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RageFuel I never asked to be born a sand nigger

My life is nothing but pain and misery, I'd rather have been born a cockroach. I hate how society has to make fun of me for not being able to get a foid to offer me her stinky roast beef flaps even though none of this is my fault, it is entirely due to my grotesque face. Oh Blackops2cel, if it is possible let this cup pass from me.

Do you believe that having brown colored skin attracts insects and other pests more readily than other types of skin tone?

idk, but it repels foids.

(The Cagot)

Move to a European country like France, Germany, Sweden etc... and you will literally be a Chad. Rap music in Europe heavily shills sand niggers.

White foids in France hate blacks and arabs, they very rarely date the best ones when they want exotism or look like cool. And Arabs hate Blacks, who knows why, so Blacks date Blacks, Arabs date Arabs, each race being socially and physically as far as possible from the others. Most Whites don't mix, and as most of the refugees and migrants arriving are male Blacks and Arabs, it leads them to an eternal sexual misery, forming gigantic waiting lines at La Jonquera brothels.

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I love him, but I told him I am going to fuck someone else. It has worked out great.

LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT A FUCKING CUCK AND WHAT A FUCKING CUNT Pays for onlyfans because his wife is cucking him :lul: Both parties deserve to be beheaded publicly.

Unrelated but I guarantee he's white.

Lol yeah 100%. That's why when rightwingcucks on this forum talk about the pride of their race they forget the fact that whites are legit the only population who KNOWINGLY get cucked by their wives and just accept it.

90% of cumskins here would willingly cuck themselves if they had the chance.

It's unbelievable really. If you told men a few decades ago that they would never father children, that they would masturbate for enormous money to whores that they will never physically touch while their wife fucks other men and refuses sex with them while working in a dead-end-job with no future perspective despite having the best CVs possible and this was even one of the better outcomes they would have totally gone postal in public, but nowadays this is deemed acceptable. Unironically there is no cure for the West.

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LifeFuel My mom's pathetic life makes me happy

she used to be hot stacy. she married to my father at age of 14, where she didn't know anything about chads. she was always kept at home , so later when she figured out that chads exist and my dad is not chad. she started cheating and dating chads. (side note : 30 years ago, marring to girls at age 12-18 was normal in my country , it's still legal and accepted in some states. Muslim fucktards believe that girls should marry early or they will end up whore.) she gave birth to me at 16, and later she didn't care about me, because she didn't love my dad. so she didn't care if i know that she is cheating. she kept bringing me with her in her dates when i was a 4yo 5yo boy. the chad kept fucking her but not marring, so she faked that she used protection pills and made baby and told him when it was too late on propose, he had no choice but to marry her, and guess what?! she was 30 and the chad was 19.

as she aged she got fat and fatter, lost her beauty and the chad lost interest in her cause she had a very shitty personality. she is ugly now, the chad left her and picked his kid with him too. he don't even give her money to live, me and my brother are paying her bills for 6 months now. she is alone af so far away from us in another city and in shithole that some wont even use it for their dogs. fat af and ugly af, alone af. i hope every stacy end up like my mom. it's just fascinating to think about it , girls get old and ugly soon. they all will experience how does it feel like to be unwanted. even if they have a husband who tell em " i love u " they know it's not for real because they are ugly and unpleasant when they are old. now she is at 40s , alone and rotting somewhere in a shitty basement. makes me feel good.

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Serious If women care about looks so much then why do they fuck dogs?

This question is harder than the secret of gravity tbh. Women cry all the time about how they can't even bear to look at ugly men and that its disgusting to touch them and that they're creepy and all this shit, but dogs are still MUCH uglier. They look completely deformed from years of inbreeding and humans fucking around with them. We men are not attracted to animals since they look like shit, that's why furries draw animals with attractive human traits (big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, feminine faces, etc) to be able to attracted to them, but can you look at a normal female dog and get aroused even in a millions years?

I honestly can't comprehend this shit, it's confusing and i really want an answer to this

That's just how low they see us subhumans, they rather go full degenerate and fuck an animal because they have more value for them than give a sub 5 man a chance

Yeah but how do they have more value if they're objectively uglier than us? This is contradictory to looks theory tbh

I know why. Dogs are easy to get. Dogs fuck when they want to fuck and no other time. Dogs would fuck them for as long as they want the dogs to fuck them. Dogs are stupid and easy to manipulate. Dogs are the ultimate simp. Dogs don't talk back. Dogs won't question them. Dogs won't pump and dump. They literally believe the dumb animal is loyal to them as a lot of people that think dogs are loyal.

lol the average man is much more cucked than you describe dogs and he still doesn't get shit

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RE: Serious Racial Discrimination in dating, does it happen to Whites as well?

yes , in Iran there is some states that are populated mostly by Turkmans, Turkmans look like Asians(Japanese, Chinese). Turkman girls are so attracted to non-Turkmans and our race (you can consider white), yet many of them rejected me, imagine how subhuman i am.

one of them actually liked me so i asked her out but then she said no and told me that i can't date non-turkmans and i can't even date, my father promised someone to give me to his kid. so i have a fiancée and plus i'm not allowed to have phone because i have a FUCKING MUSLIM TARD dad.(last part was added by me). i told her i will buy you a phone and telling her we don't need to tell anyone, and she kept running away from me and i followed her and talked to her and i kept standing in her way and she would change direction.

suddenly she stopped and told me no, i can't please leave me my dad will kill, if anyone see you talking to me my dad would kill me. and i was shocked, not about the things she said, i was shocked because i've been rejected by another girl at the same exact spot i was standing.

i didn't even listen to her anymore i just sit there on the ground and i was talking to myself out loud " what the fuck is wrong with me? at the same exact spot?! i'm probably talismed , yeah i'm talismed its unrealistic" (i was into talism shit back then, i thought someone spelled me, and that it's not possible to get rejected more than 100 times in a row. and she thought i'm crazy or sth and she left me.

and again FUCKING MUSLIM TARDS taking away one of my biggest chances with their stupid culture. I'm the king of rejection , my estimated record is 150-160 in real life and probably more than 500 over internet and apps like tinder.

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RE: LifeFuel brazil gamer finally rises up and kills femoid and films her dead body


Imagine if she was Twitch streamer and the murderer recorded this live for all her simps to see...


Just the thought is making a huge smile on my face.

I read a part of his manifesto. Nigga can barely write in portuguese and thinks he's a genius or something, he's clearly mentally retarded, should've killed himself, way better than shitzilian prisons.

He is also said to have sent a PDF with messages "of hatred against Christians and makes a nod to terrorism,"

First reports was that he was fucking her and after the sex he asked her help to kill some christian pastors, after she denied, he chimped out. Maybe is real, why was she in the house of some random nigger she met on the internet anyways? i guess he talking about killing christians to foids made them wet, but the foids always thought he was just an edgy larper

(trying to ascend)
He don't talk nothing with nothing, his ideas are totally disconnected from each other. He and the foid were planning to kill christians, and people are acting as the foid was innocent. He said he and his ''army'' could kill all the christians and it was better for them to obey him. JFL at thinking you can kill 90% of the population

And the foid already knew him since january, but on the day of the shooting, she refused to go with him and cancelled the pact they made, them he killed her. But I don't doubt he was doing this for fame and making foids wet, because he clearly not explained clearly reasons to justify his hate against christians, I read the book till page 30, and there is nothing justifying his hate

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Serious Racial Discrimination in dating, does it happen to Whites as well?

Now, I've seen countless discussions on how ethnic men get the shorter end of the stick (Which is true), however have there been any white men shat on due to their race? For example, You are a white male living in a neighborhood with mostly blacks, you go to a black school, have black friends, but when it comes to dating Women won't date you due to either being white (This can happen with any type of woman), or you not being a handsome white chad, therefore useless in their eyes. I am mixed but I look extremely white (To the point where some call me Cracker as a insult).

it all depends on looks.

Race is apart of your looks, Me and someone else actually had a very similar story on the subject, basically a girl he liked told him he was "too light" for her to date, despite him being black.

Maybe in a liberal 98% white town an average white guy might lose to a tyrone lite if foids want something exotic.

Well, I did give my situation out in the op, I don't think it is all that common, but it did happen to me and a couple of others I know.

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JFL Curry man obsessed over "blonde haired blue eyed" women

image image image

Imagine simping this hard, over any type of foid. Men like this chump are a big part of the problem.

Now if only he went to a white majority school. The blondes would have bullied the little currycel and he would understand his place

(Made in Heaven)

never understood the ethnic worship of whores that age at the same rate as the dogs they fuck.

Blonde hair, blue eyes are pretty, but Nordic phenotypes are still ugly as fuck. Anglo women start to look really busted around age 30

I don’t think he witnessed that those girls are jock/model chads only. The “personality “ he wants to experience will be his worst experience when he only gets rejection after rejection The amount of time he said blonde hair blue is annoying

Being obsessed with people of other race is schizophrenic. If he breeds with the women he obsessed over then his offspring would be stinky brown mess with black eyes and brown hair. Would probably look Pakistani or Iraqi or something. Obviously if obsessing racemaxxing becomes popular then more and more people will become half-breed brown mystery meat. Who are you going to obsess next when there's no Aryan goddesses?

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Slavcels, why is the slavpill so brutal to handle?

There are a lot of Slavs posting here and many of them had trouble accepting the slavpill at first, but would later take it and accept their bitter reality. Since then, a lot of posters admitted that taking the slavpill was extremely brutal. What exactly makes slavpill more brutal than the other racepills?

Why is slavpill so brutal to handle?
I used to cope thinking that I'm white and can do JBW game Votes: 13 39.4%
I used to cope thinking that Slavic women are more traditional Votes: 11 33.3%
I look like a stereotypical balding Polish in his late 20s Votes: 6 18.2%
I'm from an especially poor Slavic country Votes: 8 24.2%
I'm a mentalcel in Slavlands and it's absolutely brutal (I get bullied by Vladislavs regularly) Votes: 10 30.3%
Just don't be exotic in Slavlands theory destroyed me Votes: 6 18.2%
I used to think Slavic countries aren't that feminist Votes: 9 27.3%
The abortion, suicide, alcoholism etc. statistics Votes: 17 51.5%
The fact that a guy like Roosh could slay in slavlands simply because he didn't look like a Slav Votes: 11 33.3%
I'm not Slavic but slavpill is brutal even for me Votes: 11 33.3%
Total voters 33

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Venting How shallow the foids' world view is

Foids cry when men's sports are more profitable and male athletes make more money than whore athletes. Foids cry because of "equality" and "equity" and they believe foids are equal to humans. Humans make more money, foids cry and demand foids need to make more money too. So many foids dream about being a wonderwoman or some other empowering feminist (whorenist) figure. Foids often introduce themselves (on dating apps) by telling which degrees they have and from which university.

