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“the bottom girl is Korean not Japanese”

And the white girl is from where? Were her ancestors even in the US when slavery was still allowed? Literally proving the point of the image. Half of white ethnics in the US like poles and Slavs weren’t even in the country when slavery was happening, but they get the guilt trip anyway.

They dont Care. If you look like whatever they imagine any european to look like you get blamed for whatever a similar looking person or people in history did. They Will blame a lightskinned arab or italian for slave ownership in africa unless they are told its not a fucking British American.

American idiots do not believe there is such a thing as different europeans either, we are all the same to them. I have literally been told by americans that germans are not a particular people but simply a country. And if i dare say that a spaniard and a german are not exactly the same, but are different groups who are both fine and everything, then i am guilty of nazism and oh i am saying aryans and oh this leads to ww3.

See you Think americans are just pretending to be retarded to fuck with you or something, no they mean it haha.

It’s funny because if koreans and japanese were invading eachother, these redditors would be scolding whoever was invaded and saying they are identical. Face it reddit, the only reason you even bothered to look up which asian type the Girl was was to have a gotcha on the meme because the content annoyed you.

You dont Care what type of asian anyone is. Same with africans, these redditors do not Care what type of african you are. They dont Care what type of european you are, you all identical and replaceable with any other.

This racial indifference is almost worse than hating a particular people, because eventhough that is horrible and should be prevented, atleast you acknowledge they exist and are a particular people!

So, with all due respect. please NEVER consult an american about ANYTHING about race, history or politics. They don't know what they are talking about.

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(UN Anon)
Female Domination in Humanity Now Appearing

In the wild females of the animal species are the biggest, the best at hunting and most violent compared to the male counterpart.
In the primitive age women had to deal with with both hunting and cooking which gave rise to the male dominance.
Human females have been held down and not allowed to grow into their natural forms.

Now with technology and the males being more at ease the females are now evolving into what they originally should have been.

Notice that females are getting bigger and more violent as well while the males are shrinking and becoming more docile.
The ones afraid of this are now making stuff like artificial wombs and sex dolls because they have lost their dominance.
Most of Asia is currently seeing a female dominated growth.
The future is 9:1 female to male.

>but testosterone
Female also have it and they have more estrogen which is the reason mothers are protective and violent while mood swings are also caused by this.
Females are biologically more violent and aggressive than males if not held down from birth.

The males are mostly the ones that show off and try to get attention, entire species devoted to just showing off and look beautiful.
Sound familiar? Another example of males reversing the order of nature.
The good thing it is being fixed now, look at all the girly boys today and how many more women become tomboys

(Gadsden Anon)
Utterly retarded thread gazing into the imagination of a 90 point IQ idiot who can't use google to check up utterly retarded hypothesis.

>females are getting bigger and more violent
No, the educated women who're tall and work are getting genocided and replaced by women who're passive and are essentially mentally retarded. The gap between man and women is increasing.


Women, precisely RIGHT NOW, are evolving to be more dependable on men. Women are selected to be small, passive, and retarded, ironically precisely during "egalitarian" times. Tall educated women are literally being genocided, birth rate bellow 1 child per couple.

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I've always felt a deep unease around East Asians. Recently, I was meditating and communicating to my Pleiadian guides. I found out something horrible in my meditations and studies this week. Asians are directly descended from the reptilian aliens. It all makes perfect sense:

>little to no empathy for animals or even other human beings
>cold, extremely emotionally reserved
>obsessed with logic and reason, love the sciences and mathematics
>all Asian nations claim to be descended from dragons in their cultural myths and are obsessed with dragons
>various tales of half snake half humans in their legends
>beautiful Asian women are called snakes even in Asian culture
>when reaching their lowest depths are some of the most depraved and violent beings on earth(ie. The Chinese/North Koreans, Japanese during WW2, Mongols killed more people than anyone else)
>obsessed with rules and regulations and an intense work ethic, a mark of the Draco Orion Empire
>their appearance looks unlike any other race on earth, unusual shaped, alien or lizard eyes and sleek, streamline, flat facial structure gives them an alien lizard appearance
>lack of body hair
>said to be physically cooler to the touch than Caucasians

Sorry guys, but if you get involved with Asian women you are literally gonna be having sex with/romantically involved with a negative alien species that is barbaric and cruel. Asians are the biggest threat to this planet.

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If geography played a role in civilization building, then horn of Africa should have created the greatest civilization in recorded history. Yet we all know bulbhead somalians are worse than us, which is a monumental task to accomplish.

Why? It's not just a question of access, the sheer density of trade is much more of a factor.
It doesn't really matter that horners saw the occasional pajeet make the crossing, it matters that every piddleshit coastal village in the Med basin was full of ships hopping up and down the coast on trade runs.


No the scope of trade there was far larger than Mediterranean basin since the sea route of silk trade, egyptian/phoenican/arab trade, greek trade all happened nearby it. Any witty race (even us for that matter) would have exploited it and made fortunes. Also the sea coast is extremely ideal for navy building and seafaring. If you compare the lands of eternal anglo wit them, they possess astronomical advantage.

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The latter is understandable. The former makes no sense though because roasties acting like aggressive whores doesn't give them the visibly obvious traits that men can't get rid of when they become trannies. Those aren't behavioral traits and aren't as simple as butch haircuts or a non-delicate posture.
I'm referring to how men seem to be unable to identify these rather obvious traits. This is interesting as I know that men are more visual in their attraction, so it implies that this increased emphasis on visuals may be so specific to key traits that complexity or attention to detail is actually lost.

It's because they've pushed a lot of androgynous, trannies or very masculine females as pop stars. People grow up thinking Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, etc, are your typical women. They're not. They are all very tall, very imposing, very big framed, very confident, use alpha male body postures and body language, have very wide backs and broad shoulders, very sharp, angled facial features, and so on. I genuinely think some, or even all of them, are secret trannies used for the purpose of eradicating gender in the West. Also a lot of male pop stars are very small, very feminine, very sweet. Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth. They are reversing the gender roles.

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(UK Anon 1)
>Man starts beating and raping a woman on subway
>dozens of male passengers just watch, some video
>no one helps

This is what happens when the top 10% of men are having sex with the top 90% of women.


(US Anon 1)

I didn't want to assume their gender

This. If she didn't want rape//violence she shouldn't have traveled via subway/bus...

(Brazilian Anon)
Maybe women just deserve to be raped? Have you thought about that?

(US Anon 2)
that is what happens when you leave the kitchen and enter the workforce. Men warned women the world was dangerous and they asked to be free to be raped. Now you are being raped. Deal with it.

(US Anon 3)
>She more than likely voted for the people allowing these feral joggers to jog around unobstructed.

>God forbid you interfere, the ferral jogger can stab you and get out on bail on the same day.

This. Most women believe Black people are not violent, and will not assault them sexually or physically. Because of the way the media has painted them as sad, sick, wounded puppies.

If I try to help, I will get called a racist and get in more trouble than the man who is assaulting her. Then women like the news anchor grandstand about how men are weak, and cowardly.

Well, maybe they shouldn't have created the conditions of Anarcho-Tyranny and race-baiting in the first place, right? It is past race-baiting, it's a race war, and the media is covering it up. I don't have nigger fatigue, I have nigger exhaustion.

