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On March 11, 2021, the State Board of Education unveiled the new 60-page proposed K-12 “health” curriculum. It was comprehensive – and alarming.

The outrage by parents across the state was swift. One week later, NFFV released a five-page list of the obvious “red flags” in that document.


NFFV began spreading the word and meeting with parents across the state. At one NFFV workshop, parents met with Mark Bonkiewicz, the NFFV leader, to ask what they could do. Mark worked closely with them to form Protect Nebraska Children Coalition (PNCC), a group specifically focused on organizing parents on this issue.

Protect Nebraska Children Coalition gathered over 20,000 Facebook members in four short months. Together with NFFV, they became a major force in the battle!

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That day, when people came to hear President Trump at the Ellipse and then rally at the Capitol, there were no barricades around the building, no police cars, and almost no police in the area at all. In fact (as has been well-documented), doors leading into the Capitol building were mysteriously unlocked and in some cases security police held them open for people to enter.

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Arthur: But that’s what drag queens do. Drag entertainment is heavily connected to alcohol and drug use. They engage in sexually explicit acts – that’s the whole point of “drag.” Why are those people presenting to kids?

Arthur: Would you allow your children to be around drag queens?

Library Director: Yes.

Arthur: You’re pushing an agenda here on kids to engage in behaviors that are harmful to them. You do realize that?

Library Director: I’m not sure I agree with that. But I appreciate that’s how you feel. So thank you for sharing.

Arthur: You are the Library Director, and are allowing a Drag Queen, a sexually explicit entertainer, pushing this perversion on children.

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It’s time to stop being silent about the FACTS*

You’re only getting the “politically correct” version about homosexuality. Here’s what they’re NOT telling you. Homosexual behaviors are associated with much higher rates of:

• Diseases: HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, liver cancer, HPV,
syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis, herpes,
meningitis, tuberculosis, and multi-drug resistant
infections, etc.

• Mental health problems: Suicide, depression and
anxiety, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking,
obesity (women), etc.

• Destructive behaviors:, Domestic violence,
promiscuity, sadism, etc.

• Shortened life, especially as a result of HIV/AIDS (even
with the new medicines).

No one is “born that way.” There’s no scientific evidence. In
fact, the world is full of people who have been healed.

Don’t be intimidated by the propaganda. Yes, silence
DOES equal death! Stand up and tell the truth.

*Sources: Center for Disease Control (CDC); The Lancet; Gay and
Lesbian Medical Assn; Fenway Guide to LGBT Health.

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(on why they lost the DOMA/Prop 8 cases at SCOTUS)

We are reluctant to sound unkind to the pro-family legal people who worked hard on these cases. But this is such a horrible outcome that something must be said.

Both of these cases suffered from an unaggressive and short-sighted approach that bordered on incompetence. The pro-family side did not present a credible case in either of these cases. They were deathly afraid that telling the truth about homosexuality might offend someone. By not effectively countering the absurd arguments and assumptions by the homosexual movement, they made it easy for the judges to rule as they did.

In the Federal District Court case in 2010 the homosexual lobby's lawyers bombarded the court with their well-honed talking points on "marriage", "family", the welfare of children of same-sex couples, and the like. They portrayed same-sex "marriages" as natural constructs that conservatives don't happen to like.

But as we reported at the time, the pro-family lawyers refused to consider using the medical and psychological dangers and moral issues surrounding homosexuality as counter-arguments. Instead they came up with soft arguments like "every child needs a father and a mother." In fact, the lawyers on our side accepted California's civil union law, which allows homosexual "parenting," as a legitimate compromise. This made their "mother and father" argument impossible to defend.

The handling of the case was so bad that the Federal District Court judge -- the "out" homosexual -- rebuked the pro-family lawyers for the lack of evidence they presented! It was almost as if the judge had no choice but to rule against us, based on what he had to work with.

When it got to the Supreme Court, it was no better. Our lawyers gave no credible reasons why same-sex couples should be treated differently, nor did they point to the immorality or destructiveness of that "lifestyle".

The DOMA case was even worse. Issues such as the morality of homosexuality, the perversion of the behavior itself, the absurd "equality" of homosexual relationships to heterosexual relationships, the bizarre effects on children having "two dads", and the overwhelming medical and psychological problems associated with homosexuality were the underlying reasons for the law's original passage. These are all legitimate issues. But the pro-family lawyers were afraid to use these arguments.

Thus, the Justices accepted the premise that homosexuals are a "class" of people who are born that way, and that there is nothing immoral or perverted (or destructive) about that behavior.

The cowardly nature of the pro-family movement has wrought terrible consequences and continues to be a huge problem. The DOMA case represents the tip of the iceberg. This unwillingness to address the underlying issue of homosexuality itself -- the behavior, its associated health risks, the profound moral issues, and the "born gay" myth -- gives that movement free rein to continue its march through our institutions.

As comfortable an argument as it is, we must stop deluding ourselves that this war is about the definition of marriage or children needing both a mother and a father. It's a bare-knuckles battle about truth versus lies that we cannot afford to continue to lose.

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Just the opposite of "safety"

On the issue of safety, it's the liberals here who are causing the pain and misery.

The truth is that this Planned Parenthood "comprehensive sex" approach doesn't work. In the long run, when you give out condoms and tell kids that "safer sex" will protect you, more kids get diseases and pregnancies, not fewer. It's essentially telling kids to play Russian Roulette.

And worse, these are authority figures giving kids the message that they don't have to have self-control or be responsible. Everyone knows that condoms are available in any drug store. If, in the eyes of the liberals, kids are too "irresponsible" to buy them, they are too irresponsible to use them. It simply doesn't work.