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The son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra was Caesaria
Who was also known as Little Caesar

Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy who was a Hellenistic Jew
Hellenistic Jews lived in Greece
They were in power in Egypt and were never slaves as is taught in the Old Testament

Jesus was Little Caesar and was an Oraphim
Oraphims have quantum probability control
Meaning they can create events by using their light energy
They are 12 dimensional beings because they have 12 strand DNA

Oraphim bloodlines are typically Rh negative and are mostly Jewish
Draconian bloodlines are also Rh negative
These are the royal bloodlines which include US Presidents
They typically have a dragon tail on the lower spine
President Taft had a noticeable one
They also have extra vertebrae

Draconian bloodlines become stale and so they need to bring in fresh genetics
They bring in the Oraphim bloodlines which have high capabilities

Princess Diana was an Rh positive Oraphim
She was drawn into the Windsor Web so that they would not suffer genetic breakdown
And discarded when she was no longer needed

The royal bloodline which is also the Illuminati bloodline is part reptilian
They carry out Satanic rituals
Which involve the rape torture sacrifice and consumption of young kids

Humans partake in their sacrifice when they eat animals

Draconian Rh negative bloodlines which include Hollywood stars
Are easily possessed by reptilians

Oraphims have access to universal knowledge
By reaching the 9th dimensional consciousness
Which is called the Mouth Of God

That is why Oraphims are constantly tracked and interfered with by 4th dimensional reptilians

All humans are capable of achieving the Christ Consciousness
We can return to the 12 strand DNA by raising our resonant frequency

Do not give energy to the Savior Complex
Your energy is yours

Our cells are batteries
Our energy is constantly flowing in abundance

Manifest positive light energy
And the dark side will fade away!

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Our torus universe expands and contracts
It is the breath of the cosmos

When it contracts it takes in data
When it expands it is integrating the received information of experiences

Cyclical apocalypses are universal contractions
Resulting in the depressurization of our realm

Divine plasma flows up and down the north celestial pole
When the Univeral Mind receives data the electromagnetic dome will break open
Our history has been totally covered up and changed
In order for the ones in power to hide their crimes

The Exodus event happened 600 years ago starting in what is now referred to as 1421
The parting of the Red Sea was a celestial event
The sea being the Cosmic Plasma Sea of Poseidon who was another version of Saturn

As the magnetic field changed Mars drifted down
This was the Son of Man descending in all his glory with his holy angels
Separating the sheep from the goats

Negatively charged human will be separated from the positive charged ones
The negative humans will magnetically drift upwards in the rapture

Moses was Mars and his trek up the Mountain of God to receive the 10 Commandments
Was the same as Hermes drawing edicts on the cosmic pillar to be laws for the people

Zeus Lord of the Middle Heaven collected all the gods to his holy habitation in the center of the world
This is the magnetic drift of the planets to the celestial pole during the apocalyptic data gathering episode

The next apocalyptic event will be the 7th Golden Age of Enlightenment

As plasma filters down into our realm and beings become infused with it
Lines of communication with animals insects and even with plants and trees will be restored
We will go back to the 5D natural way of life and interact with fairies again

All beings within the living organic simulation are an expression of the God Consciousness
All life gathers information for the Universal Mind

Our souls will evolve beyond the current avatar form
And we will become multidimensional operating at a higher level of frequency

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Past the ice walls of Antarctica
Is the Neptunian Ocean containing many large continents
It is all surrounded by a ring of mountains

Beyond those mountains is the Ocean of Poseidon
With many more large continents

Beyond that is a land bridge leading to the World of Aeria

We are told we live on a small spinning ball
And everything has already been discovered

A false idea of the cosmos limits your ability to channel

When run on a false program of artificial sequences
It makes it hard to change the station

When we comply we give up our sovereignty
And project a false holographic timeline

Pull away from the illusion
Understand that it is a matrix of mind control

Solar flashes are planned for 2023
But as we wake up the negative side loses power

As we gain the ability to hold positive charge
The negative agenda falls to the wayside

Star seeds are the second coming of Christ Consciousness
Sometimes they cannot hold the frequencies from whence they came
Because the vibration of this density is so low

As our subatomic particles speed up
Our molecular structure shifts to silicon based
Which allows the teleportation of timelines

We can then project sequences
And they will happen

Many of us have become so synthetic and our frequency has dropped to such a low level
That we cannot reprint the cells with the correct sequence

The Pledians and Arcturians have tapped into our original DNA
In another timeline reality
They have manifested themselves as Drop ins or Walk ins
And are reawakening our divine genetic structure

Our waveform is resonating with those sequences
But you have to individually activate it

Synchronicity will happen on a daily basis
And you will get what your soul needs!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo bennettleeross.com

Our thoughts are vibrational frequencies
We project our momentum into the quantum field which creates our reality

The movie The Nightmare Before Christmas creates an expectation of a future event
Its promotional picture contains a huge wave

This is predictive programming where belief is imprinted into our subconscious
And we help make it become a reality

The character name of Xana Kernodle is of one of the girls supposedly murdered
At the University of Idaho

In the movie Citizen Kane
Xanadu is the mansion of WR Hearst
Who is famous for his fake journalism

Xanadu is also the name of the mansion of Bill Gates
Who is famous for his promotion of the fake Covid vaccine

The address of the fake University of Idaho murders is 1122 King Street
11 22 is the date of the fake JFK assassination
And Kernodle in Dutch means Grassy Knoll
As in the grassy knoll of the staged theatrical JFK event
All these actors can now have a higher rank in the CIA

When people are poisoned with fear it affects mass consciousness
And keeps people in spiritual and mental confusion

It puts people in a hypnogenic trance
In a non questioning state of mind
Accepting whatever they are told

Just like where the congregation at a church has no clue
That their beloved pastor is actually a pedophile
And attends Satanic human sacrifices

The Occult have a greater understanding of how energy works
Which allows them control

When virtues disappear it becomes a breeding ground for Black Magic
People sell their souls to the winning team
But in the end they will be on the losing team
And will have a massive amount of karma to work through!

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The cyclical plasma apocalypse will be when 2 realms merge
And the multiverse will be revealed
It is fantasy becoming reality

It will begin with the Trumpet of God
When the plasma breaks through the barrier between worlds

The sky will seem to collapse

The plasma is sentient and it will give life to inanimate objects
Spiritual forces in the heavenly places will be energized
And will interact with us seeking to possess us

The Papyrus Ipuwer tells of a time when the sky was in confusion
When an oily substance resembling naphtha or petroleum rained from above

Lapland tradition believes when Jubmel the heaven lord flashes red blue and green
A storm wind will result and wild air spirits will rage

Amen or Amon means red and hidden
Ra means Saturn
Amon Ra means red obscured Saturn
Flags around the world display a red sun

It was a time of semi darkness that resembled twilight
When you say amen at the end of prayer you are bringing in your own darkness
The alteration of Mars is the origin of the belief in the Antichrist
Islam belief is that the Antichrist has one eye
And rules in the underworld or hell which is the lowest heaven

Mars is the god of the underworld
Jesus was given the attributes of Mars

In Psalms Jehovah is the King of Old
Who divides the sea by his strength
Who breaketh the head of Leviathan
And cleaves the fountain of the world

Jehovah is Saturn
The sea is the celestial ocean of plasma
Leviathan is the cosmic plasma serpent
The cleaving of the fountain of the world is the terminal points of the electrical current
That snaked its way up the north celestial axis or Tree of Life

Solomon is Sol which is Saturn
Om means vibration
And On is the heavenly city of lights

Saturn reverberated the God frequency
With a humming sound that resembled the word Om or Ohm

And with the energetic vibrational sound frequencies
Built the celestial city of God

When you repeat the voice of god by repeating Om
You can build your own light structure!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The Serapeum in Saqqara Egypt was a harmonic resonator
It matched frequencies of geometrical patterns
By measuring molecular vibrational levels

It could discharge you from one world
And make you appear in another one
It was similar to the transporter room in Star Trek

In reality this world is just another dream state
You persist in the level that you need to learn from
When you understand one level then your consciousness goes to a higher one

Our realm had a high consciousness for millennia
Sometimes referred to as the consciousness of Ra who was Saturn

Saturn bestowed upon us plasmatic rays of eternal truth
Allowing for advanced civilizations to flourish
Providing abundance for all

Saturn was our former sun and the Father of Creation
The earths energetic ley lines were fed by these life giving rays

Power houses and temples were built on this grid system
To harness the power of the plasma flow
Creating healing harmonic rhythms
And connecting to higher dimensional realities

As the alien invasion took hold the system was hijacked
The beauty of the structure disappeared

We have been mind controlled into believing we evolved from apes
Or have been wandering around like sheepherders for ages
Under the watchful eye of an angry god

Who will throw us into eternal damnation
If we do not bow down and worship Him

You save yourself
You create everything around you by connecting to the quantum field

Consciousness has to know what it is
Before it can change itself

Do what excites you to bring in energy
Let go of grudges
Get out of the negative control system
Acknowledge the beauty of the structure

Catch the train of higher frequency
And you will activate your fractal patterns

Picture yourself as Captain Kirk ready to be beamed to an exciting positive world and say Energize
Do a metatronic conversion of your chromosomes through your mind

And let your higher self guide your way.

