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[Comments under "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

From TW:
Brad, in Alabama blacks get 62% of abortions, Hispanics 5% and Other 2% And I wonder many how many of the white women are aborting black spawn.Would you deny abortion to a white woman raped by a nigger? Should women who get abortions be charged with murder? If not, why not if you believe the fetus is a human?


Legalizing the murder of White children is a very stupid strategy for controlling the Black population.

Alabama’s Whites would not be bending the knee to any number of Blacks without the moral collapse manifested in abortion, addiction and materialism

From Dart:
Not really. Those are genetic liberal children. Killing them reduces the frequency of genetic liberalism within the White population. Blacks are pretty much politically irrelevant and aren’t the political enemy of Whites. White libtards are the enemy. Without White libtards, Blacks wouldn’t even be a problem at all. We could have mutually beneficial separation and everyone would be content with it. Only White libtards motivated by deranged utopian fantasies are driven to force everyone together. So it’s good when White libtards voluntarily kill themselves off, through whatever means available. Overly permissive Western breeding practices, originating in the papist idea of love marriage, allowed genetic liberals to grow to a dangerously high percentage of the population. Reducing their numbers is the only way Whites will survive

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[From "Richard Spencer: The Case for Abortion"]

It is worth revisiting that old debate. My position at the time was that the triumph of legal abortion in the United States in the 1970s was a consequence of the ascendance of the left-libertarian bohemian counter-culture in the 1960s[…]Wider context of the loosening of our immigration laws (1965), the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement (1965), the legalization of interracial marriage (1967), the increase in drug abuse and the rise of feminism and the gay rights movement[…]
The idea that professional class White women who support aborting their own children[…]are going to somehow care about the identity and welfare of their more distantly related racial group and that the overall effect of this would be “eugenic” was always absurd[…]It has led to a world of childless DINKs, wine soaked dog moms and sterile tattooed lesbians[…]
What did America look like in 1970 before this “eugenic” shift?
The country was the whitest it had ever been in all of American history before the black minority had access to legal abortion[…]Deep South states like Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi had never been whiter[…]
I am celebrating the demise of Roe. I hope it signals a cultural shift away from the rotten left-libertarian expressive individualism[…]
The idea that race is a meaningless social construct rather than a biological reality of our species led naturally to the assertion that sex is also a social construct and that gender can be freely chosen. The triumph of legalized interracial marriage led inexorably to legal abortion and gay marriage and “trans”

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[From "Compact: Why Le Pen Surged – and Zemmour Flopped"]

Here in the United States, we are facing the same problem[…]Populist and nationalist voters tend to be working class and middle class voters in small towns and rural areas. Those of us who live in the countryside tend to have traditional values

Who supports antiracism, “trans,” cosmopolitanism and the Great Replacement? It tends to be White upper middle class voters with college degrees, especially single women, who are PMCs who live in dense urban areas. These people are the social base of woke progressivism[…]
White identity is great and worth championing. It is a bit idealistic though and the reality of it is strongly affected by class and religious divisions. As you can see through a glance at Twitter, styling yourself as an “antiracist” or a supporter of “trans rights” is mainly about signaling social class

Compact Mag

If united, the right could easily be the most powerful electoral force in France[…]mostly bourgeois and centrist Les Républicains (LR) and the more working class and nationalist Rassemblement National (RN), led by Maréchal’s aunt, Marine Le Pen

Maréchal argued that a nationalist agenda could transcend class divisions. The right would have to remain uncompromising on immigration and national identity but permit enough economic liberalism to satisfy the conservative bourgeoisie[…]

Valérie Pécresse was the first loser to endorse Macron

This is hilarious

Imagine the horror of affordable gas prices and taxes on the wealthy[…]
This was on my mind last night when I saw that Paris had finally reported and Marine Le Pen had won a whopping 5% of the vote there. Le Pen’s base are rural voters, the south of France and the deindustrialized northeast. They are the Trump voters of France

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[From "Washington Post: How Putin Is Weaponizing Traditional Values To Defend Russian Aggression In Ukraine"]

As liberals lead Americans down the primrose path into World War III with Russia, it is worth recalling what liberals did with their victory over Nazi Germany and how that redefined our national identity

In the post-World War II era, Adolf Hitler became the evil dictator[…]Satan, however, went mainstream. American war propaganda drove massive changes in public opinion and anything that “journalists” could associate with the Third Reich[…]American identity has been haunted by Hitler’s ghost[…]
You better think twice before empowering liberals to wage World War III

Washington Post

In the dark recesses of Gab.com[…]Russian President Vladimir Putin is glorified as a conservative lion[…]

Just set aside for the moment the concern that a war with Russia will lead to a nuclear holocaust. What are the cultural consequences of a war with Russia?
New York Times

[…]By reinforcing and feeding each other’s messaging, some right-wing Americans have given credibility to Russia’s assertions and vice versa[…]

Eugenics became taboo after World War II

Nationalism became stigmatized after World War II

White identity was proscribed for being like Nazism after World War II

The obsession with “antiracism” goes back to World War II

It became taboo to criticize Jews about anything after World War II

The “authoritarian personality” of “proto-fascism” was stigmatized after World War II
This is what liberals are aiming to do again by inciting World War III with Russia. A war with Russia will inevitably devolve into a war inside the West against the “far right” and traditional values and Christianity. Putin will replace Hitler as the demon in the American imagination

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[From "TAC: The Causes of the War"]