Pay attention to how one dimensional their demands are. Foids think money and respect rains from the sky and happens to only benefit humans. All of their demands are superficial and none of them are related to foids doing more to earn more money and respect. Whores think hard working humans are respected, not because of the dedication and effort, but because of their titles and social status which comes out of nowhere. Whores are so ready to tell they are "Yale grad" yet they work as some second assistant of an office assistant for some feminist newspaper as a diversity hire. Why does it matter that you graduated from a good university if you only act like you are working?

In short: Foids are so simple and retarded they believe money rains from sky and somehow only men benefit from that but soyciety can change the course of the money rain to also benefit women. Foids think titles and status exist for no reason and they pay no attention to hard work and effort. So many foids want pic related and be humans but what they actually do is be degenerate whores who do OnlyWhores and ride the carousel as long as they can while cosplaying as intelligent and respectable academics.

"We can do it, queens! Yay slay guurl! We are intelligent academics!" is the advertisement. Infertile degenerate whore is the actual product.

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Venting Hating women is perfectly ok and justified

What is the reason you hate someone?
you hate somebody when that individual did you harm.
you can also hate somebody because of their behavior. all people hate liars, manipulators, narcissists, etc. bad traits are what get people hated to begin with.
ask any normie you find in the street and ask him what he thinks about zoophiles. chances are he'll say that he finds them repulsive.
all the traits I mentioned above can be found in the average woman. the only thing women truly care about is their offspring, even that isn't always the case.
all women are manipulators from the highest order. nature made them that way so that they can survive. women keep lying about their situation although the chances of you living a comfortable life increases significantly if you're a woman. just marry a wealthy guy or open an OnlyFans account. easy money. men can't do any of that, and in order to succeed we have to work hard. all of that wouldn't be a problem, if women would shut the fuck up and not push envelope all the time about how "men have more chances" and shit. women contain all the negative traits every person hates and for some reason its a taboo to hate them.

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Our bluepilled Norman wants to enter the dating world, knowing that despite being 5'4" and balding, his sense of humor and a nice personality developed based on his feminist theory studies will make him a catch.


spoilerWhat do you call guys under 6 ft? Friends.
"This is very unsettling" he utters. Another profile loads up. image
spoiler6'4 and up is dreamy
"Surely I'm just being unlucky" he proclaims, but similar things keep happening. image
spoilerif you're below 6 feet/just want to hook up just do us both a favor and swipe left.

Norman's bluepilled beliefs get challenged. At a bar, Norman notices a woman drinking by herself. He checks his hair, proud of his brand-new $80 haircut, as good haircut is what makes a man attractive, not facial bones. Norman is not one of those incels who think women have sex on the first date. That doesn't happen in real life.

Some guy, much taller than Norman, shoulders wide and jaw huge, approaches them. "I'm Chad", he says. She is very responsive to him and forgets about Norman. Chad asks her whether she wants to come to his home. She agrees, following Chad like a puppy. Normas is left with a mouth wide open. He can't believe what just happened.

On his walk home, a group of young drunk women let out an audible "Eeew!" in his direction. Norman starts raging inside. He's straining his brain and performing mental gymnastics to justify all that happened tonight. There has to be a bluepilled explanation. In the end, he concludes that he just wasn't confident enough. Looks have nothing to do with attraction after all. He is sure that the right one waits for a good guy like him somewhere out there.

starcrapoo #racist #sexist incels.co

Inceltears, from what I can tell are just a bunch of whitecels denying JBW, pretending theyre not racist because they have some luck with ethnic foids. Also the foid members of IT are usually noodlewhores or black females, or really fat fugly BBW white foids. Actually, a lot of stormfrontcels have A LOT in common with the folks in IT.

Those groups ignore JBW because they know theyre guilty. Noodles, Curries, some latinas, and black females LOVE white males.

No one denies that the white race mogs the shit out of the other races. But the main difference is that ethnic males don't worship white females anywhere near as much as ETHNIC FEMALES (most especially white females) worship white males.

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"Life is unbearably boring, i feel lonely, isolated and undesirable" says a foid who has gone sexless due to lockdowns

Hmmm sweetie, you're not entitled to sex


spoiler'Life's unbearably boing': These young people haven't had sex in a year due to lockdown

'l feel lonely, isolated and undesirable'

Yikes hon! Sex isn't a need. Are you going to die without sex? No? Then just live with it instead of being entitled and pitying yourself

Have you thought about taking a shower and maybe, just maybe, treating men like human beings???

Welcome to my life bitch. Population : Suffering

Realistically she's just larping and exaggerating. Probably only a month without sex. Or sex with non chads

All the people they interviewed about this are women. Probably has to do with how, for the vast majority of men, going a long period of time without casual sex is completely normal and they've grown accustomed to it. this is only a big issue for women because sex is such a basic, essential, routine part of their life.

It's no different that wiping your ass for them Meanwhile tons of bluepilled men can't imagine a life where sex is a daily activity, they think it's normal to do nothing for years and get crumbs. They think it's normal to have a dead bedroom, a wife that has "headaches", that isn't "very sexual" etc

“Being 21 I feel like this is the time to gain sexual experience (and flaunt my body while I’m young). I miss being able to talk to my girls and hear all of their sex stories too, brilliant or awful. And just the excitement, anticipation and butterflies in your tummy kind of feeling from it all.”


HHAHAAH meanwhile i haven't even held hands and im told to stfu die in silence

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Hypocrisy Young girls upload hypersexual videos to tik tok without coercion and it's always the fault of a third party ...

How ‘supercharged catnip’ TikTok is fuelling the sexualisation of young girls and exploitation of teens

Look how are the same foids doing that by their free will: "There is concern owing to countless videos of underage girls detailing sexual experiences being uploaded to TikTok, as well as explicitly talking about sexual desires for their teachers."

"It’s become a magnet for paedophiles" lol serious? It's obvious that pedos will show up their asses with that type of content CREATED WITHOUT COERCION, BY THE FREE WILL OF THOSE YOUNG FOIDS...

This one is funny and hypocrite: "We've seen kids being groomed on TikTok , while other creeps take advantage of young girls posting sexualised content of themselves on the platform." Lol again, what normies expect? it's obvious that pedos would do that type of things. The easy solution is block that "app"(subversive degenerate comunist china inteligence tactic to undermine the west and rest of the world) BUT NO!!! WE HAVE TO GO AFTER THE CREEPS that want free shit or real shit proposed FIRST by those "angels" (young whores)

JFL as never is the fault of the foids. Never in the article is propposed to say to the parents: Don't allow your kids to use that app . Instead of that they propose to change settings in the app to avoid those situations.

GermaniaIncelia #psycho #sexist incels.co

why are these women in the situation that they are in? for example why are there in germany so many eastern women who get 'exploited' as sex workers? some guy or woman walked up to them and told them all sorts of flowery fantasies about how they could become models in germany. that they would be living the life! basically told them they could have it all without having to lift a finger if only they came with them to the west.

so they enter the vehicle, are transported here, their passports conveniently get lost (oops) and now they are trapped in a country whose language they don't even speak without papers. whose fault is that? don't these women only have themselves to blame for ending up in that situation? they abandoned the boring men and life at home and thought they could make fast money and live luxurious lives that they do not deserve. they just wanted everything handed to them on a silver table. if we are already honest with ourselves then let's be honest here too, it's because THESE WOMEN ARE PREDATORS.

Robtical #psycho #sexist incels.co

A woman in this situation is literally only fucking you because she has no choice. Going into it you know full well most of these women come from abusive homes, have been sexually assaulted since childhood, many have been raped as a child or teen (and are still raped to this day), many are working for a pimp out of fear, etc.

I don't feel sorry for those whores. Nothing is worse than inceldom, and they see no problems voting for more cuckesd laws and using our taxes to enslave us, so fuck those whores. Most of them have plenty of choices to not sell their used pussies, but they want the fast and easy money to buy expensive nonsense.

So you can either accept that you are a predator and demand/take what you paid for, or keep coping, keep lying to yourself, and get robbed like a pathetic cuck so you can cling to your ego.

I'll let the whore know that I understand she sees me as a predator, and I'm using my money to get her pussy, and I will knock her out if she tries to take my money. In my view she is the predator using her artificially inflated SMV given to her by soyciety to try and scam incels out the money they worked hard for.

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Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill?

Eastern Europe became a huge whorehouse after collapse of communism. You're not just competing with other Slavs but also with tourists and rich Western men looking for wives. Also Slavic women are bombarded with Western propaganda how local Slavic men are ugly and low value and how they should go for rich progressive foreign men. Slavic women also have the highest SMV on the planet and are attractive to literally every other race. If you live in an urban area of Slavlands where a lot of tourists and foreign students come it's very over for you.

What I noticed over the years as Slav in Slavland is that Germanic or Mediterranean (or overall western) looking Slavs always out preform Slavic looking Slavic.

Exactly. The Chads in Slavlands are either Germanic looking pretty boys in Western Slavlands and Russia (former Vikinglands) or Oriental-ish Turkish looking high T Chads in Balkans.

A western man 'ascends' because he is assumed by default to be richer then almost anyone in EE.

But they're not betabuxing. Who was Roosh betabuxing? Or other foreign exotic men who just come to EE to pump and dump? Or foreign students who don't even have jobs yet. Just don't be Slavic in Slavlands theory is legit. Roosh literally admitted that he was able to get women because he didn't look like a Slav.

Where are tons of ugly women is slavlands but best looking ones make it out of where in western world more often.

