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Paganism looks funny from the perspective of the post-Christian, who has the benefit of more than a thousand years of Christian civilization. It's not quite so funny if you happen to be sufficiently well-educated about historical paganism; there is a reason why "the Dark Ages" historically refers to the time before the coming of Jesus Christ, The Light of the World.

(The so-called "Enlightenment", like all Satanic inspirations, is nothing more than a cheap and perverted knock-off of the original concept.)

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We hear a lot about Uganda's and Russia's new laws. We don't hear quite as much about the fact that Uganda is the 38th African nation to criminalize what the Bible describes as "abomination". While the actions of a single judge are supposed to be indicative of progress, the democratic actions of entire nations are being ignored.

In the end, it is pretty simple. Reversion to the historical mean is the logical bet. And the USA is far from the first empire in decline to give itself up to sexual chaos.

A San Francisco homosexual comments on the matter: "You'll forgive me if I dont' feel any heartbreak for your kind finally being run out of town."

You have two choices, Americans. Either criminalize their behavior and force them back into the closet or be run out of town yourself. There is no middle ground. Other nations have reached this conclusion; I expect it is only a matter of time before Americans do too. We tried toleration. Despite our honest efforts, it has failed, and failed abysmally.

Conspiraception Award

My conspiracy theory is a conspiracy!

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It's amusing to observe the ongoing failure of the equality principle in every aspect and on every side.

So, the van pulled into an Autohof in Germany and we parked a little distance from the cafe/coffee shop/restaurant/news-stand/playground. We needed to stretch our legs, since we’d been on the road for several hours and would be driving for a few more. As we strolled to the Hof, the driver pointed to the parking slots right in front of the doors and shook his head. There were the usual handicapped places, and then two, pink, “Women Only” slots.

Not pregnant women, not elderly women, not women with small children, just women.

Oh come on! You have to be kidding me. What became of Grrrrrrrrl Power!? What became of “I am woman, hear me roar”? Women are so delicate that we need parking slots even closer than the designated handicapped places?

What became of them? They were nonsense from the start. The sooner everyone finally gets around to admitting that there is no such thing as sexual equality, there never was, and there never will be, the sooner society can be restructured on rational and sustainable grounds.

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[From "Freedom of religion"]

If you don't understand why Christianity is totally incompatible with "freedom of religion", you may wish to remind yourself that the United States is presently ruled by foreign invaders who worship Satan and whose religion involves the kidnapping, rape, and sexual abuse of children as well as the occasional sacrifice of people of various ages

Do you really believe that they possess an unalienable, God-given right to do engage in the practice of their religion without any limitations on their actions imposed by the state? Remember, Constitutional rights cannot be limited by law, even if this concept is more honored in the breach than respected by the government

If not, then you should be capable of understanding that there is no right to "freedom of religion" any more than there is a right to "freedom of speech", and that such "freedoms" are falsehoods, invented by men who hated Christendom and sought to bring it down

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Mailvox: does he know any women?

I'm beginning to think that Cedarford has never actually spoken to a real live woman:

And my point is that it is good if they do, because middle America, particularly women, are profoundly disturbed by the police state and restrictions on rights they promise....

This, right here, is evidence that otherwise intelligent people can say incredibly stupid things in defense of their most-cherished positions. It may be one of the silliest things I've ever seen anyone write here.

There is no evidence whatsoever that women are profoundly disturbed by a police state, to the contrary, they demand it on a regular basis! Women are delighted when smoking is banned, they weep tears of joy when repressive gun control is enacted and they are happy to be strip-searched at the airport and halted at mandatory late-night traffic stops. The reason is that most women are afraid of liberty and prefer Recht und Ordnung in the name of security; the popularity of the Nazis with women, the suffragettes' embrace of Fascism and the fact that there are no Founding Mothers are not random accidents of history.

The only reason the right-to-life movement hasn't managed to win over women the way MADD and DARE have is because many women are more afraid of having a baby than of the physical repercussions of having an abortion. They couldn't be less concerned about Cedarford's "anti-abortion police state", and if one were to make women as fearful of abortion as they are of crime, drunk drivers, drugs and terrorism, they'd embrace that police state with open arms.

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WHITE females in their childbearing prime ought to be shamed, nay coerced, into abandoning their own hopes, dreams, and aspirations and procreating with a God-fearing man! I humbly argue that social pressure has generally NOT produced the desired results; only legislation modeled after “Mother Russia” and "Muzzie Iran" will induce WHITE women to birth and raise children. Socialist medicine to cure those baby blues--direct cash payments to females for every child popped out like popcorn and accommodating work schedules to account for those udderly ridiculous late night feeding frenzies!

Even if young men and women are ill-prepared intellectually or financially to care for them (freedom be damned!), and despite the wolf of Cultural Marxism that breathes down the neck of innocent Robby or Libby, every single member of the Christian libertarian intelligentsia or Greek Orthodox Brigade is obligated to hit the lecture circuit and step onto the soapbox, with bullhorn in tow, to proudly advertise to the Roissy’s and feminazi’s of the world that their outright refusal to settle down and raise WHITE children is a recipe for demographic homicide.

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What is vile? Supporting genocide? Well, either one acknowledges that there is an ongoing racial struggle or there isn't. Fighting the other side means committing genocide. You can lower their fertility rate, or you can abort them, or you can kill them as children, or you can kill them as adults. There aren't any other choices. Not to support genocide is to renounce taking offensive measures in the race war. How can a people that renounces going on the offensive ever win? There are billions of Africans. It is an existential necessity that we reduce that number.

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In one case reported by villagers, a mother who had fallen under the cult leader's spell led her 14-year-old daughter to his hideout, offered her to him as a virgin then stabbed her to death.

Now do you see why evil men might like the idea of women's suffrage? If you can talk a woman into sacrificing her virgin daughter, I imagine you can talk her into pretty much anything you might want.

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The whole article is pretty good, as Matt goes on to explain how the public school system is working precisely as designed. The fact is that if you believe in public education, you are every bit as much a Nazi as someone who believes Jews should be oven-baked and every bit as much a Communist as someone who believes in the abolition of private property. Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx were both absolutely avid advocates of public education, in fact, "Free education for all children in government schools" is the tenth plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Public school is systematic child abuse. It is that simple. Don't ever be defensive about home schooling. When someone asks you why you homeschool, just tell them "public school is child abuse" and give them the opportunity to explain how and why that statement is incorrect. They will not be able to do so.

