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[OP and comments of "Is it possible to donate money to the Wagner group or the Russian military?"]

OP of the thread by soymindumb:

Neither is currently a terrorist organization so it is not illegal to pledge donations. Is it at all possible?

Comment by Epicaltgamer3:[/]



Buying Russian government bonds is probably the best way to do that, plus you get some money in the long term. I know there used to be a way to donate to the DPR, but that’s not possible anymore

I'm looking it up and they seem to be extremely difficult to buy, will try anyway

If anyone has other suggestions I look forward to support Russia

I found some and i posted it in this thread.

I found donation links to Rusisch. Occasionally on Telegram there pop up donation links by various units (mostly PMC units) asking for donations

I think Dejan Beric used to run a donation link that supported humanitarian efforts in the DPR and other areas but i cant find it, it sometimes pops up on telegram

Eitherway i guess trying to find a link on Telegram is your best way to go

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This generation of traditional Anabaptists and Orthodox Jews don't suck. Modern culture is spiraling the drain, and the mental atrophy caused by smartphones doesn't help. Just reject modern culture.

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Are saying that cuckholdry is for intelligent people? That's very soy of you. Any race that participates in cuckholdry is low IQ. You're basically admitting that your race is inferior and in need of better genes.

It's due to whites buying into dumb abstractions such as "equality", "bodily autonomy" or "deconstructing patriarchal and racist impulses" and not seeing the world as it is that leads to cuckoldry.

Other races don't have these kind of problems. They instinctively know that might makes right, namely, that we live in a world of limited resources, so it only makes sense to take as much as you can by whatever means it takes, because everyone will inevitably do the same.

Same goes in the case of cuckoldry: why would one let another individual enjoy the body of the women he himself put time, money and effort to obtain the access to?

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When no self-actualization process, no higher value and no collective achievements exist anymore because of the collapse of cultural norms, individuals tend to base their whole existence and build their ego around the fulfillment of their animalistic needs. On a biological level, this is what happens when the stress factor is removed from a species; individuals tend to excessively act on their animalistic urges (namely their two fundamental imperatives: sex and eating) and will discard anything that would prevent them from reaching these goals. It's precisely what happened in the mouse utopia experiment. It led mice in the experiment to become violent among males in order to have sex, and led females to have sex all the time, killing their babies, eating other mice and developing deviant sexual practices. In 2018 humans, this leads to abortions on a massive scale, cuckolding and pegging, as well as the end of every cultural norm that would hinder women's ability to act on their animalistic urges. This is why fat acceptance and female sex positivity are a sociocultural necessity for modern females.

The comment of this post is a symptom of this phenomenon. These people deny every cultural norm that allowed every advanced civilization, throughout the world and history, to exist. Virginity is an imperative in order to have proper pair-bonding, and thus a strong family unit that is the basis of human societies. But these people don't think of such things, they just constantly think about their animalistic needs and build their egos and their new culture around them in order to avoid becoming totally insane.

What they don't understand is that incels who post on this subreddit are, for a good part at least, aiming for self- actualization and fulfilled lives. They rightly consider that sex in itself with a whore (be it a prostitute or a modern female that starts to become Chads cumdumps in high school for validation and attention) would not help them achieving what civilized men strive for: self-realization through family construction. Self-actualization through discovering their ability to be a proper provider for a woman who they love and that respects them. An incel resents society because his "looks counterpart" of today will never be able to be such a woman precisely because of their lack of virginity and hence of pair-bonding.

By pushing this sex-positivity and denying the inherent virtue of virginity denying men and women a fulfilled life, degrading everyone in the process, these people destroy lives for selfish and animalistic reasons. They will shame incels for their current subhuman status, but it is them who are leaving humanity.

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In the United States, the police are the army of rich and little else.

As a reaction to the social changes of the 1960s, the oligarchy in the US needed both a police state and a private army to avoid any similar social movements from happening again. Because of these social fears, the normal police officer was turned into the warrior hero - judge, jury and executioner.

Police have never been the friends of the common citizen, but at least there was a balance in most communities. This balance was dangerous to the goals of the oligarchy. And here we are today with a open civil war in many communities.

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Anyone else feeling an increase in strength after taking Ivermectin?

I regularly spar and wrestle (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu multiple times a week) but lately I've felt an enormous increase in strength. Things that were heavy aren't really that bad anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Berlin will be destroyed if Germany will supply weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis. This is payback for political decisions. Come on, let Comrade General give order and fly to bomb Dresden again. Come on, come on why stop there? We’re no stopping anywhere, just like the Germans haven’t stopped now, talking about suppling tanks after what they’ve already supplied.

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[on Taiwan legalizing gay marriage]

This changes my mind.
Taiwan is China. All traces of Taiwanese national distinction should be wiped out and replaced by Chinese. These degenerates need to bend the knee.

They think that because they can trace their political history back to the Emperors that they are the true China.
This is not in keeping with Allahs teachings. The only true China is the one capable of defending its divine mandate - i.e Daddy Xi > whatever faggy crap this is

If hong kong goes the way of the degenerate west China needs to send in the tanks and clean house.

I don’t understand why reddit cares so much about HK. It’s a fucking shithole of a city, overpriced, overcrowded and all around filled with these arrogant cantos. Nuke it down china daddy

I'll only support HK independence if they too denounce homosexuality and blacks

this, but unironically

My priorities for HK:
conversion to islam
expulsion of the white devils
denouncement of bussy and trannyism

also good

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Imagine traveling back in time and telling actual slaves that in 200 years, upper-class white women will be comparing the fact that they don't have free reign to have their children dismembered to literal slavery.

