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Justin #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

It is modern 'atheist' thinking that abandoned and mocked the natural cycles of disease and immunity established by GOD and nature, spending vast treasures, (of other people's stolen resources), to invent and maintain 'vaccines' which save lives in the short term, (allowing overpopulation to occur), artificially extending lives while offering no 'legacy' of permanent inheritable immunity to future generations, who end up dependent on that unsustainable technology while growing weaker and weaker genetically. A massive 'die off' is inevitable which will still not result in genetically inherited immunity, though it will address overpopulation anyway, making the entire point to vaccines moot, only leaving us extremely weak and vulnerable to future die offs.

We have the knowledge and technology to actually face disease directly instead, surviving its full rigors and passing along permanent 'gifts' to our posterity instead of dying young anyway from drug overdoses, cancers, lethal sexual diseases and stupid accidents marching headlong into some bizarre vision of 'progress' without GOD or any appreciation of His creative design.

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Justin #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

If 'modern' atheist people are so smart and 'ancient' god-fearing people were so backward, why do WE live in a pervasively poisoned world?

Ancient people lived in a pristine natural environment, were not threatened by overpopulation, nuclear weapons, tides of lethal sexual diseases and incurable cancers, gender confusion, inability to survive the presence of basic food staples like wheat and milk, and didn't exist in perpetual states of war disguised as various forms of 'futuristic progress.' They were also smart enough to 'repent' of their course when obvious tragedy struck, rather than use 'spin' to find a way to continue down it even further. Are 'we' really 'homo sapiens' the 'wise ones?'

Horseshoe Theory Award II

Disagreeing is insane: the one thing all fundies agree on

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Bob #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Atheists can't be blamed for their arrogance because atheism is nothing but a mental disorder . As a recent medical study in scientific American showed , atheists have trouble with teleological thoughts .

We have to be more compassionate and empathetic of atheists and instead push the government to fund more studies on the mental disorder of atheism in order to help them cope better and one day become normal human beings instead of the delusional lunatics they are today . We have to love them and be empathetic to their disorder.

Why are we caring towards people with other mental illnesses and intolerant of the mental disorder of atheism. Only with love , better medical diagnosis and better therapies can we help them become normal again .

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Just The Facts, Carnac #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Who is more vulnerable to abuse elderly or children and why?

Neither children nor old people are very often the victims of "abuse" in our culture. The real ABUSE that is taking place in our society today is being suffered by ordinary, decent people who have the courage to stand up against the bullying tyranny of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, which has become utterly ruthless in recent years. Just to mention a few examples:

School officials in Irving, Texas called the police when a weasily young boy brought to school a digital clock with its plastic cover removed so that it looked like a timing device for a bomb. He then preposterously claimed that he was a "genius" who had "invented" the department-store clock and that he was being "abused" because he was MUSLIM. So the TRULY ABUSED taxpayers were forced to pay him a large "undisclosed sum" to make him feel better.

The entire entertainment and merchandising empire of a famous TV chef was destroyed and scores of people lost their livelihoods after a disgruntled neegrow employee who claimed that she was abused TRULY ABUSED her boss because her boss had once, many years earlier, used the abusive word "n-I-g-g-e-r" to describe a murderous armed robber who abusively threatened to kill her.

In Oregon, a pair of abusive Lezbo-Nazi sweethearts, who claimed they were abused, TRULY ABUSED a mom-and-pop Christian bakery by suing them for everything they owned and putting them out of business after they refused to decorate a cake for a devil-worshipping, sodomite ceremony that the bakers believed would be immoral for them to take money for participating in.
Just The Facts, Carnac · 1 week ago

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Missy #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Life had a beginning, and it was not a big bang and everything fell into place. How is it people are the same shade as dirt and vitamins and minerals and medicine are made from dirt and plants, every human being on the face of the earth have all there organs in the same place?

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anonymous #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Demons live inside clones. Jesus died for all sins committed by all.
Jesus said that you have to drink His blood.
All people have soul, body, and spirit.
In animals, blood substitutes soul.
That's why you're forbidden to drink animal blood. Animals don't have spirit.
You're forbidden to drink human blood (like during blood transfusion) because sins transfer.
You're told to drink blood of Jesus (because He's sinless) so that your sins are forgiven.
Dogs are not allowed in your home and your church because the Holy Spirit will leave.
Supposedly, white magic helps people, while black magic harms, but, in reality, both cause harm. Casting spells is asking demons for help.
Thoughts and dreams have 3 sources:
1)God and angels,
Most thoughts and dreams are from demons.
Demons never do good.
Pray the Jesus prayer slowly always:
"Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."
To have normal sleep, pray to your guardian angel. Also, sleep clothed.