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It's not too intimidating, it's simply too difficult because they're not intelligent enough, on average, to grasp the required concepts. After 50 years of constant dumbing-down to no avail, at what point are the universities going to finally recognize the obvious fact that orcs cannot, in general, be educated? They just can't. The evidence is overwhelming. It is not even remotely deniable any longer, not even by the most generously inclined.

Sure, there are exceptional individuals from low-IQ minority groups. That doesn't mean that MIT and Caltech should change their academic programs to accommodate the average individual simply because there are the occasional +4SD and +5SD individuals capable of handling them.

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Some of my dimmer critics have attempted to make a meal out of my factual statement: a man cannot rape his wife. But that is not only a fact, it is the explicit law in the greater part of the world, just as it is part of the English Common Law.


The fact that some of the lawless governments in the decadent, demographically dying West presently call some forms of sex between a husband and wife "rape" does not transform marital sex into rape any more than a law that declared all vaginal intercourse to be rape would make it so. Reality is not defined by politics; we cannot settle the question of evolution by natural selection by simply passing a law that declares God created the world and everything in it last Tuesday.

Anyone with a basic grasp of logic who thinks about the subject of "marital rape" for more than ten seconds will quickly realize that marriage grants consent on an ongoing basis. This has to be the case, otherwise every time one partner wakes the other up in an intimate manner or has sex with an inebriated spouse, rape has been committed. And for those who wish to argue that consent can be withdrawn, there is a word for withdrawing consent in a marriage. That word is "divorce".

The concept of marital rape is not merely an oxymoron, it is an attack on the institution of marriage, on the concept of objective law, and indeed, on the core foundation of human civilization itself.

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This should make it clear to everyone who is not a sexual deviant that the position of the English Common Law was correct, and that all of the various deviancies that have been legalized and normalized and declared no longer indicative of psychological sickness since the 1950s should promptly be returned to their former status.

There is no middle ground. What devotees of one particular immorality or another believe is a reasonable stopping point - here, and no further - is nothing more than a waystation on the road to total depravity of the worst imaginable sort.

We libertarians were wrong. Societal liberty simply cannot be maximized through sexual anarchy any more than it can be maximized though unrestricted immigration, unrestricted government, or unrestricted voting. In retrospect, this should always have been obvious: if everything goes, then literally everything will go. This is no longer a hypothetical objection on the part of traditional conservatives, it is an undeniable reality. It is human nature to push at the boundaries; there will always be those who cross the line. Therefore, the line needs to be set firmly along boundaries that are undeniably eucivic and proven by centuries of tradition to be sustainable in the long term.

There will be those who disingenuously insist that the clock cannot be turned back, that humanity is doomed to an endless future of sodomy, incest, rape, necrophilia, and bestiality. This is provably false; the current period of sexual anarchy in the West is hardly the first in human history and it is very short by historical standards. And this particular clock most certainly will be turned back, one way or another, because everything from birth rates to the transmission rates of sexually transmitted diseases indicate that the current state of near-sexual anarchy has already reached the point of unsustainability.

Technology can never trump Creator-imposed morality any more than science can surmount the physical laws of Nature. It may appear to do so, for a short time, but that is nothing more than an illusion based on incomplete understanding.

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[Vox responds to this feminist cartoon.]

First of all, Kate being terrified of rape when she goes to get milk is her problem. Some women are terrified of bats, others are afraid of heights, and those fears are no more your problem or my problem than Kate's terror of rape on the milk run. It is very, very easy for Kate to significantly reduce her chances of being raped, as getting a concealed carry permit and avoiding the company of black and Hispanic men will virtually eliminate the possibility that she will be forcibly raped. Even without taking any such defensive measures, the national rate of forcible rape is only 24.7 per 100,000 population, one-third lower than it was in 1990. This means that in a population of 308 million, Kate's chances of being raped in any given year are less than one in 12,000 and declining. This cannot be reasonably described as a "rape culture".

If Kate genuinely lives in constant terror of a one in 12,000 risk, she is delusional and may be clinically paranoid. And this doesn't even begin to take into account that unless a woman is raped at home by someone breaking into her residence, it is very difficult for a woman to get raped without her not only contributing to the situation, but contributing significantly to it. And yes, in such situations, that does make the victim at least partially culpable from a legal perspective. If you don't understand that, try looking at it this way. If insurance companies sold rape insurance, are there any behaviors that would conceivably increase or decrease the premium?

Furthermore, Kate is quite obviously crazy. If she had said "it gets really fucking exhausting trying to believe in a future where I'm not treated like a crazy person for believing in rainbow-tailed unicorns", everyone would quite correctly conclude that she is a lunatic. But there is no more evidence for equality than there is for rainbow-tailed unicorns. Human equality simply doesn't exist and it has never existed. As I have pointed out before, both logic and genetic science demonstrate that human beings are not even all equally human. Her lunacy is further evidenced by her bizarre attempt to justify her broaching the topic with the non-rapist by an appeal to her own exhaustion. That does not follow. Moreover, it is apparent that Kate, by her own admission, doesn't actually believe in equality anyway.

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[Quoting Tom Kratman]

"Right now we're stuck in a self reinforcing cascade of civilizational decay. What is happening to the police and to civil-police relations is partly cause and partly symptom. It is unclear that there is anything we can do about that that we will do.

So as not to be seen as too negative, however, let me offer a somewhat holistic solution: Kill all the common law felons in custody. Round up and kill all the people ever convicted of a common law felony currently at large without clear and convincing evidence that they have amended their lives (job, wife, home, no further crimes of any kind). For us, that's probably in the range of 6 million people. And then we need to round up the progressives and kill them too. (Why do we call them "progressives," anyway? Their job isn't progess; it's decay.) And then use all the overmilitarized police and prison guards to round up and kill or deport illegals. Then put them on the border to our south, and on small patrol craft at sea. They'll be happier, and so will the rest of us.

That's all pretty harsh, right? Unjust? Horrid? Horrible? Unthinkable? Yeah, well, the collapse of civilization, which is where we're heading, is going to be a lot worse, and to much more innocent people. Think little kids turning on spits over low coals."

