@Rex_Landy & @DarmokAndJalad #transphobia gettr.com

( @Rex_Landy )
Oooh, I hope THIS wakes the others up in US. Now your kid's food is tied to letting pantysniffing perverts into the bathroom with your kids. Had enough yet?

spoilerINSANITY: @JoeBiden is withholding
National School Lunch Program Funds
from schools that don't adopt his
perverted sexual agenda
He is quite literally going to STARVE
our children if we don't allow Men into
the girls bathroom & locker room.
Are you furious yet? WTF?

( @DarmokAndJalad )
Well he wants to take away lunch aid, and our guns... for the kids.

Biden loves the children. The kids with myocarditis, the children groomed into chemical castration, the children displaced into homelessness with their unemployed antiscience parents, the little girls who lose their athletic scholarships to boys, the students who will go hungry in lunchrooms if boys aren't allowed into the girl's toilets, the babies that will be born in our women's prisons because male psycopaths were awarded rape privileges, the ones trafficked or abandoned at our border. Biden loves the malnourished babies without enough formula. Afghan, Yemeni, and Ukrainian children...

Biden will sniff them all, and Hunter will keep his eyes on the Asian ones.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

They are deliberately destroying childhood and fortifying strict gender roles. Creating “trans” children for the fulfillment of castration fetishists and the validation of “trans” adults.

When you scratch the surface of trans, its not just rainbows & makeup tutorials -- its creepy AF

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

British Cycling removed the women’s cycling category. Two cheating woman hating troons came in first and second place. Troons and “non-binary” can pick any team they want to cycle in. Actual women get no choice at all. In the New World trans are the most special and sacred class.
Soon women will be relegated to breeding stock for sterile troons and demented woman haters. Welcome to wokeville.

@GodlyPatriot #wingnut gettr.com

President Trump is right regarding #ukrainemoneylaundering operations ! Texas Senators #tedcruz and #johncornyn ignored the thousands of calls into their offices to stop the #40billiondollarlaundering operation to sacrifice #ukrainian civilians in #lgbtqpedo allied battles against faithful Orthodox Christians in #Ukraine and #Russia

Stolen elections have consequences and republicans joining democrats to steal our #nov32020 elections and try to cover up #electionfraud with the #warmongering #uniparty after #nov32020insurrection

@GodlyPatriot #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

If you could have a special access to president Trump's wisdom for one hour every day for the next 40 days, how blessed would you consider yourself? With this special key you will have access to someone much greater...acess someone with infallible wisdom, someone who sees all things and knows the end from the beginning of time ➡️ Prayer in The Holy Spirit🗝️🕊️ with this key you're given 24 hours per day times 7 days a week 😳 unlock the door to the kingdom of God to grow in your heart more often 🤔⁉️
Starting at 7 minute point of this video, do you have the starting point of the special key if you diligently use it as often as possible 🗝️☦️🕊️ https://rumble.com/vxau0d-pray-jesus-prayer-slowly-to-experience-god-and-heaven-now.html

#praywithoutceasing #noeticprayer #pentecost

@GodlyPatriot #fundie #quack gettr.com

Pharmaceutical medications are made using potent, venomous toxins and peptides from snakes, scorpions, spiders and cone snails that target and cripple human systems😮
Your body is a temple of God ☦️ it is up to you what you will allow to enter your body but do not be deceived by demonic potions disguised as prescribed medications and government approved protocols 🕊️ #bigpharmacriminals #demonic #spiritualwarfare

@GodlyPatriot #wingnut #conspiracy #fundie gettr.com

WSJ: biden authorized long range missile deployment in ukraine today. #ric (resident in chief): "#nazis 'promised' to not use it against Russians🤔!?Only select politicians & some in nuclear bonkers survive if 3000 nukes launched in 15 minutes. 1/3rd of the world dead by fire and 1/3rd would suffer from escalated biological warfare. (Revelations prophecy!?) Watch #princeton #nuclearwar simulation of 91 Million initial civilians dead & billions dying after radiation fallout (link below). After #uniparty stole & covered up #nov32020 results, #msm covers up the reality of nuclear war. Why 🤔 !?

