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>I've literally seen people argue about how ass parasites are interdimensional demons, with Autism being one of the signs that you are "posessed".
Actually it's the opposite. The ass parasites tie the "disgust" function to the "pleasure" function in the human brain, causing humans to love shit and assholes and licking diseased pustules, and mixing with sub races, and annihilating their culture, abusing kids, cannibalism. Anything that a healthy parasite-free person would be disgusted by, the infected gain pleasure from.

It's actually a biological weapon by the machine elves, who the khazarian demon WORSHIPPERS (not khazarian demons retard) actually work with, since the machine elves are the technological assistance race for demons in question.

Autism is actually an evolved human means of protecting themselves from machine elf brainwashing, and what you call schizophrenia is just the ability to see the demons and the machine elves.

It's why the Khazarian demon worshippers have the highest levels of schizophrenia, since they evolved the means to see their masters:
Of course other people cursed with this affliction use it for good.


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Slavs don't come to korea. We don't want you. Only ethnic koreans are welcome. If you don't have the blood, fuck off. We want order, a united race, and our own country. We have no ambitions to be a world empire. We will beat the shit out of you if you come. Go to europe with the rest of the commie fags. If britain, the british and not the muslim jihadists, want any respect, kick these retards out. At this point, I kind of want north korea to sort of invade us and kill the chinks and the foreigners. But fuck commies. Fuck man, are there any single raced nation anymore that isn't a commie fuckfest. Oh yeah japan what happened to you, stop importing chinese commies. May both our nations, although we hate each other, fight off these immigrants and preserve civilisation

Also russia, the chinese is literally the nazis of asia and they will rurn on you. They will build roads to the west to promote their commie ideology and rape europe to be their colony. By sanctioning putin, you give him no choice but to ally with china. Even if you win, then what. Russia will have enemies all around and have no choice but to get raped by china helplessly. I hope you have a plan

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Poland returning to communism: it's over edition

The Polish government is introducing a socialist policy known as Polski Ład, aka "The Polish Deal" and is based off crypto-communist Roosevelts "The New Deal".
They are going to raise taxes on all private people across the board while cutting taxes for all government employees. Prices for things such as agricultural goods will be set at maximalist prices (e.g. there will be set prices).
Inflation is rising in Europe in general, and our retarded communist government thinks more taxes and communist price controls will alleviate it.

This is the modern issue of democracy, where leaders are no longer well versed in history and philosophy, only "hard sciences", ideology, and party politics. This will have a massive negative impact on the Polish economy. Decades of hard work which were growing the staunchly conservative and reactionary Polish Middle Class will be eroded in favor of low IQ leftists, slave labor immigration, and annihilation of purchase power.
It is effectively the return of the socialists into power. More and more wealthy Poles were leave Poland similar to the US where wealthy people leave States where they get taxed up the ass, etc.

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Die capitalist pig.
The more taxes the better.
All well developed countries around the world have the highest taxes ever.
Check Scandinavian countries, Dutch, Switzerland.
You parasitic greed must end. You wanna make money out of the people's back. then you will PAY 60%, no 70% taxes.


You should be thankful that you can still make money of the people's back. Because we can nationalize your properties, and put you and all your kids back to work.
To feel on their own backs what it is like to be exploited.
Only then you will see the evil doings you have done, CAPITALIST PIG!

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>There are also large differences in moral character between the races, which are extremely important to civilizational success, and in this aspect in particular, all other races are grossly inferior to whites.
This difference is why I don't really include Eastern Europeans as "whites". Eastern Europeans have lived under different circumstances that shaped them differently for thousands of years. While they have full white intelligence, they don't have the full white moral character.

This can get confusing because there are quite a few Western European people living in Eastern Europe. Russia, for example, is named after the phenomenon of Western Europeans coming in to be the ruling elite of Eastern Europeans. The "Rus" that Russia is named after were a people, but they weren't Slavic like the Russian majority now and through history, they were Scandinavian. The country is named for needing the management of a Western European elite to function properly. Whenever Slavs try to rule themselves, they bring disaster upon themselves, through their inferior moral character.