Most of women are unattractive (without make up) everywhere. But Slavic women probably look the best. The best way to confirm this is to look at female athletic teams from each country because that is the best sample of average, healthy (fit) women. Slavic women teams look by far the best.

nihility #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

RE: Serious Wtf is Slavpill

I honestly don't think Slav men are ugly. Maybe worse styling sure, but genetically uglier I do not buy.

It's always a greycel

Slavic governments are sending agents to post misinformation. They don't want people in Slavlands to know about the slavpill. They want them to be good obedient disposable slaves that go to useless slavwars.

op got banned right after making this thread. Thanks to the mods for keeping this site from the anti-slavpill propaganda

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

(Total Imbecile)

I think you're quite retarded to be quite honest... All Slavs I know are slayers (Yes, an anecdote, same as the gibberish you spout).

Yes and IT knows 4' 11'' indian janitors who get laid more than Brad Pitt, therefore the blackpill is nonsense

Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill? His competition is other slavs, Eastern Europe is almost completely homogeneous. I can understand the slavpill for slavs who live in Western Europe though. Similar to how it doesn't make sense to blame the currypill when you live in India among other currycels.

Thanks to dating apps the entire world is competing with LA and NYC Why would some third world girl settle for you when Jake Paul can fly her to his Beverly Hills house and fuck her

All except “I’m from poor Slavic country”. At least doesn’t have it nearly as bad as rest of Eastern Europe money-wise. But everything else checks out. Slavic genes are simply subhuman. Balding at young age, weird ugly faces (gift from mongol invasion). This combined with the fact that girls are really pretty here is pure suifuel. Oh and any foreigner has it 100x times easier than your average polack, bonus point if his skin is dark.

The slav pill is extremly brutal for me because I am part asian. I use to cope with the fact that I was "white" but slavs can be much whiter than I am yet struggle to get laid so its double over for me.

OverBeforeItBegan #dunning-kruger #psycho #sexist incels.co

9/10 the only reason a woman is a prostitute is because of circumstances outside of her control, some were even forced into that line of work by gangs, and as a coping mechanism they just continue that life as if to convince themselves "its my choice"

How can you be forced by gangs to do anything in a first world country?

Johns exploit whores in the same way that the rich exploit the poor, and get them to work for cents on the dollar, while they just live off of society and never work a day in their lives

"exploit". You're the one handing over a shitton of money. How are you exploiting anyone here?

JFL how can you ask a question like this?, are you saying gangs have no power in first world countries?

I really don't understand how a gang could have power over a woman in a first world country, especially western Europe or the US. Some shithole in Asia, sure, but explain to me how going to the police wouldn't solve that issue.

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.co

RE: Blackpill Men Who Get "Scammed" By Women Are Really Just Men Who Are Dishonest With Themselves (YOU NEED TO ADMIT TO YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE A PREDATOR!)

"Exploiting women," "predator" :soy:

"human trafficking"

I can understand using these terms ironically, but unironically? Really nigga?!


"human trafficking"

:lul: no, you're not exploiting her, because you paid the price SHE demanded for the service. if you paid the price and she didnt appeared, she scammed you and theres no mental gymnastics that will convince me otherwise

How is it not exploitation to take advantage of the fact that a woman in that state is fuck you for money?

because you didnt forced her anything. you are not forcing her to do something for you, these circumstances out of her control (poor family and living with gangs and shit) have nothing to do with you.


If you were born into such a household and your father had sexually asaulted you for years"

My father sexually assaulting me would be far more serious than a girl going through the same situation. I'm a heterosexual guy. This is a feminist false equivalency. Being raped as a straight men is FAR worse. Women commonly have rape fetishes and are meant to be fucked.

"Exploitation," is it, when paying a prostitute? Bullshit. No, foids exploit vulnerable, lonely men all the time, that's how it really goes. You are defending whores. You are a simp. I'm not an evil monster because I was born with shit genetics that foids have universally decided I should suffer the fate of sheer loneliness for.

U need to stop shaming us incels. Women exploit men all the fucking time but u wanna blame it on us. Women lead men on, get them set up all the fucking time.

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(NOTE: This is ThoughtfulCel’s parody of the poll from before)

RE: Serious Should black-pilled non incel women be allowed on the forum?



Same tbh. What is this site coming to? A few years ago you would be shit on by every user for even asking this shit.

Allow them if they are ready to fuck an incel

Absolutely not. It maybe could offer valuable insight (but we know everything already), but this place would turn into a lek over some bitches. Eggs should never be introduced into all sperm spaces. They will fuck up the dynamics in every community they enter.

No, there is nothing foids have to say that I want to hear, no thought of any value, nothing to gain by allowing it

What the fuck would that prove? I don't need a foid coming to this forum saying "yeah I wouldn't fuck you ugly males ever. Haha you're never getting pissy cause you're ugly and we don't have to ever settle cause there's a ocean of cocks willing to fuck us no matter what we look like".

(Dr. Dicklet)
Yes I'd like to abuse the fuck out of them, they wouldn't last long. Most of us are in agreement here and it can get a little boring

Honestly one reason it might be worth testing out is to see how many people here are cucks and orbiters, then ban them along with the foids, but besides that fuck no

Yes but only if they're trans

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.co

Blackpill Once women take the vaccine it’s over.

We all (I hope) know that the vaccine is unsafe at best and straight up malicious at worst, and like most social changes done by the NWO ) it will be the women (and minorities) who will be the foot soldiers of said NWO doctrine.

These 2 groups will follow WHATEVER the new agenda is. If it is dictated to stay in your house while a fake virus is coined up they will stay in their house and shame you for not. If it is dictated to kneel for some fucking monkey that died of an OD and resisted arrest you will kneel or these 2 groups will shame you. The vaccine will soon be the new agenda and because the puppeteers have made it so trendy.

Because of the amount of sway women have in society (being the gatekeepers of intercourse) if they take the vaccines all the soys will follow suit, especially if they start barring those without the vaccine from normie activities like clubs and etc.

55% of Single Americans Say They Won’t Go Out with People Not Willing to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Like on EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SOCIAL ISSUE, Kikes, papist elites, blacks/minorities, and women are combining to form a huge bloc with the first 2 as heads and the latter 2 as slave foot soldiers not unlike the orcs from LOTR, and of course the Anglo Teutons are LOSING in the face of the great reset (despite our future world being better for everyone than whatever future the semites want)

Lifefuel: this fucking monkey vaccine rap got a whole lot of dislikes which is based

Community Immunity 1: Let's All Get the Vaccine feat. Darryl DMC McDaniels

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist #wingnut incels.co

I like how you said "and minorities" but didnt mention whites as if whites arent the biggest slaves and puppets of the NWO and havent been for centuries.

Look at who votes who pal. Less than 50% of white men vote progressive, while 85% of black people do, 70% of white women, etc.


Jews want to get rid of whites because whites are currently the only competitor to Jewish domination and the last defence. You surely see the mass migrations Jews are pulling into the US and Europe right? Why do you think that? Surely you’re logical enough to see that and understand why. if whites were NWO slaves the NWO wouldn’t try currently eliminating white people. That’s why your astroturfed secret progressive talking point doesn’t fucking work; “whites are NWO slaves” but the NWO very very obviously hates white people??


I get youre going through a pol phase but ebentually you'll realize how stupid that shit is. You're a nobody incel, not even a part of that society anyway.

It’s not a social shit, it’s a “in 6 months if everyone gets the vaccine I will be forced to and will be such a minority nobody will care” Just because you want to be apolitical doesn’t mean everything being ruined won’t affect you. “you wanna know what’s based and blackpilled bro? Staying out of politics.” *6 months later* “oh wow there’s a current new order going around that requires us to house a 6’4 Congolese nigger that has an Iq of 85...man I wish I helped those guys protesting it 6 months ago!!”.

ThoughtfulCel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]

Yes Votes: 65 44.5%
No Votes: 81 55.5%

Why would someone admit to kissing a woman if they weren't intent on bragging. Why are you guys so hard pressed on driving this site into chaos? I find it funny that 53 people voted no.

Is that even a question. Jfl and 52 people voted for no

All "incels" btw. The same type of retards to whine about fakecels, chads, and normies, but give them an open platform to brag on. No hope left for here lmfao.

Those are the guys who have the same mentality as personalityinkwell and that other guy who received bj etc. People really show their true colors in these kind of polls tho, at least you know who is fakecel or not.

These people travel in packs. If one is let in, more will follow. This poll shouldn't even be a question, and yet all its going to do is draw more of these people in. This seems way too intentional to just be an oversight. Since this poll obviously is going to end in disaster for actual incels, be prepared for absolute shit over the next few months.

I prefered personalityinkwell's excuse of "they kiss me but won't have sex with me cuz I'm a bad breath cel"

“it could be the kiss was an accident” What's next? Penis inside vagina by accident?

Its always some outlandish situation that barely happens to anyone. Always some bullshit

It's like how foids try to legitimize abortions: what if it's rape?? What if the pregnancy endangers her life??? Meanwhile reality image

.14% :lul:

based_meme & ThoughtfulCel #conspiracy #sexist incels.co

RE: Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]


It's the 'ol, "whoops, I slipped and my cock fell inside her."

"Im totally an incel just like you guys!" Makes you wonder why these retards waste their time here

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THESE RESULTS? Make this fucking vote publicly visible. We need to see who the fakecels and cucks are. For all we know fakecels are letting their cliques know to create fresh accounts to vote. So that's it then? We're going to open the floodgates and formally welcome the fakecels in? The slippery slope I was worried about back in August/September is actually happening. Unbelievable. Who's next in line to join the forum? The slayer chads? Then who? The homosexuals and the women? Please, just shoot and kill this fucking forum already. Don't let it die from cancer.

Also there's a week on this vote so the results can still swing. If you know people who'd care about this tell them to vote on it.

This is the problem I'm talking about. We don't know who's voting and who their friends are who are voting. There could be a bunch of fresh accounts trying to swing the vote. The forum will then slowly inch towards something it would never approach in one leap.

Notice how he ignored what you said about us not knowing who's voting. Holding a public poll on this site that has fakecels nested inside of it is a retarded idea. Again, is this an oversight? Or am I as smart as Albert fucking Einstein to realize this

yikerinos #sexist incels.co

The girlfriends of your friends and relatives have been with thousands of chads already. It wouldn't make a difference if they shared them with you.

