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Toddlers can have AGP now, so says "the good trans" David Hayton. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮 HE'S SO GROSS, I HATE HIM SO MUCH!
I think I might hate him more than your average AGP because it's so insidious. Makes otherwise reasonable people lose their innate alarm bells.

I hope the last of his supporters finally sees the light. He has used the "good trans" position to insinuate himself into places he doesn't belong for purposes of self-promotion.

@wilsb8 #transphobia gettr.com

I was horrified to learn that in the 1950's, same-sex attracted people were told they were criminals and then pumped full of body altering chemicals. Thankfully nowadays, these people are told they are trans, and then pumped full of body altering chemicals. We've come so far.

@RoseLilyDaisy #transphobia gettr.com

In the end it’s the fact that these are children. At these tender ages my own kids can’t stop themselves from spending their pocket money on ice cream when they are trying to save up for something. To think they are able to give informed consent is absurd. I’ve got some issue as well w the way journalists talk about the doctors being “transgender women themselves” as if this implies inner wisdom & special expertise. I’d suggest rather it means that the industry is full of deviant men who have an indefensible interest in mutilating kids. Of course there’s also the evil female doctor Gallagher as well.

@bjportraits & @Geoj03 #transphobia gettr.com

(@bjportraits )
Beware of anyone selling you any form of “gender” care. They are capitalizing on corporately constructed synthetic sex identities. Body dysmorphia can be experienced for any part of the body. There’s a reason this one is given special status & identity.

There is a big business of selling drugs and genital surgeries for people with body dysphoria.
They don't care about them geniunly.

(@bjportraits )
They are selling the problem and the cure.

@Terfervilles #transphobia gettr.com

Not all Trans Identifying men are a danger, but the percentage who are - even if just a danger to women's privacy and dignity - is way higher amongst them than the male population at large (TIM prisoners - over 50% have a sex offence on their record, other male prisoners - 17%). Autogynephilia is a degenerative condition. I am not aware there is a cure, other than chemical castration (which the more extreme opt for, but by then they're so fucked up they remain a danger even without the extreme sex drive). 2/2


Various Commenters #transphobia gettr.com

(@bernie_eee )

Intimidate, insult and frighten women - why we need single sex spaces. Bravo the men he works with BTW

Creepy man tries to use womens bathroom, get's all butthurt when he realises the world doesn't revolve around his fetish.
'I just want to pee....but only in the ladies!'

Good on the 2 guys!!! I hope ALL MEN do this everywhere.

What a brave chap he is, telling old ladies to fuck off. What was his reaction to a couple of blokes making the same point? Did he meekly trot off to the correct facility or pee in his pants?

He just needs to pee…. Well go to the men’s room idiot.

“Two men saves little old ladies from being told to fuck off by scary perverts in the ladies room”

@DavidArthurIBA & @jackflashus #transphobia gettr.com

(@DavidArthurIBA )
The Confusion and Chaos This lgbTQia+ Trans-Queer Gender Ideology Cult Is Leaving In It's Path MUST Be Stopped!

The ONLY Way To Rescue Children That Are Being Targeted, Preyed Upon and Devoured By This Cult and The Curriculum of Government Public Schools IS TO GET THEM OUT!!!

You Can NOT Care About A Child and Send Them Into Such Turmoil and Deception!! You Just Can't!!!

No Real Parent Would Ever Allow Their Child To Transition While Encouraging A MENTAL DISORDER That Desperately Needs Treatment, NOT Encouragement... It Needs Healing, NOT Hormones!

Wake Up Sheeple!!
Put these teachers in jail!!!!

@bernie_eee #transphobia gettr.com

How many transwomen have raped, physically assaulted or even killed women?

And then, how many TERFs have raped, physically assaulted or killed trans anyone.

They don't have a leg to fucking stand on when they talk about 'hateful dangerous bigots'.

Various Commenters #wingnut #fundie gettr.com

( @recommendations )
REPOST IT, for our president!

