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Praise the living Lord Jesus! We were involved in an long exorcism that involved seven demons--zerrubeal, cyclone, zion, lester, samuel, syphera, and peters. The primary spirit was zerrubeal that entered the family four generations ago through his ancestors who practiced polgamy and the occult.

To make a long story short...the demons were confronted and expelled. Please pray for this man as we will talk with him tomorrow to ensure everything is ok (there may be other spirits) but we thank God for the mercy that has already been extended!

The Quote of Quotes

Look on this work, ye Mighty, and despair!

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Leviathon is a spirit I have battled as well. It was a hard battle but was won. It was about four months or more ago. My wife and I were in McDonalds and were having a conversation with an angel and Leviathon had come up. I told the angel that i wanted to fight this demon and he said I could. On the way back to the hotel I asked the angel if he could bring the demon to a predestinated place and he said yes. I figured that since Leviathon was from the depths of the sea he would be used to the cold water so I filled the tub up with scalding hot water and blessed the water. The angels (there were two now) brought Leviathon bound to the tub and fought with me. We all pulled our swords from our hips and began running this demon through with all my strength and everything I had. I would say it took atleast half an hour or more. We were all spent but the battle was won.

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I know an atom bomb set off in a crowd of peaple would be devistating. I know that the suicide bombers in other countries walk right up to the target and do a lot of damage. I know that a gun in the right hands is very lethal. What I would like to figure out is how to place a holy atomic bomb in the middle a mass group of peaple and set off a huge blow to the devil. I would like to walk right into the mitst of the devils minions kneel down and pray and just begin to take any and all demons that come my way. I am so ready for a holy war.

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Just in the past few weeks I have spoken with four different people who have seen demons cloaked in human form come to their doors and knock and wait....they are desiring to terrorize. One gentleman I spoke with today had to leave his home due to all the strange knockings.

A dear saint, who oversees scores of churches in Pakistan has reported to me that there are actual villages in his nation that is entirely demon people (demons manifesting as humans). I have heard this from others too. Demons are becoming quite bold. I'm convinced some of the people you come in contact with aren't truly human but demonic.

Jesus warned us, “For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible. So be on your guard; I have told you everything ahead of time.”

As we draw closer to the end we will see an increased amount of demonic appearances. False Christs, some human whom are indwelt with demons, some actual demons taking upon the form of humans, will appear. This is another bizarre phenomenon that is occurring in our day. Demons are appearing more in our lives. I have seen many demons in people and roaming our planet. They often take upon the form of a monster, a ghost, an alien, an unearthly creature.

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My son lives with his father (major custody battle last year).

His father practices witchcraft - I'm not talking speaking curse (which he does) - I mean something more demonic and senister than that.

He plays Dugeon and Dragons, DragonballZ and Vampire Games, etc.

I am a minister I raised my son in the ways of God - LITERALLY.

He (my son is 13 years of age) gave his first sermon last year prior to him running to his father (long story).

My son visits me every other weekend.

When this whole ordeal begin, prior to my son coming to visit for the weekend (two days usually) I would smell sulfar - STRONGLY.

When my son visit - this ordor was so strong I had to make my son take three baths and was his cloths and wait a day before the ordor would leave. (It is not as strong now as it was)

Recently my son has physically attacked me - knife, hammer, baseball bat, etc. I had serveral people on the phone praying with me - while dealt with that spirit and somehow get to my son.

Recently I found a 20 page paper that my son wrote - a fictionary story he made up dealing with witchcraft and demons. Hear the name of some that he mentions in his story: Master Zarkon, Zeto, Nateko - my son in the story is a Warlock. It has graffice language and drawings of weapons. - THIS IS NOT MY SON.

The last encounter I had with this spirit (and I know it was a spirit) it growled at me.

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Hello. I have a son who we named Ben. He is 10. Doctors diagnosed him with autism about 7 or so years ago.
Ben dosent talk. There have been peopel say they have heard him but i his mother only hear his voice box and little sounds coming forth not yet spoken words.Our church has prayed and is standing with us for his healing.
I am standing for Bens healing. I believe Jesus has already paid the price and that in the courts of heaven he is seen as HEALED. Jesus shed his blood long ago to heal this boy. Its already DONE. now th manifestation.
There is what seems like intervernce as i sense the enemy battling to keep Ben. I claim Ben for Jesus Christ. I believe and therefor i speak. BEN IS HEALED>
There are things that need prayed out. One that any intervence and confusion in his mind, prohibiting his understanding and learning be removed. That Ben will HEAR with clarity what is said to him and understand. There has been improvement in this area lately,
Also that Bens voice box wil lbe loosened and he will speak intelligent speech. In the past we have Ben suffered horrible fits. Prayer has gone out for Ben and he has being doing beautifully of late. We play christian music and even the spoken word in his room much of the time. Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads that all obstackles removed and Ben make the giant leap into speaking words. Also that his learning and understanding will acaclerate.... Please continue t to pray that peace and joy will acelarate inhis life to.
Standing for FULL Manifestaion of his healing. Jesus died to remove autism.... and set the captive free. Thats Ben!

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I did some battle last night with my demons. I was unable to cast them out, but only spent about 20 minutes on it. I just don't want them to be comfortable dwelling in me.

