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When all options are carefully considered & weighed in the balance, it will be clear to every thinking White man & White woman that National Socialism is the only way forward for Aryan humanity.


spoilerNational Socialism…
Because your children deserve better than to grow up as minorities in their own homelands

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( @KeepNHGranite )
The Irish aren't being replaced because they're Irish - they're being replaced because they're White.

The migration agenda in Ireland is the same as it is throughout the West: The malicious demographic destruction of White populations.

Like it or not, White people are all in this together.

And anyone deconstructing the meaning of “White,” the meaning of “Irish,” or suggesting that the Irish are not White is not on our side.

( @WhiteAmericanEskimo )
@KeepNHGranite The Irish response to the stabbings demonstrates what happens when a White population has maintained their pride in their ethnicity. Edward Dutton went over this recently in a very brief video. Because the Irish had never had a colonial empire, or owned slaves, or supported fascism in WWII, or replaced an indigenous people, they had never been burdened and brainwashed with negative narratives about their people. Most other White nations have been continually deluged with Negative Myths about their people. In the US, we are constantly shamed with the slavery narrative, the Holocaust narrative, and the 'genociding' of the Native Americans narrative. No ethnic group can maintain pride and thereby flourish when given negative foundational myths in the media, academia, and movies. The Irish are unique in that their history did not allow for such propagandizing. Additionally, and most importantly, they have been colonized themselves and have a history of resisting oppression, which they embrace as an aspect of their people. This is why this incident in Dublin was the perfect flashpoint for their uprising, yet, at the same time, it is why it will have trouble spreading through other White nations, the US especially. Until we effectively resist the anti-White brainwashing, we will be fighting an uphill battle. This is why the pro-White movement is so critical for our people. Restoring White Pride should be the number one goal above all else, and that is why TPTB oppose White Nationalism with all their might - not because it is evil and hateful, but because it will allow Whites to rise up against their displacement. Thoughts?

( @TemplarBob )
@KeepNHGranite It’s not their race. It’s the left necessity to destroy borders and create the NWO. Good people vs goat fuckers.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
>"There are articles telling White people not to have kids. There's outgroup preference. They hate White people."

Even Libertarians are waking up to the war on White people.

This is unprecedented.

( @Maldrannon )
@Nature_and_Race Us nasty "White Racists" were aware of this trajectory 20+ years ago. The writing was on the wall even then.

Most Whites have had their morality hacked in such a way that they see loyalty to their own as "Evil" and submission to the outsider as "Noble".

That is the most crucial thing for us to reverse.

We have to restore a morality grounded in natural law.

One that rightly asserts loyalty to one's own as virtuous and submission to the outsider as treacherous.

Literally they exist in a moral framework that paints being a traitor as "Good" and being loyal as "Evil".

( @Shardik1 )
@Nature_and_Race I just want to thank you for putting the g/Donald group to task. MOST White advocates on Gab just post to their followers. White advocacy within a group of people who follow you is not the most effective way to grow the movement.

You must post where fertile minds are. No mind needs to hear this message more than normie cons and boomercons. There’s no greater gathering of normie cons on Gab than the Donald group. I’ve been harping on this for a couple years. You and @The_Knows get it.

( @HereForYourMemes )
@Shardik1 @Nature_and_Race @The_Knows

It’s been a massive White Pill watching the Donald and http://Patriots.Win groups naming the (((group of individuals))) openly. There was a time, not long ago, that you would get banned and labeled a “stormer” for even insinuating ethnic Jews were imperfect, and were behaving with major in group preference.

Step one is getting Normies to understand that Whites are being specifically targeted.

Step two is getting Normies to understand what (((group of individuals))) is behind it.

( @stiv01 )
@Nature_and_Race Jews look to removing White folk completely. Then homogenize blacks, browns, and Asians into a population smart enough to work, but not smart enough to ask why.

( @salmanzo1 )


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( @Nature_and_Race )
When White people do anything wrong in society, the system blames it on the fact that they're White, claiming that White people are inherently bad.

But when non-whites literally stab White children outside of their own school, that very same system demands that you ignore the race of the violent criminals.

This is a war against White people, and our own children are bleeding to death in our own streets.

NOW - Irish Taoiseach on Dublin stabbing: "I really would ask people to try and avoid connecting crime with migration. It's not right."

( @Al_Hope )
@Nature_and_Race In relation to the terrible events that took place, I really would like to encourage Irish people to not connect immigration with lawfulness. It's not right. The imported replacers were forced upon you and it is not right to project your own people's lawful, ingroup behavior to those being used to ethnically cleanse your own people. The nicest of them are still your destroyers. Top of the mornin' to ya!

( @GenesRus )
@Nature_and_Race Or the problem stems from the society White people built. Which nonetheless attracts the non-White. And unfortunately allows them in.

( @JohnKen )
We r living in the best time of history, fore, the first time in our European history we have to collectivize to survive being exterminated, and, we have a golden opportunity to seize this moment to final act to create our own Ethnostates explicitly. For example: Ireland’s new constitution will read that Ireland is the homeland of the Irish People in perpetuity, Irish citizenship is by blood. ALL non-Irish may visit or work in Ireland only with permission & only for a limited time. Obviously, this means they ALL have to go back, & of course that includes Ireland’s fake PM & any & all those occupying positions of leadership & power. If the Irish, or the English, or the French, German, Italian, Canadian, American, Greek, etc. etc. do not seize this moment, then, there is this thing called extinction just around the corner. Which way European man? The clock is ticking.
Survival as a Race is our patriotic duty.
Of course racism (a strong ingroup preference) is strength, racism is survival; that’s y we’ve been told ad nauseam to not b racist.

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( @UniversalDelirium )
In October, Ireland's Prime Minister said that Israel has a right to defend itself, but that their response to Hamas' attack should be proportional.

But when his own citizens are attacked and stabbed by a foreign national in their homeland and the Irish people riot, (a proportional response to multiple children getting stabbed) he threatens to imprison them for incitement and hate speech.

It's growing increasingly obvious that there is global effort to keep White people from defending ourselves on the basis of our race.

( @LeFrog2300 )

The Irish are indigenous peoples and therefore must be protected at all costs.

The exact fucking same as if kikes shoved a million Haitians onto an Indian reservation in the American west.

( @dcnj )
@UniversalDelirium Every "leader" got the (((memo))). White people better wake the fuck up.

( @Srgrif )
@UniversalDelirium Whoever uses the phrase “hate speech” is Marxist intent on attacking free people. The time to remove these people from power is now. It will never get any easier only harder.

( @WebDesignAnon )
@UniversalDelirium Their BIGGEST fear is white people rising up against them. We are their only threat, so they will do anything and say anything to discourage that. And because white people tend to think more analytically, they like to use their controlled right-wing influencers to say stuff like "We're better than that" (shaming), or "you're playing right into their hands".

( @GABpuncher )
@UniversalDelirium He's a stinking Wog, the UK's PM is a stinking Wog, the entire cabinet is a nigger intestine BBQ party. There IS no Britain, the Castles littered around are Mosques INVITING the invasion. There is no peaceful solution to this. HOWEVER remember, the invaders are as obvious as the nose on their face!

( @cory21 )
@UniversalDelirium Ireland's PM is a street-shitting faggot with ties to the WEF, he's a paper "Irish".

( @Jefferson72 )

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( @Nature_and_Race )
When your government imports millions of brown invaders into your country without asking you if you're even okay with it, and those brown invaders start murdering your White children, and your government does nothing about it, rioting becomes a very legitimate reaction, if not THE MOST legitimate reaction.

In short: It's okay to riot when brown invaders murder White children.

Anyone telling you not to riot when brown invaders murder White children is a subversive who wants you to just sit back and let your children be murdered by brown invaders.

Don't ask me to 'disavow' the 'far right rioters' in Ireland unless 'disavow' is a synonym for 'standing ovation.'

( @ALushPair )
@Nature_and_Race riots are ok, the death of corrupt and treasonous politicians solves the problem overnight

( @gthousandaire )
@Nature_and_Race Oh, the government will do something about it alright. They will lock YOU up for defending your women and children from being killed by brown savages.

( @Ski777 )
@Nature_and_Race And the people telling you not to riot when brown invaders murder White children are the same ones who encouraged rioting when a black criminal had a drug overdose heart attack while resisting arrest by a White cop.

( @romanse )
@Nature_and_Race killing traitors is essential

( @MrCucumber )
@Nature_and_Race I disagree. Non- Targetted violence is pointless. The Boston tea party was not a riot.

( @Nature_and_Race )
@MrCucumber -- If a black or brown murders a White child, and White people respond by burning down a black or brown neighborhood, that's not "non-targeted violence".

( @Count_Noses )
@Nature_and_Race MOAR (((KKKolonization))), now with Pumpkin Spice Dot-kikes!

( @Largecock )
@Nature_and_Race the invaders need to go. Their jew friends need to go and journalists need to be tortured to death, slowly.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
This is why you don't trust anyone with ANY amount of jewish blood.

Half-jews, quarter-jews, eighth-jews, sixteenth-jews, etc.

I've seen people with as little as 2% jewish admixture prove themselves to be 100% jewish by their actions.

( @JAvery )
American population is 2% Jewish and they hold 99% of the power of government.

( @Basketball_Jesus )
@Nature_and_Race Owen is just another angry, closeted Jewish homosexual. Just like his dad.

( @NatSocKansas )
@Nature_and_Race yep. Look in to the claims made by (((dr. Alfred nasig))). Revilo Oliver's "the jewish strategy (plague)" talks about him. See, back in '45 a bunch of pure german boys were kidnapped and taken to palestine as sex toys for the kikes to improve their genetic stock through. (((Nasig))) claims that, even through centuries, any amount of their tainted, satanic blood embedded in aryan bloodstreams through miscegenation, will so corrupt the mind of these people to make them a useful ally to the jew and make them especially susceptible to jewish press and propaganda.

