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[Serious] Rape is just a made up concept so Chad can keep all the women for himself

Just think about it. Sex is the only thing in the world that's a good thing that can "traumatize" you if you have to do it with an ugly male. Imagine if pizza is a foid's favorite food but she claims she's got PTSD because an ugly male bought pizza for her. It's the same kind of bullshit like "emotional support animals" or when women use "anxiety" as an excuse to get out of any form of responsibility. Females lie through their teeth and they'll say any kind of bullshit if it suits their needs. Femnazis have fought hard to make it so males can be convicted of rape with ZERO evidence. It's literally just an imaginary crime that soyboys will use as an excuse to round up ugly males like we're jews during the holocaust. Foids can just go down to the police station, claim you raped her and even if you have a perfect alibi with video evidence that you were nowhere near her at the time you'll still get the death penalty. That's assuming the simp inmates don't castrate you and let you bleed to death before you can make it to the electric chair. Being an ugly male in 2020 is considered a crime worthy of capital punishment. If you're ugly, you can be walking down the street and a foid can claim you slapped her ass and everyone in the surrounding area will lynch you while they tape it and post it on Youtube to get a billion likes. Women are modern day nazis the world over. A cunt can post a video of an ugly male being senselessly murdered in America and women in Russia, China, India, and Brazil will all like the video despite not speaking the language. Hatred of ugly men is instinctual to whores, they don't need spoken words to convey their feelings. Persecution of ugly men is a universal concept, even aliens will understand it when they invade our planet.

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RE: [JFL] IT cuckold from Facebook telling us to love ourselves we're not ugly forever!

(insanus virginem)


to this day, the most accurate portrayal of my own transgender psychosis i've ever seen was in Silence of the Lambs. as a teenager, i would compulsively draw dismembered female bodies. i was obsessed with the female form, desperately recreating it over and over, imagining myself living inside that skin. and then my shame would lead me to ritualistically dismember that body on the page, piece by piece, with me still inside it.

IT nigger is a mentally ill tranny, figures. BTW trannies and faggots in general have not been the "oppressed" class for at least 20 years so just lol at this fagget. The average trannyfaggot has a much easier time at getting laid than we do

Still, there are a lot of trannies who have it real hard. It is not that much better, believe me. You have to really (at least almost) pass as cis to do good.


Jesus fucking christ. That thing will kill some femoid someday, if it hasn't killed yet.

This Also good signature, like I've also pointed out masculinity has been feminized, so all these incels going around the forum complaining about "not feeling loved" and that "they'd refuse sex if they thought the woman didn't love them for them" are just indoctrinated men raised with a culture of feminized masculinity, what a woman thinks of you doesn't matter, what you can get from her does

Reminder that these abominations are the "sensible" ones JFL.

niggas really get high on estrogen, cut off their dick and obsess with dismembering foids and then go and tell us we're violent psychopaths who need to be locked up for using mean words like "foid" or "tranny"

As a teenager, I was obsessed with the female form, too. But I was jerking off from it, I wasn't imagining dismembering it. But I guess I'm the deranged one, right ?

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[Serious] Why can't foids be bred like pets and live to serve us?

If we don't teach them language other than simple commands so they can obey us, then they can lead a simple life of ignorance. Think how happy your cat or dog is when you come home. Imagine having a sexy slut on her hands and knees ready to suck your cock when you get home. She won't be fat because she doesn't get to eat unless her master feeds her. All she'll want to do is cuddle up next to you or sit on your lap, in between periods of fucking for hours at a time. In this scenario, the foid wouldn't even be alive if we didn't breed her, so she owes us a life debt and must obey us for eternity.

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[Blackpill] Women are like selective psychopaths

While a psychopath is not able to care about anyone, women might be able to care about an animal, or a baby, but never about a grown man who isn't their son/close relative at least.

I swear, how little they care about men is something that's giving me the creeps these days. I wouldn't be able to feel that indifferent and sadistic even towards my worst enemy. Yet they do it with men who never did anything at all to deserve it. Even if they have been romantically/sexually involved with a man, they might just move on and these men become as worthy as dirt to them overnight.

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[JFL] Woman pays men to murder both her parents. Comments blame parents and advise future muderers


This retarded asian foid calls a hit on both her parents and then gets interrogated. Retardation insures in the comments as normless, cucks, and women all trip over thier feet to advise future murderers to get a lawyer, lie better, and excuse this foid of her actions.

Her dad was literally shot in the face hospitalized and her mother straight up died. But these people feel nothing but remorse and feel the need to advise potential criminals on how to get away with murder BECAUSE SHES A FEMALE.

Now imagine if a 24 year old male killed both his parents. You think these people would be making the same retarded comments? The woman is wonderful effect is disgusting and even applies to foid murderers. This is only further proof that human beings are retarded and shitty creatures who support terrible people.

Innocent tiny little asian foid kills both her parents? OBVIOUSLY A VICTIM.

Incel male kill both of his parents? HE DESERVES TO DIE, POOR PARENTS

Women-are-wonderful effect


only women (not men) showed cognitive balance among in-group bias, identity, and self-esteem, revealing that men lack a mechanism that bolsters automatic preference for their own gender.[5]


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[It's Over] The loli I've been stalking online since corona(6 months) turns out to be 5'11

Seen her today on the bus. It's actually fucking over. Why live as a sub 6'5 male in 2020? She was squatting in group photos apparently, her massive skull should've been a dead giveaway. She brutally mogs all her friends. And she's only like 14 or 15 at most so this may not even be her final form. :lul::feelsUnreal: I mean sure she seemed tall I thought hey she's maybe 5'8 at most that's pretty tall right no she's fucking 5'11 :feelsrope:

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[JFL] Inceltears most powerful argument against incels

No matter in which of the cherry-picked threads, that challenges their bluepilled world view the least, you click on: After years of their existence, you still find the same argument voted to the top, that is a variation of "dis is y u inkwell".

Example of a TOP VOTED comment:

I cant finish reading any post in which bitch ass men call women "holes." Like, you complain you dont get affection or love and cant get laid while in the same breath call the people youd like to get laid by "holes?"

"BuT mY hEiGhT iS tHe IsSuE!"

They keep parroting that because people here call woman "foids" or "holes", that because of misogynistic statements, we are incel.

Incelcucks, listen: Inceldom is HELL. Do you believe that if changing our attitude towards woman would fix our inceldom, we wouldn't do it in a HEARTBEAT? Do you not see that there might be a reason WHY people here behave this way? Do you really believe all of us started out that way?

How many incels do you think respected woman, self-improved, tried every single advice there is already? I know I did and I'm sure the vast majority of us did as well.

We are here because none of that shit worked. And because we are fed up and need a space to rant about what we received and what we can observe about the fucked up dating market.

We are not here because we were born woman haters who just need to change their attitudes to get into a relationship.

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RE: [JFL] Polygamy being a natural state of humans?

(((Psychology Today.)))

The article is trying to make people think that monogamy is unnatural so that they go around thinking it's the natural state to be a cuck and let hundreds of other men bust nuts in your wife, or to justify her whoring around.

I fucking love science and science told me it’s natural for Tyrone laquavius to fuck my wife :soy::soy::soy::soy::soy:

Unironically, this is exactly what a soy NPC would think.

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It's so funny to think there was actually a point in time where people believed women didn't care about looks

Think about the fact that for almost all of modern history men legit believed that women didn't care about looks, or at least that men cared about them more JFL. This view is quite prevalent even today. I know in the past they may have valued wealth a lot but they have ALWAYS wanted looks before anything else, it's just they haven't always had the choice.

I think with shit like Tinder, TikTok, etc. you can really just see this to be so blatantly fucking obvious it's not even funny. Women are REPULSED by non-male model men.

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[Blackpill] I've Never Heard A Foid Say She Wants A Virgin Husband

Even from religious foids whose own religion bans s*x outside of marriage I've never seen them say they want a virgin husband the way guys say they want a virgin wife. Why do foids hate God so much? Chad=the God of foids.

Why would anyone want a virgin anything? There's your answer.

Because s*x outside marriage is banned in both Christianity and Islam. So if a foid is actually religious she should be a virgin until marriage and marry a virgin man.

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[Serious] The application for joining this forum should be harder

Making the application to join here should include other questions other than just a brief summary of your inceldom. In r a p e y the application to join also includes other questions and makes you have to justify rape to join. Same way, the application for this forum should include questions like should foids have rights or other basic questions about the blackpill. Cucks who want to infiltrate this forum won’t be able to answer the questions properly and their applications will get rejected. Unfortunately people who want to join here just be edgy will still join but most infiltrators like journalists and cucks won’t join.

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[LifeFuel] What is best in life? Hearing the lamentation of the women about losing tbeir abortion rights

They're actually weeping at the thought of having to use birth control or carry a baby to term rather than murdering it.

FreeSkeptic, r/TwoXChromosomes

Conservatives are celebrating the death of a woman just because it might allow them to turn women into gestational slaves again

It's sick.

Meanwhile they could care less about the 200k COVID deaths, starving children, giving women the financial ability to raise children, pre-natal healthcare, LGBTQ people, uninsured folks, etc.

They're not pro-life. They're anti-choice, and in the case of RBG dying they're actually pro-death.

