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There are many satanic items that cause many demonic manifestations, and one of their greatest item in their arsenal is the medical profession, who are satanists at all different levels.

They implants satanic pins and inserts, and today of the modern sophisticated world, we are all aware of microchips.

Many need to also realise that we human being are spiritual beings of light and darkness, with a smidgen of "gray".

ALL THINGS are affected by EMF, or that is Radio Frequence Waves.

Since the introduction of cell phones and towers, WIFI, cordless this and cordless that, Christians have been experiencing more torment and harassment than ever before.

I could go on forever, but this modern world is under controle of the "prince of the air".

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[Before you call Poe, bear in mind that this guy's writing is available from Christian bookstores]

I then began to minister to a dear lady who had traveled thirty hours by train for an exorcism. A demon named, "Garzus" surfaced and was extremely stubborn and I commanded the demon to tell me if it was drawing power from another demon...

It was!

It glanced over to another individual who was sitting near me who also came to the meeting for deliverance. I went up to this young man and after placing some holy oil on his forehead a demon violently convulsed him, shaking his entire body! A voice spoke out of him and said his name was "Satan." We discovered there were 12,000 of them within his body. They had entered as a result of a generational abuse & sin from his Father. After the young man renounced the curse and sin, the demons were dramatically driven out as he vomited them out of his body. The small group was amazed at how he liberated he LOOKED. He even said he felt lighter and had a big smile!

While ministering to this young man two ladies who were attending the meeting were also internally afflicted by the enemy--not only did they have demons attacking them but they also had dissociation which neither knew they had. More demons were driven out and some broken hearts were healed!

The following night, after partaking of the Holy Communion, another lady manifested a demonic spirit.

I commanded to know it's name.

"I'm Fear!" shouted the demon.

"When did you enter this dear lady?" I inquired.

"Ten years ago."

"Are you holding unto any broken parts?"

"Yes," the demon responded with anger.

"How many broken parts," I inquired.

"Ten and I have them bound," the demon responded.

"You must release them in the name of Jesus Christ," I commanded the spirit.

He obeyed and released the 10 broken parts. I then commanded the Fear demon out of her in Jesus name. He left. I then proceeded to speak with the strongest part.

"What's your name?" I asked the strong part.


"Nice to meet you Beverly. Are you there to help the others?" I asked.

"Yes, and we are ready to become one with her."

So, in the power of the Holy Spirit I reunited the 10 broken parts and this dear lady was no longer broken but whole in the power of the love of Jesus!

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A few years ago i caved in to preasure from my then younger girls and alowed them to have a Furbie. Remember them?I didnt want to. I felt uneasy. But after years of being so strict with things i let my gurad down.
We had this thing for a wiele and nothing bad happened. No nocturnal sounds or fellings of a evil presence.
Then during a time of revival... There was a TBN marathone going oin that had me happy and up.... i for some reason got this toy out. I was walking down the hallway with it and i playfully was talking to it. I took it in the bathroom with me ( cant recall why) .
My daughter was getting ready to shower. Then at the same time we saw "it' and she screamed.
It was this evil,,, ugly look i saw in this toys things eyes. It wasent anything that u could even explain after ward. It was a seanse the thing countence changed though again.... it was so fast then gone ,,, it was almost like u imagined it. If i had been the only one that exspeinced it i may have second guessed myself, but my daughetr saw it to,.( she is now grown with kids of her own)
I dumped it on the front lawn and called my paster i think t he next day who agreed i should get rid of it.
Sometimes during this i looked on it agian and found a little tag that i had not seen before. I cant recall what it said excaly but it was some kind of ryme. It was something... something psycic or fortune telling. Its been years now so i cant recall the excat words....
Anyhow as i was going up to the yard to rid myself of it i dropped it and it said ' Oh no".... fitting. Yes it is part of the vocabulary given the toy when purchased but seeing i was destroying it ,, the right words came out at the rigth time.
I understand such things are cute and thankfully are not as popular... but be very leary of such things as i believe they inhabit familiar spirits.
Sometimes the toy isle in the store can b e the most dangerous place to buy from!Buyer beware!

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I serve as an elder at the church I attend, and from time to time I will be called up to give a message or teach a Bible study. During these times, the devil always afflicts me with a gas attack, leading to obvious discomfort and embarassment while I am preaching my message. This also seems to happen during social gatherings and when I'm in a meeting with our pastor or other leaders of the church. Often, the rumblings from my gastro-intestinal tract sound like muttered swear words or like voices mocking Jesus. I am not the only one who has noticed this. I suffered an attack in an elevator at a conference I went to a few months ago, and one of the men in the elevator thought that he had heard me swearing at him and using an expletive involving the name of Christ. A sulfuric stench always accompanies these attacks and sometimes they can be extremely painful.

