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( @MorpheusMAGA)

spoilerThe reason it's hard to tell who's
dumber - the climate cult or the
COVID cult - it's because they're the
exact same people.

(@salmanzo1 )

Virtue signaling individual locking critical
thinking skills ond oxygen. A person
relying on media directives rather than
research ond overcome by irrational fears
and behaviors concerning a virus with a
99.98% survival rate.


( @LimaGolf60 )
@MorpheusMAGA It's the Church of Covid.

( @KingKrawFish )

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@KingKrawFish @MorpheusMAGA lmao

kikes trying to project "the gene therapy" onto trump when he had 0 hand in putting the actual shot together

patent date on covid-19...2015, owned by moderna...controlled and owned by kikes

Let's stop pretending that it's "big bad White man" and it's actually kikes...but of course a kike run account wouldn't want that now would they?

( @Zapatero99 )
@MorpheusMAGA do the Climate and Covid cults have rallies and wear lots of swag that is obviously made in China? Asking for a friend.

( @rip4e )
@MorpheusMAGA how many resources have been put towards climate change & covid with no results?

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
The highly partisan Democrat Witch Hunt goes on, this time in New York where, after viewing millions of pages of documents over many years, charges were brought against a long time Trump executive who they “tortured” & threatened for years, for not paying taxes on the use of company cars, the use of a company apartment, & the education of his grandchildren. No such “fringe benefits” case has ever been brought criminally(?) in the U.S., & right during the important Mid-Term Elections, of course!

Can you imagine, the failed Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance (at the time), took Crooked Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, from her and the Democrats Law Firm, Paul Weiss, Rifkind…., and gently placed them into the District Attorney’s Office in order to PROSECUTE “TRUMP.” They have GREAT liability for doing this! It got so bad that various prosecutors quit because they thought that Donald Trump was being treated so badly and unfairly - and it continues. In the end, Justice Must Prevail!

( @Publius2024 )
@realdonaldtrump Covid was a hoax. Why didn’t you say so? Coward.

( @Watchman_Joe )
@realdonaldtrump NY is ordered to pay the unlawful vax mandated employees.. you are next.. BIG law suites coming for you Mr Warp speed!!

( @PathosAvenger )
@realdonaldtrump TLDR: waaah. Donnie, we all know they use the system to hurt anyone they want. You had a chance to change it, and YOU FAILED.

( @WakeTheFuckUp )

Guess what else happened?

America was terrorized & torn apart for 2.5 years by a fake pandemic that you launched with your signature in February 2020.

Then you told us to get injected with a deadly gene therapy created by psychopathic criminals.

Remember that?

( @Larryoham )
@realdonaldtrump Democrats have no shame. Republicans should start using the same tactics. Put Hunter in jail, Impeach Biden. Go after anybody that supports Biden and make them rue the day they stole 2020. Put all the Mules in jail.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Our children are the very future of our civilization, and they must be protected at all costs.

Here is my letter to the NIH opposing the use of tax money to sexually mutilate and castrate children.

( @FlyingSolo )
@DrPaulGosar Dr. Gosar, I appreciate that letter.. but honestly, congress needs to stop asking these agencies to do the right thing and instead make them do the right thing.. however that needs to be done. We have no more time to dance around what's happening.

( @lmWA489 )
@DrPaulGosar Instead of writing letters, the NIH should be dissolved.

( @BernadetteH )
@DrPaulGosar Only a sick perverted country would abuse their children like this.

( @DellFerg )
@DrPaulGosar And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power. History is repeating.

( @bat_scat )
@DrPaulGosar what bout a bill that would free the J6?

( @SimpleManUSA )
@DrPaulGosar A letter? Nice!

( @Lou_Scannin )
@SimpleManUSA @DrPaulGosar that'll teach them!

( @HeinrichManeuver )
@DrPaulGosar protect them from immigration

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( @The_Nose )
Antisemitism seems insane to someone that gets their news from cable and still enjoys Hollywood made movies. Whats more insane is an ethnoreligious group less than 2% of the population controls both of those industries and most of the country doesn't think there is anything wrong with that.

( @auseconomicunit )

spoiler"Jews don't own the media" cry Jewish owners of
large media platforms

( @Arms_Control_Poseur )
@The_Nose Of course the penalty for speaking out against the jew is being deplatformed, slandered by the media and then having your shekels cut off. I guess it’s just a conspiracy theory though, lol.

( @H0l0h0ax )
@The_Nose If people were allowed to talk about the behavior of Jews, they wouldn’t be able to get away with anything. I mean, imagine if they had to give an explanation for all of those wars they started?

( @Cindysue73 )
@The_Nose I also blame religion on some of it. Falsely claiming them to be the chosen people and that Christ was a Jew

( @Saamprater )
@The_Nose Because we grew up being brainwashed that they’re the forever victims.
Not the creators of their own demise.

( @JPsMerch )
@The_Nose History is meaningless to the average idiot. It's just Hitler hate on the History Channel and PBS. That's literally the entire scope of history, those two stations. To them, slaving away for seventy hours a week, both man and wife, is just normal. Hell, it's a source of pride! When they take out a loan at 20% interest for that new car? Hell, this is what makes America great!

Shit getting too expensive? Damn those Democrats. We need a Republican in there again, and all this shit will be mega-ultra-all-American-great again!

Um, yeah, dude, but Presidents are only there for four years, maybe eight. Then they're gonna put a Democrat in there again. It's all planned. It's a cycle.

They don't get this. It's like NFL fans who think life is all about their team winning. Doesn't matter that in a year, you might have a different team in charge. Or four years. They bask in the glow while it's there, and figure "We'll kick their asses next election!"

People are children. They respond to the world as such.

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( @OutlawJW )

spoilerReminder for Vall that Roe v Wade was
overturned a little over 1 trimester ago

( @Spongebob1776 )
@OutlawJW Pretty suspicious that the only two issues--- abortion and Jan 6th-- was put on a silver platter for Democrats to use against their Republican opponents. Can't talk about stolen elections, political prisoners, Armed IRS agents, FBI stasi tactics against political enemies, inflation, Ukraine spending, Government spending, Biden, rigged elections, mail in ballots, Covid, the jabs, the boosters, the young people dying for no apparent reasons, black crime spree, no bail for criminals, liberal District attorneys, Darrell Brooks, etc...

( @thelastdude )
@OutlawJW poor Leonardo DiCaprio..... A liberal douchebag that became the face of conservative memes lol

( @Defythecabal )
@thelastdude @OutlawJW I still don’t understand it. Everyone knows Leo is the biggest leftist globalist douche there is. How can I help? Jewish Hollywood infected conservatives brains from childhood. Every hero we can remember on tv has been infected with leftist virus.

( @Dinduvius_Shekelstein )
@Defythecabal You're missing the point. Aborting kike nigger or assorted shitskin fetuses is fantastic. Aborting White babies should be a death penalty offense. Unless it's a mudshark, then the crotch spawn isn't human, and the abortion should be mandatory and state enforced.

Thx for lissnin

@thelastdude @OutlawJW

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( @MorpheusMAGA )

spoilerHave you noticed that healthy adults
and children are dropping dead
from the poison but geriatric career
politicians seem to be doing fine? Do
you get it yet..

( @LimaGolf60 )
@MorpheusMAGA Anytime a high profile person dies "unexpectedly", I think to myself that they weren't important enough to the elites to get the saline injection.

( @Kittiwake )
@LimaGolf60 @MorpheusMAGA Me too....I always think "Now we know how high the pawns go."

( @Handlemywhats )
@LimaGolf60 @MorpheusMAGA or it’s more theater like everything else. The only real deaths are among the sheeple who keep listening to any part of msm

( @Kittiwake )
@MorpheusMAGA Yeah, not one geriatric person in power has dropped....Not one.....Go figure....Statistically impossible....

( @Momcat2111 )
nah, couldn't be the vaxx......

( @JennyJennyBoomBoom )
@MorpheusMAGA Of course! They didn't get the mRNA cyborg bio weapon. The White House and Congress were exempt. Ask yourself why? Not only were they exempt, most took Ivermectin, the same Ivermectin that was banned in most states. These twats don't represent us, they hate us.

( @birdsrus67 )
@JennyJennyBoomBoom @MorpheusMAGA
Those satanic pedo twats want us ALL dead.

( @Celiaszoo )
@MorpheusMAGA Remember the photo op of Pelosi getting her shot where nurses were quick to point out there was no needle attached to the syringe??

( @BayouDarlin )
And daily more kids are injected w POISON as dead state KILLS off mankind...

( @ShilohW )
@BayouDarlin @MorpheusMAGA
They're targeting a certain demographic and it's not African Americans this time ...

( @Shabby66 )
@MorpheusMAGA the politicians never had the vaccines.....they had saline........some never got the vaccine injected into their skin, they faked it...........
THE VACCINES ARE EXPERIMENTAL.......EXPERIMENTAL......Why would you have it.......plus have your children have it......WHY WHY ........... what is wrong with you all ........NO .....is the ANSWER .........NO NO NO.........