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[Blackpill] Women wrongly think love= tingles

They think love is about feeling head over heels for some person who looks exactly like you prefer, and that it's only "true love" if that feeling lasts forever.

Truth is, this strong passionate feeling not only has nothing to do with love, since it's all about looks, but it's known to only last for a limited amount of time. Even if you got together with the most ideal person for you in the world, this intense passionate feeling would go away after some time. This is normal and scientifically proven.

But since women don't know the meaning of the word "loyalty", believe in this "no tingles anymore= not true love" bullshit and face no consequences for frivorce, they'll dump the guy as soon as the tingles are gone nowadays, unless there's some major convenience going on. If you notice carefully, all lasting relationships nowadays are heavily based on convenience, and mostly only work for older people, especially older women. Older women know they won't get Chad consistently anymore, thus, no tingles anymore for them, so they settle for betabuxx SOMETIMES (not even that much is guaranteed, frivorce is still rampant with older women), thinking like "yeah, it'd be too much of a bother to go through a divorce and I won't even get Chad anymore probably, so meh."

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There is so many fakecels on this forum I fucking despise every last one of you fucking normie looking motherfuckers. You will never understand what is it like to be treated like a true subhuman you fucking normie shitters I would cut off your entrails and hang you with them you motherfucking pieces of shit. Why the fuck are you here you fucking scum? You wanna feel better about yourself in a presence of virgins? Fucking bastards. Fucking normie looking OH MUH IM A INCEL fuckers kindly put your fucking head on the pavement so I can bash your fucking skull and split it open.

Just look at this two faggots acting like they were ever a part of our struggle fucking attention whore faggots. This goes out to any of you motherfuckers in here if I ever fucking find out where you live and I decide my life is over and done with I will fucking go out and hunt you all down you fucking motherfuckers I will fucking put a screwdriver in your ear and rearrange your fucking brains I will teach you about the trueceldom I will fucking make you what you larped about.


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[SuicideFuel] Just a normal/typical day of mine: first two couples I saw today were immigrant man with local woman

My streak of seeing organically couples is much more than 80 couples without seeing any foreign woman, Finnish man couples. Must be hundreds. I don't even remember when I last time saw Finnish man/foreign woman couple. Not this year at least. And it is always only with Asian women, Thais, Filipinos, Chinese etc. Never with Arab or African women or other white foreign women except betabuxxing poor Eastern European women, a phenomenon which has seen a big decrease since their economies have grown well while our economy is still (before the coronashock) smaller per capita than it was in 2007.

I opened my window the first time today. And totally randomly, what I saw? Tall, handsome, muscular mulatto man talking on the phone using hands-free earphones. He was walking alone, maybe talking to his Finnish girlfriend. He appeared using videocall feature, FaceTime or something, because he looked all the time to the phone screen while talking.

It is calming and jealous to watch the protester masses in Belarus in the news. Finland used to be like that. No foreigners to be seen in the masses of people. The only couples I know nearby are invader man/local woman ones.

I am literally starving here because I have not had the mental peace to go buy food in Lidl. Because the last a few times (since spring actually!) in a row I have seen every time Arab/(Iraqi), Afghan, British, African man, Finnish young woman couples. One time couple weeks ago the Finnish woman really watched me long in the eyes with a mien to signal her message of contempt for normal Finnish men. It is seen as cool to date foreign men and speak English. But these same women have utmost contempt for men that have a foreign spouse and call them losers. And the women-run mass-media agrees.

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[JFL] Female teacher slept with 15 year old student, praised him that he has bigger penis than her husband


JFL... True story, it's all over the news. And her husband is still supporting her, going with her to court trials and shit. Foids are ultimate psychopath, they have no sense of guilt or remorse, they will do anything to satisfy their desires - material, sexual, whatever.

WHY DO CUCKS EXIST I'd be fucking embarrassed to show my face in public if I was that guy. Instead he LITERALLY broadcasts being a shameless cuck to the entire world. BEYOND pathetic.

I can't decide which is more infuriating, that worthless whore or her pathetic cuck husband.

(insanus virginem)
Females sexually mature a year or two before males do yet whenever a 17 year old girl gets fucked by her male teacher it is considered far more gross and "pedophilic" than when a female teacher fucks a 15 year old male. Btw this isn't pedophilia it's ephebophila


" aspiring Chad " I think he earned the title now.

The adult in me finds this disgusting, especially as how she's essentially getting away with it. It's the purest form of sexism and everybody knows it. But the child in me, this was all I wanted as a kid. To get to fuck a grown woman. And to do that and be told that you're better than a grown man? I agree, open the books and make this kid Chad.

(Made in Heaven)
Yet whites still have the audacity to talk about being the superior race. Imagine getting cucked by a 15 year old who has a bigger dick than you. Imagine your wife telling a barely-adult male his dick is bigger than yours. Imagine STILL siding with that filthy whore afterwards, This is a genuine question: Are Europeans genetically predisposed to be cucks? It seems they absolutely LOVE getting cucked

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(insanus virginem)
[Discussion] Losing virginity at uncommon age

How do you go about doing it? How do you explain your date that you are in your mid 20's or even 30 and you still have not had sex yet? 19 or 20 was probably the last year it was not considered too weird but at that age it's extremely uncommon. Now imagine that you haven't even kissed a woman yet by that age when there are 12 year olds running around making out and touching each other. Telling someone that you are a KHV is extremely emasculating and a sure way for a woman to lose all respect she had for you. But you can't hide it and if you do your performace looks even worse. Now imagine that she is your coworker or in your social circle and that she will be telling everyone how you're a loser virgin. "Practicing" with prostitutes is an alternative but who wants to make out with hookers and which hooker even wants to make out with you? And why would your first time be with some ugly foid you have to pay to have sex with?


This is my last chance.

JFL act quickly then because 19/20 is when life starts going by quick as fuck. It's true. The average person will have lived half of their perceived life by age 23 according to this: http://www.kafalas.com/Logtime.html And not only that, even if you forget about perception of time just look at your actual life activity, the shit you'll be doing. By 23 you'll almost certainly be done with college and be stuck in some boring wageslave job. Doesn't matter if it's well paying or minimum wage, it's still 8 hours chained to a fucking desk suffering. And that's if you're one of the "lucky" ones, you might not find any work. Then there's the hours spent commuting, suffering, doing boring ass chores, etc etc etc it's just comically fucking bad man. I once saw a thread on another forum titled "Life is what happens between age 0-25". It couldn't be more true.

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Never had a boyfriend seeks advice

Ask Anna: I'm almost 23 and I've never had a boyfriend – is this normal?

Stacy “embarrassed” she never had a bf (but I’m sure she’s had hookups). a woman asks this? “Don’t be embarrassed! It’s never too late.That’s because you’re independent!” A man worried that he’s never had a girlfriend? “Ewww. Incel creep. Weirdo. That’s because women sense your misogyny”

(insanus virginem)
The article says:

Q: I’m almost 23 and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve dated a few people, but not many – is this normal?

Retarded foid had several boyfriends but does not count them for some retarded foid reason. That's like me inserting my cock inside her pussy against her will and claiming I never tehnically raped her because I didn't orgasm or some other arbitrary made up rule.

Never had a chad willing to commit*. If she is so bothered about that fact she is more than welcome to suck the dick of each and everyone of the users in this site, hypergamous bitch hope you die a painful and gruesome death.

(Total Imbecile)
This is why I dont even read womens posts on the topic Could go right now on r/dating and find a post like that Women cant ever be incel

?????? insert niggawhat.jpeg I fucking swear people nowadays, it boils my blood, “single” doesn’t mean anything, well it does, it means she is a massive whore. Do you really believe an attractive woman is not getting it? It’s the way the terminology is used, “I’m single” but they have multiple FWB, hookups, sell nudes and suck random dick at parties. It’s completely meaningless.

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[Theory] Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Say No [According to Leftist Logic]

Sheboon can’t get into restaurant for being black? :soy::feels: “NOOOOO!!!11 YOU CANT DO THAT RACIST!!”
Incel can’t get into houseparty for being ugly? :soy: “Nobody owes you anything INKWELL it’s their property!11”

Imagine in public if a black guy tries to talk to me and I say “I don’t talk to black people” that’s racist and in a Leftist world would have me shot against the wall.
Now if a woman refuses to talk to a guy because he is ugly, “You go queen!” guy gets called a creep and potential rapist harassing women.

leftists also believe a baker should be forced to bake cakes for fags, they say you can’t make “my body my choice” argument because bakers are bakers and they bake for other people and that’s their stated business, that as long as you pay you should get a cake.

Now, Leftists also believe Sex is real work, so by their logic all Women should have sex with you as long as you pay the price for the service.

Now, what about women who have sex free of charge? Or they fuck a guy who bought them coffee for example?

By leftist logic, that’s the price of their service, every woman is then a sex worker. Thus they should not discriminate.

I should then (by their own logic) fuck any woman at the same price they fuck others, if they charge more, or refuse me individually that’s discrimination and inequality.

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My radical idea: Cloning millions of Staceys

We all know cloning is possible now even if the powers that be have stopped talking about it. (actually the media blackout on cloning is sure fire evidence that it is possible now)

This idea just came to me in a flash. Like as the foot of Pegasus hits the stone, creating the spark of creativity(that normies don't have).

