@PureBloodFreedm & @Indiandude #homophobia #wingnut #racist #conspiracy gettr.com

( @PureBloodFreedm )
In the United States we observe our brave Veterans that risked their lives for our freedom for 1 day Veterans Day, and we only observe 1 day for the brave that died for this country on Memorial Day, we observe Presidents for one day. So why have they created Pride Month 😡⚠️Why have they given a whole month to observe and celebrate the wicked and immoral sexually deviant, perverted mentally ill people.
#holidays #veteransday #memorialday #presidentsday #pridemonth #depopulation #eugenics #nwo #wef #un #demoncrats #agenda2030 #thegreatreset #letsgobrandon #trump2024 #trumpwon #darkmaga #maga #endtimes #jesuschrist

( @Indiandude )
The only thing they want to stop… is the White race! It’s shown in just about every commercial, a white woman with a black male, signaling to them that it’s okay to do. And what do we get as a baby… a Mulatto. And when they grow up, they always take the side of blacks. They want a chocolate world!

( @PureBloodFreedm )
People of every nation must wake up and stand up against this tyranny, it’s not a conspiracy theory it’s happening now!!
David Rockefeller “Memoirs” page 405
Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalist’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - One World, if you will. If that’s my charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it…

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If you could have a special access to president Trump's wisdom for one hour every day for the next 40 days, how blessed would you consider yourself? With this special key you will have access to someone much greater...acess someone with infallible wisdom, someone who sees all things and knows the end from the beginning of time ➡️ Prayer in The Holy Spirit🗝️🕊️ with this key you're given 24 hours per day times 7 days a week 😳 unlock the door to the kingdom of God to grow in your heart more often 🤔⁉️
Starting at 7 minute point of this video, do you have the starting point of the special key if you diligently use it as often as possible 🗝️☦️🕊️ https://rumble.com/vxau0d-pray-jesus-prayer-slowly-to-experience-god-and-heaven-now.html

#praywithoutceasing #noeticprayer #pentecost

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I watched some “patriot” show about weight loss and healthy living. They don’t get it.
All the food is poisonous and owned by blackrock aka Jews.
All the alternative healthy food is owned by Jews in the WEF.
Cattle, farming, and gardening is all regulated by the Zog.
And the soil is being poisoned by the Zog so even if you went off grid they’re putting the zap on your ass.
The only way to live outside of a satanic system is to remove the satanic system.

@MrArchnemesis #racist #conspiracy gettr.com

Ugh…, WE KNOW, NYC! The tumnels. Or at least I do. How many fucking tines do we have to tell y’all about tunnels to DC schools? Child services and police traffic children? Planned parenthood harvests organs? Schools groom kids? Open borders for kids we don’t even know exist to be trafficked and disappear without a trace? Pizza shops and websites for orders? For Christ sakes start listening. Jews are the goddamn #synagogueofsatan .Every single one of them. #zog. Ban them or burn them. I don’t care.

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( Charlie Kirk )
A Red State needs to kick Biden off the ballot immediately. Mutually assured destruction. The left only responds to power.

( @trixie33 )
The only thing the loons respond to is the force of power against them. Case in point Trump.

( @member161 )
The House should remove Biden from the ballot in all 50 States, declare him the insurrectionist cuz he is. Then go after the J6 commies.

( @kimmycats52 )
No, Republicans would be as bad as they are. I don't want to stoop to their degradation.

( @patriot1781 )
Come on what do you expect from Manhattan in the DC communist circuit judges! WHEN Mike Davis gets in as attorne general impeach every single one in the Manhattan in DC communist circuit along with all the corrupt state attorney, generals, and district attorneys. Then, go after George Soros.

@laststand2019 #wingnut #conspiracy gettr.com

In my Opinion, I think over 100 million Americans will constitutionally object to another Stolen Election, as we have all witnessed what #Democrats do with STOLEN POWER😉 #Truth #Oppression #Tyranny #PoliceState #SlaveState #ReplacementAgenda #NWO #Persecution #DomesticTerrorism #War

However, #Trump's massive lead is not stopping the #deepstate from doing everything it can to promote Nikki Haley...