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( @Halp )
Anti-White terrorist attacks like the Waukesha massacre aren’t the result of “mental illness.” They’re the result of years of media and government messaging about “White supremacy” and “White privilege.”

( @FlawedEnigma )

( @FanaticalTexan )
@Halp I think the media is conflating 'mental illness' with 'mental deficiency'.
These low IQ chimps don't do the things they do because they are ill, they do so because they are deficient.
Calling them mentally ill implicitly means it's not the norm for them and we can somehow cure them. Recognizing this is the norm means it's a deficiency in their genes and we are incompatible and the only cure is separation.

( @gthousandaire )
@Halp If "White privilege" and "White Supremacy" were so endemic in this country, and so problematic for BIPOCs, there wouldn't be any of them here to complain about it.

( @Emmee83 )
@gthousandaire @Halp let’s make that happen!!

( @prometheus037 )
@Halp bring back lynching

( @Lovecraft_Freeman )
@Halp It’s like Rwanda, the media was used by the government to divide and sow murderous hatred between two groups, one of which those in power wanted gone; so they provided them with weapons and justification for genocide.

( @Volcanic84 )
@Halp The Democrats were losing so many black voters that they had to create racism where it didn't exist. Now they have gone so far that some are talking about going back to segregation because they are too dangerous to live among us.

( @PizzaJohns )
@Halp it is normal for blacks to murder any other race who tries to share a nation with them. They even do this to other blacks all over Africa. They don't need any instruction. They're born that way. The media just makes whites tolerate it

( @rotifer1066 )
The ADL is literally telling blacks to kill whites.
Constantly telling people to “forcefully” attack.
Their words!
This is Zionist supremacist terrorism

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Joe Biden thinks it’s wrong to stop the profit driven medical industry from cutting breasts off 15 year old girls and castrating teen boys before they are old enough to legally get a tattoo or vote.

Democrats are the party of child abuse.

Democrats ( MARXISTS ) are the Party of Pure Satanical Evilness .

( @AcidBrainWash )

( @Katland )
@repmtg . . . Democrats don't have "morals", they also lack integrity, honor & have absolutely NO respect for humanity or life itself.

I can't imagine people actually "voting" for a political party whose main goals are:

* Killing babies.
* Mutilating children's genitals.
* Chemically castrating children.
* Legalizing child rape/torture (pedophilia).
* Sexually grooming children.
* Transgender as normal vs mental illness.
* Revoking parental rights to "force" ALL of the above on EVERY CHILD in the USA.

Oh yeah, I forgot . . . NO one "votes" for Dems, that's why they CHEAT!

( @yourvampire )
@repmtg thinking he's a "president" is wrong.
he's an incestuous, pedophile, crook and a career liar who's party forced to act as president, because he's the dirtiest politician in DC. he's the sacrificial lamb, to take all the blame for obama's hijacking of the USA. it was that or execution.

( @realGoetzVonBerlichingen )

( @SandraLoftis )
@repmtg unbelievable

( @wait4me )
@SandraLoftis @repmtg I am 42, have 4 kids, want to have hysterectomy because I am tired of the constant monthly pain. And I cannot get it done. I guess I need to tell the doctors, that I decided to be a father instead of being my kid's Mom.

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Who is going to enter the Trump Quicksand? Many have tried, leaving permanently damaged, or never to be heard from again!

( @Rjbz82 )
@realdonaldtrump vaccine salesman!

( @JimSerafin )

spoilerFor all the Trump haters
out there, what did you
hate most: no wars?
Middle East peace? Strong
American economy? No
inflation? Growing 401 Ks
Market profits? Low gas
prices? A secure oil
reserve? Lower taxes? A
strong dollar?

( @Parkersburg1962 )
@JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump The vaccine dear. It ruined my fucking life.

( @dirtygirt )
@Parkersburg1962 @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump Did you not make the choice to take it?

( @Parkersburg1962 )
@dirtygirt @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump no I had a nervous breakdown because my job was forcing me to take it and I knew it was the wrong thing. They finally paid me to leave because I was talking to an attorney. How about you? Did the existence of a vaccine that was totally untested compromise your life?

( @seanyo33 )
@JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump why not list “Vaccine Champion” and “BBC lover”?

( @RaptorsChamps19 )
@seanyo33 @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump they only announced they had the vaccine after the election or do you not remember!?

( @seanyo33 )
@RaptorsChamps19 @JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump I remember Trump was the President who brought us Operation Warp Speed that sped up the production of that death jab and likely was the reason for it to be such an untested piece of shit. Do YOU remember him telling everyone that the vaccine was completed so fast because of him and Trump telling everyone to get it?

( @L10N3SS )
@JimSerafin @realdonaldtrump Jibbity jabs. Negroes get errythang. Incomplete wall. Less deportations than zerO.

@realdonaldtrump Is “Trump quicksand” code for the warp speed jabs?

( @fullmetaltruth )
@realdonaldtrump If you hadn't authorised an untried, unsafe depopulation concoction they'd still be alive.

( @QTardTerminator )

Like the J6 political prisoners?

( @Emmee83 )
@QTardTerminator @realdonaldtrump do you think the president who wins in ‘24 will pardon them all?

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( @Nature_and_Race )
Yes, that's correct.

That's how horrid blacks are.

spoilerWypipo bungee jump, swim
with sharks, climb mountains,
zip line, sky dive, wrestle
alligators, and play with
snakes, but 'fear for their lives'
around Black people?

( @TheBasedGoy )
@Nature_and_Race absolutely. Niggers are way more violent and aggressive than any OTHER animal.

( @Archer14 )
@TheBasedGoy @Nature_and_Race
Nigger assaults on Whites outpace annual shark attacks by the end of the first week of January.

( @Shotgun_Mouthwash )
@TheBasedGoy Sharks, Bears, Wolves, Tigers.
None of these pretend to be anything other than what they are, unlike niggers.

Each of these lives away from humans, unlike niggers, because "to each their own space"


( @Unknownusername1988 )
There is no animal on earth that inflicts pain and suffering for pure pleasure the way the African hominid does.

( @Jorbrooklyn )
@HarrisonBergeron88 black people are scarier.

( @Trop68 )

( @BumBee )
@Trop68 Just imagine a planet with nothing but NIGGERS on it.

( @NoStep_OnSnek )
@BumBee We don't have to imagine.. We can see exactly what it would be like in places that either have no Whites or where the niggers slaughtered all the Whites.


( @HigHrvatski )
@Nature_and_Race There were only 4 fatal Shark Attacks in the US in the 2020's.
Yes, being around sharks is a lot safer than being around Blacks.

( @lord_nougat )
@HigHrvatski @Nature_and_Race More pleasant, too!

( @indigowavve )
@Nature_and_Race Japan was nuked twice. Yet those cities recovered. Niggers have infested Chicago and Detroit for fifty plus years and continue to suffer. Niggers are unironically worse for a city than an atomic bomb. It feels bizarre to say that and have evidence to back up the fact it's true.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
See, this is why the anti-Whites continue to stomp our guts out.

They don't celebrate victory by easing off of their war against White people. No. They celebrate all of their victories by INTENSIFYING their war against White people.

We could learn a great deal from this.

( @Stewartsville )
@Nature_and_Race Until Whites meet the same level of hatred that's being pushed by the anti White antagonist, We will continue to be on the defense. Whites must become ruthless in our return to prominence.

( @Hollerich )
@Nature_and_Race Mayor of London is Muslim. Now England has a Hindu Prime Minister, with a net worth of about U.S. $850 Million. Every time I think that we have it bad in the U.S. or Canada, there's England. What's it going to take for White British to wake up to what is happening? Edit: Canada and the U.S. are no better. It's just very frustrating to see what is happening.

( @Nomad888 )
@Hollerich @Nature_and_Race
I think England is lost. We cannot vote or legislate our way out of this - the Kalergi Plan is in full effect with Al Hijra immigration helping things along.
I can see this ending in Enoch Powell's "River of Blood" when people do eventually wake up - by which time it will be too late. Sleepwalking to oblivion.

( @ForTheFutureOf14 )

We are learning more everyday brother. I hope our people in Britannia fight back, they deserve more than this shit skin invader.

( @Red_Bearded_Heathen )
@Nature_and_Race why ease up? They know they are winning with programming some of our white ladies to breed with POC, make our white children ashamed to be white and give POC a kneel, and the cuck simping males to let the POC to sleep with their wives because they know they can’t satisfy their ladies.
We as white people who believe in the National Socialism (people who live their country and the people who live their fellow country folk) have to try (my thought is waste of time to educate them) need to form our community

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( @The_Nose )
We are getting close to the tipping point and they know it. They are extra neurotic lately and rightfully so because herd antisemitism is just around the corner. The more they try to "shut it down" the more the Streisand Effect shines a spotlight on their tricks.

( @Joker019 )
@The_Nose The jews will set fire to the world soon. Buckle up.

( @Sylviadeedee )
@Joker019 @The_Nose

Ever consider they *want* Jews to leave America so they can destroy it?

( @ThatsTooBad_ )
@The_Nose They're shook because younger generations aren't nearly as ZOG'd as the boomers.

