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trustinthelord #fundie

“Why didn’t the coward go into a neighborhood in Baltimore run by the Crips and the Bloods and express his rage there?

Probably because Obummer and company didn't want him there. I'm sure the Baltimore thugs didn't want any competition. These people and Obummer are afraid of competition, that is why Obummer seeks to eliminate The Confederate Flag. It is BIGGEST impediment to taking down this country, then implementing the NWO-all under the guise of being a savior to our country, which it needs so they don't end up in hell for eternity. But hey, half this country has their head in the sand, and can't see that all this trouble is manufactured by Obummer, aka, The Wicked Community Organizer from Hell.

Besides, there's a pride thing in play with Charleston. If he conquers Charleston, then they win. So Slick Nikki, the libturds love you, but you probably already know that since you have shown yourself to be a closet lib...

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Denise #racist

[Commenting on the Presidential debate.]

Is Obama wearing Whiteface? He looks lighter…..

Also a early zinger went past…Mittens said that the debare was the most “romantic place he (Obummer) could be, tonight”…there. With him. Considering Obummer’s proclivity for old White men…..zing! That hit Moochelle, too. Barry called the She Beast “Sweetie” – nothing he’s ever said in his entire CAREER sounded so fake.

It’s 20 + minutes in, and am I’m bored. I hate them both. I wish they’d start punching each other out. Romney would deck the little Darky Homo.

The Nazi Tourette's Award

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TimeWarpWife #fundie

He [Obama] has to shut up conservatives like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, et al, so the truth of what he's doing won't be public knowledge. As far as cable news goes, Fox is the only one Obama and the Demonrats can't control and who don't idolize him as the messiah (little m). This is what Goebbels and Hitler did in Nazi Germany. I see a new post in Obummer's administration being created - can you say Minister of Propaganda? image Seriously, the people who get all bent out of shape for comparing Hitler and the Nazis to Obummer and the Demonrats are completely blind to the dictatorship that's happening in this country. image

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Thomas Kollowitz #conspiracy

