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Mother's Day is May 8th this year. Guess who was born on May 8th???
Born on May 8th was none other than Democrat Truman, the 33rd President of the USA.
Truman is the Atomic Man that ordered the release of Little Boy and Fat Man over Japan in 1945.
He then went on to recognize Israel as a State on May 14th 1948.

[link to www.history.com (secure)]

Is this a prophetic warning sign for Mother's this year???


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List of Deep State Suppressed and Alternate Exotic Healing Technologies already Disclosed and Available for Public Usage

Here is the List of Deep State Suppressed and Exotic Technologies for alternate health/Healing already Disclosed and Available. They have not only been available for quite sometime now but are in fact largely affordable.

1. Tachyon Transmitters / Tesla Energy Plates:

Tahyons are faster than light particles that when come into contact with life forms, restore back to balance the SOEFs (Subtle self-Organizing plasma Energy Fields) that all living things are made of.

A surrogate tachyon flow, in the form of a Tachyonized material, bridges and nourishes the system, offering it the needed energies to energetically return to wholeness and health, and if possible, the physical body would follow and healing and balance would be restored.

Tachyonized devices provide very quick relief and healing when placed on affected part of the body for 10-20 minutes and have no side affects from overuse.

These are available as Tesla Purple Energy Plates from EIP and other vendors on Amazon, eBay, Etsy.
Also available from tachyonized H20/CBD/silica/quartz producers like planet-tachyon . com

2. GANS Plasma Devices:

First introduced by Mehran Keshe of Keshe Foundation, GANS (GAs in a Nano Solid state) is a transceiver (transmitter cum receiver) of MAGRAV (Magnetic & Gravitational) Plasma Energy Fields. They have a crystalline structure and each GANS is like a mini Sun.

They have great healing qualities, being crystalline, GANS can be directed as per human intent, have a tendency to flow from a stronger plasma field to a weaker field and benefit all life forms within the field including countering nutrient deficiencies without any danger of side effects from over exposure.

Keshe has successfully demonstrated their usage for reducing power consumption, as a standalone dynamo, free energy over unity device while research continues for their usage for propulsion and space travel applications.

Those GANS which are useful including ZNO GANS for emotions, CO2 GANS for overall Health, CH3 GANS for energy and cell division and CuO2 GANS for muscle and tendon health can be applied externally or by consumption of the plasma water in contact with the GANS and are available directly from Keshe Foundation site, foundation members like plasmainnature or from multiple vendors on eBay / Etsy.

3. Scalar Wave Generators:

Scalar waves are known as transverse waves. Scalar energy is closer in its properties to magnetism. It is composed of fifth-dimensional, non-linear, non-Hertzian standing waves. Instead of being focused in beams or running along wires, it tends to fill its environment. Scalar energy is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two opposite converging vectors. When the energy vectors meet, the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a static or stationary form of energy andzero frequency - this is the Scalar Zero Point Energy field.

Scalar field returns the body to a more original and appropriate electrical matrix. A scalar energy field with health-boosting properties is generated by the device which envelopes everything exposed to it. One of the key benefits this provides is that it helps keep the electrical charge across cell membranes at an optimal level.

MAny passive scalar pendants on the market that use lava and minerals but those are not strong enough.

Powered scalar devices are offered by Quwave . com at different solfegio frequencies while different Bifilar / SBB / Mobius Coils are available at multiple eCommerce sites.

Scalar fields don't neutralize EMF strength but prevent the harmonics in EMF from harming the living cells.

4. Tensor Rings:

These are based on the research of Slim Spurling. A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy produced by the Tensor ring is healing for all life forms on earth.

Tensor Rings are made from super conductive material such as copper combined with ancient units of measurement called cubits. The Royal Cubit measurement creates tensor rings that vibrate at a frequency of 144 mHz. This frequency is grounding, stabilizing, and transformative in nature. Tensor Rings generate torroidal vortices similar to a smoke ring. They also establish a tensor field across the opening of the ring.

These are available as bracelets, genesa crystals, acuvac coils, feedback loops and environmental and agricultural harmonizers. Main suppliers include LightLifeTechnology, TwistedSage and CoreHealingIndia other than those on eBay.

5. Torsion field Devices:

A torsion field (also called axion field, spin field, spinor field, and microlepton field) is caused by a quantum spin of particles which can be used to cause emanations to carry information through vacuum orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light.

All crystals, basically anything with crystalline structure including gemstones & water when supplied with an external source of power or with peizoelectric effect generated upon compression, start generating scalar torsion spin fields. These fields can also be generated through various shaped electric coils.

When the spin is counter-clockwise (right handed spin) also known as Levro-rotation (vs Dextro-rotation), the resulting spin or torsion field is healing and beneficial in nature. Based on how the crystal has been programmed with Intention or by permanently engraving it with information at the nano level, a quantum entanglement can be established with the target to which the required energy(information field) can be transmitted.

Known manufacturers include wavegenome . com with their personalized nano-engraved TESLA PSI Generators and powerforms and Torsion spin based EMF pendants and stickers on Amazon.

6. Orgonite / Aetheric devices:

Orgone is nothing but the term coined by Wilhelm Reich and later expanded by Karl Hans Welz and Don Croft for Life force / ether / Prana / Chi / Qi / Vrill, etc.

Any alternate layer of Resin/Wool (Organic) with Metals like Aluminium/Copper/Steel shavings/wires/coils/sponges causes orgone energy to accumulate in between.
Orgone that is stagnant is known as DOR (Diseased/Deadly Orgone) while free flowing Orgone is POR (Positive Orgone) which is Life Nourishing.

When a crystal is embedded in orgonite matrix, under piezoelectric effect as described in Point 5. , a torsion field is produced which based on the programming in the crystal can then be used for radionics / intention / wish fulfillment purposes or for the purpose of environmental cleansing and EMF protection as in the case of orgone tower busters and cloud busters.

Multiple vendors can be found across ebay, amazon, etsy.

A new way of programming orgone has been achieved by aetheric . org and Loohan . com with just resin and without any traditionally used metal shavings or crystals though programming the resin to develop a crystalline latice while it sets in the mould.

7. Zappers:

Royal Rife and Dr. Clark's zapper are devices which kill bacteria, viruses, molds, parasites and fungi electrically by zapping them with their resonant frequencies. The Zapping also raises anion levels in blood under which parasites cant survive.

8. TENS Therapy:

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy involves the use of low-voltage electric currents to treat pain. Electrodes or mediums for electricity to travel to the body, placed on the body at the site of pain deliver electricity that travels through the nerve fibers.It stimulates the nerves for therapeutic purposes.

Useful in breakdown of toxins and weight loss through reduction of subcutaneous fat.

