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I don’t think that [Bill Gates having had sex with a teenaged girl] happened, and even if it did, I don’t see why I should care. I remember being in high school and lots and lots of 16 year old girls were having sex. I was angry, of course, that they weren’t doing it with me. But why should I be particularly enraged if a few of them were doing it with Bill Gates for money rather than with Chad for their own gratification? Bill Gates seems like a prick but he never stuffed me into a locker.

I don’t think there’s gonna be much support for action purely on the basis that the crotchety old Bill Gates doing it with teenagers grosses people out. The LGBTQ community will rightly see the prohibition of sexual relationships on the basis that the rest of society is grossed out by them as a dangerous precedent.

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“Ms. Brourman says, according to the court papers, that Mr. Conforth pressured her into a series of sexual encounters, some of them in his campus office, and later, after she had graduated, raped her in his Ann Arbor apartment.

A second former student, Ms. Brown, said she was pressured into a sexual encounter with Mr. Conforth after he told her he had feelings for her and pursued her for several weeks.”

There’s a difference between “pressure” and “rape.” The simple fact is that a lot of men are getting laid by applying non-violent psychological pressure to women. There are a lot of male feminist “gentleman” who try to wait until the woman wants it as much as they do and wind up waiting a long time. They used to say the issue was that women were “ashamed” and had “hang-ups” due to religious superstitions and that if we could get rid of that, women would want sex just as much as men do. But religion has been weakening for decades yet we’re as far from the pronhub fantasy as ever.

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Ability to interbreed does not necessarily make two animals members of the same species. At best one can conclude that it is highly probable that they are members of the same genus. But sometimes even different genera can interbreed (given the opportunity). An example might be the African and Asian elephants mentioned above. If the overall DNA is close enough and number of chromosomes match they can likely interbreed and produce a hybrid. Human classifications are constructs that do not determine the breeding capabilities of organisms, although breeding capabilities may be used in defining classifications.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to support a hypothesis that negroids are a different species (or even a separate genus between homo and pan) – even more so than for many other animal classifications such as chimpanzees, elephants, and others that are broken down into different species and genera – if consistent taxonomic principles were applied.

However, since about 1950 this cannot even be discussed by scientists without destroying their careers. James Watson, Nobel prize winning discoverer of DNA, certainly understood the implications of his and subsequent work by others.

He was villified by the media and the scientific community for merely hinting that SSAs were different and unlikely to succeed.

Of course this is all kind of meaningless. In reality, they are what they are regardless of how labeled and classified. The problem is the leftist/liberal/PC rejection of truth and suppression of open discussion of anything contrary to their preconceived ideology.

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“The Blake family is exhausted,” said an uncle, Rick Blake, who described a large and diverse extended family. “We are teachers, we are lawyers, we are government officials, we are everyday working people.”

I’m sure the NYT fact checkers diligently verified this.

“LNB stated she and the defendant [Jacob Blake] have three children together but have never resided together in the eight years they have been on and off. LNB stated the defendant is unemployed, has no vehicle, and would not tell LNB where he was currently living. LNB stated over the past eight years the defendant has physically assaulted her around twice a year when he drinks heavily.”

Eight years, three kids, and they never even shacked up let alone put on rings. This family is a walking, talking argument for a eugenics program. You can preach all that Christian moral stuff, but they’re clearly not going to listen. They might listen to some government sterilization incentives.

It’s also a good example of something that Lefties never seem to notice when they ruminate on the reasons for all the tension between the police and the black community. They are right that much of it is to do with the enforcement of “victimless crimes” like drug sales. But domestic violence enforcement often has a similar effect. The “police state” has functioned as a safety net which allows women to enjoy the embrace of thugish males knowing it can be called in if the going gets too hot. But unlike any other victim of crime, the woman will often change her mind, decide she wants to keep recieving the thugboi’s dick, and thus change her story. When her neighbor is asking why the cops were making so much noise last night, she doesn’t admit to calling them. No, she sounds off the familiar narrative about how raciss cops were there to terrorize the innocent African American community, and both begin to rant about how the cops never seem to care about the white collar white criminals on the rich side of town. There isn’t any ready solution other than to promote more public awareness, we obviously can’t legalize domestic violence.

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In Athens raping a married woman was considered a less serious crime than seducing her. From the husband’s standpoint, it makes sense, since seduction means he can no longer trust her. And from the wife’s standpoint? Well, it wasn’t a legal system that cared much for the well-being of women.

The same mindset can be seen in these Q people. It would enrage them more to hear a Jew say “shiksas are for practice,”(something some actually do say) than “we must rape these abdominal shiksas to get vengeance for the six billion,” as they do in Q’s fantasies.* Regarding some women as worthy of short-term sexual relationships but unworthy of marriage is not the same as rape, but it’s understandable that it pisses people off, most notably the “unworthy” women and the low-status men they will eventually settle for. The solution is a socially conservative society where women hear the following message:

1. Sex and the City is not a depiction of reality. The vast majority of women will not be happy in that lifestyle.

2. If you do not follow the above advice and wind up happy, good for you. If you wind up unhappy, it’s not society’s fault or society’s problem to fix.

But this is difficult, much easier to create an alternate reality in which the women are nothing but victims. It’s the same with Q as it is with the feminist movement.

*I’m sure some of this occurred in the aftermath of the Holocaust and as part of the wider Red Army rape spree, but it’s not deeply rooted in Jewish culture.

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“The Negro is a phobogenic object.”

But it would be wrong to blame the media for this perception of blacks.

For most of American history, blacks were depicted as either docile Negroes(overly idealized) or as funny caricatures munching on watermelons. Neither was threatening. Sure, there were stuff like Birth of a Nation, but they were the exceptions, especially as Hollywood was ruled by yanomanos. Black characters are mostly kindly and likable in Gone with the Wind. There was then noble negro bellowing ‘ole man river’ in Showboat. And there were plenty of funny black stereotypes that presented blacks as childlike clowns–like Harpo in Marx Brothers though with less wit.

Also, after Jack Johnson scared white folks half to death, the media and sports industry went out of their way to build up the image of the dignified negro. Joe Louis the brown bomber was coached to be ‘gentle’. You’d think he didn’t mean to knock them all them white boys. He just stuck out his fist but white boys bumped into them, and he didn’t know what to do but say, “dang I is sorry”.
And there was the Jackie Robinson cult.

Look at most movies about crime in the 1970s–height of black mayhem in urban areas–, and Hollywood made most of the thugs out to be white. If you go by DEATH WISH, NY was mostly terrorized by white trash and swarthy looking ethnics. In DEATH WISH III, urban thugs are led by some multi-color-haired ‘Aryan’ type.
Rocky movies had people fantasize that Rocky Marciano was back and whupping all the Negroes.

If anything, Western media went out of its way to tone down the black physical threat.
But the image-of-black-physical-threat lingered because of a little thing called REALITY.

I personally grew up watching all those PBS docs about civil rights and about how race is just a ‘myth’. I took all those classes where the teacher and textbooks told us of evils of ‘racism’ and blah blah blah. But reality was something I had to reckon with(even against my will as I’d really and truly come to believe in all the hogwash fed to me in school and on PBS). Non-blacks flee from black areas because blacks are rowdier, more aggressive, more out-of-control, stronger, tougher, and nastier. It’s the truth.

I–and many honest people, including liberals–think this way because I’d rather be honest with reality than cowardly with PC.

If anything, the media have gone out of its way to cover up stories of black crime, thuggery, rape, and mayhem… all the while distorting, spinning, and sensationalizing stories where blacks are supposedly the ‘victims’. When twenty plus blacks raped a 11 yr Mexican girl in Texas, the media said ‘Texans’ did it.
Whatever one thinks of Zimmerman, he was a pudgy mestizo who got whupped by a much taller and bigger black kid, but the media put forth a narrative of an angelic black ‘child armed with only a bag of skittles’ shot down by a towering ‘white southern male’.
(Sometimes, I wonder if white libs peddle such silly notions–harking back to Civil Rights days–because it makes them feel powerful. As white libs are helpless to do anything about real black violence and crime, spinning such narratives creates the illusion that they are still powerful whites with the decency to care and weep about helpless black children who are still being victimized by white ‘racism’. Similarly, the likes of John McCain and John Bolton prefer to believe that they are strong powerful white knight warriors working tirelessly to protect helpless yanomanos from all-powerful Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and Russians. If you’re powerless before something, spin the narrative so as to make believe you have power over it and are working to protect the poor thing from dangers–even though what you’re really doing is serving as its running dog.)

If black bodies are ‘phobogenic’, it’s not because but in spite of the media and mass education. The media, education, and government have been telling us forever that we are all equal, but in the streets and public places, it’s obvious as day that bigger/stronger Negroes do indeed cause lots of mayhem.

The power of media is considerable but it’s not total. Entertainment has given us lots of movies about invincible Asian kung fu masters, but most people don’t fear Asians because in the real world, they know that most Asians are scrawny and a physical threat to no one.
I mean who finds Asian bodies ‘phobogenic’?

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Blacks are actually overrepresented among homosexual transexuals and underrepresented among autogynephilic transexuals. Understanding the difference is key.

Homosexual transexuals are basically gay men who “become women to attract men.” They adopt an exaggerated form of femininity, to become “more women than the women,” one could see this as an example of the “zeal of the convert.” They are underrepresented among transexual activists, perhaps because their ultimate goal is crypsis, to be undifferentiated from actual women in order to better attract men, which open transexual activism and drawing a lot of attention to transsexuals as a group would interfere with.

Autogynephilics, in contrast, get off on the idea of themselves as women. Many maintain their attraction to women, which actual women don’t usually reciprocate. Thus they place a supreme importance on making women accept them as part of “muh sisterhood,” via PC activism and indoctrination. This leads to an inevitable conflict with certain parts of the radical feminist movement, which is currently gripped by an internal conflict, not unlike that which occurred between racial and religious antisemites in the 19th century.

Basically, the homosexual transsexual is the soldier who wants to make people think he is part of the landscape. The autogynephilic transexual is the Emporer who wants to force people to say he is wearing clothes even though everyone knows he is naked, by threatening to have them fired if they don’t toe the line.

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[From "The Last Days of the 'Holocaust'"]

Holocaust revisionism is perhaps the most institutionally reviled, criminally punished and socially persecuted field of research in modern Western history.

Yet, on the much publicized 75th anniversary of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz, the gatekeepers of the Holocaust continue to give ground, kicking and screaming along the way.

The latest example is a new book by former Museum of Jewish Heritage director David G. Marwell, “Unmasking the ‘Angel of Death’,” which grants many revisionist challenges to the legend of Joseph Mengele.

Marwell’s work is considered the most well-researched mainstream biography of Mengele to date. In it, he cross references witness testimony from “survivors” with hard evidence and primary sources, only to conclude that their “memories” were “unreliable.” In other words, they are lying.

Stitching together humans to create siamese twins, smashing babies against train cars, attempts to transform boys into girls – all of the barbarism etched into the popular mind about a German in a labcoat, Marwell concludes, is nothing but a pack of atrocious hoaxes.

Marwell does stress that Mengele was a true-believing Nationalsocialist, which in his mind is an act of evil in and of itself. According to the book, he also at times overstepped ethical boundaries, for example when studying the effects of food deprivation on the human body, but the so-called “Angel of Death” made up for this by giving subjects superior accommodations and privileged treatment when the experiments were over. The twins and dwarves he studied were treated kindly, even if looking at living people as laboratory specimens in any context is dehumanizing. By and large, the book admits that what is commonly known about Mengele is fiction constructed by rumors, novels and Hollywood which have been held as true thanks to Jewish “eyewitnesses” substantiating the hoaxes post-hoc.