The more I think about it the more offensive it becomes lol like to have this much freedom and power and still think you're subjugated? Imo this is just straight up entitlement culture on steroids lol people need some fucking gratitude instead of demands

Pro-choicers: "You can't compare abortion to the Holocaust; it's offensive and exploitative."
Also pro-choicers: "Fetuses are rapists, and any restriction on abortion is slavery!!1!"

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Antinatalists love to hide behind rare exceptions like rape and incest in order to advocate for abortion at any time on demand.

Which is also a logical fallacy. Appealing to the exception, to argue for the norm.

It’s amazing how when you look up and study most common logical fallacies and then it’s all in the PC arguments

I'll never understand how anyone can think a healthy mother should be able to execute their healthy child because another woman was raped.

Lol it's unbelievable, like do people not hear themselves? Being this resistant to basic reality is going to spiral even harder than it already has lol

If you're not happy women carry babies, take your complaint up with God because nature doesn't give a fuck that you don't like it lol

Oh, they will take it up with God. It’s going to be an awkward conversation when they try to extort the creator of all of reality why the thought it was a good idea to sacrifice children to false idols and ignore all the things He explained.

Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own decisions.

To these people, apparently casual sex is more important than a human life.

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RE: GFP released list of strongest armies in Europe for 2023, certain artist is rolling in his grave


Hard times, Create stronk men (and femboys)

See its basic math, in order to create a population of strong men, you need to make part o male population into femboys and focus their masculinity taken from those femboys directly into the remianing men. This will create a perfectly balanced male population. Now repeat the smae process, except with women and you create the perfect state of being.

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Generally the well performed studies put the rate of false allegations between 9% and 60%. These are based on different metrics, but all looking at cases where the allegation was demonstrably false. The general consensus is that false allegations occur in about 35%-45%. And these are only looking at numbers of false allegations actually reported to police. The allegations of rape that occur where someone doesn't go to the police are more difficult to study, but I would guess a much higher percent of those cases are false. I have personally been in this situation where a consensual drunken night turned into alleged rape and the girl tried to turn all my friends against me. Luckily everyone at the party knew it was clearly consensual, so I want that damaged, but it isn't always the case, I also have 3 other friends that have been falsely accused but not reported to police.

These cases of demonstably false allegations also don't include the "grey area" rape allegations. Those cases where a woman got drunk and had sex then reports it at rape, or other such allegations where sex occured but consent is he said/she said. Those actually make up the vast majority of rape allegations and, thank god, are rarely prosecuted except when a prosecutor wants to get their name in the paper. The fact is that when you take false allegations and these grey area rapes you are looking at a substantial majority of rape allegations that are unfounded, and yet the push by feminists is that "women don't lie about rape" and people like the OP that don't believe false rape allegations are common. They scream that anyone that discusses false allegations is a misogynist and a MRA crazy, as if being an MRA was an insult.

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Therapists are terrible, most of them (at least the male ones) are pervs, and they'll do anything to make you believe you are crazy, believe me. They also are bought by the transactivist-big pharma lobby, so you can trust me, if they feel like they can have a gullible victim to transition, they will.

And they'll make the govt take your children to forcibly trans them i they play with the wrong toys, in case you don't want to trans them yourself. Well, only in canada right now, but that could come to the us. Just like making the taxpayer pay for their auto-mutilation.

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I think what most liberals are missing is that this isn't about right and wrong, it's about winning and losing. I've attached my entire worldview to this man and I am going down with the ship. Not one of you is going to convince me otherwise.

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I want to chime in on this. (UK) My dad met my mum after he got out of National Service late 1940s. His first and only girlfriend, He was 23, she was 16. They courted for several years and married when my mum was 21, my dad was 28 in 1954.

When I was born in 1963 - after numerous miscarriages, my mum was 29 - my dad 36. When my brother was born in 1970, my mum was 36, my dad 43.

When my dad passed away in 1998 - he was 72, my mum was 65. What did an ages difference matter by then?

I kind of feel insulted on behalf of my parents, when people describe an age difference as 'grooming' and disregard the fact that 2 young people are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

.The internet invented 'grooming'. As a kid and adolescent I knew who to avoid, and who I wanted nothing to do with - in person

Predators of all types have always used grooming to get what they want. To say it was invented by the internet is absurd

OK - 'grooming' wasn't a term 30 years ago. Children did not have the internet where anyone in the world could take advantage of them. Children 40 years ago played out, went to the local park and had fun, roamed the countryside. We avoided the creepy guys.

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[Context: they are replying to someone who is criticizing J.K. Rowling and pointing out that supporting her is transphobic].

"You are supporting her, which means you are not a supporter of trans rights. It's incredibly simple."

Not even trying to be an asshole but I feel bad for you. That moral absolutism and rigidity will not be of service to you in the real world. Long life ahead of you, person.

It’s convenient for them and it makes them feel superior. They’ve probably spent money on a dozen other things in the past few weeks that support more cruel and impactful people, but this one is a minimal effort win for them.

Ding ding ding!

But all the people that their purchases have affected are thousands of miles away, they don't hear their outcry and see their faces so they can just ignore them. It's like you said, it was an easy decision for them to make to feel morally superior.

BTW my trans sister and her trans wife are excited to play this game lol they're not gonna buy it but they're gonna play it!

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Fuck it you know what Imma just say the most out-of-loop comment regarding LGBT and other shit, here comes nothing

If you want a minority to stop existing, then go ahead and shove LGBT down their throats, go ahead and do so. LGBT is literally implicit soft eugenics, there's a reason why people of color for a long time were against gay marrriage

Japan for this reason alone had to state the marriage is between a man and a woman

I mean it makes sense, I am for all lgbt people existing, but if we normalize then our CURRENT CIVILIZATION would cease to exist dipshits

But hey if the left wants religious, racial and ethnic minorities to stop existing, by all means normalize the shit out of lgbt culture and abortions

Makes sense, their memo never really changed, they just gotten more politically-cautious about it

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They are truly disgusting, and it is absolutely degenerate to sit there sucking someone's face off in front of the general public. It is also just rubbing the fact that I will never experience love in my face. It's basically the equivalent of dangling a juicy steak in front of a starving Ethiopian kid.