9. MWO - MultiWave Oscillators - Lakhovsky Coils:

Russian scientist and inventor Georges Lakhovsky (1870-1942) stated that all cells of living beings emit and receive radiation and that altering their natural vibration causes them to lose vitality and malfunction. He also said that all cells are in resonance with two types of radiation: those coming from the interior of the Earth (telluric, and those coming from space), cosmic, including solar radiation. So as long as they vibrate harmonically resonating with them you will be healthy. George Lakhovsky had a 98% success rate in treating fatal cancers over an 11-year period.

MWO coil can modify, receive, and transmit frequencies, its design is based on the vacuum geometry. Available from multiple vendors including Aplicum and Metayantra.

10. PEMF Generators:

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, also known as low field magnetic stimulation uses electromagnetic fields in an attempt to heal non-union fractures and depression. evices that utilize PEMF technology emit electromagnetic waves at different frequencies in order to stimulate and encourage your body's natural recovery process.

11. Far Infra Red (FIR) Therapy:

Studies demonstrate that far infrared helps enhance circulation in the skin, modulate sleep, ease pain, protect against oxidative stress, and relieve inflammation. The benefits of far infrared therapy are enhanced by stones like jade and tourmaline that emit FIR upon heating, which helps healing heat penetrate deeper while producing soothing negative ions.

FIR therapy available from FIR heaters, Korean Jade & Tourmaline Mats and FIR Lamps.

12. Stem Cell Therapy:

You might have heard of banned and exhorbitanty costly stem cell therapy. Buy Stem Cell Patches and satchets have been available for rejuvenation and age reversal.

Available from Lifewave X39 as patches, cheaper ones from Malaysia available as Grape & Apple fruit stem cells satchets taken on empty stomach in the morning.

13. Negative Ion Generators:

Anions or Negative ions clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. Negative ions perform this function by attaching themselves to positively charged particles in large numbers and negatively charging those particles. They are the basis of most Air Purifiers.

The same can be had through Korean Jade Mats, Heated Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps available commonly online.

14. Bionization:

Bionization is the process of heating to melting point and cooling again for 3 or more times which produces permanent changes in the molecular structure and has given great results for sand, quartz, tourmaline and other crystals.

Bionized permanently devices emit a highly healing scalar field like the lava pendants and are now offered by many sellers on eBay, etsy, Amazon, etc.

I have not covered anything traditional and non-technological like Light Therapy, Sound/Ultrasound Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Hydrogen and Alkaline water, CBD, Herbal, Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddhar, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Colloidal Silver, Sujok, Accupressure, Accupuncture, Baking Soda, Molasses, MMS, Salt Water Sole, Apple Cider Vinegar, Manna Ormus Gold, Binaural Beats, Solfegio Frequencies, Sigils, Mantras, Yantras, Tantras, Yagyas (Fire therapy), Positive Affirmations, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression and various other nature therapies.

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Breaking: NASA will admit to causing global warming with its gravitational engine!

Wow, this is something big.

For years NASA has been banging the drum for global warming, blaming it on cars and trucks and planes and just about anything we do. One noticeable exception to the blame game is that they have never fingered themselves for any of the the harm they have done, until today.

Tucked away on a page about surface temperature [link to data.giss.nasa.gov] is this graph of ocean surface temperature. [link to data.giss.nasa.gov] So far so familiar but what happens when we overlay the graph with information about NASA spacecraft that use the gravitational assist engine.

[link to i.imgur.com]

Every single temperature peak coincides with NASA using a gravitational engine! sneaking this data out with no mention of their spacecraft is criminal behaviour.

So what is the gravitational engine? Back in the 1970s NASA was stuck with a headache, how to power themselves through the solar system. They came up with an innovative solution to the problem of rockets in outer space, steal gravity from the planets! The gravitational assist engine, codename SLINGSHOT, could push spacecraft to Saturn and beyond by stealing a little bit of gravity from every planet on the way and accelerating the probes to incredible speeds, here is how it worked for the Cassini spaceship.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

So what does it look like? I'm not a hundred percent on this, but this is Cassini ( or part of it ) under test [link to www.esa.int] It looks awfully familiar, where do you suppose they got the technology from?

What happened when it passed Earth? Every time one of the spacecraft passed Earth, gravity would be sucked off and used to power the engine, speeding up the probe on its way out but there is a problem, each of these temperature spikes [link to i.imgur.com] coincides with the use of the engine somewhere in space. So Cassini used it first in April 26, 1998, and June 24, 1999 causing two obvious spikes. By carefully selecting the data I have shown beyond doubt that NASA is culpable for at least some, if not all of global warming. That graph is as good as an admission from them.

So why is this happening? I think maybe its because the Earth's atmosphere is being held down by gravity, so if it's reduced, even by a tiny amount, the atmosphere has a chance to plump up, like a pillow, keeping more heat in [link to travellingacrosstime.files.wordpress.com (secure)] It wouldn't take much, maybe just a couple of hundred extra feet could cause these temperature spikes but then again, I may be wrong about that bit.

Anyway, that's what I have discovered, conclusive proof that NASA is behind global warming.

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If Russia invaded the UK more than half of the population would support and assist them.

If you’re a shitlib shill don’t bother posting here. Your opinions are irrelevant.

The British people know.
We would help the Russians kill them all.

It’s coming folks.
Anyone in the UK armed forces who fucks with Russia, now or in the future, deserves to die.

The people of this country will not mourn your loss.
And all you shitlib Common Purpose scum...

Expect a knock at the door.

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Both the 'ebola's real' and 'ebola's a hoax' tards are correct.. sorta.

Maybe the CDC's screw ups are the 'backlash' card in action; their ineptitude is unbelievable, as we're all witnessing. There'll be many people to blame for an upcoming outbreak, and no one will doubt that it's being spread across the world. Because of these idiots! (a good distraction.)

But we will not get 'ebola' so easily here. We will instead be poisoned and radiated (moreso than we already are), and then willingly injected with disease via vaccination. Ebola will be a convenient term for anyone with a symptom of illness, such as fever. The traditional symptoms of red blistering skin apparently don't apply anymore. How convenient.

Citizens will demand mass quarantine of anyone who's sick. That's the plan! Then what will happen to those quarantined?

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Obamacare Allows Companies to Punish Fat Employees
Advocates for overweight Americans see wellness programs as thinly veiled fat discrimination

A few months ago, Tracy Raymond, a first-grade teacher in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, discovered that she was too fat for her school. A 50-year-old mother of two, Ms. Raymond has always carried around extra padding, but it never bothered her. “I know I’m heavier than I should be for my height, but I’m not obese,” she says. “I really don’t care.”

If the diet police has its way, she might have to start caring. Because according to her employer, her weight is a big problem—so much so that she was warned that if she didn’t lose weight and lower her cholesterol, either by participating in a wellness program or fixing the problems on her own, her insurance premiums would increase by $50 a month.

This isn’t unique to Palm Beach County.