When a 'prince' puts up BILLIONS to erase Trump... When billionaire Soros puts up BILLIONS to erase Trump... When PUTIN, a socialist, contacts Trump and tells him to be careful because PUTIN had evidence there was a HIT out for Trump.... When media, GOP, and DEMs are using every tactic to destroy Trump..... How can ONE MAN scare the pants off so many people?????? AND WHY???????
Any intelligent person would understand quickly and easily: Trump is on to their plans to destroy America and her allies, and to take control and employ sharia law.
In 1979, a leader in The Muslim Brotherhood, VERNON JARRETT, wrote a column for The Chicago Tribune. He stated that the Brotherhood intended to dump millions into creating racial hatred in America and take over. He said they estimated it would take THIRTY YEARS for the plan to work.
1979 - 2009??? Thirty years!
Right about that time there was a nationwide story about a young black girl who was supposedly gang raped by several white men. Remember TAWANA BRAWLEY???? The first time ever hearing the name AL SHARPTON? JESSE JACKSON? And learning the rape was made up. Tawana was probably paid quite handsomely for going along with the story that ruined her life.
The LA RIOTS followed. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Black only pageants, TV channels, movies, neighborhoods, gangs, colleges, scholarships, and the list goes on. Suddenly, they were BLACK, not colored. AFRICAN AMERICAN instead of Negro.
A very interesting tidbit here is the picture that was associated with the article: several Muslims in Royal garb, standing around a very young black man who was signing a document. This black male looks identical to a young Obama, who has been groomed most of his life to fool Americans as the final task in the 30-year plan to destroy America and Americans.
Now, do you know who lives in the White House and keeps Obama under her thumb? VALERIE JARRETT!!!! She is the daughter-in-law, and bigwig in The Muslim Brotherhood, to the now deceased former head of The Muslim Brotherhood, VERNON JARRETT.
Look up '1979 Vernon Jarrett,' 'Operation PAPERCLIP,' 'Iran Revolution,' 'Vaccines and Population Control.' Ask WHY FEMA (concentration) camps have sprouted all over America since 2008 and ask who is running them? Ask what happened to the missing Billions of dollars from Hillary's State Department account, and where the millions in ammunition and billions is weaponry and tanks and armored vehicles went that was purchased in 2008.
Tell me again how ONE MAN can scare the pants off SO MANY - especially in the Muslim world.
Donald Trump is not a politician. He is a very smart businessman and a wonderfully dedicated father and family man. He has made mistakes, been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and has taken a lot of hits. He does NOT need anyone's money, he has thousands of his own personal friends, and he CANNOT BE BOUGHT.
He does NOT need the title of POTUS. He is already PRESIDENT of so, so many companies. He does not need to be the king of anything except his home - his own castle.
Most importantly, and think about this carefully, he certainly does not need to have to constantly 'duck and cover' from the hundreds of death threats he keeps getting - mostly from foreign princes and rich Americans who are entrenched in the bowels of NEW WORLD ORDER and THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.
So tell me, why would a man who has it all, who wants for nothing, who has success, who has the love and admiration of his gorgeous wife and intelligent children ......... who has no truly definable or understandable reason to put himself out there, where is has to deal with death threats and name-calling and hectic schedules ....... Why would he do it?
I will tell you why. Because he has been around the block more times than most. He has done business in almost every developed foreign country. He has been offered bribes, maybe even been offered the moon, and been threatened about having to do deals with the NEW WORLD ORDER, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, and other dastardly, murderous, criminal organizations. And he is WELL AWARE OF THEIR PLANS TO DESTROY AMERICA and implement SHARIA LAW!!
Donald Trump knows he has the power, the money, the business sense, the support, and the wherewithal to bring those organizations to their knees. And that he MUST for the sake of his family. We Americans are lucky enough to GET TO ride ON the coattails of his patriotism and love for his family and friends.
Donald Trump, with all that he has, is putting HIS LIFE on the line for US! For AMERICA. And for AMERICA's ALLIES.
What will he get in return???? What does he need????? Nothing. Except for the safety, security and future for his family and for America.
If it is left up to the GOP and DEMS, they will MURDER TRUMP before we ever have an election!!!!!
Did you know there are hundreds of FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS all over America right now, LOADED with muslin terrorists ARMED better than our military (thanks to Hitlery and obummer!)
They are waiting for obummer to call MARTIAL LAW so they can attack! And all that will take is for some of you to react to the threats, intimidation, Black Lives Matter, and others being PAID BY AYRES AND SOROS AND SAUDI PRINCES to STOP TRUMP!!!

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Pop Piasa #fundie

To be a climate change skeptic has labeled us as ultra-conservative even if you are like myself, usually straddling the fence. I put that into a song back when Obummer was still king.

Science, Politics and Fear

Our President (Obama) just called me a denier,
He told his followers to put my “feet to the fire”!
Engaging in ridicule, spin and vicious mirth,
Proposing that “doubters live on a flat earth”.
Claiming that “To wind and solar power we must turn”-
Preaching that we’re doomed by all the fossil fuel we burn.

Science, politics and fear…
They tell us “hell on earth” will soon be here
So get out your ‘Humboldt County grown’ and I’ll go get some beer;
Here comes science, politics and fear.

While telling this, I wonder just how long it might be,
Before those “men in black” come sneaking ‘round to visit me.
While I accept the theory of that “greenhouse effect”,
The common sense my daddy taught me’s making me suspect…
There’s much more to climate change than carbon trapping infrared
And the people have by “new progressive science” been misled.

Science, politics and fear…
The end of all free nations could be near.
So, let’s protect the sovereignties we all hold dear
From science, politics and fear.

