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The Twelve Stages of a Holohoax Tale

1. The survivor is put in a cattle car filled with hundreds of Jews, but only one poop bucket, and sent to a camp, usually Auschwitz. Many Jews die of suffocation along the way but none of thirst or hunger since Jews can go many days without food or water.

2. The survivor stands in a line: to be chosen either for the gas chamber or the kitchen/orchestra/workshop. Close family members are always put in the gas line. And even though all those under 14 are immediately gassed at Auschwitz, for some reason the survivor is put in the work line.

3. The survivor comes face to face with Dr. Death himself – Joseph Mengele – who decides to spare his/her life because Mengele had never seen a dancing Jew, a singing Jew, a Jew with no pimples, or a Jew willing to do physical labor.

4. The survivor lives on a meager ration of 300 calories per day; including turnip heads/potato skins/grass soup/sawdust/human flesh/poop/corn/rat meat etc.

5. However he is still strong enough to work for the Germans as a lumber jack, carpenter, electrician, plumber, rocket scientist, etc….

6. The survivor has some gold, diamonds or other hidden jewelry, which he swallows and defecates in a continuous cycle, and uses to bribe the guards for favors or pay for a visit to the camp brothel.

7. He is taken to the gas chamber, but miraculously escapes at the last minute, evading the guards. His friends are all killed.

He witnesses other horrible atrocities: babies brain’s bashed out by SS brain bashing machines, bears and eagles fighting over Jewish bones, Jewish zombies pulling people back into the burial pits, SS guards feasting on Jew sausage, Jews with their legs reversed in twisted medical experiments, people burned alive in the ovens when the gas chambers were too full….

8. The survivor is then forced to take part in a “death march” which doesn’t actually lead to his death. Often he just runs off.

9. The survivor is recaptured, then transferred to another camp, where he miraculously cheats death again… and again… and again…. This may be repeated any number of times.

10. The survivor finally escapes for good, right under the guards’ noses – this usually involves hiding in a latrine. He then runs into a nearby forest where he is rescued by anti-Nazi partisans, or wolves. At the end of the war he is rescued by allied soldiers and weighs only 40-50 pounds.

He discovers he is the only member of his entire family of 2,000 to survive the war. The survivor then emigrates to America… Britain… Australia… Israel…. And though he has no friends, family, money or connections, and cannot sleep at night due to bad dreams, he prospers and buys a multinational corporation.

11. For 60 years the survivor says nothing to anyone about his experiences. Then, suddenly, he can talk of nothing else! He writes a memoir called something like, “Dancing to the Music of My Dreams – A Survivor’s Story”.

12. The survivor has finally found peace, and spends the rest of his life telling his amazing story to schoolchildren - but only the very youngest ones of course….?

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Even in ancient times, 2000 years ago, the Jews worked up the mobs to scream: Crucify him! Crucify him! The Jews used chaos, madness, and mob action against Jesus, Stephen, Paul, and other leading Christians as documented in the Holy Bible.

As is often discussed on this site and is related in the Bible, the Jews aka Mystery Babylon are responsible for the blood of the saints, the wars, and those who have been murdered. Wars are large groups of mobs organized and incited by Zionists to destroy or murder. It’s no accident God refers to Jews as rebels in Scripture. Jews have thousands of years of experience and collective knowledge with inciting rebellion, mobs, wars, and government overthrows. The children of the devil, as Jesus called the Jews, are the false shepherds which the Bible warns would rip and tear the flock.

Now, Zionists are organizing people into opposing mobs all over the world in anticipation of ovethrows and rebellions against old order governments. Races, religions, political parties, have been organized and set up to fight or destroy each other. The Protocols say that one Zionist plan is to use global chaos, madness, perversion, riots to make goy governments look so bad that goys will gladly trade their government for peace, stability, law, order, to escape mobs, madness, murder, and mayhem.

This last desperate attempt by Satan and his children to establish their Jew World Order looks like the recipe for the Great Tribulation. The Protocols for Zionists to establish their JWO look horribly similar to prophecy about the Great Tribulation and the end time terrors.

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GOD ALMIGHTY is not an oppressor.

He gives man free will. Free will to choose. The Jews being a greedy/controlling lot have chosen that they would prefer to just “handle” things as they see fit and essentially play their own “g-d”, but there are consequences to poor decisions in life!

For the Jews to claim they are “g-d’s chosen” people when they have been hated for 2K+ years by most and have essentially created their own hell on earth is absurd.

They just want it both ways, but you cant serve mammon and GOD at the same time. It is becoming apparent that their time is of reckoning is once again, and finally close at hand!

GOD ALMIGHTY gave man free will, but the disobedient Jews of today’s arrogance just gets in the way and if they don’t accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah/Saviour - there WILL be Hell to pay!+

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Putin Is The New Covid!

Whether it’s the Jew-owned media strumming it…

Or the Jew-run State Department drumming it…

Putin is the latest, fated, face of hate.

It’s your patriotic duty to hate him even though he never opened our borders to thousands of illegals…

Never shut down the Keystone Pipeline causing a jump at the pump…

Nor fired hundreds of nurses for shirking the ClotShot, and never, as its defender, rolled in transgender toilets into our public schools.
When Jewmerka sent a squad of perverts from the EU to Moscow a few years back to do a ‘gay parade,’ the Russian cops stood down while Russian men beat the fags to a pulp.

Don’t you know you’re not supposed to hate Putin because he’s protecting Russian citizens in Ukraine from the ‘Banderite fascists’ and protecting Russia’s border…

You’re supposed to hate him because he—you heard him, the Jews hear him loud and clear—will not allow Jewmerka to undermine his society by nation-destroying sexual perversion.

Oh, it makes the Jews cringe!

Putin will not allow the Jews to inflict division from within!

Putin is the new Covid.

Award him the Nobel Prize for ending the pandemic!

And now what the Jews did not fully achieve with locking down, masking up, and vax-passing the White Christian middle class—all to kill the economy to bring in a centralized digital currency—they’ll complete with Putin.

