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Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "American History Series: The Fourteenth Amendment"]

I’m really enjoying Eric Foner’s new book.

This is probably the best book he has ever written.

The following excerpt comes from Eric Foner’s The Second Founding: How The Civil War And Reconstruction Remade The Constitution:

“Howard’s mention of the Bill of Rights highlighted the dramatic change in the federal system brought about by the Reconstruction amendments. The Bill of Rights had been designed to restrict the actions of Congress, not the states. Chief Justice John Marshall stated this unequivocally in the case of Barron v. Baltimore (1833): “these amendments demanded security against the apprehended encroachments of the general government – not against those of the local governments.” In legal terminology, Howard was described the “incorporation” of the Bill of Rights – that is requiring states to abide by its provisions – a process that has been going on for much of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.”

As we previously noted, The First Founding and the Bill of Rights restricted the power of the federal government. The Tenth Amendment reserved all powers not explicitly granted to the federal government to the states. During the White Republic, there was no uniform definition of federal citizenship, no such thing as birthright citizenship and above all else there was no liberal state that had the power to enforce equal rights. Liberals appealed to the rhetoric of the Declaration of Independence.


The First Founding gave the sovereign states vast powers and enormous room to preserve illiberal institutions. It used to be a crime in the South to criticize slavery and to promote miscegenation. The Southern social order was based on patriarchy and paternalism.

“The Fourteenth Amendment for the first time elevates equality to a constitutional right of all Americans. It makes the Constitution a vehicle through which aggrieved groups and individuals who believe that they are being denied equality can take their claims to court.”

“Equality” wasn’t a part of the Constitution until the 14th Amendment except in the sense that each state had an equal number of senators and the possibility of a tie in the electoral college in a presidential election.


There were vociferous objections to the Fourteenth Amendment at the time:

“With equal persistence, Democrats contended that the amendment would destroy traditions of local self-rule and “invest all power in the national government. …”


As Eric Foner notes, the Reconstruction Amendments and federal civil rights legislation did all these things and much more by empowering the federal government to enforce the nebulous concept of “equal rights” and by depriving the states of their traditional powers. No one at the time anticipated how the Fourteenth Amendment could be stretched to legitimize sodomy, miscegenation, gay marriage and transgenderism. Every criticism that was lodged against it at the time ultimately came true.

This was also true of the Brown decision in the 1950s. The critics of the Brown decision denied the existence of racial equality. They denied that integrated schools would accomplish the goal of eliminating the racial gap in academic performance by eliminating racial discrimination. 65 years later, the critics of Brown have been utterly vindicated. And yet, Brown has become sacrosanct even though it never worked. How much money has been squandered on rebuilding entire metro areas to escape integration?

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Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "American History Series: Distinctions of Rights"]

I’m continuing to enjoy reading Eric Foner’s new book The Second Founding: How The Civil War And Reconstruction Remade The Constitution in part because it sheds so much light on the ongoing Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French debate within mainstream conservatism.


This is an important point.

Americans didn’t think about “rights” in the same way today that we did before the War Between the States. This is particularly true of the South. Every Southern state was a slave state. The Constitution had secured slavery. It was the states that determined citizenship, not the federal government, and blacks weren’t citizens of any states in the antebellum era outside of New England.

There was no such thing as negro equality – natural, civil, political or social – and the mainstream consensus of the antebellum era was a strong denial of it. There used to be sharp distinctions between these various categories of rights. Ultimately, the Supreme Court decided that blacks weren’t eligible to be American citizens at all in the Dred Scott decision, which is why the 14th Amendment had to be passed during Reconstruction to uphold the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.


It was the Confederacy that fought to defend the old America made up of organic communities that was a White Republic that was comfortable with inequality and limited government.

It was the Union that fought to create a new consolidated and centralized nation-state based on liberal democracy, free-market capitalism, industrialism and abolitionism.

In that war, one side fought for classical republicanism and the other side fought for liberal democracy. This is a subtle, but hugely important philosophical distinction.

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spahnranch1969 and Ron #racist #homophobia #sexist occidentaldissent.com

[Comments under "Daily Stormer: Andre Anglin’s Jailbait Girlfriend"]

Posted by spahnranch1969:

Funny how Chink Anglin, aka, the Mongolian Manlet, is guilty of causing lots of division and unrest in the pro-white community, just like his alleged adversaries the jews would do.

Antisocial, chronically unemployed males in their 30s who are unmarried, childless whoremongers, fugitives, latent homosexuals, pederasts and con artists – that’s who comprises the Anglin wing of the alt-right “movement”. Except for Azzholemador, who is closer to 70.

Posted by Ron:

I think Andre’s attraction to young and underage Asians is just a sign of his obvious homosexuality. A homosexual is a pedophile, the two are indistinguishable from one another. It’s been mentioned by others here as well that White men who are attracted to Asian women are in actuality homosexuals that are turned on by their boyish figures.

There really is nothing attractive about an Asian woman to a normal healthy heterosexual White male.

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Mestigoit #racist occidentaldissent.com

[Coment under "Matteo Salvini Loses Power In Italy"]

I don’t see a flood of African and ME migrants entering Russia, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary. The political leaders there won’t tolerate it.

I guess the wrong people really did win the Cold War..

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Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "Southern History Series: The Rise of Modernism"]

If you want to understand how and why the South is the way it is today, you won’t find the answer in the distant past. The roots of the present crisis trace back to the Second World War and the Cold War, begin in the North and overwhelm the South during the Civil Rights Movement.

The South as it existed from Redemption through the Great Depression was a totally different world. It was becoming more homogeneous, not heterogeneous. It was poor, not wealthy and bourgeois. It had a colonial extractive economy based on agriculture and mining, not on services and commerce. It was overwhelmingly rural, not urban and suburban. It was highly personal and deeply rooted, not anonymous and alienated. It was segregated, not integrated. It was strongly Protestant, not agnostic, atheist or apathetic. It had a rural elite that celebrated traditional values based in the county seats, not a metropolitan middle class animated by economic growth. The Solid South was Democratic, not Republican. It was racially conscious, not racially masochistic. It built monuments to the Confederate dead as opposed to tearing them down. Its people got their news from other people at the country store or through the editor of their local segregationist newspaper, not through television.

The following excerpts come from Numan V. Bartley’s book The New South: 1945-1980:


The southern white-collar legions were a rising force in society and politics. Despite the frequent references to a “new middle class,” its membership, aside from being overwhelmingly white in racial composition, was a more diverse aggregation than some contemporary accounts implied …

They were better educated and more widely informed on public issues than southerners generally and, according to opinion polls, were more tolerant on racial matters. Their families were in the vanguard of the stampede to suburbia and of the introduction of far-reaching changes in southern lifestyles. They formed the base for the open-schools movement and for the moderate position in southern politics.”


Let’s stop here for a moment and think about the consequences of the technological revolution that swept the South between 1940 and 1970. The tractor and mechanical cotton picker destroyed sharecropping which unsettled millions of people in the lowland South. Similarly, the mechanization of coal mining led to an exodus out of Appalachia in the 1950s. The television transformed Southern politics by making local racial conflicts – things like the lynching of Emmett Till or the rebuff of John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma – into narratives of international significance in the Cold War.

The invention and spread of the air conditioner homogenized the Southern climate and made it attractive to transplants. Florida went from being the smallest Southern state to one of the largest states in the country because of the air conditioner. The bulldozer began to level the areas around our major cities which is where suburbia was created and millions of people moved from rural areas into the suburbs of the new ballooning metropolitan areas where the Baby Boomers were raised on the television.

There was a shift in power from the rapidly depopulating Black Belt, which had been the historical stronghold of white supremacy and segregation, to the metropolitan areas and their suburbs. After the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Black Belt was placed under black majority rule. The White middle class of the suburbs and the metropolitan elites became the dominant class in the South after 1970.

“Some academics and progressives bemoaned the materialism and shallowness of urban middle-class lief. Robert J. Steamer wrote in 1963 that a typical member was a “rootless nomad whose primary, and sometimes, only loyalty is to business. His political ideas are substantially barren, because at bottom, materialism is his life philosophy, but translating his thought into political maxims we get free enterprise, fiscal sanity, balanced budgets,” and certainly it was true that the South’s uptown business leadership frequently equated sensible social policy with what best served the exigencies of the real estate market. …

A South Carolina observer remarked about moderates, “I don’t think they take the Negroes seriously as people … They look at it as something … that doesn’t really have much to do with them.” Middle-class metropolitan southerners threatened the paternal order because of their commitment to atomistic individualism, consumer materialism, upward mobility, and unfettered economic development.”

Sounds familiar.


This would be me … not a deracinated ideologue or a fanatic, but someone who clings to the old ways, values, traditions and sense of identity of the Black Belt, someone who values my roots, ancestors and social stability as opposed to chasing after social status or worshiping the GDP. I despise mainstream conservatism because I am a Southern conservative populist. We’re not retreating from mainstream conservatism anymore though. We’re going on the offensive.


This is an interesting passage.

The most striking thing about the “white supremacy” and mass shootings narrative is that under actual white supremacy in the Jim Crow South we didn’t have mass shootings. We had plenty of guns, but none of this nihilistic anti-social rage and alienation which is at bottom an attempt to escape from the sick anti-culture that we live under in our own times. The people who engage in mass shootings want to draw attention to their profound psychological angst and pain.


The American dream of living in a nice little house in an artificial community with “good schools” adjacent to big box stores was a nursery of countless social and psychological problems. In hindsight, it was probably healthier to live in a shack with no electricity or an indoor toilet. In those days, you inherited your beliefs, values and politics from granddaddy who sat on the front porch and told you who you were and where you come from. Now, you absorb all the Jewish poison that is pulsating through the “mainstream” culture around you while in college or through being immersed in the mass media.

What’s the solution? Think of it as a great catastrophe that we have lived through. The old organic culture has to resprout from its roots in much the same way that a clearcut forest grows back.

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Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Ted Cruz Attacks Nathan Bedford Forrest"]

Ted Cruz has posted cringe:

This is WRONG. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate general & a delegate to the 1868 Democratic Convention. He was also a slave trader & the 1st Grand Wizard of the KKK. Tennessee should not have an official day (tomorrow) honoring him. Change the law. https://t.co/XBgoRCBoI0

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) July 12, 2019

Why on earth do people equate the South with the GOP?

Most Republican politicians these days like Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis are creatures of Conservatism, Inc and its hideous ideology and are fully owned puppets of Jewish billionaire donors. How many times has Mike Pence worn that yarmulke?

Note: Just yesterday, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida set in motion the process of removing a Confederate monument in DC to replace it with one of Mary McLeod Bethune. National Review celebrates Abraham Lincoln and has called for the removal of all Confederate monuments.

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Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Joe Biden Apologizes For Remarks About Working With Segregationists"]

I hope more people are finally able to grasp where this is going.

First they came for the slaveholders between the 1830s and 1860s who were an easy target because slavery was such a massive conservative and authoritarian counterweight to the perfection of the North’s ideology of free-market capitalism and liberal democracy.

If you are wondering why I am personally so fascinated by slavery, it is because I am convinced that slavery kept the South somewhat balanced, anchored in reality and resistant to the pursuit of destructive liberal trends while the lack of slavery in the North has led that section of the country to be carried away by any number of fanciful utopian delusions over the course of American history.

In the 1950s and 1960s, they came for the segregationists because Jim Crow was similarly a massive conservative and authoritarian counterweight to the place that Northern liberals wanted to take the country. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 destroyed the segregationists and empowered mainstream conservatism which finally removed the brakes on the American experiment that had historically kept American democracy from descending to the level of Jacobin France.

Now, we are prepping for the third act which is the final demographic destruction of the great internal enemy of Americanism which is the conservative and Christian South through a toxic brew of abortion, miscegenation, immigration, political correctness and consumerism. In the long run, the Southern Christians who have opposed gay marriage and transgenderism will be demonized in the same way as the “racists,” “white supremacists,” “segregationists” and “slaveholders.”

