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In order to score political points with parents, a Democratic presidential hopeful wants to turn public schools into daycares.

Fox News reports Sen. Kamala Harris believes her proposal, the Family Friends Schools Act, would "reduce the burden of childcare on working families."

Christian author Janice Crouse, who is a former school teacher, says this is not a new idea of the Left but it's still a bad idea.

Crouse, Janice (CWA)"Having free time is necessary for kids,” she says. “And [if] you take that away, it's very detrimental to their learning.”

She says parents, and especially those who are Christians, should be greatly concerned about an extended school day.

"Anybody who reads what's happening,” she says, “would be extremely concerned about even more time for our children to be indoctrinated and more time for them to be influenced."

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Number one issue: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. The First Amendment was put in to protect the church FROM the state, never the other way around.
Remember, the wording says, "Congress shall make NO LAWS restricting the free exercise of religion" period! There are no indications of any restrictions on our religious liberties found in ANY of our founding documents. A letter sent to the Danbury Baptists, in reply to their inquiry about whether or not there would be a STATE church like England had, was clearly stated by Thomas Jefferson that there would be no such denomination. Freedom meant that the state would have no control over mankind's worship in America. A bogus supreme court case many years ago got the atheists foot in the door and every case since has been based on a BLATANT LIE. This happens when church leaders sit on their hands and hold their tongues when blatant lies are allowed to become law.
The same is true on Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton allowing the wholesale MURDER of unborn CITIZENS of this nation. 53,000,000 babies have been slaughtered in butcher shops called abortion "clinics" across the USA.
When will the church of Jesus Christ have enough intestinal fortitude to end these lies? The vast majority of pastors in this land REFUSE to talk about abortion from their pulpits. Falwell and Kennedy were two heroes in our time on this issue, but sadly their voices are silent since they graduated into heaven. There are still a few voices out there fighting the good fight but they are few and far between.
Has life become so cheap that we can kill a child for about $350.00, often paid by tax dollars. Planned Parenthood gets over $300,000,000 yearly under the guise of women's health. HOGWASH!!!
This issue cuts my heart out and I will, with my dying breath, continue to cry out for the life of the unborn.
How long will the wrath of God be withheld when their blood cries out from the earth? He judged Israel for this very thing, shedding innocent blood.
Our liberties are challenged on a daily basis. What will be attacked next? This decision will be challenged before long, but we will never hear of other world religions being throttled in the same way.

The "Discrimination Now!" Award

For excellence in the field of shit that has nothing to do with you.

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The law provides exemptions for pastors, religious institutions and non-profit corporations affiliated with religious organizations, but The New York Times suggests those are unnecessary. So Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action advises the Times to take a closer look at the Constitution.

Mainly, he notes "our First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religious expression. This is troubling, but not surprising that The New York Times is once again publicly...editorializing about the need to trample on individuals' religious liberties," he laments.

Barber goes on to argue that the religious exemptions are worthless, as the only intent for their inclusion was to convince fence-sitting senators to vote for the legalization.

"The true motivation here is not for marriage equality; the true motivation is to, under penalty of law, ensure that all Americans are compelled to embrace the demonstrably destructive and immoral homosexual lifestyle," the attorney points out.

In order to accomplish that, any opposition must be silenced. In truth, Barber does not think the religious exemption goes far enough because it does not protect individual people of faith, especially those in business who oppose homosexuality.

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[On Dreamers]

We’ve got to remember that we’re talking about people who have skirted the law, either intentionally or by virtue of being part of a family. We need to use the word ‘felon’ [instead] because people who break the law—especially invading a country without going through the channels—they need to be helped to understand that we do not have open borders.

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With yesterday’s historic “coming out” by an NBA player, one cultural commentator is very concerned how that announcement may influence children who view professional athletes as role models.

NBA veteran Jason Collins disclosed in a first-person account posted Monday at SI.com that he is “gay.” Collins, 34, is a 12-year veteran of the National Basketball Association and has played for six teams during that time.

“I’m black. And I’m gay. I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation,” he states in the article.

White House spokesman Jay Carney on Monday called Collins’ decision to come out “courageous,” and added the White House supports him. The seven-foot, 255-pound center becomes the first active male player in one of the four major professional sports to publicly reveal his homosexuality.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells American Family News that Collins is actually struggling with homosexual sin.

“He was born with genes that made him tall. He wasn't born with a gay gene,” says LaBarbera. “I feel sorry for this man. He's being celebrated, which will encourage him to stay in his sin, and he needs to leave it like so many men and women have before him.”

The family advocate adds there is "a huge push to have homosexuality embraced in professional sports." Teams in the four major professional sports have special events to draw positive attention to the lifestyle – and LaBarbera contends that is not healthy for children.

“These professional athletes are models for children, whether we like it or not,” he says. “And so this will lead the children embracing homosexuality and saying, Hey, it's good enough for Jason Collins it's good enough for me.”

It is LaBarbera's hope that Collins will encounter Christians who will help him leave the lifestyle by embracing Jesus Christ.

