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FoopaChaloopa #wingnut #sexist

Would anyone be interested in a protest at Ubisoft headquarters?

This entire situation is taking a huge emotional toll on this community and I think we should do something positive about it. Beautiful women have historically viewed men like us as “weird” and “creepy” so beautiful women in games have been our refuge and now that’s being taken away from us. Would anyone else be interested a peaceful March on Ubisoft or Disney headquarters?

I’ve also been thinking of doing a hunger strike in protest of woke cultural vandalism but I’m not gonna ask other people to join me.

unidentified fundies #wingnut #transphobia #conspiracy

[Context: all those comments came originally from an YouTube video comments section and had hundreds of likes. Talking about the Fallout TV show.]

[Fundie 1]
This show was made for the troon audience of Fallout.

[Fundie 2]
Crazy shoah-tube allowed ya to say that. Based as hell tho

[Fundie 3]
The fact that any troons like fallout is mind boggling.

Missgiababy #sexist

I believe many, many more men are secretly paedophiles than we actually think. One of the most, if not the most popular porn categories is 'freshly turned 18'. Do people really believe these men's attractions start the day girls turn 18? Of course not, if they're attracted to 18 they're most likely attracted to 17, 16 and so on

Global_Meet_375 #elitist #sexist

Most homeless men are r*pist

Alot of homeless men can't maintain a job or even get one because they can't control there sexual desire. They would stare at women on the street they would grope women and even r*pe women yet women are expected to feel sympathy for them and were expected to donate money to them. Most people who donate to charities are women yet were blamed for male homelessness and male homelessness statistics are used to gaslight women and keep us quite about our issues.

70% of homeless people are male meaning that most of my tax money goes to men. Most of my money goes to funding rapist on the street but I'm considered a greedy bitch if I don't think pads and tampons should be tax.

DogWater76 #crackpot #conspiracy

Are they trying to hack the universe?

I was watching a couple of Billie Carson's video's about how we're in a computer simulation/light matrix and it got me wondering what the motivation is behind the current shadow agenda.

I'm convinced they're trying to hack the universal code at the moment, and the end times is like an anti-virus installed in the program. Basically they're trying to make a metaphorical philosophers stone.

Some things to back it up would be the hadron collider looking for secrets in our universe. The fact that computer programs can be hacked reveals the possibility that the universe can indeed be hacked.

The full on acceleration to AI even though the risk to humanity is severe seems like a crazy idea until you realize they're trying to accomplish something with it.

If they really are trying to depopulate the world and reduce the population to like 10% so they can rule over it, that honestly sounds like a guise. Like wouldn't you get bored?

I'm a bit incoherent with these thoughts, but if I had a trillion billion dollars, I'd probably want to hack the universe and talk to god too.


I just realized it's a similar story to the tower of Babel, like history repeating itself somehow.

okko1001 #ableist #elitist

so let the immune deficient ppl stay home instead of everybody. y drag the rest down with u because ur disabled?? thats like cutting off everyone elses legs just cuz ur in a wheelchair. the lockdown was for literal years and applied to everyone not just the sick. also most cant afford to say home when sick thats an Extreme luxury. I dont have problems with vaccinations I have problems with forced coerced and pressured vaccinations.
I would LOVE to stay home when Im sick but I cant afford it usually.
its not my problem some ppl are immunocompromised so they should stop trying to make it everyones problem that they are. most of those ppl are also that way by their own fault ie obese or theyre just super old in which case they already had their good run.

BeeDub57 #wingnut #pratt #conspiracy

The question was never that good content isn't out there to be enjoyed - we all know that. The issue is that, for the past decade and change, there has been an active and insidious attempt to attack and besmirch major cultural touchstones (yes, like Star Wars) by either turning them into mouthpieces of THE MESSAGE or else destroy them completely. What we're seeing happen at Disney/Lucasfilm/Marvel is only a microcosm of a much bigger cultural war that seeks to destabilize or erase the core values of Western culture.

CheeseBurgerDragon #enbyphobia

[Context: they are talking about the new Fallout show.]

Im on episode 2 and so far so good. Only spotted one woke additive not found in the games in that theres a non binary character. Why would some fucked up post apocalyptic world have gender sensitivity training to make sure commanding officers respect pronouns?

GreenOrkGirl #fundie #dunning-kruger

What enraged me is that if you know both endings of that Q, it becomes apparent who was intended to be the guilty one (it impacts the money award only so I dgaf, "Paul" went to prison). And that was 100% done because of white man!bad, woman in drag!good. Lol you don't even have to look at evidence to know this, this is just sjw pandering at its best.

PS: dear mods, she is not 'censored', she is exactly this - woman in drag.

Global_Meet_375 #racist #sexist

Anytime a women shows her emotions it is used against her people say stuff like "is it that time of the month", This is why women can't become leaders or be president", now these males say that when we cry and express our emotions that it is used against black men somehow even tho no one is being physically harmed by someone crying unlike when black males use aggression to get what they want. Such as in mongomary brawl where a black man hit a white women in the face with a metal folding chair over a dispute about a dockside parking spot because he didn't get the parking spot he wants and all the liberals and black men defended him and he didn't even get jail time. Another example would be about the black man who went around NYC and punched a bunch of white women of the head and even chipped a womens tooth and gave another women a concussion.

Then these black males have the audacity to call women Karen's because she called the police on them because she is scared for her safety.

What is more dangerous a women crying or a man who violently hurts women according to all the black men and liberals its women crying.

If black males care so much about racism why don't they attack white men that would make the most sense because they have the most power. The reason why they don't do that is because there misogynistic and they hate women even women of there own race look at how they treat black women. I doubt that most of them even cares about racism and they just care about attacking women.

nicoladawnli #psycho

Why TF does my province use an emergency broadcast over the cell networks that is the exact same system used to give warning about natural disasters... Use it for a lost child. Like, stop the whole province, this is deadly serious, everyone could be impacted, by a lost fucking child. One minor, probably abducted by a family member, and my Tiktok has to stop. By disabling LTE you not only save battery, you usually won't get these interruptions. BUT you might miss those five minutes that could save your life before a tsunami hits. FFS hate society.