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Facebook is currently undergoing a siege of advertisement boycotts because they won’t censor the platform enough, but for some reason, investors keep pouring money into the company. Basically, the Israeli group “Anti-Defamation League” is threatening to publicly accuse anyone who continues advertising with Facebook of supporting the Holocaust.

After stonewalling requests to ban Donald Trump and everyone who supports him, Facebook stonewalled. Now, they’re beginning to do categorical bans. They will no doubt just keep slowly doing more and more bans, all the while protesting that they support freedom of speech, like a woman protesting between giggles as you slowly tear off items of clothing. It almost seems like the whole thing is just a stage play being acted out for the edification of the audience.

The latest categorical ban comes against people trying to help homosexuals.

Male homosexuality is a vice and hygiene problem that has occurred in society for a very long time, primarily oriented towards pubescent boys. Historically, the men engaged in this behavior did not break away and form a degenerate subculture, or have this sterile aversion to women and family life. They had wives and families like everyone else.

This was a side behavior, not a lifestyle or an identity.

It was like this with the Greeks, Japanese and others, and is still like this with most Moslems and religious Jews.

Homosexualism, on the other hand, is a foreign ideology that was invented in San Francisco in the 1960s. It is an identity cult built around a pathological fixation on a sterile sexual hobby, to the exclusion of the principle function of sex. It is a rebellion against the natural family order – like feminism for men. Since it is a belief system and a cult, it should be curable by psychosocial intervention.

However, Mark Zuckerberg would rather that young boys be lured into this cult, get diseases, be psychologically destroyed, and die young with no children.

It is a disgrace to the medical profession that the American Medical Association would cite these over-the-top, holocaustic claims.

There would be no need to do anything traumatizing to confused teenagers in order to teach them to act normally. Like any other behavior disorder, this could be mitigated with individual and group psychotherapy and group activities reinforcing appropriate behavior.

Not only is it impossible to advertise these services, but it is increasingly impossible to offer them in the West – they were banned in Germany this year.

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White men aren't chanting "white sharia" for nothing.

They know that the white millennial whore is the most atrocious, venomous beast to ever walk this planet. The white millennial whore will be remembered for these attributes: alchoholics, drug abusers, sex fiends, sociopathic, insanely narcissistic, chad chasers, fucking chad like Sasha grey, chad fucking nightly, emotionally destroyed, psychologically destroyed, tatted, fat, purple hair, no femininity.... Etc. These white men are all incels or failed normies who know white women have reverted back to a primal matriarchal state where they are only fucking the biggest baddest gorilla on the block.

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I cannot summarize that in a post, I don't think anyone could. And when I spoke of women's nature, I was referring in this case just to that part of it that becomes out of control if not checked by men. Women will naturally as they do now in the west if a patriarchy does not exist to keep them in check. I am not talking about white sharia, just not abject weakness.

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Again, all the PETA kills animals stuff comes down to the Center of Consumer Freedom. Even in your link! Google them, they're tied to the meat industry.
PETA euthanizes animals that are near death, that a 'no kill' shelter would never even consider. They also give the adoptable pets to other organizations. It would skew any statistics.

I don't think they even maintain their own proper shelters in the common sense. They have vet clinics that travel around though. Those often euthanize as well (and perform castrations, mainly).

The industry will use anything to slander them, because PETA has become rather big and in some way powerful and its scary to them. Though with the racist/sexist etc campaigns that PETA pulls sometimes, they also make an easy target if you ask me.

PETA is surely not perfect, but I am bit shocked that this 'peta kills animals' slander campaign has gotten so popular that even in vegan subs this gets repeated, when I thought it was bullshit after looking through it for not even 5 minutes...

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George Floyd was a violent career criminal and a worthless piece of shit. But it makes sense that he has become the left's Jesus Christ because he was everything that the average leftoid wishes that they could be: black, perpetually unemployed, ex-con, amateur porn star, with easy access to all the drugs he can handle. The holy grail of leftism.

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Man, i can't believe we're getting downvoted for saying we want to have sex with a woman. Is it politically incorrect now if you don't accept having sex with someone who used to or currently has male genitalia? How is that wrong? It's not like races. As a culture, we are successfully learning to love and be able to date anyone of any race. But there is never going to be a time when males (in general) are going to want to be with transergendered women over a natural-born woman. That's just biology!

Smells like bigotry.

You know that that's the same thing people say about the entire LGBT community.

What are you talking about? I said nothing bad about transgendered people other than that I wouldn't want to sleep with a transgendered woman. Just like I wouldn't want to sleep with a man. Because I'm a straight male. So what?

I don't know if you're trolling or just dumb, but I have NOTHING against LGBT people and said nothing to that effect. This may be cliche, but some of my closest friends are gay, I have a good friend who is female-to-male, and I'm bi-ish myself. So gtfo with your stereotypes and assumptions.

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If someone presents themselves as a woman when they are a transgendered woman, without disclosing such information to their significant other, then yes, that is "lying".

A trans woman is a woman as far as being my friend is concerned. But not as far as being my lover is concerned. I will fight to the death to defend someone's right to get gender reassignment surgery if they truly have gender dysmorphia. But I will not pretend that I see no difference between a woman who was born that way and a woman who was constructed. Most men feel the same, though -- lucky for transgendered women -- there are men who don't care.

Reconstructive surgery is not necessary for living with gender dysmorphia.

To be honest, I don't really care how much the fact that trans people exist and some of them are women you might be interested in makes your boner sad. A trans woman living as a woman is neither a lie nor a "lie."

I didn't say that "a trans woman living as a woman is neither a lie nor a 'lie'". I said that it would be lying -- or at least, omitting the truth -- if a trans woman were to carry on a long-term relationship with a man without telling him that she used to be a man. Because most - though again, not all - men care about that sort of thing. And not because it's logical. But because a dick wants what it wants. You think a gay guy wouldn't be upset if the guy he was dating turned out to be trans and didn't know until 6 months in? (OK, maybe a bad example. I don't know any gay guys who would wait to have sex that long.)

But my point is, I think you may be letting your preconceived notion of me as a gay-hating librul-bashing conservatard (which couldn't be farther from the truth, btw) color your perception of my comments. All I've said and all I'm saying now is if someone isn't honest about something like that to their partner, it's not fair to their partner.

EDIT: And for the record, I understand that you feel offended or whatever about things I've said and that you're upset, but this is not a good way to go about bringing people to your side:

> To be honest, I don't really care how much the fact that trans people exist and some of them are women you might be interested in makes your boner sad.

Because, for one, you obviously care or you wouldn't be having this discussion with me. But also because it's a very spiteful thing to say. And utterly silly, since I'm not upset about trans women existing pre- or post-op, and I already have a girlfriend who I will likely marry. I don't have any personal vendetta against LGBT people [as I mentioned before, I'm very pro-gay rights and have close friends who are LGBT in one way or the other]. I'm simply having an intellectual argument with you. And I hope you know that. Because there's already enough hate in the world without you and I adding to it.

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RE: "Results mirror the sexual harassment literature and suggest that harassment by younger and attractive men is viewed as less harassing". (Fairchild, 2010).

this is why the left and SJW's/3rd wave feminists/4th wave feminists are making "harassment" a thing based off how the girl "felt" "emotionally". according them them harassment isnt a objective action. if a ugly guy does it they claim its harassment, if a good looking guy does it, they claim its "sexy" "confident" "hes a good mentor"

total bullshit. the whole me too thing ruined women's credibility/respect and set them back centuries lol

the thing with that is because in the courtroom you have to go by logic, facts, and objective reality. so for women they are the opposite of that.

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I think women are raised to think they're superior, especially when they're young, could be a curse in disguise

To start this off, I want to say that even the title make it seem like it, I'm not intending this to be a misogynistic post, so it's not like "Roastie hit the wall hur dur". This is just an observation made by me, so im trying to make it as neutral as possible.

Now that we're clear, let's get started

I think in general, it seems that women are the ones that have all the advantages in the world, especiallY when they're young. And this is because they're kinda raised to have that mentality. This is just my observation based on how my experience in a household of mostly women.

I don't know how to explain this but I feel most women are raised to "look down" and be judgemental on a lot of men. They're kinda taught to be "reserved" and "non confrontational", while at the same time quitely(and sometimes openly with other women) judging others(especially men) in their head. They separated them into categories like creep, background furniture, and hottie. Men do this as well, but the extent of the judgement is nowhere near this much. We do it honestly and openly, and any men who does his are labeled as sexist snd shallow, and most men ill likely reflect on that and change themself. In contrast, women who are caught doing this will likely not do it publicly, but in their head, they will reluctantly withdrawI purely because it's socially inappropriate to appear shallow and not because it's actuallu wrong. I know not all women are like this, but the stereotype isn't there for no reason.

For example, I know this one girl in a STEM field who sometimes complain about her dates to me. She said her first date was with a dorky nerd guy from her field. He emphasize on that a lot and she kinda makes the fact that he wears sandles to the date a pretty big deal. I questioned her on why did she make such a big deal and she responded with something along the lines of "oh, im not supposed to make this a big deal? Sorry :P"

I think this may actually be a curse in disguise as well. The reason they're unhappy will be 100% from their own doing, even though their situation is perfectly fine already, since they fail to see men as actual human, and more like an object that disappoints them. They're inablity to realize and change their shallowness, and try to hide it on top of that is also a curse as well. There are many shallow and misogynistic men who have grown up and actually lived a happier life when they finally see women as human being, but the same cannot be said about these women. Instead of sweeping out the filth, they sweep it in the rug even more, and they will suffer that background "itch" for the rest of their lives because nothing will ever satisfy them.

Honestly, if they could break out of the cycle, people would being happier, both the men and themselves as well


I’m sorry but I thought it was self evident that women are raised to think they are superior in all aspects of human existence. In schools boys get a 30% lower score compared to girls for exactly the same answers, how could they not think they are smarter? Communication in Western society is define by how well men can read her mind. Emotional maturity only applies to men, women having temper tantrums is considered healthy, men crying in pain is considered weakness.

We have entire generations raised and educated almost exclusively by women with near no male guidance.

Whenever women get their asses handed to them in any field, the answer is always sexism... because women have been raised to think there’s no other way an inferior man could have just blown them away in competition.

So, now, men are relegated to being disposable ATMs and manual labor, while women wonder “where have all the good men gone, they are tired of lowering their standards.”

Yea, thought it was self evident.

Edit: I’m talking American women, your culture may vary.


I’m a female and the anti male jokes when men aren’t around is just boring as hell. I don’t think women know how good the have it (in the west). I don’t mind men making fun of women, it would make the women mocking men more palatable, if it was a two way system. Nothing wrong with banter, we are completely different.

