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Chuck lowe

Chuck Lowe #crackpot #wingnut #psycho

Progressives, by and large are Fascists who DON'T want your opinion, or your input in any way to interfere with their Totalitarian agenda.

Yahoo recently eliminated comments. Eliminating comments is the de facto admission, that your argument is untenable, unsustainable in the face of criticism.

Look, if the Kansas City Star, did NOT want a free for all, completely wide open discussion of the topics it considered relevant - then they could state rules and regulations for comments, "Hey chuck, you can't swear, etc etc).

But that is not what they and every single Progressive publication are worried about. What the NYT, POST, NBC, ABC, Yahoo etc etc, are really worried about, is that people will be more open minded to differing opinions and different points of view and THEY WILL LOSE CONTROL OVER THE NARRATIVE.

Control, control, control, "Wear Your Slave Mask" CONTROL AND POWER is what they are afraid of losing.

The protections that 230 provide the bullies, Fascists and thugs that run Silicon Valley are not afforded to the rest of the 4th Estate.

Fuck Jack Off Dorsey and fuck Zuckerberg and fuck, fuck fuck Google.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut


Endless lockdowns, closed businesses, mask mandates, and other restrictions are simply running and hiding from the inevitable. The virus will run through a population, leaving a path of destruction, and eventually burning itself out as evidenced by previous viral outbreaks.

The Fuckin genius' at CDC told everyone not to bother wearing a mask in California during the smog created by the wild fires, because the particles were 12 microns and would get through a mask. Covid particles are 1/10th the size of that, but sure, WEAR YOUR SLAVE MASK.

Trump is in his 70's, he might get really sick, he may die, if so, so be it. But there is no running and hiding from the LeBron/NBA/Big-Tech/DNC Chinese Communist virus, it will come for us all at some point, mask or no mask.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut

Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects... totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.

Aldous Huxley

The American Main Stream Media obfuscates, spins and lies as a part of it's job to support the Fascist designs of the Progressive left.

Hence, while cites are literally still smoking from the fires lit by the BLM/AntiFa Fascists they support, Chris Wallace asks the most transparent "When did you stop beating your wife?" question in the history of this country. His insistence that Trump demand that the Proud Boys not engage in violence, while the legions of Brown Shirt-BLM-AntiFa shithells have literally been in the streets, violently attacking people, buildings, business' and the Rule Of Law for the last 3 years and especially the last 3 months, is the ultimate, gas lighting of the American people.

The evil Triumvirate of the DNC, the 4th Estate and the Deep State want to "Burn it down", in order to rule over the ashes of what was once your hopes, dreams and economy.

Fuck these people, they are literally devils.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut #crackpot

Cancel culture at it's worst. Erase history and pretend the world started 15 minutes ago.

The BLM/Jacobin/AntiFa scum that de facto rule the streets believe that not only does the current Rule Of Law not apply to them, but, that only THEY should effect their own, new, woke, soup de jour extemporaneously interpreted Rule Of Law on any and all.

The intellectual basis for this nonsense is apparent to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of history, recent and current events and as the citizens chaff under these new powers, they also coalesce and gather strength for what many consider what might come. Bloody constraint.

Be advised morons, that your Facebook posts, your politics, your comments, your actions will be under revue in the future, when, after there is no more Rule Of Law and ironically, the rules you dumbfucks have insisted upon become the rule of the land, you will be held to account in exactly the impromptu Star Chamber Courts you now support.

Like Robespierre, you will fall under the blade, no mercy, no quarter and as your head rolls away in the dirt, you will wish for the good old days when the Constitution, enacted and produced by those evil white men, was still in effect.

Hear the thunder?

Chuck Lowe #wingnut #crackpot #conspiracy

[Note: Dr. Rex Archer is the director of the Kansas City, Mo. Department of Health]

Rex Archer is a garden variety, run of the mill Progressive, elevated far beyond his intellectual station by way of his association with the Secular Religion, known as - Progressivism.

The ends do justify the means when your newly acquired GOD demands that you centralize all control into the priests/bureaucrats of the new religion who reside on Mount City Hall - Olympus where the select few, deigned mostly holy by way of skin color at birth, now determine our future. The interpretation of the laws, which are now a daily moving target, is left to simpletons like Archer who spew the expected vitriol against those unfortunates who find themselves in the sights of the mob that day.

Progressives are the newest version of Religious fanatics who fully understand the hypocrisy, lies and deceit necessary to daily promote two, three and four tiered justice systems that persecute innocent citizens and deny moral agency to certain favored groups of law breakers. It doesn't matter, after all, GOD has spoken to us!!

Rex Archer = a low level beadle whose thirst for power and sinecure is disguised - he hopes, by his adherence to this sick theology that worships at an altar supported on the backs of American mask wearing slaves.

The Totalitarian, Fascist imperatives of the BLM/Jacobin/AntiFa are paramount and those grinded up in the gears of the new paradigm can bend the knee, or, perish.

Chuck Lowe #crackpot #wingnut #racist

Their [sic] is no racial divide when it comes to policing. The faulty premise that blacks are targeted and shot dead is just as big a lie as the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" trope that is still, to this day, fostered onto ignorant folks who don't know better, but mostly onto folks who don't WANT to know better.

Willful impercipience is another cudgel that the media - DNC - BLM/AntiFa - Deep State insurrectionists know will help destabilize society so that these maleficent powers can attain total control by way of one party rule. The lubrication for the gears in this pernicious Progressive goat rodeo is the absolute existential hatred of the white male.