Instrumental verse & refrain

The panicked fight on climate is a challenge to surmise,
After decades now with just El Nino temperature rise.
Those models, they get further from reality each year
Yet, consensus of opinion of the future mongers fear!
But, I fear global governmental centralization:
U.N. bureaucrat controllers of a world enslaving nation.

Science, politics and fear…
Hey, ‘1984’ is almost here!
An unholy trinity’s replaced the Holy one, its clear-
Science, politics and fear!

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sherrimae #fundie

[Obama, Romney agree: Gay Boy Scouts OK]

Neither Obummer's nor Romney's attitude would be welcome in our son's Boy Scout troop. Not by the boys or by the adult leaders.

Our son is going to become an Eagle Scout in just a couple of months. I sure am glad that the current policy against homosexuals has been reaffirmed. After all that hard work I would hate to see our son have to resign his membership just after becoming an Eagle Scout. He would resign because being a Christian and standing up for our beliefs is more important than being an Eagle Scout.

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IamHis #fundie

I'm fearful. If Donald Trump becomes President, and continues to buck
the Establishment and rights the injustices that our government has
done as far as breaking Constitutional laws right and left, that someone
will assassinate him. The New World Order and the powers that be are
pushing their Agendas harder and faster than ever these days. OR,
will something 'happen' to make Obummer declare a national emergency
and suspend the election in November indefinitely so that Trump
cannot come into power? Very disturbing scenarios.

(emphasis mine)

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Spider #racist

The Muslim-in-Chief will, once again, get the overwhelming majority of the black vote.
First because he’s black. That he’s only half black doesn’t matter to them because they know he is “their” president. His actions in the last four years have clearly proved that.

Second, blacks will always vote for the most left-leaning Demoncrat candidate because they know that’s where all the “free” govt. goodies come from.

Third, because, IMO, blacks are the most racist people in this country. A vote for Obummer is a vote against the “establishment”, ie: Whitey.

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Bo-Jangles #racist

The Muslim-in-Chief got 98% of Detroits votes because 98% of Detriot is black. Forget that it’s mostly a crime-ridden wasteland, one which blacks themselves created. They couldn’t care less. The only thing blacks care about is how much “free” govt. stuff they can get, and when can they get more. And, like all other addicts, the more they get, the more they demand.

Generally speaking, blacks have become living proof that liberal social engineering always fails. Simply for their political support, Demoncrats have enslaved an entire race of people using govt. handouts. Most blacks are not smart enough to realize it, but they are more enslaved now than they ever were on some old southern plantation. The only difference now is, they really don’t care so long as the handouts keep flowing. And the Left is already doing the very same thing, for the very same reason, to the tens-of-Millions of illegals that are here.

Why else do you think Obummer, bleeding-heart liberals, and Demoncrats always favor, and will fight to keep, the major entitlements (welfare, food stamps, community programs, etc.) going to blacks and illegals.

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Dr. 9 #racist

If you were black you would be in favor of [ObamaCare] also. Hey, it’s lots of free money comin their way. I wonder what their comments would have been if Obummer were White. BTW, when does the Congressional White Caucus meet?

“Beware of those who cry racism, for they are the true racists…”

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JimFromOhio #fundie

The similarities between the this country (now) and Nazi Germany are astounding. I have always thought this since this regime came to power. I could just see the similarities to obummer's inaguration and the crowds that used to worship Hitler. Everything that they are doing is almost exactly how the Nazi's took over Germany. I am amazed that no one sees it.

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NorwichGrad97 #conspiracy

I say let us allow Putin to be the next world leader, because with the way o-bozo is leading us the wrong path, We the People will need someone to liberate us the way the World War II American generation liberated Europe and Asia. Putin will perhaps one day free the American people from the arrogant Kenyan socialist.