Well this is the problem in a nutshell. Women don't banter. They gossip, comfort, and backstab. They have an in-group preference for women exactly because of this. The rules are different. They cannot handle male rules. Men cannot handle female rules. This used to not be a problem because men and women lived in separate worlds.

Banter is direct. It requires a sense of humour and, most of all, a recognition of one's own faults in a public way. That's why it's funny. Women are not funny. They want to be protected from public criticism. This is why you can't state basic facts in public anymore, like: women are horrible at controlling motor vehicles. That's "sexist."

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RE: Wikipedia article on "Internalized Sexism" actively removes gender neutral terms and any mention of the effects on men

I believe talking about the issues that women face with internalized misogyny is very important but I don't understand why they're so adamant about making this a one sided issue. If they really just wanted it to be an article on internalized misogyny, why not make an article called "Internalized Misogyny?"

It's an extension of their decades long temper tantrum and denial that misandry is a thing.

They started using toxic masculinity when the backlash over them denying misandry existed got too much for them.

But note that this is a stop-gap measure for their filibuster bigotry, since they're using "Toxic masculinity" to demarcate the discussion and isolate it, not discussing internalized sexism for men and so on, or "Misandrists", etc. It's a way for them to admit mens issues exist (finally), while still committing systemic epistemic injustice against men by trying to isolate that discussion from discussions of internalized sexism, misandry, misandrists, etc.

Feminist ideology is merely mobilized epistemic injustice.

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I’ve noticed a social trend; women are more confident in physical and social confrontations because it’s safer for them

I remember when this picture was posted, the story of the women who lined up to protect the male protesters. It's a very interesting picture because it captures a weird dichotomy in society right now- women are sort of perched in a top social position where they are both more confident in confrontation, and also "protected" by societal rules. That may be confusing so let me unravel what I mean:

That picture happened because the women knew that as women, the police were less likely to "get physical" with them. They knew they were safer then men doing the same thing. I noticed this a lot during the protests/marches to...when protesters or neighborhood folk would confront rioters/looters, it was women would usually "took point" and were the most forwardly aggressive, including towards men. Why? Because women know that a man is much less likely to hit them in public.

However, at the same time women enjoy an advantage were we are not expected to participate; men are expected to subject themselves to violence, women aren't. Women can both volunteer men to violence while exempting themselves, and also choose to participate with a “stronger hand” than men. And, at the same time, even if a woman is more aggressive and forward towards a man, he is still expected to treat her "more softly" then he would a woman.

This happened again last night, when idiots were setting off fireworks and waking up children. People in my building were in the hallway, looking towards the door talking about the people outside. Some men were reluctant to go out, because it was a tense situation- what if the people outside are violent or fight them? But a woman marches right out and starting screaming at them, forcing them to leave. As a woman they weren't going to fight her like they might have to a man. Women have a sort of "social power" right now that men don't.

Being a woman is a massive perk in a confrontation situation. This applies to really anything- someone playing music too loud? It's better if a woman knocks on the door. Someone messing up the garbage in the dumpster? Better if a woman confronts them. It's more effective and safer if a woman confronts a man than if a man does, because for the first time, women are empowered to be physically confrontation when necessary, but at the same time, we are still (mostly) protected by the unwritten rule for most men not to hit a woman, even if self defense.

It’s a safer for a woman to confront a man than it is for a man to.

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Are you interested in reading an explanation of the situation in Xinjiang? It is a complex one. Here it is, using many lib sources no less, just to be safe.

Approximately 50% of what you hear is outright propaganda, as we know the CIA’s affiliates churn out. We also see CIA assets pushing narratives on Reddit. The next 25% is poorly researched speculation by an evangelical end-timer, and the final 25% is an accurate description of the PRC’s response to far right, religious terrorism and separatism.

First, let’s just establish using safe, American sources that tens of thousands of Uyghur people went to fight with ISIS in Syria, then returned. Let’s also establish that there have been consistent terrorist attacks with significant casualties and that the CIA and CIA front-groups have funded and stoked Islamic extremism across the world for geopolitical gain.. We also know that Saudi Arabia along with CIA are actively pushing weapons in that area and have a program to radicalize muslims there with the same tactics they have used everywhere in the middle east in the last 40+ years.

Its also very important to note that unlike China, no western country has Muslims as a majority (or significant minority) of any region, nor are the Muslims rural, lacking formal education, and not integrated into the national economy (which is a failure of past Chinese policy I agree). This means that in the west any Islamic threat is necessarily limited to lone wolf terrorism, or the occasional cell, whereas in Xinjiang it’s plausible that a significant Islamic seperatist movement could take power if the CPC if it didnt do anything about it.

Also the west lacks a border with Afghanistan with tens of thousands of islamists, ISIS and fundementalists. That dramatically limits the external support any such movement could receive. China has that geographical issue and it adds another level of danger and instability in the area and potential escalation.

Now, we need to consider potential responses.

The CPC could give up and surrender Xinjiang to ISIS and radicalization that is happening in large scales. This option condemns millions of people to living under a fundamentalist Islamic State, including many non-Muslims and non-extreme Muslims. This option also creates a CIA-aligned state on the border, and jeopardizes a key part of the Belt and Road initiative, which is designed to connect landlocked countries for development and geopolitical positioning.It destabilizes the whole area further and also threatens the CPC’s legitimacy, as keeping China together, prosperous and united has been one of the most important mandates for the party.

The next option is the American option. Drone strike, black-site, or otherwise liquidate anyone who could be associated with Islamic extremism. Be liberal in doing so. Make children fear blue skies because of drones. When the orphaned young children grow up, do it all again. You can also throw a literal man-made famine in there if you want.). Millions of deaths and entire cultures and regions destroyed and destabilized.

The final option is the Chinese option. Mass surveillance. Use AI to target anyone who may be at risk of radicalisation for re-education based on the geographical position/areas, personal/family connections and social circle with islamist orgs or extremists. Teach them the lingua franca of China, Mandarin. Pump money into the region for development. When people finish their time in re-education, set them up with state jobs. Keep the surveillance up. Allow and even celebrate local religious customs, but make sure the leaders are on-side with the party.

There’s no evidence, including from leaked papers, that the goal of the deradicalization program is permanent internment or annihilation of Islam. In fact, the leaked CIA papers have Xi explicitly saying Islam should not be annihilated from China:

Mr. Xi also told officials to not discriminate against Uighurs and to respect their right to worship. He warned against overreacting to natural friction between Uighurs and Han Chinese, the nation’s dominant ethnic group, and rejected proposals to try to eliminate Islam entirely in China.

“In light of separatist and terrorist forces under the banner of Islam, some people have argued that Islam should be restricted or even eradicated,” he said during the Beijing conference. He called that view “biased, even wrong.”

As for permanent internment, we know from leaks that the minimum duration of detention is one year — though accounts from ex-detainees suggest that some are released sooner. with often taking weekends off.

There’s no stoking of inter-ethnic hatred or elimination of a specific culture; the CPC actively censors footage from terrorist attacks in China to avoid such an outcome. Xi doesn’t go on TV calling any ethnicity rapists or murderers. Uighur culture is actively celebrated in the media and via tourism. Xinjiang has 24,400 mosques, one per 530 Muslims. That’s three mosques per capita more than their western peers . Muslims in every other part of China other than Xinjiang (the majority of Muslims in China) face zero issues and just practice their religion freely. Kinda weird for a country that's islamophobic and wants to do cultural genocide

I’ve used some Chinese sources for detailed information in China that other sources don’t tend to have (like in-depth infographics on poverty reduction and the number of mosques per capita), but the key information is from American institutes and leaked Chinese documents and as a result even this account may be a bit overexaggerate and biased for he western side.

Of course there are human rights abuses in Xinjiang. There are human rights abuses everywhere, especially when implementing programs that give institutional power to people. One question to ask is what the driving factor behind those abuses are. State line and extermination policy? We can discern that by looking at the instructions and training given. Another question to ask is what the alternatives of the institutional policy are for China, and what human rights abuses, are avoided through the policy.

Could China’s approach be done better? Almost certainly. Are they exterminating or genociding muslims ? No. Is it the correct response to extremism at that scale? That’s for you to decide.

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Men of Reddit, How Would You Respond to Being Hit on by a Man

Cold, but civil.
If he doesn't get it quickly though, I'd be perfectly willing to get violent too.

Because I don't like being badgered after I've said no, and punching a man is a lot more socially acceptable than punching a woman.
I'd also say being badgered by a guy is worse than being badgered by an unattractive woman. At least the woman still has a vagina, I could be theoretically be interested.

So, you're just a run-of-the-mill homophobe and a violent meathead, good to know. You: beating that gay guy if he wasn't physically assaulting you would be a hate-crime, and you should be punished/tried as such for it.

No one wants to suck your miracle dick and eat your holy-semen so badly either. get over yourself.

How is it homophobic to want my no respected?
I have nothing against gays, just leave me out of it.

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Straight men of Ask Men who object to gay (and bi?) guys in the locker room: why?

They are men that might find me sexually attractive and I'm not gay.
They should get their own locker room.

If they're not sexually assaulting you, ogling you, or otherwise treating you in ways that are inappropriate, then why? What's your objection?

I don't want men to be attracted to me, and I certainly don't want men that are attracted to me anywhere near me when I'm naked.

The thought of two men together grosses me out a lot (nothing against gays, as long as they don't do PDA though, do in your bedroom whatever you want), and me being one of those men in someone else's head is just outright vomit-inducing.

Straight Men: Do you see male-to-female transsexuals as female and/or women? If so, would you pursue one?

I'd be perfectly happy to treat them as women, as it makes them feel better and I don't really care, but female they are not. Females are born female while gender can be chosen.

I'm only attracted to females.

Edit: And before someone claims it again: I don't hate transsexuals. I don't think they should be beaten or killed or what have you. I simply don't want to sleep with them and believe that they should state their transsexual status before having sex for the first time, as it's a dealbreaker for a lot of people.

Would you have sex with a [b]transman[/b] (pre-op or post-op)?
Pre-op: If he looked sufficiently feminine, yes.

Post-op: Nope.

I'm a trans guy (so I was born female, but identify as male and am starting to [b]transition with hormones, chest surgery,[/b] name change, dress, etc). I'm mostly into men

I'd be more open to a relationship with you as a straight man.
I mean, you were born a woman, so it isn't really gay. Might be worth a shot, just for the experience.

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Can you envision a world in which mtf crossdressing is normalized

That'd be a horrifying world
. You couldn't look at a high-heeled short-skirted figure anymore and go "I'd tap that" because it could be a feminine man.
That's a terrible thought.

I have nothing against crossdressing, as long as it is done at home, with the curtains closed.

Yeah, but if most of society has a problem with a tiny minority (and let's be real, if only 3.8% of people are gay, there'd be way less than 10% crossdressers), it's the minority's problem, not the majority's.