Mengele’s main achievement at the camp, which Marwell credits him for, was containing and preventing a massive outbreak of typhus at Auschwitz in difficult circumstances. Alex McNabb had previously written about this, and was attacked by Zionist commentators for it. This saved thousands of lives, Jewish and Gentile alike. Mengele was not motivated by hate and sadism. His most intimate letters and confessions show only a passion for advancing medical science.

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About fifteen years ago, I got ahold of this remarkable little book titled I was an NKVD Agent by Anatoli Granovsky, who defected to the West in 1946. Other than its lack of a plot, it reads like a spy novel, so I don’t know how much of it is true, but it was published in 1962, so it has some relevance here.

One of Granovsky’s potential missions following the Soviet victory in WWII was to infiltrate the West. He was to use two angles: one of which was to seduce women of high social standing who were active in social justice (e.g. feminism, civil rights, etc.); the other was to be a fake priest/minister.

So according to Granovsky, the top tier of Soviet intelligence had already identified the ministry, the sexual revolution and civil rights as key weaknesses to be exploited by communists by the end of WWII. This would explain a lot.

I strongly suspect that MLK was indeed handled by the KGB, probably not only through Levison but others as well. I doubt he was personally aware of it, but a man like that doesn’t need to be — he’s most useful just stirring up trouble with his sermons, sleeping around and not asking questions about where the money comes from.

Conservatives now (shamefully) often claim King as one of their own, so this is still important. King’s false Christianity also has to be exposed as fraud. Why was a Jewish communist (who prominently defended Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) writing sermons for a Christian pastor, anyway? To spread the good news about Christ? Give me a break…

For those of us who had to endure MLK day rallies and indoctrination sessions in grade school, and hated them, this is vindicating.

Before we Americans can move forward with a truly just, truly Christian solution to racial strife in our country, this fake Christian state cult of MLK has to be banished.

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Perhaps Surprisingly, Indians REALLY Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average)

India is a confusing place. It is able to send hordes of extremely intelligent and highly-motivated scientists to the USA, yet its city centres are so chaotic that tourists have to pay street urchins to throw themselves into the road just so that they can cross it. The land of the Hindus is pursuing its own space program, yet vast areas of the country lack electricity, running water, and even people who can read. What does this say about Indian IQ?

The late J. Philippe Rushton gave an answer to this question back in 2007: Indians Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average). But much more evidence has since been developed.

A country’s average IQ is a massively important predictor of national accomplishment and national average living standards, as Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen showed in their seminal 2012 book Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences, as well as in their earlier book IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

For a few years now a German psychologist trained in political science called David Becker has been tracking down and collating every possible source that might permit assessment of any nation’s IQ. The young researcher, who is based at Chemnitz Technical University in East Germany (the city was known as Karl-Marx-Stadt under Communism) places all his research online so that those who criticise national IQ data can easily have their criticisms refuted. He clearly presents his methodology, in a way which Lynn did not, so that critics can see precisely what’s he’s done, how he’s done it and why: samples are rated for reliability, for example.

On this basis, Becker has also recalculated all of Richard Lynn’s much-denounced National IQs. Significantly, his calculations strongly correlate with Lynn’s—see the results at ViewOnIQ.org.

As part of this project, Becker has also updated and recalculated the Indian IQ, the most recent known study of which was published in 2015 [Gender Performance on Intelligence Quotient Test among Medical Students in a Government Medical College, By B. Uppu et al., IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, 2015]

Incredibly, considering all of the “Raj from The Big Bang Theory” types populating science departments at America’s top universities, Becker’s meta-analysis of 11 studies revises the Indian average IQ downwards. Lynn and Vanhanen calculated it to be 82.2, but Becker has found it to be a mere 76.24.

How can a country with an IQ only six points above that of Sub-Saharan Africa churn out scientists of such high calibre and even begin to take people into space?

The answer: it is not merely in the geographical sense that India is a subcontinent—defined as a large mass of land separated by mountains from the rest of the continent. It is also continent-like in terms of its population.

India and China both contain over a billion people, but in China those people are overwhelmingly of one ethnicity, Han, and speak one language, Mandarin. The situation in India could hardly be more different.

The national languages are Hindi and (still) English. However, there are at least 780 distinct languages spoken in India, with most—though not all—of these languages being associated with a distinct ethnic group, rather as is the case with languages in Europe. Around 78% of Indians, and especially those in the north, speak Indo-Aryan languages that are distantly related to English, such as Hindi (41% of India’s population), Bengali (8%), and Gujarati(4.4%). Most of rest, particularly those in the South, speak Dravidian languages, such as Telegu (7.1%), Tamil (5.9%) and Kannada (3.6%). Some even speak language “isolates” unrelated to any other known language.(See Wikipedia’s List of languages by number of native speakers in India.)

There are also about 225,000 Anglo-Indians—down from some 2 million at independence in 1947. These are native English speakers, and usually Christian, ultimately descended from a union between an English colonial and a (usually female) Indian. Over the centuries, Anglo-Indians have married each other, effectively creating an ethnic group .

India is divided into 29 states and 7 territories, many of these states are named after their dominant ethnic group and its language. And, crucially, there seem to be exceptional IQ differences between these states, paralleling the way in which southern India is rich and northern India is poor.

Richard Lynn and Indian psychologist Prateek Yadav explored differences in intelligence between Indian states in a study published in the leading journal Intelligence in 2015. [Differences in cognitive ability, per capita income, infant mortality, fertility and latitude across the states of India, By Richard Lynn & Prateek Yadav, Intelligence, 2015]. Drawing upon data from all 29 states plus 4 territories, they found a very clear pattern.

Southern India is markedly more intelligent than northern India; the correlation between latitude and their test of cognitive ability being -0.43. Even more significantly, coastal India is more intelligent than inland India, the correlation between closeness to coast and average intelligence being -0.60.

The most intelligent (on average) area is a territory called Daman and Dui, two islands that were part of Portugal’s historic Goa colony, seized by India in 1961. (American pundit Dinesh D’Souza is descended from Goanese converts to Catholicism). Unfortunately, the authors do not calculate IQ scores, merely presenting average scores on standardized school tests. These islands are followed, in average score, by Kerala, a southern coastal state. The least intelligent, and also poorest, India state is Bihar, an inland northern state, close to Bangladesh.

Helpfully, Lynn and Yadav tested a host of other variables, meaning they were able to reasonably hypothesize as to the causes of these differences. A key factor: Islam. Around 20% of India’s population is Muslim and the Muslims overwhelmingly live in the north. Indeed, the Muslims were politically dominant in northern India—building the Taj Mahal and other such achievements—until the British fully took control in the nineteenth century.

The correlation between the percentage of Muslims in a state and its intelligence was -0.32. The authors propose that a likely reason is inbreeding. Hindus tend not to marry cousins, but Muslims tend strongly to marry their cousins. Cousin marriage elevates the probability of double doses of mutant genes, meaning that the brain works less well, so intelligences starts to fall. The more inbreeding there is in a nation the lower its IQ tends to be [Inbreeding depression and IQ in a study of 72 countries, by Michael A. Woodley, Intelligence, 2009]

Coastal India, they suggest, is more intelligent because there will have been greater breeding with European traders. This is most obvious when we consider that the most intelligent part of India is two islands which were run by Portugal until 1961. (American pundit Dinesh D’Souza is descended from Goanese converts to Catholicism). We would also expect that ambitious and intelligent Indians born in the interior would be likely to migrate to the wealthy coastal towns. Intelligence predicts migration, as the eminent intelligence researcher Arthur Jensen noted in his 1998 book The g Factor.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the only Indian citizen to win a Nobel Prize in the hard sciences—Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (right)who took the Physics prize in 1930—was a Tamil from Madras. Madras is (where else?) on the southern coast.

It is India’s ethnic diversity which explains why it displays extremes: intellectual brilliance yet grinding poverty. This may be a problem for India, in that it is the population’s average intelligence—which predicts so much about the fate of nations. With its low average IQ, India is corrupt, unfair, and shambolic.

This is perhaps why so many highly intelligent Indians are desperate to come to the West—probably reducing India’s average IQ even further in the process, but certainly not improving the GOP’s chances.

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Sex and race are, to the left, mere social constructs, abstract systems of delusion and injustice that can be overturned by human will and social engineering. It follows, then, that leftists will support and celebrate men who reject the social construct of sex and claim to be women. And leftists do support and celebrate such men.

Triumph of the Trannies

It also follows that leftists will support and celebrate Whites who reject the social construct of race and claim to be Blacks. But leftists don’t support and celebrate such Whites. Quite the contrary. While Bruce Jenner, a man claiming to be a woman, is worshipped and rewarded, Rachel Dolezal, a White claiming to be a Black, is ridiculed and punished. Steve Sailer and others have drawn attention to this contradiction, but I don’t think they’ve properly explained it.

Why do leftists cheer when men cross the border between the sexes, but jeer when Whites try to cross the border between the races?

I pose those questions deliberately in that form to draw out the links between the left’s love of transgenderism and the left’s love of open borders. The Jewish libertarian Murray Rothbard (1926–95) described this aspect of leftist ideology very well in this passage of an otherwise long-winded and boring essay:

The egalitarian revolt against biological reality, as significant as it is, is only a subset of a deeper revolt: against the ontological structure of reality itself, against the “very organization of nature”; against the universe as such. At the heart of the egalitarian left is the pathological belief that there is no structure of reality; that all the world is a tabula rasa that can be changed at any moment in any desired direction by the mere exercise of human will — in short, that reality can be instantly transformed by the mere wish or whim of human beings. (Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, Modern Age, Fall 1973)

Rothbard was right in general about leftism, but failed to explain that highly significant exception: why does the “exercise of human will” allow Bruce Jenner and others to become women, but not allow Rachel Dolezal and others to become Blacks?

Sex and race are both aspects of reality, but the left believes that only one of those aspects “can be instantly transformed by the mere wish or whim of human beings.” Why so? I would explain it by supplementing Rothbard’s explanation. Yes, he’s right when he says the left have a magical belief in the reality-transforming power of “human will,” but he doesn’t discuss what happens when there is a clash of wills.

The high and the low

Let’s look at transgenderism first. Men like Bruce Jenner and Jonathan Yaniv (pictured) have “willed” that men can become women and must enjoy unrestricted access to all female spaces. At the same time, some women — the so-called Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists or TERFs — have “willed” that men can’t become women and must keep out of female spaces. There is a clash of wills that is settled, for the Left, by the status of the opposing sides. In leftist eyes, the men have higher status than the women, which is why the men’s will prevails and the women’s will is rejected. But hold on, you might be thinking: How can the men have higher status than the women in leftist eyes? It’s easy: the transgender men have cleverly aligned themselves not with men in general, who are indeed of lower status than women, but with homosexual men, who are of higher status than women.

Trangendered men are part of the “LBGTQ+ community,” which lifts them above women in the leftist hierarchy. Take Jonathan Yaniv, the perverted and probably Jewish male, who claims to be a woman and has been suing female cosmeticians in Canada for refusing to wax his fully intact male genitals. If Yaniv spoke the truth, he would admit that he is a heterosexual male who seeks perverted sexual pleasure by passing himself off as a woman and receiving Brazilian waxes or entering female toilets to share tampon tips with under-age girls, etc. Obviously, then, Yaniv can’t admit the truth. Heterosexual men are wicked in leftist eyes and are well below women in the leftist hierarchy. Heterosexual men definitely cannot pass themselves off as women in pursuit of perverted sexual thrills.

