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Systemic racism is a huge problem in policing as well

Here are several US DOJ findings of systemic racism in various police departments across the country.

* Justice Department Announces Findings of Investigation into Chicago Police Department
* Justice Department Announces Findings of Investigation into Baltimore Police Department
* Justice Department Announces Findings of Two Civil Rights Investigations in Ferguson, Missouri
* Justice Dept. announces new rules to curb racial profiling by federal law enforcement

Stop and Frisk was one particular example of systemic racial bias in policing in New York.


Not to mention the many many many instances of white nationalists having a friendly relationship with law enforcement, if not outright infiltrating them.

* FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed?
* In the US, white supremacists have infiltrated police and military to get weapons training
* California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue ‘anti-racist’ activists, documents show
* Oklahoma Police Chief Resigns Over Neo-Nazi Ties, Gets Job in Neighboring Police Force
* Florida police officer seen giving white supremacist a fist bump in video
* For years, white supremacists in the Dothan, Alabama, police department allegedly planted drugs and guns on black people
* Jasper Alabama police officers suspended for ‘white power’ hand symbol in post-arrest photo
* Ranks of Notorious Hate Group Include Active-Duty Military
* Portland woman who protested rightwing rally says she was burned by police grenade
* ‘Disgraceful’: DC Officer Accused of Wearing Racist Shirt on Duty
* Anti-fascists were stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally. Then police tried to charge them
* Virginia Capitol Police officer suspended for alleged tattoos of white supremacist symbols
* An Atomwaffen member sketched a map to take neo-Nazis down. What path officials took is a mystery
* Georgia Cop Suspended After Liking Racist KKK Facebook Posts
* As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police ‘Never Moved’
* Little Rock PD hired a cop despite knowing that he’d attended a Klan meeting. Then he killed a 15-y.o. black kid. Federal appeals court dismisses lawsuit by the kid’s family.

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I am Honestly Starting to Think I'm just Too Intelligent for Women

I honesty think that's it, im no Chad but I've seen guys way worse than me get laid. I mean im probably a 4/10 but i've seen threes get more action than me. I think the difference is that im intelligent, too intelligent for women. Women are genetically programmed to want big dumb gorillas, not intellectuals. I understand science, I understand reason, philosophy, society, how the world works. I understand it too much for their minds. It's intimidating.

This sounds like an r/iamverysmart but the more i think about it the more it literally makes sense. Women start disrespecting me after i say something very intelligent, maybe it's because they become scared i might outsmart them into dating me or something?

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Incels are intelligent beings who does not subscribe to the sheep and hive-mind mentality that the normans always accede to. Thanks to the blackpill we have become enlightened, in which have opened are eyes to the darkly honest paradigms and wonderfully depressing aphorisms about how cruel and evil life/society can be. The normans on the other hand, think themselves as smart people yet they believe in the just world fallacy. These so-called "intellectuals" have the trouble accepting the fact that there could be men who are condemned to stay virgins forever due to being unattractive.

They love to spout how there is someone special out there for everyone out which is factually incorrect because millions of people die without finding partners every year. They consistently resort to overused platitudes like, "you need confidence", "get a personality", "you need a shower" and etc, when arguing with us. They are always blind to the malevolent nature of femoids, and think femoids are some divine creatures of light; when it's distinctly the opposite. These are the type of people who think themselves as smart and Incels as idiots. Really comical when you think about it, isn't it?

The fact of the matter is, Incels are way more smarter than normans. Our findings are infallible, and our arguments incontestable. Normans are just too stupid see and realize it.

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How is the concept of a "nice guy" insulting to the female?

I'm certainly not one, I'd personally rather die than validate a cunt.

But we are talking about someone doing you favors (+) because they want to have sex with you (+).

Can't get much better than that. I get that the female might not what to actually have sex in return but it what sick twisted universe is this insulting? Fucking retards.

StAliaHarkonnen #fundie reddit.com

Normies say they don't find their partners to be the most attractive people in the world to them

And being mature is being ok with not being the most attractive person to your partner, according to them.

Its amazing how much their relationships suck. They are conditioned to form relationships with the same consumerist mentality as when getting a new phone or something. Once something better is available you'll get it, until then just fantasize about it. If youll never be able to get it so it will have to remain a fantasy, that's normie relationship acceptable ("it's OK to have celebrity crushes, not like you'll ever meet them lol".)

It's depressing.

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Well let's talk about true Gypsies aka Romani or Roma people(Note : Romanians are not gypsies, but Romania have largest community of them in EU). Few centuries ago they "blessed" us with their presence(they came from India). Biggest and most problematic communities can be found mainly in Romania, V4 Countries(CZ, SK, PL, HU), but also in Spain, France, Italy or pretty much anywhere in Europe. Why do people hate them so much?

Becouse they live from social welfare and that is mainly the reason average gypsy family have 5+ kids. When they will get social welfare, they will buy lot of food, alcohol etc... and drink and eat for few days until there are no money left. And than trouble begins. They will steal literally anything they can. Farmers plant potatoes and gypsies will come, dug them and eat them. But ofc that is still nothing, let's get to the better parts.

They are Minority so our glorious PC EU protects them together with je.... media. So pretty much anything against Gypsies is RACIST! When gypsies kill old people for money, beat white kids, steal their stuff etc...nothing happens. But when white guy beats gypsie all hell breaks lose and he will go to jail for racist attack! Everyone is afraid of them even cops will do nothing. Fathers co-worker told him story how gypsies came to their house, killed their pig and eat it. When Police came they just said : that's the way they are! and boom case closed. Famous TV weather girl wrote on her FB : Fucking Gypsies are stealing our gutters during broad daylight! and she got fired next day for being a racist!

And there is much more evil they do across EU that will go unpunished. Politicians/TV people/news people etc make their careers on protecting these wonderful people from evil Whites. God Bless Them right? We need the US law that allows them shoot people who trespass on their land!

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Autistic people are disgusting, and they should be locked in cages like the sick dogs they are.

Whenever I encounter those sad shit-sacks in real life or online, they are either:

1. Talking about some hentai or furry porn
1. Complaining about everything wrong in their life, and then explaining how it's somehow linked to their autism, even if it is something completely normal (i.e taking a wrong turn on the highway)
3. Bragging about being literal sociopaths (i.e saying stuff like "My aUTisM makes it difficult to care about other people's welfare and I consider that an advantage")
4. Bitching about their "social anxiety" or "fear of touch", but completely lacking sympathy for people with real problems like AIDs or schizophrenia.
5. Dying their hair some retard pastel color in order to get attention or "look edgy."
6. Cross-dressing or shitting themselves in adult diapers.

