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Does anyone know of any good hellfire-and-brimstone preachers in existance, who focus their attention on important things like Bible prophecy, spiritual warfare, and the coming Apocalypse? All the churches in my area, all they ever talk about is strengthening your family life (which makes up like 1% of the Bible) or whining about world poverty.

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Masturbation is a sin because a person consents in their own heart to take sexual gratification from impure thoughts. It is sinful to indulge in the sexual pleasure that is derived from the satisfaction of using one's imagination to FIXATE upon obscene images, or obscene actions, or forbidden sex. Lustfully fixating upon genitals, or sexual acts, is idolatry. This is called: the worship of obscenities. This is the sin of those addicted to pornography.

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Don't take any kind of mark, chip, etc. Live on the black market. Try to live off the "grid". Avoid using any kind of technology beyond heating and electricity. Stockpile lots and lots of food and other necessities. Stockpile lots of guns and ammunition. Stay in fellowship with other Christians (real ones who are resisting just like you are) for support. If they come for you, take out as many of them as you can with you. These times will be hard but we have to survive the best we can and remember he who stands firm to the end will be saved!

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Barack Obama will win by a landslide.

America will lose its national soverignty and become part of the North American Union.

The dollar will be phased out and the Amero will be phased in.

Because of the sinking value of the dollar and the stock market collapse (both of which are being engineered on purpose by the banking elite), the population will embrace the above with open arms.

Obama, considering himself a citizen of the world rather than of the US, with all of his "change the world" rhetoric, will make huge strides towards aglobal government, giving the UN the ability to tax and govern.

There will be a global UN tax on carbon emmissions, even though global warming is a proven scam.

Scientists who dissent against the global warming dogma will be censored, just as scientists who dissent against the evolution dogma are.

It will be illegal to preach against sodomy, effectively making it illegal to be a true Christian.

Godless global socialism will rule the world.

Jesus will come back and yell "surprise" and throw everyone into Hell.

It's a mostly sad story but at least we know it has a happy ending.

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It was during that decade of the 1960’s, in the year 1966, that a woman named J.K. Rowling was born. This is the woman who has captivated the world in this year of 2000 with four books known as the "Harry Potter Series." These books are orientational and instructional manuals of witchcraft woven into the format of entertainment. These four books by J.K. Rowling teach witchcraft! I know this because I was once very much a part of that world.

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You can't spiritualize away every part of the Bible you don't like. The Bible is very clear; if you are unsaved, you will be thrown into a lake of fire, where you will burn in torment for eternity. To reject this is to reject the word of God, and if you reject the word of God you will be thrown into said fire as well.

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A few years ago I discovered some shocking information about bible translations. I found out that modern translations are based on a Greek text produced by Luciferians, namely Brook Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort. We Christians who know about the New World Order know that Satan's goal is to keep people from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Satan's plan is to deceive Christians into accepting New Age philosophy through slowly poisoning bibles through modern translations based on minority text types. I have uploaded some videos on YouTube and Google Video of Dr. Gail Riplinger discussing the New Age connection to modern translations. Search Google for "Action Sixties Riplinger" and watch the videos. You can also visit my YouTube channel. My username is fishslab.

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Because of it's origin and what Hip Hop originally represented in it's earlier stages, we cannot embrace it as Christians. Their can be no Holy Hip Hoppers or no Christian Hip Hop because the culture cannot lend itself to the direction of the Holy Spirit. Yes, we do have very powerful Christian rap groups that preach the word of God through rap, but we must not get confused and call what they are doing Hip Hop. You have to understand that God does not embrace anything that has a corrupt origin. The very word "HipHop" was used by Afrikka Bambatta, the pioneer of the culture and professed Zulu Nation god, to describe the parties that he was hosting in clubs across New York in the early 70's. Since then, he has developed a religion that rested upon the Hip Hop culture. The culture is not from God, therefore, it should not be used by the people of God to describe anything that is of God!

