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[Apparently unaware that the KKK is a Christian organization, and that the racist Democrats of the pre-civil rights era became the racist Republicans of the post-civil rights era]

So since you are anti religion that means you are an anarchist. Do you see the correlation between your argument and the one I just made. The KKK does what the KKK wants.

Many liberals believe in the new world order which is one reason while they fight against a national identity card.

The U.N. is a world government called a confedracy. It hopes to become stronger and works toward that goal like the federal government of the United States did before it. Since this is clearly the case I would say you are in a state of denial for saying it is not so. [...]

The KKK is a socialist organization. That is why they used to be Democrats in the south. I suspician that they still have a high number of members in the Democratic party which still supports segregation and still hates blacks. Anyone in the Democratic pary is probably a a fraud, a closet racist or is being hoodwinked.

[After someone points out the retardedness of his logic he replies with...]

Anarchist are against organized religion and so many of them are atheist.

The Southern Democrats were so opposed to the Civil Right Acts of the 60's that they filibustered it. The South did not abandon the Democratic party until a decade or so after the Civil Rights issue was resolved. Democrats still hate blacks as can be seen by their support of genocide through abortion that kills blacks at a rate three times that of whites. They have been more successful in keeping the Black population in check than the south under slavery or segregation.

Kerwin Brown #wingnut renewamerica.us

Liberals are some of the worse racist I know. Look at the way they scream about how racist the legal system is and yet advocate the murder of blacks through abortion at three times the rate of whites and other races at twice the rate. Then we have the current invasion from Mexico where liberals obviously are showing favoritism toward Hispanics in general and Mexicans in particular. The only reason I can think of them doing that is that they want to lure the Hispanics out of countries known to be pro life so that they can kill off their children through abortion.

Tom Kovach #fundie renewamerica.us

now, seriously, folks...

My own on-air contribution to Obonics was "Obamistan" — the new name for a United States that is forced to accept Islamic Shari'a law. If you think that is a far-fetched idea, then consider another Islamic term: taq'qiyah. That word describes the fact that, under Islam, it is entirely acceptable — even encouraged — to use any level of deception against "unbelievers" (in Allah, who is not the same as the God of the Bible) to advance the cause of Islam. In the video linked above, note that an Islamic "scholar" (Abu Hamza al-Masri) advocates that Muslims may commit any act — beat, kidnap, sell, or kill — upon any non-Muslim that they might encounter. Al-Masri says that all non-Muslims are "like a cow."
Barack Obama claims to be a Christian. But, is he? His "church" seems to hold Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan in higher esteem than they do Jesus Christ. Obama used his political clout to support a regime in Kenya that oppressed Christians and attempted to impose shari'a law on all Kenyans. Obama's grandfather renounced Christianity. (For the results of that, read Hebrews 6, especially Verse 6.) Barack Obama's childhood friends recall him as a devout Muslim, and so do his relatives. A news item from India reports that Obama also carries a miniature Hindu idol in his pocket for "luck." (The word "luck" stems from the name "Lucifer." The word in Russian for "evil" is lukavaho. Christians should bristle whenever someone wishes them "good luck.")

StardustDragonfly #fundie renewamerica.us

I have went searching for my answer and I figured I should post it. Firstly no, it isnt possible for a human to become pregnant with an animals child. The reason I say no, is because womens eggs are different than other species, and so the semen from an animal will not enter a womans eggs. This, I have found out, really aggravates some women who are just way into beastiality. The many women who would "love to" have there animals child are plentiful, and a many would just "love to" have the chance to do so. I have even encountered some women (on the net) who have considered going to a veternarian and asking that thier eggs be replaced by a b---- eggs or another female animals eggs, just so they can have half-human half-animal babies. Cloning animals is bad. Cloning babies and having them artificially inseminated is worse. Having hybrid animal-humans out in this world is by far the most inhumane and unmoral thing I have ever heard of. What is wrong with people?