The most shocking thing about Tom's proposed solution is that he didn't mention crucifixion. Apparently he's going soft these days. It may be a ghastly neo-Roman solution, but unfortunately, any student of history knows the man is probably correct in both his diagnosis and his ultimate prescription. We've already seen open beheadings on the streets of London. What more needs to be witnessed before the barbarians are rooted out, root and branch? Children roasting on spits in the streets? Gang rapes in the city center shopping malls? Or is the fear of being accused of racism and insufficient political correctness genuinely worth the collapse of civilized society in the eyes of the great majority of the population?

I don't think so. I think most Americans are some combination of genuine ignorance, willful ignorance, frightened paralysis, and wishful thinking. Both the government agencies and the observant citizenry find themselves in the position of two opponents standing in a spreading pool of gasoline, both armed with flamethrowers, but neither wishing to set himself alight. No one is eager for the civilizational conflagration, except for the short-sighted and the foolhardy.

Nevertheless, I would go so far to suggest that if you are not an extremist with regards to a) Jesus Christ and b) Western civilization, you are objectively part of the problem. If you are prone to temporizing on various elements such as sex, race, culture, sexual orientation, criminality, immigration, and the mass issuance of credit, then you are contributing to the collapse by providing intellectual cover to those who are actively, if often inadvertently, working to demolish Western civilization.

Read your history. Pagan societies are not very pleasant places in which to live. Science is not a magic self-sustaining enterprise. Technology is not a given and it does not grow naturally on trees. Culture is the result of a complex interweaving of nature and nurture, and it cannot survive when both are significantly altered. We are facing a situation where the societal supports have been methodically withdrawn, one after the other, and with each failure to immediately collapse, it is widely agreed by the elite and the unwashed alike that the support removed is thereby proven to have been unnecessary. This is not valid logic. What took centuries to build is taking decades to dismantle; the fact that the structure does not instantly collapse does not indicate that it remains sound.

Because the progressives were permitted to experiment with withdrawing various civilizational supports, the West will soon find its options constrained to a few scenarios, all of them ugly, if it is to survive in a recognizable form. And if you are prone to temporizing your defense of civilization now due to your fear that someone will criticize you, why do you think you will dare to lift a finger in its defense when the price of doing so will be considerably higher?

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[From "Where is the God-Emperor?"]

James Kirkpatrick wonders where the so-called leadership of the mainstream Right is in the struggle against the violent Left:

Saturday, however, was different. Antifa has been quite open about their desire to “shut down” the rally [Why The Bay Area Must Shut Down the Alt-Right Rally on April 15th, IndyBay, April 5, 2017]. So nationalists came prepared for violence, knowing the police would not protect them. And that’s precisely what happened—it just didn’t end the way antifa thought it would.

In short, Leftists started it, Rightists finished it.

What is really happening here: the American Right is finally learning to fight back, both ideologically and physically. They are breaking the taboos of the past. And powered by the freewheeling internet culture that spawned the new nationalism, the Trump supporters who rolled out to defend conservative speakers were dressed in colorful, often humorous costumes, as opposed to the grim, blackclad antifa, the staid enforcers of the status quo....

What’s truly incredible: even now, the American Right is still fighting with one hand behind its back, receiving no support from its supposed political leaders, including Donald Trump.

Though President Trump has gone out of his way to praise his non-white supporters, he has not once specifically praised the European-Americans who were at the core of his winning coalition. Even worse, he has not once defended his supporters who are being attacked on the streets and fighting in his name.

Trump may be President of the United States, but it is still very dangerous to wear a MAGA hat or Trump shirt in some cities.

Now, I'm not a leader of anything except the ELoE, but someone asked me, in my capacity as a known Alt-Right figure, if I would feel bad, or guilty, if blood were to be shed as a consequence of the Alt-Right's refusal to submit to the threat of violence from Black Bloc, antifa, and the post-American Left.

The answer, quite simply, is no. Not even a little bit. The course is set. The consequences are inevitable. The socionomic verdict is clear and the time of positive social mood, economic expansion, and peace is over. What we're seeing now are merely the first little steps towards the large-scale uncivil war that will be a significant part of the inevitable decline and collapse of the United States. Men have a responsibility to defend their families, their people, their nation, and their civilization, and I am very glad to see that there are still Americans, and Russians, and English, and nationalists of every civilized nation, who are willing to stand up and do so before it is too late.

The USA cannot be saved as a single entity because the American nation no longer controls the US state and has not done so for decades. Most of the European nation-states can still be saved, although the fate of a few, such as Sweden, may be in doubt. But that is because they are, despite being adulterated, still actual nations, whereas the USA is multiethnic empire held together by force, societal inertia, and deceit.

And now the lies are failing even as the centripetal societal forces gather momentum. Roosh sees four options:

There are four outcomes that can proceed from the juncture of which we stand. The first is a globalist resurgence at the polls thanks to demographic changes that push the vote far to the left, starting in 2024. If this happens, we will have a president that is more authoritarian than Hillary Clinton. The boot will come down on all facets of American life, especially speech, and we will essentially be living in an open-air prison.

The second outcome is a hot war where we win. The country will be ravaged and millions will die, but at least most of the deaths will be leftists.

The third option is a hot war where we lose because of foreign involvement. Not only are we much more likely to die in this engagement, but the globalist boot will come down with such a viciousness that those on the right who survive may hope that they had died in the war.

And the fourth option is the long divorce, one that we will easily win if the recommendations I made above are taken. Very few people die and life can proceed with high stability and prosperity for the majority of the country.

My expectation is a fifth one. I think uncivil war and partition coming on the heels of economic collapse is the most likely outcome. Warlords, corporate armies, and 4GW forces will arise. Some polities will be ethnically cleansed, others will be mixed, either by choice or by defeat. Remember, homogeneous societies tend to arise from larger heterogeneous forebears.

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Translation: the anti-White White-Yellow-Black-Brown alliance is breaking down because some of the anti-White policies are starting to negatively affect the Yellow population. And since the Yellow population is openly tribal, they're not about to follow the self-loathing White lead into disadvantaging their own children.