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[Another FSTDT, RSTDT, and CTSTDT Trifecta]

My guess is there will be some sort of nuclear attacks somewhere in the western world, and it will be blamed either on Iran or on terrorists or something (even though it will be a false flag)... and a nuclear war will be engineered, and the hysteria caused by it will hurl the world into a deep recession and then Obama (the Antichrist) will be hailed as the world savior who will get rid of all the nukes (he's been talking about that lately after all) and establish a global currency to end the recession and enforce the mark of the beast (the verichip) to for security and economic reasons and the jews who control everything will profit from the whole thing and make apostate israel the head of the world empire and then Jesus will come back and pwn everybody

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So, we all know the demons who run the US government are setting up to communize the health care system, jumping on the bandwagon with all of socialist europe, canada, and asia. Aside from the fact that doing so would absolutely ruin the economy, and turn all health care into a bureaucratic nightmare worse than that of an HMO, I think this could actually be a subtle move towards setting us up to take the mark of the beast. The company that makes verichips are currently marketing it as a patient identification system for hospitals and hmo's to pull up a person's medical records on the spot just by scanning them. But only a few thousand people have accepted it so far and the industry is proving hard to break into, they are not getting many private contracts to sell their system. But once Barackus Muhammed Hussein Osama puts the hammer-and-sickle stamp of approval on the government takeover of health care, boom they can offer verichip a no-bid government contract to impliment the system, and also require that everyone who participates in communist health care comply with their identifaction system. Now, this doesn't invlove buying and selling, but it doesn't need to quite yet, because nothing says the mark of the beast will appear overnight. More likely, it will be gradually phased in over a span of a generation of two, just as the new world order is being slowly phased in over generations. Once they use it for health care, people will gradually become desensitized to the idea of using a chip for ID, then maybe a few years later banks will start using the system to hold your account information, playing on the whole identity theft fearmongering BS, then the government may require it for your ID, and with every new step it will become harder and harder to participate in society at all without it, until it becomes impossible. This is how I think it will happen. I'm sure there are already government infiltrators on this board who will now try to refute this.

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The mark of the beast will be required to post, speak freely, buy, sell or trade. The New World Order criminal law has assumed control over our Constitution, individual liberty. The fasci bound the Word, sacrificed it with out Cause to the flame of desire as a New World Order sustaining inversion. America, the last nation providing hope for the Constitution in the World is, dead, UNsecured because, the remnant are overcome by force, deception, agreement with criminal law by the people. America was bought with blood and that blood has been sold out. No one is ignorant. Everyone is accountable and must resist the New World Order exposure, not all agree with it and not all shall perish. When the Code Red light is lit, this will not need fast track legislation or to have been passed, to institute the requirement of the mark of the beast.

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Here's a personal story for all of you to think about.

On 11:30 pm on December 27, midway through Yule/Winter solstice, A coven or Pagans decided to visit me in the spirit while I was on the Job. I felt like all of them took really big sledge hammers and slammed me against both sides of my head at the same time. I started to sweat profusely, shake, and got very, very dizzy.

If it wasn't for the fact God gives us a promise to fight our battles for us, so that one of us can send a thousand to flight, I would be dead right now, and not writting this.

Paganism is wrong. Occultism is wrong. These evil little bastards need to be dealt with, and thank God, they are going to be gathered up soon, by the angels, and then they are going to be thrown in hell fire for their evil deeds!

Keep up the good work guys!

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[In reference to an article about ISP's getting ready to implement anti-piracy technology]

Yes. Not only that they'll probably ban religious web sites like rapture ready, voices of evangelism. For instance, If we instant message something about anything that involves Jesus, God, the bible or anti-Bush, three possible things might happen.

1. your entry will be rejected.

2. your connection will automatically be terminated.

3. Spyware gets into your computer even if you didn't download it.

If all else fails, we'll use Freenet to bypass their filters.

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God our Father is the Almighty, All-Knowing, One True and Ever-Living God.
If you falsely and wrongfully believe that your rights and freedoms come from man-made constitutions, and you put your faith (trust) in them expecting a mere written document to guarantee those rights and freedoms, then you are practicing a form of idolatry, which is the worshipping of false gods, and the breaking of the first and most important Commandment. What is the force behind this paper god? Does a piece of paper have the power to protect and defend you, and deliver your enemies into your hands? Not only that, but the hero-worship of the so-called "founding fathers" (Matt. 23:9) is also idolatry. If you are a "constitution restorationist" is it now becoming obvious to you why God would only be helping you fight evil to a certain point, but NOT fully blessing your efforts, and NOT leading you on to total victory over the Babylonian Hidden Hand system?

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Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:11 am Post subject:


I don't mean to veer off topic topic too far, but I've heard Potter compared to pirates. In one manner of speaking, those pirates called upon a Satanic apparition in order to sell their souls to it.

Additionally, the candycoated world of piracy brought to us by Disney was driven in real life by Satanic and Freemasonic sources of ritual and money. Arguably, real pirates may have done the same as Disney ones, and, to be fair, a miniaturization of the amusement park ride would make for one blasphemous altar piece. Would your life? It's interesting to think of how many visiting Christian students sung yo ho yo ho, that's the life for them.