A 2013 report by ConscienHealth, a consultancy, found that 16 percent of employers require wellness program participation, including medical screenings, for access to full health benefits. Of these, 67 percent set goals for weight and/or other health indicators linked to obesity (weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diet). But 59 percent said that their companies didn’t cover any evidence-based treatments for obesity, like fitness training, dietician, or medical weight loss clinic.

Penalizing employees for pounds is perfectly legal. Under provisions in the Affordable Care Act, 2014, employers can charge employees an extra 30 percent of the total cost (employer and employee portions) of individual or family health benefits coverage if they don’t meet specific wellness goals, including body mass index (BMI). This is up from 20 percent, which was imposed in 2006 and permitted under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations (HIPPAA). Prior to 2006, employees couldn’t be penalized for missing a wellness target. “You could offer them nominal incentives to engage in activities like participating in a class, but you never could penalize them for actually smoking or not losing weight, or having high blood pressure,” said Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation, in Washington, D.C.

Although the law requires employers to give employees an alternative way to avoid the penalty if he or she can’t meet the mandated health goal, the employee might still end up spending money. For instance, the employer might set a weight loss goal that the employee still can’t meet, or suggest the worker attend a fitness class. Those who opt out would accrue some financial penalty.

“Employers,” notes Timothy S. Jost, professor emeritus at Washington and Lee University’s School of Law, “like to control the lives of their employees.”
The underlying thesis is that companies are doing something good by helping employees get into shape—and saving themselves money in health costs.
In fact, many critics feel that what it really amounts to is thinly veiled fat discrimination.
Here’s where things get tricky. Although ObamaCare permits these penalties, under the ADA, it’s illegal to force employees to undergo medical exams or answer questions about their health—unless the questions are directly related to their job performance (itself debatable). It only allows medical inquiries and exams that are unrelated to the job if they’re voluntary and part of an employee health program.

This, in turn, begets another question: When is a wellness program voluntary?

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EARTH IS NOT A SPHERE and There is no such things as GRAVITY

I am not a flat earther. I don't know what the earth is or how it is or where it is. I don't know whether God exists or not. I don't know these things.

But there are things I know, for sure.

1) There is no gravity.
2) The education system you know, it is a joke.
3) All the pictures and videos of outer space: LIES
4) We never went to the moon, because it is not a place you can land on (since planets, do not exist)
5) Your language creates your world
6) Sports for the audience: mind-control mechanisms
7) The earth is not a sphere (I don't know what it is, except that it is definitely not a planet moving in empty space)
8) Space doesn't exist, and we are living a closed system, perhaps there is a machine for all this.
9) There no astronauts in space right now and there never was, all those videos were and are being taken down here on earth, just watch them CLOSELY and catch the errors as I did.
10) Evolution: best of lies.

These are for certain.

Other than these, I can sincerely confess that I don't know what's going on and why we are here. I am not really a God believer but I know how certain things are. Believe what I say or not, but what I am saying is true regardless, you can find out for yourself if you pay enough attention.

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Its tel aviv, london, and washington who run ukraine for past 8 years.

Look at the people running ukraine, and most are not ukrainian.

If you want to know who wants this war on russia, ask yourself who owns all of western news media?

There is only one group of people that do, and that tells you in very factual terms who is driving this potential for world war, with russia, and china.

Maria Zakharova, various GLP users #conspiracy #wingnut #racist godlikeproductions.com

(Trolland Dump)
RUSSIA - Germany involved in ‘military biological activities’ in Ukraine. From RT

[link to www.rt.com (secure)]

"Berlin coordinated its work on biodefense with its US allies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told RT"

(Anonymous Coward #82382245)
I'd bet the Bio-weapons centre for NATO is in Ukraine.

(Anonymous Coward #82868165)
Critical research has confirmed that the German regime does what it is told to do. It is not a sovereign nation and uses its people as cash cows for all interests but the interest of the German population.

(Anonymous Coward #78810832)
Totally believable given Germany's prior history.

Once a NAZI, always a NAZI.

All of the big NATO nations are involved in biological experiments. The cabal owns NATO.

The west is a string of occupied nations, and they’ve been for decades now. There’s a reason “Social Democracy” groups run all these nations and why they have the same exact policies.

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I saw a Goblin at the bottom of my garden
My garden borders onto a huge enchanted forest and I have sensed all sorts of strange things in my Garden, but none like this.
I was sat out back reading a book when I heard a rustling noise and a kind of hissing. I looked up and saw, there, at the bottom of my garden a GENUINE 5 foot tall green Goblin stood grinning at me. I stood up to get myself a stck to defend with and it mocked me and then disappeared into the shrubbery and through into the forest.

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Some of you dont know shit. If Biden steps down, kamala becomes president and pelosi becomes vp

Which was the plan from the beginning for the left. It was a very obvious trojan horse plan. Steeling the election with biden was more believable than steeling the election with kamala who had zero chance

They are forcing a black female president on us that we dont fucking want and whos not smart enough or qualified to do the job.

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In the past, I have talked about the alliance of the demonic transdimensional forces (TDs) in the etheric and humans on the ground. This is not a formal alliance in the sense of a written document; it's an inner alliance. The TDs can come through a person's mind. So a powerful individual engaged in establishing control over others, particularly if he or she is into the black arts or Satanic rituals, would be an ally of the TDs. They would begin to work with that individual, granting him or her a special strength. They feed ideas and link him or her to others of like mind. People of a power-hungry demonic bent rise to the top, regardless of talent, and others who don't hold those same sentiments are removed or held back. Some of the most prominent people in the world household names are Satanists who hate humanity, who want this place as their special kingdom. They are not happy to just be rich and beyond the law. They want a supreme, god-like power over others. They want the power that the demonic offers. They want the world to suffer. They want a world that is forced to worship them and their ideals.

But none of this takeover by the New World Order would succeed so easily if the transdimensionals weren't driving the bus.
All my life, I have known that there was something wrong. The system didn't seem fair. Ideals of freedom, sharing, and human kindness were always ignored; instead we got more and more control. Exploitation, manipulation, and state-sponsored violence was made holy and good. While the voice of the opposition, those who hold benevolent, spiritual and fair ideals for the world, were marginalized. The take over of the world could not be envisioned without the media's control of news. And if the Brotherhood of the Snake runs the world, it's the Hiss of the Snake (the media) that allows it to happen, seemingly without protest.

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So you dont buy the global COVID narrative, but you buy the global Ukraine narrative?

Think about it

It is just as suspicious...the worldwide collaboration on covid bs

And now the worldwide "we stand with ukraine" bs

Natural immunity wont help we need vax!
No of course its not about NATO breaching the agreement and pushing onto russias doorstep. No its just big bad russia

Different side of same coin

You proud to not be a sheep on covid bs?

Then grow a pair and be proud not to be a sheep and stand with russia.

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It's a Prison by the piss-water we're fed because we built every city far far away from a Spring!

