homos. They want to groom kids to be faggots like them so they can rape them.

Kids normally will turn out normal without faggots grooming them.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Feeding an already overpopulated continent.

So that every African can feed their 27 offspring.

So each of those offspring can go on to have 27 offspring of their own.

Russia is doing the Lord's work...😬😬😬

( @excid )
@Nature_and_Race In the K spectrum Africans have a much higher birth rate because they have a higher death rate for their niglets. Whites have a low rate because of an initially more hostile environment so we evolved to take more care of our offspring. Feeding more of them in Africa, without having them contribute, is going to change the formula. They have no need to change because others are doing the work and they just continue to procreate.

( @EuropeMan )
@Nature_and_Race White people should not be feeding niggers. That food should be going to other White people.

( @Squire_Skimp )
@Nature_and_Race So that there will continue being an ample supply of niggers emigrating into White nations.

( @Alkanhermit )
@Nature_and_Race Putin is a jew, posing as a White that betrays the people. Doesn't' matter, they work for global jewish order, or nationalist jewish order, they will work toward their tikkum olam jew power for a complete jew control.

( @RussianTwitterbot )
@Nature_and_Race well the niggers arent going to russia

( @Dude2020 )
@Nature_and_Race If there ever was a global scale catastrophe or end in foreign aid would a single nigger survive or would they unironically eat each other to death and destroy the environment to the point it became uninhabitable to even a survivable population of 350+?

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
1) The war against White people
2) Child rape and sex slavery
3) Usury / debt slavery
4) Communism
5) Zionism

--> https://x.com/MichaelRapaport/status/1746943939993817476?s=20

spoilerWhat’s your top 5 reasons YOU hate the Jews?

( @White_Appalachian )
@Nature_and_Race similar list. Honorable mention to making our people pretty cowardly as a majority due to fear of being labeled a racist or antisemite. And to creating a culture of “White Guilt” that so many readily accepted.

( @Celtic_Kraken )
@Nature_and_Race 1) Their existence! 2) See number 1.

( @BobHolland )
1) mass immigration and miscegenation for the sake of ethnic cleansing
2) feminism
3) hypersexuality and sexual perversion
4) the unspeakable crimes against children
5) their general lack of virtue or righteousness

( @Wildcard369 )
1. baby dick sucking
2. organ trafficking
3. usury
4. controlling the media to brainwash gentiles
5. endless wars for their profit

( @CC007 )
@Nature_and_Race pedophiles, porn, race mixing. white genocide, and anything the adl sponsors.

( @kameltoe_harass )
@Nature_and_Race government corruption, medical corruption, financial corruption, wars, hate whites, murder white children ,foster and promote degeneracy. profiteering, lazy , dont work, not smart. pretend to be brilliant. NO they are just unethical and scum. its easy when you cheat to look smart, the nigger who steals and succeeds looks lke a genius , that he can take your hard earned shit. is he smart? only if all the criminal niggers have all the money and control and can buy everyone and anything to keep things in control. there is what a jew is.

( @36x )
@Nature_and_Race !. Circumcision 2. Pedo-Torah-ians 3. Still bitter over dismissal of Christ as Messiah 4. Big Fur Hats 5. Tunnels

( @ampy75 )
@Nature_and_Race killing of our Jesus

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
People forget that the riots caused by MLK were more destructive and violent than the BLM riots in 2020.

In the future we will look back at the time we celebrated this affirmative action serial adulterer and plagiarist as a sad, disgusting period in history.

But he’s a perfect icon for the diseased America we inhabit today

( @DavidBlaine401 )
@Apolitical Any and all riots incited by niggers (really kikes) will destroy billions of dollars in property, and ruin the livelihood of rational White people who just want to live peacefully. If we don’t fight back against kikes, the kikes will have the niggers eat us alive.

( @terrylrt1 )
@Apolitical It's also my understanding that he attained his "position" through communist/jewish funding.

( @CN32 )
@Apolitical Future historians will look at Europe/America today and wonder why Whites just tolerated being invaded and killed off.

( @Diversity_is_our_weakness )
I think that historians will view the genocide of Whites as the greatest crime in history. I don't think they will blame the victims.

( @ExposeTheEvil )
@Apolitical Don't forget he was funded by the jews to create chaos.

( @WhiteyRighty )
@Apolitical Yep! Very well stated! WPWW

( @GabTaylor )
@Apolitical No White person who is not brain damaged gives a damn about that commie tool. When I was growing up, the sentiment was, "If they killed 4 more niggers, we'd get a whole week off."

( @HopeSkyla )
@Apolitical Well, they had to support MLK so that they could put abortion clinics on every street called MLK

( @bobbacringo )
@Apolitical Conservatives need to give up the idea of the magical negroe who is able to act white and exist in civilized society. Negroes have always been feral beasts. It is their natural state. In Africa they had neither invention or writing. They never evolved beyond hunting game in the tropical forests. They are not man, they are beast. The soon men realize this, the sooner we can be parted with them.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @KeepNHGranite )
Martin Luther King Jr. is the figurehead of a post-Constitutional United States. An astroturfed George Washington for an Anti-White America.

In reality, he was merely a hand puppet for rich Columbia University Jewish Communists seeking to beset the American nation.

His legacy is evidence of their success, and his exaltation on the American “Right” is proof that 21st Century Conservatism is merely 20th Century Communism repackaged in red, white, and blue.

( @DoctorAnarchist )
@KeepNHGranite Jews are the worst enemy of all mankind.

( @AllanDHAllan )
@KeepNHGranite MLK was a marxist kunt just like the dalai lama and the pope trying to push their one world religion

( @CN32 )
@KeepNHGranite Never forget; blacks are the jews' foot soldiers against Whites. Even 'evil mustached' man last century knew it, too.

( @1GeorgiaPeach )
@KeepNHGranite Because of MLK agenda black folks STILL hollering about how oppressed they are! It's 2024 and they're too ignorant to realize they're oppressing themselves by believing the establishment when theyre told theyre oppressed! 😆

( @Aufwachen1933 )
@KeepNHGranite The "Civil Rights" movement is jewish. they've pushed pro black Civil Rights in Africa as well. Nelson Mandela was another Zionist stooge...

( @RussianTwitterbot )
@KeepNHGranite the only good thing is he was assinated

( @milesperowa )
@KeepNHGranite that was one ugly, retarded, degenerate nigger.