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We’re in a “braver” new world where science serves technology.

Where technology serves control.

Where control is served through the agency of the State.

And money controls the State.

Jews got the money and the control.

If you had any doubts, why then are the main characters of our “braver new world” all Jews?
We don’t need test-tube-babies for our “braver new world.”

Simply scare the goys into obeisance and a Jewish Caste System of the rulers-over-the-ruled comes forth:

Alpha Class.

These are the rulers, the intelligentsia, the Covid-approved scientists, and the talking heads.

They are Jews.

Beta Class.

These are of the professional class.

They tout the diktats of the Alphas.

They are Goys, simply shills of the Jews.

Epsilon Class.

These are are a piece of the human species who are stunted by mental deprivation.

They perform functional work for the Alphas.

They are Goys.
It’s a “Braver New World.”

Alphas, Betas, Epsilons, and lately “Deltas” and now “Omicrons” are upon us.

Aren’t you glad you got jabbed?

Don’t you wish everybody did?

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It’s so easy to be a ‘domestic terrorist’ these days.

Just attend a PTA meeting and dispute Critical Race Theory indoctrination of your five-year-old child and voila!

The Jew who heads the DOJ will sic the FBI on you.

I’m talking about Merrick Garland whose hideous face, Jewish hooked nose, and crooked mouth matches his vulgar agenda.

You see, the Jew pledges to “mobilize the FBI against parents protesting Critical Race Theory in public schools.”

Garland then cites unspecified “threats of violence” against school officials in response to the National School Board Association equating parental concerns to “domestic terrorism.”
It’s a script right out of Jewish Bolshevism’s playbook.

This time Garland switches out “class warfare” with “race warfare.”

Simply intimidate moms and dads—who oppose CRT indoctrination and open porn passed off as “literature”—so this despicable Jew Garland can silence their dissent.

Garland is acting in concert with another White-hating Jew.

I’m talking about lesbian Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers.

“Thank you #DOJ,” the lesbian Jew Weingarten tweeted.

“Merrick Garland tackles threats to educators amid critical race theory furor,” the Jewish lesbian barfed.

It’s all a Jewish affair you know, since Jews—like Garland—know how to milk the tits of “racism” as a huge cash cow.

You see, Garland’s Jewish daughter, Rebecca, and his Jewish son-in-law, Xan Tanner, are getting rich off selling anti-White CRT training materials to public schools.

It’s a multi-million dollar operation called “Panorama Education” and Garland surely gets a piece of the pie.

Some call it “conflict of interests.”

But if Jews can get away with murder—like Jewish-owned Pfizer with its ClotShot—then Garland can surely get away with a ‘misdemeanor’ like “conflict of interests.”

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I believe they [the Jews] still do a lot of Gentile sacrifices, this is what the Cohenim Rabbis are training for.

When the messiah-moschiach comes, each Jew is to get up to 2800 Goyim slaves. Blood sacrifices are intrinsic to their rituals, such as Purim. The purim cookies celebrate, as all Jewish holidays do, killing of Gentiles, and are said to be made with dried Gentile blood.

The only way the Jew has functioned is through being perfidious, pretending they are peaceful when they are at literal war against Gentiles.

When Gentiles awaken to the fact that Jews are conducting lethal offensives against them, they slink back for a while and plot more attacks. When the Jews are in power, they commit mass genocides like the Jewish Bolsheviks did to 100 million Europeans.

The Jews which now run the US government do not have an unarmed populace and so they commit soft genocide with means at their disposal — bad healthcare (Obamacare, VA), oppression/depression, joblessness, pushing abortion.

Until the American Gentile awakens and realizes it’s Jews running this soft genocide, at which time they’ll slink back into some humble retreat for a time.

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I second doing what Iceland, did, but lets go much further and do what the Byzantine Empire did.

Let's ban Jews from the civil service, and if your going to have a republic (as much as I detest that anti-Christ revolutionary system), ban them from voting as well.

Someone needs to cut the Jews from their money supply, heck they said they don't need three billion anymore, lets just bill them for it.

Yes, that's my wishful thinking, but I'm not in charge, the 50 something year old and over Jew financed dupes are who ruined this nation, even before most young folks like myself were even born.

I just pray that we can stop the Jews and fix this country so it has a future, but again I won't hold my breath, the Christian East led by Russia and my brother in Christ Putin is on the rise!

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(This is an anti-Semitic "poem")

Feet to the fire - The Jew is a liar!
Sacrificing their own
to discredit Kavanaugh, Esquire.

Crazy liar, “no one is higher”
than a Jew worm would deceive to aspire.
But they are forever in the mire+
Their situation is dire!!!:/

If control is not established - who will be their sire..?
For a lowly scum of the earth
people who deny Jesus Christ - they will be the crier!+

For it’s become quite obvious & lame
their go to game to shame and to blame -it’s just more of the same.
To cry and lie
no matter who die
will barely, if ever raise their pitiful sigh!

Amazing that no one has ever tried to whack that mohel Soros!

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The Jews certainly are my misfortune.

Thanks to Jew censors, I am unable to post comments anywhere on the Internet. It is frightening how the Jews have a stranglehold on Internet information. And I never said anything threatening about jews; my comments ranged on Jews’ role in starting WW2 to Jewish usury.

So listen up guys, do it for Bro Nat–go to these various sites (like Huffington) and post the truth–and join the honorable ranks of those banned for life by Jewish censors.

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You are correct.

That vile organization, the SPLC, has a list of Confederate Monuments. There is an area where they want readers to report monuments that are not on the list.

I used it to express my feelings of contempt toward them.

The attack on Confederate symbols is an attack on all whites. They have plans to erase Washington, Jefferson etc from our shared heritage. Don’t let them.

Please join me in sending the SPLC a message via their website.

The Dems talk about Resistance. Let us, proud Americans, engage in real Resistance to those who seek our demise.

