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Former Bullies of Reddit: Why?

Didn't really have a reason other than "because I could, they annoyed me a couple of times". I wasn't insecure, didn't need validation, was generally a nice and thoughtful person, home life was fine, had friends and fit in with most social groups, was able to take my energy/frustrations out in sports, etc. Honestly, most bullies I knew didn't have a reason for it.

I honestly only feel bad for picking on one kid, because I feel like he genuinely didn't deserve the amount of targets he had on his back. He was awkward, scrawny, and would always try giving a comeback that just didn't quite come out the way he had hoped, but he stood up for himself every time. M. Pierce was his name, and I won't forget it. The rest of the kids I picked on were generally considered assholes and loners, which is what the majority of the victims are. Hate to say it like that for anyone that was bullied, but there's a reason you got put on radar. If you didn't have friends, people looked the other way when you were being picked on, teachers didn't want much to do with you, then you probably were an asshole and got snippy with the wrong person (expecting the downvotes for that, but it's true). Bullies don't want to deal with a group of friends that'll stick up for each other, or choose a target that is well liked and would be backed up if reported, and even better if the teachers didn't like them or trust them. Most victims of bullying don't realize or want to admit that they themselves were little shits too.

If you are a victim of bullying, make friends. It's going to be the best way to both get the target off of you back and get past the feeling of being alone.

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The PCR "test" is not based on viral RNA. For example, if we look at the WHO protocol ( https://www.who.int/docs/default-source/coronaviruse/... ) and pay attention to the second primer (CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT) and then go to the so-called Gene Bank, to the page where the 8th chromosome is described ( https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nucleotide/NC_000008.11?... ), at the very bottom we see the exact same sequence. That means we are being tested for our own DNA.

The WHO protocol is not used everywhere, the primers differ from country to country, but this does not change anything since the origin of other sequences is not known, there are no scientific publications whose authors approach the isolation of SARS-CoV-2 in a scientific way. Yes, Peng Zhou, Na Zhu, Jeong-Min Kim, McMaster University claim to have isolated the virus, but if you look at the "isolation" process, it is clear that purification and isolation are out of the question: they either don't filter the pulmonary fluid, or, having filtered it, they mix in Vero cells, liquid fetal calf serum, and antibiotics, in response to which the cells secrete extracellular vesicles. Dr. Andrew Kaufman has analyzed various German PCR testing protocols, and many of the primers mentioned there had an 80%-85% similarity in the genetic sequence to certain parts of the human genome. The number of cycles + the amount of genetic material in the sample will play a big role in determining whether you are "sick" or not.

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[Context: In Response to this: https://i.imgur.com/xPWRrvX.jpg]

Right, let's all be afraid of a disease that kills 00.04% of people who is "infected", a disease so dangerous you need to be tested in order to know you have, so that we can line up to take a vaccine that is so safe and effective you have to be threaten by law or bribed by the government to accept. And, of course, nothing says "man up" better than obeying every single retarded order coming from the government, submitting to peer pressure or giving away your freedom of expression so the other mongoloid sheeple can feel "safe".

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[RE: Anti-lockdown hoaxer who posted fake videos of ‘empty hospitals’ fined £200 for breaking COVID regulations]

Typical brain-dead sheeple reassuring post. People in cognitive dissonance love those heart-warming news of people being punished for trying to speak the truth. Where are their real videos of full hospitals, then? Fucking idiots.

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RE: Just VIRTUESIGNALmaxx bro!


spoilerMe seeing my childhood bullies on social media trying to advocate for suicide and mental health awareness.

I was a school bully from the ages of 7-10. It was a weird age where my empathy hadn't developed. The two kids I bullied were vulnerable, one was special needs and the other was a curry that sat alone. It was visceral, I just went and did it.

I never got the "bullies are deeply insecure", I never once felt insecure during my entire time doing it. And after growing out of it, I couldn't help but see the "actually, bullies are secretly insecure :))" lie as cruel.

My best friend was bullied bad from the ages of 10 to 11. I remember him telling me he wanted to kill himself, at 10 years old. The kid bullying him was my neighbor and our families were close, his dad was a psychologist that specialized with children. His dad didn't even give a fuck that his own kid was pinning people down on the playground and shoving bark in their mouth. The fact that a practicing child psychologist didn't even care or do anything about his own kid doing this shit makes me just laugh. He gets paid to bluepill the very kids driven to suicide by kids like his children.

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Also, you can't "give" anyone Coronavirus. As a matter of fact, contagion of any disease has never been proven beyond reasonable doubt, so you can't really "give" anyone any disease. I strongly recommend reading about Antoine Béchamp and his spot on Terrain Theory, which was later proved by Royal Raymond Rife as being the best way to explain how "viruses" work and what they actually are.

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No one deserves to be raped. It's an awful experience nobody should have to go through. And I'm not saying any of it is your fault at all... but maybe don't dress like a slutty nurse? We can't fight against rape culture by sexualizing everything. It's getting worse, and if you want to actually change things you have to start with yourself.

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RE: How do you feel being classified by the Coalition of Communities of Color as 'a community of colour'? Coalition of Communities of Colour 'formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of colour'.


Anyway, i've already heard before that among black folk in USA - russians (and slavic people in general, i suppose) are not considered White, but i thought it was kind of joke or something. But apparently it was true all along :D

I couldn't care less, all this tolerant circus bullshit is exclusively US' construct and it should be contained within USA, like any other contagious disease.


White Americans tend to treat immigrant Russians more like people from brown and black countries (think of them poorly and offer less access to high quality jobs) than they would treat a white German immigrant (basically like they would treat another white American).

Sounds like a class issue to me. Poorer people have a lower standing in a classist society, that's nothing new. Moment you suddenly should realize, a lot of American racism is class disparity and has absolutely 0 connection to what universally is considered racist... Like believing some nation to be bound to be alcoholics.

holy fuck, god forbid this disease spreads across the border.

Whats the point of classification of "white or colored" if whites can also be colored? If oppression can classify you as colored, does this mean a white amercan who faced discrimination or somenthing in asian or african country is also considered colored?

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The American left's influence on racial/gender discourse in Europe is obvious. I'm from a dutch speaking part of europe and I've noticed that in the last 5-10 years they've been literally translating US talking points.

We used to call white people "blanken", but now the phrase "witte mensen" has suddenly entered our discourse. No one ever said "witte mensen" until these young people with humanities degrees started reading american social justice material.

I'm even thinking they had to put it through Google Translate. Like "toxic masculinity" which became "toxische mannelijkheid". It just doesn't scan as native dutch or flemish to me.

Every young university educated POC that we see on the news in europe all seem to have the exact same chip on their shoulder as you'd imagine an African American activist might have. Only with none of the historical justification.

Same thing with the Black Pete controversies which only started a few years ago.

No one, absolutely no one ever associated Sinterklaas's soot-faced assistant with anything racist until reports of "blackface" scandals became popular in the US.

We don't have a history with minstrel shows here, but every activist ranting about this topic is acting like we do.

When people talk about rising populist sentiment in Europe, they think it's because we're emulating Trump.

The reality is that our left has been emulating the american SJW's and are creating a similar counterresponse over here.

There's a 2-5 year timelag between European political culture and the US. So that would put us right around 2016-era America, mentally speaking.

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RE: Anyone else tired of all the race focus on the recent economic schemes and in diversity?

