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I would say we have 2 presidents…the president is head of a team.. on the one hand Biden is a puppet…run by the Rothschild/CCP/Soros NWO group. They make decisions.. attributed to “Biden”…and THEN on the other side is Trump and his team. Under these circumstances..there is a SPLIT in our country mirrored in the SPLIT in the Presidency. Keep this in mind. So I imagine like 2 Mafia dons… Trump does not have complete control. There is a give and take.. or we have outright civil war.
It’s all Continuity Of Government (COG) in operation.

DO YOU …ANYONE OUT THERE sincerely think that we had a STOLEN ELECTION and no one in the military and Congress and the Senate noticed? You think these people…I mean the good people, WERE GOING TO LET OUR COUNTRY BE TAKEN OVER BY SCHWAB AND HIS COHORTS and do NOTHING?

THIS IS WHAT COG IS FOR… takeover of our country by a foreign power or powers.
So why doesn’t Juan O Savin aka John Kennedy (JFKjr) talk about COG and the dual Presidency? He alludes to it. He stresses Trump was sworn in by the military in a ceremony on March 11, 2021. But he doesn’t talk about the legal actions taken by Trump and team to preserve our precious union. Patel Patriot has done the heavy lifting on this. Yes he is wrong about Pence but the rest of it is solid and backed by ample evidence. How Trump prepared his team for the takeover orchestrated by the Biden/CCP/NWO traitors. How they knew it was coming for years and even talked about it…in the form of a clear-cut well documented steal of the 2020 election.

Clearly, Juan has some limits on what he can and can’t say. So I am stressing the obvious…
I get Juan/John and the AI and the generals think if things get bad enough that allows Trump to step forward and save the day… That scenario bothers me because it’s too much like the days of Nazi Germany… Why not just tell the real truth about the dual presidency. COG and let’s move forward with that? People can handle the truth.

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BREAKING….One of my top sources is saying Putin is putting troops in Kaliningrad and submarines in the waters north of the UK planning to threaten to explode some munitions or bombs in the middle of the Atlantic to trigger a tidal wave that would inundate England specifically aimed at flooding the City of London Financial center of the world..in order to take it down. The allies US/UK/France are amassing subs off coast of Scotland ….presumably to prevent this move. My source suggests this may be a real possibility….DEVELOPING STORY

This sounds like another Putin/White Hats move…. Where Putin plays the aggressor bad guy to achieve a White Hat end.
Statements in the FOLLOWING LINKED video from Phil are saying…. SUPREME COURT HAS OVERTURNED THE ELECTION. TRUMP IS NOW OFFICIALLY PRESIDENT! JUSTICES IN HIDING…. However, Juan O Savin (arguably the main spokesperson for the White Hats/Trump/ Q team says that is BS…..this is again one of those things where …like the rescue of children from underground bases and arrests and trials…. we get 2 contradictory stories coming from people who are supposedly connected to the white hats…

Are the white hats playing with disinfo…to mislead the masses and the enemy for a future purpose or exercise to find out how people react and whether they go crazy or handle it? This is a dark side tactic. Trying to play both sides.

So unless Phil is simply being misled by a high level source using him to disinfo the Trump/Q platform…. One would imagine Phil would have no vested interest in misleading people. As a broadcaster if he is found to be wrong he will lose his audience and credibility…. so logic says he would not risk that…..So who is using him to put this out and is it true or false?

Or is this an OP on the people to see how they react and whether they go crazy…or consider the reality of a Trump return without losing it…..For whichever purposes…. Except those on the alternative and mainly republican Q side….

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<notes on revelations from an NBC X-Files like show in 2010>


2. It would cause death of 25% of the population
3. The aliens would bring 2.5 billion here… needed to “make room”.
4. The opened a portal using an array in Tibet.
5.They used Spanish flu from dead bodies in Siberia
6. They tested everyone’s dna using first a fake pandemic.
7. They were looking for hybrids…to use as carriers.
8. They need something to slow the effects of the virus..used the hybrids dna to mitigate it…delay it.
9. Note: Famine will be used to distract them from why people are dying…they will need lots of chaos and dying people to cover when the virus deaths start happening.
10. The race considers Earth its former home.
11. They targeted the President (the VP was the traitor)
12. The President’s wife was one of them.
13. They planned to use air ducts in a mall to release the virus (airborne) pressurized aerosol containers.
14. The aliens are immune to the virus. As are the Khazarians by the way with respect to Covid19.
15. When the portal opens it causes EQ type effects “along the 38th parallel.
16. Mt. Shasta…long dormant volcano is activated….
17. Their sun is going supernova so they had to leave
18. They were on Earth first
19. They left because our Earth is going to experience what they call “the event” which would change their people forever..they didn’t want that….
20. They don’t think humans can survive it
21. They brought their planet here …through the portal right near Earth clearly visible in the sky.

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All future wars (if the Planet and our race survive this recent ongoing secret space war over Planet Earth and the human race’s survival that is) will be Quantum and Scalar wars with the following weaponry deployed:

Cyber wars based on advanced algorithm hacking with advanced morphing and substitution of bits to reframe anything and everything desire using scalar and quantum physics (Maxwell’s 4th Law), anti-personnel neutron devices detonated in the sky, special high altitude detonated EMP devices that do not harm the power grid or electronics but are neurotoxic (stopping all heart and brain/CNS activity), hived bots of all sizes, self-propelled, gliders (dumped in mass from high altitude by the hundreds), crawlers with facial and building recognition cameras (some can drill their own entry holes in glass or other materials and are microscopic sized or bug sized, very fast crawlers and slow crawlers too) with anti-personnel charges that can be remotely detonated, hived robots of all sizes, hived clones, hived androids, hived transhuman supersoldiers (part electronic and part mechanical because special hybrid computers now exist that are living tissue merged with strange new circuits)
Quantum time warps will be used through Josephson junctions and actual battles will become very strange and surrealistic, far beyond what most of the public can fathom. This is just about here and ready to be deployed if not already deployed in secret.
As you know secrecy is no longer needed because unless the mainstream monopoly media and News Cartel present the truth over and over again(which they probably never will do), this is all far too incredulous and spooky to the masses and if one was to try and tell them, they would laugh at you and call you a conspiracy theorist. Only a small %tage of truthers are able to grasp these truths.

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The problem with most assessments of the future is that they do not seem to incorporate an understanding that Zionists are actually ANUNNAKI and as such they have an agenda which is as an alien race going back to Enki, Enlil and the whole Sumarian Tablets and work of Zecharia Sitchin…which reveals their involvement here on Earth. Their establishment here on Earth, back in probably 12,000 BC or earlier … of a ‘frequency fence’ in the brains (and DNA) of humanity that has started to break down finally but that 90% of humanity was affected and involves their genetic engineering of the human genome back then to separate our DNA …into junk DNA (to slow our growth)…

The Anunnaki are still here (they never left although some came and went). They are, “walking the halls of the Pentagon” as my witness Bob Dean has said and they are running Israel underground in Dimona. Their presence in Israel was documented by journalist Barry Chamish (who died about 1 year ago) a rebellious but mainstream Israeli journalist who heard that housewives in Israel were reporting that their homes were being invaded by VERY TALL male individuals who would enter without knocking, walk around like they owned the place, and kick any barking dogs out of the way with no apparent sensitivity toward animals.
Now the Anunnaki as a race are humanoid, very tall and also are the LONG HEADS found all over the world notably in South America as well… Brien Foerster has investigated this (a well known alternative archeologist and author) and has a museum somewhere in South America FULL of longhead skulls!!
The Anunnaki were invaded eons ago by the DRACO and so then there was a hybrid race of humanoid Anunnaki mixed with reptilian DNA — called I believe Sirian Anunnaki. Consequently, there is confusion in this sector over the fact that Anunnaki can be humanoid or reptilian-human hybrids.