As usual, the “journalists” are lying, recycling propaganda from the “intelligence community” and running with the usual narratives and tropes on cable television about evil dictators who have gone insane and who want to kill babies to explain the outbreak of war in Ukraine. This is how every American war going back to World War I when the Hun invaded Belgium has been explained to the public. Woodrow Wilson entered World War I to make the world safe for democracy. Joe Biden is also leading us into World War III to defend “democracy” against “autocracy”

The media shows us a horrific war that is going on in a distant country. They don’t explain why the war broke out or our role in bringing it about or how it could have been avoided or ended in a compromise. The American media has spent years ignoring the war in Donbas. This war in Ukraine which is familiar to Russians strikes most Americans as a lightning bolt out of the blue


What caused the war now ongoing in Ukraine? One supposes that the first answer just about everybody would agree on is that Putin caused the war[…]He made the decision. His reasons were the decisive ones
The formula the U.S. adopted toward Russia during and after the Maidan Revolution played a big role in bringing on the ensuing catastrophe. The casus belli for Putin was the constitution of Ukraine as an “anti-Russia”[…]It greatly intensified in 2021 with the arrival of the Biden Administration

We were told for years that this American policy of transforming Ukraine into a puppet regime and a NATO client state was a red line. We ignored everything that the Russians said and dismissed their concerns continued to push the policy anyway. This is like taunting a dog and beating it with a stick and then acting shocked when it stops growling and snaps and attacks

Hunter Wallace #dunning-kruger occidentaldissent.com

The idea that most people who identify as White Nationalist or Alt-Right or “Dissident Right” or whatever who are pro-White are conservative Republicans. A huge number of them are right-leaning Independents in the Center of the electorate. They are rightwing in the sense of being authoritarian, against political correctness and socially conservative. Their views on economics and their financial circumstances places them to the Left of Conservatives.

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[From "Rachel Maddow: The Caning of Charles Sumner"]

Excellent monologue from Rachel Maddow!

Here is what Preston Brooks said to Charles Sumner before walloping that insufferable, sanctimonious Yankee bastard on the floor of Congress in 1856:

“Mr. Sumner, I have read your speech twice over carefully. It is a libel on South Carolina, and Mr. Butler, who is a relative of mine”

Charles Sumner was a lib and he got owned, antebellum-style

Seriously though, as much as I wish we had U.S. senators and representatives who are the caliber of Preston Brooks for whom defending the honor of his state and kin were of the utmost importance, what we really have are a bunch of worthless cucks like the governor of Mississippi who folded under pressure from Wal-Mart and took down the Mississippi state flag – overruling the voters of the state in the process – in the mania of the George Floyd riots which had nothing to do with Mississippi

Note: The Southern position on the War Between the States was always that slavery was the “occasion” of the war. It was the “incident” that triggered the war. It was the thing that triggered the conflict over a much larger divide which was ultimately over the nature of the Constitution

Slavery hasn’t existed in over 150 years, but the country is now far more deeply divided than it was back then. It is also worth observing how little has changed in how the Yankee Problem back East has resurfaced with a vengeance and is driving polarization. The “Civil War” was also about them and was triggered their fanaticism. Blaming it on slavery was always a self deception

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[From "The Course of White Advocacy"]

Jason Kessler would like to debate me about White advocacy

Specifically, the issues that he wants to debate are 1.) whether criticizing Jews should be at the forefront of White advocacy and 2.) whether White advocates should abstain from public activism. This strikes me as a weird set of issues, but I am looking forward to humoring Kessler on this next year

As an activist, I have attended a lot of public events over the course of the last ten years. I can’t think of a single one that was about the Jewish Question. In fact, every single rally or event that I ever attended as a League of the South activist was about some other issue: Southern demographic displacement, immigration, state sovereignty, anti-communism, amnesty for illegal aliens, black crime, civil liberties, secession, protecting Southern jobs, Confederate monuments, gay marriage. We’ve also done hurricane relief in Florida, but there haven’t been any events which I have attended including Unite the Right which were about Jews. There are people who have attended these events who are aware of Jews

It seems that Jason Kessler would rather have us not talk about Jews. He seems irritated by the fact that I noted that the ADL was suing the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers over January 6th on the basis of another Charlottesville-style conspiracy theory
Even if we ignored or tried to appease the elephant in the room, the Jews aren’t going to ignore us and leave us alone
The Jewish Question is taking longer than other issues we talk about to go mainstream, but it is slowly but surely happening
Insofar as we engage in public activism, it should be low cost and a net benefit, not a detriment, to our cause. It should also be more mindful of political realities like the political climate inside shitlib cities like Charlottesville

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[From "Charlottesville’s Statue of Robert E. Lee Will Be Melted Down"]

I don’t have much to say about this

This is a fitting end to “Charlottesville” though

This reflects the mindset of the woke progressives who live in Charlottesville

Back in 2017, I went there with the League of the South because I loved the statue and opposed the people who wanted to tear it down. I’ve been to Southern heritage rallies all over the South
New York Times

The City Council of Charlottesville, Va., voted on Tuesday to donate a statue of Robert E. Lee to an African American heritage center that plans to melt the bronze monument[…]

But this is the sort of people we are dealing with

If for nothing but the sake of fostering social cohesion, they could have easily moved the statue to some other town or city in Virginia, but to these leftist radicals “The Cruelty Is The Point”

Do you remember when the mainstream Right made it out like we were the villains in Charlottesville? Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney said that Antifa were like the heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy. We’ve since seen what these people have done to Richmond

