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[Venting] Not making foids and chads as miserable as you can is cucked .

why tf would you let them do as they please while you rot in solitude, chadfish them, leak their nudes, steal from them, damage them if you can but don't just LDAR in pain while they experience pleasure and joy.

Take the revengepill, the best cope there is.

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RE: [Story] Are Chinese Girls Into White Guys? Surprising answers

Watching this video reminded me of a Taiwanese news story several years ago about white foreign men claiming that Taiwanese girls were easy. It made national headlines I think because Taiwan is such a boring country with extremely low crime.

Thats what I like about Taiwanese people. They are essentially the middle upper class Chinese folks that fled the mainland and established an Island fortress renegade province. And they are super conservative and racist. They still hold on fast to their traditions from ancient times.

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RE: [Blackpill] What does bummer think of Slavs?


What is your opinion on slavic people. Are we white? Are we the niggers of Europe? There are few slav groups there are the central slavs like Polish, Slovak, Czech, etc.. There are the eastern slavs like Ukrainians, Russians, Belarussians, etc... There are the balkans with Serbs and Croats, etc..

Slavs aren't white JFL. Most need to be put right behind the urals where they came from. Mongoloid rape babies.


I believe certain slavics can exist in eastern europe but there are many that are practically asiatic. Slavs would, for a racially pure nation, need to have a very distinct racial identification science.

Don't lump us all with those eastern asiatic fakeslavs they are all mongols central slavs were never conquered by mongols everything west of central Poland area because I think they did conquer a bit of Poland though I don't remember but I don't think they ever got Czechs.

Western poles, Czechs and Slovenes aren't really nonwhites, nor are the Baltics (To some extent).

I’m pretty sure Slavs are actual Europeans. Maybe some Russians might have some Asian genes but Slavs are fucking white. It’s impossible to even tell the difference between a pole and German unless you look at dna

I divide slavs into 4 distinct groups. South slavs (Balkans+Hungary), West slavs (Poles, Czechs, Slovaks), central slavs (Belarussians, Romanians, Ukranians, Baltics) and east slavs (Russians, Permians, Tartars, Upper caucus)

West slavs and central slavs are 100% white usually. South slavs and east slavs are usually 50/50

btw im rly drunk and high so tell me if its making sense

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RE: [JFL] And we are the mentally un stable truth rejecting ones



“Gang of transgender women drop- kicked then stamped on 19-year-old man in Tube attack after he told them they needed to have female genitalia to be women”

How very feminine of them. What absolute nutcases. I have no fucking idea how we are validating this insanity. Literally putting on a weg and a dress and now thinking you're a woman. the craziest part is like half the people are agreeing you are one??? We're even saying men can be pregnant. How insane does all of this sound

That's why they used to be killed or isolated back then, being a tranny is a mental illness.

I still cannot believe this is a real thing. People actually think that a full blown guy who puts on a dress is now a woman. This is braindead liberal progressive thought process at its finest

lmao cant wait for the tranny brawler gangs roaming the streets so i can act like its a zombie apocalypse

thats not very ladylike of them

Faggots should be stomped to death.

come on man, lets not use this word. Theres nothing wrong with gays. at least their whole existence can be proven scientifically through evolution and biological behaviour, unlike trannies, who are just mentally ill and have no science behind their cause

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RE: [Blackpill] Newlywed foid murders her husband because she didn't want to have sex with him

Any foid would have done the same in her place, it's just not every one of them risks to break the law.

That's why i think the hypergamy pill would be the hardest one for subchad bluepilled males to swallow, If those guys ACTUALLY knew that women only like a very small percentage of men and that their "wives" don't have any kind of attraction towards the betabuxxers and in fact despise them, society would collapse.

The only thing that keeps sub chad men going is their illusion that beauty is "subjective" and that there is someone for everyone out there, If they knew the truth, male suicide would be off the charts.

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[JFL] My mom just told me my Hitman uncle(yes, this guy works killing people, nigga lives in one of those countryside lands without any laws)...

Killed his whore wife and buried the body in some hidden place, my mom used to talk with his wife everyday through boomerbook and suddenly she went for some "vacations" and never came back, now my grandma called my mom and said the guy killed his wife JFL, being based is in my fucking bloodline, Brazil ain't no joke nigga, KILL ALL FOIDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. THAT SHIT MADE MY NIGHT , GUY LITERALLY KILLED THE WHORE, BURIED THE BODY AND GAVE NO FUCKS JFLLLLLLLLLL.

Def apprentice max Didn't know hits paid well in the Favelas.

Not in favelas, it's in the northeast part of the country, lots of countryside cities that look like one of those Clint eastwood movies, difference is that it happens in real life.

DO IT BRO OP this is Highly based if legit

It's legit Bro, the guy is a bonafide hitman, he tried to kill my mom a few times before she had me.

Can you just kill people in brazil and post it on the internet and the police wont do anything? So nothing will happen to your uncle when you talk about he killed his wife on .co?

He didn't record it lol. Brazil has a homicide rate higher than 70000 deaths per year, out of all this deaths only 20% are solved or even investigated, so no, nothing will happen to him, this is typical in countryside cities.

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RE: [JFL] looks like we have a noodlewhore scumbag on this forum

first time i thought this cunt was some cuck who worship noodlwhores, but when i looked into her posts most of her posts were to deny that noodlewhores have lower smv than cumskin whores and she went onto claim that top tier chads end up with ethnic cunts.

Data don't lie. White women = betagrade

In keeping with previous work, there is also a clear and consistent dependence on ethnicity, with Asian women and white men being the most desirable potential mates by our measures across all four cities.

Even top-tier white women married to rich men get cucked by Asian women. Just face it bros, white women are the incels of women:

Blond, sexy and immigrant

“Western women were ranked below the Chinese in the racial hierarchy. The western whiteness is not as posh as the Singaporean, Chinese whiteness. The Swedish women in Singapore were almost desexualised. They felt less feminine. They were not integrated in the Singaporean community. They lived an expat life with other expat wives, and created their own separate community,” says Lundström.


Noodles are desirable for sex but not for marriage. Nobody who has the privilege to be non-Asian wants their sons to be ricecels.

That's not what the data say. The most successful white men marry Asian women. And white male + Asian female marriages have a lower rate of divorce. Imagine even believing white women are marriage material. White male + white female marriages = the face of marital dysfunction and drama in America. WMWF is fucking peasant-tier. I'm beginning to think that those who deny this are white women themselves.


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[JFL] At this point, whenever i see someone talking about "working on your personality", i can't help but laugh my ass off

Honestly it sounds like a skit or something, it's so blatantly pathetic. Anyone that actually goes outside and isn't a mentally ill tranny, have already realized that the guys who pull the most are exactly the good looking ones with bad or no personality, those freaks keep repeating that meme inside their echo chamber and can't get a grip of reality. This is the reason i like to browse IT, those guys are so delusional and always say the SAME bluepilled shit, it feels like watching a sitcom show episode over and over again. Just work on your personality, go to gym, learn some languages, get rich and become the ubermensch bro, meanwhile becky is fucking 5 chads at once while being alcoholic, crackhead, jobless and having a skinnyfat body.

Notice how its always men that need to "improve themselves" or "step up to womens level" Meanwhile women literally just have to exist. What do women bring to the table other than being resource sucking parasites? Why do you think chad fucks them and throws them away?

It's ridiculous, also if you realize the game is rigged and just stop playing something that you are obviously not going to win, they call you a faggot and say you gave up to easy. Women are literally treated like a reward that you have to earn, they should be treated like a bunch of weak dwarfs that can be kidnapped and abused whenever men wanted to.

This is exactly how they were treated. Right before cumskins normalized womens rights.

The world Will never forgive them for giving those worms rights, literally made it harder for everyone.

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[Serious] I might have accidentally hurt a female today

Was at the grocery store and pulling a shopping cart from the front. On the end there was a old roastie pulling a cart off the same row but the opposite end. Anyway my cart was stuck to the next cart as often happens so I gave it a real good tug and heard the roastie go “OW!” I think it pinched her finger or something when I pulled on the cart. I completely no sold it. Didn’t look at her and certainly didn’t white knight and he like omg roastie are you ok?:soy: Feels good man.

(Subhuman Orangutan)
Remove any feelings of remorse for toilets. I only wish you hit that bitch harder with your shopping cart.


”Thugmaxxed, how old she was?”

Old bro.

I helped a really old woman like 90yo to climb the stairs because she barely walked. I didn't feel like a simp but thoughts that she wouldn't even spit on me in her younger days did cross my mind. I stopped helping anyone who can help themselves and I stopped listening to anyone who is not willing to listen me.

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RE: [JFL] The kind of responses you get when you post the blackpill on soyyit

The foid on the bottom is correct. They don't need us, hence why they're extremely picky (Only top 20% of men - this may be outdated). No amount of personality or confidence will ever do anything for men as millions-billions of other confident men with better personalities also look better than you. As shown by the comments in that thread: it's over.