They also talk about themselves in such conceited ways, saying things like "Autism is my superpower that makes me smarter the teh normies lel." Meanwhile, half of those fuck-ups would easily have a mental breakdown over their favorite loli girl being outed as a trap. Autistic people are arguments against evolution, and it genuinely makes me sad that they are allowed to exist alongside us as equals.

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[Comment under "Feminism, Adultery and Homosexuality are Dysgenic"]

Fascism isn’t bad. It prevents subhumans such as yourself from interacting with children.

Fascism is natural. It embraces the natural order. Your perception of nature is warped and you slander it by associating it with fags and baby rapists.

Hellfire when you die.


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Colicky and weak babies should be fed to wild animals

We have plenty of infants to spare —literally billions. Feeding our lesser offspring to animals would serve several beneficial purposes.

1. Tired parents (and unfortunate passerbys) would no longer have to deal with a particularly loud and troublesome infant.
2. Animals get good succulent treats.
3. It could potentially assist with the human overpopulation problem.
4. Colicky babies are more likely to have low iqs and mental disorders such as autism than calm babies. Getting rid of them could lower the amount of adult sickos and idiots in the future.
5. Premature infants are also more likely to have low iqs, autism, adhd, and poor adult health. In other words, they are more likely to be pathetic wastes of space.

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If all autistic children who were born were anesthetized and euthanized, the world would be better.
People with autism cause strain to their parents through the difficult steps of raising an autistic child. People with autism cause strains socially because of their inability to appear and act absolutely completely normal, which resigns them to the uncanny valley of social perception. Autism may bring an occasional child with savant characteristics, but the vast majority of people with autism will never build a career. The challenges that autism brings will not allow the majority of autistic adults to succeed at more than being worker drone in a factory or similar employment requirements.

My train of thought was spurred my Nietzsche. Something like 'we are not born human, we live to become human'. A baby has no value to society. It only has potential. Autistic children have much less potential for success and much higher potential for avoidable stress on parents, schools, and society.

Just because a parent develops an unavoidable bond with a child doesn't mean that the child should be saved if they are destined to cause issues a difficulties. Old cultures knew the advantages of favoring babies that were absolutely 100% healthy. Just because we CAN save and care for all children, doesn't mean it will contribute positively to a progressive society.

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Femoids are evil creatures who are born to bring forth misery and destruction wherever they step foot. The havoc they cause now has amplified tenth fold due to the fact that they have been given a huge number of rights -- and because of such, the regression of our civilization is eminent.

Decadence goes deep to every corner of the world. Society itself is now rotten to the core. It won't be long before the world as we know it will be sucked into the deep abyss and be lost forever. All because of female human organisms, who themselves are responsible for the fall of civilizations since time unknown.

To avoid such a travesty occurring, the only solution that is available, is to remove all the rights that have been bestowed upon such ungrateful, depraved creatures. Which are:

Their right to be upholded as respectable citizens should be removed. (Femoids are second class citizens and always will be.)

Their right to be treated equal as men should be relinquished. (Males are the superior gender. Femoids can never be as equal to men since equality itself is delusional dream.)

Their right to equal pay should be removed. (Men work harder than femoids in every way. Therefore, bitches should not be payed equally, but less.)

Their right to vote should be relinquished. (Voting is a far too strenuous and intellectually engaging for a feeble femoid to comprehend and negotiate.)

Their right to drive should be removed. (Femoids have caused enough accidents because they have the right to drive. Time to end it.)

Their right to run for office or hold any kind of high positions should be relinquished. (Femoids aren't capable of logical thinking or rationality. Therefore, giving them power to run a country is nothing but a grave mistake that should not happen.)

Their right to divorce men should be removed. (Husbands own their wife's -- and it is up to him to decide whether he wants to put up with the cum dumpsters or not.)

Their right to enter the workforce should be relinquished. (Femoids are more happy when they are confined to their houses. They are just a distraction in working spaces.)

Their right for abortions should be removed. (Femoids are serial killers who are responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn babies. It's time to put a stop to it once and for all.)

Their right to accuse men of domestic violence should be relinquished. (If a bitch enters an abusive relationship, she is the only one to blame. She should have used her misogynist radar to detect if the man is abusive or not.)

Their right to speak and give their useless opinion should be removed. (Men are high intellectuals who should not bother about the opinion of low-life scum.)

Their right to bodily integrity should be relinquished. (Femoids are the property of men; which in turn makes them not the owner of their body.)

Their right to clothing must be reformed. (Femoids will no longer allowed to dress as slutty whores. They should wear adequate clothing at all times.)

Their right to fakeup should be removed. (Bitches only use it to manipulate and deceive innocent men. Nothing of value would be lost.)

Their right to choosing their partner should be relinquished. (Men are the ones who should choose a partner for femoids to prevent sexual market place equity.)

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History is always written by the winners. When you look back and examine it, factually, you'll see that most of it is fabricated, and a good amount of it is outright bullshit -- all to push narratives and agendas.
An example....the term "Native Americans," when "Native" Americans are not native to America, and crossed the Bering Strait to get here.

[Native Americans ARE native to America. Their ancestors crossed the Bering Strait, but all Native Americans are descended from a group of people UNIQUE to America. The Folsom Culture People. These people are genetically differentiated from all other Peoples and their genetic variations cannot be found elsewhere.
Same as how Europeans descend from Africans but are uniquely different.
Still, your comment is at best non sequitur to the OP, at worst a troll.]

Do you have any solid proof of the out of Africa THEORY? Here's a hint...a theory is not a fact. This THEORY has never been proven.
Or any other credible sources (not "Marxist Weekly") you would like to provide, for that matter. "Native" Americans are Asiatic people. I know some people don't like to hear the truth, but at the end of the day, it is the truth.
Of course, anyone that provides information that doesn't go along with your "little believeys" is a troll. Got it.

[Let's make it simple, find any instances of the uniquely mutated Amerindian haplogroups in Asia.
Good luck with that.]

Let's make it even simpler, provide solid proof for your claim. I love how people think human/American history begins with the "Native" Americans. They found tools used by European people, in America, thousands of years before "Native" Americans even stepped foot in what is now America.

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[OP of "We must learn to Coexist"]

There's a quote in the Bible that sums up what I'm about to say, God says something like, "the way you treat the weakest person is the way you treat me."

Ok, many people interpret this as babies, homeless people, mentally ill people, etc etc. Basically people who can't take care of themselves.

But in all honesty, he's probably talking about blacks and hispanics. Yes, we all know the statistics. American Blacks have an average IQ of 80 (70 qualifies you as retarded), they are 13% of the population but commit over 55% of the violent crime, etc etc.

We know all this. Black people are stupid, can't control their tempers or actions, and cannot delay gratification and therefore cannot build any form of generational wealth, and have 4-12 children from all different fathers and live off welfare.

Yes, people have the right to be upset about their ridiculously foolish and annoying behavior. But have you ever considered they behave the way they do because they're basically just slightly above retarded people in intelligence?

