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I'm getting to like Sarah [Palin] more every day: She looks and talks like the rest of the normal people in America, and whenever she opens her mouth another hundred or so liberal heads explode.

I'm guessing the libs hate her with such passion because she's a regular American, capable of debunking just about all of the talking points they aim at the drooling, uneducated union goons and community activists. She's not "properly educated" in the minds of the ego-centric leftist propaganda aparatchiks in the formerly main-stream media, and she was a highly effective administrator as Governor of America's largest state.

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“Tar sands” ? It is “oil sands”. Anywho, there are gazillion miles of pipelines crisscrossing the United States. why the protest against Keystone? It’s cause The Mullah In Chief in the White House wants to ensure all American money for oil goes to the enemy — Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. The states which behead “infidels”, stone adulteresses, amputate the limbs of thieves, and flog those who espouse a contrary view — these Islamic states Obama and his bots wish to see prosper — not Canada.

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[From "Watch Civilization Collapse in UK"]

Until recently, not only was Britain a civilized country, it defined civilized countries. It earned the vicious hatred of leftists by exporting civilization throughout the world. But moonbattery put an end to that. Through mass immigration, it is putting an end to Britain itself

Watch the wolves close in as the campfire dwindles:

England celebrates the fruits of diversity and multiculturalism. Cops run away like cowards from protesters after allowing them to beat up a man who did the crime of filming Iranian protesters. pic.twitter.com/XnJ8Gtv5BI
September 27, 2022

The nation might still be saved, with the right leadership. The seemingly hopeless Battle of Britain was won thanks to the greatest leader of modern times, Winston Churchill

Unfortunately, Liz Truss is not Winston Churchill:

Truss appears to be an overall improvement on Boris Johnson. But that isn’t enough

The song had it wrong. Unless something radical changes, there won’t always be an England

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[From "Thank God USA Is Not a Democracy"]

When Democrats say, “our democracy,” they mean Democrat rule. The word “democracy” by itself refers to mob rule. Fortunately, the USA is not a democracy; otherwise, the country would not have been stable enough to preserve the Constitution from one century to the next

As the saying goes,

Democracy is like two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. A republic is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote

The Founding Fathers adamantly opposed democracy as a system of government. To quote John Adams,

“Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide”

This makes it all the more obscene that Biden staged last night’s attack on American patriots at Independence Hall, where both the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were debated and adopted

Democrats oppose our constitutional republic in favor of mob rule, confident that they can manipulate the herd through their control of the media, Big Tech, and the entertainment industry. That’s why they oppose the Electoral College and the filibuster, both of which serve to defend against tyranny of the majority

Basking in satanic red lighting with military figures posing ominously behind him, Biden used the word “democracy” 31 times during his diatribe, as if it were some magic word that wards off liberty and grants absolute power to whoever comes out on top in an election

Patriots have their own magic. They use the Constitution to ward off evil

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The US has had a lot of Gentleman-Antisemites as presidents over the years, but never before a real Jew-hater in the Moslem sense. That is why people are having such a hard time getting their head around it now - Obama is something new.

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The vast majority of blacks in America are essentially illiterate, verbally unintelligible brats who don’t have any skills, don’t have any self-control and only live for cheap self-gratification. Add to the mix that they feel totally insulated from any responsibilities and that they are owed…no matter what…complete respect and you’ve got the whole package.

This is what happens when you have the perfect storm of no consequences for ones actions, a huge population of whites that are “enablers” because they feel some amorphous “race guilt” and a small number of manipulators like Jesse Jackson ready to exploit the situation for their own gain.

Blacks hate whites, will take any opportunity to knife them in the back, want to suck the system dry, don’t care about anything but themselves and, again like a spoiled child, will then scream and cry for someone to make everything better when the world crashes down around them.

News Flash: This time, there won’t be anyone to save you.

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…oh, and Barack Obama has done more to promote this situation, exploit it and divide America along racial lines than any human in history.

I want to see him get exactly 13% of the vote. Anyone else that pulls the lever for that horrible thug is just taking a gun and pointing it at their own head.

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[The San Francisco Police Department is poised to create LGBT "Safe Zones."]

“If the picture alone isn’t enough to convince you that the time has come for a giant asteroid to put an end to [gay rights].”

You’re wish is granted. Signed Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ said that “as it was in the days of lot so shall it be when the son of man is revealed…”

What He is saying is that right before His immediate return the faggots and queers would be setting up the Days of Lot. He is going to let them. He is in the process of bringing all the faggots and the queers TOGETHER, He is UNITING THE NATIONS (UN), to destroy them by FIRE (Matt 13; Zeph 3:8).