They don't need us. They can make their own wealth (sometimes) and have their rights. They can choose to be picky, but the men up top will only pump and dump them, because they have multiple girls throwing themselves at them. Why would they stay with one girl, when they have better options on the side. So the girl is getting pump and dump and then realizes. "Oh shit!" "These men don't love me". Then they try to find a simp or a betabux to marry and make his life a living hell and most likely divorce him and get child support. Women have fucked up the dating game and they don't care or realize it. Don't worry men. They will be miserable when they hit their late 20's or 30's and realize that no man wants her. Getting her back blown out by chad with fuck her over in the long run. Modern women are awful and we all know why. I rather get the fantasy of having the traditional family in a game, than real life.

these idiots never understand what you tell them. "you dont need sex to be alive sweaty :soy:". yeah no shit nobody ever said that. they can never understand how someone can be extremely sexually frusturated. "just work on yourself :soy:" is literally the only answer they can give when faced with the reality that many men are lonely and sex-less

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RE: [Brutal] Today is International Mens day, and it's being saturated with Tranny propoganda

The Jewish wealthy mega-elite, like with most holidays and special occasions, just love to inject their wicked and awful agenda into this day. International Men's day isn't about men anymore. It's about mentally ill people who claim to be males, and instead of empowering the male, rather they seek to feminize him. I wouldn't be surprised if next "international mens day" ceased to exist, or if it did exist it would be renamed to "international transgenders day" or the content for international mens day would just be tranny pushing. Regardless, my opinions on transgenders matches the same as the Ku Klux Klan's, who make their opinion on this very clear.

They are incredibly pathognomonic for the Zeitgeist of our modern world/dystopia: It's easier to mutilate yourself with surgeries until you end up as a twisted parody of your former self that vaguely resembles a female at best and then being fucked by an equally grotesque man than being a normal man. It's unbelievable. It shows how fast the Overton Window has shifted and it's the best example that absolute morality doesn't exist. If you told that a man a few years ago he would have laughed at you, nowadays they laugh about you when you don't kiss the asses of these individuals. The surgeries they perform in these clinics are nightmarish, "vaginas" made out of fish skin and other shit. Almost nothing scares me, but these medical procedures do.

Trannies will be the downfall of feminism imo. Imagine a future where all female leaders are men larping as women, it's already happening :feelskek:

The only good thing about them. They really fuck up feminist communities.

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(Babica Yaga)
[Blackpill] [Study] [Juicy] Study finds foid scientists turn out to be shit without male guidance in their careers

In other words: Foids NEED to have male mentors if they want to succeed and have an impactful scientific career after their mentorships. Look at the reactions it's been receiving and the soy SJW lefty foid professors and PhD's responding on Twitter LMFAO. GarBaGe aLErT. HOW DARE YOU SAY WAHMEN CAN'T BE GOOD MENTORS LIKE MEN!! YOU FILTHY MISOGYNISTIC, PRIVILEGED, STOOPID WHITE MALES!!" :soy::soy: The paper was btw written by 3 sandniggers JFL. Gigabased.

The only appropriate place for foids in academia is under the desk.

This is a classic example of how if the scientific results of research don’t fit the sjw agenda they will just claim they are false with absolutely no evidence. What they want to believe (that women are equal or superior to men at literally everything) MUST be true and any facts disputing that must be false.

Women cannot be scientists because they think with emotions and not with logic, and also are completely oblivious to everything that is not themselves and Chad. If society was only made up by women they would still be in the stoneage.


The paper was btw written by 3 sandniggers JFL. Gigabased.

From searching on twitter, it seems these triggered soys were smart enough not say anything about that. Report written in Abu dhabi........ Based since I'm still in the city for the next few weeks.


Quick update: The paper has been retracted. Just felt the need to address this as it shows ((they)) will go as far as to censor scientific knowledge if it doesn't align with their belief systems. Truly saddening.

JFL, "I LoVE sCieNce" :soy: Yet when the paper shows women are incompetent at mentoring. "ThIS SiEnTIfic PaPer is my sogy kneeee" :feels:

BummerDrummer #conspiracy #racist incels.co

RE: [Venting] How am I supposed to compete when white men exist? Whats The Point?

I guess this is what black people feel like when cuckolds post blacked tbhngl

Either way, Chad or Tyrone only

I have indifference on ethnics on .co cuckolding to whites tbhngl. I mean I am a supremacist, and I do think whites are the most attractive and in general the best race by far. The reason the SMV’s of races are even near equal is because of Jewish propaganda. If Jews weren’t making shit like blacked and cuckoldry porn, a lot of these ethnic pro white .co cuckold fantasies would be legit.

Then why don't you jbwmaxxx and ascend?

Because the white mans SMV Has tanked. Did you not read what I typed? Our SMV is at a low point because unlike you, we're the target of the elite globalists. There is a massive anti white/pro racemixxing campaign sparked up by Juden. JBWmaxx can't happen anymore, because the Jewish television is telling all the cattle to fuck mongrels and minorities or themselves.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat the fact that yes, whites are superior in all things, including SMV. However our SMV and our race is under relentless attack which is why what's happening is happening. If you ever needed proof, there's a reason your people aren't the target and our people are.

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[LDAR] Why I can't empathize with females, no matter their circumstances

I've read about or saw firsthand numerous ways that females can get into negative circumstances. Poverty, abusive families, drug addiction, asshole boyfriends... wait.

The time when a guy comes into the picture is when I stop caring, and that's 100% of the time. Even if a girl's parents are abusive drug addicts living in poverty she has the realistic option of just running away with a boyfriend who will gladly take care of her, and find a different one if he's not to her liking. I've seen this happen.

Stuff like this is apparent on places like r9k, where the males and females might share an identical life story (except the 'asshole boyfriend' part if that comes up), but the difference in their actual social security and being wanted is worlds apart. Only the men are the 'virgin losers', while females are sought after no matter what.

imagine being a truecel from a shitty low income family with drug addict parents, and just being able to download an app on your phone and instantly choose from hundreds of attractive women who are willing to provide for you and pay for all your expenses, as easily as ordering a pizza

that is how women live in 2020. tutorial mode

TheMostAncientcel #sexist incels.co

The reason foids wear lipstick is because they want to suck Chad's cock.

Think about it : why the hell should they embelish a non sexual part of their body whose function is linked to mouth and so to eating and talking? Because they want to make their lips SEXUAL so that Chad gets aroused and put his 8x6 inch cock in their mouths cumming liters and liters like there's no tomorrow. Remember that they bite their lips when in heat? They crave that Chad's sausage and they long to be on their knees in worship to their god. If all Chads of the world would die the lipstick industry would go bankrupt in a week tops.

Water is..

Wet. And their stinky vaginas too.

" The reason foids <insert any imaginable action> is because they want to suck Chad's cock."

Yeah this is even more accurate lol

VincentVanCock #sexist incels.co

[JFL] Mom coping about "when my son gets a girlfriend"

Third day in a row that she came with that bullshit of " oh VincentVanCock, when you get a girlfriend she's going to be a Very Lucky woman", this site came to my head at the spot and i started to laugh with her delusion, she asked me what was wrong and i brushed it off. She's in for one hell of a surprise, you ain't getting grandsons/daughters mama.

I swear down this quote and "You're so smart/handsome" is always fucking said to utter subhumans. No one is saying this stuff to chad, only incels like us

Hate that shit, you perceive that they are blatantly lying to you.

Do you plan to blackpill her anytime soon? It will eventually reach a tipping point anyways

Nah, she would freak out and think i'm a faggot so i will just keep avoiding the subject.

She's the kind of boomer foid that thinks her son is the most handsome guy in the planet, we used to go to gym together and she would always make up some lie about " look, this beautiful girl was checking you out" and then when i looked to the foid, she was looking at me on fear, anger and disgust JFL, most mothers are extremely and completely deluded about their sons' looks.

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r/singapore 18-year-old admits to asking sister, 12, to carry out sexual act in exchange for Korean boy band BTS merchandise

He was too aggressive in his approach, was supposed to "get caught" watching a porn video and then leave the room with the video playing to see how she reacts to it and if she continues to watch. He didn't work up to it at all, no "grooming" was done, dude literally just grabbed her, carried her to a room and rubbed her belly down, then later got caught masturbating in her room, he sounds legit retarded. One of the most common things you hear about in stories about pedophiles is that they would give their targets erotic material and treat it like its something harmless. That accomplishes 3 things: 1. Normalization 2. Curiosity 3. Arousal

No moral faggotry please. When I'm mentally placed in a scenario I think it through in a detailed manner. I wouldn't do anything like this but its still interesting to imagine how I would go about doing it


”Source on him being an incel?” No source, but he is from Singapore so he might be curry cel

Curries in Singapore? And I doubt anyone in the forums would do this to their sister, don't compare us to that trash. Okay this was not an incel, this was just a sociopath who obsessed with BTS. Only Asian foids do this, so that's kind of suspicious

I knew a chick who said her brother made her do sexual stuff in exchange for pokemon cards when they were kids. Stuff is more common than you think. Studies show that the vast majority of people that are sexually abused as children suffer little recognized trauma from it as adults. Many become gay, but that isn't considered a problem in our society.

