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American Women

They want everything. The house, the jobs, the control over what is done. God did not call women to take over; yet, American men are oppressed if not feminized by this political agenda. Some say Satan got kicked out of Heaven for trying to take over. Women are taking over.

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There's nothing ungodly about a death penalty for the crime of homosexual activity, per se, as God Himself once instituted it for His covenant people in their civil code. To condemn the punishment would be to attack the righteous character of God. This bears out also in the eternal sentence of fiery damnation for those unrepentant of this sin-- Physical death pales in comparison to the eternal death that awaits the unrepentant guilty.

However, a legal code that condemns the crime with death does not a Christian society make. Uganda needs the gospel first and foremost-- without a people and rulers that know the Lord and His ways this just penalty will be used for unjust ends.

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View Poll Results: Why do non believers don't go to church?

There are to many Hypocrites in the Churches 0%

They don't believe that the whole Bible is the Word of God 0%

They don't believe in tithing or supporting a Church 0%

There is just to many religions out there 0%

They have been taught not to believe in God 0%

Because of there Hardness of their Hearts, and closed ears to hear. 100.00%

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It is my DUTY to tell your wife and daughter how they should dress, because many yellabellies husbands won't. They are too scared of the couch and doghouse. The Scripture speaks plainly concerning the issue and many preachers won't touch it because they like to see the flesh of the women too much not to preach against immodesty. HELLO!!!!!

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[A preacher responds to the news of an interracial couple being denied a marriage licence.]

My friends and my church members know what I believe about interracial marriage.


Now, for the record, this is what I believe about interracial marriage:

Is it sinful? No.

Is it wise? No.


1. It limits your effectiveness for the cause of Christ. I am a realist. Throw a dart at a US map. Whatever town it points to, go there. Choose a street. If you are white, take a negro counterpart and knock on doors. Introduce yourself as husband and wife. Try to share the gospel. Now, choose another street in the same town and go with a white counterpart. Gage the difference. Then ask yourself, "Why choose to pursue a relationship that will limit my effectiveness for reaching others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"

2. It does create a problem for the children. Period. And undeniably. Why do this?

3. Common sense. "Doth not nature itself teach you..." It is easy to decide that your inner discomfort with seeing a bi-racial couple is just some handed down racist views, but is it? (I know....to appear P/C you will swear you experience no inner conflict of discomfort.... but you do...) Or is it something else?

4. Parental guidance. Most of the bi-racial marriages are not embraced or blessed by both sets of parents. A young person -- who goes through with this knowing his/her parents do not agree with it -- dishonors his/her parents. As one young lady once told me, "When I found out my dad didn't want me dating a black man, I was the more determined to do so." Wow... that was of God....

If all of this still does not convince you..... try sorting socks until a light comes on.....

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America was founded on these principles. We all know the constitution doesn't say it or anything about God (it was understood so there was noneed) but I was explaining this to a student and he asked for a list of these principles. He asked what the principles were. I was able to give him a few like you shall not murder, you shall not steal, and having a good work ethic, but I couldn't come up with very many on the spot. And then he said that lots of people believe those things not just Jews and Christians.

So I need a good list to give him and he wants to know if they were listed or mentioned anywhere by the founding fathers. (Of course I told him to study the Bible if he wants all of them!)

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Baring the fact that you are not a Christian, but a satanic homolutheran/Cathylick, you're the last creature on earth to try and deride the T-man! Regarding your ilk, the second class citizen, a.k.a. the woman, God has made it quite clear that
they are put on earth to serve man, period. (1 Corinthians 11:9). Women exist
ONLY to be helpers of men (1 Corinthians 11:7). Women must be respectful and
submissive to their husbands, therefore, NO HEADACHES ON SATURDAY NIGHTS! (1
Peter 3:6 with Genesis 18:12). Women must always obey their husbands (1
Corinthians 14:34; Titus 2:5).

You are to be subject to your husband's, that is if you ever find a man foolish enough to marry you, every command, which may include leather and
rubber products. (Genesis 3:16; Ephesians 5:22, 24; 1 Peter 3:1). You are
NEVER to hold any position in which they govern or supervise men! (Isaiah 3:12).
But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in
silence. (1Timothy 2:9-12 ) EMPHASIS ON THE TERM SILENCE!