My military mom was talking about how they only focused on diversity in race, not gender, and how that was a sharp turn from the metoo movement just a few years ago. When Biden gives away money to minorities on unemployment only, or to their small businesses, he forgets entirely about a large portion of the working class in Appalachia who have been entirely overlooked and demonized, along with a good portion of small businesses. How is not assisting them not considered racism by itself? It should be, but the media wouldn’t frame it as that. It seems as if even they don’t realize that this hurts the left and their coalition in the long run, meaningless victories and time wasting only alienates the majority who could learn to appreciate leftist economics if they weren’t immediately shoved in with wokeness, along with environmentalism which is a big issue too.

Of course I am, having come from the black PMC milieu myself (but as Matt Christman points out, one of the ones to fall through the cracks now that the “dream” of social climbing has been snuffed out) I utterly despise this group of race hustling minorities who try manipulating all this diversity shit and warping all discussions of economics and government policy into a cynical scheme to gain more wealth and power for themselves. And the most disgusting part about them is that they use working class minorities as pawns in their little game to cement themselves as either capitalists in their own right, retainers to the capitalists, or academics. And if you hear how they will often talk about working class minorities they feel disgusted by them, almost as disgusted by them as actual white supremacists are. It’s an entirely self-interested, cynical, and psychopathic mode of politics.

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The biggest lie is that we are in an endless universe.

As soon as they found out we couldn't leave whatever the hell we're on they spent literally trillions on the lie that is space. Star wars and star trek to brainwash you into a false idea of space. Fake space races. Fake moon landings. Fake iss. Nasa literally means to decieve.

We are created. By who or what no fucking clue. But this world is a perfect creation. We are the center of it. The sun and moon are close and small. Not millions of miles away and it's ridiculous anyone really believes that when you can observe how small and close they are.

Any time lapse video of a camera pointed up at the sky shows everything revolves perfectly around us. The occult math isn't science. All their lies are obvious and I don't know why so many people are too stupid to see thru all this bullshit.

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A common argument from non vegans is this:

"But I have to eat meat to stay healthy!"

Now, think about the implication of this argument.

This argument translated:

If it helps me to stay healthy, putting someone else into intense suffering is totally ok. My health obviously matters more than their suffering.

So, its fun how you can show that people are monsters, even when they think they make an ethical argument.

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No dude, Masons.

They swear a blood oath to protect other masons no matter the laws of the country they are in. It's not hard to understand. They are internationalists that basically run our country through influence. There are 384,000 sheriffs in a fraternal order of sheriffs, which is a masonic offshoot, FBI recruits from police clearly. Do the math.

I donno why people think this shit is conspiracy after Kennedy anymore, they really did a number on society.

I can talk on the matter some, my grandfather was a 33rd scottish rite working with the former head of CIA in the 70s at ITT corp

Every major figure around the alien coverup from 1947 and on was a mason. It's a fucking alien cult.

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Having a small/balanced Lower third is CRUCIAL to being a Stacy!


You made her midface smaller too which is extremely important

yes both lower third and midface!

i think these three are dealbreakers for ascension:

long philtrum/ bad philtrum-chin ratio

long midface

long lower third

So in theory can a rhinoplasty actually make your philtrum look longer? Damn😪

If it makes your nose shorter then yeah.

But if it makes it look longer it can make the philtrum shorter.

I’ll have to see if there’s any surgeries like that

Is there anything you could even do about this though?

Yes actually-

You can get a lip lift or fillers to minimise the space. You could get your nose turned down if you have an upturned nose.

Check out r/orthotropics. Mewing has been working for me wonderfully and pulling in my jawline to make it more symmetrical and feminine.

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What's a sign you're a femcel?

Is it a sign you're a femcel if people constantly avoid you and are mean towards you for no reason, both online and irl? I already knew I'm not a supermodel or attractive judging by my experiences irl, but I recently asked for private feedback on my looks on vrm and I was shocked by the replies. Almost no one answered back, except for one girl that was pretty blunt in her response towards me.

I think deep down you would know if you were a femcel. Everyone knows deep down how attractive they are although some don’t want to acknowledge it. (Unless you have severe bdd)

Strangers, even service workers, being mean to you for no reason, also men letting you know/dropping hints that they aren't attracted to you/you are not their type even though you never were interested in them in the first place

People are genuinely afraid of you because you’re so ugly.

why are u being downvoted? ur literally right and ur a femcel urself???

idk, but that was the biggest indicator for me. if people are not repulsed by your appearance you probably aren’t a femcel

omg who the hell is reporting these comments for misinformation. we're both literally femcels and we're both mods. i can't 😂

People are still pushing for an all inclusive beauty sub and don’t want to admit femcels exist. They assume we are just lacking basic hygiene and that brushing our teeth and putting on nice clothes with instantly turn us into an 8. Being a femcel doesn’t mean you’re unkept 🤦🏻‍♀️

I know this place is women only, but... You know you're a femcel the same way you know you're an incel. When you go on tinder, you get 0 matches even in the 1st 24 hrs of starting an account. You do your best but noboy looks at you. That's the kinds of things I have heard. Also, mods, ban me ASAP.

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RE: The percentage of women who’ve experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some time in their life



Western and nordic countries looking bad >65% upvoted. This fucking sub.

It's the same 3 responses over and over: "women/police lying", "women dum and don't know any better", "fake data". Whenever there's a map with Eastern Europe looking better than the Western Europe this sub becomes the groundhog day simulator.

data are not homogeneized

Wrong, see top comment. "All statistics are meaningless" - pure copium.

They just want to confirm ther bias 'west good east bad'. It's clearly visible in every thread that doesn't yell WESTERN EUROPE SUPERIOR!

”From the source, this instead is the result of non partner violence. I see a strong correlation.”


Of course they are correlated, they are purposely confounding the issues to push a narrative.

Or maybe there's no narrative, and the W/N countries are simply worse in this particular regard.

My god under EVERY MAP which shows Northern and Western Europe in a worse light, i barely have to scroll for the "this cant be Right" or "they dont report it" comments.

Yes but one must admit that the figures are a bit surprising.

Why are they surprising?

In Poland there is a new shitty law that gives Police the right to instantly kick you out for 14 days when a woman reports a domestic violence event, even if its your own house. You can't even take anything with you. There's been stories already where people came back to their home from work only to kiss the door handle. I'd say Polish women have it very well and many of them even abuse their rights.

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RE: Justice Department Drops Yale University Admissions Lawsuit

Some people don't realize how dangerous this can be. One of the major steps which paved the way for civil war in Sri Lanka was affirmative action in regards to college admissions. And this was from a country which had amazing racial relations in the first half of the 20th century.

How did it cause the war in sri lanka?

In 1972, the government introduced a scheme in which Tamils had to have higher marks to get into colleges than Sinhalese students and they had another one based on geographical location which severely impacted Northern Sri Lanka (Tamil majority area). This was in the backdrop of the Sinhala only act, anti-tamil riots and racial quotas and historical memories last long in Sri Lanka. There were massive protests against this in the Tamil areas of SL and the government sent in the military and declared a state of emergency. This eventually lead to formations of small Tamil militant groups which grew later on in the late 1970s and 1980s with other incidents taking place

Right but weren't the sinhalese like 80% of the population. Thats not affirmative action its just regular discrimination.

Well, the argument was that Tamils were overrepresented In comparison to their population so yes it was affirmative action. And imo, affirmative action is technically discrimination

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RE: DOJ drops discrimination case against Yale University

Another example democrats don’t give a fuck about Asian Americans. Wake the fuck up my Asian friends & stop voting democrat. What more facts do you all need to show Asians and Jews are no longer considered minorities?