( @TheDanielShays )

He was also a homosexual, a serial adulterer, and plagiarized his thesis at Boston University School of Divinity, where his Doctorate was issued.

And his ordination was predicated upon his doctorate being valid.

Also his name was legally Michael King, which was never legally changed.

There you have it…

Michael King, not a doctor, not a Reverend.

( @Dancobra75 )
@KeepNHGranite Burn in HELL jews ✝️

( @GabTaylor )
@KeepNHGranite Happy Commie Nigger Day

( @SurvivorBro )
@KeepNHGranite Makes you wonder why is was murdered if he was on "their" side. Were they done with him?

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Europeans wouldn't be burning qorans if muslims stayed the hell out of European countries, and stopped grooming and raping little European girls.

( @_no_one_special )
@Nature_and_Race let's do the #talmud next

( @EuropeMan )
@Nature_and_Race invaders need to leave or die

( @commonmansnation )
@Nature_and_Race these muslim invaders were brought to these european countries and to america, given free housing, cars, insurance, money to start business all for their votes and to destroy the white way of life and traditions. Instead of burning the quran, whites should be going after the politicians, secret organizations, corporations, police that have facilitated this invasion. So I guess burning the quran is a start.

( @gthousandaire )
@Nature_and_Race I think they'd be far better off just setting fire to an immigration center.

( @ConwayO )
@Nature_and_Race If they're so offended why not move to a muslim country, but we know why they wont. Jews thrive off multiculturalism & muslims receive welfare from cucked western politicians for votes, same thing here in the US with our open border policy.

( @Alien79 )
@Nature_and_Race Why aren't they burning muzzies and kikes instead?

( @jnap1091 )
@Nature_and_Race BURN THEM ALL!

( @WhiteyRighty )
@Nature_and_Race Awesome! White Teamwork! 14 WORDS & Heil Hitler!

( @SinkTheShip )
@Nature_and_Race How has it come to this. All jews must die!!!! She Whispers.

( @DrExCathedra )
@Nature_and_Race The ones who allowed them in, they're what needs to be burned.

( @Natsoccer )
@Nature_and_Race should be torching Muslims not their book

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
A lot of people have this idea that eugenics is evil, thanks to the brainwashing of the public education system.

But eugenics just means positive reproduction, that's all.

If our ancestors had been practicing eugenics for the last two-thousand years straight, we'd all be celebrating them right now. Average IQ would literally be around 150, sickness and disease would be virtually eliminated, creative capacity would be a thousand times what it is now, the average person would be tall, lean, athletic, and beautiful.

If we all started practicing eugenics right now, future generations wouldn't curse us for it. They'd thank us and be grateful to us for giving them powerful bodies to enjoy life in.

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Nature_and_Race Based. I got called a nazi when I was in college for being in favor of eugenics. I am a National Socialist, but the hate in which people throw around the term nazi for White people is vile poison.

( @notsolazyatall )
@SoldierForChrist777 @Nature_and_Race "nazi" is a term coined by the evil forces that won the war. It is just a slur. Be proud of being a national socialist!

( @GillRigged )
@Nature_and_Race I think Hitler's approach would be more humane by taking away the ability of reproduction for certain peoples.

( @BlastFurnaceMetalworker )
@Nature_and_Race I was taught that eugenics is "evil". The strongest, healthiest, most intelligent and most beautiful creatures reproducing normally is not evil. Natural selection already favors the strongest, healthiest creatures. Not just to reproduce, but for males to lead, provide and protect. And for females to give care and nurture.

( @Lady_Liberty_2021 )
@Nature_and_Race. I trust nature more than people's decisions on physical or intellectual traits. Many a genius has come from average backgrounds (like Leonardo DaVinci, etc.). The most evil part of Judaism today is its constant attempts to replace God with themselves. That is why they are trying to force mass migration of only non-Whites into White majority lands - Jews are attempting to replace or breed out Whites, thinking they (Jews) will have no competition for economic or intellectual dominance. I think the White race just needs to get back to its roots in the culture, intellect, and physique God (or nature, if you're a nonbeliever) gave it.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
Anti-racist right wingers are some of the dumbest, most useless retards in the entire country.

“Hey I don’t like that my country is turning into the third world! Also, all these brown third worlders have nothing to do with it and are Americans just like me!”

You people make me sick

( @kirkcp )
@Apolitical it's cause they're fucking retarded. Imagine thinking a nigger is the same as a European.....

( @Maldrannon )
@kirkcp @Apolitical I think a lot of it is about the social pressure to conform to that flawed consensus.

I think the lion's share of Whites play the "Anti-Racist" game because they're terrified of the judgments of other Race-blind Whites if they don't.

( @EuropeMan )
@Apolitical only White people are Americans

( @Hungarian_Warlord )
@EuropeMan @Apolitical Only white people are humans.

( @Jordan )

Theyre not right wing. They may have been once but have been emotionally manipulated into being leftists with centrist economic views.

( @Diversity_is_our_weakness )
I'm an American citizen in terms of my legal statehood, but I no longer identify with that term in any sense of a personal group identity. I'm White, not American whatever that even means anymore.

( @Maldrannon )
@Diversity_is_our_weakness @Apolitical Congratulations, you've cut out the useless middle man and connected directly to your actual Nation. This is where all White "Americans" need to be.

( @53n1x )
@Apolitical they can’t seem to do anything else besides regurgitate jew programming. They deserve the pillow over their face. That’s waiting for them at their, nigger run, nursing homes.

( @Scuttlest )
@Apolitical I'd argue that anti-racists in general are going to be pretty slow and bad thinkers.

Racism is a natural, instinctual thing. So if a person is taught to repress his reflexive thoughts and impulses, it will inevitably make him slower to think on his feet, make bizarre exceptions, etc..

( @Imanonymous )
@Apolitical Only Whites are real Americans. Many Whites are just afraid to acknowledge this fact.

various commenters #wingnut #quack #psycho gab.com

( @SVC_Nick )
Amen. All of them should have been swinging from trees long ago.

spoilerI want revenge for the people
who killed my brother and sister
with their Covid vax. And, they
also caused a miscarriage in my
daughter-in-law with their poison
vax. I don't care about Israel or
Hamas or Palestine. I want the
people who forced the poison
injection to pay for their mass

@SVC_Nick obviously we must have the Holocaust we never got

( @LiaCaires )
@SVC_Nick My Angelic Mother was murdered by Cape Coral ''hospital' in FL' . My rage is limitless and with nothing left to lose , on any given day , any of those depraved ''doctors, nurses on the list or their Frankenstein CEO Antanucci may find themselves staring into the green eyes of the lady with perfect aim .