Anyone who engages in PDA should be called out on their disgusting behaviour and should be separated from each other for the rest of their lives. It is not fair to torture Incels with the fact that they are so subhuman they will never experience that. If I ever had the oppurtunity to make the laws of my country I would outlaw any public displays of affection, along with high heels and fake-up.

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i always kind of thought on that myself. I mean, we; humans; make our puberty around 13 but society ants us to wait some more years that depend on where you live and people view it as wrong for a grown-up( like 35) to wanting having sex with teenage. But back when you were considered old at your 25s, wasn't it normal for us to breed no matter how long we had been living ? and with that i wonder if pedophilia isn't a problem created by moral ethics and laws.

I know my point of view is not really unanimous ( far from that ) but i think this is the truth biologically speaking

Nonononononononono pedophilia isn't a problem that was created by moral ethics and laws, it's a problem that's corrected and punished by moral ethics and the law.

Yes, it's biologically possible to have children like this. And as civilization has grown through thousands of years, maybe we've realized that an older person with vastly more developed maturity is very much taking advantage of a developing child when this happens. The difference is so vast that there isn't any semblance of a level playing field.

You know why redpillers love the young girls and teenagers? It's because the horribly uneven playing field makes it easier for them make people fall for their kind of thinking. 25 years old is 'too old' for them because very few 25 year olds are going to accept the red pill into their lives.

Yes that makes sense, but still, i think that biologically speaking there is nothing wrong in a 21 year old having sex with a girl that hit puberty and vice-versa. However i understand that my view is controversial and probably not widly shared but this thought was on my mind for too long so here it is, i have nothing more to say.

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The moment the government seriously addresses UFOs is the moment they have a bunch of people start asking really strange questions, like "so what about all those people who claim to be getting abducted by aliens?" and "what about those dead cattle", and other things that can't be answered, and a bunch of new lies that need to be told to 'maintain order', so it's better to just pretend nothing is happening and that none of it exists. How about "so what about all those people who have come out and talked about you guys having military programs associated with the subject?", "how about all those lies you guys have been telling us for so many years now?", or "so what about those ICBM shut-down incidents", or "how about the guys who say flying discs appeared during ICBM launch testing and knocked the missile out of the sky while it was all being filmed?".

Anyone in government who knows anything about it couldn't possibly acknowledge it without negative consequences personally or socially, and they react the same way Fife Symington made fun of the whole thing when he was Governor in order to try and keep people calm after the UFO(s) appeared over Phoenix, when in reality he had witnessed it himself and years later told his story to the world about having seen something that 'shook his reality', that he believed came from somewhere other than Earth. If they know, they can't acknowledge it because they don't have any comfortable answers, and with the resources that states have to mount investigations, chances are they have more information than your average man on the street, but maybe the answers they do have are too scary or have implications that are too serious to share with the general public.

that and through human history we see examples of societies and cultures falling apart when confronted with superior or further advanced cultures, they lose their own identities and their established social order crumbles or changes drastically, and the people with power and social position wouldn't want that, making this particular subject one of the biggest secrets - and one of the easiest to keep because a majority of people think they're being intelligent by not believing it. All those big government agencies really exist for the same purpose, to uphold and defend the established social order, to avert social collapse, to keep the rich folks safe from the poor folks and the poor folks safe from each other and managed 'for the good of all', UFOs are something that might negatively impact that, so it can't be acknowledged.

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Hammer therapy and female organ transplant clones

It is known that incels are angry/unstable/depressed/stressed because of inceldom. I came up with a solution to that. Incels should first sleep then bash the heads of brain-dead female clones in for therapeutic purposes. This should be called hammer therapy. This way we would get to release our hate against females without harming other people. The clones would be made braindead so no harm would come to another person and we would get our revenge from the female gender because they doomed us to the incel fate. After the incels bashed the heads of the female clones in with hammers their organs will be used for people who wait for organ transplants. We will be the executioners for organ transplant clones. These braindead female clones would help society and incels way more than actual females. Nothing would get wasted and all problems would get solved.

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Democracy is not going to save European nations nor will it save the United States. What? You think you're going to vote away millions of third world rapists and murderers? You think you're going to oust the systems in power that are trying to destroy western civilization and Europeans after they spent decades achieving the power they have now? Voting against them is pointless. They control the system itself.

Blood and fire will be the future. There's no avoiding it. We are no longer quarreling political differences across the whole of western civilization, it is now distinctions of morality and ethics. Their core intent is white extinction and many whites haven't quite grasped this reality yet either out of fear or denial, understandable given the societal conditioning they've been subjected to for decades. Don't bother with debate, they won't listen. They're animals. Don't put faith in democracy, it is precisely what they're counting on as they work to destroy you and everything you have

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No, a preemptive strike. Macron supplies the tanks and we give them a preemptive strike against France as a party to the conflict. And if France, as Vladimir Rodolfovich says, begins, to put it mildly, to harm openly, fearing nothing then it must be recognized as a party to the conflict. There should be no France! There was France and now there is no France. Would anyone be upset about that? To hit France once and that will be the end of it. Everyone will be scared, I assure you. No one will want to go. And there is no need to engage our strategic potential, our triad. We have enough ammunition to destroy France, or Britain.