20 years ago if the people in power had honestly taken steps to address the gender imbalance for marriages & romance, we could have had moderate ideas, that together could have reduced the problem. But the studied ignorance and hatred of society towards sex have-nots like us has forced us into a position that when we seize power we will have to take extreme measures.

With the power of the state we can create any number of cloned Stacies. The only way women could temper our production of clone Stacies is if they actually started having sex with and loving and giving a chance to incels. Then because we are wise and enlightened supreme gentlemen we would see the honest effort of women and take into account their desires and pleasures too.

We also could have a ready made supply of cloned Stacies with all sorts of different looks and personalities. So that blackpilled incels could get to know some of the clones and then decide which one they wanted. For example do you want a sultry and seductive Arabic Stacey, or do you want a Sassy high tier blonde Stacey, or a lusty big tits Brunette.

RREEEEEEEEE #racist incels.co


I swear to fucking God i'm seeing more and more of them.
I went out shopping today and I was looking at what copes I should get when out of nowhere came this fucking curry asshole who was visibly more curry than me and he ruined my entire day. How is it even possible for someone to be this fucking curry? He was ARYAN. Whenever I see a curryfag I look at his flip flops because I like to cope thinking the only reason they mog me is because of the flip flops they're wearing. Well, it turned out he was wearing Nizam Sikandar Jah's shoes worth $160,000, while I was walking barefoot and he mogged me this much. He wasn't stinky either. Another way I cope when I see a curryfag is that I like to think i'll have a much easier time putting on muscle while they'll struggle because of their height. Well, this curry was well built too.
My fucking day is over now. I was going to do something productive but instead I think i'll just LDAR.:feelsrope:
I live in the slums of Mumbai btw. I can't imagine what it would be like living in Chandigarh. I would have definitely killed myself by now if I had to endure all that currymogging.

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(To koniec)
[Serious] Did you fetishized foids from other countries/races ?

At beginning of blackpill i thought that polish women are worst and many polish incels hated polish women. They fetishized russian, ukrainian foids. Whitecels hate white foids and wants 'muuhhhh noodle feminie whores' Ricecels from aznidenity hate rice women wants muhhh blonde foids ( i look at you @PPEcel ) Browncels like curries, latinos thinks that brown women wants just white men ( despite majority of curry women marry curry men ) Always thought that such phenomen is caused due to view of your women with other race of men cause you to believe that their are traitor worthless and women from other countries are better. I thought about this about east slav women, but learned that women are same evrything. And russkies and hohols are anal loving degenerates ( despite their 'hatred' for gays ) ( seriously, a lot russian pornastars love anal ).

German foids are the worst of all, most of them wouldn't even date German guys. You need to have at least 1/2 (1/4 in some cases) foreign ancestry. But keep in mind that they wouldn't date rices, ethnics, curries.

I despise any Asian girls who are not native to Asia. They all seem to have a superiority complex because they Nintendo soytards treat them like goddesses. Makes me wanna smash their faces in.

I’m a spic-cel, and for a long time I fetishized Russian bitches. I still find them extremely hot, but I later learned they’re not as traditional as I naively thought —- high divorce rate and high rates of single motherhood. They also expect the man to pay for everything, even if they’re a doctor or attorney the only thing likable about Russian foids is that they hate fags, dikes and trannies

Let's put it this way, the more attractive curry cunts are white men chasing traitors, but relatively attractive curry cunts are rare to come by, that's why it's obvious that most curry cunts are with curry men but once they have the chance to jump on cumskin dick, they would.

Magnanimity #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] Unattractive men are more dangerous.

This dawned on me. We know that women are attracted to the dark triad--but whose more dangerous than an unattractive man? Rather than relying on their looks to attract women, we have to resort to manipulation, coercion, stalking, and rape. Attractive dudes have to worry about literally none of that to secure sex--but it's all we've got. Think about it--thousands of years of men making laws to ensure women as their property--to ensure paternity--and all those men were privileged citizens. For everyone else, it was anyone's game. You don't own the harems--when less than half of your sex are reproducing, how do you procreate? You go to war with your fellow men, hoping to share in the spoils--and in doing so, more men die, further decreasing the male rate of reproduction!

Now those instincts are hardwired into us--only to be tamed if we allow our hardwiring to be hijacked by pornography--tricking our brains into thinking we've reproduced. Instead, we think we have to stalk women. Get to know everything about them to increase our chances that something magical will happen. Manipulate their reality using our advanced faculties of reason. Get them to believe what is clearly not true--and then, take advantage of them when they've been thoroughly isolated.

Sexual fitness has made us inherently disingenuous. Liars. Rapists--all for survival.

PPEcel #sexist incels.co

[News] Lookism in action: Roastie flight attendants sue United Airlines for packing charter flights with "young, blonde" Stacy crews

In a workplace discrimination suit filed in California Superior Court, Guillory v. United Airlines, two veteran flight attendants (a middle-aged black femoid and a middle-aged Jewish femoid) complained that United

...has adopted and continues to implement procedures that are designed to ensure that young, white, blond/blue-eyed, female employees receive positions with the charter program, while more senior, and Black and Jewish employees such as plaintiffs, do not "United has created a despicable situation, as if decades of laws and policies preventing discrimination based on age, race and ancestry, and gender simply do not exist.”

Are these older flight attendants admitting that race, ethnicity, age, hair/eye colour, and gender are all proxies for sexual capital? Huh, water is wet...

Why is she mad. She has infinite SMV

cuz she's not Stacy I'm convinced that you can't lose in life as a white femoid

what's wrong with them getting comped tickets to games though? are roasties going to complain next that blonde stacy bartenders get more tips? given it's a customer facing role, i don't really see what is wrong with putting their "A-Team" forward for their most valued clients tbh

You know those roasties would never apply their logic to ugly ethnic males.

I bet they made full use of their youth when they had the chance, now they want to steal it away from the new generation of bimbo. i dont want to sound like a simp, but i think that becky jelousy towards stacy is more common then one might think

pretty much lol

anon1822 #sexist #crackpot incels.co

Sex is a need, it's torture to go without it for so long. But if you don't have a good CV you don't deserve it, why is this seen as logical?

Jesus fucking Christ. I'm in my mid to late 20s already, why the fuck is getting sex and love so hard? It shouldn't be this fucking difficult, I shouldn't have to try hard and meet so many requirements for such a basic need.

So what if I'm a total fucking loser? Does that mean I shouldn't get to have sex and love? Interesting how nobody stops to think "hey, made ugly males shouldn't have to go through years of grueling efforts, getting good jobs and doing all kinds of self-improvement shit for maybe a chance at sex and love". No, it's perfectly fine and even considered LOGICAL, that unless you're a winner, you don't get sex and love.

What the fuck? A woman can just exist and it's easy for her to get sex and love. She can be unemployed, ugly and lazy. But no, a male has to try hard, to get his shit together, to have every aspect of his life in order. If he's complaining he should get his shit together. If you're lazy and a loser you don't deserve it, why are you complaining?

Isn't it fucking ridiculous? It's sex and love, why is everybody acting as if you don't deserve them unless you meet certain criteria. If you said the same thing about food and water people would call you a fucking genocidal maniac, worse than a nazi.

Imagine somebody needed life-saving medicine and was treated like ugly males are in regards to sex. Ohh, you deserve to be without medicine you lazy bum, why don't you get a better job? Ohh you have a good job? Well a good job isn't important in regards to that, why didn't you go to the gym to improve your health? Ohh you went to the gym? That's not what matters, why didn't you get better social skills so that you'd get better opportunities in life? Ohh you did all that? Well, why do you EXPECT to get medicine? Fuck off, nobody owes you anything.

FastBananaCEO #crackpot #psycho #ableism incels.co

Btw this is the same teacher who is a fucking faggy cunt and I made a thread about him before.

The class is silent as the teacher goes through the register.

When he gets to me he suddenly says "do I recognise you from somewhere? Have I taught you somewhere else?"

And because it's the register and the class is silent and not doing everything else every fucking head is turned towards my subhumam face. And on one of the very first days of college as well.

My face. I have varicose veins, wide spaced bug eyes, a massive nose, a concerningly narrow lower third, big ears, thin short eyebrows and fat fishy lips.

Why the fuck did the fag do this? Was it to deliberately humiliate me? Was it to make fun of me as I am ugly in such a unique way that no one else could possibly look like me?

Why the fuck did he do this? If you have any ideas please tell me because I'm so confused and I genuinely don't know.