Anyway, last night, they retaliated for a few hours of heavy oppression. They tried to seduce me into worshipping them. I refused, but I couldn't understand how they were able to tempt me the way that they did. They have been wearing down my ability to focus on the Lord the way that I want to. One revealed it's self to me. It had the face of an owl. I asked the Lord to rebuke it and it didn't like that. I also asked the Lord to torment them with hellfire which they also didn't like. I have been struggling lately with be consistent in my bible reading. I am wondering if my spirit is weaker as a result and left open to attack.

Will I ever be free of this?

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[Summery: "An angel held mhy hand while I was visiting a surgery"]

wi hafing sugry in moning
jesus gona teke cere of us but wi stil skare
dotors are bad cen yoo stil prey fer us tho
tenk yoo veri much


wi haf sugry twodey on nee
an wen wi was in sugry angel comed in an holded
mi hend an stey wit mi til afer it was al ofer
cus wi was reely skare
angel tel mi no tel nobodi but wi had to
wi hurted reely bad now but wi saw angel

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I do belive that a deaf and dumb spirit can cause symproms of autism.
I also think that all that we are talkign about could be keys that im being given to understand the spiritual dynamics behind the sitiation with Ben.
I cant focus on how hard its to dislodge this because that just a faith killer. ... theres a way and Jesus knows what that is and will provide... in this battle. Jesus defeated teh devil... Jesus is the healer of the autiistic and He My Jesus is NOT intimated by this!
I have wondered if serpnets looked like dragons before the fall. I do think thats possible....
Jesus is lord over autism!

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(At first I thought maybe this guy was a joke account, but he's actually one of the moderators)

Last night I was ministering to a lady. I called up Fear. He manifested:

"How many are you"


"Stop lying to me demon or I'll torture you"

"OK, zero"

"In the Name of Jesus, I shine the Light of the Holy Ghost on you"


I guess he thought I would believe him.....?

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Does anyone else have this happen to them? At night, I hear 'clicks' or 'clickings'. They come from all over the room. I also see, right before my natural eyes, 'black things'. I see pitch-black 'lines, a black 'death' wreath on my neighbor's door, squiggly designs, kalidescope swirl patters, splotches'...and 2x, a big black spider. The first time I saw the spider, it 'fell' right down in front of me, in my bed. It was suspended on a web. (I also have been bitten, but the fang marks look more like a a snake?) It was very real, but it was spirit. I slept w/the lights on that night. I also saw it again, scurrying up on the ceiling. Years ago, I saw a pitch black 'flying horse' w/a demonic face. It was a little black horse with wings. It appeared right in front of me, and it flew in 'sharp angles'. The words came to me, "Get behind me, satan, Jesus is Lord." Then it disappeared into thin air. One of my most recent dreams included a long, long black snake. I saw it's large, still face, then later, the body slowly started moving. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for this site. I hope it's 'legit'...for I have been duped before. (Also, my bed and my body 'vibrate'. Very, very annoying.)

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A few years ago i caved in to preasure from my then younger girls and alowed them to have a Furbie. Remember them?I didnt want to. I felt uneasy. But after years of being so strict with things i let my gurad down.
We had this thing for a wiele and nothing bad happened. No nocturnal sounds or fellings of a evil presence.
Then during a time of revival... There was a TBN marathone going oin that had me happy and up.... i for some reason got this toy out. I was walking down the hallway with it and i playfully was talking to it. I took it in the bathroom with me ( cant recall why) .
My daughter was getting ready to shower. Then at the same time we saw "it' and she screamed.
It was this evil,,, ugly look i saw in this toys things eyes. It wasent anything that u could even explain after ward. It was a seanse the thing countence changed though again.... it was so fast then gone ,,, it was almost like u imagined it. If i had been the only one that exspeinced it i may have second guessed myself, but my daughetr saw it to,.( she is now grown with kids of her own)
I dumped it on the front lawn and called my paster i think t he next day who agreed i should get rid of it.
Sometimes during this i looked on it agian and found a little tag that i had not seen before. I cant recall what it said excaly but it was some kind of ryme. It was something... something psycic or fortune telling. Its been years now so i cant recall the excat words....
Anyhow as i was going up to the yard to rid myself of it i dropped it and it said ' Oh no".... fitting. Yes it is part of the vocabulary given the toy when purchased but seeing i was destroying it ,, the right words came out at the rigth time.
I understand such things are cute and thankfully are not as popular... but be very leary of such things as i believe they inhabit familiar spirits.
Sometimes the toy isle in the store can b e the most dangerous place to buy from!Buyer beware!

[Check out the rest of the thread, there are quite a few like-minded individuals]

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Many things were prayed through a nd about and renounced and i feel like i have been cut open inside and sewed backl up. It even kinds hurts a little in a odd way. Im very tired butits INSIDE and not really physicall. Its as if all the strange energy born of anxiety,, fear and human adrenaline has been cut off. I yearn t o sleep and rest but its insde thats needding it......
I was told by my counselor this is not uncommon.
Theres more coming .. i call it the BIGGEE..... I look forward to the sessions....
I realise there has been no ' casting out of demons" in the text boook way one might think. But RIGHTS and CLAIMS are beign renounced.. I know i have been bornagain ..but i thinkt he devil is a stickler for leegalities.