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Charlie Butts and Peter LaBarbera #fundie onenewsnow.com

One example of how desensitizing homosexual content reaches children is a cartoon (see video below) playing on Hulu, "The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived," in which a young boy rescues a prince and princess, and then marries the prince, who is an older man.

The animated short film, based on a previously published children’s book by Daniel Errico, premiered on May 28 to commemorate Hulu’s celebration of gay pride.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality explains that this type of video content is meant to influence how children react to homosexuality.

“It's very sad; they're robbing the kids of their innocence,” he says. “They're only giving them one side of the story. They're manipulating these young minds."

"Kids deserve stories and fairytales that represent the whole spectrum of human love and experience," Huffington Post proclaimed of the cartoon. "Now, one video streaming service is helping make that a reality."

LaBarbera also points to another video involving children that tries to normalize transgender people.

The children are shown photos of Bruce Jenner and "Caitlyn" Jenner, and the story explains that the children's reactions "are more mature and more civil than most people’s who have been taking to Twitter to express their negative thoughts."

“These are radical gender ideologues and their target is our kids,” LaBarbera tells OneNewsNow. “I think most parents are just unknowing and naïve about how great this effort is to push this propaganda."

The result of that propaganda and clueless parents, he says, is "a whole generation is brainwashed on these issues, and it's changing the entire nation.”

LaBarbera says that's all the more reason for parents to know what their children are accessing on television and social media.

More importantly, it's a need for parents to discuss the issue with their children from the standpoint of a biblical worldview.

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Research has shown that same-sex relationships do not have the stability of heterosexual counterparts. 75% of same-sex couples do not stay together for more than 7 years, and monogamy is not so common. Heterosexual couples have also had some marital stability issues in recent decades, but not to this extreme. It is a myth that legalizing same-sex marriage won’t impact the heterosexual folks. Countries that have legalized same-sex marriage have seen fewer people entering ANY type of marriage, probably due to a psychological message that the procreative and unitive significance of marriage has been underminded. Children need and crave marital stability. Marrying the opposite sex “until death do us part” is a public good that remains available to all adults (even though many choose not to marry for various reasons).

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I hope that they will point out that it is the behavior that causes AIDS. That it’s aberrant sexual behavior – male on male homosexual behavior – that is the catalyst for this horrible disease, that it is something that can be prevented simply by not engaging in the behavior that causes it.

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Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

The “equal rights” slogan misses the point. No one is denying anyone the option to marry (the opposite sex). Instead, this movement asks for a new special legal form of marriage that never existed before, even though it lacks the complementarity and procreative qualities of natural marriage. Research has shown that same-sex relationships do not have the stability of heterosexual counterparts (granted there is room for improvement among heterosexuals here too). Unlike “Will & Grace,” 75% of same-sex couples do not stay together for more than 7 years, and monogamy is uncommon (which is also a contributing factor to the disproportionate rates of STDs, etc.). Children need and crave stable families. It’s not a matter of hate, but debate. I don’t want to see people hurt in the long-run.

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(The books in question are: "The Joy of Sex" and "The Joy of Gay Sex" Talk about paranoia, reading a book doesn't make ya anything in it. If I read HP I don't believe in Demetors. Same rules apply here. Hmm, lovely site, glad to see at least some people are smart.)

"“The Joy of Sodomy” is extremely short sighted! God says that there are no sodomites in Heaven (1 Cor 6:9), and there is no joy where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever. The ACLU cannot claim that there is any requirement whatever for any local library to buy every book published, no requirement to become the Library of Congress. The Nampa library can remove whatever books it wants, and is under no obligation whatever to become the NAMBLA library. Community decency laws that restrict pornography and various forms of sexual perversion are completely “constitutional.” The ACLU, like its hero the devil, is all smoke and mirrors in the presence of the Truth."

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[Article reviews High School Musical for content]

Kids may find these movies fun and “relevant.” But parents should be aware of several questionable elements. In HSM and HSM 2, the teen romance between Troy and Gabriella progresses with the second movie ending in a lip-lock. There are also questionable elements concerning teen dating and drama.
Evolution and yoga are also mentioned. Expressions such as “shut up,” “butt,” “heck,” “gosh,” and “golly” are frequently used.

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The post, “I wouldn't want my child to read the bible unsupervised anyway, too many passages with mass killings and other mayhem.” sounds prejudicial. While there are some confusing passages in the bible, a parent can readily relay (or provide a study guide) the overriding positive message of the bible in terms of salvation, care for the poor, social justice, etc. In contrast, look at the killings that atheistic regimes (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot) have brought to society in the last 100 years, not to mention that secular-driven abortion policies annually kill 46 million worldwide! Which future vision do you want for your children?

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Peter LaBarbera #fundie onenewsnow.com

[On a Republican governor declaring August 4 "Barack Obama Day"]

A Republican governor heaping praise on the most immoral promoting president in American history, Barack Obama, who ushered in homosexual so-called marriage, who mocked the authority of the Bible, who promoted abortion, who loves Planned Parenthood. With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?”

Peter LaBarbera #fundie

Peter LaBarbera #fundie onenewsnow.com

People who are trying to normalize the sin of homosexuality as an identity and even change the definition of marriage to accommodate what God called an abomination” are “wicked."