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The People will fight for their religion and act against their own self-interest to preserve it. Therefore it should be controlled just like the media to prevent the spread of imperialist propaganda until The People receive the proper education. Religious leaders must be removed and replaced with those sympathetic to The Party and completely disconnected from outside enemy powers like Vatican. Religious institutions cannot be allowed any independence, being fully controlled by The Party, otherwise the institutions will grow in power and become the main force of opposition like it happened in Poland. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN YOU ALLOW FOR RELIGIOUS LEADERS TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT. THIS WILL MEAN THE END OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT AND WILL LEAD TO REVERSAL OF THE EMANCIPATION OF WOMEN, LGBTQ PEOPLE AND RELIGIOUS AND ETHNIC MINORITIES, WHICH IS THE ANTITHESIS OF WHAT COMMUNISTS SHOULD STRIVE FOR.

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nolitteringplease364: I'm not a trump fan but I'm a fan of the American project (to some extent). And its under attack. The thing that really creeped me out was republican governor Arnie, celebrating the defeat of nazi trump and his domestic terrorists, ironically citing kristelnacht THE DAY AFTER massive censorship waves against anyone who strays too far from the accepted narrative. Unbelievable. Its so obvious that the boundaries of "what is the enemy" are drawing closer and closer in. I believe Canada just announced that the proud boys are domestic terrorists lmao. Won't be long til that goes for anyone who disagrees with the status quo - and we know what happens to terrorists. The western world is going to shit. China's looking to grow into an ethno-supremacist fascist state as far as I can tell. What a mess

ashishduhh1: And to think, this is all because people take menstruating white women's political opinions seriously.

nolitteringplease364 lmao. not sure if you're being serious but... still right either way by my reckoning. its funny how 'hysteria' is no longer a medical term cos it's sexist but like i see a lot of hysteria going on. mostly from baby-rabies-age single women

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I enjoy it when people lose their child/son/daughter dies.

This joy is in no way sexual. But watching parents suffer in their own self loathing after anything from miss carriage to an accident or even older som/daughter deaths, such as military or illness really brightens my day. On one hand im sad if the kids older (13+) because maybe they were cool or had dreams or something. But watching people be so insanely distraught over the loss of their barely human infant is just the best thing to me. I genuinely, genuinely could not care less for a child and i dont see their worth in the world whatso ever. And their stupid social media “angel baby” posts damn near make me bust laughing at their attention grabbing, especially their howling of what “could have been”

Of course, when i interact with a child im nice, unfortunately their suffering is collateral damage in my enjoyment.

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the DPRK is a democratic country that uses democratic centralism, just like any other country.

Kim Jong Un gets elected to his roles in the state, the highest of them being the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, by the Supreme People's Assembly, which is the highest organ in the DPRK. The Supreme People's Assembly is made up of representatives that are democratically elected in regional elections. Party affiliation doesn't matter and there are representatives from all of the three parties in the DPRK. The three parties form an alliance and rule the country together.

As others have pointed out the DPRK also uses workplace democracy through a system called the Taean Work System or Socialist Management System. The workers actively choose the leadership of their companies, by electing a management board.

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SJW in Avengers Endgame

First of all captain marvel is super OP and thanos tried to punch her it did nothing. She so OP.

She also has a feminist haircut. They just had to give her that kind of hair. I know it's like that in the comics but the fact that she went to a normal haircut to a feminist 'rebellious' haircut, don't tell me there's no agenda there.

Gamora kicks StarLord in the balls. Basically encouraging domestic violence. They think it's ok to beat up men but evil to beat up women.

Another SJW element is Capitan America. He passes it on to a falcon. Captain America is now black. This symbolizes America turning black and casting out the white people. Whites are being kicked out and shamed while blacks replace them and be the heroes.

Iron man dying, bet they will give the moniker to a woman like his daughter, Pepper or the african american girl in comics

Thor letting Valkyrie rule New Asgard

Thor becoming fat, meaning to convey white males as lazy n ugly

Peter Parker a white male getting saved by like 10+ of all the female hero cast at once. Right before hes saved hes acting scared n whimpy

Another reason is transgender propaganda. They had a Bruce Banner and Hulk mixed. I think this is kind a a subliminal message that tells us that you can be whatever you want. Non-binary, both genders, or the opposite gender. They are saying gender is a spectrum. More pandering to sjws.

It might also be encouraging forced diversity cause hulk is 'mixed' kind of like mixed race. Who knows.

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Fuck the elderly. They demand socialist policies to support themselves while trying to strip away any support programs for anyone who is t a geriatric fuck. They’re overwhelmingly racist and homophobic. They don’t provide anything while draining our resources. They’re also currently destroying the planet without any sense of responsibility to the younger generations. They don’t give a duck about us, we should abandon them.

The elderly, especially boomers, are a cancerous generation that the world will be better off without.

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I cannot for the life of me understand how average working class people think they're being accurately represented by people who have grown up privileged and have millions of dollars to their name.

Democrats in 2019: How can you hillbillies relate to Trump? You’re from two different worlds

Democrats in 2020-21: Wowza she looks just like me 😍

I don't get it. I'm a white dude, yet somehow I don't feel represented by Trump or Biden... even though they are both white dudes!! How could this be??

This is because of Obama's campaign. The storyline about him being MUH FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT is getting copy/pasted on all other political figures. Look there, it's the first female CIA director! And look over there! The first transracial Senator! WAOW!

These things were meant to be interesting sidenotes, not the defacto guidebook for the left on who to vote for. There are probably a bunch of uneducated redneck hillbillies who vote with more purpose than these wokies. It's crazy what is happening to the left

Truly a historic day when the daughter of two Berkeley PhDs can rise to prominence by sleeping with a popular politician, be elected California’s D.A. after the guy goes on to become mayor of San Francisco, get the Party nomination for Senate by virtue of her skin color, get nominated VP four years later also by virtue of her skin color, and then win election against the most unpopular president in American history. It no doubt shows impoverished black children all across the country that they too can pull themselves up by their bootstraps by having highly successful parents and advancing their careers through relationship nepotism.

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First off, is CPC, not CCP, at least use their acronym correctly, their name in English is Communist Party of China, not Chinese Communist Party.

About Sri Lanka:

In Sri Lanka they finance left-wing parties, what's up with Tibet, which has been part of China since at least various centuries ago? Did you know the title of Dalai Lama was invented by the Chinese? And the Uyghurs? Xinjiang has been China for centuries as well!

Sri Lanka gets loans from China due to their conditions being way fairer than those of the IMF. The USSR also gave loans to other countries, what's wrong with that?

"As an occupation" No, because those parts have been part of China since the birth of the Chinese political nation under the Qing dinasty and the birth of the concept of Zhonghua Minzu. They are Chinese, they are not Han, but that does not make them to be less Chinese. Would you call Arkansas to be under occupation from the US government? No, right? It's the same, in fact, even more, since Xinjiang and Tibet have been part of China since way before the US was founded, and, more importantly, they were already Chinese when the nation-state concept that included non-Han minorities was established. Comparing it to Israel (Which is a country founded by settlers that came from Europe) is disingenous, to say the least.

What rape, killing and indoctrination? Find me one source that does not link back to Adrian Zenz or to Radio Free Asia. One source.

Animeak116 #wingnut #sexist reddit.com

Animeak116: I think that type of dark humor should be more for cartoons meant for older audiences obviously because its dark humor. Like ypu dont see VetTV trying to cater to a younger audience with its dark humor. But toxic masculinity has been bullshit sense the beginning and has been due to moronic SJWs who cant take a joke and think something is sexist when its not or what not.

