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(Submitter’s note: This is an excerpt from a letter written in response to Jane Elliott, the teacher who first did the Blue Eye/Brown Eye experiment to teach her white students about discrimination, following her appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson following a newspaper report of the results of this experiment. A little more detail exists on the Wikipedia page, as well as quite a bit more. I’ve found no source on the author’s name.)

How dare you try this cruel experiment out on white children? Black children grow up accustomed to such behavior, but white children, there's no way they could possibly understand it. It's cruel to white children and will cause them great psychological damage.

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[On Jade Helm 15 article]

With the article pretty much looking like it was written by the Kremlin, someone should add some content about how many of the conspiracy theories and theorists push Russian Political Warfare talking points and contribute to Russian Rumor Campaigns. Considering that Alex Jones is a Russian asset and probably a communist, his words on this either don't belong here or should be followed by the equally-valid theory that this conspiracy theory, like most others, is just another piece of Kremlin propaganda. These conspiracy theories reek of Active Measures and vodka and its hard not to notice

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(In the talk page of the article "White genocide conspiracy theory")

Is it a "conspiracy" if it is not a secret?

Throughout the years many anti-White activists have openly said that the goal of their activism to get more non-Whites into White majority countries, integrating White communities and promoting interracial breeding to Whites is to eliminate the White race from existence. Basically they want every White majority population in the world to become some sort of mocha brown population and White people to no longer exit. It's been out in the open, completely admitted and even championed as some sort of great advancement in human civilisation.

The definition of a "conspiracy" is a secret plan...but the program to eliminate the White race from existence has been anything but secret. It's promoters have been shouting from the hills about how wonderful it will be when there are no more White people on Earth. It in no way meets the definition of a "conspiracy" when it has been so completely out in the open.

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(This fundie is a member of the KFA, a pro-North Korea group)

The people of the DPRK assign great social importance to the three generals from Mount Paektu, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk. It was through these great personalities that Korea was liberated from imperial occupation. Had it not been for the formation of Juche-Korea, the whole of the Korean peninsula would still be in the grip of foreign powers, not in the interest of the Korean people.

Daily life inside the DPRK is focused on family, work and social education. There is no need for anything else to make the life of the ordinary worker happy. If foreign television was introduced to DPRK society without any guidance, people would be very confused and could be lead to think, by seeing nice cars, people with fancy clothes, and expensive things, that the west has more to offer and that living in a capitalist society is better than living in a socialist country.

True to the ideal of not polluting the people with media content, the authorities of DPRK broadcasting has correctly made the wise decision of not offering any content from outside sources. This means that broadcasting is only adapted for Korean needs, discarding everything that is counter-society or counter-productive or against the teachings of our leaders.

My individual opinion is that some content from western programming should be showed on a regular basic, teaching people about the reality of capitalist societies, so people can appreciate how safe the DPRK society is from crime, poverty, unemployment, expensive housing, and other social problems that plague the west. Such programming would have to be guided and adapted to a DPRK audience an narrated in Korean, and not displace Korean culture (i.e. not take much more than 1% of programming time).

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[The most interesting auto-biography ever written]

When I was 10 years old, I squeezed my mother's breast in a fit of rage.
When I was 8 years old, I tasted a little drop of my own feces.
People think I'm a fascist. Some even go so far as to say I'm a neo-Nazi.
I have every feast day of the saints in the Catholic calendar memorized.
I believe all non-Catholics will go to hell. [...]

I believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, no exceptions; both woman and "physician" should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I believe that abortion is the equivalent of first-degree murder.
I oppose court decisions permitting sodomy unions (gay and lesbian marriages). I believe homosexuality is not a lifestyle, but a perversion of the God-given human body. [...]

I oppose laws declaring animal cruelty a felony. [...]

I believe the mainstream media, especially CNN and the "Jew York Times" holds a very liberal, secular, anti-Catholic bias. [...]

I believe the Anti-Defamation League poses a grave threat to America's democracy by protecting the Jews from slander simply because they are a persecuted race. I believe they are the most dangerous organization in America (NARAL being second; the ACLU being third). I believe the Jews are very hypocritical, since they will ululate over "the Holocaust", but no ethnic group as as supportive of the abortionist (Democratic) party as they are. Because of this, I refuse to have any sympathy for them. [...]

I define marriage as a union blessed by God, between a Roman Catholic male and a Roman Catholic female. Anything else, such as two Jews having sex, is nothing more to me than a consensual relationship. [...]

I believe divorce should be made illegal.

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Hahaha, but it's a historical fact Afghans taught your ancestors how to read. Ghaznavids from Afghanistan brought to your ancestors in Hindustan the Persian language with instructions how to live like humans.