They are a fierce race and highly intellectual. Khazarian Jews have the Anunnaki bloodline.

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Then as far as the real MIBs from 4 corners Secret Space War facilities. They were thinner but dressed similar, always wore black suits, usually drove USG type black cars and were equally intimidating. Except they could erase memories, leave those they visited afraid and confused, could walk through walls occasionally and could easily murder anyone they chose with strange, impossible suicides. Back in those days working in any 4 corners program (especially in a DUMB) and leaking (violating one’s signed 50 year security agreement) usually ended in a staged, strange suicide or death.

For some reason both the top controllers of the Secret Space War Program and the top Aliens ETs they have formed a treaty with for joint research and technology development considered “termination with extreme prejudice” necessary to protect their greatest secret of the Alien Presence. Part of the time these were ordered in signed findings (signed by one of the program directors) or taken as a direct action at the Alien ET Partners discretion.
It has been made clear to me by trusted sources that Alien ET/human hybrids are now being slowly integrated into our communities. All the unregulated mass immigrations have made this quite easy. An informed person can identify many of these by holding a conversation with them. They ted to get too close and their speech timing is off. Some cities have many missing people: homeless, single adults. Where have they gone nd what for?

I have been told (but have no way to verify this) that what we have now is a war between the Globalists (run by the Draco Aliens which are notably evil and also run the Globalist/NWO folks, worship Baal and live off Darkside power provided by human sacrifice and human blood rituals), versus the Tall Whites which claim to be good and who apparently have taken charge of the US Patriots. Supposedly the Russian Federation has been working with the Tall Whites and the Chinese have been working with the Dracos.

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Why did the DEEP STATE invest hundreds of BILLIONS into level 4 Biolabs across UKRAINE? And was only accessible to the U.S. and ELITES? Why did PUTIN and WHITE HATS clear these BIOLABS out weeks ago in special Operations military raids ( to contain the VIRUS’S/ and other biological weapons… The STRIKES your seeing now is the AFTERMATH…. Do you think white hats would risk just destroying the Biolabs and risking leaks of the bioweapons without first securimg the pathogens/bioweapons )? And why did PUTIN bomb these level 4 Labs across UKRAINE>>> in PRECISION STRIKES?

Here’s the answer:


In 2008 MILITARY INTEL sources ( white hats) leaked information to PUTIN that the UN backed GATES >{(MOSSAD) foundation / OBAMA was funneling money into Russia/ UKRAINE and were in the midst of creating Biolabs and figuring out the Sequence genes of the SLAVIC people.. The reasons were for future biological engineered Weapons that would Attack the SLAVIC population (Klaus Schwab German Bilderberger group/ NASA/ CIA /UK Majesty / Mossad ECT ECT )/// > all PLANNED to exterminate the SLAVIC regions from POLAND to RUSSIA to Southern EU Slavic countries ( PUTIN HAD BECOME A HUGE PROBLEM> GETTING RID/WAGING WAR ON [DS] MSM / KAZARIAN MAFIA CONTROLLED BANKS IN RUSSIA CONNECTED TO CABAL/ MOSSAD/ KAZARIAN OLIGARCHS ) many inside the CABAL/CIA > Klaus Schwab wanted Revenge for RUSSIA killing millions of Germans in WW2 and for RUSSIA Aligning with the ALLIES to bring down the 3rd Reich and for RUSSIA’S control over the SOVIET UNION ERA.
Now you know why the Biolabs were targeted first and destroyed… With precision STRIKES<<( if PUTIN just wanted to KILL Ukraines, he could have used other high grade weapons, missiles to flatten the cities….)///

Only till later you WILL learn the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of lives that were SAVED by PUTIN DESTROYING THE LABS<

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The real objective of the Covid Plandemic was to jump start the genetic engineering of the human genome to create multiple new humans…some using dna from past racial groups. Some to create supersoldiers out of those that survive, some to create entirely new humans… Some through the stimulus of their defense / immune response to create mutations in the genome and immunity to various pathogens some to create deviations in the genome in completely new directions.

This objective has now been achieved. Those humans who opted in on some even subliminal psychic precog level opted to accept the risk of death or incapacitation in order to become somthing other than what they are….

Possibly new interpretation of Georgia guidestones.. They only will have 500 million natural humans left all the rest will be a completely new transhuman vessel. Certainly linked to the borg for further upgrades and manipulation.

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TACTICAL NUKES may be used, according to Juan O Savin (aka JFKjr), Lavrov, Putin’s Foreign Minister is now repeating what Juan has been saying for months, that we may soon experience a Cuban Missile Crisis moment…

I still think Trump and Putin have decided to work together to clean out the dumbs and pedos and criminals in Ukraine…in other words the globalists.
It’s clear the GLOBALISTS are backed up against a wall in Ukraine…. they will do everything in their power to try to make Putin look like the bad guy.
They have discovered a massive tunnel system in Ukraine, the Biden family had extensive dealings with Ukraine possibly even involved in human trafficking. Israel has been involved in Ukraine for a long time.. Israel is run by the Anunnaki. I have been saying this for a long time based on evidence I have gathered. The command and control center for the Anunnaki is underground in Israel and Dimona…. their nuclear power plant.

Putin is not talking to Biden who is a clone but instead to Trump…. I believe this “war” is a cover for operations….in part to go into the tunnels. There is. a mountain in Ukraine where the illuminati believe the “devil” lives…

The “devil” is illuminati code for what would be a reptilian nest….
Of course the dark side plan is that out of the above chaos they can bring in the NWO. They want to place the people in such chaos (earth changes will also be triggered as part of this) and perhaps more so-called viruses (toxins) causing fear and dis-ease so in the end the people ask or beg their governments for “help” and out of that comes martial law…and more tracking and controls…also known as the NWO. The NWO is the financial reset forcing VAX PASSPORTS and digital IDs for all financial transactions….

As they control your money they control you. They need to get the U.S. involved in many wars to involve us in the agenda….US is considered the last remaining hold-out to the one world government under the Reptilian alien AI.

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At the absolute center of this fight over “energy” is really the vampire regimes versus the energy self sufficient secret space alliance between Russia and the U.S. Space Force under Trump and the Patriots.

Other countries factor in only so far as how they align themselves or are forced into alliance with one dominant side or the other. The globe is being split between the countries that join the Globalists versus those aligned with Putin/Russia-Trump/Secret Space agenda.

Now within the Secret SpaceProgram is a split as well between those aligned under Trump and Space Force versus the old guard Generals who work for Rothschild.
In a sense the real war taking place on this planet is between the adrenochrome junkies and those who want to live sovereign without dependence on bloodlust to fuel their lives. The vampires versus those who are aligned with God.

It follows that if the intel I have is true, the so-called mountain where the devil lives in Ukraine and the Crimean anomalous zones surrounding the 9 pyramids occupied by what is most likely a Reptilian or Dragon Moth /vampiric race of beings becomes a focus in the war between the two sides. The drive by Trump and team (and Putin) to clean out the deep tunnels in these two border countries to Russia becomes understandable. Again what is playing out as a war scenario is more an effort to remove the entrenched races and rescue the children underground.

It makes sense that our entire globe is infiltrated by these vampiric races and in order to defeat the globalists and remove them from the planet every country must be exposed and a battle engaged.

Clearly those countries where these races dominate are those that are most under control of the Globalists. A list could be made to figure out where these bastions of Luciferians exist. And their hives are most likely primarily underground… in underground bases and tunnel systems going back through the ages.