In regards to the occult, any forceful externalization of the will is the opposite of operating by faith. What kind of thing do you want to accomplish? Biblical literalists might say that's a little beside the point, considering that the world was never meant to revolve around you. Maybe the selfishness, itself, should be reconsidered.

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didn't see any thumbs out. I only saw index finger and pinky. In the context of what they're talking about, it is a goat horn sign to tell others that they too are members of the cult. That's the way hand signals work. There's no way, in the context of having Spongebob and Patrick bowing down to the "all seeing eye" and calling themselves unworthy, speaking about being in a lodge, and wearing fez hats, that they're just merely giving Squidward the "I love you" sign.

It is, without doubt, the goat horn hand signal, done on purpose.

Nickelodeon has already been exposed by various groups as flashing the "all seeing eye" inbetween their programming. And being owned by one of the largest media groups, it is expected and not surprising that Spongebob's creators, and Nickelodeon in general, would be a part of freemasonry, or at least influenced by it on some level.

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look... whether u want it to, or not... these things are going to happen... and all the talking and reasoning and examining in the world will never change it. open war is the only way to rid the world of these evils. trust me... it will be much worse than any1 could've ever imagined... ive seen it... i know the price for it... and i know the meassures that will be taken to ensure that this world is much more oppressive than it is now. they'll kill your family members, your livestock, they'll burn your home, and poison your water supply... and they wont stop there. they'll impose child limitation laws on your home, and kill any family that goes over these limitations. dont u get it? this cant be won thru arguing, or reasoning. this is not a debatable issue. we cant simply not conform, and leave the violence up to them. we have to show them that the world is ours! do not stop until the last illuminati soldier is dead!!!!!!

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(Re: Homosexual Agenda) Definetely,especially when they drag society into the gutters with their filthy lifestyles and demonic sexual activities combined with their ruining of traditional family values.

You don't need an IQ of 135 to know that homosexuality is straight from satan himself ,where do you draw the line with gays and their rights?

Why is it that young kids are 'forced' to accept homosexuality is normal when its not, people accepting this gay is o.k society is part of the Sodom and Gamorah helpit and will ultimatly pay the price for it.

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The problem now adays is that they've switched to digital TV and TV guide is now obsolete. It's even more convenient for the zombies to see what's on TV without even touching any reading material. So that puts them even further away from the Bible.

Indeed the level of deceit in these last days is very high.

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FSTDT.com is another diversion aimed at those still plugged into the system. The recepient is amused by things taken out of context as well as by those who say dumb things posing as Christians.

You can continue to blindly be amused by the system, or you can take the step towards God and see things from a perspective of a spectator who instead of being amused at anything is trying to help those who are still stuck in some kind of trance or zombie like state not being able to grasp the concept of why they exist.

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Christians don't have to prove anything to atheists and scoffers.

Many Christians get shaken up by the latest big words and fancy ideas coming from dead souls called atheists and scoffers. This ought not to be. Romans chapter 1 tells us that they KNOW God is. Yes, yes, some of them have lied to themselves so many times that they begin to believe there is no God--BUT--things like guilt, hurt, hatred, despondency, need, and emptiness still plague these people. Their emotions, desires and actions cannot be adequately explained through their evolutionary world view. It's hard on 'em to figure it all out. Psychiatrists are making a killing.

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If you area satanist or an atheist post here so we can get you
banned and kicked off the board.
Lets make it easy for mark.

Myridon hope your the first to post.
Followed by Mabus,jebus and the 15 year old juliacaitlinn.
Come on have some guts post so we can get you booted.

Just so you know I love you all but I love the other members better!

For them we have to take out the trash.

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I will tell you the truth behind the September 11th 2001 incident. It was a plan put in place by the United Nations to increase the scientific and sociological progress of the human race. A strike team of Arabic men and convert agents was sent back in time to July 27th 2001, where they would prepare for an assault on the World Trade Center, and infiltrate the ranks of Iraqi religious groups, respectively. The goal, in short, was to stir up an increasing hatred of religion, long viewed by the U.N as an illness plaguing mankind. This and the events that followed were all orchestrated by the U.N. A few years after the the start of the War on Terror, scientists and scholars were sent, in order to aid research and spread their atheistic propaganda. Soon, they plan to implement a humanistic world-view into many country's governmental organizations, eventually labeling religion as a mass mental illness, have its practice outlawed, and it's followers hospitalized for de-programming, in the process. They plan to increase funds into scientific and medical research, mine the Earths moon, and strive to achieve a globally unified government. These are but few of many goals that they plan to accomplish. I am not allowed to divulge all the information. My purpose here today is to warn people of an expected religious war, and to advise that they should invest in tools and equipment that will ensure your safety. It has been noted that members of this particular internet website are especially sharp at discerning the truth behind many events, and so I was advised to begin here as you may be more accepting. Ideally, you should aim to own a gas mask, a gun, a reinforced bunker, and a plentiful supply of clean water, tinned food, and medicine for you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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If Witchcraft's power all about someone believing a lie, I have a major question.