The national language of Pakistan (Urdu) is proof of that. In USA, Pakistanis took over the food truck business while Afghans are enrolled in the top universities. Since you live in isolated Australia, you wouldn't know that.

CapTa1n_Half #fundie en.wikipedia.org

The Muslim Ummah does not care whether wikipedia is censored or not. The Dutch printed a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, that was within itself controversial because of content. but regardless we not only got the company to apologize but also the government. The Pope said derogatory comments and we made him apologize. If this leaks out to the known public, we muslims don't give a rats ass whether your laws permit you to put up these pictures. Eventually we will get them reversed through peaceful or forceful means.

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I agree. This article is an outrage. Dr Peter Duesberg is not a mass murderer who killed millions of Africans and other AIDS patients. He is not an AIDS denialist. He denies HIV virus is the sole cause of the disease. Unlike other scientists he is not a dogmatist in believing that hiv virus theory has been proven. He does not take money from the drug companies to say hiv virus is the cause of AIDS.

I have worked with AIDS patients most of whom were impoverished intravenous drug abusers. The whole hiv causes AIDS bull is at best a dubious theory and at worst a conspiracy to earn profits for the health care industry and drug comapnies. The hiv test is a fraud since it only is evidence that you have antibodies to the virus. Not that you are "infected". Wikipedia hates anyone in alternative medici who disagrees with the absolutism of orthodox medicine

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[Re. smart meters]

WTF is this nonsense!? RADIATION is OBVIOUSLY NOT GOOD. There is no "safe" level of radiation. Tiny radiation can damage DNA and cause cancer. These meters produce POWERFUL radio waves aka "RADIATION". If it weren't bade enough that these meters are producing powerful radiation, more and more sources of radiation have crept into the landscape on which this society lives, from cell phones to wireless internet and now Fukushima nuke meltdown has been raging and spewing radioactive material for a whole YEAR. A 1 whole year melt down of a nuclear power plant, that has gone China syndrome and is threatening to cause blackhole Earth. Added on top of all that radiation, powerful radio transmitters FORCED into everybody's homes, that can be hacked from external command EASILY, is OBVIOUSLY NOT GOOD, not right, it's CRIMINAL. While there is NO SAFE LEVEL of radiation, EVERY BIT of RADIATION is BAD for human health, the more and more radiation you're exposed to, the more surely you will get cancer and die. Is everybody who updates and maintains fkn corporate wikipedia disinfo a fkn traitorous shill? I guess so.

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Get it right Drmies. 'Yes Russians have no doubt killed some people for sure, agents of the Western Elites, personally I think thats fine. Do you think its not two way? It certainly is.' You dont understand Drmies because your refernence points are Main Stream Western Media and you probably have not been to war. Im right arn't I. Wikipedians are by and large well informed about what they are given, mistaking that for facts or the truth is an error.

There is a war on. People are dying all over the place. If you think the West is run by people who live their Christian values and strive for democracy you will never 'Get it' that the Elites in the West are the force pushing for conflict with Russia / China because the Elites want global domination. They dont care about humanity at all. Think Star Wars The Empire. You may think that will be ok. You are wrong.

You dont know that you dont know. Therefore for many of us in the West who can see the real picture, (think the Alliance in Star Wars) the elimination of agents of the Elites is a good thing. Because Russia and its military might is the main block to what will be a two class system.

The elites and the masses. And a lot less masses than now. Think hunger games. Far fetched? No. Toned down for you? Yes. You are living in a bubble, a fiction. But you're not alone. No amount of Gatekeeping will keep out reality from bursting that bubble. One day, in fact at anytime, a large conflagration could start

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[Political platform of Kach and their successor Kahane Chai, two Israeli far-right parties]

* Every Arab inside Israel is to be offered the right of residence as a non-citizen. All non-Jews will have total personal rights, and no national ones. Those who refuse the offer, and agree to leave quickly and peacefully, will receive compensation for their property, with 10% taken off and placed in a special fund for Sephardic Jews who left property behind in Arab countries and were never compensated.
* Until then, every Israeli Arab from the age of 18 will serve three years of manual labor, plus yearly manual duty as part of the reserves. The National Insurance Institute, which pays monthly checks for every Arab child until the age of 18, will be transferred to the Jewish Agency, and payment made only to Jews.
* An automatic death penalty shall be in force for every Arab terrorist caught.


* Political, cultural, social, and all non-economic ties with Germany and Austria will be ended. We will expect the Germans to continue fully their obligations to Israel and victims of German atrocities. The Germans owe us reparations for property, and we owe them nothing. The money does not absolve them of one sin, of one crime, of one murder.