Actual authentic lesbians

Yaniv and other “trans-women” must therefore align themselves with homosexuals to pass leftist purity-tests. As trans-women they claim to be members of a sexual minority, which triggers the leftist love of minority-worship. Indeed, Yaniv and some others go further than simply claiming to be women: they claim to be actual authentic lesbians. A pinned tweet at Yaniv’s Twitter account states that he is “One proud lesbian. I’ll never give up fighting for human rights equality. #LGBTQoftwitter.” Yaniv isn’t a lesbian, of course. Real lesbians — that is, real women who are sexually attracted to other real women — quite rightly reject fake lesbians like him, so the fake lesbians exploit leftist ideology again and accuse real lesbians of bigotry and hate.

Feminism has the concept of the “glass ceiling,” whereby women are unjustly prevented by sexist men from reaching the highest positions in politics, business and academia. Inspired by this, the fake lesbians have invented the concept of the “cotton ceiling,” whereby men like Yaniv are unjustly prevented by real lesbians from removing the underwear of said lesbians and having sex with them. Here is a trans-lesbian activist lecturing a sceptical TERF (i.e. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist for those not up on the latest jargon) on the injustices of the cotton ceiling:

Trans women are female. When our female-ness and womanhood is denied, as you keep doing repeatedly, that is transphobic and transmisogynist. As I said earlier, all people’s desires are influenced by an intersection of cultural messages that determine those desires. Cultural messages that code trans women’s bodies as male are transphobic, and those messages influence people’s desires. So cis queer women who are attracted to other queer women may not view trans women as viable sexual partners because they have internalized the message that trans women are somehow male.

The comparison to what cis males say also makes no sense. What trans women are saying is that we are women, and thus should be considered women sexually, and thus be considered viable partners for women who are attracted to women. What cis males are saying is that queer women shouldn’t be exclusively attracted to women, which is completely different. (The Cotton Ceiling? Really?, Femonade blog, 13th March 2012)

It’s not “completely different,” of course. In both cases, people with penises are “saying” (and willing) that real lesbians should have sex with them. In both cases, real lesbians would be encountering the male genitals of real men. But the trans-activist believes in an act of verbal transubstantiation whereby a trans-lesbian possesses a “female penis” that, despite all appearances, is “completely different” to the nasty and objectionable penis of a “cis male.”

Aspects of religious psychology

I use the term “transubstantiation” deliberately. It’s a term from Catholic theology that refers to the supernatural process whereby wafers and wine transform into the flesh and blood of Christ during the celebration of Holy Eucharist by a priest. No physical or scientific test can detect this transformation, and to all appearances the wafers and wine remain unchanged. But traditionalist Catholics will insist that the wafers and wine are now truly Christ’s flesh and blood. If you disagree, you’re probably safe nowadays, but you wouldn’t have been in the past. It was very unwise to openly deny, let alone ridicule, transubstantiation in Catholic nations during the Middle Ages. And disagreements over the concept were central to the murderous hatreds of the Reformation. Those who believed in transubstantiation got very angry when it was denied.

This anger, which is part of the odium theologicum, is an important aspect of religious psychology, whether overt or covert — leftism can in fact be explained as a mutation of Christianity and Judaism. Overt and covert religions gain power by demanding belief in things that defy everyday reality, because such belief is difficult and requires a greater emotional investment. When we invest more in a belief, we have more incentive to protect it more strongly. And it is precisely because concepts like transubstantiation and the “female penis” are absurd that they are powerful. When we have an emotional investment in something we can’t prove, we react strongly when it is denied or ridiculed. That applies even more when we ourselves are subconsciously aware or afraid that our beliefs are baseless or false. Crushing external heresies can be a way of stilling internal doubts.

The “female penis” vs the “unisex brain”

And so religion and other forms of ideology can gain power by their contradictions and absurdities. However, in the clash between transgenderism and feminism, both sides believe in absurdities: the trannies insist on the concept of the female penis, just as the feminists insist on the concept of the “unisex brain,” namely, that there is no genuine difference between male and female brains. These two concepts are both biologically absurd: there is no such thing as a female penis, but there is such a thing as a female brain. However, if transgenderism and feminism are both powered by absurdities, why have trannies been winning the battle over the TERFs? Well, it’s partly because the trannies have the bigger, and therefore better, absurdities. For example, the “female penis” is an obvious absurdity, the “unisex brain” is much less so. Penises are out in the open, after all, whereas brains are hidden behind the skull.

And there is a continuum between a typically male brain and a typically female brain that doesn’t exist between male genitals and female genitals in the vast majority of cases. The psychological differences between men and women are a question of averages and tendencies, but the physical differences are generally stark and obvious (inter-sex individuals are rare). A certain group of trannies also have the stronger male will-to-power and love of battle, which is another reason they are winning the battle with lesbians. All this explains why the left supports and celebrates trannies as they cross the border between male and female. As a sexual minority, they have higher status than ordinary women. As a novel and exhibitionist sexual minority, they also have higher status than lesbians, who also have less will-to-power.

Better than Black

Indeed, as I pointed out in “Power to the Perverts!,” transgenderism has allowed some White heterosexual men to leap above the Black-Jewish lesbian feminist Linda Bellos in the leftist hierarchy. The White men are “transgender” and Bellos, although Black, is a TERF. In current leftism, transgender trumps TERF. Leftists therefore support the border-abolishing White men and not the border-erecting Black woman.

However, leftists would instantly support Bellos if those White men were claiming to be Black rather than female. Leftists want the border between male and female abolished, but not the border between Black and White. Why so? Again I would argue that higher and lower status settle the clash of wills. Rachel Dolezal “willed” that she was Black, while Blacks “willed” that she wasn’t. Dolezal was trying to abolish a border, Blacks were trying to maintain one, so a naïve reading of leftism would say that leftists should support “trans-racialists” like Dolezal just as they support transgenderists like Bruce Jenner. But leftists didn’t support Dolezal, and Blacks easily won the battle of wills. The border between Black and White stayed up, and Dolezal was ridiculed and punished, despite being more convincing as a Black than most transgenderists ever are as women.

{Submitter’s note: Langdon rants on and on… see the source link if you’re really interested about the rest of it}

Bill P #racist unz.com

Yes, AGW is the latest deus ex machina for the messianically inclined Russian people, who are typically helpless on their own. I’m sure they believe it will solve all their problems and lead to a world of limitless vodka and girls in tight skirts and high heels. There should be an Orthodox Christian global warming Jesus wandering through a methane-emitting birch forest, but there probably already is and the rest of the world simply hasn’t been paying attention.

Siberia should have made the Russians rich long ago, but the problem is that it is under the control of Russians. If it had been available to American settlement, the expanse would be thriving with lumber mills, gas wells and technologically advanced institutions, and the population would be much higher. Down-on-their-luck Americans would be driving tanker trucks across the taiga, wildcatting, selling burgers to the workers and building highways. Instead there are ballistic missile behemoths lumbering on dirt roads through the forests while stunted, alcoholic Asiatic peasants scratch a living out of the frozen swamps and rivers that only flow half the year, scraping the riverbanks for fossil mammoth tusks and shooting beavers.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Stan d Mute #racist unz.com

I thought to reply to Almost Missouri’s comment but you’ve struck a bit closer. If anything, the Bible thumpers are narcissistic, megalomaniacal, and self-aggrandizing to presume that they know this entity (if it exists) and especially that they “have a personal relationship with” it. How lofty one must be to chat amicably every night with an entity capable of creating the Universe. An atheist or agnostic has the humility to accept that he is less than a grain of sand in the Universal scheme of things. What hubris does it take to believe that one can comprehend the infinite?

What irks me the most however is that all the thumpers are convinced that Bronze Age Semitic Jews had everything figured out, were in fact blood related to the creator of the Universe, and that my ancestors were retarded barbarians fighting off brown bears and wolves under several feet of snow. And yet these same geniuses complain incessantly about Jews controlling the Narrative and dictating our livelihoods. Hmm. Seems like a “can’t see the forest for the trees” problem.

That the JewGod thumpers coopted our “pagan” traditions and holidays, made their “New and Improved” “JewGod & Son” brand supersede the qualities of our gods like Dionysus is obvious and undisputed. Nobody thinks Easter is anything but our ancient Spring Festival or Christmas more than our winter equinox festival – they readily concede that they have no idea when JewGod Jr was born nor when/where he died. They just plastered “JewGod & Son” logos over all our pagan billboards and told us it was better this way.

We may in fact (many of us) need religion for a properly functioning civilization, but I’m certain that we don’t need the Jew’s God or his putative bastard. I’m certain that no Bronze Age Jew had a better understanding of Reality than I do. And given the skepticism around these parts of Jews and their motives and methods, it’s ironic that so many Jew-believers comment here in defense of this Jewish fable.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

The problem with MRA is that it’s the other side of the feminist coin. Guys like Warren Farrell and Paul Elam believe fervently in gender equality, even though it never has and never will exist, but they differ from feminists in the details.

I compare it to Trotskyites vs. Stalinists.

The solution isn’t to double down on gender equality, but to reject the concept altogether. I advocate replacing the word “equality” with “balance.” A society in which there is a balance between the masculine and feminine elements is a happy, healthy society. Same goes for a family.

Obviously, one won’t find balance in the individual, but that’s why nature created us man and woman in the first place — so we wouldn’t be merely a mass of individuals but complementary parts of the species.

This gender equality nonsense is the natural consequence of centuries of progressive individualism, which results in a bland, atomized society in which there are no natural divisions or communities. It turns out that Enlightenment thinking logically progresses to this kind of dystopia, so MRAs who refuse to abandon it will lead us to exactly the same place the feminists would.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

People who “don’t want to be bothered” by children are the most controlling of all. They want to banish children from public space, they do their utmost to divert resources away from children toward themselves, they invariably support killing children in the womb, they always support overregulation of parenting, and then they expect the children they hate to pay to fund their “well-deserved” retirement.

I am teaching my children about these people, so that as adults they can make informed decisions about who deserves to share in the fruits of their labor.

pizza with hot pepper #racist unz.com

NY and SF uses ‘racist’ policies but then hides their ‘racism’ by being so shrill about the ‘racism’ in places like Sanford and Ferguson.

It’s rather like the West’s attitude toward Russia. With the rise of PC, super-rich oligarchal rule, speech codes, climate of fear(silence that led to Rotherham scandal), crackdown on dissidents(ask Richwine, Stephanie Grace, all the UK residents arrested for comments on Twitter, etc), and etc, it should be obvious that the West is now a globalist oligarchy dominated by Yanomanos and homos.
Notice that EVERY American politician grovels before TOUCANPAC if they wanna be elected.
Given the increasing illberalism of the so-called ‘liberal democratic west’, how can the elites perpetuate the illusion that liberal democracy is alive, healthy, and still going strong?

Well, there is Russia-bashing as a means to prop up the myth that the West is all about ‘liberal democracy’ AS OPPOSED TO Russia, which is supposedly the New Nazi nation.

With the rise of Political Correctness, Yanomano supremacism, the coercive cult of ‘diversity’ crammed down the throats of whites, the nasty homo agenda pushed up the butt of the entire nation, speech codes, and blacklisting-firing-and-shunning of any real dissident voices, the West hardly stand for liberal democracy anymore, and of course, the Yanomano elites know this.