There is no possibility for forgiveness either. In the 1970s, Joe Biden and other Boomers had assumed that the country had moved on from segregation as it had moved on from slavery. We’re never allowed to move on though because “sinners” must be constantly punished. Just look at how fast mainstream conservatives have become the new Nazis. Even Joe Biden who was Barack Obama’s Vice President isn’t woke enough for this crowd. Do you think it is possible to live in peace with them?

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[From "Southern History Series: The Dred Scott Decision"]

Have you ever read the Dred Scott decision of 1857?

If you haven’t done so, I would highly recommend it. The Dred Scott decision was written by Chief Justice Roger Taney who was a native of Maryland. It struck down the Missouri Compromise which opened all the Western territories to slavery. Taney used history and law to explain why blacks were not American citizens and had “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” He also said the Constitution was formed by the Founders “for them and their posterity, but for no one else.”


Aside from his ruling in the Dred Scott decision, Taney is known for the [I]Ex parte Merryman[/I] decision in which he denied that Lincoln had the right to suspend the writ of habeas corpus and arrest John Merryman who was being held as a political prisoner in Fort McHenry following the Baltimore Riot of 1861. Lincoln ignored and defied the order of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

After the War Between the States, the Reconstruction Amendments had to be passed at gunpoint by the Republican Party to establish black citizenship and voting rights. This was because of Taney’s ruling in the Dred Scott decision and the fear the Civil Rights Act of 1866 would be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The Founders had created a White Republic and a voluntary Union of sovereign states for their posterity which Lincoln and his Radical Republican allies in Congress overturned to create the centralized and consolidated empire that we live under today.

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Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "Southern History Series: The White League of Louisiana"]

Editor’s Note: The Rainbow Confederates are unable to explain why thousands of Confederate veterans banded together to overthrow the government of Louisiana during Reconstruction instead of settling down to enjoy the fruits of the new multiracial democratic paradise.

The following excerpt which appeared in The Franklin Enterprise before the election of 1874 describes the formation of the White League in Louisiana during the later days of Reconstruction. It comes from Stephen Budiansky’s book The Bloody Shirt: Terror After The Civil War:

“We ask for no assistance; we protest against any intervention. We own this soil of Louisiana, by virtue of our endeavor, as a heritage from our ancestors, and it is ours, and ours alone. Science, literature, history, art, civilization, and law belong alone to us, and not to the negroes. They have no record but barbarism and idolatry, nothing since the war but that of error, incapacity, beastliness, voudouism, and crime. Their right to vote is but the result of the war, their exercise of it a monstrous imposition, and a vindictive punishment upon us for that ill-advised rebellion.

Therefore we are banding together in a White League army, drawn up only on the defensive, exasperated by continual wrong, it is true, but acting under Christian and high-principled leaders, and determined to defeat these negroes in their infamous design of depriving us of all we hold sacred and precious on the soil of our nativity or adoption, or perish in the attempt.

Come what may, upon the radical party must rest the whole responsibility of this conflict, as sure as there is a just God in heaven, their unnatural, cold-blooded and revengeful measures of reconstruction in Louisiana will meet with a terrible retribution.”

Here is the platform of the White League:

“Disregarding all minor questions of principle or policy, and having solely in view the maintenance of our hereditary civilization and Christianity menaced by a stupid Africanization, we appeal to men of our race, of whatever language or nationality, to unite with us against that supreme danger. A league of whites is the inevitable result of that formidable, oath-bound, and blindly obedient league of the blacks, which, under the command of the most cunning and unscrupulous negroes in the State, may at any moment plunge us into a war of races . . . It is with some hope that a timely and proclaimed union of the whites as a race, and their efficient preparation for any emergency, may arrest the threatened horrors of social war, and teach the blacks to beware of further insolence and aggression, that we call upon the men of our race to leave in abeyance all lesser considerations; to forget all differences of opinions and all race prejudices of the past, and with no object in view but the common good of both races, to unite with us in an earnest effort to re-establish a white man’s government in the city and the State.”

Does that sound like the eternal principles of classical liberalism? In Louisiana and other Southern states, classical liberalism to the extent it ever existed here was always counterbalanced by the even more powerful authoritarian forces of slavery and white supremacy.

Louisiana was one of three Southern states with black majorities which had the worst, most bitter experience with Reconstruction. The other two states were Mississippi and South Carolina. The enfranchisement of the former slaves and the disenfranchisement of Confederate veterans by the Radical Republicans produced an explosive situation in the state. Louisiana came to be ruled by carpetbaggers who plundered the prostrate state on the basis of the black vote.

The White League was a paramilitary organization composed of Confederate veterans which fought to restore white supremacy in Louisiana. This culminated in the Battle of Liberty Place in 1874 when 5,000 members of the White League fought and defeated the forces of the Republican carpetbag governor in the streets of New Orleans. The White League actually took New Orleans and the Louisiana State House, but was forced to withdraw after President Grant sent federal troops to relieve the city.

Why was the Yankee occupation so bitterly resented in Louisiana? Shouldn’t everyone in Louisiana have celebrated abolition and the triumph of the universal principles of the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” and meekly submitted to black majority rule? This is a peculiarly Yankee perspective of the American Revolution that was utterly foreign to the South. The Old South believed in classical republicanism, not classical liberalism. These men celebrated “liberty” in the sense that they saw themselves as the Roman paterfamilias of their plantations.

Louisianans believed that the sort of “liberty” and “equality” and “democracy” unleashed in their state during Reconstruction was utterly destructive and was a moral smokescreen calculated to dispossess them in their own lands while enriching Yankee carpetbags in the process.

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Eye of Horus #racist occidentaldissent.com

Gosh, it would just be a Shame if Millions of Niggers and Joos were to ALL have a terrible and unfortunate accident! What if one day in the middle of a midsummer Race Riot Millions of Fed-Up Angry Whites were to suddenly SNAP and go on their own Rampage? I understand that after the Vibrant Mulatto from Kenya stole the Election in 2008, that Millions of Guns have been snapped up by wary Whites in anticipation of African-Style Government!
You know, I’m not sure the Military or the Police really like African-Style Government. They might just sit this whole thing out, while some Justice was served…

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

As I said yesterday, John Brown has been reincarnated as a Norwegian. This is Harper’s Ferry, 1859 all over again – initial shock, righteous indignation, universal condemnation, omen of war, martyr, saint.

These “counter-jihadists” are repudiating Breivik in exactly the same way that the abolitionists squirmed (of course, to save their own necks, as panic set in) when Brown burst onto the scene of history and took their anti-slavery principles to its logical conclusion. John Brown was also convinced that he had a historical destiny.

The Harper’s Ferry raid was a complete military debacle, but the overreaction to it was an icebreaker that forced the contentious issue of slavery to a crisis, contributed to Lincoln’s election, Southern secession, and the War Between the States.


They are all condemning him now. Just like Abraham Lincoln said John Brown was a lunatic … four years before the Emancipation Proclamation. Geert is already sounding Lincolnesque.

In the long term, when the jihad Breivik prophesized really does break out and discredits the EUnuchs, when the shit really hits the fan because the controversy isn’t going away, and will only intensify from this point forward, they will all be lavishly praising him like Emerson and Thoreau.

A hundred years from now, Anders Breivik will be remembered in Europe in the same way that John Brown is today in America, as the omen that came before the storm, which will make his victims little more than a historical footnote.

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Mighty #racist occidentaldissent.com

The day after Obama was elected, I was immediately turned on to Rush and Hannity. I was looking for answers of some sort and CNN was too busy masturbating to Obama. I wasn’t racially aware at the time, but I had good racial instincts. I called the NAACP and told them black people no longer needed a crutch.

Anyway, in short, FOX left much desired after about a year and a half. I wanted to know more about White people, so I google searched “KKK”. Eventually, I found Metzger’s site(at the time his site was a Godsend. I never heard pro-White advocacy before … it was music to my ears), then OD and SBPDL.

Then I discovered and read Culture of Critique and for the first time, I could see.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

Norwegians Sing “Children of the Rainbow”


Hitler was justified in conquering this country.

Lillebjoern Nilsen’s ”Children of the Rainbow,” a Marxist song that Anders Breivik hates, is a Norwegian rendition of the Yankee Pete Seeger’s “Rainbow Race.” Seeger also likes to perform the communist Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” which asserts an imperialistic claim over the Gulf States.

Both songs reek of the degenerate Unitarian Universalism of the Northeast.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

[On Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina.]

There are about 72 million people in these 7 states. 31.5 million of them are African-Americans, Hispanics, or Asians. The 7 state region as a whole is about 56 percent White. Of the Hispanics, the majority of the 1.8 million Cubans in America are in South Florida, and most of them are of Spanish ancestry, really no different from Italians in New Jersey.

The Asians wouldn’t be problem. The vast majority of them would almost certainly hit the nearest exit ramp as “shit gets real” in this area. The numbers show that the Hispanics are concentrated on the periphery of Dixie. Most of them live in the border counties in South and West Texas.

The 14 million African-Americans present the largest problem. The greatest challenge would be putting them down and restoring white supremacy. An ethnostate won’t be made here in a day. It could easily be created though in an independent nation-state over an extended period of time.

The solution isn’t the restoration of Jim Crow: it is South African-style-apartheid. Segregation was a system that evolved in the context of the Plessy decision. It was effectively the Compromise of 1896.

In an independent Gulf Coast Republic, the blacks would be stripped of their citizenship and voting rights, they would cease to be the social and political equals of Whites, and they would be confined into any number of the counties they have ruined which would be transformed into “homelands.”

The Indians are already on reservations in the Western states. Why can’t we put the blacks on reservations in the Deep South? There would be “White zones” and “Bantu zones.” Gradually, the “White zones” would expand over time in much the same way that the Jews have created Israel.

The White population would flourish and quickly rebound. Deprived of the welfare state, the black population would stagnate or decline. Millions of blacks would emigrate to the United States or other foreign countries.

In the distant future, after the culmination of a successful struggle for independence, after we have reestablished white supremacy, after we have used our independent national government to impose an apartheid system, after the White population has rebounded and the toxic poisons have been expunged from our culture, after generations of Whites have invested their lives in this great nation building project, then at last we would arrive at the White ethnostate in the Gulf Coast Republic.

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Fr. John+ #racist occidentaldissent.com

Let’s see. The Liberal Left, largely composed of Jewish Papers, Jewish Billionaires, and Jewish moguls in the Media and Hollywood, are all for gay marriage.

Let’s see. The NAACP, started and run by Jews for almost 90% of its history, now “comes out” in favor of Gay Marriage. Does the Negro actually feel this way, or have they been conditioned by their Kosher Massas?

Let’s see. Some of the most ‘well-known’ comedians, and x-rated film stars, are- or have been- AIDS, you know… – Jewish- in fields where such facts, if well-known, could only ‘turn off’ the White lower-middle class who watch that trash, and view that porno.

Adding up the totals, you’d almost think that Jews were the premiere Kulturkampf forces in the West, and that their own sexual tastes are often perverse, insatiable, and degenerate…. nah….. They’re the chosen people, right?

That’s why they’ve been stoned, ostracized, and kicked out of every country in Europe, more than once, right? White [sic] ‘anti-semitic’ prejudice, and nothing more, right!?!?!?

Ummm….. no.

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oscar the grinch #racist occidentaldissent.com

“How come Netanyahu can say ‘threatens Israel’s social fabric.”, but Mitt can’t?”
Because Nazi! Because Hitler! Because slavery! Because Leo Frank was lynched by a mob of hideous anti-Semitic redneck apemen, and then they wouldn’t let my Uncle Shlomo in their country club or marry the nice blonde Epsicopalian heiress, and back in the 1920s my Uncle Moishe got punched and called nasty names by Big Red Hannigan down on Delancey Street!!

Why can’t European leaders come out and say multicultural and illegal immigration are dragging down the education system and social fabric?
Because the Holocaust! Because the Crusaaaades! Because the Spanish Inquisition!!

Don’t you know anything?! Why do you hate those Somalis? Why won’t you take our Sudanese infiltrators off our hands, and let them live in Minnesota and rape the shiksas? You owe it to us because Uncle Shlomo!! Why do you want to kill sixmillionjews?! Why? WHY?!! WHYYYYYYY???!!