You know what a faggot is? Its a bundle of sticks used for BURNING. This earth has been RECREATED twice in the past (Noah’s Flood and a previous Flood that people are ignorant of). He is going to destroy it a THIRD time by FIRE.

Do you know how to refine silver or gold? By FIRE.

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Anyone familiar with Obama’s radical background will find this Facebook post by author Jim Garrow as believable as it is terrifying:

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed.

Garrow is a respected activist who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work rescuing baby girls from one-child China. His source is “one of America’s foremost military heroes.”

This certainly gives the urgent drive to disarm law-abiding citizens some perspective. It could also help us make sense of massive ammunition purchases by the increasingly frightening Department of Homeland Security.

According to the testimony of FBI informant Larry Grathwohl, the Weather Underground crowd that launched Obama’s political career estimated they would have to exterminate 25 million “diehard capitalists” to impose communism on America. This would be done at “reeducation centers” (a.k.a. concentration camps, gulags) in the time-tested oligarchical collectivist tradition.

In possibly related news, Obama is abruptly firing the head of Central Command, Marine Corps General James Mattis. General Mattis has been accused of asking too many questions regarding the Obama policy toward Iran. Could be he wasn’t willing to give the order Obama expects the next four years of Hope & Change to make necessary, and that the Oath Keepers are prepared not to follow.

Once the final pieces are in position, all that remains is for Obama to collapse the economy, Cloward-Piven style. A few more $trillion in wasteful spending should do the trick.

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Obama is using every available tactic in his war on America — including biological warfare:


Remember tuberculosis? The deadly disease that brought down Doc Holliday was almost totally eradicated in this country. It’s back, courtesy of Hope & Change:

[He then cites an article from another website]

Now that TB is returning to America, it will be worse than ever, since we no longer have resistance. No doubt this will be seen as social justice by the liberals who put Obama in power. It was lack of resistance to diseases brought by European immigrants that drastically reduced the Indian population in North America.

Even tuberculosis may not be the worst of what Obama has unleashed via the undefended border.

Because the Regime has been quickly distributing the invaders throughout the country before America’s defenders can get the political leverage to deport them, the exotic diseases they bring with them might turn up anywhere. Colorado, for example:

[He then speak about a case of pneumonic plague in Colorado]

Maybe this has nothing to do with the invasion. But no government that wished the people under it well would take chances with lethal infectious diseases.

If plague isn’t horrific enough, how about the Ebola virus?


We would have been better off being conquered by the imperial Japanese than letting leftists like Obama destroy the country from within. Eventually we would have cast off Japanese overlords. But Obama’s army of disease-carrying Third World welfare colonists is here to stay. It is intended to permanently displace us, just as our forefathers displaced the Indians. The “fundamental transformation” of America means its eradication. That is the ideology of political correctness taken to its unavoidable conclusion.

[Bolding and bracketing mine]

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The smart patriot will go ahead and let them build their mosque, and then fly an airplane into it and level it to the ground. Oops.

And then build a big-ass church-slash-synagogue on the former 911 WTC-slash-former Victory Mosque site.

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Muslims are generally irredeemable. Jihad is everything and an infidel is an infidel, period. England invites them in and the Brits get Londonistan in return. The U.S. gives up the Presidency to one... as a whimsical gesture of supplication, and predictably get WhiteHousistan.

Israel has always been magnanimous to the Palistinians but no good deed goes unpunished. Exceptions to Israeli magnanimity occur when the Israelis are being murdered by Hamas and Hezbolla. Then the charity is usually, not always, temporarily suspended.

Somehow however, the causal links leading to such exceptions seem to be conveniently impossible for muslims and similarly-enlightened liberals to comprehend.

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Compared to the pukes in the Whitehouse American patriots are terrorists and have been since 2001. The left have positioned themselves WITH the radical Muslims and that is what we have for a president thanks to the anti-American Democrats.

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Welcome to the black mentality america, you stood there criticizing the apartheid regime, calling us evil racists and imposing international sanctions on us, even going as far as supporting the ANC terrorists without fully knowing the black man. Now you know why apartheid existed in the first place, no self respecting people wants to live amongst these savages.

We have a saying in South Africa, you can take the monkey out of the bush but cannot take the bush out of the monkey. Remember that!

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The term “racist” was invented by Leon Trotsky. It is a tool used by communists (and useful idiot progressives) to delegitimize traditional western culture, i.e. the culture that made all of us and our traditional civilization (what’s left of it).

Unfortunately, so-called conservatives have been so brainwashed and terrified by decades of encroaching Marxism that they have taken to actually opposing “racism,” thinking that it’s the smart thing to do.