As Robert Barnwell Rhett himself would have said, history will remember this as an act of abject hatred and bigotry. These people hate us far more than we do them. They hate White people. They hate Southerners. They hate American heritage in general, not merely Confederate monuments. They’ve demonstrated through their actions that everything we were saying about them in 2017 was true

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[From "Belarus Has The Most Based President On Earth"]

I’m thankful for a lot of things in life

Joe Biden and liberal democracy are not among them

In this country, we are dominated by Jewish oligarchs and PMCs who live in the big metropolitan areas on the coasts. This class of people have been wisely wiped out in Belarus

Al Jazeera

“What helped him fight the largely urban dissidents was the cohort of police and intelligence officers mainly recruited from villagers who enjoy a higher-than-average salary, Mitrokhin said
Under Lukashenko, Belarus remained a mini-USSR preserved in amber, and his rule rested on three cornerstones, observers say

First, he scrupulously controlled the economy by preserving the Soviet-era collective farms, state-run plants processing discounted Russian crude, manufacturing machinery and fertiliser. The control prevented the emergence of billionaire oligarchs whose money and connections played an outsized role in Russia and Ukraine

Secondly, he did his best to slow down the formation of the middle class – affluent, pro-Western and some of his greatest critics

When this nascent middle class rose against him during last year’s protests, he forced hundreds of thousands to flee for Ukraine and the EU

Thirdly, he created a symbiotic political alliance with the Kremlin

Trump deferred to the Jewish oligarchs

He delegated power to Jared Kushner and his friends from Manhattan. He staffed the government with a bunch of his sworn enemies. He deferred to the Republican Congress and embraced their agenda. The people who governed on behalf of Trump had no resemblance to Trump voters

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Republicans Will Always Be The Stupid Party"]

I’ve never met Brion McClanahan

My old friend Bill Cawthon always spoke very highly of him though. For all our differences, I have a lot more in common ideologically with McClanahan than Matt Heimbach or Richard Spencer. This rant about the new Bret Baier book and conservative liberalism is ground that I have covered a thousand times here

I’ve always been of the view that the pro-South movement in all of its various forms – this includes the SCV and the Abbeville Institute – is incapable of coexisting with “antiracism.” This is why I joined the CofCC and used to mock the Rainbow Confederates. I’m unabashedly pro-White and pro-South. This has been my consistent position for twenty years now

Is anyone still stupid enough to believe the “Heritage Not Hate” slogan which Boomers thought was so clever a decade or two ago? I haven’t gone on Facebook in years. I don’t see how anyone can still possibly believe that “antiracism” ISN’T poison after the events of the last five years. It is like being a pro-free enterprise communist

Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Slams Apartheid In 1986"]

Joe Biden recently lashed out against “21st century Jim Crow”[…]He seemed to suggest that would be a bad thing
Joe Biden and progressive activists led the charge against apartheid in South Africa. “Democracy” required South Africans to submit to the ANC and follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwe and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa[…]It was “racism” and “white supremacy” to doubt that it would all work out because blacks have been oppressed by systematic racism and actually have the same capacity for self government as everyone else

Joe Biden and his ilk got their way in Zimbabwe and South Africa[…]Pretty much all of the things that are now happening in this country today under Joe Biden were pioneered in post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa. We have vicious racial attacks on Whites. We have the same cynical exploitation of White guilt[…]We have the same Africanizing of the country and erosion in First World standards. We have “equity” now like in Zimbabwe and South Africa where the evil White man’s civilization has been in precipitous decline
South Africa and Zimbabwe show that “equality” doesn’t necessarily mean going up together[…]It usually means going down to the lowest common denominator[…]Dragging life for everyone who ISN’T black down to their level and staying there. Joe Biden got rid of that morally repulsive regime in South Africa and obliterated the evil civilization that had been created there

Are we going to allow him to repeat that experiment in this country?

Degeaube #racist occidentaldissent.com

Please God :

I cannot stand another four years of the scowling, prognathic visage of Michelle Obama, she of the dumb-as-fuck Princeton dissertation, “Whitey Be Bad An Sheet”.

Please please I cannot bear to watch any more. I’m going to bed now.

PLEASE do not let me eake up tomorrow 7 Nov to another 4 years of Michelle.

PLEASE GOD (Zombie Apocalypse emphasis, screams).

- Arturo

Fr. John+ #racist occidentaldissent.com

Homeschooling is breaking the back of the Jewsmedia. The internet is showing up the lies of the Christ Killers. And [praise be to Hashem- lol] as one astute writer penned, “Jews have an expiration date.” Of all the groups that are not having enough babies to maintain population, it is the most liberal, tolerant, and Democratic Jews. They are literally liberalising themselves out of existence!

So, fight the good fight. Pass on to people the links to ‘come and see.com’ pass the articles that quote Jews as saying “Yes, we DO own the Media” etc., until the entire house of cards falls to the ground, and we give the Palestinians their land back.

Oh happy day.

Tamer of Savages #racist occidentaldissent.com

We’d all be better off if we paid less attention to two things:

1.) Day to day BRA politics
2.) Niggerball

And paid more attention to two things:

1.) Raising families
2.) Buying guns and teaching our families and friends how to use guns.

Firearms are the perfect graduation, birthday, christmas, easter or ‘just because’ giff. Give the gift of self defense to someone you love in this crazy nigger filled world we live in.