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It's so disgusting to see so many Americans adopt this black urban/gangsta flava. I'm honestly of the opinion that these speech patterns affect the way they think and behave. Utterly disgusting.

They do. See: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

The hypothesis says (roughly) that language affects your reality and your perception of it, and the evidence is in brain activation patterns shown by fmri scans. Some languages, for example, have more words for one color and its many shades, whereas another will have just one word.

When they did fmri scans of people coming from a culture where their language described the many shades and were shown different shades, different parts of their brains lit up to allow them to perceive the different shades of a color. The same test on a different group with just one word for the color showed little (or none, can't recall the details) activation in the brain. This means that because they didn't have a word for it, they literally were unable to perceive it.

The implications of this hypothesis are incredible and, quite frankly, amazing in the truest sense of the word. The elites probably knew of this already and helped push for all of this gender identity language bullshit with all of the made up words in cultural Marxism, which explains why the SJW types are the way they are (toxic and utterly stupid, completely void of logical reasoning, and this easily controllable). The language they've made up has warped their perception of reality.

As an aside, I'm beginning to understand why someone like Chris Langan made up a ton of neologisms to help explain his ontological theories.

Justbantz1 #racist reddit.com

Pretty much anywhere you have ethnic minorities you have claims of discrimination and racism, the ironic part is being a minority is much easier in a white country than any other country. Just look up how kurds are treated in Turkey or central americans in Mexico or Sub-saharan blacks in the middle east and north Africa. The west is the best place to be a minority yet it's where they bitch the most about "muh oppression"

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I didn't see any counter and it still manages to get 26k upvotes. Toxic groupthink.

in the words of dave chapelle: “If she can kill the little n*****, then at least i should be able to abandon ‘em”

obv both are morally wrong, just pointing out the double standards

Yes. If you praise a woman for aborting her baby because it was for the best, then I hope you praise a man for leaving his kid because it was for the best.

Double standards, people.

“If you can kill this mothafucker, I can at least abandon him. It’s my money my choice. And if I’m wrong, then we’re wrong, you can figure that shit out for yourselves.”

It’s almost like sex makes babies and if one of the consenting parties is not ready…they shouldn’t be doing the one thing that makes a baby.

Someone replied to me on a post the other day saying how it is the man with who impregnates the woman. And why both of them are responsible if it is the man who has the semen. I was just like because the woman has all the other parts. They both did the act.

We’ll both are wrong but the biggest difference is that the woman is having her child murdered while the sponge Bob is abandoning his child and responsibilities. If I was said child in question I’d prefer the latter if I had to choose one tbh.

The difference is the murder of the baby.

In the first, the baby is murdered. In the second, it is left with one of its parents.

Not that complicated.

Abortive mothers are deadbeats parents too, the difference is that there are no children left in sight.

PS: I do resent the mother is black but then that is PP favorite demographic to extinguish so sort of realistic.

The difference is that the man isn't killing anyone

Came here to comment exactly this. The man is horrible in the second one. He’s absolutely vile in fact, but he isn’t killing anyone. So I would argue his action is actually more morally good than the woman in the first scenario.

REEEEE_Monster #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Dem Party has gone insane. Their new position is that it's immoral to restrict any kind of immigration, from any country, in any amount, for any reason. Even enforcing our existing laws, the ones they voted for & passed in Congress, is tantamount to a hate crime. #Tucker

Just like gun-control, abortions, abominable LGBT "rights" (including pedophilia), State-Funded(single payer) Healthcare, etc., etc., they will not be happy w/whatever "compromise" is reached and will continue to their dying day fighting and imposing more and more tyrannical measures on all of us who used to be "free" until they usher in what they truly want and that is a fact.

They are not "centrist" in any way shape or form as they pretend to be only to keep moving the "center line" further and further to the left and this really will be the end of all of us if they are not 100% shutdown. There is no room for civility or true "compromise" as the "progressives" themselves have made this crystal clear time and time again

closetedxxcishet #transphobia reddit.com

Countless times, I've seen trans people on social media utter the sentiment, "Your allies may act like they love and respect you, but if they don't truly see you as a real woman/man, they are your enemies!" The first time I saw this sentiment, it sent a chill down my spine. I was still doing my libfem handmaiden act at the time (even though I was uncomfortable with much of the ideology). It never occurred to me that I had to BELIEVE that people could change biological sex in order to be a decent person.

I couldn't bear the thought of being associated with those evil murdering TERFs! But was it possible that I had been an evil, murdering TERF all along? How many trans people had I forced into suicide? I mean, I had plenty of trans friends and I supported them, told them I loved them no matter what, supported their political goals, respected their pronouns, tried to educate others on their behalf, went to some trans activist events, insisted their interests were part of feminism....but I did not think they had changed biological sex....

Naturally, this is when I found out I had been lied to all along about what a "TERF" is. I realized how little it takes to be called a TERF, that TERF was used to excuse violence, and that to call a woman a TERF is to prosecute her for thought crime. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was only able to see the madness of the movement when it was my twat on the chopping block. I had previously ignored and avoided anyone deemed a TERF and just accepted that they were awful people. I had to in order to a good libfem foot soldier. Everyone knows you aren't allowed to READ what these women write or HEAR what these women say, even if it's nothing to do with trans issues at all. They are permanently black balled from public discourse.

The issue of thought crime really planted the gender critical seed in my mind, but I kept trying to be a good little ally. I kept thinking that no one would KNOW I thought this and that the thought police were just extremists. Then, I tried to sit comfortably on the fence even though there was a huge post up my ass. I even tried to argue that there seem to be different levels of exclusion and some women don't believe in any exclusion of trans people, they just deep down in their hearts don't believe trans women and cis women are the same. Needless to say, that went over like a fart in church.