This is a generational conflict, because even your house pets, if they stop and think about it, know, that the inventions, medicines, advancements and ability to enjoy modern civilization, such as it is, is categorically with few exceptions due to the hated white male.

The destruction of our society, MUST begin with the destruction of the White Male, so the lies, legerdemain, deceit, agitprop conveyed incessantly by the Media, Hollywood, politicians, bureaucrats, plutocrats and kelptocrats who seek ever more power, must strike mortal blows at the foundation of all that is good and replace it with a new false history that elects idiots, followers of idiots and destroys the status quo in hopes of convincing those same idiots of a coming Utopia.

The truth is the truth and this has got very little to do with police brutality, you are being manipulated by evil forces who - sure - want whitey dead, but once whitey is dead, you will shut up and obey, or you will be just as fuckin dead.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut #homophobia #crackpot

Biden is in serious, dramatic and fatal decline. The ascension of Joe Biden to president, if he even makes it to January, will mean one party rule, for America in perpetuity.

The Supreme Court WILL be packed and effect supra-legislative diktats that relegate the Senate and Congress to superfluous window dressing on a rapidly rotting 3, now 2 branch government, which, by design, lends itself to the very autocracy-dictatorship that the Democrats pretend to fear. Reinforcing these initiatives, will be the increase in a government dependent electorate, now increased by the automatic, wave a wand citizenship of 25 million illegal immigrants and an open border policy that guarantees, again, one party rule.


Of course, you gay morons, who today, sing the praises of this coming Fascist state, ignore the coming, Communist contretemps that every single fuckin time, accompanied one party, one man/woman rule and that is the whim and caprice of the one man/woman in charge, which always include, the marginalization of peripheral groups, in order to consolidate power, when threatened.

The list is endless morons, but sure, get into your fuckin electric car, which morons, is powered by electricity that comes from coal (Or that evil natural gas, or that evil fracking, or that even more evil nuclear power.) and proclaim your loyalty to the coming Progressive singularity.

You - gay or not, like the rest of us, will be forced alive into the Progressive wood chipper.

Have a great day.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut #crackpot

Fauci is an absolute disgrace. The damage that liberal politicians and so called "experts" have done to this country over the last 9 months is probably incalculable.

The man is supposed to be an expert on Epidemics and yet most reasonable people knew, KNEW back in April that the draconian shut down was pernicious, counterproductive and at that point, NOT "Flattening The Curve" but in fact a trial run for Progressive Fascists who were "testing the waters" for the coming Socialist Singularity.


The man is supposed to be an expert on Epidemics and yet most reasonable people knew, KNEW back in April that the draconian shut down was pernicious, counterproductive and at that point, NOT "Flattening The Curve" but in fact a trial run for Progressive Fascists who were "testing the waters" for the coming Socialist Singularity.

The narrative from Fauci and the Progressive left wing media, is fear, uncertainty, disinformation and the obfuscation of facts that reveal what we all knew, again, back in April. This CHIESE manufactured pandemic, is in some ways like a very serious flu to most and a death sentence to the old and infirm. Protections should have been and should be now, pinpointed on the vulnerable and the rest of the world, should get back to work.


Contemptible, yet predictable behavior from contemptible, predictable Progressive-Fascist scum, who seek a one party system with total control over every aspect of our lives and could care less about the devastating effects of their subterfuge and manipulation. The lives lost, business' crushed, hopes and dreams destroyed - Fauci and his liberal ilk - are EVIL.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut #crackpot

The redoubtable ACB, like a sniper in a Ghillie, with the eyes of an American eagle and heavy ordnance, took out the fatuous, feckless Fascists pretending to be legitimate patriotic politicians today, barely working up a metaphorical sweat. The kill shot was the blank piece of paper she held up, when asked to reveal the notes she was using while she fired shot after shot into the maddened herd of Democrat hucksters whose enfilade fire found no purchase in those chambers, or, anywhere in the news cycle.

It was a shut out and if there was a "10 run rule", the refs would have called it at noon.

Matthew Sitman's bootless cries to heaven, are in direct contrast to ACB's stated position, that she will interpret the Constitution, NOT CREATE NEW LAW.

Sitman's premise, that Catholic judges might have to recuse themselves, re: The Death Penalty - based on speeches that they gave, where their personal opinions of The Death Penalty is, again, absurd, because just like Kagan and Ginsburg, two Jewish ladies who NEVAR got this much grief for their religion, these ladies all, stated that politics and their opinions, DID NOT MATTER.

Of course Sitman brings up the ACA as if there was a case on the docket next week in order to scare what's left of the shit out of people who are not still locked in their closets in fear of the Covid hoax. There are currently, no cases pending anywhere that in any way, threaten the ACA.

Chuck Lowe #wingnut

The President is an angry man and justifiably so.

The 1st Presidential Debate took place on the same day that even more, categorically, irrefutable evidence of the DNC-4th Estate-Deep State corruption was revealed by DNI Ratcliffe. The Psyops operation directed at the American public in order to geld and destroy the Trump Administration was on display again yesterday for all but the willfully impercipient, obtuse, or fanatical, "The Ends Justify The Means" rabid Progressives who make up the lion's share of the left. John Brennan's hand written notes (Like the hand written notes from the FBI when they sought General Flynn's removal from office, or incarceration with NO PREDICATION OF ANY CRIME.) indicate categorically that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta initiated the entire Russian Collusion Hoax with the assistance of the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and of course the radix malorum, the 4th Estate in July of 2016.

Everyone involved on both sides in Washington DC, the boardrooms in powerful media companies and in the aforementioned agencies knew the truth and concealed it for 3 1/2 years while the nation was forced into the wood chipper known as "Russian Collusion".