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...whenever I watch a film which portrays magic of some description (ie The Lord of the Rings, also the excellent ''Shrek' films, esp part II) I have to stop watching because I experience a band of severe pain on my forehead.

I spoke to a Christian friend about this today, and she can watch ie 'The Return of the King' without experiencing any ill effects on her body at all.

I need to pray against witchcraft powers in order to get released from this pain.

I am intrigued about why I should get this pain, and others dont Could it be that I have some 'witchcraft' holds in my body already which are providing a sort of 'landing pad' for this heinous stuff? Could I be 'spiritually sensitive' - if such a condition exists?

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I am convinced that just the fascination with occult-overtoned fantasy material, is in itself, a symptom of demonic bondage.

CS Lewis, from my knowledge, has never went through deliverance to be set free from his occult demons and strongholds. Therefore, as a result, his occult overtones were mingled in with his so-called "Bible inspired" writings.

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Hello everyone. I wish I had time to type my testimony, but I am in SERIOUS need of some answers here. I have been through some MAJOR warfare against witchcraft....especially in my family line. To make a long story short...is there a such thing as a person putting witchcraft on a woman (such as myself) and bad things start to affect her body during her menstrual cycle? Can someone PLEASE tell me!!?? When I was staying with my mother several months back, I found out her and her boyfriend were practicing voodoo and one of them were taking my menstrual pads from out of the trash and doing things with them. Anyone can help me figure this out PLEASE?

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[The whole post's great, but I decided to bold my favourite part]

I have noticed in twenty plus years of exorcism and healing ministry many hundreds have shared stories of being assaulted with sex spirits. We have seen some incredible victories in dealing with these kinds of spirits. We have had our share of cases where we were not able to see them fully delivered but in most cases we witnessed them being relieved of this kind of demonic torment.

Known as Incubus (dealt with this spirit last night within a hurting individual) and Succubus, these spirits are known to manifest physically, at times, however, they can enter into invisible forms also. These are not the only kind of sex spirits though. They are spirits called, masterbation, fornication, sodomy, homosexuality, lesbanism, sexual bondage, cyber sex, phone sex, necrophilia, etc.

Sexual spirits need to be dealt with--in dealing with any sins of the flesh---the apostle Paul encourages saints to "put to death" the earthly fleshly desires--you must kill it. Remove the ponography, sever relationships that lead to impurity, and directly put to death those impure thoughts. Sexuality immorality is rampant and we must fight. We are God's holy people. We must walk in the Spirit as to not walk in the flesh.

Then after repentance of impurity, the renewing of the mind, I would encourage deliverance from these entities. There are spiritual weapons that men and women can utilize to fight off these sex spirits--Word of God, place portions of it in your undergarments if they are raping you (this may sound strange but it often works), place holy water on affected body areas, utilize sacred oil also. Fill your room with holy worship music & the blood of Jesus, place conscreated crosses over your living areas, areas where the attacks occur.

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When feeling attacked to verbally declare that you belong to Jesus and His Blood covers you! Ask that thing to leave in the name of Jesus! Say with authority that you are no longer a slave to sin or the Devil. Pray that all silver cords be severed and that His angels will uphold you.
It is something I have really learned here lately. I am a Daughter of the King amd I am glad to meet another Daughter

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[topic: The demons which torment me]

I have fasted 2 1/2 days over this and I couldn't get them to leave. I believe that the enemy can read our minds. The ones in me react instantly to my thoughts. Also, what about those people who can read other people's minds? It's demonic I know, but that's also evidence that demons can read our minds. Yes the demons place emotions/thoughts into my mind. I have to refuse to give in to them. I ask the Lord to torment them with hellfire and they stop immediately...if they don't, I continue to attack them...then they finally stop. Also, if they couldn't read our minds, then how are they able to interact with me in my dreams when I argue with them, ect.

I just thank God that I have the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart. I can't imagine being unsaved and dying and going to hell being tormented forever by eternal fire and demons. This should motivate us to witness and tell others about Jesus.