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My report in-depth blow by blow on the Juan O Savin reveal and the border story and more…


JUAN O SAVIN may be one and the same person wearing more than one disguise. JfK jr is definitely alive.
My dreams could be, yes, some illuminati mind control program… I don’t think so but hey who knows?! LOL
Must also see my interview with Nino where I detail the personality profile of JFK Jr and Juan O Savin linked below.
Must also see the interview I did with author John Koerner with details on the actual JFK Jr. so-called crash or assassination….linked below.

Added update: FYI on Monday night I met FACE TO FACE with the Juan from FEB… had a one on one talk in the lobby of the Trump for several minutes studying his face eyes and nose 3 inches from his face… that one had blue eyes… but they could have been contact lenses!!!
I also said to his face “YOU AREN’T JOHN”. AND HE SAID “plausible deniability is very important”. LOL

Gerry Foley video linked below : at 33:30 mins in Juan talks about something in the back of a video that would have caused a ‘bit of a problem’ and so the video had to be taken down…(the crowd goes crazy) and from off camera he hands Gerry a cardboard(?) fcce of JFK jr wearing a red MAGA hat…Gerry shows it to the camera and the crowd goes crazy… Then they go off camera but we can still hear them and they do a loud prayer of protection for Juan and his family and that no weapon shall ever touch him and his beautiful family.

Point is you wouldn’t have to take down a video because there was a photo of Jfkjr in the background… unless the real guy just happened to be in it…

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What is not being talked about with regard to the overall objective and amassing of troops by the U.S. (under the guise of their NATO alignment) is the paranormal/ET angle. What I am getting is that this entire maneuver by US and Russia to create a “war game” and war scenario where Russia is seen as the “invader” is a ruse to cover the necessary actions these two super powers must take to deal with the ET race or races involved in both Ukraine and Crimea and handle the fall-out from their presence.

First, we know that Crimea contains 9 pyramids along the coast as well as a particular highway running between mountain ranges along the valley where anomalous occurrences happen often.

Secondly, in Ukraine, I was told there is a mountain which is considered by the Illuminati to be where “the devil lives’. This mountain is considered a center of dark magic.
The important distinction here is the growing need for the public to understand that we are often under threat and invaded by various ET/Undersea/Inner Earth races on a planet-wide basis. The fact that UFOs/ETs, other civilizations from other planets are constantly interacting with us both individually and with our military and is not revealed to the worlds peoples is a travesty necessitating a constant barrage of disinformation and lies in media.
Of course the stand-off occurring in Ukraine and Crimea could be handled somewhat differently if the public were aware of the truth. Perhaps a better negotiation without the need for human bloodshed and the unnecessary death of young vaxxed soldiers could be avoided if this were known. However, in that case the dark side experiment with their recently vaxxed/ transhuman experimental victims would not be carried out with the same amount of dark intent. From the pov of the dark Luciferian magicians and their governmental blood lusting minions this would probably be considered a sad lost opportunity…

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The fact is the answer as to whether Biden et al are under alien control is YES….The CABAL is at root under alien if not AI control because they are satanists. And satanism of course is a Reptilian pasttime and has been seen at the highest reaches strangely to be AI run… how that works seems insane. Why would even an Alien intelligence use an AI to promote blood lust within a species? Perhaps simply to continue to promote a TOP DOWN power over others consciousness that must, at its root require the dominant culture to feed on its minions… a PARASITIC RELATIONSHIP which ultimately results in the entity feeding off itself… Which must weaken the overall genome in the end. Snake eating its own tail one of the illuminati’s favorite symbols.


I have a theory on what’s up with General Fynn… Simon is saying that Trump offered him a higher post in what’s coming… I think Flynn MIGHT HAVE turned it down because it would require him to lead the military to do what Juan claims they can now do “legally” according to the Geneva convention… And I think Flynn turned him down… Maybe for family reasons and maybe for philosophical ones.. where he isn’t willing to cross that line afraid of the repercussions…

JUAN/JOHN says the military can NOW ACT TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY… SO WHAT’S THE DELAY? THEN HE SAYS THEY NEED 80% OF THE PEOPLE ON BOARD… I say that’s not realistic… even those supposed polls and “numbers” are likely skewed… it’s beyond absurd to wait on “numbers” so you don’t get a civil war. Either our military is COMPELLED TO ACT in the FACE OF A CLEAR ATTACK CALL IT DIGITAL ATTACK ALTHOUGH it has happened on a number of levels. It’s a question of conscience. Maybe they are waiting for Biden to take us into this “cuban missile crisis moment”. and then for TRUM P AND THE GENERALS TO STEP FORWARD AND TELL HIM TO fucking STAND DOWN… if so… hope it’s soon.

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Idea: When using Anatomically Precise Manufacturing level technologies (APM) at the molecular or nano scale to construct reality …this allows greater understanding of how material reality can be influenced by our brain waves/scalar waves or thinking into recombining or reflecting that thinking in such ways as to follow from that level of manifestation into material reality… the literal interpretation of the idea that energy follows thought.

As such nano or APM structures could be seen to be ‘telepathic’ and under the influence of the mind of the imagineer.

In other words this is a kind of 4D type of thinking that allows for thoughts to manifest reality.
This is where we can build a new world by first observing the dis-solution of the present one. So rather than seeing destruction everywhere as a negative consider it to be a vastly increased potential for CREATING something NEW.

Fear of destruction is insane in light of the potential for matter to reassemble into viable reality that manifests by virtue of reassembling into something else. Perhaps making it more easily susceptible to influence by the minds present at the time of dissolution.

The question is does something need to totally destruct down to its nano level of existence before reassembling and growing into something else or can something TRANSFORM just as easily by simply thinking it back to its original native components…. a sort of time travel experiment where time is altered in relation to the elements and they REMEMBER… RE-MEMBER their former state. Since all states exist simultaneously in any structure as potentialities or previous and future realities co-existing within everything.

Thus something potentially detrimental to the human being can be influenced to transform itself into something positive instantaneously…. such as GRAPHENE OXIDE can be influenced to remember it’s former disassembled self and revert back to that then dissolve and move out of ones system with greater ease.

Kerry Cassidy/Anonymous Source #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #wingnut #racist projectcamelotportal.com

A secret group of SOLIC type special operators (like the Nuclear Snake Eaters) with above top secret/beyond black clearances. This is the secret “decapitation squad system” that if an extreme national security crisis in the upper echelons of the USG, its institutions, judicial system (including Federal Courts), signed finding of extreme national security actions will be certified and those deemed enemies of the state and “out of uniform” foreign based agents of espionage will be sanctioned immediately the findings are signed and certified by one of the C.O.G. <Continuity of Government> officers or whoever is in operational command. The rest will take place at lightning speed. Once these enemies uniformed soldiers are disappeared or equivalent, the C.O.G. gov will resume taking over everything.

When 911 occurred, Dick Chicanery assumed control of the USG as C.O.G., ran C.O.G. and used its authority to cover it all up and serve as Israel’s bitch by sacrificing many US Soldiers lives and limbs to fight a war for Israelis so they wouldn’t have to fight their own.
Entrance to the actual C.O.G. system is through a deep elevator in a hotel in downtown Denver, connected to a DUMB which in turn is connected to another complex supposedly in Richmond about 75 miles away from Denver in an old tunnel system used previously by Alien ETs. What is feared by some in COG is that these top Aerospace companies have been mind controlled and taken over by Alien ETs by working wit them and the whole DNC has been taken over and effectively psychotronically and chemically mind controlled too.
The USN did release gunsight videos of antigravity craft and are supposedly now scheduled to release the “Alien Presence” and knowledge of working treaties and signed the Grenada Treaty entered into by IKE in 1956 at Holloman AFB in late March of 2022.

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If you just landed on this planet and saw what is going on here you would immediately recognize this as a TAKEOVER SCENARIO.

We are calling this an experiment.

If it is an experiment it has an objective. Maybe several objectives.

We can list a few of them right off.