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Hitler was virtuous. He was pushed into war by the Jews who wanted to destroy him and Germany. He stood in the way of their agenda much as Putin and Russia now stand in their way.

But the fools in this country that think that we are all powerful don’t realize that Russia is not Germany. Germany lacked the resources and wealth Russia has. Germany was also in a very difficult position to defend against air attacks on it’s industries.

A war with Russia will not go off so easy as did the bully pile on of Germany called WW2. Of course if it all goes nuclear it won’t be good for anybody.

Maybe the Jews, as I am sure they have a plan. But all their best laid plans will come to naught when Christ has finally had enough and takes them on once and for all.

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The way I see it, a monarchy can be good or bad depending on what the monarch’s priorities are.

Naturally, if its about divine right as he says, then the monarchs priorities are just to himself and the people serve him.

But if his priorities are to be moral and is determined to serve the people, then it is by definition superior to any other for of government because he can not be bought, he can not be corrupted, he will not give into pressure, which is essential for a long lasting stable society where bad things in the country are uprooted just as soon as they gain root.

You know, as an example the West complains and moans that “Russia has banned homosexuals,” but in reality you are allowed to be homosexual.

You are just not allowed to express it in public or promote it in any way shape or form, which makes perfect sense since homosexuality isnt natural and should never be promoted because no one should have to see it period.

What people do in their bed rooms in thier spare time, I could care less about; but when they push their way of life onto others away from what is natural then that’s what I take an issue with.

The part about homosexuals where I draw the line is No — they should not be allowed to adopt children; No — they should not be able to hold hands and kiss in public and do other things homosexuals do; No — they should not be allowed to get married; and No — they should not be allowed all the same rights as heterosexuals period.

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Jews as the master race is a topic that deserves much coverage. Lots of Jews have talked about their “superior intellect.” There are many examples of Jewish Supremacy. Jews who wrote the Protocols of Zion bragged about it.

Jews may be more intelligent or may just be more connected to their father the devil. Lots of Jews view intelligence as the most important quality there is for choosing who leads and who follows. Jesus viewed lots of other traits as more important such as love, faith, hope, charity, honesty, mercy, forgiveness, humility, patience, kindness, the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

There probably isn’t even one verse in the Bible that emphasizes intelligence as the most important quality. Jesus emphasized love and faith repeatedly, especially love, but not intelligence. The example of Satan shows that intelligence isn’t the main criteria. Satan may be a million times more intelligent than any human yet Satan is extremely evil. Like many things, intelligence can be used for good or evil.

When Jews decry white supremacy, anti-semitism, white privilege, and similar propaganda they created, they do it to hide their own guilt and blame their victims for what Jews are guilty of doing themselves.

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The more I look into the Jew the more I realize they are monsters.

Everything about them is vile and disgusting it manifests itself from the inside out. Every single day they are working against our interests, every hour of every day like a bee or a beaver building a dam they are working towards a world government.

For the Jew this will be utopia but for anyone with any morals & ethics this will be a hell on earth. Shows you that the Jews are in fact Satan’s servants.

Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist realjewnews.com

Can’t really say Trump’s to blame. After all, he’s just a pawn in their game.

He himself warned us of a “global power structure” that imposes its own agenda over America’s.

Power begins with money. And money begins and ends with Jewish bankers.

That means borrowing from them—whether you’re a nation, a corporation, or a shopper with a credit card—and paying them back, at interest.

There’s nothing “secret” about it anymore.

Here’s Hillary with one of her ’special interest friends,’ Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs, a major player of the “global power structure.”

Kind of chummy, don’t ya think?

Cohn’s chummy with Jared Kushner too, Trump’s ’special adviser,’ for all things that’s ‘none of your business.’

For when at the Wailing Wall, with yarmulkes on their Yiddisher kups, their kinship passed a silent message between them which said, “Jews First, Goys Second”—or not at all.

That’s political power with tribalism at its core.

And we got trouble right here in River City and it rhymes with the borrower is slave to the lender.

If the center of globalization is ‘right here in America,’ why did Trump pick Cohn as his economic adviser, and now fast-tracking him to head the Fed in 2018?

It’s an emerging world order that will turn nations into corporate fiefdoms controlled by Jewish bankers.

The issue of capitalism versus communism was a fight over who owns a man’s labor.

But it’s really two sides of the same coin.

If it’s the state, Jewish central banking has been funding it for two hundred years.

If the private sector, Jewish finance capital has been funding that too.

And now with robots replacing the worker, a universal technocratic welfare state will further enslave the masses to the Jewish whip.

A ‘kinder and gentler’ whip…where video games, smart phones, and virtual reality will keep the Goyim pacified in poverty.

But it’s a cunning whip that flogs even a president into submission.

And with it, a belief system arises—a pseudo Calvinistic worship of capitalism—where a ‘businessman-president’ plays right into the Jewish bankers’ hands.

“I have been rich and I have been poor,” said Sophie Tucker. “Rich is better,” she pronounced.

In Trump’s emerging world order, only the Jews get richer.

Ellis Mickey #racist realjewnews.com

Thank you Bro.Nathanael!!

Reading your Article of The Artificial Jew is like reading some of the divisions in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

It is very sad and heart-aching to know that the Jews/Zionist are so very fraudulent & hypocritical that they conceive of themselves as being “Superior Creations of God, but that the Goyim are nothing more than ‘cattle’ to be exploited, subjugated, and sacrificed upon their Altars of egotistical Agendas!”

Truly the Prophets of The Old Testament proclaimed the fact that the Jews were given over to their “Whoredoms & Idolatry!” The Zionist will have their “False Messiah” that will be The Biblical Antichrist of Perdition!!

The Gospel of Redemption through Christ Yahshua The LORD is their only Hope!!

Oona #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Health care is death by doctor, after they’ve emptied your pockets, and have decided that they’re tired of paying your retirement pension.

Abolish health “benefits” and the price of real healthcare and watch for unnecessary tests (CYA and padding the bill) disappear fast.

Return doctors to independence.