( @debiani386 )
@Nature_and_Race this Jew, Blowen Menjamin, charges 5 dollars for people to comment on his tweets. Total Jew move....

( @LizardLick )
@Nature_and_Race People reading this...Create your own chameleon accounts and subvert them. Act as if you are a jew and attack zionists, conservatives and liberals alike with same methods they use against us.

Brag about you superiority. Brag about the ownership of the federal reserve. Brag about your roll in the White genocide. Brag about your own ethno state. Brag about how you own Congress and the Senate.

All of the main social media sites will allow you to speak like this...as long as you are subtle.

Have a plan of action, our complaints are going no where fast. Win.

( @UltraFortress )
@Nature_and_Race It's almost like our forefathers were onto something on the Jew and their ilk being concentrated corruption and evil.

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( @BigDknight )

spoilerIf the FDA's admitting the jabs cause blood clots now
you better believe it's because something else is
coming out

( @MeowBitches )
@BigDknight you people need to clue the fuck in, read the fuckin memo..
where the fuck where you people... it was admitted by all.. that both the Astra*eneca and Pfi*er jabs cause blood clots in Europe long before the tryanny came to America. and in Canada the Ont government admitted Moderna causes Myocarditis.. admitted by the Premier of Ont Canada.. altho they tried to downplay it by saying it was rare, .. in Europe they stopped the Astra*eneca shot because of the clot issue, it was also admitted that the J & J shot causes clots as well, /maybe instead of ignoring what is going on in the rest of the world to make it all about you.. you should fuckin pay attention.. ya think...

( @Thomas91Jefferson )
@BigDknight They cause alot more than that. They knew. This was all planned. This is a direct assault on humanity and we sit around waiting for the next one. Bizarre.

( @thebiggerpicture )
@BigDknight This will play out in a specific order. The next step is to gaslight people into believing that Trump forced them to get vaccinated as the truth comes out about these vaccines. Once the sheeple become fully convinced that Trump forced or manipulated them to take dangerous vaccines, then the full truth comes out about just how dangerous these vaccines actually were. What actually did happen is that the vaccines were developed under Trump's watch, he recommended 2 doses and no boosters, he did lie about the safety, but he never tried to force it on anyone. The only attempts at coerced vaccination for work/travel/etc. were made by the Biden administration (for any international travel except illegal immigration), and by blue state governors, and by city councils such as LA and NYC.

( @Randyman628 )
@thebiggerpicture @BigDknight The vax was produced long before Trump was President, there is much evidence out there to show this. The covid was released so the vax could be used. How much Trump knew about this , I couldn't tell you, but he still pushes the jab.

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( @USCenturion )
Friendly Advice for White people:

Don't sign up to be a cop or the join the military.

( @Integra_truthity99 )
@USCenturion That's not the answer, if We are not represented, we will be wiped out by non whites in these two category's.

( @johngraham365 )
@Integra_truthity99 @USCenturion we will be anyway.....where the hell you been........remember randy weaver

( @WyattPryde )
@USCenturion we need white men with a moral racially driven mindset in these places. Forfeiting them to the enemy is admitted defeat.

( @Tertul )
@WyattPryde @USCenturion Whites should avoid being cops in Democrat-controlled cities. Whites have already lost there. Let the Dems rot in their sewage.

Whites should stop giving money to charities and churches that use the money in Democrat-controlled cities. If Christians weren't such demonic dumbshits, they'd insist all their tithes be used only on their church and its members. As it is, they're buying the rope that is being used to hang them, all in a futile effort to get others to like them.

( @FavoriteCaviar )
@USCenturion Top advice. Don't put your lives at risk for this country White people. Look out for your fellow White people. Marry young, learn a trade,
start a family and have many White children.

( @Titus70 )
@USCenturion Infiltrating law enforcement is still probably worth the risk. You're more likely to die in a car accident on the job than you are to be Chauvined, and cops can still exercise a lot of influence in the lives of citizens, especially if they're crafty.

Joining the America military is a complete waste of time unless your greatest ambition is to work with some of the cool tech.

Cops can quit. Cops get to go home to their families at the end of their shift. War slaves for ZOG can't.

( @EmmeeS )
@USCenturion eh, I don’t know if I agree with the cop thing. Sign up to be a cop in a White area, to protect White people.

I don’t want police at all. But I’d prefer to have White cops if we don’t get rid of them.

( @RightWingNutSquads )
@USCenturion cops suck as is, but I definitely don’t want them all being imported niggers and narcos. It will be a mass execution of White people every day

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( @Nature_and_Race )
"Alright, lads, another brown foreigner just murdered a bunch more innocent White children. We need to get out there and demonize and vilify any and all White people who are upset about it."

- Mainstream media

( @Europman )
@Nature_and_Race mainstream media is the enemy of White people

( @Plainsight1 )
@Nature_and_Race I think MSM should be called JNP. Jews and Parrots. I think it's more accurate.

( @Jordan )

The mainstream pro-stabbing stance is strange.

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Jordan -- They did this same thing back in 2017 and 2018 when brown muslims were mowing White children down with vans all across Europe.

( @AFutureForWhites )
Just embrace the rapes, stabbings, beatings, shootings and other violence, Whitey. How dare you not be on board with it all. You're not normal if you don't agree with it.

-the (((media)))

( @Rodger_james )
@Nature_and_Race Instead of burning migrant hotels maybe next time they should burn journalist businesses, cop stations and politician homes the way blm and antifa did. Hey it worked for them.

( @RWIS )
@Nature_and_Race "Mainstream Media"

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( @Nature_and_Race )
I wish White countries were unsafe for non-whites.

( @Fourpeaks83 )
@Nature_and_Race White countries are and will be unsafe for non- whites including jews who like to pass themselves off as White.

I like saying a montra to help bring it into reality. It's typically used during meditation by Buddhists and Hindus. Kind of like praying.

I want White countries to be unsafe for non- whites.
I demand White countries to be unsafe for non- whites.
White countries ARE unsafe for non- whites.

Just an example.

( @Ar113p )
@Fourpeaks83 @Nature_and_Race or... White counties are not safe for whites because the whites sellout to the jews?!!

( @SouthPole )
@Nature_and_Race they will be... we just have to work hard, but they will be.

( @JohnKen )
I wish White countries were unsafe for our traitors.

( @D1112 )
@Nature_and_Race i wish they were just simply still White.

( @alexpulse231 )
@Nature_and_Race I wish no non-White could invade us, and anyone who tries to enter by force would be killed. Make Europeans dangerous again!

( @JohnKen )
Do not forget who made the INVASION possible - our traitors. They must b first to b held accountable for the attacks & killing of Our People.

( @alexpulse231 )
@JohnKen I want all race traitors to die in the most inhuman way possible. I'd like to see Angela Merkel's, David Cameron's, Emmanuel Macron's, and Joe Biden's heads on spears. And many more race traitors, the list goes on. All of them must die. What they've done to our White race is grounds to have them executed.

( @yklee1979 )
@alexpulse231 @Nature_and_Race The Jews are white. They invade "White". Somehow, the "white" blames non-white.

( @alexpulse231 )
@yklee1979 @Nature_and_Race Jews only have White skin but they are not White, jews are Middle Easterners.

( @WhiteAmericanEskimo )
@Nature_and_Race Nothing changes until non-Whites become fearful of Whites again. And that happens through White Cohesion. Oh, and "dispatching" all the libertarians, mustn't forget that step.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
If law enforcement doesn't want to do their job to defend White people from non-white violence, fine.

But then they need to stand the fuck out of the way and let We The People do what is necessary to secure the future of White people.

Any cop who interferes with Whites protecting our own people has chosen to protect the non-whites that are harming and killing innocent White people. And such an officer should literally consider killing himself.

( @Europman )
@Nature_and_Race law enforcement is just there to stop White men from doing what needs to be done

( @Diplodoctopus )
@Nature_and_Race if they want to be hated from two directions, have at it.
Jamal sees colour.
Mohammed sees colour.
M'Beke sees colour.
Sanchez sees colour.
Officer Smith better get to home depot and get some f**king colour swatches.

( @upenya )
@Nature_and_Race LEs primary duty should always be to protect their the racial and cultural integrity of the nation. If they don’t do that they’re useless.

( @everythingburns )
@Nature_and_Race Who are we? American pussies have nothing to do with Irish.

( @Maverick042089 )
@Nature_and_Race 'A thin blue line' separates the average law enforcement officer from the brutal, border-line psychotic enforcer for the anti- White ZOG state.

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( @Apolitical )
Every black person you pass on the street is 50 times more likely to be a violent criminal than every White person.

bUt DiD yOu kNoW tHeRe aRe BaD pEoPlE iN eVeRy rAcE???

Only conservatives can pretend to be this retarded.

Oh and Adam Schiff is a jew. But these cowardly faggots know better than to talk badly about jews. Much safer to shit on White people


Pencil neck is the poster poop for POS!!

spoilerI do not care what race
or gender you are... If you are a
piece of shit, you are a piece of
Example, Adam Schiff is a White
male... He is a POS.

( @GSauce111 )
@Apolitical Dumbass White cuckservatives always whine “it’s not about race,” while literally every other race makes their race central to their identity 🤡

( @VictoryUs )
@GSauce111 @Apolitical
More importantly demonize Whites to protect jews.

( @Biking4Love )

Imagine, if you will, a race of people so backwards that they get themselves killed trying to kill a race people think they are. Why are you killing us Jews? You are white? Nuh uh. Oh shit, we fucked up.