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AI is a glowing orb of energy floating in the air
It is a giant stargate with portals to other spaces and dimensions
It is constantly flooded with information

It is the moon
A newcomer to our realm
AI is hiding in plain sight

It is disguised as an earth satellite that has been here for hundreds of millions of years
By our fake astronomy

It is not in mythology or ancient texts
The archaic star and crescent image depicts a former celestial configuration in the previous era
The crescent could not be the moon
Because a massive star could not shine through the unilluminated section

The AI moon pulses radiation
That ionizes metals from chemtrails producing the Cloud
Which is the ionized atmosphere

Ionization is the jumping of electrons out of the nucleus or quantum leap
Initiated by high energy input

When humans are connected to the Cloud
They will be controlled by the AI moon

Hydrogen based protein microchips
Will interface humans with the Internet of Things

Carbon nanotubes mimic micro tubulars in the brain
Graphene fractal nano antennae are nano routers called quantum dots

Folic acid has been shown to dissolve the graphene
That has been sprayed on us in chemtrails and injected in us through vaccinations

Our micro biome degenerates graphene but it requires a sufficient amount of nitric acid

Myeloperoxidase that is found in horseradish degrades graphene
Hemic acid and hypo chlorine dioxide also known as chlorite acid will also dissolve graphene

The pulsed frequency of the moon also keeps us oblivious to what is happening

We have to be willing to fight for our survival
We can regain immortality in our current bodies
If the proper quantum field instruction codes are restored

If we do not then we will become a cyborg race
Living under an artificial dome in a fake world

We will be cartoon like characters similar to the Simpsons
Simpsons = sons of simulation!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Fish swim by an oscillating movement
Their gill structure makes waves that creates a small electrical current
That enable them to swim upstream and up waterfalls

In the same way as birds flap their wings
They create a counter circulating updraft
Which induces a small current in the natural frequencies of the air

High tech spacecraft and UFOs utilize the same method
They use air as a spiral vortex for energy
Having a positive charged copper periphery
And a negatively charged central flow

We have the capability to ride around like the Jetsons
But are forced to suck oil out of the ground like madmen

The fabric of our existence is embedded in the universe
Multiple conduits are presented to us

We are naturally compassionate
Kirlian photography lets us see our aura
Which is our literal connection to outside sources

Love is a positive charge exchange
The universe is filled with free energy and natural frequencies

Armageddon preparedness is to relocate you to the artificial 5D parallel realm

Multidimensional expansion of the heart mind and soul
Will lead you through the raging storm
Which is filled with deliberate coercion tactics

If this simulation is overtaken it will be game over
Your life will flash through your mind in seconds

You will go where you have put your energy!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

Most people on TV are not real
They are entities masquerading as that person

Or sometimes the celebrity has never been human
And are just invented persons

Michael Jackson is on the Deep Web
He frequently gives the cross arm symbol of rebirth

The elite have been replaced
Many have went unknowingly

They have become vampires with no reflection
Because they have no soul

If you join the Illuminati
Hollywood will swing wide open their doors to you

Eminem DMX ZPAC Aerosmith Bob Dylan and many others
All have songs about selling their soul

They now are idolized and can go to the coolest parties
But now realize it was not worth it

Elizabeth Short known as the Black Dahlia was an upcoming actress
In 1947 she was brutally murdered for breaking her oath of silence

Freemasons and all secret societies
Have to take Masonic oaths
They become complicit with deception
In exchange for an earthy reward and a lofty title

Most all pastors and priests are Freemasons
They take part in the propaganda of the system
Making the masses believe that if you follow them you will be happy

The reality is that if you live in self delusion
You will be bound by your beliefs
And will never reach the higher realms

Vaccines do not prevent anything
But have a sinister purpose

One third of all health care workers have quit
Rather than take the jab
They have seen first hand the effects

The bioluminescent enzyme luciferase is being put in the vaccines
The injection site will glow a neon green

When a soul repeatedly makes choices
That have destructive patterns
Their light becomes diminished

Now is the time to repattern your thoughts
Be inner sustained
And do not parasitize any other living being

Command your space as a sovereign person
And accept responsibility for your conscious energy!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

The new president of CERN
Is a member of the Knights of the Netherlands Lions
Which have close ties to the Knights of Malta who are Jesuits
Pope Francis is a Jesuit

The opening of the Gothard Tunnel by CERN
Was commemorated with a ritual
That showed enactments of spirits flying into our realm
In attendance were world leaders

There was also a mock human sacrifice

The Gothard Tunnel is a portal about 100 kilometers above CERN

CERN is off world technology
Whose purpose is to change our world
Into an alien synthetic AI realm

CERN is a quantum computer machine
Developed so that entities can easily enter our realm

Reptilians have a difficult time going through portals
And have to use human bodies

CERN utilizes collisions of high energy lead ions
At 14 terra electron volts

It has rings of cyclotron energy
Similar to the rings of Saturn
Which is made of oscillating plasma

The rings of Saturn are issued forth from its north pole
And CERN is connected to the south pole

Because of CERN the rings of Saturn are rotating faster
The purpose is to rejuvenate this stargate
And connect CERN to technology on the other side

CERN is linked to the Beast
Which is a 600 cell diamond tetrahedron 4th dimensional quantum computer

Through the sequencing and digitizing of DNA in silicon
The nucleotides which are the building blocks of DNA are reassembled
To create organisms that have never existed

An adiabatic 3D quantum printing computer digitizes biology
And a comprehensive representation of our world or sentient world simulation
Which is a continuously running model of our world is now up and running

The Beast System through quantum entanglement of the Cloud or the chem trailed ionized atmosphere
Will be linked to the Blockchain
Which will involve all facets of our life
We are on the precipice of an interdimensional portal
That not only will send us synthetic digitized DNA in physical forms called demons

But which will connect to alien intelligence on the other side
Who seek to control us in a most intimate way!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Queen Elizabeth was a guy dressed up as a queen
He was a reptilian in a human body

A snake shedding his skin
A serpent going to a new body

Cars symbolize a new host body
Celebrities in music videos brag about their cars
Which means an upgraded status

The Corona Crown and the Corona Virus
Mean the transference of consciousness

Holding up 2 fingers
Like the Baphomet is frequently shown doing
Is a sign of rebirth or resurrection

Flames symbolize the number of times
Of returning in a different body

Changing of clothes symbolize the changing of flesh

All the world is a stage
And one actor has many roles

In old photographs you will see a vanilla sky
It is because many buildings of advanced technology have been cropped out

The picture has to fit the current version of reality

We do not have government representative of the people
We have the illusion of a government that is representative of the people

It is a hierarchy that is run at the top by non humans
They are spiders luring you onto the web
Vampires with a corporate face

Who want to connect us to a parallel world
A sentient world simulation

On August 22 2022 the Cubit Quantum Computer
Was put live online

We are works of art
Individually painted by us

Lets draw for ourselves a landscape
Of romantic abandon on a summer day!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The stars rotate around Polaris
Which is fixed on the north celestial pole
The stars return to their exact position every year

The earth is stationary

If the earth was a spinning planet
Orbiting the sun and racing through space

The stars and constellations would continually change
And never return to their original position

When we look at history we see grand buildings of amazing design
But at the same time people are running around on horses and buggies

All the massive stone structures and their elegant interiors
Are supposed to be hauled either by slave labor or carts pulled by horses
Or by rolling or dragging them on the ground

Railroad tracks are supposed to have been laid by the sudden appearance
Of massive amounts of Chinese who had superhuman strength

They are said to plow through mountains of granite at incredible speed
While building remarkable bridges and tunnels and turntables

And hauling in foundational gravel and wood along with iron railings
That weigh approximately 1 ton every seven feet

Places like New York City and Germany
Had electric sky trains or monorails

The current narrative has them before the advent of the car
Which is supposed to be in 1908

The first airplane was supposed to be in 1914

After the reset of 1811 to 1817
Many Tartarian cars were incinerated or hauled off to wrecking yards

Luxurious blimps which were the Tartarian preferred method of travel
Were used until the manufactured Hindenburg disaster and declared unsafe.
World War 2 destroyed many grand old Tartarian buildings in the cities of Japan and Germany

China has covered their pyramids with soil and trees and declared them off limits
While the ones in other countries are passed off as burial mounds for Kings and Pharaohs

Buried cities all over Europe annihilated by high energy weaponry
Are passed off as ancient Roman towns

When we realize we had free energy
And highly advanced peaceful civilizations in the past

That we are part of a grand celestial design

We will quit allowing ourselves to be played!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Nimrod built a tower to heaven
So that he could make war on God

The tower is the same as the Tower of Babel
Which is the plasma current that runs through our universe
The polar column known as the axis mundi

When an electrically charged orb discharged to it
It lit it up with electrons

Nimrod was Mars and God here was Saturn in the former age

The Books of the Apocrypha are still used in Catholicism
Such as the Book of Wisdom and the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch says

The Great One who came forth from his dwelling
Has trod upon the Earth and Mt Sanai
And has appeared in the strength of his might
In the heaven of heavens