(US Anon 4)
Schrödinger's feminism has resulted in apathy towards women.
She didn't call for help so people probably just assumed it was yet another case of a nog beating his girlfriend in public. You try to step in in that kind of situation and they'll both start attacking you, living in NYC I've seen it more than once.

(US Anon 5)
>dressed in women's clothes
2x protected class, people probably figured that if they tried anything they would be cancelled for being racist and transphobic

brown woman vs. trans nigger

who has more oppression points? no one knows so no one can act.

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You probably dont know how bad things really are.

I turned 18 6 months ago and here's my findings:
>in my school everyone had porn addiction.
>Girls are all openly whores (they actually ask you for money for sex).
>everyone my age has the sexual habits you would expect of a 40 year old bald pervert.
There was literally a girl who was semi infamous for throwing up on peoples dicks, this was when she was 16, not even joking.

I feel like even people 5 years older will never understand how bad it's gotten.

Not even to mention the daring situation. There were like 15 people in the school who got pussy, and they got all of it. Then their Chad-lite arbiters got crumbs, and everyone else got absolutely none apart form statistical anomalies.

literally everything you've pointed out was how it was in my experience, and that was about 15 years ago. down to the girl who had to change schools after she threw up on too many people she was fucking at parties- she only did it like twice but yeah.

I think throwing up on someone when drunk is different from doing it as a kink thing. Rumour has it she eats a lot of strawberry ice cream so it doesnt smell bad and I think she does it sober. That's fucked.

Bet this was some kind of unfortunate accident

I know for a fact it's not. She does it as a kink. Lots of people watch that kind of stuff. Deepthroating.

Holy fuck that's so fucking hot why did I never have this in school.

I bet you could get her to put your dong in her throat for 200 quid. I could literally do it right now if I get up in her insta dm's but she probably has some kind of oral disease from sucking so much cock.

You are better off ducking a Costa Rican immigrant. Probably less chance of aids too.

I live among Hispanics, I still don't get any. I guess it's because I'm an introvert.

Girls have absurd standards so none of us get any, but I'm sure you can bribe them if they are wetbacks.

So how is Liverpool otherwise though?

Haha, you are actually bang on mate. It's not bad. Like any other city. I live rurally though.

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I love Russians because they are the only blue-eyed and right-wing people I meet in Canada

>Better question is why there are so many Canadian shills?
Bandera's grandson moved here along with some other descendants of the Banderite thugs; he now owns a media company and professional shillin service takes care of his interests on the Internet

>"B-But I-I'm not R-Rus-".
I don't think Poles realize that no Westerner can tell Slavs apart; they hate their linguistic and ethnic bros while flirting with the West, who think of Slavs as less than human

Also NATO was probably working on creating a virus in Ukraine that would affect all Slavs

This too; for all we know Russia might have saved all Slavs from extinction; the way Zelensky's been instructed to fight till the last Ukrainian does suggest that the West doesn't care if Slavs live or die
And anything against Slavs could easily mutate to kill Hungarians and Baltics

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The red countries are those where the average is larger than D, orange the average is D, yellow is C and so forth.

You'll note the smallest countries are mostly third-world shitholes with malnutrition. You'll notice also all the larger beasts are in countries with large European populations. Israel, despite being fairly modern and wealthy is stuck at a piddly B cup.

To put it another way,


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Proper classification of "White"

Since there is a lot of confusion and shitflinging on this board about what constitutes "White", I thought I would try to define it properly.


Firstly, all Whites are Europeans, not all Europeans are white.
What constitutes an "European"?
>1. The ethnic group was present over 1000 years ago (1000 AD or earlier) in Europe.
>2. The ethnic group developed within the last 1000 years in Europe from a native ethnic group.

What constitues "White"?
>1. The ethnic group is European.
>2. The ethnic group has a very significant percentage of fair-headed (25% ca+), fair-eyed (50%ca.+) and fair-skinned people


>3. The ethnic group is culturally western (from a country of mainly christian (preferably protestant, catholic may also apply) background, belonging to Faustian civilization, within the Hajnal line i.e. historically developed and historically contributed a fair amount to European civilization)
>4. The ethnic group is primarily of Germanic or Celtic blood.


Culturally and in terms of historical contributions Italians and Greeks are certainly closer to "Whites" than most other Europeans on the map are (and Italy mogs most of the other countries too), but due to their somewhat darker complexion they can not be lumped in with physically different NorthWestern Europeans.

Sample in average IQ too


About IQ there's so many surveys with wildly varying stats that I am legit not sure as which one to pick

I forgot to include height which is a trait fairly often associated with "Whiteness" and which may bring up lower Western Balkans quite a lot.

From a purely strategical standpoint, furthering divisions between Europeans instead of solidarity will do us no favors in the long run.

However establishing that not all Europeans are "White" could also detract much ground from the left's collective attacks on "Whites", e.g. when a Slav claims a separate category and claims victim status.


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Why are Vaxxoids like this?


>Be Pureblood Christian
>searching for Christian stuff
>end up at a website worse than reddit
>see recent thread there (3 hours ago)
>read first comment in the thread
>commenter is filled with madness
>calls people "incels" and "assholes" for not getting vax juice
>Implies you shouldn't date unless you follow the narrative
>why are vaxxoids so angry?
>why are vaxxoids npcs?
>why are vaxxoids like this?
>feels tired anons
>link below
Anyone getting covid/vaxxoid fatigue yet?

Probably a boomer. Definitely not walking with Christ.

I don't think the people are Christian there. Seems to be a place to mock Christians and anyone who goes against the current zeitgeist.

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Albanians, thanks to their Islamic culture and geographical isolation, are overwhelmingly inbred. They hence exhibit:

*Excessive repetition of surnames
*Ridiculous numbers of disabled offspring.
*Lower life spans.
*Cognitive & emotional issues

Albanians have far more genetic defects than any other ethnic group in the continent, and the number of disabled, psychotic and criminally predisposed Albanians is likewise exponentially higher than the continental average. Albania is unique in that it is the only nation with an abundance of missing parenthood records regarding the existence of paternal grandparents. This is due to the fact that the father and grandfather are often the same. The end result is a nation of mentally and physically degenerated freaks.

>Lowest iq in the white world (even lower than turks)
>Most inbred ethnicity in europe, easily recognizable from their deformed pan-like head shapes
>Islamic as, fanatically so in Kosovo
>Used to be arnauts in the middle ages (servants for turks who subdued christian uprisings)
>The Turkish word for Albanian literally means "those who march first" because they were used as cannon fodder against European armies
>Most criminal nationality in europe, involved in every type of crime in every corner of the continent
>Invading literally every advanced nation in existence. More of them live outside albania than inside, Even Finland had a mass shooting done by an Alboroach
>Aggressive and belligerent, have no self control and start fights all the time
>Can't build a country, there isn't a single city or area with an albanian majority that is 1st world
>Wiggers, arab-wannabes
>Ugly as fuck

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I'm a gay man, and I'm beginning to hate women