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...when I go several days without having sex with my wife, I begin to burn with desire. When the time is not right with her I try to work thru it, but 9 times out of 10, I will eventually give in the desire, rationalize it as okay and then go masturbate to relieve the burning. I then go thru a shame/guilt process before I always come to me senses and go to the throne of grace and repent and beg forgiveness. I am sick and tired of dealing with this. I have read some sites that say it is not even a sin, but i know in my spirit that it is. I must have control over my body and my life and I have that power thru Christ and his promises. Is this a demon? Is it my uncrucified flesh?

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My Church prayed for a new born baby last week, her name is Lauren -
She was born with all her organs in the wrong position.
The hospital sent her home to die without further appointments.

We had an amazing report yesterday, that her organs have started to move to where they should be - however, when the doctor examined her, they had to force her eyelids open, which revealed no eyes.

At 7pm, on Sunday, exactly the time of prayer. Lauren opened her eyes - her big blues eyes!!!! God has restored her eyes.

Don't you just love Him. (Pentecostal jumping in the house of God)

This is making a big impact on her family, they're not Christian (yet)!

Feel free to pray for Lauren and be a part of this miracle.

'Lauren you are fearfully and wonderfully made'

Thank you Lord

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I was attacked once while watching the movie Peter Pan, because I fell asleep. I have been thinking and I would like to warn parents out there to not let their children watch Peter Pan. You see the name pan is another name for Satan. So in this story, Pan lures 4 children in a loving home to run away with him to a magical land where they do not have to listen to adults. Where the "lost boys" are. They sure are lost, the lost boys follow Pan. Now thinking about that It symbolizes the lost following Satan. Now it all looks like fun the never never land, but it has a message of eternal youth granted to those who follow Pan. It is very dangerous, this story. Please don't let your children watch it. I know that children return home in the end, but the story goes on that each child after Wendy went to never never land with Pan and followed him. I just wanted to warn you. It has been on my to do list for days and not doing it has been bugging me, so here it is. Do what you want with the warning.

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(About two pastors' oldest boys committing suicide)

So sad. My heart goes to these dear men of God. We will pray for these families.

I know for a FACT that witches, cults, satanists, pagans of all sorts, under demons powers, target the children of evangelists, pastors, prophets, apostles, and teachers. I know because my children have been targeted so I know very well.

[emphasis original]

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(describing a woman who allegedly escaped from a "sadistic cult")

1. The sadistic cult has followed her with the aid of the detection devices within her body and thereby terrorizes her. They possess unlimited resources so they are able to travel wherever she lives.
2. The sadistic cult has placed literal animals, detection devices, and other cursed objects in her body.
3. The sadistic cult has broken into the church and cursed several of the rooms.
4. The sadistic cult has visited my home in an attempt to terrorize me, to deter me (they failed).
5. The sadistic cult has infiltrated, via the aid of demonic forces, the church.
6. The sadistic cult astral projects to the young lady on a constant basis to rape, to torment, and physically afflict.
7. The sadistic cult has kidnapped her and forced her to participate in blood rituals in cult meetings.
8. The sadistic cult utilizes her, via her dissociation, for drug deals (the cult has a part in a drug cartel also).
9. The sadistic cult has severely programmed her mind and infused her with occult knowledge from her years of special training in an underground training school on the East Coast.
10. The sadistic cult has involved her in the most heinous activities known to mankind.
11. We have encountered hundreds of thousands of evil spirits and many have been expelled.
12. We have encountered numerous broken parts and many have received miraculous healing (from muteness, deafness, etc).
13. The sadistic cult has created coded personalities that contain information about criminal activities of the drug cartel.
14. The sadistic cult is providing constant surveillance.
15. The sadistic cult has literally taken the core person and locked her up.

Jay Bartlett #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Last night, two individuals came to the church needing deliverance, both received some liberation. In fact, the one lady, named Tina (whom many of you know), was freed from over two thousand demonic spirits named "Jezebeth." They had entered as a result of some ancient Satanic oaths that were uttered in the past. They were within an dissociative identity named "Nataley" who is only 19 years old. But the great power of God overcame the enemy--as it only took an hour to expel 2002 spirits from the identity as the broken part turned to Jesus and renounced the spiritual rights.

God is so merciful!

DoorTwelve #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Autism is in fact the allowing of a "Deaf and Dumb" spirit to reside within us because of neglect on our parts of God's instruction, or our ancestors neglect in the care of their temples.
For more on this read about the success King Asa had with his diseased feet and his physicians.
There are also other demons that work in tandem with "Deaf and Dumb" to make Autism a much more complex situation like the demon "Torment" ,and what torment does is raise the stakes by causing loss of ability to concentrate, or focus as well as many other things. Deaf and Dumb brings loss in the areas of speech, hearing and learning capabilities. It could also bring hieghtened sensitivity to those suffering from it,but we believe there is also a demonic issue tied to that as well. We are not aware of any demon particularly that causes hieghtened sensitivity it may just be torment that causes it as well.
Now my nephew's two year old son was delivered from Autism after a three day water fast and revelation I believe came from God about which spirits were involved. We asked his mother and father to renounce ever offering their young son to the world for any invasive procedure which was a tradition of man, and we asked them to renounce ever offering themselves to the world for any invasive procedure.
We had them go through all the renunciations I had available, and then we anointed the young boy in the living room while his mother and father held him we stood in a circle and prayed against torment and deaf and dumb and asked God to break those spirits off of him now in the name of Jesus Christ ,and I insisted that God's wrath would come upon any who seek to stay after they had been fully judged for what they had done throughout the centuries, and the spirits did leave. The next day my nephew called me to say his son had improved greatly responding to things he had never responded to before in his life including acknowledging his parents with eye contact and focus. He is now healing from what these spirits have taken away from his first three years of life.