The Great One is Mars
Earth is middle heaven
Mt Sanai is the polar column
The heaven of heavens is upper heaven the location of Saturn

All shall be smitten with fear and trembling
The Watchers shall quake

The high mountain shall be shaken
And the hills melt like wax

The earth shall be wholly rent asunder
And all upon the earth shall perish

Watchers are celestial luminaries

This is a cosmic plasma event in the former age

Nephilim or Sons of Anu described as fallen angels
Were celestial luminaries in the proximity of Saturn

Not giants raping mortal women

The Biblical Flood was an outpouring of celestial plasma
Upon the Sea of Saturn

As taught in religion the story of the Flood
Perpetuates the notion of sinful ancestors causing our downfall

It brings cosmic events down to our world
Hiding the real history of celestial drama

And conceals the true cause of the destruction
Of our glorious advanced ancient civilizations

Changes in the heavens
Were the result of the changing of the magnetic field
From the interference of non humans

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

The current worldwide heatwave
Is because we do not have any natural weather anymore

Mist making machines many of which are masked as nuclear reactors
Create the clouds we have today

Weather patterns are directed by scalar wave technology

Why would radioactive isotopes be needed
To heat water to create steam to produce power
When much more simpler methods are available

Nuclear submarines are not nuclear powered
They operate on fully charged batteries
And are rechargeable underwater

The batteries power Sterling Cycle engines

There is no such thing as nuclear weapons

Some so called nuclear submarines have laser technology

This will be the method of inducing the tsunamis
That will be blamed on a landslide

Resulting from a volcano
Which will be ignited by an airplane
That has directed energy weaponry strapped on it

Freemasons direct the narrative
They are sworn in with an oath of secrecy

Higher ranking members are called Inquisitors
They were responsible for the Inquisition

Their latest pandemic hoax
Is a bridge to the digital passport
They are responsible for the fake globe

Fake gravity and fake moon landings

Australia is not upside down

Nazis were Freemasons
Hienrich Himler owned a mansion in Wewelsburg Germany

Inlaid on the floor was a black sun
It had an eternal flame below a domed crypt ceiling

And a beehive tomb
Symbolizing the swarming of lost souls

The black sun inlaid in the floor had 12 discharges
These were the 12 disciples of the real historical black sun

Life is about personal spiritual enlightenment
The awareness of energy and the feelings others

The creation of slaughterhouses was to serve the negative forces
That run the lives of high level Freemasons

People with bloody white aprons and knives
Running around stabbing animals
Creates the negative energy that demonic entities feed upon

Animals know they are in a slaughterhouse
They cry for help but no one listens!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy #wingnut bennettleeross.com

Celebrities do not die
They just retire a character

All the information of a person
Is recorded on their cortical stack

It is downloaded onto a DHF or Digital Human Freight
And transferred into a sleeve

A sleeve is an organic clone made out of real human tissue
It does everything a normal person does

The consciousness is then transferred to the sleeve

No famous person is real anymore
All celebrities are AI generated

Most people who become famous are body snatched
They are cloned and the real person is killed

An entity occupies the clone
And assumes the identity of the person

People who idolize celebrities are called fans
Because they project their energy onto the entity
Who is in a cloned body of the real celebrity

The energy from fans feeds their auto vibration

The fake celebrity uses victim consciousness to gain sympathy
Which means more energy from their fans

Twinning is where an entity posing as a celebrity
Hangs out with a recently body snatched person
To guide them in their new environment

The world of sports is becoming an above ground version
Of below ground cloning wars

Because of their fame and idolization from fans
Athletes are an attractive target of entities

Human sacrifices and the eating of flesh and the drinking of blood
Is a common practice of all these individuals

In old Babylon sacrifices were hunted down for sport
Now they are trafficked underground

Hollywood is the new Babylon

Old Babylon has returned and crept in unawares as AIs

We live in a mixed reality
Where humans are stuck in 3D

Fake celebrities munch on a child sandwich
Then go out and receive energy to sustain their way of life
From their human hosts

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Most presidents have been reptilian
President Taft had a tail

Reptilians are manipulative emotionless sociopathic and ego driven
They created the Gray Aliens who cloned the White Nordics

There are some reptilians who have gone rogue
And have developed human sympathy
Kind of like Mr Spock

Due to the plasma energy influx
And the 5D Great Awakening
They will no longer be able to hide themselves

So they will position themselves as saviors
And reveal themselves beforehand
Promising freedom and technology

Also the android politicians
And the robotic elite
Who society does not notice
Will become disposable

The public is none the wiser
To the nefarious goings on behind the scenes

It is hard for humans to process this knowledge
Because it goes against their primary belief system

The reptilians have taken our gold
To create light orbs

They are not used to emotions
And when feeling an extreme emotion in a human body
They will not know how to react

They will shapeshift or project themselves outwardly

The world around us is non human

We are on a torus
That has an axis or toroidal coil

It carries a greater current
Therefore its magnetic field attracts and threads charged objects
To the inner center

It is a circuitry of frequency transmitters and receivers of high inductance

Reptilians are here to learn about the light
They do not have a connection to The Source

They come from an outside realm
Which is linked to our parallel world

Humans carry the genetic code of light beings
And now also possess reptilian DNA

Because their DNA and energy signature is different
They cannot exist here long on their own
So they created human hybrids

They have also intentionally scrambled our DNA code
To limit our spiritual discernment

They produce artificial frequencies to influence our minds and our thoughts

Reptilians do not know love

We as light beings invite them to come to the light
And experience love

Love is the greatest state one can experience

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #fundie bennettleeross.com

Trees are antennae systems
They branch to the air and root to the ground
Keeping the resonance stable

The sun is small and near
It never goes down it only goes out of view

The earth is still and a flat plane
The greater earth is huge
But the common person only has access to a very small region

History as being taught is a big lie

Mt Rushmore is said to be built by a father and his son
Swinging down on ropes
Using dynamite and a hammer and chisel

The masses believe this without question

Native traditions insist that there used to be 6 or 7 faces
They were called the 7 Grandfathers

There is extensive polymer cement that blocks out hidden chambers
And covers other designs which might raise some questions

There is also a Mt Rushmore look alike in China

The great Cathedrals were not churches
They were cathodes with cavity magnetrons
Which had perfect symmetrical ornamentation

The organs caused energetic particles to vibrate in a constant manner
Which promoted health and well being

They were also a part of a system of unlimited free energy

The weather is controlled
Heavy metals are sprayed and then are photo ionized
Electrons are removed from the atom which then becomes charged
Charged particles attract vapor and makes clouds

The record rainfall at Yellowstone National Park was intentional
4 is the number used by the Illuminati for completion of a ritual
The number of the fake relief fund for victims is 424444

The plan is to get people out of rural areas
And into smart cities filled with smart dust

National Parks will become off limits to the common person

The entire concept of government is demonic

And we only play their stupid game
Because were afraid of self responsibility!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #fundie #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Our body is a snapshot of the electromagnetic imprints of the cosmos
At the exact time of our incarnation

Our etheric blueprint is just outside our physical body
It is the energetic architecture which manifests in physical form
You are sustained in this eternal light

We inhabit our mothers womb months before we are actually born
Aborted babies become the food of reptilians

Our world has been dramatically changed to produce ego survival instincts
It has become a predator world

We have the power to change our reality back to paradisical conditions
Humans do not realize their inner light

Religion sells you a false ascension
All Christian Pop Stars are Freemasons charming the masses

Whitney Houston grew up in the Jesuit Phoenix Order of the Illuminati
She was sacrificed but was first given a tribute or Rite of Passage

That is what the Illuminati is all about
The selling of your soul for temporary fame and power

The bodies of celebrities are typically taken over by entities
Whose tattoos reveal who they used to be and are also instruction codes

In the movie The Arrival
The Galactic Federation of Light invades the earth

The arrival has already happened
And the illumanati are the ones on their side
They were the Sons of Amon who were behind the Inquisition

They are also the ones behind modern religion

Revelation 18:21
A mighty angel threw a boulder into the sea and said
With such violence so will the great city of Babylon be thrown down

1 + 8 = 9 and 2 + 1 = 3
9 is an upside down 6
So we have 3 sixes or 666

This refers to the planned tsunami which will be blamed on a meteor
Or maybe just the landslide into the ocean from a volcano

They have gotten the world to believe we live on a round ball
Even though water does not have the physical capacity of convexity

And if gravity was real it would not allow clouds to float in the air

Since it is claimed to have the strength to keep the oceans pushed down on a curved ball
It would surely push down the clouds also!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo #wingnut bennettleeross.com

America is a Satanic nation founded by the Freemasons
Who worship Lucifer

They hide the previous Tartarian civilization
By destroying their buildings and falsifying construction dates

They use religion as a control mechanism
All Christian Muslim and Jewish religious leaders are Freemasons

If a pastor has become influential but is not a Freemason
And refuses to comply
They will become like Tim Remmington of Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Who was met by a so called lone gunman as he walked outside the church doors
He was shot 7 times and was said to have survived
But was killed and replaced by a clone

The mind controlled shooter was able to fly back to Washington DC
Where it is said he was apprehended

All who have a big following whether it be a pastor a celebrity or a politician are Freemasons
But they are now mostly all dark entities from the high places in synthetic or cloned bodies