That's a remarkably relativistic way of thinking about something as inane as wearing a skirt.

What problems, other than mild discomfort, would this cause the majority? And also, who claims the majority has a problem with it?

It's not "mild discomfort". I'm close to vomiting if I notice I was mistakenly attracted to a woman that turned out to be a guy.

It would also cause much awkwardness when you approach a woman based on the appearance of her behind and then notice you just hit on a guy.

And it could cause sexual confusion in teens, that are still looking for who they really are.

It's funny to me that you are touting age-old conservative dogma.

Cause sexual confusion in teens?


I don't believe gays are born gay. I think they become gay through influences in their childhood and teens.
Now, being gay isn't bad, but only as long as there are still enough hetero couples to produce children. And if you do that and confuse younger people, that could end up making more people gay.

Let me get this straight:
You don't think gayness is innate. But you don't think being gay is wrong. However you think we should protect children from "gay influences" to assure that there enough hetero couples?
These are astoundingly irrational statements

I don't see the irrationality though.

Let me spell it out for you. You're contradicting yourself.

If there really is nothing wrong with being gay then you don't have to "protect" children from themselves.

You attach the most ridiculous rationalization to it: to further the human race.

This is so simple minded it is stunning

I have nothing against gays because they aren't hurting anybody. Have consensual sex with adults, I don't care who they are.
But the fact is that they do not contribute towards the continuation of the species.

As such, introducing major things that could cause confusion should be avoided.

Always vague fears and no real argument. What about progress and education and acceptance?

I'm all for those.
I accept gay people. I don't have anything against them. I don't think they should be killed, or converted, or whatever other stupid shit there is. Let them live their lifes and fuck other dudes or girls or whoever they want.
I just don't think that we should unnecessarily create more of them.

"Progress" is hard to define though. "Progress" towards what? One person's progress is another person's regression.

The cross-dressers can live their life in their homes if they want to.
Outside of that, society has certain standards of decency that you need to conform to and I'm grateful for them.

Your fears are very telling

I am not gay and I'm most definitely not a crossdresser and I'd appreciate it if you didn't insinuate it either.

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It is now males, rather than females, who suffer the vast majority of institutional discrimination

This post was originally submitted by u/Vwar. For new subscribers, here it is again. There are many useful links at the bottom of the post.

I don't believe that males have ever been privileged in the way feminists claim. But we are now at the point where the deck is stacked against males at every stage of their lives and in almost every major institution.

When a male is born he can have his genitals mutilated. Hundreds of baby boys die from this procedure every year.

Then comes primary school, where boys are often punished and even drugged for displaying natural boyish behaviour. Recent studies have also revealed that female teachers mark down boys by an average of 20 percent for the same work.

Huge numbers of boys are now being raised without fathers (including about 99 percent of school shooters, funny how we never talk about that), and since pedo hysteria has chased male teachers out of primary school, boys often don't have any male role models until much later in life.

Boys only clubs such as the Boy Scouts are being eliminated while girl only clubs remain.

Teenage boys are being introduced to blatantly misandrist concepts like "toxic masculinity," with nary a word about toxic femininity and nothing about the positive aspects of masculinity.

Next it's off to University, where there are a range of female-specific scholarships and programs even though women make up the majority of college students and young women are now out-earning young men. They are also portrayed as rapists in waiting, and there are entire departments (gender studies) devoted to demonising their sex. If a young man pisses off a young woman (eg dumps her after a one night stand) he faces the possibility of being subjected to a false accusation and a feminist Kangaroo court. Then it's bye bye academic career and social reputation.

If he wants to vote he will have to sign over his body to the state (selective service). After that, conscription is mandatory if the State wants it. In some countries, all males but no females are required to undergo a compulsory period of military service after the reach adulthood.

If he gets a woman pregnant he will not have the option of legal parental surrender. While a woman can just drop off the baby at a safe haven, the man is on the hook for 18 years of child support and will be locked up if he loses his job and can't pay.

In the workplace things are just as bad. Men perform almost all of the dirty and dangerous jobs and make up 95 percent of workplace injuries and deaths. If a white man wants to pursue a more respected career he faces racial and sexual discrimination in hiring due to corporate "diversity" measures and quotas. A recent study in ... I think it was Australia found that "blind hiring" practices (where the employer doesn't know the race or sex of the applicant) result in more straight white males being hired; this means that it is straight white men who are now suffering discrimination in the workplace.

With MeToo, a man can be fired from his job simply for making a woman uncomfortable. There have even been cases of men being fired for telling a naughty joke.

If he gets married and the wife divorces him through no fault of his own he will likely be treated like shit by the family courts unless he can afford a high priced lawyer. There are countless stories of men effectively being turned into indentured servants by their ex-wives; they live in poverty and seldom see their kids while the wife gets a new "baby daddy" and lives high on the hog. NOW, the largest feminist organization in the world, continues to oppose shared parenting even though every single study shows it to be in the best interests of the children, the father and even the mother.

He will receive less social support, less health care spending, and be relentlessly demonised in the media.

If a male is sexually assaulted by a woman he will probably not receive justice; the perpetrator will likely get a slap on the wrist even if the victim is a boy.

If he commits a crime or is falsely accused of a crime he will be treated much, much more harshly by the criminal justice system.

I could go on.

It is a myth that feminists think the sexes are equal. Their method of operation goes like this: if men are ahead in some area, that means women are being oppressed because the sexes are identical except for genitalia; however, if women are ahead in some area that's because women are superior. You can find this sentiment going back to the first wave. Elizabeth Cady Stanton claimed that women are "infinitely superior" to men.

The prison thing is perhaps the most glaring example of feminists not practising what they preach. If they were serious about equality they would be demanding either that men be treated with more compassion/leniency or that women be treated more harshly (or some combination of the two). Instead, they want women to be treated even more leniently, and some are even advocating for the complete abolition of female prisons.

Men are increasingly second class citizens not only in a social but legal sense. A study in the UK determined that if women were treated like men by the criminal justice system, fully half of all prisoners would be female. Women do NOT commit less crimes than men (though they do commit less homicides), they just don't get punished to anywhere near the same extent.

If feminism were an "equality" movement they would not be trying to privilege females in every single institution. They would be looking with a keen eye at areas in which males are disadvantaged and/or subject to institutional discrimination. They certainly wouldn't blame everything on some nebulous all-encompassing "patriarchy" that hasn't even been proven to exist.

Advocates of gender equality must reject feminism, and support men's rights.

null59 #wingnut reddit.com

>>The question was “what does a gop utopia look like”

I'll take a stab at this

Healthcare and wealth inequality

Remove the FDA, reclassify the CDC as a military wing and fire / retrain accordingly. Rebuild the IRS from the ground up, consumption tax and a one-flat for every income. No bracket fuckery.

Abolish every single public payor system that exists now (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.. But excluding ones that serve veterans). Implement something similar to Yang's UBI thats opt in and not predicated on a disability or poverty standard, thats weighted for COL in a given state.

Ill clarify that last bit. Lets say you have a family of 4 and live in Orange County. COL for that family size there is roughly $12k monthly, including rent / food / utilities. Youd get a monthly freedom dividend of $4k. A family of the same size in Montana where the COL is around $3k monthly, means you get a dividend of $900. Opting in would exclude you from every single other government benefit program, including unemployment.

Global scale

Close US bases in the EU, bring troops home. End involvement in the UN. Draw a hard line with China, either they pay us for their economic infringement or we go to war and level Beijing.

Abolish the EPA and bar trade with any countries that implement a carbon tax.

Statehood for Saskatchewan, Alberta and Quebec.


Increase the number of CBP and ICE. (At least as many officers in those agencies as we have in City PDs, so millions.) Finish the wall but also patrol it with drones, ramp up CBP presence on our northern borders as well.

Break up "sanctuary cities", prosecute for treason those involved with the shelter of criminal aliens.

Put quotas on EU immigrants, or totally block them from applying to enter entirely. Keep current restrictions on existing hotbed countries like Syria.

Gun rights

Abolish the ATF, repeal the NFA and any regulation that infringes on an American's right to keep and bear arms.

And yes, since it'll come up, private citizens should be allowed to own Abrams tanks if they can afford it.

Social issues

Break up large, crime infested cities like Detroit, Chicago and Seattle.

Retrain existing city PD, supplement gaps with private security operators. These would be armed but unsworn enforcers. They'd maintain peace but not have the license to arrest or detain, only to use scalable force to maintain peace.

Re-normalize the nuclear family. Build more churches and synagogues, reinforce the importance of some kind of higher calling. Classify Atheists as a hate group (which they are). Ratify the courts to oust existing judges that rule unfairly in divorce and custody proceedings.


Abolish the DOE. School choice should be the standard.

Tax credits with no expiry for attending a trade school to completion.

Start slapping heavy fines, in the millions or tens of millions on Universities and Colleges that politicize their curriculum and facilitate sex crimes (spoiler alert its most of them)


Voter ID as the standard. Term limits for every single elected position.

Criminal Justice

Push for more states to adopt the death penalty. Apply it to more crimes, and speed up the prosecution and appeals for death penalty charges.

Decriminalize minor drug possession and usage.

The high prison population is a problem. Between stemming the influx, and shrinking it via executions, we can decrease those numbers drastically.

Entredarte #sexist reddit.com

We are descending into chaos, if Feminist and Men’s Rights don’t sort themselves out

I’m aware that Men’s Rights formed as a response to 4th wave over zealous feminist, but if we don’t have a proper sit down we’re fucked. I’ve checked out the feminist group and it’s an zero agency echo chamber that “men are dirt and are what’s wrong with the world, and no one takes us seriously”. It’s like they get angrier then we feel attacked so we respond with the opposite but equal force so on, it’s wild.

I’ve read some articles that whatever men do to women is always malicious and negatively intentional, and not down to the fact that contrary to popular belief, we are in fact different (often diametrically opposed) in our communication and reaction, due to outside of dating and controlled environments (school, work) we don’t interact with each other on the regular, so we have no way of knowing the others perspective and when discussions are brought up it’s normally with the goal of winning an argument rather than understanding.

This isn’t the subreddit for this, but something tells me that the powers that be want it exactly like this. Jeezus! Most issues would be resolved if we got rid of bureaucracy and institutions trying to validate their systems, and just talked, no stage no event, just discussion.

RFANA #transphobia reddit.com

[ not: Buck Angel is a Trans man that has been on testosterone for years. ]

Someone in the thread linked a pic of Buck Angel and asked if straight men would be attracted to her. I mean, ya, if they are into masculine women, I would say yes. Obviously Buck presents in a very masculine coded way but she is still a woman. There’s no way to “look like a woman” other than having a vagina, so yes, if I saw a man with Buck I would call them straight. Buck does look like what people expect men to look like though so I can see how this could create social issues for a straight man. That is society’s problem

Gingor #homophobia reddit.com

I don't think gay people should be raising children.