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A conservative military watchdog says she disagrees with the recent recommendation by several high-level members of President Obama's defense team that the ban on women serving on submarines should be dropped.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, says besides putting women in a very confined area with dozens of male sailors, the constantly recycled atmosphere creates a health risk.

"In the very early days and weeks of pregnancy, the recycled atmosphere [in a submarine] includes elements that are very unsafe for an unborn child," she notes.

"So let's suppose three weeks out [to sea], a married sailor discovers she's pregnant. And the ship commander has two choices -- either [he] violate the stealthy status of the submarine by surfacing for a dangerous evacuation, or he tells her that she will have to remain as she is throughout the deployment.

"This is an impossible dilemma that can and should be avoided," says the military watchdog.

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And I will offer one more thing: You must not be old enough to remember when AIDS first was discovered in the US in 1980 and no one knew what it was. When researchers discovered it was in the homosexual population ONLY at its outset, the researchers concluded that their unsafe sexual practices had produced a mutant disorder that was not treatable, not curable, highly contagious, and ALWAYS fatal. Lynus, I personally call that detrimental. I don't know what you'd call it.

And before you go on with the Africa/experiment/monkey myth, before that myth hit the news - thanks to you guys in the media - who invent "news" instead of reporting the truth - before this myth hit, the knowledge that AIDS is caused from deviant sexual practices between men was known by the whole country. And hey, if me and my boyfriend started a disease that would ravage the world on the order of the Black Plague, I, too, would make up a myth about some African govt experiment with monkeys gone awry.

An incurable, untreatable, contagious, fatal disease? The words mommy and daddy illegal in public schools? I call this warped. And not one heterosexual is responsible for this situation.

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[Just to prove that nobody's mind is filthier than a fundie's. There isn't any other use for a "privacy mode," right?]

The latest Internet browser by Microsoft includes software that allows users to conceal the various websites they have accessed. See FOX News. The feature is called InPrivate Browsing, and is nicknamed the "porn mode" because it lets users hide the sites they have viewed at the click of a button.

After this "porn mode" setting is chosen, other people who use the computer will not be able to see which sites have been accessed. Other browsers have similar tools, but the IE 8 tool is much more visible. InPrivate allows the cache to be cleared from your computer, and will not save your browsing or search history, cookies, form data or passwords.

Microsoft says the tool is designed for people using public or shared computers. Yes, this is just what we need, a tool to make it easier for child porn addicts to look at innocent children at the library without the next user finding out about it. Also, IE 8 should be a huge boon to philandering spouses and teens cruising for porn on their parents' computers. I wonder if Microsoft will advertise this new IE version as the "Porn Enabler" version?

This browser was available last night as a "beta" version, but the next Microsoft Windows operating system will include this browser.

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Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

This country needs to wake up. Everyone that claims to be a Muslim and practices their faith should be considered a potential terrorist and deported. Hassan was just following the dictates of his faith; we Christians are infadels in their eyes.

Peter LaBarbera #fundie

Peter LaBarbera #fundie onenewsnow.com

"It looks like Wal-Mart has exchanged the Confederate flag for the rainbow flag," says Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.

Walmart has announced it will discontinue sales of Confederate flag-themed merchandise after the June 17 murder of South Carolina church murders by a suspected racist.

But that announcement rings hollow in the mind of LaBarbera, who takes issue with a Wal-Mart spokesman declaring the retail giant doesn't want to "offend" people.

"And yet Wal-Mart has now embraced homosexual activism very strongly," says LaBarbera, who tracks corporations and their support of homosexual activism.

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OneNewsNow (comments) #fundie

OneNewsNow (comments) #fundie onenewsnow.com

"Just who is choosing the text books. No where does history say Jefferson was a diest. Nowhere does history prove the US was not founded on Judeo Christian philosophy. No where is "Separation of Church and State" mentioned but the liberals push this down our kids throats. Rivisionists have no place in writing unless they can offer proof of the lies that they instill in the American people."

Dr. Trayce Hansen #fundie

Dr. Trayce Hansen #fundie onenewsnow.com

Young adults who were raised by openly homosexual parents were more likely to engage in homosexuality and to later self-identify as bisexual or homosexual -- and it's quite a stark difference," Hansen shares. She notes that 24 percent of children raised by homosexuals or lesbians had experiences with the same gender, while zero percent raised by heterosexuals leaned in that direction.

Roy Casto #fundie

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[Congress opened with a Hindu prayer.]

Just seems to me evry foreign person that enters the US as a senator or whatever. want to expand the rights of there own religion. Dont want me to speak of mine but I am supposed to sit back and have your rights shoved in my face. Keep allowing all these homo's and other flag burners and such have there way. Next might as well take the "In God We Trust" from our currency, start using theres why not. I amg one mad American born citizen readin this crap day after day.