In fact, every single crime and misdeed that the media, the Intelligence Agencies and the Democrats accused Trump of, THEY ACTUALLY COMMITTED THOSE CRIMES.

The question last night about the peaceful transition of power from that fuckin crypt keeper Wallace was the ultimate insult to not only Trump, but to any American with even a cursory grasp of the malfeasance, criminality, sedition and outright treason from the cabal of Progressive/Communist malefactors who really run this country.

The President is an angry man and he should be. So should we all.

arissiro #sexist

Acceptance: Realising that that perfect girl will never manifest from thin air wearing the wedding gown and hungry for your penis, but that making your inability to find a mate the centre of your life, along with the toxic ideas promoted by the incel community, renders being forever alone a self-fulfilling prophecy. The incel learns to live on his own, becomes capable of true self-improvement and, more likely than not, will eventually find love. Virgin normies are already here.

I won't nitpick your other points - but this one is worth commenting on because it reveals so much that's flawed, cowardly, and one-dimensional with you moralistic incel-in-denial types.

Let's start with the first sentence:

Realising that that perfect girl will never manifest from thin air wearing the wedding gown and hungry for your penis

No one here is "waiting for the perfect girl". Nevermind this stupid strawman of wanting her to be a personal sex slave. The fundamental recognition of this subreddit in particular is how imperfect women are. It's an oddly egalitarian recognition compared to your beta-male angelicizing of women: we recognize that women are just as much "cavemen" as men supposedly are - we recognize how important a role looks play in your day-to-day life and long-term self-development, and that lookism comes from both men and women. The only thought-crime being committed here is a violation of the "women are wonderful" effect - we have the nerve to say "women are shit too".

but that making your inability to find a mate the centre of your life

The inability to find a mate is an absolutely soul-crushing and major part of your life - it cannot be escaped. Life exists to self-reproduce, it's the fundamental instinct common to all life. Going through each successive stage of adulthood without having the most basic thing that all humans seek will absolutely be the centre of your life. Sex and intimacy is literally recognized as a basic physiological need by Maslow. What an absurdly stupid frame of mind this "stop focusing on it" bullshit is.

along with the toxic ideas promoted by the incel community, renders being forever alone a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In part this can be true - but again, it depends on who you're speaking to. If you accept the suicidal nihilism that might come with the blackpill, then indeed this is inevitable, but if you use the blackpill to your advantage and realise the complete value of improving your looks at all costs, you could come out successful. The blackpill has motivated me to make the most of my looks. How one responds to the blackpill doesn't say anything about the blackpill itself - the blackpill is descriptive, not prescriptive.

The incel learns to live on his own, becomes capable of true self-improvement and, more likely than not, will eventually find love. Virgin normies are already here.

And we finally get to the good part. This is what it's all about from your perspective. "Be a peaceful humble virgin". "Be a virgin that accepts his lot in life without protest or anger". "Just ignore the fact that women literally get into and stay in relationships with men who physically abuse them - just don't be angwy like those evil inkels and you're a good person".

I say bullshit. There is absolutely 100% legitimate reasons to be disgusted with the current sexual-social climate, gender disparities in the sexual market place, and the myriad of manners in which women are privileged and (low-value) men maligned and discarded. This is not something to accept silently and humbly, just to satisfy the moral sanctimony of your delusions. By the way - the only "true self improvement" is improving your looks and social charisma. Nothing else. Injustice - in this instance, the maligning, discarding, and mistreating of low-value men - isn't something to chuck your head in the sand over, and pretend it will just go away if you're "kind and nice" enough - at the very least it is something to be discussed.

Old Punk #racist

"Here's the dirty secret all of us know and no one will admit to. There ARE niggers. Black people know it. White people know it. And only black people are allowed to notice and pronounce the truth of it. Which would be fine. Except that black people are not a community but a political party. They can squabble with each other in caucus but they absolutely refuse to speak the truth in public. And this is the single biggest obstacle to healing the racial divide in this country. The dammed-up flood of good will in this nation for black people who want to work for their own American Dream is absolutely enormous. The biggest impediment is the doubt created in each and every non-black American by the clannish, tribalist, irrational defense of every low act committed by any black person. If you're offended when Republicans defend Richard Nixon or when Democrats defend Chuck Schumer, imagine what it's like when black people swarm the streets to defend Jeremiah Wright.

I'm not proposing the generalized use of the term, just trying to be clear for once, in the wake of Obama's call for us to have a dialogue about race. However much they may scream and protest, black people will know what I mean when I demand they concede that the following people are niggers:

- Jeremiah Wright
- O.J. Simpson
- Marion Barry
- Alan Iverson
- William Jefferson
- Louis Farrakhan
- Mike Tyson

You know what I mean. They hold you back. They're dirty, violent, and stupid. They make you look bad, and you foul yourselves by defending them, by reelecting them to office, by admiring them in spite of all their awful behavior."

Kings Wiki #sexist

A pump-and-dump is the term for a "one night stand" from a masculine perspective; that is, quickly meeting then having sex with a girl followed by breaking contact with her without remorse. Slutty women are sometimes referred to as "pump-and-dump material". In the manosphere, the pump-and-dump is controversial because men naturally want woman to have sex with them easily but at the same time cannot respect a woman who gives up sex with next to no commitment.

It is advisable to take precautions when planning for sex with pump and dumps, including but not limited to, ensuring contact information is not exchanged and/or she does not know your last name since the risk of a false rape accusatibon is increased.

