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The constructal theory of global optimization under local constraints explains in a simple manner the shapes that arise in nature.

I will use my own words to explain my speculation.

droom = Main highway of evolution.
joon = Exit out of the main highway of evolution, for a involutionary direction.
aodeen= Droom and joons altoghether, shape and direction of life in time.
gooje = First form of life perfectly unique.
kool = Combination of goojes.
lasco = Population of same gooje.
greu = Massive gooje potential.

An Aodeen according to "constructal theory" will take a shape and form just like any other creative meaning of the nature: A lightning, a Delta's river, blood vessels, the perfect shape of an egg, the cracks of a land without water, a marathon, statistics etc.

Example: A Lightning will start from a certain point in the sky. One main ramification will follow its way further than all the other ramifications. Sometimes this ramification will strike on land.

The very same way Aodeen started from a certain point in time. Droom
followed its way up to humanity leaving behind Joons and creating new Joons.
Goojes took the direction of Droom and Joons. What we find in Droom today is at most all the Goojes when life was created . It's probable to find the same Gooje in different Joons of the past.

Example. The reason why the skin colour and the nose of 50 cent are more "alike" with a gorilla's than G.W.Bush's skin colour and nose compared with a gorilla is because

- kool X1 took The Droom , then exit the Joon to Gorilla
- kool X2 took The Droom , then exit the Joon to Gorilla2
- kool X3 took The Droom , then exit the Joon to Gorilla3
- kool X4 took The Droom , continued the Droom to 50 Cent
- No other kool X took the Droom to G.W. Bush

Humanity is massive carrier of Goje. Even though G.W Bush does not have Kool X , he has Kool Y found in the chimpanzee. 50 Cent doesn't have Kool Y but what makes Humanity so special to be in Droom is the Greu.

IamJoseph #fundie evcforum.net

Since a gene habours variant data, each offspring being different, it inclines not with ToE but with genesis. Example. A child is said to be the offspring of its parents; but ToE is saying, a child is the offspring of a retro virus data lodged in a bone marror of another life form, but takes turns and twists and then becomes the parent - after millions of years - and never mind how that retro virus even emerged in the first place on its own.

jester461 #fundie evcforum.net

And if we share this same common genetic make up as other creatures, isn't at all possible that this 'genetic material' is the 'dust' referenced to in the bible? Now I know you will automatically disregard this because I used that five letter word ' bible' but you have to consider all the evidence not just some.

redstang281 #fundie evcforum.net

If you can believe that life was formed from non living material obviously the instincts had to be non existant at some point. How could this trait of an animal killing the young to promote that animal's genes in the gene pool develope without the trait already existing to begin with? How would genes develope an animals instincts?" "Oh I think this example is evidence of a good design, a program to maintain quality control of an animal.

The Golfer #fundie evcforum.net

When JFK died the newspapers it says said the men were concerned about Russia, while the ladies were concerned about Jackie. Perhaps the ladies really should not be allowed to vote. But sadly as it be they have this right and likely basing their vote off emotions, etc [...]

The woman brain needs to ask for directions, they are not able to process as well as the man (Do you like to ask for directions?) If so your likely a woman, etc... The estrogen affected how the brain developed. I'm suspecting its not just the physical edge but this mental edge why the woman needs the man to be the head of the house, but the man needs the womans to be on the same team, etc...

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It is ALL interpretation. Don't you see that? Creationists are just as good at coming up with contrary interpretations of any of it given enough experience with the material. There is no PROOF, don't you see? No evidence, no testability, no falsifiability, it's all INTERPRETATION, all PLAUSIBILITIES against PLAUSIBILITIES. Find all the similarities you want they are JUST AS WELL explained in terms of design factors, or, in the case of apparent shared genetic anomalities or mistakes, by the effects of the Fall on all life. Our genes are broken because of the Fall. There is NO COMPELLING REASON to explain any of it in terms of descent.

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

There is very good reason to call the ToE "just a theory." All that has ever happened is the piling on of more and more credulity that "confirms" the original theory. There is no objective evidence for it. What evidence there is supports creationism just as well or better. You guys are caught in an amazing delusion and it's so convincing to you there's no way you'll even consider an argument against it. All you have to do is make up a NEW speculation to answer anything anyone says against the ToE. It's really an amazing exercise in self delusion. I really often wonder if it will ever be recognized or we'll have to wait until the Lord returns before any of the Toe Faithful will have the ability to see what's really been going on here.

