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i will execute you. the police wont save you

God told me to MURDER you...

pz and his entire family will burn in HELL...
police won't save that fucker from me...

you will be executed without mercy...

you have forfeit your lives...
and the police wont save you...

see, the entire university is going to be destroyed because of blaspheming PZ...
this will be sent to every member of the University...

police won't save that fucker from me...

did you know that blasphemy is punishable by DEATH and I am here to execute all of you?

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I don’t believe in germ theory or a viral cause of disease. I’m college educated, and not a religious fundamentalist (not even religious). Why SHOULD i believe in it? What evidence do you have that germs cause disease? The reasons you believe in it, is because you’ve been led to believe that treatment has garnered success. e.g. Polio vaccine.

However, if you allow yourself, for a second, to consider that Polio was never caused by a virus in the first place, whatever has transipred since then can be still explained. Many contend Polio was instead caused by DDT exposure, which was coincientally phased out during the same era as Polio vaccinations coming into vogue. Also, the definitions by which a doctor could diagnose a condition as polio, became more refined dozens of times during the ’50s, basically making it appear that Polio was on decline. Fact is, the same paralytic conditions that defined polio back then, still exist today, but doctors aren’t allowed to define it as such.

Don’t you remember as a child how silly it sounded when your mom told you what a germ is? Basically, an invisible little invader that causes sickness? The child in you was right. The reality of the situation has not changed just because Big Pharma claims it.

You may think i’m crazy and stupid, but ask yourself this question… “Do you get sick”? I (one who doesn’t believe in germ/viral theory), do not get sick. Haven’t even had the sniffles in probably 10 years. You, on the other hand(one who believes in germ/viral theory, and takes all the vaccines, get sick multiple times a year). Why am I the silly one? Thru all your beliefs in vaccines, what good has it actually done you?

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If you follow the comments here at Tet Zoo you’ll already have seen the thread that’s been developing on the ‘Giant killers: macropredation in lions’ article (originally posted back in February, and itself a re-post of a ver 1 article from November 2006). If you don’t follow the comments, the following will be new to you. It seems that philosopher David Pearce is honestly proposing that we should feel ethically compelled to eradicate all suffering and cruelty from the natural world in order to create a sort of global vegan paradise where predators don’t exist. Pearce terms this the Abolitionist Project (for more on Pearce and his ideas see this wikipedia article). His plans are, as discussed in depth on his website, theoretically plausible and involve such things as the use of brain implants, behaviour-modifying drugs, and genetic manipulation. Eventually, the lion will, literally, lie down with the lamb, hyaenas will not feel compelled to eat baby elephants alive, and – I presume – ladybirds will not eat aphids, and so on [adjacent image from Catztours].

I personally feel that the philosophy behind the proposal is completely wrong for many reasons. It imposes sentimental ideas and human moral judgment on other species; it (if carried through to eventuality) would mean an end to a great deal of natural selection; it is fundamentally contrary to the history of life and would result in the ultimate bastardisation of the natural world; and, perhaps most offensive of all, it PROMOTES the extinction and biological modification of thousands (or tens of thousands or more) of species. It would also result in the total collapse of the global ecosystem, but I think that’s a minor detail. I cannot help but feel that these ideas are amoral and utterly, utterly wrong. I might not like the sight of slow, lingering death and of animals being eaten alive by others, but I celebrate such processes as part of the natural world, and as a vivid illustration of evolution and adaptation. Death is part of life; we are surrounded by it. If I were religious I would regard predation, death, brutal selection and so on as part of God’s plan. On that note I initially assumed that Pearce was inspired by some kind of religious fundamentalism; so far as I can tell this is not at all the case – instead he represents a sort of ‘extreme vegan’ movement.

While considering this issue, my assumption has been that so few people (especially those involved in conservation, wildlife management and field biology in general) will take it seriously that it will never go anywhere – even if it does become theoretically possible – and that those of us who find it ridiculous and/or offensive don’t have to worry or even think about it. Furthermore, by the time we do have the ability to do the sorts of things proposed by the Abolisionist Project, I think we will most likely need our funding, resources and technology for other things. And, sorry for repeating myself, but modifying wild creatures to suit our ideals hardly sounds enlightened or ethical. It reminds me of efforts to expunge homosexuality by way of electric shock therapy, or of attempts to westernise aboriginal people by banning their customs, traditional dress and languages.