( @Antoinette52 )
@SVC_Nick an old friend of mine died from vaccine and my 1st cousin is ate up with breast cancer her oncologist told her that getting both vaccines and 3 boosters gave her cancer! I told her not to get them but she wouldn’t listen!

( @Annie75 )
@SVC_Nick Not only were millions either killed or maimed by the jabs, who really knows how many were murdered in hospitals either by drugs that killed them or by being denied drugs that actually would have worked. There is no forgiveness for this mass murder, no amnesty for murder, only severe punishment.

( @Dzidek1 )
@SVC_Nick Adolf was right.

( @thedailyteaparty )
@SVC_Nick IT IS THE SAME PEOPLE WHO are bombing Gaza.

You should care about Gaza, because any effort to stop (((their))) genocidal tendencies is an effort to stop their genocidal tendencies towards you; self defense.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
The US government has time and time again declared White men to be "America's greatest domestic terrorist threat".

Why should young White men even remotely consider risking and sacrificing their own lives for a government that hates them?

( @blucord124 )
@Nature_and_Race Don’t forget, however, we must teach military skills to our children and neighbors. The government will eventually release the non-white military on us.

( @VictoryValhalla )
@Nature_and_Race been retired since 16 and only one of my men still “serves”. My conscience will be clear when that fateful day comes, the day they send the brown hordes dressed in American uniforms to harm my people.

( @damnitjesse )
@Nature_and_Race never poor enough to trade my health for a check. You'd have to be retarded to trust niggers with guns around you or doctors with needles. Go to hell.

( @Eye2Myself )
@Nature_and_Race The worrying part is that this new army they're building won't care about rounding up Whites or shooting us when the time comes.

( @EuropeMan )
@Nature_and_Race They say this for two reasons one they hate White people. Two they know that a United White race is the only thing that can stop them.

( @Nthman )
@Nature_and_Race White people are a resource, and not citizens with rights, to talmud terrorists, end of story.

( @Silentdeadly1 )
@Nature_and_Race - I don't blame White people. Who wants to go fight for the deep state?

( @Resi63 )
@Nature_and_Race Good. Glad to see white people aren't willing to sacrifice their lives for a Democrat Socialist government that loves faggots, hispanics and niggers more than whites.

( @Dude2020 )
@Nature_and_Race Why should they fucking care (I know the real answer). They push diversity everywhere but suddenly its bad when the military is niggers and spics.

( @PaniconPandora )
@Nature_and_Race With low White recruitment, how long till they offer citizenship in exchange for service?

Now a "legally" armed foreign military in it's enemies country ready for a false flag to start a Nakba of White homelands...

But they won't require a false flag. The sheer crimewave as a result of the invaders will force Whites to respond. We know how it works from here...

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
All around the world, "jew tunnels" has become a household term.

( @DavidBlaine401 )
@Nature_and_Race Trust me, White people around the world will wake up soon. We are completely done with the kikes’ subversion and destruction.

( @FC88 )
@DavidBlaine401 @Nature_and_Race They already are

( @DavidBlaine401 )
@FC88 @Nature_and_Race Not quite yet, a lot of the White people in my area still have their minds corrupted by (((media))) and have yet to wake up, as do many Whites throughout the world. But there will be an absolute and obvious breaking point.

( @Imnotreallyintousernames )
@Nature_and_Race the other day I was telling the guys at work about the jewish rape tunnels and they got a laugh out of it like I was bullshitting them
One guy came in the next day saying "oh my God, it's real! I even watched a rabbi suck a baby's dick!"

Put a smile on my face.

( @FC88 )
@Nature_and_Race I also threw up a Roman to a random guy in traffic and said “white power” and he copied me. Pretty cool

( @JohnnyHooker )
@Nature_and_Race I prefer to use “Jewish rape tunnels” for greater clarity

( @SmaxOfCharacter )
@Nature_and_Race "Hey, didja see that thing about the jew tunnels in New York?"
"What? No."
"The NYPD were called, and they found stained child mattresses and baby chairs under a synagogue."
"Yeah, one of the guys escaped out the tunnel using a sewer grate. Here, there's even a video."

Then take it from there.

@Nature_and_Race, @Invictus2525 & @WakeUpOrDie #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
These child-raping tunnel-rats have been at this shit for thousands of years, lads.

At some point, we should probably put a permanent stop to these motherfuckers.

( @Invictus2525 )
@Nature_and_Race End them

( @WakeUpOrDie )
These kikes wield the power that they do because of our OWN people that have been bought and paid for...
NOTHING can be done until we target our own sellout turncoats and snuff their treasonous asses out.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
jew-lovers like you are the reason why the world has been conquered by jews.

@Nature_and_Race andYOU can't change yourself from a puddle of sputum, you sick, f'ing ,anti-semite, whore.

( @VincezzzZ )
@Nature_and_Race Sick weak pathetic Jew enablers have always been the problem, they are the first to yell out "they aren't all the same" when a heinous crime like child rape or murder and organ harvesting is done by them. I personally believe they are mentally ill to accept that a people who identify as gods chosen , because they wrote that in a book and them perpetrate atrocities in gods name could integrate and be part of a white western society. Those enablers might be sick as the jew itself is sick.

( @HoloKlaus )
@Nature_and_Race These attacks against you are ridiculous. I read your posts for long time and I know you are very loyal to true NS ideology.

There is a trend going on to attack everyone that does good for the white race but these attackers give the real fakers a complete free pass.

I wonder why 🤔

( @UltraFortress )
@Nature_and_Race Imagine calling RC anything but the most devout of NS vanguards. Kinda cringe.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Trying to find a "good jew" would be like trying to find a tick that doesn't suck blood.

jews are bad because of their blood. jews are a race, and as such, their every thought, word, and action is compelled by their racial instincts.

jews cannot change their genetics any more than hyenas or rats can. jews can convert to Christianity all they want, but that will not change their jewish racial instincts.