Potbellypos #racist #quack #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] Why do normies stand up for trans rights, female rights, minority rights, etc. when the real victims are ugly people who are universally opressed?
Think about it. Ugly people can be part of any group. Ugly trannies, ugly women, ugly men, ugly minorities. So ugly people are literally the biggest victims of oppression on the entire planet. The number of ugly people being discriminated against is larger than the number of blacks, for instance. The 80/20 rule dictates that females literally want to genocide 80% of the male population, but somehow society only wants to stick up for the .6% of people that want to cut their dicks off or the 13% of the population that commit 52% of violent crimes.

StSausageCel #sexist incels.co

[It's Over] My sister heard me venting to myself about how lonely I am in college.

She then came into the room and gave me some bluepilled advice about getting hobbies and reading novels.

Then she asked me if I have no friends. I told her, "It's not like i don't have friends, it just gets lonely sometimes, you know?"

She laughed and said "What? I can't relate tbh". That sentence snapped me out of it and I realized I was talking to a woman. Of course she went through college with tons of guys and girls wanting to be her friend. She will never truly understand the loneliness I'm feeling.

So I replied, "Of course you can't relate, you're a woman..."

Then she laughed uncomfortably and left.

College is hell on earth for me. I don't know why I thought my sister would understand. The utter surprise she had on her face when I told her "college is lonely" utterly destroyed me. These whores are living on tutorial mode.

watcher #racist #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Bunch of Brazilian whores in the heat thirsting over convict subhumans

A bunch of Brazilian monkeys did a live stream (this is Brazil after all...) and the whores watching it (mostly women) all started treating them like they are gods. To make things even more absurd they are mostly ugly as fuck so you can't even say this is lookism in action, just whores being whores and treating criminals well like they always do.



"Do a tour around the cell!!!! show the daily's received" (I don't know what the hell she is talking about)
"Do a live stream of your conjugal visit" JFL
"You are cooler than the free people here"
"Do a video trying to escape from prison"
"Only gift from god" wtf?
"I loved the tooth"

These bitches have really broken Portuguese so that's why my translation look weird, they are too stupid to write simple sentences, and they want to fuck these animals. These are the "people" populating the world after we are all gone, literal half-human half-chimp mongrels who live by pointing guns at other people's faces. This is what women want to fuck and reproduce with. They are not tall, they look ugly and they live inside a cell with other monkeys where they probably fuck each other in the ass when they feel horny. And women would rather fuck them than us.

TheMostAncientcel #crackpot #god-complex #sexist incels.co

There's a chance that we are actual GODS

Imagine you are a god. You are eternal, beautiful and have unlimited powers to do whatever you want. Every now and that you look at mortals and laugh at their pathetic life. Why should you not? Even a multibillionaire TeraChad is a balding indian janitor compared to you.

But,..after aeons you start getting bored of an existence of eternal power and pleasure so you think it's time to find something really entertaining that would not be spoiled by the fact that you mog the whole fucking universe.

So you think and think when suddenly...eureka! You realize that in orther to find a real thrill you have to nerf yourself and incarnate as a human being.

Of course since you are really bored you rule out the option of reincarnating as Chad or Chadlite as it would pose no real challenge. And being a normiecuck would be too bland.

You then realize you have to play nightmare mode and descending into earthly plane as INCEL. The more subhuman the better! Even better if manlet or with a short penis (optional).

That would explain not only our existence but also why non subhumans lack self awareness and are ultimately NPCs.

It's over for godscels.

Various Incels #psycho incels.co

RE: [Discussion] Did anyone else take out their anger on animals as a kid?

well, i did set a honey trap for gnats earlier this year. i particularly enjoyed when the motherfuckers stuck to the honey-rich notes. it was lulzy watching them crawl for their lives and then squishing them to death

(Transcended Trucel)
Based i did same thing with ants and spiders. This is what they get for being lesser beings tbh

I used to kick my dogs and hit them with various sticks when they jumped on me

I fucking hate the animals people like to keep as pets. I'd fuck all of them up if I could or it was socially acceptable to do so.


No, I'm not a worthless fucking piece of shit who feels the need to intimidate innocent animals. no, everyone who hurts animals for no reason are fucking degenerate retards. Animal abusers are scum. I wish you a slow, painful death if you harm any animals.

so much bluepill / it on this topic i'm not even going to argue

I wish i could do the same to foids and make it physical


Most kids do this. You're not a snowflake.

A lot of my friends did too. Nor is it anger that motivates it. It's curiosity.

It's also fucking stupid to believe that this is a precursor for violence, almost all children do it.

exactly. at least insects and probably higher forms. that's why i feel animal activism is so hypocritical. when you're young you don't have care for animals, it's not instinctual and it's learned through propaganda. human beings wouldn't have been able to farm and hunt otherwise if they're constantly in tears for the suffering of animals like they pretend to be today.

BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #psycho incels.co

[It's Over] iPhone 12 Pro lets Foids measure a guys exact height from a distance


Just when you thought technology couldn't fuck up the dating market any more jfl
now thanks to (((iPhone))) foids can just point their iphones in a crowded room and immediately detect which guy is the tallest giga chad jfl
At this rate inceldom is directly proportional to the number of new inventions coming out, as every new big tech development (tinder, onlyfans, iPhone LiDAR height measuring capabilities e.t.c) fucks sub8 men's chances at dating
To solve inceldom - foids should simply be banned from using technology. Simple

armis #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Foids and chads are both soulless tools of nature and DNA

Foids and chads are very similar. Chad's brain is primitive, emotional and feminine. Similar to how foids use their pussy, chad uses his genetics, so he never has to be challenged and never develops any soul or character.

So it's clear why all scientists and great leaders were male non-chads, like Napoleon who was a bullied incel in his youth, and Hitler, who was an incel until he rose to power.

CrackingYs #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Experiment] [Poll] Are foids human beings with sentience and a soul?

This thread makes it clear theres many cels here that still believe foids have value beyond what their vagina brings and also believe a foid is even capable of love, let alone loving them. Love requires a brain with consciousness, higher thought processes, compassion, etc. Human beings deserve human rights because they are aware of their existence and experience feelings like love.

Do you actually believe foids have the brainpower necessary to be considered a human being who deserves the same rights as other human beings?

Are foids human beings?
Yes Votes: 15 23.4%
No Votes: 49 76.6%

Various Incels #sexist incels.co

RE: [ToxicFemininity] Wtf is this, JFL

Pink Pill Feminism

"RadFemTears" -- soon on reddit. Actually, wait. Wahmen are oppressed that's why they (men that they hired off their onlyfans money that is) had to create this totally not hateful site.

Women deserve to freely express their thoughts and opinions on the internet without getting censored or banned.

We all know what their "thoughts and opinions" look like: hate men, kill all men, emasculate 99% of men, round up sub8 men in concentration camps, etc.

Take the pinkpill JFL

take the pinkpill: no matter how privileged foids already are, they still will feel themselves oppressed as long as men exist.

when have women EVER been sensored for their radical feminist views?

(Just here to read)

Could you imagine if women suffered real sex based oppression? They would literally kill themselves in a week

B-But queens do get oppression you inkwell!

What retardation they have there. Man hate is everywhere, no one will take the pinkpill down, but they will try to take down the others. They are also not very mainstream, like reddit and twitter. image

starcrapoo & Bourbon #racist #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Noodlewhore writer for the (((New))) York Times JFL, Xi Jinping: the “protection of women’s rights and interests must become a national commitment.”

Its pretty simple. White Anglo + Jewish Chads benefit the most from a free liberal world order. And as well ALL know, free does NOT mean FAIR, decent, and just. They get first pick of all races of females and WANT all races of females to worship them and themselves only. Thats why they team up with ethnic women like Elsie Chen. The way to conquer a people without firing a single shot is to brainwash their women into hating the male counterparts of their race.

The Anglo Judeo world order is the worst enemy of human dignity and whats more enraging to me is that they claim they are for human rights and decency. Give me a break. If White Anglo-Judeo males TRULY had their way, all of Asia would look like San Francisco. HORDES upon HORDES of ethnic males (especially Asian) all alone while ALL races of females reject ethnic males at the same time worshipping White males (AND at the same time, saying that they are against white racism and white patriarchy).

i'd still choose a vietnamese or japanese noodle over a white bitch. Over they years of observing and experiencing white whores being total degenerates i've lost all hope even in being able to get a hug from one. and these feminist cunts need to be killed off, most of the guys i've seen talking about it say their asian wife doesn't know what feminism is if a noodlewhore goes to a developed 1st world western country or gets into the (((culture))) then she's ruined

mänline #racist #crackpot incels.co


I watched a big part of this livestream, which came up in my YT recommendations yesterday. Quite interesting, I cannot remember that this is part of other democracies, that corporations have to testimony in parliament.
One thing which was hard to believe - I, unfortunately, don't want to watch the whole thing again to find the time stamp - was from Zuckerberg, who said that "white supremacy" is in the same category as terrorism (censored, deleted).
I only thought: "what": One is a racist ideology in the head of some (many?) people (or some leftist would maybe even say the constitution of the USA), the other is a murderous threat to the life of other humans. And of course: Nobody sees a problem in this.
But I also don't know how this manifests: Are only groups who praising Hitler or the KKK banned or already single posts, who describe a difference in IQ of the race groups?

