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[From “Should Women Be Allowed To Vote?”]

I had two voting-related questions come up[…]
•What are your thoughts on women voting?
•What would voting look like in your ideal system, if at all?[…]

What are your thoughts on women voting? Should women be allowed to vote?

My answer is no
“Why Not?” is explained in answering #2

What would voting look like in your ideal system, if at all?

If we’re going to have voting at all in our future political system, the voting system itself needs to change to have these two new components:
The voting system must be oversight voting, not direct voting or representational voting. I.e., we should not vote directly for leaders or laws[…]
Voting must be done solely by families[…]
••To get a vote, one must be married with kids (in a traditional Biblical marriage)[…]
••Divorced? Lost the vote. Single parent? No vote[…]
••Families should only get one vote. A family should be in consensus or it shouldn’t be voting, anyway. Since the Bible says that the man is the head of the household, he should fulfill the family vote requirement. This renders women voting moot[…]
This process is similar, but more formal and voting-based, to how the average people “overseen” the monarchy in many nations during Christendom[…]They “overseen” through rioting, financial rebellion, or other pushback methods against the king. This kind of voting system is a simple way to get that same outcome without the old Middle Ages bloodshed[…]
With this, we could return to the last time our civilization was working well (Christendom). But we’d still be able to incorporate a hedge against totalitarianism[…]
We don’t have to have voting, but I’d prefer it if we structured it like this. Oversight voting by family is the way to go[…]
My sympathies in advance to all those who will be offended: Single men, women, sodomites, the divorced, and everyone else alike. This position may seem “extreme”

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[From "The Fall Of Christendom Leading To Enlightenment Lies"]

The problems that haunt us today are not modern[…]
In trying to answer these questions, the conservative often falls back on a modern answer to solve the modern problem. We’ll fight transgenders with free speech and activism, they yell! We’ll overcome rigged elections by getting an even greater vote margin that’s larger than the possible fraud, they proclaim![…]
The modern problem is not truly modern at all. It’s a centuries-old problem that has infested everything since then. Things like transgenderism and widespread voter fraud exist because of the foundational lies that have allowed them[…]
The average conservative’s framework is so totally removed from reality due to this disconnect that it should be no surprise that they continually fail to adequately “fix” or “conserve” literally anything of value[…]
That centuries-old problem is the Enlightenment itself. The very foundation of modernity

The obstacles we face today are a direct result from the civilizational outlook/mindset shift from Christendom to Modernity, which transpired because of the so-called “Enlightenment”[…]
Every political group in the modern age has a degeneration attached to it that was sowed from the Enlightenment Lie

Christendom was the last time we had something real[…]
What should we do? My belief is we must fully break free from the confines of the Enlightenment Lie

The mindset of Christendom is the only thing that can do that. We must return to the right road first[…]
I believe that if Voltaire, Denis Diderot, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau knew what they were creating—if only they could only see us now—they would have put down their pens and ran off to crusade-slaughter their own fellow Philosophes[…]
If we want Christ to remain in his position as the Left Hand[…]we must correct this lie. If we want our people to survive, as the nations that we are, we must correct this lie. There is no other option