“Strip away all the outward characteristics, and #NikkiHaley is identical in her priorities to #JoeBiden and the people who back Joe Biden,” Carlson said -#TrojanHorse

#Trump2024 #MAGA

@OHMichael #racist #wingnut gettr.com

American? No. First & foremost, Michael Rappaport is a JEW.
ALL of this perverted degeneracy is being pushed, supported, produced, defended & profited from, by JEWS.

The Uni-Party, federal government leviathan, media, Federal Reserve, EU, WEF are ALL controlled by JEWS. 2% of the US population is JEWISH, yet JEWS make up 80% of the Biden regime cabinet. Why is that? 🤔 Why do JEWS occupy so many positions of power in White majority nations, despite being a tiny ethnic minority? 🤔

Folks, if you think this is shocking or purely 'conspiracy theory', you're not familiar w/ the centuries-long pattern of insidious behavior of the JEWS.

Whenever you look more closely at ANY controversial issue, behind everything rotten, depraved, corrupt or immoral, you'll find the JEW.

Don't take my word for it, try it yourself. Pick any issue that's in the 📰. Follow the trail of who proposes it, supports it, or funds it. Chances are, when you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, there will be some Jewish influence to be found. Noticing the insidious behavior of the JEWS & calling them out for it is NOT 'antisemitism'. It is called 'pattern recognition'.
#jews #jewslie #jewscheat #jewssteal #jewishsupremacy #Talmud #namethejew #blamethejew #expelthejew #deportation #HandsomeTruth #based #GoyimDefenseLeague #COVID #TheGDLControlsTheMedia #TribeAndTrain #RaceFirst #HitlerWasRight #WhitePower #WhiteUnity #UniteTheWhites #GreatReplacement #border #immigration #WhiteGenocide #Biden #Trump #MAGA #USA #ADL #ACLU #SPLC #MSM #Israel #Hamas #Palestine #Gay

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God: the “only” way to get into heaven is through the son Jesus Christ.
Anybody that doesn’t meet this standard goes to hell.
The devil has an open door policy. Anybody and everybody can get into hell.
The devil is for open borders, and his country is literally hell.
So next time some dickhead asks what would Jesus do with the refugees, you tell em that.
#synagogueofsatan #zog #whitegenocide #whitechristiansupremacy

@MrArchnemesis #racist #conspiracy gettr.com

I don’t think @alexjones has sold out to the #zog. I think he’s been conquered by them. Anybody with eyes to see will notice the pattern of Jewish power shifting to the right. I don’t think the Zog wants men like Jones censored, I think they want them controlled. The leftwing has run its course. 100 years of communism and the people are sour on it. The Jewish power wants to control the pendulum shift.

@MrArchnemesis #wingnut #racist gettr.com

You put a monkey in a suit it’s still a monkey. You cannot have a civil society with uncivilized people. There’s something in that snigger gene that drives those tribals towards greed, destruction, and violence. It’s not a coincidence the best they performed was under segregation. #blackplague #whitegenocide

@MrArchnemesis #wingnut #racist gettr.com

The #zog will arrest Trump. Use the violence to cancel elections. Or instigate a war with China, oust Joe Biden. Install a Zionist warmonger to unite American goy against China. Also they’ll naturally have to control the internet etc to do this. Oh, and Islam will join China. So naturally any antisemitism will be a…subversive offense. No doubt here come the camps again. Maybe the violence by Trumpets will be the window for China. After all China stole our elections and controls Joe Biden, and Hollywood lol. According do the controlled opposition, anyway.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

💬But in the last year, after divorcing her wife

🏁🏝️ Baltimore, you should have fired the fucking pervert
Transgender Baltimore City Firefighter Embraced By Peers After Coming Out: 'It's Just Fantastic'

After he divorced his wife he decided to live out his fetish full time. He knew since he was a teenager he was sexually aroused by wearing woman’s clothes. Now that he has embraced the feminine stereotypes and forced everyone to play in his fetish he is so happy about his life. He can finally practice his fetish in public for all to participate in. Stunning and brave.

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut #sexist gettr.com

(submitters note: refering to the protests against the overturn of Roe v. Wade)
( Charlie Kirk )
Notice who is marching in the streets: single, unmarried, mostly white, college educated “women”

Frankly it’s foolish to call conservatives racist—who we actually can’t stand are angry, liberal, white women.

