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Donald Trump and Elon Musk are fighting for humanity.

To defend and most importantly, preserve it.

Are YOU a “humanity?”

Then they are fighting for you, me and everyone who still believes in the sanctity of the individual, good hearted Soul.

Because a SICKNESS is beginning overtake humanity.

A SOUL SICKNESS that is rapidly infecting humanity’s most precious gift and future: our children.
The summation is that the American People are a captured population who have been relentlessly abused, robbed and most subtly attacked by our own government since 1975.

Indeed, since that time, their one caveat when silently and diabolically harming us via science, medicine and regulation has been “DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO REALIZE WHAT WE ARE DOING TO THEM.

In 1975, under President Gerald Ford and the vile Henry Kissinger suborned the United State’s sovereignty **IN SECRET** by adopting a UN proposal that would ultimately become what we know as #AGENDA2030.
This is literally WHY everything we have been experiencing for the last 5 decades seems “off.”

There was something wrong.

We could sense it, we could certainly FEEL it, but we couldn’t put our finger directly on the what, where, why and most importantly WHO it was originating from.

NO sugar coating.

NO punches pulled.

We are still fighting the NAZIS.

We defeated the German STATE that spawned Nazism.

We did NOT defeat the ideology.

I call the hidden enemy that is currently destroying our Nation before our eyes THE FOURTH REICH.

Am I doing that to be hyperbolic?


Hell to the FUCK NO!
You MUST grasp this.

It’s revenge.


Revenge for denying them their insane dream in 1945 with our might, comprised of RESOURCES, INFRASTRUCTURE, LOGISTICS AND FAITH.

Our resources lie fallow in the ground. We are at a massive energy/resource deficit that is being artificially manifested because our Nation has been hijacked.

What happened to our infrastructure the last five decades?


Brent Cates #wingnut #conspiracy brentcates.substack.com

Over five decades of Western Legacy Media DISINFORMATION was blown apart last night by Tucker Carlson’s historic interview with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Putin, IF truthful in this two hour interview, debunked about 50 FAKE NEWS Narratives our would-be 3 Letter Overlords have used to build a false reality they have shamelessly sold to Americans and the world for the past thirty years.
You’re watching the denazification of Ukraine before it REJOINS RUSSIA via a referendum the same way the Crimea did.

Look back on all of the shameless lies told western audiences by the media the last 24 months.

Putin’s pragmatic & businesslike delivery as he stated he’s trying to end a war the Western Nations began in Ukraine in 2014 probably just ended that conflict.

As three letter agencies & corrupt media REEEEEE!! In helpless rage.

2024 is the year all of our Enemy’s false reality building Narratives are going to be dragged forward to spectacularly die onstage and as these Creepers wail and flounder, we’ll get to witness it all, popcorn in hand.

Tucker’s interview is a dam burst of such magnitude that it is starting something humanity’s opposition will not be able to withstand or recover from.


I meant that.

That is not hyperbole or drama.

This is not the West vs East, that was the narrative, the REALITY these demonic shitweasels have been selling us since the Berlin Wall fell, leaving NATO no real reason to exist.

This is not America vs Russia, Russia has been making overtures of peace and even alliance for DECADES regarding mutual interests only to be rejected & smeared by our “guardians” who cast them as an ASSIGNED and very necessary villain to their schemes of chaos waves and Endless Wars.

When you study what is already known about the disparate entities, institutions, corporations & FAMILIES that constitute America and Western civilization’s mortal enemies, a horrific aspect begins to be perceived.

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Folks, before I begin, I’m going to inform you this post will be a NO SHITTER.

I’ve seen & discerned far too much by now to consider myself unaware or crazy.

I’m going to say things that, were it not being the Year of Our Lord 2023 would be considered BATSHIT INSANE.

We can’t really define what we’re witnessing as we are all outside the loop and opinions on exactly what Trump & whatever Partisans he has remaining in US.Gov & US.Mil are doing vary wildly.

This post is going to be MY Hot Take on what I believe I’ve witnessed to date & where I think all of these habbenings are headed.


“Uhhh…ok, what? Like we don’t know that?”

THE OPEN BORDER & KILLING US ENERGY INDEPENDANCE (From a FLOOD to a TIDAL WAVE of peoples from all over the World as well as sabotaging our cost of living by crippling energy costs that overnight injected CHAOS & COST to **impact** the life of every American. Their way of saying FUCK YOU for rejecting THEM for Trump!)

Trump will EFFORTLESSLY filter out the hardened criminals & Leeches while keeping the sane & productive. He will do this by cutting their welfare off if they cannot get legal by January 2026. He already possesses a formula from the welfare paying Fed Agencies to determine legal vs illegal with 97% accuracy.
Now allow me to REFRAME all of this a bit closer to the UNIVERSAL TRUTH & NATURAL LAW that govern the Universe as it IS.

What all of this harm & chaos represents is a desperate RESPONSE to having already LOST THE COVERT/SPIRITUAL WAR in 2016.

That’s right.

We’ve already won.

That unparalleled victory has forced these degenerate Ghouls to push their timetables on everything BAD they’ve looong planned for us into, well, WARP SPEED!

And as they’ve sped up, the cover & protections the VILE Legacy Media always provided them has been steadily weakened & eroded.

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All Social Media is now awash with the flotsam & jetsam of a million different (MOSTLY uniformed) opinions on what is happening in Israel.