* Immediate annexation of every part of Israel that is in our hands, and unlimited settlement for Jews everywhere in that area.
* Sovereignty from the Temple Mount shall be taken from the Moslems, and given to the Rabbinate. Jews will have unlimited access to those areas of the Temple Mount that are permitted entry by halakha, and a synagogue will be built immediately.


* The Army shall be given a free hand to shoot when it feels necessary at any attacker, including stone-throwers. The entire village of any terrorist, including stone-throwers, shall be expelled from the country.


* Non-Orthodox temples and rabbis will be allowed freedom to practice in Israel, but the use of the word "rav" will not be allowed ("rabbi" may be used), and no such place may use the word Beit Knesset ("temple" or "center" may be used).


* People of other faiths will be given total freedom to pray and worship and observe as they see fit, but never, ever to proselytize.
* Intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles will be forbidden by law; respect for the Gentile will be demanded, but that will not include sharing his or her bed.

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[On Pat Robertson’s claim of being able to leg-press 2000 lbs.]

ok, all of you making these assumptions obviously do not have strong faith in God what so ever. did not God give the judge Samson enough strength to tear down a stone pillard building with his bare hands when he was blind, beaten, and hindered with shackles? He was at an old age too, and had been working by grinding grain. If you don't believe this then you can read Judges 16:21-31 in the Bible. Now, Samson was not ever considered a "superhuman", yet i'm sure he could've leg pressed way more than 2,000! How is it not possible that God has given this same strength to another faith filled, believing Christian. ANYTHING is possible with God if you enough faith. The Bible says, with enough faith, you can move mountains. Pat Robertson has enough faith to be given enough strength to leg press 2,000. Besides, this whole thing happened 3YEARS AGO! This is old news, and the media had no new dirt to bring up on him, so they went searching his sight and found this small detail. Robertson certainly does not make this truth into a well known thing obviously, because he has kept it quiet for 3 years until the media decided to hunt it down. You have no basis to say "his ego is totally out of control to make such a claim." So i'm tired of you people who think you know everything to give this man a break and worry about the problems in your own lives that are much more important. If i had not been with him and seen it myself then i would have no basis myself to share this truth. But i was and so was his doctor, Dr. W, who has sworn through his profession that he would not lie. but regardless of this, please think about the powerful of God and His miracles before you completely disregard this truth!

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Roman Catholic priest James Haley asserts "that homosexual priests, not solely pedophiles, are at the root of the sexual-abuse crisis. The Catholic priesthood is demoralized, he says, by groups of homosexual clerics who control who gets admitted to seminary, which men get nominated for bishop and which priests get the plum parishes.

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(In the talk page of the article "Freemasonry")

The Direction this page is heading under Masonic Editors

What is the point *IN YOUR MINDS* of having the Wikipedi entry be an exact mirror of hundreds of other Masonic websites? Don't you Masonic "lights" think people will just take one look at it, realize it is a duplicate of what they have seen elsewhere and trundle on off to say, the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on Freemasonry, or some other non-masonic website?

Masonry still retains among its emblems one of a woman weeping over a broken column, holding in her hand a branch of acacia, myrtle, or tamarisk, while Time, we are told, stands behind her combing out the ringlets of her hair. We need not repeat the vapid and trivial explanation... given, of this representation of Isis, weeping at Byblos, over the column torn from the palace of the King, that contained the body of Osiris, while Horus, the God of Time, pours ambrosia on her hair.

Illustrious Albert Pike 33°
Morals and Dogma, page 379

[Spinboy: I don't understand, Lightbringer, why you can't seem to come to a consensus with the other editors of this article on what should and shouldn't be included. They can seem to come to a consensus, yet you somehow are incapable of this.]

You don't seem to understand why I can't come to consensus with the Pro-Masonry Propagandist 'consensus's' deletion of any information they dislike? Go figure Jimmy.

Frances Cress Welsing #racist en.wikipedia.org

On both St. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the white male gives gifts of chocolate candy with nuts…. If his sweetheart ingests "chocolate with nuts," the white male can fantasize that he is genetically equal to the Black male…. Is it not also curious that when white males are young and vigorous, they attempt to master the large brown balls, but as they become older and wiser, they psychologically resign themselves to their inability to master the large brown balls? Their focus then shifts masochistically to hitting the tiny white golf balls in disgust and resignation—in full final realization of white genetic recessiveness.

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There must be some discussion of the possibility that Hamlet is based on the life of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford. I realize the orthodox scholars hold on Wikipedia, and any discussion of the authorship question is brutally suppressed.

But many prominent people now believe the traditional story is wrong. A consensus for Edward de Vere as the true author seems to have arisen among the anti-Stratfordians. So it seems reasonable to give some discussion of Hamlet in light of Edward de Vere. To do so would be folly. The Oxfordian point of view is not a fringe theory.