Made in Heaven #psycho #sexist incels.co

Reddit is a cesspool of Blackpills

if any of you use reddit, I highly suggest you join r/Relationship_Advice, and especially r/Rape. The blackpills there, be they women falling in love with their rapists, or at least developing rape kinks, cucking their beta husbands, and so on, are abundant. Here's two I was just reading.

“I’m dealing with a lot of haunting thoughts surrounding my physical arousal in situations of harassment/assault (tw)”

“My girlfriend (F24)was raped 6 months ago. Recently found out that she had cheated on me (M31) before with her attacker."

My question is, why do women not understand that men will do what it takes to get sex? If sexuality assualting you is what it takes to make you hyper sexual enough to spread your legs, men will take that root. This is why gender segregation is needed. I cannot tell you how many of these stories I come across that wouldn't happen if gender mixing and ESPECIALLY if alcohol/part culture didn't exist.

Various Incels #racist #sexist incels.co

RE: [Based] White foid tries her new self defense moves on huge tyrone gets dropped

*Sigh* It's all so tiring...I hope he chimps out and kills her like all the rest do.

That chick is legit good looking for an American foid. She's slim with a nice ass and normal skin/facial features. Jfl

Yep. After the north fucked the south in the civil war in reconstruction the north tried forcing racemixxing on the southern women among other pro black pro northern bullshit. The Ku Klux Klan was founded to combat this and now that the Klan is almost gone and can't do anything due to how extensive the federal govt is racemixxing especially in the south is at an all time high. Not good.

What's stupid is that northerners were cucked by the industrialists and southerners had better lives in many ways. Ofc the southerners didn't want to live with descendants of negro slaves. These people call self-preservation racism. Most of the slave owners were Jews or elitist pricks who hated whites. Send the negros back to Africa or put them on reservations.

big inflated ass, getting thrown around by tyrone, her niggerization is complete, seems it always starts with the ass niggerization though, gotta clap them cheeks

Here's the thing... if she could defend herself or "take him" as she claims do you honestly think she'd still be attracted to him? JFL. It is literally a crime not to beat your wife.

not even a handgun can save a foid coz she'd have to fumble around in her fucking bag for a minute to find it and then probably accidentally shoot herself

She haves bunch of videos attacking him and him beating her, she enjoys every second of it, every time he hits her pussy explodes.

ChinaCurry #sexist incels.co

I know tranny maxxing is not considered legit ascension here, but if you think about it trannys, I mean the good ones, like in Brazil or Thailand, are much better looking than foids, have better tits and ass, and usually way better more sculpted bodies.

Yet we hate on people who ascend by fucking a tranny??

Makes no sense to me srs

genma #sexist incels.co

RE: [Serious] I suppose i can relate to how foids feel when a sub-6 guy approaches

Must be similar to the way you feel when a gay guy approaches you (assuming youre straight), hoping to get sex. Just the way you detest the idea of getting sexual with another guy, foids loathe the idea of touching a sub 6 man.

Yes, your comment touches on a core difference between male and female sexuality - a difference which greatly influences our attitudes about sex. The difference is, male sexuality is "active" (for lack of a better word). Male sexuality does something to you - to your body. Male sexuality is about penetration, while female sexuality is about receptivity. So, a man (gay or not) having sexual interest in you is vaguely threatening. He wants to put something in you. A woman having sexual interest isn't threatening, even if she's a disgusting hambeast, because all her interest means is that she's receptive to you.

And this is a really common troupe in feminist discourse. They talk about this, like, all the time. They really do have penis envy.

But this difference in male and female sexuality isn't actually the problem that we as a group face in society. Oh no. Because this difference has always existed, and our ancestors managed to craft polite, prosperous civilizations where men and women got along (it's a lie that women have ever been oppressed). No, the problem isn't the difference between male and female sexuality. The problem is that due to birth control and government support for single moms, women's natural hypergamy is no longer restrained. The problem is that the modern foid has calibrated her expectations way too high. As a result, a sub-6 man making a polite pass at her is seen as a huge insult, even if she is also objectively sub-6.

NothinButAComedy #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] IT won't Touch This :Stupid Chad Ungrateful that he gets crushed on by roasties

But I don't get this dude is clearly an abrasive asshole who doesn't respect and actively demean women why would she be attracted to him ....? Its almost like his charecter played literally no role..in attraction....and yet ofc IT won't touch this it shatters their entire worldview instead of looking at objective reality IT will continue to pull the wool over their eyes....mlady can do no wrong. Lol its insane to think that women thirst for chad so much that they'll literally label themselves as chads property by writing his name down on their breasts ....MEME GENDER STRIKES AGAIN

oh yeah and ofc he pulls foids ....MEME GENDER WOMEN ARE A JOKE

Not untouchable. First of all, who says he's being ungrateful? One could, especially if they're from IncelTear, interpret this as rightful reproach because this is stalkerish from the girl. Second, the girl crushing on the boy most likely doesn't know he's an asshole, if he even is an asshole. IncelTear never said looking good didn't help, just that being an asshole hurts.

Lol he was he bullied her and deleted the app and blocked her genius...and they got to the same school she would have known hes an ass....lol and you'd be surprised how many ITers say looks don't matter ...and my point was that if personality trumps all why was she attracted to him

BlkPillPres #psycho #sexist incels.co

RE: [Blackpill] she had to force herself to find you attractive btw

What ascension copers don't get is that from a woman's perspective she's always settling because nobody is good enough for her, so an "ascended" incel is always going to have to be "working on himself" in order to keep a woman from straying

Lol who cares if she forced herself. As long as she "forces herself" to stay loyal idgaf. Imagine caring about if a foid wants you or not after swallowing the blackpill.

Most incels aren't even black pilled, they are just blue pilled bandwagonists who are here because they don't have anywhere else to go

Like many have said before me, pretty much all incels are one IOI (Indicator Of Interest) away from disowning the black pill and calling it "a phase". They just need to get one wink with a smile to start doubting the black pill, one warm hug to start looksmaxxing because "maybe I have a chance"

CrackingYs #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Theory] If a vagina could be grown in a lab and kept alive (without the rest of the female) would you want one?

Would you buy a biofoid torso?
Yes Votes: 26 42.6%
No Votes: 35 57.4%

Imagine if bio-technology got to the point where we can grow vaginas artificially just as easily as chia pets or brewing beer. Or even better if we could keep the whole torso of a foid alive, basically a biofoid without a brain, a living fleshlight. Not quite human, not a robot, but fucks like a pornstar and is down for anything.

I think this would have all the advantages of a foid, without all of the annoyances like listening to her say retarded things and being bitchy. Then after a few years when she starts to become a roastie you just grow a new torso and throw the old one out in the trash heap -- something you can't legally do with a real foid, unfortunately.

I'm not seeing the downsides here.

Various Incels #sexist incels.co

RE: [Blackpill] Moments where you have seen the blackpill in action?

5 years ago at a uni nightclub a foid came up to my classmate on the dance floor and started making out with him, he didn't even know her. It's one of the most brutal things I've seen irl.

Normies think we exaggerate when we say men 5/10+ and women live in a completely different reality, but when you're blackpilled and look back at this kind of stuff that happened to think how different it would have went were your looks better, it just becomes undeniable. I truly wish the blackpill was wrong, but it just isn't and we gotta deal with the cold, harsh reality. Cope or rope boys, unfortunately

One foid was always ragging on one dude (an obvious bad boy). She used me as an emotional tampon to tell me how awful he was and I shouldn't be like him. So in my head I thought that meant she thought I was a good guy. One day she was feeling down and the bad boy told me I should give her a hug. I didn't but she heard him say it and the look on her face, as if she stepped in dog shit. LOL. Later than day for her break I saw her and bad boy hanging out. Think that was my first clue.

I've relayed the story a few times. Before she reported me for committing the crime of being unattractive she blew me off because needed to get her work done that day. Not long later I saw her make her way to a tallfag's work station and it was textbook out of a PUA playbook. She was giggling and playing with her hair as he barely gave her the time of day. Night and day how she reacted to him versus me. There is no escaping these moments unless you just keep your head down and march straight to your room. Foids detest unattractive (read: not a chad) men and are not shy about showing it.

BlackpilledAF #sexist incels.co

[Story] [BlackPill] Normcuck practically offers his "female friend" for Chads on a silver plate

So these two used to always come together, joke around together, and more importantly: the normcuck used to dedicate more than one hour of his time per day to coach the femoid and give her tips. I've been away from this gym for about 5 months, and when I came back to my old gym, I saw so many changes. Whereas she had a chubby body before, her body is so fuckable now and is sexy af. Damn she looks TIGHT now!

Along with this physical change of hers, and her bumping from 5.5 to 7.5, came with a lot of behavioral changes:

- They don't come together anymore, and she barely says hi to him.

- Whereas she was a "nice girl" before, she's now the Chads' plaything. She's always slutting around with some Chad, and has like 2-3 regular chads she hangs around with. But not just hanging around, the way she works out with these chads is very sexual. Like, when they support her while doing squats, they pretty much dry hump her from behind and she keeps touching them, whereas her workouts with the slant-eyed normie were very "platonic".

- She's now the girlfriend of one of these Chads, and she keeps making out with him under the eyes of the Normcuck, who is obviously annoyed by all this.

