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Analysis: What If Woke Liberals Didn't Get To Label Everything?
Introducing the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC)

It goes without saying: The mainstream media is run by liberal activists. This ideological bias manifests itself in several ways, including the words journalists are allowed to use when discussing controversial issues.

(1.5 paragraphs of hyperbolic whining about how journalists are forced to write)

The woke words and phrases used in media reports would make a lot more sense to the average American if these people weren't in charge—if journalists were forced to abide by the Washington Free Beacon Alternative Style Guide for Reporting on Issues of Controversy (ASGRIC):

Undocumented immigrant → Foreign-born fugitive from justice
Gender-affirming care for minors → Child abuse
LGBTQQIP2SAA+ rights → Gay rights
Drag Queen → Gender appropriator
Abortion → Extrajudicial fetal assassination, anti-life health care
Death penalty → Justice affirming care
Assault rifle → Freedom friend, justice dispenser
Racially inclusive → Racially obsessed
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion → Six-figure consulting fees
Black Lives Matter → Scam PAC
Pro-Palestinian activist → Jew hater
Teachers' unions → Anti-child activists
Tax cuts → Restorative justice
Democracy dies in darkness → Democracy thrives on Jennifer Rubin columns
War on Women → Kinetic military action against individuals with an active uterus
#MeToo era → Brief period of anti-male activism from 2017 until Tara Reade's credible accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden
Speak truth to power → Leave Joe Biden alone
Hillary Clinton → Crooked
Long Covid → Mental illness
New York City Subway → Public toilet
WNBA fans→ Liars
Soccer → Performative falling
Bicycle → Morally abhorrent nerd-conveying road hazard
Happy Holidays → Merry Christmas
God bless you → God bless America

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[From "2020 Man of the Year: Kyle Rittenhouse"]

When Antifa and BLM came to ravage your city, what did you do? Some seized their chance to loot the nearest Walmart. Others watched helplessly as Democratic mayors and governors let their own communities burn. But among us there are patriots—righteous men of action. Kyle Rittenhouse is one such man.
Rittenhouse did indeed offer medical assistance to several protesters that night, but the danger was all too real. Stalking the streets of Kenosha that night were child molester Joseph Rosenbaum, armed and dangerous revolutionary Greg Grosskreutz, and Anthony Huber, who had been sent to prison twice for violently assaulting his younger siblings.

The pederast attacked first, pursuing Rittenhouse as he tried to flee. Rosenbaum lunged for his weapon, but Rittenhouse defended himself with a violence that was sadly beyond the grasp of the 5 boys, aged 9 to 11, whom Rosenbaum had been convicted of abusing.

Next was Anthony Huber, who attacked our Man of the Year with a skateboard as he lay on his back, reeling from the attacks of the mob. Huber, too, tried to strip Rittenhouse of his weapon. The result was the same as before. Kyle Rittenhouse was not like the defenseless little brother Huber had once strangled.

And finally Grosskreutz, a member of the People's Revolution, pounced on Rittenhouse with his weapon drawn as Huber was still staggering. And, again, Rittenhouse survived by the grace of God and the reliability of Smith & Wesson.

The good people of Kenosha can sleep easier because among us are the likes of 2020 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year Kyle Rittenhouse.

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As part of a social studies class, a New Jersey public middle school forced students to watch a video about a transgender man’s hormone treatment—all without notifying parents.

The video, “Ten Years on Testosterone,” details the transition of LGBT activist Aydian Dowling through hormone injections. Teachers and administrators at Pearl R. Miller Middle School in Kinnelon, N.J., did not notify parents about the lesson, which included slideshows with definitions of different gender ideologies, beforehand.

“You can build up the courage to stand up for yourself in a way that this is what you want to do with your life,” Dowling says in the video after injecting testosterone.

“I felt as if I was blindsided,” Loren Malfitano, whose two sons were shown the video, told the Washington Free Beacon. “They’re learning about this ideology of gender before they even have classes on the actual biologies of males and females.”