The reason the left always calls us racist is that, by having sense, WE ARE. “Racism” is a perfectly natural response to innate human differences. What we need to be doing is celebrating our racism, for God’s sake not shunning it! When the left attacks with racism allegations, COUNTERATTACK! Call them willfully blind, show them worldstarhiphop.com, vdare.com, amren.com, violentflashmobs.com, blackracismandracehatred.blogspot.com, stuffblackpeopledontlike.com.


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Defining Deviancy Out of Existence

Societal norms are determined by the culture at large, not by a pointy-headed, ideologically driven ruling class. Yet sometimes the ruling class demonstrates an alarming ability to stampede the masses in any direction it chooses, like drovers directing a herd toward a stockyard. For example, in 1974, the American Psychological Association, yielding to pressure from militant homosexuals, stopped listing homosexuality as a disorder. A generation later, Christian businesses are forced to close their doors for refusing to participate in blasphemous homosexual parodies of weddings. Now on to the next “civil rights” frontier:

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the American Psychological Association (APA) drew a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality.

Nothing wrong with thinking about it; just don’t actually do it.

Again we see that moonbattery is imposed by increments. Otherwise the frog would jump out of the pot.

DSM VI will likely drop any reference to the subject. By DSM VII or VIII, we will see a listing for pedophobia, the shameful condition suffered by neurotically narrow-minded people who are judgmental about pedophilia.


Having been down this road before, we know where the reengineered societal attitudes will take us. You can easily lose your job for failing to revere homosexuality, a practice regarded with near universal revulsion within living memory. The same will soon be true of pedophilia. Our government has already issued a [Harvey Milk] pedophile stamp, so baby-rapers don’t have long to wait for their place on a pedestal.

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Lid Begins to Come Off Benghazi

It’s beginning to become clear why Obama refused to rescue the Americans who died in Benghazi on September 11, 2012; why he absurdly attempted to blame the terror attack on an unwatched YouTube video out of California; why undocumented Democrat John Boner won’t appoint a select committee to get to the bottom of the matter; why our rulers don’t want to find out what really happened. They know what really happened. Soon we will too. The lid is coming loose:

Sources now tell CNN dozens of people working for the CIA were on the ground that night, and that the agency is going to great lengths to make sure whatever it was doing, remains a secret.

CNN has learned the CIA is involved in what one source calls an unprecedented attempt to keep the spy agency’s Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.

Since January, some CIA operatives involved in the agency’s missions in Libya, have been subjected to frequent, even monthly polygraph examinations, according to a source with deep inside knowledge of the agency’s workings.

The goal of the questioning, according to sources, is to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress.

It is being described as pure intimidation, with the threat that any unauthorized CIA employee who leaks information could face the end of his or her career.

In exclusive communications obtained by CNN, one insider writes, “You don’t jeopardize yourself, you jeopardize your family as well.”

Another says, “You have no idea the amount of pressure being brought to bear on anyone with knowledge of this operation.”

The dead — Ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods — were hardly the only Americans at the Benghazi consulate that night.

A source now tells CNN that number was 35, with as many as seven wounded, some seriously.

Who are they? Where are they? The Obama Regime does not want us to know. It is taking desperate measures, according to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC):

“Including changing names, creating aliases. Stop and think what things are most calculated to get at the truth? Talk to people with first-hand knowledge. What creates the appearance and perhaps the reality of a cover-up? Not letting us talk with people who have the most amount of information, dispersing them around the country and changing their names.”

What was Obama up to that puts such an extravagant price on secrecy? We don’t know yet, but it appears to involve illicitly supplying missiles to the al Qaeda–linked terrorists who have been attempting to gain control of Syria as a step toward establishing a vast terrorist caliphate across the region to challenge American hegemony.

You put someone who holds to an anti-American ideology in charge of the Executive Branch, what would you expect to result if not treason?

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Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter Sutherland Calls for Repopulating Europe With Non-Whites

Don’t let Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter Sutherland lull you off to sleep with his pompous, soporific drone. What he is talking about here in front of the Select Committee on the European Union for Home Affairs, Health, and Education is soft genocide through displacement. Permanently altering the demographics of Western countries — i.e., replacing the people who live in them and made them what they are with the people who live in the Third World and made it what it is — is not a bug in liberal immigration policy. It is the central feature[...]

Via Kitman TV:

“The demographic challenges in a number of European member states, however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states, is absolutely unquestionable in terms of a crucial dynamic for economic growth. A declining and ageing population is destructive of prosperity… So demographics are a key element of the debate, and a key argument for the development of—I hesitate to use the word because people have attacked it—multicultural states. It is impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the alternative argument can survive, because states have to become more open in terms of the people who inhabit them…

Sutherland goes on to denounce Europeans “who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others, which is precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

There won’t always be an England — or a Europe, or an Australia, or an America — if the globalist liberal elite has its way. One great big Third World hellhole with zero upward mobility or recognition of individual rights and responsibilities will be much easier for them to rule over. The European race has a very limited place in the master plan.