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...when I go several days without having sex with my wife, I begin to burn with desire. When the time is not right with her I try to work thru it, but 9 times out of 10, I will eventually give in the desire, rationalize it as okay and then go masturbate to relieve the burning. I then go thru a shame/guilt process before I always come to me senses and go to the throne of grace and repent and beg forgiveness. I am sick and tired of dealing with this. I have read some sites that say it is not even a sin, but i know in my spirit that it is. I must have control over my body and my life and I have that power thru Christ and his promises. Is this a demon? Is it my uncrucified flesh?

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[Summery: "An angel held mhy hand while I was visiting a surgery"]

wi hafing sugry in moning
jesus gona teke cere of us but wi stil skare
dotors are bad cen yoo stil prey fer us tho
tenk yoo veri much


wi haf sugry twodey on nee
an wen wi was in sugry angel comed in an holded
mi hend an stey wit mi til afer it was al ofer
cus wi was reely skare
angel tel mi no tel nobodi but wi had to
wi hurted reely bad now but wi saw angel

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I have lived & visited Muslim dominated areas in Asia and Africa and have seen the spiritual affects it can have upon a community. It can be devasting, spiritually, to groups of people. Islam is a false religion that is quite militant with their faith. Furthermore, Muslims are growing in incredible numbers globally. "At an almost unparalleled rate," according to some researchers.

Hartford Seminary's Hartford Institute for Religion Research has recently reported that, "We simply don’t know how many Muslims there are, but the FACT data certainly suggest that Islam is one of the fastest growing religious groups in the United States."

America and the Western World need to wake up and address this spiritual onslaught before it's too late. Demons are actively working in the midst of the Muslims and seducing many souls.

By the way in the United Kingdom it is NOW permissable to place onself under Sharia Law (Islamic Law).

These strong spirits must be confronted under the most powerful holy blood of Jesus Christ. The gospel must be preached and miracles are needing to take place to confirm the message we preach!

Jesus loves you dearly and we desire to assist you in finding out more about His love. Jesus does care.

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I had my first conscious encounter with a demon yesterday. It was in my wife. It was a demon of Suicide. When I commanded it to speak, my wife's heart started racing, she began breathing hard, shivering, felt like she was going to puke, her voice box tightened, and she got a nose bleed. Needless to say, being new at this, we decided it would be a good idea to stop and seek someone with a little more experience.

I'm pretty positive that she also has some kind of generational occult demon, as her mom, grandpa, great grandma and grandpa have all been very high-ranking in Freemasonry. My wife often has stomach problems, battles anger and rage (she's a sweet heart normally, but sometimes things just get overwhelming and it's almost like she loses control), depression, self-esteem issues, etc. I mean, you name it, we're pretty darn sure she's got some demons.

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Many things were prayed through a nd about and renounced and i feel like i have been cut open inside and sewed backl up. It even kinds hurts a little in a odd way. Im very tired butits INSIDE and not really physicall. Its as if all the strange energy born of anxiety,, fear and human adrenaline has been cut off. I yearn t o sleep and rest but its insde thats needding it......
I was told by my counselor this is not uncommon.
Theres more coming .. i call it the BIGGEE..... I look forward to the sessions....
I realise there has been no ' casting out of demons" in the text boook way one might think. But RIGHTS and CLAIMS are beign renounced.. I know i have been bornagain ..but i thinkt he devil is a stickler for leegalities.

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Its been awhile since I've written or answered any other questions but I have a question. I've been doing demon casting for awhile and am usually succsesful. But tonight (7-1-08) I came accross a demon using the name Damien, and was wanting more info on the this demon as I was not able to cast him out tonight. I will be having another session in a couple of days to try again. The demon could be lieing about his name, but I think the person may not want to let go of this demon. They may be friends, I've expirenced this before. I do fast alot and pray maybe I should fast some more before before trying again. But any info on this demon "Damien", would be helpful.

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God spoke to Benny Hinn, and showed him that even the classic movies that he was watching, were grieving the Spirit of Christ. My mother used to love her classic movies, but recently threw away thousands of dollars worth of videos because God spoke to her about it. Trust me, that is never easy to do!

You might also go through your home to see if there's anything that is not pleasing to God. Fighting or combat figures, karate materials, or anything that symbolizes violence or murder could be an open door that keeps letting them back in. I would in particular look for anything that would give the type of spirits that you're up against (murder, anger, etc.) an open door. Bringing a sex goddess into somebody's home will invite sex demons; bringing a buddha idol into the home invites eastern religion spirits; bringing ungodly violent materials into the home invites spirits of murder, hate, anger, etc.

