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hrdeviantart #sexist #homophobia

I will NOT apologize you. You are a fucking effeminate Luz Noceda cocksucker, you are a disgust to true men and you should be bullied by true men because TOH, Amphibia, SVTFOE, MLP FiM/EQG and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, or other any show with female lead character is for girls only.

I hate femboys, male feminists, gays, male fans of any girly-lead-character media or franchises and I prefer you be DEAD.

If you want to be a true man, stop watching those shows and start watching Sanjay and Craig, Pickle or Peanut, Billy Dilley, Ren and Stimpy (including Adult Party Cartoon) or any TV show who is male-lead-characters or sexual female degradation characters. Also please, play GTA 5 (including the strip club minigame), No More Heroes franchise, God of War greek mythology saga (including the sex minigame) or any male-character or sexual female degradation videogame.



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