The Final Solution for white people won’t involve gas chambers and concentration camps. A combination of abortion, promotion of perversion, disincentives to marry and have kids, open borders, and easy access to welfare by foreigners will accomplish the task.

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Fuck you. If I had my way, the West would secede from you shitbags in the New England States and the Rust Bowl. You’re morons who reelect a criminal, a nutbag named Jesse Jackson Jr, and a fake Indian.

As I said, y’all can fucking rot. I live in the FREE STATE of Alaska and we have everything we need to be our own nation. We need you parasitic fuckwads like Massachusetts needs more assholes.

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[Pointing in the air is now a 'Muslim gang sign'.]

One of the few things Obama has not made a secret of is his Islamic background (father and stepfather both Muslims, went to Muslim school, etc.). He even announced prior to his election that the sound of Muslim prayers is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth” and that he would “stand with” Muslims against his own country. Hiding his Islamic background would have been counterproductive, considering that his very name screams Muslim. He was elected within a few years of 9/11 not despite this, but because of it, in the most contemptible attempt at appeasement imaginable.

There is no way Obama doesn’t know what his gesture means...

Making this sign isn’t just a tip of the hat to Islam. It literally means: “I am a Muslim.”

Apparently Obama has been practicing taqiyya by calling himself a Christian, not that anyone familiar with the Marxist, anti-American, anti-white ravings that passed for sermons in his “church” ever took that claim seriously.

If Obama did not identify with expansionist Islam, there would be no way to make sense of his policies in the Middle East, where he has consistently sided with Islamists against those trying to keep them under control...

Obama’s gesture, at a time when the world is reeling from a constant onslaught of Islamic terrorism, is the direct equivalent of a president raising his arm in a heil Hitler to fellow Germans during WWII.

He doesn’t realize that America wasn’t murdered when he was elected. It attempted suicide.

We didn’t know he is still a Muslim, but we knew he would side with our worst enemy against us, if only due to his hostile antineocolonialist ideology. Only complete idiots had no idea what they were doing to America when they voted for Obama. The past two presidential elections were self-directed acts of malice.

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The High Price of Losing the Culture War

Imagine living in a culture that has become so degenerate and depraved that your love for it is shoved aside by disgust. In such a culture, nonconformists who resist brainwashing will be marginalized. Cut off, alienated, thinking themselves alone, they will put up minimal resistance to those driving what Obama calls the “fundamental transformation” of America. That is why the liberal ruling class is aggressively using its control of the government, military, media, and schools to impose the normalization of homosexuality.

The poison has reached even small towns:

Dylan Meehan and Brad Taylor, two seniors at Carmel High School in Putnam County, New York, have become the first gay people to be voted “cutest couple” in the school’s yearbook.

The perverted pair are reportedly “happy to be role models.”

No one in their right mind could think encouraging high school students to engage in deviant sex acts that spread lethal diseases like AIDS is constructive. But no one in their right mind has a voice in the journalism or education establishments.

The military provides the masterminds more direct control. Consequently, the Marines are getting transformed from The Few, The Proud into this (barf alert).

The revulsion this depravity evokes in normal people is not taught but instinctual, like the reaction to the smell of sewage and rotting corpses. It serves the same purpose: to protect us from that which threatens our health.

But this natural revulsion can be overcome, if only temporarily. All the drovers who are driving the herd off a cliff need to do is convince people that they are bad for feeling it. Humans can convince themselves of literally anything if they think it is what others believe, and what they must believe too to be good persons. They will even believe sickness is health.

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You are an idiot. How about we abort you? You think by calling something abortion, you are not taking a life? If we go down the road to ending a life because it is inconvenient to us, then what about the poor, who drain our pocketbooks? How about the elderly? You are either disingenuous or a moron.

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You know how abortion apologists often claim that abortion is a difficult "heart-wrenching" decision for a woman, and they deeply understand the troubling consequences?

It's a load of crap. They don't believe any of it. It's just crocodile sympathy to give them the appearance of giving a damn. In the end, it's all about sexual gratification without consequences, and Big Abortion's lust for blood money.

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OMG I just got a message from Glenn Beck’s Website that the Comments Section has been closed and that my account is restricted.

What was my crime?

Posting links to Birther related articles and telling the truth.


This is what HYPOCRISY looks like!

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We have a Marxist racist homophile in the Oval office who is truly attempting to transform a great nation into a third-world hellhole.

Low-information voters believe he is their savior while high-information voters know him as a surreptitious divisive destroyer.

Low-information voters view the EEOC as a vaunted Federal Commission incapable of unjust pronouncements – Federal Commissions have veracity and insure the public good. They protect us and insure fairness and equality.