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Praise the living Lord Jesus! We were involved in an long exorcism that involved seven demons--zerrubeal, cyclone, zion, lester, samuel, syphera, and peters. The primary spirit was zerrubeal that entered the family four generations ago through his ancestors who practiced polgamy and the occult.

To make a long story short...the demons were confronted and expelled. Please pray for this man as we will talk with him tomorrow to ensure everything is ok (there may be other spirits) but we thank God for the mercy that has already been extended!

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[Is it possible for demons to manifest themselves in pictures and paneling on walls?]

When I was younger and I still do, I could make up pictures on the walls that were like that in my house. It could be just your imagination. The thing to do is to cover yourself in the blood of Jesus, and then say the name Yeshua Hamashiach out loud. If it is still there than it might just be your imagination. If it is not then it is most likely a demon. Just test to see what it is.

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I was attacked once while watching the movie Peter Pan, because I fell asleep. I have been thinking and I would like to warn parents out there to not let their children watch Peter Pan. You see the name pan is another name for Satan. So in this story, Pan lures 4 children in a loving home to run away with him to a magical land where they do not have to listen to adults. Where the "lost boys" are. They sure are lost, the lost boys follow Pan. Now thinking about that It symbolizes the lost following Satan. Now it all looks like fun the never never land, but it has a message of eternal youth granted to those who follow Pan. It is very dangerous, this story. Please don't let your children watch it. I know that children return home in the end, but the story goes on that each child after Wendy went to never never land with Pan and followed him. I just wanted to warn you. It has been on my to do list for days and not doing it has been bugging me, so here it is. Do what you want with the warning.

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Pray the following prayer:

"Father God at the count of ten I would beseech you to bring a crushing judgement and crippling blow on the spirits inside this body exalting themselves against you,I pray it would manifest unto them "7 FOLD to 100" I pray your judgement would include all their dealings over the past generations and I pray your judgement would
render those spirits torn and force them to leave in the precious name of Jesus!

Place the Bible directly on their heads when the count is finished and ask God to continue His judgement as long as the Bible remains seated on their heads I have found some demons will leave immedietly and then sometimes their are hold-outs but God's judgement is awesome for sifting
the Demonic!

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I learned today in class that Nike means Goddess of victory. So every time we wear Nike shoes we are opening ourselves up to demons. Please brothers and sisters in Christ at the very least do not put these shoes or clothing on your children.

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Satan is having a bang out of using people at the library to cause me distractions.I can not afford my own computer,and so there ones that make racket and I want the Lord to remove them.I can not concentrate and also I am in pickle to call them names and I realize that is not Christ like.I do have deliverance issues. Pray in the Holy Ghost for me.Thanks and God Bless.1fortruth Ellice Tulsa,Oklahoma I am a christian.

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I have forced all of the demons to go inside of the chief. Then I asked the Lord's holy angels to place them in a tight box and lock it. I asked them to place another box over that box. I prayed and asked the Lord if He would force them to stay in the box until they were willing to leave. I have gotten much relief since then, but they do still attack me somehow. I called down God's wrath upon them today and will continue to do so until they will leave. They won't leave yet. Any other suggestions?

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...I am very, very pleased to share with you that I have been completely delivered from Bipolar Affective Disorder! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!

I do not believe in mere coincidence. But I do believe in Divine Appointment. I believe that when I joined this Forum it was by Design and Divine Appointment. The time had come... I have been off of medications for this for some time now -about 2+ months. I went to see my psychiatrist the other day and when I told her that I stopped the medications she really surprised me! She said: "GOOD!!!"

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I have extremely violent murdering spirits that I inherited from my father and I don't hit my wife. I do struggle with anger at times and need to repent of my mouth. The demons will wait for a good opportunity, then in a stressful situation, they will exert their influence in an attempt to make the problem worse. This is no excuse for our behavior, but it does influence us if we are not careful. When this happens I call upon the Lord to torment them and He does, then they back off.

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Just in the past few weeks I have spoken with four different people who have seen demons cloaked in human form come to their doors and knock and wait....they are desiring to terrorize. One gentleman I spoke with today had to leave his home due to all the strange knockings.

A dear saint, who oversees scores of churches in Pakistan has reported to me that there are actual villages in his nation that is entirely demon people (demons manifesting as humans). I have heard this from others too. Demons are becoming quite bold. I'm convinced some of the people you come in contact with aren't truly human but demonic.

Jesus warned us, “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible. So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.”