Yet they won't because they don't care about our suffering. They will keep talking about their girlfriends at every opportunity, knowing we don't have one, but you know they'd never share them and would be freaked out if we asked, even though she has been with thousands of chads anyway.

That's another reason to not have friends if you're incel. I already mentioned in this forum a few times, that I have stopped hanging out with my friends because it's erfuel, both hearing them talk about their girlfriends and dates and seeing couples when going out. Also friends are useless, I just need a gf.

But, to top it off, there's also this. Would it make sense for a homeless, malnourished man to be friends with a middle class guy who won't help him in the slightest and keeps talking to him about the BMW he's considering buying? Same for us.

Ik it's a cucked thing to do. If I got a gf I wouldn't want someone else to fuck her obviously. But, damn, if you think about it, she has been with thousands of chads anyway, what's the difference? And it'd be just one night and with their knowledge. If the gf doesn't want to, that's no excuse because they could just trap her into being locked up alone with you in the basement or something, and just fuck her without consent.

Arthas93 #wingnut #sexist incels.co

[Discussion] How I define a loser. Most Incels are not losers.

This is my answer to @SlayerSlayer post: How would you define a loser?

I think that everyone has his own definition of what a "loser" is.

A "social loser" to me is someone that has rotten morals. Like a corrupt politician, a greedy business owner, *criminals in general (*with the exception to "criminals" that broke any kind of cucked or unfair law).

For example JoePedoBiden declares that wearing a wristwatch is "racist white supremacy".
Then a guy wears it anyway, because he is tired of all the stupidity and madness, and he simply doesn't care anymore.

He is not really a criminal, he is a "criminal", nor is he a loser.

People that exploit the welfare system. Illegal immigrants, "rapefugees", parasites, people that abandon their country because "it was too hard, boohoo". They are all losers and parasitic traitors.

Chads, foids and cucks are losers. Chads and foids are losers because despite all the free shit they get they remain greedy, arrogant, cruel, selfish, liars, hypocrites.

Chad is a loser because even having all the respect and power he still allows degeneracy to happen. In fact he likes it, he enjoys the corruption. He enjoys that society and women became degenerates and only give sex to him.

And cucks are losers because they have no dignity.
Willingly becoming slaves, "if I lower myself enough If I betray everybody enough, the foids and Chads will let me eat their shit, and that will make me a better person than those INKWELLS!"

Cucks are the base of the pyramid that oppresses Incels. They are the biggest losers of them all.

I don't really see Incels as losers, unless of course you are a volcel.
Meaning that you have the opportunity and means to leave Inceldom, but because of stupidity or "autism" you are unable to.

Personalityinkwell #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Soy] [Story] I saw a guy at school wearing a shirt saying "I want to end sexual violence". Why are men so wiling to put their gender on the chopping block?

This guy was average face, decent muscles, but around 5'8. I see him in my class today and the back of his shirt says "I want to end sexual violence". How much of a simp can you be? You honestly think wearing that shirt is gonna make a difference? Fucking normies have to wear shirts that make all men seem like savage rapists. Does he think some girl is gonna see him and say "oh my, what a nice guy, he'll be my prince in shining armor!", and be able to get a girlfriend? The rape hysteria is ridiculous and he bit the bait hook line and sinker

Uglyme #conspiracy #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] Sudden infant death syndrome is bullshit, foids kill their babies

Foids are repulsive and heartless creatures who kill their babies just so they can keep fucking Chad. And our society is so cucked that they came up with that stupid theory that babies die all of a sudden in their sleep so that foids don't go to jail for that. Imagine this scene: the poor and innocent baby lying peacefully in a crib. The whore slowly approaching with a pillow in her hands while whispering "sorry, baby but Chad says he doesn't like kids"... And then it happens. The police are called. The questions. The whore is crying " I just don't know how it happens, my baby was just sleeping and now... I'm so devastated right now..." And that's all. Sudden infant death syndrome

She will never even got arrested because how dare you call a woman liar and criminal, you fucking misogynist asshole!

And they said we shouldn't hate them? It's a miracle that you had made it past your baby years boyos.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

[Venting] I’m sure every female teacher is a molester

I mean honestly. Every single foid teacher has fucked the chad students. There’s a reason most school teachers are women. They just wanna go there to fuck chad students. Even preschool teachers molest students who they know will physically develop into a chad. We hear more and more about this everyday. And honestly, with chads in school, I can assure you every foid teacher is a molester

and my sister is a schoolteacher yet she’s always been single. Coincidence? I think not!

@Robtical @JosefMengelecel @Total Imbecile

JanJegerTiger #racist #sexist #ableism #psycho incels.co

For the Great Reset to work, COVID-19 is needed.

Why we should embrace COVID-19?
There are a few reasons. This is why I do not wear my mask and would happily superspread this non-virulent virus everywhere because everyone out there in this soyciety is a fucking pussy.

1. Last year there were so many people, mostly millenials were complaining how the Boomers were the major cause of all of society's problems and that they should die already. [...] COVID-19 is killing off the old, killing off the boomers. People [...] should be embracing it by stop being a cuck, stop wearing a mask, and to spread the virus around to finally kill off the boomer population. It's time for them to go as we as a society needs to stop funding them and allocate that money to support the young.

2. It is killing off all of the one's who are truly not healthy in the slightest. These are mostly the foids & chads who are obese & overweight, drug users, already have a STD or a chronic disease brought on by their poor unhealthy lifestyle, and those who are jewish & non-white.

3. [...] The virologist, Gordon Amherst [...] is right about humanity. How humanity have become complicit in letting the old & weak survive as well waste resources for them to live while not helping those who need those resources.

4. I started researching into the Great Reset and applied Gordon Amherst's ideas among others philosophers and concluded for the Great Reset to work properly is to allow nature to retake it's course by killing off the old and weak. COVID-19 is doing that for us already and the lockdowns are doing that for those who complain all the time about not seeing their friends, not partying, and fearing becoming introverted. Suicide, fear, and COVID-19 have become our allies COVID-19 is killing off the old & the weak, the media driven fear is making politicians make shitty decisions that sadly isn't really helping anyone, including us but is driving the outgoing & extroverts insane. Whereas isolation is common among us because how this horrid soyciety treats us.

Boardwalkcel #conspiracy incels.co

[Discussion] Study shows 55% of singles consider it a deal-breaker if you dont get the vaccine


I'll start off by saying 55% is total bullshit and blatant propaganda..

We know how desperate Mid-Tier men are for female attention, I highly doubt any of them would genuinely consider a foid not getting the vaccine a deal breaker and I think we all know perfectly well that a Foid will overlook if Chad isn't vaccinated.

It's a stupid study, it isn't accurate and it was simply put out just to try and brainwash more normies into getting the vaccine.

Quarantined & ThoughtfulCel #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RageFuel Reminder that bullies get sex and relationships, while the bullied stay virgins

"Our preliminary research shows that they do have more dates but in particular the data is really clear for sex behaviour.

‘Bullies as young adolescents or as university students are getting more sexual partners and are less likely to be virgins than victims or people who are not involved in bullying.’"

The only way a non chad/chadlite can ascend is by bullying everyone, ie dark triad maxxing.

Its just amazing normies could publish these studies proving that the only way to get sex/gf (if your non-chad) is by exhibiting "toxic masculinity:,

yet turn around and make videos like this:

What Is Toxic Masculinity?

Kinda funny how toxic masculinity had no problem existing in a time when war was frequent, and death was just around the door for a lot of people, but now that everything's comfortable and hunky dory, its all of a sudden a bad thing to embody masculine traits.

If you need any proof that the idea of "toxic masculinity" is a farce, then look for its main stream female counterpart.

Oh wait, there is non. Wonder why

This right here is what happens when you give female's rights and embed the idea of "Toxic Masculinity, into the minds of the general population.


Gymcelled #crackpot #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RE: HALO EFFECT - Victimized employees are seen as bullies despite exemplary performance, actual bullies get a pass

No different than in school. People will try to rationalize a weak male that gets bullied but doesn't adequately "stand up" to the bullying as deserving of the bullying or accuse the bullied male of putting on a show for sympathy.

Yeah one of the biggest bluepill told to kids and teens is that people "grow up" and that life after school is different. Jfl people are the exact same after high school, the only thing that changes is the setting. And yeah feminists always bitch about "victim blaming" yet they never apply this to bullying

Me and other non NT ugly dudes got treated like shit while Normies soaked up praise despite not doing anything. It's damaging to be young and believe that you're worse than others, when it's usually the other way around.

I've read so many stories over the years. Low status men would do a lot of work yet any small mistake would be blown out of proportion. Meanwhile the popular people at the office can do major fuck ups and get a slap on the wrist.

In this life first impressions are everythinf. Your brain tries to find the shortest routes for assesing people, and something like the face is perfect. It's wo fucking brutal, man. These people take ONE look at you and fucking assume your entire life story jfl. But it's not like they're wrong when they see me and think 'KHHV' though

It was all gaslighting. These people drive ugly low status men crazy. They make them believe that everything they do is wrong, that they have an endless amount of work to do to be on the same level as some lazy normie who does nothing but act impulsively It's sad that some people will never realize that they were subject to gaslighting all their life

Diocel #homophobia #psycho #sexist incels.co

Venting We must not accommodate to other's ideas

Once upon a time conservatives were against homosexuality, and im talking about the people not the men of power, the voters not the parties, they said no to homosexuals, then, whith time they started tolerating them but still stood against same sex marriage, then they gave up, and now what ? "Conservative" applauds their parties talking about LGBFAGS rights, what is wrong people.

We can not let this happen to us, we must not accommodate to the people who wants us out of this game, fuck that, just fucking lol at those bitches who talk shit all day long about hating foids and society but then outside on twitter or whatever they pussy out and say shit like «actually we don’t hate women we are just lonely guys», fuck that, someone asks you if you hate women? «damn right i do» is the only acceptable reply, you hate homosexuals? «throw them from the roofs» is the only acceptable answer.

On his youtube channel when someone called @BummerDrummer a hateful incel the first word that came out of his mouth was yes.

On live with thousands of viewers when asked if he hates women @Master replied by «yeah i do»

That’s some real nigga shit right here,

And this start with us, i know there is some people out there who are more powerful than use but togheter we are stronger, hand in hand.