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Martin Rizley #fundie onenewsnow.com

[emphasis added]

If judges and lawmakers in our land fail to respect the limits of legitimate government power, then we as free citizens of the U. S. must do the right thing by refusing to comply with government mandates that violate God-given rights. In that way, we remind our government by our actions, not just by our words, that it is not God, and that it loses its authority to compel obedience when it violates our rights with which we have been endowed by our Creator and which are secured to us by the highest law of the land-- the U.S. Constitution (particularly, the Bill of Rights and the ninth amendment concerning 'non-enumerated rights'). Government has no legitimate authority to pass laws that violate the superior claims of natural law or that seek to nullify natural law. That's why these 'gay marriage' laws are bogus-- for government has no right to compel citizens under threat of penalty to recognize and treat things as equal which nature teaches are unequal, nor to recognize and treat things as unequal which nature teaches are equal. Hitler tried to do that when he tried to get the German people to treat the Jews as 'unequal' to other citizens; he had no authority to do that, just as our government has no authority to compel us to treat homosexual unions as "equal" to heterosexual unions. Civil disobedience was required of freedom lovers then (under Hitler) and it is required of freedom lovers now (under Obama).

Stand For Christ #fundie

Stand For Christ #fundie onenewsnow.com

Considering that Global temperature hasn't risen/changed since 1996 proves that what the schools and climategate are teaching is an out right lie. The BIBLE has historical facts about society and climategate has none it's not hard to see which one is based on factual evidence.

Martin Rizley #fundie

Martin Rizley #fundie onenewsnow.com

[If I am a devout Catholic and a divorced woman came into my restuarant could I refuse her service?]

Your analogy doesn't apply, for no business owner is seeking to avoid serving certain PEOPLE, but rather, to avoid providing certain SERVICES. Christian bakers and photographers are not seeking to avoid serving homosexuals; rather, they want to avoid providing services for flagrantly anti-Christian, pagan ceremonies that purport to be "wedding ceremonies," but which no Christian can ever recognize biblically as being in any way, shape, or form an authentic wedding ceremony. Although it may sound harsh to say this, Christians actually view these ceremonies as demonic in nature, since they represent a flagrant rejection of God's law regarding marriage and are based on satanically-inspired teachings of the last days that the apostle Paul refers to as "doctrines of demons" (1 Tim. 4:1). How can any business owner, contrary to his religious convictions, be compelled by the government to provide services for a ceremony which he regards as demonic?

Reason2012 #fundie

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The courts do not have the right to re-defined religion, re-write the Bible, in effect creating their own religion and then making laws to establish this religion. It's why we have a First Ammendment. The moment the government gets involved in rewriting marriage, they are now on religious grouns, where the government should not be. Can't have it both ways.

Yet here you are also repeating the same things. As usual activists demonize others for doing the very thing they do.

Why do you also offer reasons why other perverse redefinitions of marraige should not be allowed while condemning others who do the same? Your behaivior is hypocritical.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

All you have to do is move to a state that recognizes same sex marriage and any stranger can take a child away from their biological mother. Pretty cool advantage for the gay agenda. People with children beware. If this is allowed then anyone choosing that lifestyle will be putting their children at risk. You may need to sign a prenup on the kids. What an unholy mess. You think maybe God knows all this and that's why His word speaks about this abomination so plainly?

Anonymous Commenter #sexist

Anonymous Commenter #sexist onenewsnow.com

I work with a submariner. He thinks it is crazy to put women on subs, too. The amount of money required just to add a bathroom is over the top. The bad air and pregnancy problem is also quite real. Me being a female in the military, I just don't see why women would want to force their way onto a sub when it is not in the best interest of the country they have sworn to protect and defend.

Anonymous #fundie

Anonymous #fundie onenewsnow.com

I live just outside Philly. The City has turned completely gay, and now obviously athiest as well. We used to take the kids to the Museums, but not anymore - if you do, you have to let your children see men groping each others testicles in public. Its more dispicable than you can ever imagine.

Tim in Dallas #fundie

Tim in Dallas #fundie onenewsnow.com

Do people who say "children should choose their own beliefs REALLY believe that? So, if a 2 year old wants to believe a boiling pot of water will feel good when they pour it on thier head, they should believe that and be allowed to act on that belief? That is what "allowing kids to choose their own beliefs" really boils down to (pun intended).

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

The aclu NEEDS to be labeled a Terrorist organization and funding should be halted immediately ! . . Would Jesus condone the use of torture ? As a Christian who reads his Bible , I know there are many stories where GOD "condoned" whole cities being destroyed. My God also "condoned" animal sacrifices made in his honor! . . . GOD is much more powerful than the ACLU !

Shane Clark #fundie

Shane Clark #fundie onenewsnow.com

There never was and never will be any sort of, "kinder and more reasonable" homosexual. From the beginning of time they have always been aggressive and militant. This is not just true for homosexuality however. All sin corrupts completely, and those who worship it as normal become twisted and evil. Look at all the militant defenders of Planned Parenthood. A literal holocaust, on a scale vastly greater than anything Hitler ever imagined, is going on. Yet PP supporters will defend abortion with the hatred of hell itself.

Anonymous #fundie

Anonymous #fundie onenewsnow.com

Unbelievable!! All legal citizens of this country need to respect the FACT that this country was FOUNDED on Christian beliefs. What is so hard about that? We respect other religions. Why can't people just respect this as a part of our country. The other religions or even the atheists do what they want to do. I just don't understand why everyone can't get along when it comes to religion.