So, in order to cover up the repressive nature of Yanomano-controlled West, we’ve been fed the false dichotomy of the Free West vs autocratic Russia and China. True, China is a nasty repressive nation, and Russia, though nominally a democracy, is corrupt and autocratic in many ways.
BUT the West today, with its PC and Yanomano-supremacism where all politicians grovel before TOUCANPAC, is in no position to preach to anyone about liberal democratic values.

Thus, the only way the Yanomano elites in the West can fool us that we are living in a ‘liberal democracy’ is to create a us-vs-them situation whereby we are supposedly so free and sane(like in supporting ‘gay marriage’ and ruining businesses that won’t bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes)whereas Russians are so enslaved and deranged because they won’t allow homos to march down Red Square, the hallowed ground where soldiers march every year to commemorate the great sacrifices in the Great Patriotic War that claimed over 20 million Russian souls. But in truth, most Russians feel far more empowered under patriotic Putin whereas most whites feel totally browbeaten and castrated under the rule of Yanomano neo-kings and homo neo-queens.

Ferguson and Russia… one and the same in the devious minds of the Western elites

Bill P #sexist unz.com

Anon is pretty close to the mark.

This charade plays to the autoeroticism at the heart of female sexuality. To be chased – to be an object of desire – gets women going. The higher status the pursuer, the more it satisfies this craving to be the object of interest. The “damsel in distress” part serves the same purpose. When people rush to comfort, console and show concern it further validates the need to be the center of attention.

Some of the best works of art are all about this aspect of the female heart.

So, essentially, this issue is insoluble in mixed sex environments. Where it doesn’t exist both men and women will do their best to create it. This is why, back in the bad old days, men and women more or less agreed to control different domains, and to exert a lot of cultural control (e.g. formal manners, laws, etc) over those where they overlapped.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

Christianity definitely created what we understand as liberalism today, which is really radical egalitarianism (not always very liberal in practice).

However, it was a Jewish convert named Saul who laid the foundation:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Our contemporary liberalism started with a repudiation of Classical Judaism, which as a highly stratified, racially exclusive religion could not be liberal by Western standards. Nor can modern Judaism or Islam, both of which reject Paul’s proclamation that we are all equal under God. But it took over a thousand years of institutional Christianity before the idea mutated into its current form.

My guess is that as long as the church had a great deal of authority over people’s lives, it was a useful concept for promoting social harmony and a sense of mutual obligation among the different classes (e.g. aristocrats were supposed to acknowledge that God did not favor them over social inferiors), as well as a check on secular power vis a vis the church. However, when the church’s power began to recede and break up as it lost its monopoly over knowledge, this central tenet of Christianity took on a life of its own – it came unmoored from the rock of faith so to speak – and became a tool in the hands of secular factions challenging the prevailing authority.

Jews could not develop a Western-style liberal society as long as they lived under rabbinic authority, so it was only when egalitarian Westerners freed them from that authority (a sort of ecclesiastic law for Jews) and granted them citizenship that they were able to do so.

And no, the liberalism wasn’t the Protestants’ fault. Napoleon was more influential than anyone else in spreading the new faith. I think the peculiar Yankee and English form of radical egalitarianism was a competition with the French; an attempt to show that they were just as righteous as the French – more so even – and could prove it. As an example of the ferocity of this competition, in the beginning of the American Republic the Francophile and Anglophile factions waged what amounted to a low-intensity war. So many killed each other in duels that the officer corps was depleted.

Today all egalitarian political systems, including our own as well as Communist China’s, are based on this originally Christian idea of human equality. We have been in a crusade that has been on the march for over 200 years. It is very much a religious movement, and so all-encompassing that it rarely even occurs to people to question their faith in the beliefs it is built upon. Only in the last few decades, and ever so carefully, have a few begun to do so openly.

pizza with hot pepper #racist unz.com

We got ‘well-integrated’ black/west indian middle class here too. Look at the likes of Obama and Holder. There is a large black middle class here.
But we also have lots of problem blacks.

Btw, was it the well-integrated blacks who were burning London down a few yrs back?
Also, keep in mind that smart blacks in UK and US have a white society in which to integrate with.

But in all-black nations, there is no whiteness-maintained-by-whites for blacks to integrate into. So, blackness dominates, and boy oh boy, it sure does suck.

Also, keep in mind that distance between UK and Africa/Jamaica tends to favor those with some education with the means to make the trip.
In contrast, US brought over lots of low IQ blacks during the slave trade. There was less demographic filter.

But well-integrated or not, how does it feel for white British guys to be seen by their own women as a bunch of wussy boys in contrast to Negro men? Lots of British women get it on with black men, which means that they racially-sexually prefer Negro men over white men. It means they regard white men, the males of their own race, to be subpar/inferior men.

Is this the future that white British men want for themselves and their sons?
Wussy and pathetic.

Thorfinnsson #racist unz.com

I don’t think exclusively dating oriental women is an alt-right rite of passage at all.

It’s perhaps a nerd right of passage, and there’s considerable overlap here.

I had one Asian girlfriend, and it was prior to becoming a committed racist. I was also interested in white women at the time and never had any kind of exclusive yellow fever.

I do still slam zipper pussy when it’s available (proud member of the bleach right), but I only date white women now.

Jim #fundie unz.com

The qualities that make for effective leaders probably vary by the racial/ethnic composition of a society. East Asians are the product of a different evolutionary history. They obviously tend to high intelligence, high conformity, low violence and other traits that are conducive to success in our society. However they may also tend to be lower in other traits that are important in a Western society.

East Asians and Europeans have evolved largely separately for a long time. It is not surprising that they do not always mix well together. Altitude toward nepotism for example. It’s not really anybody’s fault. I probably wouldn’t do well as a member of a wolf-pack. That wouldn’t be my fault or the fault of the wolves. It’s just reality.

At any rate East Asians and whites get along a lot better than whites and blacks.

Lance Welton #sexist unz.com

Since the beginning of the “Me, too!” movement, “patriarchy”—and the very idea that females prefer to be feminine—is under attack as never before. The Swedish capital Stockholm has banned ads that portray female stereotypes [Stockholm bans “sexist” and “degrading” adverts from public spaces, By Sara Malm, Daily Mail, 13 June 2018]. An Austrian museum about James Bond will cut out “sexist” aspects of the movie series about the Alpha male and his assorted scantily-dressed Bond girls [Not Licensed to Offend, By Tim Walker, Guardian, June 11, 2018]. On Father’s Day, fathers were supposed to receive “feminist” gifts, to undermine the patriarchal undertones of the celebration [9 Feminist Father’s Day 2017 Gifts For The Dad Who Believes In Equality, By Lindsay Mack, Romper, 7 June 2017, ].

But if a theory recently presented by two female researchers from Britain is correct, then patriarchy only evolved because of the male need to give women what they wanted, females are literally evolved to like and accept the patriarchal system, and, by implication, we’d have no civilization if it hadn’t developed.


Grant and Montrose argued that patriarchy is, therefore, entirely understandable in evolutionary terms. In China, women’s feet were bound so they couldn’t run away and have affairs. In the Islamic world, women are concealed in public so that no potential cuckolder can be attracted to them. Religions render these traditions—as well as general obedience to the male will—as the desire of the gods, making it even more likely to be obeyed.

And females who fail to obey risk severe punishment, including simply being killed to restore the families’ honour. There are, the authors report, about 300 honour killings in Pakistan annually, with sentences being very lenient compared to those for other murders. In the Middle East, women are killed for actual or alleged adultery, for refusing arranged marriage, for not being virgins when they get married and for being raped, as this implies that they were not being chaperoned by a male relative as mandated. Most societies give daughters far less freedom than sons. Not only are daughters worth more—in the sense that their child will definitely be your grandchild—but we’ve been selected to control them.

The fascinating result of this, argue the authors, is that females are literally evolutionarily selected to accept patriarchy. Those who refuse to have their feet bound, or be circumcised so they can’t enjoy sex, will not be able to get married and so won’t pass on their genes. Such refusal to obey the rules also elevates the likelihood that they’ll be ostracised—in societies where laws make it very hard to be an independent female—or directly killed. Grant and Montrose argue that abortion is particularly problematic in patriarchal societies because it allows women far too much control over themselves.

What this system means is that males—trusting that their investment in the female and her offspring will be worth it—can afford to be less violent, less jealous and more cooperative. They will invest more of their energy in looking after their children, making these children less short-term oriented, able to create stronger social bonds, and likely to be more cooperative.

And so a civilization will duly be able to develop.

This is a compelling theory and the authors also present some clear ways that future researchers can test it: Cuckoldry rates should be lower, and fertility higher, in more patriarchal societies and fundamentalist sub-cultures; the more fundamentalist and patriarchal a society the faster growing its population will be, as women will have no control over their bodies and no option but motherhood; and patriarchy will be stronger in polygamous systems, like Islam, because there will be more women for a husband to control.

Anecdotally, at least, this all these seems to be the case.

So, reducing these findings down to their basics, patriarchy is a result of the evolved psychology and physiology of females. Its development has, in turn, pushed females, for biological reasons, towards being more accepting of patriarchy.

Could it be that the rise in “feminism” is not just due to the collapse of patriarchy but, more profoundly, due to weakened Darwinian selection, due to the less harsh life created by the Industrial Revolution? (See Social Epistasis Amplifies the Fitness Costs of Deleterious Mutations, Engendering Rapid Fitness Decline Among Modernized Populations, By Michael Woodley of Menie et al., Evolutionary Psychological Science, June 2017).

This would mean more “mutant genes” not being removed through high child mortality or spinsterhood for “undesirable” women, such as those which might make people challenge patriarchy?

The authors insist “It’s a Man’s World” but it only became that way due to the power women have over men to force them to bend to their evolved desires for investment and status, as evidence of the ability to invest in resources in their children.

“It’s a Man’s World”—and it’s Women’s Fault?

Bill P #fundie unz.com

"While there is no medical evidence that racism is toxic to those who express it — after all, generations of wealthy slave owners survived quite nicely — the combination of downward mobility and racial resentment may be a potent invitation to the kind of despair that leads to suicide in one form or another, whether by gunshots or drugs. You can’t break a glass ceiling if you’re standing on ice."

That last sentence sounds like a threat, Mrs. Ehrenreich. The insinuation that racial resentment is “toxic” is the worst kind of insult to the most maligned ethno-social class in the US today: the working class white.

Why is it that when blacks are encouraged to nurse a sense of racial grievance and entitlement their lifespan increases, while whites who are denounced for any such sentiment die earlier? Is it because what you call “racism” is toxic? No, I don’t think so. Ethnic cohesion and group identity is obviously healthy. Deny it to people, and they become weaker and sicker.

But here you are giving people poison pills and calling it a cure. It’s time we started calling it as it is: you have blood on your hands, woman. You are a “willing executioner.” And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Harri Honkanen #fundie unz.com

Given that Finns were clearly reacting against the Establishment and its plans for mass Third World immigration, why didn’t the Finnish Right strike? The answer lies in the Finnish national character itself. Political Correctness is more dangerous in Finland than elsewhere in Western Europe. Like East Asians (some geneticists argue Finns have relatively high East Asian admixture by European standards), Finns are conformist. They can’t stand disagreement. They’re chronically shy, conflict averse and rule-governed. As I argued above, this may reflect adaption to extremely harsh yet predictable conditions, where cooperative groups are more likely to survive. Society is harmonious and efficient but with a tiny gene pool everyone thinks similarly. You don’t risk being shamed. Indeed, scholars have highlighted the way that Finland has an effectively East Asian “shame culture”

Bill P #fundie unz.com

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the primaries so far, but Trump is a few years too early and a few years too old. I’d like to see him win the nomination even if he goes on to lose the general, but maybe the phenomenon is good enough.