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

I thought it was animal matter that made petroleum, plant matter makes coal. I doubt it would take as long as you think it does. Hundreds, at most a couple thousand years should be sufficient but very possibly much less, even within a human lifetime with the application of enough pressure in airtight conditions. Either coal or petroleum. Of course you'd have to round up some dead animals, or just try plants. We aren't going to be able to make enough to get rich on but perhaps enough to demonstrate that you CAN make the stuff. The pre-Flood world was LOADED with vegetable matter, beyond our ability to imagine. Animals too. Extraordinary fecundity. Press some of whatever you can gather together between huge heavy rocks -- about a ton each. Pack a bunch of mud around your organic matter too. And wait a while. Shouldn't take anywhere near as long as you think. Give it ten years.

simple #fundie evcforum.net

It is no fairy tale that the bible tells us these things. He planted a garden, and in days, it was grown. It is not possible in this physical world now. Any non atheist scientist out there must know this. To deny the world of spiritual experience, and the bible, only because we believe that only this physical existed, because we can see nothing else, is to confine oneself to the 'box' of physical only. Most people on earth have always known there is more.
Since it may be ignored, but not disproved, you may believe what you want. But don't try to lay some trip on me, where anything else but the puny physical only never existed, or ever will. No one argues that it now is all man has. It is real and great. But it is a small part of the big picture, and the spiritual is not subject to mere physical only tests, restrictions, principles, or laws.
The flood involved more than the physical, the garden did as well, and heaven will too. Trying to stick it all in the box is like trying to get the ocean in a spoon.

Herepton #fundie evcforum.net

The crust of the Earth shows ZERO signs of species transitioning, plus the massive gaps has no effect on evolutionary dogma. IOW, lack of evidence does not get in the way.

Transitional evidence is the reason for being of Darwinian evolution. There is none. Evolution proceeds unimpeded = Bible tells us why.

Did you know Eugene Dubois and the entire Darwinian scientific establishment accepted a few scraps of whatever dug out of the ground by prison inmates as the decisive evidence FOR human evolution ?

The most extraordinary claim of all time (actually 1 of 2) decided by a few obscure scraps. This shows what hard up frauds these lunk heads were desparately trying to validate atheist worldview.

WS-JW #fundie evcforum.net

You'll notice that species adapt to their environment after awhile and other sorts of things from the genetic code they have built in them. In the garden of eden, do you think there were 2 million? of course not. Tazmanian devil won't accept that Biblical account of course. As can't see it. But can see earth billions of years ago apparently and watched the first primitive cell arise and evolve. Well of course he didn't. He's just been told this false theory at school. 2 dimensonal earth? does he know God does thing in 3 dimensions? Your genetic code proves that. Did he tell you that under the bottom skin of a snake there are tiny tiny legs? written up in it's genetic code, that do no good to the snake? But why? natural selection some how thinks and keeps the good parts and disregards the bad parts? some unexplainable evolution? or the fact that when God told the devil in the form of snake that he would crawl on his belly he lost his legs? Believe God, not Tazmanian devil, for the Devil has no mercy on your uneducated soul.

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You evolutionists need to realize if you haven't already(you probably have) that we are dealing with the most fundamental of all subjects to be discussed and debated, because who is right changes everything. And for us creationists, well, we don't have to worry about where we will go when we die, evolutionists on the other hand are making a huge gamble on their lives, cause the odds are stacked up against their theory. If we were created, then we were created, there is no probability involved there, it is far more likely that we were created then if we evolved from the Big-Bang. We can all agree that the chances of us evolving without God are very slim, it's like trying to pull out the numbers 1 through 1,000 randomly from a jar without skipping a number or getting one out of order. Those are the odds that you are basing your eternal existence on. The fossil record does not show evolution, math does not show evolution, all of creation in it's designed appearance points toward a Designer! You should at least consider the possibility of God being behind everything, rather than risk eternity in punishment for your willful choice of evolution. I'm not saying to believe in God, but to just set your heart to searching for Him.

Herepton #fundie evcforum.net

'[The Theory of Evolution stems from science.']

Only Darwinists believe this. The evidence says the Emperor has no clothes. The textual evidence of the Bible says Darwinian macroevolution beliefs are a penalty from God for denying Him Creator status. The penalty is corroborated by the fact that the ***reason for being*** evidence/intermediacy is entirely missing; IC is a scientific fact; fossil record shows zero signs of species transitioning. These are death blows in the eyes of any non-prejudicial observer. The fact that Darwinism thrives despite its nudity is explained by the penalty.