#donaldtrump #trumppresident #mypresident #makeamericagreatagain #mega2024 #2024 #mega2024
#this #is #our #president #saveamerica


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spoilerAre you still with this man? You should be, he is our only hope

Yes I’m still with President Donald J Trump, But don’t leave Almighty God out , Because God is our hope and he always wins, President Trump is one of God’s Vessels🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍

The Lord picked him. I support God's choice. UltraMAGA! Trump won.

spoilerThe whirlwind is coming.
America is turning RED with Rage.
This is the climate change Democrats really should fear.

My hope is in God who I feel anointed President Trump for a time such as this.

@Rick923 #wingnut gettr.com

President Trump on Biden's Competency

President Donald Trump on Biden's competency: "Take a test!"

Watch David Brody's EXCLUSIVE interview with President Trump.

🇺🇲 When President Trump Speaks the World Listens with intensity because he is a Smart Guy.

When Joe Biden Speaks the World Listens and Laughs their Asses off because he is a mumbling Bumbling Idiot.

Charlie Kirk & various Commenters #wingnut #fundie #sexist #transphobia gettr.com

(Charlie Kirk)
Watch how many Democrats show up to protest the Supreme Court saving millions of innocent lives and tell me this isn’t a spiritual battle.


My body my choice is back for women who want to kill their babies, but still not for those who do not want to take a possible kill shot !! And, since they claim that men can get pregnant, complete with male pregnant emoji‘s, why aren’t men being offered abortion?
And lastly, I thought calling somebody a woman was an illegal pronoun! Half of the babies in the womb are women, so how is it called female healthcare to chop female babies into pieces?

For sure it is a Spiritual battle and the dems side with darkness and satan.


It is very much a spiritual battle. Satan has been ticked off like crazy since Trump became president. The Demonic-party with its share of Rino republicans are still possessed. Even with Trump out of office, the Demon-rats remain obsessed.

Anyone who can support abortion, especially in the unfettered ways that most of these wack-job leftists do, has either no soul, or has leased theirs to Lucifer.

To ardently support and protest the right not only to kill babies in the womb, but in some cases after the child is birthed is pure evil.

Charlie Kirk & Various Commenters #wingnut gettr.com

(Charlie Kirk)
They are trying to stop a constitutional decision to overturn Roe v Wade by leaking DRAFTS of Supreme Court opinions.

Arrest the leakers.

Leakers —> DC Jail; this is more an insurrection than anything that happened on J6

Leaker(s) won't be arrested, the person(s) work for the democrats and we all know they are above the law

Will this be the reason they’ll unleash their ANTIFA goons to burn our cities this summer?

As the Socialist Democrats sink in the polls they always resort back to playing up female fears. Breakout the ol’ hysteria about how women are going to loose their bodily rights, which is hype. No matter the circumstances, no one has the right to end the life of an innocent human because it’s an inconvenience to your lifestyle. Preventive measures are readily available, for couples to not conceive, there is no excuse not to use them.

The whole illegitimate Biden regime should be removed.


spoilerIt’s no longer Democrat vs. Republican
It’s Communism vs. Freedom
Or Maybe something worse
Moloch Luciferians vs. God

Chalrie Kirk & Various Commenters #wingnut gettr.com

(Charlie Kirk)
Democrats believe defending life with a firearm is not a constitutional right but destroying life through an abortion is. Make it make sense.

Self serving hypocrisy; that's the communist Democrats' way.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.

So no to death penalty of a convicted murder, no to use of deadly for with a firearm in defense of your home, BUT yes to the death of a beautiful baby. That is purely demonic.

In a time where there is no stigma around promiscuity, sexual deviancy is celebrated and promoted to our children, it's no wonder they are so upset that people may need to actually take accountability for their actions. Going out and gettting knocked up won't be as easy as having your baby chopped up and vacuumed out anymore. Maybe we can get back to a place where the family and children are what's important and not Slut Walks, Pride Parades, and OnlyFans.

November will be historic! These are the final death throes of the global elitists, woke, radical far left who just like every other tyrannical evil empire, knows it’s over but will do as much damage as they can before they are obliterated because they are pure evil and have nothing but contempt for the people they govern!! They have been exposed for the disgraceful and incompetent fools that they are and no matter how hard the demonrat party and their puppet media and big tech lackies try to distract the American public, they will be destroyed by the red tsunami!!!

It makes sense: they are normalizing murder, child porn, rape, and other perversions. Normalizing the murder of infants and children is just part of it.

