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If I'm mixed black white how will I do with japanese girls?
is there any hope?

Japanese girls have melanin receptors inside their vaginas that are wired to distress neurons. Basically, the more melanin your body has the less pleasurable it will be, which is why Jap girls prize white men (especially gingers)

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Lesbian porn is a sign of a beta-male

While watching any kind of porn is already pretty pathetic there is nothing worse than a straight guy watching lesbian porn.When a person is young and watches lesbian porn they do so because they are too unfamiliar with the concept of sex to imagine themselves doing it.However if a grown man watches lesbian porn it indicates that
1:He's so insecure that he can't even imagine himself partaking in physical contact with a female.
2:Hes fine with allowing his mate have sex with another potential mate pointing to a cuckold fetish
So if you watch lesbian porn you need to either change your ways or accept yourself as a beta.

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I agree that radical feminism isn't the only reason why men and women are drifting apart, but it certainly isn't helping. Right now there are very few intellectuals trying to constructively solve the problem of the male-female divide. Instead radfems are doubling down on their rhetoric disguised as discourse and ultraconservatives are dragging out the corpses of dead patriarchal movements. The two feed off each other

You're in accord with the chick who wrote the paper! You think she likes fat obnoxious dykes any more than you do?

I don't know what her opinions about obnoxious dykes are, I do know that someone who is still bleating about patriarchy in the West is seriously behind the times. The only ones who even care about enacting patriarchy are people reacting to feminist overreach.

Creepy rapists on tinder and in positions of power do not constitute a patriarchy, it's a completely different phenomenon that right now feminists are failing to apprehend and discuss intelligently, hence why they continue to alienate the masses of men who actually do care about women

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If you look at her this way she kinda resembles this fiction character

Whatever helps you sleep at night, I'm sure she'll fuck you someday for posting in her defense

muh pol

My post did not have political stuff, I'm pretty sure you're just trolling at this point, no one can be this delusional and autistic, so I'll leave you with a conclusion. She looks ugly as a sin with that dyke hairstyle, and you're a fucking retard for whiteknighting a girl who probably looks at you like a walking moneybag. Eat shit

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ITT: how to take an innocuous comment about 'a good guy' and treat it like a gender/social issue

It's funny; I could see this whole conversation going down almost exactly the same for any number of issues.
>we need a black woman
>we need a gay
>we need moslem
Like nigga, it was just some dude hoping out loud that Sparks's coltfriend wasn't gonna break her heart. Chill. Nobody even said anything about 'token diversity' until someone brought it up just to counter-signal.

Tbh I'm getting sort of an anti-male, angry lesbian vibe out of this place lately. With all the extream triggering caused by the notion of gays on this board recently too. H-have we been invaded by horse-straight dykes or something?

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Lesbians may be cute, but for every lesbian out there there is a heartbroken boy who cant get laid. No wonder that boy from their class remained a background character forever since in any realistic setting he would have fallen in love with the dyke, as she is the only girl around who is not related to him.

in reality lesbos are disgusting dykes being into shit like social justice, slutwalks, military/police, punk-music etc.

only males with fetishes want scum like that anyway.

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This op turns me off. Lesbians used to be hot, but feminism ruined them for me

In what way?

When he realized half of them, or more, are only dykes playing at being into each other because they hate real men, hate femininity, yet also want to be men.

The other half are curious girls pulled into abusive relationships by the self-hating man-dykes.

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>"There is an interesting thing about being of the female gender. It’s that if you don’t choke on a dick at least once, then odds are you either aren’t trying very hard or you need a new boyfriend."
I think I see the problem here. Fucking dykes can't take a dick sucking joke these days and thus we live in an age where comedy is dying.

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your parents were normies, one was an evil female and one was an evil normie male. There's nothing to love in them and they don't love you because you're not chad even though their genes failed you. The female psych is wretched and loves the misery of the incel, of the male, it hates man but loves sadistic chads to the point of only wanting to breed with this devil archetype male. The ancient hebrews were right in their story, females love the devil and men simply want females so we are trapped in a cycle that only something like religion could control. Women are like jews though, they play both sides of an issue, they are considered a special class and try to hurt males when they can or simply exclude them from society.