Dr. Doom #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

[Re. the Lafayette theatre shooting]

Yeah, I call Bullshit. This sounds like another Sandy Hook Nose operation from the gungrabbers. How is it that today there are cameras mounted everywhere, but there is no footage of this “event”? Convenient how this just took that whole muslim terrorist attack right off the newscycle for a more liberal slanted shooter story isn’t it?
Westboro Church is a phony false flag op run by a former snivel rights attorney. It has no real members or church. SPLC seems to follow them everywhere. Convenient.
Soon there will be some eyewitness claiming they saw guys wearing combat fatigues in the area before and after this “tragic” event. The media government complex will quickly have people claiming its a conspiracy theory, even if they have pics to back it up.
Wise up boys, you’re dealing with liars trying to outlaw guns for Whites like they did in England and Australia!

313Chris #racist occidentaldissent.com

In the one-in-a-billion chance that Zimmerman is even acquitted, (and I seriously doubt he will be acquitted) there would, at the very most, be some crying and hollering in front of TV cameras, but that’s all. American niggers haven’t full-scale rioted since the Rodney King verdict 21 years ago. American niggers are, for the most part, coddled and cowardly anymore. Nevertheless, every police agency and national guard unit in the country will be on alert and prepped for activation the time that verdict is read.

White racialists who are putting all their hopes on “Trayvon riots” as being the catalyst that eventually brings the regime down, are complete fools and an embarrassment to the rest of white people.

VikingManx #racist occidentaldissent.com

Have yall ever thought about the sign of the Cross as a litmus test for whiteness? We seriously could rid ourselves of the unholy khazar by forcing all whites to bow to the sign of the cross in order to gain any access to our media, universities, banks, etc. Make them kiss the cross and swear allegiance to Christ and His holy gospel.

…and then HOLD THEM TO IT. Do not allow the synagogue of Satan to fake it in the least. Hold their feet to the fire, hold their eyes to the cross.

Thats how we win in the South.


Is there anything the enemy hates more than Christ? They hate white men, but damn do they hate Jesus. Freaks of nature.

Eye of Horus #racist occidentaldissent.com

If the dark messiah of Kenya gets re-elected, there will be another Civil War – sure as shootin’. No one will believe that he was re-elected honestly!

It should have been a Republican Landslide, but we’ll see what tricks the D-Party degenerates have up their sleeve in November.

They’re pretty smug and sure of Obamama’s re-upping! Won’t happen legitimately!

Joe #racist occidentaldissent.com

My Catholic faith is in my blood, it was passed down in the blood, but my blood is that of the Caucasian, the European, the American.
The “faith” of the Vatican is now the same “faith” of the communist jew. We are all to be integrated and race-mixed and we are to support open borders, and bow down to the jew commies who unleashes the africans on us.
This is treason against us– not faith.
The Light of Christ (not the jewish jesus), The Holy Spirit, Redemption and Salvation was given to the white race.
If the pope loves the africans so much, he should undo all the electrical wiring and plumbing in the vatican and castel gandolfo, and the pedophile priests can spray graffiti on all the art and all the treasures in the vatican and castel gandolfo, and the pope and his priests can go live in the darkness with the africans, and go fuck african boys up the ass in the jungle. See how far they get with the africans.
How dare the vatican do this to Italy, to Europe, to America.

Hunter Wallace #racist #wingnut occidentaldissent.com

[From "American History Series: Distinctions of Rights"]

I’m continuing to enjoy reading Eric Foner’s new book The Second Founding: How The Civil War And Reconstruction Remade The Constitution in part because it sheds so much light on the ongoing Sohrab Ahmari vs. David French debate within mainstream conservatism.


This is an important point.

Americans didn’t think about “rights” in the same way today that we did before the War Between the States. This is particularly true of the South. Every Southern state was a slave state. The Constitution had secured slavery. It was the states that determined citizenship, not the federal government, and blacks weren’t citizens of any states in the antebellum era outside of New England.

There was no such thing as negro equality – natural, civil, political or social – and the mainstream consensus of the antebellum era was a strong denial of it. There used to be sharp distinctions between these various categories of rights. Ultimately, the Supreme Court decided that blacks weren’t eligible to be American citizens at all in the Dred Scott decision, which is why the 14th Amendment had to be passed during Reconstruction to uphold the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.


It was the Confederacy that fought to defend the old America made up of organic communities that was a White Republic that was comfortable with inequality and limited government.

It was the Union that fought to create a new consolidated and centralized nation-state based on liberal democracy, free-market capitalism, industrialism and abolitionism.

In that war, one side fought for classical republicanism and the other side fought for liberal democracy. This is a subtle, but hugely important philosophical distinction.

Jim Giles #racist occidentaldissent.com

I am told by those I trust the most to know things about what will happen that the Second Amendment will not survive much longer.

Being on the receiving end all alone for a long time for speaking out for White People who were basically deaf to my message I actually enjoy seeing the comeuppance that is about occur.

Let’s see how you like them fucking niggers after you are disarmed. Let’s see how much you support the Republican Party, your political champion, when you sit in your home with your wife and kids and gunless with all them fucking niggers not too terribly far away.

‘Weze all ekwal’ will soon cease to be accurate when you ain’t got no guns but ‘people of color’ do or do you expect them to obey the forthcoming new gun control laws?