Charlie Kirk & various commenters #fundie #wingnut gettr.com

(Charlie Kirk)
While the Court is at it, they should overturn their 60-year-old ruling in Engel v. Vitale and return School Prayer back to states and parents.

What better way to combat the sinister presence of trans ideology & CRT in classrooms?

Organize. Seize the momentum. Take more ground.

You know what is funny schools were started in the first place to teach kids to read the Bible because they knew what these kids would grow up to be without God in their lives now we have kicked God out of the classroom look at our schools and country now

All God is asking is that we turn back to Him. Does no one remember Noah's time and situation? Search and you will find, ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be open.

What a novel idea pray 🙏 in schools,perhaps we could pledge allegiance as well and really freak them out. 😳🤔🙏

And undo same sex marriages

AGREE! Why does the other side get everything they want in the name of tolerance and freedom but the conservatives can’t have something as important and sacred to us as prayer in school?

@TakingUsaBack , @boomshaka1 & @1948DGDial #wingnut gettr.com

You can toss quite a few more in there

Why is george soros even a free man I as a citizen of the United states of America demand a bill to be passed into law to say if anyone is found guilty of excepting money for any reason from soros should be expelled from their position and be held criminally liable.

These people are communist and they want to turn the United States into a communist country like China and Russia OK these people are working for the same agenda to turn this Country into a communist ruling

Various Commenters #wingnut #sexist #homophobia gettr.com

Look what Governor DeSantis did to Disney when they tried to groom children

Now imagine his response to companies that want to push for unlimited abortion rights in Florida

Tread carefully, woke companies

MSM and Hollywood have spent decades foisting a massive case of Self-Effacing Solution Personality Disorder on the populous. Wokism = abuse of those suffering from SELF-EFFACING SOLUTION PERSONALITY DISORDER!

Whooo hooo! Bring it!!! Planned Parenthood is simply a baby killing, body parts trafficking donor for the Democrat party. And we fund it! Destroy Planned Parenthood, they are a scam. They are not “women’s healthcare”, they are about abortion.


Various Commenters #quack #conspiracy gettr.com


spoilerHydroxychloroquine cures Coronavirus -They knew all along they just want you to die

Part of the big pic: population control for NWO, ask Soros & Gates. Evil! Happening in CCP, it’s a warning sign.
Fauci wanted to push what HE & his cronies profit off of while covering his butt.

Well this conspiracy theory has been proven to be factual! Sorry, not sorry, the truth hurts when you lie to yourself

Birx, Fauci, Walensky, these so-called scientists knew this, but the murdered thousands anyway. Birx, Walensky, and Fauci along with many others in the medical profession and all of the CDC, FDA tried to pull off one of the greatest hoaxes in America in the history of our nation. It is time to arrest them, jail them, try them for Treason and they must be hung, publicly, so that no one will ever entertain the idea that they get away with murder of the masses. For that is exactly what the leaders of the criminals, along with Walensky did. And many of our fellow Americans are dead because of them. Including many military. And Fox News and Newsmax never said a word about Ft. Bragg and the many, many military who died in their bunks. All normal don't you know.

Bill Mitchell & Various Commenters #sexist gettr.com

(Bill Mitchell)
Everytime I see these liberal abortion protesters, my first thought is, "Someone is actually having sex with these women?"

Some men are desperate, since the attractive, kind women are MAGA and don’t put out at the drop of a hat.

"Someone is actually having sex with these women?"

Soy beta boys like Newsom, Swallwell, Beto, Trudeau.....that is who does the deed with these freaks

No self-respecting rapist would rape them.

Police Officer/D.A./Defense Attorney: Did you rape that woman?

Accused Rapist: I did not rape her. I could NEVER get that drunk or high. Because if I did, I would be DEAD!!!

Don’t count on it. Most likely they’re NOT having sex which is why they act like psychopaths.

Various Commenters #wingnut gettr.com

(William Hall)
Libs: Ban guns, save lives!

Also Libs: Killing babies is fine!