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"Patriarchy" #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Why should atheists have rights?

Consider these facts:
90% of atheists will be involved in a violent altercaction in their life
60% of atheists are sexually perverted (abg)
When asked if they would forgive a human being for their sins, 90% of atheists said no
When asked if they respect the law, 59% of atheists said no
When asked if they would spit on Jesus, 85% of atheists said yes
40% of atheists admit to finding horses attractive

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William #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

(In response to a Christian who mentions why American Christian Zionists never seem to mind about the Christian Palestinian minority)

Spoken like a true atheist troll. Actually all Christians know that Israel is repsonsible for the existence of the Holy Bible, We also know they were God's chosen people long before we came about then of course favortism and legalism were no more because of Christ's sacrifice. Still those who curse Israel will be cursed and those who bless Israel will be blessed and there is no denying that. So your lack of knowledge has atheist troll written all over it.

Speaking to Israel's forefather Abraham God says, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." - Genesis 12:3 and what is for Abraham is for Israel.

Now for your claim that Palestinians are Christians too:

After the second Jewish revolt under Bar Cochba (A.D. 132-135) it is said the Roman Emperor Hadrian renamed the land of Israel and Judea as Palastina (Palestine) after the ancient enemies of the Jews - the Philistines. Because of his hatred of the Jews, it was meant to be an insult to dishonor them and remove their Jewish rights and history.

Until so called Palestinians can define their Nation's capitol, their borders, their party politics, their financial institutions, their laws, their origins, their government's protocol on every level, their healthcare system, their emergency response system, their social services, their infrastructure, their foreign and domestic policies and any and all other institutions and ethics that would afford them the right to nationhood among the world's nations why should they even be recognized?

So what Christian in their right mind would become terroristic or part of an insult against the nation (Israel) that helped us Gentiles understand God and God's will?

You sir are an imposter at best.

EDIT: Thumbs down - of course all you socialist atheist liberals would come running to the defense of your atheist troll friend........ rotfl...........
Every American Christian prays, "Lord watch over and protect Israel, secure your land and give it peace."

Every American Christian will always be for Israel and support Israel even in their prayers.

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Siloam Tech #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

One of the presidents of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO) was asked on public TV why scientists so quickly accepted Darwin's theory to which he gave this most unscientific sounding answer ; 'Well I suppose it was because the idea of God interferred with our sexual mores."

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V #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

I've experienced "sleep paralysis" about a dozen times in the past and these experiences have stopped. "Sleep paralysis" is demonic. I have seen and spoke with the demons and saw one at the foot of my bed. Every time I called on the Lord Jesus Christ, they left me. Twice I found myself out of my body. Scientists call it "sleep paralysis" but if you examine the dream you were having before it happened, you will realize it was evil spirits trying to possess you.

If you make Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, He will give you authority over Satan and all his demons.

"Dear Jesus,

I am a sinner.
I repent of my sins.
Please forgive me and save me by your shed blood;
come into my heart.
I want to receive you as my own personal Lord and savior.


If it happens again, say "I command you to leave me now in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ!" and have faith in the Lord Jesus. If the unclean spirits see that your faith is too strong for them, they will leave you alone for good.

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Girl #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Pharaoh and his Army,Pharaoh was worried that the Hebrews were becoming too numerous and strong for him and his army to control and that if this continued to happen that eventually, they would join with other enemies of Egypt and challenge Pharaoh's army. To prevent this, he forced the Hebrews into labor hoping that it would break their spirit and make them easier to control/deal with. When this didn't work and their population continued to grow and thrive, he sought to prevent a future revolt by having the midwives kill all the baby boys born to Hebrew women. This also did not work because many of the Hebrew women delivered on their own without the help of a midwife. So to ensure that all the baby boys would be killed anyway, the Pharaoh ordered that they all be thrown into the river.

Approximately 2,750,000 male Hebrew babies were murdered over the 80 years of slavery.

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Jesus Will Soon Judge Liberals #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Not one verse in the Bible says Jesus was Jewish(Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or modern English version). I will make 20 accounts and give you 20 stars if you can cite me one verse that would even indicate he was Jewish.