Eliminate the Jew-controlled AMA’s monopoly on licensing. Stop Big Pharma’s promotion of harmful drugs and vaccinations.

Steven Rowlandson #racist realjewnews.com

The UN might try to teach Israel and world Jewry the law but most of the students are not listening and will never listen or obey.

If Jesus and his heavenly father couldn’t persuade more than a small minority of Jews and Israelites what chance do you think the UN will have?

The only thing that intimidates the Jews for short time is a big defeat in war or their near total massacre.

So long as they have this invincible attitude that they are above the real God and the so called Goyim the Jews can not be taught, reasoned with or trusted.

That just leaves severe or lethal disciplinary action against them.

Dogged #conspiracy realjewnews.com

I was booked in the jail for a minor offence (I believe drug possession) due to the fact that I led a profligate life [I was poisoned by the pharmaceutical drug Ritalin as a youth which created cronic anxiety and depression and conditioned me toward substance abuse; a known effect of the drug targeting Goy children].

I was raised in Marxist government schools (”public school system”) which encourage immorality and nihilism, and I was a victim of that system. I embraced a life of hooliganism and saw myself as a hoodlum.

Although I was of middle-class White parents, I grew up with a confused self-image due largely to the effects of Hollywood and my Marxist education, I was also an avid listener to NPR (Communist “public” radio). Hence, I was booked into the county jail for some petty offence.

Irene Bonney #fundie realjewnews.com

Before elected, a snake in the grass yet a rabble rouser whose read speeches were laced with honeyed words. He is not a Christian considering the kind of church he attended for twenty years! Afterwards, ‘He’s stupid’. Maybe he is following someone’s script.

No, he’s a Moslem, he would have memorized parts of the Koran in Arabic in school, Indonesia. Surely he’s a communist. Where is his birth certificate? He is pulling the U.S.A. down.

He’s under the thumb of George Soros. Valerie Jarrett is the ‘power behind the throne’. The British direct him. However did he become President! International order through diplomacy? Even though he starts so many wars? Arab Spring? Rather a malignancy in winter.

In Ukraine, what a mess he has allowed. A water baby only.

Denny #racist realjewnews.com

I've been waiting for someone with the hair on his backside to raise the issue of how the Tribe [the Jews] has been a no show for every conflict since Vietnam.

If it hadn't been for the draft I doubt many would have turned out for that one either.

A year ago I got curious and after much digging (they make it really hard to ferret out the true numbers) I discovered that the tribe makes up less than, get this, one percent of the military enlistments since 2000.


Their sons become doctors and lawyers, our sons become hamburger.


It's way past time America got to see how patriotic our Jewish brethren are. And finally, the next time you see a flag draped coffin you'll know with a certainty who's not inside.

jim #fundie realjewnews.com

The last two US Presidents and the wife of the one preceding them were all sexual deviants, which is why the Capital building is called the Pink House. Everyone who has ever lived in the District of Criminals area knows it is a haven for aggressive Gays, who have no qualms flaunting their sick behavior and molesting unsuspecting victims.
It should be no surprise that some of the biggest chicken hawks are anti-life in their sexual behavior as well.
It is also a fact that the Talmud encourages sex with children, of both genders, and Rabbis are statistically more likely to molest children than even Priests and Ministers. The SCV may come off like this LGBT is only for the Goy, but they seem to embrace it themselves as well.

dave #racist realjewnews.com

According to the infamous Oded Yinon Plan (thank God almighty for the great Israel Shahak for revealing this) Jews studied the internal religious differences of the Muslim Shia and Sunni sects of the neighboring Arab countries around Israel.

Through their historical proclivity and masterful expertise Jews subverted these countries to inflame these sectarian differences to bring on chaos and confusion.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that somehow someway Jews are involved in this latest domestic turmoil regarding the Confederate statues.

They know damn well what all the hot buttons to push while they slither around unseen in their background hiding places out of the public sunlight.

I don’t remember where I read it but that for the first 50 years or so a Jew, not a Negro, was the head of the NCAAP. And I can’t help but see the similarity with how a Jew is head of Christians United For Israel; steering their stupid brainwashed goyim around like corralling pigs or cattle into their pens.

b vit #racist realjewnews.com

When I saw Jenner’s transformation and all the positive media attention, I knew instantly who was behind it.

It’s gotten to where you don’t even have to research these things anymore - if it is something that’s leading to the downfall of our nation - Jews are behind it.

My GF used to mock me for thinking this way until I proved it to her.

Ben Franklin knew it and attempted to have them excluded from the country for all times by way of the Constitution.

B #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Israel is supposed to be a homeland for the Jews, where Jews may find protection from terrorism, as every day there are one or more acts of terrorism in Israel.

An important question that needs to be asked about Israel is the question if it is true or not that Israel needs to have continuous terrorism in order for Israel to continue to exist.

If terrorism ceased to continue to exist in Israel and elsewhere, then there would no longer be a justification for Israel to continue to exist, as the Jews would no longer need a homeland where they may find protection from terrorism.

Also if the Palestinians and Arabs would manifest continuous peaceful behavior, then Israel would then NOT have any good justification to continue to deny many of their demands.

Is it possible therefore that somehow Israel sponsors the continuing terrorism, so that Israel may continue to exist?

Without the continuous existence of anti-Semitism and terrorism, the rate of assimilation of Jews away from Judaism would be much greater than it is today, and therefore there is this Zionist need for anti-Semitism and terrorism to continue to exist.

David #fundie realjewnews.com

Unfortunately the state of American education has made it possible for retards to graduate and propagate the lies.

So few people owned slaves, yet so many today are in an uproar.

The morons today are pulling down the statues of those who actually fought and lost the war of freedom in USA.

Bramble #fundie realjewnews.com

[As to] why Jews promote sodomy, I read somewhere that it's because sodomy of both males & females is the Satanic/Kabbalah/Illuminati's main method of mind-control, partly through the trauma of humiliation, and partly through draining the soul energy of the victim through the reported link between the "kundalini chakra" at the base of the spine, and up the spinal column to the brain and pineal gland.