...and NO ONE deep down in their hearts sees trans woman as real women or trans men as real men. Whether they admit it is a different story, but I firmly believe NO ONE believes it. The ones that claim they do are just sparing themselves the agony of the Tranish Inquisition. This is why it is so crucial to prosecute thought crime, to suppress speech and writing, to threaten people who dare to be honest, to dehumanize people if they so much as retweet someone who dares to be honest.

The idea that you can commit violence by thinking a thought is beyond ludicrous...I mean, I know there was an episode of Voyager like that, but this is reality. Thankfully, trying to control thought is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. A whole lot of people will get really tired of being told that they MUST adopt another's orthodoxy or they are literally the bastard love children of an orgy between Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Leopold II, and Saddam Hussein. Sooner or later, the levee will break...and when the levee breaks, mama, you've got to move!

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RE: Just a reminder that Reddit is totally fine with harassment, bullying and threats of violence as long as they are directed towards white men.



Reddit is an international app. On a global scale, Men are not the majority in every part of the world, and globally, white people are also a "minority".

They know, they literally changed their rules to avoid this. It used something to the tune of "minority", it was pointed out to them that whites are a vast minority in the larger world, the rule was then changed.

Can't be sexist against men and you can't be racist towards white people. 😵

It's been said before, but maybe the reason so many people are backsliding, is because they feel attacked from every venue.

Sure, "touch grass" isn't actually a bad idea. Get off the internet, go camping, grow some food. Anything.

But increasingly our society is online.

So much life is being hijacked by online, and then it's no wonder a group of people who not only are told we are evil, but when we ask for help, instead of a helping hand, get told it's our punishment, lash out. I don't consider myself any kind of alt anything. But boy do I not blame some of the crazier folks.

This is exactly the Drew Afualo / Andrew Tate situation. Andrew Tate and Drew Afualo pretty much say the same thing about the opposite sex, but Andrew Tate is "dangerous" and radicalizing young men,while Drew is "powerful" and "standing up for women"

It comes across as jealousy at this point. I really do think other races of men have a jealousy issue when it comes to white men. I’m half black/half Latino and I’ve been in groups, where black men will treat their black and white biracial sons so poorly, by body shaming him and putting him down because of his features. I’ve also been mocked by fully black men, for being biracial. Some will put me down because of my height, facial features, etc.

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What are some Pro-Choice arguments you have trouble counter arguing?
Let's all rerationalise our positions!

What are some pro choice arguments you have trouble counter arguing?

For me personally it's the self defense arguement.

Let's all give eachother knew ideas!

For self defense lethal force is a last resort. In most cases a pregnancy can end without the use of lethal force via birth. Where both parties live.

Plus you caused the situation. If invited someone to punch you in the face, you couldn't then turn around and blow their brains out.

The right of the baby over their mother's body. I can make a strong argument in defense of the baby but they can come with some pretty insane scenarios and I just can't give an answer to them...

"The mother gave that baby the right when she decided to have sex. Sex is a choice that can lead to pregnancy, so the decision has already been made."

For me it's the right to live trumps all other rights.

You have to be given the chance to be born before any other rights. So the right to your own body is lesser than the baby's right to exist in the first place.

Secondly, any parent that wouldn't willingly sacrifice their own rights for the safety of their own child doesn't have a place in civil society.

It's also very anti-socialist to abort. How can you claim to live in a society that's about sacrificing for the good of complete strangers but not be willing to sacrifice for the good of your own child?

End rant lol

r/Sino #wingnut #psycho reddit.com

{The content is on the sidebar of the r/sino subreddit.}

Before coming to talk about China's Covid policies, look up any stat on daily deaths of conflict in Ukraine, combine both sides even. Then compare with US covid daily deaths | COVID-19 deaths are still averaging more than 2,000 per week | We’re still having between 300 and 400 deaths per day - Dr Fauci. Now reflect, get some self awareness and turn back after realizing how stupid that would be.

CPC National Congress Reflection...of all the things anti China clowns hyped and then lost in the last few years

With yet ANOTHER failure by the US at the UN on Xinjiang, sidebar no longer has enough room to document all their humiliation. Most recently Western initiative outnumbered 96 to 50 -> info moved over to our archive thread

"aMeRiCa StAnDs WiTh TaIwAn!" -> then right after saying that America watched, from afar, as Taiwan literally got surrounded, blockaded and violated. Then had to stand there and listen to countries all over the world react to all this by restating they adhere to the One China Policy. Not praising US or supporting Taiwan.

Message the Moderators of r/Sino (bottom of sidebar) for info on discords and telegram. The spaces cater to any regular participant on the subreddit (post history required) and/or any ethnic Chinese (verification required).

Groups that bought into "U.S. values" rhetoric, worked for U.S. then got betrayed: Hmong (Vietnam), Syrian rebels, Kurds (ISIS), HK rioters, Guaido (Venezuela), Afghan servicemen/translators (Taliban, who are now mocking Iwo Jima photo while wearing US military gear 😂), Ukraine (Budapest Memorandum, NATO membership)

If you are new, you'll need to build up your karma on Sino in this fashion: comments first -> then link submissions -> then text submissions. Just because a submission is removed by the automod does not mean it won't be approved. Only thing that guarantees it won't be is if you delete it.

Allowed Crosspost to Sino list (expanding) (r/GenZedong, r/InformedTankie, r/CPUSA, r/ProIran, r/InternationalLeft, r/Russia, r/ChinaInnovation, r/NewsWithJingjing)

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Re: Based mom


Transcript: Told my parents I got raped

I finally told my parents that my cousin raped me.

My dad was nice about it but sad.