As we draw closer to the end we will see an increased amount of demonic appearances. False Christs, some human whom are indwelt with demons, some actual demons taking upon the form of humans, will appear. This is another bizarre phenomenon that is occurring in our day. Demons are appearing more in our lives. I have seen many demons in people and roaming our planet. They often take upon the form of a monster, a ghost, an alien, an unearthly creature.

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About demons appearing as people, I wonder if that is what happened, when I was college and I was suspected of stealing things from the room next to me...and my roommate banded with the girls in the next room to get me out of the dorm...it was sooo bizarre, they claimed they saw me in their room or someone looking like me....I had to find another place to live, and it turned out for good, because I think really think the LORD meant for me to be alone with Him, it was too stressful having roommates at that time...

I later heard of the doppelganger, and I figured its a demon disquised as you, doing bad things.

I used to not want to know what demons look like, and used to close my ears to learning about the whole ufo thing, etc. But then, came to a point, where I'm not as fearful anymore...I learn some of these things...especially about reptilians, etc, and I'm not as fearful anymore. Now I sure don't want to run into one of them. The only demonic sightings I've had was....a black cloud in an apartment I used to live in, that had a demon in it....I did everything I could to get it to leave, but it wouldn't...I don't know why...I would be harassed in my sleep...one morning i was being harassed, and I then heard the LORD telling the demons to leave me alone, and when I woke up, instead of seeing a black cloud, I saw a beautiful gold cloud in the corner of my room...I knew it was the LORD rescuing me... Maybe, it was before I had gone thru some deliverence,...ther eason for the demonic being in my apartment, I don't know...but anyway...
Another thing I saw, was a dark brown cat in my present day house...I only saw it one time and it scurried off.

Then, I saw a blue orb on my porch a few weeks ago...

I've also seen a demon's face on a person one time....just a different being rising up in her...

One lady I was acquainted with, had invited me to come visit her and her husband in Indiana, and immediately, I felt Holy Spirit Warning bells go off in me...I felt that if I did go, I would be in the midst of something evil, occultic and demonic, so I turned down her offer.

Later I found out from a second hand source, that the lady and her daughter had been 'abducted' by 'aliens' and it was a constant thing, and that her daughter was impregnated and gave birth to a 'demon possessed baby"

rev.dave #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Last week I saw a demon with a goats head, a mans body, cloven hooves and was silver in color. I went on the attack rebuking and castingout. But I still sensed him in the area. So after much prayer and fasting I no longer sense its presence. Then today the Holy Spirit showed me a "spirit of a python". I think these demons are being sent out against our team. I am not familiar with the first demon, and know very little about the python spirit. Has anyone else seen these demons? Can anyone one give me any info on these demons? Because of my schedule, 3 services on sunday, 1 on tuesday, 1 on wednesday, 1 on thursday, I am hard pressed for time to do proper research. What are there manifestatations or traits?
I was also threatened by some other demons with violent death, death by butcher knife!

My friends, there are demons appearing as monsters all over the globe. In fact, they are becoming more embolden, as they come on church property in an attempt to instill fear. Fear has gripped North America and they know that most Americans are scared of their activity. Their work continues unhindred.

We must take our SWORDS and banish their presence in the holy name & blood of Jesus!

xfrodobagginsx #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I did some battle last night with my demons. I was unable to cast them out, but only spent about 20 minutes on it. I just don't want them to be comfortable dwelling in me.

Anyway, last night, they retaliated for a few hours of heavy oppression. They tried to seduce me into worshipping them. I refused, but I couldn't understand how they were able to tempt me the way that they did. They have been wearing down my ability to focus on the Lord the way that I want to. One revealed it's self to me. It had the face of an owl. I asked the Lord to rebuke it and it didn't like that. I also asked the Lord to torment them with hellfire which they also didn't like. I have been struggling lately with be consistent in my bible reading. I am wondering if my spirit is weaker as a result and left open to attack.

Will I ever be free of this?

Baby_Christian #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

A few minutes ago I was sitting at my computer here. I had a notepad and an ink pen on my desk.

I was looking at my computer screen, and I saw a movement. I looked down and my ink pen was moving by itself! It turned from a horizontal position to a vertical position very slowly, while I was watching it!!!!!!

I bumped the desk on purpose, to see if the pen would move. It did not move at all. I thought I may have accidently bumped the desk, but I knew that I had not touched it at all. I had been very still, reading.

I shook the notepad a bit, but the pen did not move.