This means they need COMPASSION, not anger and mockery. Would you be mad a retarded person if he did something that displeases you? Of course not. You must begin to apply this line of though to blacks and hispanics. They literally cannot help themselves.

On the other hand, we have Jews, who are VERY intelligent but lack any morality in their behavior. Again, you must ask WHY they behave like they do. The Jew wants nothing more than to be white, but they know deep down they are basically a race of sand goblins who earn a living through exploitation rather than honest work. They HATE themselves, so we must show them love.

It is the only way. As white people, we need to show them our true superiority. They call us white supremecists because we are indeed supreme. Supreme in our intelligence, compassion, ability to reason, beauty, art, everything.

We must find ways to help them, for they cannot help themselves. White man's burden IS NOT a thing of the past, it is need more than ever now and from now on.

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Every living heterosexual man wants to fuck hot teenage girls. That's how human biology works. Most people lose their virginity as teenagers, in case you weren't aware.

Now, you can virtue signal until the cows come home, but you're no different than anyone else in that regard, and I know it as well as you, so the joke's on you.

CALL_MEMES #sexist reddit.com

[Note: Reddit allows you to attach a "flair" (basically a little sticker) to your profile. OP's account comes with the flair "Ugly but have a good personality'.]

Never fall for a "nice girl".

Always remember, if a girl is nice to you, she is nice to everyone else too. You might think she cares about you, but she really doesn't, all she cares about is Chad.
I have fallen in love with too many "nice girls" and I'm warning you to not do the same mistake.

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[FAQ of the sub]

Is /r/Physical_Removal a hate sub?

If this sub is a hate sub so would /r/FuckRapists. Its no more a hate sub as it would be if it were a subreddit for how people don't like other people who violently beat and rob them, or others. If leftists don't want to be "hated" then don't try to steal our private property or go around causing harm to others.

But why remove them?


The same reason bar owners have security (bouncers) who will evict unruly citizens from their premises.

Anarcho capitalists, libertarians, and capitalists are NOT pacifists. We are against the INITIATION of force and violence. This means we will and must defend ourselves from your threats, or acts of violence. For you to implement communism it requires you to initiate force or agresss upon us, seize our private property to redistribute and abolish property rights. Private property owners may even feel threatened enough for preemptive defensive measures to ensure their safety depending on the severity of the threat. If you don't want to receive our defensive measures or threats to impose them, then don't threaten to seize our private property and implement communism upon us. Just leave us alone!

Why helicopters?

Traditionally the tool of choice (adpoted by Pinochet) was the helicopter. But its not absolute, nor the only method used to protect us.

Helicopter ride = x

Where "x" is whatever method of defense is issued by the capitalists or private property owners. This includes physical removal or eviction from the free society. Of course the market would devise the most efficient defense methods. Helicopter rides are just a meme example and is also fucking hilarious which helps get the message across. Leftists don't value free speech, thus logic and reason does not work. Historically, violence tends to be the language they comprehend the most.

This is also the logical reason why freedom loving people love being gun owners.

Are you fascists??

Protecting oneself from violence and theft of private property is simply called defense, not fascism. It should also be noted that fascism has historically never operated under or advocated free market conditions.

I assume this community supports Hitler's views?

Not really. Hitler was a socialist who hated jews. Although yes some jews created socialism and communism, it also doesn't not mean all jews are socialists and communists. We are not so focused on race here, merely the actions of humans.

Why the love for Augusto Pinochet?

In 1973 things got so economically bad in Chile the great General Augusto Pinochet (pbuh) decided he needed to seastead leftists into the pacific ocean. These actions prevented his nation from become a third world shithole, and subsequently became known as the great “Miracle of Chile”. His meeting with Milton Friedman and adoption of Chicago School Economic Theory improved the prosperity and economic conditions, and led to an improved quality of life for the people of Chile. All countries need a Pinochet.

Ideally, Pinochet's defense and security services should be privatized and provided via competing services within the free market.

A free society requires defense and enforcement of private property ownership, so that individuals can trade and live prosperously. Leftist ideology in its entirety is based upon envy which subsequently enables violating these basic human rights, as such they are a threat that needs to be defended against in order for society to optimally function freely. Statism was Pinochet's only "crime", although minarchists will argue defense is a valid role of the state. Ancap and miniarchist libertarians should support each other until we get to the point were police, military, and courts are all that is remaining of the state.

Augusto Pinochet's great deeds in this world caused him to transcended and evolve into an all powerful meme form, where he now serves Lord Kek in the afterlife.

Do you have to be an ancap to support physical removal?

No not at all. While there's a government (which will be the case for many lifetimes), its perfectly reasonable to be more sympathetic to any liberty or anti leftist politicians available who will provide the most free markets. Anarcho capitalism can be viewed as merely the end game or direction humanity needs to head into for the best outcomes for freedom. The new dogma for the right wing should be to seek positions of government and dismantle the state, and thus protect liberty by removing power from the left, which in turn brings back power to the people and to the invisible hand of the free market, where we are free to make our own choices.

What about the NAP (Non Aggression Principle)?

You can't defend yourself or private property (your liberty) without threats to defend, and a means to physically protect it if action is needed. When a violent mob of rabid commies threatens, attacks you or comes to steal your stuff, dogmatic moralist ideals and trying to explain the NAP to them won't get you very far. They don't even value freedom of speech for a start. Again, we are not pacifists! We must be capable to defend our liberty!

Why do you like Donald Trump?


President Donald J Trump is like a great prophet who has enabled many people to finally see and realize the true nature of the left. He is the great triggerer and also one of the greatest internet shitposters of all time.

Anarcho Capitalists and libertarians need to be pragmatic if they are to have a respected voice and survive into the future. Sure Trump is not an ancap or perhaps even a libertarian, and we aren't realistically going to get an ancap president in our life time. So there's no problem in supporting his measures to cut and slash government as he (Trump) has stated he will. Don't forget under Hillary we would be almost silenced and pushed aside and labelled as crazy as they grew the government and took away freedoms. At least Trumps main audience support the majority of what we say, and the direction we want things to head towards. We now have a president who is a warrior for the private sector, aka the productive people of society who do the heavy lifting for all the parasites to leech off.

Why do you group leftists and liberals into the same group?

I'll stop identifying and grouping statism, communism, progressivism, liberalism, and socialism as being the same thing, when they stop confusing my money and private property as being theirs.

some TERFs #sexist reddit.com

What if we women just stopped all emotional or activist labor for TRAs?

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. I almost wonder what would happen if every last woman on earth stopped performing emotional or activist labor for TRAs given how shitty they treat us.

I’ve stopped doing any activist labor for them and I’ve never felt better! Same goes for some former libfems I’ve talked to. The minute they put women first is when they realized where they need to be.