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stonelifter #fundie occidentaldissent.com

I think the popularity with vampires is based on anne ric. She recast them into the perfect men for modern women, wealthy, effeminate, hair always just right yet super bad ass, super sexy, in touch with their feminine side, their bite is sexual pleasure beyond orgasm etc. Its all the silly shit that gets women wet rolled into one package

and it’s part of the war on Christ. The 1st vampire story people know about is; he became a vampire when he cursed God and now he’s “free from morality” and near God like in power himself

which makes sense because feminism itself is part of the war on God and Christ

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Outlier #racist occidentaldissent.com

Extremism in defense of the virtue of our race is no vice.

I’m starting to think there is no left or right, per sa. The left was created by Jews, and by default there was a right manifestation to counter it. Its a false paradigm designed to confuse and divide most people. Now they are infiltrating the right with the Judo-Christina tradition with kosher conservative news sites like newsmax, jihadwathch, frontpage, thereligionofpeace, etc.. just to confuse things even more. Hitler was a manifestation of of the left, but it got turned into the right-wing smear campaign industry by Hollywood – more twisted brainwashing.

The Occupy Movement recognize who the bankers are; the conservatives recognize who Hollywood and the bankers are; but yet, the Occupy Movement and conservatives are opposed to each other – at least, for the time being. Even most muslims recognize that the Zionists are the real problem.

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Eye of Horus #racist occidentaldissent.com

If the dark messiah of Kenya gets re-elected, there will be another Civil War – sure as shootin’. No one will believe that he was re-elected honestly!

It should have been a Republican Landslide, but we’ll see what tricks the D-Party degenerates have up their sleeve in November.

They’re pretty smug and sure of Obamama’s re-upping! Won’t happen legitimately!

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313Chris #racist occidentaldissent.com

Hunter, people should be careful when they talk about dissolving the Union, Southerners in particular.

If the Union were to be dissolved, then we assume it could only be under circumstances where there is no longer any kind of central authority holding it togethor by force — no Washington DC, no federal troops, just disparate regions and the racial majorites that control them.

So it essentially boils down to numbers. Politics goes out the window, and numerical racial majority becomes the rule of the land. There are more white people in the North than in the South. There are more niggers and beaners in the South than inn the North. Where do think people are going to go, if it came to that, given those demographic realities?

You might then say ‘The Yankees in the North will welcome all niggers from South and take care of them because it’s the historical Yankee way’ or some such. Well, that’s just way off. This isn’t 1861 anymore. Racial attitudes today are demonstrably harder among Northern whites than they are among Southern whites. Without the federal government in place to strong-arm us into tolerating the presence of niggers, like has been the case in Detroit since 1838, there would be nothing stopping us from expelling them from our territory — certainly not some antiquated notions about “Yankee utopianism” that no one today would have any clue about anyway.

And the above would hold true in every city and state in the North, even the ones in New England.

So what do you think the niggers are going to do? Stay in the cold states where they’ve been utterly cut-off, chased out, and hunted down? No, they are going to migrate South, where it’s warm & hospitable, where they can steal chickens and catch catfish or whatever they do, and most of all, where they are the numerical majority in many areas.

The beaners, gooks, and assorted mystery-meats would go back where they came from in short order. They have no claim here, and wouldn’t risk their necks over one.

If anything resembling civilization emerges from a dissolution of the Union, it’s going to be where white people are the numerical majority, and where white people are the most conservative. This rules out Dixie, and the Pacific Northwest.

Personally, I don’t want to divide up this country and trade populations like baskets of fruit at a farmers market. I want white people in every region of America to take responsibility for their own homeland when the time comes.

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Matt Strictland #racist occidentaldissent.com

Its more than just Black vs White.

The Blacks are the immediate threat but in the long term the Browns have to be dealt with also. They are at equal numbers with the Blacks now and are nearly as dangerous.

The Asians are the easiest to deal with, just cut immigration to zero and boot some of them and the remainder won’t be much of a problem.

The Jews too are self correcting as they have ultra-low fertility rates (less than the low end of Europe) and are heavily interbred with Whites (40%) So long as the Liberal are kept out of power it shouldn’t be an issue.

I could care less about the Arabs either, again deport a few and reduce immigration to zero.

At that point we can get back to sanity.

Most likely though we’ll have to split the union, Dixie will have to make sure it has nukes to keep the next Lincoln at bay and they’ll boot everyone which in the event I don;t end up back there will make life harder for the rest of us Whites and Ex-Pat Southrons among the Damn Yankees but so be it …

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

United States

In another time, I would be more enthusiastic about scientific progress, particularly as it relates to unlocking the genetics of intelligence which could be used to advance civilization.

Who is to say though that such knowledge wouldn’t be used against us? Isn’t it possible that corrupt leftist controlled Western governments might use advances in genetic science as an excuse for the next big push for equality?

The government could seize upon proof of an “unfair” White advantage in intelligence to justify wealth redistribution, or even worse, to further demonize “hereditary inequality” and promote schemes designed to lower the average White IQ while raising the average black IQ.

Could it happen here? Isn’t affirmative action already reminiscent of the U.S. Handicapper General?

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Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

I was pondering something you wrote, about not leeting Whites off the hook. Whereas Race Traitors need to be “hooked” – most Whites have bene utterly, and deliberately DUPED.

So I am letting my Race off the hook. I’m not a specialized version of a certain type of Italian Catholic, possessed of the Mea Culpa demetia. I think Whites have:

1) Suffered enough

2) Deserve SPECIAL Proptections and Privileges, cause the White Race is the TRUE Engangered Species.

3) Make the world a much better place, than, overall, any other Race,

So I authorize a sweeping White Jubilee.

Whites are Darling Golden Angels from Heaven, radiant and sparkling with God Given Stardust. Our gorgeous wings are snowy white!

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conchobar #racist occidentaldissent.com

basically all university’s should be closed and the faculty tried for enciting-propigating/ profiteering from genocide. even in the extreme north university’s (on purpose) filter in coupious amounts of africans on students visa’s none of whom can compete on a college level, add this to the smiling nigger next to white female visual propoganda and naive young ladies. aside form the niggerloving reducation camp aspect, these schools get tax money which they spend on diversity programs and ” culutral anthropology”, which is wordsmithing for cash.

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Apuleius #racist occidentaldissent.com

Maybe white northerners should have stopped buying “Beecher’s Bibles” for John Brown long enough to realize that the South should have been left to solve its own nigger problem. We tried again with segregation, but you didn’t like the way we treated your “emancipated” negro pets back then, either.

Sounds a bit like the story of B’rer Rabbit and the Tar Baby to me. You’re stuck to the nigger problem now. Better start spending more breath on convincing your fellow Yankees about the need to come around to our way of thinking or just find your own solution among yourselves. Yankees are supposed to be so much smarter than us, anyway.

Everything Southerners traditionally held regarding niggers was and is true. They’re just obsolete farm equipment at this point. Nothing but trouble. Nobody here owns a mule, I presume. Where did all the mules go? The federal government hasn’t subsidized mules quite like it has negroes, has it?

If the Yankee federal government ever left us alone, we could solve the problem quicker than you could slap a tick. But then maybe you all should just keep doing things to make the negroes happy, like reelecting Obama. That will work, won’t it?

There are just so many “race realist” Yankees, aren’t there?

Deo Vindice

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Fr. John+ #racist occidentaldissent.com

I am beginning to think that a ‘massacre of the guilty’ is going to be the only way to equalize the equation. Think of the ‘massacre of the innocents’ in the Bible, and apply it to underage blacks and hispanics. Yes, this is cruel. But unless we can both reduce the ‘surplus population’ and stop the adults from breeding (forced sterilization/castration), even so, our numbers will be fighting like Blood Mountain over in S.A., here in the USA sometime soon.

Of course, if someone wishes to say: “How can a priest of God say such horrendous things, I would refer them to the Bible, Ps. 137:7-9. (by the way, Edomites are also known as Jews)

“Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof.
O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.
Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.”

As I’ve noted before (and here is where Orthodoxy is more ‘consistent’ than Roman Catholi-schism) : “A great saint of the [True] Church clearly articulated how far that ‘loving of enemies’ should go. St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves Lavra noted:

“Live in peace not only with your friends, but also with your enemies;
But only with your personal enemies, and not with the enemies of God.”

Clearly, any ethnic group that is avowedly anti-Christian, that seeks via Noachide Laws to stop worship of Christ as Messiah, falls into that ‘enemies of God’ category…
and all the works of their father, that they do [John 8:44] are actually DESERVING of our utmost hatred. Such as Patriot Act, ACLU decisions, SPLC lies and disinformatia, media ownership, book/magazine distribution, etc. etc. etc.

Indeed, one could make the case that to be a true Christian, one ‘has’ to be a [sic] ‘anti-semite,’ to follow the evangelical counsel of Christ, the Psalms, and St. Theodosius…..”.

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Joe #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

JFK was a loyal American and a good president. He wanted to abolish– or at least diminish –the power of the federal reserve bank. The bank is a private institution. Contrary to the name, the bank is in private hands and is not a branch of the US government : Not at all. In addition, JFK was against Israel becoming a nuclear power and was taking steps to hinder the Israeli nuke program. For these two reasons, JFK was assassinated by the Mossad, with alot of help from Washington insiders, including Lyndon Baines.
His Catholicism has nothing to do with anything ( it was nominal anyway); Being of Irish descent had nothing to do with anything. JFK’s policies — his goals for the country– were inimical to the bankers who are the real rulers of his country, and JFK’s policies were inimical to the agenda of the Israelis —> Who have a burning desire to take over the whole Middle-East and turn it into another type of giant slave labor camp as the jew/commies turned Russia into the Soviet Union: A giant slave labor camp.
JFK was assassinated by the Mossad with the help of Washington insiders, including Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was a traitor to this country, not JFK. JFK was working to lessen jew/commie influence——>That’s Exactly why JFK was assassinated.
Immediately after his assassination, the jews in the US went to work big time pushing for the most radical policies for the USA. All radical policies based on jew/talmudic /communism. The assassination of JFK was a coup d’etat : A jew-talmudic-communist coup d’etat. That’s for sure. And Johnson was very much involved with those who staged the overturning — the jew commie coup d’etat –of the US government into a communist government.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

If the South was an independent country, virtually every major issue of any significance would have gone the other way in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries:

- There would be no Civil Rights Act of 1964, no Voting Rights Act of 1965, no Fair Housing Act of 1968, no Civil Rights Act of 1991.

- There would be no 14th Amendment or 15th Amendment.

- There would be no 19th Amendment.

- There would be no Brown decision. There would be no Loving decision. There would be no Smith v. Allwright decision. There would be no Roe v. Wade decision.

- There would be no Immigration Act of 1965, no IRCA amnesty, no Immigration Act of 1990. There would be no DREAM Act or comprehensive immigration reform.

- There would be no DADT repeal.

- There would be no Obama. There would be no Obamacare.

“BRA” wouldn’t exist today … it exists here only because of the Union. It was imposed upon us by the federal government.

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Fr. John+ #racist occidentaldissent.com

Homeschooling is breaking the back of the Jewsmedia. The internet is showing up the lies of the Christ Killers. And [praise be to Hashem- lol] as one astute writer penned, “Jews have an expiration date.” Of all the groups that are not having enough babies to maintain population, it is the most liberal, tolerant, and Democratic Jews. They are literally liberalising themselves out of existence!

So, fight the good fight. Pass on to people the links to ‘come and see.com’ pass the articles that quote Jews as saying “Yes, we DO own the Media” etc., until the entire house of cards falls to the ground, and we give the Palestinians their land back.

Oh happy day.

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John #racist occidentaldissent.com

Da troof!

Chick-fil-A thing is fascinating. I bet it is being monitored by other private companies.
As the demographic drift of hispanicization and Africanization (are those things words?) continues more companies may find that catering to rich or conservative working class whites is a good strategy. There’s no reason why they couldn’t find ways to show their true colors without crossing a boundary into legal jeopardy. Opposing this or that policy is a good targeted way to poison discourse. Rahm and Mikie really fouled up. Opposing gay marriage is a perfectly respectable political stance. There are critically important social structures that are undermined if gays can get hitched. When that lesbian strategist attacked Ann Romney for being a rich housewife there was picture released of her adopted nigger pet kid and her wifband (another dykie
lawyer.) two lesbians adopt a Somalicoon and then get divorced. It’s a mockery of travesty to allow twisted shrews like her to ape a biological family and bring over a kid who will Likely become savage later in life.