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These next thoughts should be added to clarify what "god" Bolong Yookte' K'uh is and what the "black" mentioned in the translation is ... As this "god" Bolon Yookte' K'uh is simply Orion/Osiris, the same "God" Eyptians placed as the father God and equates to our christian Heavenly Father / or Most High God and the "black" that descends is merely referring to the Second Coming or shekinah of 2nd Coming ? ... ref. also Lord Pacal's tomb lid "book" and its snake devouring head images and bat images... the snake or bat - black connection being again the descent to earth of God in the Second Coming that brings along this phenomena of swallowing the whole of the earth in the coming's entrainment / or "snake" / wormhole / black hole from center of creation ... and esp. noting the prediction THEN, that this Second Coming OCCURS on December 21, 2012 - lil Bolon Yookte' K'u #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

(Vandalized Wiki article)

Barack Obama

A crypto-Muslim and militant communist from Illinois.He is currently seeking to destroy the United States by fooling dumb people and minorities into voting him into office as President. His agenda would include trampling on the Bill of Rights, disarming the citizenry, opening our borders even wider, granting amnesty to illegal aliens, and massive income redistribution. A darker skinned, more subtle version of Stalin.

1990'sguy #fundie en.wikipedia.org

I have edited Wikipedia for a while, and I know for a fact that there are a lot of inaccuracies and problems on it, whether it is vandalism, inaccurate material, POV bias, or out-of-date material. I and many other editors have tried our best to eliminate all of these, but I know that no matter what we do, these problems will remain. I also know that Wikipedia, ultimately, is temporary. Sometime — I don't know when, and don't ask me any details because I cannot know them — Wikipedia will cease to exist. So, all our editing will come to naught, at least it seems.

But I also know that God's Word, the Bible, is the opposite of Wikipedia, at least in this respect. As unpopular it is to believe this in our present culture, I know that the Bible contains absolutely no errors or mistakes — regardless of what topic or genre it has to do with. I also know that God and His Word will remain forever, as the verse here clearly states.

We humans always try to achieve greatness and glory, and I can see that throughout history. There is the Tower of Babel, the Neo-Assyrian Empire, the Neo-Babylonian Empire, Alexander the Great's empire, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and I can name countless others. There have been many leaders who have tried to achieve greatness — Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Gaddafi, and many, many more — and ultimately failed.

My point in all this is that all of these were temporary and didn't last, but God, who created all things and controls all history, will remain forever. Whose side will you be on?

Djagda #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

Chemtrail - Is a colloquialism

Chemtrail is a colloquialism in common everyday use to refer to the aerosol sprays emitted from high altitude tanker jetliners. The technical term for aerosol spraying from planes is Geo Engineering or climate modification. These tanker planes have customized spray ports along the wings. Commercial planes also have spray ports as in this video made by a passenger on a commercial flight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DybLUGo8xp0 This video shows a chemtrail being left by the plane while the jet engines are NOT leaving a CONTRAIL. A contrail is a vapor trail left for a short while - ten minutes - when the air temperature allows. Chemtrail aerosols not only remain in the air but expand into a suspended vapor covering 1/3 of the sky from one chemtrail.

Tanker planes have been filmed turning off and on the aerosol sprays https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSx44akT8As

A new effect of the nano particulates sprayed from tanker planes and jet lines is massive forest fires like the McMurray fire in Alberta Canada which in 11 days has burned 1370 square miles (CNN). The Rocky Fire in California in 2015 burned 10 square miles in 24 hours. Aluminum is used in rocket fuel because of its expansion rate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket_propellant Burning aluminum particles creates wind (air displacement) resulting in such super fires as above.

Documentation for tanker planes and commercial airliners spraying aerosols with metal particles can be found by using any of the following terms; Aerosol spraying, Geo Engineering, Climate modification, Chemtrails.

LoreMariano #fundie en.wikipedia.org

(This fundie is a member of a obscure NY-based cult that was famous in the 90's for claiming they could cure gay men of homosexuality.)

There is nothing being whitewashed here. The subject of homosexuality has not been presented at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in over 20 years. There are men who have changed from homosexuality through the study of Aesthetic Realism who deserve to live their lives as they have chosen, just as gay men deserve to live their lives as they choose. As has been said many times, Aesthetic Realism has always been in favor of equal civil rights for gay men and women.

Blanco #fundie en.wikipedia.org

Another strange coincidence that happened to me is when I wrote the greatest idea down in my story. It came true. A Rabid dog kept coming up to me. I shot it with my twelve-gage in its chest and a day later it cam back and bit me. I shot the mother fucker again and buried it and got checked for raybees. I didn't have them. Nothing but a scare on my leg. When I buried it I put a cross on it to show it respect. He showed back up. I waited until he left and I went to the place I buried him and the cross was up side down. I haven't been there sice.