Think about it. TRAs get tons of corporate funding and media attention. Why do they need the labor of us everyday women? They can rely on their corporate buddies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the only reason they guilt and terrorize us into performing labor for them is so they can have us preoccupied and we can’t do things for ourselves. That needs to stop.

I think it would be what is deserved.

I would like to see it now on this website: no more using "cis", as we are humans, not isomers. No more using the word woman for anyone but adult human females. No more emotional labor for men who post here.

If only the libfems would see it that way. They exhaust themselves performing all this labor for them. I can see it in their eyes.

I feel many of our sisters waking up, however. This site has grown so large- there were 4K subscribers when I arrived, and there are 4x that after 18 months.

It is difficult to have patience for women who spend so much of themselves on men. Try to raise consciousnesses wherever you can. I found this site through an article about boys join a girls' sports team.

We will never change all of their minds, but women are worth it, even the ones who oppose us.

Yep. I’m even finding common ground with conservative women on this issue. I know conservative women are handmaidens too, but even if they’re willing to team with us for a short time, it’ll be worth it.

The best (or worst) thing about it is that it' s not going to be enough anyway. At the smallest infraction, they will be labeled TERFs as well, and if that doesn' t happen the goalposts will move and TRAs will ask even more insane and impossible shit than they are doing now.

Frankly, I think that TRAs are acting this way because 1) they need women working for them and supporting them since they are lazy and entitled and would never think of, you know... doing something themselves, 2) because they are testing us to see how much we' re willing to take and how far they can go before we snap and tell them to go fuck themselves and 3) because they want to have a "justifiable" reason to hate on us: think about it, what' s better than telling a woman to choke on your dick? Telling a woman to choke on your dick and be called awesome for that.

We shouldn't be doing anything at all for men.

Men always do well. And they have plenty of extra energy to rape/mutilate/murder/abuse girls and women. They look out for each other.

Perhaps if they had to make their own sandwiches, do their own laundry, raise their own children, etc., they wouldn't have time or energy to control every uterus, imprison us for miscarriage, etc.

Amen!! This is part of why I’m not having children. I know I would be doing the majority of the child rearing. Fuck that.

Not having children was the single best decision that I ever made.

Some women don't have any choice about their own pregnancies, and I understand that, too.

I am glad that I didn't create more men, for obvious reasons. And I don't know how I would deal with it if I knew that I would be leaving daughters behind when I die. Especially when so many women are so centered on men.

Agreed. I'm going to start a meetup for "womyn" and then plan that woman's festival.

Just let me know when and where! I’m sick of every last womyn’s event being coopted by trans activists and porn sick men! Fuck that!

O'Brien Award

Adunaiii #moonbat #pratt #wingnut #racist #psycho reddit.com

[Submitter’s note: not sure how to do quote bars? I’ll just put brackets around what he’s quoting, and if someone without my technical ineptitude could fix it, that would be smashing] [Edit: fixed]

In fact, North Korea is ranked at or near the bottom of several freedom rankings, including Freedomhouse and Heritage.org.

Philosophically, we disagree. Personal freedom is a lie. An ideal for Christians. Nature only knows the survival of the population. This way, I am philosophically fascist, authoritarian - all men and women in Juche Korea work for the betterment of their entire nation. Even the lowliest job is important.

Life for one's own self is disgusting, no wonder southern Koreans are emigrating to the USA by the millions, and never have children. This is so funny when only a few hundred people per year emigrate from the DPRK.

the common citizen thats being oppressed or for the Kim dynasty that only seeks to expand their power.

We are all "oppressed" by life. The way of individualism is suicide - collective suicide. Beauty lies in embracing our oppression, and by working out a great future together, not dying alone.

if NK did not pose such a threat and be so aggressive against literally everyone then the US would have no reason to have a presence in SK.

Asking a foreign power for help in the matters of civil war is unfair and scummy. See the Irish in the 12th century.

Also, American occupiers kill Korean girls (Wikipedia).

I honestly get green with envy that the DPRK can have such glory, and my nation is drowning in squalour.


Thats not even taking into account the soldiers used by the PRC, which amounted to roughly 3 million over the course of the war.

Wasn't the RoK propped up by Americans? Then it's fair game to bring in friends (the Chinese are far closer to the DPRK both racially and ideologically, Mao Tse-tung was like a brother to Comrade Kim Il Sung).

I find it amusing that you preach about being independent when the nation you have trumped up as the golden standard has failed by the very metric you hold South Korea against.

Southern Korea bases its entire raison d'être on being a cog in the machine of Christian American capitalism. If they survive its collapse, then we'll talk. But a far more likely scenario is that they'll beg for a reunification under the DPRK to save them from utter chaos.

(The fall of the USSR is nothing like what will happen when the colossus with the feet of lay that America is disintegrates.)

Also, authoritarian governments only care about remaining in power and accruing more power, they don't care about you or anyone else as anything more than a tool by which they can spread their influence.

Yes, the government cares about its people, for without the people, it will not exist. In a word, fascism.

No, the DPRK government is rooted in the Korean race, not in economics or memetics. It is precisely the opposite - it is the southern Korean government that would rather import Filipinos to prop up its failing economy than care for its very population. It is the capitalists who view their people as interchangeable units to produce the idea of money - not the hard matter of blood.

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Kaiser Wilhelm was misunderstood
Everyone here knows this, The Kaiser was misunderstood. Most call him an angry psychopath but in reality he wasn't. He started no war, it was the Serbians, he loved his family, even his British relatives. Of course he had to choose Germanyover them, but they choose their own countries over him. His own generals lied to him and he had severe anxiety and doubted himself severely.

It was the British who started World War 1 restore the Jacobites

Fatchobanisspliff #racist reddit.com

I've grown up in a small town and dirt poor. I've been friends with people with neonazi views. Most of them just thought of Jewish people as middle eastern looking rich people and because manners and subtleties aren't popular in that community (I actually prefer that) they have no qualms making fun of them. Most of them didn't care that much about it, I wouldn't call them neonazi's. Some of them were more extreme, and a little frightening. People need to direct their rage somewhere. Also, all people are tribalistic to some extent, some more than others. I never belonged anywhere so I just sort of drift on these issues, but unfortunately I have to admit I wouldn't feel comfortable in an all black community (even as I've lived in one that was close to 50% black and I actually got along well with a lot of people, it just didn't feel all that "homely").

Lookismisreal #fundie reddit.com

Adult male virginity should be classified as a sexual disability. The law itself will define that a man who is unable to find a suitable sexual partner or is lacking sexual relationships, in which he would still be a virgin after the age of twenty five, would be classified as a sexually disabled person. The fact that a male could live on for more than two decades and five years without any kind of sexual encounter/contact means that something is inherently wrong with him, physically or phylogically, and he needs assistance to change his predicament in however manner it maybe.