Exactly they’re for Woman’s rights🙄Sure they are that’s why a Man who dresses like a woman gets to join a woman’s swim team and runaway with every award or able to use Woman’s restroom and rape a young girl-yeah that did happen😡

Convincing black people that people who want to save black babies are racist is the greatest con job in history! I mean sometimes you just have to give the devil his due.

Wear a mask, if it saves just one life it's worth it.

Let's murder 65 million babies because we want sex with no responsibility

Make kids wear masks to save lives
Force vaccines on people to save lives
It never ends with the American Communist

Libs will go to extreme measures to keep from getting COVID: lock downs, social distancing, mask mandates, and experimental vaccines, but won’t do anything to prevent pregnancy.
I guess contraceptives isn’t as glamorous for these self acclaimed social warriors as baby killing

It's actually not fine, libs.

Children in the womb already have a right to life in the U.S. Constitution. That phrase "our posterity" in the Preamble means children of citizens of the U.S. This means that those unborn children are protected under the 5th Amendment.

That's right. A child in the womb actually has to be born, grow up sufficiently to be fit to stand trial and receive proper due process before he/she is put to death.

So, abortion of the children of citizens in the U.S. has been illegal as long as the Constitution has been around. And, according to 18 U.S. Code Chapter 51, the first-degree murder and conspiracy to murder of these children carries a penalty of at least prison time.

It's been illegal for centuries in the US. Tell your friends.

@tradwife_radfem & @Rex_Landy #transphobia gettr.com

Wait, if trannies can get invasive, exorbitantly expensive cosmetic surgeries when they threaten suicide, will it work for women having to face the most difficult decision of her life, or do only crocodile tears work for this?

Haha you know the answer, Horse. Men get what men want, when they want. And plenty of people support this fucked idea. Hence the cockfrockers being feted as something special when they're degenerate pantysniffing pornsick fuckheads.

Various Commenters #wingnut gettr.com

Whether it’s abortion-on-demand or student loan forgiveness…the underlying premise of liberalism is a complete lack of personal responsibility and the notion that nothing you do has consequences.

All I hear is about "rights". Never hear anyone discussing "responsibilities".
Looking for new republicans who harp about personal responsibility. No "it takes a village" b.s.


If they lose relationship with NCAA and Planned Parenthood, they lose two very large laundering silos.

They launder through these instructions. Kick backs, bribed, threats… all using our money. Remember, the government does not create wealth, they take it.

A great point.
Exactly how does unaccountability work in their desire for a globalist new world order..

The lawlessness is the vehicle to tyrannical fascist DEADLY consequences.

The left is so fucking stupid.

Today I had FB discussions regarding women being personally responsible to avoid pregnancy and therefore to avoid abortion. The leftists dismissed personal responsibility outright, while screaming at the top of their lungs for a woman’s right to choose and how white men shouldn’t decide this matter.

@CheeseAndOnions #transphobia gettr.com

"How a Decade of Democratic Delusions Failed Women on Abortion

"From Obama and the ACA to modern gender ideology, Democrats have repeatedly sold out women to the highest bidder"

"So it is with feminists and the left, and what looks to be a SCOTUS decision overturning Roe v. Wade and Casey. I’m sure others are preparing state by state maps about where it will still be possible to get an abortion and how much it will cost a woman in rural Texas, say, to get to the nearest clinic. I mainly want to assist with removing a few delusions some feminists may still harbor about how we got here."


There's no executive order coming to save women. No Inauguration Night proclamation to deliver women the decades of empty promises. The first order of business for Biden was enshrining men's ability to get an erection while publicly displaying their fetish.

The misogynists on the left will never save women from the sexists on the right.

@DarmokAndJalad #transphobia gettr.com


One of the most horrifying ones I have covered.

Brought to you by the malfeasant medical industry, TQIA-Tryhards, Shemale Porn deluded Soyboys, and the Tranny Handmaidens "preventing" kid's suicides on a school board near you.

You can see Reddit groom teens into the trans cult, and that was before mods were caught out literally grooming kids, bragging about giving them hormones. Reddit admins permanently ban users who talk about the transmarketing agenda/funders/and medical malfeasance. There is also no place where you can exclude trans from discussion without admins closing the subreddit. They're even in the women's specific health disorder boards.