Marie Jon #fundie renewamerica.us

I'm still shaking my head over the fact that gays are allowed to adopt children. Is there no longer a difference between right and wrong? It is possible that a gay couple might solve their problem of loneliness by adopting a child, but apparently no one has taken into consideration how these children feel. Predictably, kids who have gay parents are mocked and laughed at. No social engineering can eliminate the trauma of a child who suffers needlessly. Where is the outrage?

In undertaking to write this article, I'm not concerned about being labeled a "homophobe." It's merely invective used to try to stifle the truth. What I'm concerned about is that kids are reading books that explain why Heather has two mommies.

Marsha West #fundie renewamerica.us

I'd be remiss not to mention the cult of liberalism. Liberals fit right in with groups that have a "strong devotion or interest in a particular person, idea or thing without religious associations [but not always], or the people holding such an interest."

Ever notice how your liberal friends refuse to look at both sides an issue? An area of thought where this approach prevails is global warming (a subject for another column). The eco-crowd is brainwashed to believe that the evidence for global warming is compelling and that scientists on their side are the best and the brightest...blah blah blah. And of course scientists who deny that global warming is manmade are charged with being utter morons. When you try to present the other side of the issue, which is equally compelling, they simply plug their ears.

Liberals continually carp about how people of faith are narrow-minded unenlightened nuckle draggers, yet they themselves walk in lock step behind their own spiritual gurus and pay homage to radical activists. And by the way, some of these radicals are our congressional representatives! These people are so focused on their leftist social agenda that they really don't give a rip what the voters want! One example is Proposition 8 in California.

Fred Hutchison #fundie renewamerica.us

The immediate consequences of saying no to the gay agenda are sometimes spectacular. Those who have experience debating homosexuals understand that if one exposes the dreadful realities of gay sexuality, the fallacies of gay arguments, or the public dangers of the gay agenda, homosexual opponents will sometimes throw temper tantrums and shout personal insults. Those who have never encountered this phenomenon have probably not debated many gays.

Should we walk on eggshells to avoid offending gays? No--but we need not use unnecessary roughness. Mere truth is very potent by itself, and we actually diminish the force of truth if we use words or actions that are more forceful that the circumstances require. Those who trust in the power of truth feel no need to shout.

When one speaks truth and says no to evil, the agendas of evil are exposed and resisted, and the momentum of evil is broken and thrown back in confusion. The tantrums, insults, and threats that might ensue are a manifest sign of the confusion and moral weakness of the wicked. We can claim victory only if we remain calm, reasonable, and resolute. "And in nothing be terrified by your adversaries, which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God." (Philippians 1:28) When we remain calm, respectful, rational, unafraid, and steadfast in our stand for the truth in the face of the threatenings and slanders of the wicked, it is a visible sign of victory for us. The misbehavior of the wicked is a shame to them.

Interestingly, our battle is not one of good versus evil, but of truth versus evil. Evil always concocts a lie that confutes truth. As Christians, we have authority to speak truth, but we have no grounds to claim to be good. The only goodness we have the right to claim is Christ's goodness imputed to our account and working within us, not as the reward of merit, but as an undeserved benefaction received by faith. In contrast, when we oppose evil, we have the right to say, "This is Truth, and Here I Stand," to paraphrase the famous words of Luther

Fred Hutchison #fundie renewamerica.us

Gay males are men without chests. They have an aching void where their manly chest is supposed to be. They seek to fill this void by attempting to suck the maleness out of another man through sexual appetites of the belly. Gay sex is parasitical and has nothing to do with love.

Specter #fundie renewamerica.us

[I would like to ask you something honestly. Do you believe that we should execute people who commit adultery today? That is what the law of Moses says and you believe it should be the law of the land. As I understand your religion, you believe that we should follow the letter of the law, including the Sabbath laws. So, is death a fitting and fair punishment for adultery?]