I'm a very fit, quite attractive, man in his late 20s. I have a very good job (University lecturer) and I can choose to call myself "Doctor" if I wish. I was raised by a single mother, whom I love very much, and the vast majority of my friends are women who I respect and adore. However.......I think that I'm starting to hate women. It scares me, and it disappoints me, but I think I am. I've been married to my husband for about two years at this point, and even when we go out to venues where people can tell we're a couple, I get hit on by women. VERY agressively. I've had tits rub against me, I've had my ass grabbed, even a hand or two graze past my package. And it isn't just overt sexual touching, it's the total project of the idea "Oh, you're a guy, you must want to fuck me, and because of that I have a power over you". Listen honey, what you're selling, I ain't buying. They cut in front of me in line, they cut me off, they're extremely rude when it comes to holding doors, or even having basic manners. I wondered why this was, and I've realized that it's because of how I look and who THEY think I am. I'm a nice guy, I know that's a douchy thing to say about yourself, but I know I am. My friends and family love me, my students think I'm awesome, but the average woman in the street has been told from the time she was born that I'm out to get her. Just simply because I'm a man. And because of this, "They're all going to rape you," I get disgusting looks if I accidentally make eye contact, or just blatant rudeness that stems from a belief that I owe them something. I never ever ever thought that I would start to develop these feelings, and I feel like shit that I have. But c'mon, just because I'm a tall, fit guy that "looks straight," does not mean that you have some kind of magical power over me, and that I want to fuck you. My dick wants nothing to do with your Vagina.

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(US Anon 1)
New Study shows only 2% of Americans over the age of 70 believe Jews control USA, meanwhile 25% of those under 24 do.


Are boomers even salvageable at this point?

(Finnish Anon)
They grew up in a time period when hiding the truth was even more important than it is today because lots of young men had just died for the cause. Also there was no way to really research forbidden subjects like there is today, libraries could just pull books off the shelves and to get your hands on anything, you had to know a guy who knows a guy and basically be committed to the whole thing already.

(Irish Anon)

>Average IQ well into the 110's
>Taking better education because they're smart and usually come from well off families
>Ending up in powerful positions because they're cognitively ahead of 99.9%

I really think this jew conspiracy has gone too far. There's a strong correlation between intelligence and succes, and this group of people just turned out to win a bit harder than the rest of us. Cope

There's tremendously more white people with IQs over 130 than Jews. Learn the numbers. It's an advantage not an explanation

(British Anon)
At this point you need a lot of evidence show that media and finance is not controlled by jews to debunk anything.

(German Anon)
Look up the generations most affected by lead in gasoline.
The IQs of Boomers and Gen X average about a 10 point drop over earlier and later generations. This also explains the Flynn effect btw.

(US Anon 2)
Gen Xers were just slow to catch on. We didn't have the internet growing up, so we didn't have an easy way to find out the truth. Can confirm about Boomers though. Even the ones who are halfway aware of what's going on do not understand and refuse to understand the root of the problem. Have tried broaching the subject with somewhat based Boomers and older Gen Xers (I am a young one). Their brainwashing kicks in immediately and they can't conceive of and are unwilling to entertain the truth. My mom thinks I'm a neo Nazi now.
These people are too far gone. 100% demoralized.

Argentinian Anon #quack #transphobia boards.4chan.org

Ex-tranny here

For as long as I can remember I felt like a girl. I was on the verge of going into HRT but I knew it wasn't healthy and I knew gender theory was bs.
I thought that maybe my brain wasn't androgenized correctly, either from low T levels or low sensitivity to T.
I decided to hit the gym. Eventhough I felt slightly more masculine, I still felt like a woman. So I upped the stakes. I had to choose between trying something radical and becoming a cheap imitation of a female.
So I did the thing: I went on TRT. In just a week I started to feel WAY more masculine. Six months in and I had "become" a man.
No one is trying this because of political correctness. TRT for trans women is a life saver.

NTsl87k #conspiracy #racist archive.4plebs.org

West slavs in general and Poles in particular are ethnic time bombs
Polish sleeper agents.
We planted them all over Canada for the past 100 years and they became indistinguishable from the Anglo-Celtic and German communities over time, but this recent war in Russia has light switch brained them all into warmongering zogbots
They also tend to like Israel for some reason, ironic given that Genrikh Yagoda was responsible for the holodomor
Also unlike kikes and other non-whites, they produce top quality women who become simp magnets, which I believe is at least partly responsible for Reddit taking up with the ukronigger plight
Picrel is a Polish girl I went to school with


Philippines Anon #conspiracy #crackpot #fundie #magick #ufo boards.4chan.org

Cassandra Malcador / Old Testament = Real / burn demon communism talmud symbols altars idols


Warning most pagan gods should not be contacted or requires through "scientific method" (which means you will only anger them, some are angels, some are demons, they should not be worshipped). Only through Christ alone.

t. high rank occultist from peak bloodline on this body (G. Washington's & Pattons incarnation)


To all military civilian intel agencies, not possessed, and still under the banner of mankind,

destroy all white and hidden wires on electric poles and wooden shenanigans


burn synagogues before it furthers alien hostile invasion arrives

this is a serious post

I am not larping and not shitposting.
Do not let (((them xenos demon possessed gnostic weak archon kikes))) win.

(Non-Jew Proven) The God Emperor Jesus Christ smites and fully obliterates the (demon metaphysical) worms and parasites. (take natural anti parasite and over the counter dewormers)

Estonian Anon #elitist #racist boards.4chan.org


I'm so sick of niggers eternal victim complex. Here you have a rich world-famous absolutely cushioned guy claiming that you can't suffer if you aren't black, to a people that probably suffered the most in Europe the last 500 years.

Makes me vomit. Fucking ingrate.

My people (100% pure white at the time, 100% of the population) abolished slavery years after it was abolished in USA for niggers.
Let me put this in words any american retard can understand.
My white ancestors were slaves for longer than niggers in...anywhere really.
Let that sink in and marinade before you start worshipping beasts.
And you know the funniest part of all this shit? We don't scream for sympathy, we don't ask for reparations, we don't murder, we don't steal because we are not beasts.

Tell an american negro that Estonians were enslaved by every neighbour for thousands of years, they won't believe you.
Estonians were literally legal slaves in the same years while negroes were roaming free in america.

You know, I'm already asking myself if even the most redneck racist slave owner treated them like shit if there was at least one competent worker under them. I mean we're talking about people that crippled themselves to avoid work.

They have no inner monologue, no concept of hard work and no concept of tomorrow or reaping what you sow. They run on "what am I feeling right now" instincts with no regard for the future, nor the past.
Once you put yourself in their position, it actually becomes quite easy to imagine cutting off your limbs to avoid work, what in reality is happening, is that the negro lives in the moment, so to not work at the moment, he will cripple himself at the moment, neither of these actions actually make any sense if you think in the sense of "tomorrow" or any longitude.

O003npM5 #crackpot #racist #sexist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

Aggressively catcalled by black men


They're not awakening. Even when they acknowledge that a particular group is responsible for a disproportionate amount of aggressive and violent behavior, they're still asking for some kind of method to ignore it so that they're not "racially biased". These people will never wake up.

Not if they're women. Women can't " wake up ". They would do what you said here. Because women obey first the societal instruction, whatever society, or " most people " think. If you live in a society that says women should stay at home, not vote, enrich their families, and make their husbands and children happy, then women would do that and be happy doing it, competing with each other to see who has the happiest family and the cleanest home.
Now society has a whole new set of instructions that they will happily obey, and not being racist is one of them. THEY MUST FOLLOW THE SOCIETAL INSTRUCTION. No matter what it is.
And that's what this stupid bitch is attempting to do here. Yes she recognizes the danger and meanwhile she's desperately trying to be socially acceptable the prime mission of any woman. You change society you change women. We keep letting the kikes be in control the women will do what the kikes tell them to do.