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Fuck off, feminist. We are the counterculture by telling you to fuck off. We aren't your safe space or your white knights. We aren't your "Norm-critical" facebook group full of SJWs. Yes, your cancerous dykery might have made lesbianism look bad, and you may have pissed off a lot of people, but do you really think we'll stop considering you an idiot if you get normies doing it, too?

You lost the election, you lost America, you lost the culture war, and your cancerous cult's days are fucking numbered.

I look forward to laughing with my kids as they ask if you really were that stupid.

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>"Uh Anon you said want to come inside me, right?"
>"I'm sorry, I'm just not into that kinda thing"

Good thing I wasn't asking.

I can see it in your face that you are lying.

no one asked you for your opinion, now turn around and show me the hole thats not spurting useless shit at me you fucking dyke

I know you want to be raped Dashie, all you have to do is ask.

heres 100 bits now bend over and take my seed bitch!

i'll let you into the wonderbolt academy if you let me.

That's alright. I told Scootaloo it was how you liked to have sex, so I don't really need you anymore.

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You know you're right, I think having that type of thing in the show would serve to illustrate the downfall of letting children be raised by unnatural families.

Although I'm aware that personal experience isn't fact, this always seems to be the case from what I've seen. Especially with lesbian parents and male children.

Grew up with one of these kinds of kids, and he was particularly fucked. Never really had a supportive father growing up and his mothers certainly didn't help with his emotional development.

As a result, he grew up sexually confused trying to emulate his parents and became very spiteful because of it. The only people who hung around him weren't exactly what I'd call tard wranglers, but rather, they wanted to be the last ones he shot the day he decided to go postal.

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So as you know Mike Vogel I guess confirmed that Scootaloo's "aunts" are pretty much dykes.

Honestly I'm not too worried about conservative backlash from right-wing family groups that will bash on Hasbro for this decision (this is kinda inevitable and do expect something like this to happen very soon).

I'm more worried about how the fandom itself will react. Obviously you have the /pol/acks that will scream "muh degeneracy". But a lot of people here will probably fail to take into account are the autistic SJW larps that will see this as some victory for social justice. (Wow, gay characters in a children's toy franchise. How stunning and brave of you. I mean you could help kids in Africa get access to food. But first world problems are more important.) I mean honestly if Hasbro decides to continue with this then eventually this fandom which is already seen as cancer by many will be seen as a stage 4 tumor just like the Steven Universe fandom or the worst case scenario the Rick and Morty fandom because of all the autists that will sperg out and show off how they are such a high IQ "intellectual" for watching a kid's T.V. show about magic equines.

I mean if you're happy that Hasbro is doing this then good for you and more power to you. But the way I see it if Hasbro and the show's staff aren't careful then there's a really good chance they will find themselves in the same awkward position as the freaking writers that work on Rick and Morty.

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Fags like to pretend that anything relating to rainbows "represents" them.

I really don't get why fags would claim any connection with Rainbow Dash. Yeah, she can be a cunt at times, but she has some fairly healthy relationships with others, unlike fags or dykes.

>inb4 the QIDF shows up and starts proclaiming that they're just like everyone else and not a bunch of mentally ill deranged degenerates

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Fuck the lesbians, they ain't shit. I fucking hate them. They're fucking faggots. Since I was teen, I fell in love with Rainbow Dash, I loved her, she was beautiful and sexy, she was my true love. But now fuck her. I hate her now, she's a cunt. I hope she dies and other dykes too. And fuck Applejack, the dumb orange redneck bitch. Rainbow Dash should go with me, not these bitches. I deserve her. I don't need her. I going to kill all the lesbians. One day I'm going to have revenge and kill all the lesbians and torture them brutally. Fuck women, they don't love men. All females are bitches. They think they're superior but they're not. And FUCK FEMINISM, I'm going my own way. Fuck my life. And I hate my mom she is a abusive bitch.

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>loves sports
>likes to play sports
>likes to work out
>isn't in to super girl shit
>Huuurrrr she mus be lesbun!!!1 XDDDD

>a massive cunt
>likes manly things
>rainbow mane, universal symbol for homosexuality

I'm not trying to say she is a lesbian, but I can see why so many people love to ship her and portray her as a carpetmuncher.