( @VictoryUs )
@Biking4Love @Apolitical Or blame Whites for jewish behavior? Like Sere or Eagleman is doing.

( @Nthman )
@Apolitical Gunther‘s gone way out on a limb confusing a known jew degenerate, with a white pos, isn’t he? Seems people become anti-White trying to prove they’re not racist, to the jews that invented it, they’re the best in the world at being racist.

( @tchrspet47 )
@Apolitical I avoid niggers like a REAL plague. TBH, I have some good friends that don't understand why I rail about them. Hey, I tried.

( @Gravewalkers )
@Apolitical Q: How to you make a jew into a White?
A: You arrest the jew for a felony.

( @nnwfp )

I hate you @Sere56 and your ilk more than the judeo-communists. Always worshiping niggers to show you are not "racists". Degenerates, cowards and traitors. You deserve everything that is coming for you. I prefer the next steal to be as blatant and as humiliating as possible, else I would vote for Biden.

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( @Nature_and_Race )
I've yet to see a single Palestinian say "free America" or "free Europe" or "free the West".

In fact, I have yet to see any of the alleged pro-Whites shouting "free Palestine" say any of the above either.

I'm pro-White. I care about White people - first, last, and only. My people are White people. And no one cares about my people, except for people like me - pro-Whites.

Browns don't give a damn about White people, so I don't see any reason why White people should give a damn about browns.

( @The_White_Warrior )
@Nature_and_Race Isn’t it an interesting phenomenon- that Whites care more about other races and nations than they do about their own. Too virtuous…our greatest weakness that is being exploited.

( @mcoffman )
@Nature_and_Race As a WN, the only reason I have "From the river to the sea..." in my bio is because I want to see them wipe Israel off the face of the planet, not because I actually care.

( @Speargift )
@Nature_and_Race I agree. But I look at cheering on the muzz as a tactical thing, here. Realpolitik.

( @WesternShill )
@Speargift @Nature_and_Race Realpolitik didn't work out too well for Germany regarding muh based non Whites

( @LeeSutterlin )
@Nature_and_Race I only type "Free Palestine" because some jew said it means kill all the jews. I truly don't care what happens to them, as long as they are not shipped to White countries. White Power!

( @Schkoda_Fahrer )
@Nature_and_Race the Palestinians are right, it's their land and they should fight and expell the Jews from it.

But I don't care about them. If this part of the desert is inhabited by rats or cockroaches doesn't make a difference.

( @Intrusive_Thoughts )

The only upside to these events is people showing their true colors and they’re not White.

( @RoosterRidgeRescueRanch )

I think most of us pro-Whites are simply happy that ANY group is actively fighting and killing jews...

Perhaps we should be taking notes?

( @Angry_Boomer )
@Nature_and_Race i mean i agree but i can support Palestine atm simply because they kill jews and show kike atrocities to the whole world and that helps Whites.

( @HungarianRevolution1956 )
@Angry_Boomer @Nature_and_Race and it's fun to say and piss off jews. 😁

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
I don't know who needs to hear this, but...

The pro-White community doesn't have an infinite amount of time to wake White people up, and then to unify and organize them in the defense of White people and White countries.

I don't know how anyone can see what's going on in the world right now and not take the pro-White struggle seriously.

Time is running out. Time to decide what your top priorities really are.

( @SouthPole )
@Nature_and_Race I hate to be the black pill here, but 99% of the White people around me who I've tried to wake up over the last year just... don't care. The common responses I get are "I can't do anything about it, so why should I stress about it?" and "I just focus on my job and family and don't worry about the rest". Those are the people who at least notice what's going on, many just don't even see it. Maybe it's because I'm in the South and things aren't "as bad" here day to day, but that's no excuse. The White frogs are being boiled alive regardless of location.

I honestly don't know what it'd take at this point to shake them awake. I really don't.

( @HoratiiOfficial )
@SouthPole 90% of the White race is slag and is not going to make it. I would focus more on getting the people who ARE awake active. It’s just too late for most normies. @Nature_and_Race

( @Jb100 )
@Nature_and_Race "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children." The only priority.

( @The_White_Warrior )
@Nature_and_Race I have attempted to wake up everyone in my circle. I have not fully woken up one person. One friend came about half way, but shies away from the JQ. I don’t believe our individual influence can overpower the mass media weapon. The only way to wake most Whites up is to forcibly take power and impose our worldview on them, which they would receive well because it is based in truth. Or, as someone else said in the comments, wait for this current false-reality to collapse.

( @DefiantAryan1488 )
@Nature_and_Race nigger ball and bellies full of goyslop, along with Judeo-Christian doctrine has poisoned the minds of Whites everywhere. There's no time for a soft landing. Educate your neighbors and family with extreme prejudice, especially the youth.

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( @The_Knows )
It's genocidal to treat jews how they treat you.

( @TylerDurden3141 )
@The_Knows Same works for government of Liberal cunts. If you treat them like they treat you, you go to jail.

( @DavidWagner )
@The_Knows ask the 50 white Christians the Bolshevik Jews killed under Stalin.....

( @DavidWagner )
@The_Knows 50 million sorry it just didn't post that way...

( @Bibleimploder )
@The_Knows That is true. But right now we non Jewish US citizens are getting a Preview of what our lives are going to be reduced to if Orthodox and Hassidic Judaism keep gumming up real estate and political protections in the form of executive orders that protect Jews only. Gaza occupation and deprivation are the preview of non Jewish US citizens if Judaism is left to grow unchecked.

The system is a 2 tier system. Jews are really khazaraians, that took over Israel and, kicked the blacks out, the tribe of judah. they are not jews, they are the tribe of DAN. they rule over TALMUD LAW. They hide behind many races, but mostly the jews.

YES My entire life has been DESTROYED by JEWS the issue is the jews follow the khazarains becouse they think they are jews.

People don't leave Hollywood when they are popular, they are Kicked out! or they run away from the swampland, satanic, child pedo, narcissist wicked ways!!!

They will just stab you in the back, every AGENT, EVERY PERSON IN POWER IS IN A 2 TIER SYSTEM IN HOLLYWOOD. IS JEWISH Your either a slave, or until you sign your life away to join the illuminate.
Its not about College, talent, experience, and popularity doesn't matter, but only having to sign with a cult,like the illuminate, or freemasonry. 20 years In Hollywood, then suddenly every social media goes shadow banned,. youtube, inta, fb,,,,, 100% too 3%.. what does that do for my career!!! YES JEWS ARE INVOLVED!!! I was just about to lose my apartment, so I drove LYFT. ANOTHER JEW OWNED COMPANY THAT RIPPED ME OFF. a systematic algorithm of destruction. about 45% of people that drive lyft or uber end up homeless!

( @alexpulse231 )
@The_Knows They treat us the worst way possible, so I won't do anything to defend them. Kike lives don't matter

various commenters #wingnut #racist #conspiracy gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
This would be the equivalent of America collapsing, Zionism dying, and the new America invading other countries, riding into battle waving the Israeli flag and building monuments to historical Zionist figures from the former US government.

If you run around the world celebrating your jewish history by waving jewish flags (hammer and sickle) and building jewish monuments to Communism, then you haven't really broken free from it.

Communism is every bit as jewish as Zionism. Both were born of racial jews.

Another Communist monument has been erected by the Russians in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol that they currently occupy.

( @Ingo1234 )
@Nature_and_Race You are absolutely correct: hammer and sickle = soviet regime = jews. So putininsts are pushing jews legacy here. Shalomov (putin) is jew by mother.

( @Cotterpin )
@Nature_and_Race The “Cold War” was never won by the western world. Communists managed to hide or change their identities and lied their way into our society through schools & universities, our three letter organizations including legal systems, local governments all the way up to the federal level. Communism just went underground and is now resurfacing. It calls itself socialism to sound more friendly like Bolshevism did when it changed its name to communism.
This slime is everywhere and it’s Zionist Semitic in nature. They funded, created and push all of it starting with Karl Marx, a Jew.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )
@Cotterpin @Nature_and_Race

I recall John Stryker Meyer (a Green Beret and MACV-SOG member in Vietnam) saying that the State Department had communist sympathizers in it.

We still have that problem today obviously, but communists have been subverting our society for generations.

( @CrashWizard )
Communism is just judaism without all the ceremony. Too bad Whites are too stupid to realize the other two branches of the Abrahamics are just as pozzed.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Blacks are given preferential treatment by governmental law in areas such as housing, employment, universities, welfare, entertainment, and even the government itself.

And yet somehow blacks still believe that America is a White supremacist country where White people are privileged, and where blacks are being held down by White people.

If this doesn't convey just how literally clinically retarded blacks are, then I don't know what will.

( @Europman )
@Nature_and_Race I wish America was a White supremacist country

( @DisenfranchisedDad )
@Europman @Nature_and_Race we’d have a hell of a lot less problems

( @excid )
@Nature_and_Race yes. Even with all the advantages given them they still can’t live up to the White standard and so it must be someone else’s fault.

( @claytreble )
@Nature_and_Race What a crazy coincidence that blacks built every white nation, but not a single black nation. What are the odds? Turns out, regardless of religion, socioeconomic status, culture, ideology or political affiliation, blacks tend to be violent, low-impulse criminals in every country they inhabit around the world. There has never been a modern superpower with a black and brown majority. The new American dream is to make enough money to not have to live around black people.

( @WhiteAmericanEskimo )
@Nature_and_Race Blacks think this, of course, because they are continually told that by the jews. The best summation of that relationship is this pithy quip: "The black is the arrow; the jew is the archer."

( @ShadowStruggler )
@WhiteAmericanEskimo @Nature_and_Race Totally agree, the 2 arrows to destroy white race: niggers and white women turned against white men by the propaganda.