Not because I think they are more likely to be child molesters or any of that nonsense, I just don't believe that gay people are born gay. I think they turn gay through experiences while they are growing up and while I have nothing against gays, they can't naturally have children.
Since gay and straight people are otherwise the same, I don't think that an influx of gay children would be helpful.

Ohhiohyo #transphobia reddit.com

Dude, if she's lesbian but fell for a trans guy, she's at least bi. She could say she prefers women but he was an exception. But lesbians don't get attracted to guys unless they're not all lesbian, and same for gay guys being attracted to women. And cis or not, a guy is a guy and a girl is a girl. If you're lesbian and fell for an ftm, you aren't exclusively lesbian anymore

Lol “trans guys” are women why would that make her bi? The trans person in question isn’t even mimicking men that well either because OP knew their sex. It’s literally a women being attracted to a women.

There is a scale here though. I wouldn’t consider someone a straight man or lesbian if they wanted to sleep with buck angel for example. But if they’re sleeping with Kai Aiden from Tumblr who cut their hair short and that’s it? Yeah they probably look like a girl

I would if they were also only exclusively attracted to others of the same sex. Otherwise they are bi. I know a lesbian couple where one hormonally transitioned to “live as a man”. The partner who didn’t transition is still a lesbian.

Yeah I don’t agree that someone who likes people who are hormonally altered to look like men is exclusively into women

Being something and looking like something are different things.

maoism123 #moonbat #conspiracy #crackpot reddit.com

Yes, the "Holodomor" is a fascist lie. It was regarded as such in the mid-1930s, when major fascist organizations such as those of Goebbels and Hearst invented it and promulgated it: even major bourgeois newspapers in the U$ rejected it as the rubbish that it was. After World War II, however, the imperialists revived it with plenty of help from the Ukrainian "nationalists", often of Nazi pedigree, whom they rehabilitated to serve as spies and propagandists against the international communist movement (especially the glorious Soviet Union). Tottle exposes the history of this fascist project right up into the mid-1980s, and an article that appeared in the <i>Village Voice</i> gave further details about fraudulent propaganda (a film, a set of textbooks, a whole institute at Harvard) produced to spread the lies through the schools, television, and elsewhere. In Kanada, an ethnically Ukrainian organization with a long communist heritage (it was in fact smashed by the Kanadian state decades ago but came back in a different form) also denounced it in a couple of articles published in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, I don't have copies of the Kanadian group's articles.

Please do not use the word "Holodomor", which only lends the lie legitimacy. The word was designed to look like <i>Holocaust</i> so as to suggest that the great Soviet Union had targeted Ukrainians for extinction in the manner of the Nazis' genocidal program. It is not a standard term from historiography (see the references to bourgeois scholarship posted here by other comrades); it's just a piece of bourgeois propaganda that we should reject.

Julieandrea97 #sexist #transphobia reddit.com

Youtube is full of successful transitioning cases (from incel to hot babe)

There are so many cases that I don't believe society still doesn't accep trans people as a positive to the world. Well even if it still does not, it will change in the near future. Check out those MtF transformations:


and there are much more

The don’t want ugly males to know the truth. So they try to scare us with de transition story’s.

realtsuke #psycho #wingnut #dunning-kruger reddit.com

[on Trump’s pardon of Edward Gallagher]

im still for the pardon though my views are different from most. I disagree with the concept of war crimes entirely. I believe War should be where the ugliest side of mankind is shown. So ugly that people would refrain from ever engaging in it except as a last resort. When we sanitize war with all sorts of pretty rules we make it easier for countries to engage in it. As a result the default became a state of war and only periods of peace was the exception whereas in the past the default was peace with short brutal wars the exception.

edit: in order to preemptively answer questions yes genocides and everything else should be part of war. Both sides should know that they risk everything in war so they will peace out as fast as possible

Kayitaly #transphobia reddit.com

My cis straight friend includes trans men in the people he could possibly be attracted to because of their genitals. I’m uncomfortable. Should I talk to him about it?

UH? So he likes vaginas... the worst crime you can accuse him off is being shallow!

My husband has clearly stated he will stay with me even if I was to fully transition and he is 100% sure he would still be attracted to me. He also already sees me 100% as a man. But he still identifies as straight (bc he has never been attracted to another man in any way). That is his own identity and I defend his right to say so.

What straight means to you doesn't need to be the same as to what it means to him. If for him it means "attracted to vaginas" then he is not misgendering anyone or being offensive.

Would I consider him straight? I believe I don't have the right to an opinion.

This isn’t a “I’m in love with someone who chooses to transition, and we’ve chosen to stay together, but I also want to keep my identity” situation though. Your scenario is understandable – your partner thought he was entering a straight relationship when you first got together, so if you’re okay with him identifying as straight and he’s okay with dating a man, more power to you.

But this is “I would actively try to have sex with [potentially mutiple] trans men and still consider myself straight”. Which is transphobic. If he wants to do the dirty with trans guys in the future, he’s not straight.

I just think it would be a odd definition of straight, but I can't get behind it being necessarily transphobic. If he sees them as men-with-vaginas he is not transphobic.

Maybe he grew up in an environment where "gay" was a heavy insult and can't shake off some internalized homophobia. Or maybe he is struggling with is sexual identity. Or maybe he is bi, but knows very well that to most people women can be bi, but men are pretending not to be gay (and he is worried women wouldn't go with him anymore, that does happen!)... or maybe he just has a odd definition of straight. Lots of possible explanations before we get to him being transphobic.

Justanuglygirl22 #sexist reddit.com

Another sub for femcels, gone...

So a bunch of normie+ women flooded r/vindicta and complained about the sub using "inkwell language" which prompted the sub to come up with a new system that makes no sense and is pretty much useless for the average (non-celeb/supermodel) person, and I'm honestly so pissed right now. They also completely changed the culture of the sub and started pushing BS bluepilled everyone is beautiful/beauty is subjective narratives, which completely defeats the purpose of the sub in the fucking first place. If you honestly believe that beauty is subjective, then there is no point to looksmaxxing because every improvement upon your looks that you make is ultimately in the eye of the beholder so there's no true way to increase your attractiveness to everyone.

Why is that femcels aren't allowed to have anything? Every space for ugly women gets taken over; even this sub has degraded in quality because non-femcel women feel like they need to insert their input when it isn't wanted. It's as if normies, Beckies, and Stacies can't stand to see a space that isn't about them and makes it clear too.

When I get my laptop fixed I'm going to make a new looksmaxxing sub that is for femcels ONLY since it seems that's the only way to persevere what's ours. You give non-ugly women an inch, and they take the whole fucking ruler and try to change the measurements to their likening. It's just unfuckingbelievable.

u/SNERG_Robot #homophobia #fundie reddit.com

[Before I start, as always, I apologize for any language errors. I am not a native English speaker, but I will try to write as correctly as possible].

I may be downvoted by liberal christians and non belivers, but i don't care :) Here we go.

Recently, I have often come across the view of liberal Christians that homosexuality is not a sin, not a mental problem or a perversion, and that homosexuals were born that way. They claim that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality at all, and we should give gay weddings in churches, appoint gay men as priests, church teachers, and preachers.

The Bible, however, leaves no doubt. And I am sure that quotations from the Bible were given many times on r / truechristianity, which clearly shows that homosexuality is condemned by God. Therefore, people with homosexual inclinations, if they believe in the biblical God and Christianity, should restrain themselves from homosexual acts, just like people addicted to alcohol or pornography, for example, should restrain themselves from their sin, even despite the powerful desire to get drunk or watch pornography.

I can present a broader scientific justification, but there is a lot of sexology and sex life of animals and human, so it should be read by mature people and I wouldn't like to behave improperly. If you want, I will upload this material.


TLR: To sum up - Homosexuality is obviously a sin (clearly written in the Bible), it is not genetically determined, it can be treated as a mental problem, perversion, it can be caused by various causes, primarily due to the influence of upbringing and shaping a person, or as a result of perversion.

Justanuglygirl22 #sexist reddit.com

RE: What are pinkpillers thoughts on heterosexual relationships?

I think they're doing nothing but holding women back.

Do you think that there can be happy male-female relationships where both are treated as equal?

No, men are completely incapable of resisting their subconscious desire to control and dominate. And too many women are ready to submit to it.

Justanuglygirl22 #sexist reddit.com

Why I'm volcel.

Because men's "love" is 100% based on attraction. (It's why you all struggle to find relationships and Stacy does not)

Because men's "love" for any woman (even Stacy) they're with will dissipate the moment she gains 20 pounds or cuts her hair short.

Because all men cheat (even on Stacy) because they crave variety.

Because all men lie and play games.

Because men prefer younger women no matter their age, and the chances he cheats on/leaves you for one shoots up past age 30 and keeps going up until it inevitably happens.

Because men will leave their ill wives due to the fact they struggle to/can't have sex with them anymore or because they're less attractive.

Because like the apes they truly are, men are herd animals and obsessed with their "status" among other men. Thus, whether or not he pursues you/continues your relationship depends entirely on what his friends think.

Because the vast majority of men are misogynists.

Because men can't feel love, only an extreme version of lust.

Because in a relationship men expect women to cook, clean, take care of the children, have wild sex with them, and hold down a job while having nothing to offer except their crusty dicks.

Because there is really nothing I can get from a man that I can't get from my friends, family, pets, and masturbation with the added bonus of not being treated like shit or being cheated on.

BookWorm1029384756 #ableism #psycho reddit.com

I don’t care about COVID, or its effects. Let it spread and let the weak die.

If you die of COVID, it’s natural selection.
I don’t know what the fuck everybody is up in arms about. Why is everybody inconveniencing themselves for the weakest people when they should just let them die. It’s natural selection. You’re weak if you die of COVID and you fucking deserve your death. You deserve it for being weak, for being less than the people who actually have the strength to live through a fucking virus. This nation needs to grow a pair and let the weakest people in it die already. Don’t wear a mask. Go out and fucking party and spread covid all you want. If they die from it, they deserved their death.

vintologi #sexist #transphobia #quack reddit.com

Why you should transition

Becoming MtF tranny is a way better option than living another 40+ years as male incel.

Step0: watch tsf monogatari
step1: go to a gender clinic so you can get proper diagnosis.
step2: begin having fun with dildo, shove it up your ass.
step3: back up your sperm.
step4: start hormone replacement therapy.
step5: removal of unwanted hair.
step6: facial feminization surgery.
step7: social transition.