However, I’m interested to see how representative my views are, or are not. A few readers have already made comments, but now is the chance to voice your concerns. Sockpuppetry will not be tolerated – yes your behaviour has already been noticed.

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Ignorance of genomics? Thank G_d there have been no mindless regurgitations of Lewontin’s Fallacy here as the sight of a grown man reduced the an extended phenotype of the ethnic interests of the Fallacy’s inventor would be unbearable for me. Funny thing, when more than one loci is tested, the Fallacy is exposed as just that. Lack of faithism? We cannot be so lucky. Humanism is a faith. By observing the behavior of its proponents one would be tempted to think that they tacitly believe they will enjoy some cosmic reward for what will in the result in the liquidation of ancient nations, peoples and cultures. But were it so, yet there will be no such reward, as their teleology, and its alleged consequences (the ‘elevation’ of all incarnations of Man to the ‘exalted’ state ‘intellectual’ dilettantes and pleasure seeking consumers), is a delusion. Sorry, the individual, as the evolved unit of reproduction of our species, does as life commands, he passes along his own genes, and can most consistently expect to be aided in that by those most closely genetically related to him, as they also share more of his unique genes and gene frequencies than relatively genetically distant people. And if he does not, he can expect to be driven into the ground by people(s) not so tender-minded. Self-evidently, all else being equal, a more cohesive group will out-compete a less cohesive group for finite resources in the (often unconscious) effort to boost their respective reproductive fitnesses. And should that surprised? The genetic continuity of one’s group is a real life interest, however humble, however unsexy, and the sense of moral superiority and temporary bit of status one is rewarded with for paying lip service to the faithism de jure is not. And ironically, as our wages are leveled with that of the Third World, and our nations, at the catastrophic cost of social fragmentation and environmental degradation are flooded with the bottomless seas of the Third World, our elites recite the platitudinous drivel of liberal humanism as it augments and justifies their own clutch on power.

neo-liberalism + cultural Marxism = elite power

And those that aid them in that, are reduced to dishonorable, hypocritical dupes and squalid traitors.

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"highly selective understanding of science" ?

We understand the "science" just fine. It's the stupid politics we don't get.

Why do we have entire agencies devoted to destroying freedom of choice in America? The FDA and EPA are two of the most dictatorial organizations in history. Both should have funding suspended pending criminal investigations into their far left political actions.

Better yet, fire everyone who mentions global warming and ship them off to Siberia in the dead of winter wearing only a loincloth. I bet they wish they had some of that global warming then.

By the way, Gadasil is a dangerous drug. If you wish to permanently damage someone, Gardasil would be the way to go. Far better than some poisons you would find in the pest control department.

Speaking of pest control, don't bother buying insect "killer" anymore. The EPA has everything so weakened down to the point where the label has more poisonous chemicals than does the liquid itself.

If you wish to kill inspects, screw the EPA and their regulations. Gasoline, diesel fuel, chlorox, etc. are all far better insect control methods than the products that the brain dead EPA basterds have their controls over. The dumbasses even took all the phosphates out of detergents. So, you buy soap without the ingredients that make it soap. Oh, how I would love to ship these basterds out of this country and put things back like they were. This type of tyranny is what you get when you put far left commie drug snorter hippy sissies in charge.

Well, maybe when Rick Perry gets elected, he will fire everyone involved in ruining America in the name of wealth redistribuion/global warming (same thing) and change everything back to the way it was. Better yet, I would love everyone involved to be in prison ... preferably in Siberia.

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"Chivalry did not forbid rape -- if a knight came upon a woman being accosted, he was expected to help her no matter the social class; if he came upon an unaccompanied woman, and she was of an inferior social class, she was fair game because if the woman's family stood up to power, then would be knocked down by power. "

As if any medieval lass wouldn't immediately spread her legs for said knight as quickly as her modern counterparts do for rock stars, professional athletes, or anybody who can afford a better car than her father or former beau. Girls are *always* on the lookout for a guy with a bigger wallet no matter what century they live in. In addition, most fathers are actually proud when their daughter marries a guy with superior social standing. That hasn't changed in a millenium either. Gee, this whole feudalism thing makes more sense all the time. The evolutionists and their endarkenment, despite all of their verbal pyrotechnics really haven't changed human nature at all.