Woman who have been pumped and dumped on multiple occasions begin to take on characteristics of Thousand cock stare. More pump and dumps tend to wear heavily on the female psyche and instances of it are generally kept secret from her friends.

A pump-and-dump is nothing more than a one-time answer to a physical necessity, requiring no maintenance and a very low investment of time. It is the lowest rank of "relationship", lower even than fuck buddy.[1]

Hit it-and-quit it

Chuck R Spook #racist

Where did the 2 Obongo children come from?
While looking at the photo of the nigger Obongo "family" it becomes very apparent that neither of the 2 youngboons are genetic descendants of either barry or moochy. Children always look like at least one of their parents or grandparents. People are very good at identifying facial features and once you know somebody is a family member you can "just tell" by looking.

This is easily explainable as:
A: Barry is a down-low queer
B: Moochy is physically a man and cannot give birth.
So where did they come from?

Now, Obongo's mother is said to be Ann Dunham. This I believe, as the shape of the face and eyes looks like Barry.

Obongo's father is said to be this nigger, which I do not believe at all:

It is much more likely that Obongo's father is communist nigger Frank Davis:

I don't think either of the 2 youngboons look like any of these niggers, so where did they come from? In fact I believe the 2 came from entirely different families, they don't even look like each other.

Mick Williams/Lady Checkmate #fundie

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Satire: After Killing 20-Week Abortion Ban, Democrats Resume Lecturing People About Compassion"

(Cut and pasted from Babylon Bee)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to sources within the Senate, Democratic legislators took a short break from their tireless schedule of lecturing the nation about compassion Monday in order to vote against a ban on the barbaric practice of ripping helpless 20-week-old babies limb from limb and pulling them from the wombs of their mothers.

The Democratic Caucus unanimously agreed to resume their moral lectures on the plights of such groups as foreign immigrants to the United States, the LGBT community, low-income earners, and others whom it has deemed victimized, after successfully focusing all but three of its members’ attention on perpetuating the wholesale genocide of a completely defenseless group of people by way of dismembering unborn babies who are capable of feeling pain.

“We had to hit pause on our monologues about immigrant children for a quick minute so we could ensure that women’s rights to kill their babies at any time, for any reason are preserved,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. “But rest assured, we are back on our moral high horse and will proceed to posture as champions of the oppressed and the only virtuous human beings on earth, now that that task is complete.”

At publishing time, sources confirmed that the two Republicans who sided with the Democrats to shoot down the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine—had resumed acting as though they represented the values of their constituents.

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified. Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND.

Mick Williams:
Exactly what Shutdown Schumer would say with a little truth drug. That goes for all of them.

Lady Checkmate:
lol...I love The Babylon Bee!

Cretus Clawfinger #fundie

Modern leftism is such an extreme aberration in that it requires white majorities to support policies explicitly opposed to their own tribal self-interest, that any movement intelligently articulating a return to sanity was bound to be successful absent repression or censorship, which was made impossible by the internet. Rational self interest fused with ethnic/national tribalism of one kind or another is the default mode of being for all peoples throughout world history. Those groups that lacked this sense or the power to assert it were selected out of existence or absorbed into more dominant cultures. The 50 or so year vacation from this in the West is the result of the miserable failure of the disasterous Nazi regime mixed with the unparalleled material wealth that made the moralistic indulgence of mass 3rd world immigration seem tolerable. The west has now reached a tipping point of no return demographically where this continued indulgence will lead to cultural and biological erasure, while finally beginning to threaten the economic security of comfortable bourgiouse that are running out of territory to flee too.
The situation is self's not complicated or hard to understand. This perspective aligns with natural human tribal intuitions so it's as easy to convince the low IQ as it is the spergy autists once you break their conditioning. Additionally, leftist discourse has degraded to be solely defined by a facile, hysterical identity politics which is every bit as bigoted, racist, and violent as they project onto the far right (if not more so in some respects). The hypocrisy of this is glaringly obvious. In light of this, my view is not "look how perfect the altright movement is" but, "what took so long?"
White (trash) nationalism has been around for a long time. Pre alt-right/European New Right, all it has accomplished is to help Jews and leftists defame white people and the advocacy of white interests by larping as cartoonish boogeyman while cheerleading needlessly inflammatory failed ideologies of the past. Overcoming the stigma of these losers is now the main impediment to white tribalists achieving their goals.
The alt right is successful to the extent that they have chucked this paradigm for something new. They've been extraordinarily successful, with strengths and weaknesses abound. I think this should be less surprising than it may appear given the historical forces at play and the easy victory the left has handed them by abandoning truth for feelings and avoiding debate in favor of shrill moralizing.
Criticizing the alt right is not to reject it as a whole, and much more useful than just mindlessley cheerleading whatever putrid vulgarities are trending on the daily stormer. There are good reasons that the left was able to deconstruct white nationalism 1.0 and any movement that has a chance at victory should be resilient to these critiques.
And don't give me "the enemy doesn't punch left, why should we?" horseshit. Yes they do. Some Marxist whackjob blabbering about beheading landowners would be exiled from all but the most dope soaked antifa squat. There's obviously use in not respecting, or being confined by, leftist taboos. Nazi frog trolling can be funny and may have its limited place. Becoming the monsters the left accuses you of being is just the opposite side of the coin of allowing leftists to define you. You're shucking and jiving for the cameras like a white minstrel show. If the left accuses you of pedophilia, you don't start fucking kids just to piss them off.

Barry Soetoro, Esq #conspiracy

So you’ve got a problem: Who exactly can you install (as the next President) to keep the lid on 9/11?