Nigerian Anon #racist boards.4chan.org

I don't believe that Africa has an average 68 IQ

if that were true, their societies could not function whatsoever

It's held by duct tape and foreign intervention.
For example: there's been nationwide blackouts for over a month now (more than usual), some people haven't had electricity since February.
Most of our infrastructure is dated and poorly maintained, literally all the old railways were built by the British, and the new ones built by the Chinese.

How do you even have blackouts when you are an oil exporter.

We EXPORT crude oil, we don't have the equipment (anymore) or the know-how to refine it.
My parents actually worked In one of last refineries in the country, for close to a decade they had no work going on. People would literally bring beds to work.

How would you describe higher education in Nigeria?

In public unis Sexual favours are common with university staff, some professors will tell you you're not going to graduate unless you fuck them, if you're male more often you just have to bribe them.

Getting into uni is also a matter of connections and tribalism, not to mention it's extremely easy to cheat

It's not uncommon for Nigerian youth to squat with their parents till they're like 30, or get a house from them (this applies to a small percent). Some of these rich fucks don't even understand the concept of working for something, a grown-up once asked me "why don't you ask your daddy to buy you (X) thing?".

I know for other black African countries, Indians or Lebanese run the economy, but Nigerians and Cameroonians tend to control their economies with key exceptions. No way Nigerians are that dumb or dysfunctional

The Lebanese don't quite run things here but they have a lot of big business, Tatiana Moussalli Nouri owns much of the media in Nigeria. There's a few tens of thousands of them and they're mostly in Kano, Kano being the only northern state with a decent GDP, almost equal to port cities.

Jihadi Anon #crackpot #sexist boards.4chan.org

‘Incel’ is a psyop created to hide how bad things really are

"Mating" is a tribal phenomenon. It is as natural as is talking, shaking hands, sharing food, sharing a bench.
When you ask yourself why you're single, I suggest you also ask yourself the following questions:
>how often do you eat food with a large group of people, instead of eating alone?
>how often do you share seats and spaces with groups of people?
>how often do you share your concerns, interests, hobbies with groups of people?
The likely answer is: very rare.

This wasn't the case for our ancestors. Our ancestors got laid for centuries (and you were born as a result of many centuries of sex) because they were more tribal, more interconnected as a species. And "mating" was the unavoidable outcome of tribal mingling. Mating was never the "goal", it was always the "consequence" or "byproduct" of tribal behavior.

"incels" don't exist. What exists is an increasingly disconnected society, where everything is designed to PERMIT a single person to survive without the help of his tribe.
If survival would again become highly dependent on tribal inter-dependence, and a life of solitude wouldn't provide enough food/shelter/basics - you'd instantly fix the low birthrates problem, and the "incel" problem.

Make society more tribal, more reliant on each other for survival, and everyone will get laid.

Australian Anon #dunning-kruger #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

After being called a Mednigger one too many times, I have realised that by being sympathetic to pan-europeanist White Nationalism, I am not serving my group interests, rather I would be simply aiding my enemies who hate my guts, I would be in bed with a fundamentally incompatible group, socially and culturally, the west is totally decadent and has been the vehicle by which the Jews have spread their cancer all over the World, the relatively conservative minority of Nordicist Neo-pagans with pozzed traditions, hardly excuse their general culture and racial tendencies evidenced over the millenias.

Strategically for many months now I have been spreading nordicist propaganda, trying to distance the Mediterranean race, from the rest of Europe, I have been encouraging the "Mednigger" Language, sharing nordicist memes, because I have deemed it strategically necessary to distance the Mediterranean Race from the rest of Judeo-Western Europe - this would better serve the group and collective in the Long-run. The Mediterranean could essentialy be absorbed into Eastern civilisation, and then what would Western Europeans do on their own, they will get exactly what they deserve, pride before the fall.
Just like Russians we Meds have the potential to fully distance ourselves from the rest of Western Europe and Northern Europe, so I think /pol/ should keep this in mind from now on, whenever you make a map of "Europe" exclude Greece and South Italy at least.

I encourage all fellow Meds, to also shill this meme that Meds are not White, and also Nordicists if you read this post you should continue what you're doing.

Meds are not White, Italians and Greeks are arab rapebabies.

The differences between Eastern and Western Christendom, should also be exaggerated not minimised. The Orthodox should be thought of as the Orientals of the West, disassociating the Mediterranean from the rest of Europe will be the key to destabilising the Atlanticist Hegemony, destroying the rest of Judaised Europe.

US Anon #racist #transphobia #wingnut boards.4chan.org

I wish you Bulgarbros would join Russia, China and India one day in the future. Why are E Europeans even in NATO and EU? You are all Slav brothers over there. We will only brain drain your nations, overrun you with immigrants you don't want and brainwash you with globohomo ideology. Many Westerners here also treat Slavs as less than human.
Resist the degenerate West, don't let us take you down with us.

Just one example: my school constantly teaches my kid to hate their white skin and European heritage and even to question their gender. Does Bulgaria want the West to do that to its children as well? When will E Europe wake up?

Various Anons #dunning-kruger #fundie #pratt boards.4chan.org

(Canada Anon)

I-It's just a c-coincidence! Pure Chance!

(BLM Anon)

No, its selective evolution to find the most efficient path.

So tell me, what is the most elemental underlying force driving the selection and evolution?

Atheists always short circuit at this question and cop out with a "we just don't know yet bro!" even though the ancients figured out that it was god literally thousands of years ago.

(US Anon)
So how does it know to do that? You atheists never answer that question. And if you give an answer why does that know to do that?

You guys seem to just hate the truth to be honest.

(Colombia Anon)
>selective evolution
show me the proof of failed evolutions
show me the birds with 3 heads, snakes with 6 tails or gorilla with 7 arms
evolutiontards are the stupidest retards alive
we're all designed as we appear

>uh.. theres plenty of those. It’s called birth defects. Google it, and sweet dreams.
not random enough you monkeys
we need birds with the head of lizards, bears with a dick of snakes etc. etc if evolution is random that would happen
evolutiontards are retarded so they lack imagination, can you guys visualise apple number 1?

Ln1G7O9z #dunning-kruger #racist #sexist boards.4chan.org


I swear more white guys are getting all the girls lately than they were a few years back.
Has the constant evil white men propaganda backfired?
Girls do like the bad boys after all.
Previous taboo dangerous black guys might have worked better than having them all crying like faggots in the attempt to make people feel sorry for them.

And by all the girls I mean - most of the white ones, and most of the asian ones and lots of the hispanic ones. Like even more so than usual.

>shill for race mixing in every piece of media
>cast white guys as le evil supervillain mastermind
>surprised when non-white women racemix with whites
Once again the Jews have somehow played themselves without anyone lifting a single finger

Greek Anon #elitist #homophobia #pratt #sexist #wingnut boards.4chan.org


>economy going down the drain
>blackpill evolution leaves men virgins
>women are sociopathic whores, men are weak narcissists
>war and instability everywhere
>jews, trannies, faggots everywhere
>you can only get a job if you graduate top of your class in STEM - suck the "education" system's dick, gulp down propaganda 24/7 and thank them for it, blow thousands, deal with insufferable normie subhumans daily
>curricula becoming more and more demanding
>maybe if you have connections, but even this is being sidelined
>normies are becoming more volatile and backstabbing than ever
>you VILL go to war, you VILL die a virgin, you VILL die poor, and you VILL die alone
>if you return, it's the same shit all over again

I sincerely hope the nukes fly and irradiate this shithole forever. If we're lucky, the rulers of this world will also get caught in the crossfire too.