PowerfulVictory: It's so rare to see pure unfiltered stupidity in this subreddit, that was actually surprising
edit : this comment. Not the post.
edit 2 : a guy answered me, ranting non-sensically and basically saying "yeah this post is shit". He deleted his comment now.

gadgetmcfly: Toxic masculinity is when masculinity backfires either on men or it hurts women. I don't want a society of femboys, but I want men with masculinity that complements them.
In general, I just want gender roles to go to shit, but I'd settle for healthy views of femininity and masculinity.

Animeak116: Yeah thats not what SJWs and people who think toxic masculinity actually believe. Because what you listed is exactly what SJWs actually mean by what they want to end Toxic masculinity. Which again does not exist. What people believe toxic masculinity is. Is just the very basic natural male tendencies. Protective of there family, likes anything like guns, cars, ect. The willingness to hold back ones emotions for rational thoughts and problem solving. Ect. So yeah thats what SJWs mean when they want toxic masculinity destroyed. What makes a man a man. Because to SJWs men have to be destroyed to uplift women. Dont believe me thats literally what feminists and SJWs believe

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What is the Nanjing Massacre?
Are you confusing it with the Treaty of Nanking?
The Japanese government denies all such gossip.
Since there is no fact that the Japanese government had a policy of genocide, it is natural that Asians do not seek guarantees for the massacre.
Of course, Japan has never been brought to court by Asians, including the citizens of Nanjing, seeking guarantees related to the massacre and rape.
If you know any Asians who have been affected, please encourage them to go to court.
The Chinese who filed a lawsuit against a Japanese company for unpaid wages received their unpaid wages because they were found to be true.
Many Chinese people know that there was no massacre, but those with less knowledge are deceived by the propaganda of China's rulers who are famous for not lying.
The unfortunate thing is that the Chinese propaganda is not strongly denied because it is convenient to cover up the immorality committed by the Allies in mainland China and Korea.
It covers up the history of the West's failed attempt to have a Chinese puppet government control the entire Chinese mainland by attacking Manchuria, and it also hides the current situation in East Asia, where Japan had stabilized the region, but the West's failed policy led to the birth of a socialist state and chaos.
Even in Japan, there were people who believed in the silly propaganda.
But after seeing the scene of the Tiananmen Square massacre, where Communist Party soldiers were burned and hung in midair by unarmed civilians, the Japanese understood completely.
The Japanese were shocked to find out that they had been deceived, as there were no stories in Japan about Japanese soldiers being treated in such a manner.

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How can someone obtain invoking rituals of an egregore? Tantriks, invoked a Jyestha/Indra Watcher (Egregore), twice in the Netherlands, to attack me with a Homunculus created by English Satanists, and a family members sperm. Now the egregore has created a portal link with me, after cloning me, see book Egregores of Mark Stavish! I have now a lifelong connection with an egregore, of whom I don't to which it belongs and who the lodge members are! What to do next?

Do you know why an egregore (artificial elemental) is used for black magic attacks? Dion Fortune mentioned it, about 1. telepathic hypnotic suggestion; 2. enforcing the telepathic hypnotic suggestion by evoking an Egregore that can create thoughtforms; 3. creating a magnetic switch or a contactpoint!

Assuming there's any truth to this (sorry, but this is farfetched and clearly at least exaggerated), simply reject. If you are maintaining a connection with an egregore, you are consenting to it.

There is ritual group magic in my neighbour's house, some of those people are: relatives; muslims; and a hindu! A psychotherapist says, it is a legitimate thoughtform attack, and that my familymembers are doing it!

Please do not evoke an egregore that can create thoughtforms. Anyone with enough understanding to do that right has better options 99% of the time. Psychotherapists are generally not qualified to judge psychic attack. My advice elsewhere is still relevant.My advice elsewhere is still relevant. Reject, absorb, ground, even silly novice mirror shield rituals.

They are using a Homuculus to attack my clone! I have been cloned by the egregore! The egregore saved my life when I was attacked in my heart, by my uncle, with the Homunculus!

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RE: When do servitors start working?

”So I created my first servitor last night using Damon Brands Magickal Servitors method. Its a servitor that is supposed to wake me up in all of my dreams to become lucid. However, it did not to that when I went to sleep. Im new to this and im not sure if its supposed to work instantly or it need time before it starts waking me up?”

Most chaos magick attacks larpers who sont know what they're talking about I reccomend you give your servitor a vessel and sleep next to it. If your servitor has actually been created and wasnt some halfassed. All you need is intent like most of the chaos magick I see in this sub the proximity to your vessel will allow you to see results as soon as you sleep. All jokes aside failure is the nature of magick try again until you see affects

In Damon Brand's method, servitors are housed inside one's own body. You pick a defined body part for it to inhabit, such as a particular bone.

I've used Damon Brand's methods too. In most cases, they've worked immediately, sometimes even while still in the gestation phase.

I also made a lucid dream servitor, and have had the least success of any of my servitors. The area of my body I house it in started getting sore after birthing it too. My best guess is that it's operating directly with my unconscious and my unconscious does NOT welcome it. Maybe it feels intruded on. When I ask the servitor for other types of dreams I have a lot more success.

Ing-Frey #fundie reddit.com

Why is it that the nuclear family has become some crazy, right wing fringe idea? It's literally what every fucking civilization has done since the beginning of time. Look what happens to people who have kids out of wedlock and act like degenerates. Getting married and having a two parent household is the best way for kids to grow up and it can be statistically proven. It's like the more knowledge we have available to us, the dumber we get.

God's Holy Righteous Penis 2: Electric Boogalo

Anyone remember Navaros?

H2ElectricBoogaloo #crackpot #magick reddit.com

If you ejaculate at the exact time it becomes New Year, legend says that you will give birth to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Even if you don't ejaculate inside a woman, God will make it so. Your seminal fluids will undergo a series of phases from which it'll slowly grow in biomass, eating up anything that comes in direct physical contact with it, becoming abiotic sacrifices for the Second Coming himself.

Of course, this alone will not be enough, which is where the sperm cells come into play. The increasing biomass will make the sperm cells alongside the seminal fluids grow into lengths not less than 5 feet. Each sperm cell, now called Neo-Angels, will traverse the local area, which will now be christened the title of The New Holy Land, searching for the purest souls that embody the same teachings of Jesus Christ irregardless of their religion in the same way Gabriel did find Mary.

These Neo-Angels will use their flagellum to insert into these pure souls' belly-buttons. The pure souls will undergo a sort of reverse-birth, wherein its duration depends on the pure soul's age plus nine months. By the end of this reverse-birth, the Neo-Angels should come out portly and heavy. Whatever Neo-Angel couldn't find a suitable pure soul will act as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ's defender as the fetus grows into appropriate size.

The Neo-Angels that manage to collect enough fetal-matter will gather back to the semen originally ejaculated and pump their flagellum into the semen. With this, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ should have the power of at least a hundred human beings.

The original ejaculator that took part in giving birth in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will act as the final sacrifice for the lord, as the semen that will have grown into a fetus will crawl into your testicles and use it as a makeshift womb, and you shall soon give birth to a baby boy, and you will be the final sacrifice.

All this considered, do you really want to masturbate anywhere near New Year's Eve?

Various Commenters #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Coalition of Communities of Colour 'formally recognized the Slavic community as a community of colour'.


LOL, americans are starting to know the Eastern part of europe, wait till they get to balkans, we'll have the strongest victim card of all. Blacks will want permission to say the B-word, my balkanite.


This disgusts me, they can take their pity and shove it up their arse

No one pities the poles here, or most Slavic people for that matter. Ethnicities which have integrated well are just seen as normal, hell, I think most people group Asians in the white category because of how well they do. It seems like they are trying to make it "everyone vs WASPS", to simplify everything down to "oppressor/oppressed". It is a very dumb ideology, but it is all the rage right now.