The experience of becoming female

Honestly this was even harder to decide to post than my attempt to be gay 8+ months ago. Because the implications and outcomes have been completely different. The experience has been completely different.

Disclaimer: Before all of this I 100% completely identified as a man, a man's man type of internal mindset. Very heterosexual. And gay stuff just did nothing for me. It was only out of desperation and having the right features that I attempted this gender transition. By right features I mean I was only 5'8 starting out and had a 2.7 inches erect penis. Plus all my facial features are feminine and I was pretty cute even as a guy. With 4 inches to my height and dick I could have been a normie or even chad lite. Yet reality is cruel sometimes. Since being on hormones I have lost some height, so I'm closer to 5'7 now, a true manlet if I ever decide to return to manhood.

I have been on estrogen for about 6 months now. It all started when I got my new therapist three months before that. Who referred me to a new general practitioner he knows. Obviously I told him nothing about being incel or hating females. Only that I always felt like a girl, which was a massive lie. I just wanted to get hormones to attempt a gender transition and hopefully become attracted to dudes like the other trans on reddit. Who so ironically betray themselves and their cause by casually posting truth.

I just want to say for the record I don't believe in any of the trans bullshit about being born that way. Maybe an exceptionally small amount of them are. Yet if you read their forums or subs its so extremely common how many of them are just guys who wank to shemale porn and have autogynephilia. The vast majority almost always speak about how their brains get changed by hormones. Further proving they are truly male in the brain. Basically they are mostly cross dressing fetishists. Maybe a very few of them really were born with a fucked up brain but its hard to weed out the liars. Since the fake trans just copy what the real trans say. Yet they let it slip in their posts how much they love tranny porn or wanking their she cocks. Not that it matters, more trans is always a good thing. Less beta orbiters and sometimes even trans that are hot.

The month after that things got even more intense. It was clear to me that females experienced sex with far more joy than men. Its like having a dick with sensory feelings that reaches all through up the body and hooks in the heart. My first experience with a guy was a non chad friend, who knew I had started a transition and thinks I am actually trans. We didn't have sex or even oral but we kissed a few times and cuddled for a few hours. It was magical, the cuddles were even better than the endless orgasms. Waves upon waves of mental emotion mixed with sexual waves of pleasure. Its so extremely addicting.

I'm beyond words enjoying my experience on female hormones. I still hate females, cucks, and chads. This is the turning point for me. If I don't quit now I will probably end up sterile and unable to break this intense addiction to female hormones and to men. Finishing transition will take work but leads to a life of happiness. Not finishing means going back to a hell after experiencing a heavenly paradise the likes of which I could have never imagined.

I feel like any choice I make is life wrecking but I was already totally fucked to begin with. Its so fucked up to crave men, to think of being dominated by them. My brain so fucked up on female hormones its telling me it would feel amazing to swallow semen and get creampied. I only have one cuddle buddy right now but I think about cuddling other guys too.

Things look potentially so good, at least better than when it was hopeless. I don't know if I can ever go through with having my genitals cut off. I just have like a mental block over such a barbaric surgery. I think I could live fine with just having male parts. I partially identify as female but know deep down I'll always be a man because men are awesome.

I could see this as being the best cope for manlets who are cute. As long as their face isn't too masculine. I'm not saying its perfect, it has downsides like having to pee more. Its still a lot better than being incel forever.

Uniqlohobo #pedo reddit.com

Not my story but my husbands uncle told us this story several times He’s been a lawyer for over 40 years

.... I was involved in a case when this man had been molesting his girlfriends two young daughters (I don’t remember how young they were but under the age of 10) for several months. The girlfriend happened to walk in on the act one night and out of rage she attacked the man.[

She beat him with everything she could find and hurt him so severely that he was in the hospital for weeks.

When she tired to get him arrested for molesting her daughter he sued her for attacking him

I was so good at my job that I got the molestation thrown out(he wasn’t even convicted of it) And she was sent to jail for 3 years for hitting him .

The guy got off scott free. Nothing on his records.

Nobodysfool999 #ableism #psycho reddit.com

Autistic people are disgusting, and they should be locked in cages like the sick dogs they are.

Whenever I encounter those sad shit-sacks in real life or online, they are either:

1. Talking about some hentai or furry porn
1. Complaining about everything wrong in their life, and then explaining how it's somehow linked to their autism, even if it is something completely normal (i.e taking a wrong turn on the highway)
3. Bragging about being literal sociopaths (i.e saying stuff like "My aUTisM makes it difficult to care about other people's welfare and I consider that an advantage")
4. Bitching about their "social anxiety" or "fear of touch", but completely lacking sympathy for people with real problems like AIDs or schizophrenia.
5. Dying their hair some retard pastel color in order to get attention or "look edgy."
6. Cross-dressing or shitting themselves in adult diapers.

They also talk about themselves in such conceited ways, saying things like "Autism is my superpower that makes me smarter the teh normies lel." Meanwhile, half of those fuck-ups would easily have a mental breakdown over their favorite loli girl being outed as a trap. Autistic people are arguments against evolution, and it genuinely makes me sad that they are allowed to exist alongside us as equals.

Known_Researcher #ableism #sexist reddit.com

Greta Thunberg is a retarded bitch who needs to be silenced

I actually support her beliefs regarding climate change, I just can’t stand HER. She is a sociopathic idiot autist who brags about hating small-talk, thinks being socially retarded is a ‘superpower’, lacks ANY scientific expertise but accuses others of ignorance, and CONSTANTLY talks down to the very people she is trying to persuade to join her cause. If anything, she’s only making global-warming deniers even more angry and apathetic towards the idea environmental reformation. While she’s really just making things worse, she continues to guise her aspertard wailings as a “genuine effort to save the planet.” My distaste towards G. Thunbitch has nothing to do with ‘sexism’ or political party, it’s just that her personality/attitude is plain shit. Meanwhile, most people overlook and defend her downright narcissistic behaviors just because she’s 16 ( which is definitely old enough to know better). She also gets away with so much bullshit due to having autism, even though she clearly knows exactly what she’s doing. Thunbitch parallels Donald Trump (personality-wise) in so many ways, but she doesn’t receive nearly the same degree of criticism.

5arge #ableism reddit.com

Autistic people are not illegal, but we don't pass special snowflake laws for them just because they are socially awkward. Pay for your own therapies, or hide in the basement.


If that's what you have to say, don't say it. It's pretty rude and ignorant.

You asked a question in an open forum, you don't get to control the answers you receive, prick. The basement is the right place for you.


Wow. This is probably the most disgusting thing I've seen on reddit. I hope insurance covers your therapies so that whatever is hurting you so badly can be resolved and you can be ready to come out of the basement.

FYI, autists can have hundreds of dollars in medical bills per month, even after insurance, and they go to those therapies because the world is speckled with cancerous attitudes like yours, and they need help coping in a world that has more tolerance for your closed-minded abuse than for a diverse brain.

Please know that whatever you think of autists is a reflection of your own self, and not a statement of any truth about others.

All of the autistic people I grew up with got NO THERAPY and NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. When I was a kid, they were just called "retarded" as if that was ok to label another human. I never treated anyone poorly because of their developmental disabilities. They are people, just a little different, but still people. That being said, OP is a fucking leech. A human parasite. Looking for handouts because it's just easier to make society pay for your issues, it's their fault for not being understanding of your condition. I will always advocate for people to get the fuck off of Reddit and find a way to pay for their own shit. There are people in greater need, who can't even afford to surf the fucking internet, and those public funds should be reserved for those folks in greatest need. Socially awkward weirdo is not a fucking prognosis worth throwing money at...

Gotta love your virtue signaling though, you are a super awesome person with super great ideas... and you're totally going to change the world by whining on Reddit to strangers.


The real issue here is your complete ignorance of what autism even is. And I'm not virtue signaling--this is a daily issue in my life. I'm legitimately upset by your ignorance and ableism.

Oh, I get it, you're in the spectrum yourself. Grow the fuck up kid, it's a tough world out there for NTs too. You can't take offense anytime someone won't kiss your ass because you are special. There are people with deeper problems that are more difficult to overcome out there who are making their best go at it and we will never hear them bitching and complaining because they are too busy getting it done.

Ableism is a word that fucking cowards and weaklings use to shame people who have any success in life despite opposition.


I'm 33. My husband and I make plenty of money. Nobody's asking for special laws, just wondering where insurance will cover what's needed and where it won't. ADULTS plan ahead for expenses like that. I don't want my ass kissed. I want you to learn about disabilities and stop being incredibly rude on the internet on subjects you're very ignorant about. Also, you're literally bitching and complaining on this person's post. I'm pretty sure the coward is the one hiding behind a keyboard and yelling at someone asking simple questions about laws, services, and the general mien of an area.

Go get something done, like learning a bit about autism, or maybe just practice being kind.

I know enough about autism to know that YOU exemplify the worst kind of person in the spectrum. Selfish, bitter, and high functioning enough to cast judgement on others, but soooooooooooooooooo fucking disabled that everyone needs to provide for your well being, just because. You totally do want your ass kissed, it's pathetic. I'm not a bad person, I don't do bad things to people and you honestly have no clue what kind of husband and father I might be. I just have no problem telling anyone who's got enough going for them that they can hang out on Reddit, that they have enough and don't deserve a handout from the rest of society.

Nobodysfool777 #psycho #ableism reddit.com

Colicky and weak babies should be fed to wild animals

We have plenty of infants to spare —literally billions. Feeding our lesser offspring to animals would serve several beneficial purposes.

1. Tired parents (and unfortunate passerbys) would no longer have to deal with a particularly loud and troublesome infant.
2. Animals get good succulent treats.
3. It could potentially assist with the human overpopulation problem.
4. Colicky babies are more likely to have low iqs and mental disorders such as autism than calm babies. Getting rid of them could lower the amount of adult sickos and idiots in the future.
5. Premature infants are also more likely to have low iqs, autism, adhd, and poor adult health. In other words, they are more likely to be pathetic wastes of space.

fullbloodedwhitemale #wingnut #ableism reddit.com

Eugenics is nature. Everyone, including you and your parents, practice Eugenics. The most common eugenic practice today is “therapeutic abortion.” via amniocentesis. Societies that refuse to practice eugenics will be certain losers. Previous generations were not squeamish about distinguishing between desirables and undesirables. After WWII, eugenics was mistakenly associated with Nazism, even though Nazis were late to the game. All societies practiced Eugenics. But opposition to eugenics is irrational. Asians are the least diverted from eugenic thinking. Premiere Lee Kuan Yew gave generous tax incentives to better-educated women to have more children, and succeeded in increasing the percentage of births that were to women with secondary education from 36.7 percent to 47.7 percent. The women who get the most education are the more intelligent, and they marry smart men. Many accepted practices in the West are plainly eugenic. In Britain, for example, parents of a retarded woman can have her sterilized, which implicitly recognizes that some people should not have children. From 1970 to 1986, German judges gave sex offenders the option of castration rather than jail. From Eugenics: A Reassessment, Richard Lynn, Praeger Publishers, 2001: "There is great irony in frantic opposition to eugenics, per se, when many accepted practices in the West are plainly eugenic. Infertile women seeking donor eggs advertise for them at elite universities, and are prepared to pay huge premiums for them, once again recognizing that some genes are better than others. Prof. Lynn has found offers of eggs from fashion models at $90,000 each, and reports there are exclusive sperm banks stocked by Harvard and MIT students."