Our elites have been engineering their “orange revolutions,” their “springs” and their invasions and all that crap for a generation. Someday soon it will turn around on them. Trump’s success to this point will only embolden people. He’s broken the paradigm. Even if the wealthy republicans can put him in his place, there’s a real wellspring of dissent bubbling up that won’t be easily contained.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

It is pretty pathetic. And total bullshit. Charlie Hebdo jokes about death in such a way to demonstrate that its staff has next to no respect for human life. Does one “celebrate life” by drawing cartoons making sport of innocent people’s death?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I’d stop short of saying the cartoonists deserved to be gunned down by Muslim fanatics, but I have infinitely more sympathy for the cops who lost their lives protecting the degenerates than for the targets themselves.

BTW, if one really wants to be brave as a cartoonist in the US, try drawing a cartoon ridiculing Martin Luther King Jr. I don’t even know whether there’s an equivalent off-limits religious figure in France. In the US, MLK is Jesus, Muhammed and all the Christian saints and Hebrew prophets put together. It’s our bona-fide state religion, and I’ve never heard a public figure ever speak of him in anything but the most reverent tones.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

Women have the vote. None of this will ever change as long as that’s the case. Women should never have been given the franchise, but perhaps that’s an inevitable characteristic of democracy: politicians endlessly expand the franchise until it’s meaningless.

Sounds harsh, but it’s reality. Makes me pretty angry to see Pope Francis paying lip service to feminism while keeping women out of authority in the Catholic Church. Abject hypocrisy. Make women priests and bishops and put them in charge of the Church and see how long it lasts!

Same goes for the elites. If I could craft a suitable punishment for them for what they’ve done to us, it would be to put their wives and lovers in a position of total supremacy over them and all their possessions. That’s what they’ve done to us, after all, to the severe detriment of our women and children I might add.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

Women can play all they want in the life sciences and humanities, but there has to a male-only space in these disciplines.

It may be the case that women on the balance have higher verbal skills (although the SAT seems to suggest otherwise), but that doesn’t matter given their deficiencies in other areas, especially objectivity.

There are lots of smart women out there, but they’re often the biggest offenders in academia, and lots of other areas, too. A woman’s higher IQ just makes her a more formidable opponent of reason, which is an enormous drain on one’s time and mental health.

As sympathetic as I am (at times) to bright women, I actually grew up with them and live with them to this day, and it is no bed of roses let me tell you. Sometimes, guys just need a break to think about things. This is how material progress occurs. Without male-only spaces this will not happen.

Women can rail against “the patriarchy” all they want, but its existence only proves that men need safe spaces, too. The destruction of these male organizations and societies goes a long way to explain the precipitous decline in civil society and male achievement.

Charles Murray should explore this angle, but he prefers to pile onto hard-pressed men and praise the great achievements of the women who live in the mediocre, non-productive communities they create and prefer when given the whip hand over the local men.

Duke of Qin #racist unz.com

This is precisely why I am opposed to continued Chinese immigration to the West, because more than anything else I want to preserve the cultural and racial patrimony of my forefathers rather than throwing it away in a slow inevitable demographic death. It is also why the Communist Party’s overthrow is so vital so that a racially conscious government can take it’s place and mold the Chinese for our continued survival. The Cultural Revolution instructed all Chinese to smash authority, that type of state influenced movement can also be used to turn the Chinese into the perfect racists rather than revolutionaries.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

It’s Title IX. Colleges can’t afford unknown quantity poor boys anymore because they have to subsidize girls’ sports as per Obama’s gender feminist appointees’ diktats. That is the only thing that could explain this precipitous drop during the Obama administration. Notice that although girls were not as impacted as boys, only girls’ volleyball and tennis (and boys’ swimming for some reason — Michael Phelps hopefuls? Gay male preference for the sport? who knows…) included more first gens over the next five years. Kinda looks like wealthy people did some more WINNING! under Obama as usual.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

Once it’s gone, what you call “uniformity” is gone forever. And who could call Korea “uniform” except for someone who has contempt for all distinct cultures? Neither the religion, the people, nor the intellectual heritage of Korea is uniform. But it is “Korean, ” and that still means something.

Would you prefer it’s replaced with some “hodgepodge” as Obama recently called the US? Multiculturalism is drab and ugly in practice. I prefer to see different things in different places, and not just geographical features and plants. The idea of a world in which everyone is some indiscriminate shade and character is a nightmare. I have no idea why some people revel in that. Is it hatred, envy or a twisted aesthetic? I can’t tell.

Bill P #racist unz.com

This is entirely about white elites’ moral justification for keeping a boot on the neck of the little people. If they can absolve themselves of any responsibility for the plight of their lessers, e.g. the White Death, then life is so much easier and more comfortable. If they can blame the troubles of all colored people on badwhites, all the better!

There’s really no plan. It’s just the same old “you work, I eat” sentiment that has plagued humanity from the beginning.

But eventually, and it won’t take long, this will stop working. More and more goodwhites will be forced into badwhite status as they are thrust into competition with minorities, find themselves ineligible for nice positions, taste real poverty, etc. Also, outer party goodwhites are under so much pressure to maintain the lifestyle that allows them to don the mantle of goodness that they are practically infertile.

If demographics is destiny, then white demographics is white destiny. White America will be noticeably different in a generation, and my bet is that it won’t be to the advantage of the current elites.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

That happened to me. My own mother made excuses for my adulterous ex. It sounds pretty awful, but I came out of that suspecting that she had done something similar.

It’s a shame, because I always thought she was better than the skank-ho single mommies of so many of my childhood friends from back in the 80s.

The worst part as a guy was thinking of all the opportunities I passed up in order to be a faithful husband. The beautiful women – better-looking than my wife – that I turned down in order to be a “good man.”

In retrospect, I’m actually glad I acted honorably, but my respect for women as equals was totally shattered. And that’s a good thing. What foolishness ever possessed me to think of women in that way? The only thing I can think of that justifies it is that my father was a morally deranged man, and I had no good standard by which to measure men aside from Jesus Christ, who is divine after all.

There is really no excuse for a wanton woman, except for the desire that burns in her loins. Let’s just be honest about that and call it as it is. In that case a man who cheats is as blameless as the “unhappy” young wife, and let us treat them equally.

Then maybe there will be as much fear on the part of the woman as the man, and divorce will be less common as there is no advantage either way.

Attilathehen #fundie unz.com

You are one degenerate cuck. You envy Derbyshire? WOW!!! Are you trying to import an Asian woman into the USA? People of different political view and races can love each? You sound like a teenager. I don’t respect liberal men because logically they are idiots. Blacks/Asians are inferior races so why would a Caucasian pollute his offspring’s bloodline? I listed facts about his worthless spawn and you consider them a fine family? WOW!!! I did give Derbyshire a chance. Asian genes can be recessive over time. What he would have to do is go to an AmRen conference and announce that he knows the West is best, being white is best and then his wife and children would have to go on stage and say the same thing. They would give thanks for being a part of the West. But when Derbyshire gave me his Stalin/Harding comparison, he basically stated that the Chinese are superior to whites. I don’t know if he realizes that the Japanese are smarter than the Chinese. The Japanese are still inferior to Caucasians/Europeans though

Bill P #fundie unz.com

But this isn’t the issue. I’ve been writing about left creationism for years, and arguing that Christian creationism is less damaging because despite its non-scientific origins at least it’s largely based on fundamental truths that have been vindicated by science.

For example, is it better to teach one’s children that sodomy is prohibited by God, or that it’s natural and good stuff “because gay penguins”?

I’m not a Creationist, but if I had to choose between left theology and Christian theology for my kids, I’d go for the latter every time. I’m pretty sure most people feel the same way, which is why so many non-believers still haul their kids into church every Sunday.

Even so, it’s a losing battle. Christianity was as “true” as anything in its time, but it’s been superseded by its bastard progressive faith. We really need a new religion very badly.

@TheLatestInDecay #racist unz.com

Black male sexual attractiveness to white women — to the degree that it exists at all, which is real though statistically minimal — is entirely a function of a century of relentless pimping by the Jewish media. So, Severn, you’re just in someone else’s stable. The statistics of battering and murder of white girlfriends and wives by their black partners does, however, confirm the truth of your claim that you represent the “ultimate” sensual experience. So there’s that.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

I don’t think there are really that many Bernie Bros. The Democrats wrote them off from the beginning. Do the math: the combined women + minority vote is a pretty good bet.

But I do think a lot of young white male Bernie supporters will vote Trump. It just probably won’t be enough.

I honestly think we’re heading toward some kind of violent civil conflict. I expect the minorities to start it, because they are unsatisfied with the incremental pace of white dispossession and because the federal/media apparatus is mainly geared toward suppressing white proles, who can’t really stand up to it.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

I’ve taken more than a few shots from big, strong athletic women (that’s my type). It’s nothing to speak of. Even your typical male office dweeb can hit harder.

BTW, it’s not that easy to knock a young, healthy guy down with a punch. You’ve got to hit like you’re swinging for the fence. The idea that slender girls can do that is laughable. I’d let Charlize hit me as hard as she could for 50 bucks and feel like I got a deal.

The Priss Factory #racist unz.com

If anything, the possibility that there are many smart blacks should be all the more reason why whites should keep black Africans out of the West.
It’s like the apes became all the more threatening when a smart one appeared among them in CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. These smart Igbos are gonna come to the West, gain elite power, and lead the dumb negroes against whites. Also, these igbo negro men will use white wombs to create a race of mulattoes to rule over whites and blacks. Hell with mulattos hatched by race traitor scum bitches.
It will mean more blacks will enter elite institutions of the West, take more white women, and take more powerful positions in all walks of society and then use their power to steer the West toward more pro-African positions. Let Africa be pro-Africa and let blacks be pro-black.

West and whites should be pro-west and pro-white, and this means seeing the black race as the #1 enemy of the white race. A race is sound only when it holds onto its homeland and when the women of the race respect their own men and feel it is an honor to use their wombs to produce children of her own race.
But with all these Negroes in the West, we got jungle fever and white women using wombs to produce disgusting mulatto obama-babies. We have white women who feel proud to have mulatto babies growing in their bellies while black men put their hands on the belly. What kind of white male with any pride could tolerate such foulness?

We have white boys beaten up by black kids in schools. We have white guys turned into disgusting cuckolds and wussy-ass maggots. White guys are gonna become to the Negro what yellow guys have become to non-yellows in America. Do white guys wanna be second-rate males in their own homeland?

If this negro writer is right and there are plenty of smart negroes, it is all the worse for the white race that needs to wake up to the threat posed by ghastly negroes.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

I know PKK (a designated terrorist organization) has long been fielding women, much like MEK (also terrorist), but what gets me is the recent adulation coming from our press over this abhorrent practice of using girls who can hardly fight as cannon fodder.

Now, they seem to have picked up on the dumb feminist contingent stateside and are making even more of a spectacle out of these girls from mountain villages. If these are our most important “allies” in the region, and unfortunately it looks as though they are, we’ve already lost this battle.