Most people tend to believe that even after twenty five there is a chance that you may lose your virginity. Yes, there is a chance but a very slim one to be exact. And the odds are always against it, so it should not be encountered for in anyway. Also, before anyone says that one could use prostitution to lose his virginity, I would like to state: prostitution is a way of letting femoids win. Because you're not only paying them, but also validating them as well. So, losing your virginity to whores definitely doesn't work and the men who have lost their virginity to whores still should be classified as sexually disabled because without prostitution there is no way for them to lose their virginity.

So, if you're a sexually disabled man, this law would not only provide you with certain protection laws, but the government would cover up important things like plastic surgery, for an example. Which is very vital for men who are suffering because of their unattractive looks and can do nothing about it because they cannot afford to do so.

kazcovic #fundie reddit.com

Females use the "entitled" meme to justify slutting around with Chad.

Females on this forum always come on and say that incels are not entitled to sex but give it easily and freely to Chad. Females will never admit that that they are superficial and whores for Chad. Since they say that they are not superficial they have to come up with some sort of excuse why they don't bang Normans as easily and why they don't give anything to incels at all. The pathetic excuse they give to incels is that "you are not entitled to sex", this in their mind is virtuous justification.

Incels are meant to swallow this god awful pathetic excuse and just watch asshole Chads pump and dump willy nilly and tolerate females yelling at you for daring to question why Chad gets everything. When a female berates you for being "entitled" when you question them about whoring with Chad, tell them to cut the bullshit and just admit that they are sluts for Chad.

Various Independent Conservative Voices™ #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia reddit.com

(The post compares YouTube taking down videos to Nazi book burnings. Some of the responses include:)

Pretty big difference, the nazis were burning pro homosexual and pedophilia books, YouTube is banning people speaking out against that degeneracy.
The nazis were burning books instructing doctors on how to mutilate the genitals of the mentally ill. Compare that to Youtube taking down any video critical of globohomo or whatever. What's being censored is actually a lot more important than the simple fact that censorship happens in both cases.
Do you honestly think the men who fought in WW2 would stand to see the disgusting shit that is going on nowadays?

"I'm so glad we fought the nahtzees so my little Johnny can pretend he's a princess and Susan can go get him medically castrating pills and then give him frankensnatch surgery!"
"Why do you fight, Cap?

"Well son, I fight, so that one day, a black man can be President of the United States, and use his authority to force bakeries to make cakes for homosexual weddings. So that schools will allow transexuals to use whatever bathroom they want. So that my grandchildren will be burdened with debt, at the beginning of their adult lives, for a worthless degree, from a Marxist educational system!"

"That's beautiful Cap!"

(men begin cheering as they storm out of landing craft onto Utah Beach)

thiasus #racist reddit.com

If whites were going to African countries, establishing themselves in their cities and breeding to the tune of 30% of newborns, the left would be up in arms talking about genocide through population replacement. They'd say that even if we paid lip service to the idea of respecting the local culture and integrating with it, ultimately we couldn't help but be more attached to our roots and our religion, customs and way of life. They'd claim this is colonialism by softer means.

Suddenly though when it's blacks and arabs doing it it's all fine. Whites should just accept that their race should become a minority, that their way of life should be altered, that their traditions be replaced by foreign ones. They should accept that there ought to be no nation for whites, even as every other race has an uncontested right to their own territory.

Fuck - that - idiocy. White civilization has created most worthwhile things in the world. It's the fruits of white civilizations that the niggers and the arabs are using to come here: motorboats, cars, smartphones. It's the fruits of white civilizations that they are using to breed: stability, prosperity, advanced medical care. But it's not to white civilization that they contribute back. They take and they feed their shitty, tribalistic, anti-innovation cultures of oppression. We are literally bleeding the white race to feed all the others.

Zen_Overlord #fundie reddit.com

Reminder that you will be brooding on the memories you have for the rest of your life

From ages past, writers have always written and reminisced about their youth and the energy, romance, and happiness they experienced during it. Even when Hitler was the leader of Germany, he wrote to his childhood friend saying that his teenage years were the best part of his life, despite being incel.

You're too old to make any new real memories in any way. The biggest thing you can do is save up money to go visit the beach or some shit and pretend you had a good time. If you're anything like me, all your memories are of TV shows and video games you played during your childhood, and you feel homely when you find a soundtrack to one of those old games or something.

That's it. That's all we've got in life. No memories, a dusty room with nothing in it.

various incels #sexist reddit.com

[Suicide fuel] 50 year old Asian chad looks like hes 25


If there's one thing that pisses me off more than Chads it's Chads who never age. Imagine living life on God Mode for 30-40 years.

Shit he's Asian but has a Lachowski style Chad face despite not having any white blood. Really Proves what we've been saying all along: chads all look the same and women's preferences are all the same.

He’s previously commented on how he avoids baths late at night and early in the morning

Just (don't) shower bro!

Looks like he's gonna live up to 200 years old like those Shaolin Monks that live up on those ultra high mountains in Tibet. Balancing on their picking toe on the peak of mount everest reciting buddha quotes and suddenly inheriting new powers like Shadow Clone jutsu.

Damn I wish my life was an anime.

I'm an ugly Asian. This ain't suicide fuel. Every race has their own Chad.

This article only focuses on his youth in terms of looks but not whether or not he looks good. But on the other-hand he does look good. Bet he can't get an Asian female though.

a Chad like him doesnt need an Asian female he hangs with Whites

This dude can get any not self-hating asian female. Hell even some of those "I only date white guys" Asians would drop their shit attitude for them.

That's what winning the genetic lottery looks like. Meanwhile us subhumans are rotting to death. Where's the fucking rope?

I am also an Asian who doesn't age but I am subhuman

TheMythof_Feminism #sexist reddit.com


While I STRONGLY disagree with her being allowed anywhere near a teaching position again , and I do think she should have been punished by being forced on a sex offender registry.... her crime is not the same as when a man does it.

Men and women are not interchangeable. Tabula rasa is bullshit and anyone implying it is a propagandist of the highest order. This is one of the biggest contentions I have with many people on this subreddit, they want to play along with the commie bullshit of tabula rasa despite us knowing that it's bullshit.....

Don't play that game. Not saying that's what OP did, but often times people will respond with what I have mentioned and I am pre-emptively striking.

Yes it is,

When a woman has sex with someone under-age, it is rape!

When a man has sex with someone under-age, it is rape!

Having sex with someone under-age is rape! I don't give a fuck who had sex with who!!




Rape by etymological hard-lock definition means force and violence. A breach of age restrictive protocol does not qualify. The grossly misnamed "Statutory rape" is not actual rape unless the target is 12 or younger, in which case I will concede that point.

In simple terms, not all so-called "rape" is equal and to suggest otherwise is pure unadulterated idiocy.