Also, that's why Satan was cast into hell: a depraved predator on God's earth, sodomizing everything from humans to animals, rocks & trees, just like in the Gilgamesh epic from Babylon, as a way of "marking" them as "belonging to him," in order to drag them down with him into hell.

Illuminati/Kabbalah Satanists apparently convince initiates that once they are sodomized, they become Satan's "property," their souls are lost forever, and they can never escape or be redeemed. All lies, of course. They only need to reject Satan an turn their hearts to Christ, repent of their sexual immorality and asking God's forgiveness, just as Brother Nathanael teaches.

Citizenfitz #racist realjewnews.com

Hey Jews, don’t be so bad
Take a powder you mad bedwetters
Remember to take a look at your sins
Then you can begin to become better

Hey Jews, don’t be a pain
You’re a race of neurotic tricksters
It’s simple to get out from under sin
Just let Jesus in – and you’ll get better

And any time you need to whine, hey Jews the time
To cry “holocaust” is long since over
And well you know that you were fools to be so cruel
To Jesus, He tried to give you cover

Hey Jews, you bring us down
You were made for something better
Remember the interest you’ll be repaid
When you’re being chased by angry debtors

So let it go and just give in, hey Jews your sin
Is waiting for someone that you murdered
And don’t you know that all you do comes back on you
The moment draws near – so call on Iesu

Hey Jews, don’t be so bad
Take a powder you mad bedwetters
Remember to look first at your own sins
Then you can begin to become
better, better, better, better, better, better, ohhhh….

Na, na, na, nanananaaaaa… nanananaaaaa… hey Jews….

Aunty Semite #racist realjewnews.com

Bad dreams and nightmares are getting closer to reality as Satan’s Zionists get more desperate to force their Jew World Order on the gentiles.

In the news today there is a push to change the names of streets, parks, and things named after Washington, Jackson, white Christian heroes. Historic statues erected in bygone centuries are being smashed, overturned, or removed. The Jews media gives no believable reasons for this, only lies.

The real reason for the destruction or removal of references to the Founding Fathers or the Pilgrims is never told by the Jews media. The real reason for the riots, destruction, and attacks on white Christians is kept hidden, kept in the dark. Reasons for the madness given by the media are propaganda, brainwash, lies.

The Protocols of Zion, POZ, exposed plans for this evil over 100 year ago. Plan after plan became actuality after actuality and it still continues today. Some prophecy makes no sense until you read the POZ.

Daniel prophesied that the end time clay-iron world empire will not unite and stick together any more than iron sticks to clay.

Divide and conquer schemes, dividing people against each other along lines of race, religion, politics; inciting race wars, riots, world war, madness, will continue until Jesus returns, cuts the tribulation short, destroys the man of sin, overthrows his Zionist enemies the chief priests and leaders of Zionism, binds Satan for 1000 years, as told in the Bible.

Satan’s Zionists get more obsessed with destroying every remnant of white Christian influence as Satan gets more and more desperate. Satan knows his time is short and only getting shorter. That’s what is behind the madness.

Geoffrey #racist realjewnews.com

It is shocking to learn the illegal Monopoly control the Jews have had over most Western news, media and entertainment for the past 50 years, indeed the past 100 years at least.

Almost all movies and music are controlled by Jews including finance, distribution and Movie Chains.

Their newspapers and TV stations tell us which CD’s to buy and which movies to watch.

Most critics are Jews such as Leonard Maltin, who strongly promote movies with Jew values, such as evil Germans and Southern Rednecks losing, dark Jew gets the blond Shiksa and so on. Books written by Jews are turned into movies by Jews with Jew actors, directors, composers, sheesh the whole shebang.

Most, or almost all, top rock groups were and still are promoted by Jews, who made/make money like bandits. Many inferior musicians are Jews who have been promoted to the First Rank by their Jew bosses. Talented non Jew composers and musicians lacking Jew friends have no chance at all.

I would like to see all the surviving Beatles and all of the Rolling Stones jailed for child sex crimes which they all did commit. They are all guilty and it is documented that they all had sex with underage girls in the 1960’s known as “groupies”.

Legally a child can never give permission to have sex to an adult. Nobody bothered to check their age and ID at the time.

These crimes took place in several different countries and there is plenty of walking DNA evidence to prove it. Most of this walking human proof is now aged close to 50 years of age. Most would not know who their father is.

Probably many of the children’s mothers have been paid off by the Jew managers of these bands. If any victims went to the Police, then the Jew media suppressed the case and the facts.

It is never too late as in Australia, at least there is no time limit or Statute of Limitation for child sex crimes.

These music tours happened before the pill was widely available so many pregnancies resulted. Jail these sex monsters, now! In Australia these Beatles can get 15 years jail for penetration of a child, under the sentencing laws as they applied in the 1960’s, which is how sentence is handed down.

It would not be fair to jail them under current penalties, 15 years would be enough for creeps like Mick Jagger and that Stone that looks like Satan, to amount to a life sentence.

Steve Oz #conspiracy realjewnews.com

NATO is no independent body. Like the UN and IMF it is a lapdog poodle servant of Washington’s craziest loonies and Wall street vampires.

The western ziomedia report all the latest terrorism of bombs, guns and knives that happen to them but fail to report how many bombs and murders they have dropped and perpetrated every day in their illegal genocidal vandalism in the Middle East.

When ISIS attack Israel or Saudi Arabia I may begin to believe that they are who they claim to be.

Meanwhile I expect to see the latest US arms attacking Syria and Palestine any time soon.

Trump is doing everything the deep state wants but still they are not satisfied or trust him. Any other of the Republican presidential candidates would have made the deep state happy- those clowns.

President Sanders would be facing the exact same destabilising sabotage from deep state but maybe he would have had more popular support.

All this talk of alt.right and alt.left fails to see that they are one and the same.