To you conservative Republicans who wear your Christianity on your sleeve, defend thyself with prayer, brothers and sisters because you ain’t gonna be able to rely on yore guns no mo’. Amen and hallelujah!

stonelifter #fundie occidentaldissent.com

I think the popularity with vampires is based on anne ric. She recast them into the perfect men for modern women, wealthy, effeminate, hair always just right yet super bad ass, super sexy, in touch with their feminine side, their bite is sexual pleasure beyond orgasm etc. Its all the silly shit that gets women wet rolled into one package

and it’s part of the war on Christ. The 1st vampire story people know about is; he became a vampire when he cursed God and now he’s “free from morality” and near God like in power himself

which makes sense because feminism itself is part of the war on God and Christ

Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

United States

In another time, I would be more enthusiastic about scientific progress, particularly as it relates to unlocking the genetics of intelligence which could be used to advance civilization.

Who is to say though that such knowledge wouldn’t be used against us? Isn’t it possible that corrupt leftist controlled Western governments might use advances in genetic science as an excuse for the next big push for equality?

The government could seize upon proof of an “unfair” White advantage in intelligence to justify wealth redistribution, or even worse, to further demonize “hereditary inequality” and promote schemes designed to lower the average White IQ while raising the average black IQ.

Could it happen here? Isn’t affirmative action already reminiscent of the U.S. Handicapper General?

Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

I was pondering something you wrote, about not leeting Whites off the hook. Whereas Race Traitors need to be “hooked” – most Whites have bene utterly, and deliberately DUPED.

So I am letting my Race off the hook. I’m not a specialized version of a certain type of Italian Catholic, possessed of the Mea Culpa demetia. I think Whites have:

1) Suffered enough

2) Deserve SPECIAL Proptections and Privileges, cause the White Race is the TRUE Engangered Species.

3) Make the world a much better place, than, overall, any other Race,

So I authorize a sweeping White Jubilee.

Whites are Darling Golden Angels from Heaven, radiant and sparkling with God Given Stardust. Our gorgeous wings are snowy white!

White & Confederate #racist occidentaldissent.com

[A black woman was crowned the 2012 Homecoming Queen at Ole Miss.]

BRA is satanic. It makes a mockery of everything that is good and beautiful.

I’m hoping that there was more than one white candidate for homecoming queen which split the white vote leaving all the Negroes to vote for this sow. Another possibility is that there was a strong anti-Greek vote.

Tamer of Savages #racist occidentaldissent.com

Sorry for the OT guys but a Hindoo just saved my life tonight from a savage Negro. The taxi had a flat tire and I was helping him change it when a Nigger savage tried to offer to change the tire for a free ride, we told him no thanks. Then he tried to start a conversation with me ie try to beg before mugging. The Hindoo gentleman lept to my defense, hailing me a cab immediately and distracting the Nigger beast by calling him over to the curbside of the immobilized car. When I began my way to the cab the Nigger grabbed my shoulder and I turned and shoved him. His nostrils flared and I dashed to the awaiting taxi, I said “go!”.

No matter the immigration currents or even the temporary tides of tourism, Humans have a MORAL obligation to themselves, one another and CIVILIZATION to protect eachother from wild Niggers. They are not HUMAN. I cannot stress that enough. They are NOT human. The White race has legitimate political, economic and social qualms with other ethnes. There is no such nuance to our relationship to the Negro beast. Nothing short of extinction can be the solution.

Joe #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

JFK was a loyal American and a good president. He wanted to abolish– or at least diminish –the power of the federal reserve bank. The bank is a private institution. Contrary to the name, the bank is in private hands and is not a branch of the US government : Not at all. In addition, JFK was against Israel becoming a nuclear power and was taking steps to hinder the Israeli nuke program. For these two reasons, JFK was assassinated by the Mossad, with alot of help from Washington insiders, including Lyndon Baines.
His Catholicism has nothing to do with anything ( it was nominal anyway); Being of Irish descent had nothing to do with anything. JFK’s policies — his goals for the country– were inimical to the bankers who are the real rulers of his country, and JFK’s policies were inimical to the agenda of the Israelis —> Who have a burning desire to take over the whole Middle-East and turn it into another type of giant slave labor camp as the jew/commies turned Russia into the Soviet Union: A giant slave labor camp.
JFK was assassinated by the Mossad with the help of Washington insiders, including Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was a traitor to this country, not JFK. JFK was working to lessen jew/commie influence——>That’s Exactly why JFK was assassinated.
Immediately after his assassination, the jews in the US went to work big time pushing for the most radical policies for the USA. All radical policies based on jew/talmudic /communism. The assassination of JFK was a coup d’etat : A jew-talmudic-communist coup d’etat. That’s for sure. And Johnson was very much involved with those who staged the overturning — the jew commie coup d’etat –of the US government into a communist government.

John #racist occidentaldissent.com

Da troof!

Chick-fil-A thing is fascinating. I bet it is being monitored by other private companies.
As the demographic drift of hispanicization and Africanization (are those things words?) continues more companies may find that catering to rich or conservative working class whites is a good strategy. There’s no reason why they couldn’t find ways to show their true colors without crossing a boundary into legal jeopardy. Opposing this or that policy is a good targeted way to poison discourse. Rahm and Mikie really fouled up. Opposing gay marriage is a perfectly respectable political stance. There are critically important social structures that are undermined if gays can get hitched. When that lesbian strategist attacked Ann Romney for being a rich housewife there was picture released of her adopted nigger pet kid and her wifband (another dykie
lawyer.) two lesbians adopt a Somalicoon and then get divorced. It’s a mockery of travesty to allow twisted shrews like her to ape a biological family and bring over a kid who will Likely become savage later in life.

John #racist occidentaldissent.com

white people in the northern states love them their nig nogs.