>inb4 obligatory retards that will call me a demoralizing shill

It's over. Bros, it's been an honor serving with you - but everything of value has been destroyed and pissed on.

Anonymous #racist #wingnut archive.4plebs.org

Say something nice about Bulgaria

But on a serious note, you will probably not like it here as a westerner. Is it trad? Mostly, yes. Is it nationalist? Yes. Is it the last libertarian safe space on Earth that's not an island or an African warlord state? Yes.

However let me tell you what it is not. It's not rich. It's not beautiful outside of the naked nature, with everything else infested by ugly commieblocks, uglier ruins from the 20th century, and Detroit-tier gypsy ghettos. It's not really friendly for foreigners and while people would love to speak to you in English in Northern Europe, people will tend to refuse to do so in Southern Europe and find it insulting that you don't want to speak their language. When you come here you will be firstly hit by a relief that you're no longer in the west and there's no niggerfaggots around you, then you will look around and notice a very weird pattern where everyone is still running to that west anyway because everyone has become a soulless materialist who'll prostitute his patriotism for a few thousand dollars. You will see cities slowly depopulating and you will see literal ghost villages where even the single central shop has went bankrupt. There are many people who're mostly nihilistic and/or alcoholics and your interactions with them will make these personalities surface.

A typical American for an example tends to have an image of a middle class gated American suburb when he thinks of Bulgaria. Rather, you should imagine a post-nigger Detroit where all niggers are gone forever and the only thing left behind is the ruins as a memorial of the better times of the 80s. It can be both a really nice place and a depressing shithole depending on your personal interpretation. All I'm trying to do is to give you the naked reality here, because I see a lot of Eastern European countries market themselves on /pol/ as what they aren't and it triggers me a little bit because I hate lying insecure faggots.

NUOaz4ag #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

Upon the conclusion of the second world war, all Eurocentric civilizations made a silent agreement: white Europeans will cease their attempts at manifesting their destiny so that all other cultures can be equivalent to them and live together next to each other, in equal opportunity. Whites decided to lay down their arms and to not oppose this new world order led by America so long as this silent social contract was upkept.

And just in the past decade alone all of that was torn apart in the most passive-aggressive anti-white manner conceivable. By le nazi boogeyman who wants to install a fascist government? No. By marxist jews, anti-white jews, neocon jews and all the mystery meat around them.

In such a turn of events, the role of the white European is to no longer simp for this social contract that does not exist. It's to aggressively seize his own possessions, that being the civilization that he is inheriting, before the aggressor in front of him does. And that aggressor has already parasitized every institution in every European nation and is fighting an information warfare with billions in annual funding extending to actual kindergartens.


and of course here's the anti-white kikes understanding the entirety of this post and distorting it to fit their hostile views

This idiotic CNN take is that we whites never signed up for equality, but "pay back time shitlord" unfair equity. That's the distortion that they want to push now. The progenitor of the modern world, the nuremberg trials and muh holocaust, was not done to settle equality. It was to make whitey pay. This is the corruption that they're now trying to push.

And you come here and ask us, "but how come you abandoned this social contract anons? what happened why are you all nazis now???". The answer is simple. I no longer give a fuck about the rights of minorities and fag talk about egalitarianism. Why? Because the other side doesn't either.

Axc8OvGy #dunning-kruger #pratt #racist boards.4chan.org

CRT is nonsense meant to dehumanize white people. Black Africa debunks every leftard fairy tale as to why blacks are shit in human societies.

>its because they are poor

And Black Africa was always fucking poor

>its because they got no education

School stabbing, gangrapes, and teachers being gangraped, and students who do learn well being attacked are regular occurences in african schools meaning lack of education cant explain their violence

>They were held back by the white man

Income inequality in any African nation is worse than medieval european kingdoms and the black commoner suffers the most under black rule than white rule

>Well uh uh they have no opportunities

You might be right as nepotism is off the charts in Africa but that still doesnt explain their hellish crime rates

>They just need more money

The money goes to the black government it never reachs the commoners so its a waste of time

>Just stop being racist already and agree with me

No use logic and reason or fucking kill yourself

US Anon #pratt #psycho #sexist boards.4chan.org

1 in 3 men report zero sexual activity in the past year


What’s going on?




US Anon & The Slayer #psycho #racist boards.4chan.org

(US Anon)


you lost grinGOYs this is our country now

No. Well eventually just kill all of you, race war is inevitable and you're not as smart as we are. We'll bulldoze over you and force feed you your mother after we ground her meat and wrap it in a corn tortilla, the way you like. See? We're not complete assholes.

(The Slayer)
European Americans will need to secede to preserve their recessive genes in North America. Ideally this would happen after Russia and China have collapsed and Balkanized. Otherwise they’ll fund all sides of a civil war turning the USA into something like the Middle East. Non-Europeans would die from crumbling infrastructure (water going to the Southwest would be cut off) and European-Americans would eventually take back everything lost.

If European Americans don’t secede then on a long enough timeline Castizo USA will wage war on Mestizo Mexico. There’s no racial solidarity between Hispanics, Castizos look down on Mestizos and Mestizos envy Castizos. We have a much larger white population and better stock of whites (Germanic and Anglo instead of Semite and Med). All Mestizo men women and children will be put to the sword and everything to the Panama Canal will be annexed.

h1LfqWfM #elitist #racist #sexist boards.4chan.org

All Ukrainian women are built for BPC (Big Polish Cock). They’re all gonna get POLED by THE POLISH HVNK. We’re gonna IMPALE them all. (Why do you think they call us Poles?)

Some Germans accepted the superior culture of Poland and Polonized. My maternal grandmother had a German last name.

There will be no war once we satiate the Russians and Westoids with BIG WEST SLAVIC COCK (BWSC). The Russians and the Westoids need their supply of the BWSC. So they always invade, hoping to either cause a mass migration, have the West Slavs fight for them as mercenaries and spread their superior West Slavic seed, or steal their children like Germany did during WWII.

Brother West Slavs (that includes Slovenes and Croatians). Westoid women need their supply of the BIG WEST SLAVIC COCK (BWSC). Look how strong our seed is. When we race-mix, we produce lawyer, high IQ hottie Miss USA winners (You’re welcome America.)

Drop off your hotties in Madagascar. We WEST SLAV HVNKS will be there to breed them shortly.

Whatever land produced such fine human specimens as us is to be blessed and made a holy site.

Look how the Russian woman lusts after the BIG POLISH COCK:


Polish YouTube channel promoting Polish-Russian relations goes out on the streets and asks Russians, “What do Poles do well?”

One woman responds, “Love-making. They’re good at love-making.”

West Slavs = Best Slavs.

>But they loved our girls, who went weak at the knees in return and flocked to these handsome, brave, glamorous young men, refugees from defeated Poland who had come to Britain to join the fight against Hitler’s hordes — encamped on the other side of the Channel in France and threatening to over-run these shores, too.