High-information voters suspect the usual corrupt evil intentions of our manipulator-in-chief so they do their basic follow-up and find the EEOC continues O’Screw-me’s malevolent transformation.

All five Commission seats and the post of general counsel to the commission are filled by the President of the U.S., subject to confirmation by the Senate.

In 2010, Obama made “recess appointments” of three Commission posts: Jacquelin Berrien, Chai Feldblum, and Victoria Lipnic – no Senate needed.

Jacquelin Berrien, head of the Commission, is a black ex-NAACP lawyer who was program officer of the Ford Foundation Peace and Social Justice Foundation. She is married to Brooklyn social activist and community organizer Peter M. Williams, who once authored a report, “Why New York is Falling Behind in Food Stamp Registration.”

Chai Feldblum is a progressive author and activist for disability and LGBT rights. (This is good, otherwise disability payments might skyrocket and LGBT issues might take on inordinate import in American life).

In 1993 she was the legal director for the Campaign for Military Service, a group which lobbied to overturn policies forbidding gay and bisexual people from serving openly in the U.S. armed forces. More recently, she was the lead drafter of the Employment Non-discrimination Act, which would prohibit employment discrimination based on someone’s real or perceived sexual orientation (I thought I was a woman but my mustache has me confused – can I use both bathrooms – hire me anyway).

Victoria Lipnic is a lesbian law professor who campaigns for LGBT issues.

One commissioner position was vacated Jan. 30, 2013, leaving the fourth position filled by lone Republican appointee Constance Barker, the only chicken left in a coop of foxes.

If they are not homosexual, black, or driven by hypocrisy and a Communist Manifesto, they will not be chosen – or they will be terminated – by the most despicable unholy president in American history.

cruella #fundie moonbattery.com

Obama is a commie pussy surrounded by even more commie pussies - all deviants trying to justify their perverted lifestyles at the expense of the country.

Sodom and Gomorrah ain't got nothing on the freaks in this country. Please don't call sodomites "gay" - call them what they are - a bunch of warped dicks dripping with another dude's poop. That is not a "lifestyle" that is fucking DISGUSTING, immoral and diseased. No wonder they want universal free healthcare - to pay for their aids meds.

Mr Evilwrench #conspiracy moonbattery.com

Where, indeed, is osama? Was he in fact killed? Why haven’t I seen anything that would indicate that as true, such as, say, a picture of him dead? Those guys over there were in some kind of hurry to get him buried at sea, shonuff. Sure, it sounds conspiratorial, but maybe he agreed to shut up for a year to help out his diaperhead bro [Obama]. Too outrageous?

Arch Conservative #fundie moonbattery.com

How can you be against life, family and the continuity of the human race?? You'd have to be inhuman. You'd have to be a monster.

What in God's divine name makes these people tick?

I no longer see these [pro-choice] "people" as human beings. I shall henceforth refer to them as malcontented bipeds, Homo Liberalis if you will.

Dave Blount #racist moonbattery.com

Obama’s Immigration Policy Explained

If the Regime’s immigration policy makes no sense to you, give some thought to its objectives. Allan Wall helps to clarify matters[...]

Sounds like Obama et al. refuse to enforce immigration law because they want everyone to live in America. But no, not everyone:

Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is actively working to deport a German family who had already been granted refugee asylum status.

It’s not an oversight. It’s not a technicality. Eric Holder’s DOJ has gone out of its way to get this family deported.

The reference is to the Romeike family, political refugees from Germany, who are attempting to escape Hitler-era laws against homeschooling.

Granted no Democrat favors children escaping the indoctrination of government schools, but does anyone think the Social Justice Department would launch a jihad to deport a family back to Mexico for wanting to home school?

Demography is destiny. Singapore and the Central African Republic have almost exactly the same number of people. Per capita income in the former is $61,046; in the latter it is $767. Would anyone deny that if the populations were switched, with everyone in Singapore moving to the central African hellhole and vice versa, within a few years Singapore would be a poor, savage country and the Central African Republic a rich one?

As promised, America is being fundamentally transformed. This transformation is permanent. It is being achieved by displacing the majority population with those of Third World heritage who do not share our work ethic or respect for individual rights and responsibilities. If they shared our values, there would be no need to import them, nor would there be any need for them to leave their own countries, which would be fine places to live if not for the dysfunctional cultures our government is paying welfare colonists to bring with them.

We are witnessing the deliberate obliteration of the greatest nation in history. Those responsible have used their control of the media and education establishments to get so far into our heads that I will be condemned as a “racist” for calling attention to their race-based designs.