It’s the closing down of Historical America, right in front of your eyes. Obama will win, and then white people will have to get on with the business of partition (or perish). The niggers have overrun the demographic map and white working class guys still vote ideologically. Romney never had a chance with this underlying population of rust belt whites. No chance whatsoever. Only southern whites are intellectually prepared for what must be done.

stonelifter #racist occidentaldissent.com

the similarities between detroit and the congo are more than genetic. Both groups have gone feral because they’ve bought into the jewish ideals of marxism/cultural marxism.

Things are worse for negros in the congo because their isn’t a productive White population to prop them up, while detroit gets to bleed us dry through state and federal tax money. detroit “enjoys” the advantages of the modern world negros never created and cannot maintain. My guess is, detroit would turn into the congo damn near over night if White folks withdrew our money and have you

John #racist occidentaldissent.com

The danger here, is to take on too big a task.

You can’t fix absolutely everything at once.

The main issue is to put the immediately threatening beast back in the cage. Jim Crow did that.

Indeed whining blacks consider the prisons to be a stealthy form of re-enslavement. We tend to understand the massive prison complex as a last ditch effort to protect civilization from black pathology.

If something like Legal segregation actually could be revived America would revive along with it. Looking at the defeated south in 1865 who would expected the coordinated and successful fightback they orchestrated will into the 20th century?

It’s just a matter of doing what needs to be done.

m #racist occidentaldissent.com

Romney: member of a weird, Christian-like quasi-cultish church, lover of Jews and all they represent. Ready to go to war with for Israel using Whites as front line soldiers. Son making pro-Hispanic campaign ads in Spanish.

Obama, member of a weird anti-White black nationalist church, hates Jews and all they represent. Attorney General at war with Whites.

It’s over folks. And it’s been over for a long time, we just don’t know it yet.

Trey Knickerbocker #racist #conspiracy occidentaldissent.com

[From "It’s the Jews, Stupid"]

There is an ongoing debate right now in our circles regarding where White advocates should focus their collective energies when it comes to fighting our anti-White enemies. This is a fundamentally stupid and shocking conversation that certainly requires an immediate redress. The obvious answer is White advocates should always be criticizing anti-White Jewish power no matter what. They are undoubtably the linchpin of this anti-White system and must be defeated in order for White people to liberate ourselves from their diabolical clutches.


The only way Whites can win is by directly confronting Jewish power. The Jews control banking, international finance, media, the judiciary, and most politicians. No other race or ethnicity even comes close to the power wielded by Jews who are so few in number. Our lives are currently so kosher now that most us do not even realize how much we are really controlled by them no matter how aware we are of Jewish subversion and societal domination.

Palestinians are well-aware of the evils of Jews more than any other group of people in the world at this time because of the extreme maliciousness and aggression from their Jewish masters they deal with on a daily basis.

The Jews want all the land from the Euphrates to the Nile, and the Palestinians are currently standing in their way.

Whites are also standing in the way of Jews at the moment. Immigration, (anti-White) civil rights laws, Wall St. and the corporatocracy, affirmative action, the judiciary, and our entire foreign policy are all controlled by Jews for their exclusive benefit. We can bury our heads in the sand and pretend the world disappears all we want, but that does not change the fact that Jews are currently in charge of this anti-White paradigm. The only way to win is to defeat ZOG and the anti-White Jews that control it. Until then, we are doomed to the same fate as the Palestinians.

Wayne #racist occidentaldissent.com

One thing that I’ ve noticed about the Jewish religion is that they never fail to celebrate their history, struggles, and successes. They celebrate as a religion, but also as an ethnicity. Why do Christians never do this? Churches never talk about Tours, the Gates of Vienna, oppression from Attila, the downfall of Constantinople. All these are religious but also ethnic struggles that would unite us and fire the imagination of the young men, which is sorely needed.
I’ m sure they never fail to celebrate the Marchin’ Lootin’ Fraud, however.

Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

Afterthought – schizophrenia is transnitted via virus. Jews are the carriers. Look it up.

A Mulatto “shrink” is on Fox ‘n Friendz this AM. He’s non-stop yammering about “meds meds meds”. This massacre [at the Sandy Hook Elementary School] will not be the catalyst for gun seizures. It will all go away as soon as is manageable. Lanza was a Jew. It will all go away. He needed “help”. Oohhhh…look… .the Fiscal cliff is worse….look over there…..

Some type of Law Enforcement dude did mention something about psychatric meds, as causation, in the Faux “discussion” There was dead silence, for half a beat – and then our Helpful Mulatto counselor moved everything RIGHT back to “treatment”. He’s been using Big Words, in context, too. So this Mulatto is brighter than most.

Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com

If the South was an independent country, virtually every major issue of any significance would have gone the other way in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries:

- There would be no Civil Rights Act of 1964, no Voting Rights Act of 1965, no Fair Housing Act of 1968, no Civil Rights Act of 1991.

- There would be no 14th Amendment or 15th Amendment.

- There would be no 19th Amendment.

- There would be no Brown decision. There would be no Loving decision. There would be no Smith v. Allwright decision. There would be no Roe v. Wade decision.

- There would be no Immigration Act of 1965, no IRCA amnesty, no Immigration Act of 1990. There would be no DREAM Act or comprehensive immigration reform.

- There would be no DADT repeal.

- There would be no Obama. There would be no Obamacare.

“BRA” wouldn’t exist today … it exists here only because of the Union. It was imposed upon us by the federal government.

Apuleius #racist occidentaldissent.com

Slavery works, despite what your Enlightenment hamster may tell you.