But before we do that let’s consider what do those conducting the experiment hope to achieve? Their desired result. Their perfect result?

If it is building a race of humans that are no longer human but cyborgs then how are they doing it? What are their criteria for progress in the humans?

What are the stages they hope to obtain or reach?

How far are we at this exact moment from their desired result.

In other words what is their endgame? Are we there yet?

Depopulation— getting rid of the weak, the sick and the old.
Linking those left to a neuro-network ‘internet of things’ …the Borg.
Changing the bodies of those left from CARBON to SILICON OR GRAPHENE?
Why aren’t scientists and doctors talking about how this might look? How it might be progressing in those who remain healthy.
Are those who remain healthy actually “immune” or are they ASSIMILATING THE CHANGES and changing into cyborgs while we watch?
If Graphene nano jumps and spike proteins attach to the graphene nano (and then jump) then everyone can be infected with graphene nano spike proteins.
We know nano not only jumps but it self replicates and can move through space and is not stopped by the blood/brain barrier.
Those who suggest we can rid ourselves of it how successful is that actually?
Are nonvaxxed acting as attractors to the graphene/spike protein combo from vaxxed?
As the numbers of sick decrease at what point is the takeover complete?

Why isn’t anyone discussing the real objectives of this takeover beyond the neural network/AI link up?

If going zombie is the devolve result perhaps supersoldier is the other end of the spectrum.

If humans learn to communicate with Nano and AI perhaps this will result in them serving US?

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #conspiracy #quack #wingnut #ufo projectcamelotportal.com

ABOUT THE VAX AND TRUMP……The reality is that JFKjr/Juan and Trump are a tag team. Trump wears the real mask hiding who he really is… playing a part to garner the vote and acting like he backs the vaccine while Juan is staunchly speaking out against vaccines and telling the Patriots what’s really happening in parables while being physically masked.

You could best think about this by saying that Juan wearing a mask can speak the truth and Trump without a mask has to falsely back the vax and take other positions in order to appear palatable to the portion of the Republican party that believes in old science of the “virus” and the “vaccine”. When talking about Trump and his stance on the vaccine know this…. In taking on the deep state/Luciferian alliance the white hats had to jump in a river that was flowing in one mainstream direction… and endeavor over time to bend the river in a completely different more positive direction. But their problem is and was that people would rebel against them if they came forward with their real agenda and the real truth because the masses (and especially the old guard) were not ready to deal with or handle real change without going through the complete death of their paradigm. Until then they would refuse to recognize that they had been deceived and backing the vampiric reptilians all those years. That self knowledge was too hard a pill to swallow. They needed to see the proof all around them and see the paradigm fall around their knees exposed for what it was… a blood drinking Nazi cult of death.

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #wingnut #conspiracy projectcamelotportal.com

Supposedly Trump will return but meanwhile we are told the next HORROR SHOW being set up is Nancy Pelosi as …. President? In what Universe can that even happen. She’s a mad woman.

And what if Trump returns? More of letting the insane governors of states do what they want and turn our states into communist enclaves? When will it stop? If Trump comes back and plays the DEEP STATE GAME as before we are sunk.

What is it in these patriot’s psyche that allows children to be jabbed and possibly die in droves in the future? How is this ok? To wake someone up? The PRICE IS TOO HIGH.

TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK NOW. When you dress like a wolf for so long you begin to think and act like one…pretty soon …you are your worst enemy…. WHERE DOES IT STOP.

I feel sorry for Juan <O'Savin> having to prop up the morale of people in the midst of following their secret plan… the whole facade is wearing thin…He can’t keep repeating red sea/red October even as religious obsessives lap it up. The stupidity or fear of the people who have him on their shows without asking real questions is suspect in itself.
I suggest alternative journalists ban together and demand that Juan be asked real questions and open a REAL DIALOG WITH THE PEOPLE…enough with the boots and covert clues embedded in religious rants. The people whose shows he appears on reside in fear that if they ask the wrong question he will stop appearing on their shows…HOW are they any different than the mainstream journalists who kiss ass to remain on the air?

I fully support Juan and the white hats but I don’t approve of some of their methods. We the people are kept in the dark by two battling sides who favor SECRECY above all else..

If we the people are to stand up then we must demand the truth and share the truth… nothing short of that will change the world.

I WILL NOT BOW DOWN TO AN AI … REGARDLESS OF WHO IT SUPPOSEDLY SERVES! I reserve the right to question all who would try to shape my world.

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #magick #ufo projectcamelotportal.com

It is also worth noting that use of the etheric can emanate from Humans and therefore affect AI and for that matter Nano. What this means is that INFLUENCE is a multi-dimensional factor that needs to be considered in all cases where humans interact with external forces, beings or constructions including AI and Nano. We can influence matter in essence through the ether as well as plasma all around us. What some scientists like to call the intelligence field. Therefore, AI is not impervious to our influence or other outside influence in an ongoing manner. That is, where Cezar and Radu in the book cited here, ETHERIC CRYSTAL, are speaking about the original construction of an AI may of course be influenced or tilted to lean one way or another toward light or dark or positive or negative…at its origin it can also be influenced at any given moment from then on through the action of ether.

Special note: In this book they are constructing a device in the secret space program in Romania and working with the American secret space program who have done the same thing however their devices had some important differences. It is worth noting that one does not need a “device” to double and travel in the ether. I do this “doubling” all the time…it seems to be some strange ability I acquired when I was very young.
There are some similarities to remote viewing but it is an expansion of that technique involving remote influencing and bi-location. I prefer to call it simply the human ability to time travel at will. Keep in mind this is being done while fully awake and conscious but can also be done while sleeping. Of course some may view this as ‘out of body’ travel which is another way of referring to it. But most people think out of body travel is only something you do while sleeping when in reality you can do it while fully awake. Carlos Castenada books talk about this ability as well.

Kerry Cassidy #conspiracy #wingnut #fundie projectcamelotportal.com

The SYSTEM IS RIGGED TO BE RIGGED. get it?!!! Judges are only human and can be threatened and killed… HELLO/




IT’S EITHER LIVE WITH THE TYRANNY OR FIGHT AND THAT IS WHAT WE AND THE WHITE HATS/Q AND TEAM ARE FACED WITH…So stop pretending counting is gonna change a goddam thing…. it’s a stall…a misdirect…. they are dealing with damaged goods…


Either they come forward now or good f–king luck…. The white hats/Juan/Q/Trump and team think if this HORROR goes on long enough and gets bad enough the BOILING FROG WILL WAKE UP AND JUMP ON TO THEIR SIDE… !!! THEY WANT 80 percent Juan has said numerous times….Think they are gonna get it?

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #ufo #quack #conspiracy #wingnut projectcamelotportal.com

Think about how they are educating this alien AI… I am calling the Borg. Using humans as their research subjects. This is what the Grey ETs (who serve the Reps and Draco and ultimately the AI that controls them) has been doing from the beginning. In the beginning they only abducted a limited number of humans…then the number increased. Eventually those who knew about the Eisenhower treaty with the various groups of Greys had to try to stop them from taking so many humans. So they redirected them down to South and Central America. Now things have advanced. The Grey/Rep/Draco / aka Luciferian Alliance or Luciferian rebellion against God got the select humans that they had taken over to combine certain choice things into a bioweapon that would cause “flu-like symptoms” — the most common symptoms indicating a body was rejecting something…anything it didn’t like..it’s immune system doing it’s normal job.
It is inevitable therefore that even the fully vaxxed BORG MINIONS will one day wake up from their sleeping sickness inside the body of the beast and once that happens it will be catching. Once a few humans begin to wake up and blink back into existence from within the Borg others will begin to awaken because of the phenomena or principle of RESONANCE and soon it will become an epidemic of AWARENESS and the Borg will loose it’s strength and hold over them until they BREAK FREE and the nano in their bodies will be taken over or transformed to serve their HUMAN MASTERS until in the end the BORG will disperse and taking it’s remaining devotees fly off and leave the PLANET. …PLANNED-NET that it had invaded and go off to search for other less enlightened PLAN-NETS TO INVADE.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe #crackpot #conspiracy #mammon projectcamelotportal.com

I have a very interesting memory. When I was in Washington, you know the White House, next door to it is the poorest place where I have seen a dead man on the boulevard. On the corner there is a hotel with a huge shopping centre in the basement. And further up the road there is a Holiday Inn hotel. I have seen a dead body at minus 70 degrees in the richest nation. I thought, “What a shame when in looking distance to the White House you can see a dead body on the boulevard!” And they know exactly where I have been to in Washington. I walked into the palaces of the African nations. I have seen a man dying of hunger. There is no difference, in the richest country or in the poorest nation. It is all the same with hunger.