Bill P #racist unz.com

[Soros has] been investing in real estate funds. There’s a push to drive whites back into cities where they can be charged exorbitant rent by giant corporate property owners. Getting blacks to riot in the cities shoved whites out 40 years ago, so he probably figures getting blacks to riot in the burbs will drive them back in. In concert with the riots, smaller cities and suburbs are being sued for “disparate impact” more than ever, to force them to affirmatively seek black section 8 renters.

George Soros has been involved with this disparate impact issue, especially in trying to keep SCOTUS from ruling against these federal lawsuits. There could be a lot of money in forcing whites to move back into cities where rents and housing are far more expensive these days.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

This entire concept of gay marriage is ridiculous. It has never existed, and it never will. It’s a hoax foisted on the entire American people, and to what end? So that homosexuals can pay each other alimony?

Gays have already voted with their better sense and overwhelmingly declined civil marriage where it is available to them. Look at the stats from gay marriage states: either gays are a far, far lower fraction of our population than they claim, or they are generally uninterested in marriage, except perhaps as a means to delegitimize and wreck real marriage (I lost my sympathy for gay rights when it became nothing more than a way to actively punish sexually normal people).

American morality has become a running joke the world over. Where we used to be considered a truly righteous people, we are now seen as a bunch of fags to the masses of Eurasia and Africa. It’s totally contemptible, and it’s amazing how quickly this happened.

I could give a damn about being condemned by liberals for saying so; they are the ones who will have to defend themselves, just like Charlie Hebdo’s anally-fixated cartoonists.

Good luck with that!

Bill P #sexist unz.com

I’ll happily argue for it. I should have been educated in single sex classrooms. You know what it’s like to be a 17yo boy with a hot girl wearing a tank top and tight shorts sitting a few feet in front of you suggestively twirling her hair with her finger? Do you think that kind of environment is conducive to paying attention to what the teacher is saying?

Boys who actually have balls are poorly served in mixed-sex learning environments, and for more reasons than the very important one I referred to above.

Bill P #racist unz.com

Rand Paul isn’t that naive given his constituency. While he should really cool it with the “police oppress blacks” thing, because it isn’t true, he’s speaking to a lot of whites who are dealing with all of the downsides of police militarization with none of the benefits.

The fact is that democrats – including blacks – are the main beneficiaries of the police state, while it’s just another burden for working class and flyover whites. Sure, you need guys in bulletproof vests with ballistic shields and M-4 assault rifles busting into gangsters’ crackhouses to make urban neighborhoods livable, but you don’t need them breaking down doors and shooting the family dog in front of kids whose parents who grow a few pot plants in the garage. Also, you don’t need jumpy vets with PTSD gunning down mentally ill homeless people who aren’t coordinated enough to instantly obey police commands.

There’s a real disconnect here because white communities simply don’t need the same kind of policing as urban communities. I sympathize to some extent with whites who live in minority white areas like LA and NYC, but their stopgap policies just perpetuate the problem, and for most whites they are terribly oppressive. Yes, throwing tons of people in jail works. So does suiting up cops like special forces soldiers on a raid in Sadr City. But it’s a crappy society to live in, and it’s really a tax for the benefit of the Matt Yglesias crowd.

From what I understand, a lot of cops feel the same way, and would be happy to go back to the days when a whistle, a uniform and a shillelagh were enough for the job in the vast majority of cases.

pizza with hot pepper #racist unz.com

Just look at the state of UK today. You still have elites who are well-mannered, well-read, and well-spoken, but the main cultural interest now revolves around convulsion, especially in relation to the Negro. Andrew Sullivan the homo may find meaning in books and surely finds life easy with the modern conveniences(created by so many white scientists and inventors), but where does he find the greatest pleasure in life? By having some muscled big-donged Negro pump him in the ass. That pretty much sums up the essence of what the British elites stand for nowadays.

Today, Eskimos control much of the convenience industry–especially in high tech–and the conversion industry(academia, media, publishing, etc). Control of areas like Silicon valley and finance technology gives Eskimos tremendous amount of money. And with that money, they’ve bought up all the media and fund much of the academia. And they use their control over conversion-spheres to promote ‘white guilt’ as the main moral-spiritual ideology of the age.
And as Eskimos own much of sports, media, TV, music, and porn, they work in cahoots with Negroes to push the Negro dope or Negrope on white junkies who are totally addicted to orgasmic convulsions from sports, rap music, porn, and even watching one’s own wives be humped by Negroes.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

[About the firing of public radio figures for sexual harassment]

How much of this is this clearing out elderly deadwood because there are younger people raring to move up

About 50%. The other 50% is score-settling for younger women (not really so young — GenXers actually) who are pissed off that putting out didn’t actually pay off.

I think the lesbians are encouraging them in this big time, but ultimately I don’t think that this will lead to lesbian cultural totalitarianism. Instead, it will result in the women becoming exhausted and demanding that their male peers step up to the plate and take over so they can finally have some guys who are suitable marriage material in their lives instead of creepy old married baby boomer guys.

Our girls are subconsciously leveling things. Good for them.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

It’s so obvious to me that this is the real problem with social media, but a lot of people don’t get it. Did they forget what being young was like or what?

No screen can replace physical intimacy.

There are also the Obama era crazy sex rules, which come from the lesbian lobby. Then there’s obesity, the skewed sex ratio in colleges, and Asian girls who siphon off a lot of white guys’ sexual energy.

It’s no wonder lots of women are going crazy in college.

Commenters here are overanalyzing the issue, as usual. Nature, God – whatever you want to call it – has designed us as we are for a reason. One thing young women have been designed for, and quite well if I do say so myself, is sex. If they are denied the opportunity to fulfill their natural role it’s going to cause all sorts of problems.

And no, I don’t mean wanton, promiscuous sex, but rather good old fashioned knock-her-up because you can’t get enough of her sex.

If most girls that age were properly serviced on a regular basis I can guarantee that this neurotic trend would disappear tomorrow. Because I am not a misogynist, I hope this comes to pass. We’d all be happier if young women got the sex they need.

As for the lesbos, well, they’re not really that important in the grand scheme, are they? Maybe we should reevaluate their place in university administration, because they aren’t actually necessary, they probably do more harm than good, and most women don’t even like them.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

That Steve King tweet was “monstrous” trolling of people like John Podhoretz. It’s actually pretty funny, because few of his voters will know or care about Victor Orban, so including that quote was purely for the laughs.

Steve King must have a pretty safe seat, or maybe he just doesn’t care. Probably a bit of both. Being an Anglo-Celtic politician with a conservative Germanic constituency is about as good as it gets.

King is probably the awesomest politician in congress. He has proposed abolishing civil marriage, he defends cock-fighting (prima facie evidence of redneck ancestry), he personally despatched a rabid raccoon that was menacing his family and he routinely trolls wimpy republicans.

We need more young men with King’s attitude.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

“free from domestic violence” with a clip of a dismembered female mannequin.

Quite a naked appeal to the women’s vote there. Could Trump pull that off today without an ad highlighting Muslim mass sexual assaults?

Personally, I think gendered politics is passing from the scene. Racial politics is – relatively speaking – more important than it was in 1968, despite what people might think about our “progress.”

So many decry tribalism today, but it’s just about all people have left, and that’s why it’s coming back with a vengeance. We are not all 7 billion people living in harmony, because that’s impossible. It’s in defiance of God, if you’re a believer in religion, or human nature, if you’re honest about our species. Probably both I think. Better to hedge your bets about these matters.

Anatoly Karlin #fundie unz.com

Scott carefully steers away from the obvious (i.e. HBD) explanation – i.e. that something just prevents East Asians from climbing to the top, just like it’s an unlikely there were be non-West African descdended winners of sprinting events anytime soon. It’s more surprising that the Lord of HBD does likewise. ;)

The Japanese and South Korean teams are nothing to write home about either. The US, a country that at least until recently had the reputation of being unintered in football, and which excels in dozens of other major sports, still manages to have a better team than any of them. (Note that in football, population size pretty much ceases to have an effect once you go past 20mn or so: The Portuguese and Dutch teams have almost always been world class, and even 2mn strong Croatia traditionally makes a very strong, competent showing).

Football requires a combination of speed, disciplined teamwork, and artistry. Africans, Germanics, and Latins all consistently do well on it. East Asian teams tend to have the second factor down, the Japanese do at any rate, but the first and probably the third will always be a stumbling block for them.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

War Nerd goes on about how important the CNN war is here, citing videos that may discourage recruits. I’ve seen videos put out by YPG of women fighting in Kobani who can’t even handle a kalashnikov’s recoil. I’ve seen pictures of smiling ISIS jihadis holding the severed heads of young female YPG recruits.

In our backward world, are we somehow supposed to see the side that sends farm girls to die in urban combat to gain western sympathy as morally superior? When PPK operatives hide out in Turkish mountains while hapless girls die for them are we supposed to herald this as progress?

I don’t think the Croats and YPG are remotely comparable. There’s a reason the Peshmerga sent precious few fighters to Kobani. It would be a waste of resources, and the destruction of a YPG force is not exactly a calamity from their point of view. For the Turks, this is the best of all worlds. Let YPG discredit itself and the cause of Kurdish independence by sacrificing Kurds’ daughters on the front lines while the USAF destroys ISIS armor, neutralizing any future threat to the southern border.

As an American, I have to take the Turks’ side here. YPG’s cynical use of western feminism in this “CNN war,” which war nerd seems to think is a good idea, may not rise to the level of ISIS mass murder, but it’s bad enough that it would be for the best if both ISIS and YPG fought each other to exhaustion. Evidently, American officers feel the same way; if they know that some of the supplies they dropped ended up in ISIS hands they must surely be aware that some of the bombs they’ve dropped have hit YPG positions.

pizza with hot pepper #racist unz.com

Africa is huge and its population is exploding. Western Europe is tiny and its native population is shrinking. On top of that, blacks are bigger, stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent. Why would open borders between Europe and Africa be a good thing? Only an anti-white lunatic would endorse such a thing. But then, one has to be privileged to harbor such ‘ideals’. If indeed the elites of Europe had to live under South African conditions, how would they feel about open borders? But they got their nice homes and posh clubs and private schools for their kids. They have the white lifestyle for now but push ‘diversity’ because PC is the ‘respectable’ thing among the status-obsessed elites thanks to the Eskimos who control the academia, media, and governments.

PS. White folks have gone crazy. I recall what some Chinese guy said at my fav chop suep carryout joint. He was self-critical of Chinese. He say Chinese people stupid so long. Australia big empty land and for taking by anyone who find it. If Chinese build boat and go there, it all belong to Chinese now. It much closer to Asia than Europe, but English get it but Chinese no get it because Chinese too stupid and no like adventure. They just stay in China and eat rice.

I suppose that’s true. If Chinese had been just a little more adventurous, they could have claimed all of Australia long before the Brits even set forth on the high seas.
But I told him not to worry. White people are crazy in all parts of the world. English will hand over their nation to Africans and Pakistanis, American whites will hand over their nation to browns and blacks, and Aussies will hand over their nation to Chinese, Indians, and other Asians.
Whites are truly sick in the head. There’s no other explanation.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

And East Asian women are morphologically less distinct from men than Europeans. Also, it appears that they are cognitively more masculine than NW European women (check US math test scores by race — white males test significantly closer to Asian males than white females to Asian females).