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Stonelifter #racist occidentaldissent.com

[Topic: In an ideal world, what would be the status of blacks?]

Ideally there would be no negros. Anywhere.

More realistically, hard core segregation, think Jim Crow laws on steroids.

negros confined to it's part of town and not allowed out without a pass.

The White man sponsoring the pass and the other White man approving the pass would have to be willing to face the same criminal penalties the negro faces for whatever mischief it causes. negros would not be allowed outside of its side of town in groups larger than 3

Severe punishment for whatever crimes negros commit. No jail time but fines, floggings, brandings and hangings. Third crime = hanging.

negros would not be allowed to drive or own property outside of it's ghettos. It's medical care and what not would also have to be from negros and inside it's ghetto

negros would not be allowed to live in the country on it's own. negros would be required to live behind walls.

mass punishment for negros when the actual culprit is not caught. For example, if negros set a White home on fire, and the cops can't figure out which negros did it, we burn down 100 negro homes inside the nearest negro ghetto.

negros barred from formal education, expect trade school kind of stuff

negros would not allow to hold any job as long as any White man was unemployed.

Race mixing would be punished by death.

Severe punishment for disrespecting White people. negros would be barred from looking White people in the eyes/ face, would have to refer to Whites as sir or madam, young sir or madam for our youth.

negros barred from owning firearms; no rights to free speech, barred from voting or donating money to political campaigns, running for office or holding any government job. negros would not have freedom of religion, and their preachers would have to be approved by White men. negros would have no freedom of speech or press.

Whites who want to do charity work for negros would have to live in the negro part of town and would hold no legal White privileges. They’d would live with negros and as negros.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

Walter Russell Mead’s “Compromise of 1977? destroyed the Jim Crow South and turned every Southern metropolitan area into a minature Mogadishu.

Megan Boken in St. Louis puts another pretty White female face on the barbarism of the black intifada. This is the result of MLK’s Dream, free negroes murdering and rioting against their masters without end, and we all know how it is deliberately covered up by the media to keep Whitey in the dark.

We’ve taken a much needed break lately from the black crime stories because dwelling on it for too long wears you down and because our gutless leaders like Mitt Romney won’t even address the issue out of fear of being labeled a “racist” by the media.

Putting an end to this is one of the many reasons to support Southern independence. Washington only cares about the Trayvon Martins of America and building the next monument to Rodney King.

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Dr. Doom #racist occidentaldissent.com

Welcome to the Dinkin’s Effect. Named after the first and only black mayor of Jew York City, whose term was the catalyst of a HUGE INCREASE in black Crime.

Kill the Chief, and the savages go back to their villages, after One Last Chimpout, of course.

Don’t you want to vote White (even though its a RINO), just to see the SAD LOOK on the Pavement Apes faces the Day After?

And, when they Chimpout, you can LEGALLY SHOOT them DEAD!

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m #racist occidentaldissent.com

Romney: member of a weird, Christian-like quasi-cultish church, lover of Jews and all they represent. Ready to go to war with for Israel using Whites as front line soldiers. Son making pro-Hispanic campaign ads in Spanish.

Obama, member of a weird anti-White black nationalist church, hates Jews and all they represent. Attorney General at war with Whites.

It’s over folks. And it’s been over for a long time, we just don’t know it yet.

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John #racist occidentaldissent.com

white people in the northern states love them their nig nogs.

It’s the closing down of Historical America, right in front of your eyes. Obama will win, and then white people will have to get on with the business of partition (or perish). The niggers have overrun the demographic map and white working class guys still vote ideologically. Romney never had a chance with this underlying population of rust belt whites. No chance whatsoever. Only southern whites are intellectually prepared for what must be done.

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Snowhitey #racist occidentaldissent.com

[John] Kerry is Jewish. The Jew is well-known for pretending to be something else. The surname Kerry is not his real paternal name. Jewish is not just a religion, it is an ethnicity and a race. As one other commenter said so straightforwardly ‘if Judaism is just a religion, why does the mother have to be Jewish for one to be considered Jewish?’ Jews are Jews in more ways than just belief.

Kerry pretends to be Catholic because his wealthy wife (Heinz fortune) is Catholic (Portugese) and the Irish Catholics in Massachusetts vote for him because he has an Irish last name and is a “practicing” Catholic (the last part of this sentence is my own conclusion).

Remember the one drop rule applies to Jews, too! And, if someone is screwing a Jew or being screwed by a Jew – literally – they are loyal to Jews, too. It’s a sick club that apparently is very successful. A group strategy….

We need to put our ethnic and religious differences aside and create a mindset of white group strategy. Only the committed need apply. I still believe whites can turn this thing around. After all, we know what whites are capable of, especially when pushed into a corner. I may have given up on the majority of white Americans, but the white race will march on… though it may be limping. When it re-groups, watch out!

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Dr. Doom #racist occidentaldissent.com

Do not UNDERESTIMATE the HATE that the darkie has for the White Man. In a second term, he is likely to abolish the Marine Corps which are Lily-White and replace them with ZULU’s Pink Panthers and Ghetto Gangbangers.
There is talk of Drastic Military Cuts that he will make in a second term. All the cuts will probably be White Troops.
The GOP will protest the cuts, but afterwards the darkie will probably replace them with his kind of Turds. The New Turd Army will be Totally Anti-White and armed with the latest machine guns. Ready and Willing to Attack the White Suburbs and get them some of that White Pussy and Shit!

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Dr. Doom #racist occidentaldissent.com

[About Obama's 2007 speech to Hampton College.]

Here’s video of a NIGGER SUPREMACIST making not so veiled threats against Whites and all you idiots can muster is Waaaa! Jews Hate Iran?

You people are PATHETIC! You’ll probably be Surprised when Mongrel Hordes of Feral niggers show up in your neighborhoods with Murder and Rape on their one-track minds!

When they show up at my door they’re going on a quit road to Hell with my 12 guage shotgun and 00 ammo sending them there.

All you pussies will probably just bend over to your new dark overlords and mumble some incoherant crap about Iranistan not being our enemy! YOU SUCK!

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Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

[Commenting on the Presidential debate.]

Is Obama wearing Whiteface? He looks lighter…..

Also a early zinger went past…Mittens said that the debare was the most “romantic place he (Obummer) could be, tonight”…there. With him. Considering Obummer’s proclivity for old White men…..zing! That hit Moochelle, too. Barry called the She Beast “Sweetie” – nothing he’s ever said in his entire CAREER sounded so fake.

It’s 20 + minutes in, and am I’m bored. I hate them both. I wish they’d start punching each other out. Romney would deck the little Darky Homo.

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George #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

I watched Barry Soetero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, during the debates. He has some form of neurological damage. That’s why he has to have a teleprompter in order to speak, or give a speech. He appeared to me to be under some kind of narcotic. A recent study has found that teen use of marijuana lowers one’s IQ by 8 points and that 8 points cannot be regained. Barry admits to drug use and is even in pictures using drugs. If you have a low IQ to start with you could become dysfunctional from smoking marijuana. With Barry he doesn’t even own a birth certificate and he has all of his school records sealed so you cannot check his acumen must less his grades. He wrote not a single paper when he was with the Harvard Review. He engaged in homosexual behavior in the “down low” scene in Chicago, as attested by several people. That is rather risky behavior. It is also strongly believe by many that he was subjected to pedophilia as a boy by Frank Davis Marshall who many believe is Barry’s real father. Barry’s and Michelle’s law license has been lifted, reasons not given. Barry’s black female adviser Jarrett says Barry is bored. I would say he is lethargic and rather lazy. There is something very amiss with this person.
So those are my reasons for not voting for Barry. There are more but I don’t want to take up any more space here.

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LandShark #racist occidentaldissent.com

There is no question that Romney is more slave to the Jews than Obama. To the very bones of his spiritual being, Romney is philosemitic.

There is a possibility, however small, that Obama will triangulate, come to the center, continue to give Bibi the finger, and save this country from going over the edge. If not, there is nothing he can do, hobbled as he is, that can’t be cleaned up.

Romney’s on the diving board, itching to do a triple gainer from which we will never recover as a nation. And he’s got Bibi all up in his swim trunks.

You Romney cocksuckers are a bunch of freaks.

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John #racist occidentaldissent.com

Hey Romney campaign,

If you are reading think about this. Obama used Fluke as a prop.
In a sense like a black sperm donor who promises to pay for the abortion after the fun part. Romney is like the kindly dad, who enraged at his daughter’s defilement provides a strong shoulder to weep on. He can offer great sympathy to the women in the Q&A and talk about being a good daddy, a good grandpa and husband. “I’m all for mom and apple pie” In essence that’s all he needs to do. Make Obama look like the homicidal
nigger boyfriend (which he is, so it shouldn’t be hard)

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Lynda #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

Obama is a Manchurian Candidate posing as a Manchurian Candidate. He only has the brains to sign the Executive Orders his Jewish minders give him.

Romney is a whole other ball of wax – a scion of the Judaic / Merovingian lineage from a cult of the anti-Christ such as Mormonism will raise the stakes and take the world game to a whole new level.

Or as Dr K has confidently asserted this week – in 10 years Israel will no longer exist. He means, I take it, the Rothschild state in its present form. This presages the events of ‘Greater Israel’ as they style it – the New World Order with its echelon state at the crossroads of three continents. The third UN, according to H.G. Wells, an Insider, will be in Basra, Iraq – which is located near the old Babylon.

Obviously, the Judaic Imperium thinks they have found their man if Dr K is pontificating on the state of Israel.

The Israel of God will certainly be in existence in 10 years time.

But The Crown which is the financial centre of the Judaic Imperium on the sq mi in London and its transitional empire of the AngloSphere which had ‘to continue for a short space’ will have given way to the rise of the last great Beast Empire.

What you are witnessing the rise of the last Beast Empire of which St John the Divine prophesied in the Apocalypse and the emergence of its Unicorn power.

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Fr. John+ #racist occidentaldissent.com

With a bisexual miscegenated egotist in the White House, and the heir presumptive as the GOP candidate, who believes (unofficially, of course) in polygamous marriage (to many women), these stats are a macrocosm of the Prez Debate tonight.


Yup. I’m voting Anglo-Saxon.

Let the AIDS degenerates, who started the whole thing, by fornicating (But not adulterating- they’re ontological equals in Africa) with monkeys in Africa, bring home to roost their bestial behaviour, by these stats.

Separate, but equal? Not after the Obamanation, that’s for sure. Unequal ALL THE WAY, Baby.

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Lynda #racist occidentaldissent.com

Racism is a semantic head job on the goyim. Israel is a Jewish state – that isn’t racism. It is open season on Whites in South Africa – that isn’t racism, why that is just Blacks reclaiming their country. If you are White – just try immigrating to one of the BRICs nations. Of course, they discriminate in favour of their own races and nationalities. Imagine. That couldn’t possibly be racism, that is just ethnic solidarity.

Only Whites can be racist (of course) because it is a gelt / guilt industry calculated to bestow entitlements on those who are hostile to the rights of White Americans to organise in their own interests. Rascism is for judeoXtians and libtard goys.

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Tamer of Savages #racist occidentaldissent.com

The Post has a great cover today endorsing Romney again. As I was picking it up a Negress grabbed my arm and said, “i’m praying for Romney”. She went on to tell me she’s originally from Virginia and is a staunch conservative. Her husband believes many Negroes will privately vote for Romney. She was quite exuberant, saying. “I’m so glad you’re voting Romney, you caucasians are waking up again!”. She even called Obama a disgrace to her race and brought up Benghazi and his babying by MSM.

If i hadn’t had two coffees already I’d swear i was dreaming. A pro-Romney negress in midtown! She’s an anomaly but the lack of enthusiasm for Obama is noticeable. Guess he didn ‘t give them enough freebies.

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Degeaube #racist occidentaldissent.com

Please God :

I cannot stand another four years of the scowling, prognathic visage of Michelle Obama, she of the dumb-as-fuck Princeton dissertation, “Whitey Be Bad An Sheet”.