Americans are so focused on Ukraine that we still have many internal questions that remain unanswered:
a) Why is the messiah cutting the military and increasing internal forces like DHS? Answer: Because the elite ruling class in America needs protection from 'We the People.'
b) Why did DHS buy billions of rounds of hallow point ammo? Answer: To kill Patriotic Americans, what else?
c) Why did obummer purge the military? Answer: Because he needs 'yes' men who will shoot innocent Americans.
The question list goes on and on.. So,

Long live Russia, and God Save America. President Putin - Please help us.

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Marilyn Busby #fundie


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Chimpmania #racist

[Various excerpts from the "Chimpmania glossary". Note that they have no less than 4 whole pages of it devoted entirely to terms beginning with "ape-".]

Ape Years: Niggers age faster than humans, and in order to better understand what human age the niggers are at, the term "ape years" is used.
Example: A 10 year old female niglet is ready to bear niglets of its own, which makes it around 25 in ape years.

Apecient: Apecient - nigger history, the time before niggers lost their pineal gland and ability to fly. Times past when vast nigger empires existed and the wonders of the world were created by niggers. Bullshit nigger history.

clo-exit: violation of nature; the act of birffing a shitlet, poopling, niglet, Satan's spawn, butt-dumpling, Kentucky purple, scatling or pappy-less little nigger via it's mammy's cloaca

Coal Burner: Often called CB, these are the lowest of the low. They lay down with the nigger species and often produce offspring with them. Usually they wind up being made good, or often times beaten and strangled by their muh-dik (nigger pet). They can never come back from the dark side.
Kim Kardashian is a coal burner. So was Nicole Brown Simpson (made good by the pet buck ) or any other non-nigger, human woman who has sex with niggers.
Reasons for becoming a coal burner can include anger, stupidity, being a slut, daddy issues, or being brainwashed into believing niggers are human (an illusion which most potential CBs will hopefully dispel via coontact before outright becoming one.)

FFA: acronym for Future Felons of America. A niglet, niglin, fawn or hatchling ages 0-7 years of age. Anything after 7, the chances are rare that they haven't already experienced some phase of the correctional system. Before they become criminals, they are known as Future Felons of America. FFA for short.

First Tranny: What chimpers call the HNIC's wife. She is also known to shove health down our throats even though her ass is as big as a whale and humiliating to the United States.

Fo-Play: When a nigger punches a rape victim in the mouth, eyes or any other part of the body prior to injecting it's STD ridden batch of baby batter into any orifice of the body via its rape stick. Usually initiated by coalburners that think niggers are just like us. Generally results in a pair of diversity sunglasses, nigger dentistry and sometimes goodification.

Fuxated: If there is a singularly most important axiom that describes black behavior, it is "Niggers ruin everything".
Everything ab-so-lute-ly. If the white man creates, strives and builds nice neighborhoods, parks, restaurants, whatever, there's always a gaggle of groids like barbarians at the gate waiting to fuck it up. This terms describes what happens to these places after left to the "tender mercies" of negroes.
This is best described by Agent Smith in the movie "The Matrix," when he describes how he perceives niggers to Lawrence Fishbreath. Substitute the word "nigger"for "human" when viewing:

Gold Toilet: The height of nigger ostentation, partly due to a belief that they were once kangs and qweenz an' sheeeit, and also owing to the niggers' obsession with fecal matter. Whereas humans' symbolize wealth with higher architecture, forms of living, and most philanthropy, niggers buy ridiculous items to show they "got theirs."
Can be used either as a euphemism for something gaudy, or literally, as in the case of Koonyay Wess and Kim Koaldashian.
Relatively speaking, Gold Toilet is the ultimate form of Nigger Rich.

Grandbuck: In nigger fambly model, this would be the closest-possible "equivalent" to a "grandfather" in a human family. However, unlike human grampas, this feral buck is many times in its late twenties or early thirties. Because of all the violence and stupidity in the male nigger buck, there are far fewer living Grandbucks than Grandsows.
This creature tends to be smelly, lazy, and very slow-moving (unless it has just stolen something or muhdicked a victim.