Northern European gender equality is a myth supported by the great indulgence shown to Nordic women. Feminine weakness and foibles are tolerated in Scandinavia to a degree that would seem absurd to Asians or Africans. Scandinavian women’s participation at the highest levels is possible because of the extreme deference shown to women in these countries, which would be unthinkable in the rest of the world. I’d argue that this demonstrates higher levels of sexual dimorphism: if women were really treated “equally” then they would be marginalized as they are in most of the world.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

They’re freaking out because they are going to lose the argument soon, one way or another. There will be another Cold War, because America’s elites are going to start to see what happens when a patriotic country runs the table on them. All these billionaires are going to shortly find themselves tributaries to China, and they aren’t going to like it. American militarism will collapse under progressive assaults as transsexuals occupy privileged posts in the military and chase out all but their faithful allies, who don’t want to fight.

The fools who thought that selling out the American people would perpetually be good for their bottom line will find out otherwise. Corruption and moral decline have consequences.

When elite secular Anglos and Jews find themselves under the thumb of Chinese functionaries they will suddenly find themselves looking favorably upon American nationalism. It’s entirely predictable. Anti-white racism will be put on hiatus indefinitely. The only problem is that they may have already done so much damage to the country that they won’t be able to preserve their interests.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

She’s [Susan Wojcicki] a typical female authority figure: a tyrant. What does it matter whether the rationale is dressed up in maternal feelings? Maternal priorities have terminated some 60 million viable babies in the United States alone since 1973.

As for tipping my hat to that woman, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t take off my hat or drop my guard for a second around that type. You take your hat off in church in deference to your Lord Jesus Christ. At least that’s what I learned as a kid. Not some worldly woman with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jack D #racist unz.com

We used to have a large agricultural labor force in America for hundreds of years, even after the abolition of slavery – they were called Negroes. Then we put most of them on welfare. Not only did this pay better than farm labor, but they got out of the habit of doing menial labor. The women, especially, grew enormously obese due to generous food stamp benefits so they couldn’t do manual labor anymore even if they wanted to, which they don’t. If we hadn’t spoiled our Negroes they would still be out there working, if their other choice was starving. So first, thru generous welfare benefits, we created one problem (lack of agricultural workers) and then created another problem (millions of aliens who will never make good Americans) to fix the first problem. This is like giving yourself malaria to cure your syphilis. Most Mexicans are fine hard working people (at least the first generation before they learn how to be low class Americans with all the bad habits that implies) but they should be fine people in Mexico, not here.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

Part of our problem regarding human rights is that the Christian concept of the community has been debased.

I have become convinced that freedom of religion was, in its time, considered sufficient for ensuring communal freedom in the United States. To British settlers and early Americans, the church was the community. I don’t think anyone who knows American history can honestly argue against that point. However, in recent times this fact of American life, which was always taken for granted until only a few decades ago, has been largely eradicated.

Thus we are left only with individual rights, which are inconsequential to an organization with a monopoly on force, e.g. the ATF and FBI in 1993 during the Waco siege.

When Christians no longer have the right to form their own communities according to their own principles, they are rendered impotent and defenseless.

Freedom of religion is essential in that there is ultimately no rational basis for human rights or liberty. As was made clear in the founding documents of the United States, our rights are God-given, and not subject to repeal based on sophistry or the declamations of prophet killers or would-be deicides.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

Groups and teams are very different. In teams, each individual has a specific job, like parts in a machine. Groups are more like herds that form a sort of unified consciousness wherein individuality is subsumed.

Men do teams better, while women are more group oriented. In teams, individual IQ/talent is salient, because a team is only as strong as its weakest part. In groups, it doesn’t matter so much because the group’s strength is based on numbers.

If you think about it in a hunter gatherer context this is an important distinction. Say the men are going hunting, and they consist of a bowman with great eyesight and good aim, a young, agile runner to harry and flush out the game, a big, strong man to spear/finish off larger, more dangerous game, and leading the team a wise, older hunter with decades of experience who knows the animal behavior, territory and seasons better than anyone else.

In this scenario the team is greater than the sum of its parts, because alone none of the hunters could bag a large animal like a moose, and alone none could have access to a wide variety of game. Even the loss of one member would cripple the team, because each plays an important role. Combined into a game killing team/machine, they increase the amount of meat bagged per hunter and decrease the likelihood of a serious injury.

Meanwhile the women are foraging for roots and berries in a meadow. Young and old, short and tall, fast and slow, stupid and smart all together doing the same thing. The individual distinctions matter little. What is important is that everyone is on the same page, singing the same note. Often, they are in fact singing together as they work. If individuality disrupts this harmony, it must be suppressed. If one individual has to be cast out, it doesn’t matter much because the group’s effectiveness lies in unity and cohesion.

The group can gather more food because it suppresses individuality, which would only result in squabbling, hostility and disruption of workflow.

Hence we can envision the origins of human division of labor by sex, the roots of which are deeper in time than the emergence of our species.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

She didn’t cry out, make a scene or even tell her friends that night. The “he covered my mouth” part is the feeble lie – the fig leaf so to speak – that allows her and her supporters to claim that her allegation, if something resembling it actually happened, constitutes assault. But it is a transparent fabrication, because she says that she got out and said nothing.

Maybe, and more likely in my view, Kavanaugh rejected her advances, or never noticed her in the first place. Women can and often do concoct fantasies about the objects of their desire ravishing them, and they often sound a lot like this Kavanaugh story. A common theme is that the man uses force, but the force does not rise to the level used in actual rapes. For example, “he took me in his strong arms, and looked into my eyes with a passionate gaze; I felt my ability to resist slipping away as he removed my blouse, I would have cried out to preserve my honor, but he placed his hand over my mouth” instead of “he grabbed me by my throat and threatened to kill me if I made a sound, my eyes were wide open in terror, I tried to scream but he squeezed so hard I couldn’t make a sound and it felt like my eyes would pop out of my head, then after stunning me with a blow to the face, he displayed a knife and told me to shut up and take my clothes off or he’d gut me like a fish.”

John Derbyshire #racist unz.com

The first thing to be said about this is that of course Harvard does discriminate against Asian-Americans. Ron Unz crunched the numbers j ust five years ago over at The American Conservative in a brilliant piece titled “The Myth of American Meritocracy” [November 28, 2012] You can also find the essay in Ron’s book of that title.

The centerpiece of Ron’s essay: a killer graph comparing the steady rise from 1990 to 2011 of the Asian-American college-age population with the dead-flat proportions of Asian-American admittances to Ivy League schools, held down firmly in a tight band between thirteen and eighteen percent.

Of course they are discriminating. Who doesn’t know it?

Needless to say, I’m going to take a much darker view. East Asians have higher mean IQ than whites, and of course far higher than mestizos and blacks. They especially excel at disciplines needing visuo-spatial skills. IQ aside, it seems likely they also have higher proportions of the personality characteristics that suit a person to high intellectual endeavor.

If Harvard and other high-prestige universities practice color-blind admissions, therefore, Asian-Americans will be way over-represented, and way-way over-represented in fields like math and computer science.

Think of the kind of resentment, anger, and bitterness that blacks feel when they see other races succeeding more than they do. Wouldn’t color-blind admissions just add a new layer of resentment in American society—with whites (known as “Americans” until the 1965 Immigration Act) watching Asians flood into the Ivies, displacing them?

Immigration patriots in the early 20th century strove to keep out East Asian immigrants, not because they “hated” them, as the infantile language of our current discourse would tell you, or because they thought them an inferior race, but because they feared mass immigration of East Asians would produce an overclass, generating discontent and resentment among legacy Americans.

I’m sure she would respond with a stream of race-denialist blather. “There are no innate differences between the races,” she’d protest. “That’s a horrible thing to suggest! We just need the right social policies. Fix the schools! Save the black family! …”

We’ve heard it all a thousand times. Race denialism is state dogma in the 21st-century West. No one with a gig writing op-eds for the New York Post is going to turn race-realist.

Unfortunately, race-realism is true and race-denialism is a lie. That being the case, we have to choose between two evils: unfairness in college admissions, or higher levels of social discord.

To date we have chosen Door Number One. Are we quite sure that wasn’t the better choice—the lesser of two evils?

If you go to a doctor with a bacterial infection—an infected blister perhaps—he can give you an antibiotic, and you’ll be cured. If you go to him with a broken leg, he’ll get it set for you, and soon you’ll be playing tennis again. Doctors can fix things and cure things.

If, however, you go to the doctor with arthritis, or diabetes, or a leukemia like the one I have, he can’t fix it, he can’t cure it. What he can do is manage it: set you up so that the pain and inconvenience are the least possible. We can’t cure those conditions, but we can manage them, minimizing the trouble they cause us.

America’s race problem is like that. There’s no cure, although the race denialists breezily assure us there is. We can’t fix the schools to produce equal racial outcomes. God knows, we’ve been trying for decades, with essentially zero results. W e can’t make whites as smart as East Asians; Mother Nature’s standing in the way.

What we can do—what we do do—is manage the situation, to keep social discord at a minimum. Race quotas in college admissions is one aspect of that management. It works pretty well.

There: I just said it again. We’ve foolishly, heedlessly made a mess for ourselves with these decades of mass immigration.

Now there are two things we have to do:

One: We have to manage the mess as best we can.

Two: We have to stop making it worse.

Anon #fundie unz.com

As for Asians, I’d be interested to see if their lack of boredom means they have entire populations that are farther out on the Asperger’s scale than Westerners. They seem to have less empathy for other people than Westerners, and can be mind-bogglingly brutal to each other in a way that’s very aspy. They also can be utterly focused on boring stuff–especially if it’s visual-spacial work–in a manner that’s not Western. That’s also an aspy trait. Some people call Aspergers’ the disorder of ‘too much male brain,’ and it makes sense in the case of Asians.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

I sometimes wonder whether anti-fascism isn’t driven by some sexual pressure, i.e. the tikkun olam fags are really upset that they aren’t getting a piece of the action, so they agitate as though their balls are on fire.

Healthy women seem to have a thing for militant guys, and that must be extremely frustrating for the Dilberts out there, so they come up with all sorts of reasons why these guys should be condemned eternally for their damned sexiness.

I mean, shouldn’t academic weenies have a shot at these hot specimens from northern Europe instead of being stuck in sterile institutions with clumsy female nerds who have the sex appeal of lab monkeys?

This is why Morris Dees is such a hero to these types. Through shameless self-promotion and deceptive advertising the man achieved alpha male status despite taking on a cause associated with the dregs of manhood. Really, a man to look up to, and one whose achievements every weaselly liar should strive to emulate.

Oh, America, how proud I am of what you have wrought: the Clintonian scumbag with a girl under the table on her knees, selling out his own folk. A truly glorious specimen of homo nematodensis.

Bill P #racist unz.com

Not true, Enrique. White males were the first group to see slower job growth and lower labor force participation in the early 1980s, right at the beginning of the shift away from an egalitarian society. This is because affirmative action started to be implemented in a meaningful way right at that time.

Pushing women into the workplace was also a result of affirmative action, and that had a negative effect on marital stability for non-elite whites. Affirmative action has been a net negative for whites, and liberals often gloat over our reduced status, saying things like “white men are enraged because they are no longer ‘privileged’” (as though the white working class ever was).

Affirmative action has had real, negative effects on non-elite white males, and that was by design. You may deny this, but it is universally unpopular with these non-elite whites. Is this because they are all stupid, ignorant, inbred rednecks as the anti-racist left would have us believe? Are they suffering from mass delusion? Were they fooled by aliens? Or the Republicans (who simply exploited white resentment of Democrats who sold them out)? No, they aren’t really that stupid. They know that affirmative action is against their interests.