Earth is flat and on account of that there are two types of waters in circulation beneath her.

1 is pressurized with life-giving waters from the many springs that rise to the surface fueling nature's Eco-systems with streams, and the 2nd is the dead-waters that are laboured to be drawn-up and then fed to the living who will be destroyed for lack of knowledge because these are the sewage waters of Mother nature that eventually drain into the void of the unknown Universe.

Why is man so stupid?

Why is man bent on his own destruction?

Which are we drinking?

The 2nd, that needs to be pumped-up, like well water.

Only well water is not really well to drink.

The earth was designed to continuously produce new fresh soft-water in ABUNDANCE that spring to surface on their own so how could we have been so stupid? How? And why!

Your flesh needs to hydrate by the waters you feed it. The waters you give it is the sewage waters of nature contaminated with decayed dissolved matters (solids) which when hydrated into your cells start to decay the cells proper function. Rotting brain-cells WILL-NOT appreciate this message because by now your spirits (electricity) are full of revelry caused by the perturbation your cells underwent changing how your brain modulates the electrical-current that flows through your bodi

Caylus Ark #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Of the billions of Hu ensouled et Eyirr-teth, not even one ten-thousandth will in their lifetime become Gadragen Illumec re Primerv, let alone re Primerviluz.

One does not simply decide to become Primerv in any case. It is a special state of potential, unlocked in spirits whom are called upon to invoke an Aeon, and is rarely correlated with Eyirrth-lee glory. ‘tho all Primerv possess spiritual fame, cosmic celebrities invite eyes which pierce timelines and stare in spite of dimensions… Ga-ru-dan Litarkos the watchers are equally likely to render blessings as wrath. Primerv does not bestow material success, nor invite special membership, nor invoke exalted ancestry.

Nein – rather Primerv is to be called, and to be tested. Lonely and sole is the weight of the world , but the PRMRV contends with Ultradimensional interests as well. The machinations of celestial angelos operate outside the awareness of ensouled Hu, yet inevitably the wars of invisible gods are felt in this realm kel-tur-kul (Z) and PRMRV est kel-tur-kul foremost. By manipulating PRMRV, deviant entities may infect the PRMRV and make a marionette of him – Hitler being one well-known example.

being PRMRV does not garuntee becoming Primerviluz…instances of litulest en Soldaum are rare. The PRMRV is not the OAK or ASH , just an acorn within ga-ra-daen. For each sprout that springs a redwood tree, how many sibling seeds fell upon bitter earth and shriveled into burial?

All will get PRMRV incarnations, as time is an endless ocean. Such keystone lifecycles, Siege Destinies, are entered into by the soul with foreknowledge of higher incarnation stakes. The manifestation of the coming aeon required a handful of raluz to stake immortal arcs. But even raluz seek resonance to spark ARKEILuz … and thus the contract enters.

Failure is always acceptable, but if time is an endless ocean, then opportunity may be called unique…

it is for this reason most PRMRV are Nobodies, and do not incarnate into exceptionally famous or wealthy lifecycles for the PRMRV siege destiny. Likewise, a lifecycle with very little opportunity – such as birth in a third world autocracy – are similarly limiting. Too much privilege is not ideal because once the soul is enshrined in a body, it will not remember the call verbatim, if at all. The risk of entrapment into karmic cycles is higher when there is more to lose. But too little privilege - such as the limitations in certain economies and cultures - and a calling has no room to sprout from seedling.

The most important determinant of a PRMRV invoking Luz en SolDaum is Will above all else…in a highly unbalanced lifecycle, will is more easily overtaken by the karma of apathy . being a nobody is best.

Garaden is an Arena for Primerv and the eyes upon them. It is a realm with many faces, deserts of endless rolling dust, forests of dark foliage and labyrinthine temples shrouded in sharp craggy peaks.

‘g'ar-ra-den l'ithycyts Primervis’ where madmen and prophets live and are born from, tomorrow’s world leader or homeless man, starving artist or psychopath, nobodies and napoleons…

1984 #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

A Day in the Life of a New World Order Slave

-Wake up,

-Brush Teeth with Fluoride Toothpaste,

-Shower with Industrial Fluoride Waste in Public Water,

-Microwave Breakfast Sandwich destroying the protein in it.

-Eat a GMO "food" bar full of cancer causing grain/Oil from Corn, Soy, Cotton, Canola, Wheat.

-Check the Weather on Microwave Radio Frequency Cell Phone that tracks your Location, Texts, Conversations/Contacts/Associations and Web Traffic/searches All the Time.

-Check balance on Debit Card so the NWO knows where you are and how much money you don't have.

-Pay at the Pump for Gas with Debit Card so the NWO knows When, What and how much you filled up.

-Drive to Work in City with Skycop Cameras so the NWO knows how you get to work.

-Clock IN so Employer can record your hours worked and "Take Out" Fed,State,Local,Social Security,Health Insurance Money from YOUR Pay.

-Drink a GMO Soda filled with Mineral robbing, Disease Casing (High Fructose Corn Syrup, and sometimes Human DNA Flavor modifiers, Industrial Fluoride waste put in Public Water, Sodium Benzoate, Brominated Vegetable Oil, Artificial Colors, Artificial Sweeteners and preservatives)

-Absorb Radio Frequency Radiation all day long from Cell Phones/towers, WiFi routers, Smart Meters, Remote monitoring data systems, WiFi Computers and Electronic devices like 2way Radios, Inventory/tracking and anti Theft systems.

-Use the Restroom full of Toxic Cleaners and Disinfectants and Air fresheners, Wash hands with Toxic Soap full of Chemicals that get absorbed through the skin.

-Use Company provided cleaners without reading the lables telling you not to touch, inhale or absorb product.

-Eat some snack food full of "GMO" Corn, Soy, Cottonseed, chemical preservatives.

-Eat Lunch full of GMO's, Fluoride from City Water, Fried Food full of Cancer causing Oils and crispy "browned" meats and vegetables, GMO Soda.

-Watch NWO Corporate News/Sports during Lunch so you know little or nothing of anything that will significantly affect you or others in the REAL world.

-Drink a Energy Drink full of Caffeine, Artificial Sweeteners, colors and preservatives, to stay awake

and keep going to the end of work shift.
-Clock out so they know when to stop paying you, and taking away (withholding) your pay.

-Drive Home while constantly being tracked/Recorded by Cell Phone, ONstar or other Vehicle Tracking/monitoring system while listening to Music full of lyrics promoting Sex, Drinking, Revenge, Divorce, Fighting and loosing control.

-Eat a processed Food Dinner lacking any good Nutrition and full of GMO, Preservatives and Herbicide and Pesticides absorbed into the food.