Dave Blount #racist moonbattery.com

Trajectory of South Africa’s Descent Steepens

New York City and Virginia aren’t the only places to be pushed off the deep end by demographically supported left-wing ideology. It happened to South Africa when the country committed suicide at the insistence of the sanctimonious “international community” by turning control over to a mob of savages. The formerly civilized nation’s descent is gaining velocity:

South Africa’s beleaguered white minority—already subjected to an unprecedented campaign of murder, robbery and violence—are facing a renewed assault in the build-up to the 2014 national elections with the growing support for a new violently anti-white party called the “Economic Freedom Fighters” (EFF).

The EFF was founded by the former head of the African National Congress’s Youth League, Julius Malema, after he was expelled from that party.

The Left will always push the envelope. Not long ago, it would have been difficult to imagine being so radical as to get kicked out of Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC), a socialist organization known for the savage practice of necklacing.

The EFF’s policy position of the party is based on the not unjustifiable claim that twenty years after the handing over of power to the black majority in 1994, black people are still not economically “liberated”.

By this they mean that blacks are still overwhelmingly poor, and even though white wealth levels have dropped dramatically, that group still appears to be in possession of most of the remaining financial assets of the country.

Equality will not be achieved until everyone is forced down to the lowest level.

South Africa is already a hell for the whites who once raised it up out of the Stone Age. Much of the white population has escaped due to endemic racial violence and systematic racial discrimination. But so long as there are any left at all, whites will be blamed for Africans continuing to live like Africans. EFF policy

demands the nationalization of land, mines, banks and other assets without compensation and, in particular, on a racial basis.

At a recent launch of its party group in Marikana (in the old western Transvaal, now called the North West Province), EFF supporters carried banners reading “Honeymoon is over for whites” and “To be a revolutionary you have to be inspired by hatred and bloodshed”.

Already South Africa has a president who publicly sings about killing white people. Now the leadership will escalate from encouraging and facilitating freelance thugs to becoming a Third World Third Reich.

Whites have lived in South Africa for nearly 400 years. They won’t be there for much longer, because civilization is shrinking as it dies of political correctness.

According to a recent survey, 42% of young blacks approve of “land reform” as the EFF defines it — i.e., confiscating most if not all property owned by whites. No doubt the percentage of white college professors in the USA and Europe approving of the EFF would be even higher.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a thousand pictures. The video below demonstrates the practice of necklacing, made famous by liberals’ beloved ANC[...]

That is the world’s future if civilization continues to wither and withdraw under the effects of the self-hatred inflicted by liberalism.

Dave Blount #racist moonbattery.com

The Coming Non-White Majority

While we rearrange deck chairs and squabble over trivialities, the ultra-left is winning the battle that will decide the war — demographics:

For the first time in American history, non-whites will make up half or more of the next generation, likely pushing Washington toward a bigger government — and the GOP better tone down their anti-government rhetoric if they want to win them, according to a top polling outfit.

But the GOP winning isn’t the object. It is about liberty winning, and America being preserved. If Republicans adopt a socialist platform, they can win every election until Kingdom Come; liberalism will win right along with them.

At a briefing for congressional aides hosted by the moderate Republican Ripon Society, Pew Research Vice President Michael Dimock said that the trend among younger Americans is support for government programs and acceptance of Democratic Party policies.

“Their tendency is more liberal, their tendency is bigger government,” he said of so-called “millennials” born between 1979 and 1995. They will likely set the trend for the still-unnamed next generation.

Their leftward tilt isn’t only because they are still inexperienced, and haven’t had time to cast off liberal establishment brainwashing. It is because many of them are not American in the same sense as past generations.

“This is a generation that is 41 percent non-white; the generation behind it is likely to be close to 50 if not more than 50 percent non-white, and the anti-government kind of tone is one that really doesn’t resonate with that non-white sector in particular,” said Dimock at the Ripon retreat.

This isn’t about skin color. It is about the values and cultural traditions associated with groups with different backgrounds. Of course there are many individual exceptions, but on the whole, Americans of European ancestry are the only people who will choose hard liberty over easy tyranny. No other culture could have produced the US Constitution; no other culture will maintain it.

Some can be won over to traditional American culture, with its reverence for rugged independence and individual rather than group rights. But they are likely to remain a minority. The liberals who control the media and education see to that by stressing multiculturalism and the grotesque concept of racial entitlement to other people’s wealth.

People of any background can be gradually assimilated. But the rapid swamping of the country with Third-Worlders lured by extravagant government benefits has made that virtually impossible.

The appalling political consequences of whites becoming a minority in Detroit, New York City, and California are not only illustrative; they were inevitable.

Teddy Kennedy can rest easy in his grave. His Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 is working according to plan.