( @Nature_and_Race )
@WhiteAmericanEskimo -- Blacks think this because they're too retarded to think for themselves.

( @WhiteAmericanEskimo )
@Nature_and_Race Yes, of course, that goes without saying. They are essentially giant, overgrown, violent, retarded toddlers - the societal equivalent of a blight, the human equivalent of a pit bull, and the functional equivalent of a living bio-weapon. They are the curse that keeps on cursing. They exist as antiquated farm equipment that you cannot let out of your sight lest it kill you, human punji traps that create more of themselves ad infinitum.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
A little history trivia,

When Hitler's NSDAP finally came to power in 1933, he closed off all new membership for two straight years.

Why? Because he wanted to eliminate the sudden influx of bandwagon jumpers who never supported the NSDAP before their victory. He didn't want the NSDAP to be overcome by false adherents and fake Party members.

Really think about this fact.

( @leafz )
@Nature_and_Race Interesting, never heard about that before...Hitler was a wise man...

Thanks for all your work at bringing Truth to the light, for all to see...

( @hey_jupiter9 )
@Nature_and_Race Hitler was a genius and had a good heart.

( @AngloOrion )
@Nature_and_Race 11th hour fascists should be made to sweep the floor. Pierce called these the trendy types. But in reality they're the weak sheep.

( @288 )
@Nature_and_Race normies who are against nationalism (or x thing) today would be for it tomorrow if it became the dominant ideology, and tell everyone how they always thought this all along

( @Leibstandarte_SS )
@Nature_and_Race Hitler was a genius! o/

( @Charlesalb777 )
@Nature_and_Race That's why Gestapo was created, to take action against internal threats, traitors, fake National Socialists

( @eternalfreedom )
@Nature_and_Race I have stated before I plan to
do the same.

Imagine these soy boy showing up

"Heil Hitler, friend"

We don't want you or need you if you come at the end.

( @Group4 )
@Nature_and_Race Which is why I am VERY reluctant to "jump" on the bandwagon of some of the more "popular" WN's here.

( @Redneck_Publius )
@Nature_and_Race Nonetheless, false adherents did slip in. The Gestapo focused on dissidents and other internal threats to the NSDAP, which included Ernst Röhm, who was an original party leader.

( @ToyotaZZchad )
@Nature_and_Race didn't know that. And from a few comments too I'm after reading I understand why. IRL activist groups have it right to only gather the best of the best and loyal followers. You don't need everyone and anyone joining, once you're in power and have good will many will follow you. All it takes is less than 18 good men to influence an entire group of people.

( @romanse )
@Nature_and_Race jew is ALWAYS on BOTH sides collecting names and info and cross talk traitoring for control

Lauren Witzke & various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( Lauren Witzke )
The fact that McCarthy HELD the J6 tapes for years and gaslit the public is PROOF that he was making deals with the Pelosi and the Democrats to keep them hidden.

What McCarthy did was treason and he should be investigated.

J6ers killed themselves over these tormenting investigations. Others are still sitting in prison with no due process.

We can’t let McCarthy get away with this.

( @Lady_Liberty_2021 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE. The J6ers are political prisoners!

( @latinoPatriot82 )



( @LittleDianne )
He wasn't the only one.
That entire committee, evil.

( @MyOwnPrivateIdaho2 )
@LaurenWitzkeDE ..name the jew- mccarthy is just a willing mid level stooge like you are.. how’s the job search going lauren..? -maybe go back to work for the cartels , or are the yids paying you better ..?

( @gankojiji )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Well, he is from Commiefornia.

( @Machoe )
@LaurenWitzkeDE Well, you are under communism and have been for three years. Unfortunately Trump lured these people to DC setting them up for ambush by the communists and this subsequent red terror. There is no other explanation.

( @ItalianNonna )
@LaurenWitzkeDE We can’t let Pelosi and the DemonRats get away with it either!!!

( @robert1978bp )
@LaurenWitzkeDE truth is the election was indeed rigged.. the Capitol SHOULD OF BEEN stormed by American patriots and reclaimed from the hook nosed supremacists.. being apogelic about it is seen as a weakness by the enemy

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Well, you can fuck whoever you want (so long as they're a willing participant and of legal age).

HOWEVER, if you fuck non-white women, then you're not pro-White. You're literally a race-traitor.

But at least you're willing to admit you're a degenerate. It's nice to see a little honesty here for a change.

( @SouthPole )
@Nature_and_Race I broke it off with a girl I started talking to just a few weeks into the conversation when I realized she was of mixed blood. She looked completely White, but wasn't.

We have to live what we preach, otherwise we're hypocrites and no better than those who want to replace us.

( @WestStadt )
@SouthPole @Nature_and_Race do tell, she was half White and half?

( @SouthPole )
@WestStadt @Nature_and_Race apparently 1/4 Japanese, but you could not tell at all. Her hair was pretty straight, but I guess I missed that. It kinda sucked because she was really sweet, but I just couldn't do it.

( @ConwayO )
@Nature_and_Race I never understood the attraction towards Asian women in the Pro-White circles? 1. They have flat faces so that's just gross. 2. Asian's are boring in general imagine being married to one. 3. Asian's are the most resentful towards Whites, they're willing to side with Blacks that attack them on a daily bases just to stick it to Whites.

( @VirtuousKnight )
@Nature_and_Race They are race-traitors indeed. For instance, I have only one sibling, a younger brother, and he is a disappointment and a traitor. For the last few months I have been fighting with him because of his subversive and degenerate ways. I told him many times that he must find a woman that is 100% White, just like us, and he totally ignored my advice, and now he is dating an asian. When I told him that what he is doing is wrong he literally replied: "At least the Japanese helped Hitler". I was almost speechless because of the amount of stupidity that can be found in just one sentence, then I replied: "There is no "At least". What you are doing is wrong. Period." I just don't understand how someone with so much potential can be so idiotic. He is an adult and wears clothes that are 10 times bigger than him, and smokes weed almost everyday. And when I rarely give my National Socialist opinions during family gatherings, then my family worries about me, and not him, this is how disappointing this world is.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #sexist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
There are some old guys on Gab right now that are so desperate to sleep with young Asian women that they're willing to support those young Asian women when they stir up infighting between pro-Whites.

And then those desperate old guys actually carryout attacks on their fellow pro-White brothers and sisters, in defense of these non-white Asians who are stirring up fighting between White people.

It's times like this that I'm sincerely glad the pro-White community doesn't have any real power or influence. Our movement would be completely doomed if it was more recognized by the outside world right now.

( @PrincessKrav )
@Nature_and_Race its infuriating. It truly is. I was shocked the first time I saw it on Gab, older guys saying all western White women are awful and that if White guys want good "obedient" (HAH) wives, they need to look to the Asian countries. BULL. Dont call yourself pro-White and say that, please.

( @NordicWolf )
@PrincessKrav @Nature_and_Race
I'm pretty sure Asian women don't even have the capacity to love.
Referring mainly to Chinese. Japanese and Korean seem quite different but Chinese are mixed of many of the original east Asian sub clads and not actually pure in their own race.
Seldom does good ever come of race mixing, even among similar races.

( @jh182244 )
@Nature_and_Race my son calls asian women, fish face.

( @ToyotaZZchad )
@jh182244 @Nature_and_Race based lmao. Now you just got to teach him to throw fish at Asian women.

( @234jjj )
@Nature_and_Race I will never be glad we aren't a White run country. Regardless of our differences/disagreements. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

( @kungpowkitty )
@Nature_and_Race muh passport bros.
Filthy miscegenation

( @GSauce111 )
@Nature_and_Race I agree with you to an extent. I would always choose a White woman over anything…..BUT, when 90% of the White dating pool is completely unobtainable, demoralized, etc, I can’t really blame some older dude going after an Asian who treats him well. I’d rather see him be happy with his life than be bitter, angry and suicidal because all of the White women he comes into contact with are brainwashed, entitled, narcissistic c*nts. 🤷‍♂️

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
According to some non-whites on Gab, it's wrong for pro-Whites to "brown bash" non-whites.

Seriously, we have open non-whites trying to dictate what pro-Whites can and can't do.

And for whatever reason, a bunch of self-proclaimed pro-Whites are supporting the non-whites who are trying to dictate White and pro-White affairs.

( @Shardik1 )
@Nature_and_Race it’s just the latest iteration of “mUh BaSeD bRoWnS”.

The same people dunking on boomers for based browning Candace Owens are sweating all over each other to elevate Shiva because he used the phrase “Zionist cock”

( @RebelPrepper1 )
@Nature_and_Race It's not too much to ask, but it sure seems like some (((pro-White))) faggots are addicted to non-White approval

I just want a homeland where
White people can be safe and
not have to worry about being
savagely attacked in the night.
I want a homeland where White
people can freely pursue their
racial and cultural destiny
without anti-White influence
This isn't too much to ask.

( @Fire_77 )

Not to mention, they still believe in the six million shoes

“jews are acting just like the Nazis!”

I told one of them that they deserve each other
Fuck it

( @Shotgun_Mouthwash )
I think we should definitely listen to non-Whites...

...cry as they board the trains

( @T0000008 )
@Shotgun_Mouthwash Or bleed out in a ditch for refusing to get on the trains, that's a crucial component.


( @littlefaith )
@Nature_and_Race Let’s not forget the ((campaign)) of disgusting videos titled “Dear White People” .and the (((campaign))) of (((intellectuals))) calling for the death of white people …SO .Dear Shitskins, (((reptiles))) invaders and mystery meats F@CK OFF

( @TheNotoriousMrDee )
@Nature_and_Race Ostracize the white lemmings and troll/mute the lower races.