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Why does Rainbow Dash get so mad easily?

Because nobody is fucking her.

cause she is an ADHD bitch
never liked this cunt horse, never will

Well it could be her high insecurity, or low self esteem
Or perhaps it could be some weird daddy issues.
But I think the most likely reason of all is that her penis is too small____________________

She's a lesbian who denies the fact that she is a lesbian, despite the obvious fact that she is indeed, a lesbian.

she's a cunt

Stupid dyke just needs a dicking.

Cause she has a small penis

She is a bitch

She doesn't want to let anyone in. She's afraid it'll hurt

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Are pegasisters as degenerate as bronies, do they masturbate to ponies too? Or it's normal that grown women like ponies since that's what their childhood maybe was about? Is it normal for a grown up women to be a mlp fangirl? I thought its fine to see women like mlp, but I was told that apparently its also weird, but not as weird as bronies.

There aren't any actual girls in this fandom, anon.
All of them are either dykes, traps, or just tagged along with their boyfriends.

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The less we have to do with women, the better.

This, women are like jews 2.0
>scream at you and get you in trouble when you tell them an inconvenient truth
>greedy for money
>they lack basic moral understanding and the concepts of honor or duty

I can't wait until we have artificial wombs

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He's right you niggers, we have always had a high tolerance for the degenerate side of the fandom because there aint nothing like a good nut, but most of us have always been right leaning, especially after GG and all that shit years back that happened.
You'd be a fool to think that cross-posting doesn't happen here, the /mlp/ board population came from somewhere, it didn't just get shat out by Satan in 2010 and there are very few "liberal" boards on this hellhole of a website.

Pic fucking related you metaphorical homos.

Encouraging lesbianism in children is a very bad idea, just like sodomy, and gender disphoria and regular sex and every other form of obscenity under the sun.
Pull your heads out of your non-metaphorical asses and remember that this is a kids show.

Save your pussy hats and latex for the fucking parades and leave normal people alone and they won't hate you as much.

Screwed-Up Sensibilities Award

Lesbians are icky, but bestiality is hot!

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I fucking hate this
Id be fine with straight ships even, but the thought of shipping the mane 6 who were supposed to be friends angers me. Especially when its the character that was also supposed to be the antithesis of 'lol tomboy must be lesbian' thing
I guess that in the end my expectations really were subverted

exterminate all dyke scum

the writers could've just ended the show without jamming in any politics and/or SJW virtue signaling, but they just HAD to achieve retard critical mass at the last second

it's also extremely offensive to both straight and lesbian tomboys, if you remember that one Faust post from back in the day

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We should be ourselves, anon. Let's not turn this into pretending we're someone who we're not, or this will get boring quickly.

Let's act like we're girls, but ones who behave the exact way guys do.

This. It's as simple as that.

/mlp/ has always been almost all female, and just because we're no longer afraid of being "girls on the internet" doesn't mean we should change our culture whatsoever. Really, the only thing *is* pronouns and such.

Honestly, I don't see the fun in that. We should behave exactly as guys do, in a way, such as what you see on /r9k/ femanon threads. Different, but the same.

No, you fucking stupid dyke, do not change our wonderful /mlp/ culture to that pathetic cesspool.

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>you will never mount a struggling, angry Rainbow Dash
>get a little into it and hurt her
>leave her broken and oozing in a pathetic pile somewhere
stupid dyke gets what's coming to her. bonus if her friends don't support her and suggest she deserved it. or, better, should be thankful she finally found a stallion

That sounds hot as fuck anon, It'd be hot to break a spirit of some one who's so cock sure iwth a cock

>if her friends don't support her
>or, better, she should be thankful
Or if they don't understand her problem. Like everypony knows Rainbow Dash's ... tastes in company ... but now it's like wow! Now you don't need to suffer through your estrous cycle now you have a stallion to help you out!

So now you can pretty much drag her out of the sky, wrestle her to the ground and empty yourself into her whenever you like, and her friends will scold her for not appreciating the help she's been given.