Dr. Richard Land #fundie

Dr. Richard Land #fundie onenewsnow.com

During his visit to Kenya last month, President Barack Obama pressed leaders to accept the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex "marriage."


Such attempts by Obama, says Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, only further a perception that Americans are "morally degenerate."

"I think it just reinforces in the minds of many more traditional-minded folks in Africa that the United States has gone politically correct to the point of having lost our moral compass and lost our moral way," Land tells OneNewsNow. "And it just sort of feeds into the perception that we are morally degenerate."

As for the president's continued attempts to impose his pro-homosexual agenda domestically, Land emphasizes that elections have consequences.

"In my opinion, President Obama being president of the United States is in itself a judgment of God on the United States – that a God who disposes and proposes has allowed him to become president because of our moral profligacy," the seminary president states.

Steven H. Aden #fundie

Steven H. Aden #fundie onenewsnow.com

Abortion numbers have dropped five percent -- the biggest one-year decrease in at least 10 years. An expert says abortion proponents are misinterpreting the significance of that figure.

What they are saying is it is due to better use of birth control during tough economic times. But Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Steven H. Aden tells OneNewsNow "the abortion industry talks out of both sides of its mouth" when it comes to figures like this. "Previously, the industry said that abortion figures tend to rise during a recession because more people are aborting their babies to avoid the economic consequences of childbirth," he points out.

"But with this drop in abortions during the recession, they're saying it's because of better birth control."

But Aden says that is false as well. Studies show birth control does not correlate with abortions at all. He says "what it really shows is that America is truly becoming more pro-life and that more women are wisely choosing to give life to their unborn babies."

In addition, government figures continue to show abortions are much higher among minorities.

"It's not surprising that the abortion industry would see a rise in abortions in minority populations because historically they've always targeted minorities for abortion," he says.

"In fact, Planned Parenthood itself was based on the eugenic principles of Margaret Sanger, who believed that birth control and abortion should be available to reduce the numbers of so-called 'undesirables' in the population."

Unknown #fundie

Unknown #fundie onenewsnow.com

"A true Christian cannot vote for a Democrat. Plain and simple. Anyone who does is a liar and a deceiver and serving Satan. Anyone of any party who supports the gay lifestyle or abortion needs to open their Bibles and see what the Holy Spirit tells them of their deceit."

David Haddon #fundie

David Haddon #fundie onenewsnow.com

The invocation of idolatrous gods is inherently offensive to members of the Judeo-Christian majority of the United States. The Second Commandment states, "You shall not make for yourselves and idol." Therefore, we should let our senators know that while we defend the right of others to practice their religions, we do not accept the imposition of minority religious practices upon us and our elected representatives.

Kentucky Baptist Convention #fundie

Kentucky Baptist Convention #fundie onenewsnow.com

The Kentucky Baptist Convention is calling for change at a ministry for abused children to make sure it's in line with scripture. The change is directed at the head of Sunrise Children's Services, an agency affiliated with the KBC.

The Convention last week issued a vote of "no confidence" in Sunrise CEO Bill Smithwick after he proposed hiring homosexual at the children's ministry – reportedly in hopes of preserving millions of dollars in state and federal funding. Although the Sunrise Board subsequently voted to keep its ban on the hiring of homosexuals, the KBC voted to replace all members of the board.

Buddy Smith #fundie

Buddy Smith #fundie onenewsnow.com

The Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which is to take effect July 1 – mirrors one passed on a federal level during the Clinton administration. It is designed, in part, to protect business owners who don't want to do work to promote homosexual activism.

In response to passage of that bill, owners who want the business of homosexuals are now posting blue, circular window stickers that incorporate the rainbow colors typically associated with homosexual activism.

Buddy Smith, executive vice president of Tupelo-based American Family Association, offers his take on the sticker campaign.

"It's not really a buying campaign, but it's a bully campaign," he says, "and it's being carried out by radical homosexual activists who intend to trample the freedom of Christians to live according to the dictates of scripture.

"They don't want to hear that homosexuality is sinful behavior – and they wish to silence Christians and the church who dare to believe this truth."

Smith offers a word of caution for those who do business with facilities posting the decal supporting homosexual activism. "If you do that, you are agreeing with these businesses that Christians no longer have the freedom to live out the dictates of their Christian faith and conscience," he tells OneNewsNow.

gary morgan #conspiracy

gary morgan #conspiracy onenewsnow.com

i wonder who is going to win in this staged, fixed, rigged Presidential Election. when Obama showed the American People his phoney Forged Birth Certificate, is Obama eligible to be in a Presidential Election ? one of the networks of the secular MSM has already placed Obama as the winner of the election, they will report the lies that Obama won with 46% of the votes to Romney's 41% of the votes. Did you know that are several people that lost an election but is still allowed to be an Representative, example, Al Sharpton.

Englein #fundie

Englein #fundie onenewsnow.com

Pornography is addictive, it's a plague upon our nation, and it does lead directly to child molestation, rape, and human trafficking. Americans need to wake up to what pornography does to users, how it destroys families, and its connection to sex slavery.