For the next President, you can’t install a Good Guy (like Chuck Norris) because he’ll get halfway through page 1 of your Top Secret 9/11 files, flip out, and blow the whistle. If he doesn’t go public, he’ll at least toss someone in prison, and that guy might squeal and bring the whole scheme down – sending you to jail for staging 9/11 and covering it up.

But you can’t install a Bad Guy either. Michael Bloomberg didn’t get where he got by selling the most Girl Scout cookies. He got this far (and collected $37 Billion) by being clever.

The Uniparty doesn’t let you become Mayor of New York if you’re too naïve to push their agenda. For example, if the Regime tells you to shepherd a fake 9/11 survivor around Manhattan, you do it:

Later, Bloomberg won’t notice when NETFLIX exposes that fake 9/11 survivor in the documentary, The Woman Who Wasn’t There. If anyone asks about Tania Head (fake WTC survivor), Bloomberg can say that he was tricked, his security team was tricked, Giuliani’s security team was tricked, and Pataki’s security team was tricked – by a kook from Spain using a fake name. Plus now, Bloomberg’s got skin in the game – since he’s on camera escorting a 9/11 fraud around Manhattan. But if CIA suggests disarming the American people (before they discover 9/11 was fake and go ballistic), you might hesitate. But where do we find Michael Bloomberg? When the Regime stages a fake shooting in an Aurora movie theater, Bloomberg jumps aboard the Gun Grab Roadshow and promotes the Aurora gun-grab hoax with vicSIM Stephen Barton:

Bizarrely, Stephen Barton rode his bike 2,000 miles across the USA, from Newtown CT to Aurora CO – just in time for opening night of Batman, where he got shot with 24 shotgun pellets in the head and neck….. before making a full recovery to become Gun Grab Roadshow poster-boy:

Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Before long, 50 mayors flee MAIG upon realizing Bloomberg’s favorite shootings are faked by the US Government to dupe Americans out of their firearms.

Crooked or not, Bloomberg isn’t stupid enough to reside in the Oval Office holding the hot potato when the Big Con collapses – when Americans wake up and realize 9/11 was fake and Sandy Hook was Treason. Bad Guys instinctively know when the “con” is too bold. A street-level mugger will take wild risks if he hasn’t eaten in two days. But once you’ve got mansions and $37 Billion in the bank, you’re not going to mug an old lady – the reward isn’t worth the risk. Rather, a billionaire politician only takes risks when (i) He’s protected (not likely to get caught), (ii) The reward is huge, or (iii) He’s got no choice (blackmail). If all three of those conditions are met, it’s absolutely “risk-taking time.”

So your search for Presidential candidates is more frustrating than you expected. Good Guys have moral limits. Bad Guys are too smart to risk their wealth and freedom serving as Front Man when perhaps the biggest scam in history collapses on their head. Good Guys will freak out upon spotting the dirt. Bad Guys know the dirt goes deeper than anyone can imagine – and aren’t stupid enough to babysit the corpse.

Solution? You call John Kerry.

John Kerry won the game by marrying rich women, getting their money, pretending he hates war and doing his horseface-hippie routine. John isn’t bright. But sadly, he’s not dumb enough to trade yachts and mansions for a prison cell. He’s not about to waltz into your historic scam as the fall guy. John Kerry doesn’t return your calls – he doesn’t want the job either.

So for President, you can’t hire an Eagle Scout (Chuck Norris). You can’t plant a Dirtbag (Bloomberg). And even Dopes (John Kerry) are avoiding the plot.

So, who’s left? Who can you put in the Oval Office?

You hire The Ultimate Temp.

You install a puppet, who can disappear with an hour’s notice when NSA realizes the jig is up and the Pentagon computer models stop saying “We’ve got six months until folks wake up” and start saying “We’ve got six DAYS until folks wake up.”

You need someone who won’t miss the USA. Someone who won’t miss the people. Someone who won’t cry himself to sleep every night because he’ll never see the Empire State building again. Someone who’ll enjoy relaxing in Pakistan for the rest of his life.

That’s who you get.

Someone with no real family. Someone with a fake wife who might be a dude wearing a dress. Someone with two kids (obtained in Morocco?) to complete his cover identity. Someone with CIA-assigned SSN’s, a forged birth certificate, and a botched Selective Service card. In other words, you get someone off the shelf from CIA, who spent much of his life overseas. Someone CIA has in the hopper, floating around Indonesia or somewhere. Someone they’ve got on their roster who’s not doing anything vital.

You install a low-level CIA lackey. Someone you control that’ll sit there and do as he’s told. To keep the lid on your prior scams – not blow the whistle on you – while you finish looting the USA, stealing whatever’s not nailed down, and shredding decades of evidence. Someone who won’t gripe while you offshore trillions of dollars (bankrupting the Treasury to bribe foreign intel agencies so THEY won’t leak what’s really going on and land you in prison).

That’s who you put in the Oval Office.

W. F. Price #sexist

According to a former waitress who is now a “writer”, one Hannah Raskin, a 15% tip just ain’t enough anymore. People are making less than ever, are unable to afford eating out, and yet she’d have them pay servers more than they can afford.

I’ve got nothing against servers, but I hate tipping. I always do it, and my tips fall between 15-20% about 95% of the time. However, if I ran a restaurant, I’d include the gratuity in the price of food. Selling a sandwich for $5? Raise it a buck and give the extra to the server. $1 for a soda-pop? Make it $1.20. I detest feeling that somehow I have to prove my worth by giving the server some exorbitant fee for showing cleavage as she bends over to serve me food. And that’s really what this comes down to — as women have come to dominate food service they’ve sexualized it to the point of something near pole dancing.