Please please I cannot bear to watch any more. I’m going to bed now.

PLEASE do not let me eake up tomorrow 7 Nov to another 4 years of Michelle.

PLEASE GOD (Zombie Apocalypse emphasis, screams).

- Arturo

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Sam #racist occidentaldissent.com

Yes, and when Obamacare and the new wave of taxes kicks in it will be damn near impossible for businesses to make a go of it.

I must confess to beeing sickened by what has transpired. And yes, much of my disgust is with the dumbass White people in the North.

I despise White libtards as much as groids.

But more than half the country is ‘Gibs me dat’. Yes, government scum bag union slobs and minorities both.

I thought with the internet and sites such as this, Whitey would begin to wake up. Well, a few have but not many. Most are traitors.

You would have thought that all those videos of Whites getting sucker punched, beaten, robbed and killed would have raised the ire of our people.

Same situation as in France. When the darkies went wild burning everything in site, YT retreated further and elected a full blown socialist who catered to the slime balls.

Sorry, but worse just gets worse for us.

There are some beautiful areas in Kentucky that were/are appealing to me. Very few niggers in those parts, unlike much of the rest of the South.

I would like to move from these deracinated fools up here. I can’t stand looking at their COWARDLY faces any longer.

Tammy Baldwin!! Are you kidding me??

Go to hell Chris Christie–fat bastard weasel!

My wife who is gun shy just told me she wants to get a conceal and carry permit and take a gun course. She never considered doing that before. Her face is white as a sheet at the moment and she is afraid of what is coming next.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

I concluded well over a year ago that “White Nationalism” is an absurd idea. There is no such thing as “White people.”

Yankees don’t have any sense of racial consciousness. They don’t share our culture. They are not our people. They always side with niggers over White Southerners.

Everywhere Yankees live in the South they form political alliances with niggers and Hispanics.

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Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

I really really thought Romney was in. I thought Big Hebery was backing him. No matter. Genociding Whitey is more important than anything, I guess.

Every-one I knew voted for Romney. They did. I got Gibs Me Dat White Yankees to change their votes. To no avail.

The Southerners here rightfully hate Yankees – but they still do not understand that the VAST majority of the Yankees have re-nigged BECAUSE Diversity is still largely ideological. Most Whites do not think there wil ANY problems with a Brown America.

They’ll find out. ‘Cause now we are Brazil.

At least ostensible White people are now openly discussing Race – but it’s OVER. It’s too late.

The West is gonna go down the hard way. It’s like the West – Whitey World – decided to slit it;s collective White Wrist, in a huge Drama Queen Mea Culpa – and then realized that, “Hey – that’s an awful lot of blood, and I’m starting to feel cold, and faint, and that nice diverse Spanish speakng person that answered my 9/11 call – well – didn’t seem to understand me too well…they’re not here yet…”

That’s what it’s like.

The White GOP pundits are pre-grovelling to the Diverse.


Why have I even bothered?

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Tamer of Savages #racist occidentaldissent.com

The majority will leave, certainly but there will be stragglers.
Assuming sane citizenship policies, miscegenation laws, etc.; what’s to stand between a white man and colored labor save for an oppressive government? If coloreds want to work as menial/manual labor they should be deloused and inspected by the respective state to ensure they’re disease free. Coloreds are then registered and micro-chipped. They give birth on company grounds with colored midwives.

Colored children must be provided some form of vocational training by their employer. If they are injured or ill the employer is entirely responsible financially. In the event a colored commits a crime the employer is billed for the room and board along with the lethal injection if deemed necessary. When they die, they’re to be buried on company grounds. In the event of overcrowding, white cemetaries and churches retain the right of eminent domain over colored boneyards.

This may seem harsh but after BRA crumbles the choice between a miserable post-entitlement existence and a job in the South will be tempting to many coloreds.

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Fr. John+ #fundie occidentaldissent.com

Miscegenation- the great adulteration of the White Race. THE sin that YHWH God asked the Israelites (sons of Adam) to avoid, at all costs. Re-iterated in Christ’s day, and noted over and over again- the last time most vocally, by the South prior to 1960, and the Afrikaaners up to the 1980's.

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Tamer of Savages #racist occidentaldissent.com

Bad Jews usually do more damage than bad whites because they’re smarter.
That dumb white woman that wrote “What’s He Matter With White People” is intellectually incapable of inflicting the harm that say, Boas did.

By the way, Boas didn’t make a splash in this country until Niggers had already been voting for more than fifty years. Nigger savages had already cost the country a Horatio Seymour presidency, the last president to campaign on a white power platform. Subhuman Niggers had been voting for 100 years before the 1965 immigration act. What footing did a restrictionist have to argue against third world immigration when he was turning a blind eye to the lowest race participating in his political system?

Yeah, Jews don’t like it when countries mess with their applecart. Fair enough, that earns my respect. Whites don’t have a country, we don’t even have an applecart. Tribalism, shared religio-cultural customs and supremacism are the path forward and why a solid south is so important.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

America has failed as a nation. The Constitution is a failure. There is no political cure but separation to this problem. Even many people on the Left are willing to say we are on to something here.

Some of these Yankees are already making the argument that the Blue States would be better of without financially without Red States like Alabama and Mississippi. There is some merit to this argument because White Democrats in states like New York really are taxed to sustain the welfare state that supports millions of African-American and Hispanic Democrats in the South.

The North really would be better off if it wasn’t squandering its own tax dollars on integrated public schools and Section 8 housing and Medicaid in the South. If the South was allowed to secede, progressives would dominate the remainder of the Union, which is where most progressives live anyway.

If Christian marriage isn’t sacred, why should the Union be sacred? If women have a right to control their own bodies, why don’t Southerners have a right to choose their own government? If Tibet has a right to be free of China, why doesn’t Dixie have a right to be free of the United States?

Southerners should embarrass the Left by inviting international observers from the U.N. to monitor our elections and oversee a peaceful transition to Southern independence in the same way that Kosovo and South Sudan recently became the world’s latest sovereign states.

The United States went to war to prevent Serbia, Iraq, North Vietnam, and North Korea from “preserving the Union.” It has prohibited Austria from reuniting with Germany. It strong armed Sudan into granting independence to South Sudan.

Yankees should be forced to choose between their commitment to peace and democracy and “preserving the Union” on television in front of an international audience. Let them hang themselves on their own principles. Russia and China will happily provide them with the rope.

As a solution, secession will separate us from the overwhelming majority of Yankees and eliminate their ability (along with their Jewish allies) to meddle in our internal affairs, which is 90% of our problem. In one stroke, secession alone will solve most of our problems with blacks and Hispanics, Yankees and Jews.

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Stonelifter #racist occidentaldissent.com

not all Whites are smart enough to get those advance degrees, especially with affirmative action for women, jews, queers, negros, beaners, chinks etc working against us.

We need a better plan. One that does well for Southron White men on both sides of the bell curve. Secession is that better plan. The moment we are free of the damnyankee and his leviathan we will be free to go after our natural resources like coal, oil and gas. Those jobs pay enough for White men on the wrong side of the bell curve to make a good life for themselves and their family. Especially once the govt doesn’t actively discriminant against us or rob our wages to pass on our money to negros and all the other yankee pets

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Robert Oculus III #racist occidentaldissent.com

Although I have no more use for ignorant white trash than I do for the dick-grabbing street niggers, I must admit there’s some truth in what you say. Assuming that by some miracle the South (or whatever) were to secede, we’d have to do something with the hordes of NASCAR-humping, illiterate white quasi-humans that make up the majority of the population down here. Concentration camps would be too expensive on such a large scale, and the Yankees won’t have ‘em. Picking cotton would be a good use of their time and talents, but, as you suggest, there’s a place in the new Southern order for oilfield trash, too.

Alternatively, we could ship them all back to the Borders and Lowlands. Glasgow needs more dirt-track racin’ and incest.

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Palmetto Patriot #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "The Cost of the Union: Tranny Wins in NOVA"]

The cost of the Union’s continued existence and the subjugation of Dixie was on full display this week as Third World immigrants, Blacks and Northern transplants elected a tranny to state office in northern Virginia. Democrats are euphoric.

The Washington Post reports on the mentally-ill man elected by the coalition of non-Whites and transplants:

Democrat Danica Roem ousted longtime incumbent Del.?Robert G. Marshall (R) Tuesday, becoming the first openly transgender elected official in Virginia — and one of very few in the nation.

The race between Roem, 33, and Marshall, 73, focused on traffic and other local issues in Prince William County but also exposed the nation’s fault lines over gender identity. It pitted a local journalist who began her physical gender transition four years ago against an outspoken social conservative who has referred to himself as Virginia’s“chief homophobe” earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee.

…Roem outraised Marshall 3-to-1, with nearly $500,000 in donations, much of it coming from LGBT advocates and other supporters across the country. She and her supporters executed an aggressive ground game, knocking on doors more than 75,000 times in a district with 52,471 registered voters, sitting for endless public appearances and interviews, and maintaining a steady social media presence.

How did this disaster happen? Breitbart explains that the demographic replacement of Virginians with Third World immigrants strongly aided the process. Breitbart is calling the Old Dominion the “New California”:

A remarkable transformation is underway in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The birthplace and final resting place of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson—and once one of the most reliably-red of red states—is being rapidly turned into a progressive stronghold.

These changes are not the result of an inside agency, or a natural evolution in political thinking, but rather the result of one of the most impactful yet least-discussed policies of the federal government.

Each year the federal government prints millions of visas and distributes these admission tickets to the poorest and least-developed nations in the world.

A middle-aged person living in parts of Virginia today will have witnessed more demographic change in the span of her life than many societies have experienced in millennia.

A census study entitled “Immigrants in Virginia,” released by University of Virginia (UVA) researchers, documented the phenomenon: “Until 1970, only 1 in 100 Virginians was born outside of the United States; by 2012, 1 in every 9 Virginians is foreign-born.”

The cost of the Union is literally the death of Dixie. Transplants are able to flood areas like northern Virginia, changing the culture and politics of the region. And vast herds of Third World immigrants are brought in, nearly all of them voting for Leftist, anti-White candidates. Southern symbols come down. Leftist policies are adopted. Men in dresses who think they are women are voted into office. Violent foreign gangs run wild on the streets. This is the sad story of how northern Virginia was destroyed. It is because of the Union.

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John #racist occidentaldissent.com

The danger here, is to take on too big a task.

You can’t fix absolutely everything at once.

The main issue is to put the immediately threatening beast back in the cage. Jim Crow did that.

Indeed whining blacks consider the prisons to be a stealthy form of re-enslavement. We tend to understand the massive prison complex as a last ditch effort to protect civilization from black pathology.

If something like Legal segregation actually could be revived America would revive along with it. Looking at the defeated south in 1865 who would expected the coordinated and successful fightback they orchestrated will into the 20th century?

It’s just a matter of doing what needs to be done.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

Why should Southern heritage be defended? Why is Southern heritage relevant in the 21st century?

There is a simple answer: the South was right, the North was wrong, and American civilization is literally being destroyed because the North won the argument. The triumph of the North over the South meant the triumph of anti-racism over race realism, integration over segregation, guilt culture over honor culture, racial equality over white supremacy, abolition over slavery, liberalism over conservatism, urbanization over agrarianism, consolidation over states’ rights, etc.

As a result, the federal government is out of control, every important decision is now made in Washington, the Money Power on Wall Street is bankrupting the country, White people have been stripped of their freedom and dignity, African-Americans have been deified by DWLs, countless small towns, cities, counties, and major metropolitan areas have been destroyed the Black Undertow, and now everyone in the North and the South has pay homage to Martin Luther King Jr. and live under Black Run Amerika.

It didn’t have to be this way.

A strong education in Southern heritage (by that I mean the real thing) is the most powerful antidote in America to what “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman labeled “the virus of equality.” Traditional Southerners didn’t believe in the concept of “equality” or “diversity” and their social system reflected their own belief in “hierarchy” and “inequality” at every level.

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Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

"Hitler’s main accomplishment was to kill up to 25 million Russians and a few million Dutch, Brits, French, Poles, Czechs."