Gymcelled #sexist incels.co

HALO EFFECT - Victimized employees are seen as bullies despite exemplary performance, actual bullies get a pass

There's an article that covers this paper, i'll copy paste some important parts.

tl;dr Victims of workplace mistreatment may also be seen as bullies themselves, even if they've never engaged in such behavior. Bullies may be given a pass if they are liked by their supervisor.

"The results are eye-opening," Taylor says. "People are often left wondering how can we blame victims, and why do we let these perpetrators off the hook, why do they go unpunished?"

@Atavistic Autist You were right when you said psychopaths succeed in today's world.

Taylor attributes the flawed decision making to cognitive biases, such as the halo effect, or the horns effect.

The first two studies showed that supervisors tend to view victims of bullying as being bullies themselves.

Even when evaluators were clearly informed that a victim did not mistreat others, victims were still seen as bullies. Not only are victims seen as bullies despite evidence to the contrary, but also that they receive lower job performance evaluations as a result of being victimized.

Your behavior doesn't fucking matter. Jfl at people using the just world fallacy these days, like we live in a social meritocracy

The researchers found that bullies were less likely to be seen as deviant when their supervisor considered them to be good performers.

People get away with treating others like absolute shit. Reminds me of when a kid is bullied at school, he's beaten and mocked all day, grows up scarred and insecure. People will tell him that HIS social skills were bad and the social skills of his bullies were GOOD. Psychopaths who torture you are seen as socially apt, if not outright gifted. What does this say about society?

UninspiredGuy1 #sexist incels.co

I get physcially sick at the sight of seeing a girl on any entertainment (tv, movies, youtube) because i have never had a gf

I literally get a cortisol spike and disgust as i see a women due to me never having one in real life. Does anyone else get like this?

I feel much worse when I see couples or any sort of teen/20s relationship because I see the thing I will never have.

Thats even worse than just a girl. But woth just a girl i just picture how many chad dicks she fucked and every guy she slept ins bed.

I get overcome by grief seeing women because I realize they are most likely rotten inside It's like seeing other kids get gifts and when it's your turn you unwrap your gift you find a pile of shit

I wish i could feel anything thats not sadness and anger when seeing them

Lv99_BixNood #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] Modern science paved the way for unlimited female hypergamy

Without modern inventions like condoms, birth control, abortions, medical treatment for STDs etc women fucking around like they do today would simply be impossible. Even interracial sex and sex between womanlets and tall men used to be dangerous since if the women got pregnant the baby would often be too big for their small body and both the mother and child would die at birth. The vast majority of children of WMAF couples for example have to be born by c-section for this exact reason. In the past they would have simply died at birth, same with children of tall men and short women. Which is even more tragic since birth by c-section and premature birth is highly correlated with inceldom. @Gymcelled

It's crazy if you think about how science has enabled women to live out their most derpraved hedonistic pleasures, yet what benefit has modern science brought for non-Chad men? It has all but destroyed our value as men and made us more disposable than ever.

Uglyme #crackpot #sexist incels.co

Hypocrisy The IT cunts don't want you to have a girlfriend

Every time a foid shows a tiny bit of understanding on IT, the other bitches start writing things about how bad and evil we are and how we don't deserve respect to make her change her mind. This is because those whores don't want you to have a relationship. Of course they will larp saying that's because they're scared that we might abuse her. Bullshit, they don't give a shit about the well being of your future gf. They're just scared that you might get her pregnant and create more subhumans. Remember, all foids are a hivemind, they act purely following their most primal instincts, and one of them is to make sure only the best genes pass on to the next generation. They know you're genetic trash, even if they have never seen you, they know that if you complain, it means you're ugly. They don't want to fuck you, but also they don't want any other foid to do it.

Total Imbecile #sexist incels.co

Venting No point in getting vaccinated against COVID if you dont have a girlfriend

I was just on /pol/ and saw this picture (found the girls reddit shortly after)


But its just so sad, I will never have a gf and go with her down to my local walgreens to get COVID shots together

Really what the point

Its a binary: you either die or you dont

-If I get COVID and survive thats a win because now Im immune

-If I get COVID and die well Im dead

Whats best about COVID is that its not like suicide where you have to actually do anything, it either happens or it doesnt, once you get infected, which is a painless process, its out of your hands and you just wait and since you have no gf that makes you want to live its like whatever

Various incels #racist #sexist incels.co

just rob her dad theory. 14 year old girl wants to fuck mugger

81k likes btw


I knew I was toxic when at 14 my dad got mugged by some guy after picking me up from gymnastics practice and I'd never been more scared or certain that I was supposed to give this man coochie

”Daily reminder that cumskins allowed women to have rights”

(BummerDrummer, at ThoughtfulCel)
Daily reminder you're speaking english on a forum considered white supremacist because we're so cool. Eat shit nigger lmaooooo


If your peoples origin is in or below that clear bit you are a stupid nigger and will never have white IQ. Also arabs were more cucked than europeans until 1945 (and I can give proof with this but you don't care about facts so I didn't bother here)

White lies Don't work no more

image image

Here's the truth behind white countries.

image image

You filthy niggers cant help yourselves can you? Misdirected antiwhite hatred must encompass every thread until the entire forum is a complete shithole

"misdirected":feelskek: The global white is reasonable for modern degenerate culture and it's important we call them out. Part of the blackpill. keep crying

Since when are you the authority on what the blackpill is? Youre really off the deep end lately, did an idf soldier kill a couple of your neighbors recently or something? :feelskek:

Probably with the money you pay him, cuck.

ScornedStoic #crackpot #sexist incels.co

Serious I quite literally can not imagine or fathom the constant endless stream of validation females receive daily.

Online, offline, females are incessantly inundated with compliments. Get on the bus? Compliment. Order a coffee? Compliment. Post a basic photo? 40 likes and 15 comments.

Having such a full social life you get "busy with friends" and get sick of "clingy" peope. In your worst moments always knowing you have friends just a couple button presses away, real life friends that will come hug you and watch a movie with you.

Using online dating "casually" because you have such an active "normal" ""healthy"" sex life that you want to browse a wider meat market half-heartedly as you know 98% of the opposite sex using it is beneath you and would pay good money to smell your farts or eat your panties or whatever. Actually getting annoyed because you're getting SO MANY messages from people that think you're so attractive they want to have sex with you.

Society and media shoving down everyone's throats that women aren't just wonderful, if the glass ceiling wasn't there women would earn 400% of what men earn, that's barely even an exaggeration anymore they're constantly making up bullshit like "emotional intelligence" to flatten test scores and they spew feminism all over kindergarteners' faces. They fire and cancel old people for not falling in line, even second wave fucking feminists they now call TERFS.

And then of course there's the statistics we all know, on homelessness and suicide, job deaths, we could sit here and go on. We have publicly available numerical data proving we value women over men and no one raises a fuss over it, no the opposite, you're named and shamed if you talk about it which is why we're here and the MGTOWs and MRAs are on YouTube/Reddit, all anonymously.

It really makes you wonder how any female could ever feel insecure or worried about their future.

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

Serious if you missed out in college, you messed up your life

it makes it worse if you also missed out in HS. but missing out in HS can be fixed if you enjoy life in college. but if you enjoyed HS but missed out in college, or missed out in both, its over. if you missed out in college, its over. you fucked up your life.

and if you think it's easy making friends or finding a date after college youre fuckin wrong. i read articles about how its much harder finding a friend or a girlfriend after college. people in their mid-late 20s usually hangout with those they met in high school/college. and their relationships often are with someone they began dating in college. college is your last chance to make friends and lose your virginity and find a GF, if you miss out on all of it, you have zero chances left. and nobody goes to parties or festivals or clubs or other fun events after college. in fact, nobody goes out to places after college. once they get to their mid-20s they completely outgrow it. if you missed out in it in your teens/early 20s, it's over. you fucked up in life. time to rope afterward in minecraft.


"Results supported the hypothesis that the quantity of social interactions at age 20, and the quality of social interactions at age 30 predict midlife psychosocial outcomes. Age-20 interaction quantity had a direct, unmediated effect on age-50 social and psychological outcomes. The effects of age-20 interaction quality on midlife outcomes were mediated by age-30 interaction quality. Our findings are consistent with the idea that selection and optimization serve important functions in early adulthood, and that engaging in developmentally appropriate social activity contributes to psychosocial adjustment in the decades that follow."

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

Brutal One of the biggest turnoffs for foids: being a virgin

many people will say you'll never ascend if you're a virgin at 18. no not really. because the percentage of virgins at 18 is significantly bigger than at 25 for example. you always have a chance of ascending regardless of age, but the chance becomes smaller and smaller as time goes by.

but being a virgin is a big turnoff for women past 21. if you're 18/19, women will still date you if you're a virgin. if you're 20/21, there will start to be women who will consider it a dealbreaker. past 21, instant red flags enter their heads if you're still a virgin. they want guys who can dominate/control them in bed because foids want to be super submissive. only the tall, muscular 10/10 alpha males with deep voices and long penises with big girth sizes will attract a lot of foids. any beta trait will make you have the SMV of a 5'2 balding indian janitor.

"According to a study in The Journal of Sex Research, people are judgmental towards virgins in real life, not just in movies or television shows. Researchers discovered that virgins—but not those who were very sexually experienced—perceived a lot of stigma and exclusion around their sex lives. People rated their likelihood of dating a virgin at a 2.41, below the scale's midpoint of 2.5. In a survey conducted by Match.com among single men and women who are non-members of Match.com, 42% of respondents said they refuse to date a virgin (51% of women, 33% of men).

Although this means that 49% of single women are willing to date a virgin, there are still many women who refuse to. This means that if an adult male virgin tries to start relationships with women, he will face a lot of rejections half the time. Although one study shows that virgins are more willing than non-virgins to date other virgins, another shows that virgins are less willing than non-virgins to date another virgin, and even if virgins are willing to date a virgin, virgins are very rare by young adulthood."