-Watch T.V. "Programming" to space out, relax and absorb what the 5 or 6 mega media corporations want you to believe is the world you live in like:(
Schools are where you go to "Learn"
Drugs treat Disease and make you better.
Vaccines prevent Disease.
Humans are Animals and there is No God, or Sin.
War, Drone strikes and Abortion is Not Murder, just getting rid of a problem.
"Food" is what you buy and eat from a Restaruant, Grocery Store or vending machine.
Your Elected leaders do the will of the people, and you get to pick them.)

Anonymous Cowards #quack #conspiracy #dunning-kruger #pratt godlikeproductions.com

(Anonymous Coward #81793671)
How is Forcing Employees to Get Vaxxed Any Different Than Forcing Them to Get Raped By the Boss??

Forced penetration or lose your job.

Seems pretty simple.

(Anonymous Coward #81785226)
You will survive rape, the other not so much.

(Anonymous Coward #78475270)
It's not any different, that's the point.

When you set the precedent of the removal of body sovereignty for "The Greater good" you can formulate all your arguments based on "The Greater Good" permitting the ultimate violation against a human being.

It opens the pandora's box of what happens when your body no longer belongs to you and it subject to the will of the State.

It's how "The Handmaid's Tale" can happen.

Anonymous Coward 80273444 #conspiracy #quack #crackpot godlikeproductions.com

New Theory: The Vax Is To Kill Off As Many People As Possible Before The Coming Earth Changes
Notice how the corona virus bullshit started a few months after the china lake earthquake in california?

Three gorges dam is going to break, california and the west coast are going to go.

Yellowstone is going to go.

Remember the solar eclipse of 2017? the one that is coming in 2024, when the paths of the two are combined, make a large X over the yellowstone caldera.

Remember those leaked military maps of most of the world being under water sometime during the mid 2020s? Those came out in what, 2004? Maybe earlier

Bob #sexist #ableist godlikeproductions.com

"when women succeed, America succeeds" ... Nancy Pelosi

you are $26 trillion in debt

you lead the world in anti-depressant usage after 50 years of womens liberation

your cities are cesspools full of single mothers raising children with record amounts of autism and special needs

go eat some fancy ice cream

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Santa Claus May Be Real

Any mythical character or figure is not just imaginary or just came out of somebody's mind, but they did exist in some point of dimension/time, even if they are too surreal to us, but they really did exist and that was the norm in some dimension and that could be the very timeline in the past as well.

Anonymous Coward #crackpot #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com


The moon is hollow.

Only one side faces earth, hiding the cities and engines on the other side.

We are not allowed to go there, but TPTB and their secret societies have full access.

The Earth was terraformed. This is why Expanding Earth theory is forbidden knowledge.

This theme was revealed in a movie called "Battle for Terra". A heavily suppressed movie depicting the true origins of man.

dust to dust #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger godlikeproductions.com

The Ball Earth Theory was designed to conceal that Humans appeared on earth in the 1800's.

But on account that many flaws existed in theory TPTB funded the society of flatness to compensate for the flaws. Both theories have flaws, namely both advocate 1 sun and 1 moon.

The following will reveal the flaws of 1 sun, 1 moon:

Flaw #1: If 1-sun was seen everywhere on earth, then those north of the equator (flat or ball) when facing the sun would see the sun travel from left (rise) to right (setting). And those south of the equator-line would see the sun travel from right to left. This not what happens, everyone everywhere sees the sun travel left (rise) to right (setting).

Flaw #2: The sun isn't hydrogen.

"Hydrogen flames in other conditions are blue, resembling blue natural gas flames."
[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

There's no oxygen in outer-space, is there? Hydrogen fusion in space would reflect the color blue. Shouldn't the hydrogen sun burn blue? Of course it would.

Flaw #3: The suns are electric and why solar eclipses are possible. With only 1-sun everyone in daylight zone would see a Solar-Eclipse.

Here's the solar eclipse diagram.
[link to szsdneperska.edupage.org]

Looks a-lot like the new moon diagram.
[link to moonblink.info]

One of these is definitely wrong, right? Wrong! Both are wrong.

Flaw #4: The new moon would always cause a solar eclipse and a solar eclipse would be seen by everyone in daylight zone. And with 1-moon pulling on ocean waters would instantly cause a Low tide everywhere AT THE SAME TIME! Oceans are all connected, 1 body of water, and this not what really happens in the real world.

Here's a photo of the moon taken by the International Space Community.
[link to universe-beauty.com]

The moon is in direct line of sight parallel to the ISS which means the distance the moon's at isn't where the books say it is, in fact if you've flown in an airplane during the day you probably noticed the sun wasn't that much higher than the airplane. And if you took a photo of the sun and compared it with a photo taken from the ground of the sun around the same time perspective of how you see the sun shouldn't be noticeable if the sun is a Gazillion miles away, because flying 5mi up won't change much in its perspective of how the sun is seen from the ground or from an airplane. But it does.

Flaw #5: If there were only 1-sun and 1-moon you wouldn't be able to see the same stars 12 months, and at their same place due to the 23.4° tilt of earth's axis towards the sun or away. Because according to the following diagram we should be able to see different stars at different times of the year and at different angles. On the flat society earth you would see the same stars, hence why TPTB funded the program.
[link to www.buzzle.com]

Note: The stars would be seen lower in winter, higher in the sky in summer. But not in the real world. In real time the stars are always in their proper light-station order. There are multiple suns on earth, and moons, and star-systems for your geographical locations. In conclusion, the earth is an infinite flat plane extending forever in the unknown universe. There are many continents beyond ours with many suns, moon, star-systems. It is highly likely that more life such as ours existed before our own and are highly more developed and advanced.

Two Anonymous Cowards #sexist #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

(Anonymous Coward #80915822)
Unless men can convince their wives/girlfriends to stop voting Democrat, Republican office holders will go extinct.

Women will vote liberal no matter how bad things get because they do not possess the logic needed to understand the correlation between Democrats and destruction.

(Anonymous Coward #78600034)
Our older generations were wise to allow only males to vote. They knew females are easily tricked into voting for total frauds and traitors. My apologies to the ladies, but this is true for the majority of you!

Anonymous Coward #fundie godlikeproductions.com

"Astrology" was corrupted. Demons and Angels are Associated with Astrological bodies stars and Cern will bring powerful demons to earth

The stars and constellations were in a sense a bible in the sky that told the story of the fall of satan, Nimrod, the coming of Jesus.

Enoch was taught the signs of Heaven. The wise men also understood the Star of Bethlehem and the coming of Jesus.

However astrology was corrupted by satan and paganized, the true understanding of it lost.

All that remains of biblical astrology is the basics which can be understood from the Bible.

I don't know the exact mechanics of it. But every star is associated with specific angel or a fallen angel/ demons. It is the extent of their physical representation in the material plain (for now).

Lucifer was once represented by the the morning star Venus. ( I don't believe there are “planets” just burning gas like all the other stars)

Lucifer fell and is now represented by Saturn, a lesser star in our sky.