R. Cuaresma #fundie evcforum.net

The Philippine Deep and Bermuda Triangle are actually the secret spiritual passages going to the center of the Earth – to the Spiritual World of Normosom. It is not easy to believe and recognize this claim as a fact because science tells us that the Earth’s core is made up of molten rocks and iron which constantly boiling. But science is limited only to the observable material things. It can not scope on the spiritual side. That is why, it is very impossible for science to believe that man has spirit, or that God really exists. But if you believe that nothing is impossible to God, then the truth is already presented to you.

igor the hero #fundie evcforum.net

Evolution can only occur so often though. It must occur in multiple organisms at once and its chances for succeeding become smaller everytime.1 cell to copy 1:1 probability of success. 2 celled organism to copy 1:2 chance of success,so on and so forth. You yourself just said this is just a bunch of chemicals and only self-replicates. Eventually it will reach where it needs to breathe and eat. When it does, it will have no prior info about these things. It needs to learn how to eat, what to eat, how to breathe, etc. Seeing as how single-celled organisms crawled out of the sea we do not yet have to worry about dehydration.

phil #fundie evcforum.net

If the species in Australia evolved separately from the rest of the world's species, why do they ALL still fit into the general categories describing animals? In other words, if kangaroos are the result of a completely different evolutionary pathway, then why do they still fall under the classification of 'mammals'?

bluefish001 #fundie evcforum.net

i don't want to send hours learn it... but i want to know the so called facts...
i know to know why ppl belive in evolution...

evolution was started by a man who Married his cousin and had over 5 kids...

creation was started by a God that gave his son to die for men and lived a Perfect life

study on how close we are to Monkey ... prove that 1 type of Monkey had 98% in common wit humans

"we are 98% monkey and 2% human" lol

Herepton #fundie evcforum.net

[The Theory of Evolution stems from science.]

Only Darwinists believe this. The evidence says the Emperor has no clothes. The textual evidence of the Bible says Darwinian macroevolution beliefs are a penalty from God for denying Him Creator status. The penalty is corroborated by the fact that the ***reason for being*** evidence/intermediacy is entirely missing; IC is a scientific fact; fossil record shows zero signs of species transitioning. These are death blows in the eyes of any non-prejudicial observer. The fact that Darwinism thrives despite its nudity is explained by the penalty.

booboocruise #fundie evcforum.net

I KNOW you will disagree, but I have seen Patriot's policies, I have SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES Dr. Hovind's PhD diploma, I have talked with Dr. Hovind personally, and I have even read the 'crap' that says Patriot University is a 'degree mill.' Whether it is a degree mill or not, (you'd have to be more specific) is not your business...

Tal #fundie evcforum.net

Um...we live in 2005 AD. 2005 years ago Jesus was born. Our whole calander is based on him?

Also, Jesus had a lot of enemies that were still alive when the gospels were written. As likely as it is that those who were actively trying to eradicate Christianity could have simply written a rebuttal to the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, no such rebuttal writings exist. This seems to suggest that the gospel accounts were considered to be factual. The onus seems to be not on me to produce more documentation of his existance, but on you to prove he didn't.

buzsaw #fundie evcforum.net

[Re: use of the terms "Xian" & "Xmas"]

Would nihilists have any problem being called Xhilists or the Buddhists Xhidists, the agnostics, Xnostics, et al? Is this a way of demeaning and insulting over 50% of Americans whose religion is Christianity? Do any other Christians besides me here find it offensive to be called Xians or am I being hypersensitive?

mmanubeckm7 #fundie evcforum.net

If you were to present Charles Darwin with the discoveries we have made involving the increased complexity of his original theory, he would even realize his mistake. The man was having a spiritual crisis at the time. Some of his ideas were right, I will admit, but he was really grasping for some new concepts to help himself out. He's not the one who came out and said that we all evolved from monkeys. He's just a poster boy for evolutionists.

Faith #fundie evcforum.net

No, I haven't been to the Southwest though I really want to see it, so you can disqualify my answer on that basis. It is, however, pictures of the formations of the Southwest that convince me the most of the Flood apart from the Bible. The stacked strata, so obviously rapidly formed by water, the fact that all the formations are shapes of stacked strata exposed by what looks like massive water erosion, and of course the incredibly copious fossil contents.