Down here in Oz a steady procession of Grand Viziers from the US are shown unquestioning obedience. So don’t expect any help from us chickens. Our nation is run by Quislings to US influence.

Hope summer doesn’t get too hot up there especially if deep state spits the dummy.

Brother Nathanael Kapner #fundie realjewnews.com

JEWS FEAR CHRISTIANITY more than any other thing. Here's Why:

1) Christianity tells Jews that their leaders committed Deicide against Jesus Christ. (Jews always blame others for their crimes.)

2) Christianity tells Jews that they must repent of their sins. (Jews consider "repentance" repulsive.)

3) Christianity tells Jews that all men can become "one in Christ." (Jews wish to be an elite group.)

4) Christianity tells Jews that they must value Spiritual things above wordly things. (Jews are crass materialists.)

5) Christianity tells Jews that they are not to be trusted in spheres of influence because of their hatred of Jesus Christ. (Jews quake and tremble before such a reproof!)


A CHRISTIAN NATION would make the Jews second-class citizens.

This is something that the Jews fear. Jews want to be on top of the ladder and be the leaders.

But this is a bad idea. Why? Because Jews hate Jesus Christ and who wants Christ-haters telling us what to do?

Jesus Christ was so beautiful. He taught us wonderful things like "love your enemies and do good to those who hate you." But the Jews don't like this teaching. Jews see all men as their enemies and wish to bomb them into annihilation.

Do we really want these Christ-hating Jews to lead us? Or do we wish to put the fear of God into the Jews' minds and hearts by telling them:

"Hey Jews. We are Christians. You are haters of Jesus Christ. And you MUST repent! (And oh! - how the Jews will quake and tremble!)

9INE #fundie realjewnews.com

I am a freemason. or atleast i was once. But as they say, "once a mason always a mason (thanks to oath they must take). Ever wonder why initiates are asked to take an oath of death if they reveal ANY points of the inner craft? And why in the world would a "fraternal CHARITY' ask anyone to take such extreme oaths?

The answer is simple; because they have equally extreme secrets to hide. Its time for people to know that a modern mason represents a jewish worker. a master mason represents a jewish king. and a masonic lodge represents a jewish temple. That is why no jews (more or less) died on september 11, 2001 (jewish new year).

Would an ancient enemy of the jews (arabs) really choose this day to serve as a blow to the jewish controlled america? I tell you the truth, masons eventually worship... Satan ('opposites' in latin). The glorification of nature. i

will spare you all the details of some of their rituals. Never before have the words of Jesus been more relevant. Now that some of you know what a freemason represents, how does this sound; ..."jews who say they are jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan". Wolves (satanists) clothed as sheep (a CHARITY).

Yes, i have just broken my oath, and am happy to die for my brothers and sisters. I am invincible, until He is done with me. And so are you all. A Christian is someone who BREAKS the fundamental laws of nature (the insatiable ego), and in turn becomes SUPERnatural. We are Human. lets behave as such.

Henry Ford Was Right! #conspiracy realjewnews.com

Thanks for posting that.

It’s always funny how the Ziopress leaves out the past details and true history in their latest propaganda. I guess North Korea controlling their own money without a Rothschild-ran central bank makes them the boogie man (at least in the neocon snakes eyes) like Libya, and Iraq were (and Syria currently).

They want everybody to have a central bank so those Devils can put 666 chips in everybody when their false messiah (the Anti-Christ) comes to power. I’m sure the Anti-Christ, False Prophet, and Beast will all have shabat dinner at the Rotschilds mansions during that time frame as well.

Yankee Goy #fundie realjewnews.com

The Jewish takeover of the US government was complete even before 911, which sealed the coup [...]

The US military has been used for the purposes of Jews running US government, namely Chertoff, to destabilize the Middle East.

They believe morals are a weakness, and the supreme dominate the inferior by any means, without restriction. They count on the Gentile being gentle and unaware of their ruthlessness.

Sandyhook and other events are meant to reaffirm their power.

And now they've turned their guns directly on to the American people with massive invasions of illegals, healthcare takeover, and now Reid (by all accounts born a Jew, married to a Jew, son Rory is a Jew) is leading the land seizure from Americans.

If Harry will give Bundy's land, used since the 1850s, to China, he as one of the Zionist Occupied Government, will take your house, place of business too.

Snowy Smith South Africa #conspiracy realjewnews.com

WHO is the ENEMY?

Main Stream Media = JEW World Order Media

The JEW World Order Controlled American Government is the ENEMY.
The JEW World Order has HIJACKED the American Government.

Illegal Coup d'état of USA.

The COMMUNIST JEW World Order illegal Coup d'état of America has started.

America is run by the EXTREME JEWS who are COMMUNIST "ROBBER BARONS" doing Land Grabs, theft, fraud and corruption the very same as they did in the JEW Bolshevik Revolution USSR.

There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today and they are the Synagogue of Satin WAR MONGERING JEWS.

In Conclusion:

Every time the JEW World Order says it's a "Conspiracy Theory," then we all know for certain that it is TRUE and they are hiding teir crimes.

Eileen K. #racist realjewnews.com

What has happened in this case is that Russia and the US have actually changed ideologies. As Russia changed from a Jew-infested, atheist Bolshevik nation into that of a Christian one; the US changed form a Christian nation into a Jew-infested, atheist Bolshevik one.

The current occupant of the White House has more Jews surrounding him than even his predecessor.

Yes, even Barry Soetoro aka Obama is considered Jewish under Jewish law; due to the fact that his late mother and maternal grandparents were Jewish. He is also considered Black, from his father's side.

Only one other President in modern history has had as many Bolshevik Jews around him: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Hoff #racist realjewnews.com

Yes, who would know? I knew but David Irving nailed it and only then I truly understood that Hungary was look, stock and barrel ruled by Jews in the 50s.

Communism is a Jewish fraud all together. Everything in Marxism are Jewish code words. Once you understand how to decode the Jews’ code word you can read the communist Jews as an open book.