Stop #lgbtqpedo #abortionist murdering #globalist politicians, #bigtech and #natoaggression in #ukraine! more on https://gab.com/GodlyPatriot/posts/108408283486243992

@swissraider #wingnut #racist gettr.com

If you’d WANT to hold back blacks from success you’d implement the demonrat program:
- encourage fatherless homes: #abortion #welfare

- horrible education:#publicschools #socialpromotion and NOW - #racebasedgrading

- being in the wrong educational / job environment:#affirmativeaction

@Showmama #wingnut gettr.com

Leftists are anti-American. They do not value Freedom, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Individualism or Individual Rights. They openly and proudly value Marxism, racism, statism, racial supremacy and totalitarian control. These people do not love. They hate. #orwell #leftists #antiamerican #constitution #billofrights #individualrights #freedom #totalitarian #racism #marxism

spoilerThey fear love because it creates a world they can't control ~ George Orwell, 1984

@deleterium #wingnut #racist gettr.com

@nrsc @senategop @housegop #judiciarygop #minorities #crime #racism

Is it our imaginations that a disproportionate share of the crime in America is perpetrated by young Black men?

Is it our imaginations that when law enforcement is hampered, crime in urban areas where young Black men congregate increases to new levels?

Is it simply just racism, that the vast majority of incarcerated are young Black men?

Are Democrats afraid that if given the opportunity to defend ourselves from crime with firearms, that a great many more Black criminals will end up dead?

Are we expected to upend this entire nation on the basis of a lie; that some how we are all racists, when in reality the problem is people who know not what to do with their freedom? #awakenthetruth

@oo_ChiChi_oo #homophobia #biphobia #transphobia gettr.com

(submitters note: translated from original german, original below)

Welcome to the "best Germany EVER!" 😷💉🤡#FCKCDU #FCKCSU #FCKSPD #FCKGrüne #FCKFDP #FCKMauermörderpartei #NWO #COVID1984

can you believe that: In the future, the rainbow flag will also fly on the Reichstag

On two dates a year, the so-called rainbow flag is to be hoisted on one of the four towers of the Reichstag building. The Bundestag Presidium has agreed on this, as confirmed by the press office of the parliament. The flag with the six colorful stripes is becoming more and more a kind of national emblem of the GRD (Gender Republic of Germany), after a new flag decree by the Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser (SPD), also allowed it to be hoisted in front of and on top of federal buildings.

Source: vk: Freedom of expression Art 5 GG

spoilerWillkommen im "besten Deutschland ALLER Zeiten!" 😷💉🤡 #FCKCDU #FCKCSU #FCKSPD #FCKGrüne #FCKFDP #FCKMauermörderpartei #NWO #COVID1984

Geht’s noch: Regenbogenflagge weht künftig auch auf dem Reichstag

An zwei Terminen im Jahr soll auf einem der vier Türme des Reichstagsgebäudes die sogenannte Regenbogenflagge gehisst werden. Darauf hat sich das Bundestagspräsidium geeinigt, wie die Pressestelle des Parlaments bestätigte. Die Fahne mit den sechs bunten Streifen wird damit immer mehr zu einer Art Hoheitszeichen der GRD (Gender Republik Deutschland), nachdem ein neuer Flaggenerlass von Bundesinnenministerin Nancy Faeser (SPD) das Hissen auch vor und auf Bundesgebäuden erlaubt hat.

Quelle:vk:Meinungsfreiheit Art 5 GG

@andriasovstore #conspiracy gettr.com

Trump will always be the "good cop" the Rothschild's want. The "bad cop" can't read a teleprompter. But you will beg for the "good cop" to comeback, the same one that peddled gates' depopulation efforts and didn't fire the gnome...you all are being played so quickly and effortlessly.
#trump #biden #gates #wef #nwo #schwab #rothchild

@THE_GREAT_RESET #conspiracy #wingnut gettr.com

Not enough space for all the ways we're being attacked...