I turned it back to a horizontal position and stared at it, but nothing happened. Looked away for a few seconds, and when I looked back, the pen was back in a vertical position!!!!!

Is this evil spirits doing this? Would deliverance help? Should I annoint my bedroom, or the pen? How do I do that? I have some olive oil and a small vial that I can use, but don't know how to do it or what to say.

This is freaking me out and I'm scared to go to bed. I've been praying and saying "God hath not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, and love, and of a sound mind" over and over.


gabby247771 #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Hello..I wanted to spread something that happened,,,when I was in deliverance ,,,,a big ol nasty demon manifested,,,the minister took so much time trying to expel it,,,it was so so stubborn,,soooooooo he finally said ok,,,repeat after me,,
I_________________________(name) have no legal rights to this child of God,,,(which is standard) I bind to MYSELF and ANYTHING under my authority TO myself and I will go..
(heres the key)
TO the abyss yat your command...

when he changed to wording,,that nasty thing just FLEW out,,so after that,,,this is the wording we use and they go IMMEDIATELY<,,they have too,,now it is only one minute a piece rather then hourss..

Elijah2 #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Yep, have cast demons out of animals.

Yep, all those animals that seem to have amazing abilities of doing tricks and talking are no more than a demonised animal. Many great racehorse are demonised. Many stories there as well.

Oh, if only Christian knew the real stories of those earthly and heavenly things.

Jewels #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

My son has what THEY call autism. I will not speak the " a ' word over him as that gives it power. I try to only speak of the healing power of Jesus over Ben.
I am saved and so is my husband. Ben is 10. But att his point im not sure excaly how much he understands of Jesus. I play anointed music and a few spoken word cds in his room much of the time. We have Christian Tv on a good deal. I speak about Jesus of course. How much does he know? This something that God alone knows as he has not yet spoken to us....
Is deliverence from any demons scriptual ... on his behalf? I would say so but what say u?

petershepherd #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Lately I have seriously considered suicide (have fought those thoughts daily all along for years) so much that I told my 19 year old daughter, that I just got reconciled with, after not seeing her in over 7 years. She asked me not to, that she needs me, so I won't. She also needs deliverance and inner healing as well. I have felt like I am "just in the way" ever since I was little" Also felt a lot of rejection most of my life.

Also dealing with sexual issues. I have been celibate for 20 years, and not easy. I am fighting perversion spirits - homosexuality - never been involved in it, but the seeds for it go back to my childhood - and incest - also never been involved, but - when I am around my daughter, whom I love very much, sometimes I get other feelings, and have to back off. I need God to bring a wife soon. It seems like if you don't get your needs met legitimately, it can cause spirits of perversion to come in to try to get them met illegimately.

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I have a question. It's dangerous to cast out demons when a person is not a Christian. How is that with children? Is that the same, or are there circumstances that demons can be cast out, even if the child isn't a Christian?)

Small children it's okay. My mom cast demons out of me when I was little.

xfrodobagginsx #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Demons attack him when he tries to focus...

Thanks Mike, but they've been doing this for the last several years...6 perhaps. It's just beginning to take a toll on me. I'm tired. Everytime I try to focus on the Lord or anything else, they immediately attack. I've told them that I'm not their property, but that I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I forced them to admit that. I ask the Lord to torment them, but even with the tormenting, they still continue to attack unless I sit their for 10-15 minutes every single time, which is impossible. They are trying different approaches on me as my deliverence draws neigh. They have confessed that they regret turning on our Lord and would repent if they could, but they can't. It's just hard to get the things done that need to be done when they attack me so often, even more in public now then ever before. At times, it may appear like I have Turret's syndrome, which I know I don't.

God bless,


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I am a mom. I have three kids living at home. I am STRICT. I Censer heavily anything in my house that has any demonic attachments though i have given my 17 year old a bit mire freedom to choose then other two. But anything i think even remotly could be unkosher is kept in her room or just not alowed in the front door.
As for the rest of the house. I wont let even a care bear in. There is NOTHING , no toys , movies, or anything that as far as i know is ' unclean" unless the Disney movie" Beauty and beast[" just purchased. IT was for my 17 year old... That being said i do i allow dolls and stuffed animals. I also am a artist who paints and enjoys it. What is the leadership postion here on paintings and such? Is painting trees , flowers, and peopel considered " idols" and is it perceived here thus a " unclean" objectI have a son who i am beliveing for deliverence for and REALLY Try to keep from anything spiritually impure...but i dont want to get religious and harsh.
Jesus is lord over autism!