Dr. Michael L. Brown #fundie

Dr. Michael L. Brown #fundie onenewsnow.com

(Headline: "Did gay activism play a role in the murder of Lawrence King?"}

After all, it is gay activists who constantly remind us that LGBT kids are bullied and even beaten up at school. They tell us how dangerous the school environment is for kids who identify as LGBT, and yet at the same time, they praise kids like Larry for coming out at 10. They even want more Gay Straight Alliances in our middle schools, where pre-teens can declare their gay identity to their peers and faculty advisors without their parents' knowledge. Why? So they can become targets of hatred and potential violence? If our schools really are so "homophobic" and dangerous, why not encourage these kids to keep their sexual orientation to themselves until they're in a safer environment?

Some of the teachers in Larry's school, along with his adoptive father, specifically accused former assistant principal Joy Epstein, an open lesbian, of encouraging Larry's flamboyant behavior in order to promote her "agenda." If there is any truth to this, it is not just irresponsible, it is reprehensible. (At the least, there is no indication that she discouraged his pushy, sexual behavior.) How could an experienced educator act in such a way, especially with a boy who had such a troubled history? And is it possible that Larry could have benefited from ongoing counseling about his sexuality? Yet gay activists adamantly oppose any form of counseling that does not affirm homosexuality.

What about the other administrators? Why didn't they prevent Larry from dressing up like a girl when teachers reported to them that it was causing disruption among the students? The official school answer is that California law, passed at the urging of gay activists, prevents discrimination based on gender identity or expression, and so Larry was able to come to school wearing women's accessories and makeup. Was it fair to push this on Larry's classmates, themselves young teenagers sorting through their own issues of sexual identity? Was it fair to Larry?

And what is to be said of this memo sent out to the entire eighth grade? "We have a student on campus who has chosen to express his sexuality by wearing make-up. It is his right to do so." In eighth grade? His "right?" What a travesty! Yet this is a "right" gay activists aggressively fight for, as if this somehow makes our schools "safer" and provides a better learning environment for all the kids. Nonsense.

It is true that Brandon McInerney murdered Larry King in cold blood, but gay activism is complicit in his death.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

"I shake my head over the way communities, counties, schools, and courts seem to think that they are the Congress of the United States. After all, the first amendment states that "CONGRESS" Shall make no law etc. A school promoting prayer, a community center allowing a Christian group to use its facilities, or a city allowing a Christian group to lease property is not Congress, and is not making a law respecting an establishment of religion."

William Rooks #racist

William Rooks #racist onenewsnow.com

[On Karen Klein, the bus monitor being harassed by students on the bus]

Today's youth. They make you proud, don't they? And they will soon vote, if not old enough already. If Obama's "health care" program is not abolished, and government minions are making decisions about who lives and gets treatment, and who dies and goes without THIS crowd - this generation - will be typical of the new crop of government employees making those decisions. Makes you feel safe and secure, doesn't it? And if she had pepper sprayed that most annoying little mulatto behind her, she'd be in jail. They deserve worse than pepper spray. Their daddies need to kick the snot out of these brats, but if their daddies were doing their job, this kind of behavior would not have occurred.

RMIROD #fundie

RMIROD #fundie onenewsnow.com

What are you doing with having friends that Christians have been instructed to remove yourself from as part of your "old life" of this world, meaning carnal and lust of the flesh? Either you are with Jesus Christ or you're with Lucifer. As a Christian your fellowships are to glory God, not celebrate Satan's sinful nature of adultery, fornication and relationships of vile affections. READ PSALMS 1

Pat Trueman #fundie

Pat Trueman #fundie onenewsnow.com

While authorities continue a crackdown on child pornography, an expert suggests they are failing to deal with the real problem.


Pat Trueman of Morality in Media (MIM) is pleased that those involved in the business are getting caught, but he tells OneNewsNow authorities are still missing the root of the crime.

"Any law enforcement officer can tell you that the taste for child pornography is acquired in most perpetrators through the consumption of adult pornography," he notes.

According to Trueman -- a former prosecutor for the Department of Justice's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section -- men who are not pedophiles absorb adult porn, changing their thoughts by fueling a desire for harder and more deviant material. So they often times end up consuming, producing and selling child pornography.

"Now the Justice Department refuses to prosecute under federal laws that prohibit distribution of adult pornography," Trueman reports. "In fact, most people think the distribution of adult pornography is legal. It is not -- but the Internet's filled with it."

As a result, child porn -- something that was virtually nonexistent 20 years ago -- has become a prominent crime. "That's what the consumption of adult pornography has done," the MIM president concludes.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

[After divorce, a judge granted a woman the right to move cross-country to take the kids to live with her lesbian partner.]