SaintAviator #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

You really want to know? You cant stop this stuff getting in here in a world where MSM vomits out anti Putin material as part of Russophobia and a good part of the English speaking world have drunk the koolaid. They dont know that they dont know, the West has no true democracy. So they lap up the propaganda, RS of course. This is a type of Denialism.

On the up side it has no real effect whats put in here on Putin or Russia. Putin has a genuine aura of power about him and some extra judicial killings in this day and age mean nothing. Thats why Game of Thrones is so popular. Thats what people like. People know he will do what it takes to get things done. Besides it adds to his strong man image. He coundn't care less whats in here I'm sure 17:52, 22 #fundie en.wikipedia.org

[They might also suppose cavemen lived along with dinosaurs and that the garden of eden was in fact the moon when she was just a few inches from earth...]

In actuality, dinosaurs have lived with man throughout time. They simply used a now archaic term for them: dragon. In the Congo there have been reports of what seems to be a pterodactyl. Theories should be changed to fit the facts, not vice versa.

Evolution is an archaic religion, surviving only in the minds of those who cannot bring themselves to face reality. The only reason people choose to believe it is because that would mean it has a creator, and therefore, rules.

It is not my fault that your metaphysical research program of Evolutionism goes against a great number of scientific laws (the Two Laws of Thermodynamics, the Law Conservation of Angular Momentum, the Inverse Square Law AKA Gravitational Constant, among others too numerous to list.)

It can be stated as a fact that nothing found in science has ever supported the religion of Evolutionism.

Krzyhorse22 #racist en.wikipedia.org

No offense but the Pashtuns of Pakistan are inferior when it comes to Afghan Pashtuns and they need to accept this fact. They have no fame outside their tribal area and that's their problem. If I'm wrong name one famous Pakistani Pashtun. Even Bacha Khan is Indian and he was anti-Pakistan all his life. Today Pakistan is forcefully deporting Pashtuns from Pakistan in front of your eyes in cold winter, a land where they were born. The non-Pashtun Pakistanis don't care, they treat all Pashtuns as terrorists and refugees, occupiers of their land and are driving them out of Pakistan.

Yet, Pakistani Pashtuns don't even have a media person to show the world what is happening to them. They have absolutely no power or even voice in Pakistan. Yet, they come here pretending and faking it as if Pakistan is home of Pashtuns. Wake up stop living in delusion, Pakistani Pashtuns are uncomparable with Afghan Pashtuns. Entire Afghanistan is ruled by Pashtuns, they naturally deserve all the respect. Again, no offense intended but this is an educational site where we teach those who don't know anything.

Anonymous IP commenter #fundie en.wikipedia.org

There is the endlessly quoted "no man knows" (in regard to the time of the coming of Jesus or God back to earth) quote from the Bible... but that is NOT accurate, as many other times, the Bible also spells out an EXACT time, that is , 3 1/2 years after you see "an abomination on the Temple" (God will come then on that date 3 1/2 years later after that abomination on the temple ) and when the Romans killed a pig in the holy of holies back ab 2000 years ago, everyone thought that is it ... and so there is then that ongoing interpretation of what of abomination on the temple is, or would be - and there is also a need for a more exact translation, the words are not 'on the temple' but on "one wing of the temple" ... and throughout the bible there is this clear distincition also, that God's temple is NOT that actual temple on the temple mount in Jerusalem (and with most saying (and not understanding) the time of God's return cant be anytime soon as that temple has NOT YET BEEN rebuilt, but read on)... God's REAL TEMPLE is and always has been "the people" and so now with that new understnading, forearmed, YOU NOW can, YOURSELF, with no aid from Campiing et al calculate easily 3 1/2 years from that date when you see some monstrous abomination "on one wing of the temple" or ON God's people - and one wing is the Jewish people and another Wing are the rest of the people (non Israeli's or gentiles) ... and in that regard, also there is ANOTHER 3 1/2 year matching time period, that the Bible says the AC /. the antichrist ONLY rules for 3 1/2 years, and then God comes and the AC ruling one wing of the temple WOULD BE an abomination over / on that wing of the temple ... so matching those two together you see that when the AC is there in front of you ruling the People (one wing of the people) then calculate 3 1/2 years and God will come ... (footnote- in Bible calculations, pro's agree that years are 12 months of 30 days, not years of 365 days and so that small adjustment is used also) ... (do any of you realize, there in front of you, is a candidate for AC ?? or person, who can only be said to be ruler of the earth as the AC is predicted to be... (with former USSR disentigrated), what else or other power is left that can be said to be the ruler of the earth and is there any leader of that area that is a candiate that has had a sudden miraculous rise to rule ??? figure it out ... and calculate the 3 1/2 years ...