( @Gabber52 )
@The_Nose these people have made an ubelievable amount of progress against us with simple cons and sheer chutzpah. At the same time, I'm convinced they can become entirely freaked out and flee from the slightest amount of public exposure and publicity. Its likely because they can't believe how much we've fallen for, and they're convinced we must be playing dumb as we make advanced preparations to genocide them back.

( @masteractio )
@Gabber52 @The_Nose That's why they work so hard to keep us separated, because, there sure has hell are some Whites paragons, geniuses and our future generals, who have long planned for everything. Eviction, Extinction, everything, depending on what must be done to answer the jq.

Connecting Whites to our lost paragons is absolutely destructive to the jew world order.

( @ThomasRevere )
@Gabber52 @The_Nose The truth is to Jews what a crucifix is to vampires.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
You can't defeat a movement unless you know exactly who's leading it.

You cannot defeat Globalism without having the courage to be anti-Jewish.

Defeat the Jews, and you'll defeat Globalism.

spoilerYes, Ranting Against Globalism Is Anti-Semitic

( @brextremist )
@Nature_and_Race If we try to fight this battle without naming the jews, we are effectively just wasting our energy flailing about, fighting against nothing.

( @Bummom27 )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race first you must identify your enemy before you can eliminate him

( @empty13 )
@brextremist @Nature_and_Race true. not naming (((them))) is (((their))) first rule.

( @OdinTheAllFather )
@brextremist You don't get rid of a cockroach infestation by going next door and smashing ants. @Nature_and_Race

( @844steamtrain )
@Nature_and_Race Can't fix a problem without correctly diagnosing it. We have to normalize criticizing and shaming Jews. They are the problem, not us. The internet is a powerful tool. We have the facts and evidence on our side. There is nothing wrong with fighting back. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your race, future, heritage and culture. The Great Replacement and Anti White racism are strong talking points with normies.

( @PickleRick_420 )
@Nature_and_Race well let the antisemitism flow

( @ResearchBlackPopeJesuitsOrder )
Me-too the Jewish zionist ashkheNazi Talmud people.

There's a reason these demons have been kicked out of so many countries.

( @GenesRus )
@Nature_and_Race I usually look at problems in the world through the lens of “In the absence of the jew, would this even be a problem?”

( @belladior )
@Nature_and_Race I love how straightforward they are in their admittance. It's almost as if you were in doubt about who is responsible, they jump in and say, "Hey, that's us!!"

( @DirtyAbner )
@Nature_and_Race OK...they are the ones admitting they are the globalist

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Wanderers_Choice )

@StarHorizon )
@Wanderers_Choice I love how this simple meme shows that our enemies are not making actual arguments, they're just antiwhite.

( @Kaniewski )
@Wanderers_Choice Seriously, what is wrong with being racist? If you are Aryan, what is wrong with being a White Supremacist? Everyone wants to live in White Supremacist Nations and we are failing them. Whites are not getting into boats or boots of cars to live in non White built nations. The world is calling out for White Supremacy. Would the WEF exist if we had a European Union of National Socialist sovereign nations? The history of the world over the last 35,0000 yrs is the story of how White Supremacy lifting up the world out of the stone age. 🙂

( @Wyatt_Mann )
@Kaniewski @Wanderers_Choice It depends how you define "White supremacy". I hate the term as it is normally applied.

I embrace all the attempted pejoratives sent in my direction: Anti-semite, racist, xenophobe, etc. All except for "White supremacist". No.

A "supremacist" is someone who wants to live in proximity to racial aliens, and exercise power over them. To lord over them. I simply want to be apart from them.

Having a superior society is not "supremacism".

( @YellingTurns )
@Wanderers_Choice Whites re-awakening the tribal spirit will conquer all.

( @Stygianwolfe )
I identify as a viking, take the Indians away!🤣🤣🤣

( @Miles_Deep )

Natives were never americans. They were savages living in a nameless landmass. We conquered the land and the savages, named the landmass and built the most powerful nation the world has seen.

( @he_who_scoffs_at_danger )
@Wanderers_Choice I wish I remembered the specifics, but a parliamentarian used the word "indigenous" to describe Europeans and there was a full-spectrum shitfit over it. It might have been in the UN, or EU assembly, now that I think of it.

They are very protective of the connotations they impose on words.

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Wanderers_Choice In America, we don't even talk about the Indians anymore. That's the way it should be. White America is based.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @Jeanne_Marie )

( @NSSAP )
@Jeanne_Marie -- Too many Jews.

( @Captain_Quint )
@Jeanne_Marie The only time I want to see all these criminals together again, it will be listing their court sentence. Death by Hanging, Death by Hanging, 30 years hard labor. But for Fauci, hospitalized, put on a ventilator , and given Remdesivir, if he survives, then isolation, loss of income, and mandatory mask wearing until death.

( @Oldpoot )
@Jeanne_Marie There has NEVER been a time in all of the history of flu vaccines that ANY of those statements have ever been true...

They have been giving flu vaccines from before I was born and they have never stopped the flu... if they did, they wouldn't have to give the vaccine over and over...

( @Man_Fully_Alive )
@Jeanne_Marie literally got into an argument with friends today about this. “Nobody ever claimed that the vaccine would stop transmission.” Lol

( @AaronBFly )
@Jeanne_Marie Biden isn't the president. He's illegitimate.

( @TheMoreBallsThanBrainsBand )


( @Lowee509 )
@Jeanne_Marie Since we just found out people can be held accountable for their words (Alex Jones) let the lawsuits begin!!!!!

( @Anatoly_Dyatlov )

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @Footdoc )
I've been calling this out since 2020, just like this tweet. Spot on.

spoilerAny vaccine that needs to be shipped and stored at -80 degrees isn’t a vaccine. It’s a transfection agent, kept alive so it can infect your cells and transfer genetic material. Don’t let them fool you. This is genetic manipulation of humans on a massive scale. Shut it down.

( @LynetteSW )
@Footdoc Like so many things about this planned event, why weren't there more rational thinking people. asking more questions. This was only allowed to happen because too many people were cowards in my opinion.

( @Smugglers_Chase )
@Footdoc the fact that it's still available after all the info put out there should tell you something....

( @Freedomwarrior1 )
@Smugglers_Chase @Footdoc nuffin I didn't know already. ...people are sheep and easily led around by fear?

( @batmanroxus )
@Footdoc It's genocide, and they have killed over 20,000,000 people with it already. Stay tuned, billions more to come.

( @BAwake )
@Footdoc same. I asked every physician, pharm tech and person why does it have to be stored subzero? What's in it? Mum's the word.

( @The_wandering_mind )
@BAwake @Footdoc what I have read is that the drug used on horses to keep them from reproducing has to be kept at that low temperature.

( @JesseJamesX3 )
@Footdoc by now .. with so much info out there.. The people still getting the vaccine.. we should just shake our heads and have zero sympathy for.

( @ElisaLu17 )
@JesseJamesX3 @Footdoc I had 2 people yesterday tell me they’d gotten all their boosters, and they were proud of it! One worked in healthcare; the other for a state university. Insanity!! How do they still not know?!?

( @BeepBoopBop )
@ElisaLu17 @JesseJamesX3 @Footdoc my Human Resources in healthcare is pushing it still… I have to wear an N-95 mask and goggles effective immediately… pureblood is scary… they get Covid more than me!!! Losers.

( @jennlizzy72 )
@Footdoc everyone that took the jab is now a GMO

( @jcmarkham )
@Footdoc couldn’t agree more! When the makers of a product refuse it for themselves and family? Duh!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @UniversalDelirium )
Gee, I wonder why anti-semitism is on the rise. Total mystery.

spoilerThe amount of antisemitism coming
from all corners is fucking alarming
yes I am racist! I hate white people!

( @Halp )

spoilerAnti-Semitism is a disease.
You catch it from Jews.


( @Jew4FreeSpeech )
@Resist_Jewish_Supremacy @UniversalDelirium
it's OK to be White

it's awesome to be White

it's Ok to be Brown

it's awesome to be Brown

( @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy )
Hey look everybody. A "good jew"
Also known as "controlled opposition".

Remember brothers and sisters:

Good jew or bad jew...
You're still getting jewed

( @AlexanderBeu )
@Jew4FreeSpeech @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy @UniversalDelirium

Go be a pedo faggot jew cancer with your awesome jewish pedo faggot cancers you worthless kike.

( @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy )
@AlexanderBeu @Jew4FreeSpeech @UniversalDelirium isn't his post the perfect example of how they use jews as controlled opposition in the conservative movement?
His name "Jews for free speech " these are the operatives who keep whites focused on anything except the reality that they are being genocide from every angle Including multiculturalism which this jew is making statements supporting

( @BuddhistBob )
@UniversalDelirium we hate you too Jew.

( @DeboonDaboom )
@BuddhistBob @UniversalDelirium Hates white people, yet decides to live in their country. Why doesn't he go to Isreal?

( @ApatheticExtinction )
@UniversalDelirium Oh we're just getting started jewboy. He hasn't seen anything yet

( @MasonCutlip )

spoilerJews choking on their loxism when kicked out of another Nation for no reason

Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Marjorie Taylor Greene )

spoilerPray to end abortion in America!