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Have you noticed that there are no attractive people here? I noticed that a lot, PZ's visit to creation museum with hundreds of students, no attractive people, and sloppily dressed too with weird sloppy haircuts.

Why is that, why is it when I look at young christians I see mostly attractive people well dressed with well maintained haircuts and when I look at young atheists I see the exact opposite? What's going on?

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["So anyway, Ray, I'm curious how you explain the....decrease in violent crime and warfare as Europe has become increasingly secular."]

Assuming your fact is true, we explain decrease in violence and the increase of secular worldviews, in Europe, to support the agenda of Satan as revealed in the Bible.

When the Bible and Christianity are abandoned, which is the only goal and agenda of Satan, he leaves that nation, city, person alone. To embrace secularism is to make peace with Satan. When this occurs the devil ceases to attack (incite violence in this case).

What's your explanation?

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Since ALL Atheists accept, defend and promote evolution fanatically, evolution says the Bible (Word of God) is false. Any Christian who agrees with Atheists is deluded and rightfully going to Hell.

Any Christian who denies the concept of design as existing in nature is rightfully going to Hell. Evolution says the concept of design does not exist in nature. Any Christian who agrees with Atheists is a deluded liar, rightfully going to Hell.

Ray Martinez #fundie scienceblogs.com

Anyone who uses their intellect and power to rid society of God (like Steve Gey did) they only do so because God has rejected them. The Bible explains Atheists as persons who have been rejected by God, much like the iconic aging movie star, ready for her close-up, completely unaware that the Studio (God) has abandoned them (and not the other way around).

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When will you learn? Never. The parasitic nature of Atheism dictates that it have something not to believe in, and without which its has no raisin date. If it ever finally defeats Christianity, some other belief-system will take over; jihadists and sharia-merchants are standing by.
Funny thing: you don't see F1 mechanics belittling ancient chariots, nor chemists berating the alchemists of yore for not knowing the intricacies of the Periodic Table, yet you do see Atheist-Evolutionists dissecting Genesis 1 and highlighting any scientific innaccuracies.
I suggest you see a shrink.

The "Never Actually Made Anything" Award

If he can poof me a new version of the site I'd be greatly obliged

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The concept of creationism is very well established & universal. Every second something is created, its well proven.Its a very simple 1,2,3.concept.
Poooff..! there you are.A simple toy,a shiny Mercedes benz,a 'cup' of bra,anything you can imagine.
Now look at evolution It can't hardly produce a decent sets of fossil proofs of the gradual transformation from ape to men.
Evolution is at the verge of becoming a museum piece exhibit for the foolishness of men.

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Inglorious Basterds is a Jewish psycho-fantasy based on the delusional notion of retroactive vengeance against Nazi forces in France at the end of World War II. It is an artful, but ultimately pointless, exercise in orgiastic gratuitous violence. The only redeeming value of this film is:

(1) The not so subtle encouragement of the viewing audience not to take contemporary evils lightly and to act before it is too late to avert their tragic consequences.

(2) The possible equation of suave and sophisticated Nazi SS officers with intellectual and academic elites in our own American society of the 21st century.

Thus I would like to propose a sequel to this film: Inglorious Basterds II, or more properly Glorious Basterds.

This would project the urbane and intellectual SS officers onto the modern American academic milieu, specifically the Darwinian Evolutionists, whose scheme is irrational, illogical, and with many destructive consequences for society at large.

Thus this is the delicious scenario I would like to see Quentin Tarantino render into a sequel:

Brad Pitt leads his gang of Jewish vengeance seekers (along with a couple of idealistic Gentiles) onto a modern American college campus. There they lay siege to the Department of Biological Sciences. They round up all the faculty members inside a large meeting room where they place them under armed guard and lock all doors and windows.

Then they order the department chairman to recite a script over the phone to FOX or CNN. The script would read thus:

To Members of the American Mass Media,

We professors of Biological Science at the University of ___________ are being held hostage by a band of spiritual fanatics who condemn us for disseminating anti-spiritual falsehoods and irrational myths disguised under the cloak of scientific respectability called Darwinist Evolution. These falsehoods, our captors maintain, have harmed the hearts, minds, and souls of countless numbers of American youth and have poisoned the entire culture at large against the reality of the Creator God depicted in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. We are being judged as destroyers of society and traitors to America, whose Declaration of Independence clearly speaks of a Divine Creator. We have been given two options: to publically renounce our fraudulent evolutionist views and to live, or to stubbornly maintain these views and to die. We have one hour to decide our fates.