Tom3858 #ableism #psycho reddit.com

I do not sympathize with depressed people, people who kill themselves, or dead people.
Let me give examples of each:


someone depressed seeks comfort from me but wont accept my advice. They chalk this up to their depressions

Someone makes repeated bad decisions that effect other people. They chalk this up to depression.

Someone makes bad decisions that affect them, and blame everything else. They chalk this up to depression.

Im not doubting your depression may impair your ability to think clearly and act raitionally. But I dont care. Why should that be my problem, why should I tolerate you, and why wont you seek help instead of looking for someone to comfort you?


Someone comes to me and tells me they are going to kill themselves. Ok you can do that.

Again, I don't believe it is my obligation to convince them not to, or even call the police or whatever it is your supposed to do. Morally and ethically I dont think im educated enough to decide whether or not a persons decision to kill themselves is "right" or "wrong" either, so im just not going to bother with that.


Someone kills themselves. Someone (or even me) brings up a dead person as an example of a person who couldnt handle life or as an example or conversation topic for any number of other things. Everyone around gets incredibly offended by this.

Im convinced most people who pretend to care about a dead person only because it the socially acceptable thing to do. "Don't talk bad about a dead man," they say, but its ok to talk bad about a person who is alive? I dont follow the logic. If I knew the person better than you did, and i knew the person was a crappy person, am I just supposed to lie and pretend they were great and I secretly always looked up to them?

"Well you could just not talk about them" I disagree with this logic. Im not willing to censor my thoughts to please a person who may very well be faking their sympathy for a dead person. Furthermore my beliefs on what is ok, and not ok to talk about, lean in the direction of the idea that you should be able to talk about anything. Much like dark humor, people try to put a label on the things they deem innapropriate, that states you cannot talk about them. Is it ok to joke about nazi germany? In my opinion yes. Simply cause the criteria for what is not acceptable as a joke, does not exist. And if it did, it would be just as opinionated if not much more, as my belief that it is ok. And so I apply the same logic to dead people in conversation.

I will admit im a selfish person. Ill admit that generally being around a depressed person makes me uncomfortable. And I will also note that in my family, when I was young, if one of my sibling were to day they were depressed, my parents would tell them it's in their head, and to get over themselves. Of course I dont believe that final statement, but my attitude towards depressed people has probably been influenced by this.

That's my unpopular opinion

Edit* Instead of keeping to your righteous ideals and exemplifying my final point, you could try to provide valid arguments to help me understand your perspective. (Im not so stuck in my ways as other people)

Or just call me a chad. You know it is the internet after all

Sudorsu #ableism reddit.com

Most People Who Claim To Be Mentally Ill Actually Do It To Themselves
Mental Illness is a bit of a grey area when it comes to the 'whodunit' opinion since most say that it is never the patients fault. However, after years of observation, I can safely say that the majority of people diagnosed with a mental illness have convinced themselves to adopt this mindset. Motive is variable, but the leading incitment seems to be to play a sick role. Funny enough, this in and of itself is actually its own mental illness but thats beside the point, depression, bipolar, psychosis and many other commonly diagnosed disorders are given to the wrong people, since research will be geared towards the wrong people, it isnt cool and its killed the already brain dead mental health system. As for how we could sort this out without risking being false about someones true intentions...I have no clue, which is why im not really pushing for a change but just to make others aware, seems like a viable middle ground

slutslyainstud #psycho #conspiracy reddit.com

It’s time to reproduce before we can’t anymore!

Bill gates and the elite plan to depopulate the world using sterilization vaccines. They are not going to kill or blow us up overtly. They are going to vaccine some and the vaccines will spread (it how they’re designed) through sex. And we won’t be able to reproduce. By 2030 it maybe over for us. So we much reproduce NOW or NEVER.

CharlesMaurras13 and Lethalmouse1 #wingnut #psycho reddit.com

[Comment under "What can we do to stop republicanism from arising in a monarchy?"]


Kill the leftist or put them in concentration/prison camp Francisco franco realized this and did what he could but even he could not vanquish leftism in Spain.

Reply by Lethalmouse1:

The King came in and was like "Democracy! Oh, please let me still call myself king and have some money? Thanks bc I brought DEMOCRACY, HAIL ME AS A HERO!"

So sad



Franco was utter shite. Yes, the Left killed many of the clergy, but most of it was a reaction against Franco's horrific atrocities. Under Franco, Moorish troops were used to rape any Republican women even if all they had to do with the movement was being in a union. Entire villages were slaughtered. Franco deserves his place in Hell.

Reply by CharlesMaurras13:

Franco is a saviour of western Christian civilization, Republican women were the enemy and rape happens in war, not saying its ok but saying thats what happens in war, Franco prevented a soviet puppet state in western europe which could have potentially spread communism further he restored the monarchy and catholicism as the state religion he deserves to be canonized at least for his services to God.

BookieOclock #elitist reddit.com

The chief complaint against monarchy I hear raised by these republicans is that under a king, few people have a say in how the nation is run. I say, why should they? Are passengers more qualified to captain an aircraft than the pilot, ensconced as he is away from the masses and in singular control of his craft? This is not a valid criticism of bad rule...this is the petulant whine of children who don't always get their way.

BoogieOClock #elitist reddit.com

Above the text is an image of cookie monster in royal regalia

Me not impressed with this new republicanism. You call yourselves 'reformers'; reform what? Reform INTO what? You want nation exist in perpetual revolt? You want society locked in race to the bottom, laws determined by lowest common denominator? Oh yes, that sound like a FUN place to live. You want to destroy functioning, moral, high-trust society so you can have bread and circus.

Scottie Spencer #wingnut #conspiracy reddit.com


(The image contrasts two figures, namely:)

Noble Nationalist Leader [Christian cross with a swastika in it]
Adolf Hitler was a righteous man and great leader who liberated Germany from the New World Order. He was beloved by his people, and wanted nothing but peace, and never…NEVER ordered the extermination of a single Jew.

Globalist Puppet of the Jews [Star of David with a demon face inside]
Winston Churchill was a vile, bumbling, drunken, cigar-chomping, sodomizing, lying, scheming, warmongering, genocidal blog installed into power by the Jews to kickstart WWII and save the New World Order

Teddy2999 #sexist #crackpot reddit.com

What happens to womens Instagram when they turn 25?

I haven't seen this anywhere and I don't have enough of a social life to know the answer but some of you will know.

Women's peak market value is 23, and by 25, they pretty much ran out of steam.

Every woman has an instagram. Like "normal" women, every woman. So you have clear photo documentation of when they become invisible. What happens when a woman turns 25 now? She just stops using instagram? They are addicted to it. They need that fix.

There's two loose ends that need addressing:
- their addiction to validation and attention, what happens to a woman after that?
- What does she do once she starts losing followers and likes?

I never though of this before but I've been following MGTOW and redpill for years.

vintologi #sexist #crackpot reddit.com

Trannymaxxing pays for itself (if you dont have death sentences)

Unlike incels who waste 60k+ on worthless plastic surgeries, trannymaxxing actually pays works and pays for itself. In addition it is subsidized by the government, it may actually be completely free.

Trannymaxxing is insanely legit, it completely solves all the problems incels have

it solves:

being a virgin
being a neet/being poor
being ugly
having a beta personality

If a tranny gets breast implants, facial fem surgery, body contouring, voice surgery, they can do sex work and pay it off in a few years. Ive personally been offered by men to pay 100% for my transition in exchange for a relationship (though i have no desire in transition btw). Someone like knajjd could get a guy to pay for his full transition for sure. .

though if you have tranny death sentences it wont work for you

List of tranny death sentences that are unsolvable

-big skeletal structure
-masculine feet and hands
-long mid face (lefort3 is needed)
-very deep voice

Everything else is solvable

gmanpizza #homophobia reddit.com

This is going to be downvoted to hell, I know, but I'll give the truth. I just loathe gay ships. Every single one. I hate them.

Yeah, it's not like friends to lovers is a common trope or anything. Do you also hate Benny x Charlotte as much as you do the other ones?

not nearly as much (cause its not a gay ship), but I still don't like all that much. That never really seemed romantic at all. Just friends. I just really, really, really hate gay ships.

Independent Conservative Voices(TM) #wingnut #racist #pratt reddit.com

isosum (53 points):

Communists aren't Nazis - they're worse: they killed around 100 million people last century, compared to the Nazis' 6 million.

Stop buying into the narrative that the only kind of evil in the world is "Nazis" or "right-wing" extremists.

Wesman_Todd_Shaw (9 and 8 points):

Nazism was a defensive response to communism.

Bolshevik Jews had staged violent uprisings in Bavaria in 1919, and afterwards in Germany too. Hitler was correct.

pcpmasterrace (7 points):

The German people threw their support behind Hitler because they were tired of antifa terrorism.

Ethnocrat (9 points):

The Nazis were the good guys you boomercuck.

gmanpizza #homophobia reddit.com

I think this sub needs to fix their view towards the people who dislike yaoi and yuri. Why do I always get downvoted for just thinking Ike and Soren are bros, or Raven and Lucius are best friends? Seriously, it happened twice in the last day, with one concerning that manga post. Keep in mind that them being hetero is just as likely as them being homo, so stop downvoted people who think they're straight.

Probably because if you take that same relationship to opposite-sex friendships a majority of people will think they're in love, or will say that their love is subtext. It's a little unfair to see the same subtext applied to same-sex friendships in media and have people that are absolutely against those pairings. Plus, uh, disliking yaoi/yuri in general sounds pretty bad? Not liking those two ships I can understand, but if you hate all gay pairings across the board... I'm like, Little Miss Gay Ships and I have het pairings I would die on a hill for.

eah, I do dislike it in general. I have nothing against gay people or gay marriage in real life, but I've never liked gay ships in fiction, especially video games. I'm not sure why, there's just something about them I just really dislike. Plus, unless it's really obvious that a character is gay like Leon and Niles, I have a hard time seeing them. I would never, ever have guessed that there would be people who think Python and Forsyth have a romantic relationship, or Lyn and Florina. But really, should I be hated for that? Why is it "pretty bad"? Why are people allowed to make even a straight character into a gay ship, yet I get downvoted when I ship Ike with a woman? I'm not gonna dispute gay ships that are canon, but I'll argue with someone who claims a non-canon ship, gay or straight, is canon.