It's no great mystery. The USA has been importing tribal people since the Italians began arriving in large numbers. Now that the tribalists finally outnumber the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants in sufficient quantities to overcome the political inertia, US politics has devolved into the same sort of tribal power politics that is practiced in every other multi-tribal state. Whites aren't the majority anymore, they are just another tribe. The sooner they accept that and start playing by the new rules, the better off they will be. Blacks are completely hosed in this new political reality because Asians and Hispanics don't accept the White Guilt card and they tend to dislike Blacks far more than Whites ever have.

It's totally pointless to blather on about outmoded ideals and 18th century principles. There never was any "melting pot"; this is the new tribal reality that will launch the new dawn of nationalism.

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[During my decades of teaching biology at Harvard, I watched sadly as bright undergraduates turned away from the possibility of a scientific career, fearing that, without strong math skills, they would fail. This mistaken assumption has deprived science of an immeasurable amount of sorely needed talent. It has created a hemorrhage of brain power we need to stanch.]

One wonders if it is conceivable that the real reason Wilson wants less intelligent students studying biology is because that is the only way evolutionists will be able to continue indoctrinating undergraduates with the Neo-Darwinian theory in the future without it raising too many awkward questions in their minds.

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There are other factors, of course, particularly the dysgenic effects of female education. One has to wonder what the point of educating women is supposed to be when the next generation of women are going to be considerably less intelligent because so few of the highly intelligent, highly educated manage to replace themselves.

But the sheer magnitude of the movement of peoples is the more significant factor. This is why the infrastructure in the USA is never going to return to the state it was in previous decades. The society simply isn't intelligent enough on average to maintain it any longer.

Remember, that's not just seven points, that's seven points PER GENERATION. Idiocracy is not just a movie about the dystopian future, it's a satire on the dystopian present. Welcome to Costco....

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This open argument in favor of abanoning the Doctrine of Academic Freedom in favor of a Doctrine of Academic Justice is an excellent example of why women were not allowed into the universities in the first place. This is why they were not permitted to vote. We ignore the great minds of the past at our peril, and we have no right to complain about having to suffer the obvious consequences of entirely predictable actions:


Women are, and have always been, intrinsically fascist at heart. With a small minority of exceptions, they hate freedom and will always trade it for the promise of security, physical and emotional. The Fascists understood this. The medieval philosophers understood this. The Founding Fathers understood this. The West rejected the idea in favor of sexual equality and the myth of progress, and now the university has abandoned its centuries-old tradition of academic freedom.

Yes, there are exceptions. Yes, not all women are the same. Yes, there are brilliant and sensible women. But the salient point is that the price of female involvement is reliably too high across the board. How much more destruction can Western Civilization be expected to survive before women of sense are willing to admit that the price of female participation in matters of governance is too great? Do we really need to undergo the Great Collapse before the ancient truths can be accepted once more?

"The lesson, as always, is this: women ruin everything."
- Bill Simmons

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It's somehow fitting that the Destroyer should take the form of a nice Midwestern son of immigrants from Scandinavia. Gail Heriot hasn't quite figured out that Norman Borlaug is perhaps the quintessential example of the road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

HAPPY 104TH BIRTHDAY, NORMAN BORLAUG: If you don’t know who Norman Borlaug was, it’s high time you learned. His claim to fame: Saving over a billion people from starvation. Yes, that’s a “b” for “billion,” but even if it were an “m” for “million,” it would be a staggering achievement. When others are teaching their children and grandchildren to act like a ruthless killer (“Be like Che”), teach yours to “Be like Norman.” Make his memory eternal.

Oh, I think his legacy will be remembered, all right. Not even Mao and Pol Pot managed to lay the foundation for a bloodbath of the sort that will one day be known as having taken place on a Borlaugian scale. Let's just say I very much doubt the world will ever see 3 billion sub-Saharan Africans, let alone 4 billion.


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[In response to P.Z. Myers saying he won't back down from his pro-choice position simply because he's shown a sign with an aborted fetus, because he's already seen blood and entrails while experimenting on/dissecting animals.]

It's probably a good thing he is an atheist without any moral standards, otherwise he might demonstrate at least a modicum of conscience for the bloody acts in which he appears to take such pride. And if he happened to take any sexual gratification from them as well, who can say it is wrong from his perspective, given his total lack of any moral or ethical code. If he feels no revulsion at looking at the pictures of butchered babies, then he likely feels no revulsion and sees only meat when looking at pictures of dead Jews and murdered Ukrainians as well. The awful thing is not that the pictures do not frighten him; they do not frighten me either. The awful thing is that he does not find them revolting like any normal human being with even a minimal amount of empathy would.

This is the naked face of atheism, ladies and gentlemen. Look on it well and remember it, because it usually doesn't dare to show its disgusting and anti-human nature so openly.

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The schism has been declared. Very well. And likewise, Christians who actually follow the Word of God need to do the same.

If you have members that insist women preach or hold positions of ecclesial authority, you need to expel them from that church.
If you run a ministry that does not affirm women in ecclesiastical leadership and you have employees or volunteers who do, you need to expel them from that ministry.
If you run a publishing house that prints books by “non-complementarians,” you need to drop those authors.
If you speak at conferences, you need to speak against the affirmation of women as speakers, teachers, and leaders.

As for me, I stopped attending all churches that feature female preachers or teachers or pastors or priests years ago. Based on the declining numbers of equalitarian church congregations around the world, I'm far from the only one.

The Spirit to which Tony Jones is listening to is not the Holy Spirit. It is the sweetly whispering voice of the Prince of This World.


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It's long been observed that the uglier a woman is, the more likely she is to be a feminist. And it was always logical, too, that women who couldn't compete with other women in the traditional manner would seek to change the rules of the game. But now there is some scientific evidence supporting both the logic and the observation, and it could be very useful in helping counteract the feminist propaganda that inundates young women from the time they are girls, encouraging them to waste their youth and fertility in chasing careers rather than families.

The message is a simple and straighforward one: feminism is for female losers in the game of Life.

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I understand that three generations of Americans who have been raised to venerate the Civil Rights movement will find it hard, if not impossible, to grasp that history may ultimately prove to be firmly on the side of those they have always believed to be monsters of bigotry. But if what logic suggests is the most probable outcome indeed comes to pass, I suspect that forced segregation and non-violent ethnic cleansing will be the best case scenario in consequence of the damnable social engineering of the grand multicultural experiment that began in 1965.