Frankly, I’d rather a guy serve me my food. He’ll usually do a better job and not try to use some physical assets to try to open my wallet. Same goes for a therapeutic massage. After getting run over by an old lady doing a thankless, low-wage job that I should have been tipped for, but never was (courier), I had a few sessions of much-needed massage therapy to minimize scar tissue in my neck and back. By far the most useless practitioners were females. Not only were they weak and ineffective, they seemed to feel that I owed them $60/hour simply for them having deigned to touch my back. As a young guy who had no shortage of female attention at the time and definitely needed a therapeutic massage, I certainly didn’t see it that way, and after a couple sessions with lazy, pathetic masseuses I made it a point to demand a masseur – preferably a strong one – or no go.

I’m getting to that point with waitresses. I am quite frankly sick of their entitled, bitchy attitudes. I don’t care if they serve me a sandwich underneath a couple of pushed-up, scented breasts; I don’t go to restaurants to masturbate, after all. Give me a professional, deft man who handles the table with skill and reserve and I’ll be all too happy to pay him what he deserves. But after reading Ms. Raskin’s bitchy, greedy little screed, I’ve vowed that the next slut who tries to squeeze some extra cash out of me by shoving her tits into the center of my visual field gets 10% and no more.

Whatever the case, if I had my way I’d eliminate tips altogether and have waiters work on commission, as I suggested before. If their 20% is in the menu price, I know exactly what I’m getting into when I look at the menu and there’s no reason to complain. If the service is bad, I simply don’t go back to that restaurant. If guys want gussied up little hussies, they can go back over and over again, but as for me I’ll be happy to patronize pleasant places with a touch more class. Pardon me if I’ve been a bit uncouth in this post, but to be quite honest I find Ms. Raskins’ attitude pretty offensive and simply replied in kind.

I’d like to hear Chuck Ross’s take on this.

Unregistered #racist

I'm in the Military, and I work in a mission support profession. As most veteran NM's know, Niggers flock to these jobs like flies to shit because of the low combat risk and low learning curve. Any unfortunate shop that gets a nigger assigned to it is stuck with it for at least 2-3 years before it eligible to PCS to another base. Well, have been here for about nearly a year and they are complete shit. Here's some of the things I noticed:

1. They never shut up, They're always talking and nigger babbling non-stop. There is seldom a 10 minute period in which these niggers aren't babbling intelligibly. One of them will literally spend the entire work day chanting lyrics from nigger R&B songs and it's driving insane to the point were I will have to leave the office in 20 minute increments to smoke and get a fucking break. I've received multiple complaints from dorm management about these niggers constant partying and shouting.

2. They' have low IQ's, I literally spent an hour trying to explain to these niggers basic mathematic equations pertaining to our job and I felt like I was trying to teach a cockroach nuclear physics.

3.They're lazy, They don't have the initiative that whites & asians I've worked with have. They will lounge in their chairs on their phones all day listening to their chimp music and jiving unless they're given a direct order to get off their asses and go do something. They have no motivation and will fucking complain over something as little as taking out the trash. They are too lazy to study for their job or make any effort to become knowledgeable and proficient in their job.

4. Oddly enough, They know they're niggers. They insult themselves for being black and then berate another nigger for acting white and not being black enough .
5.They hate working, and being responsible

6.They smell like niggers in a pool soup, I've had to write them up multiple times for not showering or using deoderant.

7. They irritate all the other workers through their nigger antics.

8. They have no purpose or vision or any practical plans beyond their enlistment and just joined the miltiary for gibs and college. When I wake up everyday, I'm ready to put in everything I've got make sure my job is done perfectly and to make those jets are able to get off the runway and bomb some terrorist.

The US military needs to make a new branch just called "niggers". Any nigger from between the ages 16-99 can join, They'd get a free bucket of KFC and a 4 star general uniform just for walking into the recruit office. All they gotta do is remain on standby for when we need to send 100,000 niggers to zerg rush terrorist regime outpost and after that they can go back to standby in their luxury hip hop mansions spread all around Badlands Bombing Range. I judge niggers and humans by their character, If these niggers came to work everyday ready to roll, Gave it 100%, and respected their peers then I wouldn't give them shit but they can't help it because they're genetically evolved to chuck spears at other niggers and lions or build mud huts.

I fucking hate affirmative action, Just 10 years ago. The workplace was full of white humans. There was no nigger music, There was Brotherhood, and We ate lunch together and would have bar-b-ques year round. We'd band together in a team effort and make sure we put 100% into whatever we were doing and making sure the mission got done. But now I'm stuck with these niggers for at least another year until they get pcs'd somewhere else. It is definitely within my power to write these niggers up for every little nigger "success" they accomplish but the highest ranking enlisted in our squadron is a nigger chief, and for some fucking reason all these complaints go up in smoke wants they get through through the chain of command and up to him.