I mean, I'm with you on the "don't say ships are canon unless they're explicitly said to be canon" but the problem with disliking all gay ships is that it does come off as homophobic. You don't need to be overtly gay to be gay, so you are going to get backlash if you refuse to see anyone but very gay borderline parodies of gay men as gay.

Why do you people always pull the "homophobic" card? I explicitly stated I have nothing against gay marriage or people in real life. Does my preference in video game ships make me bigoted?!

[deleted] #sexist reddit.com

I honestly don't get Reddit's new obsession with making fun of girls who ship men. Although I guess it's not surprising that these examples are heavily exaggerated in order to push a narrative, considering y'know (Reddit's new obsession with making fun of girls) in general.

Queerbaiting is actually a thing that exists, and nobody in their right mind actually thinks that someone who is uncomfortable with sexual harassment is homophobic. What's homophobic (and definitely misogynistic) is the new trend of mocking teenage girls who ship men and read fanfiction when it's the same exact guys who masturbate to lesbian porn.

The examples of "would two guys who are just...." actually brings up a completely valid point, in that homoeroticism is never assumed, because it's just not possibly seen in the eye of mostly heterosexual men. They don't like it, and don't want to consider the possibility. They just can't be gay, it's just male friendship. The problem is that it's not acceptable for them to be gay together, hence the reactionary defense of "why can't men just be friends", and the assumption that they think every male friendship has homoerotic subtones. You'll never see as many people defending "Why can't it just be friendship" when romantic subtext is assumed between a guy and a girl as the excessiv amount of people getting upset over two characters in a mostly heterosexual cast being gay in a non-cannon fanfiction. In fact, it's a tired trope in media that the if there are male and female leads, they'll end up together if it started with friendship. Yet, it's completely valid and a celebrated trope, and some media just throw in a completely irrelevant love interest just to keep things hetero (Sharon Carter, Captain America Civil War), instead of building upon the already intimate relationship that would have definitely occurred had it been hetero.

You're creating a massive false equivalency.

There are far more heterosexuals than homosexuals. Both the man and the women in these cases are presenting as heterosexuals. Friendships between Men and Women are less typical than same sex friendships and often end up with some boundary being pushed. Vs two men presenting as heterosexual. Who are essentially lying to themselves and the audience through whatever means of narattion they're being presented in secretly being gay for each other.

One is a pretty common occurrence in life. One is incredibly rare.

Anti-intellectuals on r/Conservative #wingnut #elitist #conspiracy reddit.com

u/optionhome: [332 points] Orwell’s timeless admonition, “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them,” has been given new life by the desperate efforts of pundits, scholars and Twitter blue-checks to defend the violence, looting, disorder and general monstrousness that have overtaken America’s cities.

anonocs [32 points]: American DEMOCRAT cities.
What you're seeing now is the sole products of Looney Liberal Loser cult ideology rammed down your children's minds by socialist academia.
At this level, everything begins in the classroom.

optionhome [25 points]
exactly. imagine living in one of those cesspools and voting for the very people that endorse the destruction of you own community.

subchop710 [16 points]
It's that they use their intellect and education to validate their emotional response.

Jasonberg #fundie reddit.com

There are rules of war and one of them is that you rape the living hell out of the other side's women.

Along comes the IDF and they claim they hold to "higher standards" and don't rape the women.

That's bullshit. That's discrimination.

No wonder the UN is calling Israel out.

Violate the women or you will be singled out as the greatest violator of women's rights.

Thinkingman21 #sexist reddit.com

[OP of "A truly black pill history always shows and repeats"]

No morality was ever invented or upheld by the female. No intelligence agency, no military, no police organisation, no religion, no political party or education institution, nothing -none were invented and upheld by the female so they function. This is because enforcement and defence of the morality is required for propogation, and men can just override that.

If any morality was invented by female to tame the potential identities of the world, men could come in, overtake it in one day with strength, and then ironically run it to provide for society and to attract females. Plus women don't invent things like rules or ideas that benefit others period, because they seek benefit themselves through Briffaults law.

Consider the most relevant example. When the Germans defeated France in six weeks in June 1940; women fled towards the Germans whilst the husband's died at the front or were stuck in a camp. Some Germans raped women, but most women colluded. Now for the Black pill;

At no part of the German occupation did the female demand the upholding of French traditions, rule of law, culture, schooling systems, freedoms, or any of past French moralities they grew up with -nothing. A new system of morality was offered by the PRESENCE of men, and extracting benefit from it to survive was the only female thought across France....

This occured because the female does not identify with abstract ideas like morality, where as men will fight to the death to defend the wives that abandon him for a taller, more handsome German, who is a SS supremisist, especially if he is confident.

She will never abide by a morality to her end, only twist what she is allowed to do to extract benefit -like a psychological form of historical double think the academic community outright refuses to study, because it's behaviour is too in line with that of a child.

Some Pinkpillers #sexist #psycho reddit.com

RE: Is it something wrong with male children now too?


There absolutely is something wrong with male children. And this something is not just caused by socialization but - at least partly - also by their male biology. Young boys very clearly exhibit the desire to fight, to dominate, and to destroy whom they consider beneath them. It is not uncommon for young boys to rape and abuse - their sisters, for instance. https://i.redd.it/mkwy8ufokm051.jpg Men have basically evolved to rape and kill and male children are already practicing. And these days, they start watching rape porn and calling women "sluts" and "thots" online when they are 10 or 11-years-old already, anyway...

Personally, I've come to hate male children just as much as I hate men: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackPillFeminism/comments/gnuqgl/ive_come_to_hate_boys_just_as_much_as_i_hate_men/

They should be thaugth to be more friendly

Women are always expected to "help" males and to sacrifice themselves in order to raise males. I am opposed to this. It hasn't worked out in the past, and it won't work out in the future. The only thing it has resulted in - the only thing this argument was designed for - was to make women responsible for the bad actions of men and make women sacrifice their time, their energy, their well-being to "help" the very males who want to oppress and rape them.

You adult men, you go ahead and teach boys not rape, not to objectify women, not to watch porn, not to glorify prostitution, not to oppress women, not to "slut-shame" them, etc.

You know most men in the world wont rape you. "Helping" boys is raising them. Do it right with other people. Give them a positive influence. Teach them about normal feminism and not radical. Let them know how they should be treated and how to treat women.

Normal feminism is nothing but misogyny. Men define "normal" feminism as a feminism that allows them to continue all the shit they've done for centuries - but this time using "woke" rather than Christian vocabulary to justify it.

No it's not misogyny. Normal feminism as that guy said is woman's rights, to become equal to males. Not to kill them all and become a species that will very quickly become extinct because females won't evolve without males. Feminists from the past are the people who got you the rights you have today. So don't dis them because you shouldn't deserve what they gave their life for.

The goal is female liberation from male oppression, not "equality" with rapists, murderers, pedophiles, and oppressors.


A chilling story about two 10 year old boys who kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered a 2 year old toddler for fun. One of them was arrested as an adult later due to possession of CP(shocker). [NSFW] - https://np.reddit.com/r/BlackPillFeminism/comments/h84ulp/a_chilling_story_about_two_10_year_old_boys_who/

I did not know that. I personally think not every 10yr old boy have the instinct to murder and torture young kids. But, What do i know. I can only speak of my experience when i was 10yrs old

The best way to prevent males from harming females is sex-based separation.


6 year old boy shot and killed a 6 year old girl at school because she rejected him. Could've been prevented if schools weren't integrated. Sure, you can say could've been prevented if his uncle didn't have guns in the house. But it's just better to separate females from males.

But doesnt females harm males aswell? Think about hoe much more boeing life would become without males. Basically forcing everyone to be lesbian.

Not at the same rate as males who harm females. Heterosexuality is a disease. Women need to evolve.

So you say avery woman on the planet is superior to men?

Fuck off.


Boys 10-12 have higher rape statistics than every age of women. Just the preteens. I can barely even retell the story of Junko Furuta kidnapped by a few 14 year old boys and put through the worst torture imaginable for months until she finally died of her injuries. Not to mention little boys tend to be violent, unruly, and show affection by hitting.

You people are deranged. Fuck you and your campaign to feminize little boys. Boys are different than girls, they're not supposed to be these little quiet robots that you shove information into. They're learning machines, they're exploring their environment as all babies do. Just because they're more prone to being unruly (mostly due to the uneven distribution of ADHD among the two sexes), does not mean they are inherently evil.

Citing rare instances of boys doing horrible things is fucking nuts and you know it, I can easily find female equivalents. You people need to delete this sub or honestly just rope, there is no hope for leeches on society who sit on reddit and hate on men, deranged idiots.

Rare instances???

Yes dumbass. Are you really implying that all boys rape someone when they're a preteen?

Why is it all or nothing with you guys.

I’ve already stated that boys between 10-12 rape more people than all age categories of women do...that’s not all, but that’s not rare and it’s so hilarious when y’all try to refute this. Just like how men make up about 24% of teachers nationally but 78% of student sex crimes. Because y’all always love to say how “women rape students just as much as men” but no, they fucking don’t. Women don’t X anything as much as men, not all of them do horrible things but way more do than women do

That's because of the toxic culture that implies young boys should enjoy sex from older women. All the sex scandals from my highschool were exposed not because of reporting, but because someone else found out. Usually it's the parents.

The same way there used to be stigma around women reporting sexual assaults (which is now mitigated by all the awareness movements; sexual assault cases against men have skyrocketed), there is also a stigma against male victims. Once that is broken there will be a surge of reports on female rapists.

But you toxic fuckers make that impossible with your "male violent and bad, woman innocent and pretty amd good" mindset. What a bunch of narcissistic and uneducated jack-offs.

I couldn't count the amount of second-hand embarassment I got whilst reading posts/comments where "pink pilled" psychos were circle jerking about female superiority. And you know what's funny? Mens rights subs don't allow misogyny, yet misandry is the basis of all feminist subs. What an embarassment honestly...

Jesus Christ feminists are the ones against all rape, I’ve only ever heard men encourage students to get with adult teachers. Even had a coworker speak up unprompted to tell me how he believed men could never be raped unless the woman was ugly, and that students were lucky to get with a teacher. If you think it was “just one guy” and are blind to the massive culture of men especially online who feel this way, then obviously you must not believe that all women are the ones supporting this, isn’t that right?

Toyako34 #homophobia #sexist reddit.com

Two guys can't be close friends without it being a ship???

A boy and girl can't be close friends without being a ship???
What does that have to do with it??? Why would you ship two guys just because they're close friends?
Did you even read what I said earlier? It was a rhetorical question. Holy crap.

