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Resident terf here: I've been thinking about why exactly radical feminism doesn't fit with the left or right for a while now. Not to sound super SJW, but I think it's because modern day American politics were built by and for men. Men in the 1700s honestly didn't expect women to be a voter bloc. Even when women were granted the right to vote in the 1920s and slowly started to integrate themselves into politics over the years, most politicians are men on the left and right, so arguably they primarily represent left men and right men respectively. Political alignment doesn't protect men from being misogynistic, and radical feminism has a problem with misogyny, so naturally they don't really fit on the typical political spectrum as the common ground for radical feminism is eradicating the root of misogyny, a ideology that can be held by liberal and conservative women.


I have been telling this in the past, and I'll repeat: terfs are just broken clock showing right time. It's YOUR deranged ideology that was built on manhate, hating masculinity, suppressing natural male sexuality, feminizing boys, and creating a message of men bad girls good that cauzed shit you've gotten into. Trannies are product of feminism and progressivism. Go and suck girl dick, you've earned it. The only real reason terfs are terfs is because of man hate. They hate mtf because they were men, they hate ftm because they ditched sisterhood. Terfs don't belong anywhere, because you're bunch of mongloid retards who can't take accountability for the product of your ideology.

In a fight of terfs vs tranies I would like to see them both cemented in a ditch.



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