>Rarity has had enough of Rainbow Dash 'failing to appreciate her stallion'
>a white hoof, secure in that awful butch manecut, forces Dash's head lower
>damp heat embraces you as your length sinks easily into the dyke's throat
>soft whuffs of air are the only protest you hear, followed by strangulated gags as you flare
>Rarity grins, pushing her down another half-inch and gently rolling your balls with her other hoof

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Do women actually engage in the fandom or use this board. It seems like a least 95% of people who call themselves apart of this fandom and just about any other fandom are male, and most who identify as female in the fandom end up being mtf of role-players

Why are there so few women in this and other fandoms. What are you thoughts.

Do dykes and landwhales count?

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>"Face it anon."
>"I'm a lesbian."
>"No matter how hard you try, you can't change who I am."

Sorry I can't hear you with all the

That's now what you said when you had my dick in your mouth last night

>proceeds to rape until she likes the dick
this is the only way out for a scum sucking lesbian

Maybe I won't, but a load of buckshot can you disgusting carpetmuncher.

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Every mare here is a dyke it seems. Fucking degenerates.


One stallion, multiple mares. As nature intended.

It disgusts me that almost all of the Elements of Harmony are disgusting dykes, even the Princess apparently has sexed up her fucking ENEMIES.

Disgusting. Mares and stallions go together. Not mares and mares.

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Would you consider men who have been "sowing their wild oats" when they were young, and then settled down with a loving wife, to also "have their cake and eat it to"?

That’s different, anon. We’re talking about manipulate bitches that cry “misogyny” when you call them out for being a bad person. They feel entitled to everything, and they use their tits and ass get whatever they want in the world. It’s the reason some of them turn lesbian, because women know they don’t need men to have fulfilling lives. Good girls, that actually just like people in general and don’t really look for money, and want to better humanity, will just take dick and make the relationship mutually beneficial instead of trying to gold dig and honeypot everything out of you. They’re leeches, anon. They suck emotional, physical and financial health out of you and they just want your dick and wallet. Once they have it, they abandon you because 30 other guys will offer her just the same or better. Not even talking about straight gold diggers, but just bitches. As Kanye West once said, “One good girl is worth one thousand bitches.”

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Because women divide men into 2 categories.
Men they want and men they do not want.
They tell this bullshit lies about love and commitment to men they do not want,so they can kiss the dirt they step on,while they fuck the guys they want.
They are natural born manipulators and they want to hang the men who figure them out so they call them mysoginistic pigs.
Just like jews bash people who deny holocaust,calling them antisemitic.
Women are like jews,just great manipulators,so that why they get away with everything they want.

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How can you talk about lesbians without talking about the statistically highest rates of intimate partner violence out of literally any pairing? The lowest rates are in m/m pairings, m/f is in the middle, and f/f have the highest rates of violence and abuse.

Frankly, I'm amazed it took this long in the thread to talk about lesbian bed death.

In the end homosexuality of any kind shouldn't be promoted by a civilization because it does not reinforce the family unit. A stable, functional society absolutely depends on the stability and quality of the family unit in order to survive. Families are about raising children.

I don't think it's the main force destroying society, but it's one of the cuts where the blood loss is coming from. There's not even any ill will here, it's just a basic sociological analysis. Conserving and building on the civilizational assets we all collectively own is critical for long term success.

All dyke or gay shipping in the fandom is trash.

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Why do everytime when I see a pic of Rainbow Dash with a lesbian partner making love for each other I always feel so angry, feels so crazy inside my heart and I wanted to listen to some love/breakup songs and other music. Why do I always wanted to listen to love/breakup songs and heavy hype music when I feel cucked that my gf Rainbow Dash go with a fucking dyke?? Why this shit always happen to me??

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I despise lesbianism. When I was in the Navy I was expecting to run into faggots but the cliche was half true only most of the gays in the Navy were Lesbians. All off them were raging feminists and tom boys, they knew they couldn't make it in the Army so the joined the least demanding service. They formed gangs on board ships and even in shore establishments and would turn straight women into dykes. Even destroy marriages. They all knew each other too. Some of them were very militant and protective of each other, if we ever went out ashore in a foreign port they would try and pull all the straight girls away from us guys and go to another bar so we couldnt hit on them.