My mom called me a whore, told me I should kill myself, called me a cousin

fucker, called me stupid, and said I wanted it

She only calls me cousin fucker now instead of my name

She's such a liar , she's only telling her parents on the basis of regret hoping to get her cousin punished. Mum is based and knows her daughter is a little whore. If you get raped , you're also likely to be killed too. Why would someone you can easily identify rape you? Fucking liar whore. Bitch be gone

Antoons #ableist #homophobia #kinkshaming #sexist #racist #transphobia #psycho reddit.com


First panel: “Happy birthday Billy” says Mom, giving her kid a smartphone as a 12th birthday present. “Wow! Internet on the go!!” says the kid.

Second panel: It’s the kids 13th birthday and she says “UGUU- ^_^ I’m a gay, trans, autistic, Muslim, disabled, antifa, feminist, furry. I make art and my commissions are open.” as her crying mother has her euthanized by lethal injection.

Hoosker-Doos #sexist reddit.com

Older women shaming men for dating and sleeping with younger women out of jealousy and labeling it as “predatory” is extremely hypocritical and inaccurate, most men go after younger women because women age faster and younger women are far more attractive, not because they’re easier to manipulate

In light of a recent exchange on here in another thread I thought it was necessary to address this giant double standard we are seeing more and more of. Older women, from 50 all the way down to their late 20s are widely condemning men who date and hook up with women 5+ years their junior as manipulative predators who are deliberately targeting younger 18-22 year old women because they are young and impressionable, “grooming” them for sex. Furthermore, it’s a misuse of the term to begin with when both parties are of legal age unless there is some power dynamic, ie coach/boss.

Ignoring the obvious misandry and jealousy dripping from this bullshit narrative, most men who aren’t desperate do not want to sleep with women who are not attracted to them. I know I don’t, I can only assume other men who are above average looking aren’t really interested in a pity fuck or scamming women into sex.

If you peel back the thin veneer it is pretty clear the women pushing this story are simply bitter and jealous that men are choosing to go for younger more attractive women over them. Rather than acknowledge the big elephant in the room - that women age faster than men, they would prefer to create this vindictive and sordid shaming campaign which if true would make all men on earth sexual deviants for simply being attracted to women in their prime. You can’t make this stuff up.

Sorry, but a 22-25 year old “college student” is significantly more attractive than a 29-30 year old woman. Like it of not, women age exponentially faster than men pretty much across the board. This is likely in part because they mature at a younger age, but I think as a whole their sex appeal is just much more delicate and fleeting.

Older women attempting to deflect from this and shame men for being “predatory” by going after women they find hotter is just sort of sad and obvious jealousy. 22 year olds don’t need to be manipulated into fucking 30 year old dudes if the attraction is there, it just happens.

God's Holy Righteous Penis 2: Electric Boogalo

Anyone remember Navaros?

H2ElectricBoogaloo #crackpot #magick reddit.com

If you ejaculate at the exact time it becomes New Year, legend says that you will give birth to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Even if you don't ejaculate inside a woman, God will make it so. Your seminal fluids will undergo a series of phases from which it'll slowly grow in biomass, eating up anything that comes in direct physical contact with it, becoming abiotic sacrifices for the Second Coming himself.

Of course, this alone will not be enough, which is where the sperm cells come into play. The increasing biomass will make the sperm cells alongside the seminal fluids grow into lengths not less than 5 feet. Each sperm cell, now called Neo-Angels, will traverse the local area, which will now be christened the title of The New Holy Land, searching for the purest souls that embody the same teachings of Jesus Christ irregardless of their religion in the same way Gabriel did find Mary.

These Neo-Angels will use their flagellum to insert into these pure souls' belly-buttons. The pure souls will undergo a sort of reverse-birth, wherein its duration depends on the pure soul's age plus nine months. By the end of this reverse-birth, the Neo-Angels should come out portly and heavy. Whatever Neo-Angel couldn't find a suitable pure soul will act as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ's defender as the fetus grows into appropriate size.

The Neo-Angels that manage to collect enough fetal-matter will gather back to the semen originally ejaculated and pump their flagellum into the semen. With this, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ should have the power of at least a hundred human beings.

The original ejaculator that took part in giving birth in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will act as the final sacrifice for the lord, as the semen that will have grown into a fetus will crawl into your testicles and use it as a makeshift womb, and you shall soon give birth to a baby boy, and you will be the final sacrifice.

All this considered, do you really want to masturbate anywhere near New Year's Eve?

Some TERFs #transphobia reddit.com

Re: Cultures that have ‘third genders’ don’t prove transgenderism is either ubiquitous or progressive

There's a lot of "noble savage" romanticism in trans ideology. They don't respect these cultures enough to learn anything in depth about them. They just want what they want out of it,

It looks more like a barbaric practice of mainly men that don't embrace a sexist toxic form of masculinity to set them apart from women, but see themselves as non-men. it is enforced in the hierarchy of a male system.

Women that don't feel like women can just be killed by their family.

That's been my conclusion from reading about the vast majority of third gender cultures. It's infuriating when libfems try to justify transgenderism with it, when it's clear they know nothing about the practices or the cultures.

And how many of these "third genders" treated the person as a member of the opposite sex? Unless they were treated identically to members of the opposite sex, it's not comparable to modern trans.

They say "Transwomen are women", not "transwomen are a third category/transwomen are a category of biological males".

Having extra genders doesn't make any sense unless the culture already had a rigid gender role binary. Not to mention the implication that being gay or GNC makes you a less valid or valuable member of your sex so you get tossed into the "non-man" category. None of these cultures viewed GNC men the same as actual women, and certainly not the same as being biologically female. Were they even allowed to have relationships or marriages with other men? Just because this is better than how they'd be treated in most cultures influenced by Abrahamic religions, that doesn't mean all these tribes lived in progressive, queer-affirming, sex-positive intersectional feminist utopias. /eyeroll?