xfrodobagginsx #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I prayed over all 3 of my kids and my wife in this manner. My wife would be too frieked out if she were awake. As far as Christian music, I have played Christian music for a few years in their room and mine, but that didin't free them, it just gave him another good night of sleep. I want them gone and my son free from their wicked influence. He has heard voices, evil laugh, seen shadows, seen things move, seen things that weren't there. Hopefully, whatever was harrassing him is gone now.<b> He came in my room one night and heard me (as I slept) tell him to pick up mom (my wife). He picked her up a bit and saw a necklace. The necklace moved across my bed and then he heard an evil laugh. It could have been my voice as I slept as I am oppressed. They like to bother him when he comes in my room. They manipulate my voice when I sleep to scare him. They growl at him. </b>

My point is that you can cancel their legal rights to torment your children. When they are sleeping, say over them, I command any demons or unclean spirits attached to my son/daughter to leave now in the name of Jesus Christ. I remove anylegal rights that you have as I am his/her father/mother in the name of Jesus Christ. You MUST leave now, go in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and NEVER return.

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...I am very, very pleased to share with you that I have been completely delivered from Bipolar Affective Disorder! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!

I do not believe in mere coincidence. But I do believe in Divine Appointment. I believe that when I joined this Forum it was by Design and Divine Appointment. The time had come... I have been off of medications for this for some time now -about 2+ months. I went to see my psychiatrist the other day and when I told her that I stopped the medications she really surprised me! She said: "GOOD!!!"

DoorTwelve #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Pray the following prayer:

"Father God at the count of ten I would beseech you to bring a crushing judgement and crippling blow on the spirits inside this body exalting themselves against you,I pray it would manifest unto them "7 FOLD to 100" I pray your judgement would include all their dealings over the past generations and I pray your judgement would
render those spirits torn and force them to leave in the precious name of Jesus!

Place the Bible directly on their heads when the count is finished and ask God to continue His judgement as long as the Bible remains seated on their heads I have found some demons will leave immedietly and then sometimes their are hold-outs but God's judgement is awesome for sifting
the Demonic!

Jay Bartlett #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

(a response to somebody who claims to have been attacked by a demon named Resident Evil. Just as a reminder, this guy's writing is available from Christian bookstores - no Poe here)

It's very interesting you brought this up as tonight we encountered a evil spirit that was holding unto someone as a result of these kinds of games.

Just tonight Elizabeth and I dealt with 182 Zelda spirits (Zelda is a video game) within a young lady. In fact, he was holding unto the games she had played--Resident Evil, Warcraft I, II, III, Witchdrobe, D & D, and others.

These video games opens children (she started playing when she was 5 years old) to the demonic realm. It sickens me...

These were very violent demons and vicious but all 182 were driven out in the name of Jesus TONIGHT!!!

(later in the thread someone else talks about their experience with a Resident Evil demon)

ServentofJesus. #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

How can you tell if someone is astral projecting on you? I had a Pastor, yes a Pastor who always seemed to know things that were said in private. Sometimes I would make comments about him in the car (because he was a very angry, controlling man) and inside me could "feel" that he knew and was upset about it. When I would see him a few minutes later, he wouldn't talk to me or even look at me and acted angry. He would say things from the pulpit that had to do with what I had said. I would also be attacked by demons at that church and after church at home during that time as well. He was a very manipulative man and highly intelligent. He would plant negative thoughts in people's heads about other people in the church. He was very legalistic.

Can anyone give me insight on this?

Jewels #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

In my house were having a problem in our bathroom. My son would when taking showers sometimes go into fits and rages. They could be nasty....
Prayer and seeking God went forth through the deliverance sessions and my prayer partner when i was in the bathroom felt she was in another diminsion.
At a later time she felt something was connected to the bathroom wall going outside where my son had his sand box and we had some other stuff. Something was wrong in that area.
We prayed and had Holy communion in that spot.
Not a problem that i can think of with Ben having fits in the bathroom sence.
There may have been Indian activity here once.... we are in the boonies....
There was also the problem of me by accident in drawing a murial on the bathroom door i opened a portal i think.... but thats another story...
Anyhow closing the portal.and having Communion in this one spot has really been extremely beneificial. I dont understand it but i respect it..
God knew what was needed.. Praise the name of the Lord and thanks to the sweet Holy Spirit who has all knowledge and wisdom!God is on the move.... even in our bathroom!

ServantofJesus #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I had at one time 140 evil spirits. After several months of self deliverence, I cast out 139 of them. Since I couldn't cast out the last one, I had it put in a box by angels with maggots, spinning, the blood of Christ inside, all of the air sucked out, Praises to God blaired in it's ear 24/7, tied up backwards...