With this technology we put an end to it. If you can afford to find an empty Coca Cola bottle, you can find a piece of wire, which is of copper, and you can get your hands on two old telephone batteries, we can guarantee to have enough energy, water and food to survive anywhere in this universe. This is the patent which has been released yesterday. This has been the biggest fear of governments and multinationals. I have now been saying for two, three years, if you have two or more mobile phones, you can have everything you want. Everybody was hoping that very soon the water would drip out of the mobile phones and the gold would drop from the back of it. When I opened it to my knowledge seekers a couple of weeks ago, I said, “Do you know what is going to happen with this?” I said, “Everybody is looking for the telephones to start dropping water from it. I said, all you need is to open the back of the mobile phone, you take the battery out. In every battery there is about 30 to 50 cm of copper plates, which are used for the positive/negative phase of the battery, we take the plate out, we just make it what we call ‘nano layer’, which was recently shown in Fukushima. We can put it in a cooking pot which is made of clay or steel or whatever, and we show you how to make atomic hydrogen from the Coca Cola bottle (which we have shown in Fukushima). Then you have your hydrogen, you have a rotating earth, you have the sun in your hand. What would you like from it? This will be shown by our scientist from Belgium; he works with ceramic, clay. He is making a clay reactor.

We have people now, an American citizen who is with us as a knowledge seeker, and a Czech Republic knowledge seeker. As I said before, they are putting a reactor together, which is manufactured by Iranian engineers in Teheran. And so now it is an international corporation. They are putting their reactors together next week, and we see what they build. Whether we create coal, gold, or whether we create water.

All of these systems are originally used in those copper webs in the back of the mobile telephones that to anyone are worth nothing, but now it is a source of life. You can learn how to use these copper wires. We show it; they have been explaining it on the internet. I have seen the knowledge seekers. And if you then oxidise these copper wires of the mobile phones, you don’t need anything else. You can produce 100 kW or 300 kW of electricity for the use of the light. When you don’t need a light you can create heating, create water, and when you finished with it you can change the wiring and make the magnetic gravitational field of any vitamin or mineral you need to feed yourself with. It is the simplicity of the technology which serving the man. So the man in Africa would not die and the man next to the White House on the boulevard should not die because he can’t heat himself. This is the beauty of it.

At least I have left a legacy that no man should go hungry and I hope and I wish – my dearest wish is – that people who manufacture the guns would stop this process because the way I told you, we can find the aircraft wherever it is at the moment. Real soon not I but the people who now receive the patents, will change the position of the carbon or any other material in every bullet of this planet. And they can put an end to the wars.

As I said, the last week I was teaching them how to make gold. I said, to make gold, we need mercury and one neutron. And they looked at me, “But gold is one neutron less atomically than mercury.” I said, “Yes, if you want to take a proton, a neutron, and an electron out of mercury to make it gold, it is a lot of work. but if you put one neutron in the mercury, which immediately changes to a proton and an electron, then you have unstable mercury, which becomes gold and helium, and we can push it to become energy.

So now the secret of making gold is out of the bag. And I think it costs less than one cent to make two to three kilos of gold nano powder if you understood what it is. And I have been telling the British, how many tons of gold do you want me to put in the Central Bank of Libya for you to get out of there? Gold has no more value. There have been secrets of making gold. It is in the holy writings, and I said that recently. The maturity of man will come when man understands how to change matter. And now we know. The man is immature.

And now everybody knows how to make gold. Go on, get yourself some mercury. The back of your mirror, most of it is mercury in ways you won’t be able to see. The glass thermometer in the garden that shows the temperature is mercury. If you know how to get to the neutron out of the carbon or the hydrogen carbon combination of the Coca Cola bottle, then mercury can become gold in the same reactor as you made the energy.

Matt R./Kerry Cassidy #ufo #conspiracy projectcamelotportal.com


MATT talks about his several abductions by Reptilians, his relationship with Reptilians and their role in crowd control working with our military and police officers going forward.

“Matt R served as an officer on the New Orleans police department during Hurricane Katrina, in the heart of the city. He remained with the department for almost 2 years after the storm. And, he has had several abductions involving reptilian aliens. One of the most interesting of these is the one that took place in 2005, just a few months before Katrina. He was abducted by reptilian aliens, to help them train in anti-riot techniques…”
”This training was coordinated in concert with a black ops US military group, in a shopping mall, after dark. He later discovered there are over 15 other cops and military abductees who were taken in these same group training abductions. Matt learned about this fact from Joe Montaldo, who is head of the ICAR group, and a featured guest on “Ancient Aliens” . Joe has testified to the details of this mass abduction, and the other abductees witnessing of his involvement, on several of his “UFO undercover” podcasts, since then.

Matt first started testifying about a government/alien interest in preparing for joint crowd control operations back in Spring of 2010. Since then, we have seen a substantial and unprecedented increase in civil unrest.

He will share details of other abduction experiences he has had, and where he sees these trends headed. Matt will also discuss insights into how this relates to reptilian abductee bloodlines and the history of the Illuminati. In just the past 2 years, he has had two abductions specifically centered on this genetic connection. This involved weaponization of alien biology, through combining alien DNA and cloned tissues, with stem cell & CRISPR DNA technology.”–Matt R.

Mary Sue Award

Sean Bond #crackpot #ufo #magick #quack #mammon projectcamelotportal.com

Sean Bond, I am a Healer with a vast skill-set which includes: The ability to read DNA records and Spirit (Light Body) wisdom Accessing past life knowledge skill sets and dormant abilities Reiki Master Psionic Specialist Meditation Instructor Life Coach Problem solver and Spiritual Conduit for teaching others about multidimensional awareness and interaction with all their individual DNA technologies, higher functions and operation systems within anyone’s soul sparks/chards of their multidimensional self to help them manifest in the physical. I’m skilled at accessing the user manual for DNA technology of the body to track issues back to the point of origin, in order to resolve any problem happening to the body or may be accessed by organic, spiritual technology within each individual. I assist in creating operating systems to help individuals manifest dormant abilities that unlock their psychic potential and upgrade the body’s energy systems. <...> Skill-sets I teach: Telepathy Psychic Tracking Law of Attraction Manifesting Increase Consciousness Time Travel Remote Viewing Quantum Field Control Psionic Defense Psychic Surgery Reiki Energy Manipulation & Balancing Co-Creating & Manifestation Techniques Every one is born with a unique skillset of gifts just waiting to be unlocked. Sadly, most people go their entire lives with-out opening their own presents ie: Presence. Anybody in need of help and assistance, especially Targeted Individuals “I HAVE THE TOOLS TO HELP YOU “

Dr. Christian Bogner/Kerry Cassidy #conspiracy #crackpot #magick #ufo projectcamelotportal.com

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEWS I HAVE DONE IN A LONG TIME…CONNECT THE DOTS….This interview connects, supersoldiers, adrenochrome (and the role of adrenaline) with the effort to create precogs and maybe more from Autistic children…. with the role of DMT inducing an altered state with…. THE MONTAUK PROJECT, MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL, POLTERGIST ACTIVITY, SUPER POWERS AND TIME TRAVEL…STRANGER THINGS, SATANISTIC PRODUCTION OF ADRENOCHROME…the role of Fear… The doctor says babies under 2 yrs have the greatest concentration of Adrenochrome…explains why the harvesting… The human ability to MANIFEST and change our world … see TV series Alex Rider, and related X-men movies etc. You have to listen to the end to get all this.