YES. And those who give FALSE TESTIMONY (as you do) in court should face the very same punishment they TRY to convict someone on--for instance, the Black slut who acccused the 3 of rape would get the death penalty.

That, my "friend", is a serious answer.

BTW as I said, it is the Law of God not Moses. The Law of Moses pertains to other issues.

OK, fire away (and have a nice Sabbath)!

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[Kerwin points out that the number of troop deaths in Iraq doesn't seem that bad when you compare it to AIDS, Cancer, and Alcohol related deaths.]

That is 857 killed each year or less than 6 of every 1000 who go there. We loose more Americans by HIV/Aids 14000 which alone which is often spread for just the sake of pleasure. I will not mention the deaths due to alcohol and tobacco which far outpace HIV/Aids and are also lost to personal pleasure. At least those lives lost and Iraq are attempting to obtain natural liberties for others. I am glad France intervened in our own Revolution war.

Warner Todd Huston #fundie renewamerica.us

In the mean time, Israel goes back home and takes bombing after bombing, murder of their own after murder of their own, attack after attack all by these "peaceful" Muslims. All the while Israel tries to be a good citizen of the world and continues to try diplomacy to appease the vaunted "World community."

So, we feel the only true solution is that millions of Muslims must be killed and the sooner the better it will be for the whole world. Not because Jews are somehow perfect or that Muslims just plain "need killing," but because Islam is so patently evil and needs to be defeated!

If some imagine that makes Conservatives "bloodthirsty" or "uncivilized" it is merely their inability to understand reality, morals and the desire for freedom and liberty. As Jefferson said, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Specter #fundie renewamerica.us

[Fundie commenting on the new creation museum and setting the record straight on the origin of man]

THEIR view is just as embarrasing as evolution.

The Genesis account shows an earth ALREADY in existance when He created Man. The earth was destroyed prior to the creation of Man when Lucifer and his angels (now demons) went to war with God ("I saw satan fall as lightening from heaven... & Isaiah 14:12-15)

Kerwin Brown #fundie renewamerica.us

[Kerwin Brown on Randall Terry provoking violence at abortion clinics]

I do not know how to say this kindly but I will try. Unless someone lives in a fantasy world they know there is always violence at abortion clinics because an abortion is an act of violence.

Genocide is a horrible thing to support. How does it feel be a Nazi or Nazi symphonize. I am not talking about those pseudo Nazis that parade around and make obnoxious noises. I am talking about the Nazis that kill blacks, Hispanics, and poor and middle class whites off every day. The Nazis who have created a wasteland of the United States and are responsible not only for the deaths of millions but also for the immigration crisis, the Social Security crisis, and probably much more as there are not enough young workers. You embrace an evil philosophy and you need to change your ways and stop supporting the tyrannical violation of basic human rights. The U.S. booted King George and his minions for less than the atrocities you and your faction are responsible for. So don’t go complaining about someone blocking your path because you got what you deserve the United States would have been at war 33 years ago.

T.J. #fundie renewamerica.us

but my premise of the puritans holds up.....this nation was settled by God-fearing believers....If they had not come to America you'd be living in a tent and hunting deer for your supper.

So wicca can scream for it's rights and muslims can build 20 million mosques in this nation...

at the end of the day it comes down to the Indians and the Pilgrims.....

one group was already here worshipping the earth and gods of the earth and the other group came over worshipping the God of the Bible.

So if it all goes back to worshipping the earth , sun, moon and stars or "a force" ,mohammed, or gaia or the worship of animals...we're gonna go right back to wearing buckskin and cooking over a fire..because this nation will not survive. It's one nation under ONE GOD..the Living God Most High...

freedomjournal #fundie renewamerica.us

(one fundie's rant against the sin of cremation)

In support of the ungodly sin of burning the dead many in the Church of Christ say the body returns to dust. They also say that we are concerned (I imagine they are also talking about God) with the Spirit. So what is the Spirit and where does it go in death? Also how does this Spirit relate to the Holy Spirit? Can you blaspheme the Holy Sprit by cremating the dead?