additionally, most all pros clearly feel the Bible is clear, that after God comes he rules in peace for 1,000 years and ONLY then is there afterwards at the end of that time, Armageddon with AC/Satan rising to battle again and ONLY then at that end after 1,000 years, is there a "renewal" of the earth ... or end lil hiram widazson

Russ Davis #fundie en.wikipedia.org

I always get a laugh at wikipedia antiChristian bigotry pretending they'd ever allow any positive "academic assessment" of the truth about which they are in denial, as seen in the groundless opposition to The Pink Swastika, based solely on the unsupportable and groundless obsessive hate speech of the deranged antiChristian bigots that run wikipedia. Russ Davis

Anonomous #fundie en.wikipedia.org

I've taken notice of a few times the word evolution is used. I don't mean to be a broken record, but there is absolutely no proof of evolution anywhere. I do not think I am wrong, but if you can show me one single proof of evolution being real then I will take back my complaint. Until then, this is wrong and should be edited. Say soemthing else like adaption or something, not evolution. I do not like being told facts that I'm pretty sure are not real.

There's also no proof of the the earth being 300,000 years old either, so that's another issue. If ya'll believe in evolution then that's fine, but make accurate accounts to go with it or wikipedia's is just a way of forcing another's opinion down one's throat.


anonymous #fundie en.wikipedia.org

"The tiresome 'scientists support evolution' line is not very meaningful. Most folks who use 'scientists' in this context are referring to denizens of the Ivory Tower, often with a PhD after their names in relation to some academic field that is considered a science."

Trish #fundie en.wikipedia.org

For a change of pace perhaps the readers of this might like some facts. My name is Tristie Johnson and I am Lauren Stratford's - niece. First you need to know that when Rose Willson came of age - she changed here name from Rose Grabowski to Rose Grey. This was - because she was ashamed of her Polish heritage. When she got married her name changed again to Rose Willson. When Lauren - ran away from home she went to live with her father in California. - I do not understand why Cornerstone magazine has not asked to interview me since I too was horribly abused by my grandmother and - both my parents. I have the restraning order I was granted by the judge against Rose Willson and Willow Teeter after they went to - a summer camp where my son was at and tried to kidnap him. - I have the letter from the Summer Camp apolgizing for allowing them to enter the camp, they said my mother verbally - abused the camp directer until she gave in. - Although I did not meet my aunt until after the restraining order was granted we had a lot of things in common, since I was forced to spend a lot of time with my abusive grandmother, who was Lauren's adopted mother and experienced some of the same horrors. When my parents found out about the book they returned to the United States, (they had been in Israel, primarly helping the Palestinians.) They began an urgent campain to discredit Lauren. Cornerstone magazine only interviewed a few members of my family but the family did their best to generate as many lies as possible about my aunt. Why? - My grandmother was very rich, so she had plenty of money to spend in order to cover up the truth. Usually if you ask a person if they horribly abused a child, especially arranging sexual abuse they are bound to deny it. Especially since so many things that happened were against the law. - During the second world war the United States had our own - Holocaust. We not only put the Japanese into the camps, but Americans, Italians, and Germans as well. Most likely Lauren - was born when her parents were in the camps. They were fashioned - after the concentration camps in Germany, some were even set in - places that looked like Germany. I remember as a child long after the war, being strapped to a chair so I could not move and being forced to view the horrible things that happened in a Nazi German camp and was drugged so I would hallucinate while being poked with needles and other sharp things so it felt like I was in that camp. If you have ever been to Disney Land you can understand how detailed special effects can be. - Shortly after my parents came home my aunt was pushed down a large flight of cement stairs and was almost killed. Crime Victems - compensation paid for her counseling after the accident. When we - met she was quite poor but throughout the rest of her life we were close. I attended her memorial service and helped people clean out her apartment afterwards. I miss my aunt. Satans's - Underground is a true story. The name change to Lauren Stratford and the omission of my mother in the book were done out of consideration not to embarrass my mother. It's ridiculous after - all this time to be making up stories against my aunt

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To really prove that we, humans cause global warming, you would have to compare Earth today, versus an Earth that has no human lifeform on it. This is impossible; therefore, anyone claiming that global warming is caused by humans is wrong. I don't know how these scintists came up with the idea, but you just cannot prove that humans are the cause of global warming. #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

9/11 is a lie. The attacks were only film tricks. On any of such events, the general public is always excluded from the place where it's happening, but some reporter cameras always get the images. Why? Not because it's dangerous. Because it's faked! They can even pretend that the paralympic games are copyrighted so you aren't allowed to film and the mutilations will always look real on television although they would look different and less convincing in your amateur video. 9/11 and the following wars were indeed part of a psychological experiment. But this experiment was not about obedience to authority, race stereotypes and such sick stuff. When you believe that, then they've already shit in your head. The main problem are the illusions. They come first. Nowadays, they can show anything they want using 3D computer animations, green screen and other digital tricks. It has to be assumed that when you grow up with these illusions, watch TV or play video games for three hours a day over a period of 20 years or such, that you have a distorted sight for reality.