Gypshun: In this case, they love to say the ancient Egyptians were niggers, such as Cleopatra, who was actually a pure blood Ptolemaic Greek. Since Egypt is technically in Africa, they conflate that with being a nigger culcha. Niggers don't have any real history, since they were all illiterate savages living in mud huts. So they routinely steal other people's history and claim it was their own. They even tried to pull that shit on the Greeks and Israelites, to the merriment of us chimpers. It is a shell game as when one of their ape lie is exposed, they come up with more nonsense they can't prove. Another lies is that Napoleon's soldiers shot off the Sphinx's nose because it was a bowling ball Aprefreaken one. That is so preposterous, it staggers any rational mind. But since niggers are irrational and have no minds. they believe it

Hipposow: This refers to the extremely obese female nigger sprog factory. Their obesity is brought on because the nigger "brain" is incapable of any concept of self control. This is greatly encouraged through the huge amounts of undeserved Gibs and unearned handouts given to manure in Europe and Apemerica. Weights in excess of 350 pounds and even higher are not unheard of. Many of the bucks love to get their Muhdik on with these despicable, smelly, hideous shebeasts.

Title bestowed on Prez. Obummer also known as Barack Obongo or simply Obongo.

Made Good: The expiration of a nigger at the hands of another, be it YT, the police, or a nigger.
From the old saying "The only good nigger is a dead nigger."
Usually elicits joy from humans.
Ex.: Rastus was made good by Quasarn for poundin' his ho.

Monkey Queefer: A defective coal burner's vagina that has been surgically repaired by nigger lovers to continually pump out abominations
against God and society at large. Usually possessed by libtard progressives that truly believe the more sharklings they
produce, somehow ingratiates them to their Satanic master. These race traitors are truly the bottom of the barrel as they
try to use modern medicine to defy the law of Natural Selection.

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CrotonKnight #racist

Last Saturday I had to take my daughter to the DMV to get a state ID card (she's flying to visit her grandmother for a week and cannot get on the plane without it.)
Now, my daughter and I got to witness some cat 2 or so chimpouts, for example:

Niggers arriving with the wrong paperwork (or no paperwork) for whatever license/permit they were applying for.

Niggers arriving with at least eight fambly members and taking up seats meant for people who had actual business there. (niggers can stand as far as I am concerned.)

Loud (and I mean LOUD) yelling into their obummer phones about whatever bullshit that goes through a nigger's mind.

Document seizures. There is a sign that says if the documents look suspicious that they will be confiscated. There were three that day that we saw and every time it was a nigger that was probably being looked for by the police or domestic relations (child support), and the chimpouts were ranging between cat 1 and 2, I suppose depending on how much money they spent on the documentation that didn't look right.

My personal favorite, though, was after about four hours of waiting, and listening to niggerbabble, she finally gets her number called, and we go to the counter. Some nigger gets called to the counter beside us, and while she has finished giving her information and proper paperwork, she starts to slouch a little, and I tell here to stand up straight...apparently the nigger beside us thought I was talking to him so he flaps his blue gums (what it said I have no clue) but I told it I was talking to my kid and it needed to mind its own business. Turns out he brought in a blank medical certificate form and expected to receive a CDL that day (more improper paperwork) so it left ooking and eeking about how 'this be rayciss n sheet'.

When we finally leave, with her newly minted ID, she told me that she had once thought I was exaggerating regarding the feral pavement apes, but not anymore.
hopefully this lesson stays with her.

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Steve Reichert #fundie

With Obummer calling for your guns after the recent occurrence in Charleston, South Carolina we need to remember that it is guns that could have protected those people in that church not gun control. The pastor from that church was saying this very thing on the news.


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SwordAndScripture #racist

Re: America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico's entire population

No. We are NOT doomed. Do things look bad? Yes. But we Whites still control the power in this country, and that's why we're being singled out for persecution and violence. And violence comes in many forms; economic, social, physical, sexual, educational, workplace, religious, ad infinitum...