In fact, your ONLY hope of Salvation is to become a real deliver in childbearing (1 Timothy 2:14-15). You only have two options here, woman, put up or shut up!


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Any 'woman' who would push her man to unreasonable reactions is a woman who inwardly desires to BE a man or has no understanding of men in the first place.

Any man who would LET his woman push him that far is spineless.

That being said; SOME women NEED a good stinging slap across the face to remind them that they have a certain place in the order of things that they ought to be mindful of and not try to step out of it.

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Starting with IFB leader/example setter Jack Schaap, and on down to the rest of you deceived fleebags who wink and nod at the evil positions of Hussein O.

Will it be...
When he signs the Freedom of Choice Act (already thru congress, which of course George Bush wouldn't sign and Hussein O has said it's the first thing he'll do)

When he signs into law all rights of gay couples to adopt.

When he signs into law 5 billion for Planned Parenthood which Bush resisted and not without criticism from the left

When he removes the Clinton compromise position of Don't Ask Don't Tell in the military. That is, they can "come out" without repercussion. They can find and enjoy one another at long last, right in our armed forces.

When he signs the fairness doctrine, which will affect Schaap's radio station (under construction). Schaap will have to call in gays so as to, in fairness, give their side of sodomy. (based on his soft stance on it, he may see this as a good thing)

When hate speech includes preaching against abortion. and is criminalized

When he appoints dozens of liberal judges to lower courts

When he appoints a pro abortion/pro gay Supreme Court judge to replace Stevens

That's just a small start of a long list.

And the question remains....WHEN will it be that Schaap and many of you here with stary eyes for the mullato man, realize we have elected evil.

And when you do, will you deal with it at an altar? Will you man up to the public that you were deceived?

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[Referring to the airplane that recently made a fatality-free crash landing in the Hudson River.]

Female pilots are fine, till there's a situation like the US Airways emergency in the Hudson River.

While not impossible for a female pilot to have made the exact same decision, I'll put my life into the decisional/emotional state of a man, thank you.

It can't be denied that the reactions of male and female are different. That's not a bad thing. That's not a put down. But MayDay in a passenger jetliner and a girl deciding what to do? You get the point.

The plane that crashed in the Pacific off LAX some years back, had a nonresponsive worm gear on the elevator (rear flaps), I believe it was. In stead of using the other flaps and ailerons to steer back to a landing, the female pilot decided to run the worm gear out to the end and back.

It was already known to be "sticking" and now it is stuck in an extreme position making the plane uncontrollable by the other flaps and such.

A male's decision would have been to fly back with what you know you have that works. The belief that while in the air, you could tweak and toy with the problematic elevator, which came from the female pilot, was the cause of the crash and loss of all souls on board.

The press managed to keep it real low and below the radar, that the pilot was female. You had to dig to find it out.

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You assert that women were treated like chattel "in the culture of the Bible." You do not prove that. If you mean that the world in which the Biblical revelation unfolded treated women as chattel, you perhaps have a point. If you mean that Divine Revelation guided men to treat women as chattel, then it is not me who is stupid.


And yes, I have something against feminists (I have repeatedly stated so), but not against women, as feminists are not really women anyway.

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[So, it's okay with you if your husband controls who you can visit with, who you call, who you can take calls from, whether or not you can leave the house when he isn't home, how much money you can spend (if you are allowed to spend any at all) and so forth?]

Show me scripture that tells me he is not allowed to do that.

The Bible tells me to submit.

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[In a thread entitled "Submission vs. Controlling"

In our culture, when someone calls someone else "controlling," there is no need to see their hearts and minds. They are rendering a judgment on someone else - and that judgment is negative. The term "controlling" has a wholly-negative connotation in our modern, feminized society.

I have simply made two points. 1) What feminists consider to be "wrong", no matter how culturally accepted, is not likely to actually be wrong upon inspection of the word of God. 2) Anyone who labels another person as "controlling" is judging them personally - NOT making a judgment that the word of God makes.