I certainly hope this is appealed all the way and these children should be removed from this supposed mother! It is sickening this paid off judge would put these children in such peril - who knows what the lesbian partner or supposed mother really wants. The father should go all the way to the Supreme Court or take his children away to a safe place rather than allow this atrocity to happen to his children.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

We need to bring down the ACLU they are distroying our Nation. It's time a President shut them down. There should be no such group anyway. If a person feels wrongly accused then hire an individual attorney to handle their case. Who are these creeps anyway and how did their Moral compass get so twisted the wrong way. The Bible says in end times people will believe what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. We know where ACLU stands.

Reason2012 #fundie

Reason2012 #fundie onenewsnow.com

If you want the legal coverage of you being in a perverse relationship, then call it a union and ask for legal protections from the government.

But the fact that this is "not enough" for the activists proves it's not about the government providing the same "legal rights" but rather an attack on religion and God, trying to force their own false religion on the rest of us and trying to use the government to force and establish this false religion on society, passing laws to establish this false religion, to establish this false religious definition of marriage, all of which is a violation of the First Ammendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, which is exactly what they'd be doing if they pass laws forcing us to accept their new religion.

People do not have a "Constitutional right" to have the government force their religion of perverse desires on the rest of society and for government to establish this new religion.

You have legal rights via civil unions. That you demand the "right" for the government to make a new religion instead and make laws establishing it says it all and is the only true violation of the Constitution.

Ben Joyner #fundie

Ben Joyner #fundie onenewsnow.com

Well, Elizabeth, currently around 105,000 Christians are murdered every year by any number of non-Christian entities. Over 57 nations ban the preaching of Jesus Christ. Of those, a number ban the possession of the Holy Bible. In 'real' Islamic states, one born into a Muslim family who recants that and accepts Jesus Christ is considered an infidel and the 'family' is legally protected if they stone the convert to death.

So, tell me again why we should NOT ban religions in our Country that are actively engaged in genocide of the Christians in Africa, Middle East, and the Islamic crescent of states?

William Rooks #fundie

William Rooks #fundie onenewsnow.com

[Court rules NY town's prayer violated Constitution]

This court's ruling is bogus even if the town DID purposely emphasize Christianity. It's up to the town. Seems even the courts cannot be trusted to adhere to the 1st Amendment. You see, when a COURT dictates that a town MUST include muslim prayer, or atheist rants, or buddhist monks, then the government HAS established a religion. And, to full stop the argument that the court is "only" saying all religions must be accepted, that in itself is exactly a religion itself - the anti-christ's religion.

Texas patriot #fundie

Texas patriot #fundie onenewsnow.com

Lets see, [Obama] had the conviction to change his name to a Muslim name, he bows down to sheiks, he supported placing a mosque on ground zero and naming it the Citadel (the name of the Islamic caliphate capital city), when rejected he went on vacation to the region of Spain where the Citadel once stood, the meetings he held there with the Muslim Brotherhood brought on the Arab spring and overturn of multiple countries, he rejects good American soldiers for Islamic terrorist. Gee, what is he?

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

Just another reason I refuse to watch ABC or any of their affiliated channels. Promotion of such immorality is detrimental to our society. A man (or woman) that leaves their wife (or husband) like this is not to be commended, nor is it humorous, nor worthy of airtime. You hypocrites scream about Mark Sanford (and others), but gladly sit down to watch such a tasteless program. And yes, I lump the homosexual "family" nonsense in the same category.

bungicord #fundie

bungicord #fundie onenewsnow.com

[UPS has stopped donating to the Boy Scouts.]

From now on I'll use Fed X. I proudly discriminate against sodomites. If thats abuse against perverts so be it.

Bill Schu #fundie

Bill Schu #fundie onenewsnow.com

[Judges are not supposed to be accountable to the majority, that is the legislature. Judges are accountable to the law.]

What lib school did you attend?There are 3 branches of government that are beholden to the constitution. Now please google the constitution and tell us the FIRST THREE WORDS of the constitution. Wow you just got the education on the lost information you missed attending a homo function.

Richard Diaz, Sr. #fundie

Richard Diaz, Sr. #fundie onenewsnow.com

When in the world are these liberal secular humanistic people going to get it through their thick skulls that Almighty God all ready made a ruling about the homosexual issue centuries ago and what is it? HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION AND A PERVERTED EVIL that is completely and totally against His teachings. From Genesis to Revelation this unnatural and abnormal death-style is spoken against. Talk about brain-dead people who insist on defying and rebelling against the will of God.

Bob Coffey #fundie

Bob Coffey #fundie onenewsnow.com

Nothing the ACLU does to promote godless behavior should surprise us. Remember, this is the same group that defended the group of pedophiles known as MABLA.

The ACLU should be treated as a terrorist organization.

Unknown #fundie

Unknown #fundie onenewsnow.com

How many monkeys have you seen evolve in your lifetime, or for that matter, in history books (not just a science book)? If your answer is that, that happened millions of years ago and no books existed, then tell me how old homo sapiens (wise) humans are? You say about 200,000 years. When and what was the first form of writing? (we actually agree on this) 3200 BC and Heiroglyphics (which is mainly drawing and symbols that depict a message) So you expect us all to swallow that it took wise humans approximately 197,000 years to accomplish this simple form of writing? Forgive me for saying so, but evolutionists are so stuck on their science that they forget concrete history.