@TommyRobinson1 & @timbooker #fundie #racist #wingnut gettr.com

( @TommyRobinson1 )
Bit strange isn’t it???

A RABBI advocating for murdering babies???

I know it’s a contentious issue but his pro abortion issue is also racially and religiously motivated.

He’s an anti White, anti Christian, pro abortion rabbi.


Killing babies is murder plain and simple. Since when is letting each state make their own rules going back to the dark ages? Wow. That rabbi is a bitter person with a hatred of Christians. He forgets what the Torah says also

Well if his argument means anything -thank God that some Christians read the Word of God ,believe it is inspired by God and stand by it or the World would be more doomed than it already is.
God won't look on at this evil for much longer before judging the nations.
Abortion is murder and if you can murder babies or even condone it then there is not much hope left for you-
Only the mercy and grace of your creator which you will only recieve when you repent of your evil and start walking in God's ways.
Thank God that Tommy Robinson stands for Truth and the unborn even while the mainstream Church is failing us.

Various Commenters #homophobia #transphobia #wingnut gettr.com


Promoting the sexualisation, gender confusion and ABUSE OF CHILDREN.

Let’s keep making tranny gay drag kids fashionable so other kids can join in with the confusion and abuse for ATTENTION.

What could possibly go wrong???

Cancel Discovery, children shouldn’t discover such things that need to be kept private and dealt with privately until such a time as the child is a grown adult that has the COGNITIVE MATURITY to know what he or she is and wants.

There’s nothing even remotely loving or caring about supporting the LGBTQ movement. It hurts children and it hurts women. If you support it, that’s what you support, regardless of what you say.

The fear from these shows from my perspective is the glamorisation of being “different”. It’s one thing to encorage parents to love and support their kids no matter who they are, its another for the media to saturate kids with these shows so that is seems to promote “different” as better.
We know how it goes by now. Its better to be a woman than a man, its better to be black than white and now media is telling our kids its better to be gay than straight.

🌴 Obama in his term as President got in bed with these people & put into law approval of gay/lgbtq marriage.. he also established the mandate of the “hate crime” bill specifically aimed at anyone denouncing this perverted immoral, unnatural sexual relationships.
This is the results of a warped, perverted pedophilia transgender society attacking our children and families!!!
Obama also deliberately escalated racial divisions in our nation & continues his racist war!!
*Obama along with his other “Anti American” corrupt puppet master’s is in charge of our White House occupiers!!
**But their Time Is Coming To An End!!!
We Are Seeing God’s Army Rising Up & Strategically Exposing The Enemy & All Their Criminal Corruption!!
Their Defeat Is Eminent & Soon💪🏽🇺🇸

@TommyRobinson1 , @Usaswordsman & @sherrint #wingnut #sexist gettr.com


I can’t help but think the timing of this Supreme Court “leak” about cancelling the Roe v’s Wade abortion case is a little suspect.

Mid terms are not far away, how can dribbly pedo Joe Biden get more of a voter turnout to favour the Democrats???

Ahhh yes, the contentious issue of abortion rights which splits the USA in half ideologically.

Shall I take my tin foil hat off now????

Well.. it used to be that women did not act like whores and screw every men who gave them a beer. It used to be that women were virtuous, but that has been destroyed by "Woman's Lib" and other Leftist policies, like abortion on demand, taking away a woman's responsibility to be a rational adult. Much of this has been the influence of foreign "Migration" and undercutting our values by our own black citizens, spurred on by Democrats. Democrats are and always have been Communists from the very start, and have always wished to tear down America, all while lying through their collective teeth about how virtuous they are.

The "you're pro-life until the baby is born" line always gets me. I'm very much anti-murdering babies. I'm also very much anti-everybody but you paying for the consequences of your actions. It's not my job to take care of somebody else's kids. It's also not my fault if women whore themselves out because "sex feels good, so you can't expect people not to have sex" (yes, I've had that one thrown at me). Oh but I can expect that, because if a person can't control their base urges, they are nothing but animals. The human ability to show restraint and rise above the "natural man" is what makes us human. I don't give a shit if something feels good, you always have a choice whether to do it or not. I've heard injecting heroin feels good, doesn't mean anybody should do it.