( @chuck724 )
And all of them are too ugly to be worried about getting pregnant

( @Ross55 )
And ugly as anything on top of that! All liberal women are didgusting, self hating garbage!

( @MimiM1 )
You should have put college educated in parentheses considering they don't seem educated enough to use birth control or cross their legs

( @TimetoAct )
I too noticed that. Have viewed coverage from Live Streamers who were in DC at the moment the ruling came down. On the Pro-Life side you saw a more diverse side.

( @Iaiamonius )
Some of them aren’t fit, look like slobs, or are kinda freaky. What self respecting man would touch them?

( @WinstonBlack )
Well all see them, know, and understand what they are.

Ill say it for you.

College SLUTS.

( @MimiM1 )
Exactly... But having a college degree now doesn't mean much... It usually just implies indoctrination

( @TheRealDarkVoid )
And then you have to actually question just how many of them are "women."

( @sunrays )
Most white college educated young people are liberals, their skin color means nothing they are the backbone of the BLM group, taught by liberals who hate this Country and they cannot reason out for themselves but mindlessly believe what they hear

( @Patriot1895 )
College education is a euphemism for indoctrinated .....and they suffer from hitting the ugly tree......repeatedly

( @Littleboy2020 )
You mean liberal Women that fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down before hitting the ground face down then became known as fugly liberal women

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

( Charlie Kirk )
If your church isn't proudly celebrating the end of Roe v Wade and the protection of countless innocent lives from the pulpit today, its time to find a new church.

( @JS777hf )
If any church is in favor of abortion too bad you are wasting your time! You are teaching a lie and GOD is not happy with that! Also any Christians voting for the demonRats party you too are wasting your time! A Christian voting for the demonRats party you need to repent because you are in favor of abortion, homosexuality, crime, lies! GOD don’t like that! So you are also wasting your time in church! Sorry but it’s true!

( @Wanda_K_P )
Amen, @charliekirk11 amen!!!! It wasn’t mentioned, under the excuse that we don’t want to get in to politics. Shameful. The CHURCH is to be a shining light on a hill, not the “duck and run for cover, we stand for nothing” brigade. Whatever happened to standing UNAPOLOGETICALLY for the TRUTH as written in THE WORD OF GOD? Beginning with “THOU SHALT NOT KILL”!!!!!

( @KMC12 )

Firstly, there are women of all different backgrounds in the church, many who are survivors of the abortion lie, and who deal with crippling guilt and anxiety as a result. We need to thank God for this victory, while being sensitive to survivors and victims of the industrial abortion industry.

Secondly, the church needs to be thankful and humble before this gift, not boastful and arrogant. We need to be mindful not to squander the opportunity to reach out both to mothers in need, and to those of differing political convictions. The gospel is not the same thing as a political victory.

( @TRodz )
This DemocRAT elites are all about pure ignorance and lies, see how the atheists madona used God name in vane to advance her crazy abortion agenda and how she lies about the abortion “constitutional” rights , when the USA constitution never address the abortion as a constitutional right .

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

( Charlie Kirk )
Evangelicals need to seriously reevaluate how they talk about and treat Catholics. Look at the Supreme Court—it was courageous, faithful Catholics that delivered the end of Roe. Spirit-filled Christians should be thankful for such clear moral teaching and bold action.

( @DanielofSmyrna )
Just because they uphold the constitution doesn't mean they are right on the Gospel or even church history. They are allies but yet again not inheritors of the kingdom of God. And I'm talking about Roman catholics not protestant catholics.

( @donaldmoss )
The Left needs to be careful how they talk about and treat MAGA Christians lest they find themselves fighting against God Himself.

( @MadHatterOne )
I agree..but, we have not stopped abortion. Now the States have the responsibility to end it.

( @BeckieLynn )
It was also courageous, faithful evangelicals who fought for 49 years to get us to the point where the Catholics at SCOTUS could overturn Roe. I'm convinced that, had they been evangelical Protestants, the result would have been the same. The pro-life tent is big, and that's very good. However, when it comes to eternal life, "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." The words of Jesus in Matthew 7:13-14. I have a habit of believing what Jesus says.

( @rainincatsndogs )
I disagree. It was the Constitution. And yes, the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written based on Christian values. Neither one suggests women will have the "right" to murder their babies.