Also if one seeks to define and bring clarity to the Spirit one must also include information regarding the body and soul. So what is the body? And what is the soul? Are there similarities between the spirit and soul? Since these ungodly Devils want to burn the dead we also need to know what the Bible says about ashes.

We also note that since Cremation is not found in the Bible as a way for believers to dispose the dead where did this blasphemy come from? We have noted previously that most of the schools of Theology among the Denomination Churches are a farce and a disgrace regarding the Truth of the Bible. Now we bring another report regarding the Church of Christ. Are the schools that profess to be guardians of the ”Lord’s Church” filled with false doctrines and the sin-sick teaching of Cremation?

In the Black Church surely this dreadful doctrine of burning the dead was not passed down by our ancestors as Baptist, Methodists etc. Nor was it passed down by those in our families that were unbelievers. For the record most unbelievers know that Cremation is an act of Satan. So again brethren where did this false doctrine come from among the people who came to these shores from “The land of the Blacks?”

It is written that all primitive and initial religious experiences among humankind were Heathen and Pagan. Therefore burning of the dead was noted among many of these people. However when former Heathens embraced God (monotheism, the belief in one God) they moved from the Heathen practices of burning the dead and idol worship. So how can a so-called Christian in 2003 argue for Cremation and the World is not in an uproar?

kerwin #fundie renewamerica.us

According to natural law abortion is an act of violence that takes the right to life of an innocent child. It is called natural law murder. Taking the life of another in order to protect the innocent is considered justified homicide according to natural law. The government's duty is to ensure the natural rights of its peope. The violation of the natural law rights of the people were the justification for the United States to declare and fight for their Independence against Britian. Why can you libertine atheist and your allies not renounce murdering the children of the people of the United States.

[After being advised that the courts might not find it as "justifiable homicide" and that he is basically nuts he responds]

I am for riot and rebellion where we hang the judges. I am sure we will have quite the cheering section. War against the tyrannical oppressor and his dogs is the answer to genocide not vigilantism. The Declaration of Independence provides the blue print. It is too bad the you have chosen to side against the ideals of freedom which our founders fought and died for. [...]

You must regard the founders of the United States as being equivalent to Muslim fanatics as I paraphrased the Declaration of Independence. Eric Rudolph and Hill were vigilantes and chose to take the law into their own hands. They were not even strategically skilled about it. They should have bombed federal court houses and killed federal judges who are the real tyrants. If you are going to rebel against the government doesn't it make sense to actually fight the government. [...]

The government is destructive of the natural rights of the people and to remedy this I advise war and riots. This is provided that diplomacy does not work. I was criticizing Eric Rudolph and Hill on their choice of targets as federal judges and federal courthouses made so much more sense since they are the originators of the legislation Rudolph and Hill objected to. [...]

War for a just cause has been a tenet of mainstream Christianity for a very long time. The genocide that has been going on in the United States for over three decades is more than a just cause for war. There is a simple solution. Stop the genocide or face war.

Specter #fundie renewamerica.us

[An inexplicable reply to article on <a href="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15791203/" target="_blank">an archive of Holocaust survivors' testimonials</a> going public]

This individual can't see that it is HIS liberal philosophy that allowed Hitler (and now, President 'Tom' in Iran) to develop the means to wipe Israel (and much of Europe) off the map.

WHEN Tel Aviv is vaporized (I believe it will be) by Iran, he need only look in the mirror for the cause.

Next to radical Islam, Liberalism is the biggest threat to peace in the world and is a DISEASE that must be purged from the human race before they kill us all!