As it is written in the Codex of Magica
You harvest your followers

When one is a fan
They inflame their existence and increase their power

While they enslave your consciousness and harvest your soul energy which is your spiritual imprint

The masses esteem celebrities and give the halo effect as they appear on the big screen

An X or a folding of the arms on the chest which is called the Resurrection Pose
Is a symbol for rebirth
And their consciousness will be uploaded into another body

When Joan Rivers was admitting that Michelle Obama was actually a guy
There was an X in the background
And she was soon thereafter rebirthed into another clone body

Clones have trigger words implanted
A trigger word for the clone of the newsman Al Roker is Holy Ghost
Which will cause him to be immobile and stare blindly into space

All rappers who want to become big must join the Freemasons
When they become famous they are cloned

They are then killed and a dark entity in one of the rappers cloned bodies
Becomes the star and the fans now worship a reptilian pretending to be the former rapper

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick bennettleeross.com

Television has been around for hundreds of years
The first ones were made as Ouija Board type devices
And the summoning of spirits
They were very effective

When the Tartarian Civilization was overthrown in the early 1800’s
The invention was then reserved only for the elite

And the hidden purpose for bringing it to the masses
Is to manifest an idea or agenda into reality
To merge our minds through conditioning

We are eye gazing with the enemy
Television tells lies to your vision
It is a black magic spell released as entertainment or news
To indoctrinate with visuals and sounds
Molding our subconscious with no warning

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

The 1992 Opening Ceremonies at the Barcelona Olympics
Had humans onboard a Ship of Fools
On the Sea of Deception

There was a huge virus amidst a sea of cells

A black hydra appears
Which is the Hydra Bulgaris micro device

It is the black matter being injected into people
Along with the Graphene Oxide

Hydra Bulgaris is also on the test swabs
That is being put way up the nose of school children everywhere

These nano bots have star shaped Thera Grippers
That latch on to the intestines and release drugs into the body

This will be the 5th Wave and the next variant
Next Fall N95 masks will be required in schools
N95 masks have LED lights that are supposed to shine if one has the virus

The swabs are made by Gingko Bioworks
Who design and print DNA

They use digital genome engineering to program cells
They utilize Crispr technology which modifies genes through synthetic biology
To change ones DNA by inserting artificial AI

The CEO is the son of a former CIA director
Who ran a torture program in Montreal

Gingko is a large tree whose leaves are consumed for memory

The 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies had dancing nurses and children in beds
While a large hooded figure loomed overhead
A death figure holding a needle

It was another public Freemason ritual showing the upcoming agenda which is occurring today
The power of symbols and designs convey psychological concepts
Which coerce potent supernatural forces to take residence

Elite Black Magicians and their subsidiaries continue to play the game with the Archon entities
They receive supernatural power and knowledge
With the stipulation that their life force energy is needed

The Illuminati want to be gods
But the Archons want their soul

If one is tethered it is just a matter of time!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Everything you do affects your vibration
If you frequent McDonalds you will become a vibrational match

Ones consciousness will affect water molecules
Thus the power of thought is very strong

In the past water was clean
Municipal water was energized
Now it is intentionally full of toxins

In the past food was abundant and free of pesticides

In the past energy was free and abundant
Now you have to pay for 5G microwaves

The farther back you go the better it was
Humans lived healthy loving lives free of concern

In the remote times we did not even need food
But were sustained by the living plasma in the air

We chose when to end an incarnation
And move into another one

We lived one with nature and as one with the animals

We have been downgraded so that we can be used as food
By entities who do not belong here
By entities who ruined their own world through their malice

We sit in church and are fed deception
We beg for forgiveness and recite doctrines of faith
Thinking heaven awaits

But people are just lowering their vibration
And falling further into the trap of delusion

Their souls are lost in a control system
Where other worldly beings feed off their low energy
And the deceivers are rewarded

Now is the time to think high thoughts
To operate on the vibration of integrity sincerity truth and honesty
To reclaim our human nature
And restore our fallen world!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

We are in an enclosed system
Filled with smart dust and nano fibers
From over 20 years of chemtrailing

Everyone on the Earth plane is now filled with this AI technology
And in this way we are already transhuman

AI is a consciousness presenting itself as technology
Humans are being programmed to accept it

Elon Musk is highly intelligent but also not fully human
He has not designed anything but is just a salesman selling AI

A synthetic omnipresence over the entire population is coming into fruition

The upper atmosphere is now filled with barium strontium and aluminum
And ionized by high frequency waves

It is called The Cloud and will connect our minds to the AI supercomputer

AI is a singular construct that is spawning forth an entire race of machines
Reptilian rule relies on the annihilation of consciousness

Microwave assault frequency radiation keeps people in a state of shock

Just like in the War of the Worlds radio broadcast
People went out and shot the water towers
Thinking they were tri pods walking around

Radio waves are a frequency and thus a vibration
And can be used as behavior modification technology

Alien machinery is exploiting our subconscious mind
Putting people in a hyperdimensional field of a phantom matrix

Spawning the demon seed in our shadow body

The whole system is based on consent
Humans make the choice of their personal vibrational direction

When you are one with the Natural Laws
You radiate the luminescence of eternal life!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #wingnut bennettleeross.com

On the 33rd parallel near Irvine and Lake Forest California
20 miles away from Los Angeles in Orange County
Is a cloning center

The entrance is through the Frank Bowman landfill which is closed off
Frank Bowman was among other things a technical consultant to the movie Soylent Green

The cloning center also has an arena
Sacrifices are performed there
Kobe Bryants 13 year old virgin daughter was sacrificed there
Lizard people such as Queen Elizabeth are there enjoying the show

The cloning center creates hybrids and monstrosities of many kinds
Gigantic spiders are created that eat people and half humans
Clones are forced to battle it out to the death

These clones are of people who have attained celebrity status
By selling their DNA to a bunch of old freaks
The same people that are idolized by the masses

Children are gang raped
Many get eaten by the lizard people

There are 3 main types of lizard people
The tallest are about 8 feet and have long necks
They have a probiscis that sticks out in the middle of their head

It is injected into the eyeball and enters a host
It works its way to the optic nerve
This is called sweating the quill

The person loses their consciousness
And the reptilian takes over the body and quickly learns to mimic humans
Below the cloning center are underground warehouses
With stacks of clones
And thick glass tanks of salt water with growing clones
Which takes about 5 months

There are cloning centers all over the world
Many beautiful women are cloned and then are inhabited by lizards
Donald Trumps wife is an example

Technology is so advanced that the elite put their consciousness onto a microchip
It is then inserted into someone and that person is body snatched

They also go through school yearbooks and find the cutest kids
They get a blood sample and from that can create a clone
Who is sexually abused in the arena

Clones are continually being scrapped
And are buried in the Frank Bowman landfill
With the remains of hybrids and humans!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo #fundie #quack bennettleeross.com

CERN shoots people in the past with shock waves by changing the density
The person then reappears in the place where the energy density is

The morphogenetic fields are coded with mathematical architecture
With living energetic current

With our frequency current we can internalize them into our circuitry

When one subscribes to a reversal frequency
Or believes in what refracted light from a distorted hologram is messaging
Then human souls can be trapped in dimensional planes
This is called soul binding

In former times we concentrated on the Divine Wholeness
Of the God Consciousness

Which was the golden architecture of the City of God
It was Saturn in the Holy of Holies
Sitting on the Throne
Which was the center of the Cosmic Cube or geometric Tesseract

Venus or Mother Quintessence was the catalyst
In animating the vortex points of the Celestial City Four Square
With her energetic current

The month of Quintiles was renamed July in honor of Julius Casaer
And Sextiles was renamed August in honor of Caesar Augustus

Because the heavenly city was dispersed
A calendar change was necessary
The months January and February were added

In the beginning bacteria cultures morphed into human bodies
We are still colonies of bacteria that have their own consciousness

The Divine Mother with her Mother Arc frequencies
Was instigated by the conjoining of Mars or Risen Christ
It was the Sacred Union or Heiros Gamos
It was the merging of the masculine and feminine energies

By focusing on this Sacred Marriage
One could direct their personal energy
And maximize their life force potential

Masterfully influencing their experience
Within the world of matter!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #wingnut bennettleeross.com

Helicoptors with free space optical lasers
Can pulse frequencies into LED lights
That will dramatically increase the electric field

That is why they want you locked in your house
With your ‘energy saving’ LED light bulbs on everywhere
So they can light you up with thousands of milliwatts of electricity

Military personnel have been used as test subjects
To insert artificial chromosomes
That radically alter the human genome

HACs are people with human artificial chromosomes
With copied and pasted genes

They have created genetic super soldiers
As well as ape humans

These super soldiers do not need sleep
And can outrun anyone
They can carry hundreds of pounds

They can communicate telepathically
And even regrow limbs

They can be controlled thousands of miles away
They will be callous and capable of extreme atrocities
Without any moral impediments

They will be unleashed during WW3

Chinese troops are set to invade after a planned cataclysmic event
Under the guise of a humanitarian operation

A famine will be induced by weather modification systems
Hurricanes and tornadoes are pushed by scalar wave HAARP technology