Exchange communist with Jews and you get the truth about Jewish Marxism. What the Jew Karl Marx did when he wrote Communist Manifesto was that he wrote an updated quick version of the Jews Talmud.

The Jew Karl Marx lied in the headline and exchanged Jewish Manifesto with Communist Manifesto. Jewish Manifesto is the real name. Marxism is all about the Jews getting in total control of all non-Jews.

Exchange the state with the Jew elite and you get the picture. Workers are Jew code word for the Jews’ non-Jewish slaves.

Enemy of the state = enemy of the Jews. Counter revolutionaries = non-Jews who might be able to form an organized resistance to the Jews total control of the state.

What really happened in Russia in 1917 was a Jewish coup. The first thing the Jews did was to kill the entire Russian elite and intelligence and the clergy of the Russian church.

In Dec 1922 the Jews were so confident that they had total, lock, stock and barrel control of Russia that the Jews changed Russia to Soviet Union.

What happened next was that the Jews turned Soviet into the Jews proxy war machine for Jewish world conquest.

What the Moscow Jews wanted above anything was west Europe. The Jews attacked all of East Europe and the key country to get all of West Europe was Germany.

If the Jews could conquer Germany the rest of West Europe would be a cake walk.

All east European countries that belonged to the Jew-ruled Soviet of course had Jews at the top ruling the country just like Hungary.

The first point in Jewish Manifesto is that everything belongs to the Jews (the state). When the Jew Karl Marx published Jewish Manifesto in the year 1848 most Jews didn’t become communist, they were all born Jewish communists.

The stroke of genius the Jew Karl Marx did was that he edited out all the Jews Talmud racism and exchanged it with tear-jerking altruistic universalism, all in order to fool stupid and gullible non-Jews to go along and help the Jews making themselves the Jews’ slaves. The Jews call those stupid goyim Useful Idiots.

Especially in America the goyim Useful Idiots call themselves John Hagee “Christian” Zionists.

Seek The Truth #fundie realjewnews.com

Jesus wasn't a Jew. He was a Hebrew prophet who was totally opposed to the satanic cult that took over the Holy land. Jesus called them the "synagogue of Satan".

What are Jews? Anyone who is attached to the satanic cult with the spirit of the devil within just like a black hole sucking in energy. Many people who call themselves "Christians" are actually Jews in spirit and support the satanic cult.

There are nice Jews on the surface like "Jews for Jesus" but they are still a part of the satanic cult, the religion of the devil and the anti Christ. The ones at the apex of the pyramid like the Rothschilds are totally dedicated to evil and the spirit of Satan.

Irene Bonney #racist realjewnews.com

I continue to be amazed and aghast at the Jewish domination of the West and indeed the world.

Genocide, war in partially Christian Southern Sudan, lo, there are the Jews with a charity fund collecting $85.000.000 and none of it reaching those for whom it is intended.

Who owns the Peoples' Oil? Rothschild.

I see from Revelation 9, demons let out of the abyss led by Apollyon and Abaddon, Destroyer, Destruction. Every time a Jew moves world wide, even in Thailand, behind him or her are those many demons

Satan, their master/lord/god is using them for the destruction of our world and to destroy mankind.


I, part Anglo-Saxon, am disgusted with how the U.S. has blindly in its Christian heritage, followed wholeheartedly, the Jewish lies re being Semitics, Israel and God's people to such an extent that their nation has fallen to such a low level.

Such lies everywhere are obvious to intelligent watchers of CNN, BBB, ABC. What cheating by those cheats, now including Anglo Saxon Americans who grovel at the feet of the Masters, who one day will fall. It is decreed. When? Who knows.

In our time, may we never see much more of an escalation of their perversity, or strangle-hold on us all.

Hopefully, the much wrongly maligned Putin, is a David against that Goliath and Russia, our erstwhile enemy and also ally once, proves more than a match for that conglomerate of evil in some way, in Eurasia at least, including Australia.

Africa, South America? Poor souls, who will help them?

Hopefully, Ukraine is sorted out but what a worry for many there. A chocolate king as leader? Pity he would not melt away.

Seek The Truth #racist realjewnews.com

I see Judaism as an evil cult because of what is taught in the Kabbalah and the Babylonian Talmud.

Doesn’t it teach that Jews have the holy right to trick, swindle, enslave and kill everybody else? That’s pure evil and far more ruthless than the WW II Nazis. The Jews that run modern Israel are the biggest Nazis and Commies in history.

Therefore, I don’t see why people worry so much about Jewish genealogy. Certainly, the original evil core was corrupted ancient Hebrews tempted by sin and paganism but who knows what got picked up in the last 2,500 years?

I see plenty of ancient pagan tribes in the Middle East adopting the anti Christ cult of Judaism and worshipping Moloch or Baal instead of Jesus.

Why try to claim that all modern Jews are descended from ancient Hebrews when anybody from anywhere at any time could have joined the cult with ease?

Seek The Truth #racist realjewnews.com

Commie Dirt Blowin’ in the Wind

How many roads must a Christian walk down
Before they stop calling him a clown?
How many seas must a White male sail
Before he can sleep in the sand?
Yes, ‘n’ how many times must the Jew lies fly
Before they’re forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is Soros blowin’ in the wind
The answer is commie dirt blowin’ in the wind

Yes, ‘n’ how many years can the evil Talmud exist
Before it’s washed to the sea?
Yes, ‘n’ how many years can Christians exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, ‘n’ how many times can a Jew turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?
The answer, my friend, is commie dirt blowin’ in the wind
The answer is Soros blowin’ in the wind

Brother Nathanael #conspiracy realjewnews.com

What if Jews ran America?

Would it be like having a synagogue in your own backyard?

How about a gigantic Hanukkah Menorah on the White House lawn with no Nativity Scene in sight?

That would be the 'Union of Synagogue and State' for sure.

But the Jewish-led ACLU would never let that happen.

What if the Jews owned all the media like CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and even the New York Times?

Then homosexuality would be pushed...and lies about how great our doomed economy is doing would make headlines.