Dave Blount #racist moonbattery.com

America’s Ongoing Kristallnacht

One of many examples of what the information gatekeepers have been using the Trayvon spectacle to exacerbate[...]

You would hardly know that incidents like this occur on a constant basis, would you? Some of them would make extremely compelling news stories, far more interesting than some punk getting shot after he tried to kill a neighborhood watch captain. But the growing conflagration of one-sided racially motivated violence doesn’t fit the narrative, so it goes unreported.

According to government statistics,

Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa.

But these statistics don’t fit the narrative either. Instead of being told the truth, we are fed a contrived man bites dog story about a white who is actually Hispanic killing an innocent black child who was actually an oversized psychopathic goon who otherwise would have murdered him.

By hyping the grotesquely distorted Passion of Saint Skittles, the liberal establishment media (and its subsidiary, the Obama Regime) are pouring gasoline on a fire. No doubt scenes like this have been unfolding all across the country:

The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating a July 14th battery that happened around 7:30 P.M. on the 2600 block of W. Cherry St.

A 34-year-old Wauwatosa man tells police that he was walking through a park from a friend’s house when he was punched in the back of the head and knocked down by an unknown suspect.

The Wauwatosa man says that several other suspects then punched and kicked him. The victim says that he heard one of the suspects refer to Trayvon Martin as they were striking him.

To learn about these incidents, refer to local media, which may or may not report them, or to sites like White Girl Bleed A Lot. According to the national media establishment, the ongoing Kristallnacht it has done so much to create does not exist.

Jimbo #fundie moonbattery.com

Liberals want ALL humans as defenseless as a fetus.

And you know why.

Liberals love murdering the defenseless. They get sexual pleasure from it.

Mass murderers and serial killers are liberals. ALL OF THEM.

Pegon Zellschmidt #fundie moonbattery.com

The AIDS problem is that the rectum wasn’t made for sex like the vagina. A condom will still tear at the thin wall of the rectum, ergo, since Bill and Melinda [Gates] are so pro-abortion maybe they could fund the creation of a technique whereby the tiny vaginas of aborted baby girls are sewn together and then retrofitted into the anus of homosexuals. Everybody’s happy and we’ve cured AIDS!

Bill and Melinda are pondering: “Serious or parody? With our billions, anything is possible.”

Candygirl7 #racist moonbattery.com

If you kill all of us white folk, how will the black race get the welfare nuggets and freebies? I mean, we whites are the ones that work for a living—think about it before you decide to do us in. Idiot! And nobody stole anything from you—blame your black tribal chiefs that sold you off centuries ago.

DJ #fundie moonbattery.com

The abortion industry makes the horrors that happened in Hitlers work camps pale by comparison. You’d think a Supreme Court comprised with six Catholics would overturn Roe v Wade, right? Wrong! E.g. look how John Roberts went out of his way to find a way to make the anti-Catholic Obama-care legal. Moreover 51% of so-called Catholics voted for the explicitly anti-Catholic Obama in the last election. True, that’s down from 54% of Catholics that voted for him in 2008 but still….

Dave Blount #racist moonbattery.com

[Emphasis mine.]

Coming Next: Race-Based Car Loans

America under liberal rule is a racist tyranny. Think that is hyperbole? Then talk to a car dealer about this:

[T]he new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [CFPB] is ginning up a campaign to use “disparate impact” analysis to charge racism in auto lending. That’s the theory that looks at statistics to prove bias without evidence of specific discriminatory intent. Never mind the financial or other circumstances of the borrowers beyond their race.

That is, car dealers must provide a proportionately equivalent number of car loans, at the same interest rate, to all racial groups, regardless of whether members of these groups are equally likely to repay the loan. Essentially, if Customer X has money in the bank and has never missed a day of work in his life, and Customer Y is living on welfare and just got out of jail, they must be regarded as equal credit risks if Customer Y is lucky enough to be black.

Obviously, there are plenty of blacks who are good credit risks. Equally obviously, there are many who are not. You would have to spend your entire life sealed in a windowless room with no access to the outside world except a TV tuned to PBS not to know that there are cultural differences that make blacks as a group significantly less likely to repay their loans than whites.

To achieve the liberal conception of equality, these differences must be papered over by forcing car dealers to make bad loans, effectively subsidizing cars for those who don’t pay their bills at the expense of those of us who do pay our bills, because we will end up having to pay more to make up the loss.

If all of this sounds familiar, you could be thinking of the Community Reinvestment Act, spawned by Carter but doubled down on by Clinton and Obama, by which the federal government forced banks to make mortgage loans on a racial basis lest they be accused of “redlining.” This was a primary cause of the 2008 economic crash.