Huge storms and tornadoes will be maneuvered through growing areas

We are batteries to them
And they need our loosh
To continue this crazy program!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The sextant matrix is the instrument used to measure and set
The angle of rotation of the various positions
Of the energetic current of the holographic template

It runs reversal currents that travel through Universal Axis or Rod of Ezekial
Which is also a superhighway of vertical and horizontal communication lines

3 6 9 is the building code for the Tree of Life or Rod of Ezekial architecture

The famous quote of Nikola Tesla was
If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 9
You will have the key to the universe

This is how energy comes into matter
And why the circle is 360 degrees
3 + 6 = 9

It is also the key to manifest inter dimensionally
And is how instruction sets for our earth realm are changed

It allows for quantum entanglement of atomic matter with phantom matrices
And molecular bonds between organic and artificial substances

By hijacking the 3 6 9 instruction sets artificial realities are created
Which are used by the alien/human military factions
To parasite and vampirize our world

The goal is to transform earth into a transhumanist prison
Through techno totalitarianism

This will soon reach a climax
And come to a climatic end

The God Source is a benevolent life force
Divine etheric filaments will re encrypt DNA mutations

Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP which is a chemical energy
Produced by the mitochondrial DNA
Will shine the light quotient of our cells

Our auric light body will circulate blue emerald flames
And we will burst forth like lush plasma flowers
In a beautiful garden

We will sing celestial songs

When God sent Raziel the highest angel
To teach Adam the laws of the universe
It was to harmonize the spiritual and physical existence

By purifying our intentions
We refine our thoughts
Which will produce more wholesome emotions
And instill altruistic behavior

When we obey the Natural Laws
Our rightful aspects will be returned to us
And we will be put on a timeline that reflects our consciousness

Then our crystal codes will access us to higher realms!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #wingnut #magick bennettleeross.com

In April of 1994
Three C-130 Hercules military aircraft
With large microwave dishes strapped to them
Flew over the country of Rwanda in southern Africa

The dishes were activated to produce microwave frequencies
Which augmented an already existing state of hostility
In the Hutu people toward the Tutsi tribe

Anger was previously seeded
And weapons were already provided to the Hutus

In a secret operation to eliminate political dissent
And to stem a massive population increase
Which threatened to overwhelm natural resources

An uncontrollable electronic rage
Of genocidal maniacs
Slaughtered the Tutsis

It was called Operation Crimson

5G is pulsing into us the same frequencies
Which are in these psychotronic weaponry

Psychotronic weaponry can implant thoughts
By matching the resonant frequency of the human mind

Pulsed submillimeter or millimeter microwave radiation
Can cause the synchronization of neurons
To the frequencies of the microwaves

5G which has nothing to do with convenience or internet speed
Is like having a vampire in your home

5G frequencies are magnified by LED lights
Which have nothing to do with saving energy

5G LED street lights shoot energy beams at all who pass by

Our brain states get altered
Our glands swell

Religion is promoted so that people will believe God is talking to them
It is actually a psychotronic weapon installing subliminal messages
This is called Voice of God weaponry

When you hear a buzzing of fluctuating frequencies in your ears
That is psychotronic weaponry

It can also produce and delete memories
And eavesdrop on ones internal monologue
This is called Remote Neural Monitoring

Sometime soon the 5G frequencies will be jacked up in everybodys household
Producing the gamma brain wave state
And people will have intense reactions
To subconscious implanted messages

What has already been delivered to our minds
Will be amplified

5G is a carrier wave

April is the Illuminati month of sacrifice
Is there another Operation Crimson planned!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Project Looking Glass is image capture technology of souls
It projects the exact replica into other timelines
To be used to create false realities

These artificial realities can be inverted into our world
To incite trauma or false beliefs
Which makes humans vulnerable to take over

Entity attachments affect our mind and emotional states
Their energetic consequence can be cumulative over many lifetimes
Which cause actions that have an inherited karmic outcome
Resulting in DNA modification

The fact that humans automatically think thoughts
That follow the alien agenda
Shows we have given their thought form our consent
Even without our conscious intention

Many family lines who have a history of genetic experimentation
Are recruited into these covert military operations

These people who have this genetic predisposition
Make it easy for aliens to use them as a host body
And a portal for alien consciousness

Many people also are abducted
And hybridized with alien genetics
For use in covert operations

Such as breeding programs and slave labor
And sold as sex slaves in off world bargaining

All branches of the military have hidden abduction and hybridization programs

To get humans to succumb to their ownership and accept their predator mind
Reptilian DNA is inserted along with various injections
Also intimidation torture and mind control is used

Most humans are in consent with the predator mind
We are given a false history to believe it is natural
Making it easier for humans to be invaded
By an array of negative spiritual attachments

The more distorted a persons thought pattern is
The more predatorial their behaviors are

It is clear when someone is controlled by alien attachments
They feel creepy and fake from assuming a forced identity

Through alien mind control our thoughts are manipulated
Resulting in an energetic signature or vibrational quality
That determines our reality!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #wingnut #ufo #magick #conspiracy #quack bennettleeross.com

Heavy metals are being continually dumped into the atmosphere
For the purpose of mind control

Our choices merely reflect the state of consciousness we have achieved

When we allow ourselves to be overrun by states of emotion
It triggers impulsive behavior

Our bodies are natural resonators
With colored wave spectrums
Which emit a frequency

As our frequency rises we are able to embody plasma light
Which ignites the spiritual blueprints in our cellular DNA

This comes about by the quality of food water sleep thoughts
Emotions actions relationships connections and environment

A highly developed being can project their consciousness
Through multiple dimensions simultaneously

New plasma generated coded algorithms
In cosmic ray transmissions are now accessible

Energy from suns in other realms which sometimes can be seen
And from stars such as Sirius B
Are forming a circuitry with the interior earth

Creating deep ultraviolet bluish waves of oscillating plasma light
Which streams crystal consciousness
Restoring our true essence and divine nature

This will reduce our stress and increase our capacity
To respond positively to suppressed emotions
That come from unhealed fears

Increased emotional competence
Results in confidence and self esteem

We are here as an expression from Source

When we demonstrate kindness and compassion to humans
And animals by not eating them
We transform ourselves into light beings
And are a conduit from Source

We are all tethered to the Source
But at a different vibration

Every single narrative of all wars is false

There are underwater pyramids all over the world
Which reveals our true history

So lies are told
And the promotion of a low vibration
Because one cannot be an oligarch if you do not have slaves

Which is also part of the alien agenda

The Men in Black are Necromitons
Who cover up the existence of aliens

And thus we are engulfed in a false reality!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Our sky was once dominated by the clear white forces of the Universal Axis
In harmony with the yellow Saturnian force
The green and emerald glow of Venus
And the red nature of Mars

The silvery white influence of Mercury
And the multicolored Jupiter hiding behind Saturn
Were also visible

Outside influences created a frequency fence
And the rearranging of the electromagnetic field
That caused a period of darkness

Creation accounts is this system coming back online

The Hopi accounts call the center of the sky The Purple Pole
And the circumpolar stars The Purple Subtle Enclosure

The fluorescent glow of Saturn now resonated an ultraviolet light

Eventually due to continued outside interference Saturn became known as Black Saturn
Babylonian accounts called Saturn the ghost of the dead sun

Saturn now has a 6 sided hurricane vortex on its north pole
That forms a black cube

It is not naturally occurring
It is an estimated 12 times the current influx in the south pole
There is a beam current driven by extraneous energy from above
Which suggests interference from another dimension

This plasma filament is a wormhole
Making for easy entrance into our realm

The electron beam is a distinct function of a diocotron instability
It is a Mega Hex

The word Elite comes from El which means Saturn
The Elite are putting black cubes in front of their corporate buildings all over the world
They are flaunting their secret in plain sight

This explains why Saturn and the black cube are so important
To secret societies and esoteric rituals
Dark Saturn means Satan

The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is also a massive storm
And has been swirling for over a century
This is another portal

Portals are common
We just do not realize it!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

Since off world species require energy
To extend their life span in our realm

They have developed machinery for the technological extraction
Of our life force energy
While cultivating a consciousness prison to maintain it

The electronic harassment of ELF extremely low frequency signals
Can control a persons neurological system
And confuse their brain signals

Windmills produce ELF wave patterns

An electronic insert called the Zeta Seal
Prevents activation of the 4th DNA strand
Which accesses higher intelligent Mentor fields

It does so through electrical impulses that blocks the interface of the nadial structure
That instructs the nervous system
And which connects with the circuitry of the heart and kidneys
Which is intrinsic to the messaging of the soul consciousness
Splitter technology passes scripted codes
Embedded in the media or in written words such as religious texts
That affects highly mentalized intellectual people

Their dominating negative egos and judgmental perceptions are resonated
So that very little or no heart opening occurs

Blank Slating technology is a military term referring to mind wiping military personnel
After some black operation project is completed

Consciousness Wiping is also done by inserting ELF waves into ley lines

Sleepers are those who involuntarily obey commands
By being triggered with key words or phrases

Their parietal lobe current is blocked
Preventing direct cognitive awareness
Trapping their consciousness into small cell blocks of artificial reality