( @ShemCock )
Catholics teach a different gospel other than the clear doctrine of justification by faith through grace in Christ expounded in Holy Scripture. While I applaud their pro-life stance, they are not Christian in doctrine. Sola Scriptura!

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut gettr.com

( Charlie Kirk )
“How to move to Canada from the US” is now a trending search on Google following Friday’s SCOTUS ruling on Roe v. Wade

If killing innocent children is that important to you then by all means, get out of my country. Good riddance.

( @Oliver1952 )
I hope all of the criminals that want to kill baby's axurley move to Canada and help make our country great again

( @DDMarks )
I hope the murderous thugs really do move to Canada. They deserve the blackface tyrant up there. They think it's bad here, they're more stupid & uninformed then I thought. Can I help them pack& chip in on expenses?

( @damoneyman17 )
If these illegal immigrants can find their way from Honduras and Venezuela these snowflakes should be able to find their way to Canada

( @BruceLaw )
Charlie please keep your loonie leftists, we have to many already.

( @Fredug79 )
Imagine wanting to leave a country that protects killing babies a week before birth because you want to do that. These sick puppies need putting down. Animals.

( @Bindlebum )
Been saying this for over a decade. Not just about about abortion, but especially about abortion. Would be best to put all the communist/socialist/America hating tards on a boat to north korea while were at it.

( @DJT4547 )
Tell you what. We will swap 5 million baby killers for 5 million Canadian patriots.

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #wingnut gettr.com

( Charlie Kirk )
The same Democrats who don't want to drill for oil on federal lands are calling on the White House to let them kill babies on federal lands.

( @Breezymeadow )
In Tents they want to rip a baby out of a woman’s body? Oh FJB FJB no wonder not one sane person in the USA thinks any higher of you than a worm in the ground. And that includes all demonic rats. Demonic rats are communistrats- They are disguises demonic rats so that they can get on the ballots because no ballots has a spot for any socialist or communist. So they decide to run is demonic rats or whoops Democrats. So don’t vote for the demonic rats by voting Democrats because it’s a lie and you will be a fool once again

( @AmerPatCon1st )
To the Murdering Scum, Killing Babies is different than drilling for Oil.

A machine drills for Oil, a Breeder Daddy drills them to give them the opportunity to abort.

( @sonnyc47 )
To kill a child is one thing, to cut that child up and sell the body parts is yet another. Both are what is going on. It is past time for Jesus to return, and put an end to this insanity!

( @MNMoore )
They are all about killing babies… Abortions… Vaccines… Starvation. It really doesn’t matter to them how it gets done .

( @sgs58 )


( @AmericanGal_69 )
And will charge you FEDERALLY for tampering with EAGLE AND TURTLE EGGS as they RECOGNIZE that rise those are baby eagles and turtles in the egg, but not a human baby in the womb. Crazyaaf.

@JACKASSDEMOCRAT #homophobia #wingnut gettr.com

Target has supported promoting perversions like homosexuality before, but now they seem to be supporting the grooming of toddlers with their gay pride clothing for kids. How far will America let this perversion go on, and supporting these companies that are trying to mentally molest children.

As always, never buy anything made in china.
Don't ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one.

#nwo #target #gaypride #pedophiles #grooming

@AthenasWrench #quack #transphobia gettr.com

Nude men and women are okay, but protesting the still remaining vax mandates is wrong and should be punished. There are two worlds now. The fake left - pro big corp, pro mandates, pro lockdowns, pro kink and pro transing children. Then the others. The sane and the rational. When giant mega corps are talking about inclusion and diversity they mean uniformity of thought and they won’t be doing a single thing to fix anything. Maybe a flag or two for theatre. The left has been hijacked by woke morons and self
serving corps.


@MaudeYoung #transphobia gettr.com

From TERF Island Today

FINA ruling on transwomen ends 20-year fantasy that sex is not real

No serious scientist disputes that maleness confers a sporting advantage

"Rather, they mark the end of a two-decade fantasy in which sports regulators pretended that the male and female bodies shaped in puberty could somehow be equalized during adulthood. The main reason it was indulged for so long was the rise of well-organized, forceful trans lobby groups, which insisted that "trans men are men" and "trans women are women." Any dissent was condemned as "transphobic.""