When I ask it if it wants the blood of Christ it says yes. It says it loves Jesus, but when I press it over and over, it finally can't say it anymore. It's tormented by these things, but says it likes the torment.

I had broken it's legal rights to me. I had it tormented for several hours until I began to cough really bad and threw up. This went on for several minutes and it would seem that it had come out. When that ended, it felt like I was finally at peace, but after 5 or ten minutes, it came right back, claiming that it never left. This process has been repeated several times over and over. What could the problem be?

RichVA #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I've seen the Lord do some things to demons that I could not have thought of - like cutting the tongue out of a lying spirit and sending it back to me. It took some time to figure out what had happened because it reappeared speaking in sign language.

BELIEVER-IN-CHRIST #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Dear Servant Of Jesus

Turrets can be demonic, I had ministered to an indivdual that had Turrets, and the disorder was carried through the generational line. The father, grandfather, and son had this disorder in the family I was ministering to. One of the spiritual roots we found was that the spiritual authority and order in the house was not there.

Once the order in the family start to change the symptoms began to leave. I also watched the same doccumentary did you notice the fathers of the children and how they dealt with the turrets? Just something to look for when dealing with this syndrome.

jefferis #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Recently, a pastor in a new church in town (ccbutler.org), was given an diagram into the spirit of sabotage that he felt the Lord was revealing as a stronghold in the city were we have started the church. The spirit of sabotage is revealed in supposedly well meaning folks who try to undermine and then destroy a ministry. The example of sabotage is when Peter came along side Jesus and tried to stop him from going to the Cross. Associated with this spirit is the spirit of leviathan, which means twisting. The leviathan is often considered a crocodile which hides in the river of the Spirit of God as it is flowing, seeking to devour those unsuspecting people who gather at the river. He only is active when the Spirit of God is moving.

After the Lord gave this diagram to him, within a couple of weeks, one of the elders in the church started to oppose him and come against the worship that was taking place, resisting the gifts of the Spirit, etc. Then he left and tried to take people with him. He was one of the big givers to the church and as he has stopped given and tried to get others to leave, he has cut a big hole in the church's finances to the point of threatening its survival. The man really fulfilled the prophetic diagram, but we think it this is the spirit over our city, Butler, PA, and not just the church.

Attending this is the spirit of Leviathan, which is supposedly a seven headed principality or power. Butler, PA has been called the grave yard of charismatic churches, that causes Spirit filled churches to fail after a few short years. BUT Butler is also called a Gateway City, both for drugs and for the Spirit of God. So there is a battle going on.
I bring all this up in order to ask for prayer for this new birth church, where 25 people in the last twelve months have either been saved or recommitted their lives to the Lord.

I am also asking for insight and discernment in how to pray. We have walked the city and administered forgiveness in the Name of Jesus to the city.

Here is a diagram. I dont know how to post it on the forum... the image doesn't seem to work or allow an upload.

tobeblessed321 #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

[The entire forum is a fundy treasure trove. I don't even know where to start mining quotes.]

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:41 pm Post subject: Demonized parents and me; can't find legal rights


Hi all,

I have been working with a minister attempting to cast my demons out by telephone for awhile. Finally strongholds are coming down and the Holy Spirit has revealed some things to me.

First, my father is/was demonized. I am certain of it. He acted crazy, never diagnosed, did a lot of self-mutilation drinking mixed with tranquilizers. Just tormented in general. He was badly abused as a child.

Mom has a history of fear of God and blasphemous thoughts coming from nowhere starting around age 8. Terrible anxiety & depression, started on tranqilizers at a young age (early teens). Irrational fears. Not abused as a child.

I started showing signs of demonization around age 3. Bizarre fears to the point of paranoia, anxiety and depression, driven into therapy at age 5.

I believe I picked up demons from trauma by seeing my father acting crazy from his demons.

The problems now is, I can't figure out what legal rights the demons had to my parents. Both sides of the family are Christian to the core; my great-grandfather (Mom's side) was a Presbyterian minister.

I am trying to dig out legal rights so I get rid of these things once and for good. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I am bondage to the fear of not being able to care for myself (tangled with fear of Mom dying and fear of failure on the job- I haven't worked due to depression for over 6 years).

Can anyone enlighten me as to where legal rights may lie? My situation is so bad and the demons have been so strong my whole life that the minister working with me suspected Freemasonry in my ancestry but there is none. Is trauma and abuse enough of a legal right for a demon to come in?

Thanks & God bless.

mitty #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

[Commenting on New York Penal Law Section 165.35, which forbids conducting exorcism for money, which the topic starter describes as the "demon freedom act"]

our world is very strange and run by brainless people. or poor excuses of people.

how could it be illegal to get rid of evil spirits or demons , it sounds like the government is being run by a demon. you can legally evict a person but not a demon? they are playing favorites.

the world is too odd today. not enough faith, too much science based on nothing. science itself dosnt exhist without god or spiritual reasons behind it.

what do you think of that loser machine they tried to build last year, the one where scientist think they will prove if god exhists or not? i think its an insult to society and its another tower of babel.lets build a tower to see of we can see god. they are always trying to "see" good. but you cannot. who gave them the eyes to see? how about that
yea god did. the machine broke and they are spending billions of dollars on it, on a silly expereiment that might end the world or exhistence. there is no chance of a black hole, i think there will be one or whatever can happen. it has never turned out well in the bible when people tried to test if god is real

what do they think they are trying to do, prove that their science theory is right and then what? institutionalize every person who attends a synagogue, mosque or church for "delusional thoughts". i honestly think the scientists there need an exorcism.