Some groups of people lack the intelligence and impulse control control necessary to live as free people. As a result they pose a threat to the freedom of those who are capable of freedom. Slavery is a necessary restraint on the otherwise unrestrainable.

Slavery is a check on the maladaptive and dysfunctional that at least manages to derive some good from that part of the population that would otherwise be a total drain on the society. What great civilization has not known some form of bondage?

When you free the slave, you begin to kill the society. That is what the Yankees wished to do to the South. The South refused to die. The negroes fled north and the high-minded abolitionist Yankees were ill equipped to deal with them since they had always believed in their negro-worship that the darkeys were capable of being free.

I agree with Hunter. Don’t blame slavery; blame emancipation.

Blame the Yankee penchant for social experimentation. That’s what Puritans who’ve lost their religion do. They’re even worse than niggers.

Deo Vindice

Wayne #racist occidentaldissent.com

I’ve had a few discussions about white issues and the South with respectable conservative colleagues and noticed their stumbling block is the morality of slavery. They can’t ever explain why it’s immoral, because the answer would be “because everybody thinks it is”. One went on a roundabout path of explaining it through Western Christian values, for which I reminded him of the Apostles letter to Philemon.

Logically they have nothing, same thing when they try the evolutionary approach. Their belief is based 1000 percent on faith.

George #racist occidentaldissent.com

The jews run this country for the blacks. Now the jews with their jew owned television net works are all calling for the disarmament of Whites. Blacks won’t turn their weapons in nor will criminals, I know I am being redundant. The jews saw how successful the destruction of White America was using blacks, so the jews have insisted that all White nations import blacks from where ever and of course Whites have yield to the jews as they always have. Reminds me of when the black racist Jamie Foxx said in the movie Dejango unchained “I kill all the Whites.” The Whites in the audience laughed, because liberal Whites always think when niggers and hispanics make such statements he means other Whites, not me.

Hunter Wallace #wingnut #racist occidentaldissent.com

[From "Ted Cruz Attacks Nathan Bedford Forrest"]

Ted Cruz has posted cringe:

This is WRONG. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate general & a delegate to the 1868 Democratic Convention. He was also a slave trader & the 1st Grand Wizard of the KKK. Tennessee should not have an official day (tomorrow) honoring him. Change the law. https://t.co/XBgoRCBoI0

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) July 12, 2019

Why on earth do people equate the South with the GOP?

Most Republican politicians these days like Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz and Ron DeSantis are creatures of Conservatism, Inc and its hideous ideology and are fully owned puppets of Jewish billionaire donors. How many times has Mike Pence worn that yarmulke?

Note: Just yesterday, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida set in motion the process of removing a Confederate monument in DC to replace it with one of Mary McLeod Bethune. National Review celebrates Abraham Lincoln and has called for the removal of all Confederate monuments.

James Edwards #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[All formatting original

After witnessing the anti-Southern hysteria that has swept through the media and government metastasize in recent weeks I felt a pressing need to do something active. Of course, it’s certainly not as if our rulers didn’t hate the South and any symbol of our unique identity before the murders that took place in Charleston, but they have fully exploited the tragedy in order to launch an attempt to eradicate the Confederate flag and any memory of the righteous cause for which it stood. Their efforts have been particularly brutal and bloodthirsty in Memphis, where the local government unanimously passed a resolution to exhume the remains of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, as well as remove the monument that sits atop their graves. Not that it matters much, but Confederate Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who fought in The War of Northern Aggression were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, which was approved on May 23, 1958. This made all Confederate Veterans equal to all U.S. Military Veterans, but I digress.


Facts about Nathan Bedford Forrest:

1) He became a self-made millionaire despite being born into poverty and having no formal education.

2) Invested a great deal of his personal fortune to aid the Confederate cause.

3) Despite being one of the wealthiest men in the South, he enlisted as a solider of the lowest rank in order to further serve his country. As a major planter, Forrest was legally exempted from having to serve, but chose to serve anyway.

4) He had no formal military training, but went on to become the greatest tactician in the history of mobile warfare. He retired as a Lt. General and his maneuvers are still studied today.

5) Personally killed over thirty enemy combatants.

Forrest was the living embodiment of a “man’s man” and his real-life exploits rival that of any mythological figure. He is worthy of everyone’s respect and remembrance.

Hunter Wallace #fundie occidentaldissent.com

[From "Why Did The Southern States Secede From The Union?"]

As we have seen, Rainbow Confederates like to pretend that race, slavery and white supremacy had nothing to do with the historical Confederacy. They like to imagine that their Confederate ancestors were cucks who shared the racial attitudes of the Baby Boomer generation.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Confederates believed that 19th century racial science had established the inferiority of the black race. They believed that 18th century Enlightenment theories of human equality and natural rights were antiquated and discredited.

In their eyes, the South was menaced by the threat of “Black Republicanism.” This was their term for Northerners who believed in “the doctrine of negro equality” and whose radical liberalism impelled them to undermine and destroy all social hierarchies. Abolitionism was only one of the many “-isms of the North” which were seen as a threat to the Southern social order. These included Bloomerism, anarchism, atheism, socialism, communism, Oneida incest and Mormon polygamy.

Abolitionism undermined the master-slave relationship. Bloomerism undermined patriarchy. Anarchism undermined state sovereignty. Atheism undermined our subordination to God. Socialism and communism undermined property rights. Incest and polygamy undermined Christian morality. The Confederates saw themselves as standing for hierarchy against the excesses of democracy.