I can label you a "liar" or "adulterer" and not be "judging you." The Bible tells us both of those things are wrong in God's sight and we all know what they mean. I cannot call another person "controlling" without personally judging them because being "controlling" is not something that God has defined as a sin.

So I am not a judge, merely a reporter.

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((On why offending God merits eternal suffering))

It is His position, I hope this isn't too poor of an analogy...

You are walking down the street and you are in a pretty poor mood, you bump into a homeless man, in your frustration you shove him to the ground- because of his status nothing really happens to you.

Same scenario, but you bump into me ( a regular guy) I call the police and maybe you get a fine and probation.

Same scenario, but you bump into the president- if you are not shot by the secret service- you will go to prison.

it is not just the offense- it is the rank of the person you have sinned against.

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Men with long hair,

Men wearing short socks,

Pastel colored clothing,

etc. etc. etc.

Men are visually stimulated, and women are typically emotionally stimulated sexually. So, why are men working harder and harder to appear sexy in the way they dress or fix their hair?

I say it's because the media is pushing this kind of dress to promote the Queer agenda. Half the teen boys I see anymore are Metrosexuals (very feminine)... who are they stimulating by acting or dressing feminine? It's not primarily the women... it's the men.... and the Queer men to be specific.

So, if we are allowing our male children to dress or behave in a feminine manner... we are basically hanging them in the meat market of abomination for all the Queers to check out.

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As someone who has studied anatomy extensively I can tell you. You will never run out of things in the human body that points to God.

From the process of cellular regeneration to the process of death.

Anyone who has ever studied the body and looked at it logically knows this.

I personally don't know how evolution teaching has made it this far.

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I'm thoroughly convinced that the devil has found the perfect tool through which to influence our children...cartoons. Folks like me who grew up on Bugs Bunny have a tendency to think of cartoons as harmless and fun. I've educated myself on them recently though by watching pieces of cartoons about which I knew nothing. Turns out, you cannot walk away from you children when they are watching cartoons unless you have the Boomerang Network, where all of the oldies from my generation are the only ones that play. Wonder how many parents let their kids watch filth that they would ordinarily not consider letting them watch because it is in the form of a cartoon. It's brilliant on the part of the devil, though...one must give him his dues for doing his homework and planning so carefully.

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We have so many different species, that we can't even catalogue them all and you pretend that evolution molded us to fit the environment.... excuse me for laughing till the tears come... pray tell, why hasn't evolution molded life to fit the environment of the moon... why hasn't evolution molded life to fit the environment of any other planet in our solar system... funny thing that evolution is, eh???

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Gringo......take a look at the world around you. If the famines, floods, pestilence, etc. don't point you to a judging hand of God, nothing will. The Bible says that some of us are saved from fear, because we are scared of the coming judgment. It also says that some of us are saved because of the compassion of others. If you do not fear the Lake of Fire, I hope that someone shows you enough compassions that it draws you to our loving Heavenly Father.

As for believing without seeing....well, that is what faith is all about. I have never, ever seen a million dollars, yet I believe that it does exist, because I see the evidence of it. I have never seen God, but I know He exists because of the evidence I see.

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I always love talking with some atheist or agnostic who thinks that it "bothers" me when the gospel is rejected... the attitude that they have somehow hurt me or caused me some emotional pain is too funny. I could really care less if they blaspheme their way to the gates of perdition, I like it when the fools act the fool... I enjoy a good laugh and one at their expense is even better.

If I was a drinking man, it wouldn't bother me at all to raise a glass in honor of their rejection of truth... I am one of those folks that plan on sitting in the front row all decked out in full party regalia when the damned are cast into the lake of fire... I laugh now, I'll really be laughing then, in fact I plan on making a copy of the highlights. Some of that stuff is bound to be side splitting funny, I can't wait.

The look on ya'lls faces when you get judged on every sin that you've ever committed...ROFLMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I can't wait to hear some of the idiotic excuses... when God uses the fool proof method whereby you actually indict yourself is sure to produce some looks of astonishment, bewilderment, and my favorite...the flat out blank stare where your eyes just blink several times...ROFLMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you guys are gonna give me centuries of enjoyment. Thanks, guys.