- Whereas the normcuck used to strut around the gym, proud that he is accompanied by a femoid, his body language now is completely cucked, and is invisible. Doesn't socialize with the guys anymore, whereas before he used to try to behave as if he was a Chad.

- A year of orbiting around the female, and sacrificing hundreds of hours of his time to help the femoid sculpt her body got him the following result: he now gets to see all his efforts and hard work being reaped by Chad, who just had to be there. Practically he offered his female friend to the Chads on a silver platter. That's some deep cuckery.

I find the gym, where aesthetics are glorified, a place of raw human instinct and a raw environment for the BlackPill.

JosefMengelecel #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Incel Trait] Jerking off to foids during online classes

It is so unbelievably easy to do during online classes. My teachers don’t even bother enforcing the camera rule so I never have it on. I still have tape covering the camera just in case. I have also checked online and nobody will notice if you pin a certain screen so I can freely jerk off to whatever foid I want and nobody will notice it. This is something I will never be able to do irl. Hopefully online schooling will stay for more time because I have no idea how I will control myself from jerking off to jbs at school.

High T, good for you. Tbh nowadays I can't even get a full boner even with the most niche porn I can find. I have to start jerking off to weird tags I think of at the moment, like "hairy" or other weird shit. And I have to alternate between weird shit cause otherwise it's not satisfying at all. And even when jerking it's never like 100% erect cause I guess I've jerked too much in this life.

Also I have to alternate between real porn, hentai and porn games.

That’s pretty brutal. I mostly jerk off to hentai but will also jerk off to irl jbs and lolis if the chance comes up.

osman27 & VincentVanCock #conspiracy #psycho #racist #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] JFL, just checking what type of thing trends on YouTube here in the Arabian peninsula.

I see this blonde haired blue eyed Levantine chick with over 4 millions subs. Simp-dom is a global epidemic.

اخواتي فاجئوني بحفلة ال 4 مليون 😍


She's a quirky Gamer-Girl. Respect her

مقالب مضحكة بالمدرسة الشريرة جنناها !!!! صارت تترجاني ! 😂scary teacher 3D

Simpdom has never been higher in the history of mankind

That’s what the war in Afghanistan is partly about, the right for JB foids to stream tick tock videos from her Kabul bedroom.


Simpdom has never been higher in the history of mankind

Countless wars of the ancient times were caused because of pussy, simps gonna simp and have been simping since ever.

That’s what the war in Afghanistan is partly about, the right for JB foids to stream tick tock videos from her Kabul bedroom.

The only right they deserve is the right to suck my cock and let me behead them.

anon1822 #psycho #sexist incels.co

Do you fantasize about being a big, bad, dangerous dude? (not to attract women)

I look like a weak, polite, nice dude to strangers.

But sometimes I fantasize about looking dangerous. Not even for women, fuck them, I don't fantasize about this for women at all. Like I fantasize just walking down the street, everybody looking at you knowing you are a bad motha fucka. If I did that not even my baldness would matter. Nor my missing front teeth where the fillings keep fucking falling. Just a bad fucker who looks gnarly.

But I'm just a weak introvert who has to be polite cause he's so anxious of any consequences. And tbh I seem to have too much empathy and conscience, guess my parents raised me that way. I'm empathetic despite hating humanity in general. Doesn't do me any favors though.

Also I my body is a piece of shit lol. By now I'm really unhealthy, got several problems. But even as a teen I was weak. I went to the gym for like 4 months and saw no progress, literally none. Never could even do a pull up. And tbh to look the way I fantasize I'd have to get on steroids and that's a no go for many reasons, my fucked heart would blow up and tbh it's pricey too.

If I was like that I wouldn't be so anxious at least. Damn, I'm agoraphobic by now. Can't walk down the street without fearing I'll be seen by somebody that used to know me or heard about my many public embarrassments.

BududubNow #psycho #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] I. Really. Fucking. Hate. ZOOMERS.

HOW THE FUCK IS THIS FUNNY? Zommers are fucking braindead, have zero self awareness about their cringe levels or about the environment, not to mention social settings behaviour and stuff of this sort. They literally behave like boomers and old Gen X people on the internet, this is the same type of lack of awareness that makes them unfunny, cringy and overall FUCKING ANNOYING, just like those old fart boomers are. How is that possible? You would think that with how natural the evolution of human gnerations was, they would fit in the internet "world" that was mostly created by millenials and simply make it evolve even more. BUT NO, they completely missed it's point, their humor is SHIT and if they couldn't maintain such a basic concept that is the internet, HOW THE FUCK ARE THEY GOING TO SURVIVE, LET ALONE THRIVE IN REAL WORLD? Seriously, anyone born after 1999 should fucking... I won't finish but you can take a guess at what I meant to say.

Also, anyone born before after 1999 should not be able to post on this forum. MAYBE LURK only.

Braindamage #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Whats the point for females to live if they dont want to breed?

Females are designed to breed at a early age and 20 years ago the the average age of childbirth for females was 20 now its almost 30. And when a female is 30 her body is ruined and has no value her eggs she has left are shit and will barely work and will give bith to some defected kids. why doesnt they want to breed anymore? thats the purpose

FlyFace #conspiracy #pedo #racist #sexist incels.co

RE: the supposedly hottest woman in the world looks like a regular tier becky without makeup

Scarlett Johanson. Admittedly she is in her mid-30s now, and so looking a little older. Probably was a legit Stacy in her early-mid twenties. She is cute no doubt. 6/10-7/10 without makeup. But not even stacy tier. No eyelashes at all, even I have longer eyelashes. Fat face, bug gum expoure, big forehead, greasy hair. Male chads look the way they do without makeups. There are no stacy. Fakeup should be banned. image

she's old as fuck though. The actual most beautiful woman in the world is probably a teenager

Lolis look good without make up. Think about it. What is the point of make up if not to mimic the traits found among preteen and teen girls?

Jewish ZOG brainwashing to try and make beta males with melted brains believe that old women are in anyway, shape or form attractive. Youth is beauty. Leonardo Di Caprio knows this.

"OY VEY BOYIM I MIGHT BE 80 YEARS OLD BUT I AM STILL ATTRACTIVE!! THE TALMUD VISION SAID SO!!" I swear as time goes on you need to watch how the Foid lies get even more unbelievable as time progresses. The thing about it is that Incels won't even be able to cope because silly putty brained Chads will be banging all the grandmas in the retirement home as well as every other prime whore in the world. Infinitely over.

BududubNow #sexist incels.co

[Discussion] The biggest bluepill pusher - Chad

There are three types of bluepillers:

>Ugly cucks who can't accept the reality and give up the game
>Foids who of course gain from cucks being bluepilled

But there is a group not many people notice that they have to keep bluepilling themselves to sleep well at night and certainly this group is not seen as bluepilled often enough - CHADS.

Yes, Chad will never admit that it's not just lucky dice roll of good genes that makes him popular and gives him easy life mode. He would have to admit that Stacy wouldn't see a worthy person in him if he was one of us, that he didn't get to where he is today with hard work, that he doesn't have personality, that he is not anything special. I hate chads TBH, more so than majority of this forum. Chad is the pupetteer behind the curtain and he steers foids and cucks to do his bidding of bluepilling others for his own gain. Chad is like a jew.

ReturnOfSaddam #elitist incels.co

RE: [Soy] "Teen girls are innocent. Teen boys are evil"

Chav girl bullying boy

I live right by the kind of trash who participate in these actions.

Chavs seem like the most trashy, subhuman whites ever to me, at least from what I've seen on the internet. Literally worse than the trashiest of slavs

Oh god they are for sure. Human trash.

Foreign people don't understand just how deep the class division in the UK is, we are legit like the white equivalent of the currycels class system. It's not true that most working class people are chavs, a lot of middle/upper class people are absolute scum and a lot of working class people are really cool. It is truth though that you can literally instantly tell if someone's from a different class from you, everything from the words they use, their accent, and on and on is different.

Various Incels #racist incels.co

RE: Southern America is not only racist, it is xenophobic and hates slavs


I saw too much in fucking southern America. Everyone asks me where I'm from, what my accent is, and it kinda sucks because I know that Southerners hate slavs with such a passion that I never saw anywhere else. Why, Americans? What did we do to you to hate us so much? You basically hate every European with an accent, it sucks to live in hate.

You get treated that way because you're not a slav chad. Sub 8 slavs are hated everywhere. Their own women hate them, their are plenty of threads and videos on here to prove it. Slavs and Asians men have it the hardest anywhere in the world.

I doubt anybody except the blacks hate you for being Slav. Blacks hate everyone who isn’t black. Also, It’s super common to ask someone where they’re from. It means nothing.

Black people aren't racist to everyone tbh.

They’re racist to anyone they accuse of racism, usually groups they’re jelly of and so they perceive every injustice as system racism. “If it rains on a black guys birthday, it’s racism” - Jared Taylor

I doubt they’d hate Bjørn from Oslo or Heinrich from Vienna. It’s a Slav thing. Brutal slavcel moment.

you can always fuck off back to your slav shithole, no one is forcing you to stay

Fearofeight #sexist incels.co

[Venting] The term "friends with benefits" makes me sick

Am I the only one? It makes me seriously physically sick and nauseous, dizzy. Sometimes i cry a little.