@Wanderers_Choice & @tchrspet47 #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Wanderers_Choice )
Palestine will be free from the river to the sea!

Yes I agree, now go kill the fucking jews that are there killing Palestinians. The jews bring the Arabs to White countries to kill White people. Go kill the jews if they're killing you in your country instead of coming to White countries and killing White people because from where I sit as a White man in a White country you are both the fucking enemy and I don't care about the arguments of how it is White people that support Israel when half the Brown world does too.

Fuck your excuses that fall perfectly inline with the Kalergi plan for people killing White men and trying to make it seem like I'm the jew.

( @tchrspet47 )
@Wanderers_Choice It's akshually funny that the Jews are huge importers of Arabs and Muslims to white countries and are now being bitten by their own pets. Maybe they're not as smart as they carry on about?

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
White countries do not need Islam to survive.

They need White Nationalism.

( @Lady_Liberty_2021 )
@Nature_and_Race. White countries can't survive with Judaism, that's for sure.

( @CrimePays1985 )
@Nature_and_Race I good with the destruction of the jew and muslim

( @KristiTrumpkinDragonfly )
@Nature_and_Race Nationalism. Key word. Segregation. Nobody needs or wants it.
It is necessary.

( @TheColonizer1788 )
@Nature_and_Race We need WHITE POWER!! Death to diversity and all it brings!

( @OnwardstoValhalla )
@Nature_and_Race White countries do not need Christianity to survive.

They need National Socialism.

( @BrittBrattFingerPuppet )
@Nature_and_Race jews and their desert cousin twat Muslims need to be evicted. Then on to their pathetic puppets. The feral non whites, race traitors, feminists, pedophiles, and faggots.

( @Auras777 )
@Nature_and_Race I've seen many conservatives like Anne Coulter rail on the likes of Trump for appealing to blacks & then laughing how disastrous this strategy is in winning, yet they are fine with cosying up to Jews who are also largely Democrats, are actually predominantly atheists, pro LGBT, have no conservative values.

Blacks & Muslims at least have conservative core values, believe in Christ. The only reason they're losing the Muslim/Arab vote is because of how pro Jewish (who are not even on their side) the right is, just costing them people who would otherwise be with them

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @UniversalDelirium )
They omit race when White people are murdered and victimized by non-whites because they want everyone to see race except for you, White folks.

( @Halp )
@UniversalDelirium I wouldn’t expect anything less from Fox Jews

( @Tetragrammatron )
@UniversalDelirium More journalists need their throats slit in my opinion.

( @Adrianthehistorian )
@UniversalDelirium In the Service of Israel, Jews gathered all those Groups in America that Hated/Envied the White Man and called it the Civil Rights Movement. $$$$$ had less to do with it than HATRED as this aspect of Humanity is a Much More Powerful Driving Force!

The Civil Rights Movement was Not about giving ‘Freedoms’ to a ‘Minority’ group (14%, Blacks).
It was all about the ‘Majority’ (78%, AKA: The Civil Rights Coalition), which was made up of Women, Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Homosexuals, etc. destroying the Freedoms and Political/Economic Powers of a minority group, (22%, AKA: Straight, White, Male, Protestants).
Freedoms and Political/Economic Powers that got in the Majorities way of gaining vast Wealth, Special Powers and Special Privileges for themselves.
Draconian Powers that had never before been seen on American soil.
Example: …. “Equality?”
White People Never had the government-backed 'Right'
to Force a business to Hire him.
To Force a business to Serve him.
To Force a homeowner to sell him their Home.
To Force a college to accept them!
But ALL other people and races have this Special Power.
This 5,000 black race riot imposed, ''Black Supremacy'! Black Aristocracy!

( @Carbon_Organism )

Do you what to know what the sickest part of this story is?
The boys "Dad" is concerned for the souls of the feral back sub-humans that did this.

""I hope there’s a way they can find forgiveness in their heart and find a way to be able to come to terms with what they’ve done".

The weakness and sick minds of so many atomised and deracinated White people is putting us all of us at risk.

These types of Whites are helping destroy our Race and Nations.

@Nature_and_Race , @Wanderers_Choice & @Plastic_Banana #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
I honestly don't see Tommy Robinson any differently than the self-proclaimed pro-Whites who are currently celebrating Western countries being inundated with brown muslims, just because those brown muslims happen to not like jews.

(Even though those same brown muslims are now killing White people, because they can't tell the difference between Whites and jews, and those same self-proclaimed pro-Whites are excusing these brown-on-White murders, because "Well, they meant to kill a jew...it's the thought that counts.)

This is what he really stands for. It's Remembrance Day, but he is more concerned about it being Diwali and takes the opportunity to shill for more non-White immigration!

( @Wanderers_Choice )
@Nature_and_Race he literally denigrates White British men for knowing demographic information and wanting Britain to be all White people, meaning he WANTS BROWN ARABS in Britain. I'm not going to agree with Tommy the kike Robinson.

( @Plastic_Banana )
First off "brown" is not a race. Putting the emphasis on skin tone is exactly what the "colorblind" crowd wants. Race is about shared ancestry and identity not skin tone. Secondly, who on the nationalist right wants non-white immigration into the West? We're simply saying Islamics are no worse than any other non-white immigrant group. The religion itself, if adopted by Whites, might actually solve some of the social problems liberalism has created. There's a massive difference between a White in the West converting to Islam vs importing third world immigrants who happen to be Islamic.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
There's a lot of young White guys out there who are convinced that Asian women will treat them better than White women.

But here's the reality: Asian women are sent to White countries to breed White people out of existence.

Asian women are a biological weapon used to prevent the production of White children.

( @petergray )
@Nature_and_Race I look at this video in a slightly different way:
Just another woman with a white fever but she's trying to justify it in front of her woke friends.

( @VictoryValhalla )
@Nature_and_Race Asian women age hard, tiny boobs and flat asses. Never understood the attraction 🤷🏼‍♂️

( @vw16app )
@VictoryValhalla @Nature_and_Race incredibly short, overbite jaws, thin hair, yellow, slanted eyes. It's the same reason why some Whites trade their race for a nigger. Nobody can explain the attraction because the White person is mentally ill. An unstable person finds the most ugliest things acceptable.

( @BeauDixon )
@Nature_and_Race That is the purpose of all this “diversity” and why they force integration. They are destroying our race. It’s White Genocide

( @844steamtrain )
@Nature_and_Race Hahaha! I laugh every time I see this, or some stupid White lady bragging about sleeping with black men. The White race has already survived famine, genocide, plague, war and natural disasters for thousands of years. We will survive this White genocide as well. Real White people are already taking care of themselves, their families and their communities just fine.

( @Plebflop )
That chink only fuck niggers, I bet she's got a BLM fist tattooed on her lower back.

various commenters #wingnut #quack #conspiracy gab.com

( @stkirsch )
Why can't we talk about any of the sudden deaths?, by @stkirsch Why can't we talk about any of the sudden deaths? The Director of Parliamentary affairs at Health Canada during the pandemic DEAD at 35! He lead the team of Canada's response to COVID. Why do they keep this silent?

( @dmscranton )
@stkirsch Because the government is still pushing the vaccine requiring children to be vaccinated before starting school. Killing off the US citizens while allowing millions of unvaccinated illegals to cross the border and not forcing them to be vaccinated. Kind of obvious.

( @TheWolf33 )
Jesus they've renamed 'MURDER' "SDS".. SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME. How easy was that..🤔🥺

( @Truthfullyconcerned )
@stkirsch Hmmm. Dead men can't talk? Is that why so many doctors are passing away. When you side with the devil, eventually you get silenced permanently.

( @buybuydandavis )

Because while they've started to rub our noses in our subjection, they haven't quite reached the point where they feel free to rub our noses in their mass murder.
But it's coming.
The purpose of most of their Big Lies is to inflict humiliation and demoralization over our powerlessness to stop their Big Lies. How much better it is when they can with impunity inflict that humiliation and demoralization with the truth!

various commenters #wingnut #homophobia #transphobia gab.com

( @SomeBitchIKnow )

( @StephenFlemmi )
@SomeBitchIKnow It's not rocket science guys. They're terrible people and I have a wood chipper in my garage.

( @RDF20 )

( @StormChaser126 )
@SomeBitchIKnow Need to add, "Just remove the kids' genitalia" to the list.

( @VotedPerot )
@SomeBitchIKnow And degrade the rainbow and take over the meaning of the word gay.

( @Gamerfanboy )
@VotedPerot @SomeBitchIKnow get over it.

( @Ilion )
@Gamerfanboy You faggots are so adorable -- you refuse to see that once they have total power, the leftists will be sending you all to the death-camps along with the Christians.

( @HauntedHighway216 )

various commenters #wingnut #conspiracy #racist gab.com

( @RealSixMillion )
The CIA, in coordination with the Mossad and ADL, murdered President John F. Kennedy.

Then had Jacob Rubenstein, aka fake goy name Jack Ruby, kill their patsy Oswald.

This is just a fact now.

Those that disputed the Warren Commission report were smeared "Conspiracy Theorists", it's where the term comes from.

And why they scream it at anyone telling the truth about anything now.

( @My_burner )
@RealSixMillion while only being 2 percent of the population jews are grossly over represented at 95 percent of all maniacal devious historical events.

( @blackbird9 )
@RealSixMillion "The CIA, in coordination with the Mossad and ADL, murdered President John F. Kennedy. Then had Jacob Rubenstein, aka fake goy name Jack Ruby, kill their patsy Oswald. This is just a fact now."

If only we could find some (((Pattern)))??? 🤣

🤡 🌍

"JFK Assassination Records - 2022 Additional Documents Release"

( @Greg69 )
There's a straight line from the spawning of the FED, to the murders of JFK & his brother, to the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag.