The Golfer #fundie evcforum.net

One reason men are the head of the home is the mood related problems some woman are known to experience at their time of the month. As women get older they experience menopause mood problems due to hormone related problems.
If a woman has an historectomy is it not much harder to control mood related problems even with hormonal medication. I personally would not want a woman pastor cause of the mood of the woman might flip over something trivial. But I'll grant you that its never trivial from a moody womans point of view.

OpticalIllusions #fundie evcforum.net

If the public votes to let creationism be taught, it should be taught. This is America. They should hire better teachers to teach it though, since it isn't fair if a teacher has bias to one theory or another. Existing teachers should be able to pass new tests on creationism to make sure they understand the whole truth. Science has evidence for creationism too. Parents know what science is better than their kids do, so what theories get taught should be based on democracy... at least in America. I know that if I got to decide what theories I was taught when I was a kid, I would have had no idea where to even start. I never would have learned any of the good theories, like gravity. That's why kids aren't allowed to vote.

WarriorArchangel #fundie evcforum.net

The Neaderthal (made by Lucifer) ended up in the Northern Israel wilderness circa seven hundred thousand years ago. The people in the wilderness that Cain said would kill him. But he was assured by HaShem, they would not harm him....
Cain (and his offpring) intebred with them instead. Producing the first modern humans, the Cro-Magnon....

Seth was born at that time, thirty thousand years after Cain, and inbred with his brother's offspring.

Making us a species of interbred/inbred hybrids.

HaShem has a 1500 cubic mile "KINGDOM" in creation. It dilates time. 30,000 years between Cain and Seth, might have been 30 minutes/seconds in the KINGDOM, dilating time....

Cold Foreign Object #fundie evcforum.net

Some of you may or may not know that I am writing a rather lengthy paper refuting the Theory of Evolution. All is going extremely well. The reason it is taking me much longer than I anticipated is the fact that it took me a year just to learn how to write. But another reason of delay is that during my research I have literally stumbled upon the most devasting evidence and accompanying argument that will destroy the Theory of Evolution. I had the classic: Eureka! I-Have- Found-It moment. It altered the entire vision and structure of my then existing paper. I had to "start over" so to speak and place this new and original evidence at the center as to which the "new" paper now revolves around.

I also want to report that my view has changed concerning microevolution. Before, like most Creationists, I robotically accepted the fact of microevolution. Now that I have personally researched the claim I have come to the unavoidable conclusion that microevolution is a fallacy at best, maybe even a misunderstanding among Creationists, but no such thing as microevolution has occurred on this planet or in nature.

Make no mistake, IF microevolution has occurred then Creationism is falsified. There is no way around it. But the facts and evidence will show that microevolution has not occurred: Creationism is true.

Herepton #fundie evcforum.net

The facts of history confirms the Biblical scenario and falsifies the Evolutionary scenario based on the massive amount of worldwide physical evidence proving ancient men possessed ultra-intelligence and capabilities surpassing our own today. They knew the shape and EXACT dimensions of the Earth, how to locate and align any position with true polar north, were advanced mathematicians who employed pi in their geometrical and trigonometrical abilities, and could extract out of quarry, transport, cut with optical precision, dress, and lift blocks weighing up to 70 to 400 tons apiece without cranes or any modern equipment.

buzsaw #fundie evcforum.net

If you go into the archives, you will see that my hypothesis did not have God turning all dinos into snakes. Rather it has the reproductive genes of the dinos living at the time of the fall being transformed via the curse to cause all the offspring of the then living dinos to be born as belly crawlers.
Furthermore I have consistently alleged that the likely the parent dinos lived all the way up until the flood which would have been some 1500 years or so. The atmospheric pre flood chemical makeup, et al, imo, could translate hundreds of years into millions of dating years as per the chemical makeup of the environment today. If man lived around a thousand years, it is feasible that the dinos could have lived until the flood caused their extinction, only the young offspring belly crawlers being taken in the ark.

Springer #fundie evcforum.net

It's no use. Evolutionists conveniently divorce themselves from explanations of abiogenesis because they have absolutely no explanation of how it is possible. To simply state that it's not part of evolutionary theory is a cop-out.
The simplest concievable form of life as we know it would require at least one strand of DNA or RNA. Simply put, the probability of such a complex molecule randomly coming together is nill. Even if by some freakish event such a spontaneous arrangement were accomplished, it would require the intricate protein/lipid structure of a cell to survive and reproduce.
To base an entire theory on such an enormously improbable event is ludicrous. Science follows laws of probability.