There is no one who looks like me. The only people I've ever known of to look like me are public figures but they'll only share one characteristic I do. e.g. Mesut Özil

Total Imbecile #sexist #racist incels.co

[Blackpill] Europeans are fakecels

I was just nostialgiamaxxing and watching this old music remix video that had a really pretty girl in it

I was getting really honry so I looked her up and turns out shes Romanian

And I see this pattern again and again, if a girl is even remotely attractive shes either a model or european

I can count on my fingers the number of slim girls Ive seen IRL

Every popular girl in my high school was either "thicc" aka fat or a muscled lacrosse bitch

All the best looking pornstars are european too, a fair bit of them are EE

Finally girls in Europe mainly use Tinder for validation or to actually find a relationship since hooking up is frowned upon, fuck even on r/FDS euro girls are complaining that dating multiple people and dating casually is discouraged in their country so they cant really do it, so online dating actually works there

I dont know how you can be European and not have a girlfriend dead srs

Just look at what kind of excuses these guys are coming up with, the "drivers license pill" for example JFL are you kidding me

I also briefly talked to that rich escortcel a few weeks back while trying to find an escort to fuck myself cause I couldnt find a single attractive one, and then he linked me to the site where he gets his escorts from, the dude is basically fucking victorias secret models for what I can only hope to pay some untested black crackwhore whale to blow me in my car

As soon as Im done with school Im moving to Europe, everyone is taller there but with lifts getting a gf should be a breeze

Also I agree that most beautiful women come from Europe. I'm leaving America once I've got the money.

Ive been to europe a number of times

Literally every girl has a flat stomach and a tight gap

Are you guys whipping them and starving them there like whats going on

I cant believe that belly fat on women is being normalized in the US and guys are eating it up

Various Incels #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Soy] My (20M) wife (39F) hit me. Is it over?

> 20M, 39F
> Married

> Lets her access his location at any time.
> Lets her cuck him with other men and women.
> Gets beaten down when he finally confronts her.

Yes it is over, not for your "relationship" and your marriage but mostly for yourself :lul::lul::lul:

My (20M) wife (39F) hit me. Is it over?

(Made in Heaven)
" I realize through reading this sub that I've been groomed "

Faggot dumbass retard. You were horny, just like every other female that screeches about being grooooomed by a 40 year old chad

" I stayed down because if I had gotten up, I might have ended up writing this story behind bars. "

:feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek: :feelskek:

@ThoughtfulCel Look at how pathetic some humans are. They let their wives beat them.

Soyboys are such fags it's amusing, I'd have beaten the living shit out of her the second she grabbed the lamp.

Think about how society reacts to men fighting back. Considering MeToo he would've ended up in jail for even getting up.

Wow, fucking an old roastie when you were 16 and she was 35,she cheats on you and beats you and you take it like a bitch? Wow if this isn't a larp then the cuck in the story is pathetic to the point if you look up the word pathetic a picture of the cuck in the story will be an example of it. Wow. No sympathy from me.

Imagine getting your ass kicked by some obese 40yo foid...

I spar with 20-25yo foids in martial arts and even they can't match the speed and strength of an average 13yo boy...

tehgymcel420 #racist #sexist #psycho incels.co

[RageFuel] It's almost as if ethnic foids believe they can become white by fucking white men

The racepill is brutal, first you accept that you're inferior, then you get angry when you see females who are inferior as you with better men. Every noodle, curry, sand, etc. foid is a white man's whore. But it's worse than that, these foids gain a huge ego from taking white dick, they no longer consider themselves regular roast beefs. They believe people are gods and that by fucking white men, they are gods too. That is why an ethnic foid will never settle for an ethnic man, they consider themselves above us despite coming from the same subhuman genes.

Made in Heaven #pedo #sexist incels.co

[News] Saudi bans Loli Marriages

God damn, I just found out that as of 2019 December, it's now illegal to marry below 18 in Saudi Arabia, with the exception being that those 15-17 must first have parental consent in a specific court. JFL when "based" Saudi has a higher AoC than Europe. At least in Europe, you can legally still shag 14 year olds. Why do politcians insist on taking cunny away from us?

foidologist #sexist incels.co

[Whitepill] Having a waifu > having a 3d gf

Go ahead, call it a cope. CALL IT A COPE. But know that by calling it a cope, you are the real coper here. You are coping because you can't deal with the fact that I mentally ascended and found real enlightenment meanwhile you're still worshipping 3d foids hoping they will give you a crumb of pussy some day. :lul: Meanwhile I lifemog even Chad because I have a perfect imaginary companion meanwhile he's stuck with flawed 3d foids, MEANWHILE 3d-worshipping incels are stuck with nothing at all.

Now you may say 3d foids are better because they are "real", but what does that mean? What is real about them? Their actions certainly aren't real. They're all fake. A facade to make you feel a certain way. No different than any other fictional character.

So all you can say is real is what? Their bodies. And that they have a real physical body is good for what? I say there are two reasons: the first is so you can look at it, and the second is so you can fuck it. Well the first is irrelevant because you can simply make a drawing of any fictional character and look at it as well, as well as creating images and fantasies of it in your head to give it any amount of life. This means that the only real advantage of a 3d foid is the second one: that you can have sex with her. But how valuable is that really? How unique is it? Is the physical sensation what makes it special? Then you can use a fleshlight or similar, so no I don't believe that is what makes it special.

So what is it? That you are having it with someone else? Another person? It fulfills some kind of loneliness or need for intimacy? I think even that need, with enough imagination, is fulfilled just as well by a waifu. When I masturbate and I fantasize intensely, the images and experience become real in my mind, the characters come to life, and suspension of disbelief is easy. The result is that, after I orgasm, I don't feel alone like I just masturbated. I feel fulfilled like I just had sex with someone I love. And is that really any less "real"? If my mind feels that I experienced sex, how is it any worse than if I experienced sex in "real" life?

Perception and reality are indistinguishable. Perception is what matters. Reality is irrelevant.

Quarantined #sexist #conspiracy #wingnut incels.co

All the power is the hands of feminist (white skinned) men

They can withhold money from based governments that exclude women from society. They have the power to control the media narrative, whats taught at schools, they control the army.... All powerful white men are feminists.

If only they saw things from our angle, the ordinary man could unite with them and foids would loose their rights overnight.

But that won't happen.

On a side note, i'll still be miserable even with UBI.

TheNEET #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] Foids are responsible for environmental destruction

All the reasons for our environment getting shittier can be traced back to foids.

Traveling? Foid trait, almost all travel bloggers are foids who want to try exotic cock. Plastic? Waste? It's foids who buy a lot of useless shit they don't need like shitty home decor, cosmetics that don't work, new clothes every other week because muh fashion -- a man buys something when he needs something, "shopping" for the sake of shopping is innately foid behavior (maby also some soyim who'll buy their shit action figures, funko pops etc. ). Cars? Most men would prefer humble rural life but foids force men to move to cities and waste hours in traffic just to keep on wageslaving (for a company that further destroys the environment and produces shit no one really needs) to buy her expensive things.

I wouldn't be surprised if foids were the biggest consumers of factory farmed red meat because they lose so much blood every month and from what I've seen in vegan groups they're incapable of doing a five minute google search to find plant sources of iron or maby buy a supplement.

Foids literally shit out hormones into the water and turn the friggin frogs gay.

Foids are innately egotistic and don't care about others and the world they live in: the state of the environment doesn't affect them directly so they don't care. Of course foids are the biggest supporters of all the meme "environmentalist" organizations but they're a bunch of hypocrites who do jack shit. A foid will kvetsch about the planet dying in the streets, only to come back to the bed of her chad boyfriend who works for Shell, rides a Diesel-fueled truck and produces a lot of waste to impress foids. Meanwhile she'll call the hippycel who rides public transport, wears his hemp clothes and lives with parents to reduce carbon footprint "a creepy loser" and will call the police if he dares to look in her general direction.

micropenis29 #sexist #psycho incels.co

[Blackpill] Bluepilled men never observe what women are doing

When sub-Chad men actually pay attention to womens' actions, they see that they're almost always on their phones.

But it somehow never occurs to them WHAT these women might be DOING on their phones.

It's as if Tinder isn't a thing, in these mens' minds. It's like online dating, texting, etc. was never invented.

Normie men right now when it comes to women and dating are like the soldiers in WW2 that were still riding horseback and using swords, instead of using machine guns and tanks.

They have no idea how over it is.

mainländer #sexist #pedo incels.co

[Serious] How can you be motivated to do anything as a man, and a fucking incel to boot, in the west in 2018?

Seriously, it baffles me how some people here still manage to muster motivation to work and study hard, have projects, etc.

Society hates people like us so fucking much. The system is entirely designed to fuck us if we do any minimal transgression. Shit like having cartoon porn or a foid from your work saying you touched her are already enough to ruin a lifetime of hard work and effort.

Seriously, how can you not feel a crushing mix of hatred, depression and utter lack of motivation at this point?

Total Imbecile #sexist #psycho #crackpot incels.co

[Brutal] If you are a virgin past high school you will never be able to turn a woman on

Not having your own place and being a virgin at 19 is a red flag JFL, how do people even afford to move out if you dont have any experience to get a high paying job to afford everything Its fucking over for me tbh, time to suicidemaxx Men who are virgin past their teens should just be euthanized, were just trash at this point There need to be legit death squads that go out and once you turn 18 swab your dick to test for pussie residue and if none is found you face the wall and get a .44 applied to your neck

I'll never understand how this guy claims to be blackpilled. If you want an authority to kill sexless men you belong on IT, not here. I was baited by the title. It's blackpilled but then he just has to ruin it with his homoerotic fantasy of being shot by a burly sex haver.