@FutureFantasy #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

Dave Talks #785 - America Problem is not Guns. It is Liberalism.
I cover the lies, double standards, coverups, and crimes of the evil mind virus known as communism. My aim is to educate the people and build a movement to keep criminals out of power. MACA. Make America Christian Again. The elimination of communism is justice! Please watch the entire video. #nwo #Biden #trump

@maryamhenein #conspiracy gettr.com

Cliff notes for a #NWO

UN Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals
One World Government
One World cashless Currency
One World Central Bank
One World Military
The end of national sovereignty
The end of ALL privately owned property
The end of the family unit
Depopulation, control of population growth and population density
Mandatory multiple vaccines
Universal basic income (austerity)
Microchipped society for purchasing, travel, tracking and controlling
Implementation of a world Social Credit System (like China has)
Trillions of appliances hooked into the 5G monitoring system (Internet of Things)
Government raised children
Government owned and controlled schools, Colleges, Universities
The end of private transportation, owning cars, etc.
All businesses owned by govemment/corporations
The restriction of nonessential air travel
Human beings concentrated into human settlement zones, cities
The end of irrigation
The end of private farms and grazing livestock
The end of single family homes
Restricted land use that serves human needs
The ban of natural non synthetic drugs and naturopathic medicine
The end of fossil fuels

@_Leese & @ProudAnglo81 #racist gettr.com

( @_Leese )
"The real racists are the people who hate the ethnic English so much they want to flood our homeland with illegal immigration
The only motivation to allow an open border is to destroy the people & country as it exists"

( @ProudAnglo81 )
Exactly!! Multiculturalism wasn't designed to be successful, it was designed to create civil unrest in white majority countries.

( @_Leese )

yet to even question this agenda forces manipulation, guilt, shame upon us and for us to be branded with labels such as xenophobe, bigot and racist.
ffs the English never suffered fools, on the contrary we had glory, strength and heroic courage and this is what all Europeans must have again.

@Rex_Landy #transphobia gettr.com

These tranny cockfrockers going 'reeeee' all the time want 'equality' and being mocked is part of being in society, bro. Suck it up or keep going 'reeee' we see you and tick fucking tock you window licking deviates.

Also From TERF Island Today

"Netflix is not anti-trans – it’s pro-freedom of speech"

"The Twitter outrage over Ricky Gervais's 'transphobic' new show is all too predictable – and entirely misplaced"

Daily Telegraph:

@DebJane #transphobia gettr.com

First of a series on Dr Ann Lawrence, an autogynephilic man. This is a must read book if you want to understand the new Be-penised women. Team Terf.

No man has a claim to womanhood only those of us who werecborn women are women and AGP men and transsexuals can use men's spaces, because they are men. It's interesting that the getting aroused when aspiring to be the opposite sex is a male fetish.

@Bertie007 & @Belindatobin #transphobia gettr.com

( @Bertie007 )
Trans is an anti women movement, the absolute worst of the #mensrights movements, evil misogynist and any woman who supports them is a traitor to her sex, who will find out later on how much they despise her #menarenotwomen #womendonthavepenises

( @Belindatobin )
WOMEN who are not aware or just don't care are really beginning to piss me off 🙄

@thatanna #transphobia gettr.com

This young lady knows the danger she's in for speaking out, what those risks are.

This troony shit will probably block me, but - I'm right you know. These trans activists are nothing but gaslighting, vicious, callous, unrelenting hypocrites. I'm sick of the misogyny, I'm sick of these violent thugs, I'm sick of being told I need to kowtow to them and I'm sure as shit sick of these activists having backing from the establishment to groom our kids.

You cannot change your sex.
You cannot have our spaces, rights and language.
You cannot have our kids.
Go fuck yourself Ben.

@Bertie007 #transphobia gettr.com

Congratulations to Stephanie Davies-arai who has been vindicated #transgendertrend #leaveourkidsalone #nooneisborninthewrongbody #transisalie trans is an adult male fetish, encouraged by porn and built on their hatred and disgust for real women #misogyny #menarenotwomen #menarenotgirls #menarenotlesbians #maleviolence #toxicmasculinity

Charlie Kirk & @Rex_Landy #transphobia gettr.com

( Charlie Kirk )
While everyone fixated on a Hollywood Show Trial, Joe Biden just enacted a policy tying school lunch grants to Transgender Bathrooms in elementary schools

Just so we're all clear: they will radically sexualize America, no matter what—even if it means starving your kids to do it.