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the atheist fascination with retards. Some retarded people are from mistakes in the DNA information. Spring and atheist like her like to use this as ‘proof’ of evolution. So the theory goes a bunch of mutated retarded frogs turned into people. It is also interesting that Hitler had made death camps for retarded people and were some of the first death camps that he had made.

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I was heavily involved in D&D for about 2 years. I witnessed people turning away from God and turning to a total life of fantasy. I saw grown men sit in a corner and cry because their character died after they pleaded to their "god" to "save" them. I was trying to be a "good" Christian and played this game like it was going out of style. I quit after I saw that I only got excited about this stupid game and not the things of God. I was offered some serious $$ for my characters, but said no. D&D involves witchcraft, sorcery, demons, and so much more. I've been around folks that were into Witchcraft, had "friends" visit them and other things as well. Thankfully, they were saved from hell by a Loving God. To say this puke means nothing, or have no influence on you is the same as listening to Marilyn Manson or watching pornography and saying they have no influence on you either. This is not reaching for straws or comparing different things. They all come from the same pit of hell. Does it matter who wrote something if it promotes something that is not Godly? Only if you think His standards change. I understand that this part of the forum has folks with different standards, so some of you won't agree with me, but I can live with that too.

P.S. For those that think the Bible has "fiction" in it....what part(s)?

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It is not that simple. There is no right or wrong with fantasy itself it is what is the fanstasy about. See Harry Potter is preduced by a witch. The author admits she is Wiccian and said the reason Jesus Christ died on the cross is because Hw was weak. Her books go a lot further than just the imagination. It takes you into witchcraft. Disney was into some wierd stuff too. Peter Pan seems very innocent to me but truth is he is a wiccian god. I know this becuase I studied into it. We had a coven messing with our church for a while. Anyone who wants to say that stuff is not real does not know what they are talking about. I saw some stuff that would scare you. I won't go into detail because people would think I'm crazy. Dungeons and Dragons is the same thing. Role playing games are even worse. They actually make you that person. So if you ever decide to do it in real life it won't be so hard. You will already be callased to it. Fiction and fantisy are not bad but know what your looking at before you use it. Listen to what people have to say. I will close with this. Pokemon seems so kidish and the characters are cute. All that stuff was magic (fire, water, earth or as they call grass, and wind) They even have phycics, ghost, and those with hypnotic powers. They came out with Pokemon Cards just like the game Magic wich is quite wicked. Now for our kids they have Yu-gi-oh. It keeps getting worse. Who puts out a lot of this stuff like Harry Potter, Pokemon, ect? Let me answer that Witches Of The Coast. Hope this has helped you in your decision.Good topic and God Bless!

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I was watching a special on Animal Planet today. It was really cool. It was a mocumentary about dragons. It discussed the evolution of dragons starting from the cretaceous period up to their extinction 500 years ago.

As I was watching it though, I began to realize, that the very same techniques that these people were using to tell their story are the very same techniques that the evolutionists use to teach evolution. They take very limited information and make up the most incredible stories based on what they find. How come they can figure out exactly how dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago, including how they socialized, hunted, courted and mated all based on the sparsest evidence, but they can't solve a criminal case with the same amount of information?

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I'm not at all worried about the faithless individuals who see fit to post here, since they will be punished in Hell for eternity anyway. No, I'm more concerned with the kind people who have taken the trouble to point out the obvious. Are their souls at risk by allowing the creeping poison of so-called "science" erode their belief in Our Lord?

When we say that something appears to be "designed", we mean that it is too complex to have arisen naturally. Too much emphasis has been put on quibbling about obscure biological details, to my mind. Anyone can see the evidence for design all around us.