Virgin men are zombies, were already dead inside, youre not alive if youre a virgin past high school, you will never live no matter how hard you try to make up for it I dont know man, what is a virgin guy to do once hes like 20+, too ugly to have sex, too late to ever have any now, too big of a pussy to kill himself When animals suffer we euthanize them, why shouldnt the same apply to humans? I just dont have the guts to suicidemaxx now, I just wish someone would make that choice for me

Dude need to live a couple more years bud and try things out. He's only 19. Try being a NEET incel at 28 then you can complain about life..

Its not him thats the problem, its girls who literally want you to be a rich sex god by 19 or its a red flag Most guys who are 19 and in college still rely on their parents for financial support because its so goddamn expensive Women wouldnt know because they just get scholarships and never have to pay a cent

outherebrothers #psycho #sexist incels.co

[Story] On a 10 hour bus journey a few years ago, I legit traumatised a Becky foid for life JFL!

She looked horrified, didn't hide that whatsoever, bear in mind I was 3 years into a Homelesscel phase and hadn't showered or washed whatsoever in at least a year, long scraggy matted hair and beard, long dirty fingernails, teeth rotted outta my head, and as I'm homeless I had like 3 layers of clothes on and it was a fierce hot August day so I literally stank from about 10 feet away. It would bring tears to your eyes it was so overpowering, I didn't a give a shit tbh. She looked around frantically for ANY other seat but it was full, so she reluctantly took her seat next to me.mI even heard people rows of seats away complain to eachother about my smell so it was legit hell for the Becky next to me, but it gave me pleasure that she was repulsed by my stench but just had to sit and accept it. The first long stop was Birmingham, and she couldn't get up fast enough lol, we had to wait there for a half hour.

So she was forced to sit next to me again when she got back on Having heard what I heard her say, I made sure I dug out some empty-stomach proper, alcoholic farts which would make Buddah weep lol As well as have loud coughing fits without covering my mouth, picking my nose and teeth etc.

She couldn't get off that bus fast enough by the end, she was so flustered and in a state she dropped her handbag all over the aisle on the way off the bus and just left the contents where they fell, (don't think any money dropped out as I glanced down, just make-up and shit like that) didn't bother waiting to pick them up. She legit just wanted a million miles away from me and the whole situation. I often get a smile on my face whenever I think of this journey, and thinking of the panic and stress she must feel anytime she books a coach or train journey again, and the anxiety she for sure gets waiting to see who'll be sitting beside her as you can be damn sure she has never forgot that journey either LMFAO

Speedloader #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] Genetic privilege. Enter at your own risk

I drove to countryhouse to mom and dad and we started watching tv. There was russian show called “dances” and there was a couple of 17 years old chad and 25 years old foid. He had typical chad face and was 1,5 heads taller than her despite foid wearing huge heels. They told the story about their love and it was like that: the foid was 19 years old and chad 12. She was his dance teacher and was grooming him. They fucked on his 16th birthday.

Not gonna fucking lie, i became enraged as hell and almost threw cup of tea at tv. Imagine rotting until death while some fucktards experience life just because of fucking GENETIC PRIVELEGE


I'm more enraged by the fact that this would not be allowed or put on TV if the genders were reversed because of AGE. But it's okay when it's a woman. Agepill double standard #39682

If genders were reversed the man would be shot with t-90 tank point blank agepill is getting more brutal the more you live

Being born a chad = being born a god.

The distance between heaven and hell are telomeres of chromosomes

The Mistake of God #sexist #transphobia incels.co

RE: [JFL] Previous females, now trans males, explain life isn't better as a man; it's much harder.

”TL/DW: Title. They say they feel like outcasts and they are not treated as nicely as before by people. They discover men are NOT treated more seriously. "I get worse treatment from others and I wish someone had prepared me for this". One, after harassment "I felt like if I had my old body, I would have received more support".

Still, even if it is a 20+ min. video, it's totally worth it watching it completely. Give it a shot, boyos.”

Hey, there's male privilege: it's for Chads.

That's the central reason why these imbeciles chose to mutilate themselves in the first place. These retarded foids saw all of the success and social validation that chads enjoy and in their blind female logic, they began to believe that all men were experiencing the life a chad lives by default because all of these idiots can only see chad as men. FtM abominations seriously thought that they could instantly replicate the success of a chad's lifestyle through a mere sex change operation when they never understood that it doesn't take a man alone to be a chad, but a chad to be a chad. Now let's laugh at them burn in the hell they have damned themselves to forever.

Incline #racist #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Based South Africa putting white chadlites in their place

Look at this shit they still get free food because of JBW they would absolutely slay in SEA they mog me so hard but I moneymogg them.

This young men were looking for a job and got surprised

South Africa has lots of scientific advancements, for example: Just kill the white farmers who grow most your crops Theory

They are based they know whites mog all their ethnic population so they wanna get rid of them just look at this two dudes they fucking mog me out of this universe yet they are homeless and struggling to find job. Can't really blame the south africans for doing this, god's speed to them.

that would be a good idea except for the fact they are also killing black farmers and stealing their land

Well can't expect too much from those low iq communist wannabes. Still at least they are trying. Tbh if you think about if you are white you want as many ethnics coming to Europe/USA as you can. More ethnics = your white skin is more valuable.

chad worship thread ethnic chads killing whitecels as usual

Shit you're right it sounds like chad worship but what I wanted to show in this thread is just how Africans put this JBW white colonizers in their place by giving them low status.

LittleBoy #sexist incels.co

[ToxicFemininity] [NSFW] FoidEntitlementPill: Sex Starved Foids are allowed to be grumpy... You're not.

[link to a twitter post of some model on OnlyFans titled “this is what happens when you with withhold your dick from me”, where she flashes her buttocks and later her vulva into her webcam.]

Wagiecel #racist #sexist incels.co

[Blackpill] Singapore is becoming gigacucked

It seems like a nice place to move to for work since everyone speaks English and its not a shithole.

As you know Singapore is already cucked because it forced all its men to do mandatory military service and waste two years of their time. Meanwhile they get all these white expats to get the actual good jobs. The foids get 2 year advantage in building their careers while fucking the white expats on the side.

However I read up on article that now Singapore wishes it could be like the good old days where it got cucked by white guys.

Now its getting cucked by curries instead. Not even by locally born curries. But by mainland curries.

What is happening is Singapore issues a lot of foreign visa to get curries from India to come to Singapore to work because they think their local talent cannot do these jobs. The problem is you end up having cases like DBS bank where the boss is a curry who isn't even a local Singaporean. And naturally they will favour their own and import more curries from India to work instead of local singaporeans.

Basically this is another H1B visa issue like you see in America. Except its much worse coz curries aren't here to do shitty code monkey work. They're gonna become your boss even though they never stepped one foot in Singapore before.

The government will try to deny it. But there's a reason ethnic tensions are building there. Singaporeans are getting cucked out of the job market by Curries who aren't even born on local soil.

So if you see Singaporean posters here who seem very pissed off, you have to understand they have a good reason to be. Feminism has already cucked them and now they're about to be cucked again. And to those who think everything is fine, whats the point of living in denial? You're defending a country that treats you like a slave, let the foids overpower you and now are surrendering the power to foreigners.

FaceandHFD #quack #kinkshaming #dunning-kruger incels.co

[Blackpill] Digital Cuckoldry

Porn, onlyfans and orbiting thots on social media are the digital cuckoldry plaguing our society. It's not healthy for men to be ejaculate to pixels. The coomer meme was right and men should be publicly shamed for watching porn. From a Freudian perspective, sexual gratification through digital means is completely pathological and creates widespread neurosis and social retardation. Men should only be content with cooming inside civilian women or prostitutes. Therefore, there needs to be some sort of organized counter-revolution to digital degeneracy that pushes for the ban on porn and online sex work.

Illustration from a 19th Century anti-masturbation tract depicting a masturbator as a drooling imbecile with the swollen tongue hanging out.

A grotesque slavering creature tries to put a square peg through a round hole. The puzzle is mounted on a wall bearing the PornHub videos.

“The Cumbrain:
. Burned out his dopamine receptors
- High Prolactin Killed his motivation
- Hypofrontality
- Lost free will to extreme reinforcement of a primal drive. Slave to sexual distraction.”

Next to the creature:
“Measurable brain damage”

On the creature’s forehead:
“no longer creative
just thinks about sex 95% of the time”

Next to the puzzle:
“Impaired problem solving”

Closing line:
“Don’t let this be you. Stop before its too late!”

Uglychincel #quack #sexist incels.co

[Serious] Not putting your child on HGH if he's a manlet around age 13 should be considered child abuse

Everyone know that height is crucial to dating success but also in professional life. Your peers respect you more, your decisions seem more "correct", your hostility is seen as "hard line" instead of being a jackass. It absolutely amazes me that society still doesn't acknowledge the blatant abuse and shit that short people get.


Instead of being a manlet, if your parents put you on HGH as a teen, you'd be guaranteed probably at least half a foot more of height.

5'4" manlets would be 5'10" MINIMUM.

King of manlets 5'8" would be 6'2" MINIMUM.

Not giving short kids HGH is the same thing as not giving a disabled child a wheelchair. If you're past 13-15, and still a manlet, it's over :feelsrope::feelsrope::feelsrope:

JohnWickCel #crackpot #sexist #wingnut incels.co

2014 seems to be when everything went to crap both socially and media wise.