( @Dinduvius_Shekelstein )
@RealMarjorieGreene I pray you stop being an adulterous nigger loving Zionist whore.

( @JohnTC )
@RealMarjorieGreene Vote to end abortion in America.

( @Farrelm )
@RealMarjorieGreene Pray to end Voter Fraud in America, the rest will follow!

( @justinacolmena )
@RealMarjorieGreene Nah, there's locker room jock cum legislation on the floor in Congress and the ladies are playing cards and killing more babies than ever. So how else are they "terminating" their pregnancies if they don't call it an abortion and it's not a miscarriage? Because the bitches certainly aren't carrying their bastards to term or obeying any other of the horrible mess of laws already on the books. They're grabbing guns and murdering grown men and women in cold blood and getting away with it, let alone innocent children.

( @SouthPole )
@RealMarjorieGreene how about we take action and expel the jews that are behind creating and pushing abortion? Baby dick suckers have no place on this Earth besides Israel, where all jew pedophiles escape to anyway.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @VexatiousThinker )

( @Buddy_Holly )
If interested, please checkout these 2 Gab groups:

"Resist Jewish Supremacy"

"Jews Against Jewish Supremacy"

( @Generalpoptart )
@VexatiousThinker not surprising we already know they hate us.

( @illegal_Peruvian )
@VexatiousThinker still can not believe that Hitler was right

( @ensitue )
@VexatiousThinker eliminating history like a good lil' Marxist-Globalist

( @Twowheel4ever77 )
@VexatiousThinker If only they knew how this country would turn out, they would've fought for the other side.

( @Turkey4651 )
@VexatiousThinker My reading of history there weren't many negro Germans or negro Japanese.

( @theHarv )
@VexatiousThinker Yeah, white people bleeding and dying for what this country once stood for. Now, they die for propaganda centers ruining our kids.

( @Krieg_Wulf )
@VexatiousThinker Too bad we whites were tricked into fighting our own brother's in Europe TWICE!

( @kh32962 )
As in most great advancements and achievements,
white people led the way…

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @DadZ )

spoilerFor those of you shocked by the
CDCs action today re:COVID
vaccines on the childhood
immunization schedule, you should
know that the other shots weren't
necessary either.
For example:
Hepatitis B is almost always sexually
CDC votes yes anyway. Necessary
for infants.

( @Medavemac )
Every "vax" is a farce!
Not one vax ever created stopped the transmission of a virus!!
All vax were created studied and released 7-10 years after a virus xame and went!
All vax are poison intended to make us sick!!
All viruses move through in a wave and guess what? Most survive
And pass their antibodies to their children!
VAX= poison

( @ChaoticTremble )
@DadZ The only things vaccines (and mRNA therapy drugs) are good for are drug company profits, and government controlling the sheeple.

( @RedHeero )
@DadZ Also what they won't tell you, Polio is neither a virus, nor an illness, it is a condition caused by inflammation of the spine caused by heavy metals.

various commenters #wingnut #quack #racist gab.com

( @RealRedElephants )

( @DJHD )
@RealRedElephants In other words... SHAPIRO'S A FILTHY KIKE CUNT.
Look it up.

( @Pozzmo )
Ben Shapiro anyone who advocates getting the toxic shot should never have a platform worth a second look . Period

( @AntiSatanic )
@RealRedElephants Even years ago, there was never a time that I didn’t think Ben Shapiro was nothing but a Zionist midwit Controlled Opposition Kike!

( @FatherJohn )
@RealRedElephants NEVER trust.... a Jew.

( @Atomic_Pope )
@RealRedElephants Perfidious Jew, Ben Shapiro, selling toxic snake oil to the goyim for his fellow Jews in Big Pharma.

( @JoeyJoJoJoestarJr_Shabadoo )
@RealRedElephants is Ben vaxed? Or are spike proteins not kosher?

(@HigHrvatski )
@RealRedElephants I Got COVID twice, if you're a young man don't get the vaccine.

( @SuperMAGADeplorableTaco )
@HigHrvatski @RealRedElephants most likely you got influenza twice not covid since you build immunity after the first time. Also the tests were based on influenza it holds to a hypothesis that you tested positive to influenza not “COVID-19” which has never been isolated by the way.

( @HigHrvatski )
@SuperMAGADeplorableTaco Irrelevant, don't get the jab. The jab is deadly to young men, while Corona or the flu is not.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Our country is not merely "in decline".

The entirety of western civilization is being killed deliberately.

( @Mojave_MGTOW )
@DrPaulGosar By whom?

( @VanCleef )
@Mojave_MGTOW @DrPaulGosar
(((them))), that’s (((who)))

( @BabyMountainGoat )
@Mojave_MGTOW @DrPaulGosar

Globalists of all races and creeds

( @Relic_Arcane )
@BabyMountainGoat @Mojave_MGTOW @DrPaulGosar

It's a jewish agenda.

( @StaringInDisbelief )
@DrPaulGosar Western civilization is White civilization. White young people are not marrying and not having children in anything like the numbers required for a stable demographic situation. We have failed to teach the most essential lessons of preserving civilization and into the vacuum is pouring the mercenary biz class who just want workers (the cheaper the better) and the Marxist political class who just want dependents that are reliable slaves.

( @Rube_Goldberg )
@DrPaulGosar Yes, by Jews

( @Merkabak )
@DrPaulGosar the ironic thing about you not naming the jew now is that when western civilization does finally collapse the jews will brag about being behind it every step of the way for hundreds of years.

( @FrozenBubba )
@DrPaulGosar The Khazarian Mafia is trying to take control of the planet

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com


spoilerPARENT ALERT! If you have kids heading
back to school, read the language about
medical consent. This is an excerpt from a
school consent form: "l authorize the Health
staff to administer medical services,
IMMUNIZATIONS, and therapeutic
procedures to my child as deemed
They better keep their filthy hands off our

( @kh32962 )
School is where they take control of the kids in the first place.
The subjects they’re forced to study turns them against God, their parents ,their country and ultimately, themselves.
So good luck trying to keep them from volunteering to
kill themselves with school mandates medical procedures.

( @John_Wayne_72 )
All kids sent to public schools WILL get the sterilizing "vaccine" one way or another.

This post is a PsyOp.
This post is designed to get parents to think that if they check their schools medical consent form, and it doesn't mention immunizations, then their kids won't get immunized/sterilized.

Trust me, they WILL be.

Only option is home school or leave the country.

@kh32962 @TrumpLongTimePatriot

( @LaramieJack )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot public schools are for illegals and socialists now. Home school or private school. Don’t send your children into the hog pens.

( @Driver )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot Take your kids out of schools...they are no longer safe. Between the deadly experimental shots (called vaccines) and the mental illness of the teachers, your kids are in harm's way.

( @TheAmericanPatriotParty )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot do not send your kids to Leftist indoctrination camps filled with pedophiles!

( @jdmax )
@TrumpLongTimePatriot Don't sign anything giving consent to anyone to give your children any sort of medication!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
White kid defends himself from violent rioters. Mainstream media attacks him.

Black convicted child rapist mass murders a crowd of White people out enjoying a Christmas parade with their families and community. Mainstream media downplays the severity of his violence, doesn't even use his name.

There is a war being waged against us, White people. We need to wake up and do something about it.

( @BlankAvatar )
@Nature_and_Race Judeo-Media-Complex is enemy #1. They're enemy #1 not because of their insulting attitude, but because they brainwash billions of people into becoming our mortal enemies, and that makes them enemy #1.

( @Dieselpatriot )
@Nature_and_Race Had this convo around the fire last night, if it’s a justified shot I will only take it if it’s a friend or a white person being attacked by a group of monkeys, if they are beating their own we keep on walking

( @AngryIrishGuy )
@Nature_and_Race … I have never been more supportive of segregation in my life. If blacks hate us that much, fine. Segregate. I’m all for it.

( @Reti-P )
@Nature_and_Race Well today was going well until this reality hit this morning. I'm going to be melancholy for the past for a while. We're at war with a (((people))) that want people genocided.

( @TheRealEVCG )
We do indeed. Have no fear in professionally exposing AntiWhite lies and campaigns, White family. Please also travel in pairs or groups when possible whenever you have to go into public in overly "enriched" areas, White brothers and sisters. @Nature_and_Race

RT & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( RT )
Is he wrong?

spoilerYe (fka Kanye West) on "the straight white male"
"There's nobody that gets judged more than a
straight white male. The straight white male has
the least amount of a platform to even speak."

( @McGraine )
@RT The goddam Jewish Elite have been declaring war on straight White men for decades. Notice how we have no straight White men leading happy families in movies or TV anymore.

( @hermanhale )
@McGraine @RT I noticed a long time ago diversity ads would include every type except a straight white male type, unless he was in a wheel chair.

( @Aricht50 )
@RT yeah because Black people are most racist of all races is a "myth"?! That's complete BS! They and the Democrats are the most racist of anyone. Can't even tell you how many countless times I've been confronted and discriminated against by Black people! And I'm not even White!