the machine i was talking of was the large hadron collider aka large hell creator

Jewels #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I am a mom. I have three kids living at home. I am STRICT. I Censer heavily anything in my house that has any demonic attachments though i have given my 17 year old a bit mire freedom to choose then other two. But anything i think even remotly could be unkosher is kept in her room or just not alowed in the front door.
As for the rest of the house. I wont let even a care bear in. There is NOTHING , no toys , movies, or anything that as far as i know is ' unclean" unless the Disney movie" Beauty and beast[" just purchased. IT was for my 17 year old... That being said i do i allow dolls and stuffed animals. I also am a artist who paints and enjoys it. What is the leadership postion here on paintings and such? Is painting trees , flowers, and peopel considered " idols" and is it perceived here thus a " unclean" objectI have a son who i am beliveing for deliverence for and REALLY Try to keep from anything spiritually impure...but i dont want to get religious and harsh.
Jesus is lord over autism!

UndertheBlood #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com


I strongly recommend anyone that has played Mortal Combat (whatever version) to renounce/repent of doing so. This game is demonic for sure. Some of the characters for this game are names of demons (Moloch being one). If you have ever played this game, I would renounce every character that you have ever played and all the powers/abilities they had. I also would renounce their fatality moves. Just be as thorough as the Lord leads you to be. Afterwards, command any associated evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus. I would also ask the Lord God to deliver you from any remaining spirit that relates to this game - just to be doubly sure. I have been delivered from evil spirits that were there on account of playing this game.

If this information pertains to you, do a Google search for "Mortal Combat Characters," and then perform the renunciations I suggested. I imagine this would also apply for D&D and any other game where magic and special powers are involved.

God Bless!

evstevemd #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Dominating in headlines was sad news of children found eating another child's head! Yes he was found! He was witch and I'm not sure what happened to him that he was found. A little boy of about 12 years eating another child's head? Sad enough

Just to inform you Church need to stand! Mother of Child cried a lot as she saw the head of her beloved daughter! So sad even to write
I cannot go on just that is enough!!

Let's pray for that poor mom! For comfort of Holy Ghost
This is serious church! If Only that mom have received Jesus the story would have been different! Let's preach the word to unreached that they know how protected are children of God through Blood of Jesus


Steve Apologia
For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

Bert Sanders #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Hello everyone,
This is my first post here and I hope that what I am about to relate will not offend anybody. I am in need of help and deliverance and I hope that we can approach this matter with a mature and Christ-like attitude.

For the last several years, I have been under demonic attack and I have been afflicted by severe bowel disturbances. I have seen two doctors and neither of them have found anything medically wrong with me. They have attributed my gastro-intestinal problems to 'stress.' However, I have done some research into the issue and found that the ancient church often associated severe intestinal distress with demonic activity. For example, Martin Luther linked his chronic constipation to his ongoing struggle with the devil.

I will try not to go into great detail, but needless to say, this issue has caused me a lot of social trauma in the last few years. The timing of the demonic attack is always well-planned to disrupt my ministry and witness. I serve as an elder at the church I attend, and from time to time I will be called up to give a message or teach a Bible study. During these times, the devil always afflicts me with a gas attack, leading to obvious discomfort and embarassment while I am preaching my message. This also seems to happen during social gatherings and when I'm in a meeting with our pastor or other leaders of the church. Often, the rumblings from my gastro-intestinal tract sound like muttered swear words or like voices mocking Jesus. I am not the only one who has noticed this. I suffered an attack in an elevator at a conference I went to a few months ago, and one of the men in the elevator thought that he had heard me swearing at him and using an expletive involving the name of Christ. A sulfuric stench always accompanies these attacks and sometimes they can be extremely painful.

Has anyone here had a similar experience of demonic attack? Would you join me in praying that God would heal me and take this humiliating affliction away from me? If you have any tips on how I can rebuke the demons that are attacking me and prevent such incidents from happening in the future, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you for your help.

In Christ,
Bert Sanders

xfrodobagginsx #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I have forced all of the demons to go inside of the chief. Then I asked the Lord's holy angels to place them in a tight box and lock it. I asked them to place another box over that box. I prayed and asked the Lord if He would force them to stay in the box until they were willing to leave. I have gotten much relief since then, but they do still attack me somehow. I called down God's wrath upon them today and will continue to do so until they will leave. They won't leave yet. Any other suggestions?

pastor qt #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

1996 my beloved wife cast out her first demon. It was on the eve of the beginning of their final exams. She was summoned to the library because one the Scripture Union members had gone mad.

As the chairperson of the group the school held her responsible for what was happening. It was a dicey situation as the group meetings risked being banned by the authorities.

The mad boy was causing a scene running all over the school premises, beating up students in a feat of uncontrollable demonic rage. Somehow the S.U members managed to subdue him and drag him to an empty room amidst screams, kicks, and blows.