But that would never happen since the government is doing the very same thing and doesn't need any help from the main stream media.

What if Wall Street—that dictates policy to corporations it finances—was a Jewish operation?

Then all our jobs would be sent to China and H-1B visas would bring cheap labor to America to fill white collar jobs.

But Congress, which doesn't kow to Jewish money, would never let that happen.

Let's say America's sovereignty was at stake and Jews could create money out of thin air and then loan it to the government at interest.

They could call their scam the "Federal Reserve" and no one would know why prices keep soaring.

But that couldn't happen either. Our Constitution says that only Congress has the power to coin money and at NO interest.

What if Jewish groups like the ADL and the American Federation of Teachers infiltrated our public schools with homosexual books that they promote like "Daddy's New Roommate," "Daddy Marries His Roommate" - (Ken) - and "King and King?

But how could that ever happen?

Evangelical Christians, who to a man, don't swallow the hoax that Jews—the people who crucified Christ—are the "chosen people," would put an end to this immediately.

And what if the Jewish Lobbies were so strong that they could turn military men into willing mice to run cover for their agenda?

No way!

Men like Chuck Hagel, who once said the "Jewish Lobby runs Capitol Hill," would rather die than let Jews and fairies cut off his 'you-know-what.'

Well, it's fun to play pretend.

But when you have a dunce like John Kerry who lets Jewish neocons lead him by the nose—incompetent Jewish women at that—then it's time to ask:

Is America 'Jewish Occupied Territory?'

Seek The Truth #racist realjewnews.com

For anyone who wants to see the 1954 animated movie “Animal Farm” based on a novel by George Orwell, it’s viewable on You Tube and also as a DVD. 72 minutes.

The film is very prophetic if the pigs are Jew communists, the farmer is the rich capitalist and the farm animals are the gentiles and White Christians.

After getting rid of the farmer, the pigs use large black dogs to punish and enforce the rules on the farm.

Just replace them with Antifa, Black Lives Matter etc. or this special class of Blacks who have been taught to hate gentiles and White Christians by Obama and blame them for everything and for a few shekels from George Soros, the Jew communist pig, can get very violent.

Ft. Nolan #fundie realjewnews.com

AntiFa is not anti-fascist, they are anti-Christ Bolsheviks intent upon overturning the Constitution of the United States by violent means. (If I’m wrong, they should sue me).

Much like a deviant, rebellious and defiant problem child who sees nothing wrong with him or herself, they provoke and provoke every sensible person into becoming a “bad guy” for daring to correct and discipline this sociopathic behavior.

It’s hard to say where and when the spark setting off this powder keg will take place. Even if the AntiFa pukes draw first blood unleashing an overwhelming backlash, they will still be justified in their actions while villifying those “treating” this rabid infection.

Issues and complexities abound, there’s more undercurrent than meets the oars.

chalie #racist realjewnews.com

I’m beginning to think, as I see the Zionist Agenda unfold, unfettered, step by step, that no matter what we try, the Jews will be with us to the end of this time.

Remember what John The Baptist said about the “Generation of Vipers” and Matthew 23 and John 8:37-44?

Brainwashed Christian ministers say, “Oh… that was only John The Baptist and Jesus blasting the few nasty Pharisee leaders.”

NO! Why would Jesus bother with that, if it was a “local” passing thing? As with the “money-changers” in the temple, it was Prophetic.

Scripture says “The Love of money (now, who could that be?) is the Root (the Jewish Banking Root) of ALL Evil. That was also prophesy.

It is written that Jesus said many things which were not recorded (John said it would take volumes). Jesus was a prophet also.

He told his followers that “these guys” will be with us to the end, after the temple is left with no stone upon stone, after the Jews disperse, after they invade and erode civilization after civilization, they will still be with us and be like I have said.

Sounds like the Book Of Revelations, doesn’t it? And, they will be with us until they and their father is dropped into the Lake Of Fiery Recyclement.

You wouldn’t believe (unless you’ve done so) how much my life and outlook has changed since I awoke years ago and realized just about everything I was ever taught and told was a lie, misinformation and brainwashing.

Then, I shotgunned my Jewbox (TV) years ago and woke up further. Kill Your TV!

Cornelius #fundie realjewnews.com

I know what needs to be done and I am doing it.

1. In any discussion about politics just say as soon as you can that your position is to remove the Jews who control us from power.
2. Quit voting.
3. Practice civil disobedience.
4. Support Brother Nathanael.

After you have done this and you have shown some courage you will be ready for the next step:

Physical resistance.

Do you think Jesus applied for a permit to overthrow the tables of the money changers? He told people the truth and then he got physical! He did do it alone, but the Father was with him.

When people say vote for this guy or write your senator I think they are senile. Also when they hope for a military coup, from our cowardly military. Are they insane? These people have innocent blood on their hands. They are not heroes that are going to save us. We have to save ourselves.

You have to lose your life to save it.

Johann #racist realjewnews.com

Shame on the wicked Jews for trying to shut down your jewtube account. Why can they not stand to hear the truth like normal human beings can? Has it something to do with the fact that their father is the Devil, the father of all lies?

Why do they still refuse to listen to the words of truth coming to us all from 2000 years ago from Lord Jesus Christ? God Bless you Brother and your ministry.

Nico #fundie realjewnews.com

Sir, you are correct; the missing puzzle piece that continues to plague God’s Plan for the sanctity of the family is no doubt feminism. From there, this modern societal disease has metastasized into more hideous forms.

All one needs to do, is look around your neighborhood/workplace/schools. These new debauchery forms even threaten humanity’s very existence; and without any moral framework in place, ‘consensual’ anything is now in ‘play’. Even murder..

Women now are not only competing with men, but in most cases are in open warfare with God through their often brazen hostile opposition/rebellion against men. In almost every facet of life.

Once again, women have been duped by Satan though these times by his regular accomplices/disciples: the Jews. Just witness Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Madonna before them. All made the Faustian pact.

And modern women think they’re better off? Please…