( @ConcreteCracker )
@Aricht50 @RT They are not racist. They are antiwhite. They hate only White people specifically

( @Aricht50 )

( @MasonCutlip )

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

( @Halp )
We didn’t just get to this dystopian upside down hell world because of psychotic leftist behavior, we got here because normal people are afraid of being called “racist,” “antisemitic” and “homophobic” by psychotic leftists.

( @Zaklog )
@Halp #meme

( @BeauHunter )
@Zaklog @Halp Survival means being racist and anti-semitic. The people of color and Jews want all Whites dead.

( @Fromundacheeze )
@Zaklog @Halp not all of us....but yeah, most people who want to keep their jobs have to STFU about how we really feel about niggers, spics, chinks, heebs, goat fuckers, pedos, tranny freaks, faggots, and all the rest of clown world and brown world. It's hard shutting the fuck up, but I have a family to feed. So I take to Gab to get my fill of red meat hate. :) I still share with my family the truth and my kids will be based as fuck.

( @Littletoad2020 )
@Halp If you refuse to name the "JEW" then your message can't be true. You can do it! Name the Jew!
They're not just Democrats!
They're not just Liberals!
They're not just Leftists or Marxists or Communists!
They're FUCKING Jews!
Name them!
Maybe you're one of those people that are afraid to be labeled "Racist" or "Antisemitic" or "Homophobic"?

( @echoes )
@Halp Imagine flushing thousands of years of beautiful white culture and genetics, b/c ur scared of being called a name lol

( @MR_AntiSemite )
If I'm called, “racist,” “antisemitic” or a “homophobic” by anyone i take that as a complement.

( @SerotoninSyndrome )
@Halp Racism and antisemitism laws were literally the first things on the bolshevik agenda when they seized power. They're effective. Whites are too concerned with civility by nature, and when you conflate being racist with being uncivil, mass manipulation is easy af to achieve.

( @Plastic_Banana )
No its neither. We got here because there is a powerful New World Order conspiracy behind the scenes in the western world. There is little people at ground level can do about it either way.

Ground level liberals aren't really behind any of the radical changes, they are just the useful idiots implementing it and supporting it. Its all decided at an extremely high level even above Soros, Gates, etc.

various commenters #wingnut #homophobia gab.com

( @USCenturion )
The right will never do it, because they're too many cowards and most of them serve the regime. The left has been successful at having their people run as "Republicans", and have conservatives accept some of their beliefs (Accepting same sex marriage would be a good example or amnesty).

spoilerUntil the right is willing to do to its
enemies what the establishment is
doing to Bannon, to Trump, to the
Christian anti-abortion activists, it
will not have begun to fight. Not
only would it be justified in doing
so, it is necessary.

(@JamesTheJust4Me )

( @DahlHaus1776 )
@JamesTheJust4Me No kidding. I hear "republican" this and "conservative" that... and they rarely, if ever, identify as Americans! And these are supposed to be the other choice away from the communists? Sure, they'll be a token White Christian American allowed to enter office to placate the proles but the two-party #SheenyShuffle of ZOG is ultimately for "israel" first! And the rubes fall for it. Every. Single. Time!


( @onaturalia )
@USCenturion Don't hold your breath after the GOP takes back congress. I bet the border crisis will continue. Inflation will continue. Energy policies will continue. The great replacement will continue. Because the Jews are in charge. The minorities are in charge.

( @strahmjdgmailcom )
@USCenturion I do not and never will accept same sex marriage, it is an abomination to our Father and therefore it is to me the same!!

( @Yahoshua_Is_Messiah )
@USCenturion although the conservatives are the moral majority in America, unfortunately as we have seen morality does not equal intelligence or courage. Republicans are the most idiotic and cowardly bunch of people on this planet. The leftists and Communists are the evil side in this but they are smart and they are brave and they know how to wield power. Republicans just know how to give it up.

( @Silentdeadly1 )
@USCenturion - You'll never get a criminal to play by the law. You will lose EVERY time because criminals have no respect for the rule of law.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com


spoilerIs anyone else questioning every
vaccine they ever took/ every
vaccine they gave permission for
their children to take, and every
recommendation ever

( @Faithcrystalsun )
@HUNTER-II hell I'm questioning what we gave the dogs and cats.

( @DPR68 )
@HUNTER-II no because I decided in 1994 that none of my kids would ever receive a vaccine and they never did. I regret nothing

( @Tie_Rod )
@HUNTER-II Have gotten a Flu shot every year -except last year and will never get another, Worried now about My Grand Kids and this CDC vaccination Bullshit, It has to get Shut Down !!!

( @Benno12c )
@HUNTER-II Yes. And my 8 months old daughter will have none of them. All our friends babies are Les than 2 years old and they all are always sick, ours, never, never even seen a doctor…

( @Greeneyes1396 )
@Benno12c @HUNTER-II that was me raising my kids.. never got them vaccinated and they were never sick a day in their lives.. not even a cold! Now they are in their 40's a sniffle here and there. Son had covid bad he ended up in hospital they wanted to put him on a ventilator. He said no, he slept on his stomach all through it. He is just fine by the grace of God!
No vaccines ever for my family!

( @bjorn11 )
@HUNTER-II I used to discount the anti vax group at one time. Mostly because I did no research and had an opinion. Since then I have done research and have not nor will I ever take anything to prevent Covid 19 as advertised by big pharma or the US government. Sadly I am now investigating the other shots we are obliged to get as children. My greatest fear is that I no longer trust fellow americans in power to be interested in me except in the context of how much power they can glean from me.

( @LoriDeBoer )
@HUNTER-II Yes I am questioning every vaccine now. I’m a nurse and I discourage all my patients from getting any vaccine. I’m suppose to offer vaccines to all my patients but I skip that part and if they ask for it I’m like are you sure you want to do that. I give them all the side effects and they 99% of the time they choose not to be vaccinated!!!

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
The FBI and the Department of “Justice,” which paid a man $200,000 to spy on me, and offered a $1 million “bounty” to try and prove a totally made up and fake “dossier” about me (they went down in flames!), are now leaking nonstop on the Document Hoax to the Fake News.

Who could ever trust corrupt, weaponized agencies, and that includes NARA, who disrespects our Constitution and Bill of Rights, to keep and safeguard any records, especially since they’ve lost millions and millions of pages of information from previous Presidents. Also, who knows what NARA and the FBI plant into documents, or subtract from documents—we will never know, will we?

( @Dinduvius_Shekelstein )
@realdonaldtrump Maybe you should've spent your 4 years not appointing swamp kikes and tweeting and having your DHS concentrate on "White Supremacy" as our greatest threat...whenever you weren't sucking Israel's dick.

( @TitusRISE )
@realdonaldtrump What do you expect Trump? The United States of America has been taken over by a judaic mafia tribe. They are destroying ALL western countries with the goal of exterminating the White race world wide. They want the whole world for themselves.

( @Unknownusername1988 )
@realdonaldtrump I hope they lock you up right next to the political prisoners you left hanging on January 6th. Fucking self serving piece of shit.

( @Lori_4_USA )

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #transphobia gab.com

( Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene )
Years from now people are going to say in disgust, there was a time in America where legislators fought to slaughter full-term babies, castrate boys, cut breast off of girls, and destroy women’s privacy & sports by allowing men inside.

History will not be kind.

Nor will God.

( @PhoenixJoe )
@repmtg I look at you in disgust. You have accomplished nothing but making yourself richer. You are the white trash AOC.

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@PhoenixJoe @repmtg she's actually a kike

( @PhoenixJoe )
@bobthebuilder123 @repmtg converted or an actual goblin?

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@PhoenixJoe @repmtg i'm leaning towards ethnic goblin

The face isn't symetrical, and the refusal to ever name them or a "proxy term" of them is glaringly obvious despite the fact everything she complains about is pushed by the tribe

( @soundtree )
@repmtg Where is the press conference from members of Congress to stop injecting humanity with weapons of mass destruction?....💉☠️

( @WakeTheFuckUp )

Once again, no mention of the 2+ years of scamdemic tyranny.

You literally remembered to mention boys in girls sports but forgot to mention the most massive, coordinated, devastating scam ever carried out against the human race.

Who is your handler and why don't they want you talking about the scamdemic?

( @Human90 )
@repmtg Years from now nobody will remember as the globalists will alter and erase history

( @bobthebuilder123 )
@Human90 @repmtg because people keep calling them "globalists" or "commies" instead of kike jews

if you name them then they can't hide in the shadows anymore

( @14W )
@repmtg They will think similarly of antiwhitism.

( @ThatTruckIsRacist )
@repmtg Raging anti White racism and a straight up invasion from the 3rd world meant to kill off White Americans, and you lazy fucks are talking about abortion

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist #transphobia #homophobia #conspiracy gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
The America First Movement protects our children.

No more mutilations.

No more grooming.

No more killing babies.

( @wafflepanzer )
@DrPaulGosar Is that true? With Feuntes being all about that underage homosexual life? Seems wrong. Also isn't being against those things anti semitic? Doesn't that anger your israeli overlords, Gosar? You're a fucking fraud. Know how I know this? Any account that criticizes israel, jews, or your slimy relationship with them is immediately blocked by you.