Fantastic opinion you got there. Should I (40 year old male) be able to go out looking for a 14 year old girl to have sex with? As long as she consents, it's all good, right? You are one sick individual for this opinion

Fantastic strawman argument you got there.

Try again, little one.

It's considered a straw man if all he did was switch genders of the situation? I'm not sure you know what a straw man is. Your IQ may be under 18 and like to get fucked but that doesn't apply to children.

He grossly misrepresented my argument, and you are doing the same, what a joke.

You tabula rasa loonies are beneath the level of a child.

I think victim impact should be part of any sentencing.

I work with male survivors and don't know the research, so maybe you could enlighten us.

Half the survivors I work with had female perpetrators. They would disagree with your last sentence. They found their sexual assault by a woman crippling.

Don't be a joke.

her crime is not the same as when a man does it.

It's exactly the same, because it's about age, and position of authority. She raped a minor, while in a position of authority.


Men and women are not interchangeable. You can try to pretend otherwise, little tabula rasa acolyte, but reality does not bend to your emotion.

I had sex with a (at least) 24 year old when I was 14.

She was my sisters friend & offered to help me study. She never did & instead we spent a month fucking.

I thought it was cool at the time, it was not. She was gross, a loser, and a predator.

It normalized some things in my mind that were not good. It also let me think some things I did in the future were okay, they weren’t.

I hurt people I care about, and one reason is because this event and others taught me the wrong lessons about what is okay and what isn’t.

Adults should not have sex with children, it’s that simple.

Strawman argument, yawn.

SeverelyModerate #sexist reddit.com

Can I just say that this subreddit is the only place I feel sane?

I'm a millennial (I only mention that bc it seems everyone my age is obsessed with TGism), bisexual woman married to a man and this subreddit is the only place I don't feel f*cking crazy!!! I can't tell anyone how I feel though for fear I'll be seen as a bigot or ignorant. I've been seriously disturbed by the backwards mindset of transgenderism for years - starting in Feminist Theory in college. My professor posed this very question: If we truly believe as feminists that our gender does not define our capabilities, why the hell do people insist on changing their gender? Because they "feel" a certain way? It reinforces the idea that only women are supposed to cry or have close friendships or love men. I know I'm preaching to the choir hear, it just feels so good to get this all off my chest.

It also drives me absolutely mad that TG is seen as SOOOOOOO BRAAAAVE and people are elbowing each other out of the way to use certain bathrooms and be allowed on sports teams, be considered women for the purpose of pursuing lesbian relationships, say they've felt this all their lives, it's medically accepted and yet lesbians are still raped, abused, mistreated, and discriminated again every second of the day. These men want to control a woman so desperately that they decide to create their own "ideal" woman. Where my ugly trans chicks at, huh? *crickets* That's what I thought. Even if they don't fit into societal standards of pretty, they all seem to striving for that ideal. It's disgusting and sad.

I cannot stand this trend. I'm a psychiatric professional and I cannot see this as anything but mental illness brought on and/or encouraged by the radical left/men who have internalized homophobia. Our spaces are being invaded, our identity is being invaded. It's utter madness and I can't stand it! I'm so glad this community exists.

incelfluffyballs #sexist reddit.com

If you are still using social media then you are making women have power over you

If you are looking at women on Instagram, tinder, Facebook or anything like that then you are making women have power over you. You are literally giving them validation and letting them have the confidence boost that comes with rejecting guys like you. Then you end up feel bad and feeling rejected. All of this process happens just by the simple act of looking at women on one of those sites. The only social media site that is okay to look at women on is YouTube.

SaintElliot #sexist reddit.com

Hammer therapy and female organ transplant clones

It is known that incels are angry/unstable/depressed/stressed because of inceldom. I came up with a solution to that. Incels should first sleep then bash the heads of brain-dead female clones in for therapeutic purposes. This should be called hammer therapy. This way we would get to release our hate against females without harming other people. The clones would be made braindead so no harm would come to another person and we would get our revenge from the female gender because they doomed us to the incel fate. After the incels bashed the heads of the female clones in with hammers their organs will be used for people who wait for organ transplants. We will be the executioners for organ transplant clones. These braindead female clones would help society and incels way more than actual females. Nothing would get wasted and all problems would get solved.

Internet Tough Guy: The Poem

EthicalFunTime #fundie reddit.com

[OP of "[POEM] The Great Cleansing"]

The Great Cleansing by /u/EthicalFunTime

So many choppers in the black of night
reflections on the pale moonlight
of falling leftists, splashing in
feeding sharks, I'll call that a win.
I'll say it once, I'll say it twice:
it's time to zyklon-b these lice
Santa Claus is coming to see who's naughty or nice
the guillotine's coming to separate and slice
Though there is an aphorism:
"Some people do prefer their scaphism."
lathered with milk and honey over a stagnant pond
seeing them suffer stiffens my wand
Over main street many leftists splatter
and then met with children's riotous laughter
alas, look! A wave and nod from the pilot!
and then he flies off into the twilight's dark violet
lined up in the streets antifa is decimated
only one survives, blinded and castrated
to send back a message to terrorist scum:
you'll never steal our personal wealth and income.

ThatBadassonline #fundie reddit.com

I just came across this subreddit, and it made me remember a tale from my younger days as a boy of just 16 years old.

Just for context, my younger sister is around 8 years younger than me, and she was (not anymore though) a VERY spoiled child. My parents, who'd always wanted a girl, were super-protective of her, and only wanted the best for their little princess, so she grew up with whatever she wanted. This incident happened when they were both out of the house, and it was the turning point I guess.

Mom and dad were out of the house, and my little sister wanted her hair oiled and massaged. She came up to me while I was doing the dishes and this is basically what happened.

Sis: Hey, I want you to call mom and get her to come home, because I want my hair oiled.

Me: (knowing that mom and dad are actually out on a date right now) Uh, I think they're actually pretty busy with some important work outside, so she won't come home and I can't disturb her, I'll do it instead.

After a few tantrums, in which I didn't budge an inch, she finally relented.

Sis: (snarkily) Fine, you do it instead.

Me: Sure thing sis, brb.

I went to the bathroom and brought coconut oil for her, and you can guess what happened next.

Sis: COCONUT OIL?! Yuck! I want the jasmine oil that mom uses!

Me: "Checks the bathroom" Sorry sis, but there's none of that in the house, this is the only thing we have.

Sis: Oh yeah? And what's that? "Points to shelf holding a bottle of the brand of jasmine oil that mom uses"

Me: But that's not-

Sis: It is, and if you don't use it, I'll tell mom and dad that you were mean to me while they were gone.

Me: Alright, if that's what you want.

She smugly watched me bring the container. I handed it to her.

Me: There's just barely enough to be used, you'll have to pour it directly on to your head. My hands are shaky and I don't want to get oil on your clothes.