I guess it comes from my bluepilled perspective being broken, but I would expect this type of "no strings attached" degeneracy from men, but it really fucks with me to see women go around talking about having FwB, fuckbuddies, etc. Like it's normal! You fucking sociopaths..

How can there be more proof of the blackpill than that? It proves that love is not real, femoids are shallow and have no feelings.

Imagine you study and work hard, become an engineer or some shit, just to betabuxx some SOCIOPATH roastie who had fuckbuddies. Sex to her is a meaningless pragmatic tool to use you.

You wouldn't even know if they are a psycho or not because asking them about such stuff is "none of your business".

This is what I said in my other post, "IT MEANS NOTHING" because that's what sex is to them, nothing. Normies are all degenerate coomers, men AND WOMEN alike.

One thing is rejection, and then there's being in love with a sociopath, which most people are sociopaths.

Imagine having all this fantasies of love and intimacy for someone, and they just fuck whatever stranger makes their genitals tingle, and they are completely emotionally unaffected and dettached. This world is fucked.

MeeksPilled #sexist incels.co

[Hypocrisy] The same people who complain about being slut-shamed use "virgin" and "incel" as insults.

The definition of slut-shame is to "criticize people, especially women and girls, who are perceived to violate expectations of behavior and appearance regarding issues related to sexuality," this definition can be applied to virgin men as well seeing as the expectations of behavior is that men should lose their virginity by the time of adulthood, or at least by the time they turn 20. Why is it that the women who complain about this shit are the same who dish it out lmao? Any time a dude calls a woman out on twitter for having an Onlyfans her response is usually some shit like "umm, sleeping around and having an Onlyfans is empowering, maybe get out of your mom's basement and have sex you virgin teehee."

I'm sick of the hypocrisy in this fucked up world.

copecel2 #sexist incels.co

About Chads (IT won't touch this because it burns)

If there is not any bias towards ugly people, why are Chads selected for main roles in important movies? Why are Chads so popular in music videos? Why do handsome dudes are protagonists EVEN in videogames? Why do Chads are being shown on billboards, posters, newspapers, internet ads and so on?

We are not stupid to the oblivious truth. Why are ugly people ALWAYS the villains? Why are them ignored by the society? This problem runs deeply into more complex problems that we always face. I never got called 'handsome' by anyone in this life. I would put more effort in appearance if women would call me 'handsome'. For real, you can't build confidence from shallow rock, and this is proved. Unless you're someone who smokes weed and jerks off, yeah, you can have a positive outcome from your brain, but it is just a facade.

ITers are afraid of the truth that they won't realize and won't even explain logically that Chads are living life on tutorial mode and are more likely to become millionaires and well-received by the population.

Ugly people aren’t even the main villains usually. The main villains are chads just dark triad. the ugly people are the goblin henchmen and shit

I didn't mention ugly dudes are the MAIN villains, I just stated that they are the bad guys. Ugly people are the extras or minions who get gunned down in 2 seconds.

ReconElement #crackpot #sexist incels.co

If you are male that is definitely true tbh males are always fighting with each other. It's only because of polite social norms and conventions that in person multiracial groups of males don't get in more arguments.

Yea males need to fight for everything, especially with a different male to be relevant on any field of life probably for this reason professions where women begin to reach the same numbers as that of males, that profession loses its value and people are no longer interested in it.

In any profession where women reach the same numbers as that of males very quickly many existing males get booted out or marginalized because women have an innate group preference and in the end of their collective interest in mind. Unlike normie males who see every other guy as competition and that he is potentially better than.

Yea, Normies don't miss a single opportunity to decrease the status of a male they thing they can. This behaviour only gets excarbated in the presence of foids.

Gymcelled #sexist incels.co

RE: [JFL] 24 minutes of a whore faking being an "introvert"

Women do the "shy quirky girl" routine all the fucking time. It's so clear it's never fucking geniune. Just walk up infront of a giant audiance and millions of camera and giggle and tilt your head. Fucking simps fall for it all the time. Women are fake. their personalities are fake. none of them have anything real. They just portray what they think makes them special.

I remember noticing this in college. A foid did it all the time when there were people around. I notice that when she thought no one was looking or around suddenly her "quirkiness xDDD" was gone

FUCKITALLREEE #sexist incels.co

I think they do know the truth, they just want to shut us down because we spread the truth and threaten the existence of the bluepill

They are running on lies and hopeless hope, if you lay down the blackpill facts in front of them, they will always pull an anecdote out of their ass to tell you that you are wrong. Jfl at those brainlets, they love scienece except when it doesn't support their view, then they say it is debatable and not credible enough or simply wrong because they can't handle being wrong themselves so they reject everything that doesn't support their closed view and brain dead opinion.

Various Incels #psycho #racist #sexist incels.co

[JFL] The big brains over at r/IncelTear try to calculate what a slave girl would cost in today's dollars

Apparently none of these Einsteins understand supply & demand curves. If a prime foids would fetch $130,000, you better believe they would be bred in large quantities until a price / value equilibrium is reached where it's affordable and fair for all men to afford as many slave girls as he wanted.

Even if they were right and that we could not afford slaves, slavery would destroy their feminist power anyways. I would take that.

Not the wisest move since black folks associate slavery with their past in america and we currently have ethnic cleasing with whiteys being the ethnicity on the chopping block.


Tbh even if it cost an exorbitant amount, I would be fine with that, at least it would give me something to work towards instead of having the rest of my life consisting of rotting in loneliness. STEMmaxxing would actually mean something instead of just being a better paid wageslave

same. imagine buying a pristine loli for $300k :feelsohh:


Just a bunch of white people tryna calculate the price of slaves today. Nothing to see

As natural for them as fucking dogs.

TheMostAncientcel #sexist incels.co

Being forced to listen to pop music sung by foids in grocery stores is offensive to ugly males.

Those songs are always abouth some Chad who makes them go crazy or make them suffer or just putting him to a pedestal. You cannot even cope by buying junk food in peace without being forced to listen to literal female mating calls bombarding your ears constantly at maximum volume. And it is not limited to grocery store but EVERYWHERE. You are basically reminded constantly that you are not a man worthy of attraction and love. And no one says anything. Now immagine if a slightly antizionist song would be played in pubblic spaces. Hell woild break loose and this is the ultimate proof that our lives are considered a joke and unworthy of bare minimum respect.

Mainländer #pedo #sexist incels.co

[Experiment] What do you think of the idea of multiple ages of consent?

Yeah, that would be reasonable tbh Votes: 5 12.8%
No, age of consent should be all-in-one like today Votes: 10 25.6%
There should be no age of consent because families should decide on such things Votes: 3 7.7%
There should be no age of consent because I want that prime pussy Votes: 15 38.5%
Age of consent should be marriage Votes: 3 7.7%
Other (say ITT) Votes: 3 7.7%
Total voters 39

I mean, isn't it just retarded that in the US for example (other places are similar tbh), you can get your life ruined for making out with a 17yo foid, but the very next day she could legally sit on the couch of facial abuse?

It would make more sense if there were multiple ages of consent. For example:

Kissing: no age of consent
Blowjobs: 12
Vaginal sex: 14
Hard fetishes: 16

starterVincentVanCock #sexist #racist incels.co

[JFL] It's ridiculous how ugly brazilians are, myself included, no wonder there are so many incels( in denial or aware) in this shithole + HUGE VENTING WALL

I was inside my house for a good 6 months, only getting out to cut my hair, today i decided to go for a run to see If my body still works after months of sedentarism and boy.. WHERE DID SO MANY SUBHUMANS CAME FROM?

There wasn't a single ethnic that wasn't subhuman, no wonder JBW is so strong here, the only half decent guys i saw were the whites ones.

I was FOGGED hard, an amazon white foid wearing heels almost towered me, bitch rlly made me fuming from inside, i wanted to break her legs on the spot, but the only thing i could do was coming back to my house after being brutally humiliated.

The foids are also ugly as hell, fat AF, short AF, small ass, no tits, fucking hell, pls Kim jong un, Trump, hitler or any world leader, NUKE this place, miscigenation was a HUGE mistake.

I forgot how ugly i was too, went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face, when my head went up and i saw my face i almost cried, no wonder i'm postmaxxing in this forum, i'm ugly AF too, definitely here to stay.

Plus my hairline is DESTROYED, i look like a mulatto avatar, the legend of silva( most common last name here in this country).

That was my statement, remember boys stay inside because the only thing waiting us out there are humiliations and mogging.