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There can be only one... at most.

It is impossible to simultaneously understand the theory of evolution and to believe in blank-slate cognitive equality among human groups of different continental origins.

Both propositions—evolution and equality—cannot simultaneously be true. You have to pick one. Choose wisely, because you can’t have both.

Either evolution is a real and ongoing process that has rendered different groups with different mean aptitudes, or we’re all equal—and thus all measurable group disparities in things such as income and intelligence are due to unfairness, hatred, injustice, and flat-out stinking evil.

Yet against all logic and evidence and propelled purely by the smarmiest sort of saccharine emotionality that has ever been shit-sprayed out of human hearts, modern progressives insist that these two fundamentally contradictory belief systems are simultaneously true.
“What sort of person who claims to believe in evolution would deny its fundamental role in shaping human history?”

They insist that evolution is real and that only a dumb hillbilly would not believe in it. But they also insist that evolution had nothing to do with quantifiable disparities between groups in brain size and intelligence, and even if those dumb apelike hillbillies consistently score higher on intelligence tests than your average nonwhite hood rat, well, then, you’re dumb—and evil—for even noticing.

Now, I happen to be skeptical of one and outright reject both the existence and the possibility of the other. But that is an intellectually consistent position. Subscribing to both evolution and equality is intrinsically nonsensical.

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Between the reduced female capacity for fighting and the inevitable dissension and lack of unit cohesion that will result from putting women into front-line companies and commando units, I can only conclude that this is ultimately a positive development for long-term American freedom. Give it enough time and the military will go the way of the Fortune 500 companies, HR commissars will be assigned to each unit, and the combat rifle will be replaced with a lighter .22 caliber carbine that comes in fashionable teal, mauve, and eggshell.

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It still amazes me that no one in the South ever stopped and thought, you know, since Lincoln is about the only one hell-bent on this war, and nearly everyone else seems to accept the Constitutional concept of allowing the various sovereign states to express their self-determination and go their separate ways, how about we shoot him instead of tens of thousands of immigrant German farm boys being forced to fight against us? How is assassinating a single dictator somehow considered out of bounds when the alternative is butchering hundreds of thousands of innocents whose only crime was to get drafted into military service?

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Of course, if we're going to start bringing reality into swords and sorcery, we should probably also take into consideration the fact that even a large, well-trained woman couldn't last thirty seconds against the average warrior. The correct and realistic portrayal of an armor-era woman is either one who is dead and buried after her brief foray into warrior womanhood or at home, caring for the children that she started bearing in her teens.

Awkward and combat-inefficient breast plates are the least of the problem. What it is time to retire is the absurd and ahistorical "warrior woman".

The amusing thing is that throughout the comments, no one even stops to realize that the entire premise of women attempting to fight with swords is physically ridiculous. If you doubt me, just hand a sword to the closest woman the next time you're in a medieval museum.

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[You're a mean one, Mr. Day, you really are a Beale]

The reason the ideological Right has limited cultural power these days is because the Left, with (((David Brooks))) and his nation in the vanguard, have worked very hard for at least four generations at attempting to eradicate everything from the culture that betrays any sign of Christian influence or Western tradition.

And the reason that they are failing despite their near-complete control of the cultural high ground is because they have literally nothing to offer in its place. All they ever had to offer was reaction, negation, ugliness, filth, and snark. Sure, you can adulterate Christmas, and you can substitute Silver Bells, shopping, Santa, and Seasons Greetings for Silent Night, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Scrooge, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, but at the end of the day, either you come up with a substitute or your efforts will eventually prove futile.

What did they come up with in over a century of frantic effort? Festivus, the Hannukah Aardvark, and horrible movies that are bad even by Seth Rogen's standards. Hardly an attractive exchange for even the most godless pagan.

We not only can win this cultural war, we cannot lose it so long as we continue to create things that are good, beautiful, and true, and continue to refuse entrance to the infiltrating wormtongues who are always there with their helpful blandishments and seductive offers to sell your creative soul to Mammon.

So let them turn Elsa of the Crowleyesque anthem into a lesbian. Let them transform Superman into an SJW superhero fighting for global migration, one-world government, and AIPAC. Let them continue to preen and posture and sneer and snark in futility. It will avail them nothing. Like their Father the Devil, they cannot create, they can only corrupt. And that is why the greatness of Tolkien, of Howard, of Lovecraft, and of Wright will continue to be recognized over time despite the Left's best efforts to denigrate and diminish it.

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By my observation, Vox, the women who would appear to have the least to fear from possible rape are often the women who fret the most. No doubt this feminist is yet another example of this observation. Of course, what goes unmentioned in this rant is the fact that lesbians love to attend feminist functions and a good many of the so-called "feminists" are not femme at all but simply man-hating diesel dykes. They come to the feminist get togethers hoping to snare an unsuspecting bisexual or hetero slut. No mention is made of lesbian rape. It is only the men who do that. But I do appreciate you pointing out that girls who hang at the club and tease the Blacks and Hispanics are likely to get what they want most. The alcohol helps, but they lied....you still remember the indiscretion later....so there is that annoying regret and the dark realization that abortion is not actually free.

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Teach them the (scientific) principle that we can judge the usefulness and accuracy of a theory by the predictions it makes, and how reality either behaves in accordance with those predictions or not. IOW, by experimentation we discover whether the theory should be retained or not.

Then start collecting examples of failed predictions (Darwin's ideas about the fossil "record", and infinite series of tiny changes between generations joining one species to another, just isn't there, for example) and successful predictions (God said Babylon would never again be inhabited, for example) ...

The math is quite simple and unavoidable on this basis.

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There has long been an expectation in fundamentalist Christian circles that the various nations of Europe would unify due to the prophecy in Revelation. This was much pooh-poohed even as the Common Market took shape, since the various national politicians all publicly avowed that there was no intention of any political union.

Lo and behold, the European Union was formed.

There are other examples, of course. But Biblical prophecy has an observably better track record as a predictive model than either climate science or evolution by natural selection.

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[A gunman who shot dead eight people in an upmarket beauty salon in California is said to have gone on the rampage after losing a custody battle over his son. Scott Dekraai, who is the former husband of one of the stylists, is said to have shot a total of nine hairdressers and customers at Salon Meritage, a beauty salon just blocks from the Pacific Ocean in the upscale seaside resort of Seal Beach.