You will not be able to make realistic estimations about human characters or physics anymore. They already knew that beforehand. So they made some rules. When you want to open a museum or want to print or broadcast something in public, you need a license. And you have to follow their catalogue of rules. Even the internet is only trash because of their filter scripts. You might call that censorship, but they have good reasons. They're actually only making a psychological study about harmful media effects and need to see whether their sick shit is believed. You had to go to school regularly for another reason: so they have a more detailed documentation about the impact of specific media content on you. Of course education is important, but they also wanted to see how media crap impairs your education. They even pretented with their catalogue of lies that the computer was new and that there was a huge progress in computer science during the last 50 years. This ain't true. The industry indeed was only allowed to sell trash computers with limited CPU clock, little RAM and also hard disk space if they even had one during the last decades.

There are laws for the industry, too. During the 80s, 3D graphics in video games was almost impossible because the architectures were slightly too weak. My idea is that they assumed that flat sprite graphics lack realism and don't have such a big impact on the learning processes about distance, powers and space and also that the depicted stuff will subconciously be believed less. I bet, this will turn out to be true. You might not believe me, but what else do you believe then? Have you ever wondered why you were born so close to a millenium? And that the computer was so new when you were born? This is unlikely. The truth is simple: on the one hand they wanted to have a more broader media entertainment, on the other hand this has harmful effects. And they wanted quality. Just like they don't sell bad food, they needed a quality seal for movies, virtual reality arcade games and stuff.

So they made a study. And it is harmful. I know a guy who gets panic attacks whenever there's a normal firework because they put him to Iraq (where some of them were told that it is their patriotic duty to produce action movie scenes, pretend that they were actually in combat and keep their mouths shut about it btw). This is of course a bizarre reaction. But that's not PTSD, it's the effect from bizarre media depiction of mutilation and explosions. ("Officer Dan has magic legs!") Bizarre perception-> feeling in danger->bizarre reaction to protect yourself. Quite simple. It makes people sick, even if they don't believe it consciously. Subconsciously it will always be believed more or less to some extent.

Actually, murder is impossible. The world is much more safe than you'd think and many diseases don't exist. I cannot prove my assumptions, but I've got overwhelming hunches that most media content is simply bullshit. I don't want to be offensive, I just don't believe it. And it's horrible when you believe such things. Because you cannot feel safe and always feel in danger. Read across the lines and make puns with the written lies. When there are some odd names or references, you can be assured that it are just hoaxes. My favourite words are, btw, "rainbow" and "dura". Like "rainbow press" or "dura mater transplants".

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Not every cult is harmful. Falun Gong was considered as posing a danger to Chinese society and therefore must be eliminated from China; such process should not be described as "persecution" as if the elimination is undesirable. Wikipedia is neutral and should not make judgement on the Chinese internal policy for the good of its society.

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I would like to know a couple things:

1)Why, when you try to add a legitimate link to the "Official Hovind and pro-Hovind" section such as Penalty Protestor--offering updated court documents and case summery and Free Hovind--offering free video/audio content , they are deleted almost immediately? Could it be that a pro evolutionist aka atheist is the page editor?

2)Why is there so much negative/smear propaganda for what's supposed to be biographical? This page is so biased against Kent Hovind, evidenced by it's conspicuous-by-omission of anything positive said about the man, that it obviously a smear campaign.

3) How will you feel on Judgment-Day when Kent is vindicated and crowned for the tens-of-thousands of souls won for Jesus? What will you say to God then?--Mat 12:36 "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment."

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Women are important in a man's life only if they're beautiful and charming and keep their femininity and... this business of feminism, for instance. What do these feminists want? What do you want? You say equality. Oh! I don't want to seem rude, but... you're equal in the eyes of the law but not, excuse my saying so, in ability... You've never produced a Michelangelo or a Bach. You've never even produced a great chef. And if you talk to me about opportunity, all I can say is, Are you joking? Have you ever lacked the opportunity to give history a great chef? You've produced nothing great, nothing!... You're schemers, you are evil. All of you.

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(This quote is about changing the Wikipedia article of Aesthetic Realism -- a obscure NY-based cult that was famous in the 70's/80's for claiming they could cure homosexuality. MichaelBluejay is a well-known critic of the cult.)

The version MichaelBluejay posted is derisive and definitely POV. Sources include his own website, as well as anonymous comments on other websites. Entirely omitted is the philosophic basis of how Aesthetic Realism sees this subject in favor of a cartoonish version. From the beginning Aesthetic Realism is presented as out for publicity, “riding the buzz”.