John- not to get into the Hitler thing again – but stop blaming the victim. He was the LAST White man to put up a defense. All the rest caved. HE didn’t get those Russians , or any-one else killed . The guilty ARE the GREEDY White Ruling elite, wot sold out for Sheeny gelte.

Get your priorities straight.

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John #racist occidentaldissent.com

I have a dream, that one day the ggggggrand sons of former slaves will be ***king the sons of and daughters of Irish, Polish and Russian immigrants who landed here well after the civil war. The ggggggrandsons of former slaves will be drinking these successful white emigre’s beers, breaking into their houses and assaulting their kin.

[Martin Luther King, Jr.] was a sick fuck if you think about it. The likely consequences of integration was always a violent pogrom of poorer whites. He knew it was going to turn into a holocaust of the working class. He knew it going in.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

While The Negrophiles Ruled …

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Our 45 year old Georgia state flag was changed, dishonoring the Confederate soldiers it was designed to honor.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The battle flag was removed from South Carolina’s state house under threat of boycott, and placed at a Confederate Soldier’s monument. The boycott continues as the NAACP says they are still offended.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Confederate flags have been removed and banned from display at many Confederate soldier gravesites.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Southern song and tune “Dixie” has fallen silent, and has been banned from our schools and colleges.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Confederate battle-flag has been taken out of the hands of Ole Miss Rebel football fans because the football coach said it hurt his recruiting efforts.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..T-shirts honoring Southern heroes that include the banner under which they fought has been banned from many schools throughout the South.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Employees of some large corporations have been told that vehicles with bumper stickers displaying the battle-flag were not allowed in the company parking lot.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ……….. Bell South has banned any likeness of the Confederate battle-flag from business ads in their yellow pages.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The “Confederate Naval Museum” in Columbus was renamed the “Civil War Naval Museum”.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The Confederate Rose was renamed to the Cherokee Rose.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Under pressure from corporate sponsors the “Confederate Air Force” was renamed. It is now the “Memorial Air Force”.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..The University of Georgia’s “Dixie Redcoat Band” no longer plays “Dixie” and they are no longer called the “Dixie Redcoat Band”.

While The Negrophiles Ruled ………..Former Texas Governor George W. Bush appeased the NAACP by removing a Confederate plaque from the Texas Supreme Court building which had been built from funds set aside for Texas Confederate Veterans. The plaque was placed there in the early 1900's to honor the Confederate soldiers who died defending Texas.

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stonelifter #racist occidentaldissent.com

the similarities between detroit and the congo are more than genetic. Both groups have gone feral because they’ve bought into the jewish ideals of marxism/cultural marxism.

Things are worse for negros in the congo because their isn’t a productive White population to prop them up, while detroit gets to bleed us dry through state and federal tax money. detroit “enjoys” the advantages of the modern world negros never created and cannot maintain. My guess is, detroit would turn into the congo damn near over night if White folks withdrew our money and have you

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com


A bunch of African-Americans (niggers) think the new Atlanta suburbs in Fulton and DeKalb counties are “too White” and have filed a frivolous lawsuit against the State of Georgia in federal court to revoke their city charters.

The African-American plaintiffs claim their “voting rights” are being violated, not because Bull Connor or the Klan is stopping them from voting, but solely because they are outnumbered by racially aware, White conservatives who understand the politically incorrect connections between “diversity,” crime, and fiscal irresponsibility in Fulton County.

“If we look at this realistically, there is some white flight going on. The creation of these Sandy Springs-type cities enables white voters to get away from black voters.”

Of course it does.

No one in their right fucking mind wants to live under the incompetence and corruption that comes with an African-American controlled city government. While niggers aren’t exactly zombies, they have overrun Atlanta in much the same way. They also have reinforcements coming from up North.

This is what Martin Luther King really meant when he talked about his dream: in Black Run America, White taxpayers exist to service blacks. To use a metaphor, you’re zombie food!

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Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

Every-one would be better off without the spawn of Satan. Every-one. Not just us. It’s really that simple. Life would not be perfect. Humans are not perfect. But Kikes are something else. When you study their overall history – they are ALWAYS maliciously screwing things up. The fly in the ointment. The poison in the well. Always.

We don’t need them at all. That’s all you need remember.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Slavery: A Positive Good (2012)"]


“But I take higher ground. I hold that in the present state of civilization, where two races of different origin, and distinguished by color, and other physical differences, as well as intellectual, are brought together, the relation now existing in the slaveholding States between the two, is, instead of an evil, a good – a positive good.”
– John C. Calhoun, 1837

Is there a positive case for the domestic institution of negro slavery?

(1) In slave societies, negroes were a wealth generating economic asset: America’s slaves were worth more than its railroads, banks, and manufacturing industries combined.

In 1861, the average slave was worth $800. In 2009 dollars, a single slave purchased in 1861 would be an asset worth $135,000.

(2) In 1860, 49.8 percent of the population of Barbour County (AL) were slaves.

(3) In 1860, there were 2,717 free families in Barbour County (AL). There were 1,143 slaveholders. 42.1 percent of free families were slaveholders.

(4) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley as a whole, there were 47 slaveholders who owned over 100 slaves. If the average slave was an asset worth $135,000, then each one of these super planters in 1860 had a fortune in slaves alone worth a minimum of $13.5 million dollars.

(5) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 270 slaveowners who owned 50 to 100 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then each one of these middling planters had a fortune in slaves alone worth a minimum of $6.7 million dollars.

(6) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 1,193 slaveowners who owned 20 to 50 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then these lower tier planters had a fortune in slaves alone worth a minimum of $2.7 million dollars.

Obviously, the planter class in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley was stupendously wealthy by modern standards – those numbers don’t include their non-slave property or investments and are based on the minimum number of slaves required to belong to each tier.

In 1860, there were 1,150 planters in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley. The planters were only 17.3 percent of slaveholders though. How’s that compared to the stock market?

(7) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 1,637 slaveowners who owned 10 to 19 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then these upper middle class slaveowners had a fortune in slaves alone worth $1.35 million dollars.

(8) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 1,485 slaveowners who owned 6 to 9 slaves. If the average slave was worth $135,000, then the typical middle class slaveowner had a fortune worth $810,000.

(9) In the Lower Chattahoochee Valley, there were 4,100 slaveowners who owned 1 to 5 slaves. 47 percent of slaveowners in the Lower Chattahoochee Valley belonged to this group. Every one of these slaveowners had at least one slave worth $135,000.

(10) In Barbour County (AL), 42.1 percent of free families were slaveowners – surely, the great majority of them were middle class slaveowners, while only a small minority were planters.

How much is the average negro household worth after 147 years of free society? The average negro household is worth $4,995.

As we have learned from Paul Kersey, the average single black woman in America has a net worth of $5, which is over a 99 percent depreciation in value from 1861. A third of blacks have a negative net worth. They are effectively bankrupt after 40 years and countless billions of dollars of wasted Great Society redistributive spending.

Freedom failed doesn’t quite capture the magnitude of the social and economic disaster that was abolition: it is more like freedom was a world shattering catastrophe that nearly crippled American civilization.

In free society, the average White household might have a net worth of $110,000 in 2012, most of which is locked up in the value of their depreciating suburban home – with both parents working in order to pay income taxes to a federal government that redistributes their wealth to millions of idle tax consuming negro voters.

In slave society, if you owned one slave, you had an asset worth $135,000 in 2009 dollars not counting your property or home, those slaves worked in direct proportion to the leisure time of a single male slaveowning patriarch, and there was no income tax because the government was funded with a revenue tariff.

(11) That’s the rub: under slavery, the negro was a fabulous wealth generating economic dynamo, the ownership of which emancipated White families from the drudgery of wage labor and significantly contributed to our national prosperity.

Under free society, the negro is the single biggest economic albatross in the United States and a civilization wrecking menace to public safety who through the genius of liberal democracy can vote himself a living from taxes and fees on the income and property of White families.

(13) Libertarians: What planter ever emancipated his slaves based on the assumption that liberating them would increase his wealth and make his plantation more productive?

(14) As a commodity, slaves were used as a store of value like gold and silver or stocks and bonds: a single slave in 1850 was worth $80,000 whereas a single slave in 1860 was worth $135,000.

(15) Paul Kersey writes:

“Black unemployment rates are directly correlated to the fact that a great many Black people are unemployable in America’s service economy, save for government/public jobs. Not institutional racism.”

The only known solution to this problem is slavery.

There are any number of industries where the millions upon millions of negroes who have an IQ less than 85 could be profitably employed today as slaves.

They could be put to work immediately as stoop laborers in the construction industry or in the fields harvesting fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, they could at least be hooked up to bicycles and used to manually generate cheap electricity to promote America’s goal of energy independence.

Even today, a slave society could find some use for them. Black women could be employed as domestics as they were in the Jim Crow South. They don’t have to become welfare queens shacking up with Mr. EBT to breed little Ja’Quares Walkers or Trayon Omar Washingtons in the Booker T. Washington housing projects.

If negroes were enslaved in such a way, we could empty our prisons, raise property values, raise per pupil spending on White students, slash law enforcement and court costs, fund an expedition to Mars, and slash the soaring cost of healthcare by curtailing epidemic black obesity.

(16) As far back as the 1830s, free negroes in the Northern states were notorious for elevating crime, destroying property values, and burdening prisons and other social services.

In free societies, the cost of negroes is socialized whereas it was privatized in slave societies: abolition eliminated natural masters (who provided employment for White working class overseers) who had a vested economic interest and legal responsibility for curtailing destructive behavior and promoting productive labor.

(17) Any student of the discipline of negro management in the Old South could have told you that emancipating slaves, blaming White people for all their various failings, and giving them access to drugs and firearms was a recipe for disaster. See the 21,000 black people who have been murdered by other black people in Detroit since 1969.

(18) In 1850, a slaveowner could have told you that the return on investment on negro education was quite low because of biological racial differences in intelligence.

(19) In 1850, a slaveowner could have told you that abolition and the politicization of the negro was a recipe for disaster based on previous experiments in abolition in Haiti and the British West Indies.

(20) Slave society promoted conservatism and racial solidarity in the Old South. It also created an indigenous elite that had the wealth and political power to resist the encroachment of the degenerating effects of liberal capitalist democracy.

Note: Virtually all the social ills that are commonly blamed on slavery are actually a consequence of freedom.

Slave societies didn’t tolerate or meekly subsidize negro criminals or flagellate themselves with racial guilt. The negro had no status as a citizen or a voter. He wasn’t a huge drag on our national prosperity as he is today in the 21st century.

Slavery was a positive good. It was a successful social system that broadly distributed wealth among Whites, created an elite invested in white supremacy, cultivated a moral sense based on the cult of honor, and most importantly, acted as a brake on the consolidation of power in Washington.

The success of slavery proved to be its downfall. It was a rival economic system that inspired enormous jealously, fear, and envy of the Slave Power in the North. As we all know, that’s what brought about the War Between the States, destroyed the White Republic created by the Founders, and set America down its path to the present racial disaster.

That’s not the fault of slavery though. It is the fault of slavery’s professed enemies.

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Hunter Wallace #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "National Review’s Hilarious Take On Charlottesville"]

This article is so wildly cucked it could have been published by the SPLC:

“UVA’s president, Teresa Sullivan, deserves credit for seeing this in advance. In an August 4 letter to our community, she warned that “the organizers of the rally want confrontation; do not gratify their desire.” She quoted an event advocate as hoping to “create a massive polarizing spectacle in order to draw as huge a contrast as possible.” The organizers got what they wished — not just in the deaths of Heather Heyer and state troopers Berke Bates and H. Jay Cullen, but also in the others injured. …”

Where to start?

1.) When I said I wanted to “create a massive polarizing spectacle in order to draw as huge a contrast as possible,” I obviously didn’t have violence in mind. Instead, I assumed the police would do their job and keep both sides separated, we would have our big rally and it would be broadcasted live on social media. It would be highly triggering and would erode politically correct taboos, but it would be a relatively peaceful event like the previous rally held in Pikeville, KY in April.