( @Refuter )
@Nature_and_Race The biggest mistake that past leaders, who expelled all Jews from their lands, allowed was letting those that 'convert' to remain. You know that was some total bullshit and the Jews just kept on jewing under a false Christian banner. Expulsions should have been into the sea, rather than outside of their borders.

( @qMAGAs )
@Nature_and_Race Jews are a fucking cancer

( @Christian_Hart )
@Nature_and_Race VERY VERY TRUE. I wrote a post on this a while ago and explained natural law to people.


The jews goal is to end 'discrimination' which is absolutely VITAL to life. You will die almost instantaneously without it. This is because everything they do, promote and believe is an instrument to murder Whites...(not going to beat around the bush here anymore because the hour is late...almost too late).

( @Noah9310 )
@Nature_and_Race And their jewish racial instincts are contradictory to Christianity, which is why there are never any jews that are actually Christian and following the Commandments.

jews will "convert" to promote within the church, sodomy, pedophilia, usury, ruining White peoples' (true Christians') countries with forced open borders, murder of babies, transsexuals and genital mutilation, feminism, promotion of race-mixing, etc.

( @Gab55 )
@Nature_and_Race this seems to be true of nigger races in general - what is Christianity then though offered to jew and gentile? (which was its purpose..)

there are some pretty famous examples of niggers whether Marx or that preacher (black nigger) that their stripes don't change which Christian or not (your choosing or the subjects of this thread) seems like a hierarchical or categorical issue (finding 'good' nigger) than religious?

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
jews rape children in those secret tunnels under their synagogues.

( @Miked1985 )
@Nature_and_Race We have crossed the rubicon.
They have hurt so many children and they know it. This is the point of no return. They will kill you for knowing.
It’s very possible a very small group can undermine everything by just having control of media , courts , prosecutors and the narrative.
Bill Barr is a coward.

( @AspenShoveler )
@Nature_and_Race And they ritually murder gentiles and consume their blood. Nothing has changed since the days of Simon of Trent.

( @Forever_Hitler_1488 )
@Nature_and_Race Jews are a cancer

( @Zoraproxi )
@Nature_and_Race Jews rape children period, those fuckers were even dancing while getting cuffed.

( @BloodyProphecy )
@Nature_and_Race anyone wanna lay odds on bodies being hidden in said tunnels? And that being the reason they wanted to cement them up and not allow anyone to talk about it?

( @The-Leper-king )
@Nature_and_Race the kike rape, torture and kill white children

( @JanusIanuarius )
@Nature_and_Race Sacrificing the children of their enemies. They are the Synagogue of Satan. People need to know their Jewish lineages, because most are clueless, and many 'white people' are in fact of ELVEN DESCENT AND PART JEW AKA THE TRIBE OF DAN, THE SCYTHIANS, THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, THE WELSH, ETC, ETC.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Non-whites are allowed to trash on White people.

White people are not allowed to trash on non-whites.

Non-whites are allowed to be non-white supremacists.

White people aren't even allowed to defend and support their own people.

There is a war being waged against White people. And so far, White people are taking all the shots without firing a single shot back in defense.

( @Thegreathate )
@Nature_and_Race its the thing where white men instinctively know. the first shot is a form of suicide. as in the life you had is over. the entire weight of the zog machine wil come down upon us. either you cuck and claim muh self defense or some such. or. you double down and bring righteous fury upon all of our enemies.

i know when that day comes i will lay my former self to rest and most likely die atop a pile of corpses and spent brass

1488 0/

( @crazykeptmesane )
@Thegreathate Amen, brother. This is thing that will we see us through. @Nature_and_Race Whites I believe are the only race who can visualize the future, and know there will be consequences for their actions. To know that we will go forth to die for our children, for our kith and kin- this is the thing that MUST frighten the demonic spirits who want us gone the most.

( @Cotterpin )
@Nature_and_Race Because for the last 50-60 years, we’ve been conditioned to feel guilty for purposely denying the “majority” minorities the life they deserve. We’ve been taught we have it so much better because we’re White and we owe it all to them because we’ve held them back or exploited them in some way.
It’s more than likely we have it better because we’re White but only because we used our intelligence to think our way through problems and out of situations.
They should stop hating and start learning. Maybe they too can change their governments and build beautiful cultures.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
There's already a race war. And every race is united against White people.

@Nature_and_Race Trying to start a race war, aren't ya?

( @Rodger_james )
@Nature_and_Race Isn't it stunning that there are still dipshit Whites that can’t recognize what is going on around them?

( @Self_Reflection )
@Rodger_james @Nature_and_Race The greatest weakness of whites has been their general empathy, in particular their desire to humanize other races and see them as exactly the same as them.

They always learn the hard way

‘But with social media, this doesn’t have to be the case.

( @beautifulpinkrose )
@Nature_and_Race Sadly, there has been a covert race war. We just didn't know about it. It was a covert war on Northern Europeans by way of Northern European women. Look at the crime stats.

In 2020, the left declared overt war on Northern Europeans and Europeans.

People from heritage of witchcraft and violence were incited to make war on people from heritage of Christianity.

These evil people arose against people of the MAYFLOWER COMPACT, people whose heritage is Christianity, Europeans.

The Lord is covenant authorized and obligated to handle these people.


Esther and Jehosaphat's experience are templates how for us to be saved.

By the Grace of God, the Lord deports all these evil people who are RACIST to Northern Europeans and Europeans from America and Europe back to their homelands, in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ.

( @StephanGuy )
@Nature_and_Race The only race you can openly hate? White

The only race that its own race openly hates? White

The only race told it has privilege while being a host organism for all other races to pick off of? White

I can go on. You are right.

( @ConMeNot2 )
@Nature_and_Race Out of 7 billion people on earth... only one billion are white. We are a minority that is being genocided.

( @GermanicMechanic )
@Nature_and_Race stack that ammo. White power!

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race It's time to fight back, we don't have much time. More and more Whites are waking up and realizing there's a war on them. Anti-whitism will collapse on its own weight, cause forcing Whites into a death struggle will backfire.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #psycho gab.com

( @BritainFirst )
The Irish are still protesting against the invasion of their homeland by Third World immigrants.
May the Lord bless their endeavours.

( @NordicWolf )
@BritainFirst Protesting AKA begging your oppressors/invaders, has never served any useful purpose other than that of your oppressors/invaders.

@BritainFirst They're not "migrants." They're not "immigrants." That's jew language. They are invaders.