You're garbage Gosar and being a shabos won't save you from anyone, least of all the people you pretend you support.

( @Handyman123 )
@DrPaulGosar Every problem in the world leads to the Jewish IMF and the Federal Reserve Bank. ALL problems in society are not coincidental, they are manufactured by the Jewish control. Follow the money and you'll see. Debt is slavery. America is not run by true American patriots. America is run by the Khazarian Jewish Bank Mafia. Abolish the illegal Federal Reserve and the IMF and you will cut the head of the snake. No power to print money equals no funding for Child Trafficking, Wars, Media, CIA, FBI, IRS, CDC, WHO, WEF, Teachers Unions, NSA, Pharma, DOD, BLM, ANTIFA, DOJ, Supreme Court and Hollywood. Plain and simple. President Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110


( @John_Doe_88 )
@DrPaulGosar How about, No more getting raped, beaten and murdered by out of control niggers all across America.

( @jlozinsk )
@DrPaulGosar vaccines cause autism and miocarditis ALL VACCINES ARE BAD FOR Humans since they started cheating and no longer use killed vaccines

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy gab.com

( @wendyrogersaz )

spoilerReminder that in 1969 Planned
Parenthood produced a memo
recommending strategies for
population control. These
include "restructuring the
family," encouragement of
increased homosexuality, tax
funded abortion, and
sterilization. They then went on
and implemented all of these.


(@ComernWay )
@wendyrogersaz "Elites" have been planning this out for well over 100 years... Their fucked-up idea of "utopia" is 90% of the world's population is to be dead or dying and then enslaving the rest...

It's the same-old, worn-out tale of pawns of satan trying to "rule the world..."

( @Rinosdestroy )
@wendyrogersaz Blackrock and Vanguard kill with Vaccine and Abortion

( @Rakchazak33 )
@wendyrogersaz the jews only hated Hitler, more than Christ, if I knew nothing else. That be would enough

( @OldTimeBiker )
@wendyrogersaz Killing baby's is population control... Now that we are awake, their agenda is crystal clear....

( @BigDaddyO )
@wendyrogersaz the sterilization of mental and physical defectives is a moral imperative to prevent new suffering from being brought into the world and the slow, but sure degeneration of mankind.
The degeneration is called dysgenics.
The defectives outbreed the normal ones, the low IQ outbreed the high IQ ones.
It lies at the core of the collapse of civilization.
Call me a Nazi. I take it as a compliment.
The Germans were 100 years ahead of the rest of mankind in every facet of their rule.
Too bad that they were destroyed. Germany had been dying since that defeat and all of Western civilization is dying with her.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Halp )

( @MANNY7777 )

There is no much you can do when you exclude whites
jewish supremacy at its best
It’s the JEWS

You wanted a reset
Try to ENJOY it

( @AntiSatanic )


( @blondbraids )
@Halp The brits are done. Imagine: these are the so-called victors of WWII. They would have been in an unimaginably better shape if they had accepted Hitler's repeated offerings for peace. The jews and their diversity have wrecked England for ever.
But ask any white Englishman and he will say that Churchill was a hero and Hitler the biggest villain ever. 🙄🙄 Yeah right. With heroes like jew-ridden Churchill, who needs enemies?

( @PizzaJohns )
@Halp Common sense says that if you appoint foreigners to run your government, they will loot the country from the inside out. Just like what happens in America every day, due to Israelis running our government. No one who isn't the race that a nation is named after should be allowed to be in the government of said nation. England should only be run by the English. America should only be run by Americans. Otherwise your nation is a weakness, being run by foreigners, not a strength.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
"Exposing Jewish power in American institutions is anti-Semitic. You're not allowed to do it."

One can only wonder why Jews, who have the power in media and government to cancel you for talking about them, want to stop you from talking about them...

( @oharaldb )
@Nature_and_Race I really wonder what jews get registered as in affirmative action in universities? We keep being told there are so many jews in universities because of their high IQ, but if they are not "white people", so get easier in, then it is not IQ, is it?

( @GenesRus )
@oharaldb @Nature_and_Race Here in CA the race based admissions criteria were prohibited by law. But the work around was a percentage system that included family financial status and some other race proxies. And of course a letter of recommendation from UC staff would still carry significant weight. And there is over representation with the jew in staff, and I’ll bet in the admissions department…

(@genukem )
@oharaldb @Nature_and_Race It's not IQ. Faggotry perhaps. They're really not that smart. Not at all. But if you have the whole jew media talking about how smart jews are then you might get that impression. If they were intelligent in any fashion they would not be communist. Nor would they be getting themselves driven out of every thinking nation across the globe. Nobody wants to live near them much less with them. Of course you have to understand the whole semitic nature of the middle east. A lot of muslims are jews. Or rather hebrews. Just from different tribes. Plus a whole lot of jews aren't really jews or heebs, but are just more con-artist pretending to be God's chosen people. It can be quite lucrative.

( @DSWilliams702 )
@Nature_and_Race As long as they keep publishing articles and tweets and giving a platform for hosts using language that leads to White genocide we're going to keep talking about them.....and that bullshit about "Khazarian mafia" won't work.

( @Hillarysdouble )
@Nature_and_Race of course he’s a dumb faggot jew. Every single time especially if it rhymes with stein.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
If jewish power weren’t real they wouldn’t

1. Fight tooth and nail to cancel anyone who talks about it.

2. Actually have the power to cancel anyone who talks about it.

( @NSSAP )
@Apolitical -- Indeed.

( @Psykostevo )
@Apolitical they rarely, if ever, deny they amass power to wield against the non-Jews. They just silence the spread of the word. How did 0.2% of the worlds population gain so much influence if it weren’t manipulated?

( @MANNY7777 )

It’s the JEWS

(@Vespasians_Sword )

3. Have power and influence over governments to get them to enforce and punish thought crimes.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @MorpheusMAGA )

spoilerLeftism is a religion of self-loathing.
It teaches white people to hate their
race, boys to hate their sex, women
to hate their femininity, Americans to
hate their country, westerners to hate
their history. What a contemptible,
toxic thing it is.

( @Weber_Kettle )
@MorpheusMAGA You misspelt Judaism.

( @SThury )
@MorpheusMAGA As long as one understands, Leftism = jews.
That's what you mean, right Matt?

( @LouManotti )
@MorpheusMAGA leftism is just low-tier judaism for unwashed golems.

(@LilyLove )
@MorpheusMAGA it's not leftism, it's cultural marxism

( @VonGustav )
@MorpheusMAGA Looks like matt walsh is firmly in the jew protection racket.

(@Kursi90 )
It doesn't teach MoIoch-worshiping J€ws to hate their religion. Why? Because MoIoch-worshiping J€ws created leftism.

( @JosephChristian33 )
@Kursi90 @MorpheusMAGA
True. 🇮🇱Karl Marx the father of ruthless, subversive Communism, was the grandson of 🇮🇱Talmud Rabbi, Levi Mordecai.

( @RWIS )
@MorpheusMAGA "leftism" is really judeo-cultural marxism brought to America and other European nations by the jewish psychoanalysts from the Frankfurt School.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @KeepNHGranite )
Now do 'White people.'


That's not how this works?


( @departmentofbased )
@KeepNHGranite The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

( @sometimescanbefunny )


By: Noseman (((Klein)))

(@WeimarSocietyMatters )
@sometimescanbefunny @KeepNHGranite I’ve noticed virtually anytime someone makes their life about being an anti white they’re Jewish and anytime they go hard defending even the slightest Jewish inconsistency they’re also Jewish

(@OldCalGamer )
@KeepNHGranite In other words stop telling our secrets

(@Gravewalkers )
Jew - "Why do you hate me?"

Human - "You said my life does not matter. That was you behind that - MY LIFE! does not matter, so therefore my liberty does not matter and my happiness does not matter. You are a Satanic racist, pedophile, swindler, pornographer, degenerate, embezzling, thief."

Jew - "I made it the law you have to love me. You are goyim. Ba'al god of the jews said you are cattle food for us to rob, rape, and enslave, and sacrifice your babies, and yes even eat your babies. We jews used our 87 IQ, the highest on Earth, to outsmart you so you do not know any of this about us. You love and obey us."

Human - "Israel is ranked 43rd in the world in IQ, and your apartheid prevented anyone else taking the PISA test with you, and you took it in Hebrew. Jews are dumber than fuck. You do not HAVE the Jedi mind trick; you only think you do, like you think you are smart and beautiful and talented as every movie and show you make is hated by all. We hate you because you SHOULD be hated. You are our worst enemies and OPENLY plot our genocide. You OPENLY laugh and celebrate when we are harmed by your nigger troops or drugs or the destruction of the nations we built and you only parasite in."

Jew - "Yeah, but we made it the law that you love us, so you have to do that. We are the persecuted victims. Jews all starve and are homeless and suffer more racism than anyone. So.. obey us immediately or we will use our total control to take everything from you."

Human - "Let's gas these kikes."

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @EmeraldRobinson )
The CDC has no problem killing your kids with myocarditis by mandating the untested COVID vaccines.

( @Burnham69 )
@EmeraldRobinson it’s been tested for the last 2 years.