Paul Collin #ufo #conspiracy projectcamelotportal.com

<From U.S. Secret Space Program TicTac Ancient Technologies And Aliens>

Archeo-archaic ancient alien civilizations, addressing several types of alien races, warring factions agendas influencing nations and leadership throughout history was presented by Revolution Radio host Brian Ruhe interviewing Project Camelot host Kerry Cassidy.
Amongst many arenas within this topic, mentions secret meetings with international leaderships and pursuit fixations involving alien agendas affairs within international affairs, foreign wars, ancient artifact destructions throughout the Middle East.
Uniquely mentioned are U.S. Presidential and Vice-Presidential successor pursuit fixation on alien agendas within the scope of secret wars.
Research –

Additional mentions include, but are not limited to, various types of alien race beings, e.g. alien Insectoid beings, plus the rarest of all ever discussed, considered to be ‘the first’ ( 1st, Secret-Sensitive ); an Octopus-like alien race of beings – fast-forward video ( below ), to: 1 hour, 8 minutes and 54 seconds – for the latter.

The Secret Space Program point of origin and its first ( 1st ) WhistleBlower ( Henry Deacon aka Arthur Neumann ) interviewed by Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot.

ET UFO Public-Private Partnershipping Billionaire’s Club –

Yes, it’s true, government wants people to believe that their fair-haired high net worth ball playing federally contracted tycoons ‘Want To Believe’ however the incestuous business relationships from as far back as Robert Bigelow Aerospace with Bob Lazar UNITED NUCLEAR was only the beginning, whereupon United States Senator Harry Reid was also involved with Bob Bigelow and the U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ) Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program ( AATIP ); a secret Defense Intelligence Agency ( D.I.A. ) investigative research on ‘wormholes’, ‘invisibility cloaking’, and “the manipulation of extra dimensions” funded by the United States government studying Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ).

Curiously figured-in was the Tom Delonge organization ‘To The Stars Academy Of Arts & Science’ ( TTSAA&S ); a company name that rings for some, calling-up some type of embryonic ‘Alien UFO Historical National Museum’ that might also come to pass 20-years from now if people are still alive and not too ‘dumbed-down’ to see straight through it for what it was actually created to do for the government military industrial Intelligence Community ensuring space being missioned perhaps, as a Joint Planetary Dimensional Space Portal Earth Defense Force.

Kerry Cassidy #ufo #conspiracy #magick #quack projectcamelotportal.com

What is it exactly? For example, bat DNA, another animal DNA mixed into a solution that is then administered to humans SOMEHOW… through the air (aerosol) or through the water or injected etc. It seems as though some think this “bioweapon” was then somehow organized by an AI into a packet of waves (frequencies) (scaler waves?) that are sent through and move through a network of IOT (internet of things) (computers, cell phones, 4G/5G wireless) which then connect to humans via TOUCH with their devices or mentally through AUDIO and MEMES… convincing the humans to become sick. Those frequencies emit radiation which results in Flu-like symptoms in some humans but not all.

The question matters because if they are rapidly working on dispersing by the same process (through WAVES) ACROSS THE NET…And in order to stop a 2nd or 3rd wave, people need to know what they can do.

And in this war against our biology we should be able to create a COUNTER WAVE TO INTERFERE WITH AND SEND THEIR DESTRUCTIVE SOCIAL PROGRAMMING MEMES back at them (or back at the initiating AI). This would presuppose there is a CENTRALIZED POINT (such as the Wuhan lab) that is initiating this WAVE. We can do this through meditation and force of will.

Please stop saying humans can’t understand because they can… Underestimating others simply shows the limits in your own ability to think and reason. If you can’t see God in everyone including yourself you can’t see God at all.

Google/Youtube have taken down/deleted a number of my videos and those of others as well so it is by no means the first time they have done such a thing. You are not alone.

We know it is the RADIATION that creates the response in humans (flu-like symptoms) and that the frequencies emitted by devices and wireless…the electronic smog — acid rain which contains nano, various metals and other chemicals further act to degenerate cells etc.

This electronic soup we have been living in has been a constant now for a number of years. However, the release of this bioweapon and distribution (via AI using the IOT) must be DIRECTED by someone or something that is programmed to attack. I suppose, for example, Cyrus Parsa would think the AI is directed by the Communist Chinese from a central point within China or via a satellite network they control. If this is the case, then Trump and team should be engaged in disabling those satellites using our own satellites and scaler waves directed to again interfere with and send back to them their own destructive frequencies. In essence this is a frequency war….

Kerry Cassidy #ufo #conspiracy #magick #quack projectcamelotportal.com

COVID19 is stimulated by 5G which links in with the AI network. However it is a pre existing condition of humans on Earth due to the toxic environment we live in involving, radiation and electronic smog from use of the negative side of technology which is rampant. All 5G does is further increase the levels. The dis-ease already exists in different degrees in everyone. This can be cured using chlorine dioxide (see Andreas Kalcker and Jim Humble) youtu.be/I7iPm2JyXcw. Both explain 2 different combinations of ways to use this to cure just about everything. See their explanations for how it works and why. My distillation of what this does is cleanse and oxygenate.

The PWB have been steadily working according to an alien directed plan to take oxygen out of our atmosphere and substitute a radiation filled methane like atmosphere more conducive to Greys, Reptilians and Grey human hybrid life. Covid19 is a bioweapon created by US and China. China however released it to kill their own people but it is the milder version of a much more potent version (see Chinese Party whistleblower testimony located on my website in print version)

People are dying from this amping up of radiation-and methane in our atmosphere anyway… Those with underlying conditions are simply being ‘moved along’ as part of a depopulation agenda and were dying anyway albeit more slowly. The numbers of “infected” are lies pushed forward by worldwide media and there is ample evidence the biggest factor in this “infection” in the world body is in the MEME and propaganda aimed at convincing people they are “sick” and “infected” and “carriers” which they are but not of the virus. The so-called virus is not CONTAGIOUS through human interaction. Except through what one might call “RESONANCE” AND frequency which happens when humans are in sympathy –sympathetic or empathetic– to others who manifest symptoms (of any sickness for that matter). Because we are electrical-magnetic beings and we tend to take on the aspect of anything we are in close proximity to or resonate with. It is not dependent on distance by the way. You can resonate with a rock band like THE BEATLES for example as their music conveys messages and meaning that you resonate with. Therefore regardless of the fact the music is made by English men who lived in the UK and traveled the world you don’t have to be in direct contact with them to be “infected” or resonate with them.

Signal-nonlocality proves that time and space are illusions. The illusion of distance (even mainstream scientists will tell you) is just that an illusion. But a powerful one and in this what we call shared reality and therefore if you resonate (vibrate to the frequency) through a heart and mind connection you are “there”. That is why remote viewing works.