In their more candid moments, the intellectual vanguard of the Confederacy declared that their objective was the defeat of American democracy. They wanted to abandon liberal republicanism in favor of classical republicanism. They admired the Greeks, Romans and the Normans of Medieval Britain. They wanted to secede from the United States to create a new conservative nation based on “the political thought of the Norman” which they believed was opposed to liberal democracy.

The Confederate view on race, slavery and white supremacy is consistent with their philosophy of inequality. The same is true of their views on patriarchy, religion and politics. They were natural conservatives who believed in preserving hierarchies, order and social distinctions. In their view, it was natural for man to be subordinated to God, wives to be subordinated to their husbands, children to their fathers, slaves to their masters, the ignorant to the wise, etc.

John Brown was seen as a wild-eyed fanatic in the South. What sense does John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry make if the Rainbow Confederates are anywhere close to being right?

Mississippi Declaration of Causes of Secession

Texas Declaration of Causes of Secession

Alexander Stephens, Cornerstone Speech

Jefferson Davis, Farewell to the US Senate

Alexander Stephens, Speech to Virginia Convention

William L. Harris, Address To Georgia Assembly

Afterthought #racist occidentaldissent.com

They, the Jews, have an agenda.

A sad agenda, white genocide.

After the Third Reich, Jews concluded that their survival was not threatened by any specific ideas, like anti-Semitism, or white supremacy, or Christianity.

No, they concluded that aryans (the people that originated from the black sea / caspian sea area) have always been and will always be their biological enemy.

Much like Lions and Hyenas.

What is sad in my mind, is that this is not rue, aryans have no specific antagonism against anyone, except when they are in our land.

Denise #racist occidentaldissent.com

I really really thought Romney was in. I thought Big Hebery was backing him. No matter. Genociding Whitey is more important than anything, I guess.

Every-one I knew voted for Romney. They did. I got Gibs Me Dat White Yankees to change their votes. To no avail.

The Southerners here rightfully hate Yankees – but they still do not understand that the VAST majority of the Yankees have re-nigged BECAUSE Diversity is still largely ideological. Most Whites do not think there wil ANY problems with a Brown America.

They’ll find out. ‘Cause now we are Brazil.

At least ostensible White people are now openly discussing Race – but it’s OVER. It’s too late.

The West is gonna go down the hard way. It’s like the West – Whitey World – decided to slit it;s collective White Wrist, in a huge Drama Queen Mea Culpa – and then realized that, “Hey – that’s an awful lot of blood, and I’m starting to feel cold, and faint, and that nice diverse Spanish speakng person that answered my 9/11 call – well – didn’t seem to understand me too well…they’re not here yet…”

That’s what it’s like.

The White GOP pundits are pre-grovelling to the Diverse.


Why have I even bothered?

Tamer of Savages #racist occidentaldissent.com

I’m glad I don’t have to suffer anyone talking about a “fiscal cliff” anymore. Everyone my age watches those Daily and Colbert Shows and want to talk to yours truly about the ‘hot-button issue’. Well we went over the Nigger Cliff a long long time ago my friends. Many people that talk about politics shouldn’t even be freemen much less have voting rights so how about you turnoff Jon Stewart and concentrate on flipping my burger?

LandShark #racist occidentaldissent.com

There is no question that Romney is more slave to the Jews than Obama. To the very bones of his spiritual being, Romney is philosemitic.

There is a possibility, however small, that Obama will triangulate, come to the center, continue to give Bibi the finger, and save this country from going over the edge. If not, there is nothing he can do, hobbled as he is, that can’t be cleaned up.

Romney’s on the diving board, itching to do a triple gainer from which we will never recover as a nation. And he’s got Bibi all up in his swim trunks.

You Romney cocksuckers are a bunch of freaks.

church of botany #racist occidentaldissent.com

That sweet hope of accomplishing anything through legislative process is simply not possible in this country.How many legislators would have the courage to demand separation? Zero now and zero forever.Gay marriage-yes,secession-no way!Therefore as mentioned somewhere on this thread- mass demonstrations.general strikes and civil disobedience will be necessary to learn and employ on gigantic scale.
Also,regarding Negroes:the vision of them boarding buses and going North is charming,but it would not come to be as peaceful as one may wish. The Negro of today is not a docile simpleton with his head bowed in resignation.He is a gansta,high on unjustified self-esteem and ready to turn the South into Mogadishu with the help of his friends,shooting and burning everything.It will be very bloody before we can see them finally go,munching on their bitter Skittles.

Hunter Wallace #racist occidentaldissent.com


A bunch of African-Americans (niggers) think the new Atlanta suburbs in Fulton and DeKalb counties are “too White” and have filed a frivolous lawsuit against the State of Georgia in federal court to revoke their city charters.

The African-American plaintiffs claim their “voting rights” are being violated, not because Bull Connor or the Klan is stopping them from voting, but solely because they are outnumbered by racially aware, White conservatives who understand the politically incorrect connections between “diversity,” crime, and fiscal irresponsibility in Fulton County.

“If we look at this realistically, there is some white flight going on. The creation of these Sandy Springs-type cities enables white voters to get away from black voters.”

Of course it does.

No one in their right fucking mind wants to live under the incompetence and corruption that comes with an African-American controlled city government. While niggers aren’t exactly zombies, they have overrun Atlanta in much the same way. They also have reinforcements coming from up North.

This is what Martin Luther King really meant when he talked about his dream: in Black Run America, White taxpayers exist to service blacks. To use a metaphor, you’re zombie food!