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Homeless people should be rounded up and executed.

Homeless people do not contribute to society. They absorb government tax dollars (paid for by the working class like you and me), they aggressively haggle you for money, go to the bathroom on public streets and devalue property.

I do not care about their life story, I do not care about how they came to be homeless, and I do not care about if mental illness has to do with it. Despite numerous and hard efforts produced by governments, charities, churches, etc., they still end up on the streets addicted to drugs or begging. There are almost unlimited resources for homeless people and they still end up being leaches of society.

The only reason opponents of this belief have as to why we should not execute homeless people is that "they're people, too"...well not all people are equal. One who works and contributes to society is beneficial to mankind, and ones who push around grocery carts by the freeway are not.

I say give homeless people six months to shape up, and if they don't, then withdraw their government money. If after six more months they still cannot get back on their feet, then they are put into the back of a large van by the government of your country and taken to a killing field where they are executed.



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