( @miketimothy210 )
@BritainFirst cmon Irish. Show the world diversity is bull shit. Save Ireland and its heritage. You don’t see Irish migrants invading Africa, the Middle East or elsewhere. I’m an American and America is lost now. I have migrants here causing havoc, getting free housing and monthly deposits on debit cards. Very different from my Irish grandfather that came here in 1904. Poor and homeless for a few years but worked his ass off to earn the right to be an American. He embraced America and what it stood for. Never trying to change the Culture. If he was alive today he would be back in Ireland rallying his brothers to fight.

( @Swed )
@BritainFirst When do the Irish start hunting the invaders?

( @Letsgo_Ky )
@BritainFirst if your not white in that country- your an invader

( @Count_Noses )
@BritainFirst Have any rraabi/politicians been burned alive yet? Any 'jewnalists' decapitated? THIS IS (((war))).

( @AZLion )
@BritainFirst They better do something to save whats left of their country before they all die from the death vax!

( @zman173rd )
@BritainFirst Be careful young lady. Your Garda will turn their backs to you while the black monkeys rape you. The blacks aren't the problem, they just do what they can get away with. Your GARDA is the problem. Deal with it.

( @AmerPatCon1st )



various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
Remember that there are still people sitting in federal prison for walking through the capitol building.

Meanwhile cops around the country were kneeling for BLM as they burned down every city in America.

That’s what serves as justice in this country.

( @KennyLiquorbush )
@Apolitical Anybody who is still pretending that US isn't a jewish puppetshow is willfully ignorant.

( @jimwinter78 )
@Apolitical The (((feds))) raided that amish farm.
Going after the kulaks again .

( @War_Wizard )
@Apolitical There is no justice in the jewdicial system.

( @Lady_Liberty_2021 )
@Apolitical. That's Judeo-Bolshevik justice. No mercy for dissidents. No punishment for state-sponsored terrorism.


( @Nutta )
@Apolitical And they just ran Laura Loomer out of two presidential campaigns, the blue needs to be purged for disobeying their oath, and now California passed a law allowing non-citizens (illegals) to be LEO's, thereby creating their own militia de-facto! They have loyalty to no one except who writes the payroll check.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Apolitical As long as kikes run our judicial system, there will never be justice for us.


various commenters #wingnut #racist #fundie gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Shia can convert to whatever religion he wants. He will always be a racial jew.

Shia LaBeouf Confirmed Into Catholic Church, Considers Becoming a Deacon

( @ShadowStruggler )
@Nature_and_Race Once a jew always a jew, his dna is evil, he can´t change that.

( @damnitjesse )
@Nature_and_Race the trad caths make me sick. They're all race mixing scum. I'd box that faggot E M jones if I was also 109 years old like that antiWhite pos.

( @ernestbarkhorn )
@damnitjesse @Nature_and_Race Race is important. But God is more important.

( @damnitjesse )
@ernestbarkhorn @Nature_and_Race definitely NOT. The true God finds that Luke warm and spits it right out.

White pagans of good character are in the Christian heaven with the other Whites and there are no nons.

( @ADrake )
@damnitjesse @ernestbarkhorn @Nature_and_Race Pagans do not go to jewish heaven.

( @damnitjesse )
@ADrake @ernestbarkhorn @Nature_and_Race no kikes in heaven. Buzz off religion divider. That is jewy

( @ADrake )
@damnitjesse @ernestbarkhorn @Nature_and_Race I'm the divider, but you have no problem with insulting other Whites that don't follow your (((abrahamic))) god by claiming they will be in your jewish heaven?

You know how you guys are always talking about taking our own side? Yeah, quit worshipping crucified rabbi.

( @ernestbarkhorn )
@ADrake @damnitjesse @Nature_and_Race Yeah, you are right. Jesus was from Galilee, which was an Aryan province.

( @nature_therapy )
@Nature_and_Race I think it's part of being a jew, the belief that they can just convert to other religions on a whim.

It's shapeshifting and parody, so an expression of ethnic jewishness. Any reverance they think it shows for other cultures is thinly veiled contempt, because they're incapable of doing anything without mockery. Even when they adopt a host religion to "avoid persecution", they're doing it as a flag of convenience without any real sincerity.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @KeepNHGranite )
Every minute, every hour, every day - corporate and institutional powers openly profess their hatred of White people.

If you listened only to politicians, you wouldn't even know it was happening.

In fact, you'd think it was happening to everyone but White people.

The Anti-White Industrial Complex is the greatest threat we face, and the Anti-White Uniparty is integral to its function.

( @RussianTwitterbot )
@KeepNHGranite its still the jews

( @debbyloo )
@RussianTwitterbot @KeepNHGranite
Piss on non-White's!

( @Avikikerberg )
@RussianTwitterbot @KeepNHGranite The Jews have every angle covered on their war on the white race.

( @AFutureForWhites )
@KeepNHGranite They're taunting White people more and more and there are no politicians willing to condemn any of it. There is virtually no one at all in the public eye who is condemning it. The "unity" and "we are all one race" preaching people aren't condemning it either.
How there is a single White person who cannot see the anti-White agenda is beyond me.

( @JosephJMcGraw )
@KeepNHGranite If you were completely new to this country, and had never been exposed to any media at all, then you were to sit down and watch only commercials on the idiot box today. You would be convinced that blacks and deviants were the only population of this country. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs to turn OFF the idiot boxes, permanently, and turn off your zombie brain washing control devices, (dumb-phones and tablets) and attempt to break their mind control programming..NOW!!! When you are curled up in the fetal position sucking your thumb after the SHTF, don't expect us to save your sorry asses!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!

( @Sorin13 )
@KeepNHGranite And then the kikes are like: "Why all the antisemitism?" 🙄

( @dnile08 )
@KeepNHGranite The anti-White propaganda in the media is directly attributable to the Jews who control the media.

@KeepNHGranite I have learned from Gab that I’m not white being part Spanish and Italian; which I thought I was considered white. Point is my Dad would be considered white so I understand and support the white race and how important it is.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
jews have no self-awareness or self-control.

They always take their power too far, and end up suffering serious backlash from the people they've subjugated, oppressed, and abused.

jews have overplayed their hand once again. Believing, yet again, that their power is absolute, that they are untouchable.

They will come to regret what they've done to the world. Some may even wish to apologize. But by then it will be too late.