It is not a vaccine. Please call it what it is. Bio weapon, clot shot, death jab, widow maker.

( @Itsmealways )
@EmeraldRobinson It has been tested. The test have proven there are more deaths by the covid shot vs all other vaccines combined. It’s been tested and proven that it’s NOT good for us, much less our children. It has been proven time and time again that the Biden regime wants to KILL as many humans and including children as possible!

( @BrianOkajima )

( @TheBilldo )
@EmeraldRobinson You're so close to saying the truth:

What religion / ethnicity are those in charge of the CDC?

( @valken1983 )
@TheBilldo @EmeraldRobinson Two things would happen if she did that. First her likes would be 23 instead of 2.3k. Second, if she persisted, she'd be killed. There is a mafia that controls everything in America.

( @TheBilldo )
@valken1983 @EmeraldRobinson Nothing says "Id prefer feeling safe and sell out than naming the jew" quite like this explanation.

(@valken1983 )
@TheBilldo @EmeraldRobinson And getting a lot of money for that. Just like the doctors that pushed the 'vaccine' to keep their jobs. Not enough bravery in the home of the brave.

( @thedarthvader )
@EmeraldRobinson Remember when conservatives brag about being the SILENT majority? This is what happens to silent majorities. They get silently exterminated. I'd have thought that going for our kids would be the last straw but apparently we have a jello spine.

( @LoriforAmerica )
@EmeraldRobinson Pay attention to which Republicans are not speaking out against the covid shot being added to the childhood vaccination list.

(@Montanan )
@EmeraldRobinson No loving parent would ignore the danger to children from the vax. John’s Hopkins data show the risk of myocarditis IS ten times greater than illness from Covid. Vaccinating a child is insanity pure and simple.

variuos commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

( @AmericaTruther )
That's Our Gal
Tell'um Kari
📣................................ Shout it Louder for the People in the Back

spoilerArizona will NOT be forcing COVID
shots into our children's arms or filthy
masks onto our their beautiful faces.
Thx but no thx, @CDCgov.

( @ModernRetroRadio )
@AmericaTruther CDC thinks they are an authority. They are NOT.

( @Lizzylou_F )
@AmericaTruther With the CDC's vote today to add covid vaccines to the childhood immunization schedule, all Republicans who are running for governor should make sure the public is aware of it. A large number of parents are against these vaccines in their children. If a candidate says he or she will stand with parents and oppose mandatory covid vaccines for children in their state, it could be a huge voter issue.

( @Handlemywhats )
@Lizzylou_F @AmericaTruther the answer to outright murder is not going to be found voting

( @CraigJaneway )
@AmericaTruther declare the CDC the enemy of the state. Now you have all kinds of legal means at your disposal.

(@Anatoly_Dyatlov )

Under no circumstances will I or my family take the poison.

( @Sheila2ConserveLiberty )
@AmericaTruther We need to hear this from every single state Governor!!!!! Every single one!!!!! 🤬

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( Congressman Paul Gosar )
Our southern border, left wide open by the Biden Regime, is being flooded by an historic wave of deadly fentanyl which is killing Americans, Arizonans, and my constituents.

Hundreds of thousands of people have died because of this negligence.


( @Stu060381 )
@DrPaulGosar Get the Pedophiles, Terrorists, Sexual Deviants and the Communists that committed a blatant Election Coup Out of the White House !

( @Ben_Dare )
@DrPaulGosar The GOP is the party of surrender fags, and always has been.

( @giddyupgo )
@DrPaulGosar Rumour. Biden or the Deep State wamt to allow in the US one hundred million illegal aliens to transform the makeup of the country.

( @jg437 )
@DrPaulGosar ALL immigration and work visas should be ended until the US citizen unemployment rate falls below 1%! Importing cheap labor is a disservice to the average US citizen worker.

All illegal immigrants should be deported (after execution for those guilty of capital crimes).

#EndImmigration #EndWorkVisas #AmericaFirst #BuildTheWall #DeportThemAll

( @SmallBusinessBarn )
@jg437 @DrPaulGosar the reason our big fat butt jerk companies cannot find people to work for them is because they force them into retarded woke claptrap by hate whitey and go faggotry. They are teaching anti-christian hate, discriminating against white people which makes us feel real unfriendly towards the brown ones especially because they attack Us in the street, and pro Satanist BS we are either all equal under the law or we are not. America does not wish to become one with Canada and freaking Mexico and we do not need any more arrogant give me that brown people who sit their ass on welfare their whole lives here. Blacks have Africa, Mexicans have Mexico, Japanese have japan, Chinese have China and this used to be a white nation and we damn well deserve to keep it that way this is not enriching Us in any way become a third world poop hole thanks a lot.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene & various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

(Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene)
I am adamantly opposed to the Covid-19 vaccine being added to children’s vaccine schedule.

Thousands of covid vaccine injuries & deaths on VAERS have never been investigated.

Since 1-04-20, out of 1,060,051 total covid deaths only 1,494 deaths occurred in kids 0-18.

(@PatriQt )
@repmtg I, and many others are opposed to all vaccines, and for good reason. Many have seen the damages they cause, and now they admit it! https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-10-06-cdc-aluminum-vaccines-causes-childhood-asthma-autism.html

( @Doobie1057 )
@repmtg We did NOT have 1,060,051 covid deaths. That is a lie, a fake number. Pure covid deaths were in double or triple digits. That is all.

( @bmac80 )
@Doobie1057 @repmtg actually never went above zero.

( @spish )
@repmtg 99.7% survival rate.
All conversations need to start with this context.
Logically, most of them should end there, too.

( @Emazeika )
@repmtg but like a supreme HYPOCRITE you refuse to hold TRUMP accountable for unleashing these Democide shots. Your lord and master, Trump, has said they are totally safe… how DARE you question him!

This is all just to score points…

(@drvols16 )
@repmtg MTG tell the truth not one fucking soul has died from covid. You are part of the problem there is not a test to determine from covid and the flu please tell the damn truth

(@LindaLuu )
@repmtg how about we abolish the CDC along with the FBI?

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

If White privilege were real you’d see more biracial people identifying as White.

@Halp Yea......didn't we have a black president who was really only 1/2 black? I have never seen anything but Black Privilege. But hey, that is my white humble opinion.

@Halp Ive always thought about this.....Its also funny as fuck when you see people who are maybe one shade darker than the average White person going out of their way to let you know theyre a "person of color"

@Halp This is a Marxist term, I thought the 20th century was spent fighting communism, why are these terms being used now?

@zee_man @Halp Because the communists won...

@Halp Never once has a mulatto checked the White box on a college application

@Halp exactly. Obummer the Kenyan Skidmark never claimed his white side there was no benefit or privilege in it. My white privilege has earned me Carpal Tunnel surgery in both hands and a bad back from all the hard work.

@Halp instead we see the reverse happening

@Halp White privilege is real though. Whites persons are on average considerable more intelligent. And of course better looing also. Its just based on genes, not identity. No amount of identifying will raise your IQ or make you more attractive.

@Halp I’d agree to an extent but considering they get their asses whipped by the brown family, I see why they choose that side. Had a friend in school whose entire black family called her zebra but she proudly displayed her ‘black’ keychain. Just so they didn’t beat her.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

"White Supremacist" vs "White Nationalist" (WN)

White Nationalist are normal people who want to have our country, just like every other race does.

You don't have to be a "Supremacists" to be a WN

North East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) have:
higher average IQ
lower crime rate

So no, Whites aren't superiour to every other race.

I still prefer to live in a society with my fellow whites.

But I'd be stupid to say that "whites are superior to every other race"

@ChadleyDudebroughington @Nature_and_Race

@Buddy_Holly @Nature_and_Race
The immigration rates to White countries prove you wrong. The other races enjoy better quality of life from our charity, than their own toil.

They know it, and so do we.

The time for polite dialogue has passed.
It's time to send their inferior, unevolved asses back to the 3rd world shitholes whence they came.

@Buddy_Holly @ChadleyDudebroughington @Nature_and_Race The White race is the perfect mix of intelligence, strength, and creativity. You're just pointing out that Asians are slightly smarter on average and saying THEY WIN. You're a retard trying to be anti-racist. When whites had their own country to themselves they far surpassed others. Nazi Germany just gave us a glimpse of what we would be.

@Buddy_Holly @ChadleyDudebroughington @Nature_and_Race if white culture isn’t superior, then why are they trying to destroy and flood our countries, globally, with other races? Their actions prove our stance. And the only reason they feel they have to destroy us, is because they know we are the only race that can give everyone the freedom to live life like they want to! These fucks over here bitching about systemic racism would still be chasing zebras, if left to their own. Whites are the best thing that’s ever happened to other races and if they keep fucking around, they’re going to learn how hard life is outside of white culture. Nothing but sand and walking miles for dirty water. And maybe food tonight. If we aren’t superior as a race, why do they hate us cause they ain’t us? Cry racism, while enjoying air conditioning. Vehicles. Flying. Clean water. Plumbing, indoors. […]

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

Daily reminder,

If "White supremacy" actually existed, you wouldn't be allowed to question or criticize it.