>The newcomers from Eastern Europe were so romantic and attentive, bowing from the waist and clicking their heels when introduced, sending flowers after the first date, whispering sweet nothings in a moody foreign language . . . and legendary for their prowess in bed.

Three Anons #racist #sexist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

(Canadian Anon 1)
Apartheid in Canada?

>in the past 10 years a huge influx of rich Asian (Chinese, Filipino, Indian, etc.) immigrants have flocked here, gentrifying the place and showing preferred treatment to their own kind
>they give discounts to their own kinds and are nepotistic in their hiring practices
>"invisible minorities" (white immigrant/non-anglo) seem to suffer the most from this because anglo-whites seem to be their preferred subservients, apartment complexes are inhabited disproportionately by Francophones, Maritimers and Slavs, etc.
>also seem to be negatively affecting Indigenous Canadians, from what I've gathered from talking to them

What the actual fuck bros? Where is our future headed?

(Canadian Anon 2)

Slavs are the most fucked over

>minorities and leftists consider them whites that are the same as anglos and french so criticize them for slavery/colonialism/etc
>most slavs are poor as fuck and were under subjugation of ottomans or habsburgs, then communists so they have no generational wealth or history of slavery/colonialism

Fuck them they don’t belong here either.

Bring the young women and leave the men behind. We have no need for more male competition in our society. Bringing their women in puts pressure on the native population to improve and gives men a power boost in the dating world. Stop simping for immigrants stupid. We’re full

(Russian Anon)
Ukrainians are the most capable of integration among all Slavs. Ethnic Russians, on the contrary, practically do not integrate, and outside of Russia they increase their patriotism towards Russia. Ethnic Russians are like Latinos, it may seem that they are integrated, but on a subconscious level they will always separate themselves and exalt

Israeli Anon #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

I hate most white people

I am going to be honest with you /pol/. I hate most white people, despite looking very white myself.

Let me explain, for 3000 years, ever since the Greekoids invaded Jewish lands, we have had nothing but suffering at the hands of whiteoids. In my view, the only good white people are some Eastern Europeans (Poles and Hungarians for example) and American whites like Evangelicals. Every other white is an enemy because their countries have done nothing but attack us.

Roman Empire is of course the start of it all, when it forced us to leave our land. After then, just suffering.

I hate white people because my ancestors demand it of me. It is my duty to hate my enemy, and to see him defeated. Amen.

(Swedish Anon)
A parasite that kills its host will eventually die.

Good thing we can survive without you then. We are not parasite, we are a predator.

You really are not. You never built anything. All you ever did was to infect societies built by greater people, then suck the lifeblood out of it - like a fucking leech. You are nothing but a tick yet to be discovered, removed, crushed, and flushed down the toilet..

Enjoy extinction, Swede.

(German Anon)
as a ashkenazi jew myself,
i feel you. i especially hate germans, they literally tried to murder my ancestors for fucking existing, i dont feel bad one bit for just leeching of this gov, every time i get welfare i see it as reperations to the damage they did to my family.


L3TrAjOi #conspiracy #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

The Slavs have been infiltrating the West since before WWII. I don’t know what kind of deal our elites made with them.

They are colonizing our lands. America, Canada, the UK, Germany, Iceland, everywhere.

Look how far they have climbed the socio-economic ladder and they’ve only been here like a generation. They will soon be the new ruling caste of the American empire.


They have cucked Germany into paying them gibs for their increasingly-rich ethnostates and push propaganda about what shitholes they are. You know the concept of a Potemkin village? They’re using it in the other direction to keep us from moving there.

Merkel is a Pole. Trump had two Slavic wives, both of whom he was distant and cold to as if to signal, “They are coming. They are joining/becoming the elite.”

Their kids are topping PISA test score charts and are all going to be working the best jobs in the future.

They are also breeding our women. Look at how our women lust after the Slavic cock:



The Slavs cucked us so hard that the word that was originally used as a pejorative for them came to mean, “a large, strong, sexually attractive man.”

The word “hunk” comes from “Bo-Hunk.” Bohemian-Hungarian. They were young, male, single Central Europeans; Czechs, Poles, Slovaks, Hungarians, Croats, Slovenians, Serbs, and Ukrainians who moved to the US during the Industrial Revolution, worked factory jobs and bred Protestant Western European pussy.

They won the Cold War. The Soviet Union's “fall”, Russia vs. Ukraine is all just more political theatre for us naive Westerners.

Are you actually retarded jew?

More disinformation from Poles. Always diverting attention to the Joos. We’re onto you Leszek. We’re not going to sit back and watch as you become the ruling caste of our societies.

US Anon #pratt #psycho #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org


"This ends now"

I don't live there but I know enough of how Canada is not going to get out of this fine... I mean maybe relatively better than America but you're all heading to absolute fucking disastee over the next 10 years like you can't imagine and that's even without getting glassed. You Anglos fucked with the wrong Gypsy Jew.

You keep acting like we haven't all relegated our futures to rivers of blood, and a war that will rage on long after we're gone, nigger.

I don't think you fucking commie shit heads have thought this shit through.
You have most definitely underestimated, and discounted everything about your enemy.
Never put your opposition on Death Ground without an egress, lest they fight with a fury of Men facing certain death anyway.
You fucked up, and I think you're beginning to realize this.

Stay deep in your bubble of censorship sucking your own farts, and flinging out all of these limp wristed warnings and "threats".
They mean nothing.
All I hear is frightened static.

Shut the fuck up, and come get some already, you spineless fucking cowards.
You won't do shit.

You're going to burn.

Some /pol/ user #crackpot #dunning-kruger #homophobia #sexist #transphobia archive.4plebs.org

female only network makes users scan face in order to sign up - trannies seethe and review bomb app kek

It's seemed for a while to me now that radical feminists are trying to manipulate /pol/s natural aversion to trannies into supporting their feminist cause. There really is no reason to care about "trannies entering women's spaces." Like women's sport? Who gives a shit? The latest vanity app?
These things really are no big loss, and transgender invasion is maybe the most entertaining way to destroy them anyway.

*Danish Flag*

You're a retard if you don't see their cause the same as ours.

>Fact #1: Danes have smaller balls than Finns
This is true, actually Danes are already born with very small balls, tiny ones. And even after that they dont grow very much. Isn't that nuts?

>Fact #2: Danes have the lowest sperm count in Europe
Yes, I suppose this does make sense since they have such small balls. But their sperm count is really, really low! Finns have the highest in Europe and the difference is massive! The Finnish sperm count is a whopping 126.8 million ml−1, while the Danish sperm count is a pathetic 68.5 million ml−1, only half of the Finnish sperm count!

>Fact #3: Up to 60% of Danish teenage boys grow breasts!
Yes. When Danish boys hit puberty, more than half of them start to develop breasts. Yes, just like a girl! I suppose this is because they have very low testosterone which results from having very small balls.

>Fact #4: Danish men have the softest cocks in the world!
Another truthbomb. Danes can not get hard. Their cocks are very soft compared to everyone else.
Source: NOS3 research

Danes are little balled low sperm count soft cock femboys that grow breasts

Cx5w06su #fundie #moonbat #psycho #racist boards.4chan.org

Why are South Americans like this?