( @Rex_Landy )
Trannies. Fuck up you mentally ill predators.

@Rex_Landy & @JoanDArc2000 #transphobia gettr.com

( @Rex_Landy )
If their claims of 'just wanting equality' were true, they wouldn't 'Reeeee!' every time there was a tranny joke. Women get called cunt/whore/bitch etc in male comedian's 'jokes' all the time. One 'for instance'. Comedians mock everyone. It's literally their job.
But trannies want abject obeisance to their cult and their dicks. And to that I say 'go shit in a ditch, tranny!' You will NEVER be a woman.

Netflix is not anti-trans – it’s pro-freedom of speech

The Twitter outrage over Ricky Gervais's 'transphobic' new show is all too predictable – and entirely misplaced

#FreeSpeech #ProFreeSpeech #FreedomOfSpeech #Netflix #Twitter #RickyGervais #TransMob #TransGang #TwitterStorm #TwitterOutrage #Trans #Transgender


( @JoanDArc2000 )
Nothing is anti "trans." There is no such thing as "trans."

( @Rex_Landy )
That's right. It's Big Pharma's marketing arm to the credulous, mentally ill, young and woke.

@Breathe_Deep #wingnut #conspiracy gettr.com

The well-documented connections between Hunter Biden, the DOD and a controversial network of US-funded biolabs in Ukraine were recently covered in a report by One America News Network anchor Pearson Sharp.

In a segment airing last week, Pearson explained how the War in Ukraine is being used by the American political establishment to launder hush money to Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs with dirt on the Biden crime family.

@harnwell & @180milesperhour #wingnut #racist gettr.com

( @harnwell )
The US military-industrial complex won’t stop until it has provoked, goaded and lured Russia into a first strike, against which it can then whole-heartedly retaliate — Pearl Harbor all over again.

And the American taxpayer will pick up the trillion dollar tab.

( @180milesperhour )
We could have had the final solution instead we're getting the great reset

@Patriotic_Paul1 & @Sheltiesrock #wingnut #racist gettr.com

( @Patriotic_Paul1 )
I'm Very proud of my White Race and Heritage and I don't Apologise for that, I'm a Patriotic White Englishman and if that offends you so fucking what.

#whitelivesmatter #whitelivesmattertoo #whitepride #whiteprideworldwide #whiteprideforever

And while I'm at it

( @Sheltiesrock )

@Unser_Kampf #wingnut #racist gettr.com

#onthisdayinhistory the world would change forever. Unbeknownst to the billions of people around the world, for the many, their reckoning had come. For the few, their salvation.

A chance for a better world. A singular entity dedicated to making real change; the furtherance of society, civilization and humanity.

We bear the fruit of the failure to capitalize on this chance everyday. It serves as a constant reminder of who was right and who was wrong.

Until we recognize that fact, and do something about it, nothing will change.

#nationalism #whitenationalism #nationalsocialism #whiteprideworldwide #whitepride #adolfhitler

Happy birthday Adolf Hitler. Gott mit uns.

@PvonEuropa #racist gettr.com

All the mass shooters of 2021. Notice something? Very few white men...

You wouldn't think that from watching the news or scrolling on social media.

The media manipulates your perception of white people and minority crime. They do this so that you feel ashamed of your race and don't complain about being replaced in your homelands.

It's so obvious it's insane.

A simple repost helps spread the word. It's time to take action.

#masspsychosis #massimmigration #massshooting #massshootings #massshooter #medialies #mediabias #antiwhite #antiwhiteracism #thegreatreplacement #greatreplacement #mainstreammedia #antiwhiteagenda #saveourcountry #whitelivesmatter #whiteprivilege #whitepride #whitegenocide

@SheepDogSociety, @C130Av8trx & @Tank68 #homophobia #racist gettr.com

( @SheepDogSociety )
I'm so proud to be heterosexual and married.

Where's my award? What special day do I get to celebrate?

Will corporations support me and my special every day accomplishments?

I feel discriminated against.