In the book of Revelations the stars associated with powerful angels/Demons 1/3 will fall out of the sky. The demons will walk the earth.

Cern is the portal that will pull them out of the sky and allow them to materialize here. These fallen angel demons aren't the weak nephiliam demon spirits who have been here since the flood, but far more powerful fallen angels that have never been seen on earth.

How satan corrupted astrology:

The Giant Hunter or Orion mythology is found in cultures all over the world, retelling basically the same story in various forms. Orion is a type of the celestial Christ for freemasons and Luciferans.

Orion was actually called Osiris in Egypt.
By the ancient pagens He was considered a savior of humanity, he gave them the secrets of civilization.

The biblical Shem, vilified as Set satan by the Egyptians, is considered their the god of chaos who killed him and cut his body in 14 pieces. Osiris wife, Isis and son Horus found the pieces that were scattered across Egypt and put him together again. The great Gods resurrected him, but a big part of him was missing, his penis. It was never recovered on earth and remained a mystery in ancient times.

It also inspired penis or phallic worship. The mystery and riddle of the giant's lost penis has been solved.

Under Hebrew tradition, Orion/Osiris is NimRod. That is to say the world's first anti-Christ.

A human #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot godlikeproductions.com

are bald men alien human hybrids
Why are ALL the world leaders bald why are ALL the cops, judges, news anchors, correction officers bald. ALL the top athletes are bald they are bigger, stronger, faster than humans I am convinced that bald men are alien human hybrids it does not matter where they are from. the mountains of china to the savannas of Africa all over the world these people have the SAME EXACT BALDING PATTERN it first starts off in a pattern of two horns then it bald's the top of the head as if the hair cant cover the cranium because the scull is growing. its like trying to put an aliens head into a humans hat it wont fit. Because of the inhuman growth of the top of the scull the skin stretches to the side creating the balding pattern. Its hereditary so if your father bald you will be bald that makes it genetic so that means there is two types of humans on this planet those who are balding and those who are not. how did this happen when did we get two types of genetically different species on this plant now I know where those the horns come from when we think about a devil they have no conscious just vessels.

Why are all the world leaders bald why are all the cops, judges, correction officers bald.do you remember the wigs. small step for man and giant leap for man kind. does the word nephelam rind a bell. Or how about Matthew 13:24-30 But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

The tares were sowed among the wheat and while growing the tares also look like wheat.

V26 But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.

And if all the world leaders are bald and this world is the closest thing to hell you can imagine then that means all these bald world leaders are evil. unless your a bald nephelam then your life is awesome talk about an invasive species look at all the top athletes they are bald they are bigger, stronger, faster than humans. They get jobs thinking its their skills but its because they are bald and with a job they can procreate to make more nephelam so woman reading this should know we have enough evil in this world please do not create more by having babies with these demigods. like in the time of Noah.


2026-7 and Nancy Lieder #ufo #magick #crackpot godlikeproductions.com

Zetatalk Confirms Tibetan Monk's prediction of Niburu passage to trigger Pole Shift! Last Weeks in 2026!

All New ZT!!!

Hi Nancy & Zeta's

Why are the Zeta's giving specific dates of the pole shift now? We know from all the past Zeta advice that the date is not to be known by mankind, yet we've had several confirmations lately. The Tibet Monk who was correct in predicting 2026 at the time of writing. Kojima seemed to give diagrams that confirm it would actually be 2024 after that original newsletter. Now in this week's newsletter, Zeta's again confirming in 2026 the last weeks will commence & Kojima's new depiction confirming that. Are you trying to prompt more of mankind to wake up or is it something else? Thank you for your hard work & dedication!

poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/zetatalk-newsletter-as-of-m​ay-9-2021?xg_source=activity [submitter’s note: Link non-functional]

ZetaTalk Confirmation 2/28/2021: "We, the Zetas, are asked almost daily when the hour of the Pole Shift will arrive, and always respond with the same admonition – the date is not to be known. This was an admonition Jesus gave too, that none shall know the date of his return. What then is to be made of a Buddhist Master’s text, stating in no uncertain terms the likely date of the Pole Shift as 2026? This was correct when written, almost a century ago, but the celestial clock has many forces to consider and the passage can speed up or slow down, depending upon many factors."

"Ultimately, in 2026, the Last Weeks will commence. Nibiru (X10) has been drawn closer to the Sun. Earth follows and is thus drawn closer to the Sun by 30 million miles. It is within 14 million miles of Nibiru. But per the Zetas, the two dozen major moons of Nibiru, those equivalent to our Earth Moon, stay within 5 million miles of Nibiru. Trash and debris, and the minor moons of Nibiru, continue to sling toward the Earth. The hour of the Pole Shift is upon the hapless Earth. In the meantime, there will be an increasingly violent wobble, a looming Venus and Dark Twin, and a deluge of Petrol."

Anonymous Coward #80683656 #conspiracy #wingnut godlikeproductions.com

[Re: WATCH: Stephen Colbert labels Trump supporters a 'death cult' for refusing vaccines]

The real death cult are leftist in America who decided to throw in with the Chinese communists, thinking that after they take over that they will be awarded more privilege, power, and status, when really these types will be put up against a wall and shot by the very people for which they sold out and betrayed their country. That's the real death cult right there. If their friends the Chicoms don't get rid of them, the American patriots will. They are screwed either way, as they are the ones who really chose death, for what, 30 pieces of silver?

Anonymous Coward #homophobia godlikeproductions.com

(BRITAIN now has the highest number of gay politicians of any government on the planet.)

what a surprise, ass fascination cuts through the full strata of society

The amount of gays who are absolutely VILE people actually get jobs working with people.....INSANE

They think they are entitled to be 'awful' on account of their sexuality....they try to ape women in that respect

so so so so so so true whether you like it or not, so true i'm gonna copy paste it a few times to ensure the right people see it and expand their tiny fucking minds

They think they are entitled to be 'awful' on account of their sexuality....they try to ape women in that respect

They think they are entitled to be 'awful' on account of their sexuality....they try to ape women in that respect

They think they are entitled to be 'awful' on account of their sexuality....they try to ape women in that respect

Anonymous Coward #fundie godlikeproductions.com

The sooner all organized religion is banned in every nation, the better and safer we'll all be.

God bless the United Nations for starting to ban them.

Every religious organization should be labelled and investigated as a potential terrorist organization because they all have some types of crazy or violent beliefs.

we can start with banning the American Israel (pro-Zionist Jews) Political Action Committee (AIPAC) and all other organized religion-based political groups.

Religious political groups are the most dangerous.

Jesus and Abraham and Moses and Muhammed are all drinking a beer together and eating pork sausage as they cheer on the ban of all organized religion. All current religions violate the good spirit of their original messages. so all should be abolished.

long live logic and reason and science and imagination.

with or without a formal banning, organized religion is on its deathbed around the world. regular people are absolutely sick of it and all the division it creates.

even the stubborn ones are getting sick of religion, especially if they have a gay relative or believe that religion and politics is a very dangerous mix, like the former Bushian Christians learned about his war mongering. Jesus was a peace maker, not a war maker. People are sick of the hypocracy on all sides.