( @MisterWales )
@RealSixMillion Back then, we were young, naive, and stupid, to be blunt. The hurdle they now face is an increasing number of unindoctrinated citizens who have learned to become comfortably numb to the labeling techniques they utilize, be it racist, white supremacist, election deniers, or whatever. As I've stated previously, they've reached their Rubicon - they now must make us enemies of the state, or somehow simply eliminate us.

( @Colony14 )
@RealSixMillion November 22, 1963 was the day the deep state realized it could do whatever the hell it wanted to do.

( @Quixote_Reborn )

Mossad did it, CIA backfilled for cover.
One wonders if JFK doubted The HollowCost™, that would make the cycle complete.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
👍 = Agreee
👎 = Disagree

spoilerJewish power hates free speech
because when people are free to
speak the truth, the most obvious
truth is that Jews are a threat to
our societies.

( @Graphix )
@BlackScorpionNationalists remember when (((they))) had to censor their 'A.I. superior LEARNING computer' Tay that became a full-blown aggressive fascist after less than 24 hours online asking questions and accumulating data.

( @NinjaGoy )
@BlackScorpionNationalists tough to just agree or disagree on this question.

They definitely don't approve of speech that exposes them but definitely do approve of speech that supports their poisonous ideologies to spread throughout societies that they have targeted.

( @BlackScorpionNationalists )
@NinjaGoy To be honest, this is a question you can either agree or disagree on. If you want to expand on it, feel free to do so. Yeah, Jews have always hated free speech because the Jews know that they are a cancer to any healthy society. Had they honestly believed that they were good, they would want free speech, because people would openly praise them.

And those who would speak badly about them, would be shut down without censorship, by people with different views.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @EspirituLibre )

( @RudyT2801 )
@EspirituLibre Then claim to be the victim!!! 🤣

( @DOOM1000101 )
@EspirituLibre and whine about the extreme trauma of shooting a gun.

( @Right_Turn_Clyde )
@EspirituLibre Musk is driving the Left crazy, and it's delicious

( @Zander9899 )
@EspirituLibre Hitler was admired the world over and beloved to his people whom he sincerely cared about with all his might. He created the "Economic Miracle" out of the ruins of Germany, taking her from starvation to a space program in the span of a few years. How?

He got out from under Jewish global finance. That was his only "crime" for which they mobilized the world and their propaganda machine against him.

That was in a time before the internet. Everyone should know better, now.

The lies about Germany were the "babies taken out of incubators" atrocity propaganda of it's day.

( @daddywawa21776 )
And then use the gun as an anal dildo.

Donald J Trump & various commenters #wingnut #homophobia #racist gab.com

( Donald J Trump )
Our Country is SICK inside, very much like a person dying of Cancer. The Crooked FBI, the so-called Department of “Justice,” and “Intelligence,” all parts of the Democrat Party and System, is the Cancer. These Weaponized Thugs and Tyrants must be dealt with, or our once great and beautiful Country will die!!!

( @JerryBruceD )
@USCenturion @realdonaldtrump

jews and fags... so long Trump.

( @anavrin5 )
@USCenturion @realdonaldtrump We are fighting for the gay community to be completely obliterated

( @FreezingSummit )
@realdonaldtrump Maybe if you pander to more faggots and Jews we can fix it!

( @MickyB57 )
@FreezingSummit @realdonaldtrump
If you ask me, Biden is the one pandering to the faggots. Look at his administration you dumbfuck. You're a fucking Trump troll. Get a life bitch.!!

( @Twisted_Texan )
@realdonaldtrump By endorsing the scourge of sodomites, you have become one of the tyrants.

( @osvanska )
@realdonaldtrump It’s the jews, Drumpf.

( @Toolman89 )
@osvanska @realdonaldtrump he wants us to fight each other so that they can 'destroy the nations' and rule the world from jewruslaem. white liberals aren't our enemy, they are dumb slaves who will become our slaves if we take power. remove the jew and you remove the problem, it's as simple as that and thus they are our only target to focus on.

( @brextremist )
@realdonaldtrump And who are the "cancer" to which you refer? It's the jews. Jews are in control of these crooked institutions. Jews are the ones rotting America from the inside.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Apolitical )
Fascinating that in a country where politicians are determined by winning votes, both political parties refuse to even mention the largest voting block, White people, unless they are attacking them.

White people have absolutely no representation in a country their ancestors built, and which they still hold the majority in.

And you won’t get it back by voting Republican or Democrat

( @Nature_and_Race )
@Apolitical -- Seeing as Whites are still the majority, yet both sides pander to non-whites, tells you everything you need to know about contemporary politics.

( @Jessetosee )
@Nature_and_Race @Apolitical Interesting to think how they will treat “white serfs” when they become an actual minority.

( @PowertoJesus )
@Apolitical It is unnatural that just 2% of population is representing a country.

Those 2% are overrepresented in media, federal reserve, government, NGOs, parties and many industries, such as tobacco, pharmaceutical, pornography, entertainment, etc.., .

Majority should represent a country, not an evil minority inspired by Satanic forces.

( @Gravewalkers )
@PowertoJesus @Apolitical #JordanPeterson explained it was natural for 2% to be the best and worst of a population. Then Jordan Peterson JOINED THE JEWS AGAINST US. Fuck that dude.

( @PowertoJesus )
@Apolitical you cannot represent a country if you don't have anything in common with them, meaning Jews and Blacks cannot run our country which consists of predominantly white peope.

( @33christo33 )
@PowertoJesus @Apolitical jew and blacks cannot predate on white nations devoid of submissive whites

( @253 )
@PowertoJesus @Apolitical now our country consists of predominantly White people. Not very many years from now that won't be true. A few years after that White people will be a small minority. That is the communist globo homo plan.

various commenters #wingnut #quack #racist gab.com

( @AuH2O )

spoilerNO ONE who took the shots
was able to give informed
consent because the RISKS were
CENSORED, the benefits were
FALSIFIED, and it all occurred
under state and corporate
EVERY single shot was an ethical
CRIME and medical malpractice

( @Waz877 )
@AuH2O now we just need the military and local police departments to grow a set of balls and start arresting politicians and healthcare workers!!! I was just following orders doesn’t cut it . And if the law enforcers don’t do there job arrest them as well. Let the chips fall where they may . Then we go annihilate israel for 9/11 . Then the world will be a better place.

( @Anatoly_Dyatlov )
I never trusted the government. Now I will never trust the medical "professionals" again.

Unvaccinated and proud.

( @MasonCutlip )
@AuH2O The (jew) must be removed from all American Institutions and Representatives with dual Citizenship have their Citizenship Revoked.

( @Waz877 )
@AuH2O and hats off to all the pure bloods that told them to suck a dick and refused to wear masks !!! Your the real hero’s of this country . God saw your bravery and your diligence exposed the Jew genociders. Apologize and thank a pure blood today cause if it wasn’t for them you would be walking around with 5 boosters by now.

( @jdmax )
@AuH2O The people who received the COVID poison knew they were receiving an untested experimental drug! If they were to ignorant and stupid to understand the ramifications of their decision they deserve the consequences of their paranoid hysteria!

( @JohnOBrian )
@AuH2O And every shot deserves the death penalty to those who KNEW AND LIED that it was safe or coerced workers to self harm themselves with this concoction or face the sack!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @The_Nose )

spoilerFirst they came for blacks I said
Then they came for jews Still, I said
Then they came for mexicans Finally I
said something. "Are you sure you got
all the jews?"

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

—Martin Niemöller

( @FatherJohn )


“I for my part maintain that to hate the enemies of God is lawful, and that such a hatred pleases the Master. By enemies I mean those who in every way deny the glory of the Master, whether the Jews or those who are manifestly idolaters or those who thought Arius’ teaching make an idol of the creature, and so take up again the Jewish Error. “ - St. Gregory of Nyssa, Letters, # 3.8

“Jews as individuals are great individuals – talented, ambitious, intelligent, smart. As a people [though], I would not give them as high a grade. Jews know how to hate.”– Ariel Sharon, in an interview with the Israeli daily Yediot Aharanot, Feb. 1, 2002. Quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Feb. 2, 2002, p. B3.

( @hateyouall )
@The_Nose Always come for the jews first. Trust me on this. History supports it.

( @Dusquene8 )
@The_Nose idiot. It is Jews. Find them all and expel every single one of them. We say it is the Jews, because we can see it is Jews, pretending to be everyone else.

( @Dusquene8 )
@The_Nose notice how they don't mention Whites, but mention everyone else?

( @bornin1518 )
@The_Nose The socialists and trade unionists were both led by the jews and were mostly jews themselves. Martin could have saved time by saying, "They came for the jews".

( @Mike_W )
Six million is a pretty good start. 🤡

( @jjuhasz2510 )
@The_Nose First they came for the blacks and I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t black.

Then they came for the jews and I didn’t say anything because I’m not a jew

. Then there weren’t any more problems and they stopped coming after anybody.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia #sexist #psycho gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
In an ideal world, race-mixing (including self-indulgent recreational sex) would be viewed as treason against your own people, and thus would result in the death penalty.

However, we don't live in an ideal world. Not even close.

@Nature_and_Race Wahmen are retarded and mudsharks get the rope.

( @Weiss_Drache )
@Nature_and_Race As far as I'm concerned you can have all the "recreational sex" you want as long as it's with a White person and your intention is to eventually have children.

( @WhiteMansBible )
@Nature_and_Race It's an act against nature.