Everyone then turned and looked at my wife since she was the chairperson of the group. In retrospect she says she had no choice on what to do since she was the leader of the group. She acted in spite of her fears and declared, “Come out in the name of Jesus!”

Taking a cue from their courageous leader the other students also joined in the battle. She wrestled with lunatic spirits until the young man was delivered.

The boy wrote his exams, went to university and eventually graduated with flying colours.

Let’s draw a few lessons from this encounter:

Lesson # 1: The devil’s aim will always be destruction
It’s instructive that the demons manifested on the eve of final exams; they wanted to destroy the boy’s future. They clearly didn’t want him to write his exams. They didn’t want him to be a productive citizen. Demons are anti-progress forces. Their mandate has always been to steal, kill, and destroy.

Lesson # 2: The devil is a weak and defeated foe indeed
Note that the first demon that my wife ever cast in her life was a demon of madness! Now think about that for a second. This girl had never driven out an evil spirit before but she started with a fairly big fish. Don’t be scared of the devil and his demons; they were long defeated by the cross of Christ.

Lesson # 3: Deliverance ministry is for the courageous
My warrior wife (how’s that for bragging?) acted fearlessly in a very dangerous situation. Courage is not the absence of fear but acting in the presence of fear. She trusted God and His word without wavering hence she attained victory. Deliverance ministry is not for cowards and the fearful.

Lesson # 4: Deliverance ministry is not a spectator sport
Note that the whole S.U group got involved in the deliverance of their fellow member. Some helped to catch him when he was running amok while some restrained him when he was receiving ministry. Some joined in ordering the demons out.

After tasting the sweetness of victory over dark forces my wife has moved on and cast many more evil spirits thereafter. I have also been doing my bit for over twenty years helping countless people out of the clutches of the enemy. How about you? When are you going to claim your first demon scalp for the Lord? How many scalps do you have under your belt? How many people have you helped free from the evil and merciless torment of Satan? What is stopping you from getting involved in freedom ministry?
I love you with bondage-breaking love!

Rescuer (Jay Bartlett) #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Dear brother, most people would think this is crazy but this kind of evil supernaturalism occurs in our day and we need to be prepared. There are deep mystical (as in supernatural) and theological elements that come into play here but I see four things happening here--

1. Some babies are not really babies but demons clothing themselves as babies in attempt to torment the victim's body.

2. Some babies are genuine babies but indwelt by demonic spirits.

3. Some babies are dead babies held in the body by demonic power to torment.

4. Some babies are a human-demon hybrids (demons attacked sexually and implanted genuine human seed that was indwelt with a demonic being) and the spirits have affected the DNA, etc.

In cases of #1 I would expel the demon utilizing ancient spiritual weapons, in cases of #2 life should be honored but the demons within the baby should be expelled, in cases of #3 the dead baby should be brought forth (and be raised to life by the power of God, as the Holy Spirit directs), in cases of #4, baby should be brought forth but the demons expelled, utilizing all the anicent weapons at ones disposal. Divine healing, in all the above cases, are in order.

I have witnessed these kinds of phenomena occuring and can be difficult to deal with but God is able. Hope this helps my brother in Christ.

xfrodobagginsx #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Demons attack him when he tries to focus...

Thanks Mike, but they've been doing this for the last several years...6 perhaps. It's just beginning to take a toll on me. I'm tired. Everytime I try to focus on the Lord or anything else, they immediately attack. I've told them that I'm not their property, but that I belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I forced them to admit that. I ask the Lord to torment them, but even with the tormenting, they still continue to attack unless I sit their for 10-15 minutes every single time, which is impossible. They are trying different approaches on me as my deliverence draws neigh. They have confessed that they regret turning on our Lord and would repent if they could, but they can't. It's just hard to get the things done that need to be done when they attack me so often, even more in public now then ever before. At times, it may appear like I have Turret's syndrome, which I know I don't.

God bless,


gabby247771 #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Hello..I wanted to spread something that happened,,,when I was in deliverance ,,,,a big ol nasty demon manifested,,,the minister took so much time trying to expel it,,,it was so so stubborn,,soooooooo he finally said ok,,,repeat after me,,
I_________________________(name) have no legal rights to this child of God,,,(which is standard) I bind to MYSELF and ANYTHING under my authority TO myself and I will go..
(heres the key)
TO the abyss yat your command...

when he changed to wording,,that nasty thing just FLEW out,,so after that,,,this is the wording we use and they go IMMEDIATELY<,,they have too,,now it is only one minute a piece rather then hourss..

rev.dave #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Its been awhile since I've written or answered any other questions but I have a question. I've been doing demon casting for awhile and am usually succsesful. But tonight (7-1-08) I came accross a demon using the name Damien, and was wanting more info on the this demon as I was not able to cast him out tonight. I will be having another session in a couple of days to try again. The demon could be lieing about his name, but I think the person may not want to let go of this demon. They may be friends, I've expirenced this before. I do fast alot and pray maybe I should fast some more before before trying again. But any info on this demon "Damien", would be helpful.