I've never heard of this organization before and they seem pretty small. Digging through the depths of fringe American racial politics is a great way to lose any and all sense of reality you may have had.

I mean at least they are trying to do something. Western Europeans should also take a hard look at how they are treating Eastern Europeans.

Sure but this type of identity politics is more harmful than helpful

Why does America have so many crazy people?

I don't know why you find this crazy, at least they acknowledge that discrimination against white immigrants still exists. I am glad that African Americans acknowledge the discrimination and racism that Slavic imigrants face. Of course, we slavs are not colored at all, but we are still considered as second-class citizens in many countries around the world

It's crazy because the people who wrote this document would rather label Eastern Europeans as PoC than acknowledge that certain groups of white people can face discrimination in a white dominated society. I wouldn't be surprised if these groups start labelling whites as exclusively "of Anglo/Germanic descent".

Slavicpride14 & myautismisaugmented #racist reddit.com

RE: Dua Lipa just posted a photo of greater Albania on her profile, managing to directly insult 4 nations the territory infringes upon, and many more. This is hilarious.



Yikes, this girl is radicalized. It's interesting how rich people who live continents away from the Balkan post shit like this, while us people who are "forced" to communicate and share our miseries with other ethnic groups are more welcoming, respectful and peaceful between each other. For example some of you all know i am from mix-majority Albanian place, and i haven't seen one Albanian post stuff like this. But when i look up people from ethnoplaces(Macedonians or Albanians) they are full radicalized openly.

People from ethnically mixed areas probably still have those views but they just don’t talk about it as much openly because they don’t want to get into a fight/argument with people from other ethnicities.

The Serbs in the regions around Prizren maybe thought the same thing that you did before their Albanian neighbours became terrorists breaking away from Serbia and ethnically cleansed them.

The reason those Albanians arent saying radical things is because they dont want conflict

They're scared

As soon as they go to a place where they are the majority the mask falls off

Ne mu veruvaj na shiptar

fschmidt #sexist reddit.com

Second, don't bother relying on your wife for this, a daughter's chastity is the father's responsibility. These are easily fixable in the future. But the general problem is hard. You didn't mention your daughter's age, but if she is young enough then I recommend taking your family to some conservative religious service weekly. Women are herd animals and are influenced by the people they see around them. Logical arguments are useless with women, but telling your daughter that many men just view women as pieces of meat (sex objects) may have some effect.

TyongTY1995 #transphobia reddit.com

This is what we need to do folks. Barge in on these worthless losers and shame them for invading women’s bathrooms (and locker rooms too). As a real woman I’m sick and tired of men making sexism and homophobia cool again because as a lesbian also, I’ll never suck your dick and a mutilated dick is not a vagina you’ll never be a woman no matter how much mutilation you do to your body. I hope one day trannyism is illegal but honestly the fact that their suicide rate is so high is a wonderful silver lining. Fucking disgusting mentally ill perverts

Animeak116 @ Murphy Slaw #sexist #ableism reddit.com

(=Weebs talking about anime girls. That is all.=)

King9204: Blake is the hottest character!

Animeak116: If only she wasn't bat shit retarded

Murphy_Slaw_: to be fair, aside from maybe Weiss all of Team RWBY + Jaune/Ren/Nora are completely retarded.
Blake is not much worse than the rest of them.

Animeak116: I mean all of them are retarded foe the sake of the plot just saying the symptoms started with Blake so i will always label her retarded as well. She may be a cute cat girl that any one may wany but she is idiotic as a brick that you'd rather use as a pump and dump then actual waifu material. Also Weiss was ruined this season heavily by the current episode. So i wouldn't hold my breath that she to isn't retarded especially after her scenes in the previous volume

Sen0n #magick #crackpot reddit.com

impressive results for chaos magick experiment, looking for suggestions for improvement

I have been practicing Chaos Magick for about a year now. After stumbling on Foolish Fishes Quanum magic video, I was inspired to craft a short experiment to see if doing a chaos magick ritual could impact real world outcomes within reason. I settled on the idea of filling a cup with 10 coins shaking it and recording the results of each shake. I originally set out to do 3 sets, 1 control, 1 with a short ritual, and 1 with a normal ritual.

The results: I. Control: No Ritual 58 Tails 42 Heads

II. Micro Ritual: Intention: Tails winning Total flips: 49 Tails 51 Heads Result: Failure

III: Full Ritual: (10 minute duration, a complete ritual I have used several times before) Total Flips: 57 Tails, 43 Heads Result: Success

After the success of the first set, I decided I shouldn't make it that easy and the sample size is too small to make this feel like an accomplishment. VI: Full Ritual, Including additional sets: Total Flips: 226 Tails 174 Heads Result: Continued Success

”All you did was (on the 400 set) achieve a 5% increase (roughly) in the number of heads. This seems statistically insignificant”

It's statistically significant, P(H>=226) is 0.00534. in fact that is quite a strong result as far as these kind of experiments go.

Used to do experiments like this all the time with my friend. I don't have the data at the moment but we ended up with insanely statistically significant results. Like nine sigma results over thousands of trials.

You got a quite respectable p < 0.006, almost 3 sigma.

Look into the PEAR experiments.

Thanks for referencing PEAR! I had never heard of it before and seems interesting

orbitaldecayed #sexist reddit.com

RE: Study found that having male mentors is correlated with more success. Woke mob throws a fit, paper gets retracted.

men being ‘better’ at anything than women these days gains nothing but negative attention.

The finding is not that men are 'better' in any way. But the suspicion is that older women are torpedoing younger women because they are competing with them in a scarcity environment for their gender. If true (and I think we've all seen that kind of behaviour) then it's a rational response to be honest. I mean you would think feminists and their fellow travellers would want to know this stuff and fight against it.

Unconfidence #psycho reddit.com

What is something/someone who other people find ugly but you find attractive?

Obsession. I'm not saying I wouldn't call the cops if she showed up at my doorstep with a bouquet of the severed heads of the girls who I'd looked at that day, but I'd be sad to see her go.

Hardlyhabitual #ableism #psycho reddit.com

Not to be offense but why do we still not consider mercy killing people with extremely severe retardation?
I was sitting in an office at a local school and I witnessed a staff member spend 30 minutes trying to move a spitting smelly staggering adult who couldn't walk. He couldn't talk either, just screamed Disney VHS quotes. Why is he accommodated so well into society that we support him completely from when he is born until he dies, never havin contributed once to society?

Various Commenters #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Poland best place for female entrepreneurs in EU and 5th in the world, says new ranking

Women in Poland out earn men on average in 7 of 16 provinces, also they are much better educated on average, of course live longer, have a 5 years quicker retirement, are 1% of at work casualties, and are 7 times less likely to commit suicide than man.

But the abortion is not on demand, so Poland is clearly "women's hell" as feminists claim.


What? I was told that Poland was a medieval backwards country, where women are treated worse than in the islamic world...

Research says that Poland is (after Iceland and Malta) the safest place for women in terms of sexual and domestic abuse in Europe.

Can you link me the research, would love to point it out when another daily anti polish article comes out. I'm just tired of WE hypocrisy.

I think it's mostly just reddit being reddit, the same place where you see westoid college kids unironically lecturing eastern euros on how communism is actually not that bad, and capitalism is the worst evil imaginable. I don't think most of them are like that.

It's the opposite. Poland is where women get western liberation and freedom and at the same time demand more eastern traditional family model from men.