Peter LaBarbera #fundie

Peter LaBarbera #fundie onenewsnow.com

[Does anyone else find this statement completely ironic?]

The president of an Illinois-based pro-family group says many fans of the Fox News Channel would be surprised -- and perhaps even upset -- to know that the network, which describes itself as "fair and balanced," supports a conference for homosexual journalists.

Unknown #fundie

Unknown #fundie onenewsnow.com

"Wow, the answer to this problem was right before our eyes the whole time, and no one knew it. Put all gays/homosexuals on a reservation. Now wasn't that simple enough?"

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

Women absolutely should not be on subs for these and other reasons not stated here. Sad that some people think it is okay to put a child at risk because they want "equality in the workplace". There are some jobs that women should not be doing and the same with men. Get over yourselves and your "I want what I want" stuff. Be a woman - quit trying to be men.

William Gheen #conspiracy

William Gheen #conspiracy onenewsnow.com

If amnesty for the DACA illegal alien DREAMers passes, they will use that as a strong lever to pass amnesty for all illegal immigrants—which will then give socialist Democrats permanent control of U.S. elections forevermore.

Jim Deferio #fundie

Jim Deferio #fundie onenewsnow.com

[Bono expressed his approval of the result of the Irish referendum on same sex marriage]

Bono is fond of using the f-word in public and he is a great admirer of race hustler Al Sharpton. There is news video footage proving this.
Besides this, he and his band mates are not "original" in any sense of the word in their music. I'm almost 65 years old and I have heard a tremendous amount of music over the years. I think they music-mine from the 1960's including from the Pebbles and Nuggets collections. Not plagiarism per se but close to it.

MANY people profess to be Christians who are not. Bono is obviously not saved. Jesus said that by their fruits you would know them (Matthew 7:16 & 20). Bono has rotten fruit regardless of his lip-service that he gives to God. God wants HEART SERVICE - truth in the inward parts.

Dr. JT #fundie

Dr. JT #fundie onenewsnow.com

[emphasis added]

No true Christian should ever be surprised by the godless actions of our wicked culture which is simply the Western Civilization expression of Satan's world system. This same culture that disrespects the Creator-endowed distinctions in the roles and functions of men and women in the family, church and government (for example, by disrespecting its precious daughters by allowing them to serve in the military) is the same culture that disrespects the Creator-endowed distinctiveness and exclusivity of marriage.

Wake up Christians and read your Bibles without the egalitarian, Western Civilization, 21st-century, evolutionistic bias taught you by this godless culture. Take the message of your Bibles literally because it is still fully relevant today. Don't explain its precepts away by simply saying "Things are done differently now." Things are done differently now because we have departed from thinking and acting biblically. We must get back to the Bible. Start now with you and then begin to prayerfully influence your family and those around you.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

Why is it so hard for some to see what is clearly visible. Humans are not homosexual. There is no such thing as a human homosexual. There is no "right" to being married to a same sex person.

BeccaJoe #fundie

BeccaJoe #fundie onenewsnow.com

Not even close to the same thing. Interracial marriage has existed since practically the beginning of time. An interracial couple fulfilled the requirements for marriage. Nothing immoral or disordered about it. A man and a woman. It was personal hubris on the part of any Christian who objected. But homosexuality is a disordered attraction for one's own sex that goes against the very design of God (and nature). It is so profoundly different from heterosexuality that marriage was never seriously contemplated for same sex couples until the later half of the last century.

Anonymous Commenter #fundie

Anonymous Commenter #fundie onenewsnow.com

"I think we need a constitutional ammendment to ban divorce and anyone having a child out of wedlock should instantly lose custody of the child. This will put a stop to this destructive behavior that is going to be the downfall of our society."

Anonymous Commenter #conspiracy

Anonymous Commenter #conspiracy onenewsnow.com

I hope folks are taking note on who is behind the gay movement. The same folks who were behind the miscengenation movement, and are always behind the "hate Christians" movement, behind the "freedom from religion" movement, behind the ACLU, behind the SPLC, behind the abortion movement, and behind the feminist movement. Names like Goldstein and Kruger keep popping up as CEOs and high stakes supporters. Get it yet? WHO is behind the cultural revolution?

Austin Nimocks #fundie

Austin Nimocks #fundie onenewsnow.com

For ten years, two women lived together in a lesbian relationship, during which one of them -- Barbara Maniaci -- solely adopted two children. But in 2006, Maniaci left her roommate and the homosexual lifestyle, and later married a man. Following the break-up, the former roommate sued for -- and now has won -- parental rights.

Austin Nimocks, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, tells OneNewsNow that Montana's highest court decided to uphold the demands of a legal stranger.

"What the Montana Supreme Court did was give a third party -- the parent's former roommate and girlfriend -- parental rights...," says the attorney. "And it runs contrary to clear precedent dating back several years in Montana and the United States Supreme Court. [It's] a very, very disturbing decision."

He says that historically courts have upheld the rights of "fit natural" parents. "When we undermine the rights of fit natural parents, it causes harm to families and children," argues Nimocks. "Giving strangers and third parties access to kids is not in the best interest of children or families."