@AthenasWrench #quack gettr.com

There is no need for any “vaccine” for an illness with an over 99% recovery rate. The average age of death is mid 80s with a few other severe underlying health issues on average. Certainly no need for any mandates (vax or masks). It’s all theatre. Do you ever hear them speaking about taking vitamins, losing weight etc? Never. No early treatment either. Why do you think that is? Stop complying. The more people comply the worse it gets for all of us.

@ljlyon #transphobia gettr.com

A Trans woman are men attending a woman's support group for rape survivors and then goes into the women's bathroom to masturbate over the sexual excitement he feels from witnessing their pain from being raped by men like him. And you can take your fucking presenting shit and shove it up your ass. All men no matter how they "present" if they claim to be women have the right to infiltrate women's everything. Because of this trans cult bullshit. No such thing as transgender it doesn't exist it began with ALL male fetishists and now women trying to escape sexualization. Fuck everyone who supports this fucking hellhole you've put women in making us fight for our rights ALL OVER AGAIN.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

Another ex military guy who trooned himself out. Seems to be a lot of military guys who end up living out their fetish full time. Wonder why that is? Same as computer guys. ANother big market for sissy porn and transing themselves out.
EXCLUSIVE: Trans skateboarder, 29, who beat 13-year-old girl to first prize in women's competition is a divorced, ex-Navy father-of-three who was REJECTED from Olympic qualifiers for having too much testosterone

@DragonKitigan & @ThatUmberella #transphobia gettr.com

( @DragonKitigan )

( @ThatUmberella )
Thanks for that Dragon. It's mind boggling that STILL so many people are confused about SEXUALITY & GENDER & conflate the two.
SEXUALITY is LGB or hetero, GENDER is ideological woo, woo waffle, promulgated by John Money a pervy, paedo doctor who sexually abused twin boys! That's where this sick ideology came from. 20 years later his terrible abuse became public knowledge, but they still take their ideology from this man!!

@DragonKitigan #transphobia #conspiracy gettr.com

First they tried it on adults who were mentally unwell and/or grieving. Given their success at targeting unwell adult butches, they knew it would be smooth sailing at twisting the minds of children. I hate this ideology with every fibre of my being. If ever a class action is taken, I’ll be in line. Don’t really care about compensation. I just want the criminals out. Good luck to this man.

‘Transition is now being sold to people on a mass scale. It’s like PPI, but more sinister'.
'In a few years, I’m sure we’ll have law firms asking people if they transitioned and would like to claim compensation'.
https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10953157/Man-suing-NHS-trans-surgery-regrets-bravely-waived-anonymity-share-ordeal.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top via

@ishiuchi_nozomi #conspiracy gettr.com

Huge thank you to @CryptoGuppy for this awesomely informative video! It starts with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla talking with Klaus Schwab at the WEF. Bourla outright says that he and people working with him are on track to downsize the world’s population by 50% by 2023. … Read THAT again. It is NOT a typo. Almost 4 BILLION people in a year and a half, tops, if not sooner. Next up is the collapse of false flag narratives surrounding 2a, and Lieutenant General Mark Robinson of North Carolina standing up for the second amendment—God bless him! Finally, the video covers Russia’s version of a new world order. Much better deal, if you ask me!
#albertbourla #wef #worldeconomicforum #klausschwab #pfizer #depopulation #2a #markrobinson #russia #nwo #newworldorder



@N0tTheMatrix #conspiracy gettr.com

#IvankaTrump Wants To Help The #WEF/#NWO With Their #SocialCreditScore #System By #Creating A #FederalEmploymentDatabase In #Order To Give Way To #Possible #DiscriminationAgainstUnvaccinated, People's #Religious Views, #PoliticalLeanings, #Education Levels, Where You #Attended #School #College, #Past #WorkRecord, #Private #Personal #HealthRecords, #SexualOrientation, #Marriage Status, #Income. #You Name It #They #Want It, #NeverMind #Your #ConstitutionalRights Or #PersonalFreedoms, #Intrusive #Much? #DoNotComply With The #OverBearing #TyrannialGovernments And #FuckTheWEF! #WeAreAmerica! And We #RejectTheGreatReset!, #TheSocialCredit #BeastSystem And #Agenda2030!