That would be the Department of Social Justice run by Eric Holder, who has been clear that he sees it as his duty to advance the interests of what he calls “my people” at the expense of whites. This is why the Injustice Department refuses to prosecute civil rights violations if the victims are white, even in outrageously blatant instances of voter intimidation. For thorough documentation of this, refer to Injustice by former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams.

Laurie #fundie moonbattery.com

You’re missing an important point: The majority of abortions are performed on *liberals*. Therefore, abortions are a good thing.

If we assume (roughly) that 2/3 of abortions are performed on liberals, then that’s 36.3 Million liberals who aren’t sucking on the government teat and/or marching in the streets and burning cars.

Therefore, we should *encourage* all liberals to get as many abortions as possible. That’ll do three things:

1. Prevent more liberals babies coming into the world.
2. With enough abortions, the lib female will become sterile.
3. Once the LameStream Media figures out why we’re pushing it so hard, they’ll be less likely to promote abortion as the panacea that they currently claim it is.

Yes, I know it’s counter to our beliefs about human lives, but these are liberals we’re dealing with. They have the IQ of a four-year-old, so the only way to deal with them is severe punishment.

Dave Blount #fundie moonbattery.com

[Dave Blount mistakes a satirical take on the resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for a genuine article calling for the firing of people who donated to the Prop 8 campaign.]

After Fall of Brendan Eich, Liberal Fascists Call for Broader Purge of Thought Criminals

Did you think Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s would be the last scalp collected on behalf of homosexual militants? The liberal fascists at Slate inform us otherwise:

Some of my colleagues are celebrating. They call Eich a bigot who got what he deserved. I agree. But let’s not stop here. If we’re serious about enforcing the new standard, thousands of other employees who donated to the same anti-gay ballot measure must be punished.

More than 35,000 people gave money to the campaign for Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that declared, “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” You can download the entire list, via the Los Angeles Times, as a compressed spreadsheet. (Click the link that says, “Download CSV.”) Each row lists the donor’s employer. …

Thirty-seven companies in the database are linked to more than 1,300 employees who gave nearly $1 million in combined contributions to the campaign for Prop 8. Twenty-five tech companies are linked to 435 employees who gave more than $300,000. Many of these employees gave $1,000 apiece, if not more. Some, like Eich, are probably senior executives.

Why do these bigots still have jobs? Let’s go get them. …

If we’re serious about taking down corporate officers who supported Proposition 8, and boycotting employers who promote them, we’d better get cracking on the rest of the list.

Remember that the people they are seeking out for destruction gave money years ago to a proposition that was passed by a majority of California voters, who were then overruled by the courts, starting with gay activist judge Vaughn Walker. Prop 8 is long dead; the liberals who control the judiciary have spoken. The explicit objective now is to hunt down people who have privately held views in the past that are currently considered inconsistent with leftwing ideology.

This isn’t about promoting homosexuality as an end in itself, or only the tiny percentage of Americans who are pushily homosexual would be driving it. This is a major battle in the Cultural Marxist war to replace America with a country where no thought crime (as defined by ultra-Left oligarchs) will be tolerated.

As you can see, anonymity is no longer an option. Neither is sitting on the sidelines. Either we fight these vermin, or they win. If they win there will be zero tolerance for anyone they deem to be ideologically incorrect, as they have clearly demonstrated.

Ming the Merciless #fundie moonbattery.com

Allah is not God but a sand monkey’s idol. It is called also the Kaaba, a so-called moonstone meteorite on display at the caboose or grand mosque…PURE IDOLATRY!!!

It can be speculated that these sub human desert rats use similar black stones to wipe themselves, and since they are all ardent sodomites, you can make the connexion as they use the same stone “tool” as tribal totem then idol that they imposed on the Middle East by massive genocides.

Fiberal #fundie moonbattery.com

Great. Just great. Now we have full-blown socialism.

Passage of ObamaCare does it. This is how socialism works, comrades.

Liberals, socialists, communists pursuing power will work while you're in a football coma during the holidays...they are working this year all the way up to Christmas eve.

When will you learn?

Liberals Never Ever Stop.

They work everywhere and all the time; they work from Copenhagen to D.C. to your local government approving another Mosque. They are working Christmas morning. They are working now.

And they work especially hard when its cold outside and you're ensconced in your unwashed couch comforter, watching football, eating, screaming at your kids and eating.

Millions of you can get up and drag yourselves and your kids to football games over and over. But only a few thousand can make it to a one-time tea party. And at a critical time when BO's healthcare bill is going to get passed in cloture and then in fact... nothing. No teaparties, nothing. Not a peep from the delicate battlefront.

Well, I hope you're happy with yourselves and your civic participation, your awareness of the issues, your votes (or lack thereof) and your BO Messiah and your weak, spineless Republicans and your mindless John McCain, because now you get to celebrate your socialized medicine, comrades.