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Disney is bad for children.....Check out their themes witches, warlocks, magic potions, murderous step parents, occult symbols, manipulative and disrespectful ....I am just thinking of a few and I am thinking the list could go on and on..............

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Hello everyone,
This is my first post here and I hope that what I am about to relate will not offend anybody. I am in need of help and deliverance and I hope that we can approach this matter with a mature and Christ-like attitude.

For the last several years, I have been under demonic attack and I have been afflicted by severe bowel disturbances. I have seen two doctors and neither of them have found anything medically wrong with me. They have attributed my gastro-intestinal problems to 'stress.' However, I have done some research into the issue and found that the ancient church often associated severe intestinal distress with demonic activity. For example, Martin Luther linked his chronic constipation to his ongoing struggle with the devil.

I will try not to go into great detail, but needless to say, this issue has caused me a lot of social trauma in the last few years. The timing of the demonic attack is always well-planned to disrupt my ministry and witness. I serve as an elder at the church I attend, and from time to time I will be called up to give a message or teach a Bible study. During these times, the devil always afflicts me with a gas attack, leading to obvious discomfort and embarassment while I am preaching my message. This also seems to happen during social gatherings and when I'm in a meeting with our pastor or other leaders of the church. Often, the rumblings from my gastro-intestinal tract sound like muttered swear words or like voices mocking Jesus. I am not the only one who has noticed this. I suffered an attack in an elevator at a conference I went to a few months ago, and one of the men in the elevator thought that he had heard me swearing at him and using an expletive involving the name of Christ. A sulfuric stench always accompanies these attacks and sometimes they can be extremely painful.

Has anyone here had a similar experience of demonic attack? Would you join me in praying that God would heal me and take this humiliating affliction away from me? If you have any tips on how I can rebuke the demons that are attacking me and prevent such incidents from happening in the future, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you for your help.

In Christ,
Bert Sanders

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bbullock 903,
4 years ago or so I was moved to consecrate some oil and with prayer dribble it (from a mustard bottle ) as a spiritual boundary around my former church. My belief was that a spiritual hedge was created by doing this. I do not know that anything happened to stop demons from coming on the property of the church but I do know that things burst wide open no long after with the lose of our pastor (went to jail for molestation) and subsequent political jockeying and finally the installation of a very Godly pastor. I erect a hedge of protection around myself, family and others by calling on/applying Jesus' blood to people. God placed a hedge of protection around all that Job possessed. It appears that the demons were stopped at the door of Mount Olive Church as there is a hedge around that place. All of us should be encouraged by the testimony of the exorcist in knowing that hedges do stop demons.
God is Good! mike3

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I prayed over all 3 of my kids and my wife in this manner. My wife would be too frieked out if she were awake. As far as Christian music, I have played Christian music for a few years in their room and mine, but that didin't free them, it just gave him another good night of sleep. I want them gone and my son free from their wicked influence. He has heard voices, evil laugh, seen shadows, seen things move, seen things that weren't there. Hopefully, whatever was harrassing him is gone now.<b> He came in my room one night and heard me (as I slept) tell him to pick up mom (my wife). He picked her up a bit and saw a necklace. The necklace moved across my bed and then he heard an evil laugh. It could have been my voice as I slept as I am oppressed. They like to bother him when he comes in my room. They manipulate my voice when I sleep to scare him. They growl at him. </b>

My point is that you can cancel their legal rights to torment your children. When they are sleeping, say over them, I command any demons or unclean spirits attached to my son/daughter to leave now in the name of Jesus Christ. I remove anylegal rights that you have as I am his/her father/mother in the name of Jesus Christ. You MUST leave now, go in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and NEVER return.

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Dominating in headlines was sad news of children found eating another child's head! Yes he was found! He was witch and I'm not sure what happened to him that he was found. A little boy of about 12 years eating another child's head? Sad enough

Just to inform you Church need to stand! Mother of Child cried a lot as she saw the head of her beloved daughter! So sad even to write
I cannot go on just that is enough!!