We are living in the zenith of jewish power in this world.

And the world is suffering because of it.

But it won’t last forever. In fact, it seems to be crumbling around us

( @Albzi )
@Nature_and_Race The problem is the half, and quarter, and all types of partial Jews will slip through the cracks and start the cycle again hundreds of years later.

( @Will_Geo )
@Albzi @Nature_and_Race we'll have to have mandatory genetic tests to weed them all the way out

( @ALushPair )
@Albzi @Nature_and_Race sad to say but jews, like parasites may be integral to the ecosystem

( @Texian_Nationalist )
@Nature_and_Race Instead of the NWO its the JWO...

( @LeFurie )
@Nature_and_Race The next Fuhrer is coming.

( @excid )
@Nature_and_Race I agree. It amazes me that the jews, with their ability to plan and execute in slow motion over large timeframes lose self-control like this.

( @HighCapacityAssaultUterus )
I was just talking to a friend today... You ever watch a very jewy show? They're ALL going to shrinks. It just goes without saying that jews are all insane. They are unable to function in reality, which is why they exist in a fantasy world where they are God's favorite and eternal victims.

( @felis_concolor )
@Nature_and_Race may they not live to regret their overreach this time.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
That doesn't change the fact that muslims are grooming, abducting, raping, beating, and murdering White children.

jews may have brought them to White countries, but muslims themselves are the ones committing all these horrible actions, all on their own.

@Nature_and_Race Muslims are only here in America and Europe because of Jews who are the real problem.

( @dajdklanfjkabvjka )
@Nature_and_Race That is true. But the fact Jews brought them there and keep them there means that if you can defeat Jewish power first, then you can just mass deport the Muslims and not allow them back.

( @Nature_and_Race )
@dajdklanfjkabvjka -- In the meantime we have to defend ourselves, and more importantly, OUR CHILDREN, from these brown fucking savages.

( @RobertGuy )

Muslims and negroes are the jewish Golem to attack the White race by proxy. Jews are cowards, so they manipulate these subhuman beasts into being their shock-troops.

It all ends when we drop the jewish psyop of "radical individualism," and when we begin to have White solidarity. The isolated, atomized individual is already divided and conquered. The group has unstoppable strength and morale of its own.

( @comegetyasome )
@Nature_and_Race must be a sandnigger,has me blocked. I've never met a muslim I could trust.

( @Sn0wGl0be )
@Nature_and_Race The Jews knows Muslims are a shitty bunch. They wouldn't have brought them into European countries if they weren't.

"But those child raping Muslims hate Jews too!"

And? Jews are the enemy of everyone. Many blacks hate them too; that shouldn't stop us from recognizing the cancer blacks are to White people.

( @leafz )
@Nature_and_Race The biggest part of this problem is the traitorous leaders of European, and N. American countries allowing these migrants...even encouraging them, to invade White countries...

Then turning a blind eye to the horrendous things they are doing to their citizens... Often saying these migrants have mental problems, and should be excused for their actions...

various commenters #wingnut #racist #fundie gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Christianity will not turn blacks into Whites.

( @White_Appalachian )
@Nature_and_Race blacks can’t be Christian.
1) A Soul ❌
2) Humanity ❌
3) Mental capacity for repentance ❌
4) Integrity ❌
5) Ability to act Godly, not upon violent or deviant impulses ❌
6) Heterosexuality (All blacks are fags, some just haven’t got caught yet)

They have none of the 12 marks of Israel nor do they even resemble humans. They are NOT people.

( @David_Brownnn )
@Nature_and_Race Blacks should be christians in Africa, not here.

( @TheNationalEagle )
@Nature_and_Race Christianity is only for the White man. Jews and niggers aren’t welcome.

( @thebrokenchaingarden )
@Nature_and_Race one of the biggest lies over told....that niggers are just 'black people'.

As in black versions of us......


( @debbyloo )
I was blocked by a Christian Swede who didn't like that I posted that jews & muslims can blow each other up.
She defended the muslims as God fearing.
I said piss on the muslims.

( @Poohisms )
@Nature_and_Race Is their self esteem that low?

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Poohisms -- blacks are just genetically deficient. No ideology, philosophy, religion, or social system will ever cure them. They are forever genetically primitive.

( @beautifulpinkrose )
@Nature_and_Race The satanic left emboldened African decent people to believe they can run amuck. But they get charged, prosecuted and convicted to the fullest extent of the law, in Christ Jesus.

Of course, there is the Lord who is the Judge.

( @krain21 )
@Nature_and_Race Whites need to quickly understand this: no matter what amount of efforts you put in, nobody will achieve the White standards.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #sexist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
The accounts promoting Asian women, and trashing on White women, are not run by White men.

They are non-whites pretending to be White. They are anti-Whites pretending to be pro-White. They are subversive infiltrators.

Do not listen to these twisted, degenerate faggots. And do not blame actual pro-White men for what they say.

( @GabSpellCheck )
@Nature_and_Race Yes, you're quite correct.
But that said, a lot of White women do fit the "woke Karen" stereotype, to put it in simplistic terms.
However, I also try to recognize they have been the prime target of anti-White propaganda since the 1960s, and they are particularly vulnerable to it because it appeals to their emotions, not their intellect.
It's a difficult problem, and there are no simple solutions, but I believe a good place to start is to encourage young White men to live a life that exemplifies traditional White values and virtues. The women will tend to follow the strongest leaders; it's how women naturally respond.
That's something you already do, and I commend you for that!

( @ShadowStruggler )
@Nature_and_Race I only date white women, I want to pass my green eyes, light brown hair and pale skin.

( @bluesea123 )
@Nature_and_Race agreed, they hate women so badly except for asians?? How can you be pro white and promote race mixing? There's definitely something wrong with that picture.

( @LeFurie )
@Nature_and_Race Asian women are ugly compared to European women, but I suppose some degenerate men like what they can get.

( @woodgrames )

Even chinks can shape-shift when they're hidden behind the internetz.

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Nature_and_Race How could a sane White man look at an Asian woman and think that's a good option? Every race needs to date within their own, especially Whites. For if the White race is polluted, subverted and lost, the gift to this earth of the Almighty Creator will be squandered. What a sin that would be.

( @Lvlsportschick )
@Nature_and_Race hopefully peeps like thats i'll be the first to be raped and beheaded by our new visitors

they need God for real

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Happy New Year, White people.