Then Brad Pitt randomly selects one of the faculty members to be shot and killed instantly, in an act of "natural de-selection", just to demonstrate his determination. Suspense builds as the faculty members desperately seek ways to avoid further acts of "natural de-selection" as they recognize that they are faced with a choice of admitting their lives have been dedicated to disseminating a vile lie or to dying for what they know to be a complete deception. The professors attempt to engage in various philosophical and scientific arguments to dissuade the Basterds from their course of vengeance, and every so often the Basterds lose patience with their convoluted reasoning and randomly shoot and kill an academic offender.

In the end the surviving faculty members take a vote and decide to renounce Darwinism rather than their lives. Brad Pitt then tells them that though they have chosen wisely, they cannot get off so lightly and he proceeds to carve into their foreheads a large D to identify them wherever they go as former Darwinists who endeavored to destroy the fabric of American society with their anti-intellectual and God-hating ideas. And then he says: "I never realized that Nazis could come in any size, shape, color, nationality, or profession! Who would have dreamed that many of America's own intellectual elites would turn out to be Nazis too?!"

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Yes, if you are an atheist-evolutionist it might be better to deny the information-bearing nature of DNA altiogether.

But it is becoming painfully clear that the "simple cell" is an holistic information-processing and communication system of unparalleled complexity.

The "science" journals are staffed with ideological Darwinists who despise any criticism of their "theory". One can't even get a mildly critical letter to the editor of PNAS published let alone a manuscript.

SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS is what I have to say to you! Darwinism is kept alive through censorship.


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All morality is an opinion. Every last trace of what we call morality is purely an opinion. It depends on whose opinion it is. I for one have no regard for what some bloviating fool thinks is right and wrong. Human authority is by definition hypocritical and all man-made morality is self-serving and enabling of sanctimony. I have noticed that every atheist who borrows from Judao-Christian morality always avoids the harder moral restrictions such as the ones on sexuality. Why? Again, man-made morality is meant to make a man feel justified. This "morality" is a self-serving delusion, and I have always seen through it for what it really is.

At what point does it even really matter? If the creator of the universe tells me through direct revelation that someone's life has no value, I am not going to dispute that. Why should I? This being just so happened to have created a whole bloody universe. What can I do to compare to that? Nothing. What is a man compared to that? Not much. And let's be blunt about one thing. It takes more stupidity than it does integrity or grit to vehemently disagree with that sort of being.

Morality void where prohibited:

Egypt, the City of Hesbon and anywhere else that annoyed the Israelites in the old testament.

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[Vox] Day was answering an (obvious) rhetorical trap. If the discussion were to be read and followed,
you would find that he is NOT, in fact, advocating killing infants. The issue involves absolute morality and obedience- the morality being defined as a Command from God. Since the Christian church has long been guilty of being "pro-life" (rescuing exposed Roman infants in the first century) there is de facto evidence that Christ has not commanded offing toddlers. Then there's that whole New Testament thing...Jesus blessing the little children.

If God commanded to kill the li'l babies, it would be Moral.
He has not, so it is not moral.

Reading with comprehension is much to be desired.

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Also, just because you went to church doesnt make you a CHRISTian, just like standing in McD's doens make you a hamburger. You can go to sunday school as much as you want but if you are not open to the Word, you will not receive it. You say that Christianity brainwashes you from an early age, actually its the world that brainwashes you from an early age to make you believe there is no God. Being a Christian goes agains the flow of the way the word thinks.

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Today, in addition to original Darwinism -- which many scientists have already rejected as useless -- there are three other versions of Naturalist evolutionism: neo-Darwinism, punctuated equilibrium, and panspermia, the notion that life was seeded on Earth by highly evolved beings either from another planet, or from another dimension. The latter two versions are favored by powerful Transnational Progressive New Age occult insiders such as Marilyn Ferguson, Robert Muller and Barbara Marx Hubbard as well as by channeling cults who are excitedly 'receiving revelations' from discarnate entities calling themselves the Space Brothers, the Council of Nine, Transcended Masters, and more recently, the ancient Ennead of Egypt.