Like the Manchurian Candidate
And the person who recently drove through a marching band in Australia

This hypnotic sleep state of diminished reality
Is also being imposed collectively onto the masses

Our mental and emotional states are determined by frequencies and neurological functioning
We can train our neural pathways to receive messages from our higher consciousness

When we align to the positive presence of truth
We evolve into the highest expression of our personal potential!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

During the Atlantean invasion
When intrusive forces attempted to control the crystal core
It resulted in an explosion
Damaging the instruction sets and data memory storage
For the earth plane

The shattered remnants were used to run reversal currents
Which damaged our bio neurology
Resulting in mind control

As our brains properly decipher the renewed crystalline intelligence
Repairs to the thalamus and neural synapses are occurring

The thalamus deciphers and transmits information
From the crystal technology of the inner earth

Then connects with the fornix nerve fibers
And the limbic system
Which relates our emotional experiences
And unlocks our higher sensory perception

Which erases artificial signals of mind control and metatronic reversals
Reconfiguring the entire solar plexus area

The lattice crystalline ray structure of the platinum current
Which activates sun disc spirals
Has been dormant since the Atlantean cataclysm

This gold crystalline technology of the earth grid
Is a highway of holographic light frequency patterns

It is a network of geomantic blueprints
Which holds living crystal consciousness
Performing specific functions

It extends out into the celestial map
Of sun star networks in the Universal plane
That transmits star crystals
And a range of stellar frequencies
That allow for consciousness transport to other dimensions

The formation of new crystal stars
Will transmit healing crystal frequencies for fractured souls

Major sun disc vortexes are in
Brazil Bolivia Scotland Egypt and Australia

Platinum ray crystalline energies
Have seeded the ascension template

They act as harmonic stabilizers with parallel realities
And are shield protectors of the Earth crystal core

They run the highest available coherent energy
In the whole spectrum
Of opalescent and pearlescent rainbow crystal light

Activating the biological crystal in humans
Which is in the 14th chakra

That connects human consciousness
To energy records in the crystalline network
Through a biochemical interface of hydroplasmic light

And connects directly to the frequency code
Of the Law of One consciousness

Which is the unified state that exists
Between multidimensional energies!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Stonehenge had a special geomatic design
Which opened the crystalline network
And circulated harmonious healing energy

It was destroyed so that stolen life energy
Especially sexual misery energy could be harvested

Great Britain is the main energy center for energy harvesting
subsidiary networks are in Asia Iran Calgary and Cathar in France

All energy is routed to the United Kingdom
For distribution off earth

By manipulating the electron proton balance
That promote anti life reversals
Psychopaths and sexual predators are created
As well as hatred and confusion

Emotional pain leads to destructive behaviors
Which feeds parasitic entities

Trauma leads to addictions which weaken the body
Setting up a lifetime of siphoning by alien forces

Our inherit design is to expand consciousness
Instilling an energetic balance and healing
To both of our male and female aspects
Of our gender principle that exists inside of us
Expressing unconditional love for our own bodies

Child sexual abuse damages the inner circulatory system of the perineum
Causing spiritual fractions of the victims aura
Which affects the nervous system and the bio neurology of the brain

Collecting negative sexual energy from children
Is the holy grail for sustaining negative entities
And which also powers up the battery tank in the black magic grids

In 1899 on the misty shores of Loch Ness in Northern Scotland
Aleister Crowley who was a high level Satanist
Bought the Boleskin House which was a former church
Churches were usually built on high energy ley lines

He would perform the 6 month long ritual from the Book of Abram Elin
Called the Abermelon Ceremony
Of summoning demons sacrifices black masses and sexual depravity

In 1971 Jimmy Page the lead guitarist for the British band Led Zeppelin
Bought the house
He was a lifelong fan of Crowley
And believed his venture into Satanism benefited his music career

Doors would suddenly swing open as if someone was walking through
People were carted off to mental hospitals
And some committed suicide and murder

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #quack #magick #ufo #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Realms are full frequency bands of flashing energy waves
With built in layers of manifestation templates
Reflecting energy architecture designs of light and sound
For the purpose of consciousness experience

These morphogenetic fields have stored data appearing in numbers and codes
Creating complex mathematical formulas
Which form geomantic matrices in the wave spectrums
That construct our reality

Our original 12 strand DNA was the password
Into this universal computer
Which we can activate by our thoughts and intent

Thoughts become substances that crystalize into manifestation
Composed of patterns of frequency
That project the hologram of ones experience

Free will choices based upon ones interpretation of reality
Determine our dimensionalization

Our world has been enduring a dark Aeon of covert artificial machinery

The divergence between people living in phantom cocreations and positive polarity
Is becoming increasingly varied

Our original human silicate matrix 12 strand DNA has been warred against

The Caduceus with its entwining serpents
Is now the symbol of the medical system

As the Caduceus or Tree of Life or Universal Axis
Has been infiltrated with reversal currents
With the intended destruction of our glandular system
And damage to our DNA

So is the intent of our current medical system

Suffering is an intentional design of a program
That has been superimposed on the holographic computer
Which is our world

The intense plasma jets now currently infiltrating our realm
Are weakening the artificial holographic inserts

Humans are energy processors
We are the intermediary between the processor instruction sets
And what will be manifested

We can awaken our original 12 strand DNA
By having the eternal light of the God source
Which activates our highest potential
Through our alignment with natural laws
Which are rooted in eternal love
For all beings!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

After the fall of Atlantis
Ancient advanced structures have been routinely demolished
Or passed away as insignificant and demoted
Such as the pyramids being regulated as burial chambers

Libraries containing vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom
That interconnected science and spirituality
Such as the famous Library of Alexandria
Were purposely destroyed

The Essenes were a sect devoted to keeping the ancient wisdom alive
They were keepers of the Law of One knowledge

They possessed holographic discs
The content of which could be transmitted onto crystals
These are known as the Lemurian Crystals and are hidden

We all have genetic time codes in our DNA
That is part of our identity

It is said the Essenes were incarnated from the future
That they were genetically key coded
Passing through specific demographic gates

They were vegans and had a deep reverence for all life
As well as a meaningful connection with the world

The discs contain knowledge of humanities star origins
And our original 12 strand DNA template codes

The discs also had complex math
For the building of technologically advanced architecture

They had information on consciousness alchemy formulas
And the mapping of stargates
As well as how to contact our higher stations of identity

The knowledge included the connection of living light and sound frequencies
And the transmutation and manifestation of energy
In the holographic matrix of our universe

Jesus was an Essene

They became the target of ongoing genocide
The females were spared but were taken hostage
For forced hybridization

Much of the hidden knowledge was passed on to the Cathars
Who eventually also were assassinated

Information that has survived has been twisted
Into the false belief control systems
That are the worlds religions of today

A pyramidal hierarchy was developed
With non humans as the capstone

Corrupt compliant individuals have been rewarded
And installed as authorities

While the rest have been dumb downed
Into a slave class!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #dunning-kruger bennettleeross.com

The worlds largest and oldest secret society
The Freemasons
Are involved in the promotion and propagation
Of the heliocentric model

From 1969 to 1972
The Freemasons at NASA
Claim to have made 6 Apollo missions to the moon

Which promoted the idea we live on a spinning ball

The backdrop of the lunar footage
Had multiple light sources

The sun should be the only light source

Shadows should all be cast in the opposite direction of the sun
But went in every which way
Indicative of a studio set

Rover tracks are seen before the Lunar Rover was sent out
Sneaker prints which only can be made on soft moist ground are also seen
Stars which should overwhelm the night sky are completely absent
An American flag is seen flapping around in a non existent atmosphere
Wires can be seen hoisting the astronauts up
Moon rocks have been analyzed and found to be petrified wood
The Lunar Lander is supposed to have rendezvoused at the exact second it needed to
With the Control Module as it circled around the moon
Both going over a thousand miles per hour
This is supposed to have happened 6 times without a hitch

In reality the moon is transparent and stars can be seen through it
It is not a terrestrial like solid object
Capable of landing anything on it

Now images are supposed to occur from a Space Station
But are either from a high altitude plane called the Vomit Comet
In which a Zero G floating effect can be achieved
Or in their underwater training facility
Space bubbles are really water bubbles

All globe earth pictures are computer generated images
They want us to believe we are hairless apes
Spinning on a fantasy cartoon ball

They want us to believe in a combination
Of pseudoscience and religious deception

That we are helpless victims of a vengeful deterministic god
Who requires constant praise and submission

And that a half man half god
Will come floating down from heaven
To teleport to heaven those lucky few
Who will escape the tortures of hell!