Is it witchcraft that destroys the immune system once someone believes they have HIV and they're immune system is going to be destroyed by HIV?

I've watched a video on HIV = AIDS is a Hoax, and I wonder what everybody's opinion is about this? Is the destruction of the immune system caused by witchcraft, because people believe their immune system is going to be destoryed. No research has proven that HIV actually destroys immunity cells.

However, drugs like AZT and others will destroy immunity cells. Plus drugs people use that 'cause Aids' like heroine, acutally will do more damage to the immune system than HIV can possible do.

Gurion #fundie theresistancemanifesto.com

Take it or leave it, the Bible's accounting of time is clear and detailed.

Additionally, one argument against "Special Creationism," in which God is said to have created via evolution, is that the sin of man brought death into this world. Dinosaurs have been found with abcesses, cancers, and smaller dinos in their bellies. If dinosaurs preceded man, then man could not have brought death into the world.

SilentKoala #fundie theresistancemanifesto.com

You are right in that the current persecution of Muslims is a practice round for the upcoming persecution on Christians which will mark the very end. Why? Because a status quo is being created in the name of the war on terror that religious beliefs must come second to man's rule of law. The idea is being established that it's okay to be a Muslim as long as your beliefs are in line with the laws of man-made governments, but if you're a fundamnetalist muslim, then you're out of line and can be classified as a terrorist. Next, they are going to do the same thing to the Christians. Say it's okay to practice "churchianity" in a peaceful way, but if you hold fundamentalist Christian beliefs and if your beliefs require you to resist the NWO and say no to RFID chips then you'll be classified as an extremist and held as an enemy combatant. All it's going to take is a false-flag terrorist attack on an RFID establishment blamed on fundamentalist or anti-NWO Christians.

fighter777 #fundie theresistancemanifesto.com

Atheism is promoted by the media as a non religion but lets break down atheistic beliefs and see through this LIE

Atheists have their satanic book (darwins origin of life)

With this satanic book of Darwins, atheists believe all sorts of crazy ideas mostly based on racism not facts,ie people come from monkeys,they believe a chicken comes from a T rex (atheism is a form of mental illness)

Atheists believe there is no God,they have no proof if God exists making atheism a satanic faith
Anton LeVay a vile lapdog who promoted Marylon Manson a rock star who named himself after a child molester
(charles Manson)
LeVay and his nutty rituals and hatred set up a faith system based on selfishness and greed,only atheists would follow such a vile man as LeVay.

whiterider #fundie theresistancemanifesto.com

I will quote a witch on this one,"I know who you are, You are a dark Lord who kills witches with their own magick." (referring to myself) I said, well your half right, but there is no way that I'm of the darkness.

Oh by the way Mr. "Know it all" I have more esoteric knowledge in my little finger than in all the occultist in the world combined. And the reason for that is, because I have a real God. A real BIG ANGRY GOD. A REAL BIG ANGRY GOD WHO IS ABOUT TO KILL EVERY OCCULTIST ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH IN ONE DAY IN FULFILMENT OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY KIND OF GOD.

urza2k4 #fundie theresistancemanifesto.com

For all of you that read the dark agent Dan Brown book Angels and Demons, There going to start the (LHC) in CERN that will creates dark matter next year instead of this spring. It has been said this will open a rift for demonic forces, also to try to prove the non existence of God, You know we will never know there true results...

Notice the companies three sixes in there logo

[CERN logo]

freedomwarrior #fundie theresistancemanifesto.com

Before i became a newborn Christian i was one of those Christians that believed that music and movies won't do anything to my salvation...

I was bitterly decieved, so much so that i can safely say satan were very close to making me completely blind if God did not saved me,and oh boy
how wonderfull to be free of that bondage and blindness saused by sin.

If you are a Christian and you think books like Potter is o.k to read,then i'm sorry to say you are spiritually blinded by sin.

You may be thinking that its nonsense but while you think that ,it is just confirmation to yourself that satan is active in your life .