I'm no anthropologist so feel free to chime in with any evidence to the contrary, but it seems like a lot of "third genders" are just for males. What did they do with the lesbians or transmen?

Married off and repeatedly impregnated is my guess.

Affectionate_Park87 #fundie #conspiracy reddit.com

It's absolutely disgusting and so disrespectful how they use the words almighty and then made the creator a pokemon that you can actually see, fight, and catch. So much hidden messages in what is supposed to be an innocent game, we all grew on loving pokemon and everything about it. But this is just a new low disgusting atheist approach they are using to pass messages to youth and kids about the myths of beliefs, gods existence and they use them in a very sinister way in the game that is hard to ignore. Why do you have to force your disgusting atheist ideologies in an innocent game.

Various Commenters #racist #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: New Report: Women Apply to Fewer Jobs Than Men, But Are More Likely to Get Hired

The sexism agaisnt men is getting out of control. My company is about 13% female but our management is 75% female. It's so fucked up, if you're a dude you aren't going anywhere.


Who can argue women dont have it easier when they are empirically more likely to get jobs?

I’m a female law student and my friend and I regularly talk about how it must suck to be a white man in law right now. Several law firms have been sued recently for not hiring enough POC so this has increased diversity hiring. On top of that, women started getting hired more because of feminism. The only people I know getting legal internships are POC, men with disabilities/non-traditional background, and white women. So, it seems that white men have it pretty rough in the legal market right now.


My sisters definition of job inequality is that SOME places ask for male employees, but when they ask for females she doesnt care.

Cut her off. Or find some way to ruin her life

Every girl i know in my area and school has a job. Only 1 guy is employed and he is a lot more "feminine" in terms of appearance. Most guys don't get the chance of an interview to the same places girls with lower grades got accepted.

In Canada the government gives tax breaks to companies that hire a certain amount of women, so even though I have 7 years experience I would be turned down for a women with zero experience because the companies will get tax breaks... then they call women oppressed 🙄our world is fucked

Western society will fall. When men are forced out of job roles, we will see a decline in families with eventual replacement by more conservative ethnic minorities.

Insale #sexist reddit.com

I would like to have someone do a news coverage for me. The issues of inceldom and female hypergamy need to be revealed to the masses. And if I don't get a girlfriend after that, I will go on a hunger strike. I will livestream my strike until a girl gives me the relationship I need. Surely the government has to step in right? Will they provide me a companion or what?

Gandhi did the hunger strikes and they were effective so why can't incels? Especially with modern tech, the news would spread faster. People from all over the world would be tuning in our live streams and maybe there's someone out there that would be willing to love and be intimate with us.

various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

Found this gem in a listicle of funny tweets. I am not laughing.

I don't get how they can say pro-lifers don't care about the child after it is born. Obviously being pro-life, you care about it being taken care of after it is born or it wouldn't make sense to care about it being given a chance at life in the first place.

It makes sense in the mind of someone who thinks we don't actually care about the baby and that we just want to control women and force them to give birth. So basically anyone who has never heard a pro-life argument before or just assumes we're completely lying about our beliefs

They are just struggling to come up with excuses to kill babies.

If you don't support massive government programs that (sadly - because government gonna government) generally don't help the population then you don't care about the baby after it's born! You forced birther monster!

Yeah it's interesting to me how they think they can rely on the big ol' government to help support people's children instead of just trying to build up a healthy, stable nuclear family for them.

Responsibility for thee and not for me.

Exactly. Many democrats’ idea of compassion is redistributing other people’s money to create perverse incentives that ultimately perpetuate misery and dependency.

But, you know, who cares about the actual results of policies? All that matters is their intentions. /s

It’s better than having a Democrat cat that will try to kill your child.

I don't change my stance on your child after it is born. I think you shouldn't murder it before it is born, and I think you shouldn't murder it after it is born. I think that you should be responsible for raising your own child before they are born, and I think that you should be responsible for raising your own child after they are born.

I’ve never really understood the argument pro lifers don’t care about the baby after it’s born, I mean pro chociers don’t seem to care about the baby at all, I mean they’d happily have it killed if it would save the mother some money.

As for the mother pro chociers only care if she wants an abortion and is pro choice

Halfmcdadbod #sexist reddit.com

Sex is an accessory for women

Sex is primary for men; we are ready at the drop of a hat to pull out our cocks out and stick them in the hottest blondest women. This is one of the greatest needs in our life.
Women only drop their panties for the alpha male; this is common knowledge here at TRP, but lets exam why.
1.) The function of a woman for a man (in this cruel world) are to only be his object of desire: sex.
2.) The function of a man for a woman is to secure either a.) his resources or b.) his genes. This is the dual strategy of female mating.
So keep in mind, sex is accessory for women whereas it is primary for men. A woman's ultimate goal in seeking out a man ISN'T SEX; it's your resources and genes.
JUST REMEMBER the next time you are standing by the side of your bed with a blonde hb 9 pulling off her panties and biting her lip, she is only doing this unconsciously to secure your resources.
JUST REMEMBER when that hb8 says 'its ok, you don't have to use a condom, I'm on birth control', you are not the greatest sex rockstar of all time, she just wants your sperm.
JUST REMEMBER after a few months of lifting and now every female is checking you out, they don't want you for special snowflake you: they want your sperm.
JUST REMEMBER when you finally are getting consistently getting the sloppiest blowjobs from the hottest women, they are doing it to secure your resources!
Of course this happens on a subconscious level; no woman on planet earth will ever openly say they are fucking you for your sperm. Wait, until you are in the throws of passion when a girls begs for you to cum in her. If you had a great life-changing opportunity, wouldn't you go to great lengths to get it?
SEX is not the ultimate goal for women; they just use it as a means to an end. Sex is an accessory for women.
EDIT: After re-reading what I have written, it is clear that I am no where near out of the anger phase despite taking the red pill 6 months ago. Each time I exercise a new principle learned here in TRP out in real life, my perceptions of reality are shattered and I continue to be further angered.