( @Memphis1984 )
@Nature_and_Race And only White people !

The rest of you mystery meats can fuck off !!!

( @BatKun )
@Nature_and_Race Zero fucks about the blacks in the new 2024! 🍺🥃

( @SnowMann1 )
@Nature_and_Race 2024 will be interesting. 🇮🇱

( @WhiteyRighty )
@Nature_and_Race TRUTH! White Power NOW! 14 Words and Heil Hitler! WPWW

( @tfc )
@Nature_and_Race here is to hoping that one day we'll be allowed to raise our children in a safe white homogeneous environment.

( @WeldorChick )
@Nature_and_Race Happy New Year to you also💥

( @MADDH8R )
@Nature_and_Race Happy New Year fellow White Brother!!!

( @NightHawk555 )
@Nature_and_Race Happy New Year Whitey

( @DarkOGB )
@Nature_and_Race White power!!🤚

( @JamesStorey )
@Nature_and_Race happy new year back at you white brother

( @Thesmokinglaptop )
@Nature_and_Race happy new year rc.
Hail victory o/

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Arabs and Middle East muslims of every type are invading our country from our southern border.

These fighting age men will groom and rape White girls.

If White Americans aren't willing to unify, organize, and fight back in real life we will go extinct, and we will suffering horribly as we all die off.

( @EuropeMan )
@Nature_and_Race White revolution is the solution

( @Jack0Neill2Ls )
I don't know if it was a fake article or not. I didn't vet it. But apparently the Irish burned down another complex that is or was going to house illegals. There's hope and that kind of thing will inspire more action.

( @Kekian_Thunderbolt )

"But they're natural conservatives and will VOOT for Trump! We all bleed red! Jesus, MAGA, niggers!" -- infinite hordes of mindless Boomervermin

( @RivalNation )
@Nature_and_Race It’s gonna get bad real fast, heck it’s already past midnight. Extinction is no longer knocking on our door, it is laughing in our faces and teasingly saying -oh yeah, what you’re going to do about it White man?-

( @RealBasedCross )
@Nature_and_Race REPLACEMENT.

( @Lordgriffen2019 )
@Nature_and_Race Things we cannot be protesting we must fight these bastards with rifles and artillery

( @senatuspopolusqueromanus )
@Nature_and_Race My rabbi LOVES them!!! I mean, hates them as far as hanging out with them and is super-waysis towards them arabs but loves their holy mission #tikkunolam to drive white americans to genocide, replacement and extinction....... badammmmmmmmmmm tssssssssssss!! 😅😂🤪 #sarcasm

( @JohnnyHooker )
@Nature_and_Race only 3% of whites have any survival instincts at all. We need to withdraw to rural areas but also stay mobile. It will need to get worse before whites perceive reality.

( @DemoCrack_Defector )
@Nature_and_Race I wonder how fast the Democrats would shut down the border, if overnight there were 24 million undocumented young tall blonde single women from Ukraine, Russia, Sweden, and Germany.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @KeepNHGranite )
Another month in the death of White America.

Another month of utter silence from every single politician.

( @baronvonjewhammer )
@KeepNHGranite Name the jew Blame the jew Expose the jew Expel the jew (I misspelled exterminate)

( @RoyalZarak86 )
@KeepNHGranite As I said before
Black murderers Jewish courts? White Americans don’t stand a chance at all

( @shrinkydink12345 )

( @FatherJohn )
@KeepNHGranite Niggers do NOT deserve "Equal treatment under the Law."

You have to be a HUMAN BEING to be given that.......

( @VLCOX )
@KeepNHGranite Always, always watch your back when you are around a stinking nigger. No matter who they are or where you are.

( @HesitantLantern )
@KeepNHGranite Until an actual system of equitable justice can be restored under Pres. Trump, vigilante vengeance squads are the only alternative. I hope it's already started to happen, with those dishing out the vengeance simply choosing to keep quiet about it. A wise course of action.

( @HeliRides3000 )
@KeepNHGranite So many young White lives cut short because "diversity is our strength" so it needs to be installed everywhere. No, we need segregation now. When there are more Whites killed than days in a month from black animal savages, I see no other way.

( @ContrivedAndTrite )

Really sad, I bet all those murdered Whites thought that multiracialism is a good thing and to have a majority or all White anything was evil or at the very least lame.

( @rua_patriot1stn )
@KeepNHGranite > I say = if Blacks (12%) and Jew$ (2%) WANT WAR - Let's GIVE It to Them........and then some........and some MORE until They 'Get-it'........or Their numbers ARE Permanently 'minimized' - kno what I mean Vern !!

@Dragonslayer0351 )
@KeepNHGranite don't forget the JIHAD, the CCP SPECIAL OPERATORS, the MEXICAN CARTELS, the SOMOLIANS, and the prisons that third world countries opened the doors to, so that they could come to America to help the Federal Reserve Globalist cabal and the CCP attempt to destroy America. They lion will wake and they are in its pen.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

News Year's greetings to all White sisters and brothers!

One year closer to victory!

( @carter_hall )
@NEW_ORDER Heil Hitler, brothers!

( @White_Appalachian )
@NEW_ORDER Happy New Year! Hail Christ! Hail Victory! Heil Hitler!

( @SD_Lupo )

( @JanusIanuarius )
@NEW_ORDER This used to get me banned everywhere, but your thoughts on what Hitler really knew? There are 'white people' but also evil white jews. The Nazi's were being controlled by the Ashkenazi playing both sides of the war. They get to persecute the real Hebrew Jews, whilst killing all the Pleaidians after the fact. Blood determines race, color is secondary.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @Footdoc )
The flu "vaccine" has been around for almost 80 years, and it's still supposed to be taken every year.

The flu still exists, and people are still dying from it. See how this works?

( @RBfromTX )
@Footdoc yep. And no more vaccines for me. Ever.

( @The_Truth_707 )
@Footdoc Taking a "free" vax ensures that you will get sick and then spend money on cold and flu medicines at the same pharmacy that gave you the shot, all while spreading it to everyone around you.

( @rua_patriot1st )
@Footdoc > TAKE NO SHOTs, including VACCINES/Boosters, etc...........unless YOU "Trust" YOUR Gov't., Big-Pharma & The Media (Jew$) ............I sure hope that Leftie$ Do ??