Jesus was talking to the Jews in John 8.

John 8:44
King James Version (KJV)
44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Jesus was white by the way.

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Beyond Vatican #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Destruction in Phillipines is God's judgment on catholic idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints.God has condemned all those who do idolatry to eternal hell fire-Revelations21:8,and christians have been warning the catholic/orthodox for the last 1600 years since the origin of catholicism by corrupting God's Holy Church with idolatry,yet they didn't repent.So God is now directly warning them,with these natural disasters.Will you catholics heed this warning ,and leave your idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints,so that you may have blessings of God instead of his curse and wrath?

Many of you catholics are sick because you attend Eucharist after doing this idolatry of intercession/veneration of saints ,which God has warned us through Apostle Paul not to do.

God bless you to see the truth and reality .

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ATHEISTS lack UNDERSTANDING #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Did those 63 studies who say [atheists are more intelligent] interview the atheists with mental disabilities?
Mentally decapitated people (Lord have mercy on them) don't have an ability to believe in God. That makes them atheists.

Did those 63 "studies" miss them when they said atheists are more intelligent than theists?

I call 'biased BS'.

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SmartAZ #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

We have this prophecy we call Armageddon. The last prophecy to be fulfilled before that was the creation of Israel in 1948. The USA is prominently absent from the story, so we are waiting to see the country collapse and become helpless. That appears to be right on schedule. The sexual perverts are taking over, just as Jesus said they would. Jesus said it's going to be worse than anything ever before.

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no #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

I have found Atheists to be more close minded than most Christians. They also have this superior "better than thou" attitude that comes with someone who believes that they are looking at insects when they see someone with a religion (I should say "another religion" since Atheism IS a religion). Some Pagans (the New Age Type) are stupid enough to think that Atheists are better than Christian, but that makes the Pagan nothing more than a "Useful Idiot". The Atheists will go after them if then ever defeat the Christians and Jews. The New Agers hate Christianity so much that they even back the Moslems over the Christians.

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ME #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

See when I was an atheist I didn't believe in laws, I felt since there was no deity, I could do anything I wanted as long as I did not get caught. I viewed secular humanists, militant atheists, communists, anarchists as idiots who believed in something instead of enjoying their shorts lives. I shoplifted, would open car doors and look for things I could sell or money, would taunt Black men with racial slurs, used women for money, often lonely broken ugly women who were raped or abused as children who were just happy someone gave them attention, all while I was getting off on messing with married women, it excited me to potentially ruin a marriage. I liked corrupting women too, making them do weird sexual things they didn't like. I was also really depressed and suicidal and began abusing psych meds, alcohol and eating garbage and moved back in with my parents because I couldn't get the women anymore with my big disgusting gut.

Before I was an atheist I was actually very moral, I was a virgin, went to church twice a week, had good friends, went to university. But when I started to question things, I basically became a mess and a negative nancy who only saw bad in everything.

Glad I got over that miserable parasitic phase of 6 years. Atheism is gay and obviously not natural if it makes people this way. I know I'm not the only one. Just check any atheist forum and there are plenty of people who think the same way I did.

BTW. most atheist women are fugly, basement dwellers with mommy and daddy issues, so a good looking healthy atheist male is pretty much screwed if he wants similar in an atheist women. The few I found were mainly opportunist career minded women who would abandon their own kids and screw their boss just to get ahead in life.

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William #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

One of the major signs of judgment day in Islam is the sun rising from the west. NASA since the past couple of years has recently confirmed that the sun will rise from the west. Muhammad's P.B.U.H followers claimed that he split the moon into half and the moon was merged back again to show them that he is truly a prophet. NASA has has also confirmed that splitting of the moon. Keep note that porphet Muhammad P.B.U.H was illeterate and the quran has plenty of more miracles related to science and maths. If you believe him as a rapist, murderer then I am sorry to say you really don't know his true character.
Mathmatical proof:
Sea is mentioned 32 times in Quran

Land is mentioned 13 times in Quran

Sea (32) + Land (13) = 45


Sea % = 32/45*100=71.11111111%

Land % = 13/45*100 = 2888888889%

Sea + land =100.00%
Modern science has only recently proven that the
water covers 71.111% of the
earth, while the land covers 28.889%

But our Quraan had proved it 1400 years ago

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? liz ? #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

The earth is covered with about six inches of top soil.It takes about one thousand years to make one inch.If the earth was as old as scientist say what happened to all that soil.Also if the earth was as old as they say and the moon was as old as they say the moon would be covered in a very thick layer of dust.The astronauts wore snow boots expecting all that dust but it was not there.What happened to all the dust.