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>And you say we don't belong here, fuck you


This is a report made by Dutch scientists (all retired because no one wants to risk their career). 400+ billion Euros has been spent in the Netherlands on immigrants between 1995-2019.
On average, an African immigrant costs the state 190,000€, a Middle Eastern immigrant costs 185,000€, an Eastern European 50,000€.
The only productive people are natives and immigrants from other Western European countries.

On page 73:
A Western immigrant (non-Slavic European) will contribute 42,000€ over their lifetime.
A non-Western immigrant costs the Dutch state on average 167,000€.
The average Moroccan costs 260,000€ over their lifetime.

On page 74:
A non-Western family with 30-year-old parents and 2 children under 10 years old costs the Dutch state 414,000€.
Take the same for a Western family and they contribute 60,000+€

Denmark has also made a similar report:

Not only are non-Europeans a net loss, but so are Slavs in the West. And it makes no difference if they're claimed as legal or illegal migrants.

Even the few "profitable" non-Westerners, no matter how many generations they’ve been in the West for, can't pay back into the West since all the of wealth, capital and net resources siphoned off to those aliens could have gone to Westerners and the children they didn't have because of those aliens replacing them in the first place.

Race is the only thing that matters. Go fuck yourself.

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Why isnt this a country?


we cant understand each other at all despite what you westerners think

"This may be hard for a Canadian to understand but they all have their own languages and cultures"

culture not really since we borrowed alot from each other to the point where we're very similar, its just the language barrier, we all speak pretentious difficult gibberish

>EU member kvetching about languages
>melting pot empire kvetching about culture

This is incredibly persuasive. Please face the wall.

Why don't you join the US, you have 20x more in common than EE has. I mean, you're basically Americans anyway

lol do you think Im against it?

American civilization is infinitely superior to British or French.

Superior? In what universe and how?


Openly lesbian U.S. shot putter Raven Saunders shook her buttocks at the camera after finishing behind Chinese gold medalist Gong Lijiao, and then ranted about intersectionality and black and LGBTQ politics.

Literally go to UK or France, its hell.

Real American culture is from 1650-1950. Post 1950 its some weird jewish pedo cannibal cult that spread to the rest of the west in 1990 and spreading globaly in 2020.

We try to build Romania better. Just give your land to Tsar Putin already

The only good thing about Russia are those webcam whores, they are just out of this world.

During Soviet era . Slavs built many infrastructures from Georgia to estonia

Exactly, most of them have big tits and their faces are model tier.

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I'll still never get this.
It's one thing to take hormones, keep your dick, and hopefully find a fetishist to date but the mentality in thinking anyone would ever want that axe wound is another world of insane.

This. I "transitioned" but the reality was I was forcing my bdsm goth sissy fetish on people in public because literally no one could or would stop me. Natalie Mars style hair, heavy doll face make-up, chastity cage, black denim straightjacket with belts and locks all over it, black skull print dress, etc. I thankfully looked like an attractive tranny but it was a ton of work and I knew I was never a real woman and it was just demented fetish shit. I stopped after doing it less than a year. I absolutely loved all the attention I could get and it definitely got me laid much easier than when I was presenting as male but FFS anyone who is mentally ill enough to literally think GRS is a valid option probably should be removed from the gene pool. That's going to massive amounts of trouble and ongoing medical issues for zero return. I didn't even like having to put make-up on every single day, I can't imagine anyone wanting it enough.....

It was to get what I wanted from the start. I took hormones for about a year. What I was doing is called transmaxing; sissy incels who are tired of not getting laid do it to get fetish sex all the time. It was an absolutely calculated move to advance my career and be practically immune to criticism in this progressive shit hole of a country while forcing my feminization fetish on the public. I would post pics but I don't want to dox myself even though I look almost nothing like I looked then as a man again. It only worked because of how heavy the goth makeup I wore and how body forming the corset and fashion I wore. For a tranny I'd say I was about a 7/10 when I put hours of effort daily (between workouts, shaving my entire body and makeup). I just stopped doing it when it was no longer practical for me to do it. I miss doing it but it was literally so much fucking work it wasn't worth it just for the fetish and I never believed I was a woman.