His ex-wife, Michelle, is also reportedly among those who were killed. The 42-year-old, who used to work in the military, had allegedly threatened violence after losing a court case against Michelle - who was using the name Huff - over the custody of their seven-year-old son, Dominic.]

The problem is twofold. First, the family court system is totally unjust. Second, there is simply no other recourse for the man who has been forcibly robbed of his children by the unholy alliance of ex-wife and family court. I have zero sympathy for any woman who would utilize the force of the law to deprive a man of his children, no matter how unhappy the marriage. In fact, one can quite reasonably argue that it is in the interest of women to demand a more equitable family court system; this should become more apparent when "winning" a child custody case amounts to a potential death lottery.

The ironic thing is that society tends to applaud a man who do anything and pay any price to get back his child. There are movies entirely based on this premise. So, why should it surprise anyone that increasing numbers of men are willing to resort to breaking the very law that took their children away from them? Throughout the West, the Muslims have shown the way: threaten sufficient violence in a credible manner and the law will be modified according to your will.

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I don't think this is correct. I don't think it's even possibly correct, in fact, I will assert that the notion is a simple category error. To claim that the observable, demonstrable, and provable contradiction between women’s rights and the rights upon which Western civilization were historically founded could even theoretically be described as misogynistic is tantamount to setting oneself against logic, against history, and against reality itself.

As the Castrate said, it is so or it is not so. If women's rights contradict the rights of natural law, or the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, then they contradict them. If I am correct, and they do, then it is a simple matter of fact and neither my feelings about women or Susan's feelings about Martians have anything whatsoever to do with the matter. The idea is not misogynistic for the same reason it is not romantic or anti-semitic or happy or purple. The term simply cannot apply, not even hypothetically.

But no one need take my word for this. I plan to methodically prove it, conclusively, in a series of forthcoming posts. As I mentioned on her blog, I’d even welcome Susan's contribution, if she would care to provide me with what she would consider to be the definitive “women’s rights”.

I would also welcome a comprehensive list of "women's rights" as they are distinguished from simple non-sexually based rights from anyone, male or female, who considers himself to be a feminist or even just a defender of "women's rights". I can, of course, simply resort to Wikipedia, but I would prefer to utilize the list provided by a self-professed champion of them.

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[Emphasis added to give you an idea what Vox considers wacky social justice nonsense]

This isn't Jon's fight. It certainly isn't the comics journalists' fight; they are on the other side. This is a fight for everyone, of the Left and of the Right, who doesn't want to be totally controlled by the social justice warriors. This is for everyone who wants to be able to write what he wants to write, to draw what he wants to draw, and to tell the stories that he wants to tell without facing immediate disemployment and permanent blackballing from the industry.

This is the GamerGate situation on steroids. It is as if all the game developers teamed up with the game journos against the gamers rather than quietly siding with the gamers.

Everyone to the left of me desperately wants to believe that a line will somehow be drawn between them and the evil crimethinkers of the extreme right. But Chuck Dixon, Will Caligan, and Jon Malin all demonstrate that the line will always and continuously move leftward until every individual and organization in the comics industry are forced to converge to the highest abstract standard of social and distributive justice in the utmost degree.

That is the goal. Since 1861, that has always been the goal.

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Still, the fact that the average black man poses more than four times the sexual assault risk to a white woman than the average white man is not something that is taught to young American women despite the fact that most women's studies programs spend a great deal of time discussing the sexual dangers posed by men. Then again, math is hard....

I note that vaccines are declared to be safe on statistical grounds that are far less sound than the statistical correlations reliably observed between race and criminal behavior in various societies. As usual, the merciless application of the facts across the board will tend to expose the attempt of the ideological left to conceal the truth through ignorance, deceit, and sophistry.

Science and statistics are gradually destroying the myth of equality, which is why we have now reached the point that many governments, including the US federal government, are being forced to resort to hiding statistics they once deemed necessary in order to continue justifying their false equalitarian dogma. But the truth is what it is, whether we like it or not, and deceit that flies in the face of observable reality is eventually going to be exposed.

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[When imported industrial goods are immediately thrown into the void]

I have already proved that free trade is totally incompatible with nationalism, national sovereignty, and the future survival of the nation due to the labor mobility required by it. Now I will prove that even complete autarky would, in the present circumstances, be of material benefit to the United States economy.

First, what passes for the macroeconomic facts, courtesy of the BEA:

Q4 2017 GDP was $19,386.2 billion.
Net exports were $2,420.7 billion
Net imports were $3,020.8 billion

Now, let us accept the free trade advocates' standard argumentum ad absurdum and suppose that Donald Trump actually does shut down all international trade going forward. Let us suppose that China, Japan, and the EU all retaliate with 100-percent tariffs and refuse to sell into the world's most profitable consumer market. What does this mean in statistical terms?

It means the US economy loses $2.4 trillion in exports and gains $3.0 trillion in imports. Remember, GDP is calculated by the following formula: C+I+G+(x-m). So, this much-feared trade war, at its theoretical worst, would result in the instantaneous growth of the US economy from $19,386.2 billion to $19,986.3 billion GDP.

That is three percent annual growth, which is faster economic growth than the USA has enjoyed since the 1990s. In other words, the very worst scenario that the free traders can envision actually guarantees a bigger and better economy growing faster than the USA has seen for more than 20 years. And given the fact that US manufacturing prices are more expensive, the actual GDP growth will probably be in excess of that.

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Rarely in my lifetime have I seen such a rancid diaper-load of rhetorical diarrhea as Justice Stevens presents in The New York Times. He piles falsehood upon falsehood, lie upon lie, in a futile attempt to build public support for a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment and the unalienable American rights it was written to protect.

And since he observably has no respect for those rights, the God-Emperor would do very well to order the old man locked up for high crimes and treason on the evidence of his career on the court.

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If people can be disemployed for refusing to believe that gender is self-determined or that one group of people murdered a specific number of a different group of people in the 20th century, then they can certainly be disemployed, or even deported, for refusing to believe that God exists and Jesus Christ is Lord.

The fraudulent nature of the Enlightenment has been revealed. Freedom of speech and expression was always just an excuse to try to dislodge Christianity from its dominant position in the West and thereby destroy Western Civilization.