I hope Iran will lead the way. topple its currupt, rich Muslim, nut-case Islamic scum clergy leaders and ban all organized religion in their nation. this will be a sight to see, and it will happen. iran's people are sick of religion rule, theocracy, and all of its oppression. they are more sick of it than anyone. they just need organization and guns and bullets to overthrow their tyrant clergy. maybe then other nations near them will also imprison or kill off their crazy clergy too. is America and Israel ready for a secular Middle East? who will be their enemy if this happens?

in america, i foresee imprisoning the Christian clergy for inciting people into conducting an illegal, terrorizing war in Iraq. the american clergy are complicit in fomenting that major act of terrorism. love to see Bush and CHeney and all the right-wing Christian leaders in jail for advocating and then orchestrating crimes against humanity and terrorist activities against non-Christians.

Imprison the Christian clergy for condoning and encouraging America's fine young people to join the military and become cannon fodder for Haliburton, Exxon and all the rest of Cheney's and Bush's "Christian" friends.

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Staged mosque shooting in Canada

When the media feeds you fake news and staged events like this is, they always follows the same pattern
1st thing that happens is conflicting reports was it 3 gun men ? Really cause I head 2 and others thought it was a solo act
Then next thing you see is the crisis actors some times the same people just happen to be at these mass shootings that happen all over the world
And that's cause there all acting
It blows my mind how the media becomes experts on the suspects in a mater of minutes and every news stations will start saying whatever the elite want them to say about the particular event
And that's always followed by a well read script by the president or prime minsters

This event is not good for Canada and the world

This event was staged for a reason
with President Trump closing the doors and boarders on millions this has lead Canada to open there doors and boarders and they open it to all the criminals, gangs, terrorists and drug pushers that the United States don't want
What better way to open up the boarders and instantly get the support of the entire country you ask?? Well how about a staged event with someone opening fire on a bunch of Muslims
Oh and by the way he just happened to be a trump supporter.

The prime minster of Canada has quickly and openly said that Canada will take all of those Muslims and terrorists and criminals that the United States don't want. That's the unity you want ??? Maybe time to leave Canada's big city's

Robomont knows #conspiracy #quack godlikeproductions.com

Ive experienced emf as my neighbor tommie blair of mount pleasant texas used a DEW weapon/microwave transmitter to chase off via madness and kill about 25 people.
I used ultimate EMF app that does same thing as product.
Emf in this frequency can cause accelerated learning too.
Its not worth dying for though.
I used mine to bust the national weather service march 19 and feb 11.the microwave beam on feb 19 caused my neighbor oc hill to have a heart attack.that beam came from nexrad wsr 88d out of ok/ark system.
Then on march 11 they tried it again from nexrad running out of ok city.thats when i emailed them to turn the shit down!10-20 minutes later it was off.
These nexrads are 1 million watts each and directional.
The beam width was 10 miles wide.
As the nexrad site says 1 degree width.this means the circumference of path is 3600 miles circle.divided by pi means 100s of miles distance which measures correctly with the 2 sites ive mentioned.
Its not that its just one microwave source,its when all these sources are combined,the closest one gets blamed.even if its a wifi in home unit.
I suggest all be on lookout for abuse of nexrad system.as its highest wattage supplier of all systems currently in use.
Ive currently been healing, my wife hasnt had any schizoid episodes.ive gained about fifty lbs in fat and muscle tissue.
My torn joint tissues are also healing.
My heart is still feeling it bad though.
All this load on a weakened heart has made for chest pains but im a bad mofo so i gitter done!

Gorane #fundie godlikeproductions.com

Islam has never killed anyone for unrighteous reasons
It is true,

ISLAM is the true religion and is directly from the Prophet (peace unto him).

You see lies in the news, we are the ones being terrorized by infedels filled with lust and hate.

ISLAM has never killed anyone unrightously, ISLAM only kills to purge and make clean the ways of Allah.

If you lie about Islam or the Prophet (peace unto him) you to shall be purged...

Second Grader Science Award

Density = Weight / Dumbass

Skizzy911 #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Gravity isn't real.

Gravity is complete made up bullshit, things fall because of density, everything is either more dense or less dense than air.

I mean floating is explained by density, not gravity. Gravity said fuck it, IDK why things float, take it over density.

How can planets have gravity just because of their mass? It doesn't make any sense, have you ever seen any other big object have gravity, even the slightest bit?

Also how can things grow upward if there is gravity? It doesn't make any sense even from an evolutionary standpoint, at what point did evolution decide to say fuck gravity, I'm gonna conquer it and grow upwards instead?

Also why is gravity different depending on the weight of the object? Do heavy objects have more 'gravity'? No, they have more density. You can create a massive balloon, kilometers wide, and fill it with helium and it will float, even tho the balloon itself can weight tons, it will float just the same as a small balloon. However a needle will never start floating, even tho it weights next to nothing.

Why do ships float on water? A ship weights a lot, however if it is hollow inside it will float because it is not dense anymore, and if you fill it with water it will not sink because of the extra weight, it will sink because of the extra density.

There is only electromagnetism and density, no gravity.

Cluster F Bomb Award

For ridiculous amounts of pointless swearing

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Did you fucktards who are saying aliens don't exist and that all aliens are demons ever consider the idea that angels, fallen angels, aliens, Jesus and Satan are aliens. Jesus and the angels are the good aliens and Satan, fallen angels and demons are the bad aliens. After all it only fucking makes sense. I mean if angels, fallen angels, and demons and Jesus Christ and Satan aren't aliens then what the fucking fuck are they. Besides in the bible it describes Satan as being a serpent or a dragon like a Reptillian.The Annunaki aka Nephillim who come from Nibiru aka Planet X will be the falen angels who pretend to be good and our saviors against Satan and the Reptillians and greys when in fact they are working with them to enslave us. The Antichrist is likely a Nephillim aka Annunaki from Nibiru. Jesus Christ and the angels are likely the Pleiadians who are our real allies against Satan, the reptillians, greys, as well as the Nephillim. the msot ridiculous bullshit I've heard from the christian fucktards is the ones who try to say that aliens don't exist and space travel is impossible and that the government is trying to make people believe in aliens and space travel. that is the most ridiculous load of bullshit ever. If aliens and space travel were really a government lie then why does the government and mainstream media deny the existence of aliens and interstellar space travel and why do they ridicule people who believe in aliens and space travel. Sounds like they knwo about aliens and are hiding the existence of them from us. Not only that but they are actually working for the Reptillians, Greys, and Nephillim to enslave us and try and prevent us from travelling into space. Then of course let's not forget all the pictures obviously showing structures, monuments, pyramids, mines, cities, and other types of civilization and life on the moon, Mars, Venus, Titan and the other gas planet moons which NASA claims are all optical illusions but only a complete braindead retard would believe they're only optical illusion like Never A Straight Answer says. The government wants us to believe that we're the only life in the universe and that aliens don't exist and space travel is impossible so they can keep us imprisoned on this planet forever. Like I said let's see you religious fucktards answer the question if angels, fallen angels, demons, Jesus Christ, Antichrist and Satan aren't aliens then what the fucking fuck are they?