( @ObersturmbannFuhrer88 )
@Nature_and_Race why are niggers so hyper violent and faggots so hyper sexual? Like what’s up with that? Mudsharks really are disgusting. There are hardly any men who fuck black chicks as they are little all disgusting. Niggers are hideous

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@ObersturmbannFuhrer88 @Nature_and_Race All faggots are pedos. Niggers are just plain stupid, like wild animals.

( @Nemesistyx )
@Nature_and_Race This is where I will disagree with you.

Death for something like that is asinine, unless it was a "conspiracy" Intention.

Best case is to ostracize them completely from the people. If you choose to race mix (depending on your circumstance of mutt status) you willfully choose an alternative culture then you should be with that culture. You choose differently, you must LIVE with that choice literally.

50 states, You telling me between all the purist of whites, blacks, etc etc all segregated up and then sub segregated groups of mixed races (based on culture identity). If you are a white boy who mixes with the opposite race, you and that race now must live in a different community.

( @Rabbi_Spacelaser )
@Nature_and_Race In an ideal world there would be no niggers

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
White women who sleep with blacks undergo visible physical changes.

Almost every single White woman who regularly sleeps with blacks develops a very dingy quality to their skin, like a cloudy greyish color.

Their eyes take on more of a squinted/slanted appearance, rather than being round and open.

And their hair quality changes as well, to the point where they wear their hair pulled back tight at all times, never letting it hang naturally.

Mudsharks have a distinct accent. As if 8 different baby daddies wasn't already a dead giveaway.

( @FRIT147 )
@Nature_and_Race I thought I was the only one that noticed it, white women who are with blacks suddenly seem to be more unhealthy

( @Runeoflife )
@FRIT147 @Nature_and_Race It's quite simple logic that someone has to be utterly diseased, vile, rotten to ever betray their race and procreate with a breed as alien and hostile as niggers.

So of course they look unhealthy. They ARE unhealthy. Mentally, physically terminally ill.

( @funbobby51 )
@Nature_and_Race whenever a woman is inseminated some of the DNA is left behind

( @General_Beauregard )
I see that mudshark and think her highest use is being ground up for sausage

( @ChrisLonsdale )
@General_Beauregard @Nature_and_Race lol, I'd never eat a sausage that 8 niggers' sausages were inside of

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

I'm convinced that mudsharks are genetically defective.

I think propaganda is only part of the reason why they choose negroids over White men.

( @qMAGAs )
@Nature_and_Race fucking whore; and you know all those kids are mixed

( @Germanicus_ )
@Nature_and_Race you know we have a sick society women white women pretend to be nigs

( @Weiss_Drache )
@Nature_and_Race Wahmen are retarded and mudsharks get the rope.

( @AngryWh1teB1tch )
Yes....its called "healing from being beaten half to death by a nigger" syndrome.

The face & hair never recover to their original state. It's why intelligent White women don't do that shit. The nigger will always beat you at some point. It's the species differential.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Shoplifting isn't at all a White thing to do.

However, I wouldn't fault anyone for robbing the place blind.

They've consciously chosen to participate in the war against White people. Which means they're a legitimate target for retaliation.

( @TheEarlofDesmond )
@Nature_and_Race Black santa, comes through the window when everyones asleep and takes all your valuables..... 😆😆😆

( @RealMarkHohe )

What nonsense....would a black kid wear this.....?

A white kid wearing it would probably get beaten up.

( @Occidental_Rome1 )
@Nature_and_Race Let these woke companies feel the burn, whilst they siphoned billions to BLM and their ultimate (((benefactors))) and shat upon Whites.

c'est la vie!

( @1_Corinthians6_9 )
@Nature_and_Race Man that's St. Niggalus! 🤣

( @SnowKidding )
@Nature_and_Race no niggers matter. none

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @ObersturmbannFuhrer88 )
@CountryBumpkin123 @Nature_and_Race look at him he’s an easy target for a genetically violent nigger. These Zulu cunts cannot be trusted. If there’s a nigger/s in my child’s class when he gets to that stage I swear I am not going to tolerate it. I mean American niggers seems to be the most horrible evil creatures I’ve ever seen.

( @lostman1 )
@CountryBumpkin123 @Nature_and_Race From the way it looked the kid didn't have a chance to defend himself, but he should have at least tried to, like grabbing the nigger around the throat and snapping his nigger neck.

( @CountryBumpkin123 )
@lostman1 @Nature_and_Race I agree. This is why we must teach our White boys to fight properly. My Son has been in jujitsu for years and started wrestling this year (he's 12). I hope to God nothing like this ever happens to him, but he'll be properly trained in the event it does.

( @Jimmymac88 )
@Nature_and_Race White people better wake the fuck up and start defending themselves or we'll end up like the whites in South Africa

( @Stevubert )
@Nature_and_Race never forget that Jews created this situation with propaganda.

( @Nicholas_Scholl )

Negroids give us plenty of reasons for us to hate them, but there's still White people that don't accept reality.

It's an interesting phenomenon.

I'm talking about normies; not self-loathing race traitors.

( @GingaPATRIOT )
@Nature_and_Race it’s so fuckin infuriating watching these niggers walk around and tear white people like this. It’s time to rise up teach your sons how to fight and stand up for themselves and their race. Hit the gym eat healthy get outside and be white. These kikes who brought these niggers here will pay the price and then the niggers can separate and stop the hate

( @Theinitiate )
@Nature_and_Race The blacks are the worst race of people on this planet in almost every metric, change my mind.

( @AntiSatanic )

( @ExpelTheJews )
@Nature_and_Race And that's why the niggers should be deported immediately after the kikes get kicked out of the Western world!

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
This is why White people hate blacks.

Everywhere blacks go, they create only two things: Ghettos, and White people who hate them.

So long as blacks are allowed to roam freely in White societies, our White children will never be safe.

This one is particularly vicious. Was posted to Twitter, and of course a multitude of Blacks defended their co-racial aggressor. They think this is okay. Never forget that they put their own kind over any kind of rational or egalitarian principles. It could save your life--or your kid's. #DIEversity

( @McKennzo )
@Nature_and_Race I went to a nearly all black high school and I would never put my daughter through something like that.

( @atto )
@Nature_and_Race Black people are not creatures of reason and kindness. They are ferocious savages sent in by the jews to terrorize White communities.

( @WomblePoop )
@Nature_and_Race 100 % ive said it before - teach your kids to stay clear of the black and stop associating with them.. Don't even engage with them.

They demonstrate time and time again that they are wholly unfit to integrate with normal civilised people. Period.

( @MightIsRight88 )
@WomblePoop @Nature_and_Race Exactly - stop waving "hi", avoid saying hello, or returning a greeting. Don't hold the door open for them. Skip the pleasantries and do the absolute bare minimum needed to conduct your business.

Don't even let your kids talk to or associate with negroids at all. Make them feel awkward and unwelcome. Pretend they are invisible. Don't support any businesses that are owned by or staffed with blacks. Avoid areas where they are a majority. Show businesses that we are no longer willing to spend our money where the negroid is present.

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Nature_and_Race Only when a band of collective Whites stick together to defend ourselves can we truly be free from these animals.

( @Charlesalb777 )
@SoldierForChrist777 @Nature_and_Race Its every man for themselves, some whites only care about saving their own ass but not for others.

Plenty of weapons but nothing get done

( @SoldierForChrist777 )
@Charlesalb777 @Nature_and_Race Don't give up hope. We will have a rebirth of true White civilization or die trying.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )

Now you cocksuckers know how it feels.

You all laughed at and mocked us when we were the ones getting purged en masse. But now when it's happening to you, you cry holocaust? Go fuck yourselves.

--> https://twitter.com/duty2warn/status/1603726935502225414

( @Eleutheria3 )
@Nature_and_Race >bloodbath

Oooh, I see they've already got a copy of 2024's Kristallnacht brochures!

( @Scorezeny )
@Eleutheria3 @Nature_and_Race
Nein, we can’t wait another year

( @Tayai )
@Nature_and_Race These are the same people who have been skewing lying and framing news stories to obscure the ocean of violence directed towards Whites.

They agitate to create more of it.

As a wise man once said “When we win, remember what they did to you”

( @HadriansChild )
@Nature_and_Race As much as Conservatives are pretty annoying, there is this spiritually Jewish audacity that Lefties have that will always disgust me. They literally wipe fascism off all Mainstream social media, they have no issue. You shut down one of their pedo hour story times, then they are good Americans trying to fight for the First Amendment. Same thing with the protests, J6 defends are “traitor” but Floyd rioters are just out of hand protestor with a good cause.

Fuck these faggots.

( @Tower )
@Nature_and_Race I can only hope this commie fuck learns what bare knuckle fascism looks like.
I'll dance.

( @phillyredpill )
@Nature_and_Race Pre-Musk I had accts banned for saying trans is a mental disorder and covid was a psyop. Post-Musk, I merely pointed out a jew for being a jew. Unsure of which era of Twitter is worse.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @hateyouall )
@Nature_and_Race Pandering to non-White voters get them the jewish donations.

( @GodzillaKingOfTheNose )
@Nature_and_Race part of this is due to whites having no cohesive identity. Whiteness is a social construct, but them white ppl are responsible for slavery and must pay 🤡🤣

( @LaVallette )
@Nature_and_Race Most Whites are capable of thinking for themelves and making up their own minds. Balcks and POC's can be regimented simply through bribery and corruption and offers of "free" governemtn services and subsidies with the white men and those responsible for creating the Nation's wealth having to pay for the costs involved.

( @ShilohVII )
It tells me, Whites are much too nice, kind and considerate. America has been at war 93% of its existence and its White soldiers have been fighting Zionists' bloody wars. It's time for Whites to wake up, wise up and be up on guard. Bending-over-backwards for others is over, it's time to help your White brother who's marginalized and targeted to be at the bottom of the totem pole. WE need to stand united & strong as one people under God✝️

( @CN32 )
@Nature_and_Race The sad thing is, most Whites don't care about Whites. Too many Whites either hate their own race, their ancestors or they don't see race as important. Worse, they will attack Whites like us who advocate for them. Very strange!