Let's pray for that poor mom! For comfort of Holy Ghost
This is serious church! If Only that mom have received Jesus the story would have been different! Let's preach the word to unreached that they know how protected are children of God through Blood of Jesus


Steve Apologia
For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

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Hello. I have a son who we named Ben. He is 10. Doctors diagnosed him with autism about 7 or so years ago.
Ben dosent talk. There have been peopel say they have heard him but i his mother only hear his voice box and little sounds coming forth not yet spoken words.Our church has prayed and is standing with us for his healing.
I am standing for Bens healing. I believe Jesus has already paid the price and that in the courts of heaven he is seen as HEALED. Jesus shed his blood long ago to heal this boy. Its already DONE. now th manifestation.
There is what seems like intervernce as i sense the enemy battling to keep Ben. I claim Ben for Jesus Christ. I believe and therefor i speak. BEN IS HEALED>
There are things that need prayed out. One that any intervence and confusion in his mind, prohibiting his understanding and learning be removed. That Ben will HEAR with clarity what is said to him and understand. There has been improvement in this area lately,
Also that Bens voice box wil lbe loosened and he will speak intelligent speech. In the past we have Ben suffered horrible fits. Prayer has gone out for Ben and he has being doing beautifully of late. We play christian music and even the spoken word in his room much of the time. Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads that all obstackles removed and Ben make the giant leap into speaking words. Also that his learning and understanding will acaclerate.... Please continue t to pray that peace and joy will acelarate inhis life to.
Standing for FULL Manifestaion of his healing. Jesus died to remove autism.... and set the captive free. Thats Ben!

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Hi, I am new here. I came to this site because I am really worried about my 9 year old son. He has professed faith and was baptized at age 7, but for several months has been struggling with his faith. I know he is young, but I am convinced that he was sincere when he was saved and truly understood the gospel. I have also seen fruit in his life. He is now saying he wants to believe but "it seems hard to believe God is real." He is very upset about this because he says he does want to be close to Jesus and follow Him, yet he says "something is holding me back." He told me today he feels like his heart is now hardened to the Lord. He is really sad and concerned about this and is pretty tearful. He is our first born child and I read that Satan attacks the first born. Also my husband is not a professing Christian. I don't know much about deliverance and there is no deliverance ministry in my state. I have prayed for him, with him, renounced any evil or demons that may be surrounding him, our home, our family, etc and still he is saying that is hard to believe. How do I tell how much of this is spiritual attack and how much is just a little boy wrestling with his faith and growing? Can anyone tell me what else I should be doing? Thank you.

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[The entire forum is a fundy treasure trove. I don't even know where to start mining quotes.]

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:41 pm Post subject: Demonized parents and me; can't find legal rights


Hi all,

I have been working with a minister attempting to cast my demons out by telephone for awhile. Finally strongholds are coming down and the Holy Spirit has revealed some things to me.

First, my father is/was demonized. I am certain of it. He acted crazy, never diagnosed, did a lot of self-mutilation drinking mixed with tranquilizers. Just tormented in general. He was badly abused as a child.

Mom has a history of fear of God and blasphemous thoughts coming from nowhere starting around age 8. Terrible anxiety & depression, started on tranqilizers at a young age (early teens). Irrational fears. Not abused as a child.

I started showing signs of demonization around age 3. Bizarre fears to the point of paranoia, anxiety and depression, driven into therapy at age 5.

I believe I picked up demons from trauma by seeing my father acting crazy from his demons.

The problems now is, I can't figure out what legal rights the demons had to my parents. Both sides of the family are Christian to the core; my great-grandfather (Mom's side) was a Presbyterian minister.

I am trying to dig out legal rights so I get rid of these things once and for good. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I am bondage to the fear of not being able to care for myself (tangled with fear of Mom dying and fear of failure on the job- I haven't worked due to depression for over 6 years).

Can anyone enlighten me as to where legal rights may lie? My situation is so bad and the demons have been so strong my whole life that the minister working with me suspected Freemasonry in my ancestry but there is none. Is trauma and abuse enough of a legal right for a demon to come in?

Thanks & God bless.

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I strongly recommend anyone that has played Mortal Combat (whatever version) to renounce/repent of doing so. This game is demonic for sure. Some of the characters for this game are names of demons (Moloch being one). If you have ever played this game, I would renounce every character that you have ever played and all the powers/abilities they had. I also would renounce their fatality moves. Just be as thorough as the Lord leads you to be. Afterwards, command any associated evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus. I would also ask the Lord God to deliver you from any remaining spirit that relates to this game - just to be doubly sure. I have been delivered from evil spirits that were there on account of playing this game.

If this information pertains to you, do a Google search for "Mortal Combat Characters," and then perform the renunciations I suggested. I imagine this would also apply for D&D and any other game where magic and special powers are involved.

God Bless!

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