David Harsanyi #fundie

This week, the Democratic Party was unable to pass a watered-down, platitudinous resolution condemning anti-Semitism, due to “fierce backlash” from presidential candidates, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the now-powerful progressive base. Rather than censuring Rep. Ilhan Omar, the intellectually frivolous, Hamas-supporting freshman representative from Minnesota, she was rewarded and inoculated from party criticism.
More consequently, the Democrats deemed Protocols of Zion-style attacks a legitimate form of debate. That’s because Omar, despite what you hear, has repeatedly attacked Jews, not only Israel supporters, and certainly not only specific Israeli policies.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who would finally bring an “All Lives Matter” resolution to the floor, told reporters she didn’t believe the congresswoman’s comments were “intentionally anti-Semitic.” No educated human believes Omar inadvertently accused “Benjamin”-grubbing Rootless Cosmopolitans of hypnotizing the world for their evil. These are long-standing, conspiratorial attacks on the Jewish people, used by anti-Semites on right and left, and popular throughout the Islamic world.
Even the Democratic Party activist groups that typically cover for the Israel-haters, like the Anti- Defamation League, have condemned Omar. Yet it was the lie that coursed through the Democratic Party’s defense of Omar.
Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren claimed that “branding criticism of Israel as automatically anti-Semitic has had a chilling effect on our public discourse and makes it harder to achieve a peaceful solution between Israelis and Palestinians.” Either Warren believes that accusing Jews and their supporters of dual loyalty and sedition is a legitimate criticism of Israel, or she is deliberately mischaracterizing Omar’s comments to gain favor with the growing faction of anti-Semites in her party.
“We must not,” the socialist Bernie Sanders argued, “equate anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of the right-wing, Netanyahu government in Israel” because such a thing would be “stifling” debate. Does anyone believe that if left-of-center Kahol Lavan were running Israel, Omar would be less inclined to smear the bipartisan squishes at AIPAC?

Omar has mentioned Benjamin Netanyahu (who, incidentally, is in every way more of a genuine liberal than either Sanders or Omar) once in her Twitter feed, and then only to use this very talking point to defend her comments. As a political matter, no major party in Israel is going allow an independent Palestinian state run by theocrats and terrorists to exist, so Omar and her allies will never be appeased.
Of course, no one argues that Omar’s speech should be curtailed or stifled. The same can’t be said of her defenders, however, who not only falsely claim criticism of her tropes is “chilling speech,” but also decided to transform this 38-year-old firebrand into a helpless, childlike victim.
“We all have a responsibility to speak out against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and all forms of hatred and bigotry, especially as we see a spike in hate crimes in America,” said Sen. Kamala Harris, who, like many Democrats, tried to dilute criticism of anti-Semitism in a torrent of phobias. “But like some of my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus, I am concerned that the spotlight being put on Congresswoman Omar may put her at risk.”
We shouldn’t exaggerate the prevalence of hate crimes in America, which is low, but it’s certainly worth pointing out that Jews are the target of 60 percent of those crimes—a far larger percentage than anyone else. In New York City, there have been at least 36 hate crimes against Jews so far this year so far. Shouldn’t Harris be more concerned about Omar’s rhetoric?

As Gad Saad noted yesterday, Omar’s brand of Israel criticism “is almost ALWAYS a cover of existential and definitional Jew-hatred.” This anti-Israel sentiment—opposition to the idea of a national Jewish state—is the most consequential form of anti-Semitism that exists in the world today. It has done more to undermine Jewish safety than all the dog whistles and white nationalist marches combined. Yet, many Democrats have now seemingly joined Corbynites and leftists around the world perpetuating this radicalism.
The normalization of Omarism is a long time coming. Omar’s defenders have been praising and participating in the Women’s March, led by Louis Farrakhan acolytes who believe Jewish people bear a special collective responsibility “as exploiters of black and brown people,” since Trump was elected. But it goes even further back.
When leaving the CBC meeting, “members formed a circle around Omar and Marcia Fudge literally stuck her arm out to prevent reporters from asking her questions. Then a few members hugged Omar, including Al Lawson.” It is unsurprising that Omar, who has great trouble answering simple questions, has the CBC running interference for her hatred. At least seven members of the CBC—a group seemingly immune from criticism—have coordinated and worked with Farrakhan, the anti-Semite preacher who believes “satanic” Jews are “termites” who “deserve to die.” Liberals keep telling me Farrakhan is just a conservative boogeyman, and yet his contingent is growing as Omar and allies like Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez join the ranks.
Democrats’ allies in media quickly came to Omar’s rescue, as well. The Washington Post ran three articles after Omar’s initial comments this week. All three defended her. “Want to combat hate? Stop the hazing of Ilhan Omar and start listening” wrote Wajahat Ali and Rabia Chaudry. Not only shouldn’t Jews censure Omar, the authors argued, they should shut up and listen to her wisdom. In the progressive worldview, Jews, who are successful and predominately white, should put up with a little bigotry for the common good.

As Rep James Clyburn (D-SC), who once also shared a stage with Farrakhan, noted, Omar should be given a free pass because she fled Somalia. “There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her,” he explained. It’s personal to hate Jews when you fled Somalia? The number of people defending Omar on the risible grounds that Muslims should be immune from criticism isn’t surprising when you realize that identity politics demands strict adherence to the hierarchy of victimhood.
When New York Times reporters Sheryl Gay Stolberg (whose article in the aftermath of Omar’s dual loyalty remarks asked if Jewish people had too much power in Washington) and Glenn Thrush (who may or may not be taking diction from the Democratic National Committee) authored a piece about the resolution fight, they spent a large chunk of their space letting everyone know that President Donald Trump—whose daughter converted to Judaism and who moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and who stopped coddling the world’s most dangerous anti-Jewish terror-state—had also used anti-Semitic tropes.
While it’s not worth again debunking the fact that Trump never said neo-Nazis were “very fine people” or pointing out that most of the Jews at the Republican Jewish Coalition laughed at his jokes, it is worth mentioning that Democrats have embraced the worst kind of “whataboutism.”
NBC’s News’ Chuck Todd, in his “I’m obsessed with” segment, offered a jaw-droppingly misleading lecture accusing both parties of having an anti-Semitism problem by comparing elected officials like Omar and Tlaib — who have been embraced by their party, take part in policy making, and now widely defended on the mainstream left — to a fringe Nazi murderer who shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue, whom not a single Republican supports and has nothing to do with the GOP. The very fact that Todd was forced to shoehorn these comparisons is revealing.
In truth, Pelosi’s first watered-down resolution would have passed with most Republicans voting for it, and a number of Democrats defecting. This would have been embarrassing. So she promised to dilute it, and even that wasn’t enough for Democrats. Now, leadership is poised to pass some pointless resolution condemning all hatred.
Omar, an intellectual lightweight, is certainly a problem for America. But the fact that Democrats apparently believe what she says is fine is an absolute disaster.