Make no mistake, we Whites are under attack, and the threat is real. But...

Whites own the lion's share of guns in this country, and are VASTLY more proficient in their use than the "others" are.

Whites stockpile ammo and supplies for periods of disaster/unrest, while the "others" don't.

Whites produce most of the wealth in this country, while the "others" consume or waste it.

Whites build, while the "others" destroy and tear down.

Whites perform most of the high-tech jobs in this country, while the "others" perform menial tasks or don't work at all.

Whites are the backbone of this country, while the "others" are weak, poor, undisciplined, uneducated, uncaring, uncivil, hopeless invaders of this country.

Enough of the doomsday talk. Whites still rule this country, and THAT's what upsets the "others" so much. Like Ann Coulter said, Romney just needed another 4 percent of Whites to vote for him, and Obummer would have been out. Guess what? Today, after the recent riots, he'd get that 4 percent. And that terrifies the libturd left.

So, cowboy up folks! This fight has just started. And we Whites are holding most of the cards.

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eugene #conspiracy

"Guy" as women's accessory/fashion designer = the emasculated male priests of Kybele.

Galloi = "gay loy"

5 x 33 = 165

191 - 165 = 26

26 = Kingdom of Iron

Iron as 26th element

I = 10
H = 5
V = 6
H = 5

"I have begotten a man (Qaheen) who is full grown IHVH."

Obummer misspelled OHIO as OIHO.

The inversion of HI as IH is the name game of..

Abram becomes Abra (H) am = he gets a "window" in his middle, ie he is now she.

Sara(I) becomes Sara(H) = she gets her (I) hand/yod to also become a (H) window, ie she is now a he.

Such is the cross eyed game of the prince of princess.

The name game of Abraham and Sarah happen when they are 90 (she) and 100 (he) = 190 / 191.

191 are the two towers with "9" in the middle. Nine is the pregnancy of the twin pillars see Monkey Bizness 191.

The three shepherds of Zechariah 11, ie where the 30 pieces of silver and the door of Judas are found, lays out the triple destruction of the three shepherds. They are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Why? The worthlessness of their arms. They have reached the distance 191 .. the 43rd prime. During the tenure of the 43 .. the twin pillar incident occurred.

Here is Crowley's 43 - Mulberry Tops:

??F??? ?G

Black blood upon the altar! and the rustle of angel wings above!

Black blood of the sweet fruit, the bruised, the violated bloom—that setteth The Wheel a-spinning in the spire.

Death is the veil of Life, and Life of Death; for both are Gods.

This is that which is written: “A feast for Life, and a greater feast for Death!” in THE BOOK OF THE LAW.

The blood is the life of the individual: offer then blood!


The title of this chapter refers to a Hebrew legend, that of the prophet who heard “a going in the mulberry tops”; and to Browning’s phrase, “a bruised, black-blooded mulberry”.

In the World’s Tragedy, Household Gods, The Scorpion, and also The God-Eater, the reader may study the efficacy of rape, and the sacrifice of blood, as magical formulae. Blood and virginity have always been the most acceptable offerings to all the gods, but especially the Christian God.

In the last paragraph, the reason of this is explained; it is because such sacrifices come under the Great Law of the Rosy Cross, the giving-up of the individuality, as has been explained as nauseam in previous chapters. We shall frequently recur to this subject.

By “the wheel spinning in the spire” is meant the manifestation of magical force, the spermatozoon in the conical phallus. For wheels, see Chapter 78.

In reading the notes .. you can see why Akin's "legitimate rape" has been running the loop, and how "giving up of individuality" was the result of the "wheel spinning in the spire" as the Patriot Act, the War-on-Terra all stemming from the collapse of the spire of 11 and 9 bomb in the middle.