2.) If I believed that Charlottesville was going to devolve into a violent spectacle, why didn’t any of us come armed? I didn’t have a shield, a helmet, goggles, a gas mask, a gun, a knife, a stick, etc. No, I assumed that the police were going to be well prepared to handle the situation. A few of us carried shields in order to deal with any projectiles which we were told might be hurled into the park.

3.) How on earth did we cause the police helicopter to crash? Did we have a rocket launcher?

4.) The people who were walking around with semi-automatic weapons were neutral Patriot groups. They were peacekeepers who weren’t there to take either side.

5.) We came to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument. We had a constitutional right to assemble in Lee Park. The ACLU and a federal judge agreed with us. “Constitutional Conservatives,” however, sided with the Democrat governor and the Democrat mayor and violent Antifa who bullied the police into standing down and unleashing anarchy in the streets.

It was obvious who failed in Charlottesville – the police failed to keep both sides separated and stood idly by while the violence escalated. This was used as an excuse to declare a “state of emergency” and nullify the federal court order which allowed our free speech rally to take place.

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Marcus Cicero and Christopher Cantwell #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "Self-Defense Be Damned: Hero Of The Resistance Christopher Cantwell Hit With Trumped Up Charges In Virginia"]

If your actions in defense of your heritage and blood get on the wrong side of the (((powers that be))), the odds of you facing ridiculous kangaroo court-style criminal prosecution will rise exponentially.

For example, many of you may remember the story of Michael Weaver, who was essentially gulaged (that’s now a word) for defending himself against a duo of criminal Negroes dead-set on looting his car for shiny objects.

Like, I had heard the details before, but to hear them again face-to-face just a little while ago made me actually cringe at how deceitful and cruel our Jew-dominated Justice System can be in certain situations.

Now it looks like they’re gunning for /ourguy/ Christopher Cantwell, and the parallels with Weaver’s case are so many that we should all honestly pray that Divine Providence steps in to provide a legal defense worthy of legendary song.

Boston Globe

A white supremacist from Keene, N.H., who was prominently featured in a recent Vice News documentary about the violence in Charlottesville, is wanted for arrest on charges in Virginia, according to authorities.

Christopher Cantwell, who is seen in the documentary denouncing Jews and declaring, “a lot more people are gonna die before we’re done here,” has two outstanding warrants stemming from the rally where a counterprotester was killed last weekend.

Officials from the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Office said Thursday that Cantwell is wanted for illegal use of gases, and injury by caustic agent or explosive. Both are felony charges, officials said.


In a blog post apparently authored by Cantwell on Thursday, on ChristopherCantwell.com, the Keene resident references his participation in the Charlottesville protests.

“Depending on who you listen to, I’m either a hero, a terrorist, or a crybaby, which should tell you something about the reliability of the media,” the post said. “In reality, I’m just a guy who wants to save his country from communism, and is often quite terrified at how much resistance he meets in doing so.”

I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous cases in my time here on Earth, but this one is honestly one that shouldn’t even make it through the arraignment phase.

During the torchlight rally last Friday night, I ended up roughly a few dozen feet at most from where this alleged incident took place, and I would be glad to testify under oath in front of a judge that all of Cantwell’s actions were in pure self-defense.

Antifa terrorists had locked hands around the statue of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia, and were using their positions to aggressively lunge at our activists in ways that led to more than a couple of injuries thanks to sucker-punches and liberal (pun intended) use of chemical agents.

Our people acted with restraint and prudence during these tense moments, and video footage from the scene would corroborate this statement beyond a shadow of a doubt.

No joking, sarcasm, or shit-posting here, Brothers, for to see such insanity brought forward makes me almost tear-up with rage.

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Hunter Wallace #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "CofCC: Under the Microscope"]

OD now reaches around 30,000 unique visitors a month. Last month, Occidental Observer had 90,000 unique visitors and TOQ Online reached 18,000. At a minimum, Stormfront, Amren, and VDARE combined must be reaching over hundreds of thousands of unique visitors a month. The other pro-White sites in America reach tens of thousands of more unique visitors and cater to any number of diverse sub-cultures within the movement.

Here’s the rub: with such a huge online media presence, why are so few people involved in pro-White organizations? I’ve lost count of the number of people over the years who claim they want to do something. Most take a look at the existing organizations and find some objection that deters them from joining. The ubiquitous splinter groups in the White Nationalist movement and the social penalties that follow from membership aren’t exactly inspiring.

This troubling fact raises important questions. The long term plan here at OD has always been to spend a few years building up a huge online media presence and then create an activist wing down the road. With pro-White sites already reaching so many people, why aren’t more Americans coming out from behind their computer screens? What is the point of reaching more people with more media if the extent of their involvement is limited fighting with each other on internet blogs and forums?


In this post, I want to take a hard look at the Council of Conservative Citizens. I’ve known of the CofCC for seven or eight years now, but until recently I haven’t paid much attention to them. What are the strengths of this organization? What are the weaknesses? Where is the CofCC headed in the future? What are the objections to joining? What are the counterarguments?

This is a whole can of worms that hasn’t been explored here. I believe this is the first post in OD history (correct me if I am wrong) about the merits of a pro-White organization. It is a small mystery in itself why we have talked about Red Jeffrey and Guy White over a dozen times, but until now haven’t discussed the ways in which we can get involved in the real world to bring White Nationalism out of the fantasy realm and into reality.

Pros and Cons

1.) I would rather start my own organization.

One of the most demoralizing aspects of White Nationalism are the thousands of splinter groups that have one or two members, do absolutely nothing, and wither and die within a year. It gives new recruits the impression that the movement is hopelessly disorganized and will never get its act together.


This is probably the greatest strength of the CofCC. They have been around for twenty years now under that name. Their roots can be traced to the Citizens’ Councils of America which fought integration in the 1950s and 1960s. CofCC has a fifty year legacy of resistance to integration and multiculturalism.

In a manner of speaking, CofCC is the oldest bank in town. It is a safer place to invest your time and resources. Of the existing pro-White organizations, it is the largest and most stable.

2.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because they are full of cranks, kooks, losers, or sub-cultures that I would rather not associate with.

I’ve been involved in pro-White discussion groups for almost ten years now. This is the major reason why I stayed on the sidelines for so long. My impression of the movement was that it was full of individualists who cared more about parading around in white sheets or flaunting their swastikas than making a serious effort to preserve our racial and cultural heritage.


CofCC has managed to ward off most of these types. They have done a better job of this than any other comparable pro-White organization. If you want to be around sane, normal, ordinary Americans who are concerned about their racial future, I can’t think of a better established organization.

3.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because I can’t afford the membership dues.

The cost of joining the CofCC is $25 a year. That is trivial. Anyone can afford that. It is equivalent of two cases of Bud Light or eating a steak dinner at a chain restaurant.

4.) I haven’t joined a pro-White organization because I want to protect my identity.

Use a pseudonym. If you join under your real name, the information is confidential and your privacy will be protected.

5.) I’m still not ready to join an organization.

Every White Nationalist should determine his or her own level of involvement. If you aren’t ready to join an organization like CofCC, there are still things you can do.

You can show up at events. You can donate. You can write articles for the newspaper or blog under a pseudonym. You can buy things like books and t-shirts. You can participate in online blogs and discussion forums. You can advertise and recommend pro-White organizations. You can invite people to the relevant Facebook groups.

6.) I’m a White Nationalist, not a faileoconservative. Why should I join the CofCC?

I’ve had this debate several times with Matt Parrott. I consider myself a White Nationalist. He calls himself a “conservative” and “White Advocate.” When you get beyond these labels, there isn’t much difference between our respective views. This is mostly an argument over semantics.

There are lots of White Nationalists involved with CofCC. At the 2010 CofCC Conference, Sam Dickson bluntly described himself as a racial nationalist in his speech. Everyone involved in CofCC is pro-White and anathema to mainstream conservative circles.

Personally, I want to create a Jew-free, White ethnostate in North America. That’s why I call myself a White Nationalist. Moving beyond that minimum, I flesh out the details:

– I want to see a White ethnostate created in the American South.

– I want Anglo-Celtic Southerners to be the ethnic core of the White ethnostate. In other words, I want the White ethnostate to be a Southern homeland.

– I want to restore the Confederate States of America as an independent nation.

– I want the South to be South again. I want to return to traditional, authentic Southern culture. This means doing away with the garbage that is pumped in here through print, radio, and television.

– I want a healthy Protestant Christianity to be the predominant religion of the South: old school, middle class, sensible and sturdy Christianity, not the Evangelical nuttiness that spread like kudzu here in the twentieth century.

– I want a federal national government and a constitutional republic. The states should have more of a say in their own affairs than they do now.

– I love Confederate monuments. I was raised to believe that Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis were heroes. There is no conflict between White Nationalism and wanting to conserve the history, heritage, and tradition that made the South great.

The moral of this story is that there are plenty of things about the South that I wish to conserve, namely, our race and culture. I’m simply of the belief that revolutionary action – a dissolution of the United States – is the indispensable prerequisite to any Southern racial and cultural revival.

7.) The CofCC isn’t strongly enough opposed to the Jews.

There is no shortage of Jew-awareness in the CofCC. Everyone involved knows about the problem and understands its significance. Get involved and you will see for yourself.

The Jews played a prominent role in destroying the Jim Crow South which the CCA fought so hard to preserve. That fact has hardly gone unnoticed. At the same time, most people in the CofCC are intelligent enough to recognize that they are all sorts of factors pushing American decline. The Jewish Question is only one aspect of a larger problem.

8.) The CofCC is hostile to Westerners and Northerners.

This is not the case. The CofCC has chapters in New York, Indiana, and California. They are based in the South, but are eager to expand into a national organization.

It would be great to take back the whole country. I’m all for it. If I had to choose between a Southern or American ethnostate, I would choose the latter. I don’t think it is practical or possible to take back all of America, but we should certainly try, and Northerners and Westerners should be actively building chapters in their own states.

9.) The CofCC is Christian. I am not a Christian. We should be attacking Christianity which is a Jewish religion.

There is no religious litmus test for membership. I think attacking Christianity – the religion of 85% of White Americans – is a complete non-starter. Instead of attacking Christianity, we should encourage Christians to return to their roots.

For 300 years, American Christians didn’t have a problem with “racism.” If Christians examined their own religion, they would find that mainstream churches didn’t embrace anti-racism until the twentieth century, and then on dubious theological grounds. The Southern Baptist Convention didn’t embrace anti-racism until the 1990s.

10.) CofCC is a bunch of old fogies. We need a brand new organization that caters to White Nationalist youth.

I’ve already explained why a new organization is a bad idea. In the podcast, I explained why the age ratio within CofCC favors younger members: simply put, there are plenty of opportunities to advance. Within twenty years, younger CofCC members will be leading the organization.

CofCC has evolved in the past. In 1988, it changed its name to Council of Conservative Citizens from the Citizens’ Councils of America. What could Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers with the CofCC? That day will inevitably come.

11.) I want to get involved in mainstream politics.

CofCC is the largest pro-White organization and the only established organization that has any influence in state politics. If you live in the South, CofCC is the logical organization to join.

Conclusion: It is better to join an established organization and make your mark than to launch a risky new start up with zero name recognition. Of the established organizations, CofCC is the largest, oldest, the most normal, the most tolerant and flexible, and offers the most opportunities for young people (in particular, Southerners) to advance. They already have connections to the political mainstream. See the image and caption.

OD reaches thousands of racialists in Virginia, Texas, and Florida. We have a lot of people in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina as well. Shouldn’t we join existing chapters or start new ones where they don’t exist? What is the purpose of pro-White media aside from promoting pro-White activism?

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Is Mississippi Still Burning?"]

CNN aired a special report last night called “Is Mississippi Still Burning?” about the James Craig Anderson hit and run murder in Mississippi.

If you haven’t been paying attention to CNN lately, it has abandoned its traditional pretense of objectivity as its White audience has fled to FOX News and MSNBC. When the Black Undertow was burning down Britain in August, Anderson Cooper was on the scene in Somalia feeding starving black people.

“Is Mississippi Still Burning?” is the latest in one of these “special reports” by Soledad O’Brien that cater to African-American and Hispanic racial consciousness. For those of you who are keeping score, CNN has already aired a “Black in America” documentary and “Hispanic in America” and even a “Black in America 2.”