Sis: What? Fine, give it.

She turned the bottle upside down over her head, only to realize a few seconds later that something rather smelly and sticky was covering her hair and dripping on to her body.

Sis: What's this?! This doesn't feel or smell like Jasmine oil!

Me: That's because it isn't, it's old sewing machine oil. Mom used this bottle to hold the sewing machine oil when it's own container cracked.

Sis: But you didn't-

Me: I tried to, but you refused to listen to me. Come on, I need to give you a bath, there's no way you'll be able to get that stuff off on your own. I'm gonna need to scrub your hair properly to remove the oil.

I don't know how for sure how she must have felt being given a bath by her elder brother, I wouldn't think she was humiliated, but I DO know that the painful scrubbing that followed taught her a good lesson.

Edit: To a lot of people who find the idea of Mixed Bathing horrendous and/or weird, this was a common practice between family members where I spent my childhood.

Edit 2: I washed my sisters hair and then left for tuition.

Edit 3: To everyone arguing about what age my sister and I fought at, I said that she was sent to live with me a few years after I moved out, and that I moved out when I was 24 years old. She came to the US when she was 18, and I was rather new there as well. If you do the math, that would make me 26 years old at the time.

contraterrene #sexist reddit.com

[On the subject of hybristophilia]

This 'disorder' is an intrinsic part of female sexuality.

Women in ancient times did not swoon for losers because a man that is not brutally violent in defending himself or his mate / offspring will find himself out of the gene pool.

In our far savage history it made evolutionary sense.

Now because of it you have female prison guards cheating on their husbands and getting pregnant by scum of the earth inmates, ordinary women getting knocked up by thugs and raising fatherless kids on taxpayers money and a multitude of women sending love letters to serial killers they see on TV.

a-virgin-nigger-2 #sexist reddit.com

Asexual femoids do not exist. They are all degenerate whores waiting for Chad to prance along and fuck them. Femshits only claim to be asexual when they're in an environment full of subhumans. I remember one of my classmates who was your typical Stacy back in High School who claimed to be asexual. Our class was full of balding, skinny frame, subhuman faced ethnics (it was an AP class), me being the most subhuman of them all. The incels would all ask her out, whiteknight her, beta orbit her, trying to do anything to quench their thirsty asses. They were low inhib as fuck.

This femshit was obviously disgusted by our presence and would use all the cuckcels for homework, assignments and shit. Anyway, the next year she went to the US for college and I heard rumours that she was the biggest slut in the school. I mean fucking every guy she can at parties, sucking off strangers, getting pissed drunk and giving handjobs for free drinks and other degenerate activities. The once asexual moved to an environment full of Chad and Tyrone athletes and became the biggest slut known to man. Asexual femshits are the most degenerate of them all.

Both-Yoghurt7801 #ableist reddit.com

Walking away from new friend with potential BPD

Hey guys, this is just as the title says. I met a new friend and we were having some amazing conversation. Eventually, we ended up talking about psychiatry. I said to her that I understand how diagnoses are really tricky, but I still do not want anyone with BPD near me (based on horrible experiences I have had with BPD relationships.) she told me she has a potential BPD diagnosis, and she is talking with her doctor about it. Here’s what I said in response:

“Ah, gotcha. Have had some really negative experiences with people with bpd. It was really lovely talking to you and I truly do wish you all the best, [NAME].”

Was I being a dick to end the new friendship after finding that out? I feel very self-protective when it comes to people with bpd and can’t risk derailing my life for someone who falls into the criteria.

Would love to know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!

u/Politically_Motivated #racist #conspiracy reddit.com

Examining the evidence of the "Holocaust"
This has been an interesting subject of research for me, as it is the lie that all the other lies are built on. The biggest lie, in essence. The official narrative does not even mathematically make sense and has been admittedly modified by "official" sources. Below are some good examples of the fabricated stories.

This man claims to have survived only because the gas chamber held 200 and he was number 201. This is such a ridiculous claim that I don't know how anyone could take it seriously. The alleged gas chamber was built to precisely house 200 people and they just simply let him live because he didn't fit? Come on.

This man claims to have survived six gassings. No explanation on how only he was able to survive cyanide gas.

Article on how Mexicans were routinely doused with Zyklon B when crossing the border to prevent spread of disease, somehow they did not die.

No trace of mass graves at Treblinka where supposedly a million people were buried in mass graves.

All camps inspected by US were deemed to be concentration (labor) camps, not death camps. The ones "inspected" (Read: fabricated) by Russians were all death camps. What an amazing coincidence!

A jew was sacrificed each day to a bear and an eagle. Totally legit 100%

Anne Frank died to Typhus in the camps. This was the reason for almost all deaths.

The war crimes trials claimed 7 million died in Auschwitz alone. Even the official narrative admits this is bullshit.

This man claims he was able to fool the guards by walking backwards away from the gas chamber and only survived because of that. Because the Germans would have been this retarded, right?

Treblinka had a giant electric chair where thousands of prisoners were murdered every day. Imagine the power bill.

h00n23 #sexist #racist reddit.com

(about diverse female character designs in the anime OP):
They want to sell merch. People prefer buying merch of attractive female character

Second muscles on men are considered attractive because muscles are masculine.

Is it big boobs? Because in most anime/manga women are skinny and have body type. Yet I only hear people complaining about one piece lol

It is not sexist lol Look how female influencer look like. That's what most people find physically attractive.
Vast majority of people don't fine masculine buff women or fat women attractive.

sexualized female character design don't look good to me because it's my preference but those design are profitable? Because many find it attractive

Women looking attractive is important because most people don't want to buy merch of ugly women.

There are people who think that non skinny women look good but they're minority. There are people who prefer hook nose but most people don't find hook nose attractive. Understanding this point is extremely easy

What make diverse female body type good thing lol I went touch Steven Universe

Why do you even think that it is sexist lol I can't see it literally. Oda probably does care about making attractive character because people like attractive character. Dude people who want ugly female character are in minority

Hardlyhabitual #ableist #psycho reddit.com

Not to be offense but why do we still not consider mercy killing people with extremely severe retardation?
I was sitting in an office at a local school and I witnessed a staff member spend 30 minutes trying to move a spitting smelly staggering adult who couldn't walk. He couldn't talk either, just screamed Disney VHS quotes. Why is he accommodated so well into society that we support him completely from when he is born until he dies, never havin contributed once to society?

Dirtypirate #fundie reddit.com

Former Cecilia Junior High teacher pleads guilty, sentenced

A former St. Martin Parish teacher pleaded guilty in connection with improper conduct with a student.

Kaylyn Huval, 28, of Breaux Bridge was charged and pleaded guilty to one count of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, said Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars.

Cue the faux outrage from morality fetishists who have no problem with priests molesting children but flip out when young adults get giggity with the hot teacher.