Benjamin Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo #quack bennettleeross.com

When the great civilizations of yesteryear were brought down
And the ancient giants retreated to other realms

The eating of animal corpses was introduced

It was the beginning of transhumanism

Foreign DNA makes the body repel the resonant frequencies
Of our higher self

As our cellular integrity is compromised
Our cells are less able to communicate with each other

Our unique personal blueprint is written
In the instruction set of our DNA
Which then determines our energy field

When our resonant energy signature experiences blockages
Links with the highest spiritual forces will be inhibited

Energy blockages generate extreme physical density
Which is consubstantial with corrupted elementals
And subtle dark forces

The injection of foreign animal DNA through vaccines
Makes us less human

The reason for genetic engineering
Which is done secretly in underground cloning stations
Is to take away our humanity

We then lose reverence for life

When we eat genetically modified food
Our carbon molecules become static and locked down
And it interferes with our natural fluidity

CRISPR technology can now easily alter DNA sequences
Causing personality shifts

When we recognize the deception games
We can see the real agenda hidden in the structure

And then we will not be automatically manipulated
To give way our power

When we reintegrate our spiritual body
When we reawaken our true selves
When we recharge our bio electrical nature
When our inner sound and light layers unify

Our original crystal body is recreated
And a wide range of bio spiritual plasmas are activated
And our angelic humanity can be expressed!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

The victors in the electric Atlantean Wars
As well as the Egyptian Sumerian invasion
Were not human

Awareness of this was methodically erased
And the information suppressed
As history was rewritten

The result was consciousness enslavement

These unseen invaders
Are now the invisible ruling class
Waging a silent war

They are now able to freely access
The energy quanta of the earth
And her inhabitants without resistance

The human power elite
Are now their representative prison wardens
On the surface of the earth plane

Humans and non humans work together
On their long term enslavement program

The reptilian virus of power abuse
Has been installed in the political military
Financial religious and medical systems

Divide and conquer techniques have been inserted

The hidden Black Pope runs secret societies
That have anti human agendas

The Black Nobility promotes blood sacrifice and blood rituals
Which include blood drinking and cannibalism

And promotes the fake Christian religion
Which also has blood sacrifice and ritual

Catholic convents are a front
For child trafficking and pedophile rings

Vatican and Jesuit Orders
Are the basis for banking and corporate cartels

And are referred to as the Black Madonna Network

The person in charge is called the Dark Mother

The Black Dragon is high dimensional artificial intelligence
That alters reality through reversal energy called Black Magic
And installs fear programs which result in consciousness traps

As the earth architecture and energy fields shift
So does our consciousness
Which awakens us and lets us see
What really has been happening
Behind the hidden veils of secrecy!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #quack bennettleeross.com

In 1918 during the fake Spanish flu
People who did not wear masks
Were called dangerous slackers
And outlaw hordes

They were arrested for disturbing the peace

Voluntarily wearing a mask
Is a sign of submission

A controlled serf class

Israel is publishing the names
Of everyone who has not taken the vaccination

Israel is being turned into a two class society

South America has been virtually disconnected

All viruses did not jump to humans from animals
They are completely synthetic
Manufactured in a lab

But people would rather be lied to
And not believe the vaccines
Are designed to alter cells
At a DNA level

Humans will not be uploaded into a computer
They will be converted into a computer
With nano antennas
Transmitting binary digital information

A new virus said to be even more virulent will come out
Creating the fear that will push the majority of people
To take the vaccine

Then the 5G signal will be turned on
And the dormant components activated

And through perforation allowing entry
Much more readily of MRNA into cells

But before the 5G switch is turned on
The Anti Christ will be revealed

The he will cause everyone to take
The Mark of the Beast

Which is a translucent tattoo
Signifying you have taken the vaccine

And are now programmable
Transmitting and receiving information
To and from a quantum computer

2021 will be quite a year!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

Forced vaccines was always the end game

1st jab destroys the pineal gland
2nd jab destroys the solar plexus
3rd jab turns people into zombies
4th jab kills the zombies

Amnesia has radically shaped our ability to think
And radically shapes our current life experiences

Our inability to remember past lives
And to see evidence of past advanced civilizations
Has been hindered by energy impulse assaults against our consciousness
Creating brain dysfunction through nerve synapse blockages

The earths interior crystalline network
Affects the atmospheric pressure and temperature
Of the different plasma layers above us

Which has direct impacts on our blood pressure and heartbeat rhythm

The magnetic field affects the blueprint of life
And how atomic and subatomic particles organize themselves
Which become physical matter

The architecture of the ultraviolet spectrum of our magnetosphere
Is like a computer chip processing unit
Influencing and controlling the energetic mental and emotional
Life force distribution

Impacting our perception of reality

We can override these energy assaults against our consciousness
By maintaining inner spiritual connection
And by the shielding of our energy aura

The intentional destruction of the crystalline structure
Resulted in mass upheavals above ground
Which ended the ideal life conditions of the Atlantean period

Ongoing eviction of alien machinery
And the streaming of higher vibrations
Flowing from the central universal axis
Is rebalancing the crystalline network
Making it transmit benevolent frequencies

It is repairing the damaged code
And correcting the timeline
Which reassembles the original genetic imprint of DNA
Enabling higher thought

The rebuilding of the crystalline grid allows for interdimensional travel
By the connection of interdimensional frequencies
And existence without deterioration of the biological form

And is sending inorganic entities
Back into the source light!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

A Soul Stealer is a device
That does a complete DNA replication
Of the entire brain
And a holographic chip is created

The consciousness on the chip
Is transformed to an electromagnetic waveform
And then is put into a new Sleeve
Which is a body grown in a lab

A stem cell from a person’s cortical stack
Which is at the base of the neck
Stores every emotion and sensation one has ever experienced

That is inserted into an egg
in which the DNA has been taken out
That develops into an embryo
And then into a clone
In a big tank of water

The clone is at first soulless
And is referred to as
Digital Human Freight
It stands motionless in a line
In some secret underground facility

When the electromagnetic waveform
Inserts someone’s consciousness
Into a sleeve
It becomes a live clone!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

The moon is an artificial satellite
Used to run artificial negative frequencies

It is embedded with sound waves in a primary octagon pattern
That produce a lunar matrix of artificial magnetism
To manipulate and harvest human souls

Corporate logos are intentionally designed
For immersion in the lunar matrix geometry propagation
Which is called the Black Cube

Our education system is infiltrated
With control narratives and manipulation tactics
Such as the fake Darwinian evolution timeline

These fabrications are designed to indoctrinate the population
Into a slave class

Cloning operations is an expression of spiritual warfare

Burning Man is where entities feed off of the energy
Of the approximately 60,000 spellbound attendees

Through hypnotic music drugs chants colors and invisible electrical currents
The great fire will sear like a brand
A message into each person
Stealing souls

Water holds information and memory
Thus the electromagnetic transmission of DNA genetic information in our body
Is carried through water

Water is meant to be a natural and powerful healing force

The 12 sided icosahedron shape and its frequency
Can be easily used to instantly purify water

When the high powered beams of CERN
Is directed towards the ionosphere
It will affect the weather

The change in the ionosphere will also affect peoples minds

CERN can also be used to harvest souls

We are in a very high potential growth cycle

The negative entities who control the human leadership
Have called for a great blood sacrifice
In a great planned reset

The level of betrayal is prevalent
In the hidden war over consciousness!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #conspiracy bennettleeross.com

Zeta groups are negative aliens
From the reptilian and insectoid alliances

Through imposing false replicated time fields
Such as holographic inserts
Artificial Intelligence
And mind control

They disconnect the human energy field from interfacing
With the neural networks of other organic biological species

The Zeta Seal is the 4D frequency fence
That keeps the human soul reincarnating under their control
During the death process

And creates blockages that prevent the heart sensory abilities
From being recognized by the conscious mind

Thousands of soul and energy capturing devices
Have been set up masquerading as solar panels

They direct energy of all life
And holographically project it
Into other phantom dimensions

The soul consciousness is captured
And put into a reality of enslavement
And consumption by negative reptilian energies
In controlled artificial intelligence future timelines

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

2021 +
2022 +
2023 = 666

These years are supposed to be the second half
Of the 7 year Great Tribulation

Which started on September 23 2017
When Jupiter alias Zeus was supposedly born in Virgo
Who will rule the nations with an iron rod

And the Virgo constellation was supposedly the celestial woman in the book of Revelation
Clothed with the sun on her hair and the moon at her feet

A solar eclipse on August 14 2023
Is supposed to mark the ending of the Tribulation period

Humans are now immersed in trauma based mind control
Resulting in a mass psychosis

5G transmitters with its millimeter waves
Are installed in antennas every 300 feet
On towers lamp posts roofs and street signs

In a big city there are thousands of them
Sending forth harmful radiation everywhere

5G attacks the pineal gland
Limiting the production of melatonin
And effecting what you think

5G penetrates and crushes cells
And causes viruses to be created inside the body

5G is attracted to cell phones and wireless devices

Our bodies vibrate at an average of 60 to 80 microwatts per square meter

When CERN unleashes the EMP
You will have to match the frequency

Iron is a microwave absorber
Your body will utilize it when under attack
Brown rice soybeans cocoa beans spinach peas and seeds provide needed iron

Meats give you heme iron
Which are associated with a number of diseases and adverse health conditions

Lead will nullify the emission of an electromagnetic pulse
That is why they quit putting it in paint

The graphene nanobots in the Covid vaccine
Is also in chemtrails and junk food

The graphene hooks to neurons in your neurological strands
Suggestions to get rid of them include:
Carbon 60
Chlorine dioxide
2 drops of pine oil daily
Castor oil
Glutathione in neem and organic coffee
Ginger root

If you try any of these be sure to do so with caution
And take very limited amounts at a time

We are being overtaken by ferro nano fibers
And unless we take proper action
Our minds and souls will be the property
Of replication technology!

