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The Yiddish Khazar Ashkenazi(the Ashkenazic peoples might not have been Khazar after all) “Jews”, originally the Phoenicians/Babylonians/Canaanites/The Pharisees, ARE in fact disgusting inbred criminals who represent a small but distinguished and very noticeable minority of parasite world influence. HOWEVER, the most powerful of all the dark force-empowered secret societies and age old political, religious or military establishments on this clown world of a planet is BY FAR The Holy See(The Vatican, The Papalcy, The Roman Catholic Church). All roads lead to Rome and always have.
In this video i want to take a last look at genetic Trans-Humanism, a subject that ties in with the Mark Of The Beast and attempt to pull the strings together. Satanic Trans-humanism, Trans-genderism and Transformation are ALL linked to form the Post Human condition. They can’t be separated. They are ALL attempts by MAN to bypass or subvert God’s methodology for salvation in order to SAVE themselves. In fact it is the ATTEMPT by man TO BECOME ONE WITH CREATION rather than the CREATOR! God and his Intelligent Design gets factored out in favour of Spontaneous Generation of all Life and Evolution. Once again it is the godless belief that Something can emanate from Nothing.
This is a total abrogation of the Creation reality we experience and a blasphemy of the truth. This is what drives the Jesuit UN Agenda 21 for Global Sustainability. It’s nothing less than the worship of CREATION. Did you know that the automatic Structuring designed by God into Nature such as the initial hexagonal phase in DNA formation is being replicated by the Jesuit science Cabal in nano technology with the Self Assembly of carbon nano tubes comprised of a similar arrangement of materials? That’s right. It’s ALL in the INJECTIONS! Satan is re-engineering ORGANIC mankind and TRANSFORMING it; even REPLACING it with a Bio-SYNTHETIC mankind using nano technology.



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