@ljlyon , @JonKUhlerLPC & @gendermapper #transphobia #kinkshaming gettr.com

( @ljlyon )
All Radical Feminists are against pedophilia & any abuse towards children. We are against BDSM & KINK & sex trafficking & the entire sex industry. All Radical Feminist support the Nordic Model of supporting women caught in the sex industry & looking for a way out with supportive government programs. Radical Feminists are against Transsexualism/Transgenderism & exhibitionism & paraphilia fetishes which largely develop in males/men again compared to men it is very rare for girls/women to develop a paraphilia fetish. The phenomenon of girls transitioning over the last 5-10 years has more to do with social contagion than it proves that females are equal to men in developing sick and twisted violent behavior as you are trying to claim. Wrong Again, Jon

( @JonKUhlerLPC )
The Trans Deception is more than social contagion. It is time to do some homework, as opposed to waxing eloquently from an Agenda-driven mindset, which blinds you to how sophisticated predators operate, as they target kids. Predators are found among both genders, so time to drop your blind hatred of men, and begin to care more about properly protecting women and children. Spend some time listing to this interview with Alix Aharon, @gendermapper, to learn how some of the most vile predators against young women are female, pushing and facilitating the Trans Deception.

( @gendermapper )
Many of the worst pushers of transgender pornography are women- one of them is Buck Angel who is responsible, amongst other things for producing stomach churning porn for dysphoric females, as well as a range of sex toys for women with mutilated bodies. I'm a total abolitionist, 5 years ago I would have never believed how many dangerous women are trans pushers and porn fetishists, but I go on pornhub and only fans and I've started to live in the cold, harsh reality. Most predators are of course men, but I can't discount what I've seen as irrelevant or not worthy of documenting.

@RVGregoryZ #conspiracy gettr.com

It is called the "New WORLD Order" for a reason.

The issues we are facing are not in just one country. It is all happening Globally.

When will Citizens around the globe finally take action and Physically remove the people who have orchestrated this upon the earth? #WEF #NWO #WHO

WORLD economics forum
new WORLD order
WORLD health organization.

See the key word here?

Media ignore vaccines and deaths but cover cost of living protest.
So if they are covering it…

@JACKASSDEMOCRAT #wingnut gettr.com

The Nazi Democrat Socialist Party Of America tries to brainwash ignorant people into believing Abortion has anything remotely to do with health care.

It’s simply murder, nothing else.

As always, never buy anything made in china.
Don't ever trust a democrat and NEVER leave your child alone with one.
#nwo #abortion #healthcare #infanticide #satanicsacrifices

@AthenasWrench & @Amanda504 #transphobia gettr.com

( @AthenasWrench )
The new Title IX that inserts gender identity, completely destroying the entire purpose of Title IX. Now women will not have sports, washroom and changerooms or even a word to describe ourselves. So much for the 50th anniversary. Women have been erased.

( @Amanda504 )
And as they rape & kill us, we don’t even have words to describe who they are raping & killing. All by design.

@AthenasWrench #transphobia gettr.com

A bunch of larpers are ecstatic that males with a pronoun now take precedence over women. Biden has fucked women over completely.

Great news! The Biden administration has officially proposed adding gender identity and sexuality to title IX protections.

This would confer a slew of legal protections to trans students in all public schools.

Now it goes to public comment for 60 days. It must go through!

@wilsb8 & @Felinethropist #transphobia gettr.com

( @wilsb8 )
There are three ways you can tell that Trans Rights Activism is Men’s Rights Activism: One, it’s all about the penis and where they can put it. Two, if you reject the penis you’re a bigoted TERF (trans exclusive radical feminist) and Three, rejection of the penis is met with rapey/murdery responses.

( @Felinethropist )
The Penis Law for Men Only:
If you want to wear female attire/makeup you can if you have had your penis AND testicles removed, if you have a penis and testicles you are not allowed to wear female attire, makeup, or wigs. A toupé is fine. The same applies to those with either a penis OR testicles. You will not be able to change your birth sex on official documents, and pronouns are banned, also you are not allowed in female spaces nor are you allowed to teach children under the age of 16.
The medical procedure will be paid for by the man requesting it. No male under the age of 21 will be allowed this surgical procedure.
Any man showing his genitals in public will attract a jail term of not less than 5 years served, this to be served in a male only prison.