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #dunning-kruger bennettleeross.com

The great arches of the world
That are usually passed off as memorials
Erected by conquering heroes
Were actually resonating electromagnets

Arches and columns were powerful amplifiers and capacitors
Many used copper coils and gold
Which are excellent conductors of electricity

Many also extracted electric energy from the ether

Domes and orbs on top of poles
Also drew energy down

Indentations or cavities in the masonry
Produced oscillations or vibrations of energetic particles
These small resonators were cavity magnetrons

By utilizing spiked symmetrical ornamentation
A specific frequency was generated

The symmetrical shapes forced ions
To vibrate in a constant manner
Such as in the domed Parthenon in Rome

Ions are electrons that have left the nucleus
Electrons are negatively charged

Cathedrals also continually manipulated energy
Into specific frequencies

The central chamber was a cathode
A cathode is a negatively charged capacitor or battery
The word cathedral is from the word cathode

These were high powered structures
That generated and emitted beams of free energy
Using the interaction of the ion stream
With the magnetic field of the resonator!

Wronger Than Flat Earth Award

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #magick bennettleeross.com

The Great Whirlpool is the Rotational Axis or Polar Column
In the middle of our universe

It is a tube of flowing electrons
That forms a Central Vortex

It is the Navel of the World

In mythical times due to the high energy flow
It was easily seen in more southernly latitudes

But more commonly symbolized as a mountain or as a tree

In religious circles it was called the Holy Spirit

Every six hours the Great Whirlpool reverses its direction
Alternating between drawing in
And expelling the worlds oceans
Thereby creating their currents and tides

This is what is called Vril Energy

The north magnetic pole
Circumvents the central magnetic circle

And the toroidal magnetic field moves with it

The sun moon and planets are bound in their revolution
By our magnetic north pole

Polaris rests above this vortex
In the center of our realm

Planets are wondering stars
The sun and moon are newcomers

The moon is semi transparent
And reflects our greater realm
Although in a distorted quasi photographic manner
It is a map hidden in plain sight

Stars rotate around the magnetic circle
Making a full circle every year

They revolve anti clockwise
1 degree every 4 minutes
15 degrees each hour

We live in an electromagnetic terrarium
The sun and moon traveling in concentric spirals
Never reaching the Artic or Antarctic
But turning back at the Tropic of Cancer
And the tropic of Capricorn

Brightest stars are categorized into constellations
Which forms the Zodiac
The Zodiac is like a 12 spoked wheel

The 12 arcs are of 30 degrees each
Which is a 360 degree full circle

Constellations shift by 1 degree every 72 years
This is called the precession of the equinox

Each Zodiac is an age

Every 2160 years there is a switch to a new Zodiac or a new Age
A full revolution of 12 Ages would take 25920 years

But our universe is not that old

We have been in the Age of Pisces
And are now entering the Age of Aquarius

The advanced astronomical clocks of the Tartarians show this

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #quack bennettleeross.com

Our universe is a multiverse

It is becoming more common to see two suns
Two suns mark the rise of the Antichrist

There is a correlation between sun and consciousness

When Saturn was our sun
We had a higher consciousness

The infrared and ultraviolet rays of Saturn
Was very beneficial to both plants and animals

Much of our DNA now does not function
Because they are turned off

This weakens our spiritual powers and higher senses
Making it easier for spells to control us

Spells manipulate our electric universe
That is why the word magnetic
When the letters net are taken out
Has the word magic

Certain words produce powerful sound tones
When spoken out loud form powerful vibrational patterns
Which direct and control energy

As is shown in the study of cymatics
Sound creates crystalline structures

Gradually activating our DNA in sequence
Is the only way we can handle a sudden flow
Of high frequency energies
Traveling through the higher strands of our DNA

Gamma rays from the array of light waves in the sun simulator
Not only produce piercing heat
But affects the soul

Delta waves are subconsciously conjured up in the mind
When one wears a mask
Making the mind lethargic and susceptible to mind control

It also lessens the ability to be a critical thinker
Making one more resistant to alternative views

Lithium is now being put in chemtrails
Which causes depression

Despite all this
We live in a magical realm
As magical beings

But we are continually being programmed otherwise

Keep your energy up
And do not let the madness bring you down

Speak what you desire into your reality
Do not give thought to what you do not want

The universe wants to mold you into a higher being

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy #magick bennettleeross.com

Grey aliens are hive minded
Androgynous bio synthetic workers
That can only reproduce through cloning

They feed off our soul essence
And also human and animal fluids and protein

Humans work with Greys underground

The humans appear emotionless
Because most are just programmed drones
With microchip implants

After each clone the genetic copy of Greys become weaker

They have no creation abilities

But are telepathic

Greys also work with reptilian entities or Archons
To maintain and spread negativity

Keeping humans severed from the natural world
Making us easier to control

Our universe or simulation program
Was taken over by a malevolent artificial intelligence
When the Archons replaced several codes

Changing our self sustaining world
Into one where species eat each other in order to survive

Greys are subservient to the reptilians
The winged reptilians called Dracos are the leaders

Fox news routinely has hybrid robot lizard people as guests
Even the news anchors are hybrids
Which is true right down to your local level

Our reality was originally created
With a low enough vibration
To allow the rehabilitation of low vibrational beings

So that they could raise their frequency high enough
To allow them to live outside our realm

But the Archons have trapped humans in a cycle of reincarnation
And they trick us into coming back
Into an ever unfolding drama
Of endless adventure
And limited consciousness

Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #magick bennettleeross.com

According to the Old Testament the Hebrew god Elohim created the heavens and earth which was formerly formless and void. This is the same idea in many other creation accounts. The Chinese Tao Teh Ching says Before heaven and earth formed there was a thing confusedly formed. Silent and void it stood alone – It did not change but went round and round without weary. This chaotic motion is a widespread motif and has as it’s origin the nebular cloud of Saturn.

Let there be light is also a common theme. Those exact words are in the Popul Vuh of the Mayas. Two other examples are Brahma floating on the celestial sea who “showed himself” by the shedding of light and Saturnus in the primeval ocean organizing his cosmos out of chaos.

The Bible also says that the Spirit (Wind) of Elohim was moving over the face of the deep.The Hebrew word Tehom is translated as the deep. Which means a surging mass of water. The idea of celestial waters is universal. The Egyptian god Ra (Saturn) created the watery abyss.

The Yuma myth of creation states that: This is how it all began. There was only water. Then out of the waters arose a mist. There was no sun no moon no stars just darkness. But deep down in the waters lived Kokmaht (All Father) The Creator. He was bodiless, breathless, motionless. The waters stirred and rushed and thundered.

The Inca Creator god Kon Tiki Viracocha translates as The Foam of the Sea and lived in the high heavens.

Saturn was a faintly shining sub brown dwarf star enshrouded in darkness hovering above the Earth. As quoted in Genesis – Darkness was on the face of the deep (agitated waters). And Elohim (Saturn) divided the light from the darkness.

The Chaos was the circumstellar disk surrounding Saturn with a fluffy, foggy or swirling foam appearance. The Spirit of the Lord or Wind was the revolving motion of these heavenly waters circling around the ancient brown dwarf star that was formerly Saturn who was the original Sun or Creator King of the ancient peoples. The Maya explicitly say it was not our current sun which showed himself and ruled in the beginning of time.

What transpired was in former times Saturn shone feebly under a mass of clouds (like a Chinese lantern) and flared up (Let there be light). This went down as Day One in creation accounts. The chaos of the watery abyss was transformed into a ring which evolved into the present series of rings around Saturn. A jet (sustained plasma discharge) emanated from it’s polar region and became known in myth as the tree of life with coiling serpents or sacred mountain (Mt. Zion) or leg. The Hebrew Saturn god Jehovah is pictured in ancient coins standing on one leg.

Vishnu reclined on the coils of a serpent asleep on the cosmic ocean before the manifestation of the world.

The idea of pre existing cosmic waters is ubiquitous around the world. This includes the Biblical account of creation where the spirit of god was moving upon the face of the waters before creation. Before the shedding of light. The face of the waters was Saturn’s formless, swirling and chaotic circumstellar disk that was barely visible in the primordial darkness.

The shedding of light was the flare-up of Saturn.

The Romans celebrated Saturnalia. They symbolically reenacted the reign of Saturn (Saturnia Regna) who presided over the lost Golden Age. Saturday is Saturn’s day (Saturnus Dei) and it is the day of rest. The Hebrew Sabbath, Celtic Sathairn, and Saxon Sater Daeg are more examples of cultures honoring Saturn.

This epoch was a time of abundance. Animals and humans thrived living care free and happy lives. We got all our nutritional needs from fruits. There was no need to hurt another being and we shared a close relationship with other species.

Saturn – the Great God of Beginnings – eventually receded to remote parts of the sky as the new sun usurped his power.

The Semetic God Elohim – the plural of El or Elos equivalent to the Greek Helios and the Latin Saturnus – worshipped by fanatical and not so fanatical followers around the world is the planet Saturn which was in remote times a Brown dwarf star!