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Corner #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Greek religions were a pagan religion... Pagan religions is the second oldest religion in the world.

The first known religion is Christianity(before christ juadism). We know that Christianity was the first religion, because even in the prehistoric period(before people learn how to write and record things) there are drawings of the creation story that match the one in the bible... therefore we know that Christianity was the first religion, because Pagan religions didn't come around until after the prehistoric period when people started to build civilizations.

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I love He Who created Me #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Atheists why don't you accept the fact that evolution is a big joke?

How can random mutations create the perfect order we get in nature? Where are all the intermediate species? There should be fossils of ancestors of giraffes that have shorter and shorter necks, but they are not anywhere. When you see a Boeing you know that it has been created, designed by someone. But when you see a bird, much more complex, you think it was created by chance? Why should single-celled organisms "evolve" in multi-cellular organisms that are vulnerable to the environment?

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Resist Indoctrination #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

evolution cannot explain why humans and the earth is special. Out of millions of animal species, why are humans the only animals to have a conscience and higher intelligence ? No other animal can fly to the moon in a space ship. Also, a snail today looks identical to snail fossils from 500,000 years ago. No change has occurred. Pilt down man / evolution is just a marxist scam.

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Tami #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Athiests: Answer this yet I bet u can't logically?

You say there is no god...ebut listen evolution dosent exist. from the Big Bang theory lets start, how can nothing become something? just appear out of no where? even a child comes from a egg and sperm. how can a function in a body tell what it is supposed to do? such perfection in the body that without it u r done..don't say it just is or **** u r just idiots because u can't explain it

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Johnny G #conspiracy ca.answers.yahoo.com

Is it possible that God is actually an alien being?
And Heaven is an actual planet or solar system somewhere in the universe? And these alien beings are so far advanced that their abilities are far beyond our comprehension? That earth was populated by that culture in their image and angels are actually the names of those beings who are sent here to observe and look over us? That alien life that's been documented in ufo sightings are those entities that come back to somehow extract the souls of the dead and take them back to where they come from? That everything that the bible tells of is due to actual events committed by alien life? Any plausibility to this theory?

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carmella s #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Isn't it Ironic and quite amusing?
I quoted a statement yesterday by Paschal Wagner; In short, God cannot be proven or disproved that he exists, so better to believe just in case. I get so many people commenting that God does NOT exists. They do not believe in God. I find that rather amusing as their statement in itself is acknowledging that God does exist,. Isn't this true? What do you think?

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nargal2 #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

I cant stand it when athiests say, "if there was a god, why doesnt he do this, or why does he allow that." There is a bigger picture. we have chosen to have certain ailments, handicaps, mental illness, etc. to learn about prejudice, tolerance, racism, etc. if there was no evil, or hard times on earth, then why would we have to come here in the first place. god didnt do anything to us, we chose it for ourselves, because we wanted to learn certain things in this life. people that choose to have bad lives, are actually the brave ones who wanted to learn as much as possible.

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CJ #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

Why would someone who is unsaved and not a Christian, think they are being "open minded", when they clearly outnumber the number of saved Christians? To be open minded is to go against what the majority insists. We know that the majority does NOT believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Is the majority always right?

Indeed it is those like me who know that Jesus is the only way to heaven, that are open minded enough to understand that this present world is based upon a lie from Satan.

Damning yourself to eternal hell isn't open mindedness. It is sheer stupidity.


You can't say, "I'm open minded to all the options out there". There's only TWO options in existence. You are either for Jesus, or you are for Satan. There is no third option. You're not "open minded" at all.

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Sir. ChatsAlot #fundie ca.answers.yahoo.com

actually i can tell you someone who has said that one of my coworkers was tlaking to someone else about religion and how its the greatest casue or WAR/DEATH in the world today.
i told him, rather loudly, that it is ATHEISTS who are the killers
ill name a few
hitler who only killed ... what 6 million jews?
the KKK who seems to hate just about everyone
the communists
and some of you have mentioned others as well