But look around you, "White supremacy", and White people in general, are attacked on at every level of society - in schools and universities, in movies and TV shows, all across the spectrum of social media, in the military, in government, and in the job market.

@Nature_and_Race Indeed. Questioning "jewish supremacy" is another matter. Unless you are anonymous, you will be cancelled and have your bank account shut-down immediately.

@Nature_and_Race I instinctively understand my family and I are orders of magnitude safer in a "racist" society. my feelings on non whites don't factor in. statement of fact. as a matter of survival and being able to thrive, I prefer a "racist" society, it is safer for ALL ethnicities. the overabundance created in a free white society would inevitably overflow to non-white communities.

@Nature_and_Race There’s either White supremacy, White inferiority or human equality. It was never a reference to institutional power, but nonwhite fears of biological reality and amassing the numbers needed to crush it.

@Nature_and_Race we all know what group you can't attack, they have gaurd dogs to atack you with lies called the ADL and they have two names for you, antisemite and goyim

@Nature_and_Race Its just a matter of understanding what their terms mean. 'White supremacy' and 'white privilege' mean living in a society created by white people for white people in a majority white country. 'White supremacy' is a demographic white majority. 'White privilege' is what immigrants get when they come here without being us. In other words we open our arms, our wallets, our cultures to them and in return they are trying to replace us, despite the fact that they have their own countries. None of this could happen without Jewish supremacy and Jewish privilege which is a form of neo colonialism. WE must smash Jewish power.

White supremacy does exist as a biological fact.
White supremacy does NOT exist as an institutional social construct.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com


spoilerRegardless of what @CDCgov votes tomorrow on whether COVID-19 vax are added to routine child immunizations - nothing changes in FL.

Thanks to @GovRonDeSantis, COVID mandates are NOT allowed in FL, NOT pushed into schools, & I continue to recommend against them for healthy kids.

@vaccineregrets I believe that should include all vaccines.

@vaccineregrets Everyone loves Desantis?

He's done nothing to restore the 1st amendment. He's actually signed more antisemitism and hate speech laws, which are unconstitutional, since in office. He traveled to Israel to sign it.

Constitutional carry? LOL. We have to pay and get permission from the state to carry. He likes red flag laws.

Florida is an absolute police state and getting worse by the day. System pigs are more than ready to take away your livelihood.

Desantis pushed the clot shot.

Medical marijuana is highly regulated and expensive in Florida.

The blood and plasma donation centers are accepting the vaccinated.

You still can't go in any medical treatment facilities without a mask.

Desantis is a piece of shit.

ANY parent who STILL intends to vaccinate their child for Covid
IMO, is NOT responsible enough to HAVE children

ANY Health Care professional STILL GIVING C19 vaccines

@vaccineregrets I appreciate it, but now do the rest of the vaccines. My son's pediatrician attempted to give him 3 vaccines at his last appt, one of which was for HPV, and he's only 11. Going to be interesting next year when they try to tell me that he has to have them to enter the next grade. Not happening.


Wipe out an entire generation in a few years.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

Whites are second-class citizens.

Don’t believe me?

Try to access affirmative action.
Try to access minority hiring and promotion initiatives.
Try to apply for a federal minority business loan.
Try to access federal hate crimes charges.
Try to get someone cancelled for saying mean things about Whites.
Try to get someone fired for being racist against Whites.
Try getting either political party to even acknowledge you exist as anything other than a threat.
Try saying you’re proud to be White.

@Apolitical I was called a terrorist by a government official in the mainstream media for selling IOKTBW t-shirts

@VJMPublishing @Apolitical well maybe it should read it's better to be white

@VJMPublishing @Apolitical

@Apolitical this is exactly why I support white nationalists now

@Apolitical All True. 14th Amendment does not apply to WHITES.

@DietofWorms1521 @Apolitical more importantly the civil rights act which superceeds the constitution does not apply to White people

@Apolitical It makes perfect sense that the white minority would be criticized and even enslaved by the massive non - white majority.
Only 1/10th of the worlds population is non-Hispanic white..
The POC are almost all haters and in many cases are simply envious of what white people show the world they can do. White people created the world of wealth that most of them live in and they are embarrassed about it.
If white people were fish or owls they would be protected as an endangered species, but because of there successes that are hated by almost all POC.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

If Republicans want to actually be useful, they would repeal the childhood vaccination list and abolish the CDC. I wouldn't hold my breathe on that taking place, but that is what should be done.

@USCenturion If I had a child today not a single vaccine would enter his body. Can't believe any phama today. They will kill you for money.

@USCenturion I struggle to think of one single 3 letter agency that should continue to exist.

As I found out not long ago, if you tell them you're not vaccinating your child for anything, they'll drop you as a patient. They might very well need to add this to the child immunization list as unfortunate as that sounds. Maybe it'll wake some people up. Maybe people will start to stand up. We can't just sit around and be compliant. Say no. Push back. Do your research, stand your ground and find God.

@USCenturion Youre right. However, instead of doing that, the Republicans will felate minorities, while simultaneously signing bills to remove or limit every God given right you have as an American citizen.

*Gobble gobble*
"See? Were the inclusive Party, not like those Democrats"
*slobber slobber*

@USCenturion republicans are just the right side masked option of the ZOG.

various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com



@OutlawJW I didn’t get vaccinated, and I say fuck all the scum, retards, Idiots, Sewer Trash and Dumb fucking idiots who put poison in their bodies, the bodies of their children, because some fucking Criminal and Murdering Groups like Big Pharma, the Medical Industry, Wuhan Fauci and the Scum and Terrorist Murdering Trash of Government told them to.

You fucking worthless sheep and scum deserve whatever happens to you and your children.

@AmerPatCon1st @OutlawJW
I've been thru incredible stress avoiding those shots with the job etc. I feel as though I have aged 10 years in the past 2 years.
FUCK those who were too weak to resist. I was willing to lose everything and put it all on the line.

@OutlawJW True, not false, I was never jabbed with the clot shot, never will be and I don't regret it at all.

There really are some ignorant people. The jab has been proven ineffective and in most cases, unsafe. This is statistical fact. The Kool aid drinkers need to stop listening to the propaganda from the government and the pharmaceutical companies. They are in bed together. If you believe that the government has your best interests at heart, you're a damn fool.

@OutlawJW The CDC is using the vaccine as a population reduction method. Young people will die of heart problems and strokes. States must not enforce the shot requirement for schoolchildren.

@OutlawJW oh I would say there is still a lot of brainwashed people out there that would be in line for the next one if told to.

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut #quack gab.com

(Lauren Witzke)
The CDC just now voted 15-0 to add the Covid 19 Vaxx to the childhood vax schedule.

This means they are mandated the Covid 19 vaccine in order to attend public schools. This is the event that could spark an all-out civil war.

You MUST HOUND YOUR GOVERNORS/ State Reps, and Surgeon Generals.

Democrat or Republican- if they enforce this, let them know that they WILL be replaced. Millions of parents across the country are with you, we outnumber them!


@LaurenWitzkeDE 15-0. If that doesn’t scream absolute corruption, I don’t know what does.

Seems completely improbable that a body of diverse minds could come to that conclusion at this point!

Paid for by Pfizer!

@LaurenWitzkeDE I no longer obey anything the federal government says.


The CDC can’t “mandate” anything, Lauren. It’s another guideline decision. It’s up to the individual states to decide. The correct course of action is demand the state not enforce the guideline based on vaccine injury/death data and threaten to take your child out and also threaten to make them pay the cost of schooling elsewhere with the appropriated state funds. If enough children de-register from the schools, there is no justification to employ teachers. No teachers, no Teacher’s Union or woke crap. That’s how you fix these assholes but you are giving the CDC far too much power. It’s the Teacher’s Union we want destroyed because they have done parents and children much wrong.

@LaurenWitzkeDE Children will be forced to get the vaccine to attend school. What idiot of a parent would do that? I think a neighborhood homeschool could be very profitable.

@LaurenWitzkeDE 'Replaced' how? Recall? A year or two years from now, long after the damage has been done?

School districts need to nullify this decision and refuse to seat vaccinated students.

Clinics giving these shots to children should have their business licenses pulled and the individual giving or prescribing these shots should be sent to jail, not coddled or reasoned with.

Stop treating our enemies like they're bad puppies and break them on the wheel.

Congressman Paul Gosar & various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

(Congressman Paul Gosar)
Neocons and the radical left are joining hands as they sleepwalk our nation into World War Three.

This madness must end for the sake of the entire world.

@DrPaulGosar It won't stop because Patriots being men of action rather than words no longer exists. We literally have all the power to stop these enemies from within, and we do nothing.

@DrPaulGosar I'm beginning to think WWIII might be their attempt at destroying the White race once and for all while securing more power for themselves.

@DrPaulGosar Neocons and the radical left have been joining hands for decades, most notably in sabotaging the Trump presidency 2016 and 2020 and sleepwalking our nation into the Obiden-Klaus-Soros Brave New World of which WWIII along with the compulsory Covid jab are just a few of the preconditions for a "Reset."

@DrPaulGosar Is there a difference between a neocon and a RINO?

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