Kajm, Maxm2317, GalvaEmperor, Graeystone, Dagur-Berserker, LipsterLeo, TranquilityBass, and The-Darkwolf #wingnut

(submitter note: its’ Kajm again and his little group of fellow far-right trump loving circle jerkers)

[Kajm’s Journal]
'Impeachment' was a foregone conclusion. They've wanted it since the day he was elected- BECAUSE he was elected, and nothing else.

And now I understand they are stalling on sending it to the Senate and I will tell you why: The Senate will KILL it. There is ZERO chance of it going any further. And that means, the Democrats would be forced to focus upon actually DOING the work they are supposed to be doing, for the American people. Which means MORE WINNING for Trump.

They can't have this. They NEED to keep Trump's 'guilt' in the public eye, right up to the next election. They need people to BELIEVE that there is nothing Legitimate about Trump's presidency.

And that all GOES AWAY if they can't keep 'investigating' and calling witnesses who never saw anything but 'believe' the President acted (pick a crime! ANNNNNNNY crime!).

They are never going to stop. And presenting this to the Senate, is going to punch a massive hole in their narrative, when it FAILS on contact.

(Submitter notes: the comments, let the circle jerk begin!)
Maxm2317: Their narrative will wither up and die faster than any other piece of Democrat legislation that has gone into, as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer so often calls it, “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Legislative Graveyard.”

Kajm: And Thank God he's buried them.

GalvaEmperor: I hope so. We have very few wins to our name; losing Trump means the left will never stop ruining our lives,
We are dark times my friend

(argument between two users, leading to this)

Dagur-Berserker: False victim narrative? That's what you leftists play all the time about non-white people when you constantly excuse the crime they commit. There isn't even any evidence against Trump. You obviously don't know anything about American politics. All the democrats ever do is attack America.

Greatkingrat88: I'm not even a leftist, dude. I just hate Trump.

Dagur-Berserker: But you've yet to prove that he's done anything wrong.

Graeystone: If anyone thinks this will just stop with just Trump if he somehow magically gets fully impeached had better guess again. VP Pence's head is also on the democrat's chopping block. Line of succession if POTUS can no longer fulfill duties as president-
1) Vice President
2) Speaker of the House of Representative.
Don't like throwing around the C and T words but this does make me wonder what the democrats are actually up to.

LipsterLeo: The Democrats are actually into overthrowing the "racist, unfair" constitution, and throwing America into chaos. They believe, as Marx taught, that out of the ashes, they can build their utopia. Got news for 'em. Me, and 100 million other Americans, are armed and will not be disarmed.

Graeystone: The democrat party was the party that kept slavery going right from the start. When they started to think slavery was going to be gotten rid of, they basically triggered a Civil War. They founded the KKK. They wrote and passed the Jim Crow laws along with all the other 'legalized segregation/discrimination laws'.
As far as an Utopia goes, that is outright impossible. While its possible to imagine a perfect system it is impossible to bring one about because of humanity's imperfect nature. Imperfect people cannot create a perfect system.
Its like the democrats can never accept a good idea and if they do it will only truly benefit them and nobody else.

TranquilityBass: The House is meant to be the place of passion and rhetoric, thus the two year terms. The Senate is meant to be where the grownups live and can take long-term perspectives, thus the six year terms.
Of course, as that one doofus from Texas said, "We can impeach him more than once!" This may be necessary for the Democrats' survival, since wasting time in the House stops good work from being done for the American people. For instance, we currently have the lowest black unemployment ever recorded--but the party of the KKK, of Jim Crow, and of Lester Maddox wants to remove the president who made it so.

The-Darkwolf: Meanwhile Hillary walked away from Criminal negligence violating National Security ("I'm just a girl so I don't get all this technical stuff, but I am WOMAN so you owe me the Presidency!") Obama handed over tens of thousands of military-grade weapons to Narcos, ISIS and other terrorists ("It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I still stand for gun control!") and the collective hive-mind of 70-plus presidential candidates from the party all agree on ending the democratic process of the electoral college so that only Sanctuary Cities will matter during national elections....
The quote I love most was Clinton's campaign manager during the 2016 election finally admitting that America was socially, culturally and politically more divided than at any time since the Civil War... "But it's all the Republican's fault!".... maybe Nancy Pelosi could just order the FBI to open fire on Fort Sumpter and just get on with the inevitable... :shrug:
You gotta understand, I am not a huge Trump fan but at least he's managed to pull up the economy, unemployment is at an major low, based on full-time jobs, not part-time mcjobs and the biggest winners are young African-Americans, and he's pulling the US out of a foreign boondoggle without a hope of resolution. And apparently his great criminal act was to tell a foreign power that he was okay with their already on-going investigation into espionage involving the Democratic presidential frontrunner.....

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