Heaven's Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

Devil worshipers are the #1 committers of treason against the United States. Devil worshipers have only sought to harm this nation. Therefore they should not be allowed to openly practise as they are plotting to hurt people.

Just like the white supremicst groups should be shut down because they are enciting violence against, blacks christians and Jews. Same goes for the nation of Islam they openly plot to bring the downfall of this nation.

I will go as far as to say the Tv preachers who are conmen should be arrested and tried for treason. As they openly claim if you send them money, God will heal you.

Heaven's Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

I will finish up by saying don't be fooled by the religoun of evolution. For those of you who haven't been handed over to a reprobate mind, there really is a God. And his law is quite simple, love the Lord Keep his commandments and love your neighbor. But the world does not want love so they reject Jesus.

Don't be fooled by the Tv preachers or Pagan Churches like the Catholic Church. Don't be fooled by vain philosophy.

Heavens Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

You refused to explain evolution to me, because you are afrain to admit you think you came from the rocks that were rained on for millions of years. I asked you a simple question about evolution and you would not anwser it, because your big bang is a lie from hell.

See you guys hate God and you love to sin. So you will lie and say there is no God because the thought of God creating you and making rules for you to live by offends you.

You like stealing, adultery, idolatry, abortion, watching people suffer and you don't want to give it up. Then you hide behind the lie that you are "good people". Not one of you is good.

Heavens Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

There is no evidence this god named big bang ever created anything. I would like to see a written record of one man who saw big bang happen. Or at least on man that has met gorillawits half man half ape. Big bang was made up by some Catholic screwball last I heard.

When I was talking about lying about Hovind I was reffering to all you people that hate him. All you can ever give is something vague

Missionarys are tax exempt as well. So this tax fraud by Hovind so called "employees" is BS as they were Missionarys.

You guys don't go after Tom Dashle's tax fraud cause he worships the devil like you do. So you have love your good Godless buddy.

Heres a question to you all, what is evolution and how did life begin and how old is this big bang? You guys keep changing your storys all the time. One day its 50 Million then its 60 million. One day you say you came from ape then another soup that washed up on the beach. Then you put a man and apes bones together and call it the missing link.

Heavens Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

As far as I am conserned all the therapists can go to hell. Telling a person that its crazy to believe in Jesus, but not big bang is Satanic. You want christians either
"deprogrammed" or killed off so you don't have to hear the truth that burns your heart anymore. See what I am saying is convicting your heart and its making you angry. So angry that you want revenge.

Rob McIntosh #fundie scienceblogs.com

It's interesting to me how so many people who have not investigated or researched these topics have an opinion about them. My hat goes off to to Mr. [Ken] Ham for telling us what he believes and thinks knowing, I'm sure that there will be many who don;t agree with him and go as far as insulting him for having an opinion. I thought society was all about tolerance. I guess that doesn't apply when you disagree with the person who is speaking. We only tolerate someone's opinion when it's not related to Christianity. The Bible warns Christians this will occur in "the last days"

I sure hope you all are right. Wouldn't be embarrassing when life as we know it ends and maybe Mr. Ham was right? By then, for many, it will be too late.

Maybe it's just best to let Mr. Ham have an opinion and not resort to name calling and belittling him because you disagree.

Heavens Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

You say you have proven big bang it true because of microwaves and radiation. Do voices in these waves and radiation tell you big bang is real? How do I hear the voice of big bang as you have? Will big bang ever speak to me as he did you?

Why is there no records from 65,000,000 years ago saying big bang made everything out of nothing? So bible gives written documentation and your big bang is just "some guy" saying big bang is my faaaaaaaaaather?

So will you be pleased if the US Dollar starts saying in big bang we trust on it?

Exactly how old is this big bang God of yours? Since your Satanic money loving scientists you worship keep changing the date of Big Bangs birth. By the way when is the second coming of big bang?

Jesus never said in the bible I have to prove anything to you. All I have to do is love Jesus and my neighbor and my job is done. To bad your big bang does not teach atheists to love their neighbors as themselves.

Tell me this since you beleive we evolved from a rock. If someone were to smash a stone with a sledgehammer, would you consider that murder?

Heavens Janitor #fundie scienceblogs.com

Churchers are not suppose to be paying taxes so [Kent] Hovind is an innocent man. Hovind did not steal the money and by mansions for himself like the TV preachers do. Hovind was trying to preach agianst evil men like PZ Myers. The devil did not like this so he used rich evil men and woman to lock Hovind away to shut him up.