Another stat presenting Germanys shitty business culture. A country in decline that only lives off inherited wealth.

He's absolutely right, stop downvoting him. We have a shitty culture for entrepreneurs. my business prof was constantly babbling about this. Jealousy and schadenfreude is strong over here.

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RE: Never began for Muslimcels



I never expected a hijabi to blackpill people so blatantly.


I live in Croatia. It always makes me laugh when some rightwing copers think women from "trad" conservative countries like the Balkans/eastern Europe or muslim women are "better" (more likely to date them) than neoliberal western women.

If anything they're even fucking worse. One thing I've noticed is that western women (men too) were at least nicer to me compared to the Balkans. The only difference is that some actually do have lower face standards - because they want aggressive high T assholes like football hooligans and shit.

Volcel if you live in eastern europe and aren't thugmaxxing.

Sure bro my beta personality low T 5.5 inch wrist framelet ass can thugsmaxx ez. It's only for tall, aggressive, main battle tank tier frame hooligans, drug dealers, street nibbas etc.

Its funny how a power outage in Berlin would just erase half of Turkish Twitter

Not offense but from the few interactions I've had with Turks, nearly all of them have been huge assholes. Other people have confirmed that they're assholes too.

Oh, they can be worse to other Turks. Just amplify everything by 2 or 3 for things told and done to you to get a taste for the unlucky guys whom lost the genetic lottery in Turkey.

el_grande_ricardo #racist reddit.com

I (32M) and my girlfriend (30f) went looking for engagement rings over the weekend and I'm planning to propose soon. She's a teacher so we're looking at a summer wedding. I mentioned this to my sister and she was really excited for me. I mentioned that we were looking at some venues, and there's this old plantation that we really like in our area that may be the winner.
My sister really didn't like that because plantations are a "symbol of slavery and racism", and that it'd be really insensitive to get married there and it's offensive. I told her she was overreacting and she kept pushing the issue. So I told her to get off her high horse and quit the virtue signaling and she hung up. AITA?

NTA - your wedding, your choice.

I do find it funny, however. A couple months back a black actress purchased her childhood home - a shack on an old slave plantation. And everyone was all for it - because she was going to erase the negativity and fill it with love.

So buying property on a former slave plantation is wonderful because "the only way to erase negativity is with love" - but the same people will call you racist for having a wedding there.....

probably because the actress is black whilst the OP is (I'm assuming) not black?

Does that matter? Isn't love, "love"?
The plantations have an ugly history. You could, of course, proclaim this offensive and push for the remnants to be left to rot. But then the ugliness remains. Or, you could overwrite the ugliness by turning them into a place of happiness and joy.
People today go around looking for things to be offended by. And when they find something, they proclaim it loudly in order to get their 15 minutes of fame.
The unfortunate side effect of this attention whoring and virtue signalling (aka "tattletaling") is the destruction of history. No one person or group is all good, and no one person or group is all bad. But the tattletales focus only on the bad, and destroy the good along with it.

Enrique Tarrio, Chairman of the Proud Boys #wingnut reddit.com

The FBI is currently investigating a supposed "hate crime" perpetrated by the Proud Boys. They're even offering a reward.

I'm here to tell you that there was no hate crime committed. The only hate there is in my heart is for communism and an authoritarian government. BLM is a Marxist movement. It isn't about the color of someone's skin.

Against the wishes of my attorney I am here today to admit that I am the person responsible for the burning of this sign.. And I am not ashamed of what I did because I didn't do it out of hate... I did it out of love. Love for a country that has given my family SO MUCH. The burning of this banner wasn't about race religion or political ideology it was about a racist movement that has terrorized the citizens of this country. I will not standby and watch them burn another city.

So let me make this simple. I did it.

Come and get me if you feel like what I did was wrong. We'll let the public decide.

Forever PROUD.

- Enrique

Bob Wallace & roflcopt0rz_returns #sexist reddit.com

“When women are let loose to do as they please, away from the influence of men, they have not come up with a cornucopia of great inventions and discoveries. Instead they have aborted tens of millions of infants, blamed all their problems on men, voted leftists into office, become excessively promiscuous, gotten worthless college degrees and demanded equally worthless make-work jobs, believed that wealth falls like manna from Heaven, come to believe marriage is temporary, destroyed children’s lives through easy divorce and single parenthood... and rationalized every bit of it.”

-Bob Wallace

roflcopt0rz_returns: Women have one job in life; make babies. They do everything in their power to do the opposite of that. They are worse than useless.

dtyler86 #sexist reddit.com

The theory that most “feminists” these days are actually bent on female supremacy is no longer a conspiracy to me after international men’s day yesterday. This is real.

All I did was post the stats meme about men suicide rates, imprisonment and murder etc. and my most “liberal and progressive“ friends and family came out of the woodwork in droves to argue, insult and belittle the post about how there are more important issues and the whole gamut of undermining. The worst part is I’m a very center political person and seeing how so many of these people are the loudest mouthpieces of the left, it truly terrifies me away from being able to take most of anything they say seriously knowing how close minded and truly sexist they are. Anyone else experiencing similar things?

Something similar happened to me on my personal facebook not too long ago - I posted about male suicides and statistics of men at a disadvantage and the post had ‘male privilege be like’ at the top as sarcasm. Was immediately told that it was primarily because of toxic masculinity through the patriarchy, so I made it private and didn’t even respond - I couldn’t be fucked. And they belittled me saying it was a shitty post.

Dude, yes! Just today I mentioned, “oh we also have the privilege to die earlier than you. Go to DC and see all the “privileged” men’s names on the vietnam memorial drafted to their deaths”. No one cares. It doesn’t suit them. I actually want to try an experiment and most stats about men that specifically aren’t white or straight. I’ve come to the conclusion today that if I posted statistics about trans men it would probably get shared in light. If I posted statistics about Nigerian babies born with HIV, it would probably get liked and supported. It just seems that if it encompasses heterosexual white man it disgusts the general populace. This is mind exploding.

Happylittleshadows #kinkshaming #sexist reddit.com

pickmes breathe their degradation

They manage to bring their degradation everywhere even placed where it has nothing to do with their submitting to males pleasure and being used as a cheap fleshlight

Since when is bdsm spiritual? Someone answer me Why the fuck would these degenerate of our gender bring bdsm as “spiritual” act on /witchcraft a sub where bdsm has absolutely no place to even be mentioned but they managed the bottom of the barrel of our gender to degrade themselves and us everywhere

I feel like trufemcels is legit the only sub on reddit where i can scroll semi safely knowing well I won’t come across one of these braindead beckies and it feels nice to have the right to report them and kick them out of here

I made a comment telling her to go degrade herself somewhere else and it got removed because “Be NiCe” was a wrong? No

As someone who has been involved in spiritual communities on social media I noticed a lot of libfems degraded themselves and they genuinely think it is empowering and when congratulate each other for their pathetic behavior and attitude.

Oh fuck I didn’t know that was a thing in these communities that’s so fucked like can these pick mes experience anything with dignity? They can’t even practice spiritually without being degraded it’s honestly amazing i’m just pissed they ruined r/witchcraft for me i thought it was going to be a nice peaceful community but Noooooo pickmes would never

[deleted], CapitalMM #racist #fundie reddit.com

What should be done with First Nations people?

[deleted]: "Tell them to adopt a real value system like, oh let's say, Christianity or Judaism instead of their fucking tree worshipping spirit animal raping communist neanderthal tribalistic monkey voodoo ice age crap fest of a way of life.

Seriously. There's a very good reason they all got their asses handed to them.