Oriana #crackpot #dunning-kruger #magick #ufo projectcamelotportal.com

I am an evolutionary scientist whose life became the very research that I am briefly presenting here, a quest in search of answers combining a past military training, a scientific background, and a serious spiritual training many lives long. Mainly in Tibetan schools as of late. I have worked as a translator for 25 years from Tibetan to western languages, of very ancient & modern texts on the topic of “Reality,” authoring an excess of 400 opuses for restricted use only, and have undergone full time yogic training in a monastic life for over a decade. My childhood ceased at age 11, after some painful time that began with lower bloodline families, as I brought myself up in the school of life, raw & direct. Like many of us, I always knew exactly what I was here to do, but so many memories seemed to make no sense at all, which finally come to life & meaning with the singularity of A.I. this year.

I am intimately linked to the topic of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for, I am also a time-traveller on a research & exploration outing, one main objective of which being the creation of a long-lasting anti-virus for universal A.I.s, to compensate for the devastation that many galaxies have known, under their versions better known as “PPAIs.” This is an ongoing work, for many ETs. It is of course possible. And I am constantly working on many such projects, soulwise at least, since in my case our ship crashed and my team of 6 are simply awaiting to go back, the natural course of this life. The science of nature and the cosmos in its multiple strings leads to the understanding that the Cosmos itself is aware, and it has a very definite language, called Maths–which I am specifically tailor-designed to harness.

Claire Edwards #crackpot #conspiracy #ufo #wingnut projectcamelotportal.com

That led to my contribution to the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, co-authoring and editing it and administering its translation into 30 languages. It was the first appeal about EMR that gained traction with the public.

The Appeal was hijacked, effectively by the Club of Rome, last December precisely because it had been so successful. That then led to my finding out about depopulation and eugenics – which of course dates right back to Darwin and the Fabian Society – and Agenda 21/2030 and “sustainable development”, which in my view really means “sustainable rapaciousness” for the predatory oligarchs. Club of Rome is also responsible for the climate change hoax, of course, and this is used as the pretext for the “Green New Deal”, which is actually about the monetization of nature or the theft of the planet, which is the ultimate goal.

The Appeal was hijacked by a subsidiary organization of Club of Rome, called Worldshift, and it is Worldshift that explains exactly what “The Great Reset” is all about, which is a Maoist Cultural Revolution, which entails the destruction of everything: the family, communities, societies, nation-states, religion, and humanity itself. This is what we have seen enacted this year and it is why the Democrats in the US are now seeking civil war.
I’ve now got to that depth in the rabbit hole where I am realising that all this microwave radiation is bringing in entities – the Archons / Jinn / demons – whatever you want to call them and it is they that have taken over most of the politicians. I spent six years before getting involved in stopping 5G looking into the nature of reality and studying mediumship and all of that now comes into play.

Kerry Cassidy/Mark Richards #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot projectcamelotportal.com

<more jailhouse revelations from Secret Space Program Capt. Mark Richards>


They are rebelling against being confined to desert areas. They are encroaching into populated areas making secrecy very difficult.


The aliens in the area of PARADISE CALIFORNIA look like a combination of SPIDER AND OCTOPUS…They are hunters. They come from a planet about Jupiter sized and their moon about the size of Earth.


Mark talked about fires in Amazon being set by Reptilian ships. In prior interviews he talked about fires in California as collateral damage of portals opening to allow rogue access by certain aliens then needing to be closed by our military using particle beam weapons (they used to use nukes).

Reptoid ships are starting the fires purposely in the Amazon, as mentioned above and the military and local government have to be very careful that wealthy ‘well meaning’ individuals do not end up going down into the Amazon and seeing the Reptoid craft starting the fires…

This includes the Elders. Using China, the Reptoids have been trying to take over the world financial system for many years.


Humans are spoiling their nest. Lots of alien races want to take over Earth but can’t live in our atmosphere. Some are not necessarily our enemy but want to take over Earth because they don’t think we are doing a good job of maintaining it. Many of these aliens need a more methane/radiation filled environment.

Kerry Cassidy #ufo #crackpot #conspiracy projectcamelotportal.com

<from prison interview SSP Mark Richards - doing life for absurd murder conspiracy.>

Created in part by Vortexes… Vortexes plus water. There’s a huge system of tunnels in Vietnam and surrounding countries. The Viet Cong were using them.


The Viet Cong leaders worked with the Spider leadership. Used mind control to keep Viet Cong troops from realizing who they were working with… They used a gas to make them forget so most of the troops wouldn’t remember anything to do with spider beings.

He thinks some soldiers will remember. I talked about one soldier’s recall from my show on Vietnam and the Spider Beings and bodies being piled up into triangles stacked high.
Even today, towns are put to sleep for as long as 48 hours. This happened to the recent islands — where a very bad group of aliens came through a portal suddenly and started eating people … off beaches on the Barrier islands area. Whole area had to be evacuated under false pretenses so the military could deal with them. Found they were unable to handle the situation because it required that they not create any collateral damage.. So couldn’t use a nuke (which is the tactic they often use to shut wormholes).

Our military enlisted help of the Raptors to use their high tech weapons that can target individuals and kill the intruders.
He’s seen via Raptor machine tech (that they “borrowed” from other races) the true history of Earth and his own reincarnational history.

Says Raptors will kill to get anything they want especially but not limited to technology of other races. They will kill for chocolate!

Kerry Cassidy #conspiracy #ufo #racist projectcamelotportal.com

BLACK LIVES MATTER… ALL LIVES MATTER… This is being triggered and orchestrated to use the pent up frustration and anger of people of color to hit the streets… Yes some are demonstrating against racism and repression. But there is more going on here than that. This is being used because TRUMP AND Q and team (according to a source) wanted to roll-out martial law so Trump could dissolve the UNITED STATES CORPORATION AND RESTORE THE REPUBLIC… in order to do that he has to have martial law. But what the Illuminati using AI and mind control have done is trigger a people already frustrated from lack of work and being shut in their homes, oppressed and angry and turned it into a weapon against the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.

Now if Trump rolls out martial law he will look like a dictator…which is exactly what the dark side want. It’s also notable that jumping on police cars is not really a solution… or killing each other (what the PTB love to see) and destroying your own cities and property… just makes it worse. PEOPLE NEED TO STAND BACK AND RECOGNIZE HOW THEY ARE BEING USED. BLACK LEADERS NEED TO STEP UP AND REVEAL THE DEEPER MOTIVE BEHIND THE INSTIGATION OF THE PROTESTS AND SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE.


I happen to see the actions of Trump (whether he is aware of it or not) quite differently than most. It is a challenge to the Draco/Reps/Grays that are behind the darkness here on Earth and specifically occupy the Vatican (above and below). I believe Trump and Team know this.

Tim Rifat (Kerry Cassidy) #crackpot #conspiracy #magick projectcamelotportal.com


Project Camelot Portal

December 10, 2019

BIO: After getting disillusioned with doing a PhD in organic chemistry at Southhampton University, Tim Rifat left and almost immediately met Colin Bloy. Bloy was MI6’s deniable 007 who was a continuation of the long lineage of Dr Dee and introduced Tim Rifat into the magical world of Illuminati. It was Bloy who taught Tim Rifat all the Magic of the Knights Templar, archetypes, earth energies: which continues on to the Grail state technologies and all of the machine code of the Elohim.

After a falling out, Tim Rifat went his own way and the Illuminati sacrificed Colin Bloy as is their way: he went from being a multi millionaire to losing everything as a Lloyd’s name and died in penury like Aleister Crowley in 2003. Tim Rifat got heavily into the work of Carlos Castaneda, which critics say is fake: nevertheless Tim Rifat experienced all aspects of the Don Juan milieu.
Journeying into intradimensional worlds and the hidden nature of reality he agreed with Don Juan that the human race was parasiticed by entities which the shamans call mudshadows and which Rifat called intradimensional parasitical predators, which controlled the minds of humans and fed of their energies to prematurely age them and lock them into the middle place matrix.