Literally saw this on the locker of one of the girls.
Theres nothing worse then a woman who keeps her snatch away from men out of spite. None of them are actually gay they just hate men. The ugly ones cant get dick and despise for rejecting them and the hot ones are straight bitches who think that because their uncle fingered them their prime teen pussy that all men are potential rapists.

Lesbianism is a lifestyle and ideology, faggotry is just men who like cock.

Its a shame we cant burn them anymore.

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This is tragic but natural. We're in the age of the fall of men, OP. There's no crime in feeling wronged by the traitors and dykes who wish to see us extinct. Sure, we have many a spy and sex traitor in today's /mlp/, who have come to our last bastion to finally break us, but is that not just a good reason to finally push back? We're men, we're warriors and lords, we should remember that. We'll be seen as animals who must be put down anyway. If nothing else, don't you want to get your money's worth?
Let's secure the survival of our brothers. This man-hating world may have damned you, but you will always have my blessing.

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Only subhuman faggots love a shitty weekly waifu meme. Unlike this furfag waifu, rainbow dash is pure.

RD is a fucking dyke with an unwashed crusted up cunt. I'll take my beautiful, pure, underaged dragon waifu over that cuntmuncher any day.

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Sometimes they accept you for who you are until the moment you take it "too far." Once you bring up things like marriage or whatever else happens to be the puritan heresy of the month, they lash out harshly against you. They accepted you and tolerated you as a second class citizen, how dare you breach your station and ask for rights you shouldn't have, et cetera.

How dare they care about their families, and want to their line to continue! How dare they fear for their daughters safety, as lesbian relationships have the highest incidence of domestic violence, how dare they think there are things in life more important than what makes your genitals tingle.

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Scootaloo's Lesbian Moms

Thoughts, anypony?

God, I want faggots and faggot pushers dead.

>being raised by lesbians aunts turn you into a filly that almost kill herself to get some acceptation
>being raised by a normal straight family turn you into an element of harmony and future ruler of a nation

Sound like a great lesson

Lol, the first gay couple HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING THEIR FILLY FOR YEARS. God, I hate faggots. They should never be parents. A child needs a caring mother and a STONG father figure, not a fag that literally bends over for cock in his ass.

It's really funny how the kid with the progressive family is always the weird one in the group

>no dad and mom and being raised by lesbians create a bad child
>no dad and mom and being raised by a normal heterosexual family create a good child
what a fucking surprise

I want to lynch every fucking kike pushing this degenerate bullshit everywhere even in goddamn kids shows

>One is fat and the other is ugly.
>Same sex couple.
Its true. Mlp is based and redpilled when they aren't even trying to be.

>degenerate parents
>crippled kid

>That disgusting faggot openly admits to shoving sodomy into MLP.
>People still pretend he isn't a cancer on par with the toys hasbro forces into the show.
Post the picture of him in drag at a faggot bar spreading HIV, and tell me he's a good writer who's helped FIM.

the show is subtly redpilled as usual.

Gay parenting is bad.

>the ONLY lesbians in equestria are also easily two of the ugliest mares in the show
really makes you think

Scootaloo was brought up not only by lesbians, but by Australian lesbians.
Gee, no wonder she ended up being a cripple and an overall waste of episode screentime.

>deviant sexuality
>being normalized

Gays are a product of broader hypersexualization of literally everything; they have essentially built an identity around what amounts to a fetish and rallied support from broader society.

when do they force Scoots to become transexual?

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because of this thread i now know why lesbians are such angry cunts, sex for them sucks. the best they can do is rub their pussys together.
And if they want to feel penetration they need a dildo shaped like a dick, they exact thing the dont want because they are lesbo. Topkek.
Thats why faggots seem so happy they actually get to get fucked or fuck.

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Those northerners actually turned superior Roman tactics -- which they had learned from the Romans as hired mercenaries -- against the Romans. That, and the sheer numbers allowed them to ultimately destroy the empire. Not to mention a whole lot of other shit unconnected with race, like the fact that the Romans had stretched themselves too thin.

all of that is tied into race though, because the romans were stupid poopskins just like modern spaniards and mexicans are. The German Kaiser crushed them easily and created the First Reich.