Sure, elite whites supported it from the beginning. Republicans wanted women in the workforce during the Eisenhower administration. Democrats fought that hard for a while, and women mainly voted Republican until the 1970s (today’s gender gap is a reversal from those times). Saturating the labor market has always been capitalists’ goal, and women and minorities were seen as convenient tools for that.

Sure, it sucks for minorities that white men opposed immigration and didn’t want their jobs opened to others circa 1960, but they were looking after their and their families’ interests, and they comprised about 90% of the population. Maybe you think that’s evil. I think it’s pragmatic, just as Cesar Chavez thought it was pragmatic to keep immigrants from taking farm workers’ jobs in California back in the day.

And frankly speaking, blacks as a group are incapable of creating the kind of society that can support the industry and lifestyle whites built in the US, and that was and continues to be a widely known (although seldom admitted) fact. Contemporary Detroit is a sad testament to this inadequacy. So white workers felt that they deserved to share in the wealth created by a white society without the threat of replacement by cheaper labor, and rightly so. Is it fair that blacks should benefit from the society that made white industry possible while the whites who formed its bedrock are cast aside and forced to pay the bills for the problems created by black failure to conform to it? Maybe you think so, but for the white working class it was an enormous betrayal, yet a triumph for thieving elites. Remember: white industry was stifled in the slave society of the American South, and that’s what motivated most people to vote for Abe Lincoln — not Harriet Beecher Stowe and her quaint little fantasy.

As long as the white majority was steadily accumulating wealth this situation could be tolerated, but all that has changed, so white priorities will change as well. It’s as sure as the sun setting in the west. Maybe there’s nothing we can do about it, and we’re destined to live a lifestyle approximating that in Jalisco or – heaven forbid – Port au Prince, but that isn’t what we want, and we have every right to try to prevent it.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

Witchcraft was popular during the Reagan presidency as well. I was privy to it at the time because I was a young boy and the women engaged in it, including a former nun who taught me in fourth grade, deemed me and my friends inconsequential. The “witches” used to have seances at my friend’s divorced single mother’s house.

I think it’s just a normal part of female spirituality. It’s institutionalized in Korea, and probably Mexico, too.

If men have their own, countervailing organizations, things are balanced out. The problem here is that we don’t, and a lot of contemporary Anglo men stubbornly ignore the fact that this is a problem.

As much as I respect and admire certain women, such as Ann Coulter and Mollie Hemingway, we men have to have our own woman-free institutions not only for rational discourse, but peace of mind as well.

Bill P #racist unz.com

Obviously it’s easy for the nonwhites, because they clearly like moving to white countries, neighborhoods, school districts, etc.

I don’t see much evidence of the reverse happening except in tiny numbers (there are more Chinese in my hometown of Seattle than there are white Americans in all of China). And despite the tiny numbers of whites in China, a very vocal contingent of Chinese still throws fits about it.

So no, I don’t think I learned what it’s like to be a nonwhite in white society during my stay in China, because it’s obviously far more comfortable than being white over there. This is why I’m certain that most long-term expats must really like and appreciate China. You’d have to to put up with it for that long, or else you’d have to be getting paid a whole lot of money for living there.

As for the Sinicization issue, I live near Vancouver BC now, and it has definitely Sinicized. So have parts of California. It is not a welcome development to most Anglos when they find their children priced out of their cities and shoved out of the universities they built.

Colleen Pater #sexist unz.com

“strengths of order, thoroughness, detail-orientation,”- Seriously?!!
have you ever tried to explain something complex to a female? dude they’re idiots, even with 145 IQs they are functional morons. TALK TALK TALK is all they are good at

Bill P #sexist unz.com

There’s no real comparison here. Chinese imperial tests were usually heavily biased culturally to an extent the old SAT never was. There was also affirmative action dating from at least the Yuan dynasty, and not long after that neoconfucianism held a stranglehold on Chinese higher education. In fact, for much of the history of the imperial exams the reality was more like what we have today in the US, where people passed based on their ideological orthodoxy.

I’d bet that Chinese rebels had a far more legitimate grievance than your typical contemporary American gynobot academic placeholder. And anyway, who would care if these upper middle class womyn raised a ruckus? It wouldn’t be the Taiping Rebellion or anything close to it.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

I just want my daughter to marry a healthy guy with a good work ethic and a kind heart. Preferably good looking and athletic, too. I’m not so sure she’d find that at MIT or Caltech. Or the Ivies, for that matter. I want vigorous, bouncing grandkids someday, but I shudder at the thought of what she might bring back from those places.

No, I’d rather she spends time with earnest white jocks who like hunting, hiking and fishing in their spare time.

My sons, on the other hand, can go in for all the nerdy pursuits they want. In their case at least I can influence them in a manly direction.

Bill P #sexist unz.com

Lucky you. I have attraction to adventurous, mercurial types. I have paid dearly for that, but it’s been quite a ride.

I wish I preferred level-headed nice girls, but they bore me, and I don’t treat them as well as I ought to.

But ultimately I think good fatherhood, i.e. benevolent patriarchy, is more important to children’s development than whether or not their mothers are supermoms, which most women are not.

By working to destroy patriarchy, feminists have done more harm to children than anyone else in our society (both meanings of that sentence are true). If people don’t believe me when I say that, I tell them to look up the sexual assault stats for daughters of single moms vs. daughters who live with their bio dads. The figures are very instructive. People who know them should be outraged by feminists and the judges who indulge them.

There are of course scores of other measures that prove my point, but the above may be the most salient to women who might otherwise agree with witches like the lesbian who wrote the WaPo screed (and who actually have a conscience).

Jus Sayin #fundie unz.com

I saw the movie last night. It was idiotic and annoying but the visuals are gorgeous. The local movie critic loved it, of course, because overtly it’s completely anti-white and pro-underclass; an extended, Marxist “five-minute hate. It’s hard to capture the blunt crudity of the movie on these issues.

Far more interesting to me were the multiple levels on which the movie plays out: A jaded, disingenuous synopsis of the first level might be: Crazed global-warming fanatics create a permanent ice age that desolates the planet. A brilliant, white, European, scientist-entrepeneur devises an advanced technology to save a small remnant of humanity. He is charitable enough to save some prole scum and non-Europeans, even though they contribute almost nothing to this survival system. This salvaged lumpen-proletariat eventually revolts against their limited share in the rewards provided to more productive persons. The result is a bloody apocylapse that destroys all humanity except two lumpen proles who will soon be eaten by a polar bear because they have zero Darwinian fitness.

The second level plays out as a mindless, racist scream of hatred against the white race, engineers, entrepeneurs, and ecenomically productive persons in general. The script writers’ and director’s intent seems to be to diminish the humanity of all these persons compared to the underclass in economically developed countries and non-whites everywhere. As an example, the brutal massacre by axe, knife, and club of a classroom of young white children and their pregnant, young school teacher is played for laughs (even more effectively than the machine gunning of a fat woman during the “five-minute hate” in Orwell’s 1984).

On the third level, although it appears unintentional in this case, something happens reminiscent of what Steve Sailer has noticed in another recent movie, Elysium. The white-baiting message that seems to be the primary intent of the movie’s makers is overwhelmed by the overt message of the first level (see paragraph two above) and the grotesque nastiness of the second level, e.g., the school room massacre.

I saw this movie at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Massachusetts. The audience was composed of the usual, mostly white and Asian, ultra-progressive crowd of local college students, aging hippies, and new class progressives that tends to frequent this theater, salted with a large dose of sci-fi lovers. The audience reaction was very subdued and most left the theater with rather thoughtful miens. My distinct impression was that recent events on our border, instigated by our current third-world leadership, may have made this particular crowd aware that white self-hatred is not a good long-term strategy for preserving one’s current standard of living, freedom, and survivability.

Bill P #fundie unz.com

"I don’t know what “feminism” as a “thought system” is, beyond the push for legal equality."

Feminism is collective bargaining in the sexual marketplace using women’s sexual power as leverage. It has nothing at all to do with “equality.” Feminists themselves are pretty explicit about this. Like organized labor, it’s already run into diminishing returns and is starting to lose ground as class and ethnic interests coalesce in our brave new multicultural country.

Bill P #racist unz.com

These elite republican pundits need to spend more time with proles. They seem to think that being supplicating will increase the share of the minority vote.

This is exactly backward. Republicans who are unapologetic, tough and practical – while also fair – will get more respect from all but the elite minorities. For example, cracking down on illegal immigration will be more popular with Hispanic voters than open borders. Why people can’t understand that a Texan roofer named Jorge might not be happy about a couple million Central Americans suddenly showing up just confounds me. And as for black voters, you aren’t going to outdemocrat the democrats, so appeal to the types who have their lives together and dislike the BLM punks. They need a reason to vote Republican, and if you just imitate the democrats with racial platitudes there is no reason.

Pandering will get Republicans nowhere. It will have diminishing returns for democrats as well. Now that minorities have more of their own candidates to choose from, why vote for some supplicating white sad sack?

The way forward for Republicans is to be unapologetic Americans. That includes being unapologetic about race, culture, religion, etc. You don’t gain admirers by grovelling. Especially not among your typical working class minorities.

Now the elite minorities are another story. They have assimilated to white elite norms of contempt for non-elite white Americans. Most of them are fully onboard with the new Morgenthau Plan for non-progressive white America. It’s a shame but it is what it is, and there’s probably not much that can be done about it besides clamping down on immigration from Asia and letting the Sarah Jeong’s of this world have it with both barrels.

And speaking of her, that fine lady is now Ross Douthat’ s esteemed colleague. Mr. Douthat, always ready to condemn any hint of something inoffensive and normal such as white solidarity, hasn’t made a peep about Jeong’s racial trash-talking. Her employment at the Times is only going to make him look more like a hypocrite than he already does. I mean, you could make excuses for Charles Blow, but not an ungrateful little snake like her. So every time he gets on his high horse about racism, people are going to know he works for a paper that endorses racial hatred of whites.

That can’t be a very comfortable position to be in for Ross.

Myra Esoteric #fundie unz.com

I’m a first / 1.5 generation Chinese immigrant in favor of affirmative action for URMs and feel that this was a good post, Razib. When I was younger, of course we were against AA and felt it was unfair. Especially since, where I grew up, Asians were on average poorer than African Americans and we got our butts kicked regularly by URMs.

This isn’t because I think it would be a good idea for the schools. I believe in expanding the pie, not shrinking it. Moreover, I think that sending our kids to state schools as opposed to the ‘Harvard or bust’ mentality can help boost the average of those state schools.

This is also for social stability, because developing a middleman minority group is an awful idea (c.f. Amy Chua’s book World on Fire). I was always told to remember the anti-Chinese pogroms throughout Southeast Asia.

I don’t know if Asian underrepresentation in the Ivy Leagues and upper echelons of society is really due to ‘character’ and leadership skills, but whether or not the general public sees itself reflected in the Asian leaders.

Anthropologically, tribes look for leaders that are culturally similar to them. Note the uproar over Obama’s election not just among whites, but also among blacks who did not view him as authentically African American because he is of recent immigrant descent.

Although the yellow / brown peril stereotype is there, there is no ‘firm’ color bar as long as the underlying culture is strong enough. Mixed race celebrities Chrissy Teigen, Nicki Minaj (who is Indo-Trinidadian) and Keanu Reeves are accepted as ‘local’ and neither of them look pure African or European.

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