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[Debate topic: “We should Institute a death penalty for homophiles and transexualists.”]

It is unbiblical Throughout the Bible, Homosexual behavior is expressly forbidden. Anyone found to have committed a homosexual act was to be put to death. Simple as that. The Bible also forbids dressing as the opposite gender. No ifs buts or loopholes. Homosexuality and transsexualism were NEVER part of God’s original plan and never will be. It is simply a product of sin and imperfection. Soon enough, God will end homosexuals and transsexuals who do not repent. In the mean time, Why not get rid of some ourselves. Not because they ARE gay or trans, But because they choose to act on it and not be normal.


Bro like come on, They are transformers, Remember Chicago? I hate trans people, They probably smell from all the hormones they secrete and they all look weird, You ever walked and send a tranny and felt safe, Hell nah. We need a street cleaning service that just takes care of that crowd alone. Imagine the medicare they use from taxpayer money to pay for those surgeries. I hate jews.


God supports straight God only supports straight people only we should just kill all the gays in this world because straight people have turned this world into the greatest world ever I have seen nothing but harm from gay people all around the world I think that it is about time to turn this world back into a straight only world


They need to be dead I would rather live in a straight world rather than a stupid dumb gay world we live in right now we should just give a death penalty to all the gays in this world so that way we can protect this world and of course stop gays ...


Gays are too dangerous Gays are evil dangerous and of course they caused great damage to the world like right now the gays have ruined this world and they should have to be punished for that we should punish all the gays with harsher punishments in order for this world to become straight only



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