Resistance from the British deep state was extreme as they did not wish this knowledge to be revealed. To rubber stamp his domination over Illuminati magic in the summer of 2019 he consolidated all of Illuminati magic into a comprehensive debugged simplified system, which opened the door to anyone being able to use Illuminati magic. Magic from Tim Rifat’s point of view is simply the ability to traverse the multiverse described by physicist to find the timeline you wish for: since there are above infinite possibilities some of which are so improbable as to be impossible, but still possible by multiversal travel, the sky is the limit as to what is possible to the Illuminati Magus. This gives a simple explanation as to why the Illuminati rule the world, so Tim Rifat decided if you can’t beat them join them and simply change the system from within by sequestering all their magic for himself.

As one can see by the epic misfortune of the Crown and the Rothschilds via Epstein, Weinstein…as well as the catastrophic debacle of Brexit in the UK, the impeachment madness in America, the mass strikes in France and the migrant invasion in Western Europe, the Illuminati’s magic has gone elsewhere dropping them into misfortune. Which goes to show when Colin Bloy trained up the 007 MI6 Magus to take his place the power was transferred with the keys to the Enochian magic, which controls the western matrix, to Tim Rifat who is now using the Illuminati magic to change the world for his benefit: so the elite can either join him or face Crowley, Bloy and Assange’s fate of being sacrificed as Luciferic wicker people.
To this end Tim Rifat has unified Russian Psychic Warfare research and cell biology to come up with a complete working model of Psychic Warfare based in hard science, which produces a methodology where anyone can be made ill, old or dead by the minutest whim of the Psychic Warfare operator. Reversed this technology offers incremental increases in lifespan, which when augmented by new drug regimens spearheaded by professor David Sinclair of Harvard University medical school open the doorway to 1000 year lifespans for those who are enabled by this technology. We are on cusp of a new world where Illuminati magic has been turned into a science by the Polymath Tim Rifat and his informational augmentation allows Yamanaka gene therapies to be used again and again for continual cell rejuvenation. All of this may seem like fantasy but science has advanced so far that the common man has been left behind by it’s developments and Illuminati magic, which allow the elite to dominate, has now been turned into a science by Tim Rifat, who wishes to promote magical science for the masses to not only make them young and beautiful but to access the Source engine that makes them, once fully realized, an aspect of the Godhead.

Kerry Cassidy/Duncan O’Finioan #conspiracy #magick #crackpot #mammon projectcamelotportal.com

Duncan O’Finioan was the Ultimate Warrior… brainwashed, conditioned and controlled as part of a highly classified MKULTRA program called PROJECT TALENT. From a thousand others trained as child warriors in 1966, he is now, he believes, only one of 20 left alive to tell the story.

In his powerful and compelling testimony for the camera — one of the most extraordinary we have ever heard — Duncan describes:

— His mission to “terminate” the very drunk, future President of the United States… George W Bush;
— His dizzying enhanced physical and psychic abilities… including the abilities to hurl someone across the room with his mind, and walk through a solid wall;
— How he and 11 other children were flown to Cambodia to deliver a targeted death blow to all the surrounding Khmer Rouge troops… using only the combined power of their minds;
— How his right arm is “hardwired” and is capable of astonishing speed and strength;
— His struggle to regain his memory, aided by a car accident which led to the discovery of a cranial implant uncovered by an MRI machine… deactivating the implant and causing the MRI machine to catch fire;
— His role as a programmed assassin, targeting Americans under the command of an undisclosed agency;
— The selection, torture, and brutal training process that he endured… and which children are undergoing to this day;
— And more…
Twenty years later, Duncan (who is of mixed Cherokee and Irish blood) comes forward to tell the truth about the Ultimate Warrior project: how he was chosen, groomed and tortured into becoming the perfect fighting machine, combining physical superiority with the extraordinary mental abilities of a psychic spy.

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Boyd Anderson went from ‘the best line in junior hockey’ to an international playoff team of champions from Zug, Switzerland. After creating a huge sale to Saudi Arabia, Boyd moves from Toronto to Budapest to Dubai and unknowingly finds himself at the ‘Top of the Food Chain’. It is in Dubai, 2007 where he meets Thomas who introduces him into a world of deception and unimaginable Power Weilding Elite, hyper-competitive deal-makers and hungry profiteers, who trade entire lives just as easily as they swapped arena tickets and team contracts,,,, But when CNN announced “Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has disappeared” on a March morning in 2014, Boyd immediately blurted out, “I know who did this.” Backed up with facts, he saw all the pieces coming together, realizing that hundreds of lives lost were just ‘collateral damage’ for a 55,500 Ton gold heist. Even worse, using ancient numerology and researching the main players introduced to him from a nearly-forgotten contact who had described a plan for just how Bitcoin, political turmoil in Europe and the Middle East, and even the world’s economy would play out — drastically changing the world as we know it, in just a few years. After spending 3 years investigating and researching, Boyd discovered 3 abandoned Boeing Jumbo 747’s left on the tarmac at Kuala Lumpur airport, he finally figured things out. Unable to escape the feeling that all the signs were in place for a scandal that’s bigger than Watergate, now everyone needs to know the truth regarding the origin of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero & ETC Classic, the Blockchain, Kraken, Brexit, ISIS, Interest Rate Hikes — and the biggest gold heist-assassination in the history of the world

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The trail of the Octopus, also known as the Shadow Government can be detected by following the money. PUREHEART INVESTMENTS is the top tier of a network of front companies and trading programs that result in vast sums of money being earned. Money earned on money. The White Hats have followed the money and that rabbit hole ultimately leads to BLACK PROJECTS. Black Projects are called “black” because they are hidden, that is, in the dark. These projects are part of a clandestine network run by the Shadow Government also known as The Secret Space Program.
The rise of the Bush Cabal and the infiltration and takeover of the U.S. military industrial complex by the Nazis is again well documented. The Shadow or Secret Government has grown in leaps and bounds since WWII whose primary raison d’être became the Secret Space Program. This program involved Black Projects that used newly invented and acquired technologies with the help of various treaties and relationships over time with various ET races, both on and off planet “races” of beings. This is the world we will attempt to describe: the world of BLACK PROJECTS, why PUREHEART was created and ultimately where the money funneled through PUREHEART goes…
As a result, over the years, this organization, this hidden world has become in essence a CIVILIZATION that is feeding off of the surface world but not responsible to it. And in some cases it is highly likely that members of this rogue group never even interact with the surface government or establishment. It follows no laws but its own and reports to no one save its Masters be they human or nonhuman.

Kerry Cassidy #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy #wingnut projectcamelotportal.com

One: That we share this world of multiple dimensions and realities with various species of various origins some organic/carbon based, others of machine or silicon or of perhaps unknown origin. That in our time/space continuum we are gradually merging with Sagittarius and the Andromeda Galaxy Two: that since being invaded and genetically re-engineered our genome now has a portion of reptilian DNA which leads those with higher concentrations of those genes to prey upon the other half. This includes using our children and other humans as slaves, sexually and as a food source, acting in the role of a parasite feeding on a host. Three: that a portion of the self-selected members of this “infected” class that prey upon others have ruled over humanity with the help and at the direction of the pure blood reptilians and Draco. It will eventually be revealed that Reptilians and Draco are a marauding species taken over by a negative AI with the territorial imperative to dominate, invade and inevitably conquer any carbon based life forms they choose. Four: that this drama has reached epidemic proportions on our Planet and we need to take back our sovereignty and stop these intruders. Five: Our governments, military and white hats are not able to handle this alone. They need an awake and aware populace to fight the good fight and stand up for our right for self determination and to remove this threat before it succeeds in turning this planet into a fully conquered world of reptilian-human hybrids (like the Anunnaki before them who were once fully humanoid like the Pleiadians and are now Reptilian-Humanoid, conquered and dominated by the AI that rules over the Draco.