2014 was the year of GamerGate, which seems to be the first big SJW outing and when SJW's started to really infect everything. 2016 was when the dam broke with the USA election happened and stuff like MeToo became a thing.It also really let women go crazy with their sluttiness and their treatment of men. And based off what I've heard from other guys, it also ended a lot of trust and comfortableness men had around women. And yes I know things could get crappy in regards to this stuff before, but this seems to be when it started it's insane descent into where we are now.

Mainländer #sexist #pedo incels.co

[Story] I overheard two old women talking about their teen daughters on the street

Woman 1: "...how old was your daughter?"
Woman 2: "15"
Woman 1: "Yeah, that normal of that age, we can't do anything about it. Mine was with 14"

That's all I could hear, I increased my speed to get out of earshot.

They certainly weren't talking about their first periods considering no girl has their first periods that late nowadays and the "we can't do anything about it" comment. They were talking about the ages their daughters first got fucked.

99% of the people nowadays consider it normal and acceptable for underage girls to fornicate with guys around their age but wouldn't consider it normal or acceptable for them to marry, especially if with a significantly older guy. Western culture= done for.

bigantennaemay1 #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

Now bear with me here, because I suck at putting my thoughts into words on account of being an autistic reeeeeeeetard, but I'll give it my best.

Even just the name of the "platform" fuels the egos of foids, think about it. OnlyFans, as in, the only people they'll have to interact with on the platform are fans. They'll never have to deal with trolls, detractors, criticism, and whatever other undesirables they could imagine. There's only her willing, beta fans ready to spend money on her for being born with an axe wound between her legs, just so they can get (mostly) PG pictures, that aren't any different from what you could find on Google for three seconds' worth of effort. :soy: It further encourages this narcissistic, goddess complex that modern foids all seem to have.

Just a shower thought I thought I'd air.

metabuxx #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[Serious] We are the real Holocaust survivors

The sexual holocaust going on right now is far worse than the actual holocaust. We are being tortured everyday, doomed to loneliness and suffering just because we don't have enough bones. Millions of sexless men are starving right now because women are resorting to apocalyptic levels of depravity.

And unfortunately most men are not strong enough to stand against this gynocentric society so they are killing themselves everyday. And those of us who have not roped yet are the strong willed ones, it is we who are the real holocaust survivors.

metabuxx #sexist incels.co

[RageFuel] My dad was doing the dishes while my mom was browsing Instagram

I went to kitchen to get something to eat and there he was, wearing an apron and doing the dishes. And my mom was in the living room, lying on the couch and giggling through Instagram memes.

WHAT A FUCKING PATHETIC CUCK. He should be setting an example for me by dominating his woman but instead he has chose to be a cuck who slaves for his wife.

And after he was done, she didn't even express any gratitude, not even a simple thank you. She just asked him to do another chore. Its fucking ridiculous. How can he just stand there listening to her ordering him around???

This is the unspoken truth. Every single non-Chad married man worships his wife and slaves for her because he knows that she can replace him in the blink of an eye. AND I'D RATHER BE AN INCEL THAN MARRY A WHORE AND BECOME HER SLAVE.

Who is bringing home the paycheck? I wouldn't mind doing the chores if she is making significantly more money than me.

My dad earns a little bit more than her. And I don't care who earns more. Its a woman's job to do household chores. Men who do that are simps.

Luckily my mom does all the cooking and cleaning and other house related stuff.

Exactly how its supposed to be.

BummerDrummer #wingnut #racist #crackpot incels.co

[Venting] Have to learn another language because of clown world

All I want is this stupid government paper that tells me I'm a good mindless slave who can't think for myself (high school diploma-I dropped out.) because it gives me the ability to not be totally fucked when my parents croak, yet the requirements needed spit in my face 24/7. Apparently I have to learn a second language and they practically forced me into Spanish. What fucking state of the cucked government, to make you learn a language that's not the main language of the country. Especially the language of the invaders that are pouring over the border to make a (((New diverse inclusive world))).

I mean holy fuck, imagine how insulting it would be to be Swedish or something and to have to learn Somali. I'm sure that will come into the curriculum in a few years time. Maybe Germans are going to be forced to learn Arabic :lul: :lul: :lul: :lul: :feelsclown: :feelsclown: :feelsclown: . Ontop of the poverty and crime invaders bring apparently also comes the forcing of you by the government to assimilate to them. Who can dispute this new world order and the oppression of minorities when the majority is literally forced to accumulate to your world view? You would be oppressed if the government didn't hold the leash on proud locals because they would instantly kick out the non locals, but the government is holding the leash and is actively supporting the non locals.

Clown world when the government is cucking its own people to accommodate for some poor retards across the border. If the governments actually cared about their people anymore this wouldn't happen. More proof everyone is on the same side in the top, and you're on the other side.

AdoptedSubhuman #sexist #dunning-kruger incels.co

[LifeFuel] Thinking about faking being a multi millionare

Im thinking about getting 2 or 3 pictures where it looks like im rich as fuck. I will wear and buy a fancy suit and tie then take one picture outside my dads house(looks expensive and modern) Then i will borrow a sport car from a car rental since my dads own a disgusting old ugly car anyway i will take one picture with the sport car outside my house with the car door open, so they think its mine. Then i will use these photos for tinder and i will write in the bio "Young multi millionare" this will attract tons of girls even hot ones, i will verify my profile aswell and now i can pick and choose which girl i want. I will tell the girls im a "successful finance manager" I will tell them to come to my house and i will plan it so my family is not home during that time so it could be during the days, because im home alone during the days.

Then i pump and dump. Would this work? Im a ricecel so they would actually believe im a "successful finance manager"

BrapZilian #sexist #psycho incels.co

[JFL] Chad crying because a foid sucked his dick

TranscriptMales can indeed be raped.

I don't know if this is rape or sexual assault, either way here's the story:
(Note: I'm an italian 14-15 yr old.)
A week ago, I ended my friendship with a girl I've been friends for over 5 years. I had to do this rough cut because she raped me. A week ago, me and her we're having a sleepover, when everyone was asleep I suddenly woke up due to a funny feeling in my dick.
First thing I see is the only friend I trust sucking on my dick for no absolute reason, I tried to speak but she slapped my mouth and, i pulled her hand away and asked "What the fuck are you doing?"
She replied with: "Something I wanted to do for a long time." I said stop but she kept going, At this point I could take no more, I stood up and tried to take my phone from the table I put it on and call the police, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me down, next thing I know my virginity was gone as she just sits on my dick.
The story goes on as you'd expect, In the morning I went home as fast as I could, told this to my parents and they called the police.
I really need to talk to someone about this because this story is insane, even if I talk it deeper with my parents they will just turn it into a lecture like "Why didn’t you just run away?"


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[Serious] Why are American Leftists suddenly sticking their noses into other people's bedrooms?

Remember when leftists were the good guys who mobilized against evangelical nutjobs trying to control what goes on in other peoples bedrooms? Remember when they protested the Iraq war, shat on Bush and occupied Wall Street? Remember how profane language used to be their trademark when they mocked Tipper Gore and her army of church moms who attempted to slap a PG13 on their favorite metal album? Whatever happened to those guys?

Today leftists will unleash the hounds on you for a bad joke timing, or dating someone below 25. Mob justice used to be a retards sport, it was something confined to the dark ages, not long ago it was synonymous with bigotry and narrow-mindedness. Two things the left used to vehemently oppose. They constantly stick their giant long noses into other peoples lives, sniffing around peoples social media, eagerly trying to rat them out for the most banal of (micro)transgressions. Claiming you're fighting for basic human decency, while in reality you're on a sadistic power trip whenever you sniff out a sinner to mercilessly drag through one of your public struggle sessions is the current state of woke praxis. There is a weird narcissistic pleasure present in every moral grandstanding. No exceptions.

And why are honest, hard working, god fearing americans allowing themselves to be pushed around by horders of lumpenproles? The people who are getting fucked the most by these cyber-lynchings are the people the left used to agitate for, it's the average working Joe that is now getting fired from his minimum-wage job because he failed to update his vernacular that would please some purple haired UCLA alumi with a chip on their shoulder. When will burgers learn to just start doubling down on all the accusations?

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[Venting] i hate slavs/slavic people

they are good for fooling around and drinking alcohol, but when it game time you can't rely on them. never trust russians or anyone that's part of the soviet bloc. if you ask a russian a favor you might as well shoot yourself instead, because death is more reliable than the word of a pruski. there's a reason why the world is distrustful of russia, and its not because of the nukes, and not because of the government- its the fucking people.

anything you hear about spetnaz being the 'elite forces of the world' is also bullshit. there's a reason why they aren't deployed anywhere and delta force is killing terrorists all year round. their mma fighters are also shit, they look scary sure. but americans are still dominating mma and they will for a very long time.

Slavic people were the original niggers. Their name literally came from "Slave". I'm fucking done dude it's over for slavs.

They're the niggers of White people. That is, if you consider them White in the first place.

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[Blackpill] Cuties is a very good introduction to the blackpill.

The director of the film managed to show all the decadence of foids, which begins as soon as they are 11 years old and even before for some.
The film DOES sexualize foids, actually exactly how they are. Even girls from the most pious families feel this urge to be sluts and will take the first opportunity that comes along because they are born sluts.