One of the evil child molesting prosecutors of Hovind killed himself to avoid going to jail. So you see the people who went after him were wicked and wanted to stop him from telling the world Jesus is.

Then phoney christians did not come to Hovinds aid. TBN, Inspriation network, CBN, American center for law and justice, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, President Bush all turned theirs backs on Hovind because none of those people love Jesus.

Confederate Soldier #fundie scienceblogs.com

[Comment in response to a blog post about the high degree of (actively politically conservative) religiosity in Mississippi.]

I live in Mississippi. Yes we do have alot of churches. I know some old beer joints that was turned into churches after they went out of business. Mississippi is the most religious state in the union and i am proud. I am proud to be in the tea party movement, proud to financially and prayerfully support Answers In Genesis and other wonderful organizations like the Gideons, etc. Come to out twon as an atheist, that's okay, but you start trouble, you will receive what you asked for. We have already run two atheists out of town for stirring up trouble. Be careful. You are welcome here, but leave socialist secularism behind.

By the way, to those not used to traveling through Mississippi, be not offended if you see Confederate flags flying high and proud. Many people have one including myself. I still plege my allegience to it more than the modern flag. At least we weren't marxist socialists when this flag was instated. If we ever pass the hell care bill, I'll plege my complete allegience to it.

Stripe #fundie scienceblogs.com

(re: rape victims and abortion)

The state will not force her to have a child conceived in rape. It will only outlaw the execution of the innocent party.

Outlawing abortion is right because it protects innocent people. That some would seek to break the law is no reason to disestablish the law. We do not regulate theft because without legal theft some people might get hurt doing it against the law. Neither is the argument from consequence a rational one in this case.

Dave2010 #fundie scienceblogs.com

It made me laugh when David Nicholls compared creationist beliefs to belief in alien abuduction. Doesn't he realise that beleif in aliens (and alien abduction) are logical deductions from evolution theory, not creationism! Mr Nicholls doesn't even seem to understand the implications of his own beliefs LOL!

John Miller #fundie scienceblogs.com

Well, reading the comments by the author and his supporters one would think Athism is the saviour of mankind and religion is made up of a bunch of deluded nutcases.
Projection can do that. The fact is polls, science and common sense show atheism as a losing proposition which places one as an outcast of society bent on destroying what it doesnt understand, doesnt like and conflicts with its own version of a type of "Godless Religion." Its no wonder, after seeing all theese comments that atheists, according to a poll done by the University of Minnesota, shows atheists as the least liked, least trusted, least acceptable group in the USA.
One can only conclude that it is a delusion to think Atheists have any morality at all, save what each individual decides is moral. It is unchecked, anything goes amorality where one can come up with ANY number of moral codes at will and justify them all, convenience of the day.

andre #fundie scienceblogs.com

To clarify i am not associated with any church or creationist organization. I am just informed layman.Actually I believe the Earth to be in central position in the Universe as the Scripture says.Some creationists accept Copernicus.If you did not know the Copernican system is still a theory just as evolutionism is.

andre #fundie scienceblogs.com

i can not reply to Dawkins's type argument "why would God" we talking science here.Well below some more evolutionist's speculation abut human and kangaroo common ancestor. This time author says that the "large parts of genome were conserved". Ha ha ha "conserved" of course by the omnipotent chance for the future vision of upcoming humanity. Do not you people use brain at all? Do you suppose that mice was a common ancestor for all primates? Were primates contemporary to mice at the original ancestry time or were there only mice at the stage?

speaking of terms of natural selection: it would not "conserve" anything, It would eliminate all unnecessary features in the legendary ancestor because keeping it for the future humanity would be huge energy consuming effort..
Geeez. Who you call retards?

Steven #fundie scienceblogs.com

OK, I'll address your claims about the lack of peer reviewed scientific papers supporting creationist claims and I'm sure you know this well(but won't admit it): PREJUDICE, plain and simple. And it is as ugly and hateful as the racial prejudice that led to the Jewish holaocaust perpetrated by Hitler (a pond scum himself)(several anti-Christian, evolutionist, atheist blogs as case-in-point). The so-called referees and peer reviewers have an emotional/psychological adherence to the prevailing paradigm. Anything challenging that will be rejected out of hand, no matter its' merits. An example is the study on radiometric dating discordance done by ICR's RATE group. It was double blind and statistically analyzed. It showed that several commonly used different isotopes in the same rock gave isochrons that were radically different and OUTSIDE THE ERROR BARS OF EACH ISOCHRON! Of course, it was rejected when submitted because of institutionalized, systematic predudice! The "holy Grail" of "Deep Time" must be protected at all costs.