Hope it's ended to hell with what these baby murderers think ! No one has a right to infringe on anyone's right to life , it's called murder you morons and it's the most barbaric ways !

@Rex_Landy ., @Marydairy & @GeekGurl2000 #transphobia gettr.com

No such thing as transphobia. Because there's no such thing as trans. Just men, women, boys, girls. Mentally ill/vulnerable/confused/preyed on by Big Pharma.

They exist. They're just not trans. There's no special identity you can claim to be other than what you are. Die mad about it. Reality doesn't give a fuck for your feelings and neither do I.

I've said this before but I once (when working in mental health) had a patient who was so convinced he was a ghost he would go shopping naked and just shoplift.... nobody could see him ..who cares? Why is it some delusional beliefs are accepted others are not? Why were the wider public not expected to call this man Casper and accept his public nudity? Btw when well these incidents caused him enormous embarrassment and distress.

"Oh, noes! Are we terven oppwessing da poor twanswimmins? Oh, the twaaaaansphobiaaaahhhh! It's coming for them! Run! (Preferably out of all women's facilities)"

"Rational people define transphobia as overt physical attacks or threats. Activists define twansphobiaaaaaahh! as anything that isn't abject capitulation and slavish dick-sucking combined with praise for the 'female penis' and gargling jizz like a sommelier."

@WesternWitch66 #transphobia gettr.com


Society must defeat this Gender Ideology cult craze, and it will. But think past simply defeating it: a dangerous Gnostic delusion has destroyed the lives of countless young people, and it did so with near-unanimous institutional and media support. Think past victory and start thinking about justice and reform. Thousands of children were harmed psychologically and many physically butchered - even as they believed they were finding their “authentic selves”. We vow to never, ever let this happen to other children. So what will we do after we have defeated this cult?

@shakerofsalts , @Bertie007 & @GeekGurl2000 #transphobia gettr.com

Trans, nonbinaries, and what-have-yous never did and never will know whether or not if they were born in the "wrong" body. It implies that they have experienced both bodies and found out that one felt more "right" than the other. This is not the case.
They were born in the right body. They just feel wrong.

It's their minds that are wrong, not their bodies. Brains addled by porn, social media and grooming. #transisalie #sexnotgender #menarenotwomen #womendonthavepenises

"The number of people currently claiming to have a gender identity is less than the number who were claiming aliens were probing their bumholes 20 years ago. Just because a phenomenon has been studied doesn't mean it exists outside a belief in it" @ Shatterface (Twitter) 3:02 PM May 9, 2021

@shakerofsalts #transphobia gettr.com

Science is not based on "feelings". You are not biologically the opposite gender of what you were born as because you "feel" that you were in the wrong body.

You need to accept the fact that you were born in the right body. You just feel wrong.

A man cannot know what a woman "feels" like because he was never born a woman, he never matured into a woman, nor was he socialized as a woman.

A woman doesn't know what it "feels" like to be a woman either. Because woman isn't a feeling a feeling, it's a sex class.

@1234Hope & @SisypheanTask #transphobia gettr.com

Imagine spending expertise and money on this sickening perversity instead of women’s and children’s well-being. Mengele squeels of pride and joy in hell! A MALE BODY CANNOT SUSTAIN A FETUS. A mother = a female parent. #medicalmalpractice #TRA #pregnancy #womenshealth #itsacult #childrensrightsarehumanrights #womensrightsarehumanrights #sexnotgender https://youtube.com/watch?v=lId6nGRa8iE&feature=share

Let them get their uterus transplants and die of sepsis in terrible pain. They’d need the uterus to “settle” in their narrow hip cavity before a fetus could be implanted so let them have their excruciating deaths. As long as the uteri come from truly consenting women and not women who offered their organs for life saving transplants. I mean SPECIFICALLY consenting to having a man have her uterus implanted in him.

@Amanda504 & @LoveHerMadly #transphobia gettr.com

There are new women’s & LGB organizations being created now because the ones we built in the past are captured because money I guess.

We are in many ways back to ground zero.

We may need to create private womens groups, clubs, sports leagues.

Hell I’d be all for declaring radical feminism a religion with Diana as our diety. A tiny church in malls etc (aka a male free bathroom). Larger ones in each town (bathrooms, changing rooms, gyms, therapy center, maybe a restaurant & bar etc) with a nice little altar to Diana where you can light a candle.