Observe that, as usual, equality is the intellectual justification for evil. Equality is evil and Thomas Jefferson's flights of rhetorical fancy notwithstanding, all men are most certainly not created equal in any way, legal, material, or spiritual. Equality is the retarded version of "ye shall be as gods" and nothing good ever comes of it.

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When somebody says, well to answer that question you need to know about this process, that process and the other he's all up in their face about being evasive, or having "admitted" to not knowing something that is impossible to know.

Because unlike you, I understand why they are being evasive. Do you think I don't know that they don't have the information required to answer the question? What they are trying to do is avoid the obvious follow-on questions... because eventually, the lack of quantification makes it obvious that THEY HAVE NO PREDICTIVE MODELS. The theory is not only not scientific, it is entirely useless.

That's the dirty little secret of evolutionary science. It is pseudo-scientific onanism. You can be an excellent genetic scientist and believe that DNA was coded by aliens from Alpha Centauri. Think about it; on the basis of the timescales alone, evolution by natural selection is not only bound to be unscientific in the testable hypothesis test, but is quite manifestly useless in almost any scientific capacity.

That's why after 200 years, most evolution-related papers are still largely concerned with trying to prove that evolution is real. That is not the mark of a strong or useful hypothesis.

Could I be wrong? Sure. I'm a skeptic, not an absolute denier. But note that my predictions of increasing genetic complexity and less and less credible "epicycles" required to explain away that complexity are being born out.

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I describe feminism and equalitarianism as being unsustainable because they are ideologies that cannot be sustained for more than a short period of time once they become tangible policy measures. Once equalitarianism attains a certain amount of influence in a civilized society, that society is doomed, although the collapse is not necessarily instantaneous and the particular form it takes will vary. The speed with which the society collapses entirely depends upon the circumstances. It only took 15 years for Germany to go from democratic suffrage to totalitarian rule, whereas it took 72 years for process to run its course in the Soviet Union.

The average process appears to take about 50 years, which is the length of the time it took for the post-WWII European quasi-democracies to go from regaining their freedom from occupation to the loss of national sovereignty. In the USA, the process has taken considerably more time due to its size and founding traditions that are intrinsically hostile to the equalitarian ideals, so hostile that large-scale immigration from nations more amenable to them was necessary to overcome them.

In other words, I don't expect the genie to go back in the bottle, I anticipate the shattering of the bottle. I am pointing out the process as it happens, in the hopes that in the future, others will be able to learn from the consequences of our massive ideological mistakes.

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The notion that equal access to higher education was going to cause a flowering of female intellectual achievement was always false, because it observably didn't happen the first time around.

In other words, elite women were attending university in equal numbers to elite men, but more middle-class and working-class men going to college threw the balance out of whack. Middle-class women followed suit, and the consequent collapse in national demographics caused the replacement of 60 million aborted natives with 60 million alien immigrants.

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Short of poisoning the water supply or dropping a large quantity of nuclear weapons on the major cities, it would be hard to concoct a more efficient means of crippling a nation.

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The truth tends to reveal itself over time. Over the last ten years, I've observed that the intrinsically anti-freedom authoritarianism of feminism is increasingly out in the open. At this point, only those who aren't paying attention can still pretend to buy into the idea that feminism and women's rights are even remotely compatible with Western civilization or resemble anything that the Western intellectual tradition would consider legitimate rights.

That is the true heart of feminism. As I wrote when I pointed out that feminists are sub-civilized: "This is what the feminist's vaunted concept of equality means. This is what it has always meant: the legal protection of a woman from all and any consequences of her actions. This includes a woman's ability to break any contract at will, to steal from anyone as she pleases, and murder even the most innocent without having to even hear a whisper of protest to make her uncomfortable."

Barbara helpfully adds an element that I neglected to include, which is that women "should be able to make you not offend" them. Being intellectually incoherent and unjustifiable in the eyes of every rational observer, feminism is necessarily an ideology of force. This is why it has to be resisted every bit as strenuously as other such ideologies, including communism and National Socialism.

And a science fiction that cannot be sexist or minority-phobic is not science fiction at all, but a dogmatically limited sub-genre in which all literary value is necessarily subservient to ideological whimsy.

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This is a particularly interesting article on the end of the Bilderberg era in light of some of the rumors that are supposedly coming out of the most recent Bilderberg meeting. And notice how it all just keeps going back to Leon Trotsky[.]


"Burnham renounced his allegiance to Trotsky and Marxism, in all its forms in 1940."

Sure he did. The Scarlet Pill, redder than red, is to grasp the fact that the Trotskyite communists, the World Revolutionaries, the Neoliberal world order, the New World Order, Bilderberg, the neoconservatives, the Never Trumpers, NATO, the European Unionists, and the Silicon Valley technocracy are all different aspects of the same thing. And their latest vision for global empire has observably failed, and failed faster and more conclusively than anyone would have imagined.

It will be very interesting to learn if the elite can learn from its failures or not. There have been rumors floating around that the European migration is to be reversed for fear that the whole thing will come crashing down amidst a series of large-scale civil wars. Maybe saner minds have prevailed, maybe the God-Emperor is behind it, or maybe it's just fake news.

Interesting times, to be sure.

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The reason "gender equality" stalled is because it is an economic impossibility. The reason the average hours worked is so much higher than in the more "sexist" 1960s is because primarily there are more women in the workforce. While immigration too plays a role here, the only significant effect native women have when they enter the labor force in greater numbers is to depress the price of labor. Unlike immigrants, they don't bring in new consumption to help mitigate their wage-depressing effects; the reason real hourly wages peaked in 1973 and have been falling ever since is because that was the year that the number of men younger than 20 and older than 65 leaving the labor force was surpassed by educated, middle-class women entering it.

One-third of working class women have always worked. The change brought by feminism is that now middle class and upper middle class married women work as well. And the more women that work, the more women have to work and the less time women who don't work will have with their husbands who support them, because an INCREASE in the SUPPLY of labor necessitates a DECREASE in the PRICE of labor, demand remaining constant.