I'll be praying for all you pond scum.

UakUak #fundie scienceblogs.com

Evolution is rejected by many as Creation is rejected for the same reason, both in short are theories, get over it.

Evolution is a theory, so it has no facts to back it up or it would be a science fact. Many Evolutionist will say that their theory can be proven true, um no you can't as you do not have evidence or proof and thus Evolution remains a theory. Sorry folks, you can keep trying to find the body of Big Foot though.

Creation is a belief and does not need immediate scientific proof or do you have a different definition of a religious belief? For those who say Creation is not a belief, well, "I BELIEVE that the God Almighty Created... ", well your sentence starts with it and you can't prove it either so it's a belief, not a given fact.

Just because you do not have facts or evidence does not mean it (Creation or Evolution)is not possible or that it does not exist, it just means that you both need to quit wasting time arguing, debating, denying, pointing out to things in history/past, insulting, getting all fired up or whatever it is you folks get off on and actually do some research and find out for yourself which is the truth. By the way folks, Googling online is not researching.

Lastly (this is especially for Atheist believers), If indeed you are right and there is no God, nothing will happen to you and I when we pass away whether we believed in a God or not. If you are wrong and there is a God, you will probably end up in a hot and painful place and I will end up in a very warm and comfortable place. Do you really insist on taking the short end of the stick, if so, then just tell people who are religous that you don't want to go to heaven, we'll try our best to understand.

Stripe #fundie scienceblogs.com

[original comment was that abortion encouraged rapists; BLF and Eis addressed the stupidity of it]

@BLF and Eis.
You two haven't thought this through well enough. I'm not suggesting that the woman hides the evidence . I'm suggesting she is taken by her rapist to the abortion clinic and that the abortion clinic sends the child home with her rapist.

UakUak #fundie scienceblogs.com

Anyways, to the topic of Kent Hovind, I don't know any "facts" as I did not do the investigation, prosecution, defending, or deliberating, or was involved in any way and I know none of you people have either unless you can prove it otherwise. What makes you people have any right to say anything? It would be like if your pants slipped off when you were tying up the cow's leg to prevent it from kicking the milk bucket and your wife walked in. Well guess who knows for a fact what happend?

Michael Aprile #fundie scienceblogs.com


Dear Mr. Myers,

To be wrong is always acceptable, because we are human. But, to be consistently wrong, especially when you call yourself a Professor, is going way beyond the bounds of good sense. Anyone who even gives ear to people such as Dawkins and Kitchens is no less than a fool. There is nothing wrong with being a fool, but teaching others to be one is unacceptable and irresponsible, at the very least. Furthermore, to have a degree or degrees in biology and to still believe in Darwinian theory, shows ignorance in the worst degree. Macro evolution is founded on absolutely nothing but blind faith. No evidence has ever been provided for it. Several hokes and false attempts, but no real evidence. A large group of sciences, including biologists, have concluded that the theory is false. Why, other than you can make a living no way else, that a professional biologist would continue on with such a shenanigan, is beyond comprehension. It is a poison to society and you are one who doses it out. As common as a drug dealer. I hope you will come to your senses, as a thinking rational man, before too long. If it is the result of bitterness about something in your past...get over it.


wiley #fundie scienceblogs.com

This might work:

1. Destroy the opium crops.
2. Withdraw all military and non-military personnel.
3. Nuke Kabul, Kandahar, Quetta, Islamisbad & Tehran, and all known nuke facilities in Pakistan & Iran.
4. Quit the UN and chuck those unelected freeloaders off of US soil.