Revbo™ #transphobia godlikeproductions.com

“If very few people are willing to date trans people, what does this mean for their health and well-being? If trans and non-binary people lack access to one of the most stable sources of social support, this could explain some of the existing health disparities within trans communities.”

According to your study, 12.5% of the population is just fine dating a crazy mutilated freak, doc. Considering the crazy mutilated freaks are less than a tenth of one per cent of the population, I'd say their dating options are well beyond anything they could possibly have ever hoped for, and they have assholes like you, who insist that the rest of us are "transphobic," whatever that means, to thank that the number is that high and most likely climbing as you indoctrinate a new generation of children, barely out of the womb, in to your degeneracy.

UndercoverAlien #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

I've seen the hypnotic effects that Adele's low-life songs have in little children, acting like evil mantras poisoning their innocent minds with low emotions of bottom-of-the-bottle type of people. But now it looks like someone has proven that her songs actually have influence in the astral dimension, in the underworld, like witchcraft:

Quoting: [link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

At first sight it may look cool that a kid woke up from coma after listening one of her low-life songs, but it actually proves that Adele's melodies can reach the ASTRAL BODY in the underworld and have power to manipulate it. If her song can eventually bring some one back from there, very likely it also can bring dead entities and and other astral parasites as well.

I have no doubts in my mind that she's a witch, what explains why she got on top of the Illuminati music industry so quick and why she won all those Grammys in the same ceremony post Whitney Houston's sacrifice.

LionWarrior28 #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Weird Al Becomes an illuminati Puppet….So Sad

I just lost all respect for Weird Al…this dude…I was a big fan of his for a long long time but now….he can go fuck himself.

In his parody called ''Foil'' parodying Lorde's ''Royals'' he says in some of the lyrics this:

[Song Lyrics]

See this is what I hate, all the rest of what he said was cool but when he put the aluminum foil gage into the mix I'm like what a dick…cus he is trying to make anyone who is against the illuminati or NWO look crazy.

Fuck Weird Al, lets make a parody making fun of his ignorance lol.

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Was this pandemic created to usher in Universal Healthcare?

By the end of this it would be easy. They could say, see, look how overwhelmed and under prepared these medical facilities were. If they were government run they would have been stocked up.
Insurance companies will be caught doing their usual BS and as a result people will call for them to be abolished. Thus entering into a perfect situation for the government to take over all healthcare services.

I'm just thinking out loud here.

The Deplorable Nicomachus #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Indeed! I thought about this before. He was an arms dealer, supplying arms to terrorist or anyone with the money, which is why his own brother couldn't answer where he got the millions from or what he really worked as. The ISIS terrorists found about his plan and killed him in his room and committed the killing.

Whatever the case, this is NOT an open and shut case! This literally reeks of dirty, dirty hands all over it and I believe his girlfriend Marylouz is a prime suspect.

LostReality33 #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

With orgone blasters you can keep negative entity interdimensional beings away from your orgoned areas. Aliens hate it, shadow people hate it, UFOs cant operate around it, and its more powerful with our magnetic copper wire we just started adding...I went out and orgoned a Fermilab base, Father took care of the rest...orgone, THIS orgone, is truly a powerful weapon to use against the NWO. One of the best and most effective defense and offense weapons. Which is why they'll attempt to BAN it someday, just like they came after Reich.

Orgone blasters do what other orgone pieces do like mitigate harmful EMF/ELF waves and knock out chemtrails, but these will be able to melt and kill zombies and giants. For everyone who actually wants a REAL weapon against these things, congrats, you just learned about it. So at least now you cant say you didnt know you HAD a weapon to fight them off with.

Its the only orgone known to man capable of doing all these things and more. Its the superior orgone in the sea of all the different kinds.

FarFar #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

Earth is a Criminal planet.

Earth is run by criminals.

In fact it's more like hell than heaven.

Maybe it's hell.

I'm sure it is.

God doesn't bother with hell the other guy does.

Do good people still have the power to change things for the good ?

If not , it's better not to incarnate here anymore.

THEY think it's the endgame and in fact the demons inside the elite are dancing.

Bill Gates is laughing by the thought of the NEXT pandemic.

Are they really in control , forever ?

If so what's the point of humanity ?

Hope that the kids of Bill Gates do not inherit the Earth because evil spawns only evil.

With Evil upon a criminal planet an ELE might be the best thing

If so E.T. Take your best shot now !

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

New Theory on Coronavirus

Based all the threads over the last few weeks on GLP, here’s what I believe.

1. They clamped down on anti-vax sites in early 2019;
2. They developed and tested the virus at Soros’ lab in Wuhan;
3. Released the virus during the World Games for plausible deniabilty;
4. They continue to spread the virus World-wide;
5. They have Bill Gate’s digital certificates ready for then they start the vaccines/drug cocktail;
6. The initial drugs they will use to treat victims are: Remdesivir and a Protease inhibitor (linked to Soros);
7. Vaccines will follow at a later date (linked to Bill Gates);
8. WHO (Bruce Aylward) have promoted and are ready with Remdesivir and a Protease inhibitor
9. Remdesivir is being promoted heavy in the media.

The shills are attacking any/all threads that expose the truth.

Manchu Dong #conspiracy godlikeproductions.com

GODZILLA: Were the Creators of Godzilla Movies Trying To Tell Us Something?

If you watch the original Japanese Godzilla movies, it shows Tokyo in flames. It can't help but remind one of the incredibly destructive firebombing of Tokyo and other Japanese cities by the U.S. Air Force during the latter half of WW2.

Why would the Japanese seek to create a movie with such a strong reminder of the horrors inflicted upon it by USAF firebombings during WW2?

Unless they were trying to reveal something...

Could it be that the Japanese creators of Godzilla were revealing to the world the true power behind the country that wreaked such damage upon them barely a decade earlier? The destruction wrought by Godzilla upon Tokyo is unmistakably and eerily reminiscent of the fiery destruction of Tokyo barely a decade earlier wrought by USAF firebombing.

But why a giant lizard?

What is a lizard? A reptile. Reptilians.

And how did Godzilla -- this reptile, this lizard -- get to be so big? From the radiation of nuclear bombs, which, at the end of WW2, only the U.S. possessed.

Were the Japanese creators of "Godzilla" trying to reveal that they were defeated in WW2 by a country ruled by Reptilians -- the U.S.?