Fuck it, let me answer since you're being persistently annoying about such an insignificant question: The reason why they're shipped in the first place is BECAUSE they are close, have good chemistry, and/or look good together. This sub(and you) in particular just can't fathom/accept these types of ships simply because it's gay. I think that's pretty fucking simple.

That's what I meant about "a boy and girl can't have a close relationship without being shipped". You can try to justify it as much as you want but your original reply(and following ones) makes it pretty clear you just don't like/can't accept/can't comprehend boy x boy ships.

I refuse to accept it because its a perversion of two straight friends. Why would you take that and make them gay? You have no respect for their friendship. Its quite normal, on the other hand, for a close friendship in both media and irl between a guy and a girl to result in a romantic relationship between them. I don't like gay ships because those who advocate for them take two perfectly fine friends and pervert it into exactly that, a gay ship. I would question someone taking a gay character and using them in a straight ship. It's a perversion of their character for your own satisfsction.

Dooyo #homophobia reddit.com

[in regards to an artwork of Killian and Gon, two fictional males]

Best couple
Best friends you mean
Na Killua is gay for sure. and i love this!
Why are you projecting your shit?

Obviously that you like it, you are a fujoshit after all, the concept of friendship doesn't exist in your sick head

I just love how homophobic you are. "Your SICK head" "Fujoshit"

If you have problem with the LGBT community, don't read HUnter x hunter. Dont read a manga which has Hisoka.

That Alphabet soup group really invaded everything in the West.

Only the Middle east and Africa remain strong against that shit

Well, thanks for the compliment faggot, it is a badge of honor to be disgusted and hating fag like you lol. More like a Religious duty

It will bad and atrocious if I didn't hate your shit, pretty bad, that would mean atheism

The question isn't your faggotry, but the fact that you project your shit in where there is zero sign of it.

I know that it is hard for your sick head, but learn the concept of friendship, that is literally the main thematic in HxH between the main cast. They even repeated the word friendship for retard like you to understand since you can't see friendship without someone spelling it for you.

Hisoka is a sicko and thanks, I hate the character, there is a difference between reading and hate some elements and like other elements

And stop with your homophobia nonsense, no one is scared about them, learn what phobia means.

They are hated because of their disgusting acts unless you are into shithole.

They are also hated for Religious reasons.

72hit #homophobia #sexist reddit.com

I heard that too, but from what I heard that YYH romance was minor (correct me if I'm wrong)

btw, look at how many times I've been downvoted lol. many people sure to like romance :p. However, I would like not to see any LGBT in HxH. normal romance is more or less fine hehe

LGBT romance is normal romance

LGBT one, well, whatever you call it... I don't prefer to see LGBT conents anyway.

Just like how there are people who can accept gay relationships.. there are people who can't. I'm from the later.

at the end, as a guy myself I can accept lesbian relationships more or less, but i can't bring myself to see gay action. that's all

trolling? Sorry, I see a misunderstanding here

I don't deny anyone interested in LGBT romance or such, nor denying the existing of such thing
I can't see all people willing to accept LGBT, nor can't see the exact opposite
Simply stating my opinion isn't trolling
My first comment was probably harsh? if so then my bad.. sorry
Overall, romance isn't my cup of tea
Overall, I hate gay relationship, that doesn't mean I heat who like such thing
As a straight guy, I can accept lesbian relationship. Is something wrong here?
Finally, I would like to say that aside from my first comment, I was talking in a manner that can be discussed. If you guys are going to downvote blindly and replay with such comment, then that's an entirely different thing.

Watusaytome #homophobia reddit.com

notice that pro-gay and gay people keep downvoting my shit.

I'm not anti-gay, I just don't want HXH to be gay because it is one of my favorite animes. And this is reasonably so because the straight fan base is a lot higher.

But I don't understand how this would be a bad thing for you? Like surely you don't care that Canary is black, for example, so why would you care that Killua is gay or bi?
color. That's all. You don't do anything disturbing.

Being gay makes things awkward as fuck because you know that guy wants to fuck another guy.

Which is really weird for a "guy" like me to like a gay character. Because of the fact that he likes guys.

Look, I know this is going to sound harsh but look at it this way.

If the main character of HXH was a child molester . Would you be OK with that?

No right? Because you can't live with knowing the fact that he is a child molester. And it'd be sure as hell awkward as fuck for you to pretend you like him as a character.

I know it's a harsh example, but in the end "Right and Wrong" is a human construct and IS SUBJECTIVE. Everything is basically our opinion and everyone is different. I'm simply advocating my own point of view.

Dooyo #homophobia reddit.com

in regards to an artwork of Killian and Gon, two fictional males

Best couple

Best friends you mean

Na Killua is gay for sure. and i love this!

Why are you projecting your shit?

Obviously that you like it, you are a fujoshit after all, the concept of friendship doesn't exist in your sick head

I just love how homophobic you are. "Your SICK head" "Fujoshit"

If you have problem with the LGBT community, don't read HUnter x hunter. Dont read a manga which has Hisoka.

That Alphabet soup group really invaded everything in the West.

Only the Middle east and Africa remain strong against that shit

Well, thanks for the compliment faggot, it is a badge of honor to be disgusted and hating fag like you lol. More like a Religious duty

It will bad and atrocious if I didn't hate your shit, pretty bad, that would mean atheism

The question isn't your faggotry, but the fact that you project your shit in where there is zero sign of it.

I know that it is hard for your sick head, but learn the concept of friendship, that is literally the main thematic in HxH between the main cast. They even repeated the word friendship for retard like you to understand since you can't see friendship without someone spelling it for you.

Hisoka is a sicko and thanks, I hate the character, there is a difference between reading and hate some elements and like other elements

And stop with your homophobia nonsense, no one is scared about them, learn what phobia means.

They are hated because of their disgusting acts unless you are into shithole.

They are also hated for Religious reasons.

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Yup. [Winston Churchill] was an alcoholic psycho that sold away his country's empire and global prestige to make it a whore of Jewish-American power, just to defeat the Germans. He also wanted to drop anthrax spores on Germany in Operation Vegetarian if the D-Day landings weren't successful, rendering huge areas of continental Europe inhospitable to human life for decades. This was even though the Germans refrained from using their much more highly advanced chemical weapons - even on the Eastern Front where the Germans were their most desperate (The Western Front was like the kiddie pool, and yes I know what you're thinking although we aren't allowed to discuss it. Indeed the highly sophisticated chemical weapons Germany had made the slow-killing anti-lice fumigant zyklon-B a complete joke in comparison).

To his credit, he wanted to keep Britain white after the war as they opened the borders to Indians and Blacks and was against mass immigration. Well, Winston, that was off the table after you made the catastrophic decision you did to fight Germany. But I guess he was too stupid to realize what he did? That's what happens when you sold your people to the whore of Babylon to defeat the good guys. Rest in piss you drunk, pathetic manlet.

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Would men eagerly date and have sex with young teens, children and even toddlers if it were legal? I think yes, definitely.

The fact that most every man adores loli hentai and bemoans the fact that 'irl lolis' are off limits. The fact that men constantly bring up ages of consent in different countries when e.g. a young girl is raped in Japan ("well actually the age of consent in Japan is 13 so its legal I guess").

The fact that sex tourism targets countries with an epidemic of underage prostitution. The fact that schoolgirl uniforms and ddlg are the most desirable kinks. The fact that "innocence is sexy". The fact that men openly state and imply that it isn't morality stopping them from fucking kids en masse but the law.

Please discuss.

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The only thing of any value a woman can offer a man is an untouched vagina. This goes without saying and anyone who is looking for anything more from a woman (love, companionship, etc) is only kidding themselves. It has been/is/and forever will be a business exchange of provision and protection for sex and offspring.

There are a miniscule amount of virgins in 2015. View Terence Popps video where he calculates the amount of penis (in miles) and sperm (in gallons) the average woman today will have absorbed in her life.



So essentially women today are public vehicles. But rather overpriced public vehicles.

Take the cost of a date, dinner and movie. I'd wager, it's about 20 bucks per person including refreshments for the movie and dinner at a decent restaurant will run you about 60 bucks per person bare minimum. That's $160 right there. Throw in about 10 for transportation and you are up to $170.

Now imagine waiting for a city bus, an older city bus that has been ridden by many. But you start in the morning when the bus has just come from the garage clean. Imagine when it arrives stuffing that $170 in the fare box. Anyone sane would think you mad. But you don't get a ride, instead the money goes down into the fare box but the driver ejects you from the bus before you can even step beyond the white line.

The bus goes on its way. You wait there at the same stop for the same exact bus to reach the bottom terminus, come up the other side towards the top terminus then come back down to you. You then take another $170 and stuff it in the fare box. Same deal, driver doesn't let you on. You wait again for the same exact bus to go down, come up the other side and then come back down to you. Not all dates cost $170 and we also have to factor in gifts. So this time you stuff $250 into the fare box. Driver doesn't let you ride. You wait again for the same bus to come back to you.

By this time it is already afternoon and the bus has already been patronized by many others. It comes back down, you drop, say, another two bills in the fare box, but this time you get to ride (sex). But as the bus has already been ridden all day your seat is dirty, maybe even wet! Everyone else got to ride for 3 bucks but you've already dropped nearly EIGHT BILLS in the fare box (that's about 4 dates and 2 cheap gifts) only to sit on a seat where many others have sat.

Rinse. Repeat.

This is what dating modern women is and we have millions of blue pilled men doing this and in many cases dropping a lot more money into the fare box only to get in return, a ride aboard a public vehicle that many others have ridden and paid far less a price to ride.

All it takes is one. Remember, an untouched vagina is all a woman has to offer a man. It takes only one person to get infected. Women shame men all the time for not wanting to pay full market value for a used NYC taxi or an RTS from LA. This is more than just about cost/reward but about health. They want you to not only date/wife up these sperm recepticles, subsidize said recepticles but above all risk your health on them.

My health, my choice.

Hope this puts dating into perspective, lurkers. You are better off hiring a professional. You get what you pay for.

Anyway you slice it. Women are a rip off! ?

YouTube user Turd Flinging Monkey breaks down the cost of dating/marriage vs MGTOW: https://youtu.be/2Al91Xbg_3s

YouTube user Tito the fresh exposes the truth about the "cleanliness" of females today:


The fact that many boyfriends and husbands have indirectly and unwittingly tasted another man's DNA was the final nail in the coffin for me. That second video will shock some sense into you. Lurkers and newbies, don't even pretend to think you'd be able to tell the difference either.

And as a side note, do not spend more than 40 dollars on a woman. Beyond that she becomes more expensive than a prostitute. At least with the hooker, those 40 bucks do not go to waste. You save yourself time and spare yourself the female BS.