Marie Jon #fundie renewamerica.us

If same-sex marriage ever becomes accepted as law, it will give schools license to teach our children sexual perversion. America's children will become even more brainwashed within the public school system. The indoctrination of our children will be presented to the parents as learning the skills to become tolerant of others whose families are different from their own. As the manipulation progresses, little Jeannie and Bobby will be led to believe it's perfectly fine to grow up and have the choice of falling in love with their own sex and become married to one another.

Will parents be given a chance to weigh in and have a say on what will be taught within the classroom setting? The answer is no. Is this what you want your children to be taught? Well, you'd best prepare yourselves for a Battle Royal.

Allow me to call this what it really is: It's a form of child abuse. Attempting to alter a child's sexual identity is beyond despicable and reprehensible. The indoctrination will begin when your children enter the public school system. It will continue as they approach the age of puberty and all the way into college. Those who have already fallen into the trap of homosexuality will face a lifetime of trying to remain physically and mentally healthy.

A warning to those who harm children: "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin." (Luke 17:2)

Specter #fundie renewamerica.us

(Specter weighs in on Hitler)

God was with Hitler. Hitler was a PUNISHING instrument because the Jews refused to return to the land. They claimed they were GERMAN. God used Hitler to remind them they were HIS. Those who rejected their Divine Purpose had no purpose.

This should be a lesson for America and Britain. Because we reject our Divine Purpose as the Sons of Joseph, God will raise up ANOTHER Beast in Europe. OUR fate will be worse than the Jews.

There are MANY accounts of Hitler's life being spared. We are all pawns IF God has chosen us for good or evil.

T.J. #fundie renewamerica.us

christmas...is christ....coming to the earth...born to dwell among us....born to die....so we can live....He paid the sacrificial price for our sins......overshadow this entire message board...more revelation knowledge...baptize them in your Holy spirit.....eotrntn tiepwn fieirtnnnm. wotjr vnnrooo TRUTH REIGNS gmroortm tioropwnf v ireghm tieripwnn REVELATION KNOWLEDGE OF YOU LORD mmkfpb kkfphg Peace to the ones undercover wearing the mask.......

[When the fundie is asked by her fellow fundies what the gibberish was all about she replied]

it's called tongues and that also is revelation knowledge...it happened with good ole peter on the day of pentecost and it was revelation knowledge that appeared in the american church back in the 1900's.....upon this rock......Peter...i will build my church...as the church goes deeper in the spirit we are more powerful against the devil and the darkness.....so yes..I pray in the spirit a LOT......

[And a few posts later]

jdfkieo nfeooe right now I am speaking it at the screen jyorpng tirengvnrn tiienfnne sitnnrl gnbnorp do-w vmmvpw] fmmoerpp gjjgoo even satan has no acess to these prayers because they are not prayed out oy my mind....but spirit.. bnnbort0e gmnrope vmfe- bnnro

vmbmote- nbotrn bmtppn wopq[fn to JESUS IS LORD bngn ngmkrpgndnaspgfprpp satan is a liar b,kg,kflotpjgnb fkeootrpw[nvnnbfoepgjmgmrmemkpp

Kerwin Brown #fundie renewamerica.us

[In a thread titled "Woman are Dirt" kerwin goes off topic to explain why a woman's brain is allows them to be better cleaners than men. He even attempts to show scientific proof.]

This is off topic. Has anyone ever considered that the average woman is wired to be more artistic than the average man because of the difference in brain function between men and women. Being artistic women notice dirt more and work to resolve the problem while men have trouble noticing there is a problem in the first place. Let's a man who is not artistically inclined cleans a room and then a woman who is artistically inclined comes behind him and cleans it again. To a man he just wasted his time. The average man is never going to clean as good as a woman because his brain is not constructed to do the job while her's is.