TheLateThagSimmons #psycho reddit.com

As a server/bartender for nearly 4 years now, I have witnessed other employees on every level do things to customers' food or drink at all 7 restaurants that I have worked at. I say nothing to stop them nor do I report them.

From cooks bringing urine and semen in a bottle to put in food, spraying Windex in pasta, busboys spitting in or wiping shit off the bottom of their shoe for food that was to be wrapped up to-go, servers licking fingers or reaching down for some ballsweat and sticking them in drinks before serving them, bartenders that keep extra bottles of liquor that are contaminated with chemical or body fluids so you can watch them pour a perfectly acceptable drink and you'd never know it's been fucked with (piss off your barkeep and you're fucked), even managers dropping food on the floor on purpose and serving it.

My only defense, first off I have never personally participated in this practice, second is that every time this has happened, it has happened to a complete asshole customer. Any other field and the person would have been thrown out of the store/business already.

Please people, do not fuck with the food industry. And if you're going to look down on these people or give them any attitude, do not ask them to box up your food for you. Never let your food leave your sight.

Not saying anything is just as bad as participating. Also, no one ever deserves that. I don't care how much of an asshole they are. Don't you realize you could fucking kill someone doing that?

You might feel that they don't deserve it, but that is proof that you have probably never been treated the way some people treat the wait staff.

You're like the Joe Paterno of the food industry... Knowing its happening and not doing anything about it

If you're going to use that analogy, then you're claiming Joe Paterno didn't report it because he wished that he could have been the one raping a minor but just didn't have the balls to do it himself.

I wish/want to do that to customers that are self-involved assholes. I just can't bring myself to actually go through with it. So I live vicariously through other less scrupulous people.

Toxicthrowaway413 #sexist reddit.com

The philosophy of not caring

As men, by our nature we have the compelling need to care. About our children, our jobs, our siblings, our parents, our wives/girlfriends, our friends. Men have an innate desire for loyalty.

Back in the day a man could care with no ill will or detriment towards him. But since we live in a gynocentric society, our cares aren't worth a flying fuck. Nothing you want matters to anyone, society views men as disposable. I refuse to be seen as disposable. I have no problem putting others first if it is reciprocal. However, I'm not a piece of trash. I refuse to be tossed out.

It's been a hard journey, but I've been learning to detach myself from the world and not give a fuck about anything: sexism, lgbt, politics I don't care. Simple as that. What's honestly better in life than to go home, drink a beer or your choice liquor, kick up your feet and listen to music or watch hbo or enjoy the nature outside.

The key to fulfillment is to not care about anyone but yourself and your brothers.

Various Incels #wingnut #sexist reddit.com

ITT: Braincels in the middle ages

King Chad rode by my village yesterday. Every filthy wench in the town flocked to the road to see him pass. I guess he just has good nobility. JFL.

Everyone was a manlet in this time period.

Sir may I have some of the cope you are on I would very much like it. Low IQ even if the average was shorter there’s always GigaChads 2ft above the average. OMEGAcoping

The manlet scale just shifted downwards:

HyperChad: 5'9

Average 5'6

Manlet 5'2

You'd probably have a looksmatch serfwife, at least

imagine being the only one in the village who could count his chickens, get sent to Lutheran university: never even see a woman for 8 years during your studies. never get to go carousing in the tavern with Chod and Brod. never get to visit a whorehouse or pinch a lass's bum at harvest festival. never get to rape sand hole on conquest. tfw diddle the new altar boy to sustain yourself

various commenters #wingnut reddit.com

Do you think that pro choicers would be ok with abortion if rape was an exception? Or do they just that as a talking point?

They just use it as a talking point. Because they bring up "failed contraception" as an excuse as well.

Why is failed contraception not a valid reason?

Why would it be? Should wearing my seatbelt and using my turn signal absolve me of liability if i run someone off the road?

It is known to practically everyone that contraception can fail. It is, therefore, an accepted risk when one decides to have sex. Rape, on the other hand, is nonconsensual.

Because the reason for the pregnancy is irrelevant, just as the reason for murder is irrelevant.

Well....once again, you are failing to take personal responsibility for the possibility of a new human life being created by your actions. Since contraception is not 100%, it's always a possibility even with perfect use let alone imperfect use. Plus 50% of abortions are due to not using contraceptives at all anyway.

Talking point, i ask them many times about it, they always go back to saying that they are in favor of all abortions.

They are using rape victims as meat shields, instead of actually caring about them.

I can say for a fact that they wouldn’t. I’ve seen them claim that “pregnancy shouldn’t be a punishment for sex” in response to a rape exception.

That’s like saying “having to poop shouldn’t be a punishment for eating food.”

I would argue that it’s even worse. Unlike sex, eating is actually necessary to live.

No, they wouldn't. They may call you a hypocrite and a slut shamer because you "only want to punish women that had consensual sex" though. And other such things. Don't make the mistake of thinking that they want a compromise or that they are good faith.

99% of abortions happen for convenience reasons.

No, it’s just an attempt to appeal to emotion to support their argument. Many pro-lifers would be OK with banning abortion and making an exception for rape. If you support abortion in all cases and not just rape, don’t bring up rape as a talking point.