The Spanish inquisitors have created an abomination. They breeded with the subhumans when they arrived on ships and created the south american race.

NOOO they could bring along their wives they had to rape the local subhumans.

Spanish used to be a classic European language of wonderful heritage. Now whenever I hear Spanish being spoken I feel nothing but disgust and the mental images of cartel killings and Narcos.

Burn in hell you Spanish Faggots. All you motherfuckers had to do was bring your own women with you or at the very fucking least NOT have children with the Aztecs and other tribes you FUCKING IDIOTS.

Because of some horny spanish fuck 500 years ago we now have brutal cartels that torture people and sell drugs. A few horny Spanish fucks caused the narco cartel terror hundreds years later today.

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, never trust a Spaniard ever again.

If the Spanish never mated with the Locals MEXICO AND BEANERS WOULD NOT EXIST.

Mexico wouldn't be a shit hole, it would probably be called "newspania" and have a wonderful white society and culture.

Fuck you Spanish

This is why fornication and the Sexual urge must be strongly repressed by the Moral police of society.

This is why we need white Communism 1984 style

Dutch Anon #psycho #racist boards.4chan.org


Remember that Blonde Germanic chads destroyed the med empire, & meds are still eternally seething about it today
>b-but we be fuckin yo wimminz n shieeeet

(Serbian Anon)

holy roman empire still lives on keep seething while i rape cunny

What does you raping your little sister have to do with this you slavoid animal?

(Swedish Anon)

but you aren't med you larping Moroccan shitskin subhuman

Where did i say i was med you swedetwink faggot

(Slovak Anon)

Then Slavchads came and destroyed all medcuck and nordcuck empires in the last 1500 years of history or so.

I know the flag of every country in Europe but not yours, sit yourself down please. How does it feel to be irrelevant, luka?

(Other Dutch Anon)

You’re poisoning the well you fucking kankermongool. Slovaks are more Aryan than your Semitic shitstirring

Go back, slavnigger

Two Anons #psycho #racist #transphobia #wingnut boards.4chan.org

(UK Anon)
>be white 13 year old boy in 2022
>constantly told you’re what’s wrong with the world
>you’re responsible for racism, sexism and homophobia
>told to trust science in school (except for when you realise races could be different and men can’t be women)
>be told you’re the biggest threat to humanity despite your demographic committing ridiculously less crime than other races
What’s in store for future kids? Teenage boys are inherently combative and don’t really take being criticised well. So what’s gonna happen in 10 years when they have the power? Will globohomo engineering backfire with horrific results?

(US Anon)
They will plot a violent purge from the sidelines, like they are now. They fear the white man, and not a single time in history has he not wiped the floor with sniveling kikes.
>the fire rises, and the jew keeps pouring gasoline on it

Three Anons #racist boards.4chan.org

(Austrian Anon)
Could the Baltics be our ethnostate? There's barely any niggers there (that is if you don't consider Russians to be niggers). Do we need to send Austrian BVLLS there in order to repopulate it? What are the political ramifications of Austrian men once again moving to the Baltics in order to marry a Baltic qt there and become the upper class? The Livionian order did it 800 years ago. Tens of thousands of German BVLLS moved to the Baltics in order to settle it but they didn't bring German women with them so they married Baltic women and cucked Baltic men.

Austrian BVLLS can bleach the mongol out of them just as we did with Hungarians and Czechs

(Estonian Anon)

We already have our ethno-states. It's in the first lines of our consitution.

Estland for estlanders. Latvia for latvians Lithuania for lithuanians.

We have enough slav-niggers invading our territory as it is.

Now fuck off and fix your own shit you fucking globalist cunts. You damn kike ass austrian nigger, fuck off. Only good thing ever to come out of Austria was the dude with the half-moustasche. We arrived here after the ice age following the melting ice, we were here long before you, we've survived all your cuck empires through the last 1000 years and we will be here long after your cucked ass nations have genetically melted into the niggers that you spiritually already are. Clown.

(Latvian Anon)

>we hate rusky and nigger equally and threat them the same

No, we are only allowed to hate on russian because they are "white" now go a head and try to post anything negative about niggers on your real facebook profile (if you have one) or in our pozzed social media sites, good luck getting away without prosecution. Latvians are faggots.

Anonymous #conspiracy #racist #wingnut archive.4plebs.org

I don't blame Jews for my shoelaces being untied or being late for work. I do blame Jews for problems caused by Jews including modern American "liberalism" and all forms of communism except for so-called revisionist communism.

When you see shit like "blame the j00z" where jew is spelled in ridiculous ways, you're asking a mockery made of a very serious issue. By turning it into a joke, the jew is hoping that nobody takes the idea seriously. Any idea can be a seed planeted in the mind of any potential reader. A seed which can grow to something the jew doesn't want. That is, the truth. The exposure of the jew, his false history, his manipulation of nations economies and governments, his nature, his true elite status in this world, and his vicious anti-human genocidal hate and contempt for everything that's good in this world.

Communism is Jewish. Trotsky was a Jew. These are all Jewish ideas and manipulative attempts to distort your world view and submit to judaization.

Various Anons #racist #sexist boards.4chan.org

(Canadian Anon)

Why are Asian girls so cute? I always fall victim to their beauty

Why does every Asian girl look like an Asian boy? If you prefer Asian girls, you're probably gay in all honesty.

(Fallen Leaf)
The only way to defeat china is to femininze their males and get them addicted to white cock, then we can have a spiritual advantage over them forever.

(US Anon 1)
So basically what blacks are doing to whites except its just one step down the ladder?

(US Anon 2)
Actually all "cute" women resemble boy faces. I recall reading something about it in regards to evolutionary biology.

(US Anon 3)
Ya they are hairless except where is acceptable. Then the hair is like fine silk. Also they have incredibly small vaginas. Really it never ceases to amaze me. Even the mothers, typically smaller pussy then your avg white bitch. I would never marry one or procreate Bc obviously i dont hate my lineage but y as far as the female form goes they win.
Specifically Vietnamese, Japanese, and korean. The rest are a cope. If you fuck a pinot and start bragging about fucking asians u need to an hero. Even worse if its cambodian or thai. That’s disgusting.

(Mexican Anon)
>Big eyes.
> Fair skin.
> Round face.
> Flat chest (if you're into it).
> Mostly submissive nature.
> Small size.

They're made to suit the natural male instinct to protect and guide. See how most of the traits are similar to a child/baby and you can understand why most males think they're cute.

(UK Anon)
Most females look average, regardless of nationality except niggers, Indians, and Romanians.

(US Anon 4)
You have less steppe rider DNA and more neotenous farmer DNA

Alternatively known as being a faggot

Various Anons #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist boards.4chan.org

(Polish Anon)

Slavs are polish rapebabies


r1b are niggers, r1a are aryans. In fact being Slavic means being aryan (Also being Sarmatian, Poles are the biggest Sarmatians), westoids BTFO.

More like... POOland

Anon, we are the same as our brethren in the east. Aryan, white blood is strong. We civilized all of the people we came in contact with. Westoids only know how to destroy not build. As a Pole with noble past, i laugh at you mutt.

(US Anon)
i was not aware that the poles were so grand

if so many russian were raped the poles have done more for the world than any german

(Russian Anon)
Slavs aren't relevant(except russians), all slavic countries achieved nothing serious on world scale (except Russia), slavic impact in science and culture is minimal(except russians).