Watching porn in the toilets. Wanting 15 to 17 years old dicks. Watching twerking clips during the prayer. Disrespecting everything their parents' traditions. Learning twerking moves imitating sexual positions. I mean the youth, at least a real part of the population, is exactly as described in the movie and only think about chads from the moment they have their first period.

I highly recommend you to watch it, just to be able to talk about it with full knowledge of the facts. It's available on netflix, but also on rarbg for example. If you want some boobs to help you wanting to watch it, just go to 28:00

fuck me I didn't think these girls would be so damn sexy! just downloaded the movie and just skipping to see skin. not going to watch this actual trash movie but god dam these girls got really tight bodies. you aren't going to see a 40yo woman with this type of body that's for sure! this movie is just exemplifying exactly what men are sexually attracted to

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Foids don't feel fear and pain in the same way that we do.
They are aroused and excited by it.


You underestimate how stupidly the foid brain has evolved to enjoy domination, fear, and submission.

Positron emission tomography has shown that reward pathways become activated in foids in response to pain and fear stimuli, whereas only logical areas of the brain activate for males.
Carfentanil is released in far greater amounts in the foid brain to negative sensations and pain, and their mu-opioid receptors activate to a far greater extent than male, creating a rush of pleasure like heroin.

Foids love feeling outrage, sadness, and anger. They love feeling pain, fear, and domination. They experience orgasms while giving birth and being fucked by large objects, both things that damage the body.

The foid brain is very maladapted and strange. It's irrational in the realm of pain and pleasure.
It's very possible that a foid may enjoy being killed violently.


Pain actually activates mu-opioid receptors in the human brain and releases carfentinil, but it does so in different areas for the male and female's brain. In the female, it is more connected with the reward pathways than the male's, where the receptors are activated in the logic-processing centers.

The beta endorphins released by pain are also regulated by estrogen, which magnifies its effect, whereas testosterone has no such effect. This acts like a heroin high.

A good percentage of women have experienced orgasm while under great pain, such as during childbirth. Also, when they are being fucked by horses, which damages their body to a great extent. So there is a real (maladaptive) connection between pain and pleasure for them.

It's not like the male where pain is just a net negative.

For the foid being murdered, it would be "painful" in a sense, but feelings of pleasure may overtake the pain to the point of orgasm.

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[Blackpill] OnlyFans is the top career choice for women, colleges are freaking out


Maybe larp but LMAO if it isn't. Why bother studying and working hard at a job when you can show your tits or open your legs for chad?

I suggested my slut sister to make an OnlyFans account (cause she's fairly attractive looking), and the funny thing is: she was seriously considering it after I showed her that uglier whores than her were making bank. JFL @ the degeneracy in this generation. Foids live on tutorial island.

It's ragefuel, suicidefuel and lifefuel at the same time. The first 2 because foids can make a living by being sluts and stripping on camera, they don't even have to prostitute themselves Lifefuel because women might remove themselves from the job market. Plus it'll blackpill a lot of men if a decent chunk of the female population stops working because of OF. Really shows how easy they have and how much they're ready to sexualize themselves for profit

Why the fuck should I contribute to soyciety in anyway when holes can get naked on camera and live like millionaires. This is the state which soyciety has devolved to. At this stage, suicide or a mass shooting doesn't even seem extreme, but merely the most logical reaction. Come on!
Convince me that a mass shooting is wrong! Go ahead! In this day and age, it's no different from the french revolution.

This is truly the nail in the coffin for society. Why should we: commute and show up to work every day, do hard studies and trades, break our backs, do dangerous jobs, do depressing jobs, take shit from our bosses or HR etc AND PAY FUCKING TAXES when we rot alone while women live like this If OF truly becomes mainstream among women society will either collapse or become a caste system. I'm 100% serious

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[Brutal] [Monkeypill] Indonesian men are so low-value they pay to fuck Orangutans

Orangutan sex slave screamed when former captor visited her

Pony the orangutan was terrified when the woman who ran the 'brothel' where she was kept came to visit her in an Indonesian conservation centre.

Let's be honest here, a shaved Orangutan wearing perfume and makeup is the looksmatch of a generic Indonesian man

I can't believe that there are actually humans, who would fuck an ape?!

this is what happens when you disproportionately breed low-value men and abort females in these societies

>cumskins go to SEA and steal deathnic women
>cumskins wondering why deathnics fuck animals
Are you guys mentally reverted?

Sometimes I can't believe I am one gender with those people. Desperate men will fuck anything that looks even remotely humanoid. Why did I even read this.

Just lol at ethnics.

Truely disgusting shit. I have more compassion to the orangutans than foids in sexual slavery.

(Transcended Trucel)
Insanely low inhib. Mans horniness knows no limits

I can't believe that there are actually humans, who would fuck an ape?!

Yes, there are men who fuck cars, who castarate themselves, fap to stuffing shit down their throat. Coomerdom knows no limits

Are they even more low inhib than some foids?

Yes many furries have extreme fucked body mutilation fetishes

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[Venting] My heart aches whenever I see a cuckold father with his daughters

It's just the most pathetic, depressing sight.

Today I went shopping and I saw a father with FOUR FUCKING DAUGHTERS and not a single son. Can you imagine that? The average cost of raising a child in the US from birth until 17 is $233,610. Multiply that by four and you get 934 440 US$ That is almost a million dollars. And obviously, most parents continue paying for their children much longer after they turn 17. You still have college to pay for.
So basically, that spineless cuck will end up spending well over a million dollars raising sets of holes to keep men's dicks warm and wet. That's literally what he's doing. There's no other way around it. Sure, having an incel son isn't anything to be proud of either, but at least you're not spending your hard-earned money raising a living fleshlight. He could've avoided all this by having 4 abortions. As bad as I felt for him, I also felt angry that he's such a bitch that he's actually raising them. I wanted to tell him how I feel but obviously that's social suicide. You're not allowed to question whoredom.

Sure, they might be young and innocent now, but does he not realize that soon enough they'll be teenagers? They'll start going to nightclubs, house parties, music festivals? Does he not realize what they'll be doing? I've made a thread about this: https://incels.co/threads/i-went-to-a-music-festival.67394/ It really boggles my mind how any self-respecting man can be okay with this. Spending absurd amounts of money just to get some other men's rocks off. I truly believe that the man who invents some kind of pill that will prevent you from passing on your x chromosome will become a billionaire overnight.

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[SuicideFuel] A bunch of things 23+ yold girls never do anymore, I will never experience this

Teen and early 20s love only

-handcrafting you cards or gifts for your birthday even if its something cheesy like a bracelet

-random hugs and kisses throughout the day

-actually being excited to text you and see you

-cuddling in this position

-letting you touch or brush her hair

-just lying together with you and not doing anything (like being glued to her phone)

-play fighting

-being excited to try something new with you

-actually fighting for and putting effort into your relationship, after all you're her 17th boyfriend so if you make a mistake why even try and work on the relationship when she can just keep swapping boyfriends and brute force compatibility via numbers game

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[Theory] We were so close! If Hitler had not attacked Russia in winter we would be living in a futuristic utopia right now

Imagine a socialist utopia, where everyone has a job, a purpose, nobody has to LDAR, and education is free. People can work as much as they want and their pay is based on their merit.

Imagine if Jews were not in control of all media, communications, and mega-corporations.

Imagine an ethnically pure society of healthy white people of Aryan descent.

Imagine a modern Empire with a strong military, strong leadership, and devoted citizens who support their country.


If I could send one piece of information into the past in order to improve the world, it would be a letter to Hitler telling him not to attack Russia in winter.

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RE: [Brutal] Trannymaxxing


Dude in the article wasn't even ugly in looks. at least low tier normie, but he had software engineering job so beta buxxing was a possibility. Even then, none of his current options sufficed and he had to resort to the trannymaxxing. JFL

Trans woman embraces ‘very lucky’ new life — and 1,400 Tinder matches


he was chadlite before the transition and got 60 matches in 2 years. thats less than 3 matches a month. it's so fucking over. foid privilege ffs

This guy who mogs me to fucking oblivion was getting 3 matches a month ON AVERAGE and sucumbed to degeneracy. Now because he resembles a foid has life on tutorial mode. But women have it just as hard right?


90% of trannies are straight male fetishists gone out of control. Luckily they are fewer in number than furries, yet are top dog in LGBTQIUHIFHF circles

Most of them are autogynephiles. They basically have a cross dressing and self feminization fetish that gets completely out of control. They start wanting to live as their jerk off fantasy girl alter ego all the time. I have no idea what a good match rate is for a male on Tinder. You guys are calling him a Chadlite so I’m guessing three or four matches a month is decent? In some of the YouTube Tinder experiments I’ve watched even a full on Chad only seemed to have about the match rate of a less attractive girl.

don't be fooled. Trannymaxxing is the equivalent to twinkmaxxing. You're only as good as your youth. The moment you stop looking young, you're fucked. You ever see an old tranny? I hope not, that's disgusting but either way most kill themselves by that time. You won't live a long life trannymaxxing, and you'll more than likely be the bottom with your chad or sugardaddy.