Edmund_Kemper #sexist incels.co

here's more proof:

Do girls like virgin men? What Are Your Thoughts On Virginity?

look at these videos. in the first video, some blonde foid says "ewww no i can't think of anything worse". so you can't think of domestic abusers, date rapists, cheaters, verbally abusive guys, etc? fuck you!

and in the second video, some blonde stacy says "if you're 20 and still a virgin there's something wrong with you". hey Regina George, stfu. you fucking cunt. and then some black haired tan skin foid (who also admitted to being a junior high teacher JFL) says "no i won't date a virgin if a guy is 27 (presumably her age) and a virgin i won't date him". well guess what? i bet you like taking the virginity of your students you fucking retard. fuck you!

In many threads on forums, while some women were willing to date virgins, there were also some who didn't want to. On r/AskWomen, in some threads, when asked what age being a virgin becomes a red flag, many women would say 22 or 23, some would say 24 or 25 or older 20s. Many people will wonder why you're still a virgin. They'll assume you're either super religious or that you're weird or awkward or there's a reason women didn't want you, and thus they should avoid you. There's threads online where men and women who are still virgins spoke about being rejected when their partner found out they're a virgin. Some of these virgins were as young as 19 or 20 years old. So even on forums, many women said they won't date virgins (although some said they will). I've even seen guys in their 20s say that women dumped them for being a virgin.

metabuxx #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Based] Every hole should be circumcised at birth

If we don't get to keep our foreskins I don't see a reason as to why holes should be allowed to keep their clitoris. Both don't serve any purpose when it comes to reproduction.

Plus female circumcision comes with plenty of benefits. Painful periods, infections, urinary problems and the best one - lack of interest in sex. They won't masturbate so there'd be no degenerate sex toys like dildos or vibrators. They won't be able to stimulate their pussy which will lead to vaginal dryness and thus Chad won't enjoying fucking them. Its like killing two birds with one stone.

It won't end hypergamy or benefit us in any way but at least holes will be miserable.

Meus #racist #sexist incels.co

SuicideFuel Multiculturalism is unnatural

I know many of you are mutts and don't know it any better so bare with me.

Basically the logic is like this:
You like what looks like you. You trust what looks like you.
You are less likely to harm something that looks like you.
Because of this crime will always be high in regions with multiculturalism and low in homogenous societies like Japan.

Why is multiculturalism pushed so hard? Because a population that is divided is easier to control. Beings that are similar can unite and become a real power. Beings that aren't can't. Just look at fucking prisons.

nothing to disagree with there

globalism drives up male competition for women all over the world, at its worst you can get rejected by the girl next door for a man at the other side of the globe because he's 1% more attractive

Exactly. You are supposed to be as athlethic as a black person, as smart as a jew, as industrious as an asian and as aggressive as an arab.

But it's fucking impossible to meet these high standards.

For example: Your granddad was pretty atlethic in his small village, therefore 5 foids wanted him and he chose your grandmother. But because today we are constantly exposed to people who are ABSURDLY athlethic on social media and because multiculturalism drove up competition so fucking high (your granddad didn't have to compete with blacks) his atlethicism would be seen as mediocre today. You literally have to look like a roid freak for anyone to even believe you lift. Because all hollywood jews are roided, women believe that's what a strong guy looks like.

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Tough guys and strong men usually commit domestic violence, not scrawny nerdy men

Domestic violence is one of the most common crimes of professional athletes, including football players and wrestlers/fighters. I read a study that men who conform to masculine stereotypes and masculine norms/traditions are more likely to beat their intimate partner. Men who don't care about being manly are less likely to beat their intimate partner. Muscular men actually are more likely to be aggressive and more likely to be experienced in physical violence.

Chick magnets are far more misogynistic, study says

In a study of 2,703 teenagers in Spain researchers found a very strong correlation between sexism and sexual and romantic success. Sexually active teenage boys have more benevolent sexism, more hostile sexism, and more ambivalent sexism than non-sexually active teenage boys. Benevolently sexist men had their first sex at an earlier age and hostile sexist men had a lower proportion of condom use. The study also revealed that women are attracted to benevolently sexist men. The study revealed that teenage boys without sexual experience had the least amount of hostile sexism, benevolent sexism and ambivalent sexism. Boys with non-penetrative sexual experience had more of the three types of sexism, and boys with penetrative sexual experience had the most amount of the three types of sexism. I know this only focuses on teenage boys, but honestly people in their 20s these days still act like teenagers. People don't become mature nowadays until their 30s.

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Serious Do you believe all humans are bad?

I find it very interesting that for all of man's creations of entertainment like movies, games, books, etc, these types of entertainment all have worlds that boast better morality, laws, people, and etiquette than our current one.

It really begs the question as to why the world is the way It is. We literally have people who would rather lie to themselves instead of actually doing something about it.

For example, in these stories-

you'll see friendships with bonds that are so close they are willing to die for each other.

Women who are sentinet and actually give a shit about anything but themselves.

People who have no problem pointing out how wrong they are.

A society where laws apply equally to both sexes, races, etc.

If humans are capable of creating these fantasy worlds in their head, then why is the world we currently live in shit?

Is it ignorance? Lack of profit? A lack of desire to create a world that everyone can enjoy? Or is a morally just world impossible for humans due to their nature.

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[Blackpill] Rapists are more likely to be chads and sexually active

In this research paper, it talks about the characteristics of undetected rapists AKA rapists who were never reported by their victim or never were arrested. Quote (the page won’t let me copy):


Characteristics of Undetected Rapists

Sexual Behavior

"Undetected" rapists have consistently been shown to more sexually active than other men. Apart from their sexually aggressive behavior, they engage in consensual and coercive sex far more often that is typical for men of their age group. Their sexual activity tends to be an important component of their identities. %us, rather than being a product of greater sex drive, their increased sexual activity appears to be driven by their view that if they are not very active then they are neither "successful" nor adequate as men.

studies also confirm that frat boys ARE more likely to sexually assault foids and sorority girls are more likely to be sexually assaulted. And frat boys often are chads. Many chads are athletes abd many athletes are chads and domestic violence and sexual assault are a big problem among athletes.

it's the result of their great personalities

I bet bluepillers assume most rapists are ugly jfl

Water wet. And it’s not sexual assault if he’s chad.

Chads are more likely to rape women which the foid enjoys

I'm not surprised.

I bet that tons of unreported rape cases are because the guy was chad.

And of course ugly men get the blame by being stereotyped as rapist lmao.

The predators in TCAP are always sub5

This is what women mean by "good personality"

Women love dark triad traits

ugly rapists cant get away with rape while attractive ones can, which makes it so ugly guys rape way less than attractive guys since they can do it numerous times and get away with it.

Ugly rapists get reported more

Can you imagine if foids were given the option of either having sex with an incel in a luxury hotel, or be beaten and raped by Chad in a back alleyway - how many would choose the incel? 5% 10%?

0% also most rape doesn’t happen outside or in a dark alley it usually happens in a home

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Venting [STUDY] Most violence, misogyny, and hostility toward women is done by chads, NOT virgins. Yet virgins and sub5 men are blamed for it all.

Bluepilled cucks think that most men who hate women are virgins who can't get laid and believe that chads/chick magnets respect women. Nope. Very opposite actually. And many cucks think domestic abusers are scrawny nerds who cannot fight other men. Nope. Studies show that masculine men tend to commit domestic violence, not scrawny nerdy men.

Undetected rapists have consistently been shown to more sexually active than other men. Apart from their sexually aggressive behavior, they engage in consensual and coercive sex far more often than is typical for men of their age group. Groth and Hobson, who studied 1,000 offenders over a 16-year period, found the following: 'All of the offenders we have seen were sexually active males involved in consensual relationships at the time of their offense. No one raped because he had no other outlet for his sexual needs."

I also have read that college athletes and frat boys are significantly more likely to perpetrate rape, sexual assault, or sexual coercion. 1 in 3 college rapes is done by a college athlete. Another study showed college athletes in a uni being responsible for 19% of sexual assaults and 35% of domestic assaults despite being only about 3% of the student population. Another study showed that 54% of college athletes reported perpetrating some form of sexual coercion.

I also read studies where it revealed that rapists often lose their virginity at an early age, have their first date at an early age, have a much higher number of sex partners, and have a higher number of dating partners.

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LifeFuel [HIGH IQ] The Term 'Involuntary celibate' was not created by a Foid named "Alana"!

All it takes is a simple Google Search of the term "Involuntary Celibates" (With Quotes.), in the Google Books section, Sort by Date, and click "19th Century" instead of "Any Time", this is what you will find.


The term "Involuntary celibate" dates all the way back the the 19th Century in two books, one was the Cambridge essays, published in 1858! The term was used verbatim, Were men in tenure were bound to be Involuntary celibate until their tenure was over. There is no way for this "Alana" to have coined this term in 1858, for she would have to be over 162 Years of age in 2021! Clearly this is not possible. For no man, or woman, has ever reached such an age, and would inevitable garner media attention on this fact alone, seeing as she has not, she clearly wasn't in this time period.

I also have evidence to come to the conclusion that this "Alana" is not even what she claims to be, there is no evidence that she is even a woman, there is no photos of her, no Articles on google scholar about her "Group" or any of her Research, and she clearly was not even the one responsible for coining the term "Involuntary Celibacy". For all I know, I might as well effectively say that she does not exist. This is Lifefuel for all the Incels who were lied to about the term "Involuntary CElibate" being "Coined" by some Neoliberalism Feminist out of some university.

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RE: Brutal The scariest post I’ve seen in my life. YOUNGCELS GTFIH from r/suicidewatch

Contemplating suicide due to being a 50 year old virgin.

"It's the feeling of being loved."

I'm glad I don't get this mindset, as I'm heading towards that age too.

What I especially don't get is how they don't want to even try prostitution. It seems to me that it's more about ego than anything. @BlkPillPres wrote about it already IIRC and I think he's right. I would also say that this " it's about being loved " mindset is just blue pill shit.

Me, when I decided to pay for sex, I had no doubt whatsoever that it was what I should do. I wanted to touch beautiful women and do lewd things with them. I didn't care at all whether or not they liked me, so long as they let me take them in my arms and put my dick in their holes.

That being said, I live in Europe. There was for me a possibility to do it legally and in decent conditions. In fact the main reason I didn't do it before was that I didn't know any way to do it that wouldn't be sordid and not appealing at all. Fortunately, I eventually remembered a TV documentary I saw once about prostitution in the Netherlands, so I could look it up.