"Hello natives. We bring Capitalism. We are going to build spaceships and explore the universe with science."

"Uhm, Runs-With-Bear says we must worship the trees."

"Riiiight. Say, let's box you retards into little areas while our civilization prospers." "

CapitalMM:"Remove Indian act Create official heritages (no financial implications, simply a system to celebrate their heritage) Remove nafta and increase manufacturing Remove high amount of energy restrictions and make Canada energy self reliant.

Many will leave reserves if they are not gifted a free house/land. Those that want to stay in the area can create businesses/farms (many reserves are on amazing agricultural land) or join Canada in becoming energy independent (many pipelines/oil wells ect are in remote locations)

Lastly: make them pay reparations to the tribes they wiped out before europeans came to NA. Lol can you imagine their faces."

Daymanelite, [deleted], wallace321, notasodomite, adventurousplaypus #racist reddit.com

CBC Justifies $15 Billon Payment to Aboriginal Day School Students; Residential Schools were just the beginning of endless payout.



"You were always hit with something: straps, pieces of wood, rulers, yardsticks, chalk thrown at you, erasers thrown at you, you were pushed around," said Diabo.

Wow that just sounds awful. Nothing at all like the way my father described his schooling. Nope not at all. No disruptive white kids were ever subject to the same treatment in the same time period by their schools. That is impossible.

[Deleted] : "We've turned into huge pussies."

wallace321"This. Absolutely this. It's not like getting beaten BY YOUR TEACHER for not knowing the correct answer isn't a cliche of how schools were back in the day or anything. /s

Is that all this "residential schools" guilt fest is?"

notasodomite:"This is good. They'll blow it on drugs and booze and finally finish "

In my public school they routinely used the strap for punishment. You put your hands in front and they whip you. Between that and bullies kicking my ass, I ask, where is my money?

Wanderken, GlobalismIsEvil, [deleted], bassline17 #racist #sexist #psycho reddit.com


Native "leaders" blame just about everyone else for Tina Fontaine's death except themselves, who did nothing personally to help her

GlobalismIsEvil:"This is a common thread among almost every MMIWI story I read about. These women are abandoned by their families and tribes, who only seem to start caring after they're dead."

[deleted]:" Why can Natives of all people not understand: The world is a dangerous place, you need to protect yourself and protect your children and your communities.

If you swim in crocodile-infested waters and get bitten it's not the crocodile's fault it's their nature. There ARE psychos out there and maniacs. People need to avoid them and not put themselves in circumstances where they're vulnerable to harm.

ie: passing out in strangers' homes, being in gangs, doing drugs with strangers

It's weird on one hand they call Canada a racist dangerous place,. but then expect their women and children should make no effort to keep themselves safe

I'm a 35-year old man I'm not going to hitchhike and stumble around drunk with strangers in Winnipeg, because I'd fear for my safety doing so"

Diversity is our greatest strength

Jlloe #racist reddit.com

Except indigenous people weren't a society. In thousands of years they invented nothing, made no lasting structures, discovered no science or philosophy and have contributed nothing to civilisation. So what are we to celebrate with indigenous people's day, living in illiterate poverty, tribal warfare and dying in childbirth?

Laminar_flo #racist reddit.com

LA City Council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day

The problem is that the ball never stops rolling. "Indigenous Peoples" were murdering, torturing, raping, ethnically cleansing, slaving, practicing human sacrifice, and (in some rarer cases) practicing cannibalization loooong before Columbus showed up, so why are we now celebrating that barbaric behavior? Columbus may have been a bad guy, but replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day is little more than low-grade ignorant pandering.

If you want to (*asterisk) history, look up and see how real the myth of the "peaceful, pensive and wholly in touch with nature Native American" is. Its a troupe that came up out of Disney/westerns in the 1930-1950s, and its utterly detached from reality and history.

PM-me-your-psn-codes, [deleted] #racist #sexist reddit.com

'Caribou Legs': Man running to honour missing, murdered indigenouss women

PM-me-your-psn-codes: "That's fine and all but most are other Indians killing and kidnapping the women."

[Deleted]:"Meanwhile his own sex is murdered at almost 3x the rate as the women. And let's not forget that Aboriginal men commit over 70% of the murders of indigenous women. If you want to honour missing and murdered women, start with having your chiefs realize that it's a problem with our men.

But who am I kidding, no one gives a flying fuck about male lives, unless they're unborn kids, or black! /s"

Various Commenters #psycho #sexist reddit.com

NOTE: Those are comments on an almost certainly made-up story about a man refusing to pay for his grandchildren’s college education because his daughter refused to be walked down the aisle by him at her wedding, insulted him, and called herself an “independent woman”

OP's sister wanted to be independent, THAT INCLUDES FINANCIAL MATTERS TOO, RIGHT? OP's sister shouldn't be a hypocritical person and excluding financial independence from her wish of being independent. If you wanted to be independent, be 100% independent, even with the money.


NTA, but are you and your brother going stay be quiet about your father being an asshole? He’s punishing his grandchildren over something so petty. I imagine it’s not the only time he’s been incredibly petty, either.

But the dad is kind of an AH for treating his grandchildren so differently just because he didn't get to walk one daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

Kids sometimes suffer the consequences of their parents' decisions. Life isn't always fair.

But she's a strong independent woman and he is respecting that by letting her independently finance the kids education on her own.

the dad is acting super super petty but he kinda has a point. Does she want to perform wokeness or live it? I'd def give a y t a rating to the dad if she was not comfortably employed in a traditionally well paying job tho.


He has to be prepared for his grandkids to hate him, though. I would.


Disagree. I would place blame where blame is due- on the daughter/mom who insisted upon her independence.

She isn’t being emotionally abused. She is being shown what it means to be an independent grown-ass woman. Independent grown-ass women don’t need their daddies to buy them a house or put money into their kids college funds. If she wants to flex being an “independent woman” then she can be independent.

Burglingthebrownlog #sexist reddit.com

Men are not poverty eradication plans for lazy or fiscally irresponsible women.

But men are. Main points:

Men are never 100% certain their children are their own. (literal cuckoldry).

Women are always 100% certain their children are their own.

Fewer men have children than women, indicating a "chad" is doing the work on multiple women.

30% of unmarried men are virgins in their 20's. Only 16% of similar women are virgins.

Women are a net negative on taxes, while men are a net positive. This means that men are paying for children that aren't theirs due to-

Welfare subsidized unsafe sex and "mistakes in sexual partners", in other words, guys who get their rocks off and leave. Having a financial buffer, pilfered from all other men in the U.S. women thus have no incentive to be careful. What behavior you subsidize, you get more of.

It is therefore obvious that the state we have created is one where men have to pay for the pleasures, both in sex and raising children, of others, if they are single low status men, and men are increasingly single because of the ability of women to have children with a man who is higher on the sexual selective scale, because they can "afford" to be a single mother by his genetics.

Men have been stupid and asleep for a long time. What do we call it when those of lower social status have to pay for those of higher social status to enjoy the drugs of life?

carefulthistime #sexist #transphobia reddit.com

RE: Why Is Transgender Identity on the Rise Among Teens? Theories Suggest a "Social Contagion" - Psychology Today

”In the DSM-5, prevalence rates of gender dysphoria are estimated at 0.005% to 0.014" of the population for natal males, and 0.002% to 0.003% for natal females.”


“In a recent survey of 250 families whose children developed symptoms of gender dysphoria during or right after puberty, over 80 percent of the youth sample were female at birth”

I wonder if mtf families kept the issue more private and didn't participate in the survey OR has this been influenced by brainwashing girls for their entire lives that men have privilege and women don't? Maybe both and other factors as well.