Being a slav is nothing to be proud about. Useless larping about superiority without any achievements.

And the same slavs constantly trying to cancel russians from slavs, but if russians indeed leave slavdom, then slavs will be literally european niggers. Because Russia is the only slavic country what achieved great status and entered the club of great nations.

tldr without ruskies slavs are nothing.

(UK Anon 1)
Fuck off illiterate Russian. Bulgarian Empire was a deadly threat to the byzantine empire well before you had the idea to call Vikings as rulers as you were too ducking retarded to have an elite yourselves
Bulgars were exactly 30 000 warriors of titanic ancestry and they mixed with vlachs and slavs that migrated there in the 6th century.

(UK Anon 2)
Slavs are not as smart as northwestern europeans on a technical level but they exhibit more natural survivalist traits and their behaviour was coloured by 500 years of living with jews who are both very intelligent and very racially aware. modern day slavic ideology is actually superior to northwestern anglo individualism.

Various Anons #psycho #racist #wingnut boards.4chan.org

(Polish Anon 1)

Shooting competition named after Kyle Rittenhouse


Mad lads from polish political party Konfederacja organised it in Szczecin, Poland. Leftoids seethe at polish plebbit.

I hate that fucking civnat spic, but have to admit you didn't miss a shot.

I`m glad he got declared not guilty, but i`m not sure about that, you know? It might be trolling, or they might idolise him unironically

It's for the lulz, own the libs kinda stuff.

Mass shootings are healthy, it's like an immune reaction to cancer.

(Polish Anon 2)
Lmao kinda based
Anything that pushes the idea of owning, carrying and using guns for self-defense by ordinary citizens makes me happy.
Leftards can seethe all they want, IDGAF

(Polish Anon 3)
I like neither the polish commie-“right”, nor the judeo-right, but this is just hysterical.

>country with zero mass shootings
>even criminals barely have guns
>let's have more guns
what could go wrong

kys communist scum
your fag parades have proven reform to be ineffective too many times

I think you guys keeping Stetting after WW2 was the right choice afterall

It would end up as a fag factory anyway.

(Confederacy Anon)
It's not the guns.
You could go coast the coast in America, giving an AR-15 and a case of ammunition to every White man in the land.
236+ million of them and crime would barely bump.
The violent crime rate among White Americans is close to that of Belgium, despite near unlimited access to guns in many places.
As long as Poland doesn't have a nigger problem, you won't have a gun problem.

(UK Anon)
In the future christcucks will have Saint George (Floyd), a martyr for the white man's sins
And ecofash paganites will have Saint Kyle, God of War
Gonna be lit senpai

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is there such a thing as mexican nationalism? do mexicans think they have something worth being proud about?


I am an italian american living in staten island. These spics, all of latam and spain, have nothing to be proud of. When we re-built new york, the niggers and puerto ricans rioted and killed civilians.


Never been to Mexico but they sure are mighty proud of it once they’ve managed to run away.

What I can’t stand is that they’ll say that the particularly deficient ones will claim that the US’s West coast is native land and Mexican land in the same breath


Mexican nationalism and Latin American nationalists in general are a fucking joke. It makes zero sense, if anything they should be pushing for patria grande and a restoration of their lands here in the USA


Who cares if they do or don't. Their refugees are proud without cause which makes them a laughing stock. If you intend to conquer, do it. Just slowly overwhelming while being paranoid in the process (do they notice? will I get deported if a cop pulls me over? how many more kids does Maria need to push out until I'm a humanitarian crisis for them?) is pretty sad. Now they stand victorious. This is how they got here. Sad.


Northern mexico is a shithole dragging us down.
All cartels and narco culture were born in the north in shitholes like Tamaulipas and Sinaloa
US should invade and genocide every norteno
My dick get rock hard when other shitskin Mexicans humiliate themselves in front of foreigners, fuck their inferiority complex turns me on, I love when Mexicans are humiliated


Dia de las hamburguesas coming soon gringo.


we hate niggers.

>we invaded the white cucks' homeland without firing a shot.
>get to keep our traditional values (mostly).
>women get put in their fucking place
>way more Americans die every year thanks to our drugs than die in Mexico due to the cartels.
>globohomo has not infested our country but we still have to opose it.
>Mexican americans live 4 (!) years longer than white americans

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The feminine force comes from The Holy Spirit. Marriage is a mirror of The Holy Spirits nature as both a male and female, Who is one flesh. The Holy Spirits nouns in scripture are He/Him, but thats to go with the flow of The Father and Son, Who are the masculine force and in itself is a feminine act of submission from The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit appears as a Dove, meaning She is a shape shifter, whereas The God of the OT is always a humanoid or elements like fire or cloud. The Holy Spirit is the only One to become an entirely different living creature.

The only time a Dove's sex is mentioned is in Genesis during the flood, where it's a female Dove that Noah sends out. Spirit in Hebrew is feminine, and in Greek is gender neutral.

Satan imitates The Holy Spirit with the tranny movement and various hermaphrodite demons, angels, and gods which are imitations of The Holy Spirits true Holy masculine and feminine form that Satan knows. The only true Transcendent sexual is The Holy Spirit, who is both male and female and The Mother God.

The Father/Son punished Eve harsh because she disgraced her Mother, The Holy Spirit, Who subm

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ngl I enjoy some christian mythology but why is it so gay? there’s no women at all among the saints or idols of veneration with the exception of Mary, who no one even gives a shit about even tho she did something arguably more important than her son (no Mary = no Jesus)

it’s all just man loving man worshipping man-ness, so fucking lame. even this passage of bullshit apocrypha you’re quoting won’t even let ONE THIRD of the tetragrammaton be straight up female, it’s a fuckin tranny. YHWH is a fuckin incel


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these last two years have been an actual nightmare

I'm unironically having more fun than I ever have in my life.
I love this shit. I was raised on dystopian cyberpunk fiction and tinfoil conspiracy stories like X-Files and Tom Clancy. I spent my teens years browsing /k/ and LARPing innadeaert with my hooligan buddies. I played a bunch of Source games and got addicted to the gloomy, bleak, grey, mournful, empty feeling of games like HL2.
I live and breathe this shit. Not only do I get absolutely rock-hard for post-apicalyotic, blackpilled, hopeless nightmare settings like this in fiction, I've been a serious prepper for over a decade now. What's more, I was even raised in a heavily-religious house and told about the Prophecies of Fatima and the Book of Revelations and the 3 Days of Darkness etc. as a child, along with being armed with a TON of prayers.
Now the entire world is in the midst of a nightmarish totalitarian PSYOP, American cities are starting to resemble post-collapse Eastern Europe, a Chinese bioweapon is loose, billions of people have been placed under house arrest and surveillance, we're approaching civil war, an unelected president was sworn in with 20k troops guarding him at the capitol, propaganda is blatant and everywhere in the most nightmarish THEY LIVE form possible, and they may unironically be implementing a mark of the beast system. I could go on and on, but this is MY SHIT.

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Redpill me on Christianity

I'm from one of the most atheist countries in the world. I know like 4 or 5 christians.

I have tried going to church and reading the Bible and so on. Felt nothing.

How does one find God? Or start believing? Is Christianity the one true religion?



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