TJ #fundie renewamerica.us

I called C.A.I.R...the council on American-Islamic Relations...
I left a message wondering why these muslims could not pray quietly, in their head.....one day the planes and airports are gonna hear the "muslim call to prayer" go out over loudspeakers and everybody is suppossed to drop to their prayer mat , face mecca and pray to allah...HOGWASH>..they'll have to behead me first....We've already got a former catholic turned muslim elected to congress...the final quest....A MUSLIM FLAG FLYING FROM THE WHITEHOUSE......Europe is nearly there !!!!

These guys were properly checked out and kudos to the ALERT WOMANj who noticed this insanity!! Pairing off....going to other seats..OH YEAH...BIG RED FLAG....staty alert, AMerica...another 9-11 is just waiting to happen!!

Specter #racist renewamerica.us

(on the recent Don Imus scandal)

That brings back good/bad memories when my did used to make me tend a very large garden. I remember breaking a hoe on the hard clay.

My dad also made me "ax" some of the garden that was getting out of control (was my garden getting "nappy"?)

I axed my dad why he made me work so hard on the garden, and he said the hard work was good for me.

I'm a little tired of the lesser elements of our culture taking over the English language.


After looking at other postings, I see it may be wrong to type "hoe"? I'm not sure why, but are we to refer to this as the "H" word? If so,what are we to do with "Hell"? Is that still an "H" word too?

So many rules in end-time America.

Kerwin #fundie renewamerica.us

(Kerwin weighs in on the latest Anne Coulter gaffe)

Technically the term we are speaking of is not necessary slander of a homosexual since according to some interpretation of what God states homosexuals will burn in hell fire. You could blame he for a type of bigotry since so will adulterers, those having sex outside of wedlocks, thiefs, liars, etc.

The term we are speaking of could also refure to the practice of executing homosexuals by burning them at the stake but I know capital punishment was also reserved for adulterers, thiefs, and a number of other individuals we choose not to execute now.

Countries that have a strict justice system do seem to keep crimes like homosexuality, theft, etc. in better control than we do.

Marie Jon #fundie renewamerica.us

There is no excuse for being uninformed about the gay lifestyle. "Gay" has become an oxymoron, using a word which by definition expresses being happy to describe a lifestyle that is sad. Gays have chosen to live their lives on the periphery of disaster. They have no assurance of themselves. Suicide, drugs, and health issues have led many to an early death.

In recent years, the American public has been inundated with TV sitcoms that highlight gay characters. One can only surmise it's to make us feel the warm fuzzies towards homosexuals. It's a strategy intended to throw us off guard, so we would not be prepared to engage in the cultural war that we are facing today.

Despite the high divorce rate in the straight community, none go into marriage with the intention of being promiscuous. However, that is not the case with some gay couples. They give a different meaning to the word "commitment." Most homosexuals do not practice monogamy within their "exclusive relationships." It's intellectually dishonest to compare them to heterosexual couples who enter into marriage with the best intent to remain faithful.

Ed #racist renewamerica.us

Would one large H-bomb take care of Mexico? Would be much cheaper in the long run than a fence and border guards and OH SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE! Would put a real damper on the North American Union also!

Matt Barber #fundie renewamerica.us

(More asshattery from "Concerned Woman" Matt Barber.)

...(The Day of Silence) is pure, unadulterated propaganda and, based on the medical science, amounts to nothing short of educational malpractice.
With liberal school officials in tow, these militant homosexual activists are brazenly circumventing and abusing parental authority to further this dangerous political agenda. DOS is also a slap in the face to the many students with traditional moral values.

So, it's time for the "Day of Silence" to finally live up to its name. It's time for these radical adult activists to be silent in our children's schools....

Children are impressionable. Their young minds are fresh clay ready for molding, and these adult homosexual activists know it. Your child's spiritual, emotional and physical well-being belongs in your hands, not in the hands of liberal activists and elitist educators with a deceptive and destructive political agenda.

It's time to shatter the silence with truth.

T.J. #racist renewamerica.us

uh...Europe is being invaded and taken over by muslims who are preaching death to the UK in their streets!!!