You're close, real real close. It's not that they want male privilege as such, it's that they can not stand the idea of becoming what they have been told women ARE.

They have been told believe they are doomed to become mindless victims, their every thought controlled by magazines, able to be literally raped by a casual glance from across the street, they might have to be hospitalized due to the effects of a wolf whistle.

They are terrified of becoming feminists, wouldn't you be? They believe that they have to make this decision, or in a few weeks or months when the estrogen kicks in they will become unable to make ANY decisions, they will be the cookie cutter stepford feminists that they have been told all women are.

MonicaB921 #crackpot #racist #sexist reddit.com

RE: Non Hispanic Asian males less likely than non Hispanic whites to be sexually experienced by 18 years old


As a short white guy I tend to believe that the race pill is really just a height pill - the ethnicities who are commonly shorter in stature and smaller build (Asian and Indian) are less successful, why am I not surprised?

you have to dig deeper than that. They subconciously think about reproductive success genrations ahead. For example black admixture now might damage reproductive success generations ahead because of the surrounding society...

Various Commenters #sexist #wingnut reddit.com

RE: Males reciprocate friendship requests from females faster than vice versa and hesitate to reciprocate hostile actions of females (Michael Szell & Stefan Thurner; Scientific Reports, 2013)


This is interesting. Though social scientists may have trouble finding the right explanation, here we already know with certainty what is is: males are thirsty, females guard the gate.


This bias is suggested as a form of misandry/'benevolent misogyny', the latter being a concept within the theoretical framework of ambivalent sexism.

Of course, misandry is also misogyny, just beneficial misogyny. Lmao

I hate this world sometimes. Fucking loser piece of shit scumbags filled with denial and cope to uphold their delusional realm held up by plastic straws

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Make sure to burn this story into your memory. This is what WMAF really looks like. Behind the very thin veneer of friendly faces is a poisonous hatred for all Asian males. WMAF can hardly be called a fetish couple. BMWF is a fetish couple. It's a relationship based around mutual physical attraction, racial tension, and heavy dose of curiosity. And you rarely see BMWF shitting on all WMs.

But WMAF is not that. WMAF is motivated by opportunity and resentment. They want to stand on the backs of AMs so that they can elevate themselves to an unearned higher status. Because no matter how beta the WM, at least he's better than an AM. And no matter how undesirable an AF, being with a WM buys her some social creds. This is what truly drives them. They know that they can never be as high status as WMWF, and so they prop themselves up by slandering AMs.

Shit, I get daggers from WMAF when walking around with my AF wife. It bothers the WMAF whenever AMs are sexually successful. It especially bothers the AF if the AM is with an attractive XF (doubly so if it's a WF). You think just WMs are triggered by AMXFs? Lol, wait until you hear the shit AFs say behind closed doors concerning AMXFs. It pays to have female friends and acquaintances.

WMAFs are the political enemies of AMs. Never forget this.

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[in a discussion about Muslims being supposed to kill apostates]

Mr_Wsh: Yes, This is the result when you leave the RIGHT religion

I don't see anything wrong with that.

You don't see anything wrong with killing people based on their beliefs?

Mr_Wsh: Just in case they left the right one.


TesticleCooker: The right one isn't islam, do I now have the right to kill you?

Obvious sarcasm to point out the double standard

Mr_Wsh: If it's not, then you have the right, iam serious here lol

But islam is the right one soo..

If you disobeyed your creator then you should be killed.

But actually, islam dont kill non-muslim without a reason, but those who exit Islam must die for sure.

Why? because they are not ignorant anymore, they tried the truth and rejected it.

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Feminist shaming tactics cause lasting sexual repression in men most sympathetic to them

I saw myself as a feminist, but I was also bullied. In high school, there was a course on women's studies. And the girls used what they learned as a bludgeon to bully the guys they didn't like. It wasn't just that they disliked the guy who asked them out awkwardly. Now, he was a creepy entitled misogynist objectifying them. Any guy they didn't like who talked about girls and his attraction to them (as hormone-filled teenage boys do) were labeled as sexual abusers and predators. The message we got was clear: "As a man, you do NOT show your interest unless she expresses hers first." I internalized this for years and it pushed me into a number of abusive and manipulative "friendships", because all we're left with for ways to express interest is being nice or being deceptive.

And I'm not the only one who has noticed this:

By the time I realized that I was a lesbian, I’d internalized that all attraction to women was objectifying and evil. I internalized these messages from exposure to feminist memes, norms, and communities. It was feminist messages, not homophobic ones, that made it hardest for me to come to terms with my sexuality. And it has happened by now to enough people that 'well obviously you’re misinterpreting it’ is starting to wear thin as an excuse.

I spent my formative years feeling not “entitled,” not “privileged,” but terrified. I was terrified that one of my female classmates would somehow find out that I sexually desired her, and that the instant she did, I would be scorned, laughed at, called a creep and a weirdo, maybe even expelled from school or sent to prison.

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YES! MRA's fighting back in Kenya - UN/WHO is forcing men in circumcision. In Philippines 70% of boys get PTSD (Circs are done IN PUBLIC age ~10 - see paper and 40% in one cohort were infected)

Men are being kidnapped, beaten, moved by gangs and genitally mutilated see below. Thats before we even mention the nationwide TV shaming, campaigns, bullying, social and peer pressure, government pressure. Areas where circ not high enough means no food aid by WHO and UN so men basically shamed and punished into genital mutilation... again a consequence of western meddling

According to UN its evil to practise FGM but mutilating baby boys and men is okay. This is the same UN which didn't celebrate international men's day and made it about women, withheld food from single men in disaster regions, deliberately downplays male suicide and men's health, says that if men aren't dying before women then it means women are being oppressed. The UN doesn't care about men, its just another tool of Western Feminist political lobby. This organisation needs to be disbanded.

Anyone remember that Harvard study that showed FGM also reduced STD transmission? Lasted a couple of weeks before feminists had it removed from the internet. Not exactly a good reason for the practice. I don't have a link to that particular one, but there's another two, this article discusses it:

None of these findings is conclusive. I am not saying that female “circumcision” can ward off HIV or any other disease. But imagine that some of the above-cited health benefits are eventually confirmed. Would anti-FGM campaigners suddenly be prepared to say that female genital cutting was ethically acceptable? I would be surprised if that turned out to be the case.

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RE: Was there a last straw for you?

Did something specific happen that caused you to go WGTOW? One final relationship that was just really bad? Heard about something that happened to another woman? Or just coming to a realization? Maybe you just developed consciousness over time? I would love to hear your stories. Thanks in advance.

Finding po*n on my male familys computers of degrading a incest shit. Can't even trust men related to you by blood. While that was my final straw, there was the gradual buildup of constantly being dissapointed and harrassed by them all my life.


Yes. It was my ex-husband threatening to kill me while in a drunken rage. For all of the pro-gun people talking about how guns protect you, I can say with certainty if there had been one in the house, I would not be here posting this.

That’s why you own guns but don’t live with a man.

I realized I was never happy in relationships and hooking up was not worth it because the sex was bad and men have no respect for you. I was able to not be in contact with men during the worst of the pandemic and it was so nice. No man will adore me how I want so I treat myself like a princess instead!

It has always been my predisposition to not be a person who's is oriented towards romantic relationships so it was an easy decision. The fact that most men (especially around my age) watch porn, and the fact that the percentage of dateable men is so minuscule that actively looking out for them is pointless and a waste.

P O R N. All men watch it. Psychologists and therapists defend this madness. Bleh

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