The truth is that the only reason Aesthetic Realism and Eli Siegel dealt with the subject at all is because men, like myself once, did not like themselves for being homosexual and were looking for a way to change—and we found it.

Sure some men decided that Aesthetic Realism wasn’t for them and they preferred to live a gay lifestyle which, of course, is their right. But you would never know from this version that there are men who have lived meaningful, fulfilled heterosexual lives, including marriage and children, for 10, 20, 30+ years. The controversy and opposition can be presented, but it has to be in an evenhanded way. #fundie en.wikipedia.org

As long as our "advanced" society is able to provide you with the illusion that you are getting a sense of fulfillment out of life, you will be blinded from the truth. There are other beings on this planet who are similarly complacent and unreasoning. I usually eat them. They are called animals. They don't need a sense of fulfillment because they were created with only the desire to survive, unlike us. A wise friend of mine warned me of the futility of debating with people about evolution online. I should have listened to him. Do not bother responding, I am never going on to this talk page again. Sorry for wasting your time, I genuinely wish you well. goodbye. (IP address) #fundie en.wikipedia.org

This article is nothing but [[blasphemy]] and false lies. Dinosaurs are a hoax and are lies. The world is not that old. '''READ YOUR BIBLE.''' Anybody who reverts this back to the filthy lies and nonsense before this will rot in [[Hell]]. Who do you think [[God]] favours? Me, protecting the cherished Truth, or you posting false lies to defame [[God]]? He will PUNISH you and reward me with a place in his Kingdom. You will go to [[Hell]] if you continue to revert to the lies of so-called scientists. Don't believe these liars.

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[Talk page of Wikipedia article on New World Order]

These guys can provides lots of solid proofs and facts :-

- Jesse Ventura with his program (conspiracy theory). - Alex Jones. - David Icke. -...ETC

Those names must be mentioned in the article. We must provides facts for the world to see.

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Lets face it , the only reason for this article is Anti-Christian Bigotry. All of the articles are so twisted that a third grader can find the flaws. For example, no where does Chuck Smith make a prediction of a time or date but the Christian haters at Wikipedia twist what he says to try & make him look like a kook. The same can be said of the Martin Luther part. Boy I guess you Christaphobes have nothing better to do then vomit up your anti-Christian hate. No wonder no one trusts Wikipedia anymore. It is just a mouthpiece for the loony liberal God-hating left.

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Btw, Hijiri88 is clearly pushing his scaremongering against me by stating ridiculous opinions. "There are people out there in the real world who would be shocked and appalled if they saw English Wikipedia call Jews and Zionists "powerful interests" and "dominant interests."

Wow! What does that mean? You mean Jews or Zionists have no interest or political influence? Or Isreal lobby doesn't exist? Or that Jewish magnates have no economic clout? Or that they don't at least sometime use it for political advocacy? Or there's no such a thing as ADL "Stalinist thought police organization" to use Chomskey's description? Sure people can keep me blocked for not buying into Hijiri's Zionist world of political correctness. #fundie en.wikipedia.org

I speak this from personal experience: I had suffered from a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It had affected my hip joints making it difficult to move them. One day, while in a church service, I was healed. It was an experience that I felt as much as believed.

I was able to walk out the church without crutches. An hour later, after being plagued by many thoughts and doubts, I was again unable to walk without crutches. So I know from experience that a man can receive healing and then lose it when his faith fails.

Was there medical proof of my healing? No. But there was visible proof - my walking. #conspiracy en.wikipedia.org

'''Isn't it just ironic how the US made a plan to invade Afghanistan for their own benefits by just making a dramatic scene? 9/11 was just a drama set up by the US so that they have a reason to invade Afghanistan just like the British annexed Sindh (province in later-made Pakistan) during British Raj in India by provoking the Amirs in order to restore their pride which they lost in Afghanistan.

The Taliban government they say of is very polite and whom are bonded to their words and faith are just blasphemed by the US who made a cruel portrait out of them.But guess what? Taliban freedom fighters will never bend to their knees no matter how much you try and would never accept that Pro-American President.

I'll quote from Alexander the Great

"Pashtuns, a nation which will take nations to barely suppress them" and to his mother

"I am in the land of brave people who are up for anything to protect their culture,religion and families"'''

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Jews are, however, a group, and a strongly identified one. They have group interests, and those interests are sometimes at odds with those who they live amongst. As I said in my response to TFD below, this doesn't imply a conspiracy. However, it's necessary to distinguish a canard or conspiracy theory from people's factual acknowledgement of or concern with the fact that Jews were strikingly overrepresented in many communist movements.