Mirabile Auditu #fundie evcforum.net

IF "it doesn't matter how it came about," then WHY do "EVOLUTIONISTS" (it seems that some of your friends can't countenance being called "Darwinists" for some strange reason, though many of them have no problem hatefully attacking others with pejoratives far worse, e.g. "fundies," and bible thumpers," and "flat earthers" to name but a few) almost universally argue pure naturalistim, devoid of "religious myths"? Are they wrong, or are you? While it is a simple matter for "EVOLUTIONISTS" to mock and ridicule the abject stupidity of "fundies," whether or not they even have a religion, it is inexcusable for practitioners of what is supposed to be PURE and OBJECTIVE "SCIENCE" to be so inconsistent.

WS-JW #fundie evcforum.net

IP Logged
One thing i've not heard an answer to by evolution is where the food came from? Every creature needs food to finance it's energy usages. We humans have all the "keys" to open up all the different foods we eat and get the calories out. Thats how it works, on a lock/key kind of mechanism because burning the food won't get the calories out. how did all this food suddenly grow? This is a strong argument for design. These things need to be designed and won't arise by chance without a guiding hand over the lot. Isn't it also funny how alot of people enjoy eating food as God made a potentially annoying task of supplying ourselves energy and made it enjoyable?

answers on the evolution point of view would be appriecieated.

redstand281 #fundie evcforum.net

[Replying to 'You think that the cannibalism of the young and weak so a male lion can satisfy his lust is a Godly design?']Yes, it is a quality control. It helps to ensure the strongest of the species breeds its genes into the gene pool, thus helping the created creature kind to have a greater chance at existing longer. I think this makes an aweful lot more sense than any of these scenario's you fella's are trying so desperatly hard to imagine.

nemesis juggernaut #fundie evcforum.net

The begging question is how nature was able to simultaneously, or nearly simulatnaeously, evolve a male with fully operational sex organs, evolve a female counterpart with fully operation sex organs that just so happen to be perfectly compatible, and be placed within the same locality that they could find one another, and for nature to give them the understanding that they must mate in order to create progeny, all in one felled swoop?

halcyonwaters #fundie evcforum.net

[Here's why Genesis should be taken literally or not at all]

Actually, creationists avoid the God of the gaps argument. That's why I reject Evolution being put into the Bible. The more Man tries to explain the world without God, the more the Bible must fit Man's ideas -- thus becoming a God of the gaps.

Zephan #fundie evcforum.net

[On the evolutionary origin of birds]I say fish. Look at the penguin who swims in both degrees of the firmament! Some species of birds actually fly in both water and air. To me, that's alot more persuasive argument than dinosaurs evolving into birds.

christ fanatic #fundie evcforum.net

Evolution is a framework in which all evidence is interpreted (as is creationism) and if there is evidence that does not fit into the model, then the model must be modified or rejected. In relation to evolution, there has to be an explanation of how the magnetic fields of the planets have lasted for billins of years. This where the dynamo (and Mercury) come in. Mercury is an odd planet, in that it has a magnetic field where the dynamo theory says it shouldn't. What I'am asking is if I've done my homework right, and if not, explain how evolution does account for the magnetic field of Mercury.

Carico #fundie evcforum.net

Mutations are merely aberrations that cause damage to existing cells. Otherwise, again, scientists would simply leave cancer cells alone to mutate into helathy ones, but they don't. Therefore, again, evolution is a figment of the imaginations of men which many, many scientists are now claiming. You can find them all over the web.

WS-JW #fundie evcforum.net

Evolution hasn't been proven at all. Anyone who knows quantum theory knows it's impossible. Things go in leaps, theres no gradual move into another species. people who learn this evolution fairy tale in school hanve to unlearn it when they come to do quantum theory. Then they realise that 2 + 2 does not equal 5.

Lysimachus #fundie evcforum.net

You're really out to destroy creation, when you know very well that it is gaining the edge every day as we approach the endtimes.

Evolution will be dead within the next 10 years. That I am certain of. Mark my words.

The evidence is slowly surfacing, and pretty soon all evolutionists will have to eat humble pie.