( @LeFrog2300 )

Adjusted per capita, the flu rates have increased every year since the vaccine became standard.

( @Luke67 )
@Footdoc Yes. I also see that you are a dumb cunt. Every year medical organisations take samples of that years flu variation (it changes every year) from that they formulate a jab which will offer a high degree of protection to that years dominant strain. No medical professional says it will offer 100% protection against flu as that is unrealistic but it does offer a high degree of protection against both infection and the severity of illness should you still become infected. Happy to clear that up for you.

( @Masktards )
@Footdoc because… are you ready? … viruses don’t exist.

( @ChuckLafond244 )
@Footdoc. I have never taken a flu shot. When the shot was first introduced, I seem to remember a news report stating that six people had died after getting a flu shot. A few years later, oh, this year's shot was produced for the wrong strain of 'this year's flu'.
Relying on the God designed immune system that came with my body, I will forgo any future shots as well.

( @Cptnshloshlposh )
@Footdoc It kills me talking to people who think flu vaccines aren't a scam. It takes the tiniest bit of critical thinking to see that taking them makes no logical sense. And still they line up like lemmings to take them.

( @AussieTrumpFan )
@Footdoc I used to be one of those people that would get the flu shot and every year I’d be sick with the flu. Stopped getting the shot about 6 years ago and haven’t been sick since. They normally roll out the flu shot before flu season starts so I’m thinking that the flu season wouldn’t exist if no one got the shot

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @HandsomeTruth )
Looks like some White Boys in California are about to do some BIG TIME IRL JEW NAMING!!!

( @SpookyMuffin )
@HandsomeTruth HOLY HOLOHOAX SHEKELMAN! Keep up the good work goys coming at ya from Vero Beach, FL where we have a HUGE kike problem.

( @sirenman )
@HandsomeTruth everybody is aware of it. but by the time 'everyone' admits it. it will be too late. they have trained us it is anti semitic, LOL. to gang tackle the most important powerful entities. then just ignore it. by 1.6% of our nation. the noose is being put over our heads and our nations as i write this. WTFU!!!

( @TheRealJugLY )
@HandsomeTruth TIME TO MAKE IT 110

( @AncientAryan )
@HandsomeTruth SIEG HEIL o/

( @Snickler )
@HandsomeTruth its the perfect one , it shows where the jews introduced pedophilia

various commenters #wingnut #elitist #racist #sexist gab.com

( @Halp )
People on welfare shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

( @CrossThePotomac )
@Halp Also all non-whites and women

( @ZimmerHandcrafted )
@Halp I'd go farther than that: if you are a net tax drain on the country over the course of your lifetime you should not be allowed to vote.

This would not inherently repeal the 19th amendment, but it effectively would...but that is merely a happy coincidence.

( @USMCHOG8393 )
@Halp If you are on any government assistance u should not be allowed to vote.
If u don’t own property u shouldn’t be able to vote on property tax issues. Also if you are a politician today, you should be either shot at dawn, or hanged. Sounds good though

( @DeplorableFredTN )
@Halp Only land owners should be allowed to vote. No skin in the game, no voice in governance

( @JohnnyHooker )
@Halp only white landowners should be allowed to vote.

( @Legend_of_Wiker )
@Halp wrong. Welfare shouldn't exist to begin with

( @Coolio )
@Halp To be allowed to vote you should have to pay taxes or bear arms is what Abe Lincoln wrote. Also apparently wanted to send the "free slaves" back to Africa. Bullet in the head instead before the plan got off the ground.

( @mothersmurfer )
@Halp Nor reproduce.

( @thetruthnotdoctrine )
@Halp If you got rid of Jews and their USURY!!! there wouldn't be anyone on welfare, apart from the genuine deserving sick and disabled!

( @wohl1917 )
@Halp I'll do you a couple better than that: If you are not a veteran OR own property OR have a job OR support a family and pay taxes for it all AND CAN PROVE IT, you shouldn't be allowed to vote!

( @Dannygeetar )
@Halp Neither should non property owners

( @Bilo32 )
@Halp People that don’t own land shouldn’t be able to vote.

( @Old_time_gal )
@Halp Our founding fathers only wanted landowners to vote, since they were the only ones who "had skin in the game".

( @mjdigspigs )
@Halp Women shouldn't be allowed to vote, either.

( @StevenEMichaels )
@Halp Don’t forget women. Also, remove all women from congress and government.

( @Cupcake70 )
@Halp Only property owners should vote

various commenters #wingnut #forced-birth #racist gab.com

( @WayoftheWorld )
Roxanne Green just burned down Wyoming's first abortion clinic just weeks before it was due to open. Her eyes say: "Do what you must. I have already won."

( @LandRun )
@WayoftheWorld abortion is murder. God will protect her.

( @Zippo_Man )
@LandRun @WayoftheWorld
one of the many lies we are forced to accept--"it's just a clump of cells"
If so, then why can they harvest organs of the baby and sell them?

( @RagnarokBlackSun )
@Zippo_Man @LandRun @WayoftheWorld abortion is why there aren't 200 million niggers in the United States right now btw

( @QuantumMechanic )
@WayoftheWorld Clearly she is doing Gods work. She is also going to be martyred. Murdering babies is the most highly protected sacrament in the liberal religion. Pray for this young lady. The full weight of the utterly corrupt biden doj is about to come down on her. 🙏

( @Number22 )
@WayoftheWorld She is a true hero. Now someone do the same to the one in Maryland aborting babies at 8 months and selling their parts.

( @rmiller_85226 )
@WayoftheWorld if she had burned down a pro life clinic they would be cheering her. Liberals are sick and they deserve to have their abortion clinics burned to the ground

( @PacificSail )
@WayoftheWorld If a human is pronounced dead when their heart stops beating then shouldn't a human be pronounced alive when the heart starts beating.

( @dg54321 )
@WayoftheWorld She has more balls than 99% of men out there sitting at home doing nothing while babies are murdered and the country is invaded from the southern border they live close to, but talk big.

( @bouncingblueballs )
@dg54321 @WayoftheWorld I'd have more respect for her if she took out some illegal invaders as opposed to burning down an abortion clinic that would've been flushing out more non white babies than white ones.

( @PostichePaladin )
@WayoftheWorld Does the White privilege card work as well as the Black rioter get out of jail free card?
If she was black and burned down a Wendy's, she would get a statue and a couple of million dollars.