(after more ranting)

This result should come as good news to everyone who believes in the word of God - all the thoughts they are having are being put there by The Lord. The fact that many who accept the Bible know that the Book does not explicitly describe "free will" should certainly be gladdened; this extra thought has been put in their minds by God, in the same way as the Bible was inspired by Him. Of the thoughts placed into the minds of atheists and "scientists", I think we can agree that they have been placed there by another agency. The faithful should be wary of any thought that they believe to be "their own", since that is not possible, lest they deny God. Instead, they should examine it to determine its origin.

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It could almost be said that ignorance of science is part of the true Christian tradition, since scientific ideas concern themselves with those things in the physical world. We know that the physical world has been polluted by Satan. To dabble with things that actually exist is to invite Lucifer into one's mind. Who needs that?

Under certain conditions, organic isomers will form long-lasting chain structures, such as we see in plastics. They will take much longer to decay than you or I. In an environment subject to extreme heat and pressure, we would not last for an instant, yet these are exactly the conditions needed to form diamonds, which contain billions of perfectly-ordered carbon atoms. Do you now see how dangerous scientific thinking is? If we look too closely, we will observe things that will serve to take us away from our faith in the Lord.

Have you been listening to those atheists? Are you saying that we don't know enough about the world to be certain that there is only one true God? Do the gaps in our knowledge mean that there are a number of extra Gods that we don't know about yet? Does Satan have a more-powerful Master who hasn't shown his hand yet?

I hope you're not saying that. No, the only way we can be certain of the salvation of Jesus is to assume that we already know as much as needs to be known.

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We should practice polygyny for several reasons. One reason is to bring down the socialist system that has taken hold of the world. Christians should take care of their own and every one should be plugged into a family. Especially women. Women need a husband or a father. When there are less single women out there, there is less big government. Sound marriage and family principles work against big government.
We need to work towards building a society in which we don't need nursing homes and social security because we should take care of our own and not rely on the government. We should have a society in which there are no single moms because children need a father. Have you read the statistics for the differences in crimes committed by children of single mothers versus children that have fathers?
We should practice polygyny because family is one of the greatest blessings that God has given us.
Romance came from Rome, hence the name Roman-ce. Romance is deadly to family because it is a form of self idolatry and sets unreasonable standards and leads to divorce. We should practice polygamy because it is anti-romantic and pro-selflessness.

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Elsewhere it has been argued with success that Noah maintained the largest repository of animal DNA ever assembled in his "Ark". Researchers have concluded that Noah's greatest contribution was not the ark that he built with alien assistance but the monumental task of cloning every animal from the DNA samples which he saved and protected on the ark.

Interestingly, research has come to light in recent years that relates this cloning operation to the story of Ham and the uncovering of Noah's nakedness after Noah became drunk. Alternate theories abound. However students of scripture, archaeology, and crypto-history alike are coming to some definite conclusions about just what really happened to Noah and Ham after the flood.

Scholars working from papyrus and copper scrolls found at Qumran, Masada, and Megiddo had been able to piece together a basic account of just exactly what happened.

Noah was not cultivating grapes to get drunk. Noah was operating a sophisticated scientific operation designed to reconstitute animals from the DNA samples he posessed. Ham was a necessary participant. Through an ingenious scientific process lost to history. Ham would seed the DNA into Noah's body. Noah acted as an incubator for the animal zygotes until they reached a certain level of development. At that point they would be transferred to the uterus of a cow or antelope.

At any one time, a hundred or more zygotes were living free in Noah's abdomen. It was Ham's job to "impregnate" Noah with the cloned embryos as each batch was ready. What was unknown to Noah however was that Ham had saved DNA from a dubious source prior to the flood.

Prior to the flood, Ham had been in a homosexual relationship with a member of the Nephilim, the giants in the land for which God sent the flood in the first place. The Nephilim were fallen from heaven along with their leader Satan. Ham combined the DNA from himself and this Nephilim and produced a clone. This clone he introduced into the body of Noah. This is the sin of Ham.

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Speaking as a believer, I think you are misinterpreting this. The passage does not say that all atheists are fools, it says all fools are atheists.

The term 'Fool' probably means someone who is mentally retarded, as it did when Jesus was alive. The only people who would think that there is no God would have been mentally retarded, and then other atheists simply followed.

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