When people IN Israel aren’t even sure what’s happened or IS happening in Israel.

Allow me to give you some horribly useful advice about how YOU PERSONALLY should be processing this.

Key word = PROCESSING. Not reacting, not emotional, not biased or programmed as almost everything you’ve been seeing since that dastardly attack is sheer propaganda NARRATIVES designed to PUSH YOU where those Bastard Storytellers NEED you to be to pursue their Agendas with the support (SHUT YOUR MOUTH & GIMMEE YER MONEY!!) of an “informed” PUBLIC.
Rinse, repeat. Ad nauseum, AD INFINITUM.

Because they were mindlessly following him & giving no real PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to the lessons he was trying to teach them.

I can tell you this as I WAS ONE OF THEM.

You think I’m about to say “do your own research!”


Most of the people who listen to or read me do that. Then you move to the next step of informing YOURSELF by embarking on a discernment Journey to acquire the very necessary MEDIA FILTER or you will forever find yourself sifting an endless Tsunami of digital diarrhea.

He also said USE YOUR BRAIN, COMMON SENSE & DISCERNMENT as your guide in this eminently fucked up World, awash in deception & corruption.

I am a hobby historian, the patterns & trends of which, I find highly useful.

Be your own programmer of someone else will be.

You’ll go to your grave only to discover the life you were meant to live was stolen from you, your TIME, ENERGY & all important FOCUS harvested by Demons.

On the X App at least 50 times a day I want to SCREAM “THINK!! THIIINK GODDAMMIT!!”

For faaar too many today, especially highly damaged young people. it’s already too late.

The Matrix has them.

Thanks to all of the DARK STORYTELLERS & Pied Pipers in the service of the Corporate Bloodlines “whispering” the human race into extinction.

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Devon Archer is going to testify UNDER OATH today before the #AmericaFIRST Congress Donald Trump worked relentlessly & tirelessly as a 76 year old billionaire in 2022 to put into office.


Ponder on this a moment.

With everything that’s been thrown at him, relentless & also tireless Lawfare directed at him (and his FAMILY!) since 2016 with an ever growing intensity, he’s endorsed & rallied for the #AmericaFIRST Candidates he’s confident he can work with to SAVE AMERICA as he circles back to the Oval Office.

MAGA is a movement, of which I am a part, is the broad base of those who support Trump and his goals in restoring America’s greatness.

#AmericaFIRST is made up OF MAGA People, yes, but they are the specific candidates, many of whom were successful (thanks to Trump’s Platinum Endorsement) in their run for office for Congress, the Senate & the all important Governorships.

So MAGA, being comprised of the donations & votes of Trump’s base, are then FOCUSED past all of the static currently being thrown up by the GOP Wing of the UniParty to support his America First MOVEMENT.

Do you SEE it yet?

Trump has been exposing the GOPe from the day he was pushed out of DC in 2021.

But in the years since he’s not only shown MAGA who these controlled opposition Creeps are, he’s been stealthily building their REPLACEMENT.

Now that Trump’s America First dominated House fixed the horribly broken yet overpowered Speakership we are witnessing Congressional Hearings that are NOT showcases of sheer ego & campaigning via conducting the people’s business.

The last 3 months have been stunning as the House Oversight, Weaponization & Ways & Means Committees have ripped aside the Shadowy protective Curtain that has been protecting the Biden Crime Family for decades.

I cannot stress this enough = Trump’s efforts in endorsing & rallying for these Office Holders has made all of this possible.

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TAKE WARNING! I am about to provide the Reader with a VISION of what the enemy has done, IS DOING, & wants to do to a CAPTURED Humanity.

And it is, simply put, terrifying.

What I’m about to describe has been happening for centuries.

But SOMETHING happened in recent history to INTENSIFY all of this.

That something is this man. President Donald Trump. He has dragged the hidden Security State into the BEAM OF LIGHT, kicking & screaming.

This has forced them to accelerate everything they’ve been doing TO US into (OPERATION) WARP SPEED!

So, what exactly have they been doing? I’m glad you asked that.

I have wandered in a wilderness of confusion, misdirection & malice most of my life as I struggled to comprehend WHY things are the way they are.

The moment I started questioning reality itself is the moment I woke up & stopped being (behaving like) an NPC.
THE MATRIX has been lauded as visionary. It IS a vision. and a message. YOU. ARE. SLAVES. TO. THE. MACHINE/MATRIX.

The Elites didn’t realize what this movie was until it was FAR too late.

Remember the Warchowski BROTHERS? Who wrote & directed The Matrix?

That stunning masterpiece depicting human beings waking up to fight an insidiously deceptive SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS that had enslaved them?

Choosing the Red Pill?

“You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo….”

So much of MAGA & American First is tied to the ICONOLOGY, SYMBOLOGY & POLITICS depicted in that film.

Well, the Warchowski brothers are now the Warchowski SISTERS.

This is the Elites REVENGE upon them. Murdering them would simply be too quick.

So they MIND-RAPED THEM & corrupted their Humanity/Souls.
Here is your Matrix Moment.

Our Creator’s vision for his children, US, has been hijacked.

If you thought Trump was struggling to KEEP us free, think again.


Caught by Luciferians determined not only to rule us, but RUIN us completely.

To win their rebellion against Heaven.