But then, if I was W, I would not have invaded Afghanistan or Iraq in the 1st instance; I'd have invaded Saudi Arabia, flattened the mosques in Mecca & Medina, nicked the oil, and not call it 'War On Terror' but a 'Crusade Against Islam'.
Then again, if I was running the World, 9/11 would not have happened because there would never have been any Moslems in the USA to carry out the operation. Moslems belong in Islamic lands; whatever possible use could there be for Moslem countries other than keeping Moslems in?

wiley #fundie scienceblogs.com

When will you learn? Never. The parasitic nature of Atheism dictates that it have something not to believe in, and without which its has no raisin date. If it ever finally defeats Christianity, some other belief-system will take over; jihadists and sharia-merchants are standing by.
Funny thing: you don't see F1 mechanics belittling ancient chariots, nor chemists berating the alchemists of yore for not knowing the intricacies of the Periodic Table, yet you do see Atheist-Evolutionists dissecting Genesis 1 and highlighting any scientific innaccuracies.
I suggest you see a shrink.

[Submitter's note: I think that "raisin date" is supposed to be the French phrase "raison d'etre.")

Created Warrior #fundie scienceblogs.com

Actually I love AIG and the museum. I donated alot of money to see that museum built. I know I will be rewarded for that in heaven. I know that I helped put a dent in Satan's plans and a thrin in his side to slow him down. That makes me smile knowing that children do have a choice between good and evil and that the truth is making a comeback.

Since kids are brainwashed with evil at school, (teaching of socialism, evolution, sex, gayism, etc.) we as church members and parents can counter that negative culture at home by monitorijng what the kids are being taught at school and explaining why evolution is wrong , anti-Church, and why it's in the textbooks and why the Binle is right and the ultimate book tjey should refer to in any situation, especially a school situation.

believe it or not, we are makimg headway. If you don;t believe it, try teaching evolution in a Mississippi high school class. The students will pass the test on evolution just fine., Theur answers will follow the lesson in the book to a "T". It's their hearts that are doubting what's the book says. Many students just put down the correct answer according to the book to satisfy the teacher. it doesn't mean they actually believe evoltuion ever happened.

Even when I was in college (10 years ago) our physical science survey professor got laughed at by three out of four students in the class when he tried to force us to accept evolution. Our faith and ou learning through the last 18 - 20 years at church countered his anti-faith message. Luckily he dropped the subject and moved on when he realized he was outnumbered three to one.

This is the stuff dreams are made of an why if so dearly and financially support AIG and the creationism movement whenever I can. I know that the future of civilization depends on people who know the truth or our existance and the purpose behind our universe that God spoke into existance some 6000 years ago.

I will continue to be a thorn in the side of evolutionary teaching until the day I die and I will do everything in my power to make sure that children know to reject this evil teaching with scripture when presented in the classroom.

The war is far from over my friend. It has only begun.

Piltdown Man #fundie scienceblogs.com

There is a long and inglorious association between sodomy and black magic, from the medieval Buggers to the Ordo Templi Orientis' XI°.

Sodomy, as the figurative deposition of human seed in anal filth, is anti-God and anti-life. Physical acts are not morally neutral.

Mark Johnson #fundie scienceblogs.com

Faith in evolution requires belief. The theories suggest that evolution happens depend on whether people believe in it or not, therefore belief is material to evolution. Scientific principles are subject to modification as new fads dictate what is fashionable in order to support such changes, depending on one’s original belief. I fear you have conflated what is currently in vogue in support of a process with the argument from the scientific Sanhedrin. That happens with followers now and then. [Emphasis added]

andyet #fundie scienceblogs.com

I respect other peoples beliefs, as a mature adult should. Ror example, if an Orthodox Jew believes that he can do no work on the Sabbath, including flipping a light switch, I respect his decision and his belief even though I do not share it.

I don't call him STUPID for believing what he believes, because only an immature, socially retarded, total dick would do such a thing.

[20 minutes later]

Why are you all such emotionally autistic, socially retarded, bitter and nasty misfits? What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Were you all nerds who got towels snapped at them in gym class and are still pissed off about it? Granted it's hard to believe in a kind and loving God when bullies take your lunch money and girls (there doesn't seem to be many female atheists - except for some lesbian Goths) tell you they just want to be friends.

Does atheism lie somewhere on the autistic scale next to Aspergers? If not why are you incapable of simple polite social interaction? Autism is a mostly male thing and so is atheism, perhaps there is a connection?

Are you mostly gays who are really just pissed off at the Abrahamic religions for condemning homosexuality? That would explain Gore Vidal, Arthur C CLarke, etc.

[He goes on for 5 more paragraphs]