We aren’t there yet but if we have to we need to think creatively to get away from male perversity.

"It's against my religion to call a man "she" and against my religion to have XY DNA in any private space where he is not a relative or a man of my choosing." I THOUGHT that already existed for Muslim women -- still waiting for major court cases where Muslim women have been in the ladies area and removed their veils only for a troon to have seen their faces. I've been close to women who wear the niqab, and when it's just females, off it comes and we chat, and the moment a male appears, on it goes. Surely a woman who wears the niqab in Britain has had a troon encounter by now. Need a brave woman to report it.

@BadAssTexan , @WWAPD & @DeanWWG1WGA1776 #fundie #transphobia #homophobia #racist gettr.com

She's not wrong.

Satan is behind gender mutilation of children.

Satan loves abortion.

Satan loves the destruction of our schools where he has free reign.

Churches have been infiltrated. @EnjoyTheD

MTG is absolutely right. The same church leadership that is too weak to speak out against homosexuality, child trafficking, CRT and gender brainwashing of elementary school students is too weak to oppose our country being overrun by invaders. Look at the damage the churches that brought Somali refugees to the Minneapolis area have caused.

Satanist butchered the Bible . 700 stories they chose 60 to edit modify and fit there agendas . shame they forgot to take the flat earth out before nasa spun there ball earth in 1583 by pope 3rd . the year after they made the cagorian callender . Its God's Earth . a clue is in one Religon called the ROMAN catholic church . then jesuits invaded it in 1841 . became a child abusing Nazi cult run by a Jesuit freak in red shoes

@TimRunsHisMouth , @OdinPerez81 & @Slan64 #quack #conspiracy #wingnut gettr.com

Love that I can post memes like this here.

Person receiving vaccination: what side effects can I expect?
Person giving the vaccination: World depopulation

Their goal: Maintain Humanity under 500.000.000 in perpetual balance with nature
Theor tools: chemtrails, weather mdofication, war, poison in the food, junk food, GMO’s, flouride in the water, vaccines, drugs, white vs. black, false flags, 5G, Hunger, Mainstream Media, Entertaining Industry

Trump won the election
Babbitt was murdered
McAfee didn't commit suicide
Covid came from a lab
Fauci knew
Hydroxychloroquine worked
Biden has dementia
People are dying from the shot
Hillary Clinton is a killer
Masks are irrelevant
It came from China
BLM are terrorists

@Catullus_vincit #transphobia gettr.com

Confused? Here's the quick down & dirty:

- TRANSWOMEN (deranged MEN) victimize WOMEN and CHILDREN, often through sexual assault

- TRANSMEN (deranged WOMEN) victimize CHILDREN through the schools, post-transition pregnancy & indoctrination

That's muh TedTalk. Thanks you.

@robjessel , @Syephanie & @bernie_eee #transphobia gettr.com

Theory: gender-confused people go militant when things start going wrong with their body.

Their misogyny is really inner rage at themselves, directed at an external target...because they can't bear the fact that their twice-a-day-dilated neo-vagina doesn't work as advertised.


Yes. It has occurred to me that if someone underwent the pain and hormonal trauma of cutting off testicles and inverting the penis, then found they really didn’t look like a woman, and had to dilate painfully many times a day, and risked or experienced disruptive and unpleasant urinary tract symptoms, deep despair and overwhelming anger at women who had ‘needed’ to do none of this would result. Depression, particularly in men, can present as aggression. I am sorry for youngsters who were stupid enough to fall for the lies of the medics about the capacity of surgery and hormones to effect real change. Their anger is misplaced and we women shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of it. Please lock up the doctors to stop this.

Transmen have internalised misogyny, transwomen are just misogynists. Makes sense women bear the brunt and get all the shit, for just existing.

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Remember this:
Inflation, food shortages, economy flat, higher interest rates.
All made to hurt we Americans. This is planned people!!! Wait until the recession hits and people can’t affords the iver priced homes they bought!!! It is inly going to get worse with the Communist Demoncrats!!!

It will be much worse than the obama years. & it's all on PURPOSE