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[OP of "[Serious] I was meant to be a slave, we need slavery back"]

Im too beta for this life, I just want to lay in my bad all day, I hate going outside it fucking scares me so bad

I legit wish I was born a slave

My background/pheno is slavic so being a slave is literally in my blood

I was never meant to be free, its not in my genes, Im a follower, I was only meant to do what Im ordered because having too much freedom gives me anxiety

Go to school, get home, do homework, apply for college, I just love being told what to do and following a path laid out for me by someone else but you cant get a gf like this

At least as a slave I could blame my masters for not having a gf, right now I have nobody but myself to blame

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[SuicideFuel] If you are an Arab in the 21st century, you are living in the worst time (Sandcels GTFIH)

Just imagine not only you are born around the time of peak matriarchy, but you have to be also born in the peak of the Arabic cultural regression. Most of us were born too late to experience the Nasser era, and we couldn’t even live in the medieval times when our people were based. We do not live in our old cultural apex when we were scientists instead of thugs.

Instead, half of our countries are bombed to ground. Our people are generally hated everywhere. Every nationalist group hates us like Stormfronts, Hindu Nationalists, Black Nationalists, Oriental Nationalists all want us dead. Arab nationalism is dead and the Zoinists try their best to make sure it stays dead. MRAs, MGTOWs, Alt right, Hinduvatas, CCP loyalists, Black Panthers all want us dead and conquered. The only nationalist groups that are ok with us are the Pan - Latin ones and they probably don’t really care about Arabs.

Every newspaper and media always potray us as the enemy constantly. We are always cast out from others, people in general don’t like us. Thug culture is rampant in our communities because the elite want us to be degenerates. We are always considered rapists everywhere when none of
us are even remotely harmful people.

Our women have done nothing but betray us and welcome the invader with open legs. Our women say very hateful things about us (Look at @Tehgymethnicel ‘s video on Arab women) and wish we were dead. They have seen us as inferior and are willing to date out away from us.

At least Asians and Curries are smart and progressing good in their countries. At least whites have tech and stable nations. Blacks are portrayed very positively in the media and are generally cool people. At least Latinos are seen as hard workers and cool people as well. What do Arabs, fucking nothing but unstable nations, regimes ruled by the elite, no technology, no good media, thug culture is ramapant and infrastructure is destroyed.

Any Arabcels also feel this way?

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[RageFuel] I fucking hate thug culture with a passion

Fyi, I do no hate black culture, black culture is jazz and basketball not fucking being a degenerate.

I just really fucking hate thug culture, of course the elite are pushing it on the youngsters, why because it keeps them low IQ so they don’t rebel against them.

I just hate everything about it, the music, the talk, the degeneracy, the clothing and the attitude. They promote it everywhere, society keeps on praising everyone to be a low IQ thug that hates intelligence.

God, and it’s ruining so many communities, it came for blacks first, look at them now 92% father’s in households in the 1970s and now 35% today. Now, it came for the Whites, Arabs and every other race here, a lot of the communities are now extremely degenerate. Thank fuck that Asians and Currys are resisting it and deciding to respect knowledge and good etiquette, but they won’t hold out for much longer because of the elite.

All of society’s problems can be traced to thug culture.

Broken households: Thug culture
Toxic society: Thug culture
Low intelligence: Thug culture
Absolute degeneracy: Thug culture
Crime and killings: Thug culture
Zero morals: Thug culture
Feminism: Thug culture
School bullying: Thug culture

I wish this disgusting excuse of a sick trend is driving humanity into the ground. I grew up in a low socio economic neighborhood and it was riddled with dumb kids wanting to be the next gangster.

How to get rid of thug culture?

Get rid of the (((elite))) who promote it.

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[RageFuel] If I wasn't adopted I wouldn't be a incel

Imagine if i would have stayed with my real parents in my shithole country i would have been a bluepilled normie with a gf but now in the west im a ugly adopted subhuman ricecel mentalcel turbomanlet. I would have been nothing of this except ricecel ofc if my parents would have kept me but they probably gave me away because of my subhuman face

1) I wouldnt be adopted
2) I wouldnt be a subhuman because everyone is my shithole country is a subhuman
3) Yes i would be a ricecel but everyone there is a ricecel so it doesnt matter
4) I wouldnt be a mentalcel because i got mental from being a ugly adopted subhuman in the west
5) I wouldnt be a turbomanlet because everyone there is a turbomanlet


Why did they adopt you if you're ugly? They must've done it when u were rlly young

I think its because i was ugly, i saw some pictures of when i was young and i looked like a deformed little kid

I knew it would be a greycel thread just from the sounds of it. I hate most gracels with a passion, they are just fucking bluepilled normies not comprehending why they are lonely. IF YOU WASN'T UGLY, YOU WOULDN'T BE AN INCEL!

I wouldnt be ugly in japan because they all are fucking ugly subhumans just like me

Posts like this are why greycels get no love on this forum. :feelskek::feelskek:

Its over

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RE: [JFL] "My brother is short and unattractive, but unlike y'all, he actually respects women, and guess what? He's still a sexless virgin! Take that, incels!"

The OP admitted the blackpill. She said that he is a virgin but doesn’t hate foids. But he still is a virgin. What happened? I thought personality mattered? Jfl foids are the most stupidest creatures and shouldn’t be able to talk. Honestly tho, I would rope if I was related to that disgusting creature

So he doesn't hate people that treat him poorly? Is that a good thing?

They expect you to take everything and not hate people who wronged you and if you do you are the bad guy. They are full of shit

This was how the joker was created.

The lack of self awareness is on a new level. It’s basic human nature to want revenge. If someone wrongs you then you have every right to do it back. If society wrongs you then you have the right to wrong society

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[JFL] "Only weak men dislike Women with high partner Count"

remember seeing a reddit thread a while back about partner count.
And this cuck literally said "oh so thats why my gf is like that, she has slept with over 300 guys"
and I was fucking rolling on the ground like I had been torched by an american GI in the pacific, 1944.

Also, average partner count is around 5-7 when they do studies.

Imagine even just 3 men, breathing heavy and sweating on the woman you are with, putting their tongue, cum and saliva in her mouth, the mouth you are kissing, that is kissing your kids goodnight.

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As a European: I apologize for dogs. (Domesticationwolfdogpill)

Now we all know that the dogpill is true and that women fuck dogs. And for that I, as a Native European must apologize to the rest of the world. Fact is, we were the ones that domesticated wolves in the first place and brought this plague upon mankind. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that wolf domestication started with white/European women bending over for wolves.

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[Soy] There are grown men out there that are seriously intimidated by certain women.

Imagine? :feelskek:. Whether it be their boss, wife/girlfriend, or just a random foid in a bureaucratic position, they are seriously intimidated by them and bow to their every command. Any woman in a leadership position that wants to be taken seriously is comical to me. All you have to do is just look at her face and know that her mouth has come in contact with dick and semen to laugh her off as nothing more than some bitch in a suit. Imagine her in a legitimate survival situation and her fake demeanor would drop instantly while looking for some chad to hunt and build a shelter for her. Any man that actually fears a woman is a :soy:.

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RE: [News] Porn Addict Indian man rapes his own mother , arrested and sent to jail.

Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry Curry

When you can't get the bobs and vagene. You gotta take it.

Don't understand why he picked his 42 year old mother with his 20 year old sister in the house?

Fuck he was so low inhib he even watched porn in front of his mum and sister. Curry culture won't fix this cos the mum will never accept anything is wrong with the boy. Even if he raped his sister the mum will just say don't do it again, and tell sister to stfu

Cope if that was the case this wouldn't be a news story. He wouldn't have gotten arrested.

Disgusting curries

He was just trying to create another sister.

Are u curry?

Incestmaxxing will end curryceldom.

Nah. Eugenics programs are the only answer to curryceldom.

I suggest euthanasia for all sub 7 curry males and females.

SlayerSlayer #ableism #crackpot #psycho #sexist incels.co

It's very obvious. We have so little human contact we have no real life examples, no standards by which we can map normal non-toxic human behavior. We want to learn how to fish, but nobody wants to teach us, and we are too retarded to figure it out for ourselves. There's no point in socializing with normal people, because they will never have the patience to deal with pure autist honesty. Like how economic poverty can be a perpetuating quicksand trap without the right foundations, so can social poverty.

The garbage media out there does not help. It all feels like when people on TV or youtube are being nice, that seems intuitively fake to us, or that's something only beautiful people deserve. When we see ugly people in media being toxic, THAT's what seems like is normal, and that speaks to us. When we see murderers get rewarded with hybristropheliac fans, that also speaks to us. When murderers achieve infamy- that's ALL on them: they were able to have a few fleeting seconds of power in their pathetic lives and they did it without help from institutions, family, or friends, nothing. To some extent, the only thing that helped them murder was the socioeconomic background of their parents, but that is as random as one's face when they were born. Therefore we only map things a total lone wolf like ourselves as something that is achievable in life.

Most of all we have low empathy because due to our autism, we simply do not see a logical link between ugly men being empathetic and rewards. Isn't that the entire point of life?? To feel like you are getting somewhere, getting awarded in some way??? To a normie they are by default nice because that makes sense in their context- insofar as treating people as how you want to be treated. Nice behavior mostly works out for them. But for us, nice behavior is tokenized.

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