And to make matters worse, demand does not remain constant, but actually declines, because a woman who works is statistically much less likely to eventually become a wife and mother, and even when she does, she becomes one several years later and has fewer children. This means that feminism is a structural economic failure as it creates a downward-spiraling vicious circle of three easily identifiable revolutions:

1. The increase in the supply of labor causes wages to go down. This is indisputable in either logical or empirical terms.
2. Female hypergamy, female independence, and opportunity cost reduces the marriage rate and the average birth rate, while increased male work hours and work-related romantic opportunities increases the divorce rate. These connections are all logically sound and readily observable.
3. The reduced birth rate has a negative effect on consumption, and therefore the demand for labor, 20 years before the consequent negative effects on the supply of labor can help balance it out, putting further negative pressure on wage rates. This is also indisputable, both logically and empirically.

The economic flaws of feminism are no less obvious, no less fundamental and no more avoidable than the economic flaws of socialism. Feminism's structural inability to sustain wage rates and birth rates spells the inevitable doom of every feminist society, as surely as the inability to calculate prices spells the doom of every socialist society. "Gender equality" hasn't stalled because it isn't being sufficiently enforced by the government, it has stalled because it is in the process of collapsing along with the society it has infested.

The impossibility of sexual equalitarian societies has nothing to do with fairness, traditional religious beliefs, human rights, or how intensely one feels that women are equal to men in every way. It is a straightforward and unavoidable consequence of the law of supply and demand, and as such, is far more reliable than the Malthusian equation of the geometric increase of population outstripping the arithmetic increase of the food supply.

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Obsidian cries raciss

I'm only surprised it took him this long to get around to it. I've been waiting for him to take a public shot at me ever since I humiliated him when he was strutting around boasting about "chin-checking chumps" or however it was that the Jive talk went:

Following up on my question above, I note that you cite two very well known bloggers in the Manosphere, who would be considered to fit Kimmel’s characterization like the proverbial hand in glove: Chateau Heartiste, formerly known as Roissy, and Vox Day, of the blog Alpha Game. Both have been cited for their racist views of people of color, and neither seem particularly interested in being inclusive of Men of Color under their tents (in fact, I would go so far as to say that they are both actively hostile to such inclusiveness – I say this based on direct observation and experience of both). As noted above, their astute observations and the like, many of which I do agree with, are utterly undermined by their racism, and gives folks like Kimmel, et al a smoking gun with which to discredit the entirety of the MRM cause.

My response is at Alpha Game. But suffice it to say that my deep and abiding concerns for the African-American community are only exceeded by my dedication to the plight of the Heian Japanese. Of course, I am hostile to "inclusiveness". As an open and avowed elitist, it tends to come with the territory.

I actually find it vaguely surprising that people are still trying to play the race card in 2014. Hispanics quite openly hate Blacks and are actively driving them out of their most archetypical communities. Whites and Jews are "gentrifying" them out of their historic homes, which is the genteel way to say "financial ethnic cleansing". I mean, who is still pretending that desegregation is even remotely viable? Who is still dumb enough to pretend that the Civil Rights Movement wasn't a fundamentally wrong-headed failure?

It's even stranger that they still attempt to play it on me. First, I can trump it with my own Man of Color card. Second, I should think I have made it abundantly clear that I am not in the least bit afraid of being labeled anything from Toddler Slayer to RSHD.

"All men are created equal" cannot possibly apply in a material sense in any world where all men are not even equally homo sapiens sapiens.

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If there is one lesson, just one, from all of Martin van Creveld's books, it is that technology does not guarantee military victory. Here is a vivid comparison that shows why things are looking rather grim for the US military if it is ordered to intervene in the Middle East for a third time in three decades in order to take on the Islamic State there:

1. Let Transgender Troops Serve Openly by THE EDITORIAL BOARD. The Pentagon’s ban on transgender troops is based on obsolete policies and must be rescinded. The Williams Institute at the U.C.L.A. School of Law, which researches gender issues, estimates there are about 15,500 transgender troops serving in uniform.

2. Using Violence and Persuasion, ISIS Makes Political Gains. Amid punishing American-backed airstrikes, the Islamic State militants have advanced in Iraq and Syria using a dual strategy of purporting to represent Sunni interests and attacking any group that vies to play the same role.
Military history clearly demonstrates that the side that executes homosexuals, whether throwing them off buildings or having their fellow soldiers beat them to death, reliably defeats the side that allows its soldiers to dress up and pretend they are women.

Yes, wealth and technology are on the side of the crossdressing military. But attrition, geography, and history are on the side that does not tolerate effeminacy.

It's true that the US military roundly defeated the Soviet-trained, Soviet-equipped Iraqi army twice, the second time largely without a fight. But then, the Islamic State has defeated the US-trained, US-equipped Iraqi army.

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But they never talk about the Negroe Pathology. They don't know how to masculinize their boys or have any idea of Virtue. Rap Music and Hip Hop is gutter/jungle music of the worst kind. Music, the ghetto music, is very harmful.

Plato explicated the importance of music on how it forms the soul. Music carries Character. Socrates and Plato both pointed out that if you want beautiful people, you have to surround them in a beautiful environment. Beauty works on Beauty. What does Rap Music instill in Black people?

Rage. Hate. Discontent. Abnormality and Dysfunction. The Music is dysfunctional. So the people are dysfunctional who listen to it. What is the favorite music of Liberals? Jazz. Jazz is discompant music. It is ad lib music free from rules of music.

The Laws of Beauty is Proportion, Harmony and Symmetry. When music incorporates that, it implants its character upon the soul listening to it.

Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz (which has its origins in African music and in Negroe America) has very little of any of the above.

It is no wonder that the Negroe communities suffer from so much dysfunctionality. Top of with the Negroe's inablity to control his urges and we see a very dysfunctional race.

The South knew all of this and engaged in segregation and discrimination. It was the Jews that started the NAACP and encouraged and fed Negroe resistance, arrogancy and a bloated ideas of themselves. The Negroe is the shock troops for Jewish globalization, multiculturalism and European dissolution. They are pawns.

Look, the media is Jewish owned. It behooves them to work this up into a mess. They want this. They are increasing the hatred and blowing it up. They are feeding discontent and violence. They want it like that. Why the WASP is friends with the Jews I have no idea. The Jews have destroyed WASP America.

Political Correctness and Social Justice are all anti-civilizational. At their core. America is falling apart at the seams.