NoCopeOnlyRope #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] My Roommate Treats His Girlfriend Like Absolute Shit and She Still Stays With Him

My Chadlite roommate with hunter eyes treats his girlfriend like complete garbage calling her a whore, a slut, stupid, fuckface, etc. Despite all of this, she is still deeply attracted to him cuz of his looks and she’ll come over on call to hop on his dick anytime he wants and she always enjoys it to. JFL at anyone who ever said a good personality and respecting women gets you laid. This guy treats his girlfriend like absolute shit and she’s still deeply attracted to him and willing to have sex with him

Because he dumpster dived for a low self esteem ethnic landwhale, I don’t think his looksmatch would put up with that

Tbh. If you mog the girl hard enough in looks/money/status, she will put up with a lot to still be with you


RE: [JFL] Dating apps are hard for girls

Every single FUCKING time a guy has a mostly exclusively guy problem, foids will be like ''oh that sucks for but I have that issue to, now let me rant on about it to overshadow your problem to tell about how I suffer from it''

Complaining about tutorial mode

foids are on modded creative mode with dev hacks and console etc

it's actually insane how the internet allows literal foids to share their inane 'thoughts' with the world. why the fuck is this legal :feelsree:

BududubNow #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] The irony of foids calling other foids "basic bitches"

Literally 99.999% of foids in 2020 are ctrl+c -> ctrl+v. The same basic bitch that says she's not like the other girls but in reality there is no differences between them. Even 10 years ago here in Poland you could see so many types of girls -> staciec, beckies, gothic girls, hipster chicks, emo, skater girls, nerdy video game enthusiasts, you name it. Today, ALL FOIDS ARE THE SAME, there are no subcultures, they don't have different music tastes, they all like "traveling and photography", here we call them "Julki" from the Julia name - typical early zoomer foid with instagram, mid class parents, who likes to brag on instagram about her new clothes, makes lots of pictures on cheap, govt. funded vacations in Croatia, has at least one tattoo to show how much different she is from other girls, wears typical overpriced clothes from mall clothes stores. Literally every foid is like that here, no originality. The more poor ones act like that too, they will most of the time post pictures of different clothes in shops changing rooms because their parents can't afford them and don't take pics in their rusty households. AWALT literally is true about EVERY aspec of foid's life in 2020.

”govt. funded vacations in Croatia” really, how does that even work? sounds like a whole new level of cucking

All foids are pre-programmed NPCs

Yeah my bro Colvin, I have read that the XX chromosome of foids is monkey-based while XY male chromosome was clearly designed by some creator on purpose. I literally think foids are soulless NPCs and nothing more. They are a shallow as a puddle. I forgot where I heard it but I think it was a part of video in a robert septher's video (he's and anthropologist).

VincentVanCock #psycho #racist #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Having a sister is something i don't wish to anyone

She just offended me, i offended her and then my whore landwhale mother started to talk bullshit DEMANDING that i accepted her offenses, i refused and called my whore sister a dirty ass hoe. She started to talk about how she's proud of being a hoe and i said how much she's coping, now shit is over but it's incredible how the media, state and society allow women to be disrespectful towards men. They are so bold cause they know the state and the whiteknights are there to protect them, If It wasn't for that she would learn how much of a cumsack peasant she is, i would sell her to a brothel and fuck some thick european hoes with the money. My whore sister deserves to get beaten and killed( in cidade alerta simulator), If she died today i would have a laugh and play some games.

Based Brothercel make her life hell bro

Wish i could, i'm just a skinnyfat mulatto brazilian, i'm not willing to destroy my life because of her, hopefully she will move out with some idiot willing to betabuxx her rotten pussy and i will finally have peace.

Rape her. Ascend with her, whether she likes it or not

She's disgusting to me. Brazilian prisons are HELL, plus as i ALREADY said, she fucking disgusts me, her skintone reminde me of currywhores. I'm good with escortcelling.

Uglyme #sexist #psycho incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] Women's lives are so ridiculously easy that they shouldn't complain about rape

Seriously, the chances of any woman succeeding in life without doing anything are way higher than being raped any day. Even in third world countries where rape is supposed to be a thing, any foid can become a millionaire by selling pictures of her dirty ass without having to work a day in her life. Meanwhile, men have to work her ass off to barely afford to have a decent life. Men have to work in the most dangerous and low paid jobs you can imagine. Men die everyday in the battlefield to protect the interests of corrupt countries. Men have to deal with mental illnesses and loneliness without receiving treatment. Men are killed, robbed, kidnapped, raped everyday and in higher proportion than women. And women are crying that they're the ones who have it harder? Really? Just because one foid gets raped for being drunk and half naked at the club, everyone loses their shit? If women had at least one bit of remorse, they would realize they are actually very privileged for living in a society that values and protects them instead of complaining about "muh misogyny" every time a subhuman dares to look at them for more than 5 seconds.

English Motherfucker

Do you speak it?

Speedloader #racist #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Sheboons, noodle bitches and criminal’s fuckpillows (latinas) smv mog cumskin foids in russia to hell and back

I fucking hate that I can’t get noodle or sheboon because MUH EXOTIC PUSSY in russia

how does a sheboon mog a russian foid? image

No idea but in slavlands sheniggers are worshipped more. Nigga foid smv in russia = cumskin foid smv x 10. And slim nigga smv mogs them all combined (slavlands only).

Wrong. You can just Russian far eastmaxx for that Tatar/Tuvan/Yakut pussy.

Cope. They are muslims and I’ll get beheaded if i tatarmaxx. And tuvans are the most low inhib dark triad rices on earth

Then go to Kalmykia and bang their foids. Kalmykia is mainly buddhist, so now you don't have an excuse.

Just go into third world lands theory

Isn't most of Russia outside St Petersburg and Moscow third world? There is plenty of Turkic/Mongolic foids in Russia, ripe for your taking, buddy boyo.

Moscow /peterburg are third world and places outside them are fourh world :lul:

Wanna trade places? My goal is to be with a slavic women.

Ehtnic cels want white foids Whitecels want ehtnic foids Couldn't you all stick to your own ?

I own nothing

wereqryan #crackpot #sexist incels.co

RE: This Redditor finds out the hard way that chad sex is different

JFL at this Reddit cuck. I would leave any relationship where its apparent that either one of us aren't sexually satisfying enough for the other.

Imagine the how much the number of sexually frustrated males grows when we take into consideration cucking relationships and deadbedroom betabux-based relationships!!

I had a conversation with a foid about this dual mating strategy thing where women are sexually almost unresponsive when it comes to having sex with men who aren't Chads. This is what she said:

"To tell u more, I have dated someone I wasn’t attracted. He was just nowhere on my attraction radar, how much love do u think I could give him? Not even a fraction of what I had to offer. It just couldn’t come out! When he gave me always felt bland. So the conclusion I have drawn is, If it’s a relationship where I feel like I am settling for him, It’s goona create a void in me. The void dosent help people in the relationship be the best they can be, infact it poisons relationship beyond words. Better to be single then rather than spiting and resenting the person in relationship."

AutisticMonstrosity #pedo #sexist incels.co

RE: [News] Teacher, 24, who had sex with student, 14, and sent him lingerie pics is spared jail

The article used words like "the pervert", criminal etc. multiple times even though there was nothing pervert and should be nothing criminal. Why you morons here want her in prison? It's wrong that she lost her job and got some punishment and criminal record + picture published. She should get promotion if anything.

Also, if the sexes were the opposite, also then there would be nothing wrong. The article and newspapers write that she was a "pedo"(phile). Fucking a 14 years old is not an evidence of that. They are biologically adults. The boy could get an erection and father children, that means he is biologically an adult. Pedophile is someone who is attracted to prepubertal persons!

It is a sign of decline of civilisation that there is an artificial age that determines instead of biological facts (common sense). People mature at a different speed and reach fecundity at different ages. The legal age has been put very high so that even the slowest maturers have reached fecundity. Pedophile is and should be in law only be a person that is after prepubertal persons.

The "boy's" mother is the real wrongdoer here!

JohnWickCel #sexist incels.co

The only reason women got mad at Trump for his "grab em by the pussy" statement was because it was calling them out.

Just look at Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein. I doubt those women were raped, he just made them an offer for roles if they jerked him off and they said yes for money and fame. Sleazy for sure, but not this horrible monster he was portrayed as when all this was found out. Tons of other elites do way worse, the women only revealed this stuff when their fame ran out. I mean, when's the last time you saw Jennifer Lawrence in a movie after all that? And what Trump said wasn't even that bad, all he said was when your rich and powerful women don't care how you act because they want your money and power.

TheMostAncientcel Recruit #psycho #sexist incels.co

Not hating women and chads = Cuckold

And I mean literal Cuckold fetish. Imagine entering a room (maybe for mistake) and seeing the scene of Becky being brutally pounded by Chad Gigacok. Immagine seing this brutality and thinking to yourself : "well it's not their fault, it's nature after all" . Seeing that scene should ignite deep ferocious hatred in every incel with a bit of self esteem. You should totally lose it and start stabbing both of them with a rusty sword in minecraft. You should come to your sense only when the room in minecraft is a bloody mess.

"But they have no fauuult it's supposed to be like thiiiis" says the soycel cuck.Yes and you know what? Even an antilope is following its nature when it runs away from the lion. Should the lion not become ferocious and bloodthirsty just at the sight of the antilope escaping?If it is "natural" for the antilope to escape it is natural for the lion turning itself into a merciless killing machine.

And if it is natural for Chad and his harem to fuck 24/7 while laughing at us it is natural to us incels wanting to killing Chad in minecraft and rape Stacy in Dragon Quest Builders. It is our biological imperative and the only way to eliminate your rivals and finally passing your genes into the next generation.