BenearmeLordJesus #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

I serve as an elder at the church I attend, and from time to time I will be called up to give a message or teach a Bible study. During these times, the devil always afflicts me with a gas attack, leading to obvious discomfort and embarassment while I am preaching my message. This also seems to happen during social gatherings and when I'm in a meeting with our pastor or other leaders of the church. Often, the rumblings from my gastro-intestinal tract sound like muttered swear words or like voices mocking Jesus. I am not the only one who has noticed this. I suffered an attack in an elevator at a conference I went to a few months ago, and one of the men in the elevator thought that he had heard me swearing at him and using an expletive involving the name of Christ. A sulfuric stench always accompanies these attacks and sometimes they can be extremely painful.

AussieNerd #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

There are many satanic items that cause many demonic manifestations, and one of their greatest item in their arsenal is the medical profession, who are satanists at all different levels.

They implants satanic pins and inserts, and today of the modern sophisticated world, we are all aware of microchips.

Many need to also realise that we human being are spiritual beings of light and darkness, with a smidgen of "gray".

ALL THINGS are affected by EMF, or that is Radio Frequence Waves.

Since the introduction of cell phones and towers, WIFI, cordless this and cordless that, Christians have been experiencing more torment and harassment than ever before.

I could go on forever, but this modern world is under controle of the "prince of the air".

Pastor QT #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Once you make up your mind to go to Jesus for your freedom the ever scheming enemy makes frantic last ditch efforts in a diabolic attempt to discourage you. Here are the top five things you should expect: 

#1: Expect your condition to get worse. By making your condition to deteriorate or seem to be taking a downward spiral the enemy is trying to force you to walk by sight not by faith. Once that happens you throw your hands up in the air in exasperation and say, “It’s no use, I am done!” 

#2: Expect to be laughed at. It’s the nature of the enemy to laugh to scorn. Sanballat and Tobiah laughed off Nehemiah’s valiant building efforts. On the cross our Lord was also scolded by people. Close friends, family, workmates or even church mates (how tragic!) will make you the target of their jokes just because you think the root of your problem is demonic and you want to seek help. 

#3: Expect the meeting or minister to be attacked. You may hear that the venue has been changed suddenly or that the meeting has been postponed or has been cancelled all together. You might hear funny stories or allegations about the deliverance minister in question. The minister may be struck down by a mysterious ailment and thus fail to make it for the meeting. 

#4: Expect to be attacked yourself. A freak accident may happen to you or someone close to you so that you are grounded and fail to go for that decisive deliverance meeting. Your finances may suddenly dry up forcing you to cancel that long awaited trip that should deliver your freedom.

#5: Expect a big deliverance scandal to break out. A negative deliverance story may be all over the media thrusting into your heart like a sharp dagger. A person who was allegedly abused during ministry may go public or a minister who makes people pay big bucks for ministry may be exposed. A video capturing a brutal deliverance may be released on the internet. 

Don’t fall for any of these desperate efforts by the enemy to distract you from your goal of freedom. See through all the lies and press in for your miracle. 

cherokeehippie #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

About demons appearing as people, I wonder if that is what happened, when I was college and I was suspected of stealing things from the room next to me...and my roommate banded with the girls in the next room to get me out of the dorm...it was sooo bizarre, they claimed they saw me in their room or someone looking like me....I had to find another place to live, and it turned out for good, because I think really think the LORD meant for me to be alone with Him, it was too stressful having roommates at that time...

I later heard of the doppelganger, and I figured its a demon disquised as you, doing bad things.

I used to not want to know what demons look like, and used to close my ears to learning about the whole ufo thing, etc. But then, came to a point, where I'm not as fearful anymore...I learn some of these things...especially about reptilians, etc, and I'm not as fearful anymore. Now I sure don't want to run into one of them. The only demonic sightings I've had was....a black cloud in an apartment I used to live in, that had a demon in it....I did everything I could to get it to leave, but it wouldn't...I don't know why...I would be harassed in my sleep...one morning i was being harassed, and I then heard the LORD telling the demons to leave me alone, and when I woke up, instead of seeing a black cloud, I saw a beautiful gold cloud in the corner of my room...I knew it was the LORD rescuing me... Maybe, it was before I had gone thru some deliverence,...ther eason for the demonic being in my apartment, I don't know...but anyway...
Another thing I saw, was a dark brown cat in my present day house...I only saw it one time and it scurried off.

Then, I saw a blue orb on my porch a few weeks ago...

I've also seen a demon's face on a person one time....just a different being rising up in her...

One lady I was acquainted with, had invited me to come visit her and her husband in Indiana, and immediately, I felt Holy Spirit Warning bells go off in me...I felt that if I did go, I would be in the midst of something evil, occultic and demonic, so I turned down her offer.

Later I found out from a second hand source, that the lady and her daughter had been 'abducted' by 'aliens' and it was a constant thing, and that her daughter was impregnated and gave birth to a 'demon possessed baby"

Star59 #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

Disney is bad for children.....Check out their themes witches, warlocks, magic potions, murderous step parents, occult symbols, manipulative and disrespectful ....I am just thinking of a few and I am thinking the list could go on and on..............

student #fundie ministeringdeliverance.com

[Is it possible for demons to manifest themselves in pictures and paneling on walls?]

When I was younger and I still do, I could make up pictures on the walls that were like that in my house. It could be just your imagination. The thing to do is to cover yourself in the blood of Jesus, and then say the name Yeshua Hamashiach out loud. If it is still there than it might just be your imagination. If it is not then it is most likely a demon. Just test to see what it is.