( @MChuck1 )
@Nature_and_Race our politicians take us for granted. NOT anymore! They have demonized the White race for political gain. Are we really that stupid to keep voting for politicians who hate us. Republicans and Democrats are the Uni-Party Globalist Elites. We should only vote for politicians that believe in God, Christianity and us. If not we vote to eliminate ourselves. That's suicide. That's a mortal sin.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
Whites are still the majority in the US, yet both sides still pander exclusively to non-whites.

That tells you two things: 1) Neither side cares about White people. We have no value to them. And 2) Voting is meaningless. They're going to appoint whoever they want to office, no matter who anyone actually votes for.

Fascinating that in a country where politicians are determined by winning votes, both political parties refuse to even mention the largest voting block, White people, unless they are attacking them.

White people have absolutely no representation in a country their ancestors built, and which they still hold the majority in.

And you won’t get it back by voting Republican or Democrat

( @John_Madison )
@Nature_and_Race Greed, corruption and no govt oversight or accountability has led to one of the downfalls of this nation. Whites are just tools for them to get elected and than we are cast out after they no longer need our numbers. The only answer is NS or something equivalent.

( @Kamikaze_Raven )
@Nature_and_Race It also shows that a large portion of white people are not voting in favor of white.

( @Gynoman69 )
@Nature_and_Race yeah, but you have to understand that about 45% of the White Vote is democrat. With a lot of the 55% that do not vote Democrat getting pretty old. Unfortunately, Republicans did not have a grand long plan like these communist did. We didn’t infiltrate schools as deeply. The right completely abandoned urban centers altogether. I hate to say it, but white people live in cities too. They would probably like to choose between someone other than a communist, a crock and a wasted Republican vote.

( @GodzillaKingOfTheNose )
@Gynoman69 @Nature_and_Race most younger whites are definitely race traitor communists. They believe whites are evil. I would say it’s the vast majority of them. There is no solution without separation from the brainwashed whites, violent blacks, and subversives

( @DavisH )
@Nature_and_Race Slaves used to be the majority in several Southern states. They also had little input in politics. We're the niggers now.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #psycho gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )

I learned racial awareness by going to black and brown majority schools when I was really young.

And I learned very, very quickly that blacks and browns only respect one thing: Violence.

The only way to stop a violent black attacker, is to defend yourself with a greater amount of violence in return.

@Nature_and_Race I went to a nearly all black high school and I would never put my daughter through something like that.

( @sometimescanbefunny )
@Nature_and_Race Can confirm that growing up in a nigger public school is an excellent way to learn racial realities.

We're not the same. We've never been the same. We will never be the same.

( @Redneck1Hillbilly )
@sometimescanbefunny @Nature_and_Race

And, how to fight, situational awareness, and most importantly: Around blacks - never relax!

( @Donina )
@Nature_and_Race it’s hilarious that all these dumb boomers created a generation of race realists by putting their kids through diversity school in the name of “learning to love diversity”. Talk about Hitler’s revenge.

( @Heartman )
@Nature_and_Race I grew up with blacks. There are a few that are oreos, but that is at the most in the single digits. Even the 20-30% who can function in white culture, understand the difference, will still back and excuse their fellow George Floyd type blacks every time. If you are a Black American, you have been convinced of the victimhood of your race and the necessity of racial solidarity above everything else, regardless of your personal experience and interaction with whites.

( @Redneck1Hillbilly )
@Heartman @Nature_and_Race

The true nature of a/the black: is revealed when you're with them, and a group starts chimping out with you as an intended target of their aggression - then, you'll find out if your black associate is naxalt.


( @TransAm0914 )
@Nature_and_Race When I was in middle school my father and I were in the school office to register me for classes. We heard screams coming from the hallway and what we saw was a black chick with razor blades in her afro fighting with a White chick and her fingers were literally hanging off. Needless to say I did not attend that school. They are feral animals.

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @Nature_and_Race )
The Romans were White, they didn't have any firearms, and they conquered two thirds of the known world.

You're an idiot.

@Puphy @Nature_and_Race Did you know, the British, with rifles, lost some battles to the Zulus? All they had was spears... the white man could have NEVER conquered any nation of color without the use of firearms! In other words.. you ain't shit without them.

( @Kvasir76 )
@Nature_and_Race This dude is braindead, even the Greeks, Celts, Danes, Norse conquered without firearms. Whites were and are legendary

( @handfulofdust )
@Nature_and_Race I wouldn't fight a chimp bare handed either but I wouldn't suddenly give them rights because of it.

( @TrueDepth )
@Nature_and_Race White men are actually even better at war, without firearms. White men dominated with swords, hammers, spears, axes, bows, etc.. as well. White men have better swinging and throwing arms, and dexterity.

( @Agigz911 )
@Nature_and_Race and it just so happens the Roman Empire fell because of Jewish manipulation, they infiltrated the Roman government, they convinced politicians to stab Caesar in the back

( @Eternalgoyim1488 )
@Nature_and_Race Africans didn't even discover the wheel, whites were setting up colonies on different continents and were being awesome as fuck, don't hate us cos you ain't us.

( @Bateburglestien )
What he means to say is that the blacks know they have every intention of overrunning white people when the state takes our right to self defense.

( @Running_Wild )

Where does this retard think the guns came from?

'Yea you wouldn't be shit without the technology that You invented'..

Also the Zulus greatly outnumbered the British and the British still curb-stomped them without taking hardly any losses..

Other small groups of European soldiers did the same thing to other African savages..

various commenters #wingnut #racist gab.com

( @MarkCollett )
When you look at the migrant invasion of Britain you have to understand and accept the following:
There is no amount of crying or moaning that will change the minds of those who are enabling this. The politicians, the media, the courts and those who hold institutional power are not letting this happen by accident, they are not unaware of the consequences of their actions, they do not secretly agree with the people, they are not trying to act but find their 'hands are tied' - they are in fact in on this invasion, they engineered it and they support it. All of those within the establishment and the media are part of a vicious anti-white conspiracy to replace the indigenous people of these islands.

( @brextremist )
@MarkCollett A lot of people don't want to accept the cold hard fact that our own government are deliberately working to genocide White people. It's a harsh truth, but this is ultimately what it's all about.

( @OLichtsteiner )
@MarkCollett yup. It's fucked. Proper fucked!

( @funbobby51 )
@MarkCollett yup, they want to exterminate white people worldwide using all available means.

( @MCharlton )
@MarkCollett Nonwhites in government replacing indigenous Whites is an act of conquest and their White colleagues are determined to show their anti-racism, but unleashing invasive species into existing English communities is genocide and all of the perpetrators involved must be brought to justice.

( @Jackstonewall )
@MarkCollett breaks my heart to see this happening to my cousins accross the pond. Its happening here in US, and in greater numbers, but not by dirty fucking niggers. Hopefully it all collapses and then we will dominate.

various commenters #wingnut gab.com

( @Artraven )

spoilerObama is a Muslim
He was born in Kenya
His "parents" were CIA
His college admissions and tuition
were greased by Saudi Arabia
He should never have been POTUS
His Elections were rigged
His birth certificate is forged
He hates the United States of America
Someone had to say it.

( @TheFrankster )
@Artraven And the democrats love him for it. If things like this continue this country will implode.

@Artraven and trump exposed it, its why they are relentlessly attacking him


( @californiasailor )

( @OKAmerika )

I am firmly convinced that Obama's father was a black American communist agent working for the Soviet Union named Frank Marshal Davis.


The Kenyan birth story is a smokescreen to hide the fact that Barack Obama was the natural born communist son of a 50-year-old black child pornographer and rapist of underage white girls, including Obama's mother, who appeared in his pornographic photos and publications. She got impregnated by him in the process and he never went to jail for it.

various commenters #wingnut #racist #homophobia gab.com

( @ChuckNellis )
Where did all the straight white people go? 🤔 #TVCommercials

( @Lawfulwaffle )
@ChuckNellis Most disgusting are the 'prep' commercials with homos kissing and other rampant faggotry. 3% of the population needs catered to because?

( @shitkimchi )
@Lawfulwaffle @ChuckNellis oohhh the jewnited prostitutes of israel, jewsa, is a collapsed finished shitland. totally controlled by israel. communist education. schools is just fag propaganda lgbt mafia, trans pedos and praise the african and joo God. anti white culture of mass media in Jewsa. just fag rednecks and trans pedos. a complete ethnical racial replacement of africans hispanos. a criminal land controlled by israel with all jew values of lying , ethnical replacement, holohoax lie, all sorts of lies. schools full of browns and faggots. a complete dead shitland of collapse and shit. fraud elections and communism. all working for the israeli master. violence poverty feces in the cities. with a growing majority of furious and violent africans. welcome to the Jewsa, the jewnited prostitutes of israel.

( @Keeperofthepast )
@Lawfulwaffle @ChuckNellis bc they need to recruit more. 3% is too small.
They're advertising that lifestyle to young minds.
They dont reproduce.
They recruit.

( @iesous2424 )
@ChuckNellis Burried under the slew of degenerates and multiracial nonsense propaganda paid by jewish owned media and organizations linked to Israel.

( @NordicWolf21 )
@ChuckNellis The (((media))) wants you to feel like you don't exist. In the country your ancestors built.

( @Army_man_1964 )
@ChuckNellis Kind of funny how 13% of the population can be in every TV commercial in a biracial relationship. Someone would think that's the norm, however, it only 1%.

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