It is basically cuckold porn on epic proportions. Have some fucking pride and let your soul burn in an endless inferno of bitterness, hatred and malignity.

Ellsworth & TallCelFag #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Looked at Stacys phone today

I went to check out a new gym today and the Stacy that helped me at the front desk was a cute brunette, real small boobs but that’s fine with me. Anyway as we were talking about the gym at the front desk I looked down on the desk and saw her cell phone. She was having 3 different text conversations. I’m sure it’s safe to assume they were all with Chad.

I tend to look at what foids do on their phones during my bus-rides from work. It’s all about faces. Watching tiktok, using facetime or taking selfies. Meanwhile all I do is text-based. Such a contrast.

Braindamage #crackpot #sexist incels.co

[Brutal] Females are literally getting there body parts teared in pieces by Chad( HIGH IQ )

Every time he enters a females wide used hole with his huge dick her hole takes massive damage, it gets very stretched out. If the vagina did not get strected out people would not start having sex in other holes where its not meant to have sex in. This was a quick evolution, females got rights and started fucking everyone then her vagina got loose so chad had to find other holes aka her mouth and ass, and soon these holes will be like a cave aswell and then females will let chad fuck them in their pee holes. Yes you read that right and it has already started soon in 10 years everyone will have it because the vagina will barely work thanks to chad. 100 years ago NONE had any other type of sex than normal vaginal sex. This is a very high iq post so i understand if not everyone understands how brutal nature works

grondilu #psycho #sexist incels.co

We could have been born as Chad to be selected by foids. Or we could have been born as a foid and had the easy life.

Female sexual preferences used to not matter that much. Technological progress, socialism and egalitarianism have reduced the value of the male individual to his sex-appeal, which is fairly marginal for most men.

In certain eras of early civilization, but not in overall human history. No, over all of history, on average only 1 in 17 males ever got to procreate, assuming roughly 1:1 males to females. This is the norm and we have merely reverted to it.

What makes you think it was Chad instead of local warlords or something ? After all, prima noctis used to be a thing. Also maybe it was a time when women were better at cuckolding their husbands. I mean think about it : Chad can certainly impregnate 17 women, but he can't provide for all their kids.

Furthermore, getting cucked would have meant you're merely betabuxx, showing that female preference HAS NOT changed and the blackpill has always been in play.

I do not deny female sexual preferences, I just think it's quite unusual to see it being fully expressed as we see today. But anyway, you might be right. That 1/17 ratio is quite hard to explain unless you're willing to imagine that it was a time when women gained full sexual power, somehow. Still, you said it's the norm, and I disagree. Matriarchy is one possible mode of human social organization, but we know patriarchy is possible too. I once wrote that sexual dynamics are an instable equilibrium, because both men and women have natural advantages on the other. Those opposing forces make equality unsustainable, the balance necessarily needs to flip to one side, and stay there until a major change reorganizes society and culture.

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[Blackpill] We incels have been forsaken by the Multiverse

Why do foids reject sub-8 males? They are genetically predisposed to act as selection filters and only accept the best genes from Chad, thus reducing entropy. Because of the Universes that support life, there are more of them that have evolutionary processes that are more efficient at reducing entropy, with the majority of them converging on Pareto optimality. We were probabilistically more likely to have been been born in a Universe of brutal, ruthless and ignorant foids, because there are infinitely many more of these ensembles within the whole of the Multiverse.

We could have been born as Chad to be selected by foids. Or we could have been born as a foid and had the easy life. But it gets worse. We could have been born in one of the mirror Universes where the roles of the sexes were reversed, with males being genetically predisposed to filtering out the lower 80% instead of just rejecting the ugliest 20% of foids. But we know we're not in such a Universe because whenever we impose a patriarchical sex-distributionist ideology on society, we're trying to undo millions of years of evolutionary programming with mere social contracts that are easily eroded. And thus, we also missed out our chance to be born during an era when we had such an ideology temporarily in place.

A world that is beneficial to the incel is still within the realm of possibility. A world in which a group of aspiring autistes can awaken and acquire ultimate power is not unfathomable. Knowing this, is it possible to challenge our "Demiurgic" originator, to challenge the false "God" who blindly cast us down into these depths? Is it possible to acquire the cheat codes of this nightmare jump-scare survival horror game? Can we use our autism powers to terraform, or incellaform if you will, our Universe to be more friendly to Incels and to seek the ultimate retribution not only against foids, but "The Eternal Foid"?

AutisticMonstrosity #racist #sexist incels.co


State broadcaster YLE had a DATING PROGRAM WITH AN INTENTION TO MOVE TO FINLAND AND MARRY. It was exclusively for Finnish beautiful women and exclusively for men from the United States of America. It is widely known here that almost all the Finnish-anglophonecountry couples already are Finnish woman, anglophone man couples. For example, no foreign citizenship nationality in Finland is more heavily male-majority than British men, while in the UK lives many times more Finnish women than Finnish men. The same phenomenon is with the Irish, Australians and of course with the men from the USA.

THIS TV PROGRAM CAN BE DIRECTLY COMPARED TO (HYPOTHETICAL OF COURSE) PROGRAM TO IMPORT THAI WIFES AND FIND THEM FINNISH HUSBANDS. IT IS 100% CLEAR TO EVERYONE THAT THIS KIND OF PROGRAM WHERE THAI WOMEN WOULD BE PAIRED WITH FINNISH MEN WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO BE AIRED ON TV, NEVER. Thai-Finnish couples are almost always Finnish man, Thai woman couples. If YLE made a similar program with Thailand, it would 100% without a doubt be exclusively for Thai men and Finnish women, because of the law demanding that YLE promote "diversity". But they disregarded this principle of theirs when they could increase the suffering of Finnish men further and import loads of additional American Chads here.

They are also basically dating reality-TV programs. They use Tinder, go to dates with local men etc. This is shown in the program and PROMOTED AND ADVERTISED. Latest season ended recently and it had 4 women and 1 man. All the other seasons had only women that taxpayer-incels paid to go fuck Canadian, Australian, New Zealander etc. chads.

your personality #crackpot #sexist incels.co

When the blackpill goes mainstream we're talking about the uncucked kind, no one wants the cucked fds blackpill to go mainstream. To be a real blackpiller you can't be a cuck, and you definitely won't accept the rostie version of the blackpill. The uncucked blackpill is what has to spread.

People tried that with the redpill. In the end the gynocentric version of the redpill where men had to prove themselves to the world to gain respect but women had to just exist ended up being the most commonly accepted form of the redpill.

We are dealing with people who are looking for reasons to treat low status unattractive males badly and mock them. Don't think that they won't try to rationalize and spin things about the blackpill in their favor because they will. Infact even others here have noticed it sometimes.

The redpill is more delusional and potentially more anti male than the bluepill is at times with its excess hatred and sneering toward the issues of low status unattractive males.

What's more they will claim their version of the blackpill is the uncucked blackpill and most normies will buy into it. You are dealing with people that are completely hostile to the interests of most men even if it's insecure normie guys that aren't always doing so well like on the mainstream reddit subs.

The blackpill was meant for low status males and nobody else but that's not how things will proceed if you insist on spreading the blackpill.
Curiosity killed the cat. In this case the cat is the average incel's anonymity. All these incel trait threads. All these virgin versus chad memes. Why would you make it easier for normies to identify you IRL? I don't want to make things worse for incels by normies learning more about them. I want incels to continue to be able to live their lives without people knowing what they think and look like.

Shigechi #crackpot #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] The blackpill is about to be accepted and absolutely nothing will change

The media and the government are bowing to women right now, femoids don't have a reason anymore to hide their disgust and true feelings for sub4 men. Most of them make more money than men in their HR jobs or onlyfans, you can already see women mocking ugly men and stating their opinions clearly in subs like FDS or chinktok. The media will eventually accept the blackpill, they will say to you that is true, you are ugly and that's why females don't want you, but that you shouldn't be mad at women for excluding you and that you should cope with healthy hobbies or even be a homosexual, which is something that is being heavily pushed nowadays. They will accept it and will tell you that there's nothing wrong in being excluded romantically and you shouldn't resent anyone like a good goy. It will happen sooner than you think and the suicide rates for men will explode even further.


I realized that when i saw this ss in this thread:

[Blackpill] Why women deserve hate | The logical fallacy of the 'natural' arguement pertaining towards justifying female hypergamy

This is how the media and government will treat the subject.

BurakuminBibba #racist #sexist #wingnut incels.co

RE: [It's Over] Have you ever been assaulted in public?

plenty of times, i live in a shithole multicultural city called toronto the amount of times pretend wanna be hoodlums' jumps me ive defended myself pretty well a few times and even talked myself out of situation where others have weapons, but this city is filled with scumbags. i guess im not lucky growing up in the hood, but i run into all sorts of assholes no matter the gender or ethnicity all people are shitty when allowed opportunity. i think back the times foids have attack me was always cause im ugly, fuck the west

What race attacks you? What race are you?

all races have attacked me, tho darker colour people ive witness commit most violence in public, you have to consider i live in most multicultural city in the world, so you have shitty people from every country here, on top of that all that progressive woke activism is virtue signaling most all races here hate each other, for me i couldn't care all my friends growing up were white and Asian. im half Arab and black.

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