The title of the CNN documentary refers to the Hollywood movie “Mississippi Burning” which was a 1988 crime drama about the murders of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Cheney in 1963. Paul Kersey has written at great length in Hollywood in Blackface about how film has been used to manipulate White racial attitudes.

As Mississippi natives well know, there was never a “Mississippi Burning” in the 1950s and 1960s. With the exception of the Emmett Till murder in 1955, the Ole Miss riot in 1962, and the Medgar Evers assassination and the Schwerner, Goodman, and Cheney murders in 1963, there really wasn’t much violence in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement.

In reality, Mississippi was controlled by the White Citizens’ Councils, which were ideologically opposed to Klan violence, and which preferred to rely upon economic and political pressure to fight the Civil Rights Movement.

Gov. Haley Barbour was heavily criticized last year on the Rachel Maddow Show for drawing attention to the inconvenient historical fact that the White Citizens’ Councils were committed to non-violence and that there really wasn’t much violence in cities like Yazoo City because of this. As Taylor Branch points out in At Canaan’s Edge, The Meredith March Against Fear in 1966 was a major defeat for the Civil Rights Movement.

The only time in American history that Mississippi has ever been burned to the ground was the time that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Army through Corinth, Vicksburg, Jackson, Natchez, and Greenville. Thousands of Mississippi natives lost their lives in the War Between the States trying to defend their own homes from the Yankee invaders.

At the terminus of that conflict, General E.D. Osband and his platoon of black Union soldiers decapitated the government of Mississippi in Jackson in May 1865. The Confederate government of Mississippi was dissolved by a presidential proclamation from Washington.

That was how Mississippi was forced to rejoin the United States. For the next ten years, the White citizens of Mississippi endured a military dictatorship and negro-carpetbagger rule under the tyranny of Adelbert Ames. Previously one of the richest states in America, Mississippi has remained one of the poorest ever since it was destroyed by the U.S. Army.

The CNN report on Deryl Dedmon spends a lot of time dwelling on the Confederate monument in Brandon, the Confederate flag that is still in the Mississippi state flag, and the whiteness of the Jackson suburbs.

(1) Confederate monuments were erected across Dixie from Virginia to Texas by the generations that lived through the thirty years of misery, occupation, and racial integration (1866 to 1896) that followed the War Between the States.
(2) The Confederate flag in Mississippi honors the heroic sacrifices of the University Greys who suffered 100 percent casualties at Gettysburg.
(3) The Whites in Brandon live there because Jackson has been transformed by the Black Undertow into a black hole that is 70 percent African-American. Hinds County is 61 percent African-American.

The black crime in Mississippi and Louisiana (and now South Carolina) is now so bad that these are the only two states in Dixie that deliberately hide their racial crime statistics which are collected as UCR data and sent to the FBI to be published in their annual reports.

In Georgia, African-Americans are responsible for 85 percent of robbery. In Alabama, African-Americans are responsible for 90 percent of interracial rape. In South Carolina, African-Americans are responsible for 75 percent of homicide.

Just how bad is black-on-white crime in Mississippi? We don’t know the details because the state government is hiding its own statistics from the public, but we can make an educated guess from several well known incidents.

Consider the horrific case of Charlotte Parker, a 9 year old White girl with pigtails, who was sodomized and raped by the negro Robert Simon, who was shot three times in the back and once in the hip, and who died of smoke inhalation when the black intruder set her home on fire in 1990.

Charlotte Jo was literally burned alive by her negro rapist along with her mother and father. To my knowledge, that incident has never prompted a CNN Presents special report. CNN was also mysteriouly silent on the Wichita Massacre and when a flash mob of hundreds of blacks pulled Whites out of their vehicles to beat and assault them at the Wisconsin State Fair.

When are we are going to see Soledad O’Brien do a report on “Is Chicago Still Burning?” or “Is Philadelphia Still Burning?” or “Is Detroit Still Burning?” We watched the Black Undertow burn down the United Kingdom this summer without comment.

If the James Craig Anderson murder proves anything, it proves that Mississippi is still smoldering. White Mississippi is seething over its racial and ethnic grievances. The racial atrocities that have been committed there have not been forgotten.

In 2001, Gov. Ronnie Musgrove’s effort to adopt a new state flag was defeated in Mississippi, 64 percent to 36 percent. In 2008, 89 percent of White Mississippi voted against Barack Hussein Obama, who won a smaller share of the White vote than John Kerry. In 2010, White Mississippi threw out two Blue Dog Democrats from the House because of their alienation from the Democratic Party.

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Marcus Cicero #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "THE FIRE RISES: Pennsylvania State Senator Denounces George Soros As “A Hungarian Jew,” Refuses To Cuck"]

There’s definitely something changing – you can feel it no matter whether you’re a Southern Nationalist, a standard White Nationalist, or anything Alt-Right that doesn’t fall under any specific category.

It feels like the universe is correcting itself, as if the hidden channels that some Ancient Greek philosophers thought permeated everything are switching alignment, and/or the blessings of Almighty God are at last descending upon our people (the scales falling from eyes thing).

And the funny thing about it all?

The Jews feel these changes too, and are sweating bullets knowing that they cannot stop what they see looming just beyond the horizon.

Fox News

A Republican state senator from Pennsylvania refused to apologize for calling billionaire Democratic megadonor George Soros “a Hungarian Jew” with “a hatred for America” following the accusations of anti-Semitism.

Sen. Scott Wagner, who’s seeking next year’s Republican nomination for governor, spoke with The York Daily Record on Monday and suggested people are overreacting over his comments.

“Everybody’s getting their knickers around their ankles over this and there’s no reason for that,” he said.


He added that his comments should not be interpreted as racist, also noting his long history of donating to the local Jewish Community Center.

God bless you, Senator Wagner, and may you rise to become not only Governor of the great State of Pennsylvania, but perhaps President one glorious day as well.

And don’t worry about the whole Jew Community Center thing, for I too have been known to contribute a shekel or two to my local Hebraic gathering place.

[Picture of an oven]

Wait, you mean nobody else stashes cash inside their oven?

It’s really a great hiding spot in certain situations, although you have to be sure to remove everything before you start cooking a meal – left a pizza box in there once or twice, and it’s not a fun experience.

But seriously, when you take a look at Soros do you not see an enemy of America and its entire White population?

The magic “Jew” word is just icing on the cake, and is essential to understand the true motive behind everything Georgie does to wipe out all that we love and cherish.

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Marcus Cicero #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "Charlottesville To Rename Street After Heather 'The Hulk' Heyer"]

Funny historical speculation here, everyone.

Could there be a chance that thousands of years ago, there was once a civilization that crumbled much like our modern one – complete with non-White migrants and morbidly-obese Communists marching through the streets of major cities.

And maybe, just maybe, there was at that time an incident like Charlottesville in which one of these fat slobs died of a heart attack, and was eventually deified and mourned with statues in its honor.

Who knows?

Perhaps this is what those things we call “fertility statues” really are – monuments to a dead ancient Antifa.

I can definitely see the resemblance between the two…


So, Susan, now you’re telling people that your daughter was murdered?

Pretty interesting considering the fact that you were the one who told us all that she died of a heart attack – almost certainly generated by obesity, menthol cigarettes, and the strain of pushing all that bulk through 90+ degree summer heat while dressed in black.


unny how we’ve heard literally nothing from Fields since his arrest nearly two months ago.

Is he being denied his rights to fair trial and gathering of evidence?

Is he even alive at the moment?

I honestly couldn’t even tell you the answers to these questions.


I’m telling you straight up that history repeats itself.

We need an inquiry into these fertility statues to determine whether they were meant to honor an ancient Heather Heyer, and if so, they need to be stricken from the books as nasty icons not worth $5 on Ebay.

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Marcus Cicero #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "God’s Fiery Wrath Strikes Sanctuary State Of California, Leftist Wine Country Faces Ruin"]

Maybe I’m being a bit too cruel over this, and maybe I shouldn’t gloat over an entire region being consumed by what seriously seems like an act of God, but…

You know what?

I’ve long ago put aside any altruism aside from that reserved for my immediate blood family, close friends, fellow members in the Movement, and those Whites seemingly good, wholesome, and totally undeserving of punishment.

To everyone else, especially if you are devoted to the causes that would see us all die in horrible ways, I have no sympathy and no tears if you find yourself surrounded by red-hot flames.


Could it be that I overreacted while writing this article, and did I by any chance wish too much destruction on the good people of California?

Well actually…

For a state that pushes prison for pronoun misuse, I don’t think agonizing combustion is too severe a punishment.

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Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

[Commenting under "Obama Speaks At MLK Statue Dedication"]

White has always been a synonym for “Southern.”

In Dixie, whiteness was meaningful and important because our entire civilization was based on the racial caste system and plantation slavery. In a multiracial society, complexion became a logical marker of ethnic identity.

“Whiteness” was something that separated and unified Southerners from Indians and Africans. The ideal evolved in Tidewater in the mid-seventeenth century and it was brought to South Carolina from Barbados in the late seventeenth century. It spread from there across the Southeast.

Where would anyone get the idea that “White people” are their in group? Where would anyone dream of expelling all non-Whites from their midst?

This is a distinctively Southern concept. It is a cultural artifact of the South’s racial caste system where every single White man was socially superior to a nigger, where no nigger could ever lay his hands on a White woman, and where Whites were culturally expected to practice racial egalitarianism toward other Whites.

The idea has a long pedigree in the South. Under Andrew Jackson, the Democracy was explicitly the “White man’s party.” For over a century, Dixie was known within America as the “White Man’s Country.” Until the 1960s, the Alabama Democratic Party had a symbol of a white rooster with the motto of “white supremacy.”

These ideas didn’t come out of nowhere:


“George Wallace was then head of the Alabama Democratic party. The Alabama Democratic party was racist. Its symbol at that time had a white rooster, a white cock, and the words “White Supremacy.” That was the official emblem of the Democratic party of Alabama. So here it would be easy for us to tell our people, “Hey, look, this party is not for us. We need our own party.”

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Marcus Cicero #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "HA: Jewess Accuses Harvey Weinstein’s Brother Of Sexual Harassment"]

These devious and devilish Jews actually thought that they would forever be immune from the social rot they introduced into the White world through the dumpster fire of Hollywood.

They thought that their Colored pets wouldn’t push for equality despite seeing movie after movie and show after show pushing integration and race-mixing – this was proven wrong.

They thought they wouldn’t be attacked for being the one percent despite pushing Marxism and income redistribution for generations – this was proven wrong.

And they actually had the gall to believe that hardcore Feminism (like the one that says talking to a girl is tantamount to rape) would never hit them despite it being a product of entirely Jewish origin.

This too is now being proven wrong, and I’m loving the sight of Tribeswomen tear apart Tribesmen.

It’s beautiful, and it’s karmic justice if you want my honest opinion.


A female showrunner who worked on the Weinstein Co. drama “The Mist” has accused Bob Weinstein of sexual harassment during the production of the Spike TV series.

Amanda Segel, an executive producer of “Mist,” said Weinstein repeatedly made romantic overtures to her and asked her to join him for private dinners. The harassment began in the summer of 2016 and continued on and off for about three months until Segel’s lawyer, David Fox of Myman Greenspan, informed TWC executives — including COO David Glasser — that she would leave the show if Bob Weinstein did not stop contacting her on personal matters.


Just a few days ago, I openly and definitively said that this whole Harvey Weinstein was a method of Jewish narrative control that had at least a fifty percent chance of collapsing like a house of kosher cards – in this day and age you can’t hope to contain and channel things as graphic as the Hollywood casting couch/rape scene.

There are just too many loose ends, and too many openings for uncontrolled accusations to emerge against figures not specifically targeted for destruction – Harvey was almost certainly hurled out as a scapegoat of some sort.

And if we’re now having the brother pushed towards the chopping block (the funny thing is that he seems to be the one who started the whole scandal), get ready for far more nasty and far more graphic details to emerge about what really goes on deep within the confines of Tinseltown.

The Jews are not omnipotent and not even that skilled in the arts mastered by their forefathers, and they may just have overreached in a way that could prove disastrous to them in the long run.