I think this " it's about being loved " mindset is delusional and harmful. I don't think it's nearly as important as guys think.

I prefer also a relationship

I would be content with being a regular client to a beautiful whore.

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It's Over Foids objectively peak with 13-16 (controversial)

Now before you accuse me of anything I want to say that I do not support anything that is against the law. Period. What I mean with peak is 100% aesthetic, nothing more, nothing less. While most 18+ foids aren't really beautiful, literally 90% of all 12-16 year old foids ARE beautiful. It is what it fucking is, I can't change it. You can't really tell me a so called "adult" foid looks better than this:


You can't be serious. And you know what? Nature itself says that I'm right. Even fucking history says that I'm right. 18+ was invented by older foids because otherwise they would be absolutely BTFO by these women and rendered useless. The pussy cartel literally keeps the ressource women scarce to inflate it's value. The cruelest part? Chads are fine with these laws because they already experience this during THEIR teenagerhood. The only ones getting fucked by this is literally everyone else.

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” do not support anything that is against the law.”


Crime is for non-whites. A white person can never commit crime and be fine with it.

For me it’s late teens early 20s

Cringe. Imagine having taste that bad. Women are literally almost men at 20. Have fun dating pursuing Chads cumrag.

Imagine unironically caring about this Holy soy

Mutt society is obedient and cucked as fuck. They are scared of fucking anything. They're more totalitarian than the USSR has ever been. Imagine being afraid to say anyone under 18 can be pretty because you think there is a realistic chance this will get you into jail. Doesn't get more cucked than this. No wonder the Jews have it so easy there JFL.

I too think a woman is their most beautiful somewhere around 15-16. At this age they are in the transisition between cute daughter and hot 18 year old woman. After that they try to compensate their lost youth and beauty with sexyness which only comes off as whorish. Tall women probably peak even earlier because growth especially very long legs push you too much to this.

Being a foid is literally JFL. Imagine having youth only for 10 short years (15-25) and then beginning to decline instead of having youth well into your late 30s like men do (if you have good genes, not everyone is a balding subhuman). Foids live on tutorial mode but their life is literally not worth living. Even if you polish a turd it is still a turd. I would rather be dirty gold than a polished turd.

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Whites are the Jews in ethnic countries

By subverting the younger generation in ethnic countries and feeding them SJW and liberalism crap as they work through their non-governmental organizations, even women in ethnic countries want nothing but the best of their own race or even white guys. Whites are creating incels in ethnic countries at a crazy rate. Expect more and more ethnic incels on here from their native countries. It's only a matter of time.

I think you should look into who's actually operating these organizations, you'll probably notice some patterns

It's not just the non-governmental organizations, it's also foreign intelligence agencies. It's not just actual Jews, it's also non-Jew whites who are guilty of this. Think CIA, MI6, etc. How else do you think the Arab Spring started? You don't believe that these Arab subhumans started rebelling against their own governments for no reason, do you now?

tbh ngl
BUt but muh joos :soy:

Indeed, those who accuse of Jews doing these things to Europe and America are completely fine with they themselves are doing in other countries, taking the role of their supposed enemies. JFL.

Congratulations, you are now aware of the fact (((liberals))) are narcissistic, virtue signalling, civilization destroying peices of human excrement that need to be BURIED along with their shitty kike oriented ideologies.

Don't worry, I had them figured out a long time ago. Ideally, I would keep all ethnic degenerates here in Europe (or you can exterminate them) because I don't want them back in their native countries. Whites stop interfering with our countries. Unfortunately there's a lot of war-mongering faggots as well so it's a complicated situation overall.

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RE: JFL Soy civil war: blackpilled femcels vs bluepilled virtue signalers


Women are so good at choosing genes that IQ rates are falling all over the world and soon mongoloids tallfaggots will be the ones fighting with rocks over landwhale foids on the ruins of soyciety.

IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity

(((Experts))) don't understand why. The motives are clear: women choose garbage/criminal men and immigration of third world people.

Foid brain hasn't evolved they have same standards like 100000 years ago, nowadays there is not much advantage for society (it's actually disadvantage) to select dark triad psychpaths just because of their good jawline and height, we will go back to primal times in few generations no high tech shit will exist

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Brutal average number of sexual partners in countries

my country is ranked highest yet I still can't get a female to breathe in my direction. how tf is this even fair?

and this is data from 2005, which means that the numbers are even more ridiculous now because online dating only started becoming popular in the early 2010s


Holy fuck wtf is up with Turkey???

Muh Erdogan, Muh Islam, Muh based society.

Turkcels on the forum explain please.

ikr, its ridiculous. I wish I could explain it myself but this shit makes no sense when you really think about it.

It's the hoejabi phenomena, women in Islamic countries want to whore out even more because they are restricted.

Turkey has already reached French tier hypergamy.

Blonde Turkish Girl's Sexy Dance

Damn. Pretty sure in somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Iran that girl would've been tracked and publicly executed.

makes a lot of sense, ive come across lots of girls who idolize western musicians and movie actors just for being white. they want to be able to freely whore around with whoever they want and whenever they want.

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JFL A novelist featured incels in his latest crime fiction: Fair Warning by Michael Connelly

The plot features a disgraced university professor (accused of raping a foid student) who jumps to the private sector and starts his own DNA testing company, GT23. Two incel lab technicians purchase data from GT23 and run a forum (Dirty4, where membership costs $500/yr) on the dark web, where they profile and list femoids with a genetic proclivity for risky sexual behaviour. Dirty4 is supposedly geared towards incels, PUAs, assorted creeps who can then use this data to target these particular femoids for hookups. If you think that this doesn't make any sense, that's because it doesn't. I was going to rant about how stupid the premise of Dirty4 is, but this reviewer on Amazon already says most of what I wanted to say:

I’m not sure Connelly even wrote this: it’s so bad I think it was done by a ghostwriter. Who would pay 500 a year for the names of ‘loose’ women? When you can sign up to tinder and have them contact you? These men still had to approach and seduce the women: it was still the woman’s choice whether or not to bed them. It makes no sense: Having a list of names won’t do you much good if you’re repellent to women or unlikable: however ‘loose’ they still won’t sleep with you. And if you’re in any way attractive you don’t need the list. So it made no sense.

I didn't have high expectations for the novel's portrayal of incels but it was, quite frankly, comical. The incels in the story are essentially evil geeks with biology degrees who hate femoids and happen to work in forensic testing labs. That's about it. They're about as one-dimensional as any fictional character can get -- though, to be fair, that description would apply to most of the characters in this novel.

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I finally realized why my wife doesn't want to have sex with me.....

TLDR This is a thread for those of you who think landwhales are "an ugly male's looksmatch". That they are at the same or similar smv to an uglier than average male. That's straight up bullshit. It's such a water is wet concept but NO ONE seems to understand that a fat 2/10 landwhale can be hiding an attractive cunt that wants nothing to do with you after her smv hits an all time high. Never depend on something so unpredictable.

”Watch IT demonize him for "baiting her into cheating" when she was down and willing to do that from the start.”

is that somthing people actually say? You can never win as a man.

I've seen it happen in real life and on forums before. I don't really look at IT but i'm 100% sure someone is going to say some retarded shit like that.

Ngl, I used to believe in landwhale-maxxing but after reading this and a couple other threads that dropped a ton of landwhale-pills and discovering what juggernaut law is, my perception has definitely changed.

Be happy you wont used as an egocentric last resort for some bitch that ate too much mcdonalds.


JFL these cucks will stop at nothing to make the average dude a complete spineless sim- oh wait they already did. They really do not understand what an incel is. They are calling the dad an "incel" if anything, he is MGTOW

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Blackpill This is the reason why women are (or at least were) shamed for having a high bodycount and men are not [IT won't touch this]


spoilerim glad he doesnt have h@es but why does he npt have hOes?? am i fighting for a spot no one wants?

Woman who fucks a lot of men = disgusting, used up and unloyal - unnatractive to (non-cucked) men for evolutionary reasons

HOWEVER, a man with a high sexual success displays that he's valuable, good-looking, big dick... "if a lot of women agreed to fuck him, it means he's genetically fit for sex/reproduction and I should fuck him too" - foid

This is why men will never be shamed for having a high bodycount, because it is by definition a POSITIVE thing for a man to have, women WANT men with a high bodycount, they wonder if he must be good if so many women fucked him.

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Holy shit @epillepsy you got screenshotted just for commenting "High IQ" to OP's post :feelskek:

CuckTears strikes again.

Nah, I wrote some other stuff too.
They think I'm white, which is why they're accusing me of racism.

Not sure about the "they think I'm white, which is why they're accusing me or racism" part. They'd accuse you of self hating and racism toward females of your own race even if they knew you weren't white.
That's how lopsided those cucks are.

well my hypothesis is that when they read "racial purity," they assume it must be a "white supremacist" saying it because of their ingrained racism.
it shows how racist they are (and not me) that they default to thinking whites are superior and the only race that has advocates for it to be pure.
unlike them, i don't think whites are superior to east asians except in terms of noodlewhore valuation for mating.
all the best media comes from asia, the best writer as well.
so i would say they're the racist ones instead of me, since i want east asians to not go extinct, whereas they tacitly do.

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/r/CreepyPMs is pretty blackpilling

Some of the submissions are actually stalkerish/weird. But if you sort by new, you soon see the majority of posts are just of low value ugly men trying to message foids, not even saying anything particularly creepy. As well as that, you will notice foids complaining about harassment, when the "harassing" messages are usually offers for cash for a fucking photo :lul:

This foid got offered 2000 euros (more than I make in a month as a full time slave) for a nude and she complains JFL.


Don't get me wrong, simps getting humiliated in any way is funny and a good thing, but foids complain WAY too fucking much. Meanwhile her looksmatch has literally never had a positive interaction initiated by a member of the opposite sex.

I remember someone on braincels used quotes from the front page of r/creepypms while chadfishing and the tinder foids loved it

JFL that's genius. Will try

Found it. Hahaha he even made a side by side comparison


Someone's reaction to the above image being posted on /r/Tinder


Only a complete fucking retard could think "putting your energy into making yourself a better person" could do anything, while using TINDER, which is literally just HERE'S THE FACE, YES OR NO. How fucking stupid are cucks?