Hurrah_for_Karamazov #fundie #homophobia reddit.com

I really appreciate it. The more I talk about the issue, the more receptive people are toward it. My experiences are leading me to believe that perhaps I am supposed to do something about it.

It is absolutely (and unfortunately) true that for most gay men it is simply a matter of time before they start living the lifestyle and leaving the Church. And for the most part, they feel like they have no alternative. It just doesn't make any sense to most people: be miserable for something you can hardly understand or be happy with things you can touch and feel. You have to ask yourself, if you were in that position, what would you do? Would it make any sense to sit alone at home missing out on your life? Those aren't the real options, of course, but it's the only thing gay people can see.

I don't think most members of the Church understand the unique sacrifice they expect from homosexuals. They'll say things like "well, the Church expects everyone to be chaste outside of marriage!" without really understanding what this means for the homosexual. A straight, chaste man always has a chance. There's hope. He'll find a girl that really gets him excited, he'll marry her, and he'll settle down, start a family, be happy. Even if he never does, there's always that hope. And even if he never does, he doesn't have to live his life completely outside of culture.

A homosexual on the other hand gets no choice. He's put in a situation where his only choice is celibacy for the rest of his life. There's often no hope at all. It's despair. It feels like holding your breath for the rest of your life. And you hardly even know why. Also, you never get to feel like you're really a part of culture, a part of real life. If you choose to follow the Church, you're a complete outsider. You're almost even a fake, a traitor. If you don't follow the Church, you lose your entire religion, and you spend the rest of your life mimicking the real thing.

I think the Church has a duty to explain these things to people, to show them why homosexuality is condemned, outside of appealing to scripture. She has a duty to defend philosophy that points to truth. Right now, I actually think she is failing. And I don't think it's a matter of just being full of more love, or anything like that. She has a duty to actually get down and explain the natural law.

fucksinglemoms #sexist #racist #transphobia #dunning-kruger reddit.com

SJW in Avengers Endgame

First of all captain marvel is super OP and thanos tried to punch her it did nothing. She so OP.

She also has a feminist haircut. They just had to give her that kind of hair. I know it's like that in the comics but the fact that she went to a normal haircut to a feminist 'rebellious' haircut, don't tell me there's no agenda there.

Gamora kicks StarLord in the balls. Basically encouraging domestic violence. They think it's ok to beat up men but evil to beat up women.

Another SJW element is Capitan America. He passes it on to a falcon. Captain America is now black. This symbolizes America turning black and casting out the white people. Whites are being kicked out and shamed while blacks replace them and be the heroes.

Iron man dying, bet they will give the moniker to a woman like his daughter, Pepper or the african american girl in comics

Thor letting Valkyrie rule New Asgard

Thor becoming fat, meaning to convey white males as lazy n ugly

Peter Parker a white male getting saved by like 10+ of all the female hero cast at once. Right before hes saved hes acting scared n whimpy

Another reason is transgender propaganda. They had a Bruce Banner and Hulk mixed. I think this is kind a a subliminal message that tells us that you can be whatever you want. Non-binary, both genders, or the opposite gender. They are saying gender is a spectrum. More pandering to sjws.

It might also be encouraging forced diversity cause hulk is 'mixed' kind of like mixed race. Who knows.

Zen_Overlord #fundie reddit.com

If you are a kissless virgin, you will never experience 90% of human emotion.

The people who have kissed girls live in an entire different universe than us. Their lives are colorful and they wake up each day with a big smile on their face knowing they have the possibility to make their brain scatter with emotions.

You can't even begin to comprehend how they feel. You're locked in the tutorial mode of life forever.

lmw_blue #sexist reddit.com

You honestly should just become “misandrist”, because your male “friends” are probably waiting for the opportunity to take advantage for you. They don’t deserve any appreciation or empathy for anything. Do things for yourself and for women!

There’s no way to make any man have empathy for women, period. They’re not naturally that way. They are completely incapable of empathy, and yes I’m absolutely serious. That’s why we should focus on women and them alone.

There is no “high suicide rate”, there is no “body-shaming” against men, they don’t deserve to have their precious emotions taken seriously, and there is no problems that men don’t bring on themselves. They deserve it!

trueworldtheory #psycho #wingnut reddit.com

Imagine being in a subreddit with cartoon frogs talking nazi dogwhistles in baby talk as a goof

Imagine writing about how you think cartoon frogs are da nazi, and think that you don't deserve to be pubically beaten or treated as mentally ill. Like, fuck, I think the whole world needs to see your post.

No sweetie. Cartoon frogs aren't nazi. In fact, nazis aren't real Sweetie. National Socialism is a defunct political party from Germany over 70 years ago. Stop treating Nazi like the 21st century of Satan, not all of us are religious fundamentalists. There is no such thing as "dogwhistles", that is leftspeak. Don't be a leftists, all leftists are mentally ill. You don't have a valid political ideology, you just have maladaptive psychological traits. You have a genetically ill person who thinks behaving like this is appropriate. Normal people don't act like you

Its sad GrandpaDallas, you are too far gone. Nothing can save you. the product of bad genetics and bad environment.

99_1_Rule #conspiracy reddit.com

You would not believe me if I told you this.

I was feeling particularly suicidal tonight, so I figured, fuck it, I'm gonna call the Suicide Hotline and just vent.

According to their website, 97% of calls are answered within 75 seconds.

Guess how long I waited for? Just take a guess. Got your guess in your head? Okay? Ready?




I waited a total of nearly 15 minutes on the phone and no one even fucking picked up.

I made a r/SuicideWatch post earlier today and someone literally commented "Oh good! :)" on my post before I deleted it.


I am 1000% convinced everything is fake. Everyone is acting. I live in a simulation. This is actually all fake. Everything is actually fake.

I feel like I'm being driven to madness. I genuinely feel completely insane. It's such a life-changing realization. Nothing is actually fucking real.

You are treated the way you are treated by design. If any of you even are real. For all I know, I'm the only actual real person in this simulation and "incels" have just been created by some supercomputer AI that I'm plugged into.

I've ran numbers and I've studied high levels of statistics. So much of the shit that happens to me shouldn't be statistically possible. My life genuinely feels like a movie. Everything just feels so artificial and fake.

Everything feels like The Truman Show.

I'm done playing by the rules.

I'm done being toyed with and played with like a fucking animal. If you are in on this and you're not NPC's or AI designed specifically to accommodate to me, then fuck you.

I've been Neuro Typical my entire life and I've never had signs of autism or other mental disorders or learning disabilities. Yet, I'm still somehow going mad. I feel like Russel Crowe's character, Steve Nash, in A Beautiful Mind. Everything feels like it's collapsing suddenly. Everything, every single day, it just keeps getting worse.

I'm going to free myself from this fucking hell and I hope all of you do the same if you're really here with me.

Bless you all.