I divined the OPLE LOPE POLE from the watermark egg of the Ten (read hand/yod) Dollar bill released with the passage of the Patriot Act. Patriot Act is "manifestation of magical force, the spermatozoon in the conical phallus."

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BigFek #fundie

Hey voters, look at the hip, cool muzzie guy with the big grin from ear to ear and he wears western clothing to boot.

This persona worked so well for the former CIC Obummer.

Don’t be fooled folks, scratch the surface and the agenda becomes apparently clear from this foot soldier from Allah.

The goal by steatlh is to extend the tenticles of Islam into the highest offices of govenment to weaken tbe country from within.

The muzzies like to play the long game as evidenced by their insidious and murderous activities over the last 1400 years.

I’m confident the westerm world is waiking up to the tactics and deception of Islam but by cricky it need a good hit of smelling salts.

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StarDotJPG #fundie

Pokédex of EVIL: Mr. Mime
The Pokédex of EVIL is a breakdown of various Pokémon, explaining why each and every one of them is a TOOL of SATAN!

Today's entry: Mr. Mime (and Mime Jr.)

Well, SATAN-INTENDO has really done it this time! I stopped updating this blog years ago, thinking I had made my case, but it turns out I was overlooking something far more SINISTER going on. Pokémon is making an attempt (and succeeding!) at brainwashing America's children with the HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, and this SATANIC MIME is PROOF!

Don't understand? I'll explain.

Mr. Mime is a Pokémon who has been around since the SATANIC BRAINWASHING CULT known as Pokémon began. His human appearance indicates that he is intended to be a role model for children. Children can identify with Mr. Mime, and that's exactly what OBUMMER WANTS THEM TO DO!

Up until this point, Mr. Mime has appeared somewhat benign. He has horns, but he didn't have any other readily apparent faults. Perhaps he was included as a red herring? A Pokémon who existed to throw us TRUTH-SEEKERS off the scent? No, it is far worse than that. Mr. Mime was a SLEEPER AGENT for the HEDONISTIC LIFESTYLE of the HOMOSEXUALS, and he's teaching YOUR CHILDREN to do the same!

It recently came to my attention that, despite numerous protests and letters which I sent to Nintendo IN THE NAME OF CHRIST, they refuse to cease their sinful actions and stop all production of Pokémon games. In these new games, Pokémon X and Y, a new Pokémon “element” was added. Fairy-type. Start to understand the bigger picture now? The SOCIALISTS working for Nintendo have begun calling homosexuals an element, a FUNDAMENTAL BUILDING BLOCK of the world, like fire, water and ghosts are!

At this point, it was also revealed that Mr. Mime himself was a Fairy-type (code for HOMOSEXUAL) also. He is teaching children to not only ACCEPT homosexuals, but also to MIMIC them, as one of Mr. Mime's abilities allows him to mimic others around him. And what's more, in order for a Mime Jr. to achieve the more powerful form of Mr. Mime, he must LEARN THE MOVE CALLED MIMIC! He learns how to become gay by copying the WAYS OF THE WORLD instead of the PATH OF GOD! Mark my words, it will not be long before America's children all become homosexuals. I just hope they find a priest before they find a roving band of HOMOSEXUAL THUGS.

Mr. Mime learns a move called CONFUSION, in which he tries to turn others away from GOD and force them to have HOMOSEXUAL THOUGHTS. He also learns moves like TRICK and ROLE PLAY. I think you can guess what those moves are intended to teach children who have been BRAINWASHED into the POKÉMON CULT.

Even worse is another Pokémon who was recently revealed to be a Fairy-type is Gardevoir. This Pokémon has a feminine hairstyle and wears a dress, even if it is male! This type of perversion and trickery is of SATAN HIMSELF. I can't tell you how many times I have found an image of a Gardevoir with a penis while doing research for this article. It is DISGUSTING!

Stay away from Pokémon, ESPECIALLY FAIRY-TYPES, if you value your eternal soul!

God bless you all!

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