Sorta like the millions who took to our streets here in the USA recently and DEMANDED THEIR RIGHTS.....again...uh....get over it gringo....no citizen...no rights....you want rights....become a citizen...learn the WORLD LANGUAGE of ENGLISH....(have spanish as your back-up)...assimilate....you can have your cultural days, but become AN AMERICAN and stop putting up the Mexican flag at US POST OFFICES.....

They have no loyalty to America.....they have no American identity.....they come....they use us for their gain and discard our laws and way of life....they whore America...and our govt. let's them,!!

Kerwin Brown #racist renewamerica.us

God command all humankind to be fruitful and multiply. So if you are asking whether whites should seek to have more children then the answer is yes. Blacks should also be encouraged to have more children. No race is innocent of injustices.

On the other hand some whites are working to kill of blacks through legalized abortion, letting black criminals who play on other blacks back out on the street, attacking the institution marriage, encouraging late marriages, and even pushing homosexuality.

That is a form of hate. They also encourage illegal immigration of Mexicans and Cubans who are predominately Caucasians. They also seem to encourage the immigration of Orientals. Orientals seem to excel at many educated positions so maybe the consider they are improving the human species.

Specter #fundie renewamerica.us

[and slaughter of the buffalos for no reason. The buffalos were sacred to the native americans in that they were very dependent on them for food and clothing.]

Is that why the American Indian drove entire herds off cliffs and used what they could and let the rest rot where they fell to their deaths

They were hardly as "noble" as the anti-white media makes them out to be.

The fact is, God removed them from the land and gave it to the Children of Israel (the Tribe of Joseph) in fulfillment of His promises to Abraham and Moses.

Marie Jon' #fundie renewamerica.us

"Again using the comparative metaphor, just as Christ came to save a people with His own strategy, President Bush was in a position to do the same for the people of America and Iraq...

This Scripture could easily be describing the new Stalinist DNC Party "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour" (1 Peter 5:8-9).

Satan, Islamic terrorists, and the Democrats are out and about like roaring lions, ready to devour any one they can."

Grant Swank #fundie renewamerica.us

Who in his right mind would ever believe that the complicated homo sapien derived from a speck? That's getting the larger from the smaller.

When I was in school, we were taught that one of the fundamental postulates is that one cannot get the greater from the smaller.
Evolution is a theory, and an exceptionally wide-eyed foolish one at that. Nevertheless, it is a mere theory as much as tapioca pudding causes Milky Ways is a theory.

Kerwin Brown #fundie renewamerica.us

[Kerwin commenting on the Global Warming "myth"]

I believe in both God and Satan and either of these individuals have the ability to manufacture evidence for their own reasons. Satan will do it because he is a deceiver and God will do it to test the hearts of each and everyone of us. Both of them are far more intelligent than I am and could trick me easily therefore I consider any story of the past to be fiction. I am a lot more confident of recent history and I know the arguments historian have over that.

Mark Pool #racist renewamerica.us

[A fundies well thought out and reasonable take on illegal immigration. Why he would bother with the trial is beyond me.]

every senator who voted for the amnesty bill should be stripped of thier power and wealth,thrown into jail,tried for treason, convicted and sentenced to death. Illegals should be told to leave and we should levy steep fines against corporations who hire them. they should be made to pay for all medical treatment and their children born here should not have legal status either or education in public schools. there should be no sanctuary laws protecting them.

T.J. #fundie renewamerica.us

It's just a matter of time.....some days I pray the bomb hits our city and takes us out....it's only going to get uglier as days march onward....soon the planet will descend into anarchy.....who wants to live that way?

Zukiman #racist renewamerica.us

[Redneck take on hispanics]

Haha! Things are gonna start getting really rough for the loudmouthed hispanics in this country. I guess they don't know who they are messing with. Takeover of this country by them is a joke. A nasty war in the U.S. is soon and I would not want to be hispanic.