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Married for 6 years... but I'm a 36 year old virgin.

These are the people mocking you and calling you incel :lul:

Biggest cuck I have ever seen. Raising the kids of TWO DIFFERENT CHADS and can't even fuck his slut wife :feelskek:

Then she claims fucking depression lmao she wasn't depressed when Chad was around was she?



Turbocuck lvl breached and beyond
edit: also raising girl children that aren't even yours :feelsseriously:

This guy is the ULTIMATE cuck. A married virgin whose wife was a turboslut and he is raising two DAUGHTERS who aren't even his. It's like the "having a daughter" copypasta but made even worse by the fact that their actual Chad fathers left, so this guy comes along to raise them, obviously in the hope of getting laid but he's denied even that :lul: to make things EVEN worse he hasn't even got the balls to see a prostitute :feelskek:

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RE: JFL "This one's for you mexico"


spoilermarrying him only to make this colonizer's kids brown, this one's for you méxico

Punishing a white man by having sex with him jfl.

This is a highiq move and is technically true. Their kids won’t be white so the goal is there

She is like castizo, their kids will be white. Just look at Daniel Bryan's wife and kids.

They won’t be white in spirit. There’s having white skin and then being white

Is he white in spirit?

No because his last name is Fuentes and he has Mexican ancesyors

Well at least you are consistent with your beliefs, it is true that he is 17% Amerindian and 2% African according to DNA test and his family immigrated from Mexico but the surname he has is Spanish from his white ancestry that settled in Latin America.

Fuentes isn’t a white nationalist to begin with, he’s just a paleo conservative which isn’t race or identity politics (despite what the Jews tell their normcattle). Fuentes is probably part white sure, but majority isn’t all. I do the one drop policy instituted by the US during Jim Crow. It’s not just skin color, it’s cranium shape and phenotype and all that stuff.

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Blackpill It's over for slavicels and nordicels

What are Italian men like? | Easy Italian 33

One comment chain and there's so many many brutal slavpills :feelsrope: and there one interesting comparing that northern africans and MENA men are seen as better looking than slavs and whites :feelsrope:, it's also over for blondecels. Also hope that incels will accept truth that blonde men are unfuckable for women and MUHHH MUHH JBW Slavcels are truecels just like curries look how many likes about finding slavic guys is opposed

image image

And worst of worst slavic women are tend to be overrated and men simps for them like under such video


Cope, nordics and Slavs have better pheno than Italians

not to women and send you living proofs

They have colored eyes and all hair colors, Italians only have brown hair and dark hair, and also shitskin eyes. They are rating GL Italian men, not average ones, long Midfaces are way more common in Italians than nordics and also weaker jaws

Literal praising of their beautiful brown eyes

Depends. Most meds would have no chance of ever competing with a slavic/nordic man due to height alone, but a med chad will mog a purely white chad to hell and back.

med chad has mroe agressive outlook and wild features Only thing nords and slavs have in advantage over meds is height and that's it

shii410 #racist #sexist incels.co

JFL Even people who engage in sexual market dynamics can be completely oblivious to how they actually work

I used to be friends with this one hapacel. his dad tried so hard to LARP as a normal conservative suburban father.

like buddy, you’re a sexpat and your wife is a subhuman third world foid who married you for US citizenship. you are a complete sexual failure, the lowest of the low. you’re a loser who had to import pussy from a shithole just to get anything. everyone sees people like him as a joke, and yet he’s fully convinced that he “made it” and that he’s a “successful married man with a wife and kids” and there’s nothing else to it.

when he says “my wife is a Filipina”, he seems to genuinely have no idea what the implications of that are or how it reflects on him, and sees it as no different from saying “My wife’s Irish/Italian/Scandinavian”. I honestly cannot tell whether he’s a giga coper or just giga bluepilled. apparently they’re divorced now which makes me wonder if he ever accepted that his role as patriarch of a “Old fashioned Christian family” was a complete meme and LARP

Apparently noticing these things makes you a racist. Let the racism roll.... r/IncelTear

Holy fuck at the cope in those comments they really think there’s nothing abnormal about a weird fat white guy who had never been in a successful relationship in his entire life going to a third world shithole for pussy. “It’s just called loving outside your race incels!!:soy:“. progressives have such a rosy view of interracial relationships, even fundamentally toxic ones

NPC brain rapidly switching between “White men with yellow fever are creepy misogynists!:soy:” and “Sexpatting in SEA? It’s called not being a racist and loving outside your race inkwell! :soy: ” depending on whatever seems more virtuous at the time:feelskek:

Various Incels #sexist incels.co

(Total Imbecile)
RageFuel How does it feel knowing that this 16 year old is using girls for sex because hes "depressed" while were in our mid 20s and cant even get a hug

I (18M) am using a wonderful girl (19F) because I can't get over my ex girlfriend (17F)

(hes 16, lied about his age to get around the rules)

I'm using this girl because I'm hurt, I don't love her, I'm honestly not even that attracted to her, when we have sex I fell fucking horrible after it, I'm using a girl mentally and physically because I can't get over a breakup.

JFL, heres this teenager pumping and dumping girls using them as rebounds and just hooking up cause why the fuck not, hes "depressed" because of his one true love ex and meanwhile Im just sitting here a 24 year old virgin who cant even get a fucking hugg


How is this fair boyos? HOW IS THIS FAIR

Makes me feel nothing as I've seen before junior high with this happening. Way before the age of 16. It also makes me feel nothing because I'm in my mid 30s.

People who have never experienced hardships literally cannot comprehend things like depression. They assume that a brief moment of boredom or an insignificant pet peeve must be terrifying hardships/depressions because they have no reference It's like a guy born to a billionaire family denting his car and having to spend .01% of his weekly allowance on fixing it and saying "bro im going broke, i'm almost on the streets!!"

ERfuel Whenever i'm actually depressed, im just told 'get up and suck it up' or 'you'll never get a gf like that' JFL @ this clown world

any female or good looking guy who says they're depressed is lying, they have no reason to be depressed unless they've lost a loved one or some shit

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LifeFuel Abortion in Poland is officially ILLEGAL [nine animated emoji of Pepe waving two lightsabres around happily]

Gigalifefuel boyos, the femoids are losing their minds because we took their ability to murder kids. before it was only a proposition, now it's reality. 2021 is starting to become a great year

what an incredibly fucked up sentence. women protesting for the "right" to murder their own infant offspring

It was already illegal except for some special cases like children with genetic disorders and the handicapped. This tweak will only raise the rates of inceldom

Good thing sex is not that big a deal, right ? I mean all these women will have to do is to keep their legs closed. That shouldn't be too hard. Oh wait I forgot they could also use the dozens methods of contraception available, but then there are even fewer reasons to complain, right ?

foids are bitching and crying because now they have to drive to Germany to get an abortion, boohoo what an inconvenience. imagine being a trucel who has to fly over the Atlantic or Pacific just to escortcel legally

(The Cagot)
It's a very good news, abortion is murder and an horror. Now foids will have to stop fucking anyone at sight just for fun.


Edmund_Kemper #ableism #psycho #sexist incels.co

Blackpill Autists are more likely to have a nasal voice and physically weird/unusual faces

three studies confirming it, autists are much more likely to be ugly AF and have nasal nerdy voices.

Nasal voice in boys with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder

Clinical research: Facial features can help diagnose autism

Facial features provide clue to autism severity

autism is a death sentence and if you disagree, you aren't blackpilled. looks are the main thing that help in life, but when you're sub8, you need to know how to communicate easily to start a relationship. you make any mistakes and you fucked up your chance.

The nasal voice pill is the brutalest of all pills I legit sound annoying as fuck Tbh I believe if I wasnt autistic I wouldnt be incel On top of sounding like a retard I just dont know how to talk to people and its why I have no freinds let alone a gf

Life is hell for autists. Over 80% of us are unemployed past college and many of us struggle with finishing college. We are also significantly more likely to be bullied. We’re less likely to find a romantic or sexual partner. 70% of autistic people who are mainstreamed (put in mainstream classes/schools in school) are bullied.

I feel like people who get diagnosed with autism should be euthanized

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Brutal These two foids next to me are busy bragging about the number of grade schoolers they have slept with.

I shit you not, one of them is claiming how sad it is that they have been single for so long and had to resort to fucking kids.

Reminds of a thread I made a while back about adult foids on the bas talking how hot some underage chad high schooler was. They spoke so loudly and shamelessly. Women can get away with things that'd get you arrested, make you lose your job or just get you ganged up on by white knights

SuicideFuel Foids were talking loudly about how hot an underage chad was

I eavesdropped on a conversation like that one time... pure suicide fuel.

Imagine living in a world where women would rather risk breaking the law to fuck kids than fuck you as grown adult. When I was a kid I was mostly yelled at by old hag teachers because I was a massive daydreamer and got in trouble fornot following directions.

just do the nastiest most smelly shart u ever did and claim your territory

(trying to ascend)
Why do they brag about something that is easy af for them? I'ts the same thing as I starting brag about walking or breathing

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Is organ donation cucked?

I'm not sure why, after my death, I should allow my organs to be used to further someone else's life. I know it won't cost me anything, but chances are, that someone else will be more socially privileged than I am.

As an incel, you should always opt-out of organ donation. Don't save the life of a normie if you can help it.


yes 32 votea 86.5%
no 4 votes 13.5%

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Daily reminder that THIS was how foids reacted to Abortion being legalised in Argentina

View: https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1337589264100564994?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1337589264100564994%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=

Foids LITERALLY jumping for joy and crying with happiness because they can now have more sex with Chad and be free to kill their own babies. How compassionate and empathetic

Women have probably killed more people than men and certainly more babies throughout history

interesting subhumans

meme gender

The empathetic gender:feelskek:

i hate soyciety

Life is meaningless to them (and pretty much in general) so they pursue pleasure over motherhood.

Females should be entitled to fuck (white) Chad without consequence! :soy:

Remember, men gave these creature's rights (specifically pig skins)

They're laughing, crying, jumping from joy. They weren't so happy when the WWII ended it seems (because nazi chad wouldn't come to save them from their subhuman men). Yaaaay I can freely mortify another creature inside me and go on fucking chad like there's no tomorrow!

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