#StraightPride #HeterosexualDay

( @C130Av8trx )
Starting to feel like we are in the minority

( @Tank68 )
The good news is you get to be proud every day. As am I. You forgot to mention you’re white 🤣

@StonehillBirch #racist gettr.com

#Whites in America would be wise to remember that the United States was originally conceived, created, and codified by #WhitePeople for ours and our posterity.



#AmericanHistory #AmericaFirst #14words #TheGreatReplacement #ReplacementMigration #WhiteGenocide

#Whites would be wise to endeavor to now get #WhitePeople legally established as a Protected Class within the United States. That way, legal and societal protections could be afforded, and turnabout lawfare could be used upon the non-White anti-Whites, as needed.



#IOTBW #14Words #lawfare

@Ghoste224Laurie #racist gettr.com

You Don't have to like it and I don't have to care. I've lived long enough to see Americans left in Afghanistan with our enemies the Taliban. White Americans have been set up and murdered by the government. We are now labeled as domestic terrorists just by being White in America.

@LoyalRepublican #racist gettr.com

Why doesn’t main stream news cover the stories of the surviving victims of the Waukesha Christmas massacre by black man? Why doesn’t Joe Biden pay a visit to the hospitals of the remaining WHITE victims who will never have a normal life again? Oh wait, WHITE lives don’t matter to Biden and his administration. It doesn’t fit the narrative. It only matters when a white person kills a black person! And the fact that the weapon of choice was a vehicle, it doesn’t fit Biden‘s “gun grabbing” narrative! #WhiteLivesMatter #BidenIsNotMyPresident


@dermotmulqueen #racist #wingnut gettr.com

Proof that the #HolocaustReligion is the number 1 Religion in Europe is that the #HostileElite politicians working for the #JewWorldOrder have introduced #HolocaustDenial Laws in over 20 European countries and the other countries have implemented #HateSpeech laws - so you’re prosecuted and jailed if you question #HoloHoax, or mention the 77 Senior Jewish Officers and 150,000 Jewish troops in the #Wehrmacht during WW2.





The #CauseOfEurope

The #KikeIsACockroach






@dermotmulqueen #racist #wingnut gettr.com

#France24 hold another #HoloHoax #JewishVictimhood propaganda interview with #CryptoKike Priest #PatrickDesbois but don’t allow any comments or corrections.

The mass graves that Patrick Desbois is referring to were of Ukrainians who were murdered by the Bolsheviks during #Holodomor to establish 4 #JewishAutonomousRegions in Ukraine by 1935, mentioned in the 1935 Jewish Yearbook.



#Justice4GermansDay #Loxism







spoilerWWII was essentially a war between two
competing ideologies: Nationalism vs. Jewish
internationalism/globalism. Adolf Hitler and
his allies fought to preserve the concept of
nationalism, not just for Germans but for all
peoples the world over. Nationalism really just
means the sovereignty of an ethnic people and
the right of such ethnic people/nationalists —
within their own bordered country — to self-


@dermotmulqueen #racist gettr.com

The film #TheGraduate was steeped in #EthnicRevenge and #KikeRevenge

The Jew defeating the hated Gentile Civilization #LoxistKikeRevenge

The #HoloHoax gave the Kikes underdog status and provided the dynamic to replace Gentile leading actors with Joos in Hollywood.

Jew as #Schlemiel and #Nebbish

#DustinHoffman #WoodyAllen
#HelpTheKikeGetTheLegOver Genre

The #InversionAgenda






@dermotmulqueen #wingnut #racist gettr.com

The motion for debate is:

‘European Girls who know about the Jews opening the #GatesOfToledo in 711 to the #MoorsInvasion, #Agobard confronting the Jewish Slave traders (selling Christian slaves to Muslims), the #HostileElite, #StSimonOfTrent, the Jewish role in the #BarbarySlaveTrade, #IsraelCohen’s racial plan, that Hitler’s racial survival policies were in response to the #KalergiPlan (which was the reason he wanted to move the Jews out of Europe), and that the Auschwitz Homicidal Gas chamber (shown to millions of Europeans since WW2 to convince them to accept Multi-Ethnic states) was built by the Communists after the War - are less likely to believe in the #HoloHoax and become Tyre-biters’





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